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Israel Cassol from model and Birkin Boy to genderless fashion and influencer

Chef Anjula Devi keeping healthy with spices & what’s served to Man United

Sophie Lutz’s latest Women’s Wisdom column on goddess powers to get us through this winter


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When we launched our online edition of Darling 12 months ago, diving fully into the digital waters of online media, little did we know what 2020 would bring!

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Even more exciting, we’re taking the plunge into our very own online ‘Shop with Darling’, helping unique and original independent brands to reach a wider audience online, just as so many of our local businesses are also having to straddle the world of bricks and clicks. Kicking off this issue we spoke to leaders of our main local area BIDs (Business Improvement Districts) about the challenges and opportunities facing our High Streets in these extraordinary times.


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Don’t miss our winter fashion spread, our Christmas gift ideas and how to care for each other, young and old, at work and at home, during these Covid times. And if you’re missing your regular dose of social pics “out and about”, visit us online to see who’s doing what and with whom. Until spring… and these’s more online in the meantime. EDITORS Karine & Marja-Leena

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With Kamala Harris leading the way on the global stage, this issue features our own inspiring women leading change closer to home. From author, activist and broadcaster Afua Hirsch to Pam Custers who are both making their names in international circles. Each one has a great story to tell.

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Inspiring woman - exclusive with Afua Hirsch Hot winter fashions with stylists Hel & Mel Darling’s Business Improvement District report Sobering thoughts for the Festive Season Great gift ideas for 2020 Personal journey – therapist Pam Custers inspires Founder of Single Mums Network, Julie Hawkins Spice of Life, Anjula Devi’s new book Sensible skin care for young people ‘Self-Care’ priorities for parents with Emma Parr Sophie Lutz – Women’s Wisdom to enlighten Dance fitness with expert JV The Dons are back at Plough Lane Human contact raises spirits, says Home Instead Signature – new care options for loved ones Russell-Cooke looks at Covid rules in the workplace High energy at HIIT House, Oxshott Unique new classes at David Lloyd Raynes Park Buy to Let Hunters leave town Funeral costs are in the news Bridge with Paul Mendelson Cook’s Corner – Carole goes Italian Kate Greenhalgh is big in Japan read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21


Renaissance Woman

Those who avidly watch her debates on The Pledge, follow her journey through the power of art in African Renaissance, those who read her articles in The Guardian, Vogue, or Time, and who hold Brit(ish): On Race, Identity, and Belonging close to heart will be familiar with Afua Hirsch’s fierceness and determination. But how did a Wimbledon High School alumna find her calling in making sense of the world’s injustices? Darling exclusive with Afua Hirsch Photo by Taylor Torr Dress by sikadesigns.co.uk

You come from a family of influencers, change-makers, and you’ve always been vocal about racism and inequality. What motivates you to keep fighting?

But growing up mixed-race in the 1980’s and ‘90s - when black British culture and identities I’m blessed with such a rich were erased in the heritage on both sides of my family arts, media and - my paternal grandfather was an politics except in unaccompanied child refugee negative ways that Afua with her parents, Peter Hirsch and Mary Owusu-Hirsch after winning an award in 2019 from Nazi Germany, and my perpetuated racist paternal grandmother was a history stereotypes - gave teacher and working woman from me an early sense Yorkshire, at a time when so much was stacked that Britain was not confronting its true history against women having careers. My maternal or current inequality. So all of my work is grandparents sought political refuge in the UK motivated by a strong desire to tell the truth, and from Ghana and my maternal grandmother, who to make things easier for a younger generation also lives in Wimbledon, remains a source of to navigate this society, and make sense of the inspiration and strength. problems we face. 6

read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21

INSPIRING WOMAN and a sense that the things I was experiencing did not match the things I was being taught. I hope people snap out of complacency that if Britain is to become a thriving nation capable of doing justice to its people in the future, we need to start being more honest about our present. I dug deep to write this book and revealed things that took me way outside of my comfort zone, and the response I’ve had is that it’s encouraged other people to do the same. With Samuel L Jackson filming Enslaved

Between sitting on the panel of Sky News’ The Pledge, hosting BBC’s “African Renaissance”: When Art Meet Power, being a Guardian columnist, public speaking, and all the other incredible things you’re up to, which has been your favourite? The documentary series Enslaved which I co-presented with Samuel L Jackson, and which premiered on the BBC in October, was a really special experience. We filmed on four continents and explored the wrecks of slave ships that have never been seen before. It was a big budget, mammoth production which had its challenges, but was a real privilege to make. I think it humanises this devastating but also existential story about the origins of modern Britain.

“Brit(ish): On Race, Identity, and Belonging” has grown in popularity, reaching new audiences with the reemergence of the Black Lives Matter movement. What do you hope readers will take away from your book? The aim of my book was really to do justice to my younger self - if you had met me when I was growing up in Wimbledon twenty years ago you would have found someone full of optimism and ambition but also in the throes of an identity crisis, Book event Brit(ish) with David Olusoga

In Equal to Everything: Judge Brenda and the Supreme Court, you share the inspiring story of Lady Hale with young readers. Do you feel we’re doing enough to inspire young women to make their mark in industries dominated by men? As a journalist and ex-barrister, what did you learn from navigating such industries? I have never worked anywhere that wasn’t on some level hostile to women or ethnic minorities. But being privileged to be in educational institutions and professions, that hostility was often subtle, subconscious and relegated to a structural level where it’s harder to diagnose and more difficult to challenge. Lady Hale is an incredible With Naomie Harris on the BAFTA 2019 woman because she Red Carpet has overcome so much - becoming a lawyer at a time when that was almost unthinkable for a woman, rising to the very top of the legal profession whilst also being a mother, which was also unprecedented. And yet she remains authentic to herself - proudly owning her experience and her struggles, and self-identifying as a feminist who cares about improving things for all women. That is what I find inspiring, and what I seek to achieve with any platform I’m given.

What advice would you give to women who aspire to be as fearless in standing up to social injustice as you are? read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21



sep-oct 2013 | darlingmagazine.co.uk


Filming African Renaissance documentary in Senegal

Learn how to be intersectional. I don’t believe you can be a feminist if you are not an ally to all women - whether that’s black women, disabled women, gay women, trans women, women in immigration detention or experiencing poverty. Growing up I felt quite alienated from the privileged white version of feminism that was visible to me, it took me a long time to understand what feminism really is and now I see the power of that allyship from women who stand up for a fairer society for everyone.

What do you get up to when you need to take a break from the political world? I’m increasingly spending my time on TV and writing projects that I hope will reach people emotionally and achieve cultural change, so

Interviewing Rhianna for Vogue earlier this year

taking a break from the endless distractions of the news cycle has become essential! I love to run on Wimbledon Common, I spend time with my family - who all still live in Wimbledon - and disappear into quiet places where I can read, think and write.

