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Pastor’s Perspective Directional Questions…Honest Reflections


ontrary to popular belief, we do not find direction by searching for answers, this frantic search usually lead us into a deeper maze in life. Surprisingly direction comes more when we ask the right questions. Like Rudyard Kipling we need to keep ‘six honest serving-men’ – as he goes on to say… “They taught me all I knew; Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who.” … over the next few weeks I want to have an honest conversation with you by asking these vital questions. As I enter my second year of serving you as Senior Pastor, a lot has happened over the first year, but we have so much more to do. More importantly, it is time that we deepen our direction as to where our church is going and in what areas are we to develop. Why do we do what we do? How will we get to where we want to go? These are vital questions that we all must ask if our church is to flourish. Leadership has a role in asking these questions but because the church is a body we all need to engage in the process of saying ‘Well what are we all here for’? What is God’s will for your life as a part of BCC? We have several challenges at BCC that will take us answering some honest questions with even more honest answers. We have a financial challenge. The credit crunch has bit hard in the

nation and we too have felt the effects of those people who don’t set aside money to give as an intention not having the spare means to give as a whim. We all need to ask, how will we plan to give to our church community this year? I have noticed that this church is incredibly generous to a financial appeal, but erratic in consistent giving. We have to address this situation. Another challenge that we face is, who will lead us? There has been excellent leadership in BCC over the last few years but it is time now to develop leadership from within our church so that we have a more balanced mix of ministers and Elders who bring wise counsel and Godly direction to the church. A challenge we face in our church is that opinions are freely expressed (by a few) without a sense of the whole picture or a sense of what effect the opinion shared may have on the hard working person that has to listen to them.! It is actually time to be more mature in the way we express opinion by first asking for reasons before conclusions are jumped too. Simply don’t give an opinion until you have asked and listened to reasons. Your opinion is your preference and your right, your sharing of it has to be done in maturity

after proper research. Our further challenge is to define what actually constitutes a church member. Does belonging at BCC constitute mere privilege or are there any responsibilities? For me a church member is more to be seen as a community contributor than someone who has a ‘right to vote etc’. Membership has to be about support and belonging before it is about exerting personal preference. By answering these questions I believe we can position our church to receive an abundant provision that awaits us in God. It is preparing the ground for an inheritance, a massive inheritance. I will serve you with vigour and enthusiasm in this second year, the tending and tilling of the soil here in Birmingham is so important for our nation and this city that it always strikes me as a kingdom privilege to be here to do it. I pray that we will undertake this task by answering these questions together. It says on the coat of arms for Sandwell Council… ’Unity and Progress’ they must have got that from the Bible and so must we.


Birmingham Christian Centre


Annual General Meeting

Our Program, Our Finances, Our Elders

17 Mar &

Elders Affirmation Evening

The Parade, Birmingham City Centre B1 3QQ | T: 0121 236 2997 E: W:

page  - the hub - the life and news of BCC | March & April 2010

21 Apr

Easter at BCC

Jesus Triumphant…Just done it! TRIUMPH...

Undiluted, no if’s, no buts Jesus has TRIUMPHED. Our theme for Easter this year looks at how Jesus throughout his suffering, as deep and as terrible as it was , offers hope and triumph even in His darkest hour until He burst through the grave to ascend in resplendent victory!!!

Ash Wednesday

March 31st BCC becomes a house of prayer from 8 am – 8:30 pm our church building will be a place where you can come to prayer. There will be areas set up for different types of prayer and people on hand to pray with you.

Maundy Thursday

April 1st Come to a Living Lord’s Supper dramatic adaptation of the last supper. This is a communion service where we remember how the Lord will not eat with us again until His Kingdom comes…but the Kingdom is coming because He has triumphed. 7:30 pm in the auditorium.

Good Friday 10:30am

April 2nd Good Friday Worship Service This hour long special remembers the death of our Lord but also remembers the triumphant message in His words ‘It is Finished’

Easter Sunday 10:30am

April 4th He Rose…Triumphant!!! 10:30 am Jesus has risen and we have the privilege in sharing in this victory. Today we celebrate the fact but learn to live it out. Music at it’s best and message to take with you.

