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Daria! Issue VIII - 2017

DARIA! 2017 / 2018


Rising Stars LINEUP Brasov Int'l Film Festival 14 - 24 September 2017

Behind the Scenes

Hollywood with







t is that time of the year again, September, when the annual issue of the magazine is published. This is when I take a moment to reflect on the previous editions, to think about all the people who graced the pages of Daria! and to re-examine the many subjects its articles addressed over the course of the last twelve years. On this year’s cover, we have the classy and savvy Hollywood producer and entre-preneur, Jamee Daria Trifu Natella. A native of ChicaEditor-in-Chief go, she started her journey in the film industry at a very young age. After catching the attention of Benicio Del Toro and producing his first short film, Submission, she went on to establish her very own production company in Tokyo and later opened offices in London and in Hollywood. As a woman in Hollywood she persevered in holding top creative positions as she’s been working with some of the best talent and film executives there are. We interviewed Jamee exclusively for this magazine and had the pleasure to work with her, in front of the camera too, for the cover of this issue. When I founded Daria! in 2005 I wanted to create something different from what existed, at that time, on the market. I humbly believe that I did just that. The target was to illustrate entertainment, art and business subjects in exclusivity, to write about new talents and about very original issues that are principally related to the film industry. I’m happy to see that, every year, Daria! expands its subjects and the number of its readers. This is, in part, due to the fact that the magazine grows with me and with my company’s activities. In 2011, together with film director Bruno Pischiutta, I founded the Brasov International Film Festival & Market. From that time, I am constantly in contact with hundreds of filmmakers and I have the privilege of watching a considerable number of nonviolent films every year.

Since the inception of the Festival, Daria! publishes articles, in most cases in exclusivity, about the participating filmmakers and their selected films. I can now say with satisfaction that between the over 10,000 festivals that exist globally today, ours is the most important and renown nonviolent film festival in the world. Last year, we moved the Festival from the small city of Brasov (Romania) and we brought it online. Today, anyone in the world can watch the selected films from the comfort of their home. In 2012, my company opened a new division: Brasov Talent Agency. The Agency applies the Hollywood system of the Studios used in the 50s that has created Stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and many others. Daria! magazine followed, of course, the new division’s development and informed the readers about its success. Today, the Agency has about fifty professional actors under contract and has created a talent pool of over 4,000 English speaking talents from all over the world. A big part of the first issue of the magazine, in 2005, was dedicated to the feature film Punctured Hope that was produced by myself and directed by Bruno Pischiutta. The film was qualified for nomination consideration at the 2010 Academy Awards® and was proposed for nomination in two categories, Best Film Expose and Best Film on Human Rights, by the Political Film Society in Hollywood. In the last few years, my company produced only two feature documentaries but it developed a slate of ten major feature films and ten related documentaries, to be produce in the next five years. At this time, the target is to bring the company public and to finance the very expensive production of its film slate. I hope that, in the next issue of Daria!, I will be able to inform the readers about more successes of our enterprises. D! Daria! 2017 / 2018



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Photographer: Fidel Gonzalez Photography Hair and MakeUp: Trish Gossett Fashion Styling: Mike Sam Shot at: KUJA Studios, Downtown Los Angeles

Daria! 2017 / 2018


Natural Born Entrepreneur A Journey

Film Producer

Jamee Natella Tokyo, London and Hollywood. free-skates between

Daria! 2017 / 2018


hen producer and entrepreneur Jamee Natella walks into a room in her high heels and A-line skirt, she is poised, elegant and confident. Two study dark-haired, olive skinned young men in suits, who usually accompany Jamee to business meetings, pull out her chair for her to be seated.

She supported herself as an actress, while she pursued producer roles and was undaunted by the “celluloid ceiling,” the term which refers to the underrepresentation of women in creative positions in Hollywood, the mecca of the U.S. film industry. Jamee preferred to focus on what she could do something about, and what was right in front of her. Hard work has never failed Jamee Natella. She concentrated on building relationships with studio heads, and production companies. Soon she was working for Warner Brothers and Touchstone Pictures.


amee is not only a major influencer in the awardwinning commercials we watch but the movies she produces are attracting international interest. “I choose storylines which focus on personal experiences, and can affect change in audience’s lives,” revealed Jamee. The Hallmark Channel’s decision this past year to order a sequel to the TV drama, “JL Family Ranch,” starring Jon Voight, James Cannes, Melanie Griffith and is an example of the enduring qualities of her work as an executive producer.

“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” Gloria Steinem Whether it is a boardroom full of advertising and corporate executives, film studio chiefs, politicians, or a parent, teacher conference, Jamee is polished in her preparation, and has nothing to prove, so she is usually the last person to talk, because she’s genuinely interested in hearing what you have to say. While she may be quiet, Jamee’s presence is seen and felt. With her celestial blue eyes, set off by a flawless tawny skin and golden blonde hair, Jamee looks like she just stepped out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.


successful child actor in Chicago, Jamee’s innate curiosity led her behind the camera to see what the director, cinematographer and the producers were doing. She fell in love with producing, where she could influence the visual imprint on audience’s minds. At 17, Jamee’s passion for the film business was so strong, she moved to Los Angeles. Daria! Daria!2017 2017/ 2018 / 2018

Her attention to detail and resourcefulness caught the eye of Benicio Del Toro in 1995, who was directing a short film called, “Submission.” Del Toro hired Jamee as his producer. She soon became known for her flawless producing skills and branched out into commercials, partnering with BBDO, before launching Blueyed Pictures. As the founder and CEO, Jamee hired a creative team from the top directors and production associates in the industry, and her client roster quickly grew to A-list advertising agencies and major corporations such as Virgin Enterprises, Lexus Toyota, Pepsi, Visa, and even McDonalds. “I produced a popular television talk show for the Tokyo Broadcast System, so I had a generous amount of contacts in Asia,“ Jamee explains. “It just made sense to start up my company in Tokyo, where I saw a need for fusing Asian and Western production. An office in London followed, and finally, I established my headquarters in LA. Now, all three offices provide unparalleled global production services.”

