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About DB3

Founded in 1883, DB3 Group is an award-winning, dynamic practice consisting of DB3 Architecture & Design, DB3 Building Services Engineering, DB3 Net Zero, DB3 Professional Services, Formation 3D and Home & Maker.

DB3 Group has seven studios across the UK including in Leeds, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff and Aberystwyth, so we are never too far away from your project. Renowned for our quality design and technical delivery, we have long standing relationships with some of the biggest global brands across private and public market sectors.

From architectural vision to the completed build, we provide multi-disciplinary expertise aimed at meeting the diverse needs of our client base. We embrace the latest technology, including Building Information Modelling (BIM), to assist in our process and operations for design, visualisation, design team co-ordination and more.

We maintain a focus on not only delivering the project on time, with exceptional quality and within cost, but also in ensuring long term value is designed into facilities to ensure that they are easy and safe to operate, sustainable, minimise energy use and are cost effective to maintain.

Our dedicated team of experienced Architects, Project Managers, Building Services Engineers, Interior Designers and Surveyors provide a quality service regardless of project value, size or complexity, to deliver the best for our clients. Working collaboratively, we aspire to make this an enjoyable process and build relationships which result in us returning to work for the same clients on future projects.


ƒ Commercial

ƒ Conservation & Heritage

ƒ Education

ƒ Energy & Waste

ƒ Healthcare

ƒ Hospitality

ƒ Industrial & Manufacturing

ƒ Retail

ƒ Residential

ƒ Science & Labs

ƒ Sports & Leisure


ƒ Architecture

ƒ Passivhaus Design

ƒ Urban Design

ƒ Visualisation

ƒ Principal Designer

ƒ NEC Supervisor

ƒ Building Services Engineering








DB3 Retail

Creating engaging spaces for the world of retail

DB3’s retail architects have over 30 years of experience in delivering a total design service solution from single bespoke shops to out-of-town retail parks and supermarket rollout programmes, including:

ƒ Feasibility studies & retail planning

ƒ Concept implementation & project management

ƒ Technical detailing & visualisations. Our specialist retail services function is geared to making store environments consistent with customer expectancy and brand requirements.

We are aware of the need for value and affordability and ensure that our schemes are planned exceptionally to deliver the right impact and quality at a realistic cost.

Our retail services begin from design inception and planning and we take ownership throughout the project cycle. We can provide a single point of contact to design, project manage and deliver retail projects from single site to rollout.

Fixture management and fixture procurement services complement our design service, allowing smooth and affordable implementation.

DB3 Retail


Oxford Street Flagship Store

Location: London

Completion date: 2020

Expertise Area: Architecture

DB3 was engaged by adidas AG to provide a multi-disciplinary design service to assist in the relocation of their London flagship store from its current position on Oxford Street to larger premises at 425 Oxford Street, London.

DB3 Architecture assisted in the creation of an exciting retail experience and innovative hub at adidas_LDN on Oxford Street in London. The store now showcases adidas’s latest and best-selling products with a tech-driven customer journey.

Delivered by a multi-disciplinary design service led by DB3 the four-storey, 27,000sqft flagship retail store sits opposite Selfridges on Oxford Street. This gbg impact digital retail experience is their “Most Digital Store to Date”.

The new flagship store provides retail, office and warehouse space of over 43,000sqft (4,000sqm) spread over the five floors.

Complementing a magnificent retail experience, the store employs a huge variety of digital tools, such as projections, screens and chandeliers, to involve, attract and guide visitors and consumers.

The third floor houses new staff offices and facilities including a large lounge, showers and secure cycle stands, all designed by DB3 in collaboration with adidas.

We are delighted to have supported adidas in the successful design and realisation of the store.

DB3 Retail

Oxford Street Flagship Store

Location: London

Completion date: 2022

Expertise Area: Architecture, Principal Designer

DB3 served as both the Architect and Principal Designer for the design and implementation of the fit-out of one of BOSS’s flagship stores, covering RIBA stages 3 to 6.

The Oxford Street location features impressive elements, including a striking spiral staircase that serves as the centerpiece of the retail space. We worked closely with the design team to bring this ambitious design to life, overcoming the challenges posed by neighbouring shell works and ensuring the smooth coordination of the staircase’s complex construction.

