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PLUS: Summer Events List, Richie Halliday – Hardware Hero, Merton Arts Trail Time, Road Works are Bad for Biz, Tim Dunn Lights Our Fire, Passing of a Legend – Mara Berni, Quantum Leap in Kitchen Designs, A Winning Attitude with Alessandro Ferullo, Safe As Houses – Or Are You? TVF inspires our Young Champions, Darling’s Social Pages, What’s Up Diary

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editor’s letter Dear Darling Reader The hottest March in history, the wettest April in living memory, the coldest May on record, and now – come rain, come shine – the Greatest British Summer of a generation. Yes, there’ll be winners and losers, hype and hysterics, ag-wavers and nay-sayers, but if ever there were an excuse for good old unabashed jingoism, this is it. And we’ll have it with strawberries and cream on top, Your Majesty! Cover Girl Natalie Stevens Photographer Taylor Torr

Publisher Darling Magazine UK Karine Torr Editor Karine Torr 020 8739 0059 Advertising 07930 396356 Email Contributor Kate Greenhalgh Photography Taylor Torr Design Director Talitha Minchin Printer Aquatint/bsc Distribution Three Colours Ltd Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that the data in this publication is accurate, neither the publisher nor its editorial contributors can accept, and hereby disclaim, any liability to any party to loss or damage caused by errors or omissions resulting from negligence, accident or any other cause. Darling Magazine does not officially endorse any advertising material included within this publicaiton. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form – electronic, recording or otherwise, without prior permission from the publisher.

So in amongst the Games, the Jubilee and the Championships, we’ve been digging up some great British stories of our own, from our exclusive interview with LOCOG’s Clare Wood to the opening of our brand new Wimbledon Way, from the inspiring Alison Taylor to a who’s who of local celebs splashing out in our social pages. And if that’s not your cup of tea, how about an array of up and coming ‘wow’ factor musical talent, a new CEO for the Wimbledon Guild and check out Nick Holmes’s take on male chauvinism through the art ages. So here’s hoping for a space on the train, a ticket to any event and a summer to remember forever. Until September when we turn our gaze to autumn… Karine Torr Editor | CONTENTS 5 9 13 14 15 16 18 20 21 22 23 26 31 32 33 37 39 40 41 42 43 43 44 44 46

Inspiring Woman of Wimbledon, tennis ace – Alison Taylor Exclusive interview with LOCOG’s Clare Wood – sneak preview 60 years on the throne – Kate Greenhalgh on the Jubilee Celebrity florist, Tim Dunn now in our town. Come & meet him Ghigo Berni laments the passing of a Legend Wimbledon’s got Talent – see their fortes Village People – annual fair comes to town for Wimbledon Guild Local girls win Top Drawer Award for kids toy Winning at Life with Alessandro Ferullo Little Puggle – Keep kids happy this summer holiday Local schools win with TVF charity’s latest film project Glittering social pages – have you been papped? Nick Holmes – No women artists here please Why burglars have rights too – Hart Brown warns Taking kitchen designs seriously with Candice Sevenus Retreating to the right garden room for you Handyman Hero, Richie Halliday for your DIY inspiration Honing your Bridge skills with Paul Mendelson So much happening! Your official list for summer Darling Magazine Hotspots – get a copy here Road works causing havoc Elegance at New Wimbledon Theatre – New Piano Bar What’s On – diary page Summer art on the Merton Arts Trail Fathers, we all have one | june–august 2012 


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inspiring woman

Westside Story

Alison Taylor all-round tennis inspiration What brought you to Wimbledon? Well I was working in the Algarve where it was sunny and warm for 100s of days at a time so clearly it wasn’t the weather. My future husband was spending more time in Wimbledon so naturally I wanted to be with him and as someone who has made their career in tennis; there is no better place to live. Also, during World War II, my father was assigned to the RAF 115 squadron and was a bomber pilot rst on Wellingtons and then Lancasters, he was based in Yorkshire and Ely in Cambridgeshire.

Sssh… I can’t tell you it’s a secret. Westside is a great tennis facility located in the heart of Wimbledon. I love teaching and playing tennis so can be found most days working at the club. We have a fantastic team of enthusiastic coaches and a supportive committee and club members. We run a friendly

exible junior/senior programme for all ages and abilities.

Why do you think we battle in the UK to develop young talent when smaller countries in Europe manage to? I hope that is about to change, the LTA have put very good programmes in place to

How did you get into tennis as a career? I grew up in a competitive family where all sports were encouraged and as I was the youngest of 5 children I always tried to keep up with my 3 older brothers and sister. I competed in athletics, swimming, skiing and horseback riding but tennis became my focus. I started teaching tennis during the summers while at University and quickly realised that I wanted to teach tennis as a career.

Any secrets behind your very popular junior programme at Westside Tennis Club? | june–august 2012 


inspiring woman coaching framework, but we are still playing catch up with other countries. Having the Olympics here this summer should encourage many young children to become more active and involved and this should generate better results in the near future. British success in tennis is long overdue.

Left to right: Ben Thesiger, Jorge Beltrao, Eduardo Vicente, Alison Taylor, Dani LaPorta, Arthur Fery; kneeling: Alice Klugman, Yasmin Howe and Victoria Subev

encourage young talent to become professional tennis players. We now have an improved system for children to progress through the ranks, more competition and a better

What is the scariest thing you have encountered?

Last year I was selected to represent Canada in the World Senior Team Championships in Christchurch, New Zealand. It was our 2nd day of competition when the devastating magnitude 6.3 earthquake hit that killed

65 people. I was watching my teammate play when the ground started to shake violently, the whole ground had buckled and water came seeping up through the ground. We were very fortunate to be outside in a park rather than in a hotel in the city centre.

What are you looking forward to the most over this exciting summer period? This is a very exciting time to be in London. I nally managed to get some tickets for the Olympics and will denitely look forward to Wimbledon; maybe Andy Murray can make Wimbledon History and be the only British Men’s player to win Wimbledon since Fred Perry. Photography by Liza Roe; Alison’s hair by Richard Kent of Parkside Hair Studio


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Wimbledon v The GAMES Exclusive Darling interview with LOCOG’S Clare Wood Clare competed for Great Britain in three Olympic Games and has worked at a further two and also played in the Wimbledon Championships.

What are your main responsibilities in relation to the Olympics, and where are you based? My title is Sport Manager and I am responsible for everything to do with the athletes and the competition, to ensure the courts are in top condition for

competition, the facilities on site are all suitable and t for purpose such as the locker rooms, dining areas, lounge, gym and re-stringing service etc. Currently I am based at the LOCOG ofces in Canary Wharf and during the Games will be based at the venue.

What do you see as the greatest challenge of bringing the Olympic Games to SW19? One challenge is getting the courts ready in 20 days, however extensive testing of the process for regenerating the courts has taken place post Championships 2010 & 11 and Eddie Seaward and his team have had excellent results. Other challenges include transforming the venue from Championships mode to Olympic mode in terms of the ‘look and feel’ of the grounds and also ensuring all the spaces to be used during the Olympics are equipped with the right technology and furniture.