No Service on Easter Sunday evening.have a break and family time.

March & April 2010 | the life and news of BCC - the hub - page 

Sundays in March and April We are going to ask the basic questions of life …Who, what, when , how , where, and of course…why! In this series we want to move our church on to making a new understanding of what it means to be church in 2010. Through these questions you as an individual will receive strength and help for your everyday life.

Mar 21st, 10:30am

Why…do we do what we do? And the world looks on and wonders…what do they do that for? Let’s remind ourselves of the reasons we are here.

Mar 7th, 10:30am

Who…are the people to lead us? Church leadership has never been about a professional group only but gifted, trained and dedicated people who have an oversight. A fresh look at leadership for church but one you can take to work and live out at home.

Mar 21st, 6:30pm

Main Room Ghost busters… who are you gonna call?

Mar 28th, 10:30am

Mar 7th, 6:30pm

Main Room Ghost busters… who are you gonna call?

Mar 14th, 10:30am

What… type of people are we? Dr. Sharon Johnson returns to BCC to share on this mother’s day the powerful role character has in shaping our influence.

Mar 14th, 6:30pm

Café Church with Mark Greenwood The secret of happiness is…learning to forgive.

page  - the hub - the life and news of BCC | March & April 2010

How… can we face our challenges? We have to know what our challenges are as a church before we can face them but then it is the matter of applying what the Bible says and sticking to it. Clear, simple…but not easy…come find out how to tough it out.

Mar 28th, 6:30pm

Café Church – Investing time …in the right people!!! Featuring special music from the Carol Brewster Music experience

Apr 4th, 10:30am

Easter Sunday – TRIUMPH! See Easter details.

Apr 4th, 6:30pm

No evening service – Family and friends time.

Apr 18th, 10:30am

Why…legalism does not work. We are called to a faith of freedom, there are lines to walk in but when we draw them without the Spirit our faith turns in on us to defeat us. Let’s look at how to avoid this.

Apr 18th, 6:30pm

Main Room – The Projects in Concert- see Page 12 for details

Apr 11th, 10:30am

When…will we get there? Do you ever feel that we are ‘just coming to Church?’ Meeting after meeting, song after song – when will we actually get to the place we are aiming at…actually what are we aiming at with all we do? In life sometimes we just feel we are on a treadmill …it’s time to get off. A message for everyone who lives in the city way of life... work, sleep, and bills.

Apr 11th, 6:30pm

Café Church ‘How to take care of your Body and soul’ …it’s a secret of how to be happy!

Apr 25th, 10:30am

Where … is God in my everyday world? A service that will be orientated to bring guests, friends, and visitors to. The teaching will help you in your Christian walk but also be applicable to people who normally don’t come to church. In the stress and normal run of the mill of life can we expect God to be involved?

Apr 25th, 6:30pm

Café Church….relax ..think ..engage… connect…the secret of happiness tonight is how to cope with stress. Music drama and film.

March & April 2010 | the life and news of BCC - the hub - page 

Regulars Specials Coffee Morning:

Every Tuesday 11am to 1:30pm, BCC Family and friends can come and enjoy a warm friendly atmosphere. this is not designed as a general outreach meeting but more for those with whom you have a friendship relationship with -New Mums also Welcome

Life Groups:

BCC has over 30 Life Groups meeting all over the City!! If you are not in a Life Group please contact us on: 01212362997 or at admin@

Wednesday Fellowship:

Our senior citizens gather in the Oasis at BCC every Wednesday from 11am for an inspiring devotion and a fellowship lunch!!

Worship Practice:

Thursday 8-10pm, Choir rehearsal 1st & 3rd Thursday 7:30-9:30pm


olish Cell: Spotykamy się w

drugi czwartek każdego miesiąca o godzinie 19.00. 10 września i 8 października. Czekamy na Ciebie!

