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Top 10 Things You Never Say to a Bartender Joseph Brownell

Everyone talks about customer service this, customer service that. The clerk was rude to me. My server didn’t smile and jump up and down for my every request. My bartender didn’t know how to make a ‘liquid marijuana that tastes like cocaine’. We’ve all driven Atlanta’s interstates on a Friday afternoon, so we’re well aware that at least 30% of our population is stupid and ignorant and that population makes up about 50% of diners (rough estimate). Next time you want to complain about your server or bartender, take 30 seconds and mentally visualize this list. Top 10 Things You Never Say to a Bartender 10. Make me something fruity . . . They’ll probably hand you a glass of cranberry juice. Know what you want before you waste their time. 9. Could I have less ice . . . Yes, if you are a slow drinker and are worried about your drink being watered down. If you think you are going to get more liquor- think again. 8. Do you know how to make . . . a liquid marijuana that tastes like cocaine? Seriously? If you know all the ingredients, sure they’ll make it for you but no, they don’t know what your cousin Trey made at his house party last weekend. 7. Their name - over and over and over . . . They hear just about everything… even the fact that you cheated on your boyfriend last night. It’s their job to hear you but before you become aggressively annoying and act like this is the Destiny’s Child remix to “Say My Name” just know they’ll make you wait. 6. I can’t taste the _________ (fill in the blank) in my drink . . . get the hell away from them. It’s not their fault you’re an alcoholic. 5. I was here first . . . this isn’t the DMV honey; you didn’t have to grab a number. If you think they ignored you think about whether: A. You tipped them well last time (its 20% by the way) or B. If you have a complicated order. If you answered no to the first or yes to the second you’re probably right, they did ignore you. 4. Make it strong . . . the almighty dollar is strong and you think they don’t remember the last time you left $5 on a $50 bar tab? You can order AND pay for a double. Those who treat their bartenders well never have to ask. 3. That doesn’t taste like how __________ makes it . . . bartenders all have peculiarities and may put their twist on a drink. Some will put grenadine at the bottom of your apple martini and some won’t. If you like how a certain bartender makes your drink, order it from them. 2. I used to be a bartender . . . if that were true you wouldn’t say some stupid shit like that. 1. How much is . . . really? If you have to ask that question, you shouldn’t be at the bar drinking!

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By time this comes out, it’ll be almost time to get ‘done up’ for Halloween! Before you turn yourself into a zombie let’s back up right quick. I want to share my comments/observations on this years’ pride and how my sense of HOPE was restored. You know how this magazine comes out like a week after I write this so go to the ‘rewind button’ in your head of memories and ‘back that dang up! If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, I’m sure you can gather by my photos that I was really FEELING IT this year! Let me start first with my experience working at the David Magazine booth at Piedmont Park. I decided since I had a 2 hour volunteer shift (you know to greet the girls and promote), why not go dressed as “Ms. Thing” for fun. However, I didn’t expect to be greeted by so much love and cell phone cameras. I finally caught up with Dustin Shelby, one of the writers of this magazine and Maximillian, the Editor-in-Chief to join them in the walk to our booth. Once we walked past the rainbow balloon sculptures on both sides of the entrance, there was this guy working at one of the frozen yogurt stands who happens to hold in his hand a giant size plastic banana (a threat to any size queen). That banana got me a little anxious so I asked the guy if I can take a picture with it, but then I thought to myself, he should pretend to…you know…insert it in me. Well, once we were in ‘position’, folks with their camera phones started swarming around us as if we were about to pass out hot banana pudding or something. A few snapshots later, the editor told me our booth was on the other side of the park which felt like it took 2HRS to get there wearing those tall hot pink stiletto pumps and constantly stopping to pose for a photo. Even when we finally made it to the booth, the photos never stop. Hell I got used to it after awhile but then I realized that there were different walks of life asking for my photos; older guys, twinks, str8 girls, lesbians, kids, and of course a few of the boys. My point is it reminded me of when I was kid during the Christmas season when everyone in town spoke and were very friendly, and I’m sure they weren’t all in my face because I was all that, but in their own way they were acknowledging my freedom of expression.