In addition to the staircase, the store also features BOSS’s inaugural set of tailor-made digital features, further enhancing the shopping experience and positioning BOSS as a leader in luxury retail. By paying attention to every detail, we helped to create a store that truly reflects the brands identity and image.

At the heart of the design was the customer experience. From the lighting to the layout, every aspect of the store’s design was carefully considered to optimise the shopping experience and reinforce BOSS’s reputation as a luxury brand.

DB3 Retail


Oxford Street Flagship Store

Location: London

Completion date: 2022

Expertise Area: Architecture, Lead Designer

Victorinox enlisted the expertise of DB3 to aid in the relocation of their flagship store from Bond Street to a new space on Oxford Street in London. DB3 delivered a turnkey package of consultants to assist Victorinox in creating a retail experience that accurately represents the brand. The new 169m2 store features an immersive design concept that housing their entire collection of watches, travel items, pocket knives, and perfume. Notably, the store includes a personalisation station, allowing customers to design and customise their very own Swiss Army Knife to their liking.

The store’s design is a testament to the brand’s Swiss and industrial roots, with various design choices that embody this throughout the space. The use of brushed steel fixtures and fittings serves to emphasise the brand’s industrial heritage, while natural birch wood and reeded plywood wood panelling create a warm and inviting atmosphere that draws shoppers upstairs. Additionally, floor-to-ceiling windows were incorporated into the design, allowing natural light to penetrate the space and highlighting the brand’s connection to nature. The combination of these design elements results in a unique and immersive retail experience that accurately reflects Victorinox’s heritage and identity.

DB3 Retail


Framework Agreement

Location: UK-wide

Completion date: Ongoing

Expertise Area: Architecture, Project Management

DB3 are appointed to the framework of Architects to support Morrisons store development programme. We have been responsible for a variety of store projects including new build, conversion, extension and remodel schemes. We act as Architect for high volume store change and update programmes, providing additional services as Project Manager. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is widely implemented, with all new stores designed and delivered in Revit.

DB3 acted as Architect and Project Manager for ‘Format Refit’ store refurbishment and remodel projects on behalf of Morrison’s, where existing stores have been transformed into contemporary shopping spaces, providing an innovative and

wide-ranging, premium fresh food offer. Scheme elements included re-vamped Market Street departments; new produce aisle; new produce prep area and associated service areas/ cold rooms; new bulkheads and marketing throughout; refurbishment/amendments to layouts of all the prep areas; planning approval for new plant; sales floor amendments to revised layout; entire refrigeration plant replacement and conversion from HCFC to CO2; complete refurbishment of Customer WCs; redecorations and remedial works inside and out; whole store redecoration; general maintenance works; rebalance of checkouts and addition of self-serve checkouts.

MARKS & SPENCER Framework Agreement

Location: UK-wide and Europe

Completion date: Ongoing

Expertise Areas: Architecture, Principal Designer

DB3 have been appointed as Architect under a framework agreement and handle projects nationwide on behalf of M&S.

Projects are located throughout the UK, with the DB3 team responsible for major store remodel, refurbishment and extension projects at stores ranging in size up to 55,000ft².

In addition we have handled store refresh rollout programmes at multiple sites, together with core investment trading project rollout.

DB3 has also acted as Architect for a series of projects including branding and signage upgrades, refurbishment and alteration schemes under the ‘Lite Touch’ programme.

Providing support retail services, DB3 also acts in the capacity of Loose Equipment Consultants, managing the implementation of fixturisation schemes in trading environments.

DB3 Retail


Framework Agreement

Location: UK-wide

Completion date: Ongoing

Expertise Area: Architecture, Principal Designer

DB3 acts as Architect and Principal Designer for the development of retail stores on behalf of The Co-operative Group. We have delivered a programme of new build stores, store fitout, store refit schemes and funeral care facilities across the country.

Recently reappointed, DB3 work closely with The Co-op’s delivery teams on a range of services across their estate of 6,000 properties, including providing internal store planning and refurbishment designs in line with The Co-op’s corporate identity.

Programme management of roll-out projects

to support The Co-op’s store investment programmes.

