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DANA TAMIMI American University of Sharjah




Bachelor of Interior Design 2016 - OnGoing

Wood Fabrication - Tools and Machines Physical Modeling - Museum Board/Baswoood/Chipboard/ Foam/Acrylic/MDF Wood Hand Drafting and Sketching Photography

American University of Sharjah

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Saint Joseph School, Ramallah Leaving Certificate 2005 - 2015

Digital 3D Modeling - Adobe/AutoDesk/Mcneel/ChaosGroup/ Lumion/Luxion/luminous/ DIAL Digital Fabrication - 3D Prototyping/Laser Cutting/Carvey CNC

WORKSHOPS College of Architecture Art and Design


3D Printing Laser Cutting Wood Fabrication Carvey CNC Machine Plaster - Concrete Casting

Microsoft Office - Word/Powerpoint/Excel

Digital Expertise M c n e e l - Rhinoceros 3D-6 A u t o d e s k - AutoCAD 2019/Recap 360 A d o b e - Photoshop 2019/Illustrator 2019/Indesign C h a o s G r o u p - Vr a y 3 . 4 L u x i o n - K e y s h o t 8 Pr o D I AL - DIALux 4.12


CONTACT D a n a Ta m i m i

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IDE 302 Design Studio A03 Sushi Restaurant


Floor Plan | 1:50

Mezzanine Plan | 1:50



Floor Plan | 1:50

Mezzanine Plan | 1:50 Sushi Restaurant | IDE 302 Da na Ta mimi | 6 7 0 1 0 A

Sushi Restaurant | IDE 302 Dana Tamimi | 67010

Section AA | 1:50 Section AA | 1:50 Section AA | 1:50

Dining and Reception Area Dining and Reception Area

IDE 302 Design Studio A03 Sushi Restaurant

F i n a l Pr o j e c t









2.48 B








Kozue Sushi Restaurant

Floor Plan

1 of 6 07. 05.19

Kozue Sushi Restaurant

Mezzanine Plan

2 of 6 07. 05.19

Kitchen Floor Mat

Coated Bamboo Wood Panels

Desert Rose Slate Tile Grey Stone

Black Stone

Kozue Sushi Restaurant


4 of 6 07. 05.19

Kozue Sushi Restaurant


3 of 6 07. 05.19

Section AA

Kozue Sushi Restaurant

Section BB

Section AA Section BB

5 of 6 07. 05.19

IDE 302 Design Studio A02 Sushi Bar

F i n a l Pr o j e c t


Section AA





Section BB


Section CC

IDE 334 Furniture and Furnishings MP Miniature Chair

M i d t e r m Pr o j e c t

Johnson Wax Chair

IDE 334 | Prof. Camilo Cerro

Frank Lloyd Wright | 1939 ART DECO



- Johnson Wax Chair was designed to be an office chair placed at the johnson wax building also designed by Frank Lloyd Wrigh - The parts of the chair are all variations on the circle, repeated in the ends of the flat surfaces and the lower right of the desk.The chair is a remarkable example of Wright’s innovative design sensibility - The Original Design had three legs but it was subsequently redesigned to include four legs, was notorious for tipping over

H: 870 mm | W: 600 mm | D: 480 mm

Scale 1:1

Material: Enameled Steel | Walnut | Upholstery

Details of Combined Pieces

H: 145 mm | W: 100 mm | D: 80 mm

Scale 1:6

Material: 3D Printed Legs | Wood 3D Printed Hand Rests | Upholstery

Details of Combined Pieces

Process Steps

The ring supporting the cushioned back rest

The Back Rest Cushion

1. Taking out the raw 3D printed model and breaking the structure

Wooden Hand Rests

Overall Metal Structure

The Seat Cushion

2. Cutting the Fabric to match the circular seat surface

3. Testing if the piece has the right dimensions to fit the cotton stuffing

4. Stuffing the seat to create the spongy fluffiness of the cushion

670 Vermillion Synthetic Enamel

5. Final shape of cushions

6. Sanding the wooden 3D printed hand rests

721 Top-Topas Synthetic Enamel

Metal Studs Added to The Legs

8. Final Color

7. Mixing two of National Paint’s Synthetic Enamel Glossy colors to get to the approximate color matching the fabric of the cushions

9. Applying the first layer of paint

10. Let it dry then spraying it with a glossy spray paint

11. Final Outcome

IDE 301 Design Studio A02 Chair Deformation

M i d t e r m Pr o j e c t

IDE 301 Design Studio A 0 3 A l s e r k a l Av e n u e Wa r e h o u s e

F i n a l Pr o j e c t

IDE 202 Design Studio A 0 1 T h e Wa l l

F i n a l Pr o j e c t

IDE 202 Design Studio A03 Meditation Space

F i n a l Pr o j e c t

IDE 201 Design Studio A03 Cyprus Retreat

F i n a l Pr o j e c t

IDE 201 Design Studio A 0 1 Pa i n t i n g A n a l y s i s

F i n a l Pr o j e c t

IDE 239 Materials and Methods A 0 3 N e w Yo r k A p a r t m e n t

F i n a l Pr o j e c t

DES 101 | 102 Design Studio

C A A D E n t r a n c e Pe n c i l D r a w i n g

Skin and Bones Final

K i t o f Pa r t s F i n a l

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