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It felt like they were saying “that’s right Bitch, if you’re going to express yourself, now is the time to let it all hang out” (but I’m grateful nothing was hanging out). More specifically I felt a sense of LOVE between a fellow brother/sister. I thought to myself, “Wow, there are still some really good folks in this community who gets it”. So yeah, the David Magazine booth was too much fun.

The next day was the annual parade. I was asked to be on the Las Margaritas float ahead of time so I didn’t get to do the David float. The first thing I noticed was it felt like Oscar (owner and porn star in this town…j/k punta Oscar)…so yeah, it felt like he enlisted 1000 people to be on his float. I ended up riding in the back of the truck with the hot Bliss boys (from that new hot male strip club in town, BLISS). Even though NOTHING happened, I felt like a whore riding in that truck. Now the herd of folks on the actual float that was attached included Oscar himself, Alissah Brooks, Gia Sunflowers, some of Oscar’s staff and that damn Princess Charles wearing a captain hat and jacket like he’s about to board his yacht at his summer lake house, and even more importantly, I noticed the UNITY of all of us coming together. Even though there wasn’t a lot of over the top floats this year, the parade was rich with overflowing love for each other and a sense of pride of who we are. I mean, just log onto channel 11 Alive where they taped the whole thing and you’ll see for yourself. Princess Charles mentioned to me that he almost got teary eyed at all the love yea Damn, and excitement people expressed this year. I’m at the end of my report just that damn quick! Well, I just want to say, that Pride made me proud to apart of this community and to truly taste the damn rainbow!

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What exactly makes someone a “slut”? There’s obviously a general definition of the word, like if you’ve ever appeared on Bukkake Boys or Maury, but is being a slut really defined by the amount of sex you’ve had or the image you give? In my mind, there are varying degrees of slut-itude that are accompanied by different terms. The word “slut” itself sounds pretty hoodrat, and as such, I picture sluts as being the kinds of people you see picking up tricks on street corners (not that I have anything against prostitutes – make that money, girl). Whores to me are slightly more glamorous versions of sluts, which may or may not have been influenced by Dolly Parton’s role as Miss Mona in the film version of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. In the gay world, wouldn’t it seem we’d all be kind of “slutty”? I mean, we’re testosterone-laden men attracted to other testosterone-laden men. I actually personally hate the term “slut.” It’s like you can’t even do a single porn film these days without being labeled one. Rather, I prefer the term “sexually expressive,” and by that, I mean I really love sex. Is this not an inherent human quality, though? I’m of the belief that human sexuality is a desire not to be oppressed. If those Catholic priests weren’t so sexually repressed, they probably wouldn’t have touched those little boys inappropriately. 18  |  david atlanta

“I actually personally hate the term “slut.” It’s like you can’t even do a single porn film these days without being labeled one.”

To me, you cross over into “slut” territory when discernment among sexual partners fades, and, most importantly, when you’re no longer practicing safe sex. I’m all for being sexually open, but when you’re being barebacked by the entire town you start to become less of a person, and more so just a walking orifice. A healthy sexual prowess is fine; irresponsibility is not. For me to judge others on the number of sexual partners they’ve had would be hypocritical. It would also be hypocritical for most gay men to judge other gay men on the number of sexual partners they’ve had. One of the most prevalent stereotypes used by anti-gay bigots is that we’re only focused on sex. There are so many other spectrums when it comes to the GLBT community to focus on, so why don’t we do something to help shift that sex-based focus towards more positive aspects? Instead of focusing on someone’s sexual partners, why don’t we focus on the fact that we’re still shat on every single day by the national government when they choose to disregard our basic, civil rights? When I meet someone, the number of sexual partners ranks so low on the list of qualities I look for in a human being that it’s irrelevant. It’s a philosophy we should all consider.

