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Mercedes, Jesus, Ruben, and Jennifer Join Others At C.A.R. Legislative DAY

2nd Quarter 2019 Volume 6 Issue 2 PAGE | 1

SavvyCard has arrived to the Greater Downey Association of REALTORS ®

SavvyCard ® for Real Estiatie Agentis

SavvyCard® for Real Estate uses MLS data to automatically create and maintain lead generating

SavvyCards for you and your listings. SavvyCards are Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) that load in a browser and do not require passwords, downloads, installs or updates.

Agent SavvyCards™ • Electronic business card with built-in IDX search o Can be shared by text, email and social media o Puts your face on your customers' homescreens (cool, right?) • With use, you can get the No. 1 spot on Google search for your name

Property SavvyCards™ • Stand-alone website (Progressive Web Application) for every listing • Push-button simple marketing on Facebook and other social media platforms

Lead Capture • Captures leads and automatically stores them to your phone's contact list • Notifies you in real time when your SavvyCard has been shared by a third party • Stores your shares and your referrals in a CRM o Imagine if you had the contact details of everyone you gave a business card to in the last 12 months

Put your face on your customers' homescreens!

New Free Lee Childress



Premiere Homes Group

"SavvyCard is the best Real Estate tool I have, in fact I am closing on a Property this weekend because of it. I also love that it reports referrals back to me. This is how I got my last customer."

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ASSOCIATION OF 2019 LEADERSHIP OF GREATER DAOR Executive Directors: Daniel Nevarez, President Ruben Sarinana, President-Elect Michael Berdelis, Vice President Maria Lilley, Treasurer Jeanette Baumann, Executive V.P. Directors: Jesus Guerra Maribel Chavez Jose Perez Remoun Said Luther Sanchez Esther Lee Carrie Uva Immediate Past President: Ericka Saenz

Greater DAOR Chaplain: Miriam Villanueva

C.A.R. State Directors:

Ericka Saenz, Mireya Ruiz, Michael Berdelis, Daniel Nevarez, Jose Perez, Ruben Sarinana, & Josue Barrios, Regional Chair

Greater DAOR Staff

Jeanette Baumann, EVP -

Customer Care Department

Ramses Serrano Erica Ochoa, Selena Mendoza, Amanda Camerena,

Membership Department

Julie Sartor, Violet Pantoja, Kristen Valenzuela, Sussie Gonzalez,


12073 Paramount Blvd - Downey, CA 90242 Phone: (562) 861-0915 Fax: (562) 923-9995 Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday, 9am-1pm 24/7 text support :

Text DAOR (562) 659-6730 Volume 6 - Issue 2

This publication is printed quarterly, delivered March, June, September & December

Education Center

12069 Paramount Blvd Downey, CA 90242

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COMMITEES Budget & Finance Committee Jason Cierpiszewski, Chairperson

Professional Standards Committee

Ernie Sifuentes, Chairperson

LCRC Trustees

Michael Berdelis, Chairperson

Oversight Committee

Vicki Spearman, Chairperson

Affiliates In Action Committee

Gloria Navarro, Chairperson

Scholarship Committee Roman Meza, Chairperson

Grievance Committee

Edwin Acevedo, Chairperson

Membership/MLS Technology Committee

Lourdes Galvez, Chairperson


REALTORS Advocating for Political Progress

Jennifer Avellan, Chairperson

REALTOR Community Relations Committee Daniel Andrade, Chairperson

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Children’s Book drive

Thank you to all the REALTORS who donated books This years Children’s Book Drive was a major success and with your help our DAOR was able to collect over 200+ books. These books will be sent to the Downey Children’s Library Summer Reading Program. Thank you to all that participated in this book drive we couldn’t have done it without you.

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Emerging technologies and datadriven startups are

empowering consumers and fundamentally changing the way they buy and sell properties. What’s more, discount and nontraditional brokerages are challenging the longstanding reign of the traditional realtor model. To get a clearer picture of the evolving role of the real estate agent—and the mindset of home sellers in 2019—St. Louis-based Clever Real Estate recently surveyed 1,000 Americans who indicated they were planning to sell their homes within the next year. What they found was that the average homeowner remains ill-informed about real estate commissions. The survey found that 45 percent of home sellers didn’t know they were expected to pay the buyer’s agent commission. The findings echo concerns voiced earlier in the year by the Consumer Federation of America, which called for improvement of disclosure laws, and an outright ban of dual agency. Tom O’Shaughnessy, author of the report from Clever Real Estate, said the poll showed 37 percent of home sellers would consider dual agency, and 46 percent were unsure. These types of arrangements are controversial, as dual agents have no clear fiduciary responsibility to either party involved in the sale. O’Shaughnessy said that despite widespread industry disruption, real estate professionals still have a crucial role to play in the home-selling process—and it’s unlikely that demand for their services is going to go away anytime soon. Most home sellers—even those trying to sell for sale by owner (FSBO)—still need a real estate agent. About 50 percent of respondents said they wouldn’t feel comfortable negotiating with buyers, and about 62 percent wouldn’t feel comfortable finding