Estate rationalisation and strategy to maximise the value of their properties through assessing the development potential of existing stores.

Property surveying and providing updated records of their assets for future remodelling projects. Producing feasibility studies to assess the development potential of various existing buildings for conversion into convenience stores and delivering the scheme to completion, where appropriate.


Framework Agreement

Location: UK-wide

Completion date: Ongoing

Expertise Area: Architecture, Project Management

DB3 provided retail project management services to Boots on a range of ‘Store Intervention’ projects. Undertaking works at more than 200 stores across the UK we have successfully implemented schemes including, general store refurbishments, inclusion of opticians and various beauty departments as well as several projects relating to energy saving initiatives.

Our dedicated and experienced team oversaw the planning and implementation of these projects on behalf of Boots including scoping exercises, site visits, programming, contract appointment and supervision.

DB3 Retail


Multiple Projects

Location: UK-wide

Expertise Area: Architecture

DB3 provided Architect services on behalf of Primark for new stores, store expansion and store refurbishment schemes.

DB3 responded quickly to understanding the Primark design standards and methods of communication through an online document management system.

We acted as Architects for a variety of schemes throughout the UK, including a new store within the Trinity Leeds shopping centre. The store spans over 4 floors with over 80,000 ft² of retail space. Further projects have been successfully completed in city centre, out-of-town and shopping centre locations.

‘Store of the Future’

Location: UK-wide

Expertise Area: Architecture

DB3 acted as Architect for this scheme to develop a new superstore and petrol filling station with associated car parking, two new accesses, a public amenity space with public art by a local artist, a link to the existing cycle path/ future tramway and further off-site Section 278 highway improvements. The project provides 67,000ft² gross with 33,000ft² retail sales area.

The design was originally a ‘Store of the Future’, incorporating lean store (value engineering) initiatives, but became a ‘laboratory’ store incorporating a ‘Food Retail Warehouse’ concept. We worked with US/Canadian consultants using the Preston store as a ‘lab’ to incorporate innovative ideas and new technology such as tunnel scanner checkouts and LCD screen instore promotions.

There is an emphasis on better value via bulk sales at a discount, with full cases of products available to buy whole alongside an amplification of the ‘quality, value and fresh’ ethos synonymous with the client.

As is familiar in ‘Store of the Future’ sites, customers enter into a wide produce aisle. To the right is a wet produce area (From the Garden). To the left are variations on the traditional Morrison’s ‘Market Street’ of The Oven, Meat Shop and Fish Shop moving around the rear of the store to Bake Shop and Deli & Cheese. In the produce aisle, all cases are low giving a view of the entire area, and bespoke signage and lighting lends the area an American farmer’s market aesthetic.



New Store Programme

Location: UK-wide

Expertise Areas: Architecture

Radley & Co engaged DB3 to help reformat their stand alone retail stores into an affordable and repeatable format. Radley & Co had previously opened a number of flagship beacons, to act as retail cornerstones for their growing business. However, their wish to open further stores throughout the UK required a fresh look, with a mind to delivering better value, a quality environment and more streamlined delivery process.

DB3 developed a new standard for store fit outs, utilising a simple set of design standards, together with appropriate specification and simple costing documents which allowed contractors to price more easily as well as making cost comparison and value engineering simpler to carry out.

The design of the new standards was developed alongside the first store to be fitted out, which was opened in Meadowhall shopping centre.

A post completion review was undertaken before model standards were finalised and adopted. Other new stores have been opened in Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Leeds.

Project Management process was standardised to ensure consistency of delivery with DB3 providing all up front feasibility work, scoping of projects, detail design, obtaining of consents, compliance to H&S standards, contract administration and site inspections. Projects at Edinburgh and Leeds both required liaison with conservation officers, given the need for Listed Building Consent.

Project success criteria have been met in terms of cost and quality parameters, with all projects delivered to exacting time and budget standards.

DB3 Retail


Store & Concession Rollout

Location: UK-wide

Expertise Area: Architecture

DB3 provided Project Management for Levi Strauss. We have completed projects throughout the UK, including Bluewater and Westfield White City. Further projects include new stores in city centre and shopping centre environments.

