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Where is Ed Fitzgerald? Three years after the former yacht broker’s disappearance those who say he stole their money still await justice E Y E O N D P/ PAG E 4

Richard Carnesale of Monarch Beach holds a picture of Ed Fitzgerald, a man he says stole money from him and others. As the three-year anniversary of Fitzgerald’s disappearance approaches, charges have yet to be filed. Photo by Andrea Swayne

City Council to Hear Update on Potential Railroad Quiet Zone

Planning Commission Grants Building Historical Designation

Outrigger Club Going Strong after Four Decades








D a n a Po i nt

CITY AND BUSINESS CALENDAR FRIDAY, JULY 13 Art Exhibit 6 p.m.-9 p.m. An exhibition of artworks by Lautrec, Picasso, Chagall and Warhol will be on display in the Grand Hallway in the lobby at The Ritz-Carlton. Admission to the exhibit, produced by Linearis Art, is free. It will also be open July 14 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and July 15 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. One Ritz Carlton Drive, 949.240.2000.


Farmers Market 9 a.m.–1 p.m. La Plaza Park, 34111 La Plaza Street. Admission is free. For more information or to inquire about purchasing a booth for $25, please call 949.573.5033 or 951.271.0669.

Band. Food and beverages will be available for purchase at a barbecue and beer garden with proceeds benefitting the Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group. Sea Terrace Park, Pacific Coast Highway and Niguel Road, 949.248.3530, www.

SUNDAY, JULY 15 TUESDAY, JULY 17 Concert in the Park 3 p.m.-6 p.m. This week’s free summer concert in the park features the band Springsteen: The Premier Tribute to the Boss, with opening act, Dave Silver

City Council Meeting 6 p.m. City Council Chambers, 33282 Golden Lantern, 949.248.3501,


What’s Up With... 1

…the CUSD Calendar?

THE LATEST: Next year’s Capistrano Unified School District calendar will be cut short due to the recent addition of five furlough days to the end of the 2012-2013 school year. The District Board of Trustees on July 9 approved the revised edition of the school calendar by a vote of 5-2. Trustees Ellen Addonizio and Sue Palazzo cast the two “no” votes. The addition of the five furlough days was part of a labor agreement between the district and the Capistrano Unified Education Association, the teachers’ union, at the June 27 board meeting. Originally, students were to attend school through June 19, 2013 and teachers through June 20, 2013. The revision changes the last day of instruction for students to June 11, 2013. The last day for teachers will be June 12, 2013. WHAT’S NEXT: If the governor’s tax initiative fails in November, the district is expecting a $50 million budget shortfall, which could result in 10 additional furlough days being added to the school year. FIND OUT MORE: The full calendar can be found on the district’s website at www. For updates, visit —Steve Breazeale


…a Historic Building?

THE LATEST: The Planning Commission on July 9 voted unanimously to have the building located at 34091 Pacific Coast Highway, designated as a historical structure and placed on the city’s Historic Resource Register. The vote also granted participation in the Mills Act Program. The Mills Act is a state law that allows Dana Point Times July 13–19, 2012

city governments to enter a contract with the owners of historic structures to offer reduced property taxes in exchange for the owner’s agreement to provide continuous preservation of the structure. According to Dana Point Historical Society President Carlos N. Olvera, the structure was built by Anna Walters in 1925 when she was the manager for the new development of Dana Point by the San Juan Point Corporation, which began in 1924. The building, a gas station with residence above, was a landmark along the then Roosevelt Highway. It was then the only gas station between Laguna Beach and San Clemente. The building is currently owned by Michael Robinson, American Commercial Equities Three, LLC. It is currently vacant but was the former location of Bella Bazaar. The Planning Commission presented a framed picture of the building, taken in 1928, to Olvera, who attended the meeting to speak in support of the owner’s application. “This is the first commercial structure in Dana Point to be listed and most likely the oldest,” said Olvera, who, as a former planning commission chairman, is credited with starting the city’s historic designation program in 1991, when it was added to the General Plan. WHAT’S NEXT: The property owner’s Mills Act contract requires future maintenance of the structure’s original appearance and will allow the city to apply specific code requirements to any restoration work done on the building. Olvera said he is looking forward to working with the property owners and the city to ensure the building’s adaptive reuse will maintain its historically correct configuration and curb appeal. FIND OUT MORE: More information

can be found on the city website at www. —AS


…a Quiet Zone?

THE LATEST: Among the items on the agenda for the July 17 Dana Point City Council meeting will be an update from staff regarding the city’s efforts to obtain insurance for potential Quiet Zone designation for the at-grade railroad crossing at Beach Road in Capistrano Beach. According to City Manager Doug Chotkevys, the city has been working on this for over two years but has so far been unable to find insurance necessary to move forward with Quiet Zone consideration at the crossing. WHAT’S NEXT: “We’ve been frustrated at our attempt to find insurance but will continue to vigorously pursue options so Council can consider a potential quiet zone designation,” said Chotkevys. FIND OUT MORE: The July 17 meeting will be held at City Hall Council Chambers, 33282 Golden Lantern. A full agenda can be found at —AS


…CUSD Class Sizes?

