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: HP HP0-922


: Implementing & Supporting HP Storage Essentials v5.1

Version : R6.1    

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1. HP Systems Insight Manager and HP Storage Essentials provide server and storage management through a central management platform. Which functions are included? (Select three.) A. integrated security B. storage array configuration C. array discovery and identification D. access to storage on unmanaged hosts E. assignment of a new management server F. speed modification on Fibre Channel connections Answer: ABC 2. Which activities can be monitored with Storage Essentials? (Select two.) A. storage growth planning B. disaster recovery planning C. storage network traffic sniffing D. domain user rights identification E. underutilized storage identification Answer: AE 3. What is a recommended prerequisite for a hardware or software product to become HP Storage Essentials compliant? A. Fibre Channel support B. Windows 2000 or 2003 server platform C. HP Systems Insight Manager compatibility D. Storage Network Industry Association conformance Answer: D 4. Which statement about Storage Essentials Solution Service is correct? A. The product warranty is extended with Level 3. B. At least one level must be included in each quote. C. Storage Essentials is customer installable and all levels are optional. D. Software installation, configuration and testing are only included in Level 1. Answer: B 5. Which HP Storage Essentials features include direct attached storage? (Select two.) A. schedule of provisioning tasks B. display of ports in Performance Monitor C. display of connections in System Manager D. schedule of port performance data collection E. display of reachable ports in Path Provisioning    

Answer: AC 6. What extends HP Systems Insight Manager with additional SAN management and monitoring functionality? A. entering a new license key B. installation of SMI-S providers C. the CIM extension on managed hosts D. a CIMOM client enabled on the storage system Answer: B 7. What are the two components of the connector? A. SE Database connector which connects both HP SIM and HP Storage Essentials to the database B. ODBC connector which connects HP SIM to HP Storage Essentials; HP SIM connector which connects HP Storage Essentials to HP SIM C. MySQL connector which connects HP SIM to HP Storage Essentials; HP SIM connector which connects HP Storage Essentials to HP SIM D. Storage Essentials connector which connects HP SIM to HP Storage Essentials; HP SIM connector which connects HP Storage Essentials to HP SIM Answer: D 8. Which infrastructure service is required on the central management server host to install Storage Essentials? A. CIM B. SNMP C. CIMOM D. SMI-S provider Answer: B 9. Which security feature protects the intercommunication of HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM), its clients, and its users? A. Secure Shell based scripting is limited to UNIX platforms. B. HP-signed Secure Socket Layer certificates ensure authenticity. C. Secure Task Execution limits access from specific HP SIM servers. D. Secure Shell known_hosts files contain a list of discovered servers. Answer: C 10. What is a characteristic of HP Systems Insight Manager with regard to open system management platform design? A. It may be extended by using third party plug-ins. B. It is licensed for exclusive use with HP components.    

C. It supports only HP platforms, whereas any platform integrates with HP OpenView. D. It primarily uses SNMP to contact devices; other connection methods are optional and must be purchased. Answer: A 11. What are steps of the HP Storage Essentials discovery process? (Select three.) A. Detail Scan: Scan for SAN topology, backup topology, and all available volumes. B. Unlock: At the end of the discovery, data flow in the storage network is re-enabled. C. Setup: Before the initial scan starts, an IP address or an IP address range must be specified. D. Topology Scan: On the second scan after initial scan, a tree shows all dependencies between devices. E. Hardware Scan: After the detail scan completes, a hardware scan identifies all available resources. F. License Scan: After the hardware scan completes, a scan identifies all licensed and unlicensed server applications. Answer: ACD 12. What are optional HP Storage Essentials plug-ins? (Select three.) A. Policy Viewer B. Oracle Viewer C. Sybase Viewer D. Chargeback Manager E. Performance Manager F. Global Database Viewer Answer: BCD 13. Which databases can be used by HP Systems Insight Manager? (Select two.) A. DB2 B. Oracle C. Sybase D. PostgreSQL E. Microsoft SQL Answer: BE 14. Which component ensures HP Systems Insight Manager/Storage Essentials synchronization? A. CIMOM B. connector C. SMI-S interface D. dedicated transaction manager Answer: B 15. The security architecture of HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM) is designed to protect data and    

software functions from unauthorized access. What is a key feature of SIM security? A. built-in accounts B. preconfigured trusts C. role based associations D. proprietary transport protocols Answer: C 16. What is a provisioning method available in HP Storage Essentials v5.x? A. single-action, single-element - occurs in real time and cannot be scheduled B. SAN based - shows which hosts have allocated storage in a SAN and can be scheduled C. multi-action, host based - shows all current pools allocated by hosts and cannot be scheduled D. storage based - shows how many hosts have allocated capacity on a storage system and can be scheduled Answer: A 17. Which Storage Essentials plug-in can be used to monitor a supported backup solution? A. dbAdmin utility B. Backup Manager C. RMAN backup manager D. Storage Essentials backup utility Answer: B 18. Which service must be stopped to allow the Database Admin utility to work? A. CIMService B. OraService C. CIMManager D. AppStorManager Answer: D 19. Which services can be used by managed devices to send alerts to the management server? (Select three.) A. Ping B. FTP C. SMI-S D. SMTP E. SNMP F. WBEM/DMI Answer: CEF 20. Where will you find the HBA Test Utility?    