and completing the necessary paperwork for closing. Clever’s poll found that many home sellers are on the fence about using a real estate agent, said O’Shaughnessy: 32 percent were unsure if they’d end up using an agent, and 14.5 percent said they were planning to try to sell FSBO. Here are some other takeaways from the study: • Sellers are preparing for a housing market slowdown. Some 65 percent of respondents said they’re willing to wait longer for a better price versus 35 percent of respondents who said theirNo. 1 goal was to sell as quickly as possible. • Consumers are almost ready for AI technology in real estate. Approximately 50 percent of respondents said they would be willing to sell their home using an AI platform that finds potential buyers, and 37 percent believe existing AI tech could outperform a human real estate agent. • While many sellers use the internet to find and vet real estate agents, most (50%) said they rely on referrals from friends and family. • According to survey respondents, the most challenging part of selling a home is preparing it for sale (27%), followed by attracting buyers (20%), pricing it correctly (18%), finding a good real estate agent (13.5%), negotiating with buyers (10.7%), and handling all of the paperwork (9.7%) The key takeaway is that many homeowners simply don’t understand all of the costs involved in selling a home. Real estate agents should set realistic expectations at the outset to avoid nasty surprises and difficult conversations further down the line. This is especially true for first time home sellers, who were 53 percent more likely to believe home buyers pay commissions than experienced home sellers. PAGE | 2


Legislative Day Testimonials Mercedes De La Cruz “Homeownership Matters” -CAR motto. As a proud member of the DAOR, as a first time attendee I had the privilege to experience Leg Day alongside many movers and shakers in our industry, at the Capitol. Meeting with our local senators, participating in sessions such as “How to Survive a DRE audit” with Tom Cameron (asst. Commissioner, Audits), retaining information from our local leaders in government and CAR representatives on proposed bills: is a unique experience and well worth the travel. Having had the opportunity to attend the convention: I now better understand the importance of the RAF and why it is in every Realtor’s best interest to invest into it . Small investments from each individual when collectively put together make BIG differences, especially when leaders come together to listen and address various issues/concerns and positions, that can eventually affect home ownership.

Jennifer Avellan

Attending Legislative Day shows you first hand how important contributing to the REALTOR Action Fund (RAF) is. All REALTORS must at a minimum stay informed of the Red Alerts and the legislation that our advocates are fighting against or fighting for. Legislation is the number one threat against homeownership and our profession.

Tyler Wirth

Ruben Sarinana Jr. It was a blessing to be part of “Leg. Day” this year. Being my first time attending it was a great experience to see how our Real Estate Industry can either be influenced in positive manner to protect our industry. It’s very crucial for us as REALTORS to understand the laws that are being suggested and how our legislators take the time to listen to our voice. It was good to see so many REALTORS from all areas of California and come together as one. We have a voice and we must continue to educate each other and work together to fight on supporting legislation before its too late.

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"I had such a great experience attending Realtors’ CAR Leg day. We represent pretty much all homeowners for the entire state. I had no idea that us REALTORS are the only organization fighting for homeownership for the entire United States. We had the opportunity to meet with assemblypersons and state senates to discuss real estate bills in the upcoming elections. Being involved means contributing to our Realtor Relief Fund (RRF), even if it’s the minimum set at $20. This allows for representatives to fight for not only REALTORS right but most importantly homeowners AKA our clients. I recommend everyone to participate just so you can experience what exactly goes on in the State Capitol."

The best CRM is the one an agent uses. Building on exTHE LIFE OF A LEAD isting relationships will keep your business thriving. By Warren Dow

After a year in real estate oper-ations, I’ve chosen to return to the

ranks of real estate software. I hope to put my experience to use helping improve technological efficiencies and engagement across the industry. I continue to be drawn to organizations that focus on leveraging technology to enhance ongoing consumer-engagement. Why? Because many brokerages and real estate professionals focus more on lead generation than on lead engagement. The life of a lead can be for the life of your career, but we often focus too much on the shiny penny rather than the power of continually engaing our database—people who already know and like us or have worked with us in the past. IT’S EASIER TO KEEP AN EXISTING RELATIONSHIP NAR’s 2018 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers outlined that 69 percent of sellers would definitely use their agent again, but only 24 percent do. Homebuyers: 74 percent would use the same agent, but, still, far fewer do. Where is the disconnect? A simple question with a simple conclusion: It is far easier and less expensive to keep an existing relationship than to build a new one. THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL They say the best CRM is the one an agent uses. A CRM is designed to keep your contacts organized, but it’s also designed to help keep your communications, follow-ups, and tasks organized, as well. That’s why a quality CRM is arguably the essential tool in your marketing tool belt. However, all too often we pay to capture leads, engage them with a few manual emails, and then stop following up because we think they don’t want to work with us. Alternatively, we get the opportunity to help them with the biggest purchase of their life and give them a closing gift hoping that they’ll remember us years later during their next sale. Brokerages need to train their agents on how to leverage their technology infrastructure to develop and automate an effective follow-up cadence that generates repeat and referral business. NO REPLACING PERSONAL CONTACT Technology can’t replace a personal-