To end on a personal note, how did growing up in Wimbledon tie into your hopes and dreams as a young girl? Did you have any favourite places, favourite pastimes? I always find it ironic when people respond to my critique or commentary by saying I “hate Britain”. Ironically, it’s because I’m so British that I feel compelled to try and improve things here. Growing up in Wimbledon was formative, because although this is part of London it’s also a bubble all of its own. I’m nostalgic about parts of my childhood, berry picking on the common in autumn, walks in Cannizaro, trips to the Polka. I try and explain to my daughter, who is nine, how exciting it was when Centre Court shopping centre opened, when I was her age - she looks at me as if I’m ancient. Sometimes I struggle with feeling like such a visible other in Wimbledon - for all the years I have lived here, it has never felt anywhere near as diverse as other parts of London. But at the same time, it has shaped me in so many ways, and one thing I have learned is to embrace who you are, unapologetically. n read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21


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What’s happening in our town centres? Darling chats to Be Richmond, Kingston First and Love Wimbledon, three local BIDs - Business Improvement Districts

We find out about some practical steps the BIDs have taken during the pandemic in order to help businesses in the town centre to cope during the Covid crisis and their visions for the future of high street retail as shops face increasing competition from online. Ellen Amorina Storrar, Manager, Be Richmond Be Richmond represents over 300 businesses, including online retailers such as Graze and Not On The High Street. We see a requirement to plan for a new normal where online and physical retail complement each other, not only in light of Covid, but also within prevailing business and leisure trends. We are working with other local stakeholders on a ‘Future Vision for Richmond’ plan, which is an opportunity to shape the way our town centre evolves, whilst still preserving our rich heritage. Short-term projects include additional greening, outdoor seating, a performance space and a mini ‘town square’; others will require more time and external funding.

disinfection of high-traffic touch points in the town centre with anti-Covid-19 viricidal spray.

During the lockdowns, our website has become a vital information hub, with links to Covid-19 resources, information about financial support and a list of local businesses offering online ordering, home delivery and click and collect services. We’ve hosted webinars on mental health and a session on re-opening safely, with free risk assessment templates made available to businesses. The BID continues to fund regular

Retail space is governed by individual landlords, but Be Richmond is funding temporary graphics to improve some of the empty windows. We are also working with Richmond Council to explore how these units could be occupied by pop-up brands or cultural organisations. What’s important is that we love Richmond and want to see the town centre recover and thrive.


read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21


Kirsten Henly, Chief Executive, Kingston First Since the start of the pandemic, Kingston First has been communicating all the government’s latest policy changes to businesses, enabling them to promptly apply for support. We’ve also lobbied on multiple issues, including the #RaiseTheBar campaign, enabling qualifying businesses to apply for grants via Kingston Council. Coordination of a town wide safe re-opening campaign, working closely with the Council, Police, industry experts and our MP, has been a key task for us. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve looked to foster a sense of community and pride in our town, as well as offering practical support. Our ‘We Are Kingston’ campaign portrays this well by highlighting some of Kingston’s much loved independent businesses in an exhibition on Kingston Market Place. This personal campaign aims to inspire people to shop locally and support town centre businesses now and beyond. We work closely with our partners to build a new vision for Kingston based on the importance of community in towns and high streets and learning from the challenges Covid-19 has brought us. Our collaboration with Kingston School of Art on ‘Kingston Canvas’ aims to inject colourful and vibrant imagery into the town centre’s vacant retail units. Students were commissioned to produce artworks about Kingston: Past, Present, Future. You can see the results on the large ex-Clas Ohlsen unit on Kingston Market Place, on Eden Street and on several units down Clarence Street. We are looking forward to building on this partnership and developing this work further next year.

Helen Clark Bell, Chief Executive, Love Wimbledon Can we turn Wimbledon into one of the country’s first “Fifteen Minute Cities”? The concept of the ‘15-minute city’ is not a new one, but there is much discussion about this

being at the centre of our recovery, which in turn also correlates with a green future. Although we don’t proclaim it as such, Wimbledon already meets the requirements of having our daily needs met within a 15-minute walk, bike or bus ride from our home. The number of vacant premises in Wimbledon is increasing, just like many other town and high street areas. We are working with landlords to encourage them to work with small independent retailers to offer them the opportunity to be in Wimbledon. The town has a lot to offer, and was recovering well prior to the second lockdown, but the uncertainty of national or regional lockdowns does not provide confidence in any economy. However, during Covid-19 it has become evident how much we rely upon human contact for our emotional wellbeing and we certainly don’t feel enriched through our lack of cultural entertainment. Town centres are at the heart of our community, the meeting place, giving the sense of identity and civic pride long before they became the retail hub of the ‘90s. Love Wimbledon has a clear #Lovelocal message reminding us to think again before clicking on that internet basket; within 15 minutes there are hundreds of businesses providing local jobs, supporting local families many of whom recently stepped up to play their part in supporting our local community. During lockdown many different businesses in Wimbledon donated to Wimbledon Foodbank and Local Dons Action Group, providing volunteers to undertake deliveries to those that were shielding or in need, whilst others transformed their 3D printers and manufacturing plants to produce visors and hand sanitiser for the NHS and carers. Christmas is coming to Wimbledon, with a state of the art augmented reality reindeer trail and ‘Winter Wonderland’ experience in Centre Court and our weekly Christmas markets will bring the festive spirit into Wimbledon. Shop local this Christmas for the future of our town. n read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21



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Most of our homes are not designed for one or even two people working. Now, more than ever, it has become important to have spaces that balance work and life to keep the harmony at home.


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Mother’s Little Helper This winter is a good time to rethink your coping strategies without relying on alcohol. Gaby Conn chats to Kate and Mandy of Love Sober to find out how With the pandemic rendering us predominantly house-bound, and the festive season fast approaching, it can be a natural time for alcohol misuse to flare up. Kate and Mandy’s advice to women who might feel apprehensive for this period, is to set their boundaries, ask for help and be okay with saying no.


ith alcohol presented as an essential component of celebration and connection in the UK, especially during any festive season, opting for a sober life may seem, for many people, like waving goodbye to their social life. But having discovered the fulfilment and liberation of an alcohol-free life themselves, Kate Baily and Mandy Manners now support other women in discovering the same - challenging the stigma around problematic drinking, and the assumption that boycotting alcohol needs to feel like a sacrifice. At Love Sober, a Community Interest Company, drinking is looked at on a spectrum, with a focus on ‘Grey Area Drinking’ - alcohol misuse that affects 10 million Brits. Appearing “normal” on the surface, and not fitting into the ‘alcoholic’ stereotype, this behaviour goes unquestioned, meanwhile having a detrimental impact on women’s mental health, quality of life and all-round happiness. Kate & Mandy encourage mothers to ask themselves how drinking makes them feel and, if the answer is negative, to feel confident in asking for help and support.

Love Sober stress the importance of self-care, of “fortifying yourself with the good bits, so that you can cope with the bad bits” in life. They take the approach of dopamine-sourced learning - the key to changing habits around alcohol being rewards, rather than abstinence. By giving yourself a ‘sober treat’ every day, such as a bunch of fresh flowers or a bubble bath, the dopamine-fix that would otherwise come from alcohol is still being obtained, but from a healthy, positive source. More than just self-indulgence, they describe this method as “brain training in disguise”. They also advise to “keep the rituals, and change the ingredients”, for example swapping the 5pm glass of wine for a non-alcoholic drink. With the knowledge and guidance that Love Sober has to offer, this year could be an opportunity to strip this festive season of the dreaded hangovers and “hang-xiety”, instead experiencing it with a new-found energy, confidence, presence and sober vitality. n lovesober.com For even more coping tips read our full story online at darlingmagazine.co.uk read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21


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read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21