A. distributed with CIM extensions CD B. as an HP Storage Essentials CLI command C. in the Tools menus of HP Storage Essentials D. in the tools menu of HP Systems Insight Manager Answer: A 21. You are modifying or creating an HP Systems Insight Manager automatic event handling task. What do you select in addition to the task name, events, systems, and actions? A. priority B. protocol C. time filter D. start date Answer: C 22. What must be entered into the browser when making secure access to the management server? A. https://<fqdn>:50000 B. https://localhost:50000 C. http://<machineIPaddress>:50000 D. managementserver.http://<machinename>:50000 Answer: A 23. What are components of the Business Tools in HP Storage Essentials? A. filters and collectors B. automators and advisors C. editors and report generators D. application and performance viewers Answer: B 24. When are management server events marked as cleared? A. every sixty minutes B. whenever the refresh button is used C. after the deletion and frequency time is set D. when the automatic delay time is completed Answer: D 25. Which Storage Essentials tool allows you to view the name, status and time the last status was reported for any running task? A. Task Finder B. Task Viewer C. Task Discovery    

D. Task Dashboard Answer: D 26. How do you create an authorization in HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM)? A. Assign a trusted certificate with a SIM user. B. Assign a username and password to a user. C. Associate a user with a toolbox and target systems. D. Associate an operating system user with a SIM user. Answer: C 27. Which HP Systems Insight Manager functionality uses the user accounts defined in the global protocol settings? A. SNMP trap forwarding to a destination B. SMTP notification from managed systems C. WBEM communication with managed systems D. primary reachability checks for managed systems Answer: C 28. Which file contains CIM Extension logging information useful for resolving problems? A. CIM.log B. cxws.log C. CIMlog.dat D. cxwout.dat Answer: B 29. What must be installed to create customized reports? A. Report Designer B. Report Organizer C. Report Generator D. Report Customizer Answer: A 30. Which backup mode must the management server be set to in order to perform an RMAN HOT backup? A. hot B. online C. offline D. archive Answer: D 31. What is the function of Backup Manager in HP Storage Essentials (SE)? A. application manager for backup software    

B. plug-in for disk-to-disk backup operations C. integrated backup tool for the internal database D. substitute for Data Protector in SE managed environments Answer: A 32. Which process provides HP Systems Insight Manager with information about device health? A. discovery B. status polling C. data collection D. database inquiries Answer: B 33. What is a Business Tool Advisor in Storage Essentials? A. Storage Optimizer B. HBA Risk Analysis C. Backup performance D. Brocade firmware update Answer: B 34. Which security types determine if you can modify elements? (Select two.) A. role-based B. user-based C. zone-based D. permission-based E. organization-based Answer: AE 35. A host has two single port Fibre Channel adapters installed. The boot disks are IDE drives and software mirrored. How many Managed Access Ports are counted for this system? A. 0 (IDE systems are not counted) B. 1 C. 2 D. 3 Answer: C 36. Which backup applications are supported by Backup Manager? (Select two.) A. HP Data Protector B. CommVault Galaxy C. Symantec NetBackup D. Atempo Time Navigator    

E. Symantec BackupExec Answer: AC 37. A UNIX client has the requirement for periodic password changes. What can you do to eliminate the needed change for the UNIX CIM extension? A. Set the root user account to be used with the CIM extension on the UNIX host. B. Set the credentials flag to start the CIM extension with a generic login and password. C. Use an account from the Everything Organization to prevent the need for a password change. D. Use the Always Trust option for the specific UNIX host to prevent the need for a password change. Answer: B 38. What does the CIM extension communicate with to discover host system connections? A. Insight Manager Agent B. Fibre Channel filter driver C. Operating System Connections List D. Host Bus Adapter Application Programming Interface Answer: D 39. You are implementing HP Storage Essentials at a customer site where two EVA and three MSA1000 storage systems are installed.

What are the SMI-S provider requirements regarding installation?

A. SMI-S providers for EVA and MSA must be installed on separate machines. B. SMI-S providers for EVA and MSA must be installed on one dedicated machine. C. SMI-S providers for EVA and MSA must be installed on the management server. D. SMI-S providers are not required for HP storage systems such as EVA, MSA, XP. Answer: A 40. Which software must be installed, licensed and configured to discover an EMC Symmetrix storage array? A. EMC Navisphere CLI B. EMC Solutions Enabler C. Command View Symmetrix D. HI Command Device Manager Answer: B 41. What should you consider when integrating a supported backup application on a managed host? A. The file must be configured. B. The specific backup agent must be installed. C. The application extension needs a dedicated secure user account. D. The appropriate MAL (Managed Application License) license must be installed. Answer: A    

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