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Sue takes Joan to Cannizaro House for a walk every day and a coffee in the Orangery.

Diana helps Margery walk to the Village to buy fresh fruit and her favourite marmalade from Bayley and Sage.

Brenda helps Mary to keep her fingers green in her cottage garden just up the road from the All England Tennis Club.

Laura is a regular at Bentalls, with style conscious Elsie, shopping for fashions followed by a bowl of soup in their favourite café.

Sandra shares Betty’s love of Richmond Park and takes her to feed the ducks and for a sneaky cup of tea at Pembroke Lodge.

Elaine does the cooking and drives Carol to her appointments at the Cancer Centre on Parkside.

Home Instead looks after people at home with care and compassion. If you’d like to join our fantastic team of Caregivers

contact us today on 020 8942 4137 or email: wimbledon@homeinstead.co.uk HOME INSTEAD SENIOR CARE, WIMBLEDON AND KINGSTON


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Welcome winter! February and March are packed with special dates, which make the winter whizz past. Don’t get me wrong, I love this chilly season as it makes me appreciate the warmer months that little bit more! Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a Friendship Day in some countries making it more a Day of Love in a wider sense than just romantically. February 14th is also Love Kingston’s biggest fundraising day and this year they’ve come up with a novel idea called Neighbourly Nosh, challenging people to organise dinner parties for friends and family who all donate a small sum to this great initiative. But if you’d rather take your special someone for a romantic dinner, book early to secure a place at Absolute Abode’s award-winning café. Families have half term in February to look forward to. Mother’s Day is a lovely start for March; our beauty and hair section has great gift inspiration for mums of all ages, all available locally. And Easter at the end, with all the heavenly chocolate to look forward to! If it’s dark and low in sugar it’s good for us too! Our Inspiring Woman, Sue Cunningham, has had a fascinating career as a photojournalist documenting the lives and struggles of the indigenous people of the Amazon. This inspired us to pick adventurous travel ideas for your next holiday. Hope you’ll also enjoy reading about how zoopharmacognosy can heal your pet, Mumanu’s specialist pregnancy massage, Kels Noades’s tips on storing your photographs securely, Louise Austin’s fabulous Tie®Ga designs, how to keep your property details private with advice from Hart Brown Solicitors and what schools are doing to promote healthy eating. Don’t miss our Out & About and What’s On pages, or Lyndsay Russell’s hilarious account on her day as a zookeeper. Marja-Leena Toseland Editor | kingston@darlingmagazine.co.uk CONTENTS 3 4 8 10 13 14 15 16 16 17 18 18 19 20 21 22 25 26 28 33 35 39 40 41 42

Editor's letter Sue Cunningham, Inspiring Woman interview Time to start planning your next adventure Beautiful skin & hair - products & treatments to make you glow this winter Spring clean your body The Feel Good Bakery Be fabulous, fast! Women's health and fitness goals by Rachel Law Ben Forrest Hair and Beauty Bar Review Can animals really heal themselves? Cook's Corner WOW: Women of the World Festival Specialist pregnancy massage leaves mums floating on air Big Sing to highlight mental health issues Kingston Hospital Dementia Appeal As safe as houses? Advice from Hart Brown Solicitors Are your precious family photos at risk? An education in nutrition Out and about in and around Kingston Wine and dine with your loved ones at Absolute Abode Builder's column Gardening column - give your indoor plants a little care and attention What's On? Paul Mendelson's bridge column Lyndsay Russell's point of view

inspiring woman


The ‘Lungs of the World’ are best looked after by the Indians Preserving the forests and indigenous territories in the Amazon is a cause very close to Sue Cunningham’s heart By Marja-Leena Toseland


met Sue at her Norbiton home for our photo shoot and interview. Her house is full of wonderful artefacts and souvenirs from her travels. It makes me wonder how she got all the bows and arrows and war clubs through the customs but Sue tells me they were brought here years before the current tight security was introduced at airports. Sue is an experienced photojournalist who has been documenting Brazil’s indigenous people for over twenty years, especially in the Xingu. She is qualified as an Associate of the British Institute of Professional Photography and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Sue’s work is included in many educational publications, including the “Letters from Around the World” series by Cherrytree Books. She photographed and co-authored “Out of the Amazon” with Professor Sir Ghillean Prance, then Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Sue grew up in Brazil and returns there at least once a year in the course of her professional work. In 2006 Sue and her husband, Patrick, a writer who has written extensively about Brazil for many publications, won the Royal Geographical Society’s Neville Shulman Award for their proposal


to travel the 2,500 km length of the Xingu River by boat. Before the expedition they became trustees of Indigenous People’s Cultural Support Trust. What was it like to undertake such an epic journey and what did you want to get out of the trip? “The Heart of Brazil expedition was truly an epic journey. A journey of a lifetime, it took us 6 arduous months in a very small boat to travel down a wonderful but sometimes treacherous river. The Xingu is 2,500 km long, with no roads, no shops, no backup. But I would do it again tomorrow if I could because the people we met from the 48 remote tribal villages we visited were inspiring. Against all odds - deforestation,

feb – march 2016 | darlingmagazine.co.uk

violence, land invasions, fires, the construction of dams and climate change - their culture stands strong. We encountered 17 different ethnic groups who spoke 14 different languages, making communication a challenge! With each language comes a different culture and different ways to behave - different forms of etiquette, if you like. There are vital things they share though, and they all have a respect for nature and all that lives in the forest. The waters of the Xingu are sacred to their way of life. We went to document the changes that were affecting them. We found that they are still holding on to their traditional medicines, but they use western medicines too, mainly for treating western diseases: measles vaccines for example. They have

inspiring woman


no natural or inherited immunity to what we think of as minor illnesses, like chicken pox or flu, so for them they are potentially killers. Their traditional system of learning is by example - the kids learn from the adults by watching and copying what they do. That’s now mixed with western-style education; they learn Portuguese (the language of Brazil), reading and writing, maths and geography. They also make use of modern video technology to show their culture to non-Indians. Informing the general public about the violence and injustice in the indigenous reserves helps them protect the forest and their culture. GPS technology is used to police their areas and mobile phones to communicate with the outside world if they happen to be close enough to a road or town to be able to get a signal. We should always remember that they are protecting the forest for all of us, for our children, for our children’s children;

they think about the next seven generations; a good lesson for all of us to learn, especially our politicians and corporations”. You and your husband have dedicated a big part of your professional lives to the indigenous people's rights in the Amazon. How do you see their future looking at the moment? “The future is quite mixed. Chief Raoni just won the Equator Prize from the United Nations Development Programme. We went to Paris in December for the prizegiving during the Climate Change talks. This was in recognition of the work that the Raoni Institute does for all the Kayapo people; it has given them an enormous boost. I already knew Raoni 25 years ago when he first met the rock star Sting and Body Shop founder Anita Roddick, and I went with them both to visit tribal villages back then. It is always an emotional time when I

meet Raoni. He has been my mentor and a huge influence in our lives. As Prince Charles said to Raoni when we met him two years ago, it is so unfortunate that so few people care about the future and there is so little time to do something about it! But pressure on indigenous peoples around the world is growing. Global demand for soya and beef means that large agribusinesses and smaller farmers all want to get hold of indigenous territories - and they are tearing down the rainforest around the reserves which affects the climate and the quality of the water. Hydroelectric schemes and mining exploration are also having an impact, and there are demands for the government to reduce the protection of indigenous territories and of rainforest reserves.” How does the Indigenous People’s Cultural Support Trust, known as Tribes Alive, fight its cause in Brazil from the UK? “Emily Burridge, the founder of the trust who is a composer and a renowned cellist, was working with a Xavante community not far from the Xingu when we met on top of a mountain in Brazil; we discovered that she grew up in Kingston! It was only later that we also became Trustees. We always work with a local partner organisation in Brazil and many indigenous communities have their own associations, with legal status, which makes it easier to organise

darlingmagazine.co.uk | feb – march 2016 


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   ..................... they have to complete their basic education and show commitment, ability and strength of character to be selected. Having their own school saves the students from facing discrimination and violence they would encounter at a school elsewhere. The school has been going for 6 years and the first graduates are going on to become teachers, nurses, firefighters, even lawyers, all with computer skills, which they use to help their own people. It’s up to all of us to do our bit, however little the future of this fragile planet is in our hands. things. When a community asks us for help with a project, we assess its viability and decide if it is something we can help with. The management of the project is carried out by the indigenous peoples’ association; we just raise the funds for them and oversee the implementation, though we often help them to expand their organisational capacity. Some of the projects are about generating income, so that they can buy the things they want to use from the mainstream. For example, Sahara, the UK fashion company, has licensed the rights to reproduce a design that was made by one of the women, based on their body celebration decoration. The profits go back directly to the indigenous people. We also work with IlaSpa, who buy babassu oil for their Rainforest Regeneration skin care products.

