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Ready for autumn

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If the first part of our lives is about relationships, raising children, schools, parties and getting to know ourselves, the second part brings us change and different kinds of challenges we couldn’t even have imagined when we were young and free. In this issue we chat to Kirsten Kulukundis who started ‘The Next Half’, a forum which brings to life the next half of our lives and discovers our potential to recreate ourselves again. In our Editor Karine’s case this is discovering neuroendocrine tumours which rocked her world so we’ve decided to focus on cancer this

Karine Torr & Marja-Leena Toseland

issue, one of the great challenges of our time that will affect so many of us. But life is to be lived so don’t miss our other autumn highlights, top independent schools, restaurants and their head chefs, beauty and fashion, boutiques and our spotlight which turns to the idyllic village of Barnes. Our On the Scene photos and What’s On diary are now online. Don’t miss our Shop either with ethical brands, carefully curated for our readers. EDITORS Karine & Marja-Leena

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Top international music fest is back!


Spotlight on lovely Barnes Village


Luxury fabrics transformed by Oath Home


Darling’s Cancer Focus


Our autumn schools guide


Dining out in style – chefs’ secrets


Kingston Riverside Walk, what’s cooking?


Carole Cory’s Cook’s Corner


Kari Sherman’s tips for weaning babies


Best beauty picks in town


Mental health is top of mind


Russell-Cooke on surrogacy


Find your perfect property investment


Our Equinox catch up with Sophie Lutz


Super-spa makeover at David Lloyd


Kate let’s go… at last!


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The Best

Is Yet To Come Kirsten Kulukundis inspires us with The Next Half


arling spoke to Kirsten about her professional journey and how she has been called an advert for inspiring midlife women. It is clear to see why Kirsten has enjoyed a successful career spanning three decades as a senior level Corporate Advisor. Her thoughtful and wise counsel is peppered with her humour and dynamism. Kirsten is an independent board advisor, expert in C-suite business strategy and finance with 30-year career spanning private, public, and not-for-profit sectors, start-ups, fast growth companies and Fortune 50 institutions. She has deep advisory experience in business development and investment viability with specialist expertise in financial products and services. To this list, she now adds Entrepreneur and Blogger. Kirsten believes fervently in supporting midlife women to feel inspired to achieve their dreams and be their best selves. She’s a motivating example. After the age of 50, she started The Next Half. It’s no wonder her business is a roaring success after just four months. Join us


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for our conversation with Kirsten and learn how she combined her business expertise and her passion to help midlife women navigate The Next Half.

The Next Half’s back story Kirsten explains: I believe in helping people feel inspired to move forward. I help midlife women build the confidence and courage they need to identify, pursue, and achieve their dreams. I have helped women to successfully step into their power through a unique combination of advisory and coaching services and through authoring The Next Half blog and podcasts. I feel passionately in the value of empowering inner-transformations and the importance of attaining goals for... The Next Half of our lives. Hence that’s the name. I believe that with strength, true grit, and opportunity, everyone can achieve the dreams that they envision for themselves. Midlife is the time to recentre, to take stock in where we are, what we have accomplished and what we still want to do, and then do it. We all have the

INSPIRING WOMAN power to remember, to re-spark, and to reach for our dream, sometimes we just need a little starter fluid. That’s where I come in.

We all have the power to remember, to re-spark, and to reach for our dream, sometimes we just need a little starter fluid. That’s where I come in.

Midlife for some is a time to relax, take a foot off the accelerator, or perhaps pursue that long-planned adventure or hobby. However, for many of us, midlife is a time where we have a nagging, unmet thirst. We feel we have more to contribute, more that we were meant to do… and be. Whilst a lucky few in this “we can do more” group know what their calling is, for many of us figuring out this path is a difficult and long journey.

The Next Half’s business and growth plans I started The Next Half as a blog during lockdown to help women navigate the murky road of midlife and feel inspired to move forward to achieve their best life possible. It seems to resonate with many and has grown substantially. I now have subscribers in five continents, am a regular feature contributor to three e-magazines, have been appointed as Board Advisor to one media platform, and have grown The Next Half to include Corporate Advisory Services.

Blog and Podcast The Next Half blogs discuss many topics facing midlife women whilst underpinning a message of positivity and inspiration. Subjects we cover fall into the following categories: Well-Being, defined as both physical and mental health; Relationships, with your kids, partner, ageing parents and friends; Tech; Careers; Finance; and Musings, which are my commentaries of societal issues and trends we are facing. A common thread throughout all the blogs is a sense of empowerment and belonging to a community. My philosophy is we are all on this midlife journey so let’s be supportive. I believe fervently in the power of positivity, the importance of consistent focus towards a goal,

“true grit”, and gratitude. These beliefs feature regularly in The Next Half blogs.

I have the opportunity to be a small voice for midlife women and am determined to fulfil this duty to the best of my ability. I hope to share the message through the blog that with strength, encouragement, and some helpful tips, we can all identify the path to fulfil our dreams and rediscover our full potential. If you want to find a breath of fresh air, to reboot your mojo, to figure out your direction, or to feel more connected, then please join me on this journey. Together, let’s seize The Next Half.

My journey I never planned to start a new career in my 50s. I’m an example that our journeys are circuitous and unpredictable, it’s never too late to achieve a dream, and our expertise and interests can align in an unforeseeable way. I can speak from experience that the unclear path many struggle through during midlife is indeed navigable.

Journey 1 My first journey in my career led me to a Fortune 50 Board room and then to an emergency room. My career highlights at this time included being trained and licensed across many financial products and services, graduating from Harvard Business School, training in Management Consulting, being appointed to run a business unit for a Fortune 50, and presenting to its Board. My career trajectory was clear, until suddenly it stopped. My son was in a horrendous accident caused by our nanny and faced, at best, years of surgeries and rehab. This happened my first week back at work. The guilt was crushing. I have met countless women whose career journeys have been interrupted by family misfortune. It’s interesting to me that one’s read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021


Let’s make up for lost time! Go on, have a party.

Weddings Staff parties Drop & Go Delivery Breakfast, lunch & brunch Themed events & tea parties Special menus for Christmas and seasonal parties Bespoke extras including marquees, ice sculptures & Christmas decor

It’s been a long year. So let us take the stress of party planning and meal prepping off your hands while you sit back and enjoy being with your friends and family again. To find out more about our service, visit www.partiestogo.co.uk or give Carole a call on 020 8947 5337.

set journey - a path which has been built and focused on for a lifetime – can alter in a split second. I spent the next decade dedicated to ensuring our son would survive and thrive. I literally fell off the professional radar for the many ten years it took to rehabilitate our son, and then to recover to raise his siblings.

Journey 2, 3 and 4 When it was right to do so, I started another journey where I provided business advisory services to charities and SMEs focusing on services for children and women. I also began my focus on personal development counselling, an expertise honed as a business coach and mentor. 21/97/35/61

I eventually looped back to the Corporate Finance world where I still counsel business leaders in start-ups, fast growth companies and established institutions on investment viability. It was in this capacity that I stumbled upon my “mid-life epiphany”. 0/97/46/0

it became evident that the presenter needed some encouragement and coaching support. She was upset, lacking in confidence, and decided to just quit mid-presentation. She had what I thought was a strong business model. It was her sub-par confidence that was the hindrance. I wanted to encourage her so wrote supportive words in the Zoom Chat. When she finished her pitch, the Chat filled with messages of congratulations to and commiserations with her and appreciation to me. It was then that I had my epiphany: Many of us lack the confidence to reach for our dreams. Whilst I can’t teach true grit, I can advise on courage and business skills. My 30 years of corporate advising, and experience as a mentor, coach and mother all collided. I found my next career and literally at that moment researched “Best, easiest websites for blogs” and started The Next Half. the-next-half.org/ @the_nexthalf

The Epiphany Over lockdown, I was advising a company on their investment viability over Zoom, when

Read more on darlingmagazine.co.uk read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021


Laser Clinics United Kingdom Richmond is now open!

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your first Laser Hair Removal or Skin Treatment*

Beauty tailored to you Laser Clinics United Kingdom are leaders in: Laser hair removal Skin treatments Cosmetic injectables Complementary consultations available. Visit us Laser Clinics UK Richmond 53 George Street TW9 1HJ 020 8706 1080

Bentall Centre, First Floor (next to Zara), Kingston Upon Thames KT1 1TP 020 8706 0765

Over 165 clinics globally. More treatments. Best results. *T&Cs apply, ask in-clinic or see website.

laser clinics.co.uk

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Female power - express your way this autumn & winter. Classic, street, bold colours or keep it earthy when you head to work, meeting friends or ‘out out’ again! Whatever your style, wear it with confidence and kindness to yourself, others and the planet! Organic Tweed Brown Coat Sale sprice £1,326 Made in London modadelamaria.com

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YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY DREAMS COME TRUE! “The photos are spectacular, thank you for making our dreams come true and capturing this special time in our lives so beautifully and timelessly!” Andrew and Sasha

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Music to our ears

Wimbledon International Music Festival is back Wimbledon will soon be alive again with glorious music. The box office opens in September for one of our most enjoyable and significant cultural events, our annual festival in November

The Tallis Scholars

Nikolai Demidenko

Imogen Cooper

‘Jewel in London’s Cultural Crown’ - Jessica Duchen, Independent. ‘One of the most distinguished festivals in the UK’ - Musical Opinion ‘One of London’s major autumn events’ - Barry Millington, Evening Standard


long with our wonderful Common, great schools, eating places, and easy access to West End theatres, international museums and art galleries, our local cultural life makes Wimbledon one of the great suburbs of one of the greatest cities in the world. How lucky we are. This year’s festival sees major international stars like Sir Willard White, Dame Imogen Cooper, the Philharmonia orchestra, Viktoria Mullova, The Tallis Scholars, and a Tango tribute to Piazzolla devised by ‘Strictly Come Dancing’s’ Leandro Palou. There is a saying in the festival business that ‘the closer one is to London, the harder it is to run a festival.’ In many ways this is true. The competition is intense. The Chipping Campden Music Festival, because it is the main show in town, prints just 7,000 brochures. WIMF prints and distributes nearly 40,000, and in London that hardly scratches the surface.


