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LADY WIMBLEDON Inspiring Sandra Nardi

130 YEARS Of the game we love

FAMOUS FOOTSTEPS With Jennifer Siegeris

BUSY BEA’S Kids in the kitchen

SOCIAL CLIMBING See you at the Ivy!

GIVE IT TO GA LLE Your personal PA


OUR FAMOUS FOUR Women who made history

PORTRAITURE OSCARS We’ve got a winner

WIMBLEDON GUILD It’s fair time, folks!

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editor’s letter Dear Darling Reader,

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Summer’s here and we’re feeling famous! And it isn’t just these gorgeous days and balmy nights, or the birds and the bees or the leaves on the trees, or our famous postcode that brings its annual flock of celebrities. Do a little digging, as we’ve done for this issue, and you’ll find it at every turn - the four famous women who grace us with their legacy, page 42, The Championship, in its 130th year, page 8, and now The Ivy! As the Common puts on its fabulous summer best, (Village Fair page 16), it’s time for your beauty make-over too. Zara, Rachel and Helen for skin, makeup and nails, page 12, Infinitidental for that all important smile, and for inner wellbeing, our naturopath Kayte Ashton, page 14. Treat your palate at Absolute Abode or with a great recipe from Carole. Don’t miss Kate’s hilarious take on the ups and downs of the summer holidays, Pam on how to deal with the kids at home, and Carly from Elite Cars on how to get there safe and sound. With hot legal and property tips from Hart Brown and Andrew Scott Robertson, and gorgeous covergirl Sandra Nardi’s passion and flair, you’re all set for a sizzling Darling read! Until September...

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Covergirl, Sandra Nardi explodes onto the scene Richard Jones leads us through 130 Championships New technology on the David Lloyd Club courts Jennifer Siegeris – taking local ballet to new heights Makeup, hair and nails – all a girl needs to look good If beauty is skin-deep, let Zara take a closer look Kayte Ashton naturopath extraordinaire Infinitidental Clinic puts a smile on your face The best Village Fair in London is back! Playing Happy Families over the summer with Pam Made of steel- the amazing John Krause Peace of mind traveling with Elite Cars Carole’s Cook’s Corner – BBQ with a twist Becky gets our kids cooking! On the Scene with Darling’s paparazzi Wimbledon’s ‘What’s Hot’ & ‘What’s Not’... Making order from chaos – Gaëlle Fountain PA Fine design and dining now at Absolute Abode The new Ivy Café Wimbledon comes to town Athena Network’s helpful websites and services Bridge with Paul Mendelson Samantha Fellows gets to the National A touch of France ici Eye opening advise with Hart Brown Solicitors Estate Agent’s fees – are they worth it? Four famous Blue Plaques on our doorstep What’s On in the Darling Diary Hotspots for Darling collections The joy of summer travelling with Kate Greenhalgh


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inspiring woman



Darling chats to the power house that is Sandra Nardi


ith a reputation as ‘tech girl’ in a male dominated industry of the dotcom era, at 23 I was hired as the Sony UK PR Manager to help revolutionise the gaming industry with the iconic PlayStation 2. With over a million-pound budget and 5 PR companies reporting in to me, I flew back and forth to LA. The glamour of watching Le Mans by helicopter and staying at the Sunset Marquis Hotel was intoxicating, surrounded by celebrities and LA’s finest, downing champagne by day and whisky by night! I rapidly fell into a life of debauchery with my alcohol-fuelled career, which inevitably crashed and burned. Without having seen my cottage in Wimbledon for months, I craved a simpler life. One morning I watched and smiled at the children on their way to school and it dawned on me they didn’t need a PlayStation; they needed to simply enjoy the world around them. With an aspiration to inspire education within our future generation, I left the lavish life of PR and retrained as a primary school teacher. I was fortunate to begin my teaching career in an outstanding Wimbledon school, Bishop Gilpin. A world a million miles away from LA, but I jumped out of bed every morning and loved every minute, inspiring young minds and sharing my love for learning with the children in my class. There came a day however which rocked the very foundation of my world. My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. With a clock hanging over his head and his final wish to walk me down the aisle, I married the love of my life and the next four years sped into overdrive. As my father continued to laugh and fight cancer, I provided reasons to keep him alive. My husband and I had two children in quick succession. Only a year later my father took his last breath when I was six months pregnant with our third child.

Sadly, the inevitable day came when the welloiled machine of my life stopped working. My three children were all sick at once! It suddenly dawned on me that teaching was a job where I couldn’t ring up and say I couldn’t come in. I looked at my wonderful nanny and realised she was earning twice as much as me! I was putting my husband under immense financial pressure, and seeing the situation through wet and tired eyes, the madness of what I was doing resonated deeply. I resigned. It gave me the opportunity to think about the woman I had been - pre-marriage, pre-kids and pre my father being diagnosed with cancer. It was obvious I needed to carve a career that suited my role as a mother, whilst allowing me to be me.

darlingmagazine.co.uk | june-aug 2016 


Beauty & Relax

Beauty, Lashes & Tanning

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50 Coombe Lane, Raynes Park, SW20 0LA

33 Church Road, Wimbledon, SW19 5DQ



Murad and Caci Facial Treatments



Lash Extensions

Pregnancy Treatments

Spray Tan

Firming & Toning

LVL Lash Enhancement

Body Scrubs

Make-up Application

Manicures & Pedicures

Manicures & Pedicures


inspiring woman

Inspired by my Masters in Education and running a successful Parent Education Consultancy blog, the market gap for impartial children’s education advice was evident. With experienced teachers leaving the profession early, it was a great opportunity to bring them on board as consultants. I’m immensely passionate about education and I continue to write for the media and provide a voice of reason on Sky News when stories break. PR was still pulsating through my blood however, and with a spark from the embers, it was time to ignite the bonfire and Bombshell Consultancy Ltd was born! With 14 years sobriety under my belt and three children under four, this time it was going to be on my terms. Within months, my small PR company was making an impact in Wimbledon. We launched Igloo in the Village, supported the launch of Hotel Du Vin, created a series of events which showcased fashion collections with Sarah Pacini and latest hair trends with Gina Conway.


Your fabulous ballet body is in there somewhere. Bring back childhood memories. Enjoy the classical music - it’s so different from other workouts and really helps your flexibility and core strength. Weekly at 10:30 - 11:30am on Tuesdays on a term basis. Free trial available. Run from 19th Group Wimbledon Scout hut, 106 Cottenham Park Road, SW20 0SZ. £10 PAYG.

Call Sarah for details 07552 774111

With social media running through the veins of the nation, I created the hashtag #LadyWimbledon, connecting with a thriving Twitter community. With over 12k followers, I’m excited to announce the launch of LadyWimbledon.com. The most important aspect of being my own boss, however, is the flexibility I have around my three young children, one of the key life priorities I’m so lucky to have achieved.