“When you have a great story, and a talented cast of actors, who read between the lines and develop rich characters, like Jon and Jimmy do, as feuding Texas landowners, my job as a producer is even more pleasurable.” 2018 is a busy filmmaking period for Jamee as she produces a taut, psychological thriller, “Nightmare 19,” with Peter Moore Smith directing (actress Julianne Moore’s brother). Two other films are in pre-production and she’s developing a haunting film based on a true story about a notorious Japanese serial killer. There is no shortage of film projects for Jamee, but she carefully considers her options. “I have a stack of rejected scripts lined up almost to the top of the door frame in my office,” says Jamee. “They are all chick-flicks, which I’m not interested in producing.” It may seem that Jamee’s insistence on quality over quantity is a risky proposition, in an entertainment town which still favors men over women in all the major entertainment roles, with only 25 per cent of women working as producers.


f course, I want work. What producer doesn’t?” asks Jamee. “But, I’m selective. I choose story lines, which focus on personal experiences, and can affect change in audience’s lives. I want people to leave the theatre inspired that they too can overcome an adversity and challenge, and come out on the others side, a better person.” In addition to making an impact in films, Jamee is equally passionate about her work with strategic partners dedicated to protecting health and defending the planet’s sustainability. “Water and energy are two of our most pressing global health and environmental issues facing the world today.” She’s challenging major cities to support her clean water from pipelines, with her revolutionary water consumption and conservation solution. A majority of the revenue for this business venture goes back to individual communities. The funds are earmarked for updating municipal pipelines for clean drinking tap water, eliminating harmful chemicals, and preventing the need for bottled water. Jamee Natella is often asked to reveal the secret to her success. She answers this question with a question: “Ask yourself, “What do I really want?” D!

“I want people to leave the theatre that they too can an adversity and challenge, and come out on the others side, a .”


overcome better person

Daria! 2017 / 2018

Brasov International Film Festival & Market 14 - 24 September 2017

Brasov Int’l Film Festival & Market was founded in 2012. It is the most important and renown nonviolent film festival in the world; it was created by film director Bruno Pischiutta, who serves as its Artistic Consultant, and film producer Daria Trifu, who continues to organize the annual event and is the Festival Director. Film producer Elio Dell’Unto is the President of the Jury and an editor for Daria! magazine. “If you visit a film market place (e.g.: the Cannes Film Market and/or the American Film Market) and you look at the posters of the films that can be purchased you will be surprised by the amount of violence and graphic sexuality that is portrait on most of the posters. This happens because many producers wrongly believe that sex and violence are commercial elements that are necessary in successful films. This belief generates a negative competition, i.e., films try to be the Elio Dell’Unto, Bruno Pischiutta and Daria Trifu most violent and the most sexual. Family films (e.g.: Disney’s films) have always been the most successful at the box-office. If it is true that a share of the market in the USA and in the Western world love to see sequences of violence and graphic sexuality, it is also true that many adults in North-America and in Europe are tired of these elements being present in most of the films and they desire an approach based on different and deeper themes. A big share of the viewers in the Western world no longer go to the cinema because they always see the same things. If this is true in the Western world, it is more actual in China, India and many other Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries. In most of those countries, violent and graphically explicit sexual content will not be screened because it is against the local law and/or religion. Daria! 2017 / 2018

This introduction is important in order to understand the unique niche of our festival and of our company. Global Film Studio, the owner and financier of Brasov Int’l Film Festival, remains faithful to its commitment of choosing to invest in nonviolent and ethical media related ventures that provoke thought and address topical issues of our time,” – says Film Director Bruno Pischiutta. In 2016, the founders made film and internet history by bringing the Festival on-line exclusively and therefore allowing the world viewers to enjoy the selected films from the comfort of their homes.

FILM DISTRIBUTION The films selected to participate are guaranteed a distribution contract proposal from Global Film Distribution, a Division of Global Film Studio Inc. “Our mission is to give the possibility of world distribution, in every media and market window, to nonviolent and high quality films produced in different countries. We believe that producers often participate to festivals in the hope that a distributor sees the film and picks it up.

www.vimeo.com/ondemand/BrasovFilmFestival The 6th edition of the Brasov Int’l Film Festival takes place in 2017 between September 14 and 24 on Global Film Studio’s Vimeo on-demand channel. The Festival presents works in competition. A selection committee chooses, among all submissions, the best feature films, documentaries, docudramas and shorts that make up the official lineup. The awards are announced on the last night and they are listed on the IMDB. The Festival encourages the participation of independent works; the selection committee gives priority to the artistic quality and to newcomers. Some of the filmmakers awarded include: Nicole Kidman, Woody Allen, Richard Gere, Keira Knightley, Robert Redford, Sarah Jessica Parker, Woody Harrelson and Cameron Diaz. Some of the independent films awarded at the Festival gained access to theatrical releases and have competed for Academy Awards® nomination consideration.

Why not to avoid a number of steps and make it so that, in many cases, the company that owns the film festival distributes their films itself and creates a one stop shop for producers? In addition to seven completed feature films that are already part of our catalogue and five more that have been recently commissioned, we believe that we are well on our way of creating a relevant and high quality Library of Films that can be of interest to the major Hollywood Film Studios and film distributions worldwide,” – states Daria Trifu, Executive Producer, President and C.E.O. of Global Film Studio Inc. Global Film Distribution will take care of the promotional and distribution expenses for the films it represents keeping just a percentage of their income.

Daria! 2017 / 2018

DARIA! MAGAZINE In addition to the Festival’s own promotional tools which are already extensive, Brasov Film Festival offers added exposure to the participating films and filmmakers by featuring them in Daria!, an art, entertainment & business magazine founded in 2005. The annual magazine is published in September and it is available online. The look of Daria! combines that of Vanity Fair and of National Geo-graphic. Most of what is published in Daria!, could not be read elsewhere.

The aim of Daria! is to influence the opinion of those who have power and desire to change the world for the better by engaging them on the topics, the people and the films featured on its pages. The printed version of Daria! has been handed-out during private events in Monte Carlo (Jockey Club, The Fairmont Hotel), in New York City (The Friars Club), in Montreal (One World Film Festival), in Los Angeles (The Fairmont Hotel, The American Film Market), in Brasov (International Film Festival), in Last Vegas, in Cannes (Cannes Film Festival) and more.

Film Director Adam Miklós, joined by his production team, shows the beautiful trophy they received for their film “The Legacy of Menla" that was awarded Best Feature Documentary at Brasov Int'l Film Festival in 2016.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING & PARTNERS The Festival has its own marketing and promotional reach of +20,000 film and media executives on a yearly bases through direct e-mail campaigns, newsletters as well as through its film submission platforms. Aside from its direct marketing, the Festival is partner with Toronto Pictures (+100,000 followers on Twitter @TorPix), iPitchTV (members include: Discovery Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment Television, New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers, Echo Lake Entertainment, Relativity Television, CBS and +9,000 newsletter subscribers), InkTip (+58,000 newsletter subscribers), The Film Festival Doctor, Spanish Public Media in Chicago and Daria! magazine. “We promote the participating films on an ongoing basis via our own social media outreach and our partners. We offer the maximum exposure to the films and filmmakers year-long because we don’t just advertise and promote the films during the 11 day festival but we screen the trailers on our on-line channel after the event ends, plus we promote the yearly Daria! magazine for twelve consecutive months. We also encourage the filmmakers to take personal action and use the tools we offer. We suggest that they share, throughout their social media platforms, the articles about their films published in Daria! as well as that they invite the people from their own communities to our Festival’s Vimeo channel. When we choose to offer a distribution proposal to a film, we take into consideration its popularity and the number of views it received on our channel,” – says Ms. Trifu.