What are the main differences between the Championships and the Olympics?

© 2011 Michael Cole

There will be no queue for the Olympics, all tickets will be pre-sold. Players will not have to wear whites, national colours will be allowed. Medal ceremonies will take place on centre court with national anthems and ag raising. The Olympics will use 12 match courts, less than the | june–august 2012



How many courts will be used for the Olympics, and will they cope with this extra pounding in a drought year? 12 competition courts and 7 practice courts will be used. The courts will continue to be watered and maintained as in any other year.

What question are you most asked about the Games? Do I have any tickets and the answer is no! Only joking, I get asked about the courts a lot and also who will be playing. The courts I have already touched on, the entries for the Olympics close on 11 June and I would anticipate most of the top 20 players in the world taking part.

Will you be taking a long holiday away from tennis after it’s all over? I will be taking a holiday denitely and am also going to work on a project in South Africa called Tumelong Haven that runs a mission and development programme to help residents in the local community. Working on the Olympic and Paralympic Games has been an amazing experience and I am really proud to be part of the London 2012 team. I work with a great team of people across both Games which has made it a really special project. We are really aiming to deliver the best Olympic tennis and Paralympic wheelchair tennis events EVER! or © 2011 Michael Cole

Published by Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum

Championships. There are 5 events at the Olympics, men’s and women’s singles 64 competitors, doubles 32 competitors and 16 in the mixed doubles. | june–august 2012  11

Long to Reign Over Us


Kate Greenhalgh celebrates the Jubilee



ne of Wimbledon’s nest moments was in 1977, the year of the Silver Jubilee, when we welcomed the Queen here to watch the Ladies’ Finals, and Virginia Wade took the title. Miss Wade is possibly the only person in the world with naked thighs and frilly pants to be presented to Her Majesty - in public, anyway. Sadly, I doubt we will experience anything so historic for the Diamond Jubilee, but I, for one, am hopping on my bike, prepared for a strenuous pedal along the Embankment to follow the progress of the Royal Barge, as I doubt there will be many people lining the banks to get in my way, and in fact I may get an invite on board when she recognises me from the 2001 Garden Party. While I squeeze excitedly into my Geri Halliwell Union ag dress, let’s consider the point of all this celebration. Rationally, we are all republicans, surely - like my daughter, who is still annoyed that we named her Elizabeth. For people like her, many years of the same monarch, (usually a queen, if you think about it, as they avoid the liver damage,

syphilis and getting killed in battles which make Kings such a lousy bet for a long-term tenure) vigorous longevity in the chinless aristocrats who oppress us is not

so much cause for a party as for a disappointed sigh . ‘Well,’ I said to my Lizzie, as I unwrapped our new Diamond Jubilee tea towels patriotically, ‘You have to admit, | june–august 2012


jubilee monarchist or not, the Queen’s long reign signies a fair few disasters averted for all of us, does it not? I’m not talking about The War, now, (I know – we are so over it) I mean the last time they cancelled the monarchy. Look what happened – Cromwell shut the pubs for 11 years. And look at France. I bet they are still sorry they had that Revolution! All that attitude – you don’t get decent voter apathy like here – ask Sarkosy – and…’ In the face of this devastating logic, Lizzie walked off, muttering something about democracy and equality, in the way the young do.

Jubilee is just part of a bigger build up to the REAL jubilee, in 2066. Boy, that will be the one, so reserve your souvenir copy of Darling now! I will be 103 then, so maybe not channeling Geri Halliwell – probably something less ‘mutton-dressed-as-lamb’, like a shroud maybe, but 1,000 years of beating back invaders, (England I mean, not me) is something to feel really patriotic about. We’ll probably party so hard that Argentina will take the Falklands while we’re not looking.

but beat a hasty retreat when they realised about the congestion charge. I’d like to see them try that again, during Her Majesty’s Royal Jubilee Flotilla Barge Procession With Bells On: Sir Matthew Pinsent yelling at them through a loud-hailer, loyal subjects booing them for being spoil-sports, and people shouting ‘Fenton!’ after them as they ee. Ever since King John famously had to attend to a spot of paperwork at Runnymede in 1215, the Thames has been the symbol of our nation’s nononsense approach to tyrants and invaders, and if the Queen is our willing mascot for all that, as she oats regally downstream, then she gets my vote!


She is an icon, our dear Queen, ain’t she, gorblesser, but her

Of course, in June 1667, as Samuel Pepys tweeted at the time, the Dutch Navy made it up the Thames as far as Gravesend,

COME ON BABY, LIGHT MY FIRE Timothy Dunn and Senti – a Match made in Heaven


ith the Championships just around the corner renowned London Florist and Southelds resident, Timothy Dunn has two events to celebrate this month. Not only has Tim once again been commissioned to create the beautiful blooms at the All England Tennis Club and the winner’s bouquets, but his debut luxury candle range Timothy Dunn London, will be launching at Senti in Wimbledon Village. For over twenty years Timothy Dunn has been one of the leading lights of British Floristry, designing oral creations for a coterie of celebrities such as Madonna and Take That and renowned brands and events such as Henley and Wembley. The new Timothy Dunn London collection has been a labour of love; each one of the exquisite eight fragrances has been inspired by Tim’s love of owers and his travels around the world. The signature scent of the range is the Violette de Lune candle inspired by Marrakesh and which incorporates Moroccan Rose, Neroli, wild Fig, Violet and Jasmine. Debbie Knight, owner of Senti, is thrilled to be stocking the new range and both she and Tim are looking forward to the ofcial launch event 20th of June, 6-8pm which will include an evening of celebs, champagne and fragrance testing. To book call: 0208 947 5179.


MamMa mia By San Lorenzo’s Ghigo Berni

Mara Berni 1928-2012. Mara was a lioness whose pride extended beyond family to include the multi-generational world of San Lorenzo. She left her paw prints on many lives, including mine.


y mother was a working mum and a great provider in the old-school tradition. She was a woman of rare physical beauty and ery temperament, strong, intelligent, loyal, spontaneous and entertaining. Though I often looked to my father for inspiration, she taught me much more than I ever realised. Among her professional peers Mara was unanimously regarded as a giant, her greatest asset being her unique desire to bind everyone she met to her charismatic bosom and to spoil them with warmth and generosity. This conqueror of hearts was a host beyond comparison. With a formidable memory for names, faces, and events, she made people feel special and she always went the extra mile. That’s how she earned her legendary reputation, by being a universally affectionate giver. Backstage she was a potent motivator. An assiduously dedicated grafter who led by example, ruled a tight ship and oversaw every detail. She treated staff like family, with a maternal blend of educative nagging and

Mara with granddaughter Isa at the beach

frequent scolding, and always forgiving. Throughout her career she was loved and respected by countless loyal employees, many of whom became devoted friends. In her prime she was a sassy mix of feminine feist, resourceful independence, and formidable intuition, yet she remained instinctively grounded and maternal, always making sure that the younger guests ate their greens. From the numerous condolences I’ve read, it’s astonishing now just how many have grown up to regard her as their special mamma, such was her magnetism. When many conded and sought counsel, she seldom hid emotion or empathy,

but her quick wit and wisdom could bring back a smile to a tearful face or condently defuse a tricky customer’s ego. Opinionated, dynamic, brimming with personality, and with a condence that belied her fundamental humility, she remained humble yet regal among even the most illustrious guests, ercely proud of her own punishing work ethic. All I could do was watch, learn and be in love with this giant mamma. Contact Details: 38 Wimbledon Hill Road 020 8946 8463 twitter: @fuoriporta | june–august 2012  15