When I am not in the Amazon, I give illustrated talks to schools, universities, businesses and groups here in the UK, in Europe and in the USA - anyone who is interested! I’ve even given talks and held exhibitions in Brazil.” What do you photograph when you are not working in Brazil?

“I still work as a photographer, on commissions, and I supply international picture libraries. Most of my commissions are for magazines, often photographing people - hedge fund managers, for example. But I’m still a photojournalist - that’s where my heart is. I am always looking for something beautiful and amazing, something I want to share, to show people. From the 3rd to the 25th of March I have an exhibition, “Forest Portraits", at the Brazilian Embassy, just off Trafalgar Square at 14 - 16 Cockspur Street; everyone is invited, and entrance is free.” www.tribesalive.org Donations to the Secondary School project: https://campaign. justgiving.com/charity/ipcs/ kayaposchool email: sue@ipcst.org, sue@scphotographic.com

At the moment Tribes Alive is fundraising to rebuild and expand the only secondary school in the reserves. It serves a population of over 9,000. The students are chosen from each village, and darlingmagazine.co.uk | feb – march 2016 


Time to start planning your


Up for a challenge in 2016? Charity challenges are a great way to tick off your ‘must do’ experiences, such as climbing Kilimanjaro or walking on the Great Wall of China. These adventures have gained popularity at the expense of the more modest challenges like cycling in Europe. There’s no doubt that overseas challenges can have huge benefits for charities as they are a great way of gaining funds and publicity, particularly if a celebrity is involved. The challenge experience, with its sense of shared achievement and overcoming real hardship, often translates into long-term support and the participants are likely to be engaged in fundraising for many months in advance giving their chosen charity sustained public exposure. Finding a challenge for you… If you're inspired in taking part in a challenge you’ll find lots to choose from at Action for Charity www.actionforcharity.co.uk. They can register you for challenges such as the Big Cycle Challenge in Cuba, Cycle Kenya, 3 Peaks Hike and the London to Paris Bike Ride. Keeping it local… If you would like to take part in a challenge and raise funds

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inter is here and, along with the cool breeze, it also brings many of us skin and hair problems. Irritation, hardness and roughness of skin are common. Cold temperatures also weaken blood circulation and widen capillaries and, as a result, our skin and our hair too, can suffer.

But the cold alone isn’t responsible for this. The drop in humidity as well as central heating dry out the skin. It's therefore important to keep up your daily water intake, or swap to herbal tea if you prefer something warm. Women are advised to consume between six and eight glasses of water a day, more if they exercise.


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THE FEEL GOOD BAKERY Residents and businesses in Kingston are supporting an Residents and businesses in Kingston are supporting exciting an excitingnew newinitiative initiative


he Feel Good Bakery serves two important purposes. It assists local young people to exit gangs and criminal activity, training, mentoring, employing them, and, at the same time, feeding some of the poorest children in the world. The initiative got its start when Andy Smith, co-founder of the local charity ‘Regenerate,’ took a group of local young people from very difficult backgrounds on a trip to help set up a project for street children in Kenya. Whilst on the trip, one of the young

Andy Smith, Jamie Oliver and Louis Cole (FunForLouis, the famous YouTube vlogger), who was a youth worker at Regenerate for many years. Louis introduced Andy to Jamie, who then invited Louis and Andy to help with his Food Revolution day recently. Andy and @funforLouis helped teach kids how to make healthy sandwiches as part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution day.


people opened up and started to talk. With tears in his eyes, he said to Andy that he wanted to stop selling drugs and was desperate to change. The youth wanted to do something positive with his life, but he couldn’t get a job. On that trip to Kenya, the young people also decided they wanted to find ways of raising money to help make a difference in the lives of the children that they met. This led Andy, working with some of the young people and the wider Regenerate team, to begin to dream and scheme about setting up something back here that would provide mentoring, support, and a first job to young people who were serious about changing their lives. Happily, this would also provide a solution to funding the feeding programs that had so impacted the team in Kenya. They came up with a plan which has recently been launched. The Feel Good Bakery is now employing young people to make amazing platters of sandwiches and deliver these sandwiches to offices in and around Kingston. For every sandwich that is sold, The Feel Good Bakery funds a meal for a child in need.

feb – march 2016 | darlingmagazine.co.uk

This year The Feel Good Bakery has provided over 26,000 meals to children in Kenya and Romania and back here, The Bakery has employed seven local young people, five of which have previously been in prison. If anyone else from the Kingston community would like to get involved either as an ambassador or know of businesses locally that could purchase lunches, please contact Andy via thefeelgoodbakery.com

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by Rachel Law

fat loss!!! Therefore, understanding what we should and shouldn’t be eating and WHY is crucial to our success. I coach and educate women who are willing to make positive changes to their lifestyle, exercise and nutrition to achieve a stronger and leaner physique at whatever life stage they are at. I also run workshops on exercise and nutrition for women. Rachel Law, 121 Fitness and Health 07946 256982

Training with weights is actually really important for women in reducing the risk of osteoporosis and will not turn us into the Incredible Hulk. We simply do not have enough testosterone to build huge muscles. At the same time a varied cardio regime is needed to help achieve our fitness goals. Getting our nutrition on track is 80% of the battle with

hair & beauty review


Ben Forrest Hair and Beauty Bar

Friendly, professional & independent salon on Ham Parade


hen my hairdresser of over ten years announced that she was leaving hairdressing to pursue another career, I felt nervous about finding another stylist who I could trust with my locks. Through a recommendation, I contacted Ben Forrest, who had some months previously moved to Ham Parade. With its villagey little shops, it's a lovely, laid-back location, free from the stress and expense of visiting the town centre. My appointment was with Natalie, who spent some time asking questions in order to understand the style I was after. Being fully trained on Goldwell colours, she was able to match the mix of colours perfected by my previous hairdresser to the extent that I could not tell the difference, and she cut and styled my hair exactly how I described I'd like it. My hair gets dry, so a "Fantastic Hairdresser Regenerating Treatment" was recommended and applied, which involved a calming, pleasantly

by Anu West

fragrant head massage - the perfect antedote to the stress of Christmas preparations. Ben Forrest himself really knows his stuff, having enjoyed a career working for Sean Hanna, Charles Worthington, Toni & Guy and Headmasters before opening his first salon in Kingston in 2005. The salon opened its BeautiFul Beauty Bar in October 2015 and it proved to be a hit, so the hours of beauty services are now to be extended. Positive word-of-mouth has meant that Ben Forrest is now looking for more staff: a full-time apprentice as well as a part-time stylist. Contact: Ben Forrest 418 Richmond Rd, Kingston, KT2 5PU Tel: 0208 549 8558 Web: www.findyourhairdresser.co.uk

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Can animals really heal themselves? Zoopharmacognosy – how it can help your animals


t's a bit of a mouthful when you first hear it. But the word “Zoopharmacognosy” is the term used to describe animals’ innate ability to selfmedicate using plants, clays and other natural remedies.

medication for an animal. Practitioners (or Zoopharmacognosists) do not diagnose or “treat” the animal – they enable the animal to self-select by offering pure, natural plant extracts in a safe and species-appropriate way. It is not a substitute for veterinary advice – if an animal appears unwell or seems to suddenly develop behavioural issues it should always be checked by a vet first.

The principle is very simple: animals' brains (including ours) are there to keep us in a maximum state of wellness or survival. Unlike humans, the vast majority of the animal kingdom have highly sophisticated olfactory systems which enables them to self-medicate with incredible accuracy – even caterpillars have scientifically demonstrated this ability! In the wild, animals will forage and select plants containing appropriate medicinal compounds at the earliest stages of any challenge.