GLOBAL FILM STUDIO’S MISSION STATEMENT “We want the rights of women and children to be respected. We want to fight intellectual pollution, stupidity, racism and discrimination. We want to show that nonviolent films can be commercially viable and can contribute to achieving a better world. We want to win the fight against ignorance and bigotry. We want to use the art of film as a weapon in order to improve the viewers’ lifestyle and to advance their mentality thereby enhancing their life experience and introducing the reflection about major social problems that anguish our world today through positive thinking. Our CAUSE is driven by high ideals and it is more important than anyone of us. It is a new world; it is time for a new morality! It is time to put the important things first. We are working for our CAUSE through the medium of film because we are filmmakers. Film is our way of expressing ourselves and we take into consideration the fact that our films will live on after us: they will become our legacy.” - Maestro Bruno Pischiutta, Chairman of the Board of Global Film Studio. D! Daria! 2017 / 2018


All American Child Actress Taylor Williams


he very young and multitalented child actress Taylor Williams is

exceptionally brought to several arts; she excels in music, drawing and writing but she has chosen to devote her utmost towards acting. Despite her very young age, she has been contracted exclusively for worldwide representation as a film actress by Brasov Talent Agency.

“Taylor is unique in a very good sense: she is serious about her career and has an artistic vision of everything she does.”

Beijing New York

- Director Bruno Pischiutta

“It took me only a short conversation and a Skype audition to decide offering her an exclusive contract with our Agency”, says film director Bruno Pischiutta. He continues, ”she is luckily very far from other young aspiring actors, many of whom are interested in superficial pleasures such as indulging in sexual promiscuity and easily falling in the trap of drug abuse”.

Daria! 2017 / 2018

Taylor studied many musical instruments mastering the flute and fife. She taught herself to play piano, guitar, percussion, bagpipes, piccolo and violin; she also began voice coaching for both singing and acting. While on brake from her musical studies, she went on to attend the School of Art in Williamsburg, Virginia, where she studied portrait painting and portrait sketching. Taylor Williams excels in dance and gymnastics too. “At the age of six, for family reasons, I moved to Virginia. I have to say now that, as much as I was hurt at the time, moving to Virginia has changed my life for the better. I attended public schools and a lot of classes that I truly enjoyed. I discovered my love for art in the 4th grade. I always made good grades in school; I believe that this is because I love history and learning. Last year, I joined my school’s drama class and ended up winning the award for best overall drama student of the year. My life hasn’t always been easy, but I do the best I can everyday. I have lost four family members to cancer over the last few years, so I have also felt and learned a lot of sadness.” D!

Daria! 2017 / 2018


Short Film / 20 min. / Afghanistan

MARY MOTHER A Short Film by Sadam Wahidi Mary and her daughters live in a remote village of Afghanistan, and her only son is serving in the military in Kunduz province. Upon hearing that the authorities have no news of her son following a fatal attack by the Taliban, she starts her own journey to find him.

Daria! 2017 / 2018

Short Film / 25 min. / China

COCOON A Short Film by Mei Liying "I was born and raised in Wuhan, a secondary city in Mainland China. When I was about 11, 12 years old and heading into my adolescence years, China was also going through a transitioning period, from a postrevolution socialism country to a more diverse, modern and free country. Western value started impacting people’s lifestyle and behavior. When I was growing up, I had a feeling that my country was growing up together with me.

This film is a coming of age story about a broken modern Chinese family, female sex Beijing New inYork awakening and homosexuality China. The 12-year-old Qingqing is a sensitive and curious girl, she is at the life stage of ‘too old to be naïve and too young to be mature’. What happens at home and school makes her very confused. At home, she stalks her mom and tries to figure out what’s going on between mom and auntie Ling. She doesn’t understand whether their intimacy is pure friendship or something else. At school, the girls start talking about the growth of their bodies while the adults try to keep them away from the topic of ‘sex’. From this little girl’s point of view, I want to tell a Chinese story that’s never told before." - Director Mei Liying Daria! 2017 / 2018

1997 China is a place of transitions. Control of Hong Kong has just returned to the mainland. Western values are beginning to impact traditional Chinese values. At this time, 11-year-old Qingqing is also in a place of transition. On the cusp of adolescence, she lives with her mom in the peaceful city of Wuhan. Her father, who works in Shenzhen (China’s first special economic zone) comes home only once a month. Qingqing and her friends are beginning to discover the opposite sex, and each other. When Qingqing discover her mom’s oddly close relationship with a female friend, she starts stalking them, only to discover a secret that will unravel her peaceful family life, and all her burgeoning conceptions about love, sex, and female desire.

Daria! 2017 / 2018

Feature Documentary / 98 min. / USA

PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE A Feature Documentary by Bo Boudart "When I started production, I knew that Brian Willson had a powerful story for the film but there were also powerful stories expressed by other peace activists we filmed. The most difficult part of making this documentary was to edit it from a four hour rough cut into the one and a half hour documentary that we released.



It took me four years to make this documentary. In this time, for me, the most gratifying feeling was the camaraderie that I felt among all those who participated and also from those who thanked us fo r m akin g it.” Director Bo Boudart

Daria! 2017 / 2018


his documentary shows how one man's actions changed the course of history when he challenged his US foreign policy decisions. S. Brian Willson is a Vietnam veteran turned anti-war activist. He witnessed his government repeating the mistake of entering another war in Nicaragua, after Vietnam, and he decided to protest it together with others. It ultimately forces each of them to face life's eternal questions head on. Brian protested the US training of the Contras sent to subvert the democratically elected government of Nicaragua. This documentary includes historic video footage of Brian's numerous nonviolent actions against US government’s illegal intervention in many third world Central American countries. More than four years in the making, this film recounts Brian’s story and other veterans’ stories that still resonate deeply among many Americans, Nicaraguans and people worldwide. Brian’s actions were recorded in archival footage including a peaceful protest of blocking a munitions train on the tracks at the US Navy's Weapons station that nearly cost his life. Brian's many actions against war and injustice prompted the mobilization of many thousands of Americans to follow his non-violent activism until today. He is joined and supported by many friends and peace activists in the film including Dan Ellsberg, Medea Benjamin, Colonel Ann Wright, Alice Walker, Martin Sheen, Ron Kovic, David Hartsough and others. The film challenges viewers in the US to become more involved as citizens and to raise more consciousness and awareness about the roles people can take to become more actively involved against their government's limitless expenditures on militarism and its propaganda. Daria! 2017 / 2018

