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Tennis by the Thames A private, friendly club for all ages in an idyllic location

At the Kingston Riverside Club we warmly welcome players of all standards and ages. Our newly upgraded facilities include covered, floodlit courts enabling play throughout the year, a modern clubhouse with a bar, showers and changing rooms and a private car park for our members.

We offer two different types of court surfaces: Macadam hard courts for faster play and clay courts which are softer, limiting impact on ankle, knee and hip joints. Why not pop in and see us – the entrance to the club is at the junction of Lower Ham Road and Lower Kings Road in Kingston.

Professional coaching for all levels of tennis players Children’s tennis camps during holidays Social tennis, events & tournaments Call 020 8546 5935 Lower Ham Road, Kingston, Surrey, KT2 5AJ


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Organic Coffee... Delicious Food... 97 High Street. Teddington.

40-42 High Street. Pinner.

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editor’s letter Dear Darling reader,

Cover: Sue Black Photo by Kiera Fyles, Palmer Photography Makeup by: Rachel Barclay

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Welcome to our bumper spring edition! With fresh shoots all around inspiring us to experience new things..and new spring fashion of course. Research reveals that travel is good for us so why not pack your bags for a weekend break? Our stylist, Justine Elton, has chosen outfits that will take you from sightseeing to cocktails, in style. And if you are taking your man with you, Studio 148 in Teddington is the perfect place to get him dressed in style too. You can also experience new cultures at home. Read how NC Supper Clubs are spicing up our dining experiences. The 100-year anniversary of the vote for women is a great reminder for us to carry on fighting for equality. We celebrate heroines from the past, including Dame Ethel Smyth from Surrey, and also women of today who are leading the many movements spreading everywhere with the help of social media. Our Inspiring Woman is one of today's leaders and named in the top 50 women in tech in Europe. She is Surbiton resident, Dr Sue Black, a digital skills expert and a social entrepreneur. She’s also the woman whose campaign saved Bletchley Park from ruin. More inspiration comes from the sun-drenched beaches of Rio as the golden girl, Georgie Twigg, relives highlights of winning Olympic Gold and reveals her European dreams for Surbiton Hockey Club. Happy Mother’s Day to all mums and Happy Easter too! Until sunny summer...

Marja-Leena Toseland



Dr Sue Black, OBE - It takes one woman (and her computer)

10 Feel like dining in Bangkok, Mykonos, Milan or Mumbai tonight? 13 Unleash the Eco-warrior in you 14 The Really Helpful Club 15 Dealing with sexual harassment at work 17 On the couch with Dr De-Stress 18 #100 years and still fighting

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26 Best of the Best - ahead of the EuroHockey Cup in Surbiton

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21 A Stitch in Time - costumes at Ham House TV auctioneer Charles Hanson comes to our manor

23 Who said menswear has to be boring? 24 What to pack for a weekend getaway - style edit 29 Reed's School opens a world class cricket centre 30 Schools in the News 31 Did YOU take a two week holiday last year? 33 Interior designer Gabi Da Rocha adds the finishing touch 35 Beautifully Bespoke Pieces from the Painted Furniture Company 36 Teddington Theatre Club 37 Hampton Court Palace Festival 38 On the Scene with the editor 43 Love local 44 What's on 45 Paul Mendelson's bridge column 46 Lyndsay Russell's Point of View

inspiring woman

It takes

ONE WOMAN (and her computer)

Dr Sue Black believed education would change her life and she was right by Cristiano Dalla Bona

One of the biggest changes for me was going from being unable to pay my bills and worrying about it all the time, to just being able to do it and focus on what I was passionate about.


s Sue Black poses for her Darling cover photoshoot, smiling for the camera after having her makeup done, we ask her how it feels to live as a public figure. “I could never have imagined all of 6

this when I was young. But I’m enjoying it!”, she says. Sue’s life changed when she was a 25-yearold divorcee living in a women’s refuge with her three children. After taking evening classes, she


earned a degree in Computer Science and climbed the ranks of the academic ladder at the University of Westminster. Over the years, she campaigned for many causes, often using social media as a tool to spread her messages. She se-

inspiring woman

cured funding for the restoration of Bletchley Park, the UK leading centre for decrypting enemy messages during WWII. In 2016, her commitment was recognised with the award of an OBE for services in technology. A longtime advocate for women, she set up initiatives such as BSCWomen Network, which mentors women working in technology around the world, and Techmums, helping mothers familiarise themselves with computers. She’s currently developing Techmums TV, an interactive livestreaming programme, and her new book, The Pelican Guide To Coding, will be out next year.

Let’s start with your eventful youth... “When I was 12 my mum died and my dad later remarried. It wasn’t a happy time for me, so as soon as I could leave by 16, I did it. I moved in with my friend’s family, working as a waitress in a café. Then I decided to move to London, where I worked with refugees from Vietnam for a year. I got married at 20, had my first daughter at 21. Two years later I had twins. Unfortunately my marriage broke down and I ended up living in a women’s refuge with my children.”

That was the beginning of a brilliant academic career that saw you becoming Head of Computer Science at the University of Westminster. It can’t have been easy: the scientific area is often described as sexist. “People don’t often realise what it’s like to be in a minority. If you are a woman in computing, most of the time you are going to be 20% or 10% in a male-dominated environment. I am shy and I used to hate conferences, but then I attended a Women in Science event in Brussels. It was lifechanging: everyone was talking to each other and including other people in their chats. I thought: why not try to set up something in the UK where women who are interested in technology can talk to each other? So I founded BCSWomen Network.”

You’re a successful activist. Were your fights

inspired by the realities you witnessed at the refuge? “It helped me to understand how people might not always be able to achieve what they want to, because they’ve got so much other stuff going on in their lives. One of the biggest changes for me was going from not being able to pay my bills and worrying about it all the time to just being able to do it and focus on what I was passionate about. Bletchley Park, for example. When I found out that more than 50% of the professionals that worked there were women, I became very interested in that story. And when I discovered that more than 10,000 people worked there, it blew my mind completely. I started the campaign because I felt everyone needed to know that their work has saved 22m lives at a time when 11m people a year were dying.”

At that time, you decided to take Maths evening classes? “We were living on benefits, and I didn’t like it. I needed a job that would help me earn more money so that I could give my children a better life. The only way I could think of was to go back into education. So I thought: what’s my favourite subject? Maths.”

Sue outside Bletchley Park SPRING 2018


Are you up for a challenge in 2018? Join The Victoria Foundation Charity Challenge Team for six days cycling or trekking in Northern Vietnam. Raise funds to provide vital medical support to those in need in the Richmond area.

For further details of the challenge and The Victoria Foundation 020 8332 1788 Registered Charity Number 292841

inspiring woman Your book, Saving Bletchley Park, describes your incredible campaign. Your commitment for the site and for women in technology earned you an OBE. What was the day of the ceremony like? “It was a dream day! For some reason, you’re not supposed to shake hands with Prince Charles, but I remembered it the wrong way around. And he did actually shake my hand! Buckingham Palace tweeted a photo and it looks like we’re bumping fists! [laughs]. It was the first time the Palace used the #womenintech hashtag.”

Among the initiatives you’ve founded is #techmums, which aims to empower women through technology. Years ago I thought I needed to set up a program to help people realise that there are massive opportunities that come from having basic skills. If I wanted everyone to understand the benefits of technology, why not start with mums? They create the environment where kids live at home, so if they have a positive approach to technology, they can become a more technology-savvy family. I just wanted to create a positive feeling around technology and hopefully empower lots of women to get out there and use it.

Sue meets the Queen

promoted by Hollywood women to change the culture of sexual harassment in the workplace? All the women I know, growing up, had some issues with men being inappropriate and, basically, my generation would never have said anything to anyone because that was what was happening to everybody. You just accepted it as part of male behaviour, unfortunately. So I think it’s really great that high-profile people have come out and said, “This has happened to me” on social media, so that other people can come out with their own stories. We can see right in front of our eyes social change happening. And it couldn’t be so without technology and the Internet.

As an advocate for women’s rights, what do you think of the Time’s Up campaign

What advice would you give your younger self? Be more confident. I spent probably 40% of my whole life just worrying about stuff. If I’d felt more confident when I was younger, I wouldn’t have worried about so many things that just don’t matter. To know that women are becoming more empowered, I think it’s amazing and what I always wanted to happen. SPRING 2018


gourmetpromo promotion gourmet

Feel like dining in

Bangkok, Mykonos, Milan or Mumbai tonight?