Viktoria Mullova

Willard White

Since its founding in 2009 WIMF has established an extraordinary reputation by offering the very best of musicians from around the world: ‘What makes Wimbledon unique is there are no also-rans hiding behind the star names’ - Cause4 But it hasn’t been without a fight - mainly because Wimbledon doesn’t have venues on a par with the artists it presents. Some local churches have wonderful acoustics - but there is nowhere with raked seating, nor large enough to get the ticket revenue to support it. But things could be on the point of changing. Many thousands have signed a petition for a 1250 seat international concert hall for London in Wimbledon. The world’s most celebrated architect Frank Gehry (of Walt Disney Concert Hall, and Guggenheim Bilbao fame) has already produced a first set of plans. Such an iconic cultural building would really put Wimbledon on the international cultural map. Glory could be just around the corner. n FOR DETAILS AND BOX OFFICE: wimbledonmusicfestival.co.uk

read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021


BARNES VILLAGE Situated on the cusp of London, Barnes is known for its idyllic Thames-side views, historical architecture and welcoming village atmosphere. It hosts an array of beautiful restaurants, boutiques, grocers, delis and more. Although quaint, Barnes is a hub for cultural activity. It’s home to politicians, actors and high-profile broadcasters as well as the famous Olympic Sound Studios. Between 1966 and 2009, several artists recorded at the studios, including the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Oasis. You’ll see open air markets each month as well as jazz concerts almost weekly, the renowned Barnes BookFest and the annual summer fair in this unique gem of a village.

Barnes Pantry is your local, friendly, family owned grocery store

based in the heart of Barnes. The family behind it has been serving the community since 1983 and they have got their offering completely right! Although it stocks your day to day essentials, it also has global foods not stocked by your regular supermarkets. It was described as a ‘gastronomic gem’ by Heston Blumenthal. If you’re a foodie, it’s definitely worth a visit!


| 020 8748 5974 | @barnes_pantry Editor37 Ltd

We are predominantly a men’s wear store that houses a carefully curated women’s collection. Owner Nikki has been in love with fashion for too many years to mention. Everything you see in store has been chosen by Nikki. “Pride in what I do is paramount for a strong foundation, it’s my everything. I believe that there is a season for every look, and every season has a strategy”, says Nikki.

editor37ltd.com | 020 8741 3737

| @editor37ltd


An independent boutique stocking a selection of the best contemporary brands and their own by IRIS collection. IRIS has been a go-to fashion destination for over 17 years, with brands such as Isabel Marant, Ganni, American Vintage, Bellerose and more - the collections offer chic, laid-back wardrobe solutions in easy to wear styles. Check out the website offering the distinctive bohemian style they are known for.

irisfashion.co.uk | 020 8741 0816 | @irisfashion

Engrain Zero Waste

Engrain is a beautiful zero waste store stocking an array of quality produce, organic where possible, with plenty of goodies to choose from and new products being added regularly such as nut butter and an oat milk machine onsite. Offering brilliant customer service, the staff are very friendly and helpful. A fun way to do your shopping plastic free.

07444 068110 | @engrain_uk

Riverside Gallery & Framing

We offer some of the best contemporary art outside major galleries in London, by established artists and rising stars. We specialise in local scenes and have a selection available throughout the year. With over 30 years’ experience we also offer professional, bespoke framing services and we can also advise on picture hanging and offer painting valuations. Free parking after midday.

riversidegallery.co.uk | 020 8878 0040 | @riversidegallerybarnes Two Peas in a Pod

The local, indie greengrocer is sadly a dying breed but not on Church Road. Aside from the freshest in season veggies, the owner Malcolm also provides a range of fresh herbs, wild mushrooms, exotic fruits and a brilliant range of cookery staples like artisan pasta, spices and anything you care to order if it’s particularly exotic. Personal service and a great atmosphere make for a great shopping experience.

FB Two Peas in a Pod | 020 8748 0232 | twopeasdelivery@outlook.com

Making Waves

Making Waves salon prides itself in offering traditional hair salon services with highlights, colours, cuts and high-quality hair styling products. With its own relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, they aim to create a very special, personalized beauty and treatment experience - taking into account each individual client’s expectations and hair & beauty needs. The Making Waves team will go the extra mile with premium service and quality at good value.

makingwaveslondon.co.uk | 020 8748 5654

Olympic Studios

Olympic Studios is an independent Cinema, Members’ Club as well as a Café and Dining Room which is a friendly, welcoming neighbourhood restaurant. Serving delicious breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, seven days a week. The cinema is London’s premier Dolby Atmos surround sound cinema. Screening the latest releases along with classic cinema across two screens and Members’ Screening Room all with comfy, reclining seats.

@olympicstudios | 020 8912 5161 | olympiccinema.co.uk


Art Agency background Autumn 2021.pdf




Art For Your Home & Office • Art consultancy offering bespoke advice on sourcing art tailored to your budget & style • Individual pieces to whole home or office • Exclusive access to artists and galleries CLIENT TESTIMONIALS: “Class act” “Amazing service” “Makes art more accessible”

Essence of Being by Will Swayne

Contact us to discuss your walls charissa@artfullysorted.com

07976 742989

artfullysorted.com | Facebook & Insta @artfullysorted

Morning Shadows by Jo Quigley

Surrey Contemporary Art Fair Sandown 24 – 26 September Affordable Art Fair Battersea 20 – 24 October Contact alison@theartagency.co.uk for tickets

The Art Agency.co.uk

www. 14

118-120 High Street, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9QJ

read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021

Tel: 01372 466740


Waste not, want not Oath Home is helping to break the cycle of youth homelessness and using left over luxury fabrics


he process of an Oath Home product begins when luxury fabrics are produced all over the world for elite projects. However, metre upon metre of highquality silks, velvets, linens, and various other material are left over from almost every project. Oath Home has partnered with designers, interior specialists, production studios and sustainable warehouses to coordinate the repurposing of these luxury fabrics, fabrics that, without their intervention, would have been incinerated or otherwise destroyed. Once the fabrics are in the care of Oath Home, they are sorted, assessed and carefully curated into complementary colour palettes, ready for their experienced designers to put together Oath Home’s latest creations. Whilst Oath Home’s best-sellers are cushions, the team works with smaller pieces of leftover fabric to make the most of every inch, creating other products such as stockings, door stops and face masks, with many more designs in the making. Since the fabrics that arrive at the Oath Home studio are all donated, the designers do not know what will be arriving. As a result, the fabrics dictate the design. In the last few years, the ethos and principles of a brand have become an essential

contributor to whether a customer makes a purchase or not. Companies have now become eager to capitalise on this new wave of sustainable and ethical buying, keen to stay on trend. As a result, the greenwashing of an organisation’s sustainability practices is on the rise. However, this is not the case for Oath Home. The luxury and sustainable home furnishings company, Oath Home, has positioned itself as an industry leader for its ethical ethos and genuinely sustainable practices. The team at Oath Home also donate 100% of the profits from your sale to the charity Step by Step, a charity that works to break the cycle of youth homelessness and give young people a chance to succeed. Oath Home and Step by Step strongly believe that children and young people should not be defined by their circumstances. Step by Step helps to provide accommodation, education, counselling, professional training and mentoring to protect physical and mental health. n

oathhome.co.uk 0330 390 3737 info@oathhome.co.uk read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021


Your local Private GP Service Quality Comfort Flexibility GP Services: • Acute and chronic health conditions • Blood tests • Prescriptions

• Postnatal health • Children’s health • Vaccinations (including flu)

Appointments from £95

Speak to us today

Find us just off the A3


184 Coombe Lane West Kingston upon Thames KT2 7EG

020 8131 7277



Darling’s Focus On Cancer With Editor Karine Torr


hat can I say? Work, COVID, lockdown, the dreaded Brexit, all things occupying my mind over the past two years, annoying me, annoying my family and friends, ever present, all consuming. An exciting time at Darling with our online magazine blossoming and growing. Our Darling shop site was coming on nicely and our summer print issue about to launch - everything went into slo-mo as Boris rubbed his hands and flung open the doors of restaurants and fitness clubs in May this year. That day Gordon and I sat opposite our lovely GP and heard the news. My cancer journey had begun.

Neuroendocrine was the diagnosis, a rare form of cancer, luckily slow growing but pretty lethal and ‘manageable’ (hopefully) with a hormone injection every 28 days. I’ve only had three but will soon find out if it’s working to, at most, halt the growth and if I’m lucky, shrink a bit. Fingers crossed. Thankfully the Royal Marsden have been brilliant and lifesaving. I’m also doing lots of complimentary things with acupuncture, supplements and an amazing PEMF mat – all of which keep me disciplined and busy every day and feeling relatively well. But that’s what you’ve got to do when your life is thrown into chaos. You can read my blogs on darlingmagazine.co.uk read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021


Worried about cancer? If you have symptoms you think might be cancer, we can help

At Cancer Centre London, we understand that a cancer diagnosis can turn your life upside down. From the moment you are diagnosed through to treatment and recovery, we are here for you, every step of the way. • Rapid access to diagnostic services to detect and diagnose cancer • World-class expertise • Fast access to treatment - little or no waiting • Advanced cancer treatment and therapies • Personalised care • One Stop Breast Clinic If you are worried that you might have cancer, we can help you get tested and diagnosed quickly.

Call 020 3944 9191/ 020 3797 8674 email opd@cancercentrelondon.co.uk

Cancer Centre London, No. 49 Parkside, Wimbledon, London SW19 5NB

cancercentrelondon.co.uk CCL601-AUG21-V1

Here are some helpful resources for coping with this ever-increasing, universal health problem.

Cancer Research UK We spoke to Lynn Daly, spokesperson for Cancer Research UK in London It’s an alarming statistic, but 1 in 2 of us will get cancer in our lifetime. That’s why Cancer Research UK exists.

• Volunteer in our shops.

We’ve been working to beat cancer for 100 years and although we have made huge progress, there’s no ‘one cure’ for the disease. There are more than 200 types of cancer, each requiring different treatments. Every day, 93 people in London are diagnosed with cancer. Our pioneering work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer has helped save millions of lives. Over the past 40 years survival has doubled. In the 1970s just 1 in 4 people survived their disease for 10 years or more. Today 2 in 4 survive.

• Do your own fundraising

Our ambition is to accelerate progress and see 3 in 4 patients surviving the disease by 2034.

• Launching Cancer Grand Challenges, a major new partnership with the US National Cancer Institute requiring researchers worldwide to take on the toughest questions.