This gentle therapy can be highly effective for hard-to-resolve behavioural and physical issues, and preventatively for naturally well-balanced, happy and healthy animals. ©2016 Siobhan Pestano Tel: 07714 731929 Web: www.calmercreatures.co.uk

Evidence suggests that messages between the brain and the nose communicate which plants are relevant and how much is required. As the medicinal compounds are selected and utilised, more messages travel from the nose back to the brain. When the correct levels of medicinal compounds have been utilised, yet more messages from the brain make the animal cease selection. These vitally important communication signals not only help the animal to address its needs, but also prevent over-medication. Our domesticated and companion animals have the same amazing ability, but often do not have the freedom to roam and forage for needed remedies. By the time they appear visibly unwell or distressed the issue may have been building for some time. Applied Zoopharmacognosy involves the facilitation of self-

“Zoopharmacognosy” is gentle, effective and utterly fascinating to observe. You will be amazed watching your animal respond, whether the problem is a physical or behavioural one. Book a session. See for yourself. Understand.

Tel: 07714 731929 www.calmercreatures.co.uk



Cook's corner

Thanks to @veganinheart for this recipe Photos by Dagmar Tegtmajerova

Remarkable UK powdered food grows in popularity

Not just a protein shake


uel (www.huel.com) is a nutritionally complete powdered food that contains all the protein, carbohydrates, fats and the essential 26 vitamins and minerals the body needs. It's made from real food (oats, pea, rice, flaxseed, sunflower, coconut), which have been turned into a powder for convenience and to dramatically increase the shelf life to 1 year (which should reduce the food waste to zero - currently in the UK we throw away 33% of all food). Huel is 100% vegan (better for the environment and animals), super convenient, high in protein (150g per 2000 calories) and fibre (140% of RDA), low GI, contains less than a teaspoon of sugar per 2000 calories, contains no allergens (apart from non gluten-free oats), requires minimal packaging. Huel is available to order from www.huel.com and soon from your local health store as well.

Huel & Sweet Potato Brownies (Vegan) Ingredients • 500g baked sweet potato (no skin) • 1/2 cup Huel powder • 1/2 cup cocoa powder • 1.5 tsp baking powder • 1/3 cup Maple syrup • 1 courgette (optional - adds moisture)

Method 1. Bake the sweet potato approx. 1 hour at 220oC. Once it's soft, allow it to cool down. 2. Heat the oven to 180 C. Line a baking tin with baking paper. 3. In a large mixing bowl, add sweet potato and mash. 4. Add all of the remaining ingredients and mix together.

5. Grate the courgette and mix well. 5. Bake for 30 minutes. Take out of the oven and cool in the tin. Cut into squares. 6. To make it extra rich, melt chocolate or cocoa with a little bit of coconut oil and pour over the brownies, sprinkle with pomegranate.

WOW - Women of the World Festival


eturning for its sixth year, the week-long WOW festival takes place in the week of International Women’s Day (8 March) and features over 150 events, including talks, debates, live music, comedy, workshops and our smash-hit WOW Speed Mentoring. Tackling topics from the deeply serious to the seriously funny, Southbank Centre’s WOW – Women of the World festival celebrates women and girls and looks at the obstacles that stop them from achieving their potential. Hear from outstanding thought leaders, trailblazers, activists and innovators, and join the debate on wide-reaching topics from body image, sex, women in business, refugees and criminal justice, to transgender, race, disability and childcare. WOW Friday focuses on women in the workplace. Network with

women from across the career spectrum, hear from a whole range of female entrepreneurs and professionals and take part in our speed-mentoring session. WOW Saturday and Sunday continues with talks, debates, workshops, seminars and performances to feed your mind, nourish your soul and quench your thirst for knowledge, change and ideas. Expect joy, laughter, passion, insight and a chance to share your own stories. SOUTHBANK CENTRE, LONDON Tue 8 March - Sun 13 March Day passes: £20 Weekend (3-day) pass: £45 www.southbankcentre.co.uk/ wow

Give yourself the gift of healing this Valentine’s day!

50% off

50% off your first treatment with this voucher (when 2+ healings are bought together) healing at my home in North Kingston

To book call 07753 562043 or ‘like’ and message me on my Facebook page, ‘’Gaia Healing with Nicola Swan’’ All page likes and comments will be entered into a prize draw to win a free Gaia treatment: two lucky winners will be notified on 29 March

Tel: 07753 562043 email: gaiahealingkingston@gmail.com Supported by

wellbeing promotion


Specialist pregnancy massage

leaves mums floating on air

Following incredible success in New Zealand, massaging over 3,000 pregnant women, Mumanu’s specialist pregnancy massage service is now available in Kingston

Samantha Thurlby-Brooks


eing an advanced specialist in pregnancy massage has taken Samantha Thurlby-Brooks to the other side of the world and back again. Arriving in New Zealand in January 2007 with only £150 in her pocket, Samantha left in 2014 with a successful international brand, a unique service and products and a huge wealth of experience. And it hasn’t taken long for the word to get around with Mumanu massages becoming a favourite of celebrity mums such as actress, Charlotte Riley (and wife of actor Tom Hardy). “Samantha’s massages are amazing! The best I’ve ever had. She made the last few weeks of my pregnancy so much more comfortable and relaxing. Being so generous with her time and knowledge was priceless.” Research has shown that regular massages during pregnancy and the postnatal period reduces depression and anxiety and lessens the chances of postnatal depression. At a time when women are being scrutinised throughout pregnancy, birth and motherhood, it’s a welcome relief to find such a high quality service dedicated to their happiness. With over ten years' experience in pregnancy massage (14 years doing massage) and over 3,000 pregnant clients, Samantha’s obviously doing something right. Mumanu Ltd is the only specialist pregnancy massage company in the UK. “There are other people offering pregnancy massage, just not to the same advanced speciality. 90% of my clients are pregnant and many are considered high risk or have complications. I can even massage to whatever pressure the woman wants”

explains Samantha. With advanced specialist training and a huge amount of experience in treating all pregnant women throughout the whole of pregnancy, Samantha’s clients get great results with lower back and hip pains, coming away feeling deeply relaxed. Samantha is also the only person in Europe qualified to teach BirthWorks antenatal classes. Bringing her in-depth knowledge of pregnancy, birth and new motherhood to each massage session, she says “I don’t rush sessions and offer a listening ear and impartial, well researched advice to help women feel more comfortable and confident and to realistically plan for and look forward to birth and the times ahead. Sessions typically last 90-120 minutes.” Samantha Thurlby-Brooks can be found at: w: www.mumanu.co.uk e: sam@mumanu.com t: 07948 112767

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Kingston singer puts together “BIG SING” to highlight mental health issues


singer from Kingston, Melissa James, is making a bid to unite sufferers of depression, and other mental health illnesses, through song. The singer, whose latest single Live Again is based on the stories of those close to her with mental health problems, was inspired to organise a big sing for UK-based mental health charity, SANE, after the singers in her singing group joined her in an emotionallycharged performance of the song. The soulful folksinger had been touched by the story of a man who, early last year, flew from his LA home specifically to be at one of her London shows to tell her how, at a point of feeling suicidal, her music had saved his life. Reflecting both on his story and her own experiences, Melissa has set about trying to organise “Sing for SANE”, a performance of Live Again which invites anyone affected by problems surrounding mental health to stand with others, singing the song to acknowledge that they need not suffer alone and to show support of the work of the charity, SANE.