Nesan Thirunesan, Lady Wimbledon and Executive ChefDasgupta Arup Dasgupta Nesan Thirunesan, Lady Wimbledon and Executive Chef Arup Che

Let Nesan Thirunesan and his Celebrity Supper Club Chefs take you on an exciting gastronomic journey NC Supper Clubs have arrived in South West London and Surrey and the incredible food from famous chefs is what is pulling diners back time and time again for an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Started in the summer of 2017 by international entrepreneur Nesan Thirunesan, the exclusive NC Supper Clubs are taking over London with an incredible menu which started with Indian fusion cuisine. 2018 has already seen a Parisian experience with executive chef Arup Dasgupta and an Italian street food evening with modern Thai and Greek cuisine also launched. The supper clubs will be thrilling gourmets over Chelsea and Knightsbridge with exclusive cuisine experiences. The events so far have been graced with celebrity and high-end clients. As well as the supper clubs, Nesan runs an exclusive dining and catering experience with private chefs in South West London, Richmond and Surrey. Spending time between London and Bangalore, Nesan works with the best in celebrity chefs and well-known cookbook writers to create the dishes served at the

18 10

spring 2018 | SPRING 2018

events. The chefs are regular demonstrators at food festivals all over the UK including the BBC Good Food Show. Their clear passion to create dishes with a fusion take on the traditional Indian cuisine is why the NC Supper Clubs are taking off and treating guests to incredible food. From Chef Anjula Devi, author of “Spice for Life”, Chef Dipna Anand author of “Beyond Brilliant”, to Dan Toombs author of “The Curry Guy” and Chef Elisabeth Brown of Coco Labelle, these are just a few of the top names that Nesan works with. Adding to his already incredible menu of chefs, Nesan is also keen to work with his good friends such as writers and chefs Atul Kochhar (Benares Restaurant), Hari Ghotra, Suresh Pillai (Hoppers London), Sabrina Ghayour, Mallika Basu (Food Columnist, Evening Standard) and Asma Khan (Darjeeling Express). The events are targeted at food lovers who want to be part of this exclusive NC Supper Clubs experience. A love of food and exploring flavours is all that is needed.

shop local


Chef Jai Shaikh

Chef Anjula Devi and Chef Elisabeth Brown

“When people come to my supper club, I want them to be simply blown away by the food. Many of these dishes are not available in mainstream restaurants which adds a unique twist to the food we serve”

Chef Shveta Tuli (Right)

Photo credits: Charlie Burgio Photography Majella O’Connell from Pavlova & Cream

Follow the hashtag #NCSupperClubs on social media to find out about the latest events and what’s cooking in the exclusive world created by Nesan. To book an NC Supper Club, tailored to your needs T: 020 3078 9737

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Unleash the ECO-WARRIOR in you Reducing your plastic waste is good for your health too huge part of which is the 2,000,000 plastic bags we use every minute. Worse yet, as much as 50% of that plastic is only used once before we throw it away.

Why plastic is more than just an eyesore?


lastic is just about everywhere; from plasticwrapped produce and your daily coffee cup to synthetic clothing fibres and your children’s toys, it’s just impossible to escape plastic. Shockingly, we throw out enough plastic every two hours to fill the world's largest container ship, a

Plastic waste isn’t just unsightly and bad for the environment, it also has real, immediate implications for our health and the health of our children. A great deal of the rubbish thrown away either goes to landfill or, most worryingly, makes its way into our oceans where it photodegrades into microscopic particles under UV light. These particles, in turn, are ingested by whales, fish and even plankton, becoming part of the food chain, eventually ending up on our dinner plates.

4 simple tips to eliminate single-use plastic:

Sveta with So fresh products

Making better daily choices for yourself and your family can make a major difference over time. Here

are a few simple steps you can take to reduce the amount of plastic waste you produce.

1. Get it ‘to go’ Replace your daily single-use coffee cup with your own recyclable bamboo coffee cup. As an added incentive, many coffee shops are now offering discounts for bringing your own cup.

2 BYO straw Plastic straws are a major source of unnecessary pollution, taking 100s of years to break down. Instead, buy a reusable steel straw and carry it with you.

3. Simplify the weekly shop Packaging-free supermarkets are becoming more and more common. Locate your nearest branch and take your own reusable containers along with you.

4. Go 100% fresh A simple way to slash the amount of plastic you use is to find brands committed to sustainability. Ringana’s 100% fresh, food-state skin & body care products are contained in glass or in fully recyclable, non-BPA plastic made from 100% biodegradable sugar cane.

To find out out more about Ringana’s award-winning range of fresh beauty products, visit or email Sveta Longley on: SPRING 2018


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The REALLY HELPFUL Club The REALLY EALLY HELPFUL Club your R Mary Poppins bagtoday of everything you need The HELPFUL Club Empowering women your Mary Poppins bag of everything you need your Mary Poppins bag of everything you need your Mary Poppins bag of everything you need


he Really Helpful Club is a free, online and

The RHC also runs

Sarah Austin, F

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I am a fully qualified mentor/ business coach with an MBA in international business, who has run wholesale and retail businesses both big and small for many years in the UK and internationally. I can help with sourcing/supply chain/selling both locally and overseas and examine all options and pathways for your business. I can look at the capabilities of the business and the people in it to decide where the future can go and help you put it all into action. 14

Photo by byAnna Anna Kunst KunstPhotography Photography Photo Photo by Anna Kunst Photography

Photo by Anna Kunst Photog

Are you a small business needing a mentor? Are you looking at starting your own business? Are you at a crossroads with your business? Are you looking at doing something new? I am very user-friendly and happy to go at any speed! The first half hour is free so do give me a call to discuss. Call Josu 07957 541406 or email


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dealing with sexual harassment at work


stream of allegations against high profile individuals and organisations has meant the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace frequently makes headline news. A 2016 survey by the TUC found that over 50% of women, and 63% of young women have experienced sexual harassment. It is therefore fair to assume that more than half those reading this article have been on the receiving end of some form of harassment. This issue doesn’t only affect Hollywood or Westminster - it is, and has been, a very real issue for women working in smaller businesses as well. It doesn’t matter if the perpetrator is Weinstein or the director of a small firm, the allegations of sexual harassment should be treated equally seriously. The benefit of the publicity surrounding this issue is that all

employers, both large and small, have had constant reminders that sexual harassment is not tolerated. Just because smaller businesses may not have HR departments, or a clearly outlined grievance procedure doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to raise a grievance. Employers have a duty to provide a working environment that is free from harassment. The Equality Act prohibits sexual harassment, and as such any employer should take any allegation of harassment very seriously. If you think you have been a victim of sexual harassment, the first step is to raise this with your manager. Follow up any relevant conversations with an email and note when complaints were made and what was said. In addition, it’s worth keeping a record of the harassment itself, recording what

Katherine Maxwell

occurred and when. The law also protects employees who are victimised because they complained about having been harassed. All complaints of sexual harassment should be taken very seriously by employers and handled fairly and sensitively by them.

If the issues aren’t resolved by talking with your employer, you should take advice and explore what further steps you can take. You may have a claim that you can pursue in the employment tribunal. What is clear is that a culture change is at work, and as such this should give all employees the confidence to raise issues of this sort. Acas offers advice to employees, as well as a conciliation service. And there are lawyers that specialise in sexual harassment cases who can offer advice and help. Katherine Maxwell Partner and Head of Employment 020 8334 0308 katherine.maxwell SPRING 2018


IT'S NOT A GAME... Clear, concise, professional and highly confidential help and advice Rose & Rose has a wealth of experience in dealing with difficult and complex family disputes and issues Our areas of family law expertise Divorce Cohabitation Financial issues Property disputes International issues Civil partnerships Children Pre & post nuptial agreements Pensions after divorce Appointments are at a time and place to suit you

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The Riverside Centre, 40 High Street, Kingston-upon-Thames, KT1 1HL

Tel: 020 8974 7490


The Premier Networking Organisation for Women In Business ATTENTION, LADIES! Do you run your own business? Want to meet likeminded business women? We’re here to support you, provide strategic connections & training. Meetings are once a month, between 12 and 2pm. COME & VISIT one of our groups!

