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WTF!?!? Tidbits You guys, Michael Lohan knocked somebody up. And not just somebody, his estranged girlfriend, Kate Major. You know, the one that had a restraining order against him at the time he knocked her up. If ever there were a case for government-mandated sterilization, I’d venture to say he’d be the posted child.

Octomom was snapped dancing at a strip club in Florida. I understand a girl’s gotta pay the bills, but does this woman know how to do anything besides grind a pole?

Now that the divorced is finalized, Katie Holmes has reportedly enrolled Suri in a private Catholic school, Convent of the Sacred Heart in Manhattan, which boasts such alumni as Paris Hilton, Caroline Kennedy, and Lady Gaga. If there’s any group of people that could fuck you up worse than Scientologists, leave it to the Catholics. Kelsey Grammer and his wife, Katye (pronounced ‘Katie’—I hate

when people try to get fancy spelling basic names), are the parents of a new baby girl, Faith Evangeline Elisa Grammer. The mating habits of the moderately talented and über-wealthy perplex me. They can remember mountains of dialogue overnight, but can’t remember to wear a condom.

During a concert in London’s Hyde Park, organizers cut off Bruce Springsteen’s mic because he ran 30 minutes past the park’s curfew. To add insult to injury, Paul McCartney also happened to have been making a surprise appearance with Springsteen. I’m not a Springsteen or McCartney fan, but come on, they’re fucking legends. Why doesn’t anyone ever bother to turn off Justin Bieber’s mic or hit ‘Stop’ during one of Chris Brown’s lip-synched performances? Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey all apparently

had a powwow at the Chateau Marmont, which involved dinner in the garden, followed by a night of “[playing] dress up, [watching] old movies and [playing] board games”… which I assume means they dress up like coke whores, put on Scarface and used a board game as the hard surface from which to snort their blow off of. My kind of party.

Speaking of Bieber, a woman is suing him, his record label, concert promoters, and an arena for ruining her hearing. As hilarious as it would be to report that it was directly related to the Biebs himself, she’s actually asking for $9.23 million after his screaming fans allegedly caused her to develop tinnitus, “which causes a constant pulsing, whooshing sound that makes it hard to sleep.” The upside to all of this is that she’ll never have to hear another Justin Bieber song, and that, my friends, is what we call a silver lining. by Lucas Witherspoon Photo Credit: Helga Esteb /

by Van Gower Photo courtesy of The Sexual Side Effects (L-R) Mike Sidner, Clay McClure, Amber Taylor. Not pictured: Ryan McDougall

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hen one thinks of gays’ affinity for music, the genre that springs to mind likely isn’t rock and roll. The image of shirtless, sweaty gay boys gyrating and frottaging to overly processed, high-energy dance remixes is a staple. Or perhaps it’s lesbians’ devotion to butch grrrls with acoustic guitars that springs to mind. Either way, amp-frying rock and punk music don’t always find a place on most gay hit lists.

“We are all inspired by different things in music which combine to give us a unique sound,” said Taylor, whose own influences include such rock and glam icons as Peter Murphy (of Bauhaus), The Cure, Joan Jett, Echo and the Bunnymen, U2, Faith No More, The Jesus and Mary Chain, David Bowie, T-Rex, and more.

Beyond the realm of “gay music,” however, is an entire subculture of out gay musicians who prefer to create tunes by plugging in real instruments and laying down thick meaty slabs of rock riffs that would curl Rufus Wainwright or Ani DiFranco’s toes. You may have to dig deep to discover these gems, but they’re there, and thankfully a few can be found even in a paintby-rainbow-colors gay mecca like Atlanta. David Magazine introduces three of these local rock saviors to you this week.

That trans and queer component to the Sexual Side Effects lineup is present, if not overt.

The Sexual Side Effects


rans front woman Amber Taylor’s band The Sexual Side Effects started out unofficially in 2007 as her solo project after she’d contributed to several other local bands, including an early incarnation of Flat Cat. Taylor performed with an evolving roster of backing musicians and band name changes before settling as The Sexual Side Effects in 2011. Taylor is the grande dame of the quartet, rocking the lead vocals, guitar, and keyboards. Her hunky eye-candy band mates are Ryan McDougall (vocals, guitar, “charm”), Mike Sidner (bass, “hotness”), and Clay McClure (drums, “sex appeal”). McClure also drums for Flat Cat.

Taylor is trans, McClure is gay, and as Taylor said with her usual humor, “the other two guys are straight-ish. Well, one’s try-sexual.”