Relatability Pam Custers has it in spades

Pam Custers is the founder of The Relationship Practice, based in London. She believes that the difference between a good and a bad relationship is the difference between thriving or simply surviving. 18 read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21



am grew up in South Africa, spending her early life riding horses and on the beach in her native Durban. She moved to Cape Town for university, reading a double degree in Psychology and Archaeology. After university, Pam returned home to lecture a course in Women’s Studies for rural community leaders from deprived backgrounds, where it became increasingly obvious to her that the women’s stories were not being told. These were heady times in Apartheid-era South Africa: the press was heavily censored and news was state-run. To tell the untold stories, she set up a documentary unit at a university funded by supporters and champions of the free press based abroad. The unit focused on telling the stories of the many NGOs and community organisations silenced by the Apartheid regime, giving them a voice. This included Nelson Mandela, with her unit following him as he went from community organisation to church gathering speaking to his people. A turning point in Pam’s journey was a documentary she produced about Philani, a deaf child who’d managed to find a place at the only community school of its kind in the province. Her team spent two weeks shooting in the school, which she remembers as eerily quiet. Some traditional beliefs marked deaf children out as possessed by bad spirits and they were treated accordingly, with pitifully few being able to access education. Those not acquiring language were often left mute for life. The documentary was used to highlight the mistreatment of deaf children and raise funds to improve their educational options, but Pam felt herself drawn back to Philani’s deeply personal story. She recognised this as her calling - empowering individuals to help them build better futures. Things moved quickly after that with Pam returning to university to study for a second degree in Psychology to help her shift her career to one that could focus on individuals. She continued work with the video unit but shortly after meeting her future husband, she contracted a severe illness on location. After he had nursed her back to health, the pair married and had two daughters. Pam decided to move away from the dangerous world of shooting on location to a more stable role. She spent time working with top senior executives of a large university as a trouble-shooter, honing her ability to negotiate under complex circumstances. Pam moved to the UK and returned to university to add to her training. Having been through

the process of moving countries and having had to reconstruct her life, the importance of relationships drew her to doing her MA in Relationship Therapy. After working with both the NHS Drug rehabilitation and RELATE, Pam launched The Relationship Practice and through word of mouth it has grown from strength to strength. As the practice has grown, Pam has built a team of expert associates specialising in family dynamics, divorce, depression, parenting and children. The team has counselled and coached clients both locally and internationally, in person and online. The practice’s ten strong team works in a solution-focused way with individuals, couples and children to create the kinds of relationships that make for a happy life. As well as her work as a psychotherapist, Pam has shared her expertise with a wider audience through her online programs and intensive, solutions-focused couple retreats. She is an expert in the field of relationships and has been featured on TV and in the press including the BBC, Sky, the Guardian and the Telegraph. She is also a resident relationship expert on Paired, an international app recently featured in The Saturday Times. The Relationship Practice is for couples and individuals who would like to work on their relationship. Pam has noticed that over the past couple of months there has been a definite shift in the kinds of requests. With all the time spent at home together her clients are looking more deeply at what is going on in their relationships. Pam says that with the stripping back of our lives the hair line cracks can no longer be plastered over with the busy noise of life. Her clients are starting to ask themselves, what exactly they want out of life and how this impacts on their relationships. Many clients wish to fine-tune their relationships, re-work their life goals and deepen their couple connection particularly in the light of all their uncertainty. n If you are struggling and perhaps have lost your mojo then please contact Pam for an informal discussion. If you’d like to work on your relationship using Relatability, please visit therelationshippractice.com and sign up for an early-bird discount available for our new members. 07572 841388 Pam holds an MA in Relationship therapy and a BA (Hons) in Psychology and is an accredited member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21 19

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Find Your Power with Julie Hawkins

And her journey from brink of despair to successful Single Mums Business Networking group to inspire us all

Julie Hawkins


oday she is the Director of KIH Products, founder of the Single Mums Business Network, and a true visionary. Co-organiser of the Find Your Power Event 2021, Author of Finding Happiness and Freeing Your Spirit and has just been awarded ‘Working Mums Business Membership Director of the Year 2020’ by Acquisition International’s Influential Businesswoman Awards. But ten years ago you would never have believed that this was where Julie was heading. Aged 34 she had recently miscarried, divorced, was in debt and could be found most evenings and weekends sitting in a bar with a pint in one hand and packet of cigarettes in the other. She was depressed, soul-destroyed, and felt that any chance making something of her life had passed her by, but then a miracle, another pregnancy. Determined not to bring her child up with depression and adversity, Julie embarked on a Law Degree, she was now working to her child’s timeline instead of her own. During her pregnancy she designed a pregnancy cushion called the KIH Bed, and during her maternity leave she concentrated on both business and study. Then she realised childcare didn’t finish late enough for work, and work would not let her leave early enough for childcare. She was forced out of her job, and for the first time in her life, had to turn to the state. Her house repossessed, bailiffs on her door. She endured a long battle to work within childcare hours for

Susie Mackie

Paul Wakefield

Bridget Daley

Marie Hall

a nominal wage, complete the degree, build the business, without barely a penny, and heal her own depression. She did it all, she cried, she broke, she contemplated ending it all, but for her child she pushed through, and once her adversity was behind her, she set-up the Single Mums Business Network to help other women facing similar challenges, whilst being on a mission to raise awareness of these challenges faced by all parents and other primary carers. Julie has joined forces with other leaders to bring us The Find Your Power Event 2021 at the stunning Heythrop Park Hotel in Oxfordshire, where she will be speaking with others who have flourished despite adversity and want to see you do the same. The intimate, low key event brings together some incredible workshops and exhibitors who will be talking about Emotional, Physical, Financial, Professional and Sexual wellbeing. n

Find Your Power Event 2021

Sunday 28th March 10am – 4pm Heythrop Park Hotel, Oxfordshire find-your-power.com Contact Jules on 01452 471819 Zoom monthly meetings: find-your-power.com/ singlemumsbusinessnetwork.com/ read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21


We’re still catering for you • NEW Drop and Go delivery service • Weddings adhering to COVID restrictions • COVID 19 safe venues available • Business breakfast and lunch delivery

Parties to Go are still offering services in line with government guidance and restrictions. With the same amazing service we’re known for, just with all the extra precautions in place to keep you and our staff safe. To find out more about what we can do visit www.partiestogo.co.uk or give Carole a call on 020 8947 5337.


Spice it up for a healthier life

with Chef Anjula Devi


njula Devi is a personification of agelessness and health and a firm believer in the power of spices. She is also advising Manchester United as the Indian Specialist Consultant Chef. “Growing up as one of eight siblings, I remember that we didn’t have a phone to call the doctor’s surgery and we never visited the local pharmacy. When anyone in the family became ill, my father would reach for his masala dabba (spice box) for medicine. We were the first Asian family living on our road in Southall in the 1970’s. We were occasionally stared at and one of our neighbours complained to the council about the curry smell coming from our kitchen. Ultimately it was that incredible aroma and that great food which united us with the rest of our neighbourhood. My father was a great cook and we became popular and wellknown for our Indian food. By the age of 8, my Dad was teaching me about the

Over time I learned about the medicinal properties of our spices. Coriander seeds for hayfever, green cardamom for the digestive system and mustard seeds as an active anti-ager. incredible range of Indian spices which he had an encyclopaedic knowledge of. In 2010, I launched my own business of an eponymous cookery school and catering for Indian dinner parties. I grew up creating recipes with my dad, who used to scribble

many of them into an old scrap book. Too late for my father to witness but he would have been very proud when, in 2017, my first recipe book, Spice for Life, was published. At the end of 2017, I took on what transpired to be my biggest professional challenge as the Indian specialist consultant chef for Manchester United. I felt really passionate about introducing the fans to traditional, tasty and wholesome Indian food. I launched a number of new dishes onto the menu, using a range of different Indian vegetables, lentils and pulses. Starting my own food business has been a wonderful experience and an incredible journey. I have learned so much and met so many great people along the way. I would definitely encourage anyone who has a passion to follow their dreams. At the tender age of 56, I have still only taken antibiotics twice in my life.” n You can find Anjula’s recipes on Instagram, @anjuladevi or buy her book, Spice for Life, or visit her website at anjuladevi.com Read more about Anjula darlingmagazine.co.uk

read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21


FREE INVISALIGN SMILE SIMULATION (RRP £150) PLUS Free Teeth Whitening + Free Retainers + Up to £500 off