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While appearing on the Australian talk show Sunday Night HD, Beyoncé's baby bump appeared to be folding in, leading some to speculate she was wearing a prosthetic belly. Guys, it’s called Spanx. A random guy threw a hot dog at Tiger Woods, presumably in the same way Tiger threw his dong into any vagina that would receive it. David Boreanaz (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Bones) says cheating on his wife was a “bonding experience” for the both of them. Yeah, we’ll see how that bonding experience worked out during the divorce when the prenup is rendered null and void because you couldn’t keep it in your pants.

Someone alleged to be Christina Aguilera performed at a Michael Jackson tribute concert in the UK, though, judging by the pictures, I’d have assumed Nessie’s (The Loch Ness Monster) existence had finally been proven.

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Men’s Boots Fall/Winter 2011 Fall is here and that means we are all throwing out the tanks, the super short/tight shorts, and the flip-flops out the window. Say hello to cardigans, jackets, sweaters, long sleeves, pants, jeans, scarves and all of your other fall favorites. During this season, many people typically turn to wearing tennis shoes or god forbid, Sperrys with most of their fall outfits. The shoe is one of the most forgotten pieces of an outfit when it comes to the fall wardrobe. Most people tend to put heavy focus on what coat, scarf or top they are wearing and forget about everything below the belt line. Well, I hate to break it to you, but people still look at your shoes, no matter what season, including fall. One stylish and easy way to break this undesirable habit would be to add a “statement” shoe into your mix. What better way to do that than to add a boot? 1. Military Boots. Yes it is back AGAIN! This time it is deriving inspiration from 40-s and 50-s. Great coats, aviator jackets and aviator boots with shearling are so hot right now. The word combat comes to mind when this boot category comes to light. Guys, we are talking about laces, laces, laces! The laces are key factors when it comes to this boot and should not be ignored. Brown, Black, Army Green (duh) and shades of Tan usually consist with the Military boot. Skinny jeans or straight jeans are most suitable for this particular boot. 2. Knee High/Riding Boots. Now I know what you are probably thinking. “I do not live OTP nor do I ride horses or have a desire to.” Well the point is not to look like you are trying to be a hardcore horse rider. When going for this particular look, always keep in mind that “less is more”. Pretty much you do not need a heel, super crazy platform, tons of buckles, zippers or logos all up and down the boot. Keep it simple and classy. That also goes for color as well. You can never go wrong with black or brown (any shade of either will suffice). You must absolutely wear skinny or straight jeans/pants with this boot or it will look like a tragedy! After all, men were first when it came to wearing the knee high, they are most certainly not just for women. 3. Ankle/Calf Boots. These are probably the most popular when it comes to men’s boots. Most men do not want to step of that so-called “comfort zone”, so this is probably the best option for most. It’s pretty self-explanatory; the boot comes up no higher than the largest part of your calf. Make sure that the boot isn’t too bulky nor should it have a chunky sole. This can cause the boot to look awkward and make you pretty much a Milton. [Milton (noun): a person with no fashion sense, needs a helping (fashionable) friend to help, probably has gotten several citations from the fashion police.] This boot can be worn with pretty much anything. Skinny jeans or skinny dress pants (yes they do exist, try Express or H&M) can be worn in casual or formal occasions and give your look and extra boost of style. 4. Lace-up ‘work’ boot. Such as H&M, Banana Republic, Clarks, etc. Best for a tough wintery look and suggested for that rugged manliness look. To complete the ensemble try teaming with blue jeans (faded Clarkson-style is back) a simple top with minimal patterns, and a bulky watch. The more worn-in – but well cared-for – the better. Absolute NO-NO’s: -Cowboy Boots with the jeans tucked in or with shorts. -Clark Wallabee’s with shorts. -Those like creepy S&M boots with the extra high platform. -Boots you got from work (non-retail). -Rain Boots (b/c it never rains in ATL). -UGG Boots (enough said).