Songbirds Wimbledon’s Got Talent Melissa James Ahead of the release of her debut album, local singer-songwriter, Melissa James, is causing a stir. Performances at The Cannizaro Park Festival, Bar 191 and The Wimbledon Village Fair have all helped secure her position as one of our most prominent singers and she is quickly attracting an army of followers. Melissa’s songs take the listener on mini detours, which often open up to reveal the sometimes raw elements of her innermost thoughts. Combined with the soulful power of her delivery, her performances are spine tingling. Day Dawns is released on 25th June. Signup for Melissa’s gig and album updates at and visit

Misty Miller This talented 18 year old was born into a musical family and raised in Wimbledon attending The Hall School. She has been singing all her life and writing songs from the age of 8. Discovered at Bestival Festival while ‘Singing for Supper’ (open mic), she recorded her rst album at the age of 15 at RAK studios. Misty has been played on Radio 1 via Rob da Bank & has done 2 live appearances on XFM with John Kennedy. She was even invited to appear live on East Village Radio in New York City in October of 2011. She has appeared in British Vogue, Dazed and Confused, American Elle, Blackbook Magazine and many more. Voted ‘One to Watch’ by she has sold over 50,000 downloads and has had her music appear in advertising campaigns for Burberry, Coke, Pull & Bear, Loewe, Macy’s (in NY) and the Woodland Trust. (Photograph by Amelia Pemberton)

Christina Nicola Christina Nicola is a singer/songwriter and music producer. After completing her schooling locally and graduating from the London College of Music and Media with a degree in Music Technology, she built her own professional recording studio in West Wimbledon. She has worked with the likes of producer Steve Brown (WHAM, Manic Street Preachers, Freddie Mercury, Graham Bush (Madness), Ebony Bones and Dj Deekline (also from Wimbledon). Dubbed a chameleon and the new Cathy Dennis, Christina combines her 90s pop inuences (Wham, Madonna, Sade) and smooth sultry vocals with current productions. You can nd her on iTunes and Beatport. | 16

june–august 2012 |


Alex Howlett Alex, born and raised in Wimbledon, has always been a performer and her parents are opera singers. Her mother is famous soprano and Professor at The Royal College of Music, Elizabeth Robson. Nowadays Alex regularly performs with 18 piece Swing Band ‘Any Swing Goes’, around London in venues like The 100 Club, The Bulls Head, Barnes and the Bedford in Balham. Her latest CD, Once Upon A Lifetime is a fab swing album, featuring the legendry talents of saxophonist Nigel Hitchcock and jazz guitarist Bill Shanley. This talented supermom of three is donating all the proceeds to her African charity, Friends of the Children of Tanzania. Album cover by Sean Ebsworth Barnes

Malory Torr 17 year old Malory Torr is already a rm favourite at live gigs across London that include The Troubadour, Proud Camden, The Half Moon and The Cellar as well as local festivals. A product of Holy Cross Prep and Coombe Girls, Malory was born in South Africa and spent three years in Mexico City before settling in Wimbledon. Now at work on her rst album, Malory’s infectious singing and performing style combines folk, indie and homespun styles with distinctively quirky lyrics and music videos. XFM’s John Kennedy wrote about her in the magazine Dazed & Confused saying, ‘Her songs are simple but impressive with an inherent drama that calls to mind Regina Spektor on ukulele or guitar’. Last year she reached the nals of Live & Unsigned and sang at the 02 arena, as well as coming in the Top 50 in a Jamie Cullum Pizza Express competition. Watch out for her on stage live at the Wimbledon Village Fair around 3:15pm, 23rd June. ‘Like’ Malory Torr on Facebook

Emily Coates Emily Coates is a contemporary singer/songwriter from Ireland, living in Wimbledon for the past three years. In essence her music is moving, warm and reective, carved from everyday experience. Her voice can be described as very powerful, almost ethereal, with a distinct Irish timbre. She accompanies herself on piano, enhancing the melodic nature of her songs with beautiful supporting harmonies. You can hear Emily play at various venues around London, as well as locally at Hemingways on a Wednesday evening and her EP Nature’s Flow is available now on iTunes. | june–august 2012  17


All the Fun of the Fair The Wimbledon Village Fair Returns


he Wimbledon Village Fair takes place on Wimbledon Common on Saturday, 23rd June. It is the Wimbledon Guild’s agship fundraising event which attracts up to 20,000 visitors, and features over 200 craft stalls, two excellent food villages and a high quality farmers’ market and great entertainment. It’s a brilliant day out for everyone with loads of fun activities including Mr Alexander’s travelling show, pony rides, the exhilarating Zorb Balls, rodeo sheep and


human table football, candy oss and Krispy Kremes. Not forgetting the Horse Show and hilarious Fun Dog show. A new attraction that is bound to be an extraordinary crowd puller will be The Big Red Balls – based on the BBC1 TV Show Total Wipeout. The fair will open from 10.30am to 5.30pm, with an ofcial opening at 11am by Sebastien Foucan, former Dancing on Ice contestant, free runner and James Bond actor! The famous Wimbledon Village Fair rafe will be offering great

june–august 2012 |

New Chief Executive of The Wimbledon Guild, Wendy Pridmore

prizes including restaurant vouchers, theatre tickets, spa treatments and gifts galore! Tickets will be on sale across the fair for just £1 each.

local A huge variety of live entertainment takes place on the central stage all day long and you can also enjoy the Young’s beer tent accompanied by Berkeley Homes’ Jazz Tent. The International and British Food Villages will cater for all tastes while delicious cream teas and cupcakes will be available at The Wimbledon Guild Tea Garden. Local resident Wendy Pridmore has regularly enjoyed the fair but this year she will be there in her new role as Chief Executive of The Wimbledon Guild. ‘Now I’m seeing all the “behind the scenes” work that goes to make this wonderful community event happen! It raises much needed money for the Guild which supports people of all ages in

Merton. We deliver free advice and information, counselling services and small grants that can make all the difference. We run a stimulating range of clubs, classes and events and lots more.’ So come and enjoy all the fair has to offer knowing that you are helping to support people in the local community. To nd out more about The Wimbledon Guild, visit, call 020 8946 0735 or visit The Wimbledon Guild Tea Garden by the Children’s Village at the fair.