Invisalign is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments, liked by patients and practitioners alike Whether you are a New, Existing or Prospective Patient BOOK YOUR FREE VIRTUAL CONSULTATION and let us create a treatment unique to your needs. 1 Ridgway, Wimbledon Village, London SW19 4RS T: 020 8946 2426 | E: info@dentalrooms.co.uk | dentalrooms.co.uk

The Fox and Grapes 9 Camp Road London, SW19 4UN


The Victoria 10 West Temple Sheen London, SW14 7RT


Spend time with us this Christmas and New Year and enjoy seasonal favourites from our menu. During this unusual festive season we've got you covered. We are covid secure and our friendly team can't wait to help you celebrate. reservations@foxandgrapeswimbledon.co.uk 020 8619 1300 reservations@victoriasheen.co.uk 020 8876 4238

Merry Christmas Please check website for up to date opening hours and booking conditions


Horse Riding Simulator Lessons

A safe and effective way to train children and beginners. Group lessons are great fun for families and friends who want to learn together.


Pores for Thought Louise Stewart, Nakedhealth Medispa co-owner, keeps us in the loop with how to approach skin care for young people and offers some sensible options to help them establish good lifelong habits The Nakedhealth MEDISPA Gift Card makes a meaningful present. It can be ordered online and emailed or you can pick one up in store. That’s one off the list!


ockdown, stress, face coverings and the thought of winter approaching can challenge young skin. There’s a lot of information on the internet but it can send you mad with confusion, cause you to overuse products or end up with a cupboard full of plastic bottles which you tend to use once. It may seem like an extravagant option but trusting your pores to a professional is a game changer. Your first visit to Nakedhealth will be a positive and supportive experience. A thorough consultation and skin analysis will equip you with plenty of tips from the most appropriate cleansing routine to how much moisturiser to use. A treatment program will be prescribed to fit in with your personal routine. Nakedhealth has a range of treatment options from a Deep Cleanse to Theraclear Acne System which is the most advanced option for very troubled and congested skin. The photo-pneumatic device physically sucks dirt from the pores and illuminates the skin with blue and red light to kill bacteria and calm

inflammation. Your skin specialist will give you clear and straightforward advice and propose one or two effective homecare products to maintain the effectiveness of the clinic treatment. The team work closely with Medical Director, David Gateley FRCS, and this enables them to suggest blood tests when appropriate. This can save time and money and identify underlying causes of skin problems.

“My teenage son’s skin now looks amazing and he has so much more confidence, thank you to everyone at Nakedhealth” A Wimbledon Village Mother “My teenage son suffers from acne which was becoming progressively worse despite using a comprehensive skincare routine. One session of Theraclear has radically changed his skin, the inflammation has reduced, and his skin is smoother, clearer and calmer”. n

Nakedhealth MEDISPA Reassuring for parents who want their youngsters to establish some sensible habits for lifelong skin health. Times have been tough and unsettling, the great news is that you don’t need to sign up to a membership where there’s pressure to attend monthly. A course of treatments may be advised but you can pay each time or utilise the 0% finance option. There is a positive and friendly vibe at Nakedhealth and there is genuine support for young people who are dealing with a great deal at the moment.

261-263 Coombe Lane Wimbledon SW20 0RH 020 8944 5454 nakedhealth.co.uk

To read about our other treatment options and products:

darlingmagazine.co.uk/ HAIR & BEAUTY

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Pies & Mash

Delivered to your door! Tired of bad pies? Tired of lumpy mash? Order a homemade, restaurant grade pie & mash delivered to your door today! From the pastry to the gravy, our Chef makes every last part of the pie so you can enjoy the finest quality cooking with the highest quality local ingredients, specially selected to amp up your meal times. And, 1 less meal for you to have to worry about.

Call or email Kate to place an order 07912 643 845 Kate@kingsarmshamptoncourt.com

Enjoy a taste of 144 On The Hill at home Perfectly positioned atop Richmond Hill and surrounded by stunning scenery, 144 On The Hill is a destination restaurant, bar and terrace, renowned for its striking Georgian features and contemporary interiors. And now, their tasty takeaways are back for you to pick up - even during lockdown, so you can discover award-winning cuisine, at home. Indulge in a wondrous afternoon tea, enjoy a spectacular roast dinner with all the trimmings, or pick up a delicious brunch or some of their signature gourmet burgers. View menus at 144onthehill.co.uk or place an order by calling 020 8940 2247 and selecting option 2.

Ready to collect in 1 hour and 30mins


How do you ‘Self-Care’ as a parent? As the primary carer to babies and young children how do you practice ‘self-care’ and what does this expression evoke in you? Self-care is something that has become part of our language and since the outbreak of COVID-19 everyone is talking about it says therapist, Emma Parr Emma Parr is an experienced therapist who works with individuals covering a range of issues, but specialises in mothers and babies. MA. MBACP, PG Dip Couns. DBS Certificate.

emma@emmaparr.net | emmaparr.net

To read more, go to: darlingmagazine.co.uk/WELLNESS


s the primary carers of young children know, finding what self-care means in such an ever-changing environment can be hard. Our approaches to self-care before children may have been in ways we now don’t have time for. Whether that was heading to the gym or cinema, catching up with friends or sitting down to read a book. Now with such a full-time job of caring for another, our self-care gets forgotten. Add to this becoming pregnant, the idea may feel impossible. In this place of self-sacrifice, it is important to find time for self-care to recharge some of our batteries. To be able to achieve this we need to accept that someone else will most likely need to step in, while we step out. Some of our self-care may have to change, we may not be able to do what we have done before. Ultimately it is about being open to ideas and ways of looking after ourselves that we may not have tried. Part of our self-care is to ensure we are giving ourselves what we need. When we become aware of the ‘niggle’ that says something isn’t right, we owe it to ourselves to seek understanding at a deeper level. Therapy provides a platform to enable this and I am available, online, by phone and face to face (subject to COVID-19 regulations). n

Jewellery workshop on site

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Repairs Restorations Handmade Stone setting Valuations Polishing Fine engraving Re-stringing

6/7 Worple Rd Wimbledon SW19 4DA (opp Elys Store) 020 8947 8681 sinclairjewellery.co.uk

Find the

Goddess in you

photograph Julia Robinson

Sophie Lutz, our new Women’s Wisdom columnist reveals how channeling these three goddesses will help to get you through the winter


e are heading into Winter 2020 when all our perennial hopes and expectations crash into the realities of living through a pandemic. November’s cancelled: no Halloween, no fireworks, probably not much in the way of anything on current predictions. Then December with that accompanying spike in anxious excitement that we feel. Christmas moves towards us like a runaway train, runs us over, and then recedes into the distance as if it was never there. Just a full tummy, empty bank account and a hangover to show for itself. Then detox January. Cold and interminable. Literally the worst possible month of the year to attempt any kind of restriction given how harsh and spartan it already feels. 28 read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21

How can we let go of these expectations that stymie us? I pulled three cards. Queen of Wands

She knows what she wants. How do you want to feel this Winter? Peaceful? Content? You can’t get there if you don’t know where you’re going. Sit down and channel your inner sorceress. Write down how you want to feel and what can get you there.


