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Daria! Issue VII - September 2016

Brasov International Film Festival & Market 1 - 11 September 2016

Denisa Barvon

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Daria Trifu Editor-in-Chief


ive years ago, when I founded Brasov International Film Festival & Market, I was aware that the formula that I was using would have been improved and changed in time. The important element was to create a nonviolent film Festival that would have shown that violence is not a necessary element in successful films. This was the most important target. Now, we are at the 5th edition and we have shown over 100 movies (including the ones of this year) that prove my theory. It is absolutely possible today to produce very successful movies and very valid ones without the element of violence. The first edition was held in a dramatic theater, then we moved it to prestigious hotels and cinemas.

We always tried to give to the movies the maximum number of viewers. We didn't always succeed because the city of Brasov in Transylvania is not a big one. Now, with the 5th edition, we believe that we have found the solution to the problem. Now, the movies of the Festival can be watched by everybody in the whole world just by clicking a link from the comfort of their homes. Of course, this is of high importance for the filmmakers and it gives them the possibility to have their products known by the viewers, the media and the distributors everywhere. We have transformed a local event into a global event! The Festival has grown in these years; in the first edition we screened feature films only, in this 5th edition we screen features, shorts, documentaries and animation films. I believe that the use we make of this on-line platform is the most advanced between the ones used by the thousands of festivals in the world because the filmmakers can finally find venues of distribution and promotion that were not accessible before. I am proud of all the editions of the Festival; I am proud of the message, of the improvement and, in particular, of this one edition that will bring the films selected by our committee to the entire world.

Brasov International Film Festival & Market 1 - 11 September 2016


This is the most important and renowned nonviolent film

festival in the world and it is today, in its 5th edition, at the vanguard of festivals by showcasing its movies online on its Vimeo Channel exclusively.

Nelly Chunchukova


he job of actress and international supermodel Nelly Chunchukova brought her around the world to places like Italy, China, India, Dubai, Spain and the UK. In her native country of Bulgaria she has been featured in TV shows and has appeared in films that were partially shot there such as “300: Rise of an Empire”, “Boyka: Undisputed IV” and “The Hitman's Bodyguard” w i t h R ya n R e y n o l d s a n d Samuel Jackson. Nelly is exclusively represented by Brasov Talent Agency.

NELLY, International supermodel and Bulgaria's new face

Wayne E. Brown


ayne made his screen debut as Charlie Appleby in Rage of Justice (2000). Other than an additional film (Richard Heat) and appearing in a few commercials as an extra, it wasn’t until 2009 when his screen career really got going. Since then Wayne has been in about 20 film, television, and web productions. Among them, Wayne appeared in some minor roles in "Up in the Air" and "Real Steel", s u p p o r t i n g ro l e s i n "Duvid" and "Backfired", and lead roles in "Unexpected Places"and "A Horse Called Bear ".

Wayne is a character actor. The accents that he has used in productions include British, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Southern (US), and Yiddish. He is experienced in archery, billiards, drums, equestrian, firearms, martial arts and softball. Wayne is represented by Brasov Talent Agency.

Sophia Abella


ophia Abella is a proud transsexual actress. In school she excelled in drawing, sculpture, painting and photography. She was looking like an ugly duckling a n d w o re t h i c k m a n l y clothes. One day, the caterpillar got in the process of converting into a butterfly. She indulged in modeling and it delighted her. In the beginning, she was vulnerable and naive but she still values the early experience. Her views on society and sexuality are often publicized on social media platforms and in UK, USA and Indian publications.

In recent times she has made a conscious effort to become an international actress. Sophia is inspired by the stories and the talent of Heidi Klum, Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe. “I am very confident that I will soon make a place for myself. I feel that I have the potential to do what other great talents did in their time. We may finally find the courage to talk about our deepest fears or reveal our buried brilliance!”

A Evolution of Film The Financing O

n June 23, 2016 Global Film Studio has signed a Joint Venture agreement with a company based in Huston, Texas and one company based in Las Vegas, Nevada; this particular contract is a very important one and definitely, generally speaking, it marks a big step in the evolution of film financing. Until now, film financing was mostly limited to venture capital deals that were rightly considered "high risk investments" because the capital of the investors was directly used in the production and in the marketing of the film, while the possible ROI was backed, in the best cases, by distribution contracts and L/C. The companies of Houston and Las Vegas, with which we signed our contract, are instead backed-up by an A-rated insurance company and one of the oldest banks in Australia that has 13 million clients. This means that, if the project is approved, the investors' money are 100% insured and the production of the film is paid by the money generated from the original investment, not by the investment itself.