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ch c

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Local founder of Carddies, Raquel Bello dreams on


have been a Wimbledon local for nearly ten years and love it so much that I never want to leave. A few years ago when I started drawing little card people for my three girls out of the backs of cereal packets, I never dreamt that they might one day actually be on a shop shelf, or even that they would appeal to children other than my own. For that I have my sister to thank, as it is a project developed very much together (and she is far more switched on than I am when it comes to practicalities!) I laugh when I remember showing her a Carddie for the rst time (at my kitchen table of course!) and asking her what she thought of them being developed into a toy. She did not know what she was letting herself into! Our seven children (and husbands too) have been with us every step of the way, with their ideas and input. We have thrown so much of our lives at it, that I really hope it works. Available from stockists listed at including a local Wimbledon shop, Little Rascals!

Truckles now offer Private Cupcake Icing Parties! Children not only take home 6 iced cupcakes but a personally designed apron. So no need for party bags! Truckles - Deli and Coffee House t: 020 8605 2175 255 Coombe Lane West Wimbledon SW20 0RH


the Country Living or a touch of Spring heralds all that’s lo and the essence of the summer lifestyle. country a visit to the Founders and sisters Esther Winter and Raquel Bello Country Living Spring COMPETITION Fair is just the ticket. The Country Living Magazine Spring Fair at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London from 21 – 25 March 2012, promises a lovely day amongst some of the UK’s leading artisans. Celebrating skilled craftsmanship, delicious food and delicacies, inspired gardening, as well as presenting a wonderful array of accessories for the home,


Which of these is a flower: daffodil, ros

Darling readers sho their answer to


We can all be winners in the Olympics of life! By Alessandro Ferullo, local Chi Gong teacher


lessandro Ferullo expands on the art of Chi Gong and how having a positive and winning attitude to life can benet our health and happiness. Bring an issue of Darling Magazine to Alessandro’s next class, and have your first lesson free

Tell us what you mean by the ‘Olympics of life’ Life is like the Olympics in many ways: we have many events we are entered for. Some we choose, some not. Some we are good at, others we are not so good at. Races, hurdles, short and long distances and unexpected circumstances too. What is important is our attitude going in, how we deal with victory and loss and how we view the whole picture.

How important is acceptance of our strengths and weaknesses? Crucial I would say. If we are born with the gift of sprinting why would we struggle to keep running marathons? With Qi Gong practice one of the benets is a mental clarity where we see the whole picture. We learn from our mistakes and being more in tune with ourselves on a deeper level, we tend to learn where our strengths are and accept our

weaknesses. If we do not win at an event we do not create a big drama. If we do win, we also do not get over excited.

How can Qi Gong help with our health? With Chi Gong practice, which is over 2000 years old, there are many health benets. By cultivating and balancing our energy (Chi) internally, our energy system is re-organized and re-structured. It benets our body and mind and calms our spirit. With the simple form we learn to sustain this vibrant, healthy state in daily life and when we are thrown off course at times. We handle ourselves better at all events and in this sense become winners in the Olympics of life. *Note from the Editor: I highly recommend this class. It’s deeply relaxing, leaving one profoundly peaceful at the end of a session. Karine Torr Monday Evening Classes (ongoing) 7.30–8.30pm (drop-in classes) Wimbledon Village Club Hall, corner Ridgway and Lingeld Rd Alessandro Ferullo: 07747 113305 alessandro@ | june–august 2012  21

“this is by far the best indian restaurant in south west london... bar none!”




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How to get kids into arts and crafts


o you have good intentions of doing arts and crafts with your children but stuck for something to do or simply don’t have time to shop? Busy working mums and great friends, Rox Holohan and Karen Chu from Wimbledon did, which is why they turned their hands to creating a new and exciting service for parents. Little Puggle is a new subscription service, which delivers an exciting box full of high quality arts and craft kits and fun activities for children aged between 3 and 7 years direct to your door. What’s even better, Rox and Karen try to champion local Wimbledon brands so you will often nd local brands such as Carddies products in the boxes. Says the creative duo: ‘We started Little Puggle out of sheer frustration. We found it difcult balancing our work lives with being hands on mums to small children. Time was not on our side and nding fun activities to do and having all the material available, was a big ask. We want Little Puggle to take the hard work out of hunting for top notch arts and craft kits for children and really hope parents nd it a big help!’

Karen Chu and Rox Holohan from Wimbledon


Sponsored by

COMMON KNOWLEDGEuniversity (four years). Education is compulsory only for the nine years of elementary and middle Local lm brings together celebrities, corporate donors and schools to school; however 98% of students attend senior Students must take highly prestigious and provide sustainable sports educationschool. to Merton’s Schools.


ocal lm Common

generations to

By Alex Ground Papoutes produced come. The lm

meritocratic based exams in order to enter senior school and then university.

On the red carpet at the Odeon Wimbledon

From the very early stages of a Japanese student’s by True Volunteer tells the unique life in elementary school right the way through to Foundation (TVF) story of how employment, one very important idea that closely interlinks with the development of the soul and received a red carpet première Wimbledon mind is unity and conformity. This is designed at the Odeon in Wimbledon Common on the 17th May. Almost 400 changed history, to help students, and later on employees, to work together and succeed as a group rather than complimentary VIP tickets for the becoming the as an individual like we are taught in the west. event were provided to schools, catalyst for Although, over the last decade a greater emphasis local business and celebrities. The the birth of so has been put on the development of a student’s lm acts as the medium to launch many sports. individuality, traditionally it has always been about the Wimbledon Sporting Project; selflessness and conforming to the group. a ve year sporting programme Schools This is clearly demonstrated even from the that will roll-out across schools in will receive L-R: Edwardo Beltrao (Sky News Presenter), John and early stagesandofJacquie the child’s education. Japanese Merton from September 2012. complimentary Lisa Scales, Michael Padmanathan (TVF) and Stephen Alambritis y name is Alexander Loizos elementary classes, for example, are divided into copies of the Papoutes and I am a British/ small teams for various activities. Every day the lm and an accompanying TVFIt is estimated the lm would have and bred in children in their designated groups are taught ‘Common Cypriot Groundwho is was a bornauthored book thanks to Merton cost over £90,000 to produce Wimbledon village. I fell in love to clean the classrooms, halls and yards of their unique story of how Chamber of Commerce meeting butare thanks a robust partner with learning Judo at school which led to my schools. The students thentomade to have lunch the production and distribution ecosystem, it only cost £400. 21 Wimbledon Common dream of going to Japan in order to travel, learn together with their teachers in the classrooms, costs. The lm hasenjoying also brought sporting 18 young the Japanesesporting language, and continue my training. meals prepared by celebrities, either the school or changed history’ in and thousands of pounds in lunch centre. sporting sponsors and I spent 6 months on my gap year there the local Smallhopefuls, teams of39students another year as an exchange student sponsorship at a Japanesefrom local thenbusinesses take turns to serve lunch their classmates partners, 27 to True Volunteers and university in Tokyo. I was exposed toand Japanese order sense of from selflessness Common Ground aims to ignite every penny ofinthis willtobehelp promote over 60this individuals different educationfever throughout my degree course and time andMerton’s unity. sporting among children channelled to provide walks of life have all donated their visiting various schools all over Japan. Here are my across the Borough, instilling a schools with access to widetime, expertise and resources to thoughts. One thing that always struck me as extraordinary sense of pride and inspiring longranging sports tuition, a result produce an inspirational lm was the level of independence that these young term engagement in sports for of TVF’s unique award-winning for children. One thing that all parents know is the importance students had with regards to going to and from principles. of their children’s education and well being. The school. Children who go to public schools go to After partyare at the Terrace Restaurant Japanese a nation that understands and takes the school in their local district. Since most school this notion very seriously. As a linguist, student districts are small, school buses usually aren’t and traveller of Japan I continuously encountered used (except for field trips) and parents don’t the word isshinndoutai, which literally means in drive their children, instead they walk to and from Japanese, “One in Mind, Body and Soul”. Although school. In Tokyo, this takes about 5 to 15 minutes. this notion was the essence of the way of the Many either walk or ride bicycles if the distance samurai, it is still very much apparent in Japan’s is not too great. In other cases, students must society and education today. take public buses and trains, often changing lines several times in order to reach their destination. The basic school system in Japan is comprised It is not uncommon for students to spend two or of elementary school (lasting six years), middle more hours each day on public transportation. The L-R: Alex(three Best and David Frost L-R:years), British Tennis Roger Taylor, Johnat Mager , Michael Padmanathan, school years), highand school (three and Champ, school day begins 8:30,(TVF) so students may leave