KINGSTON – Brook Kingston Lodge Hotel, 1st Tuesday each month

TEDDINGTON – The Clockhouse, 3rd Wednesday each month

RICHMOND – Richmond Gate Hotel, 2nd Wednesday each month

KEW – The Greyhound, 3rd Thursday each month

HAMPTON COURT – The Stables, 3rd Tuesday each month

SURBITON – The French Table, 4th Tuesday each month

For more information contact Charmaine on 07507 151 058 or email

mental health

couch with Dr De-Stress On the

Dr Mariette Jansen

Anyone can overcome anxiety, feel confident and take control of their life. With the right guidance. Dr Mariette Jansen - Dr De-Stress - is a life coach and therapist, who is an expert in helping people with anxiety and confidence issues. For a personal chat to find out how she can help you, just text DARLING FREE COACHING to 07967 717 131

Q: I am on sick leave as a result of a situation at work. It al started when I got a new male manager. He made me feel intimidated and put down by him. He was making sexual comments, looking at my breasts, hanging over me when I was at my desk. He did it all in such a way that I wasn’t sure if I was overreacting. But it really affected me. When an opportunity for a promotion came up I applied, knowing that I was the perfect candidate. I didn’t get the job as he had voted against me. That made me lose my confidence and become an emotional wrack. As a result I am sitting at home, seething with anger and frustration. I want revenge and feel it’s only fair that he gets punished. That’s all I am thinking of. My friends and partner don’t want to hear about it anymore. What do you think? Debbie (36) A: Dear Debbie, what an awful situation. Unfortunately, when you are ‘emotionally’ assaulted in a sexual

manner it can be very difficult to prove what has happened. However, you are not doing yourself any favours by obsessing about revenge. Angry and negative emotions don’t allow you to move forward. Your wish for justice is understandable, but it alienates you from your friends, your partner and yourself. I suggest you become metaphorically a ‘split personality’. One half of you will look for professional help to deal with your negative emotions. Instead of obsessing start processing and build up your confidence. Also, seek the support of a specialised law firm that can take over from you and advice and execute what can be done. The other half of you sees this experience as a life lesson, detaches herself and focuses on the future. A new job might mark a new beginning and bring new positive excitement to counteract the negative experience. You might still feel that he won in the end, but if you don’t make changes to your mindset, guess who is the loser? Life isn’t fair, but instead of fighting it you are better of learning from it.

FEELING STUCK AND LOST? SUFFERING FROM ANXIETY AND PANIC ATTACKS? With the right guidance and support these issues are often easier to resolve than you think. Talk it through with Dr Mariette Jansen during a FREE coaching call and get strategies for moving forward in your life. Text DARLING FREE COACHING to 07967 717 131. Places are limited, so book now.

darling special


and still fighting

Darling Editor Karine Torr, celebrates our local heroines, past and present


t this moment in time, I feel awash with hashtags. #100years, #MeToo, #instawomen, #feminism, #GirlsLikeUs, #EverydaySexism, Emma Watson’s #heforshe campaign, #Fem2, #genderequality – the list is endless. It’s an exciting time for women, not only in the UK - the worldwide women’s movement is really gaining ground. There are young movements like Frances Scott’s #50:50parliament (men outnumber women 2:1 in Parliament) and Jude Kelly’s fantastic annual WOW Festival (Women of the World) at London’s Southbank and especially, The Women’s Equality Party, a liberal feminist political party in the United Kingdom that was founded by Catherine Mayer and Sandi Toksvig at the WOW Festival 2015. They felt strongly that there was a need for a political party in the United Kingdom to campaign for gender equality to the benefit of all. There are 32 million women living in the UK, they account for 51% of the population. Women make a massive contribution to society in their paid and unpaid work. They merit fair representation and inclusion in the most important decision-making institution in our country. Even our own London Mayor, Sadiq Khan is getting behind the hashtag with his very own #BehindEveryGreatCity, making gender equality a big focus for 2018.

Suffragette Magazine gives angelic status to Emily Davison. Suffragettes were members of women’s organization movements in the late 19th and early 20th century, particularly militants in Great Britain. Only in 1928 suffrage was extended to all women. Ethel Smyth, poster of The March of the Women, from Surrey History Centre

18 18



o it seems appropriate 100 years later, to celebrate the life of a Surrey legend, Ethyl Smyth. Darling would like to thank Dr Christopher Wiley of the University of Surrey for sharing this wonderful story. Dame Ethel Smyth (1858–1944) lived most

A stamp printed in Great Britain dedicated to the national portrait gallery, shows Emmeline Pankhurst by Georgina Brakenbury, circa 2006

processions, addressing rallies, and developing a close relationship with Pankhurst herself. It was Smyth who taught Pankhurst to throw stones to hit their target, and in 1913 Pankhurst was even arrested at Smyth’s house. Smyth’s suffragette activity was reflected in the music she composed in the early 1910s, and particularly in her song ‘The March of the Women’. Quickly adopted as the suffragette anthem, it was sung during rallies to rouse the crowds, as well as to boost morale in prison during periods of imprisonment and hunger striking. The artwork presented the ‘March’ in the traditional suffragette colours: violet for dignity, white for purity, and green for hope. of her adult life in Surrey, first in Surrey Heath and subsequently in Hook Heath, near Woking, from 1910. History tends to remember her primarily as a pathbreaking composer of six operas and many other orchestral, chamber, and vocal works. This was an impressive output given that the music profession was then fiercely maledominated; it was extremely unusual at the time for a female composer to have enjoyed a successful international career. In later years, Smyth developed parallel activity as a writer of memoirs, biographical sketches, and polemical essays on the music profession, publishing a total of ten books. Yet the area in which she had arguably the greatest impact lay not in music or literature, but in politics. In September 1910 she heard a speech delivered by Emmeline Pankhurst, the leader of the Women’s Social and Political Union, and pledged to devote two years of her life to the ‘Votes for Women’ campaign. She became a leading suffragette, heading

Picture credit: Lewis Orchard Collection Ref.9180, courtesy of Surrey History Centre.

In 1912, Smyth served a jail sentence in London’s Holloway Prison, having been arrested along with many other suffragettes for taking part in a window-smashing campaign across the West End. Visiting her in prison, the conductor Thomas Beecham witnessed a group of suffragettes singing Smyth’s ‘March’ while exercising in the yard, with the composer herself frantically attempting to beat time from her cell window using her toothbrush as a baton! Smyth’s last official act for the suffragettes also saw her conducting the ‘March’, in 1930, performed by the Metropolitan Police Band at the unveiling of the memorial statue to Pankhurst in Victoria Tower Gardens, adjacent to the Palace of Westminster. Smyth is to be commemorated by her home town in this year’s Celebrate Woking festival, ensuring that her fascinating story as a pioneering female composer and suffragette continues to inspire new generations. SPRING 2018


elderly care

Looking for a new home with Care? MOVING in the GOLDEN YEARS Moving home in your later years is often overwhelming, all the more so if there is no family or friends to support


s you age, the realisation that you are losing your independence, mobility and the ability to cope can be hard to come to terms with, especially when you have lived a full and independent life. Accepting that you might need support can be equally difficult, since you have never relied on anyone but yourself and it can come as a huge shock when you realise that maintaining your property has become unmanageable and that you might require care. Decluttering a person’s home is different for every individual. The one consistent and challenging aspect of this work is how a person will react to the change that inevitably arises from a necessary cull of their possessions, be it from moving home and downsizing or having to part with an unwieldy accumulation of objects and possessions. Many older individuals however, find it hard to part with

Cheryl Carter Founder/Director Every Home Matters

possessions not only for sentimental reasons but also because of their personal circumstances and experiences. Some hoard items because of a ‘make do and mend’ mentality drilled in during and after the Second World War and mistakenly feel they have a potential monetary value. Letting go of the home, neighbours, friends and the community they know and love can also be very painful.

Moving home can be stressful at the best of times, but mixed with poor health, disabilities, anxiety, dementia, age, bereavement, finances or family needs, the process can be overwhelming. It is paramount to find people you can trust to assist, who can signpost you to reputable organisations for additional support throughout costumes frommove BBC toFour’s programm the processHistoric and facilitate the whole relieve the I would strongly recommend House is the first venue to display the seeking financial costumes, advice from a Later Life Adviser inspired by historical works of art and

A Stitch in Time


painstakingly recreated by costumier Ninya Mikhaila and a team of expert tailors, and the only place set to host all six. It will give fans of the TV show their first chance to see the exquisite craftsmanship of the garments up close, and in the case of one costume, alongside the image that inspired it. ‘A Stitch in Time’, presented by Amber Butchart, explored the lives of his-torical figures through the clothes they wore, whilst Ninya’s team recreated the clothing using only traditional techniques.



The costumes created include the ‘Arolfini dress’, from the Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck (on display at National Portrait Gallery), the ‘Hedge Cutter’ leather jacket from a portrait at Broughton Castle, the dress of Dido Elizabeth Belle from a painting at Scone Palace, the Jupon of the Black Prince from the effigy at Canterbury Cathedral and Marie Antoinette’s ‘Chemise á la Reine’ from Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun. The collection also includes and outfit of

relieve relieve thethe stress. stress. I would I would strongly recommend recommend accredited by the Society ofstrongly Later Life Advisers. seeking seeking financial financial advice advice from from a Later a Later LifeLife Adviser Adviser accredited accredited by by thethe Society Society of of Later Later Life Advisers. Advisers. Where domiciliary or live-in careLife provision are required, it is essential to find the right organisation, Where Where domiciliary domiciliary orunregulated. live-in care care provision provision areare as many of theseor arelive-in By appointing required, required, it isitessential is essential find to find thethe right right organisation, organisation, an independent caretoconsultant, they will carefully as assess many as many of of these these are unregulated. Bycarry By appointing appointing the needs ofare theunregulated. individual, out an anassessment an independent independent care care consultant, consultant, they they willcorrect will carefully carefully and carefully research the care assess assess thethe needs of of thethe individual, individual, carry carry outout an an provider orneeds residential home to suit your needs. assessment assessment andand carefully carefully research research thethe correct correct care care provider provider or residential or residential home home to suit to suit your your needs. needs.