Over the last few decades, thanks to funding from our supporters, Cancer Research UK has saved lives by: • Helping to double breast cancer survival • Being a key player in the development of radiotherapy, which now benefits more than 130,000 patients every year in the UK • Helping to prove the value of cervical screening, which prevents thousands of deaths every year Cancer Research UK supports research into all aspects of cancer through the work of over 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses. Our vision is to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. There are many ways to support Cancer Research UK’s work: • Taking part in one of the many Race for Life events in London this Autumn. • Challenge yourself to do the Shine Night Walk. • Join a 24-hour Relay for Life event

• Share your personal story as a media volunteer We aim to make sure that at least 80p in each pound we receive from donations is available to help beat cancer. Last year the charity spent £153m in London alone. Following one of the most difficult years in the charity’s history, there is cautious optimism. Progress has included:

• TRACERx, the charity’s biggest ever study of lung cancer, which produced a number of exciting results, including how to harness the immune system to boost treatment. • Cytosponge, the ‘sponge on a string’ test for Barrett’s oesophagus, a condition that increases the risk of oesophageal cancer. During the pandemic, it was used by some GPs to identify people who needed further testing. • Working in partnership with the Obesity Health Alliance to influence the UK Government strategy for obesity. This resulted in a commitment to restrict junk food marketing and price promotions. • Funding three new research teams working on cancer in children and young people including research on protecting children’s brains during radiotherapy and developing a new immunotherapy to treat leukaemia.

cancerresearchuk.org Follow us on Twitter and Facebook read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021


Maggie’s has 24 centres across the UK and three abroad, with one of the most recent opening in in the grounds of The Royal Marsden hospital in Surrey. Our aim is to have a Maggie’s in the grounds of every major UK NHS cancer centre and there are 60 in total. Currently, almost half have no dedicated cancer support provision and we seek to fill the gaps where populations are underserved.

Maggie’s Centres Maggie’s has been life-changing for thousands of people who walk through the doors of our centres every day, in desperate need of cancer support. But our work is not done. Every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer. And with an estimated 2.5 million people living with cancer already, our support has never been more vital to ensure that people can live their life to the full - no matter what their situation.

Momentum Children’s Charity Being told your child has cancer or another lifechallenging condition is completely devastating, and day-to-day life is turned upside down. Momentum Children’s Charity is here to make sure no family has to cope with this news alone. Momentum supports families across Southwest London, Surrey and West Sussex working in partnership with Kingston Hospital, Epsom Hospital, St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey, East Surrey Hospital, St George’s Hospital in Tooting and Royal Surrey County Hospital. These

Maggie’s centres complement NHS medical care by providing the non-clinical support, without which, can leave people feeling lost, confused and desperate. Maggie’s offers free, personalised, support to help people see beyond their diagnosis, feel less overwhelmed, manage their stress, get the best out of their treatment and deal with the consequences of cancer. Exhausting treatment and difficult emotions not only affect the person with cancer but also their loved ones, so we offer tailored support to family and friends. For more information on Maggie’s visit Maggies.org

hospitals refer families to the charity following a child’s diagnosis. Through their Family Support Workers, they work closely with each family to understand their needs, offering uniquely tailored support. The support Momentum offers ranges from counselling to play, art and music therapy - helping children to express their feelings about their illness - both at home or on the hospital ward. Every family is given a Family Support Worker who’ll stand should-to-shoulder with them, offering help to every member, from the diagnosed child, to parents, grandparents and siblings. Family Support Workers might sit and listen to the fears and worries of a parent, connect family members with peer support groups or even to help arrange educational support. At any one time they support over 250 families whose child is in active treatment and a further 100 bereaved families. They are there whatever the outcome, for as long as they are needed. To find out more about Momentum Children’s Charity or support their work please visit: momentumcharity.org or follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Macmillan Cancer Support Cancer can also have a huge impact on your finances, as well as your health. In South London, Macmillan Cancer Support funds two teams of specialist welfare benefits advisors that can offer expert financial and debt guidance to people living with cancer, including family and carers. The Macmillan Welfare Benefits Advice Service is run in partnership with Citizens Advice Wandsworth. With recent research from Macmillan Cancer Support revealing the devastating impact of a cancer diagnosis – one in two people with cancer in London (53%) are severely financially impacted – resources such as the Macmillan Welfare Benefits Advice Service are proving more essential than ever, as some patients find themselves struggling financially while also dealing with the physical and emotional impact of the disease. Rodrigo Fenick Figueroa, Macmillan Benefits Case Worker at Citizens Advice Wandsworth explained how his team helps South Londoners living with cancer:

One Stop Breast Clinic at Parkside Hospital At Cancer Centre London, we work closely with our neighbouring Parkside Private Hospital and offer a One Stop Breast Clinic. The Care Quality Commission has recognised this clinic as ‘an area of outstanding practice’.

What is the One Stop Breast Clinic? The One Stop Breast Clinic is an outpatient clinic at Parkside Private Hospital if you are concerned about any breast symptom, such as:

‘Skiing with Cancer’ by John Huckle – a book about John’s prostate cancer journey, launched September 2021

John’s story has a happy outcome. Since being diagnosed John has made it his mission to encourage as many men as possible to get tested by explaining the side effects he experienced, to people he comes into contact with including poor, unsuspecting delivery men and plumbers. His passion for traveling and skiing are

“Many people need to access benefits for the first time in their lives following a cancer diagnosis, but don’t know where to turn for help. It’s a complicated system to understand, particularly at a time when they should be focussed on their health, rather than their finances. “Cancer patients are entitled to this welfare support, but they often tell us that the application process can feel like having to jump one hurdle after another. That it’s as if they’re fighting a losing battle, which can cause a good deal of unnecessary additional stress. We’re here to help people navigate that process.!” If you are affected by cancer, live in Southwest London and need financial advice, please contact the Macmillan Citizens Advice Wandsworth Service on 020 7042 0332 or visit their website at cawandsworth.org/macmillan or email macmillan@citizensadvicesouthwark.org.uk macmillan.org.uk • a lump or thickening in your breast or armpit • a change in the size, shape or feel of one or both breasts • a change in the position of the nipple, such as turning inwards • fluid leaking from the nipple • skin changes in your breast

Booking The One Stop Clinic is open six days a week. To book an appointment call 020 3944 9191 or 020 3797 8674.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 2021 two things that kept him going through his treatment, in fact against his doctor’s advice he went skiing with his cancer as often as he could. He wrote this book to explains the side effects as well as the emotional and physical impact the treatment had on him. Contact John at skiingwithcancer@gmail.com for more information on the book. For more info on prostate cancer go to prostatecanceruk.org read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021


Quality, Affordable, Private Dentistry

Our Services Include: • Check-up & x-rays • Dental clean • Fillings, Root Treatment • Crowns, Veneers & Bridges • Teeth Straightening

We come highly recommended 171 5* Feefo Reviews One Penrhyn Road, Kingston, KT1 2BT | 020 8549 5710 | auradental.co.uk

• Implants • & More

Oral Cancer Advice from Nadine Epp of Aura Dental: Oral cancer, also known as mouth cancer, is one of the most common forms of cancer. It develops in the tissue cells of the mouth and throat. Early detection significantly increases the survival rate as 80-90 percent of patients can be cured. In most cases, it is only diagnosed after cancer has spread to the lymph nodes of the neck. Risk factors include: smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, HPV infection, poor nutrition, genetic syndromes, being male (middle-aged men are twice more likely to develop oral cancer than women), family history of oral cancer, oral cancer in the past, chronic facial sun exposure & a weak immune system. Most common symptoms are as follows:

• Mouth sores and ulcers that do not resolve within two weeks • Persistent red and white patches or lumps if the disease is progressing • Persistent sore throat unrelated to a common cold or flu • Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) or a lump like feeling in the throat

• Enlarged lymph nodes caused by infection or tumour spread (metastasis) • General pain and swelling • Impaired speech caused by pain, swelling or lumps • Strained movement of the jaw and tongue • Bleeding in the mouth in the region of persistent sores and ulcers • Unexpected weight loss Oral cancer diagnosis is based on physical examination, biopsy, X-rays/CT-scan/MRI and endoscopy. It is important to attend your dentist for regular check-ups as oral cancer screening is a routine dental procedure. A six-monthly interval is recommended by the British Dental Association. Oral cancer awareness and risk assessment, good oral hygiene and self- inspection of oral tissues at home, are good preventive measures and help detect early signs of oral cancer.


Prostate cancer what an expert wants you to know


ith around 48,500 men diagnosed with the disease each year, prostate cancer is the most common cancer for men in the UK and often a huge concern for those waiting to get tested or experiencing possible symptoms. When you add to that the ever-increasing NHS waiting lists for screening, treatment and operations following COVID-19 - currently 5.3 million but expected to double within months - the anxiety can worsen exponentially. In honour of our special cancer edition, Darling Magazine sat down with New Victoria Hospital’s Consultant Urologist Mr Sarb Sandhu to discuss symptoms, stigma and diagnosis.

Here’s what you need to know Do you think Covid has added further pressure to identifying possible new prostate cancer patients? As many of those most likely to be diagnosed - the elderly - did not attend General Practice during the COVID pandemic, it follows that there have been less diagnoses. Also, of the elderly people who sadly died during the pandemic, some would have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, which may also contribute to the dip. What are the main symptoms of Prostate Cancer? Prostate Cancer is mostly asymptomatic as it needs to have progressed quite far in order to cause noticeable changes. That’s why it is so important to get screened, as most cases will go undetected for a long time. Are there particular types of men most likely at

risk of the disease for example age, ethnicity? Evidence suggests that men over 50, particularly the elderly, as well as those of African descent show an increased risk of developing prostate cancer. Is it hereditary? For a small subset of men the condition is hereditary. If someone in your family has or has had prostate cancer at a young age, a simple saliva test can determine whether or not you might be at a higher risk. Do you feel that the stigma surrounding the prostate contributes to unnecessary late diagnosis? There are no regular screenings for men for any condition, so the opportunity for them to discuss other conditions, symptoms or worries, or to go to the GP more regularly is not there. How is Prostate Cancer generally diagnosed? In the early stages, it is diagnosed with a PSA blood test, an MRI and prostate biopsies. If it is more advanced, it is diagnosed due to the side-effects of the disease which can be trouble passing urine and other generalised symptoms including bone pain and weight loss. n New Victoria Hospital is a private, charity-run facility in Kingston-upon-Thames. For more information or to book a consultation please call 020 3993 1818 or book in online with one of our General Practitioners at newvictoria.co.uk

New Victoria Hospital, 184 Coombe Lane West, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 7EG read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021


The re-imagined

Merton Best Business Awards 2021 is on!

Have you got a business story to tell?