“We made a decision to not make my trans status the focus of this, since this is really about the music first,” said Taylor. “By leaving that subject to be uncovered by new music fans on their own, we have been able to win them over with our music first and then help to open their minds to trans awareness.” Although Taylor assures that the Sexual Side Effects does have a moderate percentage of gay fans, she feels that the downplaying of her trans status in favor of pushing the music first has perhaps been most instrumental to the band’s ever-increasing blockbuster popularity with hetero fans. Because the band members’ – particularly Taylor’s – musical stylings draw so heavily from rock, punk, and glam genres, they’ve been a hard sell to gay audiences, particularly males. “Most gay men don’t stereotypically listen to our style of music, but we have had so many people become obsessed with it once they get a taste. I swear we are not spiking it with anything illegal!” Taylor said.

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The Sexual Side Effects has already done three tours in 2012 on the East Coast, in Florida, and in Texas, where power issues in an Austin club caused Taylor’s amp to catch fire and nearly burn down the venue. They’ve been touring to support their recent 2012 EP release High Maintenance. Upcoming dates include the Drunken Unicorn (Atlanta) on August 11th, Savannah Pride on September 8th, Roanoke (Virginia) Pride on September 16th, and the transgender Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta on September 21st. The band is also about to announce a two-week national tour with a well-known artist.

Flat Cat


Twitch. Brittain was a member of Mulva Twitch but his desire to have an outlet for his original music led him to strike out on his own. After playing a solo show with a handpicked backing band, Brittain officially took Flat Cat public with a performance on the AIDS Walk stage in Piedmont Park, in what was essentially a revamped Mulva Twitch lineup. A subsequent gig at Star Bar with a different lineup marked what Brittain feels was Flat Cat hitting its stride. The band continued performing and writing songs for the next year under a rotating lineup. Flat Cat’s current lineup since 2010 consists of Brittain on vocals and guitar, popular Atlanta music scene veteran and gender-queer bassist/ vocalist Bucky Motter, Amy “Catfish” Rollinson on guitar and vocals, and gay drummer Clay McClure. Rollinson is the sole straight member.

(L-R) Clay McClure, Chuck Brittain, Amy Rollinson, Bucky Motter

Photo courtesy of Flat Cat

rior to its founding in 2007 by gay vocalist/ guitarist Chuck Brittain, Flat Cat began life as the gay-themed cover band Mulva

“We see ourselves as musicians who some just happen to be queer or transgendered. We would never want to make our queerness a political statement,” Brittain said, noting that being out queer musicians can sometimes be a hindrance to booking gigs at some local rock venues.

Frisky Monkey

However, “we do like to toy with our lyrics to be a bit queer flirtatious sometimes out of fun,” he said.


Citing band members’ diverse influences from genres like ‘80s college radio, punk, and jazz, Brittain said Flat Cat has played a diverse mix of venues that traditionally draw either gay or straight crowds. Dragging gays out of the rock and roll closet, however, is a challenge. “Our only frustration with the gay audience is that it often lets itself be pigeon-holed into a particular musical genre, especially with the older queer community,” he said. “If they would take their musical blinders off, they will rediscover all these different genres of music that are really amazing.” Flat Cat played a Northeast U.S. tour in 2011 that included stops in New York City and Connecticut. It also tries to swing by The Nick bar in Birmingham once a year. Locally, it has an upcoming show at Kavarna in Decatur’s Oakhurst neighborhood, schedule to be announced. With two CD’s under its belt – Buy Our 8 Track (2008) and Artbreak Hotel (2011) – Flat Cat is currently writing new songs with hopes to return to the studio next year. risky Monkey was created in May 2011 by vocalist Juan Cezar, who hails from Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

“My last band The Sex Kittens had just broken up and I wanted to return to a more synth-pop type of music with my next band, so I placed an ad on Craigslist for a keyboard player along the lines of Vince Clarke,” Cezar said. “I had a few responses and met a few people, but gut instinct told me that John was the one.” “John” is John Miklaucic, who handles guitar, keyboards, and programming duties for Frisky Monkey. Frisky Monkey is perhaps an anomaly on the Atlanta music scene: a duo that writes and performs wholly original music that harkens back unabashedly to the ‘80s New Wave sound. In fact, Cezar and Miklaucic are influenced by classic ‘80s synth acts including Depeche Mode and Erasure, bands that “have that sense of melody and musicality yet are electronic acts that rock.” Cezar is queer and Miklaucic is straight, but Cezar marvels that his musical partner “is one of the coolest, most laid back straight boys I’ve ever met.” Perhaps because of that dynamic, there’s never an agenda to veil Cezar’s sexual orientation in coded messages in order to make Frisky Monkey more palatable to the masses. “My lyrics are always from my life, so I think they’re pretty queer,” he said. “I never worry about changing pronouns no matter the venue. On stage I never think if something is too queer. I’m just me.” Frisky Monkey primarily plays straight venues because once the lesbian bar Bellissima closed, there are no gay clubs in Atlanta that book live music, according to Cezar. “We get good responses on the rare occasions that we play to a gay audience, maybe because

