Black Owned Small Business Expo Guide - Spring 2023

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A DanieBJones Event
Prince George's County Sport & Learning Complex, Landover, MD


FAMILY Owned & Operated SINCE 2016

Meet Our




Events LLC, the Black Owned Small Business Expo (BOSB) gives black small business owners a place to collaborate, network, sell and promote their products and services to an audience specifically designed for them The BOSB Expo has expanded to include small business resources, workshops and seminars geared toward business and personal development, all to help start-up businesses and entrepreneurs explore the possibilities and opportunities that are available. The BOSB Expo is held twice annuallyBlack Friday (Also known as Small Business Saturday) We are hrough our events but year round through our network

s we grow we are constantly looking to expand into other

DanieBJones LLC is a premier Marketing, Event & Business Management Organization with a focus in small and start -up businesses and community events. We pride ourselves in hosting events that leave lasting impressions on all attendees. From expos, to festivals to business branding, we work hard to ensure that we exceed expectations while sparking change through personal engagement To learn more about DanieBJones visit our website at: www daniebjones com


Its All About the Wrist

JayMedia Publishing

Jazzy’s Fancy Gems

Joy of Beauty

Joys Perfection




Kreative Klutches Boutique

Kurated, with Love

LeAnn's Home Made Cheesecakes

Legacy Quilts and Art

Legit Styles Clothing

Limited Stylez by Sophia

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance

Little Treasures Feathers


Lofty Stories LLC

Love You First Wear


Manami Symone - A Collection of

Books from the Heart


Millionaire Mastermind Institute

Mindful Mane & Body Care

Mochas Boutiquee LLC

My Melanin Crafts

Nice Things Boutique


Protagein Quill & Co

Raising Vaginas

RareGlo Organic Shea Products

Right Next Door Roc Tha Body Designs LLC

Royal Fai7h LLC

RoyaltyMC LLC


Saffire Bleu Samson Properties

Sankofa International

Serenity by Sereta, LLC

Signal Four Apothecary LLC

Small Business Development Center

So Harpie & Haysie

Soulful Blessings Candle Co.

Southern Belle Cleaners

Speak EZ for Kids & Jessieca

Montgomery, Author Spicy DEEzaster Jewelry & Accessories

Stick-It-To-Me! Pin Cushions

Stilote Luxury Handbags

Surrender Candle, LLC

Sweet Indulgence Mini Dessert Bar

Sweet Organix by Cheree Sweets by Shy

Tea Lover's Cafe

Teo Brand

The Johnson Leadership Group LLC

The Laundry Basket LLC


T-Mobile for Business

Unique Beauty Supply Boutique

YOLO Health and Wellness, LLC

YvonneEx Designs

2023SpringBlackOwnedSmallBusinessVendors Prince George's County Sports & Learning Complex, Landover Md 2 Ladies & A Juice A Known Jewelry Addelo Adrienne’s Unique Treasures Afrique Fashion House LLC Afrotika Arts Anewskin Aesthetic Clinic and Medical Spa BAMM'S SAUCE Beardiful Oil Beloved J Public Speaking Firm BEL's Body Essentials Boujee Couture By Ray Black Diamond Publishing/Author Erika J Gibson Blessed 24:7 Gift Shop Blk Oasis co. Bright’n SUNNY Creations ButterflyLoveFifty1LLC Buxton Shique Cakelady Desserts Caribbean Breeze Tree Celestial Adornments Charles County Chamber of Commerce Chique Niche Cortland Jones Enterprises Creative Chaos Studio LLC Culture Beads Collection, LLC Curlnista Custom Strands Danielle's Herbs Delkis Collections Derreq Player Portraits & Printing DMV CHILL Dr C Moss DRESS REHEARSAL DTD Enterprises, LLC EST 818 Skincare EUGINA'S XCESSORIES Everlasting Memories by J Rene' LLC Everyday Bluff EXIT Flagship Realty Favoring Grace Knit Crochet LLC Fedele Nero Fedora Palace Google Pixel for Business Graced by Glam - Paparazzi Accessories Green Energy LLC H&KCreations Halz S Enterprises, LLC Hard 2 Oppose Publishing HerSol Beauty Honeycomb Bijoux Housing Options & Planning Enterprises Inc Howell's Standard Hugee Corporation Infuzed with Booze Innervisionsartgroup INTELE