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Thursday, October 20

This red carpet event will showcase the new Look Young Atlanta space and give the community an opportunity to mix and mingle while enjoying lite bites by Alons, specialty drinks served by Sosh bartenders, music by DJ Eric, and giveaways. Look Young Atlanta is your one-stop-shop for all of your beauty upkeep needs. For a full list of services visit Look Young Atlanta online at ww Celebration starts at 7pm!

This top-notch art show returns for its monthly installment with 9 different artists displaying their creative talents. In addition to the amazing outdoor show and large firepit, $4 well drinks and $5 well martinis all night long! No cover, show is from 6pm – 12am.

This annual fall festival and market features pottery, jewelry, woodworking, and more from local artists. After shopping, start drinking! All beers are $3.50 and feature a list of amazing fall brews. If that wasn’t enough, you can also explore the Scarecrow in the Garden exhibit, a stroll through the gardens with over ww, 100 scarecrows. www. 5-10pm.

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Friday, October 21 This free dinner murder mystery by Twinhead Theatre is an intriguing once a year show that gets the audience involved with the murder! Was it the event coordinator? Maybe it was the gold-digging widow? Maybe you will be the first to solve it! The show is part of the 10th annual Beltline Benefit! Harper Station, 904 Memorial Dr., 6-7pm.

Saturday, October 22

Jerusalem House proudly presents its annual Halloween charity event to raise money for those in need of housing living with HIV/AIDS. This Halloween party will have music by DJ Mike Pope, food, contests, courtesy drinks by Grey Goose Vodka, and much more! Tickets range from $50 $150, to purchase visit BoyNext Door, Outwrite ww Bookhouse, or


Saturday October 22nd

Just when the pride parade began to feel like a distant memory, another huge parade sets up to take over Little 5 Points! This amazing tradition gets bigger each year, with some of the wildest and scariest costumes you will see all season. Come on down for the festival, stay and drink and watch some of the live entertainment. Voted one of the top 10 countr this is fun for all. Halloween events in the country, Parade is at 4pm, but the party is all day and night!

It’s now 3 o’clock in the morning. The guy you’ve been talking to for the past three hours, the one that’s getting you all hot and bothered says he’s on his way over. Twenty minutes later he’s still a no show. When you ask where he is, he responds by asking you what you’re wearing. You start to realize that your gut feeling was true and you’ve been trolled. When you confront him on this he disappears, only to log on again in another twenty minutes under another ‘too hot to be true’ profile. If you’ve ever been on a gay dating site chances are you’ve been trolled at least once. Wikipedia defines the gay slang term troll as “gay men who wander about looking for sexual partners.” I think that definition is too broad however. I would say the definition of a troll is someone who lurks under the town of Adam4Adam waiting for unsuspecting boy billy goats to cross his bridge. He then sends pics of the hottest guys you’ve ever seen and after hours of stringing you along you realize that you’re probably talking to someone’s Grandpa. Someone’s severely overweight, slightly disfigured, one- eyed Grandpa. I’ve had my experience with a few trolls in my day and while it may not seem like a big deal, move on right? Somehow the fact that someone got the better of me and fooled me into thinking I was about to sleep with a D&G model leaves me feeling worse than waking up with a total stranger.

“You start to realize that your gut feeling was true and you’ve been trolled.” 38  |  david atlanta

Online trolls can also take on a more sinister hobby. Five years ago this month, Adam4Adam came under scrutiny when the New York Times reported that the site was the focus of a conspiracy to find gay men and rob them. From Washington D.C. to San Diego there have been reported cases of murder where the assailant used Adam4Adam to lure their victims in. So how do you spot the elusive troll? First of all if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. In every case where I’ve run into a troll I’ve always had a gut feeling that something wasn’t quite right. They either won’t talk to you on the phone, avoid the subject of actually meeting, or put up some other red flag that should let you know there’s there trouble ahead. In fact one time I remember planning to meet someone but feeling off about it. I hid knives under my bed and dressers and placed my phone within arms reach. They never showed up, but the fact that I had gone through those measures signified that I needed to trust my own animal instincts. God forbid that I would have to have a naked knife fight in my own bedroom! This isn’t an article bashing online dating sites, in fact they do a lot of good. Recent reports have showed that more young people are finding themselves and coming out through the use of online dating sites, but this Halloween be prepared. The scariest thing isn’t lurking in the closet or under your bed. It is sitting somewhere on the other side of your computer screen, waiting…and trolling.