ized note from you, but it can help automate other valuable ways to stay in front of your customers. Drip marketing campaigns can nurture your leads before they’re ready to buy or sell, sending a series of emails with useful information based on where the lead is in the process. You can use the same drip marketing tools to send out coordinated and timely information post-transaction as well. Do you want to send a follow-up after your buyers have been in their new home one month? Three months? Send monthly market insights? Provide a complimentary comparative marketing analysis (CMA) on the purchase anniversary for customers each year? Absolutely! But as our database grows, all of these manual follow-ups start falling by the wayside. We need to use the technology at our fingertips to make sure we’re repli-cating our recipe for success and continuing to stay front and center with reduced manual intervention. SERVICES TO SAVE TIME Third-party services can be beneficial in saving time and improving engage-ment as long as they’re branded to the brokerage and agent. There are a wide variety of options to share helpful content that reminds your past customers that you’re still here to help them when they’re ready for their next purchase or sale. Groups like MooveGuru send your leads free home-related, money-saving offers during the home buying/selling process and then continue to deliver branded offers related to home-ownership month after month. Service for Life generates and sends monthly or quarterly branded newsletters to your leads and past customers. One solution isn’t going to work for your complete database. I am an advocate of multi-channel marketing and engagement. By combining manual touch points with various automated ones, brokerages can keep their agents front and center with content that is timely and valuable both pre- and post-transaction. The life of a lead is continually evolving, and the content we send them at various points throughout the relationship must be timely and useful. It could be years before we help a past customer with their next purchase, so leveraging technology in the right way.

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Rashad Jennings

Greater DAOR members got together to hear from Rashad Jennings! Rashad talked about his cheat codes to life and how his “IF’s” in life got him to be successful in his career. Rashad’s positive outlook on life was an insperation for all our members and Top Producers at this event.

PAGE | 5

Top Producers Awards

“The coach yells,’ Rashad Jennings, get in the game !’ and I can’t even find my helmet, I had to pick up some random helmet. I didn’t use their mouthpiece though. That would have been nasty.“

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We want to Acknowledge our 2019

scholarship recipients! On May 22, the Greater DAOR Scholarship Committee awarded Brian Magdaleno, Sengum Gankhuyag , and Stephanie Gonzalez with a $1000 college scholarship. Keller Williams SELA also awarded Alyssa Nevarez with a $1000 college scholarship. We are proud to support our local schools and dreams of our youth. President Dan Nevarez and Monica Rivera in photo, Sengum missing.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL 4 SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS! Scholarship Committee Members Chiarperson Jeff Worthy, Irma Salgado, Sandra Carnet, Rowena Dominguez, Monica Rivera, Tyler Wirth, Christy Vasquez, Maria Cuadros, Esmeralda Rivera, Julio Midolo,Natalie Romo, Andrew Meneses, Rosie Lopez, Flor Martinez, and Vicki Spearman PAGE | 7

Greater DAOR Leadership Attends 2019 Legislative Day in Sacramento

The Greater Downey Association of REALTORS®

met with Senator Bob Archuleta, and Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia. We discussed action on the following joined 2,500 California Realtors in Sacramento bills and issues: on May 1st for the 47th annual Legislative Day • Vote Yes on AB 1590: First-Time Low- and in Sacramento. It was a day full of action and Moderate-Income Homebuyer Tax Credit for inspiration as REALTORS®, legislators, and staff came Disadvantaged Communities. C.A.R. is sponsoring this together with one common goal in mind: increasing bill, which creates a first-time homebuyer tax credit for homeownership and ending the housing crisis. This low- and moderate-income individuals and families year’s theme, “Homeownership Matters,” was evident purchasing a home in a disadvantaged community, to in the discussions REALTORS® had with legislators. help them cover unanticipated costs associated with homeownership. AB 1590 allocates $50 million to This year, Legislative Day saw record numbers help first-time homebuyers who have never owned a as roughly 2,500 REALTORS® turned out to hear principal residence; who earn 120 percent or less of the Governor Gavin Newsom address a large crowd area median income; and who are purchasing a home during the morning briefing. Governor Newsom in a disadvantaged community. The tax credit created is called the state’s housing shortage a “crisis moment” equal to 3 percent of the purchase price of the home or and vowed to build 300,000-400,000 much needed $5,000, whichever is less. new housing units. Following the governor’s address, • Vote Yes on SB 50: Housing Development REALTORs® headed over to the state Capitol to Incentives. C.A.R. is co-sponsoring this bill, which seeks discuss issues of importance to the real estate industry to authorize the implementation of transit-rich housing with legislators, emphasizing that homeownership project bonuses for new urban developments, so families matters. He noted that California is ranked 49 out can afford to live within the communities in which they of 50 states in housing units per capita and has only work. It also Boosts housing and apartment development itself to blame. The day also included opportunities in and around major transit hubs and employers and for networking, and lively industry related discussions provides developers with a “density bonus” — authority aimed toward outlining goals for a successful to build additional units in exchange for building belowupcoming year. market units — and other incentives or concessions. • Vote No on SB 329: Mandatory Section 8. C.A.R. As part of its ongoing effort to educate legislators on is opposing this bill, - Continue on Pg 15 issues of importance, The Greater DAOR delegation

Let’s Talk Today! Se Habla Español

Alex Ascencio Divisional Manager

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O: 562-861-1414 | C: 562-413-1087

*Not available in all areas. American Financial Network, Inc. is not acting on behalf of or at the direction of HUD/FHA or the federal government. Borrowers must continue to make property tax, insurance, and other maintenance payments in order to avoid risk of default. American Financial Network, Inc. is licensed by the California Department of Business Oversight under the California Financing Law License (60DBO49916) and holds a CA Bureau of Real Estate, Real Estate Broker’s License (01317581) under Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS), unique identifier of 242234. Broker is performing acts for which a license is required. Loans made or arranged pursuant to California Financing Law. Refer to and input NMLS #237341 to see where AFN is a licensed lender. In all states, the principal licensed office of American Financial Network, Inc. is 10 Pointe Drive, Suite 330, Brea, CA 92821; Phone: (909) 606-3905 (NMLS ID#237341). This information is intended to assist Real Estate Brokers, Agents, and other Industry Professionals, and is not an advertisement for consumer credit as defined in 12 CFR 1026.2(a)(2). This information is not intended for consumers and may not be duplicated or disseminated to the public.

