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David Hathaway No 70 Winter 2013

David Hathaway – Vietnamese Summer Camp – July 2013

For the sixth year in a row, David was invited to speak at the pan-European Vietnamese Summer Camp in Germany. He spoke on the power to preach the Gospel today as Bible prophecy is being fulfilled. He shares the passion and the vision of the leader of the group, Vietnam Mission, that God WILL open the doors to the Gospel in Vietnam, as He did in the 1990s in Russia and in China. Jesus promised, “If I go into Heaven, I will come back!” We are very near to this time. We must be ready. There is much work we have to do. From the very beginning of Scripture, God promised He would send the Messiah, and two thousand years ago He came. But Israel didn’t recognise Him, rejected Him, crucified Him – and they are still looking for Messiah! The only hope for Israel today is for Messiah to come! When I was in Israel in June, the taxi-driver who took me to the airport – a Jew wearing a kippah – told me, “Israel is so troubled! All Israel is looking for Messiah!” Israel today is a secular nation. The religious Jews do not accept the nation state, they say the only true State will be when Messiah comes and prophecy is fulfilled. But the Russian-speaking Jews I minister to, because of the holocaust in Germany and the persecution in Russia that they lived through, are open to receive


Jesus. My taxi-driver seemed to have heard something about our meetings, and from the moment I got in the car – before he even drove off from the hotel – began asking me about Jesus! He asked, “He was a good man, He did no harm to anybody, He only did good – why did we kill Him? Was He Messiah?” He was so anxious to talk to me, that he kept losing his way, taking the wrong turnings for the airport – I had to tell him which way to go! You see Israel made a terrible mistake. Two thousand years ago, all Israel was waiting for Messiah. But He came as a baby, He lived with them, He suffered, He died. They were looking for a King! Even the disciples, after the resurrection, asked Jesus, “Is this the time You will get rid of the Romans and restore again the Kingdom to Israel?” Israel was not looking for the suffering Saviour, they were looking for the King! One greater than David! – He will not die! He will bring freedom! But the Hebrew name for Jesus, Yeshua, Joshua, means ‘God saves’ – Deliverance! ‘Jesus’ is the Greek name. Isaiah, all the prophets, spoke about Joshua, Yeshua, Deliverance coming! And what did the angel say to Mary, to Joseph? – “You shall call Him Yeshua, Jesus, because He will save His people!” – Luke1:31; Matt 1:21. I cannot say this strongly enough – to Vietnam, Germany, Britain, all nations everywhere – Jesus IS Salvation! His very Name IS the Gospel! And the Bible says, God has put all power in His Name! His Name is the power of God! The power to deliver every one of us! Your deliverance! In trouble, what do you do? – You call on the Name! If you are sick – it’s the Name, Jesus, Deliverance! If you are dying – it’s the Name, Jesus! Deliverance, Salvation! His Name – it’s your prayer, it’s your cry! If you are lying in the road because you have been knocked down, don’t cry help, cry Jesus! When you are in hospital – Jesus! If you have financial problems – Jesus! A problem in your business – Jesus!

Whatever the problem – there is no other Name! The difference between you and other people – it’s the Name! Jesus! How precious, how powerful that Name is! Today we are all waiting for Jesus to appear! – When we are caught up to be with Him! He is the fulfilment of all Old and New Testament prophecy. We are living in a very important time – the whole of the Bible is full of prophecy, about what would happen, about the future, about Messiah. When Jesus came He was always saying, “This has happened in order to fulfil the words of the prophet...” When He healed the sick, the Gospel writer Matthew says in Chapter 8:16-17, “Your salvation, your miracles of healing – all of it is to fulfil what the prophet Isaiah said!” When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, it was to fulfil the Bible prophecy. When He grew up in Nazareth it was to fulfil prophecy. Everything He said, everything He did – to fulfil prophecy! We must live in prophecy today! When I preach the Gospel in Israel, in Europe – it is to fulfil prophecy! Miracles are the fulfilment of prophecy. The fact that you Vietnamese are here in Germany – it’s a miracle! God fulfils prophecy! Why are you Vietnamese here? – So you can fulfil prophecy and preach the Gospel to Vietnam! But we must understand what prophecy really is! Bible prophecy is not speculation. Let me explain. God doesn’t live in the past! This is very important, He lives in the future!! God SEES it! Prophecy is when God, who SEES the future, tells us today what He SEES! Prophecy is not guesswork or speculation. God is living in tomorrow, and talks to us today about what He SEES is happening! You can’t see it, because you live today. But God is already in tomorrow! It’s difficult to explain – but you are intelligent! With God, time does not exist. God lives in eternity, He created time for us! Let me illustrate. When you go out at night you

Prophetic P rophetic

see stars. Look! The star that you see, it’s dead and gone! It’s not even there! Why? Because you are looking back in time! The light from that star can take one million light years to reach you! So what are you looking at? You are looking one thousand, one million years IN THE PAST! This is science. If God were here, looking at that star, HE SEES IT AS IT IS TODAY! It no longer exists! Now space and time are related. If you were to travel in a rocket to the nearest star at 90% of the speed of light, you would have breakfast here, leave your wife and your newborn baby, reach the star for lunch, get back in your rocket and be home for the evening meal – one day. But your newborn son is now at university!! Science. But God is part of eternity! This is one of the miracles – when the Bible talks about prophecy, the Bible is talking about something that somebody is SEEING! When God speaks to me in prophecy, I know that what He tells me WILL HAPPEN, because God ALREADY SEES IT! This is a powerful, big miracle! Every prophecy in the Bible MUST HAPPEN! Because God is SEEING IT! The Bible is God’s Word! God knows the answer in advance! Let me show you. In Daniel 2, the statue that Daniel saw of succeeding world empires (see pages 6-9) – by the time of Jesus, every empire had already come and been destroyed except one, the feet of iron and clay, the European Union! And Daniel 2:41-44 prophesies that in the days of ‘those kings’, God will set up a Kingdom that will stand forever! Three thousand years ago the Bible was talking about 2013! How did God know what would be happening now? Because He SAW it! That is the power of the Bible! Daniel 2 tells us that the EU will not be destroyed till Jesus comes, but He is King of kings! His Kingdom will have no end! Jesus’ feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, there will be a great earthquake, water will come out of the Temple area, down into the Dead Sea, the Dead Sea will be healed – the Bible tells us how high the waters will be – and a new sea channel will open from the