Photo by Wendy Patrick Frisky Monkey: John Miklaucic, Juan Cezar

we’re kind of retro sounding and harken back more to the New Wave sound of the ‘80’s,” Cezar said. However, “I think that GLBT audiences in Atlanta are just aloof to live music in general. The sad fact is that they seem to think that if it’s not drag then it’s not entertainment.” Frisky Monkey has taken the stage at such venerable Atlanta venues as Smith’s Olde Bar, Kavarna, and Red Light Café. It also performed at Savannah Pride in 2011 and the Spring Bear Fest weekend at the gay Roy’s Hideaway Campground earlier this year. Cezar and Miklaucic are scheduled to play Marietta Pride

on July 28th and again at Smith’s Olde Bar on August 10th. The Pride gig will also serve as the duo’s unofficial one-year anniversary; it first played live on July 30th last year. Check out Frisky Monkey’s self-titled 2011 CD. Cezar and Miklaucic are currently recording that disc’s follow-up, Involved But Not Committed, which Cezar promises will be more upbeat and will feature a few guest vocalists. david atlanta | 19 

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The Impracticality of Monogamy


by Lucas Witherspoon

t seems a week doesn’t go by when one of my friends isn’t in some kind of dating dilemma. If they’re in a relationship, they’re complaining about their partner. If they’re single, they’re complaining about not having a partner. While I try to be understanding and sympathetic to their problems (while chugging wine and mentally rolling my eyes), it makes me wonder: why are people so relationship-obsessed? Obviously, we would all ideally like to find a compatible mate in life. Who doesn’t like feeling loved and being able to reciprocate that love? But doesn’t it kind of ruin the entire concept when you’re lowering your standards in order to just settle because you’re hopelessly longing for a relationship? Practically from birth we’re taught that one of the necessities in life is to find a partner to commit to, one person to spend the rest of our lives with. This, however, is a completely unrealistic and foolish understanding of the way human beings function at their core. To quote psychologist Christopher Ryan, humans are, by nature, “a nonpossessive, gregarious” species, “[a form of] sexuality that was the human norm until the rise of agriculture and private property just 10,000 years ago.” Put simply, humans are not inherently monogamous creatures. Rather, societal influences brought on by the rise of feudalism have taught us that we’re obligated to find one person to commit ourselves to—sexually, emotionally, and otherwise—for the rest of our lives. Just the thought seems logically improbable, yet it continues to be the ideal in our society, albeit a failing one. The problems lies within the fact we’re essentially taught to treat other people as property. We always hear that part of relationships is sacrifice.

That sacrifice means you’re actually surrendering a part of your own self in order to meet the desires of another person. Whether or not the return on investment is worth the renunciation of self is what’s key. You have to ask yourself, is giving up or changing part of yourself really worth that other person’s presence in your life? Then, of course, there are the distinctions that must be made when talking about monogamy as it pertains to relationships. I’ve found that there are two types of monogamy: sexual monogamy and emotional monogamy. For me, emotional monogamy is easy; sexual monogamy, not so much. Sex and emotions are too often considered synonymous, when in fact they’re not entirely intertwined with each other. Is sex made better when there’s an emotional attachment? Generally, yes. Is it possible to have fabulous sex with no emotional attachment while still maintaining the emotional attachment to your partner? Most definitely. It’s interesting that we’ve been so heavily engrained with the belief that once we’re in a relationship, we’re obligated to that one person, though it defies all scientific and biological logic, that we no longer know how to tap into our most human instincts (read: non-monogamy). Instead, we use society’s roadmap to ignorantly guide us towards a nonviable and romanticized paragon that in reality only works out for an infinitesimal demographic. This isn’t me espousing a certain type of lifestyle. Rather, it’s me pointing out the fact that monogamy as an ideology is a sham. Sexuality is as important a part of human life as love, and both should be equally as fluid. The larger picture, though, is that we have to stop thinking of ourselves as an entity when we’re in a relationship with another person and realize that we’re still individuals. david atlanta | 23 

Top 10 Tracks 1. Settle Down – No Doubt 2. Headphones – Little Boots 3. Spirit Indestructible – Nelly Furtado 4. Rocket Ship – Dragonette 5. Never Gonna Let You Go – Esthero 6. Idea Of Happiness – Van She 7. Hanging On – Ellie Goulding 8. Live Your Life – Yuna 9. Electric Sky – Milla Jovovich 10. If I Was Your Boyfriend – Tony Moran (feat. Anastasia) By Dustin Shelby. Check out more music at Dustin’s blog at