Bruno Pischiutta Film Director

So, for example, if the investors put one million and, with an investment banking deal, that million generates five million, the investors can have, in few months, their money back + 15% interest and, with the remaining 3,850,000, the production company can finance its movie without any risk. Putting together the strength of the investment banking deal with the venture capital changes the rules of the usual game and gives a lot of vantages to everybody involved.

Sophia Gilberto


ctress Sophia Gilberto has performed in several movies since 2008. She has worked with Bruce Dern, Ernest Thompson, Adam Sandler, Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane. Sophia has be e n a h os t of t he Bos ton International Film Festival every year since inception and she has inter viewed hundreds of people on the red carpet. Sophia is represented by Brasov Talent Agency.

"Best Emerging Actress" at Brasov International Film Festival & Market 2013

Short Documentary / 21 min. / Romania


A group of camera-shy nuns attempt to maintain their traditions in a 16th century monastery that is also one of Romania's most visited tourist attrac-tions.

A Documentary by Diana Nicolae

Stays the Same

Animation Short Film (3D) / 8 min. / Romania

A short story about a war veteran coming back to a changed home and life, a bittersweet story about a man, a woman and a country in chaos and turmoil. One emotional trip; a succession of events that lead to a final conclusion; a story about loss and relationship.

Short Film / 30 min. / Moldova

A couple retires in a house in the woods for few days in order to decide on the birth of their child. The husband wants a career, his wife wishes to preserve the life growing within her. "To be or not to be?" "Everything is in your hands" is the answer to the question. The story is seen through the eyes of a child who is now already an old woman.

A Film by Igor Sadovski

Short Film / 12 min. / Romania

A homeless with his right hand only makes a living the best way he can. When he finds an expensive leather glove that fits his only remaining hand, the right one, the weird coincidence makes his day. One year later he accidentally tears the glove. Trying to replace it will appear to be harder than expected reminding him of his true condition. When he resigns to the facts, he finds a new glove that is identical with the previous. This will put all coincidence to question.

Feature Film / 108 min. / USA, China, UK

Beijing New York


touching and complex love story that bridges time, distance and culture, intertwining the lives of two Chinese childhood friends and an American artist. Set against the backdrop of the economic power shift between China and America. As the film's complex love triangle takes the audience on a wild ride, interweaving its way through the plot and each character's unique existence, it ultimately forces each of them to face life's eternal questions head on.

A Film by Rain Li

Film Writer, Director and Cinematographer Rain Li was born in Beijing. She studied film in London and, by the age of twentysix, she had shot ten features, twenty-five short films, numerous popular commercials, music videos and also interesting art and fashion projects, such as installations. Since early 2005, she has been collaborating with renowned cinematographer and director Christopher Doyle ("In the Mood for Love", "Hero", "Rabbit Proof Fence", "Lady in the Water", etc.), on twelve projects to date and including Beijing New York. She has also collaborated with many internationally renown directors, including Jim Jarmusch, Gus Van Sant and Mike Figgis. Rain was voted one of the ’10 Best Cinematographers of The Year’ by Variety in 2007 and received the ‘Best Cinematography’ award from the Boston Film Critic in 2009, shared with Christopher Doyle.

Feature Documentary / 97 min. / Canada


A Sauropod Abroad

follows my parents Mary Ann and Brian on one of their many adventures: navigating a life-sized dinosaur sculpture across Europe. Their specimen is a sauropod called Magyarosaurus, and it is their task to relocate it from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Hateg, Transylvania, Romania."

My parents have been building dinosaurs together for over 30 years and their relationship with each other and with their art has always fascinated and inspired me.

A Film by Anna Cooley

Feature Film / 100 min. / Bulgaria


One love, ten bottles of vodka and a town, which must go down? An aging man goes back to Sozopol and brings along his memories and ten bottles of vodka. It is clear that when the vodka is over, something must happen. Something that will change his life forever. The Sinking of Sozopol was nominated in seven categories at the New York City Inter-national Film Festival in 2015 and it was awarded Best International Feature Film.

A film by Kostadin Bonev

"The Sinking of Sozopol by Kostadin Bonev is an uncompromisingly complex film - addressed exclusively to an audience committed to the fundamental questions of existence that asks the viewer to immerse themselves into the nonlinear constructed narrative - a film for the pleasure of art cinema lovers", by Prof. Ingeborg Bratoeva This is the third feature film by Bulgarian director Kostadin Bonev who is also well known for his numerous documentaries.