Mediterranean to the Red Sea and ships will come! (Zech 14:4-9; Ezek 47:810.) For one thousand years the devil – who caused the Holocaust and every evil thing – will be bound in chains. He will have no power! We will have Heaven on earth! Jesus will rule the world from Jerusalem. We will be here with Him, and Christ will rule through you! To the faithful servants, Jesus said, “I will make you rulers over cities!” (Luke 19:12-19.) God wants us to be part of His Kingdom. But first, in this life we have to evangelise! We have to preach the Gospel! The Bible says Jesus came for the Jew first! The first apostles were Jews. They preached to the Jews. Then to the Gentiles. And because the Jewish nation rejected Christ, the Bibles says the Gospel will be preached to the Gentiles until the end of the times of the Gentiles – and then all Israel shall be saved! (Luke 21:24; Rms 11:25.) Today in Israel they are responding to the Gospel. This is the evidence that Jesus is coming soon! Zechariah 14:2 says, ‘I will gather all nations against Jerusalem and the city shall be taken... Then shall the LORD go forth and fight against those nations... And His feet shall stand in that day on the Mount of Olives... and the Mount of Olives shall split to the east and to the west!’ This was written hundreds of years before Jesus was born. This is Bible prophecy! God showed the prophets what WILL HAPPEN! But look back at Zechariah 13:1 – a fountain shall be opened to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin and uncleanness – this means salvation will be preached to the Jew before Jesus comes! What’s happening today? All the nations surrounding Jerusalem – Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Turkey – all the nations surrounding Israel are controlled by militant Islam. I don’t have to be a prophet to tell you that the battle in Syria will continue, because

Isaiah says Damascus will be totally destroyed. And the next country to be taken by Islam will be Jordan. What is happening right now? President Obama has sent his ambassador to Jerusalem to divide Israel and to bring ‘peace’ – but the Bible says there will be no peace, because at that time the nations will come against Jerusalem! That could happen any time! Only God knows. We can know prophecy, but we don’t know the time. – That’s why we preach the Gospel now! There is ‘no tomorrow’! Don’t say, I’ll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes! We only live in today! That’s why I work so hard. Because the Bible also says, before Jesus comes back, there will come a darkness, a night when no man can work, when it will be impossible to preach the Gospel! (John 9:4.) A tribulation is coming. God will test the Christian. When God wanted to save the world, He sent His Son, to live in our world, He suffered, He was tortured, He died. Why? Because He SAW the sin, He SAW the sickness! God has tested me. I had cancer. Why? So that I could know that He heals. Why am I so passionate to preach the Gospel? For one year I lived with sinners in a communist prison. Murderers, alcoholics, drug addicts, every kind of criminal – and I learned to love those men. They were your husbands, your fathers, your family. But I saw them as God sees them, men crying out for help! Jesus is Salvation! Deliverance! For your family! For Vietnam! Politics cannot save. Only Jesus! Unless we tell them, how many will go hell? Only you can tell them! Pray them into the Kingdom! God will break the curse! Because Jesus’ Name is Salvation! Call on His Name! God will deliver!

Pastor Dinh Le, leader of Vietnam Mission, is third generation Christian. He fought with the Americans in the Vietnam War, literally died in action, was miraculously resuscitated in the hospital, four times God asked him, “If you had died where would you be?” Dinh Le understood it was not enough to be a cultural Christian, he had to be born again. Then, in trouble because he had fought against communism and because he was a Christian, in 1980 he fled Vietnam by boat with 21 others including his wife and 2 small children. In a violent storm they rowed 7 days and nights, sick and without sleep. He cried out to God for deliverance – out of the storm appeared the famous German Greenpeace ship, ‘Cap Anamur’, and so finally they were ‘spat out’ in Germany! But God had commissioned Dinh Le to give his life to bringing the Gospel back to Vietnam. He so believes the vision, he is gathering all the equipment he will need, when the doors open, for the mass preaching of the Gospel in the stadiums. 98% of Vietnamese Christians today are converts from communism. He believes the day is coming when God will save his nation.


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David Hathaway Paul says in Romans 10:8, the word of faith I speak to you – if you will receive it – will release God’s power in you! God has a challenge for you! The words He speaks to you are words of such power that, if you will hear and receive them, it will change your life and change your nation. I am simply telling you what the Word of God says: the word of faith is so powerful – and so close to you, that it is in your mouth! That means, if you speak the word, miracles will begin to happen – if you believe God can do it! This is the tremendous power you have when you begin to believe God. Jesus said, if you believe, you can have what you say (Mark 11:21-24). But do we really believe Jesus or not? And do you believe what you say?! Faith is not an emotion, it’s not something in your brain. It is the most powerful gift God can give! All my life I have asked God for that gift of faith. I have lived a difficult life. Elijah, in 1 Kings 17, in a drought and famine, went to a widow with no money and no food. He asked her for, and she gave, the last of her food to Elijah. – And God worked a miracle, that her little vessel of oil and barrel of flour would never run dry until He came to the rescue and sent the rain! I want to tell you that faith is so powerful, in my life, that the power of God will never dry up, never stop – in Israel, in Poland, in Holland, in Europe – until He has done everything He promised. I want to talk to you about an experiment in chemistry, very dangerous! The newspapers reported a terrible incident, a few years ago in England. Some immigrants from East Europe wanted to get rich quick, making vodka! They had all sorts of chemicals, set up a factory and were selling this ‘vodka’ in the shops. One night, mixing these chemicals, suddenly the whole thing caught fire so violently, five men died instantly. They were making cheap alcohol, experimenting – and they must have mixed two exceedingly dangerous chemicals – a spontaneous combustion so hot, it totally destroyed them. But I want you to understand this as a spiritual lesson: – If YOU will put two spiritual things together, something far more ‘dangerous’ can happen... Do you want to know?! And if I tell you, will you try this experiment?! If you look at the Word of God and if you can then put these two

things together, something ‘dangerous’ can happen – and I pray it will happen in Israel, in Poland, Holland, France, in your life. – The reaction of the two together will be so powerful, it will destroy the power of the devil, overcome the power of unbelief, deliver the ungodly and the sinner, change governments, change even you... I have been researching the power of God and I have found out what these two things are... and can prove to you that it’s the most powerful combination you can ever imagine! Do you want to know more…?!

Word of God challenges us that we also must receive a baptism of fire through the Holy Spirit so powerful, it will never go out! Many people begin walking with God, serving God, and they say they have received the fire of God. But if you’ve got no power in your life, you haven’t got the Holy Spirit! – He IS the power and energy of God! But if that fire in you IS from God, if it’s the SAME fire that filled Jesus, that fire CANNOT go out! That fire MUST NOT go out. The fire I received when I was 13 is stronger and more powerful today, than it was 60 years ago, because the fire IS from God.