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Dan Nevaraz

C21 Realty Masters

Eloy Villamil

Remax Innovation

Ericka Saenz

C21 Jervis & Associates

George Santamaria G.O.S & Associates

Mireya Ruiz

Century 21 Allstars

MEMBERS WHO CONTRIBUTED $148 OR GREATER TO THE REALTOR ACTION FUND Alex Veloz Alex Saab Alberio Arboleda An Feng Christopher Kinsling David Jervis Edwin Huber Erica Moreno Esther Elias Esther Lee Fernando Buenabad Frances Singery Froylan Alfaro Gerry Gutierrez

Goldene Byma Gustavo Mendoza Humberto Sapien Isela Sotelo Jackie Funk Jani Cervantes Jason Cierpiszewski Jennifer Avellan Jeanette Baumann Joe R Medina John Lacey Josue Barrios Jose Perez Kathy Nelson-Potts

Kimberly Shew Kirk Cartozian Larry Kooiman Leticia Moreno De Herndez Lixel Marroquin Louie Lujan Maribel Chavez Mel Berdelis Mercedes De La Cruz Mike Rico Michael Berdelis Miguel Hernandez Oscar Mendoza Pieter VanDerMark

Remoun Said Rick Barrett Rita Berdelis Robert Ruiz Ruben Sarinana Ryan Quinones Sossi Gabriel Stephanie Banuelos Thomas Byma Tracey Brandenburg Vicki Spearman Victor Palacios Vincent Flores Wesly Iniguez


Al Allensworth Alicia Rodriguez Ana Aguirre Armando Gonzalez Ben Garcia Carlos Carolina Turcios Carrie Uva Craig Marson Cristina De Lorenzo Christina Davilas Dale Jervis David Sarinana

Don Jervis Jr. Edgar Cuevas Edith Villa Edwin Acevedo Edwin Molina Eva Diaz Flor Martinez Frank Moreno Grace Lin George Gordon George Sanabria Hernan Izales Humberto Lopez

Jamie Enriquez Jerry Lohman Jesus Guerra Joe Salazar Jorge Rico Juan Monroy Julia Higueros Julio Midolo Karen Hayashi Keisha Haywood Leonard Barrales Linda Gomez Luis Carlos Hernandez

Lucy Salgado Lucy Santamaria Margie Camacho Maria Zuloaga Marina Martin Mario Acevedo Mario Persico Mel Long Miriam Villanueva Monica Rivera Monique Sarinana Pablo Tobar Patrick McCallum

Penny Watson Ralph Aranda Jr. Richard Reyes Robert Colangeli Rosaalva Gallegos Rowena Dominguez Steve Roberson Teresa G. Pulido Winnie Long Yami Rico Young Lee

MEMBERS WHO CONTRUBUTED $20 TO THE REALTOR ACION FUND 2018 Abel Garfias Abel Martinez Abraham Lopez Abraham Rios Adan Hernandez Adelina Moreno Adolfo Flores Adriana Agredano Adriana Bernal Adriana Dominguez Adriana Marquez Adriana Valadez Adrian Nunez Al Lopez Alan Alford

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Alan Cervantes Cedillo Alba Sanchez Albert Castaneda Albert Loza Alberto Ruiz Alberto Sanchez Alejandro Picasso Alejandro Salazar Alex Arceo Alex Cabrera Alex Ramirez Alex Sanchez Alexander Cabral Alexandar Merlos Corea Alexander Rodriguez

Alexis Palacios Alfonso Guerrero Alfred Valencia Alfred Valladares Alfredo Avila Alfredo Martinez Alfred Castro Ali Hijazi Alicia Fombona Alma Ardon Alma Morales Alonso Estrada Alvaro Bautista Alvaro Jimenez Amanda Banda Raya

Amanda Estrada Amado Benitez Ana Carrion Ana Esparza Ana Espionza Ana Landgrave Ana Pantoja Ana Romero Anabel Partida Anaisa Cerda Andi Grant Andres Campoy Andrew Bedolla Andrew Troncoso Anel Mary Gomez

Angie Alcantara Angie Pierce Angel Moreno Angeline Escobedo Angelo Picarelli Anita Contreras Anjelica Madrigal Anna Escareno Anthony Diaz Anthony Diaz Curiel Anthony Ontiveros Antonia Ramirez Antonia Valenzuela Antonio Lanz Antonio Aguilar