Protect Your Monster

by Richard Marshall

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, n o i s a v n I h s i n i t i a r g B A e Th mericans love British music – there’s no other way around it. Outside of American artists, British artists are more likely to have success in America than any other nationality. From The Beatles and the Rolling Stones to Amy Winehouse and Adele, the number of artists who’ve made it big in the States is staggering. With the Olympics taking place in London this year, what’s already turned into a large amount of new music from UK-based artists on American charts is only going to get bigger. Scores of the biggest names in the UK will be featured during the Olympics, many of whom most audiences will already know. For every artist audiences know, though, there are scores more that Americans either don’t know, or are just discovering. Here are some of the biggest burgeoning pop acts from the UK that you may not know (yet). Scottish DJ Calvin Harris has experienced moderate success in the UK since his debut album, I Created

Disco, came out in 2007. In the past year, though, he’s gone from moderate success to global phenomenon. First was his collaboration with Rihanna on “We Found Love,” which Harris solely produced and wrote; that massive hit was followed by his US solo chart breakthrough on “Feel So Close.” After finishing fourth during the seventh season of The X Factor’s UK edition, the spunky Cher Lloyd is poised for success on both sides of the pond. Her first British single, “Swagger Jagger,” debuted at #1, while her current American single, the cheeky “Want U Back,” is racing up the charts now.

Americans mostly know of Cheryl Cole as the American X Factor judge who was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger. In her native UK, though, Cheryl (who is reinventing herself as a unimonikered pop star, like Madonna or Cher) is a phenomenon. Singles like “Fight for This Love” and “Promise This” have dominated UK charts. Her third album, A Million Lights, features her latest #1 single, “Call My Name,” a

photo by DFree /


by Elijah Sarkesian

photo by Featureflash /

Over a year after its initial release stateside, Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” is just now becoming a Top 10 single on Billboard’s Hot 100. With the song hitting #6 in its 27th chart week, “Lights” set the record for the longest climb to the Top 10 in the Hot 100’s history for a non-country female artist. In her native England, Goulding’s been releasing music since 2009, where songs like “Starry Eyed” and a cover of Elton John’s “Your Song” have become major hits.

Speaking of One Direction, chances are they’re the most well known name on this list. The group’s debut album, Up All Night, debuted at #1 earlier this year, and it’s the third-biggest selling album in the US during 2012 to date. Their debut single, “What Makes You Beautiful,” was a massive radio hit, and their second single, “One Thing,” looks to duplicate that song’s success. In the midst of a massively successful American tour, the group is working on their sophomore album, due out this winter.

Welsh singersongwriter Marina Diamandis, also known as Marina and the Diamonds, is a bigger name in the UK than the US, where her indietinged debut album The Family Jewels spawned several hit songs. For her sophomore album, the more pop-focused Electra Heart, Marina collaborated with a number of popular American producers. Electra Heart just came out in the US, along with Marina’s latest single, “How to Be a Heartbreaker.”

Another song that’s racing up the American charts these days is “How We Do (Party),” the debut single from Rita Ora. Ora is a part of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label, and even as an artist who’s just starting to become successful, her Jay-Z ties have already led her to a guest judging role on the UK X Factor and an opening gig for Coldplay. Additionally, her UK debut single, “R.I.P.,” debuted at the top of the UK Singles Chart. Her debut album, Ora, will be out later this year.

Olly Murs is a bigger name in the UK than the US, but that’s slowly starting to change. The former X Factor runner-up is currently opening for fellow British boys One Direction, which may be as solid a promotional opportunity as anyone could want this year. He’s also promoting his single “Heart Skips a Beat,” which hit #1 in the UK, to American radio. His American debut album, In Case You Didn’t Know, is slated to come out later this year.

While the boys of One Direction target preteen girls with their songs, the men of The Wanted have their targets set a little older. Propelled by their smash hit “Glad You Came,” which the band admits does refer to something a little bit… naughty, the group is currently promoting their new single “Chasing the Sun” to radio. An EP of songs from their two British-released albums came out a few months ago, with a brand-new album slated for release this fall.

collaboration Calvin Harris.


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BLAKE’S Trivia w/ Mary Edith Pitts @ 11pm $250 prize, then New Drag on the Edge w/ Nicole Paige Brooks BURKHART’S Blue Monday Karaoke w/ Angelica D’Paige 11:30pm COCKPIT  Big Red Cup All Day, specials EAGLE Comedy TV- Free Pool FELIX’S  Free Pool FRIENDS Bad Boy Brian opens at 2pm HERETIC Play w/ Eddie 4pm-11pm HIDEAWAY  $2.50 Domestic Beer JUNGLE Stars of the Century Show 11pm MODEL T Monday Night Madness 9pm Oscar’s Midtown Martini Club 4pm. Service Industry Night 9pm Tripp’s Monday Night Madness 9pm Woof’s Texas Hold ‘Em Poker 8pm


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BLAKE’S 5-9pm Doug’s party pop hits, The “Lust and Bust Show”11 pm BURKHART’S Humpday Karaoke w/ Darlene Majewski 11:30pm COCKPIT Balls Deep Karaoke 10pm EAGLE 80’s Music w/ Travis