If you put together the power of this faith in God and in His Word, and you mix it with one other thing, there is no limit to what can happen! Sometimes I think I have seen more miracles in my life, more of the power of God, than perhaps any other living man. Now, if you put this faith – which I have experienced in my life, which I have seen in my ministry in Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, Poland, Israel, which I saw when God delivered me from cancer twice and delivered me from a communist prison – you need just one other thing... Is it too ‘dangerous’ for me to tell you?! If you put this kind of faith that I’ve experienced, which is in your Bible, and which – listen, your Bible says this word of faith is actually already in your mouth and in your heart (Romans 10:8) – and you put that together with the fire and the power of God (as Jesus said in Acts 1:8) you will receive – in your life – power so strong, so miraculous, so incredible – that the world has never seen and can never know! If you can receive the same baptism of fire through the Holy Spirit that Jesus received – and Jesus said you CAN if you ask – you will experience power so amazing, so strong, that the whole world will see it! But YOU have got to put the fire and the power of God together with your faith to create the ‘explosion’! If you believe that God can do it, Jesus Himself said, this kind of explosive, God-power, will move mountains, raise the dead, heal the sick, convert the sinner, change nations, change the world, and bring about His return! All this power is available to YOU when you bring these elements God’s Word and His Power together!

Have you been baptised in water? The Bible says (Col 2:12; Romans 6:3-4), when you go into the water you are buried, you are dead. At that moment, you have died with Christ, and when you come up out of the water, you have been raised from the dead into a completely new life, born again, the old life gone – all your sin buried in the grave with Jesus – and you have resurrection life! The baptism of the Holy Spirit must be as revolutionary, as powerful, as lifechanging as your baptism in water! No, greater! When the Holy Spirit fills you with the power of God – there is a fire, an anointing in your life, nothing is impossible! Through faith I have received the fire and the baptism of the Holy Spirit! God wants to do this in you! Will you put these two things together? – Faith in God and His Word, and the miraculous Fire of the Holy Spirit? – There will be a ‘chemical reaction’ so explosive, so powerful, it will change you and through you, the world!

The key is this: In the Old Testament, God’s command is that, when the priests lit the fire upon the altar, that fire must not go out! – Leviticus 6:13. I believe the


On Sunday 30 June David was the guest speaker at Charisma Eglise Chretienne in Paris. We were astonished at the size of this Christian work, here, in France, the very birthplace of secularism and atheism in Europe! Founded by Pastor Pedro in 1992, Charisma Christian Church has become one of the largest churches ever in the history of France, with a congregation of over 10,000 people! They have just completed a new sanctuary in the outskirts of Paris – the largest in France. More than 2000 people are actively involved in the Ministry of Helps, 100 Heads of Department assist Pastor Pedro with the management, organisation and development of the church, and a network of 1600 home cell groups covers the entire Paris region. They have a training school for church leaders, and since 2002, the church has been carrying out a great missionary programme, founding many new works in other major French cities, including Bordeaux, Chartres, Marseille, Nantes and many more. David spoke on the power of God to save Europe, that in the days of the European Union (Daniel 2:44), God will set up HIS Kingdom, a Kingdom which will never be destroyed, which will break in pieces these ‘kingdoms’, and itself stand forever! About 200 gave their lives to Christ, many in tears, with miracles of healing. Significantly here, in atheist France, this was the most powerful message that David has ever preached on Europe.

We have a great and powerful God. This is what the Apostle Paul said, here in the European Union, to the Italians, Romans 1:16 – “I am a Jew and I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ because it is the power of God to change every man who will believe it!” We’ve got to believe in the power of God to change men, to change France, to change Europe! I have seen the power of the Gospel change men in a remarkable way. I know the power of God! God has changed me! Why did I go to Russia 50 years ago? In 1964 I had cancer on my vocal cord. – I’ve always believed in miracles; the first miracle I saw in my church as a pastor was a man dying of cancer, he had 3 weeks to live; I called on the Name of the Lord, the power of God came on him and totally healed him! Now I had throat cancer! For 3 months I prayed, then went back to the hospital and said I believe I’m healed. They examined me and they said, “There is no God, you are not healed. We are the only ones who can heal you. The cancer has grown so big you must come back in 3 days and we will remove your voice. If we don’t, it will spread and you will die.” I went back home – I was a pastor and evangelist, but God had not healed me – now I had to really learn how to pray! I said, “God, if You want me to stay in England, don’t heal me, I’ll let the doctors operate. But if You want me to leave my church, give up my salary and go to Russia to preach the Gospel – then I need a miracle. Heal me now!” This time, instantly, God healed me! I went back to the hospital – the doctors put the instruments down my throat 3 times, roughly – now they were angry with me! “Who did it? What hospital? Someone has cut the cancer out with a knife – we can see the scar!” I said, “The God you don’t believe in, He did it last night!” I left my church and went to Russia! Ten years ago I had lung cancer. I don’t smoke. They said I had to have an operation and chemotherapy. No! I believe in God. I prayed for 3 months. God didn’t heal me. So again I had to learn how to pray! I went up my prayer mountain and I said, “God, unless You heal me, I will not go back to Russia, I will not preach the Gospel, because how can I tell people You are a God of power, authority and miracles if I have chemotherapy, if they remove one of my lungs?! If now at 70 I am too old, if You don’t want me down here, then I want to go home, I want to go to Heaven. But if You still need me here, then I need a miracle – NOW!” I went back to the house, went to bed – and I began to choke to death! I couldn’t breathe, the cancer was blocking my airway. I cried out in my spirit – no voice – “If You still need me, deliver me – NOW!” There was an explosion in my chest – and the cancer came out! So much, the mattress had to be burned! God totally healed me! Ten years later, my lungs are better than yours! You see, I believe in the power of the Gospel! I want to show you the power that God has, on earth! To change men and nations! Why is it, that after broadcasting the Gospel prime time on national secular TV in Russia, my name is known in the Kremlin? Why is it, I have been opposed by the KGB and the Orthodox