Schemes include projects to create trading space within existing department stores. They have been delivered on time and budget and provide Levi’s with high quality new trading space.

Store Expansion Programme

Location: UK-wide

Expertise Areas: Architecture & Project Management

Acting as Architect and Project Manager, DB3 has assisted Bose in the expansion of their UK store portfolio, creating new stores in shopping centre and outlet village locations.

DB3 was responsible for the new store development within the Westfield Stratford City shopping centre and also acted for the conversion of a former fashion outlet within the Bicester shopping village.

Projects have included new stores and store refurbishment across the UK including schemes at Bristol, Liverpool, Stratford, Meadowhall and Leeds Trinity shopping centre.

DB3 Retail

Store Rollout

Location: UK-wide

Expertise Area: Project Management & Principal Designer

DB3 has provided Project Management and Principle Designer services on behalf of Mango, coordinating, chairing and reporting to the client to ensure successful meeting of project objectives. The Regent Street store, located in a conservation

area within a listed building, was transformed to modern Mango brand standards. Further schemes have been carried out at Manchester, St David’s Cardiff, Cabot’s Circus Bristol, and Oxford Street London.

Dubai Concept Store

Location: Dubai, UAE

Expertise Areas: Interior Designer

We acted as Retail and Interior Designer for a new retail home wares concept store in Dubai, UAE. Local knowledge was gained by client visits and consultations. As a result we were able to build up a good understanding of the customer base and assess the needs and requirements of customers. This process formed the base of developing initial concepts, various design solutions were presented and the “Floor of Water” concept was selected.

Features include:

ƒ Illuminated colour changing glass floor, the largest of its kind in the world (95m²)

ƒ 15,000 LED’s in 7 different colours with a combination of 35 different colour sequences, assembled in a jigsaw pattern.

This unique feature sets the desired mood for promotions or special features, allowing certain areas of the floor to be highlighted in various colours, for product specific promotions.

Following the completion of the first stage the design brief grew to include all design elements throughout the entire store, including; 14,000m² sales floor layout, shopfitting specification and detail, colour scheme and finishes, design of a childcare centre with a 16 seat cinema, a coffee shop on the first floor and a 60 seat fine dining restaurant on the second floor.

DB3 Retail

Architecture and much more

As a multi-disciplinary consultancy, our expertise extends beyond architecture, meaning our clients can pick and choose key areas or combine a number of our service skill sets and project management skills when selecting our single point service offer. DB3 Group offers the following six individual business units.

DB3 Architecture & Design

Providing RIBA Chartered sustainable architecture, urban design and masterplanning, with supporting services including BIM, visualisation and interior design. DB3’s architectural team comprises 35+ architects, supported by a strong team of 50+ technologists and architectural assistants with the capacity to resource projects across all sectors.

DB3 Building Services Engineering

Offering CIBSE Chartered Mechanical and Electrical Engineering to all sectors. The team have particular experience in the leisure sector, having delivered numerous wet and dry leisure facilities across the UK. The team are CIBSE Low Carbon Energy Assessors and offer Thermal Modelling (DSM).

Formation 3D (F3D)

Drone operated aerial surveys, photography and videography by DB3’s in-house CAA qualified drone operators. A low risk, time efficient alternative for building inspections and land surveys. F3D also offers highly accurate 3D data capture & mapping of existing structures using point cloud, RTK and PPK technology, turning into 3D digital models for construction, design and facilities management projects.

DB3 Net Zero

Drawing on the experience of our in-house mechanical & electrical engineers, architects, energy assessors, Passivhaus designers and sustainability experts. Our suite of Net Zero consultancy services is broken down into six categories which cover topics around whole life cycle. These categories include; Carbon, Efficiency, Passivhaus, Wellbeing, Performance & Compliance.

DB3 Professional Services

The team deliver building surveying, retail project management, principal designer, contract administration and NEC supervisor roles, across the UK. Working alongside DB3’s architectural and M&E teams, these roles can be incorporated into a multi-disciplinary offering or procured as an independent service.

Home & Maker

A sister company to DB3 Architecture & Design, Home and Maker provides RIBA chartered online architectural services to domestic residential customers. Drawing on DB3’s many years of home design and construction experience, Home & Maker focuses on designing great homes at an affordable price.

