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THe even greater cheriton “Ever-so slightly bonkers” – Winchester Today

E I T R A V SHOW Y 22 ND-25 TH MARCH 2017

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The (Even Greater) Cheriton

Variety Show

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THe even greater cheriton

RIETY VASHOW From our Chair Cheriton Players and the Village Hall committee have great pleasure in bringing to you another, Even Greater Variety Show. Greater than what you may ask? Well, if you were lucky enough to have been with us in 2015 for The Great Cheriton Variety Show, you will remember a great night, great sketches, singing, poems and frivolity. Tonight you will be treated to even more fun and silliness and we’re certain that your chuckle muscles will be thoroughly exercised. The team behind tonight’s show has been working hard for months creating this extravaganza. Rehearsals have been a mixture of fun, frustration and fancifulness. The team is to be applauded for its tenacity, ingenuity

and creativity. Thanks go to each and every one of them, whether on stage or behind the scenes. Look out for more events in the coming months: Cheriton Players will present a murder mystery on June 17th and the Village Hall committee has organised an outdoor pop up opera on June 24th. Tickets are already on sale for both of these events, as part of the village hall fundraising campaign. So please join us in the ‘ever so slightly bonkers’ mood of tonight’s performance and have fun as we present The Even Greater Cheriton Variety Show! Marilyn Weston

Cheriton Players is a small friendly theatre group always keen to encourage new members to join us onstage, backstage and front of house. If you are interested in joining the Players, please get in touch through the website or by email to You can also join our mailing list through the website to receive our regular newsletters and details of future productions. We would love to hear from you!

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From the Director


he joy of directing a show like this is that it brings together so many people who share a passion for

theatre, music and the arts – which, importantly, they are very happy to share with others. Thank you to our wonderful performers tonight, they have all worked very hard to create a really exciting show for you. I am particularly grateful for their enthusiasm, patience and good humour throughout. It’s been great fun in the making! Starting with a few sketchy ideas at our first get-together, when one never really knows if five or fifty people will turn up, the initial uncertainty is quickly replaced by eager anticipation and, suddenly, everything becomes possible; the show begins to develop a life of its own; the creative juices flow – and the voyage of discovery has begun! Creating a Variety Show is rather like planting a garden border with those random (often unidentified) packets and tins of seeds you’ve been saving and, whilst you may have a shrewd idea what some are, the real excitement is that you don’t really know what will transpire – until they’re all in full bloom! Luckily (and warming to my horticultural theme), I have been fortunate to have a strong team of green-fingered friends – and I would like

to express my special thanks to my talented co-directors, Sue Cox and Helena Gomm, without whose vision, dedication and skill this fertile plot could so easily have become an exuberant wilderness! There are a great many who have ensured that our creation truly lives up to its billing as Cheriton’s ‘Even Greater’ Variety Show and we owe a debt of gratitude to them all. Whilst it’s not possible to mention everyone (please do check out all of the credits in this programme), I would just like to highlight David Cradduck for ensuring the smooth running of all the mechanics; Paddy Roadnight for eloquently guiding you through our ‘garden’; Maureen Cheong for arranging the plants to maximum effect; Pauline Cornter for finding enough Wellington Boots and Sou’westers; Jamie Herdman and Graham Arnott for their illuminations and bird-scaring devices; Penny and Simon Scott, Viv Pain, Marilyn Weston and the Village Hall Committee for fertilisers and liquid nourishment; David Wright and Peter Reay for constructing the raised beds and fencing; Angela Ledsham for taking control of the Potting Shed and to Sue Herdman and team for their careful shepherding! Enjoy the show! Paul Hellard

The Programme

Welcome No Business Like Show Business (Annie Get Your Gun) I Can’t Say No! (Oklahoma) Rambling Syd Rumpo (Kenneth Williams) Husband Swap Sketch Phantom of the Opera (Phantom of the Opera)

Paddy Roadnight CHORUS Lauren Anderson, acc. by Alexandra Lofts, Tracey Anderson & Pauline Cornter Martin Hubbard Jan & Tim Conway Sophie Jarrett & Toby Cooper

A short break A Modern Major General (Gilbert, Sullivan & Tyler) Tim Tyler, assisted by Paul McTaggart I Know Him So Well (Chess) Claire Smith & Tracey Anderson The Master & The Maid (A Cinematic Melodrama) Rebecca Leadley, Ian Monier-Williams, Pauline Cornter, David Cradduck & Jamie Herdman Interval – approx 25 minutes America (West Side Story) Maria (West Side Story) Tonight (West Side Story) HiMeRoo & The Ramblers’ Song (Skellern/Stilgoe) The Crossword Sketch

CHORUS Paul Denza Paul Denza & Alison Carter Mike Cornter, David Cradduck, accompanied by Michael Tresair & Glynn Williams Mike Cornter, Ian Monier-Williams, Paul McTaggart & Rebecca Leadley

A short break Sailing (Michael Tresair) Summertime (Porgy & Bess) Feed The Birds (Mary Poppins) A Spoonful of Sugar (Mary Poppins) Fly A Kite (Mary Poppins)

Michael Tresair & Amber Thacker Alison Carter Pauline Cornter, Claire Smith & CHORUS Claire Smith & CHORUS CHORUS