Supporting parents in the minefield of education, providing digital PR solutions and creating the micro-world of Lady Wimbledon keeps me smiling, wearing the same hat my father wore and the same glint in my eye, I hope it’s something my Dad would be proud of. All readers of Darling magazine are invited to join the VIP guest list available on both websites ladywimbledon.com and bombshellconsultancy.com


130 SUMMERS IN SW19 Tennis historian Richard Jones tells the story

THE 2016 WIMBLEDON TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS are the 130th since the event was first held at the All England Club’s original grounds in Nursery Road, halfway between Wimbledon and Raynes Park. “Wimbledon,” as the tournament quickly became known, has since been the scene of many historic moments and celebrated a number of important milestones, none of which could have been foreseen by the group of pioneers who organised the first tournament to raise funds to repair the club’s pony-roller. There have been four distinct phases in Wimbledon’s history, each with its own colourful personalities and defining moments. The first was the garden-party era, when the game was played mainly by gentlemen and ladies of leisure, and the trophies were nearly all won by British players. This started with the first Wimbledon tournament in 1877, when just twenty-two men took part, and continued through to the eve of World War I in the summer of 1914. Of the thirty-eight Gentlemen’s Singles Championships during this period, thirty-two were won by British and Irish players. Leading players included William and Ernest Renshaw in the 1880s, and Laurie and Reggie Doherty in the first decade of the twentieth century. Between them, these four British tennis greats won a total of seventeen singles and twenty-six doubles titles. The first Wimbledon Ladies’ Singles Championship was held in 1884, and the title was won by nineteen year-old Maud Watson from Harrow. This ground-breaking event did a huge amount to speed up the quest for fair treatment for women in late-Victorian Britain and across the world. 8

june-aug 2016 | darlingmagazine.co.uk

The inter-war years from 1919 to 1939 saw Wimbledon change from being a purely domestic affair to become a global sporting event, and with this expansion British successes became few and far-between. Countries such as America and Australia had the advantage of better climates for year-round play, and they began to dominate. In 1922 the All England Club moved to a new purpose-built tennis complex in Church Road, and in 1926 a parade of past champions was held on the Centre Court to mark fifty years of the Wimbledon Championships. In the 1930s Great Britain saw a brief return to past glories as Stockportborn Fred Perry won three consecutive titles, and his countryman Bunny Austin, himself a Wimbledon singles finalist, shocked spectators in 1933 by wearing shorts on the Centre Court. After World War II the age of jet travel changed the face of Wimbledon, with reduced journey times allowing players from many more countries to compete in The Championships. Australia and the USA tightened their grip on Wimbledon’s trophies, winning thirty-seven of the forty-four Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s singles championships contested between 1946 and 1967. The leading players of this era included Lew Hoad, Ken Rosewall, Maureen Connolly and Maria Bueno. Professional players had been excluded from Wimbledon and the world’s other great tournaments from 1927 to 1967, but the start of the Open Tennis era in 1968 enabled exiled former champion Rod Laver and a host of other professional stars to again compete at the world’s number one tournament. In 1977 Wimbledon celebrated its centenary, and Queen Elizabeth II paid a rare visit to SW19 to present the Venus Rosewater Dish to popular British champion Virginia Wade. Open tennis spawned a line of charismatic Wimbledon champions including Bjorn Borg, Martina Navratilova, John McEnroe, Steffi Graf, Andre Agassi and Boris Becker. The twenty-first century has seen stars like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Venus and Serena Williams take the game to a new level of excellence, the like of which could not have been imagined by the twenty-two flannel-trousered gentlemen who first took to Wimbledon’s lawns back in 1877. Images courtesy of the All England Lawn Tennis Club

WIMBLEDON MILESTONES 1877 The First Wimbledon Championships 1884 The First Wimbledon Ladies’ Championship 1907 Norman Brookes - First Overseas Champion 1922 All England Club Moves to Church Road 1926 50 Years of Wimbledon - Parade of Champions 1933 Bunny Austin Wears Shorts on Centre Court 1968 Professionals Allowed to Enter The Championships 1977 Wimbledon’s Centenary 1986 The 100th Wimbledon Championships 2009 Centre Court Gets a Closing Roof 2013 Andy Murray - Britain’s First Male Champion for 76 Years tennisgallerywimbledon.com

020 8715 8866




Lisa Lamberti from The Pilates Clinic chats to Darling


he Pilates Clinic, a stunning studio in Wimbledon, is now hosting courses for BASI Pilates If youhas areainterested avidteacher Lloyd training. Raynes Park thriving in becomingtennis a Pilates Teacher, and training withinthe section all year round but best of the best from around world,itthen in spring and early the summer hasget that touch. BASI Pilates is an internationally renowned extra buzz. Enthusiasm to play and Pilatesare education Rael Isacowitz at the learn fuelledcentre by thewith European tournament head of it. Rael is a leader in the world of Pilates season, with more televised tennis than ever and has been developing method for overOpen 30 years. and events leading the up to the French and Wimbledon such as the Masters Series in Madrid and Rome gaining in stature.


Our men’s and women’s Aegon National Club League teams have a great track record in this competition and weekend home matches provide great tennis for members to enjoy. We also have Junior Aegon matches which are equally exciting to watch. For the first time this year we are proud to be hosting the National Finals of the Jaguar


sep-oct 2013 | darlingmagazine.co.uk

The course can be done as mat work only, or as a Mike Jones Photo @Boggio comprehensive course covering teaching on all ofStudios the equipment. Championship (an adult inter-club members competition) on Sunday 12th July, play starts at At The Pilates our we desire to seeagain intelligence 1.00pm. LaterClinic, this year willisonce be return to the movement. Many of us hosting National Junior Allmove Starswithout Finals. thinking, but if we were to understand how our bodies move,towe would grow We areshould delighted announce weinto willbetter be habits of moving keeping usa away from upgrading Courtintelligently, No. 1 by installing PlaySight injury getting rid of old available pains. Come and try out court and monitoring system, by August. A aseries private so and we can see side whatmonitors your bodyoffer needs. of session cameras court After that you do semi private sessions or group members thecan opportunity for instant replay of classes, on service what's best for measurement you. We will points,depending line calling, speed help to findTo theuse package that suits you. will be and you statistics. PlaySight members required to down load the PlaySight App. We look forward to meeting you! Contact us on: info@thepilatesclinic.com davidlloyd.co.uk/raynespark T: 07984 020 8543920232 8020 www.thepilatesclinic.com

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Following In Famous Footsteps Why Jennifer Siegeris is dancing for joy


here is a long tradition of dance classes at The West Wimbledon Society Hall or ‘Avenue Hall’ as it is known in Raynes Park. The school, established in 1952 by Brenda Cass, continued for many years until it became a branch of The Jean Hart Academy of Dance. Maryrose Meadwell took over the school in 1983 renaming the dance school ‘Footsteps’. Nearly 33 years later, the tradition is set to continue. Jennifer Siegeris has now stepped into Mrs Meadwell’s place as ‘Footsteps’ becomes a branch of ‘The Siegeris School of Dance’. SSD, with its happy environment and under the direction of Jennifer Siegeris, RAD Teaching Diploma, RAD RTS, AISTD DDE has a professional and enthusiastic approach with a high standard of teaching. The school offers a variation of ballet, modern, tap, contemporary and jazz classes for children and adults. Jennifer Siegeris began dancing at the Irish Ballet School in Dublin, Ireland. She began her professional training with the Royal Academy of Dance focusing on ballet, jazz,

contemporary, modern, tap, history of dance, music theory, child development, anatomy and teaching. On completion of this course she continued training for another three years at Laine Theatre Arts, Epsom, where she studied professional dance, musical theatre and ISTD teaching qualifications. During her professional training Jennifer continued her love of teaching on top of all her professional activities. She began teaching at the well established Laird Academy of Dance, Surrey, Arts Educational Schools, London and Chelsea Ballet Schools before travelling and dancing professionally on board world cruise liners. On her return she regained all her previous teaching posts as well as teaching ballet classes to professional students aged 16+ years at Performance Preparation Academy and Guildford School of Acting. Alongside this Jennifer decided to pursue her ambition of setting up her own dance school in 2006. Taking some time off in 2011 to start a family made Jennifer realise

how much she enjoys the growing aspect of the business.

