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How to Deal With Emotional Pain

By Daniel Harper

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We all have our moments of getting hurt, most of the time it’s physical resulting from an accident or an injury. To recover all you need to do is go to the hospital, take some medicine and give yourself time to heal. But as human beings we also get hurt in an emotional level. And for some it’s the most difficult pain to deal with because you cannot simply take a medicine to make it go away. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with emotional pain. Whether if it’s caused by a heart break, betrayal, or any disheartening experience, you can still heal yourself and bounce back. Below are ways on how to deal with emotional pain.

Accept. You should learn to accept that you are hurt and in pain. Rejecting or hiding your emotional pain is unhealthy and it would feel like your heart is about to explode. Accept that what you’re going through is normal. Accept that as a person with feelings, no matter how tough you think you are, you’re still capable of feeling pain as you are capable of feeling love. Every now and then you will definitely get hurt. Accept it.

Understand. After you have accepted that you are hurt and that it’s normal to experience these things, this time try to understand why you are feeling that way. Ask yourself questions like, “Why am I hurting like this?” or “Why am I feeling this way?” This allows you to tap deeper into your emotion so you can figure out what’s going on.

Endure. This could be a difficult pill to swallow but there are times that you just have to endure the pain so you can get through it. Like physical pain, emotional pain subsides after a certain amount of time. You just have to tough it out and last longer than the pain. Even if you’re feeling hopeless or already past your limits, just brace yourself and keep holding on as much as you can. This too shall pass.

Give it time. This is something that most people who are undergoing a lot of emotional pain forget to do. All those negative emotions sometimes cause you to rush into things that will just give you more pain. Never underestimate the power of time. Sit back and let things unfold naturally. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two that will help you understand and improve your situation. When the pain has subsided and your mind is clearer that’s the time you can start acting on it. Remember the very old saying, time heals all wounds.

Reach out. Having a good support system from family and friends is a very effective way to deal with emotional pain. If you think that pain is too much and you can’t endure it, reach out to loved ones and people you can trust. Their presence alone can immediately give relief plus their advice and encouragement can help you recover from any emotional damage. So don’t be shy and reach out to them, they will surely appreciate it and will be more than glad to help you.

Forgive. Emotional pain is sometimes a trap. You’re either going to get through it and come out as a better individual or as someone worse. I’ve met people who have become so alienating and distrustful of people because they failed to do one thing, which is to forgive. One of the causes of emotional pain is resentment, and the pain caused by resentment is something that can be considered as self-inflicted. You don’t realize it but you’re already hurting yourself. Learn how to forgive. Pull out that thorn inside your heart instead of trying to keep it in. Forgive the person who hurt you and you’ll start feeling better.

Pain is inevitable. There’s no possible way for you to avoid getting hurt. However there are endless possibilities on how you can handle pain. Sometimes the best method is not to know how to avoid things from happening but on knowing how to deal it.

“The great art of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even in pain.” ~Lord Byron

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How to Deal With Emotional Pain  
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