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By Simon Tytherleigh Adapted by Helena Gomm www.thecheritonplayers.org.uk

Are proud to support

Are proud to support

The Cheriton Players’

production Players’ of The Cheriton

production of

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Sales | Property Management | Lettings 11 Broad Street, Alresford | www.hellards.co.uk 01962 736333

From our Chair Regular visitors to Cheriton Players’ shows will know that what you are about to see tonight is somewhat of a departure from our normal format. Yes, it is comedy, for which we are well known. Yes, there are familiar faces on stage, and yes, we have a sell-out. In fact we sold out for this particular show nearly three months ahead of the first night, which is going some, even for us. Perhaps one of the reasons for that sell-out is the fact that Diamonds Are For Trevor is part traditional stagework and part filmed. Something that has caught the imagination of many people and has obviously attracted a great deal of attention both locally and wherever our film crew pitched up over the summer. To actually witness a car reverse up to us whilst filming on location near West Meon with two attractive ladies asking, with all sincerity, “Is this a real Bond movie?” is proof that there is a fascination, both with this oldest of misogynistic film genres, and with the possibility of a glimpse of someone famous. This production (it’s difficult to know whether to call it a play or a film) has been huge fun from the reading of the first, original script presented by Helena Gomm back in the early spring, through the film making work in the summer and early autumn, to the more familiar stage rehearsals, and it has pulled in a lot of expertise and experimentation in the making: model making, exploding science centres, slo-mo filming, editing, sound recording, location hunting, TV ‘walls’ and the support of an amazingly flexible cast and crew. Plus, of course, Helena’s vision and attention to detail. I won’t repeat what she has said further into the programme, but we have an awful lot of people to thank for helping us to get this production off the ground and that, of course, includes our loyal audiences who have booked early to avoid disappointment. Thanks for coming, and we hope you enjoy our first foray into the not-alwaysglamorous and rather different, slow world of film making, as we attempt to seamlessly meld two very different forms of entertainment into one for you this evening. A note for your diaries: our next production is to be Murder Weapon, a highly tense mystery thriller on Wednesday 13th - Saturday 16th May 2020. Tickets will be on sale in the new year, so don’t delay in getting yours! David Cradduck

Cheriton, Nr. Alresford, Hampshire. SO24 0PX Telephone: Bramdean 01962 771 251


From the Director This production of Diamonds Are For Trevor (affectionately known as DAFT) is really the result of a chance visit to friends in Devon. As we sat drinking in their garden one summer’s evening, they regaled me with tales of how the Bradninch Players had put on an extraordinary show, part filmed and part staged – and written by a local playwright, to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Of course, this was also the same year in which the opening ceremony of the London Olympics inextricably linked Her Majesty and her corgis with the exploits of her most famous secret agent. My interest was piqued, but Cheriton Players didn’t have anyone with filming skills amongst the membership at the time, so an initial suggestion that we might consider it for a future production came to nothing. It wasn’t until I saw Cheriton’s production of Fallen Angels, in which a delightful black-andwhite film produced by Jim Glaister was screened to cover a major scene change, that I realised the skills might now be available to do DAFT. I visited the original author, Simon Tytherleigh, who generously agreed that not only would he give me permission to do the show (supplying me with the original script and DVD), but that he would allow me to make changes to it, to bring it up to date. After all, the original villain had been the banker Fred Goodwin (aka Fred the Shred), and who cares much about him now? Working on DAFT has been a joy from beginning to end. Jim Glaister, who directed the filming, brought not only technical expertise to the project but also good ideas and added humour. He also brought the talents of his band, Hornblower Down, who performed and recorded the incidental Bond themes. As producer, David Cradduck made things happen in a way that

leads me to suspect he may have been a fixer for the mob in a former life. Fabulous filming venues, posh cars, explosives experts ... you name it, David can seemingly supply them at the drop of a hat. Add to that the team of actors and helpers who made up the film crew – equally willing to turn up to a chilly and soggy Hayling Island beach at an ungodly hour on a Sunday as they were to swelter on a sun-drenched Bramdean Common; prepared to don wetsuits (and much worse) to go in the sea; to stand in the rain operating sound equipment and clapperboards, or just to sit patiently in a car in the pouring rain, waiting for the five minutes out of the entire day when they were actually needed on set. They were all absolute troupers. In addition, the generosity of people unconnected with Cheriton Players who were happy to let us use their cars, their driveways, their premises and even their dogs for filming was overwhelming. We started doing the filmed sections in July. By September, the filming was mostly done and while Jim got stuck into the editing, the rest of us started work on the staged portions of the show, which has, in many ways, been just as much fun. I am immensely grateful to everyone who has been involved in this show in whatever capacity. I would particularly like to thank the Cheriton Players Committee for the leap of faith they took in agreeing to take on something so different from their usual productions, and those who had the vision and commitment to make it happen.