“The ethos of the dance school is to capture and nurture the pupils instinctive joy of movement and freedom of expression in an enjoyable, fun and happy environment. Something we hope continues for a lifetime”. The West Wimbledon Society Hall (Avenue Hall) Avenue Road, SW20 0QR Classes Monday – Friday Now taking Bookings for September 2016 info@siegerisdance.com

darlingmagazine.co.uk | june-aug 2016  11

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Your Summer Look With Rachel Barclay makeup artist & hair stylist


ummer is close and I am so excited about it! I’m constantly researching summer makeup trends, especially beach makeup and the gorgeous colours that are available. So to make sure you’re #glamouready for the summer. I’m going to help you get to grips with popular summer trends of 2016!

Blue eyeliner is a big trend this season but this doesn’t mean a jaunt back to the 80’s! Go for a navy liner on your upper tear line rather than black, as it brightens the white of your eyes. I advise you go waterproof for those spontaneous pool dips! As you tan, your skin gets darker so better to use products that enhance this, a high quality bronzer in natural shades is perfect for this! Glossy lips are a great way to compliment your tan. Warmer shades such as orange, coral or peach are great but if you prefer a more natural look go for a nude. Pack your waterproof mascara and apply plenty of it for that wide-awake, freshly tanned, healthy, glowing look! Happy Holidays! Rachel99barclay@hotmail.com 07801611840

Perfectly Pampered Hands With Helen Cowleard


y name is Helen and I run a mobile natural nail business which will come to you so that you can relax and enjoy having beautiful nails in the convenience and comfort of your own home. I am a qualified, insured, CND Shellac and IBX trained natural nail technician, using only the highest quality products. I Offer CND Shellac and inkLondon iLac which are hypo- allergenic and 3 FREE. Containing no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP. Shellac or iLac is the perfect way of having stunning glossy nails for up to 2 weeks and the removal is quick and easy with no buffing of the natural nail. I also do great pedicures.

12 june-aug 2016 | darlingmagazine.co.uk

It’s important for my clients to have great natural nails with NO damage, when a product is applied and removed correctly there is no damaged caused. I also offer IBX which is a prescriptive treatment for clients who come to me with damaged nails. With a tailor made plan we can repair, strengthen and protect your nails, allowing you to continue to have gel polish after the treatment too! 07901567748 perfectlypamperedhands.co.uk

WHEN SKIN ANALYSIS GETS UNDER YOUR SKIN Beauty pro, Zara Elliott shows you how you could look in 5 years time


ave you ever wondered how your skin compares to others of your own age or how you might look in a few years time, without some serious intervention? A high tech skin analysis technique is coming to Zara Elliott Beauty in New Malden, Surrey for a series of one day events that will reveal all that’s good and bad about your skin. A high-tech skin analyst from the anti-ageing skincare brand Environ will be on hand to provide free 45 minute consultations. The analyst uses powerful ‘Visia’ imaging technology to capture information and assess common problem areas, such as sun damage, brown pigmentation blemishes, capillary damage, wrinkles, scars or imperfections and congested pores. Your consultation will identify goals for treatment, offer solutions to overcome niggling complexion concerns and take years off your appearance, without the need to go under the knife. The skin advisor recommends skin and makeup products for use at home, salon treatments as well as dietary and lifestyle advice, which are aimed at giving the individual clearer, more radiant, even toned, smoother and less lined skin.

The machine’s camera provides a series of images which reveal the extent of each problem and attributes a ‘score’. Clients pay a return visit to the salon after three months, when improvements are graded by comparing a new set of visuals with the originals.

“There are too many empty promises in the beauty world,” says Zara, “By using this sophisticated system we can now prove to our clients that using active skincare products and following our advice makes a measurable and visible difference. We can even artificially ‘age’ your skin to show how you could look in five years without proper skincare.” Spaces are very limited, so you’ll need to be quick and book to avoid disappointment. For more information or to book your place online, go to the ‘events’ tab and choose from the following dates: 5 July, 30 September, 2 December 2016 www.zaraelliottbeauty.com. 020 8935 5061

darlingmagazine.co.uk | june-aug 2016  13

Clinical natural medicine and nutrition now available in Raynes Park and Wimbledon


ustralian and UK trained Naturopath and Nutritionist Kayte Ashton is now practicing in the Raynes Park and Wimbledon area. Kayte has over 7 years of qualifications in natural medicine and nutrition. She specialises in the support of women, treating many chronic conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, stress/ anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, female hormone disorders, auto-immune disease and weight gain. She also advises on general health and wellbeing improvement and nutritional advice, and uses: • Clinical Nutrition • Herbal Medicine • Homeopathy • Kinesiology • Kneipp Hydrotherapy • Iridology • Bio-impedance analysis for weight loss

• Functional blood tests such as hormone tests, food allergy test and digestive tests • Genetic tests Kayte also runs regular seminars locally on a variety of topics such as Better Digestion, Stress less, Anxiety & Depression, Understanding Weight Loss, Food as Medicine, Healthy Kids, Healthy Detoxification and much more. Kayte Ashton BSci(Stat), BHSci (Nat), Dip(NNut), Dip(HNut), CertIV(Kin), Cert(KHyd) Member: NNA (UK), NHAA(Aust), GNC(UK) Kayte is fully registered and insured. she-healthandhealing.co.uk She-healthandhealing@outlook.com 07952 961 240

dental promo

BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE With a brighter smile


o you have your hat ready for your friend’s wedding this summer? Do you have your outfit ready for The Tennis? Have you charged your phone and camera to ensure you capture some lovely snaps and memories for yourself and more importantly social media? If so, it sounds like you are well organised for this summer in SW19. However, we think you may have missed something... a brighter, whiter smile. We all spend a long time organising ourselves so we look our best, but do we always take into consideration what our teeth look like? We at the Infinitidental Clinic would like to help and ensure that your teeth are looking the best they can. We believe that having your teeth checked and whitened this summer is just as important as booking your next hair appointment! What to expect during your teeth whitening treatment?

How long does the teeth whitening last? Will I have to whiten my teeth again? Normally the new white colour lasts well. The effect is dependent on what has caused the teeth to discolour in the first place. If you drink lots of tea, coffee, red wine and cola drinks the teeth may darken slightly. But not to worry, you can always come to see us to have a top up!

Dr Kevin Dapaah

We would be delighted in making your smile picture perfect, so please call Infinitidental Clinic on 020 8542 2171 to book in with Dr Kevin Dapaah for your teeth whitening appointment.

Our team at Infinitidental Clinic will create trays for your teeth, which you will be able to take home with you alongside a teeth whitening kit. How long should I wear the trays for? This depends on the amount of lightening desired and the original shade of the teeth. If your teeth are quite dark, yellow or grey it will take longer to whiten the teeth. You may start seeing results within two weeks. You can continue to use the trays until your desired result is achieved.




What about my smile? Your smile will appear brighter as a bonus. It is very rare but sometimes the teeth do not lighten at all. If this happens and you are wearing the trays as recommended, you may need to try a different whitening product or an alternative method of tooth whitening.