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FRIENDS Team Trivia 8pm HERETIC  25¢ Keystone Light ,No Cover! HIDEAWAY Trivia w/ Will 9pm Mixx Texas Hold’em Poker 7pm MODEL T Karaoke 10pm Oscar’s ReBooT Retro 8pm SWINGING RICHARDS 2-4-1 VIP Room Tripp’s Free Taco Bar 5pm XCESS ULTRA LOUNGE Raquell Lord’s Talent Show @ 10:30pm, Sophia Mcintosh & Fab 5 +1 @11:30pm, 18+ Woof’s Food Special, Trivia 8pm


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BLAKE’S 5-9pm TGIF, Bingo w/ Bubba & Bill 7pm, 1/2 price appetizers, Charlie’s Angels w/ Charlie Brown 11pm BURKHART’S Fab Five w/ Angelica D’Paige 11:30pm Club Rush Got Leche? til 4am, $10 COCKPIT  DJ Diablo Rojo, guest VJ/DJ’s EAGLE DJ Dance Party FRIENDS Happy Times w/ Brian & Ken

HERETIC no cover B4 11pm HIDEAWAY  After Work Martini Madness JUNGLE Club Night, Various DJ’s Mixx Grown & Sexy Dance 10pm MODEL T Saturday Night Live 9pm Oscar’s 80’s Retro Vidz 8pm SWINGING RICHARDS T-Shirt Review, $10 Tripp’s Afternoon Delights 4pm Woof’s Atlanta’s Best Social Night 6pm


BLAKE’S opens 1pm, Daring Divas 11pm BURKHART’S Extravaganza w/ Shavonna B. Brooks 11:30pm Club Rush Dance Party COCKPIT  DJ Diablo Rojo, guest VJ/DJ’s EAGLE DJ Dance Party FELIX’S Karaoke w/ Brett & Tyler 10pm FRIENDS Afternoons w/ Bob! 2pm HERETIC Varies: Club Night or 3 Legged Cowboy Night - 10pm JUNGLE Club Night, Various Guest DJ’s. Mixx Guest DJ’s Dance 10pm MODEL T Sunday Dinner 3:30pm Oscar’s Total Request Videos 8pm SWINGING RICHARDS T-Shirt Review $10 Tripp’s Afternoon Cookout 3pm XCESS ULTRA LOUNGE 25+ FREE til 12am Woof’s Game Day All Day


Burkhart’s Armorettes Drag Show Blake’s ON THE PARK open 1pm, Classic Sunday “T” w/ Bill Berdeaux & Daryl Cox Club Rush Hip Hop w DJ Truz, no cover COCKPIT  PBR Beer Bust FELIX’S  Bloody Marys & Mimosas FRIENDS Smirnoff B Mary Bar 12:30pm HIDEAWAY  Bloody Mary Bar 12:30pm LAS MARGARITAS All You Can Eat til 3pm Mixx Old School Sunday Dance 7pm MODEL T Sunday Dinner w Ron 3:30pm Tripp’s Buffet 3pm; Karaoke pm Woof’s Bloody Mary bar, PBR special

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Philip Bonneau’s Sexy, Silly

Heroes+Villains by Elijah Sarkesian


oly phenomenon, Batman!

Atlanta photographer Philip Bonneau is garnering acclaim all over the world with his ongoing Heroes + Villains series. Equally silly and sexy, the Heroes + Villains series takes legendary comic book characters and twists them for new and intriguing interpretations. Bonneau, a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design who’s a graphic designer by day, has worked for the past few years on delving into artistic outlets. With Heroes + Villains, he found a project that’s letting him explore his artistic inclinations. “I’ve intended Heroes + Villains to be all about exploration,” says Bonneau. “I wanted to really explore different types of photography and see what I was drawn to and figure out who am I as an artist. I’ve been self-taught and been figuring out things as I go. Focusing on a subject matter that I am familiar with has really allowed me to focus on the technical qualities of my work.” Bonneau certainly chose familiar subject matter; his grandfather introduced him to superheroes as a child, and they’ve stuck with him ever since. “Comic book characters are the modern myths. Each myth was a parable to some lesson on life. Superman taught me about the American Dream, the X-Men taught me about acceptance to those that are different, and Batman taught me about one normal man being able to make a difference in the world.” It’s that fascination and connection that Bonneau feels that he thinks also resonates with his