Sunday Services:

10:30am & 6:30pm page  - the hub - the life and news of BCC

New Life Group Series –Begins 19 April - 40 Days of Community - It’s part of our strategy ‘BELONG’ We were never meant to live out God’s purposes in solitude. 40 Days of Community will help move you toward spiritual maturity and a meaningful life on earth, revealing how God uses other people for your good and growth. From the beginning, God’s plan has been that you will fulfill his purposes in community with other people – people in your church family, in your small group, and in the world around you. The Bible says we were formed for fellowship, and it’s only in community that we learn life’s most important lesson – how to love. Take the next step in growing a life of purpose and meaning and join together for this 40-day spiritual journey. Lives will be touched, people will begin a relationship with Christ, practical needs will be met, the church will become known more for the love it shows, and we will see a spiritual awakening that is desperately needed in our culture. Group members need to invest in a book by Pastor Rick Warren – the church will subsidise the cost and we will provide the

excellent teaching DVD’s by Pastor Warren for you life Group sessions. It’s going to be great. DO YOU WANT TO START A NEW LIFE GROUP- TRY A 40 DAYS OF COMMUNITY GROUP – YOU WILL LOVE IT If you are not in a life group – now is the time to start!!!

The House and Everywoman presents: Super Nanny Dr. Sharon Johnson with top tips on coping with your toddlers, teenagers and how to cope when they all leave. There will be 3 sessions on the day – each focusing on the areas of younger children/ teenagers/ facing and coping with the empty nest. Sharon is a brilliant speaker and this will not be classroom teaching but starting at the point of your need with relaxed, practical and interactive sessions. Child care will be provided for the 2 afternoon sessions Saturday 13th March 10:00am – 12:00pm – coping with an empty nest (no childcare provided here) 1:00-3:00pm – young children 3:30 – 5:30pm – teenagers Come along and be encouraged. Please look out for booking details soon.

& more... March 3rd 7th

Pastor Jonny is part of a steering group that is looking to establish this initative in the city. If you would like to know more than join the ROC Conversations

Jeff Lucas and Saltmine

Baptisms in the AM service, DNA Lunch (18-30’s) and Welcome team meeting straight after the service

14th 17th 20th 21st 28th 31st

Sharon Johnson in the AM Mark Greenwood in the PM AGM X:site Student host

WoW service for children AM and Café Church PM – Carol Brewster prayer

Ash Wednesday Church open for

April 1st 2nd 21st service

Living Lord’s Supper Communion Good Friday service Elders affirmation evening

Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) Birmingham is an initiative that seeks to encourage the Church and Christian faith based organisations to build on the existing engagement with the police, the City Council and other agencies with a focus around crime reduction and safer, kinder neighbourhoods. The initiative is jointly led by Birmingham people and ROC. This is about creating conversations (ROC Conversations) in local areas between the various sectors, with a focus around the key issues faced by the community in that area. It is also about working towards an event (at the NIA on 16th November 2010) that will showcase what is happening in the city and encouraging joined up working. ROC aims to assist in mapping what is going on but also encourage the emergence of new projects and partnerships long after the event has finished. The potential for the creation of an ongoing movement is something that ROC would love to see develop in Birmingham. This year ROC will focus on the themes of loneliness and the well being of young people.”

There are four evenings in different parts of the city. which give plenty of opportunity for discussion based on themes such as ‘What are the local needs?’, ‘What is happening already?’ and ‘What could be done through working together? Each evening is free of charge - 7pm for coffee; Meeting starts at 7.45pm. 9th March Bourneville College Bristol Rd South, Northfield , Birmingham B31 2AJ 10th March Falcon Lodge, Community Centre, Churchill Rd, Sutton Coldfield, B75 7LB, 16th March St Georges Community Hub, Great Hampton Row B19 3JG 17th March South Birmingham College, Cole Bank Rd, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 8ES Life Group leaders, community activists, missioners, young and old have you got a heart for your community and the city? Can we mobilise together with the police and City Council to make a difference!