He can go all night, can you?

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“How we love and want to love is always up to us. It is one of the greatest gifts we have as human beings, so who is anyone to tell you differently?” JL: I think this will be a one-time role. I love Josh Berman, the producer. We did a pilot together last year. We jokingly talked about finding a way to bring Tina back. I don’t know. We’ll see.

Is it true the role was written specifically for you by Josh Berman? By Jesse A. Hancock ou probably know her best as Meadow Soprano, the sassy young daughter of headstrong Tony Soprano from HBO’s critically acclaimed series “The Sopranos.” Or maybe you know her from “Entourage?” She plays herself, you know. Well, an exaggerated “version of herself.” If you think she has a familiar face, you’re right. She has been on episodes of “Ugly Betty,” “Will and Grace,” and “How I Met Your Mother,” to name a few.


The amazingly talented Sigler took time recently to talk with us about her role on the season finale of Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva.”

What role did you play on “Drop Dead Diva?” Jamie Lynn: I played Tina. Jane Bingham (the main character) gets assigned my case. Tina’s brother is on death row. He knows his day is coming up, and keeps tabs on his sister through a cousin. My character is dying from a heart problem she has had since childhood. She is estranged from her brother and hasn’t spoken to him in years. He wants to give her his heart, and he asks for Jane’s help to see if there is a way they could do an execution where it would not damage his heart so it would be healthy enough to give to her. They were planning lethal injection, would damage his heart. She is torn about the offer. As much as she wants a new heart, she feels like she is benefiting off something her brother did, and it is hard for her.

Will your character be in any future episodes? Will it be a recurring role? 44  |  david atlanta

JL: I adore Josh. He is a good friend. He and I had been talking a lot about me being on the show. When this idea came up, he just thought of me. He has this thing where he loves to see me cry. I think he wanted to give me a role where I could do that a lot.

Are you a fan of the show? What do you like best about “Drop Dead Diva?” JL: Yes, I’m a fan of everyone on the show. They are all theater actors, and I come from theater. The show touches you. I love a good balance of drama and comedy. I love all the stories. I think the episodes are out there and fun, and I think everyone is super talented. Brooke Elliott (Jane) is amazing. I was a fan of the show before I knew Josh.

Why do you think audiences connect with the show so much? Why do you think gay audiences connect with it so much? JL: I think audiences connect with it because it has a lot of heart. It’s about finding that inner diva, basically, inside us. That’s what happened with Jane’s character. I don’t know if I can single out exactly why it appeals to gay audiences. I think it appeals to everyone. Maybe gays just know quality television?

You are good friends with Lance Bass, who was also a guest on this show this past season. How long have you two been friends, and what else have you worked on with him? JL: Lance and I have been friends for eleven years. He’s one of my bestest friends. He was staying with me in my apartment when he came out so publicly. We’ve been through a lot together. He’s amazing. We met at a charity event, and we did a movie together that he was producing. He did a little cameo with Amanda Bynes, and we shot it in the Dominican Republic one summer.

We lived in a house together and had so much fun. Before I lived in L.A., I would stay with him whenever I came out to L.A. and he would stay with me in New York. Now I have a place in L.A. and he has one in New York, so we switched. We go back and forth and stay with each other. He is one of the greatest people I’ve ever known. He’s one of my best friends.