David Hathaway – Paris, France – June 2013 Church? But why is it that I have had meetings with officials from the KGB and the Orthodox where they have promised not to stop me evangelising, and my 12-month multiple entry visa to preach the Gospel all over Russia has again been renewed this year? I am talking about something different, about the power of God on earth – a power which I have experienced in my life! You must prove it for yourself! Then you have a testimony! This is why, in 1973, in answer to prayer, God sent the British Prime Minister to Czechoslovakia in to get me out of that communist prison by a miracle! That changed my life, opened the nations to me – I was invited to preach the Gospel round the world. Why? Because my God has more power and more authority than any prime minister or any president or politician. Here in France I say to you what Paul said to the Italians: the Gospel is the power of God! Today we are living in the fulfilment of more Biblical prophecies than at any other time in history. We’re all part of it! Europe is in the Bible. Daniel 2 tells us that King Nebuchadnezzar saw a statue in a dream which only Daniel could interpret. The statue represented successive kingdoms – the head of gold (Babylon), the breast and arms of silver (the Medes and Persians), belly and thighs of brass (the Greeks), legs of iron (the Romans), and finally feet of iron and clay – the European Union! The Babylonian Empire was defeated by the Medes and Persians (two arms) – in Babylon; the Medes and Persians were defeated by the Greeks – in Babylon; the Greeks were defeated by the Romans – in Babylon. The Roman Empire is represented by two legs, because when the Roman Emperor converted to Christianity in the 3rd Century, the power of the Empire entered into the Church and the Church became a political power, a political system, centred in Rome – until there came a division in the Church with one Pope in Rome in the West and one in Constantinople in the East – two legs! But where was the power of the original Roman Empire defeated? – This time, not in Babylon, but in Germany! Today the power of the Roman Empire has passed on, into the European

Union, created by the Treaty of Rome in 1957. The Bible speaks about this last Empire, that it will not be united. As Daniel said to the King (Dan 2:42-43): ‘The toes of the feet were part of iron and part of clay, so the kingdom will be partly strong and partly broken. And whereas you saw iron mixed with clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men [they shall make human alliances], but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.’ If you look at the EU today there is no unity. In Britain, many of us want to be out of it! Our Prime Minister has promised us a referendum. In Germany, people will tell you, they didn’t want to join this European Union. Politicians and newspapers are saying this Union cannot continue because there are too many differences. There is talk of dividing it into parts – Northern Europe (France, Germany, the Netherlands) – and Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece) – because the economies don’t match. God revealed to me that the root of the real problem today is in Germany, here’s why: In 1904, 1908 God poured out His Holy Spirit, in fulfilment of the prophecies of Joel that the Holy Spirit, who fell in power at the beginning of the Church, would fall in greater power at the end of the Church age to bring the Return of Christ. In 1908, simultaneously in Monkwearmouth, England, and in Azuza Street in America, the Holy Spirit fell with speaking in tongues and other manifestations. By 1909 the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was reaching into the whole of Europe and worldwide. My father was part of this. The evangelical churches in Germany held a meeting in Berlin to discuss this ‘new phenomenon’. They issued a statement, known as the ‘Berlin Erklaerung’, that speaking in tongues, miracles of healing, all the manifestations of this revival were of the devil. But Jesus said, “All manner of sin against Me can be forgiven, but the unforgiveable sin is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.” My father told me that according to Scripture, calling the works of the Holy Spirit works of the devil is blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. But this is what the German evangelical churches did. Why?! In the Book of Revelation (2:12-13),

Jesus says to the church at Pergamon, “I know where you live. You live where the Seat of Satan is!” That’s the only place in the whole Bible that the ‘seat where Satan sits’ is named! I’ve been to Turkey and seen Pergamon! The Seat of Satan was an altar in a temple dedicated to the worship of the Emperors of Rome, on which early Christians were martyred for their faith in Christ. In the late 1800s, German Kaiser Wilhelm II commanded every stone be shipped to Berlin and reerected in a museum especially designed and built to hold it, the Pergamon Museum. He celebrated its opening with an extravagant festival to the pagan gods! I was shocked when I was preaching in Berlin to be taken there! To the original Seat of Satan – the place where Satan sits! It’s been in Berlin since the end of the 1800s, beginning of the 1900s – 10 years before the German churches condemned the outpouring of the Holy Spirit! Do you understand?! And where is ‘Babylon’ today? Not in Iraq, in Berlin, in the same Pergamon Museum, where the Seat of Satan is! The same Kaiser Wilhelm, visiting the Middle East in his capacity as so-called ‘King of Jerusalem’, ordered the ancient site of Babylon to be excavated, and had the original Gate of Babylon, through which the defeated Jews passed into captivity, brought to Berlin! Thousands of years of history, the captivity of Israel in Babylon – here in Berlin! Hitler was so impressed by the significance of the Pergamon altar that he had a giant replica built in Nuremberg for his Nazi rallies, and it was from the steps of this replica of Satan’s Seat that he announced the annihilation of the Jews! The Germans told me! – The final destruction of all the Jews, announced on the very Seat of Satan. In Germany! You see the link! Almost every part of the European Union is a fulfilment of the plans that


Hitler had! Britain is to be destroyed, and European national boundaries redrawn, dividing Europe into ‘Regions’, making Britain a broken nation: the south of England to become part of northern France, the north and east of Britain part of Belgium and Scandinavia, the west of England, Wales and Ireland to be joined to Spain and Portugal. I saw these plans on an EU website and published them in my magazine. The euro, the single currency, was Hitler’s plan. The European Economic Community, the Agricultural Community, almost all our European laws, originated in Berlin, in Hitler’s plans. The centre of Europe was to be in Brussels. But you in France insisted it had to be here in France. So half the year, parliament is in Brussels and half the year in Strasbourg. It costs billions of euros to move the government, thousands of people, twice a year! In 2000 they built a new parliament building in Strasbourg. It’s just across the river from my German office, so I was one of the first to go there. We filmed it – you can see it in our documentary, ‘The Rape of Europe’. They modelled it on a famous painting by Brueghel, ‘The Tower of Babel’! Like the painting,

it represents an unfinished building, surrounded by rings representing scaffolding to indicate that it is not yet complete. I asked them in Strasbourg, why? They told me the new parliament building was built like the Tower of Babel to demonstrate that the European Union will finish what the Babylonians started! Rebellion against God! So you have Babylon, not only in Berlin, but in France, in Strasbourg! Babylon is in Europe! And Babylon means the destruction of Israel! We who pay tax – where is our money going? It does not support Israel, it supports the Palestinians, pays for the terrorists and murderers, for the rockets fired into Israel, for the militants. Your money is going to the rebels in Syria. I pray God He keeps the Americans and the British out of Syria. Why? Syria is not a civil war, it’s a 1400 year old fight between Shia and Sunni Moslems – and if we in the European Union support the rebels, we enter into a religious war – which will eventually turn against Israel, to destroy Israel. – But this in turn will precipitate the Return of Jesus! Babylon is not the only symbol of the European Union. Another major symbol – seen on bank notes, stamps, telephone cards, the Berlin Wall, the