The Empress

This winter is about letting go of expectations. Who we are going to be with, where we are going to be, what we are going to do, are all entirely out of our control, every year, and especially this year. But they are secondary to how we feel. And we can define that. We can set things up to enable us to get there, regardless of the vagaries of the outside world.

We have multiple roles as women: lover, wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister. The Empress knows how to center her needs in order to best be able to meet the needs of others. You can’t look after anyone else if you’re feeling depleted. Nourish yourself. Treat yourself as the goddess you are. Get the pleasure, and rest you crave. Prioritise yourself, knowing that it is the best way to truly love those around you.

I wish you the drive of the Queen of Wands, the self-love of The Empress and inner peace of the High Priestess. Be blessed this winter. Sophie x n

The High Priestess

Sophie Lutz Tarot vouchers make beautiful, supportive, planet friendly gifts.

Move inward, make space for contemplation. Take a breath. Even, perhaps most of all, on Christmas Day. Reverie, meditation, daydreaming help us to feel connected to ourselves. Make a conscious decision to carve out down time to get you through.

embrace change for your body with our strategic approach to better health...

...and experience undeniable results Private sessions just for you, or semi-private for two, to small group In our state of the art Pilates Studio in Wimbledon, we will give you the time, the space and the tools to learn to move intelligently and thoughtfully, and


7 Elm Grove, Wimbledon, SW19 4HE - 020 8947 8601

sophielutztarot@gmail.com @sophietarot | sophielutz.com Go to: darlingmagazine.co.uk/ WELLNESS/Women’s wisdom


New Courses for Beginners & Improvers

Classes for women on Wimbledon Common Small, friendly groups Free trial session Contact Caroline 07810 486286 info@commonrunners.co.uk



The street style classes teach children and teenagers to develop their coordination and balance whilst enabling them to express themselves through dance. It provides a fun and active way that they can develop team working and listening skills whilst also improving their confidence.

your way to Fitness The perfect anti-lockdown tonic for teens and mums of teens


iming to achieve a healthier lifestyle JVDanceFitness uses over 18 years in the dance and fitness industry to bring a unique style to each individual’s training. With a variety of fitness classes for adults and street style dance classes for children and teenagers there is something for everyone.


The classes consist of breakdancing and hip hop styles but many other styles are included e.g. popping and locking. These styles are fun and expressive and improve each individual’s fitness. JVDanceFitness provides a holistic approach and incorporates fitness training alongside learning the dance techniques and routines. We work on improving flexibility, strengthening the core, building and toning muscles and improving overall stamina and fitness. We create a healthier lifestyle for the next generation. n

Enquire today at jvdancefitness.co.uk or email jvdancefitness@gmail.com Classes run at Lantern Arts Centre, Raynes Park, Holy Cross Church, Motspur Park and online.

To read more, go to: darlingmagazine.co.uk

Martial Arts classes for all ages

“Our dedicated and qualified team offer the very best in teaching techniques with the emphasis on fun” Ray Stevens Olympic medalist


07552 774111

enquiries@raystevensacademy.co.uk raystevensacademy.co.uk

For more on the benefits of martial arts for kids go to darlingmagazine.co.uk/KIDS/activities


We are back, We are home! AFC’s journey back to Plough Lane


thrilled Ivor Heller, Commercial Director, tells the story: AFC Wimbledon were formed out of adversity in 2002 when we were to be relocated to Buckinghamshire. A group of fans drew a line in the sand. We would not move 70 miles away, we would start again! The fledgling offices were in Haydons Road, with 10 working days to form the club, with nothing but righteous indignation. We got a groundshare agreement with Kingstonian FC and Senior Status from the London FA. The Combined Counties League crowds were in excess of 3000 per match, up from 50! We then bought Kingsmeadow and could generate revenue! Nine years on and we were back to the football league. Once back, the prospect of moving to Wimbledon loomed.

Many times we were told we were mad - fans cannot run a club. Well they can - we proved it! Can anyone tell Wimbledon what we can or can’t achieve? We are back, we are home, we are Wimbledon! n

For the full story, go to: darlingmagazine.co.uk

Estab for olivshed er




We played and narrowly lost to Liverpool in the FA Cup, gaining promotion to League One. 23,000 fans travelled to Wembley. We beat West Ham in an epic match at Kingsmeadow 4–2. We were back!

Electrical Testing & Inspection, Electrical Installation and Rewiring

Building started July 2019. Running short of money, a small group of fans launched the Plough Lane Bond, raising £5.4M. Fundraising and a generous benefactor, raised in excess of £10M. November 3rd the stadium hosted its first match. When fans are allowed in, we can truly celebrate. The stadium will be a seven day a week venue with banqueting facilities of up to 500. Restaurants and boxes can be hired out. We have a flourishing Academy, with boys and girls from 8 to 18 and the Ladies team is a success story and getting stronger.


Angloz Electrical offer a reliable, high quality and efficient service in West London, including Kingston and Richmond


020 8840 1191

your local trusted tradesmen c wimbledon

proud sponsors of af

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electrical condition reports fuse board replacements smart home installations fault finding cctv installation full and part rewires central heating controls




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boiler servicing and repairs central heating installations powerflushing landlord gas safety certificates all general plumbing drainage surveys / blockages bathroom installations

painting & decorating refurbishments extensions & conversions carpentry plastering tiling roofing


200 beverley way, new malden, surrey kt3 4pb @THE_RYGROUP


Caring through Covid Living through a pandemic has reminded us that the benefit of human contact shouldn’t be underestimated


e at Home Instead know that the bond between our clients and CAREGivers is special, but we could never have anticipated just how dedicated our CAREGivers have become to supporting our clients through lockdown and beyond. We wanted to highlight just a couple.

happiness to Vera and they are now regularly with each other again. Thank you, Dianne for your creative communication skills.

Raising spirits and funds for charity We couldn’t be with our clients for Macmillan’s Coffee Morning this year, so we provided CAREGivers with ‘coffee-morningsin-a-box’ instead. Nearly a hundred impromptu coffee mornings in client’s homes were hosted across Wimbledon and Kingston, lifting moods, and helping raise money for a great cause.

Overcoming feelings of anxiety Many clients chose to selfisolate during the initial lockdown. Carly was asked to go back to one such client after nearly three months of no contact. Carly’s client, Joan, suffers with anxiety and Carly was nervous too. With lots of gentle encouragement Carly was allowed in and they both started to relax, calmed by the precautions Carly had taken. The client’s daughter hadn’t been allowed to visit since March and anyone else who had tried, including her two sons, couldn’t get over the threshold and were only allowed to talk to her through the window. Carly’s professionalism and understanding gave Joan the confidence to let her in. Thank you, Carly.