There are a lot more gay characters and themes in shows and movies these days. Why do you think that is important? JL: I actually just had this discussion with someone. Where I work and live in New York and in L.A. gays are accepted, and it’s much more open. I think it’s becoming more accepted, and I think it’s amazing that it’s being portrayed that way in movies and television. It’s important for the other areas in the world where people don’t feel they can be as open. Movies and television are how people learn a lot of things, and the opinions they make are influenced, so I think it’s very important to show how acceptable it is to be gay. Writers and actors and directors have a big of influence over a lot of people. It’s great to be involved with projects like that where there are open characters.

Are there too many gay stereotypes on shows? JL: I think those types of characters are fun, but we are seeing it get better. I have a wide array of gay and straight friends. There are all types of people. We are getting closer to all types of people being accepted in movies and television.

Like I asked your friend Lance Bass, do you consider yourself an advocate for the gay community? If so, what does that mean to you? JL: Absolutely. Being an advocate means I support the right to marry and do everything. Gay people are my family, my best friends. I’d say half of my best friends are gay. I want them to enjoy everything, and they deserve everything. I hate even talking about them like they are a separate people. That bothers me because they are not. They are no different. How we love and want to love is always up to us. It is one of the greatest gifts we have as human beings, so who is anyone to tell you differently?

What character do people most know you for? JL: I think Meadow Soprano (from HBO’s “The Sopranos”), but since doing “Entourage” I get my name called out a lot, since I play a version of myself.

How does being on “Entourage” compare to being on “The Sopranos?”

JL: I had a great time on both shows. They were both for HBO, which is an amazing network to work for. One is a comedy, the other was a drama. “Entourage” is much looser; you can improve a little bit more. With “The Sopranos” I didn’t even want to stray from those words because they were so beautiful and perfect. I am very grateful that I got to work on both shows back-to-back.

What other shows do you like to watch? JL: I love AMC’s “The Killing.” Oh my god, I bought the first season and carry around my iPad to watch it. It’s amazing. I’m in love with the main girl. I just think she’s awesome! The actress is Mireille Enos, and she plays Seattle homicide detective Sarah Linden. I also love “Glee.” I’m a musical theater geek, and if I were fifteen or sixteen when that show was on I would have begged somebody to put me on it.

Do you have any Atlanta connections? JL: One of my best friends in L.A. grew up in Atlanta. I got to spend the week with her and her family in Atlanta for her baby’s first birthday. I love Atlanta and shot Josh Berman’s pilot here last year. We were here for about a month.

Do you still have your side jewelry business? JL: I do that with my friend. It was a hard time for us to launch a jewelry business with the economy like it is and gold so expensive. We are still coming up with ideas. I sketch from time to time. We have all of our stuff, and we are making the line a lot wider before we re-launch it.

What’s next for you? Who would you love to work with? JL: I’m shooting three movies back-to-back. One is called “Jewtopia.” It is based on this off Broadway play that played in L.A. for a year and a half. It’s really funny. After that I’m doing a movie called “Divorce Invitation” by this Bollywood director. It’s his first American film. Then I’m doing this other independent film. It’s more of a dramatic role. So, I’m keeping busy. The list of who I’d like to work with is very long, but at the same time I’ve already been able to work with so many great people. It’s fun to discover.

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What’s a Penny-Pinching Queer To Do? by Joseph Brownell ickiemoto’s is gone and 5 Napkins has made its splash. In my opinion it’s a lot like the fat kid who climbed up the diving board at the pool every summer to do a cannonball. You had to watch but once he hit the water you rolled your eyes. Midtown, Atlanta it doesn’t matter which, we have plenty of dining options - too many in my opinion to be dropping $15 on a hamburger or $13 on a hotdog. A wiener hasn’t cost me that much since I paid the tab for this hottie I was trying to hook-up with a couple of years ago. When I look over my monthly budget, food is my biggest expense. Okay, drinking might be but I haven’t been able to tackle that yet. This column is designed to showcase some of the great, local restaurants in Atlanta that fit within any budget, recipes you can whip up at home for a date, dinner party or alone, and healthy tips and secrets to help you eat like a king even if you have a peasant’s pocketbook (fine, if it makes you feel better call it a man-purse). This week I’ll share 3 tips to help put a few dollars back in your wallet.