Launch 16th September - 3:30pm Wimbledon Common

Application Deadline 29th October

Award Ceremony 1st December Book your place: mertonchamber.co.uk/events

Find out how to apply: mertonbestbusiness.co.uk


Care at home when you need it - not just when you’re old! Homecare is often seen as looking after people with dementia or when someone is old and cannot manage at home unless a carer comes to visit. At Home Instead, we see it as much more than this


wner Clare Jefferies explains, ‘I set up Home Instead in Wimbledon nearly 12 years ago after my own experience with my parents. My father was terminally ill with Motor Neurone Disease and my mother was his main Carer. They were both in their 60s. The problem was that my mother was living with cancer and was struggling to care for herself. The various treatments she had to undergo put a toll on her ability to do very much caring for my father. So, care was needed for my father, to take the pressure off my mother to enable her to deal with her own health.’ Over the years we have helped couples in similar situations, where one minute everything is fine and then a diagnosis of cancer and subsequent treatments requires a re-think of how support at home happens. As well as long term help, we also help many whose chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment has meant that for a 12-week period, caring for family or loved ones is compromised, so our staff come in to help

support the smooth running of the home, as well as caring for the person with cancer. With a few hours’ help each day or week, to change beds, shop for the family, prepare meals, transport clients to and from treatment, and stay overnight for the first 48 hours, we have really helped take the pressure off an already emotional and pressurised situation for individuals and families. Relying on the goodwill of family members and friends is fantastic if you have that sort of support network around you, but often that wears thin after a while or just isn’t enough. If you are going through any sort of unexpected change of circumstances and need some extra support, please do give us a call and we can chat about options available both short term and also for the future. n Call 0208 942 4137 or visit: homeinstead.co.uk/wimbledonandkingston

read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021


SW London and Surrey Schools Guide Our pick of the best independent schools in our area Feltonfleet School Co-ed day and

flexi-boarding prep school for ages 3-13

Described as a hidden gem, tucked away in a leafy suburb in Woking sits Halstead Preparatory School for Girls. Headmistress Sharon Maher arrived September 2020 from a highly successful girls’ preparatory school in London and explains “whilst we are incredibly proud of our academic success at Halstead, our focus is to provide a solid foundation where Halstead girls are treated as individuals and are happy, well-rounded, intellectually curious and with a genuine passion to learn”. Next Open Morning: Fri 1 October

What makes Feltonfleet the first-choice school for so many parents is the integrity and practice of their core belief that individuals really matter. This conviction is underpinned by our valuesdriven ethos and a strong sense of community.

Woodham Rise, Woking, GU21 4EE halstead-school.org.uk

Holy Cross Prep School and Little Sparks pre-school for girls aged 3-11

Once again Feltonfleet was rated ‘excellent’ by the ISI in September 2018, and shortlisted for both the ‘Wellbeing initiative of the year’ and the ‘Sports award’ in the prestigious TES Independent School Awards 2020. The school provides an outstanding holistic education, both on the stunning 25-acre site and through their sector-leading Remote Teaching and Learning Programme. Next Open Morning: Sat 25 September

Byfleet Road, Cobham, KT11 1DR admissions@feltonfleet.co.uk | feltonfleet.co.uk

Halstead Preparatory School

for girls aged 2-11

Holy Cross Prep see their life’s mission as igniting the spark that will change the lives of all their girls – the spark that will become a flame that will define the arc of their lives. Opening in September 2021, the new Little Sparks Pre-school will benefit directly from the prep school’s unrivalled grounds in the heart of Kingston, as well as the wonderful on-site facilities and fantastic specialist teachers. Open morning: Sat 18 September Open afternoon: Wed 6 October

George Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 7NU holycrossprepschool.co.uk admissions@holycrossprep.com


Newland House School Prep school and nursery co-ed aged 3 to 13

The positive message of ‘make it happen’ underpins the school’s approach to learning and developing the skills required to achieve beyond their expectations. Pupils are supported in risk taking and encouraged to persist when they encounter obstacles or difficulties. Inspired teaching, passionate and dedicated staff, together with excellent facilities, set in 45 acres, ensure delivery of a dynamic and innovative curriculum. Knowing the pupils individually is what makes time at Parkside more than just an education. 2021 Leavers achieved 100% Academic Scholarship success. Sign up for a tour online or contact the school.

Newland House’s extensive and engaging curriculum fosters a sense of self-confidence and provides opportunities for children to reach their full potential whilst traditional standards remain very important. Pupils have excellent academic outcomes, securing places and awards at a broad range of excellent senior schools. The school’s progressive but nurturing learning environment and reputation for exceptional pastoral provision means that it is a natural choice for many local families.

The Manor, Stoke D’Abernon, Cobham KT11 3PX parkside-school.co.uk | office@parkside-school.co.uk

Reed’s School HMC independent school for boys 11-16 and girls 16-18

The last ISI inspection judged that ‘Throughout the school, the quality of the pupils’ achievements and learning is excellent’. Contact the school to arrange a visit.

Waldegrave Park, Twickenham TW1 4TQ admissions@newlandhouse.net | newlandhouse.net

Parkside School Co-ed nursery 2-4 and boys pre-prep & prep school for ages 4-13

Set amongst 40 acres of countryside in Cobham with excellent facilities. Being part-boarding enables Reed’s to offer huge advantages for day pupils, such as wrap-around care and outstanding pastoral support, allowing each and every child to be known and valued. The values-driven education that pupils experience at Reed’s equips them not only with excellent academic qualifications and the interpersonal skills they will need for the future, but it ensures that when they leave they will possess a strong moral compass and a desire to go into the world and improve it. Please visit the Admissions section of the website or contact the Registrar if you wish to visit the school.

Parkside is a wonderful environment where children’s curiosity is awakened. Their journey is one of discovery; where talents and passions are nurtured and developed.

Sandy Lane, Cobham, KT11 2ES reeds.surrey.sch.uk admissions@reeds.surrey.sch.uk

The outstanding and independent preschool and prep school for girls aged 2-11 Claygate, Esher, Surrey

We look forward to welcoming you to our Autumn Open Morning on Friday 8 October 2021 or contact us to arrange a personalised tour. Call: 01372 462627 Email: admissions@rowanprepschool.co.uk Register online: rowanprepschool.co.uk Rowan_Prep rowanpreparatoryschool

Contact us to arrange a visit

Holy Cross Prep School & new Pre-School Open Events Open Morning – Saturday 18th September Open Afternoon – Wednesday 6th October

Book online to join us

Here we ignite a spark; the spark that will shape the life. Holy Cross Pre-School, George Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 7NU www.holycrossprepschool.co.uk admissions@holycrossprep.com

020 8942 0729

Rowan Preparatory School for girls

The Study Prep for girls aged 4 to 11

Rowan Preparatory School in Claygate, is a vibrant, friendly and nurturing community, with traditional values and a forward-thinking approach to education. For girls aged 2 to 11, Rowan offers a broad and adventurous curriculum. It has excellent sport facilities and a highly developed arts programme spanning both creative and performing arts. All the girls progress to outstanding senior schools of their choice, equipped with life skills and knowledge for the next stage of their learning journey.

The Study is delighted to be opening its doors on Saturday 2 October 2021 to offer families the chance to come and look around the school, to meet staff and some pupils. This is the first opportunity for prospective families to see the fantastic new Wilberforce House development that opened its doors in March this year. The ballot for entry into Reception 2022 will close at the end of November.

Autumn Open Morning – Fri 8 October

Reception - Year 3: Camp Road, Wimbledon Common, London SW19 4UN

aged 2-11

6 Fitzalan Road, Claygate, KT10 0LX rowanprepschool.co.uk

The Rowans Co-ed for ages 3 - 7

The Rowans School, based in Wimbledon, provides a nurturing and welcoming start to school life, especially during those early years when key social skills and attitudes are acquired and developed for life. The Rowans has a longstanding reputation for academic and all-round excellence and every teacher takes great pride in the achievements of each child. If you would like to take a tour of the school at one of the weekly show-rounds and meet the Head, please email the registrar at registrar@rowans.org.uk to arrange a tour.

19 Drax Avenue, Wimbledon, London SW20 0EG rowans.org.uk

Please book visit: thestudyprep.co.uk

Year 4- Year 6: Spencer House, 4 Peek Cresent, Wimbledon Village, London SW19 5ER

Wimbledon High School for girls Whether girls join at the age of 4, 11 or 16, Wimbledon High School equips them for the challenges of 21st century life, fostering skills of problem solving and creativity, collaboration and independent research. Through rich co-curricular programmes in music, drama and sport, local partnerships and the pastoral care that underpins everything, WHS enables its students to discover the unique individuals they are, to use their voices for the power of good. 100% assistance available for fees, travel, uniform, etc. Open events: Junior School 25 September, Senior School 25 & 26 September and Sixth Form 30 September. See more events online.

Mansel Rd, London SW19 4AB wimbledonhigh.gdst.net read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021 29


Basic Mental Health Awareness In Schools Headucation 2025 with Shawmind

Former leader of Merton Council, Cllr. Stephen Alambritis, Shawmind President, Dr. James Espey OBE, The Mayor of Merton, Mike Brunt, at the launch of the Lu-Ma Breathe Café recently


n 2016 Adam Shaw started Shawmind to achieve this vision; in 2017 the charity raised enough signatures to force a Parliamentary debate which led to compulsory children’s mental health education in schools from the September 2020 school year. Shawmind’s Headucation2025 programme aims to get 150,000 teachers trained in basic mental health awareness, to protect the mental health of 2.5 million school children per year. Working with others, we are bringing a whole school approach to mental health in schools, and thanks to the generosity of companies and individuals in the community, we are pleased to bring as many of these resources as

possible to schools completely free of charge. At the recent launch of our Lu-Ma Breathe Café, a space for people to have real conversations around mental health, Shawmind president Dr. James Espey OBE committed to making the Borough of Merton the first in London to have all teachers trained in basic mental health awareness. This initiative is supported by The Worshipful Mayor of Merton, Mike Brunt, and the former leader of Merton Council Cllr. Stephen Alambritis. The mental health training is designed to allow teachers to work through the training at their own pace online,

Generation after generation has been let down through the lack of normalization of mental health. At Shawmind it is our objective to change these decades of failings and ensure that no other generation is failed ever again.

– Adam Shaw, founder of Shawmind

although they require an 80% accuracy rate in order to be CPD-certified. They can revisit any part of the course to strengthen their knowledge. If you are a parent, teacher or headteacher in Merton, do get in touch with us to discuss our range of mental health and wellbeing training options: contact@shawmind.org We are calling on organisations and individuals to help us achieve this goal: please help us connect with the schools in your local area, and if you want to contribute to fund free training to the schools, please visit Shawmind.org/donate for ways you can give. n

read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021


Darling’s guide to dining out locally Averna Classic Italian cooking with a modern twist Head Chef Fabio’s menu is rooted in authenticity, with inspirations taken from the Italian table. Everything is made with only the best locally sourced seasonal ingredients, that are kind to the planet too. This is all reflected in their well chosen menu. Fabio serves fresh, homemade dishes, including comforting bowls of pasta and pizza, delicious meat, fish and vegetarian dishes and classic risotto. And he cooks a great Sunday roast too! All the bread and pasta is made fresh on the day.