Teen Frazer (Savills)


Jessica Ponnampalam and Peter Ponnampalam (from The Terrace Restaurant)

feb-march 2012 | | june–august 2012  23




26, High Street, Wimbledon Village, London SW19 5BY T 020 8944 9040 E info W


darling/summer 2011



darling/summer 2011


L-R: Graham and Gail Linehan, Mari Lawrence, McCarthy, Janet Witham, Keith Witham (Director, St Raphael’s Hospice), John Nouri, and Suzi Forland, Event Organiser.

L-R: Colette Mackintosh, Kate Greenhalgh, Marissa Hollowood, Jules Mann

       

         

      L-R: David Fernando, Jackie Farrant, Kaz Fernando, Richard Holden and SJ Holden



Mayor Gilli Lewis-Lavender, David James MD Morley Stores and Chair, Andrew Wakefield

Back: Louise Green and Patricia Ranken Front: Anona Wright and Ellie Moss


june–august 2012 |



If youa and ti co su



Top: L-R Gina Conway, Models Alison Young, Louisa Gregg Annabel Owen, Organiser Claire Cotton-May, Donna Louise & Gia Mills Right: GRAND PRIZE WINNER, Rachel Kirby-Rider, Director of Fundraising and Communications at Samaritans



L-R: Diana Mason, Caroline Cook, Martine Mansurian, Helen Clark Bell

L-R: Debbie Beaumont, David Curzon, Caroline Denton and Militza Ortiz


L-R: Lucia Aldridge, Maria-Teresa Brown, Joe Macari, Katherine Maginnis, and artist Hanaa Malallah

L-R: Andrew Stoppani, Katherine Maginnis and fine art photographer, Tim Hall | june–august 2012  27


Angela Allright Canapes Beautiful bespoke catering for parties and events T: 0208 788 5358 M: 07780 683886 L-R: Pauline den Hoedt, Andrew Morris, Malory Torr, Elleanor Langois, Karen Marton, Sue Locke, Alex Howlett, Emma Crawford & Carolyne Coe


Want to be seen in Wimbledon? Advertise your business in darling today! 07930 396356 ‘SAVE THE CHILDREN ’ WALKERS RAISED OVER £685 THIS YEAR

Centre: MP Stephen Hammond and organiser Sally Aitkin-Davies (rt) at The Windmill Cafe


june–august 2012 |

socials MERTON MACMILLAN COMMITTEE – TOP FUND-RAISERS IN LONDON & THE SOUTH EAST ANNUAL AGM: L-R: Linda Defriez, Liza Roe, Jan Phillips, Lindi Roe, Cllr Gilli Lewis-Lavender, Amanda Hamlyn, Julie Grainger, Hamish Turner and Marsha Beresford The committee raised over £87 000 in 2011, one of the highest amounts in the country and every penny goes towards providing Macmillan Nurses for Merton.


L-R: Veronique Furse, Amanda Hamlyn, Susan Cornelius, Judy O'Prey and Sheila Clarke

Nathaniel Fowles and Patrick Simkins


L-R: Jess White, Joy Tacon , Mandie Irons, Rachel Angel, Sharon Kallos, Jenny Kugler | june–august 2012  29


Says Laura Hart, fabulous local voic


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messages for confer

expression I can vouch

sound professional,

Yoga classescareer at Mansel Road Centre, Mansel meeting Road, interviews, has revolved Wimbledon,around London SW19 4AA presentations, to en words and their for their power and impact. Class type: Beginner Vinyasa Flowand interesting.

Technology My dramastarting teacher at10th The Study, Thursdays Nov 6.45pm - 8.15pmcould h

FROM APARTMENTS TO MANSIONS... We are celebrating our own jubilee in 2012 – 25 years in our Wimbledon Village home...

GetSurveyors, in touchValuers by phone 07796017554 & Estate Agents

the need for us to s in Peek Crescent, in the days when other but it has rein they educated girls to 16yrs, is Special ratesfor forencouraging 6 weeks yoga ...THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE that people still wa responsible meHOLMES! to course. connect in person, study Voice, Speech and Drama; ever he following advice, Inew wentyoga to wearbusier Stylish andher exciting also than available communicate. drama school and have worked as a Andthrough we wish all our past, present and future clients Voice Coach forover over this 20 years. the very best festive summer Networking has be Contact Urshita Pankhania for prices and details. extension of spread My career has enabled me to about my business connect with people in a range has been a fantastic of professions, I coach and train or by email today! Sales: 0208 947 9833 refine Lettings: me, I9669 run the Wimb executives to devise, and 0208 879 Cannizaro House (c deliver their crucial business




hen we hear the phrase ‘Old Master’ one will almost invariably think only of male artists, as if women of an era gone by didn’t paint, sculpt or draw in the same way. To evoke memories of women past we tend to see them as pale and starched in appearance often depicted in a stern or unattering manner. This image however is far from your fault. Historians and male artists have not looked kindly on women. Edgar Degas, a man known for his strong views on women once described them as ‘Animals, with an absence of all feeling in the presence of art’. Undeniably strong words from a man who often relied on them as his muse. However, before we get carried away, it’s not just male artists and Historians who have left us with this impression, female Historians have also under played the role of female artists. Sister Wendy Beckett has not helped the cause. In her book The Story of Painting she failed to mention that both Angelica Kauffmann and Mary Moser were at the Royal Academy studying life-drawing with

J.M.W Turner and Joshua Reynolds. An important point to miss in such a titled book as, between the renaissance and the start of the 20th century, women weren’t allowed to draw from life, but here they were, in an academic setting for the very rst time and Sister Wendy’s book draws blank on this. Anna Hyatt Huntington won rst place in a Paris competition with her life size equestrian statue of Joan of Arc in 1910, however, after discovering the artist was female the judges took her prize back despite women present on the judging panel! So let us, for a moment, spend some time celebrating women artists whose stories need re telling. Sofonisba Anguissola, a 16th-century portraitist was sent drawings from Michaelangelo to copy and in turn he critiqued. Angelica Kauffmann, an 18th century painter of ancient history, gained her rst commission well before she was even a teenager. Rachel Ruysch was a Mother of 10 when she started to paint in the 17th century and was still very active well into her eighties, while Judith Leyster was a mother of 15 before

being inducted into an all-male painter’s guild. Properzia di Rossi was a 16th-century sculptor who won over many male artists and competitors in a marble work competition. Let’s not think this hardship for woman artists stopped after the 16th, 17th and 18th century. Rosa Bonheur, a 19th century sculptor wanted to get animal anatomy just right so she asked to visit slaughterhouses where she wore trousers, for which she needed a police permit that had to be renewed every 6 months. She made the effort each and every time. Heroes for women, maybe, artists most denitely. | june–august 2012  31


An Englishman’s home is his castle – or is it?


n the middle ages unwanted visitors to an Englishman’s castle might be greeted by boiling oil, heavy rocks or worse!