46  |  david atlanta

Caffeine-Crazed Queer As long as it’s not the fact that you’re cruising for wounded, artist types skipping that $5-$6 cup of coffee once or twice a week really adds up in savings. It’s the caffeine jolt we’re really looking for not the added sugars so invest in a programmable coffee machine and have the coffee ready when you wake up. The coffee machine will pay for itself in the first month and the yearly savings can be anywhere from $200-$600 a year.

I Don’t Know a Tablespoon from a Teaspoon Gay Each week Publix offers a great recipe and the ingredients are usually on sale. Don’t be afraid of your kitchen. If you’re cooking for just yourself the leftovers can help you save anywhere from $40-$100 a month. Does the grocery store scare you? Then use part of the savings to have the crew at Publix do the shopping for you. Publix Curbside (certain locations) is a relatively cheap service ($8) that purchases all of your groceries and delivers them curbside so you never have to step foot inside the store.

Brunch is my Sunday Service Homosexual There’s something very Sex and the City like about Sunday Funday and catching up with friends over an inevitable onslaught of mimosas. Three mimosas can add anywhere from $15-$21 to your bill, so why not frequent restaurants that offer bottomless mimosas. Depending on where you go Corner Tavern ($11), Publik Draft House ($12) or Marlow’s ($15), there is a price point for everyone. What other day can you say that drinking ‘til you can drink no more actually saved you money? Unless you consistently shop at “Whole Paycheck,” you can eat during the week and not break the bank, leaving you more money for that concert or movie you want to see or for that long delayed vacation you deserve. Come back next week as I talk about the must-haves in every queer kitchen.

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Tonight - Miguel Migs feat. Meshell Ndegeocello What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) - Kelly Clarkson Shake It Out - Florence + The Machine Lay It On Me (feat. Big Sean) - Kelly Rowland We Found Love - Rihanna Play - Goapele Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Agnes Someone Like You - Adele Turn Me On (feat. Nicki Minaj) - David Guetta Don't Hold Your Breath - Nicole Scherzinger

Scotty McCreery: Clear As Day Scotty McCreery, whose southern baritone à la Josh Turner helped him capture this year’s Idol title, released his debut album “Clear as Day” earlier this month. He never exuded much more than an awww shucks personality on Idol so don’t be surprised that this album is a snoozer. His Idol coronation single “I Love You This Big” was a bit cheesy but authentic enough for me to imagine what a child really means when he says that. Howeve However, the second single “The Trouble with Girls” was a complete misstep. Since “Big” stalled on the country charts, the record company would’ve been better served to offer country radio an upbeat track. While there aren’t any brash ‘I’m countrier than you Aldean-type’ rockers on this album (and that’s good thing), the McGraw/Bentley inspired “Out of Summertime” would’ve been the perfect fall single. The trouble with most of “Clear” is that the songs and their production fail to clearly capture Scotty’s youth. While it’s been years since I was a teenage guy (and although I was never a straight one), I’m sure these songs don’t reflect the experience. Sorry Scotty, your future might not be “clear as day.” D+

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Lauren Alaina: Wildflowers Lauren Alaina showcases her playful and youthful personality on her debut disc “Wildflower,” which dropped last week. Lauren suffered on the charts with the “Like My Mother Does” retread (it was given to Kristy Lee Ccook after season 7). As she aims to change that, the disc opens with second single “Georgia Peaches,” a country rocker where she lets audiences know why Georgia-grown girls are the best. While I’m glad the label gave her something upbeat for her second single, it’s not the strongest of the upbeat tracks. “Growing Her Wings,” a Faith Hill-esque coming-of-age tune or the sublime “Tupelo” would have made better selections. For every great track there are a few songs like “The Locket,” “Funny Thing about Love” and the Carrie Underwood-lite “I’m Not One of Them” that are wasted space. Half of this album is really good and the other half is just meh. Guess they should have made this a 2-disc set and called one “Wildflower” and the other “Weeds.” B-

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1. Amsterdam 502 Amsterdam Ave.