Greek euro coin – is the woman on the beast! From Revelation 17 itself! The continent, Europe, gets its name from Greek mythology. In New Testament times, the international language and culture was Greek, everyone knew Greek mythology and they knew the story of the Father of the gods, Zeus, how he saw a woman called Europa (Europe), bathing on the coasts of Israel, how he came down and, in the form of a bull, raped her. Europe is named after her! So the EU is not only the fulfilment of Babylon in the Old Testament, but also of the Book of Revelation, the ‘woman on the beast’ whose name is ‘Babylon’ in the New Testament – Rev 17:3-5! God revealed all this to me. Ten years ago when I first published this information, people laughed at me. Today people realise, this isn’t me talking, this is your Bible! No one ever imagined that in these days we would openly see images which show us Bible prophecy fulfilled! Do you see now why I say, the European Union is that last Empire of Daniel 2? The centre is Germany, and all Europe is part of it. But the Bible says in Daniel 2:44, ‘In the days of these kings shall the God of Heaven set up a Kingdom which shall never be destroyed!’ So in the days of the European Union, God sets up His Kingdom on earth! Hallelujah! Wow! Look at the power of God! Let me tell you some exciting news! Jesus said, the Gospel shall be preached to the Gentiles until the ending of the times of the Gentiles, then Israel shall be saved! I have worked in Israel for more than 62 years. It is only in the last 3 years that God has opened a door for the Gospel. Because of my connections with


David Hathaway – Paris, France – June 2013 Russia, I am invited to preach to Russian Jews, holocaust survivors and World War II veterans, living in Israel today. There are 2 million Russianspeaking Jews in Israel and they come in their thousands. When my Russian Jewish organisers asked them, would they come to listen to David Hathaway, who was in London during the German bombing when they were suffering under the Nazis in Europe, who’d been in one of their communist prisons, who understands the Russian people because of his many years there – would they listen if he talked about Yeshua, their Messiah? – The people answered, “Yes, if this Yeshua is the Son of God, if He is alive, if He will heal our sickness, we will come!” Many of these people are my age, old and crippled. The first time they came I said, “I am not a healer. Yeshua is your Healer! If you will recognise Him, if you will call upon His Name, He will heal you!” And they were healed in their hundreds. Of every kind of sickness. They said, “No man could do this! Only Yeshua could do these miracles!” The head of one of the organisations that invite me – a former Russian colonel in the KGB, a Jew – said, “Every one of my people must hear the words of this preacher!” Yeshua is Messiah! He is King! He is coming back! This is the power of God! But let me warn you. A newspaper editor has written a book about the town

Recently broke her ankle, came with crutches – healed, now she can jump!

where I live called ‘The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury’! I believe that the beast, the bull of Revelation 17, that rapes Europe, is Islam. I simply want to warn you that the Bible speaks of the Great Tribulation – and it is only a short time away. Recently when young men brutally murdered a British soldier on the streets of London, they butchered him in the name of Islam. Here, in Europe. But the good news: Jesus is coming!!! There is deliverance – in the Name of Jesus!!! That’s what His Name means! Deliverance! Salvation! One of the greatest meetings I have ever held was 20 years ago in a Siberian maximum security prison, one of those communist gulags where so many millions had perished under Stalin. In front of me, fourteen hundred men. Mass murderers. Serial sex offenders. Criminals. I had one hour. The commandant said to me, “There is no God. I am a communist, an atheist. Religion cannot change these people. How can your God change these men? You are wasting your time!” How could I respond? Faced with this challenge, I cried out to God, “Help!” The Holy Spirit came on me and transformed that prison that day. I preached the God of love, of forgiveness, of mercy, a God who sent His Son to take your punishment, who died on the cross to set you free, to break the curse of the devil, who has power to save you. I

Restricted movement after he broke his arm – completely restored!

preached Christ! All 1400 knelt in the dust to repent. Twenty of those convicts are now pastors. Some of the best evangelists in Russia were saved in that place that day, one man with 115 evangelists under him! Do you understand? Like Paul, I am not ashamed of the Gospel! It is the power of God in the European Union – the only power that can change France! Not politics! The Gospel of Jesus! Power to save YOU! To break the curse, to set you free! Listen to me, France! God will set you free from the past, from the curse of the guillotine, the curse of the innocent blood shed here in Paris. Did you know that the French Revolution was coming to England, and it is recorded in our history books, Britain was saved only by the preaching of the Gospel by John and Charles Wesley?! Only the preaching of the Gospel delivered England from the curse of the guillotine! And today God wants to deliver you from the curse of your past – and from the curse of your future! There is only one answer in your life! Without Christ – hell! Without Christ – you die! But Christ rose from the dead! If you believe in Him, you will not die! You will live in the Kingdom of God! Forever.

Growth in throat – gone!

Broke her ankle yesterday – completely healed!

In the previous edition of this magazine, we published a prophecy attributed to Smith Wigglesworth and circulated in 1947, that the last and greatest revival would be ‘something that has not been seen before: a coming together of those with an emphasis on the Word and those with an emphasis on the Spirit. When the Word and the Spirit come together, there will be the biggest movement of the Holy Spirit that the world has ever seen. It will mark the beginning of a revival that will eclipse anything that has been witnessed within these shores [Britain], even the Wesleyan and the Welsh revivals of former years. This outpouring of God’s Spirit will … begin a missionary move to the ends of the earth.’ Smith Wigglesworth was speaking of the coming together of GOD’S WORD – SCRIPTURE – WITH GOD’S SPIRIT. This is very significant. We have to come back to the authority and the truth of Scripture, the written Word of God. The danger is, if we re-evaluate the Bible and ‘do not love the truth’, we will instead receive a ‘strong delusion and believe a lie’ – 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11. But God has planned a move of His Spirit so powerful, that it will fulfil His Word and bring about the return of Christ. Let’s believe it, teach it, act on it.

Jobst Bittner pastors a ministry in Germany with churches in 10 different nations. He is the founder of the international March of Life and March of Remembrance movement. In an interview, he spoke about his heart for Israel, reconciliation, and breaking the veil of silence. “So far, thousands of people have participated in the March of Life and March of Remembrance; during one recent march in the US, one man attended, a second generation survivor who had lost his entire family in the Holocaust. On our team, we had someone with us who was a descendant of an SS officer – his grandfather had been a mass murderer. He shared his story, and then both men embraced – there was such reconciliation, grace and tears. “I am passionate about the March of Life because of what happened in my own city, Tübingen. It is a former Nazi city. Three hundred of the main organisers of the Nazi Holocaust were trained there,


and they alone were responsible for the deaths of 600,000 Jews. There was a ‘veil of silence’ covering our city, because nobody ever talked about this. But Isaiah 60:1-2 says, whenever a veil of darkness covers a people, the glory of God wants to break through and bring change! “That is why we learnt to break the silence and tell our story, and this was the beginning of a spiritual change in our city. I have written a book about it, called ‘Breaking the Veil of Silence’. In it I show how a ‘veil of silence’ can be broken. During the Holocaust, there were the perpetrators, those who committed the crimes and killed the people, but the vast majority of Germans, who ‘saw’ what was going on, were indifferent and passive. Anti-Semitism – even today – always starts with ‘indifference’. After the end of the war, the families never talked about what happened, they were ashamed, they repressed it; and the children never dared to ask. But now we are telling the stories, and whenever the truth is spoken out, it is a

first step to breaking the ‘silence’. “Still today, millions of people live under the shadow of the Holocaust, not only the victims, but their children and grandchildren. They still suffer from the pain of what happened. As long as this still goes on, we as Germans have a responsibility to continue humbling ourselves and asking for forgiveness. It is our duty is to speak the truth and stand side by side with Israel, and to do everything we can to stand against Anti-Semitism. It is on the rise everywhere. Therefore, this cannot be something we as Germans can do by ourselves, but every nation in Europe has its own history of AntiSemitism which we need to confront and change together.”