Melissa says, “It’s around the Christmas period, and then in the new year when the comedown effect might kick in, any symptoms of depression or other mental illness might be magnified because of the pressures that can be felt at this time. Yet those suffering may

melodicmillie@gmail.com. Melissa does not work for SANE and is not a representative of the quotes. Live Again is a track from Melissa’s upcoming acoustic and live mini album, Stripped Back. Live Again releases on 15 January 2016. Stripped Back releases on 25 March 2016.

wear a brave smile and carry on, perhaps embarrassed to confess to others that actually things aren’t right, or they may completely dismiss what they are feeling and put it down to simply ‘feeling a bit low.’” Caffe Nero has kindly agreed to play host to “Sing for SANE” which is planned for a date in the coming weeks, near London. Melissa is encouraging anyone


with an interest in joining the singing event to get in touch via email at:

feb – march 2016 | darlingmagazine.co.uk



Kingston Hospital Dementia Appeal

– excellent dementia care for all

by Catherine Shyjka Theatre Matron


ingston and Richmond have one of the highest life expectancies in England and, as a result, nearly half of our patients over 75 have dementia – double the national average. To ensure that patients with dementia being cared for by Kingston hospital have the best possible experience, the hospital’s charity has launched a major fundraising appeal to transform their wards. We want to redesign our wards to make them more dementiafriendly and take away some of the fear and confusion of being in Hospital. This will include softer lighting, decoration and colour that helps patients to feel calmer; dementia-friendly signage and extending our successful dementia activities programme. The programme already provides daily activities including chair exercise, bingo, art and music therapy and we want more patients to benefit from these.

means that relatives and carers are welcome to spend as much time in Hospital, including overnight, with their loved one. They can stay until they have gone to sleep and can come and stay with the patient in recovery as they are coming round after the operation, a time that can be extremely confusing for any patient, let alone one with dementia. We have also worked with a local artist – Lilli – who has decorated the ceilings of our anaesthetic rooms with images of birds, which helps All of us at the Hospital have made changes to provide more support for patients with dementia and as the Matron in Theatres I have made a number of changes to support patients with dementia having surgery. Having an operation can be scary for most people, but for a patient with dementia it can be extremely traumatic. We have signed up to the national ‘John’s Campaign’, which

Physiotherapist Rachel Gifford leading a chair exercise class

to keep the patients calm while they are being put to sleep. We want patients at whatever stage in their journey through our hospital to not have to feel frightened or alone, and the money raised by our dementia appeal will help to put Kingston Hospital at the forefront of dementia care and ensure that all local people have the best care possible. For more information and to support the appeal, email: fundraising@kingstonhospital. nhs.uk or visit: www.kingstonhospital.nhs.uk/ get-involved/kingston-hospitalcharity/dementia-appeal.aspx

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AS SAFE AS HOUSES? Writes Gary Score, Partner in Residential Property at Hart Brown

Do you know that anyone can obtain a copy of the title to your property? Prior to December 1990; if the title to your home or other property was registered at the Land Registry it was not open to public scrutiny. This had been the position since the late 19th Century when the concept of Registered Land was first introduced. In the main it was necessary to get your consent as the owner, before a prospective purchaser could have access to the register. 22 32

Such consent was usually given after exchange of contracts in the property sale. In order to allow developers and other interested parties to identify the ownership of land more easily, the registered title was opened up to the public to allow anybody to find out, where land is registered, who the owner of the land is and obtain a copy of that persons title together with details of any covenants, rights, obligations and easements registered against the title together with any mortgages.

feb – march | darlingmagazine.co.uk feb-mar 2016 |2016 darlingmagazine.co.uk

Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (490290) Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Gary Score

Goodbye title deeds.

In 2002 all registered titles in England and Wales were digitised and the old paper Land Certificates and Charges certificates became redundant. Roll forward to today and the digitisation of the registered titles, subject to payment of the necessary fee to the Land Registry, means anyone can access the title to your property. This, added to the increased incidence of identity fraud, has opened a new avenue to possible fraudsters. There have been a number of instances reported in the press of fraudsters posing as the owners of registered property and selling it on to an unsuspecting buyer. Whilst the fraudster is not able to pass the ownership of the property to the innocent buyer, one can imagine the anxiety the legitimate owner goes through as a result of being the victim of this type of crime. The innocent buyer stands to lose all of the monies paid over to the fraudster who needless to say will usually disappear into the ether.

So how easy is it for fraud to take place?

Initially the fraudster needs to steal the identity of, and masquerade as, the owner of the targeted property. The estate agent and solicitor must by law carry out identity checks on potential sellers, however, if their processes are less than robust, this makes the fraudster’s task that much easier and adds an air of legitimacy to their scheme.

What can you do to protect yourself?

It makes sense if you are a home owner to take certain steps to reduce the risk of your property being fraudulently sold or, in

some cases, mortgaged. Properties that are particularly at risk are those where the owner does not live there because they live overseas or in some other part of the country, rent it out, or the property is empty for long periods and not mortgaged. If you think that you may fall into any of the categories or just for peace of mind you may wish to consider the following options. The Land Registry has devised two main ways to try to alleviate the situation: 1. The placing of a restriction on your title so that no changes can be made to the Register without a solicitor or conveyancer certifying that the application is made by the registered proprietor. If you do not live at the property this is free, if you live at the property there is a fee of ÂŁ40. 2. You can also sign up to the Property Alert Service. If someone applies to change the register to your property you will be alerted by e-mail. It will not stop the changes, but you will be aware of activity on your title. Progress brings with it advantages but also new risks. Any steps the owner of a property can take to reduce those risks are recommended. We at Hart Brown can assist you in reducing risks associated with buying and selling property as well as advising and assisting on all types of legal matters. If you would like further information please feel free to call Gary 020 8947 8171 at our Wimbledon Village office. hartbrown.co.uk

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23 33

Join us for a brighter future. Are you looking for a more flexible way of working, that can give you the lifestyle you have always dreamed of? 40 minutes of your time is all that is needed to change your life! Talk to me to find out more. Health, Rewards & Happiness Forever Living Products from Carolyn Henderson

Surbiton Veterinary Hospital 30 Claremont Road, Surbiton KT6 4RF 020 8399 6666

Exciting News!



We are being transformed into a state of the art hospital. Our ma jor refurbishment and extension project is close to completion and will be ready by early 2016. Our family run practice provides a high quality caring service for all pets. To celebrate our new 24 hour Veterinary Hospital, which will provide a unique blend of primary and specialist care, we are pleased to offer the following discounts to the whole community!

Fantastic Special Offers valid until June 2016

HRH FOREVER HRH Forever Living Products from Carolyn Henderson T: 07710 624 394 | E: foreverhrh@flp.com W: www.foreverhrh.flp.com | TWITTER: @ForeverHRH FACEBOOK: facebook.com/foreverhrh | INSTAGRAM: foreverhrh

35% off all vaccinations 25% off all flea and worming treatments • 20% off all neutering • £12 microchipping • FREE 2nd Opinion Consultations (see if our specialists can help you) • FREE new puppy and kitten health checks

To take advantage of the above offers please register with us on 0208 399 6666 and bring this leaflet with you to the appointment.

Tel: 020 8399 6666 Email: hksurbiton@gmail.com Surbiton Veterinary Hospital


Surbiton Veterinary Hospital

PO37873-Henderson Keywood-Surbiton Refurb Ad.indd 1

06/08/2015 17:25


Making a house your home ...and for whatever life brings The Riverside Centre, 40 High Street, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1HL Tel: 020 8974 7490 www.roselegal.co.uk

living life


Are your precious family photos AT RISK? If you are not backing up your photos regularly, read on...


have photos of my first day at school and even my great grandparents’ wedding, but if you don’t back up your photos, will your children have theirs?