34. Boy Next Door 1447 Piedmont Rd.

2. Bellissima 560-B Amsterdam Ave.

35. Outwrite Bookstore & Café 991 Piedmont Ave.

3. Blakes on the Park 227 10th St.

36. Poster Hut 2175 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

4. Bliss Atlanta 2284 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

37. Southern Nights Videos 2205 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

5. BJ Roosters 2345 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 6. Bulldogs 893 Peachtree St. 7. Burkhart’s 1492 Piedmont Ave. 8. Chaparral 2715 Buford Hwy. 9. Eagle 306 Ponce de Leon Ave. 10. Felix’s 1510 Piedmont Ave 11. Friends on Ponce 736 Ponce de Leon Ave. 12. Gilberts 219 10th St. 13. Heretic 2069 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 14. Joe’s on Juniper 1049 Juniper St 15. Jungle 2115 Faulkner Rd. 16. LeBuzz 585 Franklin Rd SE # A-10 17. Las Margaritas 1842 Cheshire Bridge Rd. ww

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Sam’s Hair Salon

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Home Improvement

404.418.8901 x2  |

Real Estate Rentals


Classified Ads start at $15 To place an ad, call 404.418.8901 ext. 2 or email

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Cleaning services

Licensed Massage


For Sale  | 404.418.8901 x2  davidatlanta  |  57 

Classifieds 404.418.8901 x2  | Adult

Models + Escorts

Georgia law requires licensed massage advertisers to include a current business license number in their ad, and be prepared to provide photo I.D. and educational credentials upon request.

To place an ad call 404.418.8901 ext. 2, or email

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Erotic Services

Help Wanted

Adult Classifieds  |  404.418.8901 x2 

Body Rubs

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I hope when I turn 40 I am more mature than to put silly comments on Facebook about somebody I haven’t seen nor talked to in three years... Especially if I look like an over used leather handbag... Which I won’t. It was so nice to see all the gays & lesbians out at pride. Now how about going out once and again and supporting the local gay bars and restaurants! When you seem to have a problem with everybody you work with, then guess what? YOU'RE the problem!

“It looks like Paula Abdul has sobered up. Guess I won’t be watching much more of the X Factor!” Just because you drive a brand new BMW convertible, it doesn't give you the freedom to park it in the only handicapped space available at the club. I had to park my car a block away because of your selfishness. Handicap spaces are for the handicapped!!! It sucks that clubs still charge $20 covers at 2am… It’s not even worth my money! They should reduce the cover at a certain time of night. You are stupid. End of story! Being honest has gotten me nowhere in the bedroom. Guess I will start lying about my dick size and age again.

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“Just because I serve you drinks doesn’t mean you can yell my name from across the bar like we are best friends. Come correct please!” I was able to look past the feminine voice, the “fashionable” ensemble, and the super gay haircut, but the makeup? No. That’s where I draw the line. Wash your face off and try again. I hate that the minority of gays make the stereotype. I hope people realize most of us live very normal lives, and do very normal things. It’s not always about drag queens and sex. Wash your cock douchebag. It tasted stale. Everybody wishes the other person would be strong enough to make the first move, but since nobody ever wants to make the effort in being the first one, we sit here idle and single. Or on Manhunt.

“Funny how Facebook has turned druggies, fakes, and hoes into motivational speakers.” Tired of bitching? Want to start loving? Send us a text admitting your love or admiration for that somebody special. It can be annonymous, or with your name! Ex: Anderson Cooper, I have always loved your stunning smile! Love- (your name here)


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