146 Merton Hall Rd Wimbledon SW19 3PZ 020 8542 2171 infinitidentalclinic.com darlingmagazine.co.uk | june-aug 2016  15

mental health

Summer Holiday Sanity With therapist Pam Custers


chool’s almost out and the summer break is here. The challenge if you are not heading off, is how to keep your sanity as a parent. The panic does not have to set in. The question is, are you über organised or do you just embrace the chaos? A house full of small children can turn any household upside down. Here are some sanity savers. Children have routine for most of the year; it can be helpful to have the same routine, but different. Later bed times but sleeping later. During school time we are often running against the clock and to embrace the flexibility of time is a big de-stress for the whole family. Brainstorm together at the beginning of the holiday. This way you can have a long list of activities that everyone has been involved in choosing. They don’t all have to involve money. Baking cakes or trips to visit grandma can also do the trick. Keeping a long list helps to keep the pace moving during the weeks, as many of us suddenly try to pack in things at the end of the holiday. Keeping your balance is as important as keeping the children occupied. Finding kids clubs and consciously giving yourself some time to regroup keeps everyone good natured. Being together 24/7 can be exhausting even for the best Mary Poppins.

Parenting can be challenging. If you find that you are feeling overwhelmed then speaking to a family therapist can be very useful to regain family equilibrium. Pam Custers is an experienced therapist working with individuals, couples and families.

Accred MBACP. MA. BA (Psych) Hons and is a RELATE trained and registered counsellor. Contact 07572 841 388 pam@pamcusters.co.uk pamcusters.co.uk


New Courses for Beginners & Improvers

Classes for women on Wimbledon Common Small, friendly groups Free trial session Contact Caroline 07810 486286 info@commonrunners.co.uk


Wander To The Wonderful Wimbledon Guild Village Fair


he countdown is on to one of the landmark events in Wimbledon’s social calendar, the Wimbledon Guild Village Fair. A favourite with families, foodies, shopaholics and music fans, the Wimbledon Guild Village Fair is one of South London’s biggest free events, and takes place on Saturday, June 18, on Wimbledon Common. The fair caters for everyone with its huge range of entertainment including food villages, a farmers’ market, shopping areas, children’s zones and live music stage and jazz tent. Local craftspeople and artisanal producers will showcase their wares and more than 250 local children and adults will perform throughout the day. Other highlights include the children’s zone and adventure village, offering zorbing, laser tag, and a climbing wall. The Waggy Wimbledon dog show offers fun classes and games for pooches of all shapes and sizes. Children can also meet small animals from Deen City Farm and get up close to hawks, owls and an eagle from the Hawking Centre, with flying displays throughout the day. Families can save money on the children’s attractions by buying Fair Golden Tokens before the event, through an exclusive six-for-the-price-offive online offer. Social welfare charity Wimbledon Guild organises the hugely popular fair. Local volunteers, organisations and businesses come together to support the family day out which attracted 35,000 visitors last year. Chief Executive Wendy Pridmore said: “This is a fantastic day and we look forward to seeing everyone coming out to enjoy it and help us raise funds to support our work helping people of all ages across Merton. “We would also like to thank all our volunteers and sponsors who work so hard to help us as without them we couldn’t make it happen.” This year’s main sponsor is the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC). Wimbledon Guild was established in 1907 and works throughout Merton, providing practical help for people in crisis, hardship grants, talking therapy, befriending and activities for older people. Wimbledon Guild Village Fair Southside, Wimbledon Common SW19 4TG Saturday, June 18, 10.30am to 5pm To enter Waggy Wimbledon, buy Fair Golden Tokens and find out more, visit www.wimbledonguildvillagefair.org.uk Twitter: @wguild Instagram: wimbledon_guild darlingmagazine.co.uk | june-aug 2016  17

The finest stone for your Wimbledon home



020 7358 0160

local hero

Keep on running For Wimbledon resident John Krause, a late introduction to the world of marathons now finds him regularly running in locations across the world

John’s 125th marathon – New Zealand


ohn first started distance running when he turned 40. “I guess it was something of a mid-life crisis. It was on my bucket list to run one marathon just to prove I could, but once I completed the first race, the challenge was on for the next.” 15 years down the line, John is a regular competitor in the London Marathon and his passion has taken him to many major cities to participate in marathons including New York, Sydney, Toronto and Berlin. Last year, he added the China Coastal Run in Hong Kong and a marathon in Queenstown, New Zealand, his 125th run. No-one who knows him was surprised when John suddenly upped his game by entering the world of the Triathlon; not just running, but cycling and swimming as well. He participated in his first Ironman race last October, and has done so well that this July he’s been selected to represent Great Britain in the 55-60 age group at the 2016 European Long Distance Triathlon Championships in Poland. “It’s quite something

to be representing my country for the first time sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe it!” Through his running, John raises funds for the charity STEM4, founded by his wife, Dr Nihara Krause after a friend of their daughter’s died from anorexia. “The aim of STEM4 is to increase our understanding of mental health issues in teenagers – we all know this is an area of growing concern.” John has raised many thousands, not just through marathons but by donating bespoke terrazzo furniture for auction. For when he’s not running races, John is MD of Diespeker & Co, a busy natural stone and terrazzo business. What is most remarkable about John’s physical endeavours is his admission he doesn’t actually enjoy the act of running. “For me, running is a means to an end. I get to see the world, I can eat and drink what I like and it increases my stamina for playing football, my real sporting obsession. But who knows, if I keep at it long enough, I might even get to like it one day!” darlingmagazine.co.uk | june-aug 2016  19



Wimbledon Village



ga r .o w

.uk o c . ers t s a m c ni

Organic Masters

is a hair and beauty salon working exclusively with organic products and ammonia free hair colours.

Our stylists have a strong commitment to provide excellent, creative hairdressing and client care, within a professional and welcoming environment. We use a unique hair colour system which is gentler on hair and locks in colour, moisture and goodness to leave your hair looking healthy with a dynamic and long-lasting colour. John Masters Organics professional, award winning range ls used exclusively in the salon.

OXYjet – The World renowned Celebrity Facial Treatment is also available at the salon Oxygen Therapy works with active ingredients in the serum to stimulate oxygen, re-energies skin cells and reverse free radical damage, providing new healthy skin and reversing the signs of ageing.

“We only get one body, and we only get one planet. Why not treat them both with the utmost care?” John Masters

25 Church Road, Wimbledon Village, SW19 5DQ • tel: 0208 946 5646 • info@organicmasters.co.uk •


business promo

WE LOVE TAKING PEOPLE FOR A RIDE Owners Carly and Chris Lewin

Carly Lewin from Elite Cars


ince Elite was founded by my Dad in 1990, one of our main priorities was for our customers to feel confident in their bookings, and safe with our drivers.

This is a much smoother process now we use a computer system rather than paper. Also, all drivers must have a CRB security check to get a PCO licence. When a potential driver comes to our office looking to work, there are a number of checks that we can now do, including that their licence is valid, and asking for references.