Like Like making making friends friends and and socialising, socialising, moving moving to to to Like making friends and socialising, moving somewhere somewhere new new requires requires social social skills, skills, mobility, mobility, somewhere new requires social skills, mobility, health health and and motivation, motivation, which which areare are notnot not necessarily necessarily health and motivation, which necessarily intact intact at that at that that stage stage in in ainperson’s person’s life. Cohabitation Cohabitation intact at stage aa person’s Cohabitation with with a complete complete stranger stranger as as aaslive-in live-in carer carer cancan can be be be with aa complete stranger aa live-in carer difficult difficult forfor for many many especially especially if there there is no no humour, humour, difficult many especially ifif there isis no humour, culture culture or or any or any any interest interest in in common, in common, common, or or even or even even a basic basic culture interest aa basic knowledge knowledge of of of thethe the community community and and organisations organisations knowledge community and organisations to to support to support support interaction. interaction. It can It can can feelfeel feel likelike like anan an intrusion intrusion interaction. It intrusion of of of your your home. home. ToTo To alleviate alleviate thethe the discomfort, discomfort, clients clients your home. alleviate discomfort, clients require require companionship, companionship, reassurance reassurance and and empathy empathy require companionship, reassurance and empathy from from their their carer; carer; someone someone to to accompany to accompany accompany or or or from their carer; someone encourage encourage and and facilitate facilitate interaction interaction with with thethe the outside outside encourage and facilitate interaction with outside world. world. world. It should It should should be be be noted noted that that when when instructing instructing a care care It noted that when instructing aa care agency agency make make sure sure thethe the carers carers areare are police police checked, checked, agency make sure carers police checked, fully fully trained trained (including (including dementia), dementia), and and paid paid directly directly fully trained (including dementia), and paid directly by by by thethe the agency. agency. agency. For more information, see ForFor more more information, information, seesee or call 020 8241 9532 or or call call 020020 8241 8241 9532 9532

Historic costumes from TV’s “A Stitch in Time” me go on display at Ham House and Garden on display at Ham House and Garden Charles II, which has taken from a portrait of the monarch that is found at Ham House. am House is the first venue to display the costumes, inspired by historical works of art Sophie Johnson, Senior Visitor Experience Officer and painstakingly recreated by costumier Ninya said ‘WeMikhaila are especially able totailors, displayand the the and excited a teamto ofbe expert outfit ofonly Charles II in nextfans of the place setthe toMarble host allDining six. It Room will give to the image that inspired it’. chance The costumes areexquisite TV show their first to see the craftsmanship the garments uphouse close, and in on display at the 17thofcentury mansion the April. case of one costume, alongside the image that until 29th inspired it.


BBC Four’s programme, presented by Amber Butchart, explored the lives of historical figures through the clothes they wore, whilst Ninya’s team recreated the clothing using only traditional techniques. The costumes created include the ‘Arnolfini dress’, from the Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck (on display at National Portrait Gallery), the ‘Hedge Cutter’ leather jacket from a portrait at Broughton Castle, the dress of Dido Elizabeth Belle from a painting at Scone Palace, the Jupon of the Black Prince from the effigy at Canterbury Cathedral and Marie Antoinette’s ‘Chemise á la Reine’ from Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun. The collection also includes an outfit of Charles II, taken from a portrait of the monarch at Ham House. Sophie Johnson, Senior Visitor Experience Officer said ‘We are especially excited to be able to display the outfit of Charles II in the Marble Dining Room next to the image that inspired it’.

Costumier Ninya Mikhaila and

Costumier Ninya Mikhaila and presenter Amber Butchart presenter Amber Butchart during during filming, courtesy filming, courtesy of BBC studios.

of BBC studios.

Charles II (red), outfithis (red), Charles II outfit portrait at his portrait at the background. the background. Photos provided by Photos provided by National Trust National Trust

The costumes are on display at the 17th century mansion house until 29th April.



TV auctioneer CHARLES moves to our manor


Cristiano Dalla Bona went to meet the man at his launch in Hampton Court Village to be entertaining and a moment caught in time.” Charles will be on television soon, in a BBC programme called Flipping Profit, where antique experts are placed around the country with their own money to try and buy objects to raise money for good causes, including Children in Need. “I enjoy the television work, I thrive on meeting people and when profits and programs go to worthy charities I thrive on taking part.”


elevision’s most famous auctioneer has come to London. Charles Hanson is fulfilling a long- held dream this year by expanding his Derbyshire business to our area. “I’m an ambitious man and I’ll be 40 in May. If I don’t do it now, I never will,” he said in a statement. The Bargain Hunt star has recently opened a consignment office in Hampton Court Village and the first auction took place at Teddington’s Normansfield Theatre at Langdon Down Centre on February 10. We met Hanson at the opening of his new business.

What attracted you to this area? “The area is not well-covered by auctioneers although, when it comes to antiques, I feel it’s very well-covered by a clientele who loves to collect. Not to mention the richness and history of places 22

like Hampton Court Palace and Richmond. I thought it was a good setting for us to start the business.”

What are the current trends in antiques and how do you see the future of antiques? “Buyers are increasingly purchasing online and that’s appealing because we offer a packaging service worldwide and it’s now easy to take part in auctions without being present. But in this traditional market we hope to bring people into the salesroom to enjoy the ambience, the theatre, the moment before we say “Going, going, gone!”. For many buyers it’s going


Any tips for our readers on choosing antiques? “I would say, come down to see us at the Normansfield Theatre. We would love to get people to handle tools, to help them learn about pieces. I always say: the best way to learn about antiques is to simply handle objects, to look at how they’re constructed. Close your eyes and imagine being transported back in time, because every object at an auction tells a story.”

fashion promotion

Who said menswear has to be BORING? Be unique, be individual, be BOLD!

By Nita Sharma, Director, Buyer & Stylist, Studio148

dressing a variety of body shapes, taking correct body measurements for tailoring, alterations and gaining an insight into wardrobe management.” Dare yourself to be more than just another guy in a grey suit!


tudio148, an independent menswear fashion boutique, has been in the heart of Teddington since 2011. We are a family-run business and pride ourselves on offering the best in customer service along with a superb choice of clothing and accessories to suit most tastes; from well tailored suits and jackets fit for special occasions to on-trend smart casual wear that always strikes the right note. Clothes should fit properly, what ever the shape or size of the wearer. We offer a quality alterations service to all our clients, from jeans to jackets. We thrive on ensuring that each client feels 100% satisfied with their purchase from us.

Spring/Summer Studio 148 collections I have picked a few ‘must haves’ for every well dressed man’s wardrobe: JEANS Invest in a bit of proper denim and you’ll have a wardrobe workhorse that ages well and develops a look and feel that’s unique to you. 7 for mankind starting price £140 SPORT JACKET For those in-between occasions when you should wear a jacket but don’t need to wear a suit. Sand jacket £395. SHIRT Add a little pattern with the new season’s statement shirts – think standout prints and playful detailing. SECRID WALLET Comes with Cardprotector (RFID) and a lever that slides the cards out in overlapping sequence, allowing easy access to the right card. From £49.95

“I have over 15 years experience in the fashion industry, working in a customer-driven environment. Building successful relationships has been an integral part of my work combined with a strong focus on fashion and styling.