"I do not have any first hand knowledge of what I was thinking before impact. I suffer from what they call retrograde amnesia, an amnesia that begins an hour or so before I was struck, and extending for two or three days after. Years later, one of the other two veteran blockers with me at the time asked me if I remembered my last words. Of course, I didn’t and still don’t, but he indicated he had asked me what I was feeling as the train seemed to be picking up speed, and he said that I responded, “I am nervous”. It never occurred to the three of us that the authorities would choose to run the train over us. This was a site that for twenty years had been the scene of other blocks going back to the Vietnam war days in the 1960s. There was a protocol, as well as law, that the slow moving 5 mph speed limit trains were to always stop and have local police make arrests before proceeding through the public intersection where we were blocking. A large sign was posted within a few feet of our block, notifying the public of the penalties for blocking a federal cargo/munitions train one year in prison and a $5,000 fine. And the evidence overwhelmingly reveals it was NO accident. It was intentional, an act intended to destroy our long campaign of daily blocks. One of the other veteran blockers, Duncan, as well as myself, it turned out were on the FBI’s domestic terrorist suspect list. And the official Navy report of what happened that day, concludes the train was accelerating at the moment of impact about three times the 5 mph speed limit, and the train crew never attempted to brake even as the report concluded the crew could see us for 650 feet. I spent 28 days recovering in the hospital. During that time I received thousands of letters from Europe, Russia, Latin America, Australia and new Zealand, as well as the United States. When I was released from the hospital I immediately began learning to walk on two prostheses, and resumed my activism in a variety of ways. It never occurred to me to stop my activities, even as I have had to obviously learn how to adjust to certain mobility limitations." - S. Brian Willson Daria! 2017 / 2018

Feature Documentary / 40 min. / Netherlands

MOKUM ALEPH A Feature Documentary by Berenike Rozgonyi


ntering the old Jewish ghetto of Amsterdam is not possible anymore. Even though the archives are full of material, the people are gone. This lost world is brought to life in ‘Mokum Aleph’ where Amsterdam shows a hidden and almost forgotten side of its face. Thus begins the search for what ever gave Amsterdam the name 'Jerusalem of the West'.

The most decisive, the core o f t h e A m s t e rd a m J e w i s h identity is the vanished Jewish neighbourhood. The place where everything began, the 'womb' from which all stemmed. The film focuses on the unspoiled atmosphere, the undamaged life before the war. The ending of this story is known, what is told in the film is what preceded.

Daria! 2017 / 2018

Docudrama / 22 min. / Hungary



A Docudrama by Scott Alexander Young

Cafe in the Sky tells the story of Gloomy Sunday 'the forbidden song', and its composer, a tragicomic bar room piano player, named Rudi Seress. The year is 1933, the place, Budapest, Hungary. In the midst of the depression era, with World War II drawing ever closer, this song seemed to summon the dark spirit of the times, a spirit that once again has relevance in our own troubled era. In 1941, Gloomy Sunday was covered by Billie Holiday in the US, and has since been recorded by everyone from Björk to Elvis Costello. With a mixture of interviews, dramatic reconstructions and musical performances, A Café in the Sky explores the song, its impact, and the life of its eccentric composer. The film is set against the backdrop of several turbulent decades in the incredible city of Budapest. Made on a shoestring, and very much a labor of love, the producer hopes to finally give this docudrama the exposure it deserves.

"Visually our aim was to capture the atmosphere of Budapest in the 1930s, restricting ourselves to locations where our subject had actually lived and breathed but that had not been modernized.” - Scott Alexander Young Daria! 2017 / 2018


ith A Cafe in the Sky we sought to look We were very careful to keep our production into the story behind the so-called suicide's song design and costumes authentic, yet strove to develop a strong color scheme and mood Gloomy Sunday. Intrinsically through the cinematography that linked with melancholia and would enhance the story yet still death from its very creation, we wanted to dramatize scenes remain true to its time. Finally, and in a project such as this, from the composer's life, very importantly, we recruited sketching out the events and differ-ent bands of musicians to relationships that would lead record a few of the composer’s him to pen a melody that would travel the world whilst, original songs, some for the first time, and integrated them into in contrast, he would never the soundtrack. All together, we leave a small district of hoped to give a glimpse to the Budapest. Alongside this we audience of a world now vanconducted interviews to give background to these events and ished and give flesh to the idea that the sweetest music of all is study what it was that made the song so powerful that it would played a minor key.” - Director be banned from the airwaves. Scott Alexander Young

Daria! 2017 / 2018

Short Documentary / 18 min. / USA

BLIND AMBITION A Short Documentary by

Shihyun Wang

Darci is a star. She may not be the brightest star in the night, but she warmed hearts of people around her. See how she overcame Diabetes since 7, raised two children as a blind single parent but still kept her dreams alive. This is the story of Darci Borelli, a woman with vision even after losing her eye sight. Short Documentary / 22 min. / USA

Before trying to figure out why Queen Elizabeth I remained single, let's first find out who the suitors are and when they proposed. Then we can see why she just kept on saying no. Daria! 2017 / 2018


Short Film / 7 min. / USA

A BROKEN EGG A Short Film by Tushar Tyagi This is the story of a dysfunctional family that goes through varied emotions over dinner due to the recent discovery of their teen daughter being pregnant. The daughter is adamant to keep he boyfriend’s baby, as her boyfriend recently died in an accident.