One client of mine lost all her personal photographs when her laptop died. So what’s the best way to make sure this doesn’t happen? Back them up! And then back them up again! Have at least three copies of everything and one should be at a separate location to protect from fire and theft (a hard drive at your parents' or cloud storage). Just have your favourite or most recent photos on your computer and the rest backed up but accessible. So what do you need to get? If you can spare the cash, go for a RAID storage device, in short, this spreads your data across different drives within the device, so if one dies the data’s not lost. You can network

By Kels Noades

these so everyone can save wirelessly throughout the household. Then have a normal external hard drive which you can buy for under £60 (2TB). I like Seagate and, personally, I prefer the mains powered variety to portable as they are more sturdy. Thirdly save to a ‘cloud storage’ device or use an extra external hard drive stored in a separate location. Some cloud options are free and some you pay for so have a shop around and see what suits you. Now, where to start? Organise your photographs and sub-divide large collections into smaller folders. I organise by year and month, so I would have ‘2015 June’ and inside this would be ‘2015 June 20 Zac party’ so I can find things easily. Ideally, use the numerical month 06 instead of June, then they are ordered correctly. This will take you time but if you do this going forward, it's easy. Save photos from the memory card, not another programme, as photo viewing software often re-sizes images to make them smaller. Lastly – don’t leave your favourite photos on a hard drive! Print and frame them, make a photo book or calendar or create an album. The professional lab I use produces prints that should last 100 years+ and you definitely cannot say that about a hard drive! Kels is a family photographer and local mum of three, you can find her work at: www.kjphotographic.com

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AN EDUCATION IN NUTRITION What are schools doing to ensure our children understand the importance of nutrition and the impact that food has on their lives? Sandra Nardi takes a look...


hat children eat is an emotive subject. It’s also a source of debate and one that’s high on the list of the government’s priorities to rectify. In 2015, the government launched a new set of standards (The School Food Plan) for all food served in schools; designed to make it easier for cooks to create imaginative, flexible and nutritious menus. Within the guidelines, high-quality meat, poultry or oily fish, fruit and vegetables, bread, other cereals and potatoes must all be provided. Celebrated chefs and food industry experts have been driving the school food revolution, with Jamie Oliver declaring, “These minimum standards are so important if we’re going to truly protect the next generation (www. schoolfoodplan.com).” As an early champion of the cause, bringing nutrition into the limelight in 2005 with his TV series, Jamie’s School Dinners set off alarm bells about school meals and what parents are putting in their children’s lunch boxes. Closer to home; is enough being done to promote improved diets


in local schools? Pre-schools, such as Park Hill School, is constantly under close scrutiny as The Early Years is the most fundamental time to instil good eating habits. Rising to the challenge, pupils at Park Hill learn about making healthy choices from Nursery to Year 2. “Eating healthy, quality food is essential for children’s growth, health and learning. Children cannot be expected to perform well, making good choices if they are not adequately nourished," says Head Teacher Mrs Helen Marshall.

feb – march 2016 | darlingmagazine.co.uk

Meanwhile, in Secondary schools such as Kingston Grammar, Mrs Sarah Humphrey, Deputy Head (Pastoral), says "Healthy eating is a core part of our pastoral programme and is taught during PSHE time to all year groups. “This term we are trialling ‘meat free Mondays’ with our caterers. 98% of our Year 7 pupils have school lunches so this will challenge our meat eaters to try something new.” It’s not only the private sector

nutrition ............

which is educating children on healthy eating. In fact, in 2015, six schools won awards including three silver awards for the first time in Kingston by Rosie Boycott, Head of the London Food Board, for supporting and promoting health and wellbeing in pupils. Silver awards: • St Philip’s School • St Paul’s Cof E Junior School • King Athelstan Primary School Bronze awards: • Southborough High School • Green Lane Primary and Nursery School • Ellingham Primary School

Alexandra Jones provides fresh ideas for snack time:

Savoury & Sweet Snacks: • • • • • • • •

Cheese chunks Mashed, boiled eggs with mayonnaise, pepper & sunflower seeds Nut & seed crackers, pita bread or oatcakes Mashed avocado, tomato & pine nuts on toast Hummus with cucumber, celery & red pepper Nuts, pop-chips, lentil chips, kale crisps Supermarket deserts: Co-Yo coconut yoghurt, Woodside sheep yoghurt Apple, almond butter & raisin sandwich

For more tips, check out Alexandra Jones’s full blog: www.parenteducationconsultancy.com

“We look forward to seeing more schools receive the healthy schools awards and also some of our schools achieving gold status in the coming years," says Councillor Andrea Craig, Lead Member for Children, Youth and Adult Learning. From all accounts, it would seem that Kingston Upon Thames is improving year on year, meaning the government’s efforts, not forgetting Jamie Oliver's, are gradually paying off.

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ON THE SCENE people out and about in and around Kingston On the scene ....................................

The Victoria Foundation Winter Ball at Twickenham Stadium

L-R: Sally Higgins and Lucy Davies from The Victoria Foundation

L-R: Sarah Hurtado, Toni Edmonds Smith, Fran Pryce and Debs Pryce all from Strathmore School in Richmond

L-R: Dorothy Cassidy, Lorna and Mark Votier with Graham Ball, CEO of the Victoria Foundation

Daniel from Opera on the Run with Linda Duberley, one of The Victoria Foundation Ambassadors L-R: Lucy Symons, Annie Armitage and MarjaLeenaToslenad

Bele and Reinhard Weiss, owners of Stein's Restaurants

Festival of The Voice opening party at Langleys Restaurant & Wine Bar in Surbiton

L-R: テ(ne Lark, Chair of Kingston Arts with Cllr. Mary Clark, Deputy Mayor of Kingston L-R: L-R: Marja-Leena Toseland; Cythare Cooper, Darling photographer; Neomi Bennett and Simone Kay L-R: William Summers, Loki Music; Taylor Coombes and David Lawson Lean, Kingston Junior Drama Company

L-R: Taylor Coombes, Kingston Junior Drama Company; Philippa Allison, MaloryTorr, singer and songwriter and Karine Torr, Darling publisher

Kingston Chamber of Commerce lunch at Comptoir Libanais

Kingston Enterprise Fair at Kingston University L-R: Andrew Sherman, Kingston Council; Jerry Irving and Wanda McFarlane, Chamber of Commerce

L-R: Gane Ordevski, Manager of Comptoir Libanais in Kingston; Jerry Irving, Chair of Kingston Chamber of Commerce; Sarah Balding, Comptoir Libanais and Alan Briggs, Direct Colour

Athena Networking Christmas lunch at Warren House

Sandra Nardi, Parent Education Consultancy and Millie Govekar, Millie Whizz L-R: Karine Torr, Lesley Vaughan, Ray Lowe, Charmaine Mace and Julie Eltham

L-R: Patricia Campbell-Parker, Nikki Williams, Marja-Leena Toseland and Ann Jackman

L-R: Millie Goverkar, Rachel Barclay, Tracey Mason and Bronwen Gray

L-R: the IQ in IT power women; Katerina Damcova and Antje Moor

Reverend Ingrid Scott and Annette Cruiziat

L-R: Koo Anand, CoCo Hair & Beauty and Sue Harper, River Crane Framing

L-R: Vicki Bullock, Sara Wilcox, Patricia Campbell-Parker, Alison Davey, Penny Waite, Lesley Vaughan, Nina Haydon, (front) Elaine Jones and Charmaine Mace

Kingston creative NoNo networkers at the Druids Head

L-R: Patrick and Sue Cunningham with Stuart Fenwick L-R: Marja-Leena Toseland, Danny, Richard Kirk and Andy Fairgrieve

Stella & Dot supporting Dementia UK

L-R: Sky Grania Young, Sarah Govia and Michelle Kirk

Wimbledon festive fun at Pole Structural Engineering L-R: Emma Jones and John Peacock from Peacock Solicitors with Teresa Cheuk

L-R: Alexandra Sebastian, Elaine Barker and Sarah Hawkins

Understanding Dementia with Home Instead L-R: Alaa Alsaidi, Jakub Nowikowski, Judith Pole, Simon Pole, Teresa Cheuk, Janice Ackerman and Carolina Lameiras L-R: Barry Sexton, Handelsbanken; Warren Appleton, John D Wood; Andrew of Andrew Harper Architects and Paul Lintott, John D Wood

L-R: Clare Jefferies, Home Instead, Cllr Roy Arora, Mayor of Kingston and Manisha Arora, Mayoress

An evening of bubbles and pampering at U.R. Beautiful in Kingston

L-R: Georgina Martin and Claire Lewis

L-R: Valerie Delforge and Nicole Clatworthy both from Wahanda

L-R: Gemma Ockenden, Nicci Blundell, Emma Warner, Jennifer Prestwich, Mary Bell (salon owner) and Emma Warner

L'Institute Darphin Boutique opening at John Lewis Kingston

Momentum's Christmas fair in North Kingston

L-R: Allie Orr and Viktoryia Kolehyna

L-R: Sharon Smith, Sarah Chitty and Isy Howard

L-R: Julie Teal, Bernice Wilde and Vanessa Ryan

Celebrating with Darling columnist Lyndsay Russell B-F: Ellen Cooper de Groote, Nikki Howard, Natalie Harvey, Kate Brookes, Tara MacDowell, Bianca Effemie (co-founder and Director at Momentum) and Ela Sice

L-R: Talor Hanson, Lyndsay Russell and Kathryn Singleton

L-R: Sarah Govia, Grahame Singleton, Shahinoor Hasham and Ali Gilling

L-R: Tim Perry, Peter Russell, Marguerita BowersClark and Anita Russell

Gorgeous Original Gift Put the dress away but not the memories...