‘Breaking the Veil of Silence’, Jobst Bittner Book, Paperback, 264 pages, ISBN: 978-3-9812441-8-2, 16.95 $ eBook, ISBN 978-3-9812441-9-9, 12.99 € To order, or for more details, video, extracts etc, see


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David Hathaway – in the UK and to the Vietnamese in Germany – July 2013 I sense in my spirit something is stirring, something phenomenal is happening, and that sometime there will be a head-to-head challenge with false religion. The one thing Elijah knew when he challenged the prophets of Baal, is that only ONE God is alive and can answer prayer. As you have read in this magazine, the prophecy of Daniel 2 is being fulfilled right now. In this chapter we find King Nebuchadnezzar is being kept awake by nightmares and dreams which he doesn’t understand. He sends for the sorcerers and the astrologers. But in the end, only Daniel can give the interpretation. (See pages 6-9).

Immediately after the King’s dream, what happens? He proceeds to the fulfilment of it by making a golden image of himself and causing everybody to bow down and worship! And only three Hebrew men won’t: Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Daniel is under the protection of the King, but these three men are cast into a furnace. The King commanded that the furnace be heated 7 times its normal heat. The point I want to make here is the power of God to demonstrate the miraculous in every circumstance! He is in the business of working miracles that shake and change the world! The church today has ‘lost it’ – it does not want the miraculous. But I want to show you, somehow, how you can become part of God’s miraculous power. You CAN! When these three men were thrown into the furnace, it was so hot that the men who threw them in were themselves consumed by the heat! But what amazes me is the description how they went in – dressed in their hats, their coats and bound in all their clothing – and when they went in, not one stitch of their clothing was burned! When the King looked to see what was happening, he saw 4 men (they only threw in 3) – and the fourth was not Daniel, because the King himself said, the appearance of the fourth was like the Son of God! God intervened in an incredible miracle! Firstly, the physical presence of the Son of God. Then the fact that the ropes that tied them fell off, but their clothing, when they came out, was not even scorched, nor had the smell of fire on it! You ladies know the scorched smell when you burn your husband’s shirt with an iron! The fact is, something incredible happened. But this is our Bible. From one end to the other, it is miracle after miracle after miracle. And God expects you and me to live in the miraculous! This is the difference between ‘religion’ and faith in the God of the Bible. We’ve got to get the miraculous back into the church. Until we do, the world will not listen. Daniel 11:32 says (in the King James Version): THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW THEIR GOD SHALL BE STRONG AND DO EXPLOITS! This word, ‘EXPLOITS’, is a very strong word and is found in the English language translation only. It’s not in the German, or the Vietnamese – sometimes the English Bible is the strongest. Let me explain, my Bible says in English, the people who KNOW GOD, who know and understand how GREAT HE IS, will be strong and do EXPLOITS! Great things! Recently on the streets of Britain, some Moslems butchered one of our soldiers, saying Allahu Akbar, Allah is great! Every time I hear the Moslems say this, I say, “BUT MY GOD IS GREATER!” Our God is the greatest, most powerful force in the world, in the universe! You can see the power of the floods in Europe this summer, the power of an earthquake – but that is nothing! The power of our God is the greatest power known to man! Nothing that man can do – space rockets, atomic power – nothing can be as great as the power of our God! But the trouble with the church is that it doesn’t recognise this! We have to demonstrate God’s power, prove God’s power! There is nothing impossible to God! Only God can change an alcoholic, a communist, only God can change men’s character, men’s lives. One time in Russia I had lunch with a group of pastors – every one of them had been a criminal in prison! But the power of God changed them! The Bible says, don’t be conformed to this world. Don’t be like, don’t be influenced by the world. Don’t do what the world does! Christian, the Bible says be transformed into something new! Your conversion must change your life! A complete transformation of your life of sin! Only God can do this! There is no other power on earth, no political power, no military power, no spiritual power can do what only God can do! That’s why we can say how great is our God! That’s why Daniel says, if you know this God, if you know His power – you will HAVE that power! You will receive that power! You will do what God does! That’s what you are called to do! That’s why you are saved! That’s why God delivered you from your old life! Not so you sit in church, sing hymns, but so you can DO WHAT GOD DOES! I challenge you! DO WHAT JESUS DID! But the only people who can do this must KNOW GOD. What does it mean to know God? You must know His heart, know what He wants. King David in the Old Testament sinned, look at all the wrong things he did! He was not perfect! But the New Testament says something about David that it doesn’t say about any other man or


Prophetic P rophetic

woman, it says, ‘David was a man AFTER GOD’S OWN HEART!’ (Acts 13:22.) What God wanted, David wanted. What God did, David did. The Bible says he was a man like God! That’s the challenge to us! DO WHAT GOD WANTS YOU TO, whatever your circumstance. People talk about the ‘anointing’. But to me the greatest is not God’s anointing, I want His fire, His power! And something MORE. In Matthew 8, a Roman centurion came to Jesus saying, “My servant is dying.” Jesus said, “I will come to your house.” The centurion said, “You don’t need to do that. I am an officer. I have authority, I command my soldiers and they obey me.” This Roman officer said something no Jew ever said, he said “Jesus, You are a man with AUTHORITY, the AUTHORITY OF GOD – and the power of God is so strong in You – don’t go to my house, don’t lay Your hands on my servant – ONE WORD, and my servant will be healed!” That’s authority! I have discovered in my ministry, we HAVE authority! – The AUTHORITY OF GOD! When I minister to the sick, I don’t say I’m a healing evangelist; I can’t heal anybody! I cannot. Only One can – Jesus! BUT I HAVE HIS AUTHORITY! Three years ago I was evangelising in Lithuania. A member of the government came. He didn’t believe in God, in miracles. But when I prayed with the sick and told them to lay their own hands on their sickness and call on Jesus, he did! He was 20 kg overweight. He lost it immediately! When he went to work next day, everyone could see it! The next year I was invited back to preach to the government! We were given the Catholic Cathedral in Vilnius, and the elite of the whole country came! I preached Christ! Miracles happened. Now this year, the government have asked me to go back – they have given me the largest auditorium seating 15,000, free, for 2 days at Christmas to preach Jesus and call upon the power of God – and they will broadcast it nationwide as their national Christmas celebration! WE MUST SHOW HOW GREAT GOD IS! IF YOU KNOW GOD, YOU WILL BE SO INCREDIBLY STRONG! – Daniel 11:32! You will do things no one else can do. Spiritually, you will climb the highest mountain, spiritually you will walk on water, move mountains, work miracles! ONLY IF YOU KNOW GOD. Church, we need a revolution – the world is mocking God! Stand up spiritually to the