Small Business

Main Stage Hot Spot


DTD Enterprises, LLC

DTD's Enterprises LLC is a multi-solution company offering a wide range of services From grant writing and business development to expansion planning, we have the tools, experience, and expertise to help you grow your business


Sweet Indulgence Mini Dessert Bar

SIMDB is a dessert bar experience Our specialty is miniature dessert cups in an assortment of flavors

Conceptualized, imagine an assortment of mini dessert cups, boxed and presented similarly as an assortment of chocolates, donuts or cupcakes

Danielle's Herbs

Danielle's Herbs Health Wellness and Hair Care is an all natural herbal company that uses Alkaline and Ayurvedic herbs to promote Healthy Hair, a Healthy Body, and a Healthy Sex Life We offer Loose Leaf Teas, New Growth Hair Oils, Aphrodisiacs, Tobacco Alternatives, and Fragrances


Serenity by Sereta

Serenity by Sereta is a self-care and mindfulness business Created to promote wellness of the mind, body and spirit We offer personal care products made by hand and meditation services Some of our offerings include, body scrubs, body butters, bath soaks and a self-care box


Raising Vaginas

The idea behind "Raising Vaginas" is to provoke an evolution in parenting To help cultivate a COMMUNITY that empowers our girls with the knowledge they need to be able to develop self love before they decide to love someone else romantically I want to create a sex positive culture that raises our girls (and boys) to be aware of pleasure without having to share a sexual experience prematurely with someone else In my book, I share helpful ideas on ways to have those difficult conversations to help our boys to develop a level of RESPECT and appreciation for the female body, its functions, and capabilities outside of sex, and, to help our girls navigate those life experiences with POWER!


Royal Fai7h LLC

We are a Holistic Metaphysical Spiritual Shop based in Upper Marlboro MD We provide products and services We have crystals, sage, incense, bath soaks, home essential sprays and jewelry We also provide reiki and chakra energy readings on site We will break down how Chakras, Reiki and energy shifting can shift your vibes and life to a more healthy road


We are an aesthetic medical clinic located in DC We offer a range of services such as laser hair removal, chemical peels, body sculpting, Botox, fillers, Microneedling, body sculpting etc

11:30PM Anewskin LLC
Business Development Center Community Update
& Franchising
Changing the Way We Do Noon Day Panel
with Mark Wells
Business Financing Solutions Right Next Door serves the financing needs of small and medium-sized businesses and real estate investors across the United States! With our network of commercial lenders, we’re able to fund businesses in all industries. Programs Equipment Loans/Lending • Equipment Leasing • Construction Equipment • Office Equipment • Heavy Equipment • SBA Loans • Debt Restructuring • Pay Any Day/Cash Advance Sales Leaseback •UnsecuredBusinessLoans •BusinessLinesofCredit • Business Acquisition Financing • Accounts Receivable Financing •RealEstateFinancing •CommercialBridgeLoans •Fix&FlipFinancing •SecuritiesBasedLending •ChurchFinancing •MedicalWorkingCapital (202) 597-2637

Small Business




EST818Skincareisaskincarebrandtailoredtoallallskintypestoenhance yournaturalbeautyaswellasencouragingselfcare.



SIMDBisadessertbarexperience.Ourspecialtyisminiaturedessertcupsin anassortmentofflavors.Conceptualized,imagineanassortmentofmini dessertcups,boxedandpresentedsimilarlyasanassortmentofchocolates, donutsorcupcakes.

SignalFourApothecaryLLC @Signal4ApothecaryLLC

SignalFourApothecaryLLCproduceshandcrafted,veganproductsforhair andskincare.SignalFourApothecaryhascraftedsevensignaturescentsfora rangeofproduct:beardoils,beardbalm,andbodybutters.


LincolnHeritageLifeInsuranceCompanyoffersproductsandservicesthat takesthestressoffyourbeneficiary(s)onwhatcouldbeconsideredthe worsedayoftheirlives.

AfriqueFashionHouse @afriquefashionhouse

WecreatearangeofcontemporaryAfricanprintdresses,jumpsuits,andtwopiecesandclothingformen,womenandkidsofallsizesandshapesthatare allsourcedandmadeinGhanaandMDUpperMarlboro.Ouraimistoinfuse eye-catchingAfricanstyleintoyourwardrobetobeworncasually,foranight out,orforformalevents.Withvividpiecesthatarebothvibrantand affordable,wecustomtailoreachpiecetoensureourclothingflattersyour bodytype,comfortablyandconfidently.