Artist and illustrator Lyndsay Russell will create a beautiful Paris-style fashion sketch of your wedding dress, shoes, bouquet and headdress – adding personal touches such as fabric swatches, the wedding date and the bride’s name. If you're looking for a unique and thoughtful wedding gift these artworks are ideal. They're also perfect for Christmas, Birthdays and of course Special Anniversaries. From as little as £125.

Contact 0787 949 0487 | lyndsayrussell@blueyonder.co.uk www.weddingfashionsketches.com

interiors promotion


Ah l’Amour, l’Amour! Wine and dine with your loved ones at Absolute Abode


ith romance in the air, Absolute Abode in Raynes Park has plenty of options for celebrating l’amour with that special someone. Star chef, Marc Kerrigan, is creating a range of dining

options, with a return to Thursday and Friday nights’ fine dining and a special Valentine’s Day dinner on Sunday 14th February. This year, you will be able to dine à la carte and Marc’s menu includes highlights such as rolled ham hock ballotine served with homemade Piccalilli, pan seared sea bass, a supreme of chicken marinated in smoked paprika and balsamic, as well as Absolute Abode’s signature chocolate ganache brownie. We have something very special for those who really want to get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Starting at 6.30pm on February 14th, Marc is serving up a romantic three-course set menu, including home cured salmon served with avocado cream and caviar, char grilled chump of lamb, and chocolate fondants. At just £35 per person, including amuse-bouche, petit fours and a glass of Prosecco, tables are booking quickly. Last year was completely sold out, so make your reservation as soon as possible. And don’t forget, Absolute Abode emporium is full of beautiful gift ideas, so you can even combine fine dining with a spot of shopping. Keep a look out for the new Valentine’s Day window display in February you’re bound to find something for that special someone. Absolute Abode | Design | Café | Emporium 76-78 Coombe Lane SW20 0AX 020 8090 3211 absoluteabode.com

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Serious About Sofas? We Make It Personal. Meet Andrew Jones. Along with his wife Ruth, he runs Seriously Sofas of Kingston – home to some of the most beautifully designed bespoke and customised sofas, sofa-beds, corner units, chairs and accessories in the UK. In our showroom you’ll find quality products at affordable prices. And even better they can be customised to meet the exact requirements of your home or new extension. So why not pop in and discover a sofa or sofa bed to suit your personality as well as your space... a real focus on choice, quality and flexibility… and some of the most knowledgeable advice this side of the River Thames. We look forward to meeting you. Please visit us online at

www.seriouslysofas.co.uk Crown Arcade, Union St, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1RP Tel: 020 8549 1233 Email: info@seriouslysofas.co.uk 34

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building promotion

building-promo .........................

Start dreaming now! With Paul Bryan With local Paul builder, Bryan local Wimbledon builder


fter a really cold and gloomy winter we’re all looking forward to the radiant yellow of the daffodils and some warmer weather. Unfortunately, there is still a bit of a wait for that, so why not utilise these colder months and plan what inspirational additions you can make to your home? At Haven Construction we would be happy to meet you in the evening and discuss the feasibility of these plans, draw them up and assist in cost effective ways of achieving the most out of your home. We offer you an all inclusive package and will take your dreams and deliver the build you’ve always wanted. We are based in Wimbledon and have been delivering a high standard of work here and in South West London since 2005.

We specialise in loft conversions, basements, extensions, full refurbishments and renovation work. No matter what your requirements, we will work with you every step of the way, from design to completion, on time and on budget. We are also proud members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, Tradesman Connect and the Federation of Small Businesses. What sets us apart from many of our larger competitors is our small business ethos; we are able to provide a dependable, personalised service tailored to your exact requirements. So don’t get brought down by the weather, give us a call and let’s see what we can do to achieve that dream home. havenconstruction.org.uk 07880 546 063

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37 35

London stockist for Clearview Woodburning stoves Defra approved for smoke control areas 020 8947 5115 www.forestbailiff.co.uk

Pole Structural Engineers

Designing structures for alterations, extensions and new houses Local, friendly and professional

Admel House, 24 High Street, Wimbledon Village, SW19 5DX T: 020 8944 9955 E: mail@pole.co.uk


RELAX‌ In a bathroom designed, supplied and installed by the experts.

Design, Supply & Installation

by The Bathroom Specialists. The bathroom specialists. 0208 335 6821

49 Fleece Road, Long Ditton, KT6 5JR


Neighbourly Nosh for Love Kingston


ove Kingston Day is on Sunday 14th February - it's our chance to come together as a community to raise funds for local causes. A Love Kingston Neighbourly Nosh is a simple and intimate event to plan - all from the comfort of your own home! Simply invite some inround a mess? friendsGarden or neighbours for dinner and ask for a donation for your lovely meal.

Registered Charity Number: 1153425 Through language we empower people to take an active role in the community

Volunteer English tutors needed

Are you interested in helping local people who are isolated and lonely because they can’t speak English? "I have found teaching very satisfying. It is amazing to see her gaining in confidence, and gradually engaging more in the community.” LEAH tutor 2014

Plants looking sad?

Contact sorrel@londoncf.org.uk to get Run out of inspiration? involved or visit www.love-kingston.org.uk

Join us for coffee, meet other volunteers and find out more about LEAH

On 24th February between 10am and 11.30am

Call me!

At Siddeley House, 50 Canbury Park Road, Kingston KT2 6LX

Your own Action Plan will help you solve these problems effortlessly to make your garden flourish!

Auntie Planty expert garden GARDENadvice ADVICE

• •

No teaching experience necessary. (We ask for a good standard of spoken and written English.) Tutor training course provided. Daytime availability required for a couple of hours a week.

Please come along or contact us for more information:

Learn English  at  Home   on 020 8255 6144 or e-mail info@leah.org.uk  

THE FOREST BAILIFF Capture the beauty of a loved one. Join our two day portraiture workshop.

Gift vouchers available www.auntieplanty.co.uk Treat9243 your• 07887 plants 716 to a777 020 8892

garden MOT

Each and every plant gets an in-depth look to make sure everything is in place for it to flourish. It’s an eye-opening journey around your garden, and you will be truly inspired. It’s also fun and your plants will thank you!

07887 716 777 www.auntieplanty.co.uk

Hurry! Book now to secure your place. www.forestbailiff.co.uk • 020 8947 5115 36 Durham Road, Wimbledon, SW20 0TW

gardening column


GIVE your house plants SOME TLC


ow that the Christmas decorations are almost a distant memory, it’s a very good time of the year to give your indoor plants a little care and attention.

mist your plants with a fine-spraysquirty bottle filled with plain water. Grouping plants together will allow them to create their own microclimate as the air trapped between the leaves will have a higher humidity than the atmosphere around a single plant.

There really isn’t a gentle way of putting this – you might like the warm and dry conditions of your centrally heated house, but most of your house plants don’t. However, there are some really basic golden rules that you can follow.

Water Roots need air as well as water, so a heavy hand with watering could quite easily drown a perfectly healthy plant. Think of what happens to your own feet and hands if you linger in the bath too long. On the other hand, you must deliver some water. A good way to gauge whether a plant is running dry is to lift the



You may be surprised to learn that nearly all plants need a rest in winter, which actually means less feeding and less heat than when they are more actively growing in the springsummer months. So no plant food until the spring please!

Although your house may be centrally heated, there will be cold spots. Plants that are happiest in the tropical jungles of the world will quite literally curl up and die if they are caught in a cold draught.