Things have changed since then. Do you remember the case of Tony Martin in 1999? He shot and killed a burglar at his farmhouse. He was found guilty

of using unreasonable force although the conviction was reduced to manslaughter and he was eventually released from prison in 2003. Modern law does not take the view that burglars are ‘fair game’ and that a house owner can do what they like to protect their property against unwanted visitors. Last year, homeowners in Kent and Surrey were facing claims for compensation by criminals who injured themselves whilst breaking into garden sheds that had been protected (by the homeowner) with wire mesh on the windows. Members of the public who were interviewed felt that the law was ‘stupid’. On the other hand Surrey Police advised the public to invest in items such as good quality locks and bolts and not to resort to home-made devices as this could cause injury. The Police did not recommend the use of wire mesh on garden shed windows.

So can a burglar sue you if they are injured whilst committing a crime? The answer is ‘yes,’ but it 32

june–august 2012 |

Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (490290) Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority

depends on all the circumstances. The Occupiers Liability Act 1984 establishes that a home owner may owe a duty of care to a trespasser. That may include burglars or any uninvited guests (more commonly trespassing children rather than professional burglars of course). The act provides for three conditions to be met in order for liability to be established. Firstly, the occupier knows or ought to know of the existence of the danger on his land. Secondly, the occupier knows or ought to know that the trespasser is in the vicinity of the danger or is likely to come to it. Thirdly, the risk is one against which in all

a burglar ought to be removed in order to protect your unwanted visitors! Deliberate measures specically designed to hurt a trespasser are clearly unacceptable (so no boiling oil or rocks then).

Will burglars or trespassers succeed in a claim against an occupier if they are hurt whilst trespassing? It may be a relief to note that courts do not easily favour any trespassers who make personal injury claims. Many of these cases fail. Courts do appear reluctant to nd in favour of a trespasser even where that

‘Homeowners may face compensation claims by criminals who injured themselves whilst breaking in’

the circumstances of the case the occupier may reasonably be expected to offer some protection for trespassers. So wire mesh on a window which may cause cuts to

trespasser may be an innocent albeit foolish child who gets injured whilst trespassing. Courts undoubtedly would also be very reluctant to nd in favour of a

burglar who was injured whilst engaged in criminal activity. Nonetheless, applying some commonsense is no bad thing. One should not prepare traps for trespassers. Mantraps for poachers were banned in the 19th century after all. A homeowner or occupier of land should avoid creating a danger on their land or property and the law may not protect you if you do create such a danger and a trespasser is subsequently injured as a result. If you do want to secure your property get advice from the police or a professional in the security business: following the right type of advice should protect you both from break-ins and unwanted compensation claims!

What about ‘invited visitors’ who get hurt? These cases are very different and are often successful, but that is another story! For more information, contact Marek Bednarczyk on or call 0208 947 8171. | june–august 2012  33


IN THE KITCHEN AT PARTIES… New designs by Candice Sevenus

What materials do you use? We work with all materials from rich high gloss Makassar veneers, rustic textured wood, metalized nished and an array of lacquers. We work with textured and mirrored glass to create individual looking furniture. I am also very interested in natural materials especially natural stones.

What is your preferred colour palette? I love a combination of classical Carrera Marble, washed oak and stainless steel appliances. I am also very fond of sage greens and aqua colours combined with warm timbers. My favourite colour palette at the moment is warm greys.

money on it, but the space still needs to be professionally laid out and designed well. For this reason we offer a German kitchen range that is exceptionally good value for money.

3 top tips for maximising light in the kitchen: 1.



Look to have sky lights or lanterns if you can. This helps with natural light. Always make sure the lighting is laid out well, so that when you are working in your kitchen you do not create shadows over your working area. Allow for at least 3 lighting circuits – under wall/shelf

lights, ceiling spots and feature pendant lights. This way you have versatility to use task and/or mood lighting effectively within an open living space. Candice Sevenus, founder and director of Quantum Fitted Furniture, specialises in bespoke kitchens and tted furniture in London. Candice has a showroom in Richmond but has designers based in Wimbledon and works with clients throughout South West London. 1-3 Poplar Court Parade, Richmond Road Twickenham Middlesex TW1 2DT Tel: 020 8892 6430 Fax: 020 8892 6035 www.quantum

Do you design well with limited space? We are very innovative in maximising every inch, especially as storage space in London is at such a premium. I personally love working with small spaces because they can be like completing a puzzle – it’s an opportunity to really challenge your problem solving and creative skills.

Do you work on low budget projects? Yes, not every property value warrants spending a lot of | june–august 2012  35


Stunning kitchen designs available in contemporary handleless and classic English furniture

354 West Barnes Lane Motspur Park KT3 6NB

Grant Fuller and Peter Gilbert Estate Agents, Valuers, Development Consultants 316a Worple Road West Wimbledon London SW20 8QU

T: 020 8942 9868

020 8947 4764


What do you see when you look out of your window? Garden rooms come alive with Jason Coetzee


y daughter has taken up violin lessons and I nd myself thinking more and more about the potential of a modern garden room – preferably a soundproof one – as a solution to our noise (much of) and space (lack of) problem. More than just a gloried shed, these days a garden room can be the answer to that age-old ‘move or improve’ conundrum as you can extend your living space to suit you and your family’s needs, at a fraction of the cost of a house move. If planned and executed correctly, a garden room can offer all the benets of an extension, and in many cases can be built under permitted development rights, which means you can avoid the headache of obtaining planning permission. Normally you wouldn’t need permission so long as (i) the maximum eaves height is 2.5 metres, and does not cover more than half the area of land around the original house, and (ii) your garden room is for a purpose that is ‘incidental’ to the enjoyment of the house – such as: a personal ofce, music room,

playroom, private cinema, gym or artist’s studio for example. A garden room intended to be used as a garden annexe or granny at would, however, not be considered incidental and would require planning permission.

their experience; and your project manager will work with you closely to ensure quality workmanship, minimum disruption, and professional advice throughout, as well as a transparent costing structure.

Of course, council planning rules are never quite that straight forward – and this is where Rhino Construction can add value. We offer expert advice, from concept to completion, of your bespoke garden room, and the reassurance that all regulations will be complied with.