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Mary Poppins)

David Cradduck & CHORUS

The Chorus (in alphabetical order): Lauren Anderson, Tracey Anderson, Milly Cheong, Mike Cornter, Pauline Cornter, David Cradduck, Alexandra Lofts, Craig Robertson, Claire Smith, Tim Tyler Compère

Paddy Roadnight

The Production Team

Show Director

Music Director & Accompanist

Drama Director

Production Manager


Paul Hellard Sue Cox Helena Gomm David Cradduck Maureen Cheong

Wardrobe Pauline Cornter & assistants Set Décor

Henrietta Hellard

Sound & Lighting Graham Arnott & Jamie Herdman Stage Manager

Angela Ledsham

Stage Assistants

Set Construction David Wright & Peter Reay

Front of House Sue Herdman & team Bar Simon Scott & team Food & Catering Viv Pain, Penny Scott, Marilyn Weston & team


Programme/poster design

David Wright & Tim Conway

David Cradduck Ian Lock

Photography Alison Carter & Craig Robertson Additional Sound Effects

Our special thanks to all those who have helped in any way ‘behind the scenes’, especially those who lent costumes or props or who gave of their time so freely. 75% of the profits from this production will be donated to the Cheriton Village Hall Fundraising Campaign and will go towards the purchase and refurbishment of the hall.

Past Productions Cash on Delivery November 2016 A Month of Sundays March 2016 Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime Nov 2015 Third Week in August June 2015 The Great Cheriton Variety Show April 2015 Oh Clarence! May 2014 An Inspector Calls Dec 2013 A Bolt from the Blue April 2013 Season’s Greetings Nov 2012 Murdered to Death May 2012 Clerical Errors Nov 2011 Alice June 2011 Blithe Spirit Nov 2010 Don’t Dress For Dinner April 2010 Together4Christmas December 2009 Ten Times Table April/May 2009 The Ghost Train November 2008 Habeas Corpus April 2008 Allo’ Allo’ November 2007 Murder in Cheriton! May 2007 The Champion of Paribanou January 2007 Parallel Lines November 2006 Table Manners April 2006 A Christmas Carol December 2005 Out of Order April 2005 Idol Talent January 2005 The Noble Spaniard November 2004 Jungle Fantasy May 2004 The Real Inspector Hound & Black Comedy November 2003 Oliver! January 2003 Don’t Utter a Note May 2002 Forty – Not Out! December 2001 Murder in Play March 2001 Confusions November 2000 An Evening’s Entertainment March 2000 Move over Mrs Markham November 1999 Party Piece November 1998 After the Ball is Over April 1998 And then there were None November 1997 Cat on the Fiddle April 1997 Love’s a Luxury November 1996 She Stoops to Conquer April 1996

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Jam Tomorrow November 1978 White Sheep of the Family April 1978 Old Time Music Hall Jan/Feb 1978 Love Birds November 1977 Running Riot May 1977 Jubilee Revue January 1977 Your Obedient Servant November 1976 Person Unknown April 1976 Old Time Music Hall January 1976 The Importance of Being Earnest November 1975 Wolf’s Clothing April 1975 Old Time Music Hall Jan/Feb 1975 Love’s a Luxury November 1974 Sailor Beware April 1974 Old Time Music Hall Jan 1974 See How They Run November 1973 Doctor in the House April 1973 Old Time Music Hall January 1973 Quiet Weekend November 1972 Who Lies There April 1972 Old Time Music Hall January 1972 Pools Paradise November 1971 Something to Hide April 1971 Old Time Music Hall January 1971 Beside the Seaside November 1970 Trap for a Lonely Man February 1970 Man Alive November 1969 Busybody May 1969 Sleeping Partnership February 1969 Dear Delinquent November 1968 Goodnight, Mrs Puffin May 1968 A Pig in a Poke February 1968 Wanted One Bod November 1967 Still Life & Speaking Terms July 1967 Flat Spin May 1967 The Happiest Days of Your Life February 1967 See How They Run October 1966 The Bride and the Batchelor April 1966 Breath of Spring November 1965 Blithe Spirit November 1964 Pools Paradise May 1964 One Man Banned November 1963 Haul for the Shore November 1962 Friends and Neighbours March 1962 Here We Come Gathering Nov 1961

mill farm trees Hedging Plants . Broadleaved Trees . Native Shrubs .

Winchester 01962 862400 07850 947749

. Box . Buckthorn . Cherry . Crab Apple . Dogwood . Elder . Field Maple . Guelder Rose . Hawthorn . Hazel . Holly . Hornbeam .

. Box . Buckthorn . Cherry . Crab Apple . Dogwood . Elder . Field Maple . Guelder Rose . Hawthorn . Hazel . Holly . Hornbeam .

Alder . Ash . Beech . Birch . Blackthorn

Norway Maple . Lime . Horse Chestnut


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The Even Greater Cheriton Variety Show – March 2017  

Official programme for Cheriton Players' spring production, co-presented by Cheriton Village Hall

The Even Greater Cheriton Variety Show – March 2017  

Official programme for Cheriton Players' spring production, co-presented by Cheriton Village Hall