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100 Days of Trump

*week 3*

by d.bird

Week 3 . Trump is still quite annoyed 2

with the parade of uncooperative judges that refuse to reinstate his Travel ban, and threatens a possible redo, handing in another paper with less insulting language, better spelling and grammar.

To get the train rolling again, someone in Trumptown suggested

just starting to toss out the illegals already here, so they started doing that. “We are mainly just deporting felons and drug dealers,” Trump explained to the press, “Except for maybe half of them.” 3

This and the travel ban was making many people nervous,


like college students, visiting teachers, scientists, and all the foreign medical students doing their residencies in back water dives no other doctors would want to practice in. The doctor shortage for such places maybe an unintended result that the “middle America Trump vote� that toppled Hillary didn’t anticipate. Now that hurts.

I n other news, Betsy Devos, the ga-jillionare Christian

conservative got the return on her $200 million donated to right-wing causes since 1970. She personally gave money to senators on the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, which oversaw her confirmation hearing. (Politico) At least all our schools will save a ton on books because they will just use one; the Bible. What is evolution any way? 5



t some point one day Trump signed a directive to reopen the hotly contested Dakota pipeline and felt compelled to go on TV to muse that no one even protested. The halt called for by Obama to review other options for this pipeline was prompted by violent clashes, worries for protesters in the face of winter blizzards and respect for the concerns of area Indians for whom the land and river held great importance. Trump’s comment was a stick in the eye to these folks.

Continuing in it’s quest to make the scientists and employees

of the Environmental Protection Agency feel unloved, budgets were cut, copiers unplugged and coffee stations stocked only with tea bags. “The Trump administration’s transition officials ordered the EPA to cut its presence at the Alaska Conference, citing travel costs in explaining the abrupt move. Earlier this month, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) proposed H.R. 861, a bill to terminate the EPA by the end of 2018.” (NPR) 7

Weekly, we hear of Trump’s attacks on US companies, bullying


them into staying in the country, lower their prices or to hire more coal miners. This week’s Ivanka trauma, got Nordstrums a Daddy tweet, and a commerical from Kelly Ann Conway on national TV. Nice free publicity. Don’t worry Ivanka’s line is still available at Macy’s. (for now)

Trump made up with China and hosted Japan’s Shinzo Abe for

golf at his Club in Florida. (Conflict of interest?) North Korea, feeling left out of all this, shot off a ballistic missile, interrupting their dinner. Trump ordered a bunch of top secret documents he and Shinzo could look over during dessert. Funny how many of the other guests were speaking Russian or Chinese.


After Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit, Trump says we will

focus on women in both our countries. In Canada, I expect the women also focus on Trudeau, here that statement just makes me nervous. It was in relation to furthering woman entrepreneurs. (But only if they are not nasty women) At the news Conference Trudeau spoke both in English and French carefully balancing Canadian policy to coexist with Trump’s America First policy. (Or was it a Me First policy?) Nice to hear an eloquent orator. I miss that already. O Canada... all those nice American values. 10

Flynn, a retired US Army general and early supporter of Trump, was National Security advisor for President elect Trump. He had been a leading advocate to improve US relations with Russia. Initially, Flynn said he didn’t recall if he discussed sanctions with the Russians in the weeks before Trump took office January 20, and Vice President Mike Pence publicly defended that position. Unfortunately for Flynn, the talks were recorded so he was pretty much busted. Trump’s gang decided not to say much about that.


But everyone else did want to talk about it. It started heating up 12

big time. Trump still stood by his man, well, until 10 pm. Turns out Sally Yates had informed the administration about Flynn weeks ago, before she was put in the rocket launcher and fired.

Now everyone is quite irate, especially the Russians who expected

US sanctions would be lifted. Watch this mini-series go postal as the implications of this hiccup are pretty explosive. Next we need to know who gave Flynn the go-ahead and booked his little trip abroad. Most of the administration is wishing they kept their day jobs. 13

Kellyann Conway; Republican Party campaign manag-


er, strategist, former CEO of a woman focused polling company. Known within the beltway as;“Trump whisperer,� she sometimes speaks in tongues, coughing up alternative facts and fake news. Quite often she finds herself between a verbal rock and a hard place, like someone forgot to send her a memo.

Sean Spicer; Press Secretary. The longest-serving communica-

tions director for the Republican National Committee spent years preaching the virtues of free trade and arguing for a kinder, gentler appeal to immigrants - stances that have been all but vaporized by Donald Trump. (Washington Post) Well, gosh, no wonder he is mad all the time. It must be hard to explain a man like Trump when you get the tweet at the same moment as everyone else. 15

Steve Miller is an evil version of PeeWee Herman, who easily


might have been up for “the most annoying kid on earth” award when he was small. Relentlessly self righteous, clearly put upon by anyone who asks a logical question, unwilling to directly answer, he launches into a tangential tirade. As Trump’s policy director, he is still focused backwards on perceived reasons Trump didn’t get every vote cast, demanding to know why. “I mean that’s what we paid those hackers for.”

Stephen K. Bannon, chief strategist, until recently the

head of the flame-throwing right-wing website Breitbart News, now comfortably moving into the white house with his toothbrush. One interesting talent is taking shreds of history and knitting them into documentaries (8) to support his view of where he wishes to drive the bus that is America. As fake news and reality haze together the further we voyage into Trumptopia, I wonder at what threads might tangle taking the trip into untraveled territory. 17

Sebastian Lukacs vitez Gorka who specializes in

irregular warfare, counterinsurgency and counter-terrorism, is now Deputy Assistant to Trump. These are serious chops, plus his voice sounds like a James Bond villain, big time. I think Trump had to be really thrilled to find him to mind boggle the press with his derisive manner. However, he and his wife Katharine have dinner with Steve Bannon more than the President because they all use too many big words. 18

Republicans are tired of the growing mountain of investigations

and lawsuits facing the 3 week old Trump administration. Senator Rand Paul complained, “I don’t think it’s useful to be doing investigation after investigation, particularly of your own party,” ( Translation: We have the ball, let’s run with it and not look back on how it landed in our greedy, little, grubbing hands.


*Feb 7- 14*

100 Days of Trump Book two History in a tasty gummy pill. Copyright 2017 Dana Simson

No part of this book may be copied without expressed permission, but hey, just ask and get decent jpegs. salisbury . md . usa

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