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7 Reasons to Stop Eating Fast Food

By Daniel Harper

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Almost everyone loves fast food. It’s tasty, delicious and gives you a quick fix whenever you get hungry. Although fast food is sold worldwide, only a few really take into consideration the dangers of eating it. For someone like you who is concerned about health, I’m sure you are aware that it is wise to minimize your fast food intake or better yet, stop eating it for good. Do you know why? If not, here are the top seven reasons why you should stop eating fast food.

1. Poor animal conditions. Animals sourced for the main ingredients of your favorite fast food are frequently kept in poor conditions. They are kept in tight spaces with not enough room for them to even relax. They undergo extreme stress that most of them go crazy and hurt themselves or other animals. Most of them are even slaughtered in inhumane ways.

2. Pumped with medicine. The poor conditions of the animals in captivity cause them to get sick and their dirty surroundings get filled with bacteria. To stop them from getting sick, they are fed with medicine and antibiotics. The worst part is not all of those medicines don’t leave the animal’s body even after they get processed or cooked.

3. Filled with preservatives. Ever tried the French Fries experiment wherein you put a bunch of French fries bought from your favorite fast food restaurant, put them in a jar, then wait for a week to see if they decompose? If not, you will be surprised that most of those fries do not even rot. That is because of the preservatives put in those foods to prolong their shelf life. It’s not even natural or organic anymore.

4. Filled with empty calories. Although fast food can give you quick relief to hunger, it won’t actually give you the nutrients your body needs. It is actually filled with empty calories that will just make you fat. You may have cured your hunger with fast food but you’re also making yourself undernourished in the process.

5. Full of sugar. When I say sugar, I mean artificial sweeteners that are actually worse than sugar. Fast food companies use special types of artificial sweeteners partnered with high doses of MSG to increase the flavor of the food. These additives are harmful to the body in the long run and can cause diabetes or even cancer.

6. Bad for the stomach. We all know how important fiber is in maintaining a healthy body. It gets rid of toxins, cholesterol and other harmful stuff in our digestive system. Fast foods contain little to no fiber at all. Meaning, going on a heavy fast food diet may lead to serious diseases such as colon cancer.

7. It is addictive. With all those additives and artificial flavorings, fast food is designed for one thing, to make you crave for more. Fast food instantly becomes a comfort food that is very addictive. We all know what happens when you get addicted to fast food, you eat more which in turn makes you fat, undernourished and sick.

Sometimes it’s okay to give in to these kinds of food once in a while. You can have some like once a week but make sure it’s not a lot. But if you really want to stop eating fast food and become healthier, just keep in mind the dangers listed above before taking the first bite. I assure you, you can live without fast food.

“The journey of a thousand pounds begins with a single burger.” ~Chris O’Brien

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7 Reasons to Stop Eating Fast Food  
7 Reasons to Stop Eating Fast Food