devil! Jesus said, Mark 16:15, “Go into all the world and PREACH THE GOSPEL!” Whoever you are! Jesus said, “He who believes and is baptised shall be saved.” Everyone who listens to you and believes will be saved! But those who don’t believe will be damned – and go to hell! Jesus said, save them from hell! By the preaching of the Gospel! With power and authority! The churches are fast asleep! Yes, they sing, dance, clap their hands, make a lot of noise. But they don’t preach the Gospel. Why did Jesus die on the cross? Because He knew that if He didn’t rescue you, you would go to hell, I would go to hell. Look at Acts 2:17 – this is what happened in the early church! – You see, you are a Christian, not because you were born one, not because of your family, you are a Christian because God has touched your life! All the men who had dinner with me before I got up to speak this message were once communists. Born as communists! What happened? God touched their lives! They are the ‘new church’, the new believers! And this is what happened in the early church, to the new believers on the day of Pentecost: Peter stood up and said, “‘It will come to pass in the last days’ says God, ‘I will pour out My Spirit on ALL flesh.’” Acts 2, Joel 2, God has said, in the last days I will pour out My Spirit on ALL flesh! All Vietnam, every Vietnamese, the whole church, the whole world, China, even Syria, Israel! And in v19, God says, “I will show wonders in Heaven and on earth!” And in v21, “Whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved!” Verse 22, “You people of Vietnam, you people whoever you are, HEAR THESE WORDS: Jesus of Nazareth, a man APPROVED AMONG YOU BY MIRACLES AND WONDERS AND SIGNS!” – God demonstrated His power and authority with signs and wonders through Jesus! How is God going to demonstrate His power in the world today? Through YOU! God wants to use YOU! He wants to pour out the Holy Spirit on YOU! Look what happened to the early church, Acts 4:13. When the people saw the boldness of Peter and John, and saw that they were uneducated men, they were amazed and said, “These men have been with Jesus!” – The power of God was so strong on Peter and John! When your unsaved family see you, do they see so much of the power of God in your life (because you are doing what Jesus did) that they

say, “You have been with Jesus!”? Do they see you doing the same miracles, with the same power, the same authority that Jesus had? But you MUST have this experience with Jesus, so that your unbelieving family KNOW that you have been with Him and that you do what Jesus did. That you love the sinner like Jesus did. That you work miracles like Jesus did. Heal the sick, preach the Gospel like Jesus did. Don’t go any further until you get this experience with God! Acts 4:29 – this is what these new believers said – “Lord, look at the way these people threaten us, grant to us Your servants BOLDNESS TO PREACH THE WORD!” Let’s do it! If I can do it, you can do it! BE BOLD! Stand up for what you believe! Verse 30 – “Lord, stretch out Your hand to heal, that signs and wonders may be done by Your Holy Child Jesus” – and v31 – ‘When they prayed, the whole place was shaken and they were ALL filled with the Holy Ghost! And when they were filled with the Holy Ghost, God gave them the boldness – and they spoke the Word of God!’ We CAN change the whole world! Acts 5:12 says – and by the hands of the new Vietnamese converts, the new believers, they did signs and wonders among the people! In Vietnam! That’s what the Bible says! By the hands of the converts! Signs and wonders! In the European Union! I come back to Daniel 11:32 – if you KNOW God, this is what will happen in your life! KNOW who He is, His power and authority – and through the Holy Ghost receive that power and authority in your life!


David Hathaway – message given in Tuckton, Bournemouth UK In my ministry as an evangelist, in East Europe, in the former Soviet countries, in Central Europe, in Israel, I have had to learn to stand on what God has SAID. What God says, He does. God’s salvation is ABSOLUTE! AND POWERFUL! AND WHOSOEVER SHALL CALL ON THE NAME OF THE LORD SHALL BE DELIVERED! THEY SHALL BE SAVED! When I preach Jesus, Yeshua, I’m preaching Deliverance, Salvation, that’s what His Name means! AND WHAT HE SAYS, HE DOES. In the Bible it says that Balak hired Balaam and paid him to curse Israel. Twice Balaam tried to curse Israel, and he couldn’t. The third time, they made more sacrifices, Balaam had been paid a bit more money, and Balak is determined, “Balaam, now you must curse Israel!” But Balaam replied, “I cannot curse those whom God has blessed. God is not a man – men lie. But God is not a man, He CANNOT lie. What God SAYS, He DOES!” – Numbers 23:19-20. If only we could realise the truth of this story, when one man, who was paid so much to curse Israel, says God will not curse, He will only bless this nation, BECAUSE GOD CANNOT, DOES N0T, CHANGE HIS MIND! What is happening in my meetings in Israel is incredible. I’m ministering to Russian-speaking Holocaust survivors, I

know their stories. The leader of one of their organisations, a former colonel in the KGB and now advisor to the Israeli government, said “All my people must hear the words of this preacher.” In Israel today they need hope and they need help: there is power in the Gospel – not in the man that speaks it – but in Jesus. He is alive, He works miracles! Now look at Romans 10:1, Paul says, “My heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved!” If only we understood God’s heart! It’s not about politics, it’s about the people! We HAVE to reach the Jews! The Bible says that the Gospel would be preached to the Gentiles until the ending of the times of the Gentiles – and then Israel shall be saved! What God says, He does. Paul says in Romans 11:1-2, “Has God cast away His people? – No! God forbid! I’m an Israelite of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin! God has NOT cast away His people!” And He will not! And yet such large sections of the church today are against Israel! Some accept the teaching of Replacement Theology that, because ‘the Jews killed Jesus’, the church replaces Israel. But God has NOT forgotten Israel! The Jews HAVE to come to Christ. God CANNOT change His mind! My taxi driver in Israel in June told me, all Israel is looking for Messiah. He asked me, “Why did we kill HIM? Did we make a mistake, was Yeshua Messiah?” Israel is open to the Gospel! But I find it’s quite amazing what Paul said! Look at Romans 11:2 where he says, “God has NOT cast away His people whom He foreknew. Don’t you understand the Scripture which says about Elijah, how he made intercession AGAINST Israel?!” – Do you know this