Antonio Martinez Antonio Lopez Antonio Urzua Anna Aguirre Ansberto Paredes Araceli Garcia Araceli Gutierrez Araceli Martinez Araceli Tabares Aracelia Flores Ariazulema Alfaro Arianne Lindsay Arianna Hernandez Arlene Garcia Hanner Arlene Tanner Arminda Gomez Armando Martinez Armando Rios Arnold Cheesman Art Abarca Art Adorno Art Placencia Articia Woods Arthur Barreda Arthur Duran Arturo Briones Arturo Garcia Ashraf Gobran Ashley Guzman Athena Sanchez Barbara Briley-Beard Bart Lococo Benjamin Banuelos Bernardo Salazar Bertha Chamorro Bertha Rodriguez Bill Fierro Jr. Bill Puig Bluesette Moreno Brian Lazo Brisa Martinez Brisia Cardie Bryan Casella Bryan Melgoza-De Paz Cameron Sanchez Candido Montes Jr Candy Capi Carilu Caudillo Caritina De La Riva Carlene Zamora Carlos Boche Carlos Cahuas Carlos Estrada Carlos Flores Carlos Gamboa Carlos Hidalgo Carlos Marin Carlos Munoz Carlos Nogales Carlos Otero Carlos Romero Carlos Salguero Carlos Ulloa Carlos Valencia Carmen Chavez

Carmen Jimenez-Fraire Carmen Torres Carolina Gutierrez Cary Gomez Catalina Castillo Catalina Ortiz Cecilia Menjivar Cecilia Ramirez Cedric Adams II Celina Barillas Celio Duran Cesar Arteaga Cesar Avila Cesar Montano Cesar Pardini Chantal Maciel Chantel Silva Charlie Alpisar Beltran Charn Sheerajin Cheryl Van Rensselaer Christian Mata Christian Rossil Christian Vargas Christina Hernandez Christina Mercado Christine Kim Christine Pepaj Christopher Cervantes Christopher Comfort Christopher Ramos Christopher Wallace Chuck Chavez Claudia Acevedo Claudia Lozano Clifford Martin Concepcion Martinez Connie Patin Connie Perez Consuelo Aguirre Coral Romero Corina Quinteros de Garcia Corinne Urzua Coronado Haro Cristina Picarelli Cristina Sandoval Cristobal Gastelum Crystal Pena Cynthia Alvarez Daniel Andrade Daniel Camacho Daniel Delgado Daniel Hernandez Daniel Radusky Daniel Vazquez Danny Ramirez Darlene Martinez Darwin Sosa David Acevedo David Arzola David De La Vega David Garcia David Heck David Rodriguez DeAnna Allensworth

Deborah Flores Delia Cota Delicia Barba Delma Duarte Denise Garcia Denise Harper Dennis Adame Dennis Moyer Diana Carbajal Diana Hernandez Diana Hernandez Diane Aguayo Diane S Sanchez Diego Barco Dieter Von Puschendorf Dinah Solorzano Donald Cotten Donald Ramenian Doris Morejon Dorothy Pemberton Durga Baumann Earl Knox Eddie Huizar Eddie Mesorano Eddie Soto Ede Madiedo Edgar Cortez Edgar Ibarra Edgar Lopez Edgar Navarro Edgar Pelayo Edgar Ramos Edith Aguirre Edrisi Aussenac Edward Corona Edward Perez Edwin Blanco Edwin Duarte Edwin Guerra Edwin Moreta Edwin Samayoa Edwin Valiente Eileen Castle Eileen Zuniga-Rodriguez Ekber Djokovic Elba Trujillo Elena Prudenciano Eligio Ramirez Elisa Arauz Elisa Mazon Elisa Sandoval Elisabeth Hale Elizabeth Maldonado Sosa Elmer Brizuela Elsa Padilla Elsie Cambrone Elvia Brame Elvira Aguirre Elvira Barajas Elvira Lamas Elvis Huerta Elvis Navarro Eman Hassanin Emanuel Gutierrez Emmanuel Padilla

Enrique Flores Enrique Godinez Jr Enrique Rivas Enrique Ruiz Enrique Torres Franco Enrique Vega Eric Gutierrez Eric Pierce Eric Pinaya Eric Polo Eric Garcia Erica Cazares Erica Echevarria Erick Calderon Erick Gonzalez Erick Martinez Ericka Saenz Erik De Jesus Ernesto Arteaga Ernesto Medina Ernesto Ramos Ernesto Zavala Esdras Zaldana Esmeralda Rivera Esmeralda Rosales Esperanza Barajas Esplender Marroquin Estela Arboleda Estiven Orozco Torres Ethel Hayes Evelin Andino Castellanos Evelyn Calas Evelyn Franco Evelyn Romero Ezequiel Pinaya Fabian Islas Fabio Barahona Fanny Paredes Felipe Morales Felipe Ramirez Felix Torres Fernanda Martinez Fernando Aguilar Jr. Fernando Garcia Fernando Gomez Ferrel Solano Fidel Ruiz Flavio Acosta Flor De Los Santos Flor Mendez Florita Avila Fortino Reynoso Francelia Pacheco Frances Velasco Francisco Arroyo Jr Francisco Maldonado Francisco Puertas Francisco Ramos Francisco Ramos Frank Macias Frank Mejia Freddy Blanco Freddy Garcia Freida Becerra Froylan Hernandez