The Green, St Leonards Road, Claygate, Surrey. KT10 0JQ claygateaverna.co.uk

Stein’s Berlin

Discover modern German cuisine at its best Stein’s Berlin offers a culinary journey through all of Germany’s varied regions. Owner Bele Weiss wants to offer a real German experience to her guests and recommends the Berlin sharing platter with a selection of sausages and freshly prepared schnitzel, served with sauerkraut and Bratkartoffeln potatoes. Apart from fresh produce, all food, beer and wine is imported directly from Germany. Stein’s Berlin brings a stylish contemporary yet relaxed city addition to the well loved, family owned group of Stein’s Bavarian restaurants in Kingston and Richmond. The bar also mixes fantastic cocktails, and coffee and cake is on the menu all day.

51 Princes Gate (entrance on Exhibition Road), South Kensington, London SW7 2PH | 0203 968 4600 | berlininkensington.stein-s.com


French restaurant with wine bar, cocktail bars and alfresco garden When visiting this elegant restaurant and bar in the heart of Esher you can expect classic French cuisine cooked to perfection by their Executive Chef Marcellin Marc and Head Chef David Fetigny. They serve a frequently changing seasonal menu, with fresh and locally sourced seasonal produce. Ballotine of French quail and chargrilled red endive followed by the fish of the day served with fragrant Sicilian aubergine and fig caponata, is a winning combination, and why not finish your meal with a superb baked Tahiti vanilla cheesecake. Their wine and cocktail bars offer an extensive selection of fine wines and the best experimental cocktails you’ll find anywhere in Surrey.

2-8 Church Street, Esher KT10 8QS

| cuvee8.com


We asked the chefs who run the kitchens at some of our absolute favourite restaurants what they love to serve to their customers and what are the musttry dishes on their menus. This selection of fantastic restaurants is old world European, all serving authentic cuisine with a modern twist. Bon appétit!

Fratelli Delicatessen

For the authentic Italian taste Fratelli Delicatessen has long been a favourite of Italian food and wine lovers. Chef Antonio, a former Head Chef of Cecconi’s in Mayfair, wanted to bring his wealth of knowledge in the best of Italian cooking to Kingston when he opened Fratelli’s with his wife 25 years ago. Antonio’s favourite dishes to cook for both eat-in or take away are crab ravioli, vegetarian or meat Crespolini pancakes, Paglia e Fieno and Tagliolini Gratinati. And remember to ask for a slice of his amazing ricotta and pear cake to go with your coffee.

57 Park Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 6DB | fratellidelicatessen.com

Don Luis Tapas

For lovers of great Spanish food At Don Luis Tapas the team are passionate about the food they serve. The Head Chef Raul Domingo is a talented chef from Madrid with a gift for delivering authentic Spanish cuisine. Using only the best ingredients, he serves up a culinary feast for everyone who visits his Esher restaurant. Raul adds his magic touch to all his dishes. Some of his favourites to cook are Patatas Bravas, Croquetas, Sizzling Gambas, and his popular Paella. Their regular customers are a testimonial to their tasty food, they just can’t get enough!

10 High Street, Esher KT10 9RT

| 01372 202197

La Luna Di Luca

Traditional Italian Trattoria La Luna is a hidden gem and firm favourite amongst the Richmond Hill locals. Chef patrons Martina and Jamal offer authentic Italian regional dishes, always cooked with seasonal ingredients. The menu changes twice weekly with daily specials with emphasis on fish, such as their signature lobster tagliatelle. Vegetarians and vegans are also well catered for. They also serve fantastic pizzas from their wood fired oven. Pair your meal with Sardinian wine or beer for a truly Italian meal. La Luna’s deli opposite stocks many of their restaurant wines, Tuscan sausages, cheeses and much more.

19 Friars Stile Rd, Richmond TW10 6NH lalunadiluca.co.uk read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021 33

Food with a view! Riverside Walk, with its six leading restaurants, is a hidden oasis in Kingston-upon-Thames boasting panoramic views of the river and the magnificent Kingston Bridge. Each restaurant overlooks the river and there is always plenty to watch while enjoying your favourite meal. Dining at Riverside Walk is wonderful all year round, whether you are dining in one of the best alfresco dining spots in Surrey or seated indoors surrounded by stylish décor. For this autumn issue of Darling Magazine, we are delighted to feature four different styles of cuisine served at Riverside Walk. These talented chefs have a passion for their art and describe their style of cooking and signature dishes to scintillate your taste buds! How to find us: Riverside Walk, Kingston-upon-Thames, KT1 1QN riversidewalkkingston.co.uk

Haché Riverside Social

Their chef superstars heading up the kitchen team are Kamil Borowski, who’s been with Haché for 14 years and Karolina Banaszak who joined a year ago. What’s your signature style of cooking? Haché is a chic Parisian-inspired restaurant and a home to some of the best burgers in London. Our menus include a diverse range of burger options including prime steak, chicken, lamb, and plant based. We also offer a variety of sharing plates, salads, and an all-day brunch menu. We are also known for our vintage lemonades, which are all based on a 350-year-old French recipe.

What do you recommend for a first visit to your restaurant? If you’re looking for a meat burger that will truly knock your socks off, we would recommend our popular Steak Canadian Burger, either in a brioche or ciabatta bun or on its own with a baby leaf salad. As a vegan alterative, we highly recommend the Beyond Le Fumé Burger, presented in a smoke-filled dome. Finally, one of our popular non-burger options is our Gochujang Miso Marinated Flat Iron Chicken with Ponzu Slaw.

And for the pudding lovers? Our Banoffee Pot continues to be extremely popular. This legendary homemade dessert consists of banana, biscuit, caramel cream, hazelnuts, and chocolate sauce, making it the perfect ending to your meal. For something slightly less indulgent, we recommend our refreshingly light, Little Moons Mochi. 34

read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021



Head Chef Marie Geneta serves modern Thai cuisine What do you recommend for a first visit to Busaba? Our Wok-tossed calamari with ginger and green peppercorn sauce has been our signature and bestselling dish for over 20 years. Of course our Classic Pad Thai is a must try and 30% of our menu is vegan, so we have a great variety of plant-based dishes that pack a punch like our Aubergine curry. For guests with a sweet tooth, what’s your pudding to die for? Our Sticky mango rice is the perfect taste of Thailand.

Chakra Riverside

Executive Chef Satyabrata Jena is highly talented with a string of Michelin-level restaurant experience. He cooks North Indian, Punjabi style food which is refined and served with more than a few touches of his own. What do you recommend for a first visit to your restaurant? To start, try the best-selling vegan dish of Avocado ke Gole which are avocado dumplings served with pickled beetroot purée and kewpie mustard. Another must-try is the AngloIndian Gun Powder Chicken Curry served with baby potatoes and egg, and so is the Goan Prawn Curry in a sauce of caramelised onion, coconut, roasted spices and palm vinegar. It goes perfectly with steamed Basmati rice.

What’s your favourite pudding to serve? Mango Kulfi on a Stick!

Comptoir Libanais

Head Chef Tony Kitous works with a team of chefs and the Development Chef Mohamed. What style of cuisine do you serve? Our food is authentic Middle Eastern. It’s very inclusive and appeals to all age groups and diets, including children. Expect a feast for the eyes and taste buds.

What do you recommend for a first visit to your restaurant? We are famous for our mezze sharing platters. Start with one to share then enjoy one of our grills or try our tasty chicken or lamb Tagines, Lebanese burgers and wraps. For vegetarians we recommend our mezze platter followed by the falafel and aubergine burger.

What’s your must-try dessert? Chocolate brownie, served with vanilla ice cream, tahini, date molasses and halva. read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021 35


Vegetable Tagine

Autumn is here and what we need is a rich and heart-warming vegetarian dish to see us through the cooler months

Recipe 1 Aubergine cut in cubes 1 Sweet Potato peeled and cut into cubes 4 Courgettes cut into cubes 1 Red pepper cut in cubes 1 Large onion cut in slices 2 Garlic cloves crushed 4 Tablespoons Sunflower Oil 2 Teaspoons ground Coriander 2 Teaspoons Ground Cumin 2 400g Tins chopped Tomatoes 2 Tablespoons Harissa Paste

020 8947 5337 carole@partiestogo.co.uk partiestogo.co.uk

200g Dried ready to eat Apricots 100g Prunes 100g Sultanas 200g Flaked almonds lightly toasted in the oven 400g Tin chick peas Salt Pepper

Method Heat the oil in a large pan. When the pan is hot, add the onions and fry till lightly brown. Add the vegetables, salt and pepper, coat in the oil. Add the coriander, cumin, and mix all together Add tomatoes and Harissa paste and stir well together. Once all is coated, add chickpeas, apricots, prunes and sultanas. Cook for 30-40 minutes and gently simmer till the vegetables are cooked. If you find the sauce is too thick, add a little water and mix together. Once cooked, serve and sprinkle with the flaked almonds. It is absolutely delicious and serve with freshly cooked couscous or rice. Recipe – serves 4-5

South UK's 1st d ozen foo African fr o ls a e w store your deliver to ice! off home or


YOUR CHIPPY WITH A DIFFERENCE! Come visit us for fish & chips or try delicious South African food and sample our award-wining Malva Pudding NEW MALDEN FISH BAR AND DELI (aka Durban Street Food)

159 South Lane ,New Malden KT3 5ES 0208 949 5566


Navigating the weaning journey Kari Sherman, local founder of frozen baby food brand Tom Pom Organic doesn’t just create organic, nutritious and minimally processed baby foods, she also lives as ‘green’ as possible


our little one is approaching six months, and with all the trends, books and social posts on ways to wean your baby, it can feel so overwhelming! When do I start weaning (introducing solids)? What foods do I start with? How do I know my approach will give my baby everything they need to grow?

al 2015, Harris and Coulthard 2016). So start with more bitter flavours such as soft, cooked parsnip, broccoli or sweet potato, puréed to be sure they can swallow easily. Then add in more greens, herbs, flavours and increase texture. From seven months try moving to finger foods and adapting what you cook for your family for variety.

You may be thinking of doing baby-led weaning, or cooking all your own purées and meals at home, buying baby food already prepared or a combo with new ideas thrown in. Whatever you decide, your instincts will serve you well, so go for it!

What vitamins are essential for babies the first year?