POCKET SQUARE One of the easiest and most stylish ways a man can accessorise. For a more elegant and sophisticated look. Injects a dash of personality and individual style to your outfit. 148 High Street Teddington TW11 8HZ 020 8943 9954

By attending a NHJ menswear styling course I have broadened my knowledge and ability of styling men with particular emphasis on




What to pack for a weekend getaway My tips on how to look effortlessly stylish, whilst sightseeing, to chic glamour in the evening:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Don’t try to take everything...think savvy packing Choose garments you can mix and match. A pair of jeans can be paired with a daytime T and transform to evening with a smart blouse/shirt and killer heels for example Choose two or three pairs of shoes, which compliment all the items you want to take Accessories are key, they bring a look together giving you that stylish edge and also help create different outfit options Choose a few complimentary bold colours adding in muted accent tones

Justine Elton Sartorial Image Consultant

The items I have put together have been chosen with this season’s colour palette in mind. Stay on trend and book a professional styling appointment with me. I can help you find the right clothes in the cut and colour to suit your complexion and body type. Weekends away, special occasions, wardrobe refresh.... whatever your needs, get in touch. Justine Elton, Sartorial Image Consultant Phone me on: 020 3759 1445 | web: | Instagram: sartorial_imageconsultant

Sartorial Boutique & Gifts turquoise and gold beaded necklace £25

Michael Kors MK1019 Ida Aviator Sunglasses, Rose GoldMirror Orange £221

Karen Millen East West Leather Tote Bag, Yellow £180 Ted Baker Gardenia High Neck Blouse, Dark Blue £120

Geox Myria High Top Lace Up Trainers, Taupe £100


Ted Baker Ordina Chatsworth Travel Bag, GreyMulti £185

AND/OR Miri Stripe Top, Ivory/ Black £45 Levi's 501 High Rise Tapered Jeans, Simple Life £85


BVLGARI BV8193B Cat's Eye Sunglasses Polished BlackGrey Gradient £248 Reiss Wool Felt Fedora Hat, Grey £60

Selected Femme Mili long sleeve shirt, white £80 Sartorial Boutique & Gifts gold colour earrings with brown crystal detail £9.50 Sartorial Boutique & Gifts gold colour bracelet £9.50

All Saints Ora zip coat £328 Max Studio Tie Waist Jumpsuit Navy £85

Karen Millen Faux Leather Leggings, Black £115

Ted Baker Parson leather cross body bag rose gold £129

Adrianna Papell Ruffle Crepe Halter Dress Royal Blue £140

Carvela Alice stilletto £139

Ted Baker Highgrove hummingbird sandals £130 SPRING 2018





Darling Magazine’s Holly Candlish caught up with Olympic gold medalist, Georgie Twigg, ahead of this year’s EuroHockey Cup at Surbiton Hockey Club in May

Surbiton Ladies First Team celebrating becoming National Champions 2017


ince the women’s team Olympic Gold at Rio 2016, the sport of hockey has been enjoying enormous levels of success. Who can forget the nail-biting drama of the penalty shoot-out to determine the final podium positions between GB and the Netherlands? In a bid to sustain this level of interest Surbiton Hockey Club are proudly hosting this year’s EuroHockey Women’s tournament from 17th-20th May. “We are excited to be staging this top-class event for the first time in the UK. Surbiton will be buzzing with sports fans eager to see some of the best clubs in the world. Having done so well at the Olympics there’s a bigger hockey fan



base than ever and this will keep it in the public eye and inspire the next generation of players, “says Georgie Twigg, Olympic gold medalist and Surbiton mid-fielder. It’s no surprise that Surbiton, the second oldest club in the world, is hosting this prestigious European event as their playing record sets the team head and shoulders above other UK clubs. The line-up is impressive. Fellow Olympic gold medallists, Holly Webb and Giselle Ansley join Twigg, with a further four international players contributing to their success. National champions four years in a row, the team has enjoyed an unbeaten run of 52 matches. Surbiton Ladies 1s are the best of the

Photography by Tim Reder


Georgie Twigg in action

best and relish the opportunity of showing local supporters just how good they are. Event-goers can undoubtedly expect to see world-class hockey. The strong field includes over 40 Olympians and teams from Holland, Germany, Spain, Ireland and Belarus. “They are the strongest teams in Europe, but it is the Dutch who are the main competition,” says Georgie, “however, after the win at Rio, I feel more confident about facing them in the Euros.” Team GB’s performance at Rio was truly inspiring and Georgie is happy to relive the closing moments of the tense - if you were watching from your sofa - final. “It’s all a bit surreal. We knew if we kept it tight, and kept the score-line tight, then we stood a chance. With the final whistle we were tied 3-3 and it came down to penalties. At this point our captain ran up shouting, ‘Yes, we’ve got this girls!’ We’d beaten them before on penalties, so going into it our hopes were really high. It doesn’t make it any easier, but when Holly (Webb) stepped up I was actually very confident. The Dutch goalkeeper hadn’t seen her take a penalty before and didn’t have a clue what she was about to do. She was our secret weapon. The goal was a euphoric moment with us all running together screaming and crying.“ Since reaching the pinnacle of her sporting dreams winning Olympic Gold, 27 year old Georgie has retired from the international stage and has set herself different goals both on and off the playing field. “I now have a normal working

week training to be lawyer in London. Legal books have replaced the Monday-Friday training at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre. On the sports front, taking Surbiton to the top and inspiring young people to take up the sport is now my goal.” To encourage young players, Surbiton trains more than 900 colts each week and is well known for its youth development programme. “For instance, Team GB player, Sarah Haycroft started playing at Surbiton aged ten and now at 26 years old captains the Ladies 1s,” she explains. “Teenagers regularly train and play with us in the first team. We want to nurture young players and inspire them. We are offering free entry to school children on the first day of the Euros to give them the opportunity to enjoy top level hockey first hand.” In the Olympics, Team GB had every confidence they would win and Georgie is certain that the home crowd will be a deciding factor for Surbiton HC at the Euros. “The Dutch are our nemesis and it is current champions HC‘s-Hertogenbosch from the Netherlands that we most fear. They always do well; they always win it. But we’re hoping with a home advantage, with our crowd on our home pitch, this is our year to win it.” To book tickets: For the school’s discount code contact: SPRING 2018


S c h o o l

Cook's corner

Get the kids involved in the kitchen this Easter and it doesn’t have to be all chocolate...


(easier to make than hot cross buns)

Ingredients • • • • • • • •

225g self-raising flour, plus extra for dusting ¼ tsp salt 50g butter, chilled 1 small dessert apple, peeled and cored 3 tbsp currants or other dried fruit (chopped if large), optional 50-75 ml milk 4 tbsp natural yogurt 1 egg, beaten (optional)


Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Tip the flour and salt into a large bowl. Grate the butter into the bowl, toss the mixture together, then rub the bits of butter into the flour until there are no big lumps left. Grate the apple into the bowl, then add the dried fruit, 50ml milk and the yogurt, and combine to make a soft dough. If the dough looks dry, add a little more milk. Don’t squeeze it too much and don’t worry if it looks a little lumpy. Roll out

the dough on a floured surface and cut out scones using a 4cm round cutter. Combine any off-cuts and cut out more scones until you have used up all the mixture. To make the crosses, mix plain flour with water and knead to make a smooth dough. Roll out thinly, then cut into strips. Lay the strips on top of the scones and brush with milk, then bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes until golden. Mix together the a tablespoon of caster sugar with 1 tbsp water and use to glaze the tops of the scones as they come out of the oven. Cool on a wire rack and split to serve.


Reed’s School opens its world-class

Indoor Cricket Centre

Alec Stewart OBE declares it the best he’s seen in England! Local cricketing legend and world-class fast bowler, Bob Willis, also came along to join in the celebrations and view the new facility. He recalled that as an RGS, Guildford schoolboy he scored his only century on one of Reed’s Schools’ cricket pitches!

The Jarrett Indoor Cricket Centre


lec Stewart OBE was the guest of honour who opened the new Jarrett Indoor Cricket Centre at Reed’s School this spring. Nearly 200 guests gathered to celebrate the new facility which features cutting-edge technology and building design. Alec Stewart told the guests, “The new Indoor Cricket facility at Reed’s is the best I have seen in England and that includes all the 1st class counties too. It’s of the highest order! Congratulations to you all; these world-class facilities have the potential to produce top quality players for Surrey and also for England.” The building is named in honour of David Jarrett, former Headmaster of Reed’s School, who was the first man to achieve double blues from both Oxford and Cambridge Universities in Cricket. Mark Hoskins, David Jarrett and Alec Stewart OBE

The centre features 5 lanes which are customised to replicate wicket conditions at major grounds around the world. They are also fitted with PitchVision technology, which provides real-time video and performance analysis for players of all levels, from beginners to professionals. The Jarrett Cricket Centre is the first facility in the UK to have this technology integrated into its construction from build level. Over a dozen local clubs already utilise the facility - from Juniors to Seniors including a number of girls teams and courses are up and running for children of all abilities from the ages of 6 to 17. Keith Medlycott, cricket professional at Reed’s who is running the centre, commented “Clubs and schools in the area are welcome to come along to a taster session to try out the facilities here. We are also running Masterclass sessions or courses, open to all, designed to specialise in certain skill sets within the game. Our aim is to ensure the whole community can benefit – adults who would like to play should note that we’ll be running six-a-side Indoor League in the summer!” A unique philanthropic enterprise, all profits generated from lettings will go directly to provide educational and pastoral support for children through the Reed’s Foundation. The Foundation, originally called the London Orphan Asylum, was established in 1813 to help financially disadvantaged children who have lost the support of one or both parents. Since it was founded over 12,000 children have had their lives transformed thanks to the Foundation; this work continues today at Reed’s School.