Helena Gomm



The Cast


David Cradduck

Miss Spendapenny

Marilyn Weston


Rebecca Leadley

Ena Slobby

Jan Conway

Norman Slobby

Tim Conway

Trevor Bond

Charlie Hellard

James Bond

Craig Robertson


Katie Hinds

Vicar on bicycle

Craig Robb

Fanny Stravaganza

Tracey Anderson

Grumpy Old Lady

Helena Gomm

Grumpy Old Lady’s dog

Paddy [Murphy]


Paul McTaggart

TV Cameraman

Craig Robertson

TV Reporter

Hazel Round

TV Producer’s voice

Paul Willcox

Security Man/Thug

Paul Willcox

Prince Philip

David Cradduck

Vladimir Putitov

John Weston

Donald Trumpet

Mike Cornter

The Queen

Pauline Cornter

Make-up Artist

Hazel Round

Title Sequence Dancer

Lyndsay Smith

Burly Chassis Body Double

Paul McTaggart


Craig Robb

The Filming Team

Executive Director

Helena Gomm

Director of Photography/Camera/Editor

Jim Glaister

Sound Recording

Jamie Herdman, Craig Robertson


Craig Robertson

Producers/Location Managers

David Cradduck, Helena Gomm

Film Crew

Paul McTaggart, David Cradduck,

Jan Conway, Matt Dowsett

Drivers/cars supplied by

Mike Dowsett, Bill Airey

Model making

Melissa Simm, Steve Wall


Chris Moses

Extra camera operator

Alex Black

Extra crowd editing

Joshua Alexander


Ellie Pulleine

Music Burly Chassis

Cheryl Brennan

Backing Group, Vocals & Arrangement

Jim Glaister and Hornblower Down

Sound Recording & Mixing

Charlie Hellard

The Stage Team


Helena Gomm

Stage Manager

Adrian Seale


David Cradduck


Ellie Pulleine

Technical Manager

Jamie Herdman

TV ‘Wall’

Hamiltons Rentals


Jamie Herdman, Graham Arnott

Set Construction

Peter Reay, Dave Wright, Paul Hellard

Front of House Manager

Jenny Cridland


David Cradduck

Poster/programme design

Ian Lock


Craig Robertson

Extra photography/video

Paul McTaggart, David Cradduck, Jim Glaister

Cheriton Players is a small friendly theatre group always keen to encourage new members to join us onstage, backstage and front of house. If you are interested in joining the Players, please get in touch through the website www.thecheritonplayers.org.uk or by email to thecheritonplayers@gmail.com You can also join our mailing list through the website to receive our regular newsletters and details of future productions. We would love to hear from you!

Our grateful thanks to: Jim Glaister for his unending support, expertise and and input. Hornblower Down and Charlie Hellard for producing two months’ worth of music in one week. Bill and Shirley Airey for allowing us to use their fabulous E-type and pitching in so readily with everything. Mike, Cherry and Matt Dowsett for allowing us to use their equally lovely Ford Anglia and also for contributing ideas and help. Andrew Sellick for use of the driveway at Warnford Park. West Meon Village Shop for allowing us to film in the cellar. Residents and neighbours at Cheriton, Langstone and West Meon. Jim and Yvonne Noble for inviting us to film in their house and workshop. Simon Jenkins of Gatley’s Pet & Aquatic Centre, Liss for allowing us to film in their fish tank. Graham Silk and Paul Hellard for allowing us to film on their land. Peter Mills of Sutton Manor Farm, Bishops Sutton, for agreeing to us setting off explosives in his field. Graeme Pick and Ben Ward for generously letting us film at Winchester Science Centre. Martin Murphy of Langstone for allowing us to park on his drive. Hayling Island Sailing Club for allowing us to park on their premises. Chris Moses for his technical and pyrotechnic expertise. Fran Welby for her dressmaking skills. And everyone else who took part in, or supported this production in any way! Please refrain from taking flash photography and turn off all mobile phones. In the interests of safety, and access for performers and FoH staff, please keep aisles and walkways clear.


Helena Gomm (Director) Helena Gomm’s secondary school only performed musicals and – as she can’t sing a note in tune – she was always relegated to making props. Expecting it would be much the same when she joined West Meon Theatre, she was surprised to find herself cast as Gwendolen in The Importance of Being Earnest. She has regularly appeared on stage for West Meon Theatre and for Cheriton Players ever since. In 2013, she made her first foray into directing, with Neville’s Island for West Meon Theatre. This was followed by Night of January 16th, a courtroom drama involving 18 actors.

Jim Glaister (Director of Photography) Jim is an actor, filmmaker and musician. Normally found acting, backstage or making promo videos at the Chesil Theatre in Winchester, Jim was introduced to the Cheriton Players when he was asked to make a short film for last year’s production, Fallen Angels. Unsurprisingly, he was asked back to play a more integral filmmaking role this year. His filmmaking efforts have been rewarded twice at The Winchester Short Film Festival – once in 2012 and again in 2013. He is a member of local band Hornblower Down, who have provided the music for Diamonds Are For Trevor.

The first production that Helena directed for Cheriton Players was Cash on Delivery (the one with the belligerent, radio-controlled washing machine). Since then, she has directed The Game’s Afoot for Cheriton and The 39 Steps for West Meon Theatre.

01730 894135

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Diamonds Are For Trevor – November 2020  

The official programme for the Cheriton Players' production of 'Diamonds Are For Trevor', November 2020.

Diamonds Are For Trevor – November 2020  

The official programme for the Cheriton Players' production of 'Diamonds Are For Trevor', November 2020.