HousingOptions&PlanningEnterprise(HOPE) @hope_hopefinancial

H.O.P.E.(HousingOptionsandPlanningEnterprises,Inc.)isanHUD-certified housingcounselingandcommunity-basedorganizationinPrinceGeorge's Countythataimstopromoteequalaccesstohousingforallpersonsthrough counseling,education,advocacy,andcommunityrevitalization.Their programsaredesignedtomeettheneedsoflow-to-moderateincome,Black, Indigenous,andPersonofColor(BIPOC)individualsandhouseholds.

Kamose' @kamosellc

KamoséisacompanythatsellsanddistributesallnaturalorganicnonGMO productsmadebyourcommunity,fortheentireglobalcommunity. Wesell thebestsuperWhippedSheaButter,organicteas,books,soap,andlipbalms

2Ladies&AJuice @2ladiesajuice

Ourgoalistoprovideindividualswithcold-pressjuices,whichcould continueimprovingyouroverallhealthorintroduceindividualstoahealthier lifestyle.

AnewskinLLC @AnewskinLLC

WeareanaestheticmedicalcliniclocatedinDC.Weofferarangeofservices suchaslaserhairremoval,chemicalpeels,bodysculpting,Botox,fillers, Microneedling,bodysculptingetc.









A water based, sugar free, no preservative protein and collagen quencher in liquid and powder form.

WeareaCryotherapycompany.WespecializeinCryosculpting, PainManagementandRecovery.


EverlastingMemoriesbyJ.Rene'LLCisaweddingplanningandcoordinationservice basedinFortWashington,MD.Withoveradecadeofexperienceguidingcouples throughtheirweddingneeds,EverlastingMemoriesbyJ.Rene'LLChasawealthof experiencetosharewithyou.Wecreateatailoredapproachtoeverycouple.Above all,wewantyoutoenjoyeverymomentofyourlong-awaitedoccasionaswetake careofthebackgrounddetails.

CustomStrands @custom_strands_

CustomStrandsisabusinesswithintegrityandavisionthatbelievesinproviding1st classhaircareandcustomerservice.Whichiswhycontinuededucationisimportant. ProvidingservicessuchasHairandscalpAnalysis,Hairlossandscalpmaladies treatmentsfromaHolisticapproach.Stillservicingclientswithtrendycutsand styleswhileofferingproductsforretail.

HerSol @HerSolBeauty

HerSolBeautyoffershandcrafted,veganhairandskincareproductstohelpyou lookandfeelgoodfromoursoultoyours!Ourproductsincludebodybutters, scrubs,oils,massagecandlesandmore!

SerenitybySereta @SerenitybySereta

SerenitybySeretaisaself-careandmindfulnessbusiness.Createdtopromote wellnessofthemind,bodyandspirit.Weofferpersonalcareproductsmadeby handandmeditationservices.Someofourofferingsinclude,bodyscrubs,body butters,bathsoaksandaself-carebox.



WelcometoFedeleNero!Ablack-ownedfashionbrandrepresentingtheDCCulture. Iam BriscoeFedele,LeadDesignerandCEOofFedeleNero(fa-del-laneh-row).We areknownforembracingyourstylewhileremainingloyaltoourcommunity,Fedele Neroseekstoprovideafashionplatformforthe“averageperson”toexpresswho theyareandwhotheyseektobecome.“FedeleNero”isderivedfromtheItalian language,bringingthemeaningof“faithfulandloyal”(Fedele)toa“black”(Nero) brand.Ourlabelindicatesadedicationtoprovidinganexclusiveculture.Ourtheme colorsof“BlackandWhite”representthecontrastbetweengoodandbadwhile displayingthevalueineachopposingcolorbecomingone.Whetheryourstyleis casual,sophisticated,urban,oreclectic,FedeleNerofitsyourflavorandwilladda tasteofmambosauce,fromtheDCCulture.

Unfortunately, death is the one thing that we cannot predict, prevent, evade or avoid However, we can and must prepare for the inevitable. Although it is not an easy discussion, it is one that I am able to assist you and your loved ones with!