audience, especially the gay members of his audience. “Every single one of them celebrate and embrace people’s individuality. Most of these characters are one of a kind, and are considered freaks by the rest of society. For gay adolescents and even for some gay adults, those questions of fitting in and who you are compounded because they know in the back of their mind they are not the majority. They are different than the general status quo. “In the world of comics, since their creation they have shown a society accepting of those that are different. I think it makes perfect sense for gay people looking for an escape to be drawn into those pages. I think with what you see in real life today with gay rights being a major talking point, reality has possibly began to catch up with the fiction a bit.” For Heroes + Villains, Bonneau has split the series into four distinct parts, which – true to the series’ roots – go by issue numbers. In Issue #1, which focused on Marvel characters, Bonneau introduced his unique take on comic book characters through studio settings. Issue #2, meanwhile, focused on DC characters while adding in elements like environment and classic art references. Issue #4, which has not begun production yet, will shift to a black-and-white focus, with models being 65 years of age or older. With the upcoming Issue #3, though, Bonneau is going for a significant twist. “It’s the ‘shock’ show,” says Bonneau. “I am stylizing it more off of high fashion photography but touching on a wide variety of topics that many would consider taboo, but nothing that does go david atlanta | 43 

out of character [of the series]. Sometimes it takes a play on words to twist a character into a different light. This is the theatrical show where glamour, drag, and an exploration of adult themes come into play.” With variety, though, comes the need for a bigger budget, and with what Bonneau has in mind, that meant a need for external funding. To this end, Bonneau turned to crowd fundraising website Kickstarter, though not without some hesitation. “I had to be really convinced to do Kickstarter. I have always worked for everything I’ve had and never have really asked for anything. I come from the school of working for what you have. So I had to do some incredible soul searching of whether this was right for me to try.” Once he decided to go the Kickstarter route, Bonneau worked on making a very specific budget that took into account all of the resources he wanted to get for Issue #3, including props and makeup artists. He ultimately came up with a very specific amount – $12,907, to be exact

– then spent a month between May and June working on directing people to Kickstarter. “It became this second job. Most of my message came through Facebook. I figured, if this was the one dream out of reach for me, then I needed to do it right.” Initial donations were strong, but not sustainable enough to hit the goal by his deadline. Compounding things was one of Kickstarter’s policies: projects that fail to meet their goals by deadline forfeit all funding. “So I wrote basically everybody and their momma in the commercial industry,” Bonneau says. “To my surprise, one of the [publications] to instantly respond back to me was The Advocate, which ran a headline story on me and my work.” Following that global boost in awareness, Bonneau set out to have some fun with his promotional efforts by using spoofs of pop culture references, such as Kristen Wiig’s airplane scene from Bridesmaids where she says “Help me, I’m poor.”

Still, by the final week, he was roughly $6,000 short of his goal. “I was going to fail and I started questioning, ‘Why did I shoot so high?’ I really was beating myself up thinking that all of this was done in vain, and mentally I was prepared for that, but I was not going to go down without a fight. I took a deep breath and thought about how badly I wanted to see this succeed and if I really had it in me to try.” The solution? He bared himself, both figuratively and literally. He posted a picture of himself online, covered only by a sign with a message: “I am not a model. I am not perfect. I am not homeless. I am not dying of an illness. I do have dreams. I do have the talent. I do have drive. I do need your help… And I present myself nakedly asking for it.” He originally planned to post a picture every day for the rest of the week with increasingly smaller signs once goals were met. As it turned out, though, that one picture was a game-changer. “What I did not expect from that one picture is that suddenly out of the woodwork, friends and complete strangers were calling me up and saying, ‘Wow, I can not believe you did that, I would like to do that too.’” By Wednesday of the final week, Bonneau met his goal. The money still kept rolling in – by the time the Kickstarter campaign ended that Saturday, Bonneau ended up with almost $16,000. Now, Bonneau is working on actually creating Issue #3. While nothing is set in stone yet, he anticipates unveiling this latest installment in the fall. Hitting a certain deadline is not among his current concerns, though. “I am shooting 35 different characters for this

next series so I want to make sure that I do each of these characters justice and properly. I’ve always put a tremendous amount of responsibility to excel on myself, but since the success of my Kickstarter fundraiser by not just the Atlanta community, but all over the world, I feel I owe it to everyone to produce something that is truly special and has something to say about society and who we are.” On top of creating unique artwork, Bonneau also wants to give back to the community. The opening of the next installment will benefit a local charity, though he hasn’t decided which one yet. Previous installments of Heroes + Villains raised money and awareness for MISTER. “I’ve always liked the idea that my heroes actually help the local community, so that ‘pay it forward’ [idea] will continue throughout.” david atlanta | 47 

A Key Note from the Fifth Ivory


by Sam Gabel

riginally intending to interview Chef/ Owner Aaron Born just for a weekly food column that I write, his passion and authenticity for his community transformed my initial intent into something so much more. So, in a way, I owe Chef Born for the “birth” of The Launch Pad, a column with the ambition to “paint a picture of the faces of your community.” Fifth Ivory I knew nothing about the Fifth Ivory prior to interviewing him. It was the house I passed by everyday driving to work, the house full of laughter that

48 | david atlanta

always caught my attention walking home. But when I entered on a hesitant Sunday, amidst that unbearable heat wave that one weekend we all have a vague and unforgettable memory of, something about the place resonated. It’s that feeling that you get when you notice a peculiarity—a good peculiarity—but you just can’t put your finger on it yet—and so you find yourself searching for the answer.