Creative and cultural calls Dianne and Vera are both music lovers, it is part of the reason they have bonded so well as client and CAREGiver. As a musician, Dianne can bring real joy to Vera with her visits but when the lockdown interrupted their time together Dianne arranged video calls with Vera so that they could continue their musical sessions online. The sessions brought so much

Moments like these have helped return some normality in times that are anything but. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to deliver the right support at the right time. Reflecting on the last few months is a chance to feel truly proud of this outstanding team. n If you would like to chat with one of our Care Managers about any aspect of care at home, please call 020 8942 4137 and Nancy or Tina will be happy to discuss how we can help.

read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21 33


Providing peace of mind during winter uncertainty

...the Signature way With winter fast approaching and the combination of seasonal health challenges and increasing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, now might be the right time to consider the care options available to you or your loved ones


espite care offers short breaks from two weeks to two months, offering caregivers a physical and emotional break from caring for their loved ones. Care receivers benefit from exceptional, tailored care in a luxury ‘home away from home’ setting, with the opportunity to socialise with new people as part of a welcoming community. This includes a varied schedule of activities and entertainment, all of which can help to alleviate isolation and loneliness – issues which can be heightened during the winter months. Kay Cox, COO of Signature Senior Lifestyle, comments: “We understand how difficult it can be for families or friends providing ongoing care, with winter proving particularly challenging for some. Our respite stays provide a crucial break for carers while also allowing loved ones to experience what life in a Signature home is like. In fact, up to 60% of our respite residents transition to full time care having been so impressed with the welcoming, safe and enjoyable environment.” Safety remains at the forefront of what Signature Senior Lifestyle does, from investing heavily in PPE and whole-home testing, to bespoke risk assessments and new protocols including temperature checking for visitors and increased sanitisation. Those who have not visited a Signature home

before are often pleasantly surprised by the sheer quality and level of detail, with beautiful interior design, five-star amenities, gardens and fine dining that creates a truly holistic offer. n

To find out more please contact your nearest home today. Coombe Hill Manor, Kingston – With a CQC rating of ‘Outstanding’ this luxurious nursing home offers assisted living, specialist dementia care with a range of accommodation from studios to two-bedroom apartments. Call 020 3811 0261 Signature at Wandsworth Common –

Signature’s newest and most luxurious home offers assisted living, 24-hour nursing care and specialist dementia care. Benefiting from a range of exceptional lifestyle facilities including a sky lounge and chauffeur service. Call 020 8108 9651

Signature at Wimbledon – A welcoming

home with a family feel providing assisted living and specialist dementia care delivered by a highly skilled professional team dedicated to providing fulfilling, safe and dignified lifestyles to all residents. Call 020 3811 0228 signature-care-homes.co.uk

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Working out the rules at work Jeremy Coy, Associate, Employment team at Russell-Cooke

In the midst of the pandemic what can employers do if employees breach Government guidance or rules outside of work? As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, new rules on what people can do are being introduced and will likely continue to change. With various areas of the country entering different levels of restrictions, employers will need to address issues that arise from employees who

breach lockdown regulations, even if they do so outside of work.

breaches lockdown rules could put their colleagues at risk.

As an employer, can you discipline your staff for what they do in their own time?

There have been instances of employers disciplining employees for their actions outside of work. For example, when a staff member makes inappropriate or offensive comments on social media or engages in criminal conduct.

The short answer is yes, but usually only if an employee’s behaviour has, or could, put their colleagues at risk. You have a duty of care to all your employees. When your staff come into contact with one another, an employee who

36 read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21

Your employees have responsibilities under health and safety law to cooperate

Jeremy Coy

with you in complying with your legal obligations. Those employees who act irresponsibly outside of work and risk spreading the virus at work could breach these responsibilities. What questions should you consider when deciding whether or not to discipline an employee who has breached COVID-19 rules? What is appropriate will always depend on the facts of the case, including the nature of your business, the employee’s role, and the restrictions that applied at the time of their actions. Consider the following before taking action:

• Did you issue up-to-date guidance and were your staff aware of it? It is good practice for employers to inform employees of their expectations each time Government guidance and rules change. If you have issued clear rules you may also consider whether the employee’s actions are a failure to follow reasonable instructions. • Have the employee’s actions harmed you or your business’ reputation? Are there photos on social media, for example? If so, this is likely to be relevant in deciding on any disciplinary sanction.

• Has your employee breached Government guidance or the law? If it is the latter, then it may be easier to justify dismissal or other disciplinary action.

• Is the employee a regulated professional (like a lawyer, a doctor or an accountant)? If so, a breach of the rules could impact on their fitness to practice.

• What did the employee do and why did they act in this way? Did they fail to wear a mask and receive a fine? Did they attend a large social gathering? Did they break the rules exceptionally to look after a vulnerable loved one? If an employee claims that the breach was justified by caring duties or connected to their own disability they might have a discrimination claim if they are disciplined.

• Have you acted consistently? If there is evidence that breaches by other employees have gone unpunished, there could be a greater risk of an unfair dismissal claim or an internal grievance if action is taken against others in similar circumstances. Can you dismiss an employee who breaks the rules? Again yes, in certain circumstances. You will need to consider the following:

• The employee’s length of service. If the individual has been employed for less than two years they will not have the right to file a claim for unfair dismissal. Depending on the circumstances, however, they may have claims for discrimination. • Has the employee been given warnings either directly following previous conduct or in the form of employer guidance sent to employees as the rules change in their local area? • What policies do you have in place? In light of the pandemic, employers should consider revising a number of their policies, including disciplinary, health and safety and home working policies, to make it clear that breaking the rules could result in disciplinary action. In these unprecedented times it can be extremely difficult to navigate the novel regulations and rules that seem to appear on a weekly basis. The employment team at RussellCooke can provide expert legal advice to help you find your way. n Jeremy.Coy@russell-cooke.co.uk russell-cooke.co.uk

Read more online at darlingmagazine.co.uk

read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21



Putting your health first If 2020 has taught us anything, it is the value of our health says Lucy Findlay from The HIIT House


he importance of being fit and active hit the news everyday throughout spring and summer, so now the gyms and studios are open again I couldn’t wait to switch it up and try something new. Holly Candlish put HIIT to the test: “In the heart of Oxshott Village I found the perfect solution, The HIIT House - a boutique fitness studio with four key concepts over two well equipped and modern studios. Upon arrival I instantly feel reassured about exercising indoors in this new normal with Track and Trace and temperature checks as I checked in with a welcoming receptionist, safe behind a Perspex screen”.

The HIIT House classes have been created for small groups, so the studio and concepts are perfect for being physically distanced while giving you and your five fellow team mates great guidance, coaching and motivation. The HIIT studio is divided into personal sections, each with their own sanitised cardio equipment, free weights, TRX and floor space, ensuring you have an individual workout area. Holly opted for their signature HIIT Switch class: “Perfect, I am told, for testing my cardiovascular fitness on the Concept2 Rower and then

working key muscle groups with a range of body weight exercises, dumbbells (I am stronger than I thought) and TRX moves (trickier than it looks). The 45 minutes flew by – always the sign of a great class – and afterwards I’m in the sweet spot between, that was tough and wow I feel amazing!” The HIIT House has two studios, one set up for BOX, a popular class which allows you to get your heart rate up and box away any stress. The main HIIT studio hosts a variety of HIIT inspired classes, including sessions focused on core, building strength or working on cardio fitness. After today, I can’t wait to take the pure TRX class – a full body workout using straps and your own body weight. Unlike what I previously thought, the HIIT House isn’t all ‘go hard or go home’. You will find Yoga in their class list, allowing members to take some time to balance out the higher impact work and value their rest and recovery. Giving its members a safe and reassuring space, with warm, motivating and experienced trainers, I discovered The HIIT House is perfect for people of all fitness levels to develop their health for 2020, 2021 and beyond. n thehiithouse.co.uk read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21 39


CLUB NEWS David Lloyd Raynes Park launches two brand new classes for winter

IGN1TE is for anyone wanting a high energy cardio and strength workout. A unique blend of athletic and martial arts-based movements will drive a cardio experience like no other. IGN1TE provides a different challenge in each class with our signature AMRAP track (as many rounds/reps as possible) to finish off every class.

Taught to high energy music by our fantastic trainers, this HIIT workout is a great way to kick away life’s stresses.