Here are a few facts from the NHS Start4Life to keep in mind as you and your baby enjoy the weaning journey. When to start: Around six months is when your baby can sit upright, they can pick up food and bring it to their mouth and move the food to the back of their mouths to swallow. On the day you decide to start the weaning process, make sure baby is rested and some time has passed since their last milk. What to start with: Studies show starting with less sweet flavours leads to healthier eating habits in life. (Garcia et

From seven months onwards baby needs: Vitamin A: dark greens leafy veg, broccoli, dairy, carrots, sweet potatoes, mango Vitamin C: broccoli, berries, peppers, kale, spinach, green beans Vitamin D: in baby’s formula or if breast feeding, speak to your GP about drops From ten months: All of the above, and increase iron rich foods such as red meat, fish, dark green vegetables, beans, lentils, cashews (beware that the latter is a potential allergen)

react to foods. Regardless, it is a good idea to introduce small amounts of the top 14 allergens one at a time, with three days between each introduction. The most common allergies are to dairy, nuts, peanuts and eggs, however, check out Allergy UK and the NHS Start4Life websites for more information on this and what to do if you are worried. Weaning is an exciting journey, so let your parental instincts guide you and have fun!

How to know if your baby may have food allergies?

If you want a high in nutrient, allergy friendly option as a back-up in your freezer, our handmade, freshly frozen purées and meals offer a great healthy option as our products are minimally processed and highly nutritious. Delivery to all London postcodes. n

If your baby is free from eczema and there is no family history of food allergies, most likely they will not

Check out tompomorganic.com for more tips and recipes. @tompomorganic


Beauty in the bottle, and in your veins Our Editor Marja-Leena had a double skin boost at Esthe Clinic in Richmond


here’s nothing better for an instant glow than a great facial. Or is there? I went to find out what Esthe Clinic would recommend for my mid-life skin. And it certainly wasn’t what I expected. Sarah the owner of Esthe Clinic in Richmond is a strong believer in beauty starting from within. She asked how I felt about an IV infusion of a bespoke blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These are tailored to the needs of each client, be it for hydration, boosting your immune system or enhancing your energy levels and she knew exactly what my skin needed. Getting the needle in and the whole drip was over in less than 30 minutes. IV infusions bypass the gut which gives 100% absorption of the nutrients – compared to 20-30% from oral vitamins. Esthe Clinic is one of the very few places in SW London and Surrey offering infusions as part of your beauty and wellbeing routine. I must add that I felt really well and energised that evening and the following day.

unbuffered glycolic acid and 10% lactic acid to improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and discolouration.

The second part of my glowing skin treatment was a SkinCeutical’s Micropeel 20, also known as ‘the red carpet peel’. It’s a gentle chemical peel and works by exfoliating the skin’s surface and works instantly, reducing the appearance of blemishes and giving you that smooth and more radiant skin. It’s formulated with 20%


The SkinCeutical Peel £60 (instead of £85)

38 read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021

The treatment was not dissimilar to a facial, add a little tingling for a few minutes whilst the acid solution is left on your skin. It’s then wiped off and followed by a soothing pigment correcting mask, finished off with a moisturiser with SPF. It’s important to avoid sun for a few days after and always wear a high factor SPF, especially in the summer and lower SPF 20-30 even for cloudy days. It’s now six days after my treatments and my skin is definitely looking more radiant and smoother. It’s easiest to see in my forehead where I have the deepest lines. The full effects take a while to show and a course of treatments is recommended for best results. n 7 Hill Rise, Richmond TW10 6UQ 01748 889594 | 07867 590636 estheclinic.co.uk


Anyone can get skin cancer


he most common sign of a melanoma (a malignant skin tumour) is a new mole or one which has changed in appearance. The mole may be larger than normal and can sometimes be itchy or bleed. Look out for a lesion that gradually changes shape, size or colour.

experience, dedicated to minimal scarring and a safe and comfortable procedure for the patient.

Melanomas can pop up on any area of the body but are especially common on backs in men and legs in women. New moles account for about two thirds of skin cancers so it is important to keep in touch with your own body and to seek expert advice if there is anything you are unsure about.

Be vigilant and if you’re worried about a new mole or one that might have changed in size, shape and overall colour or a cyst that has unusually increased in size, then contact Nakedhealth MEDISPA on 020 8944 5454 to book a consultation. n

Cases are on the rise in the UK, partly because we love our holidays in the sun and we are not in the sun all the time, so our skin is not used to it. In the majority of cases there is nothing to worry about and no further action is needed. At Nakedhealth the medical team are experienced in identifying suspicious moles and painlessly removing them under local anaesthetic. They are then sent to the laboratory for analysis. It is really important to get an early opinion so that action can be taken quickly if necessary. Plastic Surgeon Ms Farida Ali recently joined David Gateley at Nakedhealth having previously worked together at St George’s Hospital. Both are skilled surgeons with years of

The Nakedhealth Minor Ops Room is CQC Registered and has the latest monitoring and surgical equipment to ensure a safe, quick delivery of care.

Nakedhealth MEDISPA 020 8944 5454 nakedhealth.co.uk 261-263 Coombe Lane Wimbledon SW20 0RH

For info on more of our services go to darlingmagazine.co.uk read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021


The Penrose Clinic is a medical aesthetic clinic situated in the beautiful Fetcham Park House, a Grade II listed Queen Anne Mansion, just minutes away from Cobham in Surrey. Dr Kim Prescott and her team offer advanced aesthetics and state-of-the art technologies for facial rejuvenation and body contouring. The Penrose Clinic is highly discreet and benefits from the extraordinary setting of the sculpture gardens and fountains of Fetcham Park House, along with ample parking and private exits to the car park. TREATMENTS AVAILABLE AT THE PENROSE CLINIC



Facial Aesthetics Pyramid Facelifts RF Microneedling Legend M2 Skin Rejuvenation WOW Fusion Facials Profhilo

Emsculpt NEO Lipofirm Pro IV Nutritional Therapy Dermalux LED Stretchmarks and Scarring Cellulite Treatments

KNOW ANYONE GOING THROUGH CANCER TREATMENT? 5 vouchers valued at between £90 and £175 available for a free pampering facial to anyone who is going through cancer treatment To apply for the chance to win please email info@penroseclinic.co.uk


Are Superfacials the new facelift? Our Editors Marja-Leena and Karine visited Dr Kim Prescott at her Penrose Clinic in Fetcham Park House in Cobham


ofter and less invasive facial treatments are fast growing in popularity as we want more natural looking results. But how good are these new Superfacials as an alternative to to facelifts? That’s exactly what we wanted to put to the test. Dr Prescott recommended a two step Legend M2 Skin Programme - a combination of the Lipofirm Facelift and the VoluDerm RF microneedling. “Skin health is influenced by many factors, and graceful ageing involves holistically addressing all the layers of the face.”

We started with the LIPOFIRM FACELIFT This non-surgical collagen induction treatment is for anyone looking for a noninvasive solution to tone, tighten and lift the skin on the face and neck. In many cases a lift can be seen from the first treatment, with no downtime. During the LP Facelift, Tripollar radio frequency (RF) leads to an immediate skin tightening

effect, as well as inducing longer term production of new collagen and elastin. The same handpiece delivers Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) to tone the facial muscles and SMAS layer of the lower face for a lift along the jawline and firm up the area under the chin.

The second part of our treatment was RF MICRONEEDLING USING VOLUDERM HYBRID ENERGY This really is the anti-ageing treatment of the moment. A highly effective combination of microneedling and radiofrequency that helps to tighten and firm the skin on the face, and body. VoluDerm HE uses ultra-thin electrodes to deliver RF to both the outer surface of the skin and the deep dermis, along with galvanic current in a minimally invasive treatment. The combination of thermal (RF) and chemical (galvanic) energies improves results and also means that there is minimal discomfort and very little recovery time.

All this triggers the body’s natural healing processes encouraging regeneration of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to regenerate, firm and volumise the skin. The treatment was totally painless, quick and relaxing even. There was a few hours of redness of the skin after but that cleared by the following morning. A good aftercare routine of gentle cleansing followed by hyaluronic acid and L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) serums is recommended. These customised treatments cost between £135 for the Lipofirm Facelift to £515, depending on whether the neck, décolletage and eyes (non-surgical blepharoplasty) are treated. Dr Kim Prescott practices Aesthetic and Lifestyle Medicine as well as lecturing and training in advanced aesthetic medicine. n info@drkpclinic.co.uk drkpclinic.co.uk

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Just Breathe… The Breathe Café at Lu-Ma in Wimbledon is the first of its kind nationwide. Darling caught up with CEO of Shawmind, mental health charity, Peter Wingrove to find out more


hawmind launched the Breathe Café programme to give people suffering with anxiety, stress and other mental health challenges the space to ‘just breathe’. These Cafes are not therapy sessions or clinics but offer the general public an opportunity to learn more about mental health topics. The first Breathe Café was launched in July at Lu-Ma, 43 Worple Road, Wimbledon and features not only a library of free-to-read mental health and wellbeing books and memoirs, but also access to 1-to-1 conversations with Shawmind volunteers. Breathe Cafes encourage people to get out of their current environment, to go out and connect with others, especially important after the isolation enforced on us all by COVID-19. Long-term health conditions can be managed but often not cured. Understandably, an individual’s primary concern is relief from symptoms, but this is not always possible. Those

who suffer with long-term conditions can experience continuous and frequent pain, fatigue and weakness. In turn, this can impact on mood, anxiety levels, self-esteem, relationships, occupations, activity levels and lifestyles. Research consistently demonstrates that people with long-term conditions are two to three times more likely to experience mental health problems than the general population, particularly anxiety and depression. In most instances, individuals managing longterm conditions are advised to monitor their diet and lifestyle choices - having a balanced diet, good activity levels and a healthy sleep

42 read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021

pattern can reduce the impact of longterm conditions on our mental health. Whilst living with a long-term condition can make it difficult to continue with these activities, withdrawal and isolation have a negative impact on one’s mindset which can severely diminish quality of life. There are treatments available, like cognitivebased therapy – CBT, which teaches one skills to enhance the quality of your life despite living with a long-term condition. A key area is developing the skills to manage one’s emotions associated with your condition, and stress management. But sometimes all the diets, exercise and therapies are not enough… when you are struggling with something that may be the biggest battle of your life, you may just need a space to take your mind off what you are going through for a while, to “recharge” yourself to face another day. n thebreathecafe.org

Becoming a parent, the unseen grief and guilt Therapist Emma Parr explores these


rief comes in many forms but often is only discussed when it is in relation to someone dying. I see many forms of grief and within the realms of parenthood they are many and varied. In society and particularly on social media, parenthood is portrayed as an experience of unbridled joy. But what if it isn’t for you? Being a parent can be very hard, the unseen pressure of responsibility and the sense of isolation is an area that I see frequently. Feelings of grief and anger can surface, why isn’t parenthood as we imagined? We may also feel guilty as we experience feelings that are uncomfortable. How can we be a ‘good parent’ if we feel resentment, frustration, anger towards our baby? Are we allowed to regret our decision? Can we say it is hard, that we might even hate it or our baby at times? The guilt that comes from these thoughts can be crushing and the grief rises, what have we done?