Scripture? – The Bible actually says, Elijah prayed AGAINST Israel! It’s here, in your Bible, verses 2-3, Paul says: “Elijah made intercession to God against Israel saying, ‘Lord, they have killed Your prophets, and pulled down Your altars, and I am left alone and they seek my life!’ What did God answer him? ‘I have reserved to Myself 7000 men who have not bowed the knee to Baal.’ Even so,” writes Paul, “at this present time also there is a remnant (in Israel) according to the election of grace.” And this is still true! God has reserved for Himself a remnant. And when all the surrounding nations are against Israel, and they cry out for Messiah, He will come! – Zechariah 12/13/14. God CANNOT, WILL NOT, change His mind! But why did the Jews not receive Messiah 2000 years ago? They were expecting Him, because their Scriptures prophesied about Him. So why didn’t they recognise Him? Their interpretation, their translation of prophecy was a ‘King’! They were not looking for someone who would be crucified and die. Even after the resurrection, Acts 1:6, the disciples asked Jesus, “Will You at this time restore the Kingdom?” – Bible prophecy! So why did Judas betray Christ? He believed, as the finance manager of the band of disciples, that he would become Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Kingdom! When he realised that Jesus was ‘not the Messiah King’, in that very moment the devil entered into him and deceived him, and he went out and sold Jesus. Because right up till that moment they were all still believing this was ‘the King’! Now if the whole of Israel could make that mistake, we have to be very careful in our translation, our understanding of Bible prophecy. What happens immediately before the return of Christ? Is it the battle of Armageddon in the Valley of

Prophetic P rophetic

Megiddo? Or is it the battle of the Valley of Jehosophat? I personally believe – and I’m open to criticism and disagreement – that the battle which precedes the immediate return of Christ is when the nations are gathered in the Valley of Jehosophat, which is the Kidron Valley in front of the Golden Gate. When the enemy comes and God sends the hosts to destroy them, His feet don’t stand on Har (Mount) Megiddo, they stand on the Mount of Olives above the Kidron Valley. And the Mount of Olives splits in two and forms a seaway and heals the waters of the Dead Sea. That’s what Scripture says. – Zechariah 12/13/14. I’m not waiting for terrible destruction, I’m waiting for the Lord to come as a thief in the night: two will be in a bed, one will be taken, one left; two will be in a field, one taken, one left. – Matthew 24:40-43. This is not a catastrophe when the whole world will be destroyed. This is something happening so suddenly, so unexpectedly, that two can be in a bed, and only one is taken. That is the suddenness of the return of Christ! To come as King of kings and Lord of lords, to rule the world – and destroy the European Union! I could say more, but I want you to know, we’re living in the days, in the time, now! Europe and Israel are intertwined in prophecy. And we must fulfil the destiny God has given us. I want to tell you one thing very strongly as Christians, the Bible is absolutely clear, that in Christ there is

no Jew and no Gentile. Read Romans. The Scripture says God has broken down that wall that divided us. It’s not evangelical Christian or messianic Jew or any other denomination – it’s one new man in Christ! Neither Jew nor Gentile can fulfil the law. You can try, and end up in hell – it does not bring salvation. Jesus came to fulfil the law! It’s the new and better covenant, the new way in Christ! One new man in Him! Read Ephesians 2:14-15. But the Bible says, Luke 14:16-23, in the last days the Kingdom is still empty, the invited guests did not come to the feast. Jesus said, you must go out into the highways and the byways, but it still isn’t full... Go out and bring in the rejects, the outcasts, those who have never known! We are called to the outcast and the reject! Scripture says in Romans 10:13-14, ‘Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him in whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how can they preach unless God sends somebody?’ After all my years of experience, God has opened incredible doors of opportunity for me. When we go to Katowice in catholic Poland next year, they are telling me we will have up to 500,000 people. You have no idea how much this will cost, only God can answer. The key was the Catholic Archbishop in Lithuania in

2010, who heard me preach the Gospel, invited me to his palace, and said, “David, how did you get out of the prison?” And I told him that God delivered me through answered prayer! You see, without that prison experience in communist East Europe, without my cancers, I wouldn’t be where I am today. You see God has a purpose in everything He does in our lives, He has a plan. For all of us. Europe doesn’t yet know the power of God. But God is beginning to move. In atheistic, catholic France I find a church of over 10,000! In Paris! The pastor said, “You don’t know this country like I do. France is more communist than the communist countries. Communism came from France to Russia. In France we’ve never got rid of this spirit. Look at the godlessness. Look at the poverty.” – He showed me the houses made of cardboard boxes by the refugees in the outskirts of Paris. But there is a hunger for God, an openness – because secularism doesn’t answer the problems. If you don’t have God, you have no hope. We’ve got to preach this Gospel of Christ right here, in Europe. Only Christ can deliver from hell into Heaven. In my ministry, as an evangelist, I stand on what God has SAID. What God says, He does. God’s salvation is ABSOLUTE! AND POWERFUL! AND WHOSOEVER SHALL CALL ON THE NAME OF THE LORD SHALL BE DELIVERED! THEY SHALL BE SAVED! AND WHAT HE SAYS, HE DOES. Oh God, save Europe, save Israel!

What made Paul the Jew so passionate to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles, so passionate as an evangelist, is that he understood GOD’S PLAN FOR THE WHOLE WORLD, THE SALVATION OF BOTH JEW AND GENTILE TOGETHER, ‘ONE NEW MAN’. What had been a ‘mystery’ to Paul when he had studied the Scriptures under Gamaliel, Christ revealed to him and commissioned him to declare – His plan for the whole world: [to be a witness] unto the Gentiles to whom I send you to turn them from darkness unto light, from the power of Satan to God...that they may receive an inheritance among them [the Jews] who are sanctified by faith in Me – Acts 26:16-18. ‘The Lord Almighty has sworn, surely as I have planned, so it will be, and as I have purposed so it will stand... THIS IS THE PLAN I HAVE DETERMINED FOR THE WHOLE WORLD, this is the hand stretched out over ALL nations. For the Lord Almighty has purposed and who can thwart Him? His hand is stretched out, and who can turn it back?’ – Isaiah 14:24,26,27.


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Prophetic Vision, Winter 2013, #70  

Jesus promised, "If I go into Heaven, I will come back!" We are very near to this time. We must be ready. There is much work to do.