Gabriel Camacho Gabriel Flores Gabriel Gonzales Gabriel Matias Limon Gabriel Mendez Gabriel Reyes Gabriel Roca Gabriela Rodriguez Gabriela Ruiz Gabriela Salazar Gabriella Sanchez Gadil Melena Torres Gagan Sandhu Gay Hannah Gay-Lynn Barnes George Garcia George Gomez George Gonzalez George Mairena George Olmos Gerald Green Gerardo Munoz German Contreras German Cuervo Gilbert Ayala Gilbert Garcia Gilbert Hernandez Gilberto Ramirez Gina Galvan Giovanni Cornejo Giovanni Quevedo Gloria Castro Gloria Cervantes Gloria Encinas Gloria Sanchez Greg Ortiz Gregory Velasco Gregory-Keleko Fischer Gresil Reyes Griselda Ceballos Guadalupe Aguirre Guadalupe Reales Guadalupe Rodriguez Guillermo Lizarraga Guillermo Mejia Gus Guzman Gus Jacinto Gustavo Lua Gustavo Morales Hamid Charbel Hecniel Camargan Hector Benavidez Hector Gonzalez Hector Moreno Herbert Diaz Herbert Flores Heriberto Gaeta Hermie Medina Talledo Hilda Orozco Hugo Contreras Ignacio Gutierrez Ignacio Martinez Ildefonso Gastelum Ilse Ruiz Imelda Hernandez

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Irene Lopez Iris Arechiga Irma Castaneda Irma Suarez Irma Urzua Irma Salgado Isabel Rodriguez Isabel Sanchez Israel Vega Ochoa J.R. Raygoza Jaber Jaber Jacinto Mena Jacqueline Johnson Jacqueline Oblea Jai Hilton Jaime Flores Jaime Orozco Jaime Rios Jaime Rodriguez Jaime Porras Jaime Rodriguez Jaleel Ghafur James Derry James Estrada Jamie Hammontree Janet Lau Janet Ortiz Janeth Pazmino Janeth Samano Janice Harrison Jasmin Lovett Jasmin Sapien Jasmine Gutierrez Javier Gutierrez Gavidia Javier Navarro Javier Pantoja Jeanet Salazar Jeannette Brewer Jeff Davis Jeff Worthy Jeff Zolot Jeffrey Butler Jeffrey Johnston Jennie Avendano Jennifer Brown Jennifer Jung Jennifer Rodriguez Jennifer Valerio Jenny Velasco Jeovanny Gonzalez Jerid Erickson Jerilyn Fierro Jeronmo Almeida Jerry Lugo Jesse Espinosa Jesse Gonzales Jesse Puente Jessica Duran Jessica Jimenez Jessica Vazquez Jessie Lam Jessika Gomez Jesus Carrera Jesus Flores Jignesh Patel Jim Spathos

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Joseph Gonzalez Joseph Mercado Joshua Lin Josue Ramon Jovida Alvarez Diaz Joycene Taylor Jr. Juarez Juan Avila Juan Garcia Juan Hernandez Juan Manriquez Juan Sanchez Jr Juan Violante Juan Arturo Porras Juan Luis Delacruz Juana Gonzalez Juana Maciel Juanita Urzua Juanita Venegas Judith Gallardo Judith Lazcarro Orozco Judy Sarinana Julia Valencia Julian Alcala’ Julian Gomez Julian Melo Ruiz Julie Au Julien Araiza Julio Aguilar Julio Bonilla Julio Cruz Julio Garcia Julio Gonzalez Julio Mora Julio Cesar Gomez Julius Rosas Jun Hoang Kai Chan Karen Castillo Karen Medina Karina Chavez Karla Ramirez Kathi Wilson Katonja Neal Kenneth Jordan Kerop Martirosyan Kevin Messiha Kian Chachi Krystopher Benyamein Lala Sklenicka Lance Silvester Laura Andrade Laura Borbon Laura Crump Laura D’Hernandez Laura Navarro Laura Sandez Laura Villescaz Laurie Calderon Lee Gumms Lee Moore Lenin Espinoza Leonardo Aguilar Leopoldo Rodarte Leticia Escutia Lilian Lopez

Lina Salgado Linda Alvarez Linda Cervantes-Salas Linda Delgado Linda Pak Linda Rivas Liselda Figueroa Logan Millan Loida Velasquez Lois Worthy Lorena Barquero Lorena Lara Lorena Medina Lorraine Carpinella Louie Gutierrez Louis Teque Louisa Arutunian Lourdes Buenavides Lourdes Robles Lucila Salomon Lucy Aguilar Lucy Ramirez Ludyn Tijerino Luis Bautista Luis Carranza Luis Escobar Luis Fajardo Luis Gallegos Luis Hernandez Luis Lopez Luis Machain Luis Martinez Luis Mendoza Luis Pasache Luis Perez Luis Ramirez Luis Rodriguez Luis Ruballos Luis Villalpando Lupe Guzman Lupe Martinez Luz Hernandez Luz Hernandez Luz Lopez Luz Ortega Lydia Aguayo Lydia Kiner Magali Fernandez Magda Azmitia Mendez Magdalena Gardilcic Manuel Diaz Manuel Gonzalez Manuel Ponce Manuel Reyes Marcia Castillo Marcia Cox Marcial Rivas Marco Cilloniz Marco Otero Ramirez Marcos Forrester Margaret Limon Margarita Meneses Margoreth Galvez Maria Alvarez Maria Amaya

