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Doing It Right from The Start Why Quality Matters and Lasts By Ross Video

The early days of any new business are always exciting – there’s a visceral thrill that comes with stepping out on your own and starting a company with dreams of success and growth. It’s certainly not for the fainthearted; you know in your heart that the majority of new companies fold within the first couple of years but you feel compelled to take the risk and take on the world. Over time, products are improved, manufacturing processes are created and refined, and the infrastructure of a business (marketing, finance, procurement etc.) develops around you, but TMBi - 24

it’s hard not to think back with affection to those nascent days when every decision felt like a life and death survival choice.

Earlier this year I was astonished and delighted to receive an email from a broadcast engineer technician working with

TM Broadcast International 54, February 2018  
TM Broadcast International 54, February 2018  

In this issue: We talk to Movistar+, the reference television in southern Europe, about its past, present and technological future. Also: a...