Valerie McBride Munro is a chartered horticulturist. She helps you develop your own garden action plan to ensure the best possible results for your plants and garden.

pot – if it feels light, then the chances are that the soil is dry.

Dust Houseplants need a good clean every now and again. I take my plants into the shower from time to time and hose them down with very vaguely tepid water. You’ll be horrified at the dirt running off. If you cannot physically get your plant into the shower, then use a water spray bottle and damp cloth and work in situ.

Humidity As a rule of thumb, papery leaves generally need more humidity in the air than thick leathery ones. You can

© 2016 Valerie McBride-Munro

“Grouping plants together will allow them to create their own microclimate as the air trapped between the leaves will have a higher humidity than the atmosphere around a single plant.”

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What's on? HALF TERM FUN Imagine Children’s Festival Wed 10 - Sun 21 Feb, 10am - 4pm Southbank Centre The best children's theatre, literature and music + workshops and free activities. Up to 12 years old. Also celebrating the centenary of Roald Dahl's birth. Explore The Wondercrump World of Roald Dahl or watch Dahl's last epic story The Minpins with live orchestra. www.southbankcentre.co.uk Ham House Sat 13 - Sun 21 Feb, 10am - 5pm Free with normal admission Toddlers and pre-school (1-4) , Junior (4-9) , Pre-teens (9-13) hamhouse@nationaltrust.org.uk Arts and Crafts family workshops inspired by the WWII Exhibition Wed 17 - Fri 19 Feb, 10am - 12pm Museum of Richmond Old Town Hall, Richmond TW9 1TP £4 per child Junior (4-9) , Pre-teens (9-13) museumofrichmond@btconnect.com The first ever London Puddle Jumping Championships Sat 13 - Sun 21 Feb WWT London Wetland Centre Children of all ages can grab their wellies and have fun jumping in puddles in the fresh air. Points will be given for style, creativity, enthusiasm and size of splash. www.wwt.org.uk/london Talk on plant defences by Dr Andrew Holloway PhD Wed 11 Feb, 7:30pm (doors open at 7) The United Reformed Church, Malden Road, New Malden Andrew is a published author on plant defence mechanisms. PhD in Microbiology for work on antimicrobial properties of tea and potential use of plant products to treat gynecological complaints. Free entry abrodie@mchs.org.uk, mchs.org.uk Love Kingston Day 14 Feb An annual event to raise vital funds for local charitable causes. Can you organise a Neighbourly Nosh dinner party or another event or take part in a challenge? www.love-kingston.org.uk Breast Cancer Care charity fundraiser Sat 20 Feb, 8pm Imber Court, Ember Lane, East Molesey

Live music from Annie-Grace Smith DJ Gary Clifford with music from 80-90s Entry: £10 Sarah Woodward on 07824668891 Sjmodelpromos@icloud.com

Maxine Peake's stage writing debut comes to the Rose for its London premiere in March. Peake’s witty and charming play celebrates the life of sporting legend Beryl Burton – the greatest woman on two wheels.

KINGSTON MUSEUM Call the Museum on 020 8547 5006 to book.

Mother’s Day Ham House hosts a special tea-themed Mother's Day, with activities, workshops and lunches throughout the day. Sun 06 Mar, 10am - 5pm hamhouse@nationaltrust.org.uk

Film Screening Thur 11 Feb, 5-7pm Enjoy a movie evening with films selected by our Young People Creative Board. Snacks provided. Ages 18+ Friends Lecture Thurs 18 Feb, 6:30pm tea and coffee, 7pm start. The John Lewis Archive Lecture by the store’s archivist Gavin Henderson. The Art of Mosaic On Saturdays: Sat 20 Feb - Sat 12 March, 10:30am - 12:30pm A four week art course about the Romans and the art of Mosaic. Ages 6+. Fee applies. Teachers Twilight event - Saxon Storytelling Thurs 17 March, 5:30-7pm By educational experts from Story Storks and All Saints Church Entry: £10. Refreshments provided. ROSE THEATRE, KINGSTON For tickets and a full program go to www. rosetheatrekingston.org Fascinating Aida’s Dillie Keane Sun 14 Feb, 7:30pm Her first solo show. New tunes, old favourites, gorgeous songs of love and hilarious songs of utter wickedness. The Gruffalo's Child Tue 16 - Sun 21 Feb Tall Stories Theatre Company returns, bringing Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s award-winning sequel to life in this magical, musical stage adaptation. Recommended for ages 3+. The Mayor's Big Sing Sun 21 Feb, 6:30pm In aid of the Mayor's Charitable Trust A two hour singing workshop. With a guest appearance and opening performance from the South London Military Wives choir. A Night of Food & Agony with Jay Rayner Tue 23 Feb, 7:30pm Renowned restaurant critic, MasterChef judge, restaurant critic, and sometime jazz pianist Jay Rayner for a night of food and agony. Beryl Tue 08 - Sat 19 Mar A West Yorkshire Playhouse production in association with Rose Theatre Kingston. Following huge critical and popular acclaim,

Rock & Roll Alldayer Sat 26 March, 12 Noon to 12 midnight Chessington Community College, Garrison Lane, Chessington 5 great bands and top DJs. Vintage stalls, classic car & jive competitions. Large dance floor. Hot food, tea room and a licensed bar. Entry: £23.00 www.surreyjive.co.uk, nicola@surreyjive.co.uk WOW - Women of the World Festival Tues 8 - Sun 13 March Tackling topics from the deeply serious to the seriously funny, Southbank Centre www.southbankcentre.co.uk/whatson/festivals-series/wow-women-of-the-world-festival Momentum children’s charity musical gala evening Britain’s best-loved sopranos Dame Felicity Lott has kindly offered to perform as a special guest at the evening. Sun 13 March, 7.30pm All Saints Church in Kingston Tickets are £25 from 020 8974 5931 or www.moment-um.org Sing Into Spring Featuring community choirs in concert. Presented by Love Kingston and Singing It Back. Sun 20 March, 6-8pm Free entry. Licence bar. Raffle. St John the Evangelists Church, Grove Lane, KT1 2 SU all proceeds to Love Kingston and St John’s the Evangelist Church www.love-kingston.org.uk www.stjohnskingston.co.uk EASTER FUN Cadbury Easter egg trail at Ham House Fri 25 Mar + 3 other dates, 10am-4:30pm Plus art activities and storytelling. hamhouse@nationaltrust.org.uk Easter Eggstravaganza Kingston Museum Thurs 24 March– Sat 9 April, 1-4pm Free craft activities, Thumbs Up it’s Thursday, and our annual Easter egg hunt too. Ages 5+, younger siblings are welcome.


NEW YEAR BRIDGE with Paul Mendelson

ShinyStone Jewellery Creating Connections jewellery design, redesign, making & repair Inspiring Success

WIMBLEDON, PUTNEY, BALHAM, THAMES DITTON • Have you got old, broken jewellery that AND STREATHAM Wimbledon, Putney, Balham, Kingston, you’d like mended? Surbiton, Streatham and Hampton Court • EMAIL Or pieces you don’t wear and would like refashioned into something different? julie.eltham@theathenanetwork.com

www.theathenanetwork.com • EMAIL Or have an idea for a piece of jewellery, julie@theathenanetwork.com but don’t know how to make it?



