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100 Days of Trump

* w e e k 7 * by d.bird

Week 6 .

Welcome to the shifting sands of healthcare, another “Moslem Ban� issued and blocked by two state lawsuits, Flynn further exposed as working at cross purposes, drastic budget cuts to anything that truly matters and Trump still trills about being bugged. 2


At daily briefings, Sean Spicer calls on


young journalists from far-right sites. The mainstream media sees them as an existential threat. It’s becoming a form of court-packing,� one White House correspondent said. -New Yorker Trump list of conflicts of interest >

That Trump Tower Penthouse That Resort in the Dominican Republic That Chinese Trademark That Meeting at Mar-a-Lago That Defense Department Trump Tower Rental That Red Cross Ball That D.C. Labor Dispute That Estate in Palm Beach Those Expansion Plans That Hotel in Vancouver That Reality-Television Show That Pipeline Those HUD Grants That Golf Course in Aberdeen That Other Billionaire New York Real-Estate Developer Those Indonesian Politicians That Emirati Businessman That Virginia Vineyard That Las Vegas Labor Dispute That Kuwaiti Event Those Certificates of Divestiture That Carrier Deal That Blind-Trust Issue Those Fannie and Freddie Investments That Phone Call With Taiwan That Deutsche Bank Debt That Secret Service Detail That Property in Georgia (the Country) That Phone Call With Erdogan That Hotel in Washington, D.C. That Argentinian Office Building Those Companies in Saudi Arabia That British Wind Farm Those Indian Business Partners That Envoy From the Philippines

T he watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics

in Washington, or CREW, filed a lawsuit alleging that Trump’s business holdings violate the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which makes it illegal for government officials to “accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.” -Politico


Is it just me,

or is the Trump team a bunch of mind-numbed Stepford Wives, robotically propelling us forward into a boiling vat of bad decisions? 6


cott Pruitt’s office was deluged with angry callers after his statement that carbon dioxide isn’t a primary contributor to global warming- causing the system to crash. Pruitt’s comments put him at odds with the overwhelming majority of scientists, most world leaders and even his predecessors at the agency. -Washington Post


Trump headed off to Michigan to put the brakes on Obama-era fuel emission regulations to curb Global Warming. Car companies whine the carbon reduction standards are too “burdensome,” so Trump is making a U-turn back to thoughtless consumption while the rest of the world creates new jobs and products based in clean energy. Thankfully, the state of California isn’t pulling over though. “About 35% of the country lives in states that follow California’s emissions rules, not the EPA’s, and that has a direct bearing on fuel economy rules.”


In world news, a number of elections have spawned “Trumpesque”

populist candidates- some with equally frightening bottle blonde coifs. Happily the Dutch remained fairly empathic liberals and the mini.donald there lost his bid. Marine LePenn in France is up next. We can only hope the weather brings a cloud of Amsterdam’s best to settle over the French Countryside bringing

“Liberté, égalité, fraternité “ to all. Even for all those women in burkinis sunning on the Cote d’Azur.



illerson gets his “Mario” on for a jaunt through Missileville. The North Korean’s are being brats annoying both Japan and South Korea, threatening US installations with the occasional launch. China is annoyed at everyone. 10

Twenty years of sanctions

are being replaced by a great puffing up of feathers and strutting by all parties. Someone has to be smart in this escalating dance. Big guns and egos. Not the combination that ends well.



The “skinny Budget” is served. The Devil’s in the details.

That is all for this week, Watch the stolen laptop have the “proof for the Trump Tower bugging, and the far east heat up. thanks for reading.

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Trumpzineweek 7 issuu  

Bans are blocked, healthcare gets unhealthy, trump is still bugged, & a skinny budget is served up with the Devil in the details.

Trumpzineweek 7 issuu  

Bans are blocked, healthcare gets unhealthy, trump is still bugged, & a skinny budget is served up with the Devil in the details.

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