Contact us today to nd out if a garden room is a feasible option to extend your home.

Our team is handpicked for each project depending on

Contact: Jason Coetzee m: 07932 753 328

The ultimate garden retreat | june–august 2012


RICHARD HALLIDAY Not your ordinary hardware advisor Richard’s DIY Advice: • Never be afraid to give it a go yourself. • You always get what you pay for quality-wise. Buy cheap, buy twice. • Word of mouth is the best way to nd a good tradesman. People can talk a good game but not play it. We have a reputable tradesman’s list. • Preparation is most important. Don’t be lazy – you’ll get a much better nish in the long run. • Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy the proper tools and equipment yourself than to call in a tradesman. • If you’re unsure don’t tackle plumbing or electrics. Get a pro in. • Support your local independent stores. You get great service, good ideas and advice and they are hungrier for your business than the big sheds. DIY One Stop Shop on Leopold Road. If he doesn’t have it in stock, he will do his damndest to find it.

HALLIDAY’S HOMES & HARDWARE 6 Leopold Rd, SW19 7BD Tel: 020 8879 6099 Mon–Sat Stockists: Little Green, Paint & Paper Library and Sanderson Spectrum Paint

purewoodwork &HAND Company Kingston MADE KITCHENS & FURNITURE

Fuller Gilbert are pleased to announce the opening of their Kingston branch. We have dealt with property in this area for over Beautiful Fitted Furniture, Kitchens, 30 years, working and living in the area to give us Wardrobes, Alcove Unitsyour andproperty unrivalled local knowledge. So whatever needsStorage may be, we are dedicated to making moving Solutions for your home. home easier.

HUGH 07946348783 020 8546 4499 Kingston House * 15 Coombe Road Kingston upon Thames * Surrey * KT2 5AB

Breaking Rules with Bridge guru, Paul Mendelson At the Bridge table, to claim that rules can be broken is, potentially, a hazardous statement: it may be used as an excuse for terrible decisions. However, the beauty of Bridge is that there are innite variations on a theme...

North S A4 H J86 D Q32 C KQJ85

West S QJ863 H 7542 D 54 C A6

Project1_Layout 1 09/03/2012 13:33 Page 1

Dr Richard Pollok Consultant Gastroenterologist specialising in: • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic diarrhoea and gut infections • Family screening for bowel cancer • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis • Indigestion and heartburn • Experienced gastroscopist and colonoscopist Dr Richard Pollok Consultant Physician and Honorary Senior Lecturer FRCP PhD BSc DTM&H

Tel: 07564 186 426 Fax: 020 8540 4507 Parkside Hospital and New Malden Diagnostic Centre email: web:

♥ East S K10 H Q1093 D 10876 C 732

South S 9732 H AK D AKJ9 C 1094

Dealer South Love All

N E S W - - 1D NB 2C NB 2NT NB 3NT

West led 6s and the declarer soon realised that his contract was secure if he could knock out Ac and still have control of the spade suit. Declarer played low from dummy - since you traditionally hold up a single stopper in no-trumps and East won with Ks and returned 10s which dummy had to win perforce. When declarer led a club, West won and cashed his three spade tricks to defeat the contract. Here is a time to break the rules. Since a good defender would always lead top-of-a-sequence in preference to fourth highest, West’s 6s indicates no run of honour cards; certainly if he had held any three of the missing honours, he would have led one. Since the likely distribution of the spade suit is 5-2, East is marked with two honour cards. For this reason, it is correct to rise with As immediately. East is stymied: if he discards Ks to unblock the suit, South’s 9s will eventually win; if he drops 10s under dummy’s As, when West wins Ac and leads another spade, East will win and then be unable to continue the suit.



Sunday 3 June

Mitcham Carnival Including Jubilee celebration at Three Kings Piece, Commonside West, Mitcham River Pageant Civic Service St Mary’s Merton

Monday 4 June

Beacon lit in Morden Park

Tuesday 5 June

Queen’s Jubilee Bank Holiday

Monday 25 June– Sunday 8 July

The Wimbledon Championships Outdoor Arts Festival – Wimbledon Piazza

Saturday 21 July

Monday 23 July

LONDON WELCOMES THE WORLD Olympic Torch Arrives in London Olympic Torch to pass through Merton Vestry Hall, Western Road, Tandem Centre, Haydons Road, Durnsford Road, Gap Road, Leopold Road, Arthur Road, St Mary’s Road to AELTC MitchamFair FairGreen; Green;Merton MertonAbbey AbbeyMills, Mills,South SouthPark Park Mitcham Gardens,Ricards RicardsLodge LodgeHigh HighSchool School Gardens,

Friday 27 July– Sunday 12 August


Friday 27 July– Monday 6 August

Advertising regulations in Wimbledon Zone in place

Saturday 28 July– Wednesday 1 August

ROAD CYCLING – time trials Hampton Court, Kingston Bridge, Kingston Road, Strawberry Vale, Waldegrave Road, Park Road

Saturday 28 July– Sunday 5 August


Wed 29 August– Sunday 9 September

PARALYMPICS – LONDON 2012 | june–august 2012  41

Creating Connections Inspiring Success

Wimbledon, Putney, Balham, Kingston, Wimbledon, Putney, and Balham, Kingston, Surbiton, Streatham Hampton Court Surbiton, Streatham and Hampton Court EMAIL EMAIL HELPFUL WIMBLEDON WEBSITES Love Wimbledon HELPFUL WIMBLEDON WEBSITES London Borough of Merton Love Wimbledon Citizen’s Advice Bureau London Borough of Merton Merton of Commerce Citizen’sChamber Advice Bureau Wimbledon Town of Centre Merton Chamber Commerce Wimbledon Town Civic Forum Centre Wimbledon Society Civic Forum Wimbledon Community Centre Society Volunteer Centre MertonCentre Wimbledon Community Learning Skills Council Volunteer&Centre Merton Charity Commission Learning & Skills Council Wimbledon Music Diary Charity Commission Wimbledon Choral Society Music Diary Local Police/Neighbourhood Wimbledon Choral Society Watch The Wimbledon Guild Local Police/Neighbourhood Watch Care Connect Guild The Wimbledon Centre Court Shopping Care Connect IMPORTANT NUMBERS IMPORTANT NUMBERS Wimbledon Police St George’s Hospital Wimbledon Police St George’s Hospital 020 8947 1212 or (999) 020 8672 1255 020 8947Council 1212 or (999) 020 8672 1255 Merton Kingston Hospital Merton Kingston 020 8274Council 4901 020 8546 Hospital 7711 020 8274 4901 020 8546 7711 NHS DIRECT National Rail NHS National Rail 0845 DIRECT 4647 08457 484950 0845 4647 08457 484950 44

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The personal alarm on your mobile phone that tracks, records and alerts your chosen contacts to the danger you are in. Contact:


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                   

New Wimbledon Theatre

       

          

      020 8545 7900             

THE THEATRE MANAGERS Front: L-R: Samantha Bain GM, Stacey Pedder, Carly Strachan. Back Row: L-R: Alice Torjussen, Francesca Hoare, Helen Windebank and Nicci Allt


WHAT’S ON STAFFORD GALLERY & WIMBLEDON FINE ART PRESENT Equestrian Painter Jo Taylor & Sculptor Andrew Lacey 10th – 24th June Wimbledon Fine Art 41 Church Road, Wimbledon Village, SW19 5DQ SUMMER FAIR Hollymount School Cambridge Rd, SW20 0SQ. 16th June, Live Music, Children’s Entertainers & Shopping!

