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Graffiti Zone 1 Darnikka, Jo-Hui, Meagan

Content 2

1. About Graffiti Zone a. mission, vision, and objectives b. history c. target group 2. Activities 3. Event and Venue 4. Timeline and Responsibility 5. Budget for Stewardship event


About Graffiti Zone 4

ď‚— Mission Statement: Graffiti Zone is an after-school arts

program for underserved youth. Its purpose is to create a safe environment in which kids can connect with themselves and their community through art making and arts promotion. ď‚— Vision Statement: Graffiti Zone aims to make use of art

as a powerful tool for change in the West Humboldt Park community of Chicago.


About Graffiti Zone 6

Objectives: 1. provide a safe space to be creative 2. provide access to variety of art mediums and art resources 3. provide opportunities for students and volunteers to show and sell their work 4. guide students through the beginning steps of fundraising and event planning 5. host workshops to learn from and about other artists from diverse backgrounds 6. share resources and collaborate with artists of all ages


About Graffiti Zone 8

History/Background ď‚—Graffiti Zone was founded in 2006 by Jody Cooley. ď‚—Rational: Humboldt Park is plagued by gangs and

violence. After knowing studies like America After 3 PM show that 14.3 million children in America take care of themselves after school, Cooley finds the need for kids in low income area to have a place that is safe to be creative and share their story.


About Graffiti Zone 10

Target Group: ď‚—kids from elementary school to teens Partner school and communities: a. Cameron Elementary School b. Chicago Jesuit Academy (middle school) c. West Town Academy: students are CPS drop-outs ages 17-21 d. After School Matters (high school teens)


Invites 12

• We are sending out an invitation to the event from the list of our previous solicitation event. • The card will be with art from one of the winners of a contest held within the Graffiti Zone community.


Graffiti Zone Event Orr Park 744 N. Pulaski Rd. Chicago, IL 60624

June 14, 2014 At 2:00 PM Hope you can come!

Trenz Pruca 4321 First Ave Anytown, State ZIP Contact: Sue Olson 773-123-4567 Event Representative

Event 14

 The Graffiti Zone Foundation Is holding an event to

thank all the supporters of year 2013. Even though our gratitude can’t be measured we want to encourage and motivate our supporters to continue their partnership with us in 2014.  The Graffiti Zone Event is an event for our faithful supports including parents, teachers, and the artist. We want our supporters to come and eat dance and create art.


Activities 16

 During the Graffiti Zone Event, the young artist will have a

chance to freelance and free style their art by painting on a large wall of paper. The paintings that each artist will paint on the wall of paper will be based off a question. What does art mean to you?  Each artist will paint what art means in their mind and what an positive impact it has been to them.  The collage of paintings will be put on the walls of the school so peers can have a chance to see it and be inspired! The painting will also be featured on the Graffiti Zone website.  During the event artist will receive a gift bag that includes, a tshirt that say “Graffiti Rocks”, markers, and a $5 gift card to Blick.


Venue 18

• The venue is Orr Park. • Location: 744 N. Pulaski Rd. Chicago, IL • Building on site to have the event in.


Timeline and Responsibility 20

April 2nd : event discussion and invitation design meeting (all staff) 2nd: start to prepare the guest list (Chris) 7th: look up venues (Meagan) 10th: confirm venue (all staff) 14th: double check on guest list (Chris, Allie) 15th: rent venue (park) and apply permit (Meagan) 15th: prepare/print invitations (Amy, Darnikka) 28th: Send out invitations (Chris)

Timeline and Responsibility 21

May 1st: gift bag meeting (all staff) 2nd: preparing gifts: t-shirts, grab bags, gift cards, etc. (Darnikka, Allie) 2nd: buy all the art supplies(Maegan, Chris) 5th: call in and reserve food trays (Amy) 19th: call guests/parents to check up for how many people are coming (Chris, Amy) 20th: double check on art supplies and gifts 22nd: meet with park representative and check out the space and security (Jody) 26th: event detail and route planning meeting (all staff)

Timeline and Responsibility 22

June 2nd: prepare food, drinks, and others (Darnikka, Allie) 5th: final check up and event meeting (all staff) 12th – 13th: decorate and start getting ready at the venue (all staff) 14th: Day of the Event 16th: follow up after-event meeting (all staff)