DB3 Retail


AJ100 Company

RIBA Chartered Practice

Certified Passivhaus Designers

CIAT Registered Practice

CIBSE Directory of Practices & Firms

CIBSE Low Carbon Energy Assessors

ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System

ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System

Altius Approved Elite Vendor

H&S SSIP Accredited, through Eurosafe and Alcumus

Constructionline Gold Member

Achilles RISQS Accredited

Cyber Essentials Plus


DB3 Group: Winner – City of Manchester & City of Birmingham Business Awards 2022 ‘Architect of the Year’; 2021 Digital Enterprise Top 100; Winner – Insider Property Industry Awards 2018

‘Architectural Practice of the Year’ & ‘Design Excellence’; Shortlisted – BD Awards 2017 ‘Sports & Leisure Architect of the Year’; RICS Design Through Innovation Award 2017; Insider Property Industry Awards 2015 ‘Highly Commended Architectural Firm of the Year’

Llys Cadwyn Regeneration: Winner – Cardiff Property Awards 2021 and Ystadau Cymru 2021 Award for ‘Creating Economic Growth’; Highly Commended – British Construction Industry Awards 2021; CLAW Project of the Year Awards 2021

Adidas Oxford Street: Gold Winner – London Design Awards 2020

Leeds College of Music: Winner – RIBA Regional Award 2015 ‘Small Project Award’; Shortlisted –Insider Property Industry Awards Yorkshire 2018 ‘Regeneration Project of the Year’, Education Estates Awards 2018 ‘Refurbishment Project’, AJ Retrofit Awards 2018 ‘Further & Higher Education’; Constructing Excellence Yorkshire & Humber Awards 2018 ‘Building Project of the Year’

Chancery Lane Residential: Shortlisted – London Construction Awards 2018 ‘London Build Excellence’ & ‘Regeneration Project’

Airedale Air Conditioning: Winner – RICS 2017 Regional Award ‘Design through innovation’

Ysgol Craig Y Deryn School: RTPI Wales Planning Award 2014

Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre: Commended – SCALA Awards 2014 ‘Civic Building of the Year’

Michael Woods Leisure Centre: Highly Commended – SCALA Awards 2014 ‘Civic Building of the Year’; Scottish Property Awards 2014 ‘Architectural Excellence’

MOMA Machynlleth Tannery Gallery: CPRW Awards 2014 ‘Special Award’

Marks & Spencer, Liverpool: Highly Commended –CIAT Award 2010 ‘Technical Excellence’

PAN Emirates, Dubai: Shortlisted – Retail Interiors Awards 2010 ‘Best International Interior’

Threeways School, Bath: BCSE Awards 2009

‘Inspiring Design for Special Schools’

ASDA Stores Supplier Awards: 2009 ‘Best Consultant’ & ‘Best EDLC (Every Day Low Cost) Initiative’

University of Huddersfield, Creative Art Building: Bronze Awards – RIBA White Rose Award 2009; Commendation – CIAT Award 2009; Shortlisted –RICS Pro Yorkshire Awards 2009

University of Huddersfield, Milton Centre: Winner – Insider Yorkshire Renaissance Awards

2006 ‘Best Restoration Project’

Aberdovey Yacht Club: Winner – Snowdonia National Park Awards 1992 ‘Good Design in the Countryside Award’

St Giles Business Park for the DBRW: Winner – Prince of Wales Design Awards 1990 ‘Good Design Awards’

Llwydcoed Crematorium: Commendation – RIBA Awards 1968


Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS): 2017, 2011, 2010

Green Apple Awards: 2015, 2013, 2010, 2009, 2008, LABC Building Excellence Awards: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008

LABC Design Excellence Awards: 2013, 2012, 2009, 2008, 2003, 2002

Leicestershire & Rutland Craftsmanship Awards: 2013, 2012, 2009, 2008, 2003, 2002

Civic Trust Awards: 2012, 2007, 2006, 1993, 1990

BREEAM Awards: 2008, 2007

Montgomeryshire Design Awards: 1997, 1994

DB3 Retail
0113 244 6931 contact@db3group.com www.db3group.com London Leeds Birmingham Manchester Cardiff Glasgow Aberystwyth
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