Feature Documentary / 64 min. / Hungary

The Legacy of Menla is a

The Legacy of Menla

fresh portrayal of Tibetan Medicine through the eyes of three Indian women who have been diagnosed with different stages of cancer. Often acting against their families' wishes or the advice of Western doctors, they chose to put their faith in Tibetan doctors and change their lives. In the intersection of Buddhism and science, Tibetan Medicine has a peculiar place in the field of healing that speaks to both believers and nonbelievers. Apart from the patients' perspectives, the documentary takes us through the process of medicine making in the Himalayas and shows us the education of upcoming doctors. With the help of established Tibetan healers we will see the past, present and future of this healing system. This documentary is about hope, pain and struggles in the mysterious world of Tibetan Medicine that does not promise cure but offers a different mindset even in the vicinity of death.

A film by Adam Miklos

Feature Documentary / 62 min. / Japan

A film by Yuichi Minamaguchi

Otake Masahiko is working for a manufacturing

company. In spring of 2004, he found a book of poetry in a second hand bookshop. The author was an unknown old poet by the name of Watanabe Motoji. He decided to contact the poet and embarked on a seven years long regular correspondence. Nine years later, Masahiko decided to edit Motoji's work and to publish a book for which he enlisted the help of a former member of a literary magazine.

Night Train

COURAGE A Film By SebastiĂŁo Braga


social programs, Felipe, a young Brazilian man, was introduced in an early age to classical music, becoming a dedicated cello student. During his studies he meets Diana Ligeti, a Romanian expat and music teacher at the renowned Paris Conservatory. This encounter brings up Diana's own life, creating a parallel between her story and the student's efforts of becoming a professional musician. Two people who understand that better than talent, we need COURAGE.

Feature Documentary / 72 min / Brazil

Feature Film / 99 min. / UAE, Egypt


In this feature film, a hustler and drug addict finds a crime video of a

widow from his neighborhood killing a child. He blackmails her to pay-off his debt only to get tangled in a twisted and altered relationship in which they fall into addiction until the murder is unexpectedly unraveled.

A Film by Mahmoud Kamel

Out of Order

is written and producer by Omar Sami who started his career as a documentary film producer and researcher in Latin America and who went on to produce feature films and documentaries in different countries around the world. This feature film is directed by Mahmoud Kamel who has graduated from the High Cinema Institute and won a scholarship to Italy to study filmmaking and visual effects. Post studies, he returned to his homeland, Egypt, where he directed a number of film hits including Mekano, Adrenaline, Adam's Village, Midnight Party and the TV series The Blind Cat.

Short Documentary / 27 min. / Spain

BEAUTY WILL SAVE THE WORLD A Documentary by Juan del Santo and Javier Figuero

Reflections on Art motivated by the letter to artists of Pope John Paul II.

Short Film / 15 min. / Germany

Thomas is on his way to a life that includes

only himself and his girlfriend‌ but when she breaks up with him, the dream goes up in smoke. Then he meets Annemarie at a lonely rest stop. As he tells the quirky old woman about his failed relationship, he comes to realize that, whatever happens, however dark and horrible things seem, there are always reasons to jump into life with both feet.

A Film by Marco Gadge

Short Film / 17 min. / Turkey


this short film, no matter how far apart they may fall from each other, the two stars represent the feeling of brotherhood. The twin stars, after which the horoscope Gemini is named, are called by Zeus’ sons names Castor and Pollux, and are as bright as one another. The twin stars are represented as Can and Cihan in this story.

This film is a tale of brotherhood and tolerance. The film is, at the same time, a text of apology to all those beings that we etherize because they are not like ourselves. The twins, separated in childhood, get together after many years, settle accounts with each other, and find out that they cannot actually stay apart from one another unlike what has been previously thought. The story of the film is based on this metaphor.

A Film by Mehmet Tığlı

Short Film / 16 min. / Brazil

A Film by Andy Malafaia


is a tired woman. The world no longer belongs to her, the invisible bothers her, the daily life oppresses her. What she wants sometimes is to abandon everything and go back home. The memories of the past are strong enough to disrupt the flow of her life.

Short Film / 18 min. / UK

Carlotta Morelli Helena Antonio

ARRIVEDERCI ROSA A Film by Flaminia Graziadei

Director Flaminia Graziadei

has divided her 30 years career between Cinema and Theatre in the UK, Italy and Spain. "In Turkish culture they have a phrase to describe people who enter someone’s life and, by doing it, unknowingly change the course of it. These gifted few are called “Ignorant Fairies”. Arrivederci Rosa is the story of one of these people. Rosa’s arrival in London will change forever Andreana’s perception of herself and of her position in the world. My vision for the camera movements is to enclose Rosa and Andreana within their specific intimate universe by use of close-ups and slow, dreamlike tracking shots."