WIMBLEDON VILLAGE FAIR 23rd June 10:30am– 5:30pm Wimbledon Common WESTSIDE CHARITY TENNIS CLINIC Judy & Jamie Murray (and possibly Andy too!) Sat 23rd June 10:30am – 12:30pm £25 per child T: 020 8947 4987 JIGSAW PLAYERS Saturday 30th June ‘French Music, Cheese & Wine’

PLEASURE HUNT Merton Arts Trail is back!


fter a very successful rst year the next Merton Arts Trail is scheduled to take place across the weekends of 22nd, 23rd and 29th, 30th September. The event is free to visitors, and this year there are more than 100 quality local artists showing their work – so make a date to get out there and visit your local studios, houses, shops and ofces where you can meet our artists and makers! Co-Founders Wendy Bliss & Chrissie Craig feel that this festival is transforming Merton’s artistic prole. One artist summed it up perfectly by saying, ‘It is the huge range of work that I liked and the community idea.  It felt like artists emerging from their studios and blinking like moles in the sun’.  It is testament to the talent in the borough, which has been patiently waiting for a forum such as this, that nearly 30% more artists have signed up to be part of the Trail this year.  Much of the art you will see will be available for sale and the artists, and the charities they support, will benet 100%.

Artist: Alison Price

Concert 7.30pm Christ Church, West Wimbledon SOUTH PARK GARDENS MUSIC FESTIVAL 7th July 12pm – 8pm Trinity Rd SW19 8PN THE SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL Wimbledon Film Club The Polka Theatre Sat 21st July  Doors open at 7pm, 7.30pm start.  wimbledon


ALIA JEWELS continued...

NEW WIMBLEDON THEATRE We have Girls Night CARPENTER & GENERAL BUILDING Tue 29th May - Sat 2nd June SERVICES C. N. RYAN LTD - 25 years in the business Sister Actof Guild of Master Craftsmen Free quotes & Member Tue 5th references – Sat 16thT:June excellent 0845 259 0221 E: M: 07811 285367 Flawless and English National Ballet: In Against Time Sat 23rd – Sun 24th June London Studio Centre presents: WORK YOUR OWN HOURS around your career. Dance Overture Fri 6thfamily – Sunor8th July Our organic health & beauty business is Sing-a-long ABBA Tribute exploding and we need your help. Potentially Sat 21st July,p.m. 7.30pm £1000 Part time. £4000 p.m. Full time. Peppa Pig’sTreasure CALL CLAIRE ON:Hunt 020 3393 9557 (24hrs) Sat 21st – Sun 22nd July ELEGANCE DRY CLEANERS - RAYNES PARK Special Offer!

Local creator of handmade fine

Tues:NNU £14 for 2 pieceDAY suits FIRST TOUCH OPEN jewellery made traditional Thurs: 30% offinforthe senior citizens 14th July at The Gooseberry Bush Cafe style for any occasion. Hand picked, 020 8542 2055 Fund raising and fun back gold. of station) unique gems (opp. in 22ct Prices from 115 Kingston Rd000. SW19Free 1LT consultation. £800 to £30 020 8543 8720 WINDOW CLEANER - FAMILY BUSINESS 40 YEARS IN THE WIMBLEDON AREA

MERTON ARTS From £12 -TRAIL £18 for an average four 22nd & 23rd and bedroom house. Contracts welcome. Call Victor: 07703 803955 29th & 30th September

INTRODUCING ROSIE PACKER, LOCAL WRITER AND PAINTER Her new book, ‘La Mouette’ tells the story of artistic life during Paris’s most decadent era, where even Monet makes appearances. Rosie Packer 07879 658846

   

   

  


 Member: FPC, BPC ELEGANCE DRY CLEANERS – RAYNES PARK  Special Offer! Tues: £14 for 2 piece suits COUNSELLING

Thurs: 30% off for senior citizens   020 8542 2055   (opp. back of station)     WORK YOUR OWN HOURS  around your family or career.   Our organic health & beauty business is   exploding and we need your help. Potentially  £1000 p.m. Part time. £4000 p.m. Full time.  CALL CLAIRE ON: 020 3393 9557 (24hrs)       CARPENTER & GENERAL BUILDING   SERVICES C. N. RYAN LTD – 25 years in the business   Member of Guild of Master Craftsmen Free quotes &   excellent references T: 0845 259 0221 E:   M: 07811 285367         07789 740 096 Wimbledon area

WINDOW CLEANER – FAMILY BUSINESS 40 YEARS IN THE WIMBLEDON AREA From £15–£25 for an average four bedroom house and regular cleans. (One-off cleans extra). Call Victor: 07703 803955 FIND YOUR VOICE AND SING! Solo Singing of Popular Music/All Styles Voice Technique and Development Venue: Wimbledon Village Club Studio Wed: 7:30pm All Levels 8:30pm Intermediates


House Cleaner AT VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES! If you need help to keep your home clean and tidy and the ironing done, call me I can come to your home at the time that suits you best and leave it spotless. From 2 hours and more.

References on request.

Silvia T: 07703 582507

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 

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                                        


                       

june–august 2012 |

‘To be a Welshman is to be chubby, and to be a mathematician is to be bearded.’             

Looking for a local Estate Agent with expert knowledge?

Tel: 020 8947 9393

HALLIDAY'S Homes & Hardware 6 Leopold Road, SW19 7BD, Monday to Friday, 7.30–17.30 and 8.00–16.00 on Saturday

Wimbledon Wimbledon Stockists Stockists of: of: Little Greene, Paint & Paper Library Little Greene, Paint & Paper Library And Sanderson Spectrum Paint of: Wimbledon Stockists And Sanderson Spectrum Paint All colours mixed on the premises All colours mixed on the premises Little Greene, & Paper Library Locks and keyPaint cutting Locks and key cutting And Sanderson Spectrum Paint Door Furniture Door Furniture Ironmongery All colours mixed on the premises Ironmongery Hand tools Locksand andpower key cutting Hand and power tools Light bulbs Door bulbs Furniture Light Ironmongery Hand and power tools Lightbulbs

Decorating supplies and coving Decorating supplies and coving Electrical sockets and switches Electrical sockets and switches Screws and fittings Screws and fittings Little Greene wallpaper books Little Greenesupplies wallpaper books Decorating and coving Electrical sockets and switches Local, Friendly, Family Business Local, Friendly, Family Business Screws fittings For moreand information call us! For more information callbooks us! Little Greene wallpaper

020 8879 6099 020 8879 6099 Local, Friendly, Family Business For more information call us!

020 8879 6099

Darling Magazine Summer 2012  

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