Illustration by Muriel Clarke

As parents we grapple with this turmoil, more often than not the thoughts and feelings go unsaid; the realisation of what has been lost comes to the fore. The life that was has gone. We start to grieve the loss of freedom and coupled with the responsibility of making decisions for another who is relying solely on us, can be overwhelming. Awareness of our feelings is the first step, rather than denial. To allow ourselves to recognise the grief as well as the guilt. To acknowledge the loss and pain, as well as the potential for what we might gain. I offer support and guidance to help navigate the way to acceptance. n

Emma Parr is an experienced therapist who works with individuals covering a range of issues, but specialises in mothers and babies. MA. MBACP, PG Dip Couns. DBS Certificate emma@emmaparr.net emmaparr.net

Read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk

bring your mind and your body back to life in our relaxed but professional studio...

...and experience undeniable results Private sessions just for you, or semi-privates for two, or small group reformer classes, in our gorgeous Pilates studio in Wimbledon, or Online group or private sessions from the comfort of your own home. We will give you the space and the tools to learn to move intelligently and thoughtfully, reaping the benefits of Pilates.


3 Red Studios, Elm Grove, Wimbledon, SW19 4BX +44 7961 495 297

Scent + Remedy

A floral pharmacy in a box. Scent + Remedy provides a more personalised and thoughtful solution to gifting flowers, to promote wellbeing through their aromatherapy powers


t’s no secret that flowers have the power to change how we feel. Surrounding ourselves with flowers can lift our mood, brighten our homes and heighten our senses and awareness. Flowers speak to us in their own language and help us connect with each other, nature, and ourselves. These are all good things.

FEEL THE FLOWERS Our flowers do more than just look good. Hold a single stem in your hand for a moment and notice how you feel. Aromatherapy is well known for helping with various ailments, particularly during times of life when we need healing.

Geranium With its fresh lemon-pepper scent, geranium promotes balance in mind and body.

Lavender Lavender oil is a powerful antioxidant; squeeze the leaves to release the naturally soothing aroma. Lavender is particularly good for promoting relaxation, treating anxiety and helping with insomnia.

Flowering mint Symbolising friendship and virtue, mint is used in aromatherapy for its fresh and energising scent. 44

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CHOOSE YOUR PERFECT REMEDY We have two collections from which to choose:

Restore When it feels like the world is spinning at a million miles per hour it’s easy to lose our footing. Our Restore collection is all about taking a moment to stop, breathe and smell the flowers.

Renew A new day lies ahead and a new chance to feel good. Channel the incredible power of flowers and be free to dance to your own tune.

THOUGHTFUL GIFTING What better way to show your friends and loved ones that you really care for them than to send them a personalised bunch of flowers tailored to their needs, particularly during a tough time or when their mind and body could do with a bit of a pick me up.

NATIONWIDE DELIVERY We deliver our flowers nationwide Tuesday - Saturday, they will be delivered within two working days of placing your order and will include a handwritten card with your personal message. n #feeltheflowers scentandremedy.com @scentandremedy hello@scentandremedy.com

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How happy is your family?


ur families bring us joy, better health and wellbeing but they can also be the source of distress. The pandemic has not eased the situation. Navigating family life is a process of being able to create healthy connection that can tolerate life challenges without destroying the intimate connection that families bring. Those of love, respect and support.

If you are struggling and perhaps have lost your mojo then please contact Pam Custers for an informal discussion. If you’d like to work on your relationship, please visit therelationshippractice.com 07572 841 388 Pam holds an MA in Relationship therapy Psychology (Hons) (BACP Accred)

The positive and negative aspects of family relationships have a large impact on our well-being. These include our ability to cope with stress, engage in healthy behaviours, and increase our self-esteem. However the converse can also be true. The relationship issues that can derail a family’s ability to have positive relationships are many: communication, life stages, unrealistic expectations, rigid views on how families should be - the stresses are countless. What is important to know is that we are literally wired to connect to our family. This bonding process develops through both our love relationships with our partner and children with what is termed ‘the parental care giver attachment’. We are able to see via brain scans that when we are with our loved ones our anxiety levels reduce and we start producing feel-good hormones. So when these very close relationships are in a state of flux we will be physically and mentally impacted. Keeping perspective as a couple is important. Family life often does not go to plan. Family life can have ups and downs. Couples who commit to working as a team are able to use the process of overcoming obstacles as a means of bringing a family together. n

Iocal husband & wife team Nick & Jacqui

A flexible approach to funerals No Fuss | Personalised | Natural

A helpful, supportive hand at your time of need

020 3281 1045

Open 7 days




is it an option for me? Jade Quirke from Russell-Cooke’s children team explores the possibilities


s a family lawyer specialising in surrogacy and fertility law, I have the privilege of advising prospective parents and surrogates on the legal aspects to their surrogacy plans, no matter how far along they are. When planned well, surrogacy arrangements are life-changing and positive ways to create families, but research and preparation are key.

What is surrogacy? Surrogacy is where a woman carries or gives birth to a child for another person or couple. There are a number of reasons why someone may require the help of a surrogate. For example, they could be in a same-sex couple, a 46 read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021

single parent or could suffer from fertility issues. There are two types of surrogacy: • Traditional (straight) surrogacy – where the

surrogate is both the egg donor and carrier. Conception can take place via artificial insemination at home or a fertility clinic. • Gestational (host) surrogacy – where the surrogate carries an embryo for the intended parents. Conception can only take place via artificial insemination at a fertility clinic.

Surrogacy in the UK It is a misconception that surrogacy is illegal in the UK but there are various rules and restrictions relating to surrogacy contracts, advertising for surrogates and payment of their

expenses. Some consider our UK surrogacy laws outdated because they treat the surrogate as the legal mother and, if she is married or in a civil partnership, her spouse is treated as the second legal parent. This is the legal position irrespective of biology, where the child was born and what everyone intends. Thankfully, there is a solution: the parental order. Once made by the court, this order extinguishes the surrogate’s legal rights (and, if relevant, her spouse’s) and makes the intended parent(s) the legal parents. This process has to be done through the court but is a well-trodden legal path.

How do I find a surrogate in the UK? There are the following three options: • �A friend or family member • �With the assistance of a non-profit surrogacy

agency in the UK – Brilliant Beginnings, COTS, Surrogacy UK and My Surrogacy Journey • �An independent surrogate who does not work with an agency If you are lucky enough to find a surrogate, then preparation and research are key. Although legally unenforceable, a surrogacy agreement is always advisable since this will help ensure everyone is aligned on fundamental issues and reduces the risk of things going wrong.

considerations to factor into your planning and whilst they are usually entirely manageable, early planning will be invaluable.

What about surrogacy for non-biological parents? Surrogacy is absolutely an option for nonbiological parents but there are additional challenges and hurdles including finding a surrogate who is willing to help you and a clinic that is willing to treat you. This is because the usual post-birth solution to remedy the parenthood position once the child is born is not available, as one of the mandatory requirements to qualify for the parental order is that you must be biologically related to the child. Despite these challenges, surrogacy is a practical option for non-biological parents with creative legal solutions which require specialist planning and advice. Surrogacy is a positive way to create a family but getting good advice and support from experienced professionals is paramount. The children team at Russell-Cooke has a wealth of experience advising families in relation to their family building plans whether through surrogacy, donor conception or adoption and offers practical and legal advice. If you would like to discuss your family building plans then our team would be delighted to help and guide you to make your plans a success. n

What about surrogacy overseas? Due to a combination of our quite restrictive surrogacy laws and the shortage of UK surrogates, many prospective parents prefer an overseas surrogacy arrangement where there are shorter match times and greater legal protection from the outset for both prospective parents and surrogates. Common destinations include the US, Canada, Ukraine and Georgia but we see other destinations pop up each year. If you are contemplating an international surrogacy arrangement, it is important to get advice early since there are often several legal

Jade Quirke Associate Direct: +44 (0)20 8541 2024 Jade.Quirke@russell-cooke.co.uk

Read more from Russell-Cooke online at darlingmagazine.co.uk read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021


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NEED AN ELECTRICIAN? Electrical Testing & Inspection, Electrical Installation and Rewiring FREE ESTIMATES NO CALL OUT CHARGE

Angloz Electrical offer a reliable, high quality and efficient service in West London, including Kingston and Richmond Claire Cotton ad_AU19.pdf





020 8840 1191


New Courses for Beginners & Improvers

Classes for women on Wimbledon Common Small, friendly groups Free trial session Contact Caroline 07810 486286 info@commonrunners.co.uk claire@healthyincome.cc


Tech Boffin shares his Financial Secrets


e caught up with one of our new clients, Neil Dickins, to show him around his new property. Within three weeks of the house purchase we did all external work identified by the survey as needing attention and internal beautification to bring it up to spec before the first guests arrived.

What has your experience been working with BTLH?

“Excellent from the outset. I’m 100% confident that the outstanding service levels will continue.”

Any advice to someone else who might find themselves in your situation?

Tell us a little about yourself Neil?

“Call me to invest in some crazy risky early stage tech companies. Eschew sensible investments like BTLH!”

What do you do?

So… if you find yourself looking for an investment all piquant with crazy risk and excitement, contact Neil Dickins direct. But if like Neil, you’d like to make a sensible investment, then get in touch with BTLH and see if we can find you a little gem like his. Neil’s parting words to us were: “I might start thinking about my next project with you guys…” You heard it here first! n

“I fell in love with theatre whilst at McMaster Uni in Canada, and was told I must go to London. I duly came to study Shakespeare but became ensnared in the thorns of an English rose (the red of Lancashire version) and never left.” “I founded Intellectual Capital Resources (IC Resources) 22 years ago to focus on ‘deep tech’ recruitment (all the tech that’s in your phone, or a satellite, or an electric car….ie everything except IT).”

What were you hoping to achieve when making an investment with By To Let Hunter?

“I make very high risk, seed stage investments in tech companies, and wanted an investment to balance my portfolio. Like all assets, property values fluctuate but the likely downside compared to stocks (or early stage companies!!) is lower.”

Can BTLH help you find the perfect property? Get in touch and have a chat: 020 7550 9396 or hello@buytolethunter.com For more information check out buytolethunter.com Quadrant Road, Richmond, London, TW9 1DH

Why did you choose BTLH?