Fun Fact

According to Chef Aaron Born, the menu item Midtown Petite, with its simple description of two eggs is actually a French spin on a Midtown classic: “Queens Who Don’t Eat.”

The house was empty except for the staff and the one group of four gentlemen who had entered prior. But even in the presence of dead air, these people—friends—staff, whatever you call them—had an amazing ability to tune into

Community Spotlight

Dress Your Grits The Perfect Dish for Hangovers You don’t need to be a Southerner to know how to make this well-kept tradition. With a standard base of common ingredients, grits is a fantastic dish to finish off the last of your fridge items like milk and butter. Dress it up with cheese or garlic; the possibilities are endless when you put your smarts-glasses on and look at your food items as grits’ accessories instead of leftovers.

some form of inner drum, a beat that really is eternal. They found a way to keep their genuine, friendly demeanor and openness even when all circumstances pointed to a slow, dragging shift with few possibilities of financial recovery. And yet, misery was a foreign word to them. That’s how I knew these people were some of the luckiest: every single day, they go into this house doing what they love to do—invite you in.

most diners of all: one table. He quipped, “Oh Thank God! I thought it was just me!”

From the get-go, Aaron and his staff were incredibly warm as they allowed me to freely roam around the house, snapping pictures of the simply-stunning, upstairs dining-room. It felt like a hauntingly, beautiful privilege on that level by myself, admiring the paintings of local artists and stepping through those footprints of laughter.

These people weren’t mad for leaving their homes on this scorching afternoon; they had come because they had somehow found the true meaning of “community.” As Aaron had explained the Fifth Ivory’s history, the previous bartender from Woofs had opted out of an initial location at Cheshire for the one here on 5th and Juniper, as it was “Love at First Sight.”

When I went back downstairs, Aaron had that eager-beaver mentality of “what can I show you next!” He hastily started to cook Shrimp & Grits, a dish that was oozing with heart and finesse. “How was this guy so calm and upbeat,” I thought? I figured I needed yoga classes or more medication. As he “showed and tell’d” me how his barbecue sauce was a secret recipe passed down from his grandfather, I broke into laughter when I found this unexpected sentimental side of him when I mentioned that he was the luckiest restaurant out of the three restaurants I reviewed as he had the

I continued to sweat, even in a tank top. This man definitely had a loyal, ardent following if anyone was willing to drive during that summer day heat wave that knocked out even Ohio’s power lines. Every inch of my body screamed for “home air-conditioning,” but I had already been seduced by the Fifth Ivory’s charm.

From then on, he and his co-founding partner, Cam Murphy, have been supporting the local gay community with open arms and open house. But don’t ask me, stop in the Fifth Ivory, and ask him yourself. I’m sure he’ll tell you, he was simply “born this way.” Sam Gabel is a food columnist for Atlanta-Restaurants.Org and a writer of short-stories (Alyson Publishing’s Ultimate Gay Erotica 2009). For the full review on the Fifth Ivory — simply Google “Atlanta-Restaurants.Org, Sam Gabel, the Fifth Ivory” david atlanta | 49 

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OTP Pride Shines Rainbow Bright Marietta celebrates 3rd Annual Rainbow Festival


by Catherine Maddox

he Cobb County that I grew up in is staunchly traditional and very religious. What has the community support for the festival been like? The first year it was somewhat negative. Last year, it really wasn’t that bad. To be perfectly honest with you, we do our own thing and don’t worry about what they think, because we don’t get any sponsorship from any local or federal agency. It’s completely self-supporting, and we donate all of the profits to a local charity, and this year’s charity is the new foundation, Lost-n-Found. Lost-n-Found is an organization that takes LGBQT youth off the streets. They have a 24-hour hotline and they accept ages 18 to 24. Lost-n-Found opened their doors in November of last year with great community support. Currently, the organization has a six-bedroom house in Atlanta, with counselors on duty. They’re taking in LGBT teens that have been kicked out of their homes, helping them get basic necessities like an identification card, a birth certificate, and offering a shelter where they don’t have to worry about what their orientation is. Lost-n-Found is a grassroots organization; they’re little guys like the Marietta Rainbow Festival.