All of our calls are recorded, and all bookings inputted into our despatch system, which keeps any mistakes to a minimum. Also, we can now email confirmation with a reference number. So no need to worry if your details were taken correctly as you will get your booking sent to you straight away. No need to worry about airport pick-ups this summer, you can be confident we will be there. We always take the flight number and check the flights incase there is an issue. Drivers will wait at the designated meeting point with a name board. Our office phone and email is open for 24 hours, so there is always someone here to check journeys, or advise on a driver’s location. This can also be done on our app, as all journeys are tracked. If booking on the app, you can even select an option for your “buddy” to get a text to let them know you are safely in the cab, and when you arrive at your destination. The app also shows the driver’s car registration and details as well as a photo to ensure you have the correct car. If the journey has been booked with a mobile number, a text will always be sent when the driver arrives. We also offer a priority service for women who are alone at night. I am passionate about our family business and want to provide the best service at all times. Carly Lewin Elite Car Service 020 8944 7000 elitecarservice.com darlingmagazine.co.uk | june-aug 2016  21

Hair Natulique now available at Thom Kirby We only use certified organic ingredients in all of our colours and provide the professional hair care industry with a safe and sustainable alternative, With less chemicals and better functionality. 155 Arthur Road Wimbledon SW19 8AD

020 8947 5222

www. thomkirbyhair.com


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For my cooks page this month it’s a no brainer... BBQ’s all the way!


ummer at Parties to Go is the busiest time of the year. It is prime wedding season, so we are always busy running around organising weddings at our various venues that we cater at. We also have lots of summer parties which are great fun and BBQ’s are always a first request. As well as the usual sausages, burgers, chicken legs etc there are so many more exciting things you can do if you want something a bit different. What about a lobster burger or barbequed trout? Grilled corn with jerk butter is an amazing twist to the

usual corn on the cob and halloumi kebabs are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. We always use charcoal BBQ’s as they give more flavour and a Parties to Go tip is always make sure the coals are white before you put the food on and when the charcoal starts to die always make sure that you top up. Otherwise just have a lovely time with friends and family and enjoy the sun! Here is a Parties to Go BBQ favourite. Hope you like it! partiestogo.co.uk | 07971 141733

Carole’s Halloumi & Vegetable Kebabs 120g halloumi cheese (or as much as you like!) 150g pack of cherry tomatoes 1 courgette 1 yellow and 1 orange Pepper 1 pack of shallots 1 small pack of button mushrooms A handful of Mint 1 lemon Some Olive Oil 1 tablespoon of Herb de Provence 6 metal skewers If you want it hot then some fresh red chilli as well

1. Cut Halloumi in to bite sized cubes and put in to a mixing bowl 2. Cut rest of veg in to bite sized pieces and add to the bowl. 3. Fine chop the mint, chilli (if using) and 2 tablespoons of olive oil and add to bowl. 4. Finely grate lemon zest and add to mixture with the herbs and stir with some freshly ground pepper. 5. Thread all the ingredients on to the skewers and place on to the BBQ until cooked.

This year the Windmilers Running Club celebrates its 36th anniversary. Its annual Open 10k, held in memory of its founding member Jim Braben, will be held on Sunday 3rd July. Starting at 9am on The Causeway, the race will follow a two-lap course on Wimbledon Common. Entry is £15 for those affiliated to English Athletics, £17 for non-affiliated runners, and £20 on the day for everyone. Profits will be donated to Wimbledon Guild. Entry is limited, so sign up soon. runbritain.com or windmilers.org.uk.

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Get Your Kids Cooking! Local mom, Becky Beasley knows how to stir them up


ookery is such a positive, exciting and exploratory activity, especially for the young. The skills children develop, be it learning to use a knife or peeler safely or mastering the art of making mayonnaise or meringues, are skills that will stay with them for life. At Bea’s Cookery School, we share the enjoyment and fun of good food and the importance of understanding and caring about what we eat. We believe passionately that children should get involved in cookery from a young age, not just for the pleasure of cooking and eating, but to learn about some of the basic issues around food; health, provenance, seasonality and sustainability. In our classes we cook an enormous variety of food and all of our recipes are exciting and delicious. We tackle everything from Lebanese and Indian food to French and Italian cuisine, plus we introduce skills like pastry making and pickling, creating canapés, proper puddings and just about everything in between! Essential, practical skills are taught in a relaxed and informal environment. We love to see our young cooks full of laughter and excitement about what they can create.

Their pride in what they achieve is wonderful to witness, as is the development in their confidence and creativity. Children of all abilities are welcome in these small classes, from 4 years of age and up. We run classes on Saturdays and during school holidays (all details at beashandmade.com/cookery) and also host bespoke birthday parties, where the children are kept busy cooking a main, side dish and pudding as well as an edible party bag gift to take home afterwards. Brand new, by popular demand we are running preparation-for-leaving-home cookery courses, for those teens about to fly the nest. A three hour class offers the opportunity to master an exciting range of healthy and delicious meals that are both economical and achievable with basic equipment, recipe folder included. Courses available July & September. “My 12-year-old son loved his time cooking with Becky! Since the class, he has been inspired to start cooking more at home and even made dinner for the family a few nights ago”. Katie Conlan, Wimbledon. beashandmade.com 07703047724 beashandmade@ gmail.com Follow Bea’s Cookery School adventures on Instagram @beascookery darlingmagazine.co.uk | june-aug 2016  25

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Want to be seen in Wimbledon? Advertise your business

in darling today! darlingmagazine.co.uk

07930 396356

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Gaëlle Force

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Looking for someone to take the chores, the clutter and the hassle out of your life? Read on…


et me introduce myself, my name is Gaëlle Fontaine, in 1984 my parents moved with me from the south of France to Wimbledon and it has been my home ever since. I feel very much part of it and I am proud to be involved with the local community through the Wimbledon Guild and Age UK where I volunteer as a “befriender” to elderly residents. This is a very enriching role which I am passionately committed to. For nearly twenty years I worked at Cartier London. I gained invaluable skills from project management, organising and coordinating the production department, finance reporting, office management to doing all of the above both in English & French.

If you are short on time, if you have too much to juggle or a hectic schedule, that’s where I can help.

As a working mother I am very aware how difficult it can be to juggle everything. The challenge is figuring out when to do it. If only you could find extra hours in your day! Or it can be a simple case that you need help carrying out certain tasks.

Whether you need help on regular basis or for an occasional project, here are some of the services I can help you with:

As an independent experienced organiser, I can help you make the best of your valuable time.

• Sorting out your home office and administrative tasks, from book keeping to preparing papers for your Tax Return • Lifestyle management from general errands to de-cluttering, helping with the tasks we always put back to tomorrow • Event organisation for a range of social functions, from the children’s party, the party bags or a dinner party to finding the right matching wine • Research including holiday planning to sourcing facilities & services. Whether you need travel information for your next trip abroad or you need to check that the decorator is doing a good job whilst you are at work To discuss your requirements and how I can assist you, call me on 07787158844 or email me GFontaine@hotmail.co.uk darlingmagazine.co.uk | june-aug 2016  31

32 june-aug 2016 | darlingmagazine.co.uk

Absolute Abode - where you

find design in everything you touch


t Absolute Abode, we believe design impacts all areas of our lives. Whenever we are designing a space, we anchor our thinking in our core values – integrity, nourishment and beauty. We believe that creating the right environment and atmosphere is essential to our well-being and that in everything we touch, we experience design. We endeavour to distill the essence of each project, telling the story of each client through in the interiors we create. If you are considering a change, let our expert team be your guide. We are a member of the British Institute of Interior Design. Take advantage of a free consultation and discuss your new project with us. Please call 020 8090 3210 or email design@absoluteabode.com

Absolutely mouth-watering! Absolute Abode is also the home of fine dining with a menu, curated by star chef Marc Kerrigan. Dinner gets off to a great start with a complimentary glass of Prosecco and amuse bouche. Then pick from Marc’s delicious menu, including a char grilled chump of lamb with English asparagus, pea puree, balsamic baby onions, roasted cherry tomatoes, and red wine reduction; or a grilled corn-fed chicken supreme with mushroom puree, grilled shitake mushrooms, and ‘Rolling’ Sauvignon cream sauce. Every Thursday and Friday night, ever-popular jazz pianist Ross Lorraine presents a wonderful musical line-up of live jazz featuring special guests to accompany the culinary delights on offer.