With the new year firmly established now, we are getting down to the important routine of playing our bridge and those who keep their heads, reap rewards… COLLECT COPIESNorth AT OUR “HOTSPOTS”

S 532

* Nicholas & Steele Durham Rd H 78 AKQJ5 Tel: 07947 011879

D AK3 C 72

HELPFUL WIMBLEDON WEBSITES West * Maison St. Cassien, Wimbledon VillageEast Love Wimbledon S 6 S A4Tel: 020 8944 1200 HELPFUL WIMBLEDON WEBSITES www.lovewimbledon.org H 10876 H 32 Love Wimbledon London Borough of Merton D J975 D 10864 * Southfields Gallery 223 Wimbledon Park Rd www.lovewimbledon.org www.merton.gov.uk C 8643 South C KQ1095 Tel: 07947 675 059 London Borough of Merton Citizen’s Advice Bureau S KQJ10987 www.merton.gov.uk H 94 Lane SW20 www.nacab.org.uk * Truckles Deli on Coombe Citizen’s Advice Bureau D Q2 Merton Chamber of Commerce Tel: 020 8605 2175 www.nacab.org.uk C AJ www.mertonchamber.co.uk Merton Chamber of Commerce Wimbledon Civic Forum * Aromatica Italian Deli on Leopold Rd www.mertonchamber.co.uk DealerTel: South N/S0309 Game 020 8944 Wimbledon Town Centre www.wimbledoncivicforum.org.uk www.wimbledontowncentre.co.uk Wimbledon Society N E S W Please call first4Sto check stocks Wimbledon Civic Forum NB NB NB www.wimbledonsociety.org.uk Call 07754 524 367 to discuss your idea! www.wimbledoncivicforum.org.uk 6S The Wimbledon Museum Wimbledonwww.shinystone.co.uk Society www.wimbledonmuseum.org.uk www.wimbledonmuseum.org.uk South might have opened a quiet 1♠ and let the Wimbledon Community Centre Wimbledon Community Centre auction develop slowly but, fortified by much www.wimbledoncommunity.org.uk www.wimbledoncommunity.org.uk Christmas left over cheap Champagne, he punted a Volunteer Volunteer Centre Centre Merton Merton strong pre-empt: 4♠. North, in love with her hand www.volunteercentremerton.org.uk was not to be put off – she jumped straight to 6♠. Learning & Skills Council Charity Commission The bidding might have been unsubtle, but the www.lsc.gov.uk www.charitycommission.gov.uk contract is excellent. West led K♣, and South made COLLECT COPIES AT OUR 'HOTSPOTS' Charity Commission Wimbledon Choral Society a quick plan. Please call first to check stocks www.charitycommission.gov.uk www.wimbledon-choral.org.uk Wimbledon Music The Local Swallow Bakery, RoseDiary Theatre, Police/Neighbourhood Watch When South wins trick one with A♣, if he leads 24-26 High Street, Kingston, Tel: 020 8546 6983 www.wimbledonmusicdiary.com www.met.police.uk/saferneighbourhoods a trump, West will win and cash Q♣ to defeat Wimbledon Choral Society Fratelli Delicatessen, 55-57 Park Road, Kingston, The Wimbledon Guild the contract. So, South must discard J♣ from www.wimbledon-choral.org.uk Tel: 020 8549 8021 hand before drawing trumps. Dazzled by North’s www.wimbledonguild.co.uk Local Police/Neighbourhood Watch U.R.Beautiful, 1st Floor, Boots, 42 Union Street, beautiful hearts, he played to A♥, K♥ and Q♥, Care Connect www.met.police.uk/saferneighbourhoods Kingston, Tel: 020 8247 0386 pitching J♣ – but West trumped with 4♠, and still www.merton.gov.uk/living/care/careconnect The Wimbledon Guild Roz Centre ana, 4-8 Court Kingston Hill, Kingston, had A♠ to defeat the slam. South’s plan was good, www.wimbledonguild.co.uk Tel: 020 8546 6388 but not optimal. Care Connect www.centrecourtshopping.co.uk The www.merton.gov.uk/living/care/careconnect French Tarte, 83 Maple Road, Surbiton, Tel: 020 8399 1123 NUMBERS IMPORTANT N/S hold seven hearts between them, but only www.centrecourtshopping.co.uk Wimbledon Police St George’s Hospital five diamonds, so it is less likely that an opponent Pickled Pantry, St.Marks Hill, Surbiton, 0208399 89474694 1212 or (999) 020 8672 1255 will be short in that suit. At trick 2, South should IMPORTANT NUMBERS Tel: 020 Merton Council Kingston Hospital Wimbledon Police play Q♦ from hand, then cross to K♦ and play A♦, St George’s Hospital The 020 Glasshouse, 14 Coombe Road, 020 8546 7711 8274 1212 4901 8947 (999) on which he can safely throw J♣. He pushes out New020 Malden, Tel: 020or 8942 4650 020 8672 1255 NHS Emergency National Merton Council KingstonRail Hospital A♠ and, when he regains the lead, draws the final Warren Warren Road, 111House, 08457 484950 020 8274 4901 020 8546 7711 trump. Happy days – all bodes well for the rest of Coombe, Tel: 020 8547 1777 NHS DIRECT National Rail the year! The 0845 Place,4647 58 High Street, 08457 484950 NewSponsored Malden, Tel: by 0208 241Athena 6591 Network The aceoftrumps.com 44 feb-march 2012 | darlingmagazine.co.uk darlingmagazine.co.uk | feb – march 2016  41

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point of view


ZOO    wants to be a keeper? H ave you ever looked at a zoo animal and wished you could get much closer? Aware my 18 year old daughter, Talor, had loved little furry things since she adopted Fou-fou (a garden caterpillar), I organised the treat of a lifetime; “Shadowing a Zookeeper for the Day!” Her initial teenage reaction? “Does that involve shovelling crap?” “Of course not”, I said. It involves cuddling red pandas and fluffy lemurs. So, there we were in Paradise Park at 9am, shovelling crap. Overseen by Conner, our first Zookeeper, and watched by a bemused camel and a herd of alpacas, we were clearly getting a real taste of the job. That was followed by a hand-over to Jenny… in the reptile house. Here, we saw the largest anaconda in the UK. At least 1.5ft wide, 25 ft long, and so big it could swallow a Shadow Zookeeper whole. As my daughter charmed more snakes than Alice Cooper, Jenny provided fascinating facts such as, “the female anaconda is bigger, and at least five male snakes will attach to her at the same time to try and mate”. “Wow, like a normal night at Pryzm”, whispered Talor. Next, we helped with a fun Animal Display Show involving rats, a skunk and a couple of ferrets; then

came a chance to exercise owls and falcons outside their aviaries. Amazing experiences. But the best task was feeding the small mammals. A quirky creature called a coati snuffled raw vegetables out of my hand, and a red panda came out of its tree to do the same. “No domesticating, please don’t stroke him” we were instructed, which was a bit like being told “here’s a cupcake, but you can’t lick the icing”. Still, as the panda softly laid his paws on my arm, it was enough. Same with the lemurs, they climbed all over us, but we couldn’t pet. The tapirs enclosure, however, was different and we were able to hug them as much as we wanted - even learning they deliberately swam in their own pee didn’t dampen the experience. However, there was one little thing that did. The Head Keeper who insisted on searching our car boot at the end of the day. What an embarrassing fuss. After all, it was only a baby meerkat… You can shadow a Zookeeper for the day (and other animal experiences) at: Paradise Park, Hertfordshire www.pwpark.com 01992 470490


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Available to test your hearing at The Vineyard Surgery. Are you or a loved one missing things in conversation? Don’t suffer in silence!

Call now to arrange an appointment with our hearing aid expert, Paul McKay, RHAD MSHAA   freefone:

• • • •

0800 7720006 tel: 020 8004 7991

micro suction wax removal available latest technology invisible aids hearing aids available to take away on the day

The Vineyard Surgery, 35 The Vineyard, Richmond TW10 6P​P

£100 off all

hearing aids with this voucher

60-day trial and money back guarantee! darlingmagazine.co.uk | feb – march 2016 


Since 1921 Glenmore House has been welcoming discerning guests to this venue of contrasts, rich in history and character. With a range of individually diverse rooms, two fantastic bars, and an accomplished team of Chefs and Front of House Staff, we offer unbelievable value to the highest possible standards.

Private Dining ~ Celebrations ~ Funeral Receptions ~ Business Meetings & Conferences ~ Award Ceremonies ~ Weddings ~ Sunday Carvery We take great pride in the superb customer service delivered to all our clients, and we have been voted the Best Hospitality & Leisure Business 2014 and The Best Leisure & Entertainment Business 2015 in the Kingston Business Excellence Awards. From your initial enquiry to your final sip of coffee or liqueur, you can be confident of a quality venue that will make any event memorable.

www.glenmorehouse.co.uk | 0208 399 1415

Profile for Darling Magazine UK

Darling Magazine Kingston - Feb-March 2016  

inspiring women in Kingston and Surbiton

Darling Magazine Kingston - Feb-March 2016  

inspiring women in Kingston and Surbiton