“This film is very close to my heart: it shows that even if people feel right in their own shoes, one situation can make life a mess. I wanted to make this one-scene movie just to put the audience in one location where the pressure keeps rising.” - Director Tushar Tyagi Daria! 2017 / 2018

Short Documentary / 21 min. / Bulgaria, Croatia

EQUILIBRIUM OF DIVING A Short Documentary by Alexandros Barpayianis

"Every day in our lives we never take the time to appreciate the two great blue beauties of the world; the sky and the ocean." - Director Alexandros Barpayianis

Daria! 2017 / 2018

“Why do we do this? Why do we ignore these two amazing wonders of the world? Is it because we are so used to seeing them every day that they just come off as unimportant in our hectic lives? Or is it that most of us have a fear of letting go, even if it’s just for a short time? When was the last time you dove into the ocean and mingled with the gill-clad creatures of the deep, or even looked up at the sky to appreciate its beauty and splendor? I’ll bet none of you have even

considered diving from the sky and experiencing one of the great rushes of life. Well, this short is for you. Come away from the land you once knew and take the plunge into the ‘Equilibrium of Diving’. In this short film, you will see and experience a combination of sky and undersea diving footage that is graced with a beautiful poem, which speaks of the freedom present within the two great blue wonders of the world. This is a film about letting go of the monotony of the mainland and becoming one with two vast frontiers of excitement, along with sampling a taste of the ultimate rushes in life. Dive from the sky, free-falling just past the chaos and mayhem of the world and then enter the serene sea for encounters with creatures that welcome you into their world with open fins.” - Director Alexandros Barpayianis Daria! 2017 / 2018

Short Film / 20 min. / Mexico

BROTHER A Short Film by David Zonana

Hernán is a 30 years old middle class man living in México City. He has been working in shady businesses and needs to pay his debts soon, but his mother's illness has drained his resources.

Daria! 2017 / 2018

Hernán will take a difficult decision in order to stop the increasing hospital expenses related to his mother’s illness. The outcome won't be what he expected.

Short Film / 17 min. / Russia, Georgia

HE SAID “MOMMY� A Short Film by Arsen Agadjanyan The plot of the film takes place on a small patio in the center of a southern cosy, sunny city. The head of the friendly family decides, by any means, to find a possible new lover for his daughter. He is allowed to drink and be angry in moderation. The father is even ready to fall out with his neighbour and best friend in order to make his daughter happy. Neither he, nor their neighbours, who are also worried about the girl, can imagine who will be the girl's lover.

Daria! 2017 / 2018

Short Film / 21 min. / Bulgaria, Croatia

RED LIGHT A Short Film by Toma Waszarow

In a small village, a bus stops at the only intersection where the traffic light is stuck on red. The bus driver refuses to move forward which provokes a conflict with the passengers and the local law enforcement.

Daria! 2017 / 2018

Short Film / 11 min. / Greece

PET A Short Film by Chris Moraitis

“A film about childhood and the time you have to leave behind your innocence in order to survive” Dimitris (a ten years old boy) is the only child of a rich family. The only person who took care of him, his grandma, is dead. Now, his only companion is his pet guinea pig. When Dimitris’ parents decide a cruel future for him, Dimitris, in order to survive, “cripples” the most pure side of himself.

An Oscar Qualifying Film 2017 Daria! 2017 / 2018

Feature Documentary / 84 min. / USA

ONE ROCK THREE RELIGIONS A Feature Documentary by Isaac Hertz


ome films are born out of love and some out of necessity. “When we first started this project we thought we would make a kind of ode to Jerusalem, a film that would reach for the heart of why people care about the city. In the middle of filming the Gaza war broke out, and it changed everything. So many lives were broken. A new degree of fear entered the consciousness of everyone who lives in the area. The film simply couldn’t remain the same. We realized that our film had to face the conflict and describe the way the conflict finds expression in Jerusalem, not just in the obvious violence but beneath the surface of everyday life. We also felt compelled to lay bare the refusal on both sides to even acknowledge each other and to highlight the brave people who are willing to confront their fears about who their enemies are and what they mean to the identity of their city. The larger context never changes. All parties do gain most from an agreement. I think that ‘One Rock Three Religions’ throws light on the commonalities that even people in conflict share. I also think that the film gives us enough of a reason to stop and realize that the Israeli Palestinian conflict is not inevitable. It doesn’t have to be this way. I hope the film inspires us to do something positive about it." - Director Isaac Hertz Daria! 2017 / 2018

I walk away from the film with a deeper sense of the tragedy of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. But I also walk away more optimistic about a resolution,” Isaac Hertz

‘One Rock Three Religions’, takes us on an intimate journey forcing us to open our hearts and awaken our conscience, as it illuminates what Jerusalem’s Temple Mount means to people around the world as well as to the participants in this terrible conflict. The film exposes the ramifications that the Holy site has on the political conflict, including the way it is used to provoke violence, while uncovering the many layers of it’s history.

This film offers historical, anthropological, and religious insight, but it is a film about the present. It is a film about what creates the current situation in Jerusalem and what we can do about it. Our core message lays in the belief that every side needs to be respectfully heard and this enables the film to reveal its most striking secret… that we share so much more than we would ever allow ourselves to believe. D! Daria! 2017 / 2018

Short Documentary / 30 min. / USA

RUNNING A Short Documentary by Lorena De Miranda Marques "The first time I came to the United States I was an exchange student from Brazil. An amazing family in Nahcotta, a small town in the Pacific Northwest, hosted me. A few days after my arrival, someone knocked on the door. It was a woman in her mid-twenties with a weird accent. “Lorena, this is my friend Michele. She is from New York. We are going to her aerobics class,'' my American mom informed me. I observed the incredible positive energy Michele had and from that day on Michele and her family took me in. I babysat her kids, went horseback riding, and was even invited to go with them on a road trip that magically ended in Disneyland. Unfortunately, as my exchange year came to an end, I had to return to my native country. At that time social media did not exist and we ended up losing touch with one another. After two decades passed, Michele and I reconnected. I was a film production grad student, and she was a full time nurse about to welcome her first grandchild. We were both living in New York. She still had the same charisma and positive energy that magnetized me. We kept in touch and in 2015 she called to say she was going to participate in a race, and wanted my help in capturing the experience on video. As she told me about her race, I interrupted to say, “You are a middle aged nurse and grandmother of three participating in an Ironman Triathlon? We shouldn’t make a video, we should make a documentary!' - and RUNNING was born." - Director Lorena De Miranda Marques

Daria! 2017 / 2018

Short Documentary / 15 min. / Germany

RITUALS A Short Film by Irina Arms


uring his travels through Germany, Siberian Shaman priest Valentin meets young Germans with troubles. According to Buryat tradition thus a connection to ancestors is established. Every person can heal himself if he finds an alignment with the inner self and the hidden spiritual world. This is what the priest tries to convey to his German audience. He tries to help them with rituals and classical wonder healing. Surprisingly the youngsters he meets feel healed after his rituals...