This is why we have created SPIRIT; a new workout which fuses Yoga, Pilates and Meditation.

Get ready to punch, kick, run & jump your way to an endorphin high.

Set to beautiful music, our workout takes you on a journey building strength, flexibility and ending with Sound Meditation. n

Then we calm things down. Your best day is when you feel the most together, a day everyone deserves to truly experience.

Why not enquire about joining the club today. davidlloyd.co.uk


Race for Space And the escape from the big smoke


s more of us work from home, and also staycation this year, we have started to think differently about our home environment and how we spend our time there. Renters are increasingly looking for gardens (or even just a balcony) or a possible study for their new work from home lifestyle. Maybe the perception that it is easier to isolate outside London, is driving a lot of renters to test drive a country lifestyle before they make their move. Fewer people are finding the sort of balance they need in big cities and, as they reassess their priorities, there is a positive rush of renters moving away from the capital (landlords have reported rents reducing by 20% in London) to the leafy suburbs.

Now might be the perfect time to consider a property investment in an area ideal for an occasional commuter. Prices in South West dormitory suburbs have risen by more than 5% according to Nationwide’s latest house price index. Hamptons reports that the median distance for commuting in London is 49 miles – up from 33.5m just a mere 12 months ago. Why not look into investing in property – either a holiday home for your own use or to rent out; or a small house or flat to rent out to the ever growing army of WFHers fleeing the Big Smoke? We source these little gems: self-contained and easy to maintain, frequently with parking, yet close to public transport, with access to outdoor space and amenities

and can help you to do the same. Did you know that 80% of landlords typically buy an investment property around the corner from their home – seeking security in a familiar place? If you are worried about investing in an unknown area or perturbed by unreliable income, trust us to help. We know areas we can recommend for your purchase and through our Rent Guarantee scheme, we can give you peace of mind and a steady income for three years whilst we manage everything, unless you prefer to do it yourself. So why not get a head start in the race and give us a call and let us show you some options? n Contact Adrian & Lucy on 07725 440 611 buytolethunter.com

read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21 41

darling loves local LIBA

DECORATIVE SOLUTIONS LTD 07833 218 738 Interior & Exterior Painting & Decorating Refurbishments Plastering / Skimming Reliable & Friendly info@libadecsolutions.co.uk


Also on Zoom!

Claire Cotton ad_AU19.pdf




Top-to-toe spring cleaning After builder clean-up Pre-tenancy clean Curtains, carpets and upholstery cleaning Floor cleaning and polishing General weekly clean 020 8542 7966 | 07961 337587 cgscrubbers.co.uk


South UK's 1st n food ze o fr n Africa also e w store your to r e deliv ffice! o r o home

Home style cooked foods, ready for your freezer Curries, desserts and more Gluten free where possible, vegan & vegeterian too Our gluten free curry powders available Deliveries now available throughout the UK See durbanstreetfood.co.uk for details


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The cost of the final farewell How funerals can cost less is explained by Nick & Jacqui Taimitarha of White Rose Modern Funerals a bespoke bouquet looks beautiful and can be enjoyed at home afterwards. Coffins can be as simple as cardboard or as natural as bamboo - it’s a personal choice. Should you not wish to drive yourself to the funeral, executive cars can be hired from a local taxi firm. We see many thoughtful family-led services, where families run the service themselves. Or if you need a guiding hand a celebrant or minister can create a service for you.


ecently the ITV Tonight programme ‘Funerals: The True Cost’ highlighted the vulnerable position families may face when planning a funeral. The cost of funerals has risen substantially over the last decade – enough to trigger an investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority. Of particular interest has been the corporate influence within the funeral sector.

presented with rigid packages that assume you want a hearse, procession and traditional coffin, the choice being how many limousines to order.

But the cost of funerals is far from the only issue. It’s the lack of choice and flexibility that families are faced with that inspired us to launch White Rose Modern Funerals two years ago. The typical approach has seen families

For example, you don’t have to have a hearse for transport and pallbearers carrying the coffin. We often use our hearsette and pre-place the coffin in the chapel before the family enter. Flowers do not have to be large coffin sprays,

The reality is you have more options. Tradition has its place, we help plan many traditional style funerals. But we have also seen a growing trend for a simpler no-fuss approach, where the family can gather to say farewell in a less formal way.

Families we help are often pleasantly surprised to find that a meaningful, elegant funeral can be achieved at a far lower cost than expected. As independent funeral directors, our starting point is always what will be right for the family. Covid regulations have led to attendance restrictions, so if you are faced with planning a funeral, do call us and let us help to guide you. n

whiterosemodernfunerals.co.uk 020 3281 1045 We work with families across SW London and Surrey Causeway House, Teddington, TW11 0JR

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Stayman’s party trick with Paul Mendelson Over many decades, the Stayman convention has become a much misused gadget but, with correct application and good judgement, it can prove very beneficial to your bidding.

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‘My vision is to encourage more women to julie@theathenanetwork.com ‘My visionand is to women to network in encourage turn realisemore their full potential network and in inspiring turn realise their potential by helping and them andfull providing by helping and inspiring them valuable connections’ , says Julieand providing HELPFULconnections’ WIMBLEDON, WEBSITES valuable says Julie Love Wimbledon WIMBLEDON, PUTNEY, BALHAM AND STREATHAM www.lovewimbledon.org WIMBLEDON, PUTNEY, BALHAM AND STREATHAM London Borough of Merton Julie Eltham www.merton.gov.uk Julie Eltham Regional Director, The Athena Network Citizen’s Advice Bureau Regional Director, The Athena Network t: @athenaSWlondon www.nacab.org.uk t:f: @athenaSWlondon TheAthenaNetworkSurrey&SWLondon Merton Chamber of Commerce f:www.mertonchamber.co.uk TheAthenaNetworkSurrey&SWLondon 07890 523030 e: julie.eltham@theathenanetwork.com 07890 523030 Wimbledon Town Centre www.wimbledontowncentre.co.uk w: theathenanetwork.co.uk/julieeltham e: julie.eltham@theathenanetwork.com Wimbledon Civic Forum w: theathenanetwork.co.uk/julieeltham www.wimbledoncivicforum.org.uk Wimbledon Society www.wimbledonmuseum.org.uk imbledon Wimbledon Community Centre Guild cafe www.wimbledoncommunity.org.uk Volunteer Centre Merton volunteer, Noreen www.volunteercentremerton.org.uk ice recently ion ServSheridan Learning FashCouncil obile& Skills M www.lsc.gov.ukiloring for any occasion celebrated 5,000 hours ke ta Bespo Charity Commission www.charitycommission.gov.uk of volunteering and Wimbledon Music g makinDiary Dress her 50th birthday. www.wimbledonmusicdiary.com n sig de Re Wimbledon Choral Society Staff at the cafe www.wimbledon-choral.org.uk Alterations surprised Noreen, who Local Police/Neighbourhood ff service -oWatch Collection & drop www.met.police.uk/saferneighbourhoods has Down's Syndrome, The Wimbledon Guild ars’ experience Over 20 ye www.wimbledonguild.co.uk during her shift by Care Connect her with a e an Noreenwww.merton.gov.uk/living/care/careconnect is pictured withca Wimbledon Guild to makpresenting Please ll Gayle yo of rt fo m Head ofwww.centrecourtshopping.co.uk Social Welfare Jane Platts e co hand-made ur card appointment in th