shop local | spring 2018 SPRING 2018

9 29

schools in the news


Having a united front is the holy grail of parenting, says Elaine Halligan of The Parent Practice. Here are her top tips on communicating with Having a united front is the holy grail of parenting, says Elaine Halligan your partner to find unanimity on tricky family issues of The Parent Practice. Here are her top tips on communicating with By yourPhilippa partnerHennessy to find unanimity on tricky family issues


By Philippa Hennessy s parents, presenting a united front

is not always easy – there is often one parentpresenting who does anot uphold s parents, united front the mealtime rules, allowing the is not always easy – there is often children sweets before who dinner or not to stay up past one parent does uphold their bedtime. one is more the If mealtime rules,authoritarian allowing theand the othersweets has a more approach, children beforelaissez-faire dinner or to stay up past how on earth do you achieve any consensus?and their bedtime. If one is more authoritarian It’s toaget children to be cooperative the difficult other has more laissez-faire approach, if the family rules are not being upheld by both how on earth do you achieve any consensus? parents. It’s difficult to get children to be cooperative if

the family rules are not being upheld by both A UNITED FRONT CAN GO A LONG WAY parents.

• If your children are very young, agree on A UNITED FRONT CAN GO A LONG WAY a strategy for teaching them how to dress or how react whenagree they have • themselves If your children aretovery young, on a tantrum. a strategy for teaching them how to dress themselves or how to react when they have a • Agree on the rules and boundaries in tantrum. different situations, whether it is at meal or away on holiday. • time, Agreeon onexcursions the rules and boundaries in different situations, whether it is at meal • Acknowledge your partner’s point of view time, on excursions or away on holiday. when it differs to yours. • Acknowledge your partner’s point of view • Compromise when there is disagreement when it differs to yours. consistency is more important than the actual • rule. Compromise when there is disagreement consistency is more important than the actual • When there is conflict with your partner, do rule. not criticise but make requests and explain • your Whenneeds. there is conflict with your partner, do

not criticise but make requests and explain • Respect each other’s commitments outside your needs. the home and family life by taking into how much free time one of you • consideration Respect each other’s commitments outside may have from day-to-day. the home and family life by taking into consideration how much free time one of you may have from day-to-day.



• Complement each other on matters that relate to your children, such as backing each other up wheneach oneother of youon is matters enforcing a rule. • Complement that

relate to your children, such as backing each • Avoid criticising and arguing with each other other up when one of you is enforcing a rule. in front of the children. Instead, say positive to/about your partner with in front them • things Avoid criticising and arguing eachofother -inshould you need to discuss a contentious front of the children. Instead, say positive issue, it is best wait until the children thingsthen to/about yourtopartner in front of them not in earshot or discuss in bed. a contentious -are should you need to issue, then it is best to wait until the children • Consult your partner before making promises are not in earshot or in bed. to the children. • Consult your partner before making promises • It is normal behaviour for children to play to the children. you off each other, particularly when one of “no”behaviour to something. • you It is says normal for children to play you off each other, particularly when one of Elaine Halligan is the London director of The Parent you says “no” to something. Practice, an organisation that delivers positive parenting skills toisenable parents to bring out the best Elaine Halligan the London director of The Parent in their children Practice, an organisation that delivers positive parenting skills to enable parents to bring out the best in their children


Did YOU take a two week holiday last year? Darling magazine’s Rosy Jones delves deeper had lost weight, compared with those who stayed at home!


f you are amongst the working population in the UK who didn’t take at least a two week break – you’re not alone. Research commissioned by British Airways found that 65% of us didn’t “indulge” ourselves with a two week holiday, and over half of us have spare leave at the end of the holiday year. Maybe you’re one of the 16% who feel guilty taking all your leave allowance – and then go on to lose it.

Convinced? So where will you go in 2018? If you’re like the vast majority of Brits, then it’ll be somewhere you’ve been before. Four out of five of us go back to somewhere we’ve visited at least once before. This is true for me – I love visiting some very familiar places. I go to Paris almost every year, just to inhale that very Parisian atmosphere (flooding and gauloises) and if I don’t take at least one annual trip to Lundy Island, for a week of e-detox and marvelling at wildlife, then my

friends tell me I’m barely liveable with. According to a study from Baylour College of Medicine in Texas,

going somewhere new allows us to experience life as a child again, slowing down our memories, invigorating our brains and helping us to be more creative. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing something new every week (my own fiftieth birthday challenge for 2018) nor indeed going on a bobsleigh run (note to self – don’t let your friends pick your challenges…) it seems that going away is healthy in all kinds of ways. Go on – book your fortnight away now. It’ll do you a world of good. British Airways commissioned research with Atomik Research

Going away on holiday is good for your health and your state of mind. Research done in 2013 showed that improvements in health for those who travelled compared favourably with those who had stayed at home for their holidays. And although we might indulge in all sorts of “treats” while we’re away, the group who travelled saw a decrease in their blood pressure, were more able to deal with stress at the end of their “break”, and SPRING 2018



At Bathroom Eleven we are passionate and driven to push the boundaries on what you can achieve with your bathroom. We strive to design and construct the most beautiful bathrooms in Surrey. Benefits include: Visit our showroom or book an appointment with a designer in the Design Studio

• • • •

Free design consultation and site survey Beautiful bathroom showroom Dedicated design studio Three in-house, professional bathroom designers • High quality sanitary ware, showers and brassware • Tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and hallways • We work with architects, interior designers, builders and independent bathroom fitters

49 Fleece Road, Long Ditton KT6 5JR

Call us today on:

020 8335 6821

interiors promotion

THE FINISHING TOUCH You don’t need to carry out a full redesign to bring a room to life. Interior designer Gabi Da Rocha shows how to pull it off with simple accessories


f you’ve recently carried out a refurbishment or are embarking on a makeover to give a room a fresh vibe, you don’t need to blow the budget and splash out on extravagant furnishings and Picasso paintings. A mix of classic and contemporary patterns and different textures will transform a room and are easy to source: a sumptuous fur throw draped over an armchair, sofa scatter cushions in muted tones, a bold geometric rug, a pair of oversized lamps, an eye-catching centrepiece and a chic collection of hanging monochromatic art. And, if your decorating scheme could do with spicing up, consider a feature wall of statement wallpaper or punchy paint. Add a personal touch by displaying meaningful pieces which reflect your passions - you might be a book collector, a music lover or an intrepid traveller with special mementos and ornaments

to show off. Cluster them together in odd numbers for your guests to admire. Don’t be afraid to work with what you’ve got. It’s often the small details that can be just as dramatic as a full redesign. Dress up a plain lampshade by adding a beaded fringe, a bobble trim or a band of ribbon. Don’t overlook curtain tiebacks – there are an abundance of different shapes, sizes, styles and materials out there or, if you’re feeling creative, make your own. Swap different photos into your picture frames, rearrange your bookshelves and give a vintage piece of furniture a lick of paint. Perhaps the legs on your rustic wood dining table have had their day - for a contemporary take on an industrial design, why not replace them with stainless steel ones? Complete the look with a vase of seasonal flowers and dot a few scented candles around your living space, arguably the most fashionable necessity of all.

Gabi Da Rocha

GABI’S SHOPPING LIST • Wallpaper & paint: • Rugs: • Cushions & throws: Designers Guild • Wall art prints: Affordable Arts Fair • Table legs: • Ornaments: TK Maxx • Candles: • Lampshade fringes & tiebacks: For more inspiration, visit or call 020 8891 3908 to make an appointment for an initial consultation. SPRING 2018


Pole Structural Engineers

Designing structures for alterations, extensions and new houses Local, friendly and professional

Admel House, 24 High Street, Wimbledon Village, SW19 5DX T: 020 8944 9955 E:

Darling-Wim sep-oct 2013.1.indd 36 25/08/2013 19:54

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Beautifully bespoke pieces from the Painted Furniture Company


he Painted Furniture Company believes your home should be as unique as you are. This is why they encourage customers to take furniture design into their own hands with some of their most popular painted furniture collections. Sometimes it can be a challenge to find furniture which fits perfectly into your home. Perhaps you’re looking for something to fit a narrow hallway, or to fill a wasted space in the bedroom. If this sounds familiar, look no further than The Painted Furniture Company. Their Island Breeze, Oxford, Mayflower and Millbrook Collections are all available in bespoke sizes and as each piece is made to order, it is often simply a case of sending off your measurements and sitting back while your new furniture is created. Their expert craftsmen are also able to make pieces in different configurations and layouts, so if you’d like an extra drawer or hanging space in your chest of drawers, you only have to ask. The experienced team are on hand to guide you through the options, ensuring the finished piece ticks the boxes for being both stylish and practical. When it comes to colour, The Painted Furniture Company has made sure you have plenty of options to choose from. While the collections can be painted in a wide range of contemporary and traditional tones, there is also the option to have your furniture painted

to match any colour from the Farrow & Ball range. With so many options to pick from, the only limitation is your imagination. Last but certainly not least, it is time to add the finer details. Select either a fully painted piece or add an extra layer of luxury with various top-quality wooden tops. There is also a huge selection of handles available; from round wooden options to antique brass or modern chrome, you’re sure to find the perfect finishing touch. The Painted Furniture Company’s stunning ranges of top-quality, bespoke designs mean that everyone can create their dream piece at a reasonable price. So if you’re looking for something beautiful, hard wearing and unique, give their expert team a call. 59-61 High Street, Hampton Wick KT1 4DG 0208 946 8336 |


The Play’s The Thing…


alk to the end of Hampton Hill High Street, past the Library, the Bloated Mallard pub and the excellent Noble Green Wine merchant and craft beer shop, and you’ll happen upon the lively Hampton Hill Theatre. Owned for the past 20 years by Teddington Theatre Club, Hampton Hill Theatre is only the most recent home of an institution founded in 1927 to help local pupils get a taste for Shakespeare – and 90 years later, is still going strong. If you’ve got a yen for the stage in all its glorious forms, then you could do worse than pay them a visit. And you don’t have to feel the need to stand in the spotlight – particularly if you’re more interested in working them from behind! The theatre is run by volunteers, and lots of people are needed to deliver a professional

theatrical experience from lighting design to Front of House, from Stage Designs , Props to that most important actors’ safety net in the Prompt corner. And if you fancy yourself as Mistress Quickly (but have a problem memorizing Shakespeare) then your role could be in the bar – the members say that the Bar is the beating heart of the theatre and is vital to the success of the club. Of course, a theatre club also needs its actors, and Teddington holds open auditions for each of their many performances, meaning that if you’ve never tried acting before, or if you’re new to the area, then you are always welcome to go along and test your feet out on the boards. New members are welcomed as participants or at a discount for audience benefits.

Chairman Clare Henderson Rowe & President Roger Smith, 90th anniversary in October 2017


The Theatre Club is proud of its roots in the community and ensures that it there is a welcome


to stage schools and drama clubs as well as to others in the community who want to rent the stages or other spaces for events and special functions. TTC produces many shows each year, and to deliver variety from farce (writer of The Good Life Bob Larby’s Month of Sundays is on later in March) to theatrical polemics, with the musical The Matchgirls showing in July being only two of their current season’s shows. Full details of shows and membership can be found on the club’s website:


Dancing on the Ceiling with Good Vibrations By Marja-Leena Toseland


am so excited to learn of Lionel Richie joining Gary Barlow, Joe Bonamassa, The Beach Boys, Jools Holland and Paloma Faith at the stunning Tudor Courtyard at Hampton Court Palace Festival in June. What a super line-up it is at this year’s festival. It’s a chance to see your superstar idol close in this intimate and beautiful setting. And it’s at our doorstep!

The festival is attracting more international superstars each year. Lionel Richie , who will perform on the 5th an 6th June as part of his UK tour, is a great coup. The Beach Boys, with founding member, 76 year old Mike Love as their lead soloist, are still incredible on stage, thrilling audiences with their old hits such as Surfin’ USA. Paloma Faith’s concert will mark her return to Hampton Court Palace Festival having last performed sold out shows there in 2015. Paloma recently reached number 1 in the album charts with the acclaimed ‘The Architect’. She has also secured a BRIT Award 2018 nomination for British Female Solo Artist.

of truly special and unique openair concerts. Attendees will arrive at the sumptuous Palace Gardens to enjoy a spot of picnicking in the spectacular surroundings with champagne available to purchase from the festival’s Champagne Partner, Champagne PIAFF. The festival also offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate special occasions in a prestigious setting, with exclusive dining and corporate entertainment available, ensuring a memorable VIP experience. Artists perform in an intimate 3,000seat auditorium in Base Court, set against the backdrop of Henry VIII’s magnificent Tudor Palace. There are still some tickets left to certain performances but many of us fans will have to take our picnics to the river banks by the palace and enjoy the good vibrations from a distance.

Now in its 26th year, Hampton Court Palace Festival, is a series Lionel Richie in Sacramento

The Beach Boys SPRING 2018



with editor Marja-Leena Toseland


Artists Rachel Pearcey (by her portrait) and Hanna ten Doorkaant

Brian and Peg Morris, Chair of KAOS

Our editor with Cllr Julie Pickering, Mayor of Kingston and Ruth Blackford


Jo Gunter and Judy Reeve

Nick Wilson

Steve and Janine Crawford, Emma Morris, Bob and Ann Souter, Neal Morris, Sian and Nick Lawson, Lotti and Richard Darwin


Marja-Leena Toseland and Jackson Pereira (co-owner and front of house)

Jerry Austin, Peter Dailey, Seb Marwood, George Cheetham and Ray Steadman


Clare Jeffries, Tessa Kind (Love Kingston, Katerina Damcova and Marina Payen

Janie Harland, Karen Powell and Linda Richards


Cllr Andrea Craig, Cllr Maria Netley and our editor

Nyx, Wonder Stick. Conceal, highlight, contour, £10.50

Radley Backpack, River Street, £99 Marja-Leena Marja-LeenaToseland, Toseland,Mayor Mayor,Cllr CllrJulie JuliePickering, Pickering, Annie AnnieArmitage Armitageand andKoo KooAnand Anand


Jan Soulsby (Truste), Linda Margistris, Lee Pycroft (Ambassador) and Charlotte Broadbent (Ambassador)

Zara, Trousers with Side Stripe, £25.99

Reiss, Leather Jacket, £395. Pink Ladies Biker

Oliver Bonas, Rose Gold Leather Makeup Bag, £34

Nita Sharma (Studio 148), Nesan Thirunesan (NC Supper Clubs), Anjula Devi (chef and author) and Bhavi Kanadia (JEEVA Naturals)


NC Supper Clubs, Top chefs cater for your guests Adidas, Ultraboost Shoes, £149.95. On trend comfort

White Horse, Dorking. Escape to Surrey Hills Sue Haswell (Hansons London team) and Sharon GordonRoberts (Normansfield Theatre/Langdown Centre) Chis Kirkham (Hansons London team) Charles Hanson and Marja-Leena Toseland

@ladywimbledon #LadyWimbledon


Vivienne Court, Lisa Taylor, Marja-Leena Toseland, Lara Zimmern and Phoenix Lindeque Clare Mannall, Lucinda Quigley and Alex Hughes

Amanda Cullen, Rachel Russell, Henika Thompson and Celine Turner

Sandra Porter, Joanne Redington and Trevor Aston


Karen Powell, Tessa Kind and Natalie Crew (Kingston Chamber of Commerce)

Tony Mills (Love Kingston) Mayor, Cllr Julie Pickering and Tessa Kind (Love Kingston)

Photos by Joanne Redington Photography

Mayor, Cllr Julie Pickering Sorrell Parsons


Nick Blanchard, Alex Whitman and Danny Cheema

Our editor wih the Chamber team: Natalie Crew, Amanda McLoughlin, Jerry Irving (CEO) and Wanda McFarlane


Margaret Yates, Erica Leslie and Katie Glen

Hilary Gander and Jerry Irving Rosy Jones, Anu West, Karine Torr and Marja-Leena Toseland


Janie Harland, Linda Richards and Lucy Symons

Lisa Doherty and Gilda Cevasco

Liliana Mourenza and Sarah Goebel (SieMatic by Project Kitchens)

The design team from Bathroom Eleven: Johanna Flores, Adam Wollerton, Karolina Dambra-Uskaide and Ben Setterfield (MD)


Sam and Beth Mark, Natalie Kay-Thatcher, Simone Kay, Martin, Alana , front: Jasmine and Poppy Kay



Darling Wimbledon editor and pubsliher with Marja-Leena Toseland

Debbie Tembo (Obelisk Support), Gemma Mossakowska (Macquarie) and Dominie Moss (The Retun Hub)

Caroline Edwards (The Really Helpful Club), Marja-Leena Toseland, Alison Cork (Alison at Home), Karine Torr and Eaine Halligan

Mike Smith and Jessica Chu (both from Santander)

Sarah Austin, Founder of The Really Helpful Club with Alison Cork


Jeff Davila (Aerolatino), Helena Whitekar, Miae Kim, Cato Wille, Sarah Castledine and Fraser Metcalfe