Maria Arriaga Maria Baltazar Maria Buenrostro Maria Chaidez Maria Chavez Maria Cibrian Maria Cuadros Maria DeJesus DeSantiago Maria Enciso Maria Espinoza Maria Espinoza Maria Franco Maria Garcia Maria Gutierrez Maria Lilley Maria Lizarraga Maria Mancia Maria Marquez Maria Neill Maria Plascencia Maria Ramirez Maria Riggs Maria Rivas Maria Scott Maria Stoltz Maria Tabares Maria Cueva Maria Corrie Morada Maria Elena Serrano Maria Lourdes Cotaya Maria Teresa Flores Mariana Pacheco Maribel Tirado Maricela Ramirez Marie Picarelli Marilu Morales Marilyn Martinez Marilyn Sinquimani Mario Contreras Mario Grizzelle Jr Mario Molina Mario Rodriguez Mario Mariscal Marisol Herrera Marisol Otanez Maritza Madrid Mark Galaviz Mark Galvan Mark Velasco Marlene Rodriguez Marlon Galarreta Martha Calderon Martha Guzman Martha Ochoa Martha Verduzco Martha Washington Martin Gonzalez Martin Mendizabal Martin Robles Martin Salcido Martin Soto Mary Almada Mary Bazan Mary Beltran Mary Robles

Matthew Callahan Matthew Chaidez Matthew Kou Matthew Palomares Maureen Kelly Mauricio Barajas Max Michel Maynor Carrera Mayra Cuevas Mayra Holland Medhat Iskarous Melanie Guillen Melisa Machado Melvin Jackson Melvin Young Michael Aspeitia Michael Aviles Michael Duran Michael McCabe Michael Pagan Michael So Michelle Sanchez Miguel Lopez Martinez Miguel Perez Miguel Perez Miguel Reyes Mike Medina Mikey Gutierrez Milagros Nunez Millie Castillo Milton Bernal Milton Lopez Mina Samaan Misael Alberto Misael Vasquez Jr Mohani Martinez Moises Govea Moises Olivares Garcia Monica Hathaway Monica Morales Monica Vargas Monique Gonzalez Monique Morales Monique Arreola Myrna Lopez Nahed Benyamein Nashat Benyamein Natalie Romo Natasha Gonzales Nathan Mahoney Nellie Munoz Nelson Cordova Nelva Valle Ngoc Tran Nicholas Mauro Nidya Pineda Noel Sapiter Nohemi Felix Norberto Fernandez Norma Arreola Castaneda Norma Machado Norma Pascuale Norma Rivas Nubia Areas Obed Brito Odelva Loya

Olga Martinez Olga Ramirez Olga Sanchez Olga Vasquez Olluky Lopez Oluwafemi Ayinde Omar Alvarado Omar Rivera Oracio Carrillo Oscar Alfaro Oscar Baca Oscar Barredo Oscar Jara Oscar Martinez Oscar Ramos Oscar Sanchez Oscar Menjivar Pablo Mendez Pablo Torres Pam Lee Pam Powers Pamela Allende Pamella Carrillo Paola Melendez Pat Szmagalski Patricia Aguero Patricia Conchas Patricia Garcia Patricia Henderson Patricia Loya Patricia Morris Patricia Pescina Patricia Reyes Patricia Rivas Patricia Romo Patricia Soberanes Patrick Orozco Paul Bollin Paul Hernandez Jr Paula Arroyo Paulo Lopez Pedro Flores Pedro Martinez Perla Martinez Phil Obregon Philip Lance Phillip Nunez Pollyanna Lo Polo Carrillo Rachel Tavarez Rafael Amesquita Rafael Cortes Rafaela Cardona Rafaela Perez Ramiro Carvajal Ramon Chavez Ramon Estrada Solis Randolph Smith Randy Mendez Raul Palacio Raul Ramirez Raul Zavala Ray Penado Rebecca Lopez Rebecca Wallace Regina Ferron

Reina DeLaCruz Rene Corbian Rene Gonzales Rene Nario Rene’ Luna Reyna Avila Reyna Sanchez Ricardo Arias Ricardo Borjas Ricardo Carrera Ricardo Gil De Montes Ricardo Gutierrez Alvarado Ricardo Morales Ricardo Munoz Ricardo Rodriguez Ricardo Rosales Ricardo Soto Sanchez Richard Becerra Richard Diaz Richard Ramirez Richard Rey Richard Estrada Ricky Hernandez Ricky Washington Rigoberto Melchor Robert Daly Robert Diaz Robert Garcia Robert Hernandez Robert Murillo Roberto Cruz Roberto Hernandez III Roberto Rivas Cortes Roberto Romagosa Roberto Rivas Rocio Rivera Rocio Silva Rodney Richmond Rodrigo Juarez Rodrigo Melgoza Rogelio Flores Rogelio J Gomez Roger Beltran Roger Garcia Rolando Lopez Roman Vazquez Roman Meza Ronnie Konishi Rosa Barrera Rosa Garcia Rosa Pacheco Rosa Salazar Rosalba Romero Rose Flores Roselia Flores Rosie Soto Fraire Rosie Vallejo Rosy Flores Rosy Valencia Roxanne Valenzuela Ruben Aldana Ruben Arenas Ruben Estrada Ruben Godinez Ruben Rios Russell Skersick

