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Real life Parabolas         

David Sardá Keen 3ºK PAI 4 10/03/18  2017-2018  Quadratic Equations  ¿Qué aplicaciones ha  tenido el uso de parábolas en el entorno?   


Introduction For this 4th bimester, we have been studying Quadratic equations and its  many uses and ways to solve them. For this Summative Assessment, miss  Nadia gave us one of four quadratic equations that we had to solve. The  equation had to be solved with the general formula and with the graphing  method. Then we will have to create an online magazine explaining the  whole thing. 


Comparison With both procedures, I got the same answer which was ( , ). While the standard  method was easier to do and took less time, the graphic method gave the answer a  much more visual   representation. They both work the same. 







The first picture is of an archway located in the main entrance of my house.


Upside down bowl The second picture is a bowl that I put upside down to make have a circle, which  resembles the curvature of a parabola 

Conclusion   This project has helped me realize that parabolas are not only used in math class.parabolas  are used to get trajectories of air travel, sleeker and faster skis’ like that parabolic skis and  even on satellite dishes with use their curvature to reflect signals. Throughout time,  parabolas have been used in many ways, and this project helped me grasp and understand  the interesting uses they have in the world.    APA: Valadi, S. (2013, June 11). Gateway Arch - St. Louis - Missouri [Digital image]. Retrieved  March 12, 201i, from ​ 

3   Spain, G. (2009, October 18). Parabola [Digital image]. Retrieved March 12, 2018, from   

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