Tricia Ingham, Patricia Campbell-Parker, Marja-Leena and Sarah Castledine


Lyndsay Russell and our editor

With Becky Chester, Martina Grubmueller, Andrea Basilio, Lyndsay Russell and Sandra Tooley

May Simpkin, Charlotte Broadbent, Anjula Devi (chef and food writer), Marja-Leena and Karine Torr

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MOT, mechanical & electrical repairs, bodywork and recovery 26 Elm Rd, New Malden KT3 3HB | Tel: 020 8942 1911 Mob: 07961 859 128

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SPRING EXHIBITION 2018 Private View Friday 25th May 6.30—8.30pm Exhibition Saturday 26th May : 10am—6pm Sunday 27th May : 10am—6pm Monday 28th May : 10am—6pm

Become a Fresh Partner:

St Thomas Aquinas Church Hall

Contact Sveta Longley on:


HAM GATE AVENUE stop on 65 bus Norman Ullathorne

Sat 24 March Twickenham Art Circle Spring Exhibition Sat 14–Sun 15 April Fri 20 April Maddy Prior Supper Richmond and Twickenham Photographic Society Annual Exhibition Thu 29– Sun 8 April Richmond Art Society Exhibition Sat 5th - Mon 7th May, 10am–4pm The Landmark Spring Art Fair Sat 19th - Sun 20th May The Strawbs May 31st, 8pm For full listings go to

Raven’s Ait, Queen’s Promenade 1st April, 12am-6pm 2 Courses - £20.00 3 Courses - £25.00

A Month of Sundays 17th - 23rd March The Matchgirld 18th and 25th March Open mornings 7th April, 12th May, 2nd June, 10-12 Stones in his Pockets 29th April - 5th May The Ruling Class 12th - 18th May ttc-calendar

Woodwork Saturday Club for 1116 year olds. (up to 6 students) 10th March, 14th April, 12th May, 9th June ongoing, 2-4pm Join David Free, presenter of the Great British Woodshop Television series in a fully equipped workshop. £25 per session Kirsty@greatbritishwoodshop.

The English pen literature festival March 7, 7-9:00pm All Saint’s Church, Kingston Free

Normansfield Theatre

Peter Rabbit at Kew Gardens 30 March – 15 April ,10am–4:15pm Easter Egg Hunt, Make a Kite and other activities Ham House Fri 30 March to Sun 15 April, 10-5pm National Trust Easter Egg Hunt Fri 30 Mar to Mon 2 April, 10:30am4pm, Claremont Landscape Garden KT10 9JG The Egg-cellent Easter Games at Ham House Tue 3rd to Sun 15th April 'Hop Scotch', hopping bunny sack race, and an egg & spoon obstacle course. Make your own bunny ears Easter Sunday Lunch, Easter Egg Hunt and Children’s Craft Corner

THEATRES Rose Theatre

10th anniversary

Much Ado About Nothing Fri 13th Apr - Sun 6th May Animalphabet The Musical Mon 7th May, 2pm Sherlock Holmes: The Final Curtain Mon 14th - Sat 19th May Full listings: Teddington Theatre Club

Now Here’s a FUNNY STORY! 17th March Hansons Auction and Valuation Day 24th March, 9am - 5pm Oxley-Meier Guitar Project 14th April Don Giovanni 20th April, 7pm - April 21st, 10pm La Traviata 5th May Full listings: LANDMARK ARTS CENTRE TEDDINGTON Contemporary Textiles Fair Fri 16–Sun 18 March Bring Your Own Baby Comedy Tue 20th March Simply Bowie Supper Thu 22nd March Lunchtime Book Club Fri 23 March (most Fridays) Teddington Choral Society 44



Cygnets Travelling Arts School Classes creative projects and techniques such as drawing, painting, clay, sewing and printmaking. Over Easter, check for details £25 per child British Bread Golf Open Sun 8th April ,1-3pm Eagle Brewery Wharf through Ram Passage, Kingston

Goodstuff@RamJamRecords Fri 10th March, 9pm 46 Richmond Road Kingston upon Thames live-music-2 SURREY SCULPTURE 2018 Lecture Programme Launch ‘Understanding Sculpture’ a lecture by renowned sculptor Simon Buchanan Wed, 21st March, 7pm The Cass Art Space, Cass Art Shop, Kingston. Tickets £5 from Cass Art ASK Topical Lunch - Growing plants, growing people - The Stud Nursery in the Home Park April 12th, 1-1:45pm Lunch from 12:00am All Saint’s Church, Kingston, Free Surbiton Food Festival 5th to 20th May Various venues in Surbiton Freshwater Sardine Festival Sun 6th May, 1-5.30pm Claremont Gardens, Surbiton


Chamber Concert - The Artesian Quartet May 14, 7:30- 9:30 pm All Saint’s Church, Kingston £15/£5 Kingston Beer and Cider Festival 17th to 19th May 5-9pm Kingston Workingmen's Club page/6-events European Poetry Festival 5th to 12th April, opening Night 5th April: Free europe Ham Art Group Spring Exhibition Fri 25th to Mon 28th May, 10am - 6pm Private view Fri 25th, 6:30-8:30pm St Thomas Aquinas Church Hall, Ham Common

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SPRING BRIDGE With Darling’s bridge expert Paul Mendelson This hand defeats most players yet, upon analysis, it is embarrassingly logical. Would you play it correctly?

♠ West S 876 H K1052 D K42 C J106

♦ Dealer South N E NB 2D NB 3NT

North S A109 H 9873 D 873 C 954

♥ East S 5432 H QJ6 D 965 C K87

South S KQJ H A4 D AQJ10 C AQ32

E/W Game S W 2C NB 2NT NB

South’s 2♣ opening bid was the strongest bid she had available; 2♦ was a negative and 2NT showed a balanced 23-24pts. North raised to game. Declarer has 3 spades tricks and one each in hearts, diamonds and clubs. You need three more. Crucially, you only have one entry to dummy. There is one piece of good news: West’s 2♥ lead suggests a lead from a 4-card suit. If you use the A♠ entry to take the diamond finesse, it loses, and now you cannot get back to dummy to take the club finesse. But, here’s the thing: even if the diamond finesse had won, you could not get back to the table to take it again. So, you were almost certainly going to lose K♦ anyway - whoever held it. For that reason, declarer should win trick 1 with A♥ and lay down A♦ and then Q♦, continuing until K♦ is taken. E/W will take 3 heart tricks, but now you still have A♠ in dummy to reach the table and take the club finesse which, thankfully, wins.

shop local SPRING 2018


point of view

The Silver Lining


here I was, having coffee with my editor, when she stopped and stared at me intently. “You are beautiful,” she said. “Well, thank you,” I replied, chuffed. “No, I’m thinking U. R. Beautiful. The beauty salon. You need to go.” Oh. Not quite the same sentiment. To be fair, I’d had my hair in waist-length silver braids for the last four months, and having taken them out I was well aware I was left with such dyed and dried blonde hair that it looked like I was styled by The Donald. My editor reached in her bag for her mobile, as if making an emergency call, “UR stands for Urban Retreat. You need a new headshot, and there’s only so much Photoshop can do.” “Well they sound like Pets R Us.” I complained, feeling like I was being booked into the groomers. “Are you saying I’m a dog?” “Not at all”. “What then, that I’m letting down the On the Scene social pages?” Too long a silence. “I was joking” I added. Marja-Leena responded by practically speeddialling them. So off I padded like a disgraced puppy. The salon nestles on the first floor in Boots. Hidden



away, it’s a gem. Sam the senior stylist took to the challenge like a Britain’s Bake-Over finalist as I explained how my hair had grown grey prematurely. (Editor: Yeah right. Did you also explain how your nose had just grown too?) Their task was to reduce the Myra Hindley brassy yellow dyed ends and turn me into my dream blonde - an all over ash-silver white. Very fashionable, and a colour no salon had yet achieved due to my normally dark brown hair that was currently being afflicted with unexpected grey. We browsed the internet pictures to get a clear idea of the options. Sam warned me to that to keep the cool, white shade I picked out would mean applying a violet toner regularly - but it turned out to be a price worth paying, because three and a half hours later, she had worked magic. It’s tricky for a woman of a certain age to get the ‘grey’ right. Too short a cut and you look like a granny. Too long, and a hippy. Just right…and you can appear on the social pages of Darling Magazine. U R Beautiful Boots 1st Floor Kingston Upon Thames

KeVIN KAReN presents


d a n ce

LIVE TOUR 2018 New Wimbledon Theatre Saturday 16 June at 2.30 & 7.30pm book at in association with Raymond Gubbay

Darling Magazine - Kingston Spring 2018  

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Darling Magazine - Kingston Spring 2018  

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