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company® offers products and services that takes the stress off your beneficiary(s) on what could be considered the worse day of their lives These products include, but are not limited to:

Approved claims paid in 24 hours

Funeral planning assistance for your beneficiary

·Price shopping (up to 3 funeral homes) with Funeral Consumer Guardian Society

Free contract review

Optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment Protection

·Optional Child rider coverage

·Whole Life coverage designed for a special purpose

Regards, Debra Seals-(202) 258-6158

Kristy Porter – (571) 575-5165

"Your agents for life"




Whatdoes it mean to "be dessert chic " ?

Beingdessertchicmeansbeingyourtrulyauthenticself. Alittlebitsassyalittlebitsweet,daring,bold,cuteandpetite,whatever yourflavoris…embraceit,loveit,holdontoit,andbedessertchic!

Dessert chic is having a humble heart and passion for others. Dessert chic is being more concerned about impact, rather than income.

Dessert chic is putting you and your family first.

Dessert chic is finding joy in all the little things in life.

Dessert chic is waking up on a rainy day with a smile on your face and sunshine in your heart.

Why C o



Empowering women

Giving back to the community

Tastes amazing

Makes you feel good

Unique product

Perfect for all occasions

Woman owned

Black owned small business

Our best selling


most popular flavors

That's my Strawberry Shortie right there!

Twisted Bananas, Crazy in Love

O'reo, I'm in love with Brownies and Cheesecake

Chocolate is my addiction, that's my truth

Orange Dreams & Sweet Cream

My Ginny Pie, she's the Apple of my eye

To be a dessert chic company. To ignite feelings of joy in everyone we meet by making really good, quality desserts, served in a unique and fashionable way. To inspire you to find a reason to celebrate every moment, take a minute and enjoy the sweet little things in life To savor the flavors of love, joy and happiness with every single bite We want to make people happy by serving amazing mini desserts made with love and inspired by passion

What is the Product?

3 oz miniature dessert cups in an assortment of 20+ flavors all prepared from scratch with natural and locally sourced ingredients

Dessert bar displays for events, gatherings and corporate functions (product & service: weddings parties, etc) Sold individually, by the ½ dz. or whole dz

Retail sales

Online sales


Wholesale/dessert distributor

Bulk dozen discounts for 3+ dozen purchases

wiitth SIMDB
O h u o r e ic M g is S sion
r n
$4 25
single, $26 ½ dz , $49 1dz, 3+dz $48/dz Wholesale (10+ dz)w/ 3 0r more 0rders 30% discount


Housing Options &Planning Enterprises, Inc. (H.O.P.E.) is a non-profit, HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agency dedicated to helping individuals and families find and keep affordable housing that meets their needs. Founded in 2005, our high-quality programs and services are designed to foster both self-sufficiency and neighborhood stabilization throughout Prince George’s, Baltimore, and Southern Maryland Counties. H.O.P.E., Inc has provided affordable housing resources to individuals and families while simultaneously creating financial well-being in the communities we serve.

H O P E ’s work has stimulated economic growth, fostered strong participation of disadvantaged populations in the economic wealth of the community, and generated a robust workforce

Has a HUD-approved housing counseling agency committed to promoting equal access to housing and capital for all persons through counseling, education, advocacy, and community revitalization, H.O.P.E., Inc. offers a wide range of programs and services designed to foster self-sufficiency, wealth building, and housing that meets the needs of the community we serve. These include:

First-Time Homebuyer Class

One-on-One Counseling

Foreclosure Intervention Counseling

Credit Counseling

Development/Revitalization Program

Tax Preparation Services (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, or VITA)

Small Dollar Consumer Loans

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, now there is a new and exciting way to sell your products and services and access many of the resources from the expo plus more! Create your own personal online store in the marketplace today to sell and network with business owners consumers from all over the world. Shop, Sell, Save and more right in this one stop site for all your business needs. We offer live webinars on various topics related to business development to help ensure your continued growth! It’s completely FREE to sign up. To learn more about upcoming events and online opportunities visit Prefer to have us set your online site? Email us at Join the Marketplace Join the Marketplace Join the Marketplace Take your BOSB Expo experience to the next level... Check out all the businesses you see here and more in our online Marketplace! Marketplace! Marketplace! WAIT... WAIT...