52 | davidatlanta

This years goal? To raise enough money to keep Lost-n-Found’s rent paid for several more months… hopefully to the tune of $5,000. So why should people drive OTP to celebrate Marietta’s Rainbow Festival? For starters, it is completely different from other Pride festivals. Folks that have children can come out and enjoy face-painting, family activities, and even chill out in the “video game building”. The entertainers will also be performing children’s numbers during the day. Some of the other highlights? The event will boast a miniature, outdoor flea market where people can rent tables to sell goods like jewelry and artwork. Also four different organizations will be on hand doing preventative testing for HIV and other easily detectable STD’s. The festival will have that aspect of a small-town feel. A place where people from Atlanta or the Blue Ridge Mountains came come and rejoice and be proud of who they are. The event is still growing in size each year, and they hope this year to be able to raise some serious money, while giving the community something fun to do. For more information on events and performances, visit

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Funny Pages david atlanta | 55 

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ARIES (March 20 – April 19): Efforts to get playful with your partner are likely to misfire. Don’t let that stop you, but think twice before acting or speaking up! The “backfire” could just be fun you weren’t expecting or a chance to clear the air. TAURUS (April 20 – May 20): Your ruler, Venus, is part of why everyone is working too hard to look good and feel good, so you understand the value of that, but also have a special gift for seeing and cutting through the crap. Trust your instincts, not appearances.

GEMINI (May 21- June 20): New insights challenge you to revise your plans, but your new plan B is just a necessary draft. In a few weeks, plan C will be better. Speak your mind but don’t take disagreements personally. CANCER (June 21- July 22): New investments are just sweet talk and fantasy. Recommit to your priorities. That can even open new creative opportunities. Financial arguments can lead to helpful insights or impulse spending. Remember those priorities? LEO (July 23 – August 22): Your friends help you look good and you’re eager to return the favor. Efforts on both sides could cause mishaps, nothing serious, but be ready to apologize for embarrassing situations. Stay in good humor. Don’t take yourself too seriously! VIRGO (August 23 – September 22): Whatever you want to say, however difficult or unpleasant, will come out. Get it off your chest while you’re calm and eloquent. Save yourself the embarrassing trouble caused by an explosion of temper or resentment.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22): Winning people over with your charm doesn’t necessarily mean they agree with you. They don’t need to. Let it be! A little less attention to some of your friends and more for your partner can improve relations on both fronts. SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21): Speaking your mind will get you committed to positions and challenges you probably didn’t want, but you can rise to the occasion and even shine. Jog, bike or exercise with a confidante. Sweating and talking will help get your ideas in order. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 20): Misunderstandings with your partner could end up being more funny and revealing than problematic. Over-identifying with community ideals or traditions can complicate your efforts toward political progress. Here, too, confused messages can be revealing. Pay attention and keep your sense of humor intact. CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 19): Some colleagues are encouraging you to bite off more than you can chew. Some of them mean well. You need to focus on your own goals and strong suits. You need to adjust your long-range strategy, but make sure you have one! AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18): Efforts at sly wit will probably anger friends. If you really think you’re so clever, write it down and save it for later. Disagreements and confusion with your partner can help draw out suppressed anxieties, helping you to understand and heal lingering old problems. PISCES (February 19 – March 19): Struggling to get ahead at work can leave you wondering who you really are. Let the work define you for now. Perseverance will bring insights. So will mistakes, so learn from them, fix them and stay steady on.

Scopes brought to you by Jack Fertig, professional astrologer since 1977. Visit his website at

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scene@ @ Burkhart’s Sunset Garden Boy Next Door Show

see more photos by Rory Evans at

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Bitch! Session

Just because you deleted all your gay Facebook friends doesn’t make you any more straight. Your girlfriend will soon find out.

Facebook should make your ass a place that can be “checked-in” at. Hey I just caught you, this is shady / Saw your grindr, now call me crazy / And all the other lies, try to phase thee / Take my advice and don’t text me

Why are twinks bitching about the bartenders in Atlanta? I feel sorry for those guys. They have to wait on your drunk cheap asses and listen to you complain. I hope the people you work with show you the same respect.

What, no Emmy nomination for Madeleine Stowe? I’d be getting revenge on someone.

You want a faster bartender? Try tipping a little more. I’ve already set my DVR for the VH1 “Where Are They Now?” special for Carly Rae Jepsen.

The vampires on True Blood cry tears of blood. They also have a lot of sex. I just want to know… are the tears the only bodily fluid replaced by blood? Can we please stop bashing each other in such a hateful manner? All of us have PLENTY of flaws, whether it is too fat or too thin, ugly on the inside or ugly on the outside, old or going to be old. If we can’t accept our own diversity how on earth can we expect the rest of the world to accept us? And lastly, please stop making personal attacks - that makes you the ugliest of all.

I LOVE the passive-aggressive back-biting game! It’s almost as much fun as the paranoid telephone game! I mean, what fun is direct communication anyway? Bo-ring!

Gotta Bitch? Text 404.969.BTCH

Text 404.969.BTCH 404.969.2824 or email

aka aka

62 | davidatlanta

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