Ruth Orellana Saeed Barmaki Sal Garcia Sal Hernandez Salvador Alcazar Salvador Almanza Salvador Cordova Salvador Farias Salvador Gonzalez Salvador Villalta Samuel Trujillo Sandra Alvarez Sandra Aparicio Sandra Carnet Gutierrez Sandra Castro Sandra Oviedo Sandra Vega Sara Aguiniga Sarah Lin Scott Dominguez Sebastean Parra Sergio Becerra Sergio Bedolla Sergio Dominguez Sergio Martinez Sergio Paz Sergio San Vicente Sergio Suro Sergio Velasco Shelby Stewart Shirley Appel Shontay Henderson Silvestre Madrigal Silvia Cruz Silviana Gomez Silvino Delgado Sofia Flores Sofia Martinez Sole Gutierrez Sonia Diaz Sonia Jimenez Sonia Moncayo Steve Navar Steven Adebayo Steven Altamirano Steven Hernandez Steven Padilla Susan Chang Susan Martene Susan Paine Susan Waldron Susana Nunez Susie Cisneros Suzette Valdovinos Tahesia Hall Tanairy Felix Tania Zavala Ted Tijerino Teriann McKenna Terri Gallegos Terri Sirls Theresa Chen Theresa Turner Thomas Martin Thomas Rios Tomasa Flores

Toni Ayala-Moreno Toni Guembes Toni Stewart Tony Chavez Tony Lai Tony Ruiz Tony Shin Tyler Wirth Ulises Madrigal Ulisses Lopez Uriel Estrada Valerie Maldonado Valerie Navarro Vanessa Enriquez Vanessa Espinoza Vanessa Penado Venny Saucedo Veronica Davis Marquez Veronica Escobar Veronica Recinos Veronica Rocha Vicente Hernandez Vicente Infante Vicente Velez Vicky DeLaCruz Victor Cuellar Victor Garza Victor Hernandez Victor Lemus Victor Paredes Victor Quijano Victor Rosales Victoria Ferreyra Victoria Garcia Victoria Mercado Vincent d’Amato Vincent Nunes Viney Sharma Violet Bruner Violeta Castillo Virginia Thomas Virginia Hernandez Waleed Afify Walter Hearvey Wendy Cordero Wendy Fuentes Wendy Gomez Wendy Miranda Wendy Tejeda Werner Godinez Werner Rosales William Preciado Wilson Peralta Wonnie Kim Xiomara Somoza Yadira Landeros Yarlene Cortez Yehia Zakaria Yesenia Angeles Yesica Lopez-Zamora Yolanda Rubio Yvette Geater Yvette Khodaverdi Yvette Mejia Zoila Pasos

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Working For You

Legislative Day in Sacramento - Continued by Louie Lujan

which forces all residential rental property owners to participate in all government assistance and housing subsidy programs, such a the Section 8 housing program, by entering into a legally binding contract with a government agency. This bill forces all landlords into contracts whose provisions they may not be able to fulfill. The Greater DAOR delegation also expressed concern to legislators that California is experiencing a chronic housing supply shortage which has resulted in skyrocketing prices. California’s currently holds a population of 40 million with only enough housing for 25 million. This equates to an additional 3 million housing units needed by 2030 in order to meet the growing population numbers at a rate of 180,000 units per year--currently the state is only building half that amount. We stressed that Lawmakers can help increase the housing supply through supporting other bills such as: • AB 1568 Housing Accountability: Holds local governments accountable by withholding gas tax revenue if counties do not meet home building benchmarks verified by the California Department of Housing and Community Development. • AB 1074 Accessory Dwelling Units: Increases housing supply by selling bonds to provide loans to homeowners to construct accessory dwelling units (ADUs). • AB 1020 State Housing Agency: Establishes a state Housing Agency with a cabinet-level Secretary of Housing to oversee all housing-related initiatives and activities throughout the State of California. • SB 509 Affordable Housing License Plate Program: Establishes a housing crisis awareness program through the issuance of a specialty license plate by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The license plate would generate revenues for affordable housing programs throughout the state. For the past 47 years, Legislative Day has remained C.A.R.’s preeminent legislative event, giving California REALTORS® the opportunity to meet and discuss real estate issues directly with their state legislators and staff. Attending Legislative Day is not only a great investment in our industry, it also provides an opportunity to hear from California’s most dynamic political leaders and C.A.R. leadership.

For more information, please contact the Greater Downey Association of REALTORS at (562) 861-0915 PAGE | 15

13th Annual Bowling


TAKE A LOOK AT OUR TOP 6 BOWLING TEAMS 1st Place Team Century 21 Peak 307 average Russel, Edwin, Ben, Kai, Joe

Tony, Chuck, Arnold, Miguel, Jorge

4th Place Team Realty One Group United 224 average

5th Place Team 24 Hour Real Estate 217 average

Sole, Martha, Karla, Saul, Alex

2nd Place Team Century 21 Allstars 290 average

3rd Place Team 24 Hour Real Estate 226 average

Rich, Sergio, James, Gabriel, Edith

James, Ralph, Michael, Paul, Luis

6th Place Team Keller Williams Downey 216 average Carmen, Jessica, Maureen, Michael, Paul

Most Strikes Thrown in 2 games - 12 Arnold Cheesman, C21 Allstars

Top 10 - High Scoring Players Combined Games 1st Place Arnold Cheesman, C21 Allstars 384 2nd Russell Skersick, C21 Peak 356 3rd Tony Chavez, C21 Allstars 342 4th Joe Prieto, C21 Peak 315 5th Edwin Huber, C21 Peak 290 6th Ben Garcia, C21 Peak 289 7th (tie-287) Kai Chan, C21 Peak; Michael Berdelis & Paul Hernandez, 24 Hour Real Estate 8th Jose Martin, C21 Peak 283 9th Carlos Rosillo, C21 Peak 263 10th Giancarlo Piccini, Realty One Group United 262

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Greater DAOR 2019 2nd Quarter Magazine Issue 2  

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