“This film deals with the most urgent issue of our time, how to preserve physical and psychological health. The project consists of bringing young people with especially difficult life situations to a completely different surrounding and to watch their reaction. These young people reflect on the problems of modern society. Confronted with a Shaman priest from Siberia, young people learn how to deal with this new situation. The concept is not to present yet another esoterica or anthropological study of indigenous people, but to show the clash of cultures and to see if such a wise man with such an enormous life experience can help young people from another culture.” - Director Irina Arms Daria! 2017 / 2018

Feature Documentary / 96 min. / Slovakia

TEN YEARS OF LOVE A Feature Documentary by Adam Hanuljak


en Years of Love illustrates different issues met by young families in four European countries: Finland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania. It presents five couples, who became parents more than ten years ago. The longitudinal method captures the changes in their lives. The movie covers basic subjects such as the characters’ lifestyle, social and economic situations, which gradually shift into dealing with bringing up the children, relationship issues, crises and finally break-ups and death.

This documentary is a bit like a group therapy where the audience may realize that they are not alone with their problems, there is always someone else who went through similar problems.

Daria! 2017 / 2018

“For me, this film is a beautiful journey we spent with our protagonists. Twenty-two people put trust in our project for over ten years. They became very open, they were speaking intimate things in front of the camera, sharing them with us and with the audience. Longitudinal documentary movies emerge from life itself, so we approached the making of ours with the same responsibility as our lives.� - Director Adam Hanuljak Daria! 2017 / 2018

Short Documentary / 30 min. / USA

CONGRATULATIONS A Short Documentary by Cynthia Sawma “‘Congratulations', my 20 min short film took one whole year to be completed. It was part of my Masters in Filmmaking from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA). Coming up with the idea and writing the script was the hardest part. Working, for the first time, with four professional actors was the most challenging element in making this film. With a low budget, we were able to build our location and furnish it too for the shooting. It was like a handcraft. I’ve learned so much from all the actors who worked with us on this film and also the crew, who put all their lovely positive energy and this is what made the film a true comedy. 
 The most beautiful thing about it is that this first short of mine was a great big adventure to discover the magic of filmmaking and how to tell a story.

Well … that’s what Cinema is: magic and discovery!" - Director Cynthia Sawma

Daria! 2017 / 2018

Short Film / 9 min. / Switzerland

MARTIEN A Short Film by Maxime Pillonel


ne evening, two robbers try to hold up a gas station. They point their guns at the cashier, who despite their yelling, fails to react the way they’d expected...

“Martien is above all a film about the prejudices of every person with a difference or disability. Being a person with a disability is not an easy reality in everyday life, even though people generally demonstrate understanding. Deafness remains the only "invisible" handicap, which can lead to unusual situations. I'm deaf myself and it does not show. I had to face life, my schooling and society in general thanks to my intellectual capacities, my visual acuity and a great motivation. Reason why, I developed a story from facts that I personally experienced through fiction. I wrote a film about the problem of deafness and the gaze of others by making a detour by a certain number of prejudices which other people are victims (obesity, color of skin, verbal expression, precariousness, motor handicap). The comedy is a formidable vector to address fragile themes of society to the general public. In this sense, Martien shakes up the prejudice on the handicap with humor and intelligence.” - Director Maxime Pillonel Daria! 2017 / 2018

Short Film / 30 min. / Armenia



A Short Film by Edgar Baghdasaryan

ince 1993, the border between Armenia and Turkey remains closed. The countries have no diplomatic and almost no economic relations while roads and rail links are cut off. There are relatives living on both sides of the border. They manage to communicate with each other by writing on large pieces of paper that are viewed through binoculars. One day, Simon, our protagonist, receives a message asking him to come to the other side urgently because an old grandfather is dying and he wants to pass on to him something. There are only 300 meters of the gorge tearing them apart, but to pass that 300 meters Simon has to overcome almost 11,000 kilometers. This is a tragicomic story about the influence of politics on human destinies.

"The most important thing for me is to see the macro world in the micro world. Chekhov’s little man in a contemporary crazy world – this is, perhaps, my main source of inspiration at present; I can’t speak for tomorrow for it has not yet arrived." - Director Edgar Baghdasaryan

Daria! 2017 / 2018

Edgar Baghdasaryan states:


he idea [of making this movie] was hovering in the air, but I never got around to writing the script, which would fully reflect the universal constituent of the movie. After all, when you come to think of it, birds and spiders cross borders whenever they want, while humans deliberately deprive themselves of free movements, setting borders and thus restricting their existence with conventionalities. The Armenian Genocide of 1915 is the second important constituent of the film. This is the Genocide that actually caused the dispersion of Armenians all around the world and the creation of the Armenian Diaspora. The gorge that we see in the final part of the film stands for the disruption that our nation went through in the beginning of the 20th century. I was eager to present a grotesque and straight story of Armenian peasants, full of self-irony. I hope I was able to do it to some extent. I should say it’s one of the rare works that was shot spontaneously and with no hassle, plus in a very short period of time. Shooting in Turkey was associated by a certain degree of danger and we were even detained for a couple of hours for the investigation of circumstances. Eventually, everything turned out all right. It’s a pity that not everybody can understand the dialect of Gyumri (the second largest city in Armenia) which my heroes speak. It abounds in unmatched humor, sophisticated phraseology and idioms. By the way, in a small country like Armenia, there are about 86 dialects, many of which are incomprehensible to me. Daria! 2017 / 2018

Short Film / 19 min. / USA

SUBTERRANEAN LOVE A Short Film by Robert Haufrecht

“This is a follow-up to my first film, Subterranean Love (which screened in a number of festivals in the US and in Milan, Italy), focusing on peripheral characters from that film. The idea was suggested by the actress Mihaela Mihut. My DP/Editor, Dan Simon, again collaborated on this. We have a great working relationship (as well as friendship). The story, I hope, illuminates the complexities and difficulties of what we want and what there is.� - Director Robert Haufrecht

Daria! 2017 / 2018

Short Film / 14 min. / France



A Short Film by Felix Burgan

ock and a Hard Place is a movie about Jack, a musician who gets the opportunity of a lifetime. He must replace a guitarist for tonight’s gig and he has only three hours to get ready. But tonight, it’s also his girlfriend’s birthday. In a psycho moment of anger, she destroys his guitar. Now, Jack must convince his hungover roommate to let him borrow his precious guitar. The clock is ticking… will Jack succeed in making his dream come true?