Something sweet to finish... Our in-house baker, Maria, works her magic every day to make sure you are treated to the best dessert in town. Be tempted by her blueberry cheesecake with crushed meringue and coulis, or enjoy our signature dessert, the Absolute Abode brownie with white chocolate and raspberries. What better way is there to end an evening of fine dining and live jazz than with something sweet. And while you’re at it, why not enjoy a fine dessert wine? Phone 020 8090 3211 to reserve your table and wine and dine in style. Absolute Abode | Design | Café | Emporium 76-78 Coombe Lane SW20 0AX absoluteabode.com

for you We are a long-established, local, family-run, independent Estate Agency specialising in property sales in South West London and North East Surrey focussing mainly on SW20. Whether you are moving now or later or would like a free market appraisal, please do call in or contact us today.

Grant Fuller, Managing Director Fuller Gilbert & Co Estate Agents, Valuers, Development Consultants 316a Worple Road West Wimbledon, London SW20 8QU 020 8947 4764 sales@fullergilbert.co.uk www.fullergilbert.co.uk

IN A LEAGUE OF IT’S OWN The new Ivy Café is here!


s of 1st June, The Ivy Café Wimbledon Village is the latest venue from The Ivy Collection, a group of restaurants, brasseries and cafés, and is set in the heart of Wimbledon Village in the space previously occupied by Barclays Bank. With approximately 120 covers making up the main ground floor restaurant, an intimate garden dining terrace and a private dining room seating 20, The Ivy Café will feature an all-day café-style menu offering breakfast, elevenses, lunch, light snacks, afternoon tea, cocktails, weekend brunch and dinner, ensuring there is something on offer for every occasion. Expect dishes such as The Ivy Café’s shepherd’s pie; chicken liver parfait with caramalised hazelnut, cherry and Szechuan pepper compote and toasted ciabatta; and lobster risotto with fennel, lemon and tomato. The menu will also feature a selection of tempting cocktails, including some classics with a twist, all concocted by The Ivy Collection’s

Executive Bar Manager, Jeremy Evans. Highlights from the drinks menu include The Ivy Café Royale (hibiscus gin, sloe infusion, rose water, Crémant d’Alsace); and London Spritz (Earl Grey gin, lemon and orange oleosaccharum, Cocchi Americano, Prosecco, soda). The critically-acclaimed Martin Brudnizki Design Studio has consulted on the restaurant’s interiors, creating a stylish, yet laid-back environment for all-day dining. For those seeking a spot of peaceful al fresco dining, there is a beautiful garden terrace, hidden away at the back of the restaurant on the ground floor. The Private Dining Room, located above the main restaurant on the first floor, seats up to 20 guests and offers a range of menus created specially by The Ivy Collection’s Executive Chef, Sean Burbidge. The menus are seasonal and accessible, the room comfortable and intimate and the space will provide the ideal setting for entertaining friends, family and clients in the endlessly-desirable Wimbledon Village. Holding back a proportion of tables for walkins, enabling locals to drop in at will from dawn till dark, 7 days a week. 020 3096 9333 theivycafewimbledon.com darlingmagazine.co.uk | june-aug 2016  35


EXCITING SUMMER BRIDGE with Paul Mendelson Creating Connections Inspiring Success

WIMBLEDON, PUTNEY, BALHAM AND STREATHAM Wimbledon, Putney, Balham, Kingston, Surbiton, Streatham and Hampton Court EMAIL

julie.eltham@theathenanetwork.com www.theathenanetwork.com EMAIL julie@theathenanetwork.com HELPFUL WIMBLEDON WEBSITES Love Wimbledon www.lovewimbledon.org HELPFUL WIMBLEDON WEBSITES London Borough of Merton Love Wimbledon www.merton.gov.uk www.lovewimbledon.org Citizen’s Advice Bureau London Borough of Merton www.merton.gov.uk www.nacab.org.uk Citizen’sChamber Advice Bureau Merton of Commerce www.nacab.org.uk www.mertonchamber.co.uk Merton Chamber of Commerce Wimbledon Civic Forum www.mertonchamber.co.uk www.wimbledoncivicforum.org.uk Wimbledon Town Centre Wimbledon Society www.wimbledontowncentre.co.uk www.wimbledonsociety.org.uk Wimbledon Civic Forum The Wimbledon Museum www.wimbledoncivicforum.org.uk www.wimbledonmuseum.org.uk Wimbledon Society www.wimbledonmuseum.org.uk Wimbledon Community Centre Wimbledon Community Centre www.wimbledoncommunity.org.uk www.wimbledoncommunity.org.uk Volunteer Centre Merton Volunteer Centre Merton www.volunteercentremerton.org.uk www.volunteercentremerton.org.uk Charity Commission Learning & Skills Council www.charitycommission.gov.uk www.lsc.gov.uk Wimbledon Choral Society Charity Commission www.wimbledon-choral.org.uk www.charitycommission.gov.uk Local Police/Neighbourhood Watch Wimbledon Music Diary www.wimbledonmusicdiary.com www.met.police.uk/saferneighbourhoods Wimbledon Choral Society The Wimbledon Guild www.wimbledon-choral.org.uk www.wimbledonguild.co.uk LocalConnect Police/Neighbourhood Watch Care www.met.police.uk/saferneighbourhoods www.merton.gov.uk/living/care/careconnect The Wimbledon Guild Centre Court www.wimbledonguild.co.uk www.centrecourtshopping.co.uk Care Connect www.merton.gov.uk/living/care/careconnect IMPORTANT NUMBERS www.centrecourtshopping.co.uk Wimbledon Police St George’s Hospital 020 8947 1212NUMBERS or (999) 020 8672 1255 IMPORTANT Merton Council Kingston Hospital Wimbledon Police St George’s Hospital 020 8947 8274 1212 4901 or (999) 020 020 020 8546 8672 7711 1255 NHS Emergency National Merton Council KingstonRail Hospital 111 08457 484950 020 8274 4901 020 8546 7711 NHS DIRECT National Rail 0845 4647 08457 484950 Sponsored by The Athena Network 44 feb-march 2012 | darlingmagazine.co.uk

A long, solid minor suit is ideal for no-trumps and, with courage, thin game contracts can be stolen… COLLECT COPIES AT OUR “HOTSPOTS”


S 76 * Nicholas & Steele 78 Durham Rd Tel: 07947 011879 H AQ972

D J87 Wimbledon VillageEast C 953 West * Maison St. Cassien, Tel: 020 8944 1200 S Q1092 S AJ543 H K3 H J1086 * Southfields Gallery 223 Wimbledon Park Rd D AQ932 D 1065 C 42 C 7 Tel: 07947 675 059 South S K8 * Truckles Deli on Coombe H 54 Lane SW20 Tel: 020 8605 2175 D K4 C AKQJ1086

* Aromatica Italian Deli on Leopold Rd Tel: 020 8944 0309

DealerPlease South call N/S firstGame to check stocks N E S W NB 1D 3NT

South’s bid may look like madness but, on the expected diamond lead, South hopes to make a diamond and seven club tricks. If his partner has nothing, he may have swindled the opponents out of game; if North has an ace, 3NT should make. Deciding that diamonds were covered by South, West led a safe J♥. Declarer rose with A♥ and led 7♦ from dummy. East played low and declarer won with K♦ and then claimed seven club tricks to fulfill his contract. East was furious with West for not leading a diamond, but East should examine his own defence. South must have a long club suit and a diamond stop. He cannot have nine tricks or he would not risk leading a diamond. East should take time to consider this and rise with A♦. Now, only the spade suit offers a chance of beating the contract and it looks likely that South does not hold A♠. East might lead 10♠ or even Q♠ - and now East-West take five spades, K♥ and A♦.