Arrivederci Rosa

In two old school friends from Rome meet up again in London. Rosa’s a joy, Andi’s a swot. Rosa’s lust for life helps her friend see that it’s not about being gay, being straight or being Rosa. It’s just about being true.

Feature Documentary / 90 min. / Australia


growth has been left out of the climate debate because it is considered controversial, yet it is one of the most important factors.

WOMEN ARE THE ANSWER A Film by Fiona Cochrane

The global population has passed the 7 billion mark and India will soon overtake China as the most populous nation in the world, but one state in southern India has found the solution: Kerala educates its women. The unique history of Kerala and ‘the Kerala Model’ is outlined, using it as an example of achieving population control in developing countries without coercion. Links are highlighted within the documentary between issues such as women’s education, women’s rights and status in society, women’s health, population growth, global poverty and global food shortage, economic growth and environmental stability.

Short Film / 10 min. / Switzerland

A Film by Valentin Pittard


and his deafmute mother manage a farm in Alsace. Their peaceful life is wrecked when they're visited by his youngest brother Victor, who's serving in the Nazi army. When Victor decides to go back into the service of the Party, it's a huge disappointment for his older brother.


Short Film / 18 min. / France

A film by Lionel Laget



the demilitarized zone (DMZ), a North Korean soldier and a young South Korean ornithologist woman are lost in admiration at a herons pair.

Short Film / 9 min. / France


In a man is at the laundry. He is bored and he is watching his washing machine. Two girls arrive, chatting. In spite of himself he becomes interested and starts listening to their conversation, which becomes very intimate. Unfortunately, several noises prevent him to hear the more interesting details...

A Film by ChloÊ Marçais

Short Film / 19 min. / Bahrain, Spain

A Film by Eva Daoud



the essence of Love is snatched from someone and locked away in a vessel with no name , what happens to those persons and how do they change? How can the broken hearted souls break that curse and recover from their pain? Can they regain their spark by overcoming dark supernatural forces?


Daoud is a Bahraini filmmaker. Her first student film won the Special Jury Prize for Short Films at the Emirates Film Competition of ADFF. Eva has made six short films that have screened at international film festivals. This film shows us that Eva has great possibilities, as a film-maker, to achieve international targets.


ctor Prince Dwivedi was the 1st ‘Mr. India’ runner-up in 2015 at the age of 19. He become a known personality in his country, a sensation at an early age, through his hard work, dedication and determination. Today, Prince has his target set on Hollywood, on becoming an international movie Star. He is represented by Brasov Talent Agency.

Prince Dwivedi

Treviance Mayo


reviance Mayo was recently featured as an invited guest on the TV series “Time Traveling with Brian Unger” on the Travel Channel. She has worked as stand-in for Zoe Saldana and recently appeared in several major movies such as “Baywatch”, "Love Under New Management. The Mikki Howard Story", and “Live by Night," to name a few. Her model experience includes runway and commercial. Some of the companies and events she has modeled for include, The House of Fame, MMA runway Fashion show in Jacksonville, Fl, and Amelia Island’s “Concours d’Elegance” car show in Amelia Island, Fl. Treviance is represented by Brasov Talent Agency.


ristna Saikia is a talented actress with years of experience in film and TV. She is based out of Mumbai, she works both in Indian and international productions and she is being represented by Brasov Talent Agency. The movies she has acted in have been screened and awarded at major film festivals such as Cannes Film Festival, The American Film Market and Kolkota International Film Festival.

"Women of north east are very liberal in thoughts and outlook. With time, more women will attain stardom in all forms of performing arts. I was never perceived as a North Easterner due to the shape of my eyes. Being a spiritual person liberates my soul more."

Kristna Saikia plays the role of the Mystic Queen in the Indian film entitled KAMASUTRA 3D that was a 2014 Oscar contender in three categories and that is an-nounced for release in over 6,000 cinemas in 80 countries.

"Every onscreen role I portray as an actor is a reflection of all real life moments captured and experienced."

Chw-Han Yu



Vancouver, f e at u r e d

Chw Yu


Canada. Chw in

s e v e r al



fi lm

productions such as “Bridal Waves”, “Gour met tives”, “Monkey “Signed,



Up” and Deliv-

ered”. She is represented by


Ta le n t


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calendars. Chw has also participated in the



Columbia Pageant.

Eva Voq


ctress Eva Voq has worked in film and TV in her native Estonia as well as in Turkey, Netherlands, Russia a n d S p a i n . S h e i s e x c l u s i v e ly represented by Brasov Talent Agency.

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