March & April 2010 | the life and news of BCC - the hub - page 

n o i t a r a l c e d God is…HOLY


As read by Pastor Jonny Lee in the Sunday morning message “Must Have Item” on Sunday 31st January 2010


a new watch this space for so a, er w ne a , de ca t’s a new de to the youth at BCC! ve! here at BCC identity! Coming soon join our great team Li

I arch, April for God! On Friday nights inx,Mchat, eat, worship and be charged up – l? pp g in en pp ha la hat’s connect, belong, re holiday weeks!! er from 7pm-10pm to st Ea W r fo ed os cl be ill w s ay ow Please note Frid ill help you create, gr w ho w rs to en m yo ik nd ur e Klub Epidem and thoroughly expa s nt le ta n Tuesdays join thak ur yo of t os the m in discipleship, m e O thinking ril from 7pm. the 6th and 20th Ap March 2nd 16th and writing arch and training on M ut ho ug ro th ps ho orks ncluded Creative w !!! ril Ap in s ge messa with our relevant teaching session ist e liv e th is s, ay ry just for nd ive 4 Su ng team – catch min hi ac te g in ng u do – Do what le al yo t ch and ove wha “L e em th e th on ay youth every Sund you love!” have an th March 2010 weor 20 ay rd tu Sa – g in in Ilf d London eaders tra tour at City Gates,ve e rg la En e th to p rt on tri all day day away! (See ad am te t ea gr a in jo to sign up an ho you gonna call? opposite page) ntinues to developca lled s In 2010 Main Roomctco rie se aching te g in pa im d an ng a e ‘busting inspiri help you experiencun to t an w e W ! rs fulfilled te us Ghostb past, unrealities and e th of ts the os on gh s m ge fro sa free’ e life changing mesd The Main Room m so r fo us in Jo ! es an liv ay night of March Sunday 18th April first and third Sund ects!” in concert on presents “The Proj t not to miss! – this month’s concer






NA the 18-30’s ministry of BCC aims to D transform your life by understanding your Design, Nurturing that in you, and

Assigning you to serve, and fulfil your calling!! This is for all those who are 18, 19, in your twenties or thirties, every cultural background, single, married, professional, student or searching! Catch your Design here! NA Lunch is on Sunday 7th March after the D morning service and DNA Mix is a night with teaching and dialogue over the issues that face this generation Wednesday 28th April from 7pm onwards entitled “A marriage of Convenience” this is a topic based on responsibility, commitment and the comfortability of aspirations in modern life!

Social times are tbc for May so don’t miss out!!! NA STUDENTS – If you have signed up with D one of our host families then our DNA student hosts will look after you on the lunchtime

PRAYER REVOLUTION Saturday 20th March City Gates Christian Centre Ilford, London For Youth Leaders / For Youth Teams / For up and coming Leaders...

“Revolutionise the way your young people connect with God”

of Sunday 21st March straight after our morning service – get a great home cooked meal some family time and feel ‘at home’ in Birmingham



ip or What!!!!

sh WoW Services - Wor

-11’s : WoW Service for 3and Talents Sunday 28th March fts Gi e: ril: WoW Servicmo am for all children aged Sunday 25th Ap nth and starts at 10.30 h place at the end of eac Wow Services take their creative gifts and 3 – 11 yrs. the children to showcase g skills and much more. ing rag ou enc be l wil we On the 25th April ncing, singing sportin musical instruments, da morning in The House. talents such as playing this on te child to participa Please encourage your

ednesday Fundays - W sday 8th 7th and Thteur Holidays r April: Eas

children aged A great opportunity for op and build on vel de to -11 between 5 h other at church eac h their relationships wit d’s House. whilst having fun in Go

Future Diary Date


nd What: The House Weekentr r Ce e, nee Pio e Th : re he W

Kidderminster – Sunday 18th July. When: Friday 16th tail s soon. de Look out for more

he children in the House would like to wish all mums a very Happy on ay Mother’s D 14th ch ar M ay nd Su


er on a Saturday mingham. We get togeth t lounge with drinks, Bir oss acr m fro 1 7-1 re is a paren for kids aged is a FANTASTIC event rents can come too - the pick them up again at 8pm have LOADS of fun! Pa and and off s, n nth ldre mo chi two the ry p evening, eve ely parents can dro space to work. Alternativ comfy chairs, and also 5.30pm. (Registration open from



Saturday 20th March


Elders @ BCC News on Street Pastors for the City Centre of Birmingham

What type of people will make good Elders at BCC? In the last Hub we painted a biblical picture of Elders – here are some highlights of the type of people we need to be in lay leadership of our church. • We need people who are visible; people know them and they are supportive of things. • Others respect them. • They are people who are committed to a contemporary discipleship church. • They are spiritual and have maturity, which may be different from chronological age. • For them leadership is a way of life not a position of status. • They look for opportunities to graciously serve others.