Congrats to Samantha Fellows

Showing at the National!


am a portrait artist who grew up in Wimbledon, went to Wimbledon High School in the 1970’s and 80’s from kindergarten all the way up to A’ levels, and my mother, Miranda, still lives in Dudley Road. Having always worked as a scenic artist, painting sets for theatre, TV, events and the odd film, I now also paint portraits and have just found out that this year, I’m very fortunate to have had my painting of my teenage daughter, “Pearl in the morning,

Sam with her mum Miranda

ready for school” selected for the BP Portrait Award Exhibition 2016 at the National Portrait Gallery. It was selected as one of 53 to be exhibited, “from 2,557 entries by artists from 80 countries around the world, the BP Portrait Award 2016 represents the very best in contemporary portrait painting” (National Portrait Gallery website). Described also by the Mail on Sunday as “the portraiture Oscars”, this is great step forward in my career as a portrait artist and I’m really thrilled. The exhibition runs at the National Portrait Gallery over the Summer from June 23rd to September 4th. samanthafellows.co.uk

“Pearl in the morning, ready for school”

A touch of Provence – just a stone’s throw from Wimbledon


ho needs the South of France when you have Mayfield Lavender on your doorstep? The organic lavender farm in Banstead celebrates its 10th anniversary this year following its own remarkable revival.

Until the turn of the 20th Century the low chalk hills to the South of London along the valley of the River Wandle were at the centre of lavender production. The trade then declined and housing was built in much of its place. But Mayfield Lavender Farm survived any housing projects and 10 years ago the Maye family revived the lavender growing tradition on that same land by planting 25 acres worth of lavender. Since then the farm has been open for the public to enjoy.

The farm also has its own alfresco tea shop and a gift shop selling a variety of unique lavender goods and plants. It even features in new Bollywood blockbuster Azhar out this summer! Open June 1st September 15th, every day from 10am-6pm. Parking is free. 1 Carshalton Road, Banstead, SM7 3JA mayfieldlavender.com

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EYE INJURIES IN SURGERY Hart Brown’s Gerard Sanders has some insights


ight is perhaps the most precious of our senses. This, combined with social pressure to look good, has resulted in a marked growth in eye surgery. Fortunately, the majority of patients report a successful outcome. Regrettably, a minority have experienced a very different result. It is clear that eye injuries, especially injuries caused by the negligence of another party, can

38 june-aug 2016 | darlingmagazine.co.uk

be devastating and life changing. A few common problems are set out below. In the case of blepharoplasty, the aim is to reduce bagginess from a patient’s lower eye lids and to remove excess skin from the upper eyelids. Problems may arise when too much skin is removed, sometimes leaving patients unable to close their eyes or experiencing difficulty with blinking, resulting in dry eye.

Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (490290) Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Gerard Sanders

Laser eye surgery is often used to correct conditions such as myopia (short sightedness) or astigmatism (blurred vision). A popular technique is LASIK (laser in situ keratomileusis). This involves lasering under the cornea – the front surface of the eye – to create a thin flap. This is lifted and the exposed tissue is lasered. The flap is then repositioned and stays in place through natural suction. The flap is joined to the cornea like a hinge and can be replaced in exactly the same position. Unfortunately, mistakes can be made whilst cutting the corneal tissue, causing damage with the laser and leaving air bubbles or debris under the cornea when it is sealed. Undesirable side effects may include night vision problems, patients reporting halos or star bursts or more serious and long lasting visual disturbances. Lens replacement surgery is a popular form of surgery which does not involve a laser. This is intended to correct refractive errors impacting upon the eye’s

have reported long term disturbances such as blurred vision and ghosting – the appearance of a partial or “ghost” image at the side of what they are focusing on. In short, some patients have reported that their vision is noticeably worse after eye surgery than before. It is imperative that patients having surgery are fully informed of adverse risks as well as the boldly advertised benefits. Not only is the surgery often very expensive but, by signing a consent form, a patient is effectively agreeing to accept sight threatening risks. Alarmingly, in some cases, patients are simply sold the benefits of surgery and are assured of the improbability of a bad outcome. Sometimes they are even asked to sign detailed consent forms moments before surgery without having a chance to read them properly. If you have suffered an eye injury as a result of surgery then please contact Gerard Sanders on 01483 887712 or one of our Clinical Negligence Lawyers, on 020 8947 8171.

focusing power. Whilst many patients reap the benefits of this surgery, others


darlingmagazine.co.uk | june-aug 2016  39


sep-oct 2013 | darlingmagazine.co.uk

property promo

Have you ever wondered what makes a really good estate agent and what they do to earn their fees?


aving spent 30 years in the industry, I regularly encounter clients who have limited knowledge of our profession – after all, most people only need to deal with estate agents every 10 years or so, so it’s easy to forget what differentiates the average from the exceptional. A good estate agent will maximise the sale price of your home by marketing it to the most suitable audience, sell the property effectively to potential buyers, whilst negotiating an agreeable price and terms to suit the client. So how do you pick the most suitable agent in your area? Unfortunately people often pick the agent that charges the lowest commission or gives the highest valuation, or they just go for the agent that everyone else does - but are they really the right one for you? A low fee may seem attractive but may mean poor service and marketing. If the valuation is wrong, you will either waste valuable time or have to reduce your asking price.

Stephen Parsons, Director of Residential, Andrew Scott Robertson

When selecting an agent, you should consider the following: • Did they do any research and take measurements before recommending an asking price? • What would they do if the property did not sell quickly? • How and where will they promote your property? • Who will conduct the viewings and what features would you focus on? • What commission will they charge as sole/ multiple agency? • Are they a member of a professional industry body? A good estate agent will care more about your goals than their commission, keep in touch regularly and know that if they take care of the client, their fees will take care of themselves. If you are currently selling a property without success you should consider instructing a Joint Agent to work alongside your existing estate agent it’s often the best way to sell quickly. Why not give us a go? As an independent estate agent, we offer a more hands-on approach and concentrate on the vendor, their needs and obtaining the best price from the best buyer.

Contact us today to discuss your property needs on 020 8971 3800 (Wimbledon Town) / 020 8971 6780 (Wimbledon Village) or email residential@as-r.co.uk darlingmagazine.co.uk | june-aug 2016  41

local interest

THE BEST PLAQUE IS BLUE FOUR WIMBLEDON WOMEN WHO EARNED THEM By Cassandra Taylor, Chair of the Museum Committee for the Wimbledon Society


ver the years many famous people have lived in Wimbledon. Some are recorded with the presence of a blue plaque on their home, approved by English Heritage, and amongst them are four women who have merited the coveted blue plaque for their life’s work.