“For me the most critical word in seeking success is ‘niche’. I loved the niche, under-represented ‘mid-term let’ idea and believe that BTLH has the focus and attention to make this successful. The other reason, of course, is that the ROI makes sense.”

Buy To Let team - Alex, Lucy and Adrian read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021


rvice Mobile Fashion Seany occasion Bespoke tailoring


Dressmaking Redesign Alterations -off service Collection & drop perience Over 20 years’ ex to make an Please call Gayle e comfort of your th appointment in own home

07957 492 756

ternet.com luckyducks@btin 10% discount Quote Darling for h February & Marc Offer valid during

Creating Connections Inspiring Success



‘My vision is to encourage more women to julie@theathenanetwork.com ‘My visionand is to women to network in encourage turn realisemore their full potential network and in inspiring turn realise their potential by helping and them andfull providing by helping and inspiring them valuable connections’ , says Julieand providing HELPFULconnections’ WIMBLEDON, WEBSITES valuable says Julie Love Wimbledon WIMBLEDON, PUTNEY, BALHAM AND STREATHAM www.lovewimbledon.org WIMBLEDON, PUTNEY, BALHAM AND STREATHAM London Borough of Merton Julie Eltham www.merton.gov.uk Julie Eltham Regional Director, The Athena Network Citizen’s Advice Bureau Regional Director, The Athena Network t: @athenaSWlondon www.nacab.org.uk t:f: @athenaSWlondon TheAthenaNetworkSurrey&SWLondon Merton Chamber of Commerce f:www.mertonchamber.co.uk TheAthenaNetworkSurrey&SWLondon 07890 523030 e: julie.eltham@theathenanetwork.com 07890 523030 Wimbledon Town Centre www.wimbledontowncentre.co.uk w: theathenanetwork.co.uk/julieeltham e: julie.eltham@theathenanetwork.com Wimbledon Civic Forum w: theathenanetwork.co.uk/julieeltham www.wimbledoncivicforum.org.uk Wimbledon Society www.wimbledonmuseum.org.uk imbledon Wimbledon Community Centre Guild cafe www.wimbledoncommunity.org.uk Volunteer Centre Merton volunteer, Noreen www.volunteercentremerton.org.uk Learning & Skills Council Sheridan recently www.lsc.gov.uk celebrated 5,000 hours Charity Commission www.charitycommission.gov.uk of volunteering and Wimbledon Music Diary her 50th birthday. www.wimbledonmusicdiary.com Wimbledon Choral Society Staff at the cafe www.wimbledon-choral.org.uk surprised Local Police/Neighbourhood Watch Noreen, who www.met.police.uk/saferneighbourhoods has Down's Syndrome, The Wimbledon Guild www.wimbledonguild.co.uk during her shift by Care Connect presenting her with a Noreenwww.merton.gov.uk/living/care/careconnect is pictured with Wimbledon Guild Head ofwww.centrecourtshopping.co.uk Social Welfare Jane Platts hand-made card


Refer earn AND


ahead of her birthday,

Know someone looking to sell? Refer us to them, and when we sell their property, you will receive 5% of our net commission on completion as a thank you!

IMPORTANT NUMBERS Wimbledon Police Stand George’s cooked Hospital her 020 8947 1212 or (999) 020 8672 1255 favourite lunch of Merton Council Kingston Hospital 020 8274 4901 020 8546 7711 lasagne and chocolate NHS DIRECT National Rail Example: cake On a property celebrate. worth 0845 4647 08457to484950

 

£1million, that's Jessica O'Neill | darlingmagazine.co.uk we'll pay to you! 020 33 25 4544 15 feb-march 2012£500 www.harrisonjacks.co.uk Darling Dec 16 - Feb 17.indd 42

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Photograph Anna Shvets

An Autumn like no other


utumn Equinox on 22nd September is a time for review. We look back at summer, and feel the bite in the air that reminds us of the winter to come. It’s a time of second sowing. A better time to make resolutions than in the quiet darkness of January. But this year rather than inhabiting our minds, a more grounded strategy might is order.

Autumn is a time of change, the wind a reminder that nothing stays the same. A time to slow down, to breathe. When we feel helpless. When the world is burning and there’s seemingly nothing we can do. Remember harvest festival? Shoeboxes, and tins of beans and growing awareness of people who needed those basics from our mum’s cupboards. A realisation in our child hearts of our own good fortune.

This Equinox feel that gratitude. For your body. Your home. The Common and Richmond Park and Surrey Hills, green and gold and safe from fire and flood. However hopeless or joyful life is, in this moment of balance, between the peak and trough of the year, you have your breath. In this turbulent and destabilised world, I wish you peace, gratitude and grounding. Blessed Autumn Equinox to you and yours. n sophielutz.com/tarot sophietarot

darling loves local LIBA Also on Zoom!


07833 218 738

Interior & Exterior Painting & Decorating Refurbishments Plastering / Skimming Reliable & Friendly Top-to-toe spring cleaning After builder clean-up Pre-tenancy clean Curtains, carpets and upholstery cleaning Floor cleaning and polishing General weekly clean 020 8542 7966 | 07961 337587 cgscrubbers.co.uk


info@libadecsolutions.co.uk www.libadecsolutions.co.uk @libadecsolutions @libadecsolutions


sep-oct 2013 | darlingmagazine.co.uk



David Lloyd Raynes Park in for a £7m luxury makeover


f the pandemic has made you re-prioritise your health and wellness, there’s no better time to get started on your fitness journey. David Lloyd Raynes Park is about to undergo a huge £7m makeover to firmly position it as one of the area’s leading health, spa, and racquets clubs. At the heart of the new investment is a new luxurious super-spa; known as the Spa Retreat. The area will feature a sensational swim-in, swimout hydro pool, saunas, steam rooms, feature showers, a plunge pool and deep relaxation rooms. The Spa Retreat also includes an extensive new outdoor garden area with a sauna and dedicated mediation area.


The gym and studios are also having an extensive upgrade. Members will enjoy a brand-new state of the art gym, this bright and airy space will feature cutting-edge equipment all selected to help you get the most from your gym session. Fitness enthusiasts can also up their performance with a new best-in-class bespoke studio space where members can take part in the newest Signature David Lloyd classes, such as BLAZE, Rhythm, Ign1te, Spirit and Cyclone. n See davidlloyd.co.uk/raynespark for more information on how to become a part of this incredible club.

Martial Arts classes for all ages

“Our dedicated and qualified team offer the very best in teaching techniques with the emphasis on fun” Ray Stevens Olympic medalist


07552 774111

enquiries@raystevensacademy.co.uk raystevensacademy.co.uk

For more on the benefits of martial arts for kids go to darlingmagazine.co.uk/KIDS/activities


Freedom Day By Kate Greenhalgh


y youngest has graduated and gone! But before I could even head down the pub, a new piece of research declared that ‘childhood’ now officially ends at the age of 30. Which has obvious ramifications for ‘motherhood’. Take my own case, a powerful story of selfless devotion: I had my first child in 1989, and my youngest reaches 30 in 2030. Do the maths - I’ll have had ‘children’ continually for 41 years. 41 years of it being my fault, whatever it is.

A child’s list of things that will always be your fault: My alarm didn’t go off! I drove in a bus lane! My pot-plant has died! My passport has expired! I missed my flight! This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it gives typical examples of negative experiences which could all have been averted by better mothering. Even when you are 30, and have your own home, your mother should at least remind you to water your plants, if not drive round herself, let herself in and take the initiative. And why not change a few light bulbs while she is at it? Are you supposed to sit in 54

read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk autumn 2021

the dark? Does she even care? People say we helicoptered too much. While the men had fun in the office, us mums, robbed of our careers, fell upon the kids like a project in perfection, raising useless Gen Zees who need to go to bootcamp to grow up. This disastrous approach also led, of course, to ‘victim mother’ competitions between ourselves for who has the longest apron strings. ‘Drove her to Gatwick at 4am? LUXURY! I walked up Ben Nevis in my slippers after Theodore because he’d forgotten his phone.’ ‘Fed their cat for 2 weeks? That’s nothing. While ours were on holiday, I wrote all their Christmas thankyou letters for them and cooked 50 lasagnes for their freezer.’ At this point, I can imagine my children interrupting. ‘Mum, remember what we said - we can manage now. We don’t live with you anymore. Please stop letting yourself in to our flats to wipe surfaces. And don’t automatically open our post for us as you come through the door and stop eye-rolling if our hoover bag is full. We can also tie our own shoelaces. Mum, no offence, but you need to get a life.’ Were there ever such devastating words? Thank God they didn’t really say this. Imagine not being needed any more. n

Rightmove Plus August Pie Chart.pdf




Over £195m of property sold soso far this Over £195m of property sold far year this year Others (8 offices) Office 9 Office 8 Office 7 Office 6 C






Robert Holmes & Co


6 Office 5




Office 4








Wimbledon - Sales More sales over £2m than any other Wimbledon agent


Office 3

out of


17 offices Office 2

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020 8947 9833 www.robertholmes.co.uk


020 8947 9833 www.robertholmes.co.uk


020 8947 9833 www.robertholmes.co.uk

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The Sales Market is moving if you have any thoughts about selling, now really is the time to do it

Modern, smart, proactive online presence Get THE BEST OF BOTH worlds for the smart sofa surfer purchasers of today’s market place Get THE BEST OF BOTH worlds TRADITIONAL HIGH STREET PRESENCE TRADITIONAL HIGH STREET PRESENCE

modern online profile You have waited a longwith time move, as innovative a result of Brexit, COVID, and perhaps the risk of losing withtomodern innovative online profile your job. But with the country slowly opening back up, the Market is really moving, so don’t miss dedicated will provide a personal service, exceptional local knowledge the Our 2021 Therestaff is a lack of good quality properties, resulting in huge competition for every Our boat. dedicated staff will provide a personal service, exceptional local knowledge and experience across all aspects of residential property property,and which ensures you willall achieve theofvery best sales price possible. experience across aspects residential property sales and letting both in Kingston and beyond sales and lettingannual both in Kingston and beyond Rightmove is showing 3%-5% price growth for sales in your area, The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary NOW really is the timeand to sell. The difference so between the ordinary the extraordinary

is that litte bit extra ... is that litte bit extra ... 8239 0535 Please call Peter Greenwood on 020 WINNER OF THE BRITISH PROPERTY AWARDS 2018-12019 WINNER THE BRITISH PROPERTY AWARDS 2018-12019 for BEST a OF freeESTATE valuation and us get youUPON moving… FOR THE AGENT INlet KINGSTON THAMES FOR THE BEST ESTATE AGENT IN KINGSTON UPON THAMES


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