• They can hold others to account graciously but nevertheless do not bow to pressure. • They demonstrate service to God and others. • They are people of the Word and Prayer. • They have the ‘Heineken effect’: they refresh the parts of the church others cannot reach. • They are people who have the capacity for Eldership in that they are not too busy to do a good job. • They are Spirit led. Can you pray that we can choose such people from amongst us to assist us in the leadership of this great church?

There was a meeting on Thursday 11th February of City Centre Churches interested in starting a Street Pastors ministry for the city centre, which was also attended by local policeman from Steelhouselane Police Station. Everyone was keen to see this initiative move forward and have committed themselves to the next stage of the process. This could see us with a viable Street Pastors Ministry up and running by autumn 2010, please pray for those from BCC who have volunteered to undergo training to become street pastors, pray the city centre churches that are involved and that more would get on board with this ministry. Pray for continued favour with government and police agencies that are helping us setup Street Pastors and pray for the finances that need to be raised for training and administration.

March & April 2010 - the hub - page 15

Heart cry of a Worship leader Fitzroy Storrod

God is calling ‘This House’ to worship in Spirit and in Truth. He is yearning to receive our worship. The worship God wants from us is not the slick polished 6 hour rehearsal worship imitating the secular world where presentation is everything but instead God is stretching out His everlasting arms of grace compassion and love to receive our broken contrite bended knee grateful worship pour out in an abundance from a heart that is unable to tangibly describe the greatness of God except through the language of tears (Gods love language). Now please don’t get me wrong I am not telling you how to express your worship but as I search through the Bible there are examples where God had shown mercy, favour or in Job’s case God allowed him to

endure pain and in all those times they fell flat on their faces, laid down their crowns and worshiped God (no slick polished super worship bands required). The irony is that the majority of the singers and musicians (myself included) have come from a musical secular background and the level of excellence and high standard of musicianship is everything and that is also what God expects from us all in all we do too. However over the last few months during worship practice the emphasis has not been on hours of practicing and refining our skills but more time in fellowship seeking Gods heart for

page 16 - the hub - the life and news of BCC | March & April 2010

BCC, praying for one another. Let’s get back to the heart of worship where we worship in hearing the word of God, worship when we give our tithes offering, worship when things are difficult, worship when times are great. Then join me and the worship team to facilitate your worship and praise in song and when the music fades and we are still in deep in love worship let the aroma touch heavenly nostrils as Gods blessing is poured out on us. Moving forward

The BCC Pastoral Care Team


he BCC Pastoral Care Team’s aims are to work towards all members of Birmingham Christian Centre having a sense of belonging, connection, restoration and fellowship. It is an initiative that expresses our commitment at BCC to pastorally care for the whole Church at every level and actively work to support the Church leadership in pastoral care of Church attendees and members. The ‘Pastoral Team’ members will be identifiable by a badge or ID card. This is important so that if it is appropriate for them to meet you outside of Church services you know that they are operating

under the covering and leadership of the Church leadership and have had appropriate checks and training to offer Pastoral help. One of the key areas for the Pastoral Team is visiting those who belong to the Church when they are sick and unable to attend Church on occasions, this gives us opportunity to fellowship with them, pray and share communion when appropriate. There are also times when it is important for the Pastoral Team to visit someone in their home when more time is needed than after service will allow. If you would like a visit by a Pastoral Care worker

in your home then you could speak to Carole Nicholls who is our Pastoral Care Co-ordinator at the Information Desk or if Carole is not available fill out a Pastoral visit form at the information point in the foyer and hand it in to the person serving at the desk. Should you be interested in exploring the possibility of joining the Pastoral Care Team, please speak to Carole at the information desk or e-mail carole.nicholls@ so that an appropriate time to meet can be arranged. The Pastoral Care Team meet together four times a year and for regular training.

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