Josephine Butler

George Eliot

Georgette Heyer

(1828 to 1906) - campaigner for women’s rights Josephine Butler was a woman who became passionate about social reform, equality and education for women and campaigned vigorously on all three fronts. She is perhaps best remembered for her work on behalf of prostitutes and, especially, for trying to eradicate child prostitution.

(1819 to 1880) – novelist George Eliot is the pen name of Mary Ann Evans. She was a leading writer in Victorian times with novels set in provincial England showing both realism and psychological insight.

(1902 to 1974) – author Georgette Heyer was born and brought up in Wimbledon. She became a prolific writer of historical romances, especially those set in the Regency period, and also of detective stories.

Women’s education was another of her objectives and her work eventually led to the foundation of the allwomen college Newnham, at Cambridge University. She lived in Wimbledon from 1890 - 1893 and her plaque can be seen at 8 North View.

She used a male pseudonym for various reasons. The first was that she was well known as an editor and critic under her real name. The second because she wanted to escape the stereotype of women writers producing only light-hearted romances and the third to divert attention from her 20-year relationship with the married George Henry Lewes. Her plaque can be seen at Holly Lodge, 31 Wimbledon Park Road, SW18 (Wandsworth)

She married a mining engineer, and travelled the world with him continuing to write, whatever the local circumstances, producing a romance and a detective story each year. She was a meticulous researcher and her Regency novels are recognised for their authentic descriptions, in particular, street slang. All remain in print today. Her detective stories (the plots apparently supplied by her husband) these days seem rather dated. Her plaque was unveiled last year and is at 103 Woodside.

Photograph of Josephine Butler. By courtesy of The University of Liverpool Library, Special Collections and Archives. Catalogue reference JB 2/1/7.

42 june-aug 2016 | darlingmagazine.co.uk


Margaret Rutherford (1892 to 1972) – actress Dame Margaret Rutherford came from a troubled background. Following a breakdown her father killed his own father and after the family moved to India to avoid scandal, her mother committed suicide. Aged three, she was sent to Wimbledon to live with an aunt and attended Wimbledon High School. After school she had private acting lessons then attended The Old Vic drama school. She initially taught piano and elocution and did not tread the boards until the age of 33 after which there was no stopping her illustrious career. She performed in the theatre with many of the leading stars of the day and also became a successful film star. Her plaque is at 4 Berkeley Place. More information on these and other local luminaries can be found at the Museum of Wimbledon, 22 Ridgway, SW19 4QN. Open Saturdays and Sundays 2.30 – 5 pm. Admission free.

embrace change for your body with our strategic approach to better health...

...and experience undeniable results Private sessions just for you, or semi-private for two, to small group In our state of the art Pilates Studio in Wimbledon, we will give you the time, the space and the tools to learn to move intelligently and thoughtfully, and


7 Elm Grove, Wimbledon, SW19 4HE - 020 8947 8601


 


                                                                                                           

                                        

OMG – Summer’s here and we

have a fab new team!


elcome to Organic Masters. I am pleased to introduce myself - Luciano Lima, and my new team, Jeanine, Asma, Karley and Bela. We are specialists in natural colour and organic hair and skincare and we work hard to keep your hair healthy, shiny and in good condition. We don’t use chemicals or anything that will harm the hair.

With 23 years of experience in the industry behind me, I’m the manager of the salon and have worked in Wimbledon for the past 13 years. I’m very well known in the area and have a very loyal clientele who have been with me for more than 10 years. I welcome you into our salon and for your first visit offer you a 10% discount and a goodie bag filled with great samples. For more details visit organicmasters.co.uk OMG, 25 Church Rd, Wimbledon Village 020 8946 5646

OMG Team: Karley, Luciano, Bela, Jeanine and Asma

Lovely and cosy in your log cabin? Short commute to the spare room? Sounds great but do you wish your address matched the image?

We have the answer! A virtual office with a prestigious High Street address in the heart of Wimbledon Village.

Packages from ÂŁ75. For more details contact Ruth Hunter. www.villageservicedoffices.com office@village-office.co.uk

Help with Macs, PCs and Devices

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Contact Sylvie at Computer Fitness on Sylvie@computerfitness.net www.computerfitness.net or 07768 379747

* Maison St. Cassien, Wimbledon Village Tel: 020 8944 1200 * Absolute Abode 76-78 Coombe Lane, Raynes Park. Tel: 07747 601692 * Southfields Gallery 223 Wimbledon Park Rd Tel: 07947 675 059 * Spoons, Coombe Lane SW20 Tel: 020 8605 2175 * Aromatica Italian Deli, Leopold Rd Tel: 020 8944 0309 * Love Wimbledon Information Desk Centre Court Shopping Centre, 4 Queens Rd Please call first to check stocks To advertise in Darling please email info@darlingmagazine.co.uk

point of view

Pains, strains and automobiles By Kate Greenhalgh

around inside a Chr ysler Voyager with 5 now-screaming children, barking dogs and a per vasive odour of spilt stew, apart from the obvious immediacies, is that you can’t open any windows or doors, in case the damn bird flies out. Not to mention hopping out onto the A3 on a rainswept night also having its concomitant disadvantages.


ave you planned your summer holiday yet? If not, I invite you to recall your worst car journey ever. It will have involved either involuntar y seepages of bodily fluids, mechanical breakdown, collision, law enforcement officers, children, pets, or a hellish combination of all. Sobbing in a Spanish lay-by, being angrily shouted at by armed, paramilitar y Guardia Civil? Been there. (I drove out of a car park without looking, so they claimed. 60 euro on-thespot into-the-back-pocket fine. Fascists!) Pulling over sharply in a Chr ysler Voyager on the way to West Wittering, with 5 children and 2 West Highland terriers, because the budgie had escaped from his cage, while a pot of chilli con carne toppled over and disgorged its contents into a footwell? I am that woman. The trouble with having a panic-stricken budgie flying

46 june-aug 2016 | darlingmagazine.co.uk

I will not even begin to relate the blow-back vomit stor y, or the car awash with urine incident. The time I ended up driving over Vauxhall Bridge in my nightie in broad daylight, still haunts me. A quick earlymorning trip to drop a child at Wimbledon Station to catch the Eurostar, turned into a further ‘nip’ to Clapham Junction, oh, oops, also closed for engineering, quick, on to Vauxhall or she’ll miss her school trip, eek, swept by the one way system over the bridge, into central London, and it’s now rush hour. A Peter Sellers experience, without a guitar to hide behind. What if I’d been stopped by the Guardia Civil? Like a bad dream. Moral - it is never ok to drive any where or any time in your nightie. So, as you drill down into the detail of your summer holiday, flinching at the prospect of the Easyjet queue at Gatwick, sharing your space with abominably behaved fellow travellers, (who feel exactly the same about you) think about your worst ever car journey. Is your road trip really necessar y? Let the plane take the strain.

Trinity Interior Design create elegant and practical Interiors which make everyday living as stylish and accessible as possible. With every project the aim is to combine a sense of comfort, design flair and aesthetic sensibility to deliver beautiful yet liveable homes with timeless appeal. Trinity Interior Design

Tel 07788999727 www.trinityinteriordesign.com darlingmagazine.co.uk | june-aug 2016  47

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Darling Magazine Wimbledon June-Aug 2016  

Inspiring women in Wimbledon

Darling Magazine Wimbledon June-Aug 2016  

Inspiring women in Wimbledon