“Rock and a Hard Place tells the story of Jack, who faces a tough decision to make, torn between his love for his girlfriend Sara and his passion for rock and roll, over the course of one surreal night. Through the use of humor and by setting up an absurd, ridiculous situation, the spine of the film is essentially to show how difficult it is for young people to make their dreams come true without having to make choices that end up hurting those they care about. My past experience as a professional musician allowed me to make this story as authentic as possible. To me, New York City has its own personality and produces its own kind of music. Its unique audiovisual landscape plays a huge role in the look and the tone of the mad universe in which the film takes place. Rock and a Hard Place is playful and fun, something between a hilarious farce and a black comedy. At the same time, the relationships between the characters are so deeply rooted in something concrete, that it breathes real life into them and this acid trip of an adventure, in a very natural manner.” Director Felix Burgan Daria! 2017 / 2018

Short Film / 31 min. / Canada

JOHNNY ON THE MOON A Short Film by Eva Everett Irving


t is July, 1969. While man steps foot on the moon, two young men escape into their imaginations in the wilderness of North Ontario. Their love for one another is clear, when Johnny asks Max to never open the door in the floor of their cabin. Max complies, but with the passing of time, the lines between reality and make-believe blur together, and the boys are confronted with unspeakable memories of the Vietnam war, the possibility that they never left, and what lies beneath the door in the floor.

“I made Johnny on the Moon several months before beginning a gender transition. This love story draws on themes of blind faith and trust, but it is also a metaphor for transitioning from one state of being to another. In Johnny's case, from life to death and from death into the unknown. A journey of great significance cannot be achieved alone. Johnny and Max depend on their love and devotion for each other as the guiding light into the next chapter of their lives. As Emily Dickinson wrote, "I died for beauty but was scarce adjusted in the tomb, when one who died for truth was lain in an adjoining room… And so as kinsmen met a-night, we talked between the rooms, until the moss had reached our lips, and covered up our names." What greater mission is there in life, but to leave it?” - Director Eva Everett Irving Daria! 2017 / 2018

Short Film / 13 min. / Colombia



A Short Film by Alberto Serrano

fter the death of Camilo or Alexa, depending on your point of view, his conservative father, Antonio, decides to walk the path of forgiveness by attending, for the first time, a transvestite show that stars Barbie, Alexa’s best friend.

“Padre (Father) is a personal project that explores the repentance of a father who never had a close relationship with his son when he was alive. With this personal statement, I'm trying to point out one of the biggest challenges of parenthood: support our children's decisions despite our own personal moral compass. Sometimes it's easier to forgive when our feelings are no longer committed.” - Director Alberto Serrano

Daria! 2017 / 2018

Short Documentary / 7 min. / Canada, Philippines

THE JACKSTONES A Short Documentary by Tim Riedel

"When it comes to news about the state of coral reef worldwide, it's rarely good. But something is happening on the northwest portion of Panay Island in the Philippines that defies this trend." - Director Tim Riedel Daria! 2017 / 2018

Short Film / 4 min. / UK


A Short Film by Josephine Halbert


his is a promotional video for ‘Jim’, a radio drama written by the video’s director, Josephine Halbert. ‘Jim’ is the story of a ‘rockandroll’ transatlantic romance set in 1968. This video features footage of the original recording of the live version of the song, performed by songwriter Jonty Balls of the band Desert Mountain Tribe who Josephine commissioned to write the soundtrack for Jim. The brief for ‘Never Stop’ was to write a classic love song where the hero in the story writes for the heroine. The video also features recreated scenes from the story starring actors Charlotte Quita Jones and Cesare Taurasi who play the roles in the play.

“The story of ‘Jim’ is from another era, the 1960s. The video’s editor and I wanted to keep the video as simple as possible and to capture something of the vintage era, true to the premise of the love story in the play. The play is the muse’s story, told to us by the lover of Jim,’ a famous rock star who she meets by chance on the eve of his European tour in 1968, and follows their relationship over a series of their meetings she remembers in London. California and Copenhagen when Jim is touring with his band. So the story is told from her, the character of Laura’s, point of view. But ‘Never Sto’p, this love song in this video, tells the story of Jim’s point of view. It’s a song ‘he’ writes ‘her’ - a love song that everyone wants to hear in any era and was written to that brief.” - Director Josephine Halbert Daria! 2017 / 2018

Short Film / 16 min. / Lebanon

IN WHITE A Short Film by Dania Bdeir


hen one moves from a country like Lebanon to the vastness of New York city, they are bound to go through a relentless process of change. Lebanon is small, 4,036 square miles, and the culture is built on the premise of family lineage, and upholding the reputation of the family. Life is intertwined in far reaching ways, where uncles and aunts are the equivalent of second and third mothers and fathers, neighbors are closer than family, and everyone’s life choices are subject to the community they exist in. Tradition and societal norms are strong forces that drive the way people interact with each other, and ultimately with themselves. New York city is, as it seems to me, the direct opposite of life in Lebanon. The city is too large for people to know about each other, neighbors are strangers, some roommates hardly even speak. Peculiar characters are on full frequency, your understanding and perception of the world is pushed to its limits, boundaries and habits are broken on a daily basis, and you end up meeting and living with people who have experiences that are very far from your own.

Daria! 2017 / 2018

The city is skilled at forcing you to face yourself, on multiple levels, and in relation, it puts you in a position to choose what you want more of yourself and what you need to let go of. I’ve witnessed this big change happen in myself. It’s inevitable. When living in New York, you shed a lot of preset notions that were etched into your being just by your exposure to such diversity. It makes way for different narratives to unfold in front of you. Furthermore, you quickly realize in New York that there is no such thing as “what’s expected of you” because it’s too big and you’re just anonymous, a person who can do whatever they want, without it necessarily reflecting on your entire family or society. It’s utmost individuality as opposed to Lebanon’s collectivism.

After achieving and living such freedom, a physical freedom as well as a mental one, you can truly find yourself in the realest way. Yet, when you go back to Lebanon, that world doesn’t want to accept or see your change. You’re forced to regress and fill back the shoes of the person you once were unless you have the strength of character to stand up for yourself and stand out. You’re surrounded by warmth, family, support and love on the condition that you conform. But is it truly home? Is that where you are the truest version of yourself? 'In White' is about straddling two opposing worlds and finding your place within them. What is home? Is it when you are at peace with yourself, or at peace with the culture you belong to? What if the person your heart has chosen to love is at odds with the culture you belong to? It’s a story about a strong mother and a daughter whose strength is revealed when she is away from the force of her mother. It’s a story about the overruling notions of society, when to adhere to its implications, when not to, and the cost of both. It’s about religious segregation in an area of the world where religion dictates culture, society, politics and belonging. It is a story about questioning social mores in order to serve deep, personal, and emotional forces that oppose them. It is a story about forbidden love. It is a story about living a life expected of you versus a life you choose and vice versa. It is a story about family versus self, traditional versus modern in our ever changing global world and the third world that is so far behind. It is a story about the hardship of having to decide between the family you were born into, and the family you want to make for yourself." - Director Dania Bdeir Daria! 2017 / 2018