When you are 5-4 in the two major suits, you can use Stayman with any number of points, from zero upwards. Here, North employs Stayman to check for either a heart or spade fit. If South has neither (replying 2♦), a game contract seems unlikely and North can settle for a quiet 2♠, or a game-invitational 3♠ (over which South would certainly pass). When South shows four hearts, however, North’s singleton can now be counted as valuable, and she is certainly worth the raise to 4♥. There are many variations to finding the best way to play the hand but, probably, drawing all the trumps and then attacking the spade suit is simplest. South is likely to lose two clubs and a diamond but dummy’s spade suit can be established simply by playing ♠ AK and trumping a spade in hand. When East and West’s ♠ Q J both come tumbling down, it cannot help but bring a wry smile to your face. n aceoftrumps.com

Creating Connections Inspiring Success


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own home

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feb-march 2012 | darlingmagazine.co.uk

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Aubergine parmigiana Ingredients (serves 4) 2 large aubergines cut into 5mm thick slices 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 onions, diced 2 tins chopped tomatoes 2 garlic cloves, crushed 300g grated cheese made up of a mix of mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar or a combination of any of them. 1 dessert spoon tomato puree 2 teaspoons oregano Salt and pepper to taste

This Italian dish is so delicious and so versatile. Fantastic for vegetarians, it also is easy to create using dairy substitutes as well, so a perfect dish for any vegans in the house too. Simpler than a lasagna, just alternate the layers of aubergine with the tomato sauce and cheese for a fantastically tasty treat. Head over to YouTube and subscribe to our channel Carole at Parties To Go for great recipe ideas and tips. 020 8947 5337 carole@partiestogo.co.uk | partiestogo.co.uk

Method Slice the aubergine in approximately 5mm thick slices and brush with olive oil on both sides. Cook the aubergine till golden brown – around 15 minutes in the oven at 180˚C or 7 minutes on a medium heat if using a griddle pan. Lightly brush the griddle pan or baking tray with olive oil before you begin to prevent the aubergines sticking.

Fratelli’s – For the Authentic Italian Taste 57 Park Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 6DB www.fratellidelicatessen.com 020 8549 8021

FINE WINES & PANETTONES – PERFECT GIFTS or for you to indulge over the festive season. We stock the best selection of fine Italian wines in Kingston!

Heat a saucepan with a little olive oil and fry the onions till golden brown, then add the chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, oregano, garlic, salt and pepper and simmer for around 5 minutes. In a medium-sized roasting tin, spread a little of your tomato sauce on the bottom of the tin then add a layer of aubergine followed by a layer of your grated cheese then a layer of tomato sauce. Repeat the layers till all the aubergine is used and add a last layer of tomatoes and cover with cheese. Bake for 25 minutes at 180˚C till golden brown.

SPECIAL OFFER until end of January - 10% off for a case of six bottles of wine. (includes mixed cases)


Big in Japan By Kate Greenhalgh


s we say goodbye to 2020 and turn to sob on the shoulder of 2021, many of us will reflect upon the strains which this past year has placed on our marriage. Now is the time to reset. New year, new us. Starting with, I suggest, reform of my partner’s gadget addiction, which I will happily support him through. During lockdown, our front hall was like a Rachel Whiteread installation - mountains of polystyrene packaging to clamber over from the latest online delivery. Even the Turbine Hall at the Tate would have struggled to contain it. But before you even get inside, our house is surrounded by thickets of patio heaters, CCTV cameras, heron-repelling motion-sensor water jets, irrigation systems, wifi-enabled smartphonecontrolled entryphones, timed garden lights, dancing gnomes and, yes, a doorbell which plays a medley of irritating

ringtones. Inside, our bedroom blinds automatically open via a ‘remote hub’ in case we oversleep. We can’t even have Alexa, because there is room for only one control freak in this house. Confinement, as you may imagine, exacerbated the problem. Anyway, it’s still early days in Project Reboot. We were just finishing our latest argument about the ‘need’ for electric scooters, when my eye alighted on a partly hidden brochure. The Japanese lettering made my blood curdle. Surely not... no...no... When we visited Tokyo, back in the days when people travelled to other countries, I lost my partner in the airport - you know that feeling - but I found him again in a popup exhibition devoted to Japanese lavatories. He had that engrossed, glassy-eyed look I have come to dread. If you have not been to

46 read more at darlingmagazine.co.uk winter 20/21

Japan, you might not know that Japanese lavatories, as made by the remarkable Toto Toilets Company, are a thing. No matter how humble the establishment, it will boast some version of the Toto Toilet. At its zenith, you find yourself atop a shining throne, with jets of cologne being expertly directed into your nether recesses, warm zephyrs wafted across your buttocks, whilst sound effects of birdsong, the 1812 Overture, you name it, are blasted out to disguise any of your own inadvertent noises. It is like your bottom going for its very own extravagant spa treatment. For an inhibited English person, it is the most awful experience. ‘We. Are. Not. Getting. A. Toto. Toilet.’ I said. ‘Oh please’ he said, ‘I’ll give up on the scooters. Please Kate. We MUST have a Toto Toilet!’ Reader, this is the hill I am prepared to die on. Stand by for the next exciting episode... n

AAselection selectionof ofour ourAutumn/Winter Spring/Summer collection selection

Parkside, Wimbledon Village ER/E ER/D & F North View, Wimbledon Common


The Drive, Wimbledon ER/C Village ER/F Ridgway Gardens, Wimbledon

£2,750,000 POA

Burghley Road, Wimbledon ER/B ER/C Church Road, Wimbledon Village

£8,500,000 £6,995,000

Southside Common, Wimbledon Lordell Place, Wimbledon ER/D ER/E

£6,995,000 £3,650,000

Mansel Road, Wimbledon ER/E Somerset Road, Wimbledon ER/D

£3,450,000 £3,250,000

Westside Common, Wimbledon Bathgate Road, Wimbledon ER/DER/D

£1,150,000 £3,500,000

Coombe Sales 020 8947 1100

Wimbledon Village Sales and Commercial 020 8947 9833


Wimbledon Village Lettings 020 8879 9669

Open the door to the new lifestyle you deserve

Get BEST OF BOTH worlds Modern, smart, proactive online presence GetTHE THE BEST OF BOTH worlds forTRADITIONAL the smart sofaHIGH surfer purchasers of today’s market place STREET PRESENCE

TRADITIONAL HIGH STREET PRESENCE with modern innovative online profile with modern innovative online profile Our dedicated staff will provide a personal service, exceptional local knowledge Our dedicated staff will provide a personal service, exceptional local knowledge andstaff experience across all aspects of residential property Our dedicated will provide a personal service, exceptional local knowledge and experience across all aspects of residential property and letting both in Kingston and beyond andsales experience across all aspects of residential property sales and letting both in Kingston and beyond sales and letting both in Kingston and beyond

The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary The difference between ordinary and is thatthe litte bit extra ... the extraordinary is that litte bit extra ... is that litte bit extra ... WINNER OF THE BRITISH PROPERTY AWARDS 2018-12019 WINNER OF THE BRITISH PROPERTY AWARDS 2018-12019 WINNER OF ESTATE THE BRITISH PROPERTY AWARDS 2018-12019 FOR THE BEST BEST ESTATE AGENT IN KINGSTON KINGSTON UPON THAMES FOR THE AGENT IN UPON THAMES FOR THE BEST ESTATE AGENT IN KINGSTON UPON THAMES


0208239 82390535/020 0535/0208274 82742658 2658 020 129 Richmond RoadKingston Kingstonupon uponThames ThamesSurrey SurreyKT2 KT2 5BZ 5BZ 129 Richmond Road www.greenwoodsresidential.co.uk www.greenwoodsresidential.co.uk


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