Feature Film / 81 min. / Iran

An Interview With Film Director Kazem Mollaie


ow did the story of your film, Kupal, come about? After two years of writing, I had a story for my first feature. It was to be a big production and I couldn’t find any producer ready to take the task. I decided to change the story. This time around, I considered a limited framework to be 100% sure that I can make it. I have selected a plot with a very strong concept behind and with some hard limitations such as: one location, one character and one week. I always liked the idea of making a survival movie, because the survival movies, drama genres and classical structures attract bigger audiences at all times. I liked to make a movie about the environment, in fact an anti-hunting movie! In my mind, the location was a unique place: a house full of taxidermy animals and yet there is a lot of love. A lovely dog is our main actor too. That's how the story of Kupal began to take shape. I wanted to write a script with a lot subtext, setups and attractive rhythm, to try to entertain the audience. At the end I wanted to have a big mystery in my story. Two turning points and acceptable obligatory scene in the end. I hope, you like it! Daria! Daria!2017 2017/ 2018 / 2018

There are professional Iranian movies financed and produced every year. How did you finance Kupal? Unfortunately I couldn’t find any producer again because, in Iran, the producers are scared of new spaces and they can’t risk on young filmmakers like myself. Another reason I couldn’t find a producer was that Kupal had a story about a lovely dog and subjects such as this are near the red line and forbidden in our religion. I decided to produce it by myself, because I couldn't find another way. I decided to take a large loan at 24% interest from the bank and I asked my best friends to accompany me. They accepted being part of my project without wages and we were able to make it over the course of two, hard working years.

What a remarkable performance from the film’s lead actor, Levon Haftvan! Levon is a special actor in Iran. I love his last work in ‘Parviz’ by Majid Barzegar. At first, I had another choice for playing this role, but I couldn’t contract him because he wanted to be paid in full and that wasn’t something I could do. Kupal was a three dimensional character and he was active and smart; for this reasons, most Iranian actors liked to play this role, but they wanted their money too. When I spoke with Levon about the project, he accepted it because he loved the character, he had such a strong motivation for acting and he felt challenged to play this role. He worked hard on this film and I hope he will get the best result of his trust. D!

“The world is a strange place. Here, whoever shoots, is the one who gets killed!� - Director Kazem Mollaie

Daria! 2017 / 2018

Feature Film / 87 min. / Colombia


A Feature Film by Juan Manuel Benavides Fajardo


oble, alcoholic and tormented by his past, loses his sanity and his girlfriend Xue. Roble begins a journey through the magic mountains of Iguaque, Colombia. The ancestral spirits and the connection with himself will bring him freedom and healing.

Daria! 2017 / 2018


e have forgotten our magical and sacred nature. We face great social and environmental challenges and the time that constitutes our human life is more and more limited. Our attention should then be directed to remembering the power within us and vindicating the purpose of the human being to grow in consciousness. Iguaque Song is a film that reflects on the alternative of healing, for all humanity, through communion with the Earth. The knowledge of its protagonists, inspired by the mythology of the Aboriginal Muisca culture, the beauty of the Andean plateau and the love story and search of the Song of Iguaque, bring a message to the distressed and lost contemporary man:

We are not alone in this world, but we are one with Him alone.â€? - Director Juan Manuel Benavides Fajardo Daria! 2017 / 2018

Daria! 2017 / 2018

Bruno Pischiutta's New Discovery


Daria! 2017 / 2018

Oriental Actress Moon Ming:


Beautiful, Young, Sexy and “Bad”…

oon Ming just signed an exclusive contract for worldwide representation with Brasov Talent Agency, a division of Global Film Studio Inc. She speaks accent free fluent English. She became obsessed with acting since she began taking theatre acting classes; after that, she got admitted to the drama department of a prestigious art university in Taiwan.

“Acting is the only thing I want to do; I will always dedicate myself to the film industry! Acting in significant roles is my life’s priority”, she says. Her mentor, film director Bruno Pischiutta had this to add: “Moon is a winner. She always pursues excellence in her acting and she is completely dedicated to her art. Her passion for acting can be felt just by talking to her!”

Moon is a very sweet girl but can be extremely convincing when she performs the part of a villain. Even if she is extremely sexy, Moon enjoys to play the bad girl in the storyline and she exits the stereotype of good and beautiful with ease and pleasure. A believer in girl power, she is looking for principal parts that will underline the strength and determination of female characters. Moon is very serious about her preparation for a major acting career. Her professional standards are very high and, in the next few months, she will be completely prepared to reach stardom and to become an important presence in Hollywood.” D!

“I want to create unforgettable characters that will inspire the viewers and that the viewers will love; this is my target. I’m determined to sacrifice what I have to, to reach this target.” Daria! 2017 / 2018

Daria! 2017 / 2018

Daria! 2017 / 2018


Scott Alexander Young:


haracter actor Scott Alexander Young got into the acting game later than some. With a versatile look and flair for accents, he already played Russian spies, a New York Irish cop, a sailor from Yorkshire, a British intelligence officer, a New Zealand doctor and a Parisian landlord (in French), among others.

A Triple Threat Actor, writer (Max’s Midnight Movies, The Wild Cats of Piran) and artist, this man of the world redefines the old show business term “Triple Threat”. His film A Cafe In The Sky is the only docudrama selected to participate in the 2017 edition of the Brasov International Film Festival & Market.

About A Cafe in the Sky, Film Director Bruno Pischiutta wrote, in a personal message, to Scott: “Just few words to congratulate you for your film A Cafe in the Sky. I like it a lot; I find the subject’s choice very interesting and the making of this film very professional in every detail. The make-up, the lighting, the acting and the direction are really good. This is a film that deserves to be seen by a lot of people”. As an actor, Scott Alexander Young is represented worldwide non-exclusively by Brasov Talent Agency. D!

… in 2017 alone, Scott played in scenes with Keira Knightley, Dakota Fanning and Jennifer Lawrence, and is becoming one of those character faces you see in film after film. Daria! 2017 / 2018

Daria! 2017 / 2018

Daria! 2017 / 2018


From Estonia With Love‌ Her moment to shine

has come! Eva is eager to show the progress she made and what she is capable of. Soon, she and Bruno will surprise us all.

The beautiful and sexy Eva Voq is ready to perform principal parts in international movies. In the last few months, she received intensive acting training from film director Bruno Pischiutta.

Daria! 2017 / 2018

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