THE LATEST: The Capistrano Unified Board of Trustees on July 9 voted 4-3 to file a request to waive a penalty for increasing class sizes in grades K-3 in the upcoming school year. In the new deal with the teachers’ union, approved by the board June 27, class sizes are set to increase by 1.5 students, which would overstep statewide maximums and result in a $1.5 million penalty, according to the district’s website. Assistant Superintendent of Education Services Julie Hatchel said the state has been encouraging districts to apply for the

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waiver, given the state’s economic downturn. Since March, 24 school districts have applied for the penalty waiver and all have been approved. The district is requesting to increase the average class size from 31 to 33 for kindergarten and 30 to 34 for grades 1-3. Class size maximums are also proposed to be raised from 33 to 35 for kindergarten and 32 to 35 for grades 1-3. “I retain a grave discomfort to increase class size in this ratio in this group (K-3),” said Trustee Anna Bryson, who along with Ellen Addonizio and Sue Palazzo cast the three “no” votes. WHAT’S NEXT: The board will submit its waiver request to the state. FIND OUT MORE: See —SB


…a Harbor Survey?

THE LATEST: OC Dana Point Harbor has launched an online survey to gauge public satisfaction with the Harbor’s community advisory system. The Harbor regularly issues advisories online and via email to provide the boating community and general public with updates on weather, traffic, emergencies, special events and other information. The survey will help determine the effectiveness of these advisories, said Harbor Director Brad Gross. “We want to make sure we provide our public with the level of service that they expect.” WHAT’S NEXT: Take the survey at www. before it closes on August 10. FIND OUT MORE: See —AS


Where is Ed Fitzgerald? Three years after the former yacht broker’s disappearance those who say he stole their money still await justice By Tom Blake Dana Point Times


n July 17, 2009, Ed Fitzgerald, a Dana Point Harbor yacht broker and boat charter operator of 27 years, disappeared. Soon thereafter, many people came forward saying that Fitzgerald owed them money. He was the owner of Dana Island Yachts. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department immediately launched an investigation and on July 23, 2009, The Dana Point Times published an article titled, “Authorities Looking for Missing Dana Point Yacht Broker Accused of Fraud.” The article reported that according to Orange County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Jim Amormino, Fitzgerald, a Laguna Beach resident, was wanted for questioning after more than 20 victims told authorities that more than $200,000 was missing from bank accounts and that he hadn’t been seen or heard from in a week. “This could be just the tip of the iceberg,” Amormino said. “The money lost could be in the millions. There are 20 victims that we know of, but they keep coming forward. Some of the accusations against Fitzgerald include what might be a Ponzi scheme.” Fitzgerald was accused of a scheme involving short-term yacht sales investments with the promise of quick returns and bilking boaters out of money paid up front for boat slip rentals. As the Sheriff’s investigation continued, estimates emerged that as much as $3 million could be in question with as many as 40 people or more affected. Fitzgerald’s disappearance appeared to be voluntary. Shortly after he departed, he mailed letters to Dana Island Yachts salesmen to whom he owed money and also to friends, claiming he hadn’t done anything illegal and didn’t intentionally hurt anybody. The letters were postmarked in San Diego. “I just wanted to tell you guys, don’t believe everything you’ve read in the papers and online. Most of these people knew exactly what I was doing with their money…,” Fitzgerald said in one letter. Fitzgerald later mailed Christmas greetings to friends with Hawaii postmarks. In early 2011, the Sheriff’s Department concluded their year-and-a-half-long investigation and turned the case over to the Orange County District Attorney’s office. In the summer of 2011, some reported having received letters from Fitzgerald, ostensibly seeking investment money for a hot dog stand in Hawaii. That was the last known communication from him. Dana Point Times July 13–19, 2012

As the three-year anniversary of Fitzgerald’s disappearance approaches, many who say he stole their money remain frustrated, wondering why no arrest has been made. Among the victims is Richard Carnesale of Monarch Beach, who said he is owed $40,000 by Fitzgerald. “I was acquainted with Ed Fitzgerald for 28 years. I was a customer, employee of Dana Island Yachts, charter captain and did things with him socially. At times, I questioned his ethics but never to the point of suspecting him capable of running a Ponzi scheme and cheating so many who considered him a friend,” Carnesale said. “The DA has failed to issue a warrant for Ed’s arrest. I am not sure why this is taking so long.” Brad Rambo of San Clemente said he sold a boat through Fitzgerald’s company and on May 14, 2009, the $85,000 check he received from Fitzgerald bounced. According to Rambo, when he asked about the bad check, Fitzgerald told him it had been inadvertently written on the wrong account and that he’d pay Rambo $85,000 the following week, plus $2,500 for the inconvenience. When Rambo returned to collect the check, Fitzgerald had disappeared. Rambo said he is not only out the money, but his boat as well, and he had believed the proceeds from the boat sale were safe in an escrow account. “I am amazed the District Attorney has done nothing,” Rambo said. “Since the get go, I asked if the DA could follow Ed’s bank accounts. They said they couldn’t. Now, he’s probably spent all of our money.” Former Dana Island Yachts employee Susan Hickok, who lives in San Juan Capistrano and works in Dana Point, said, “There were many different ways he (Fitzgerald) affected me personally. The worst was my being ‘guilty by association.’ That made it extremely difficult to find a job. No one wanted to hire me.” “I took a major cut in pay to get hired. I am still having difficulty within the new job because of repercussions and preconceptions with former employees and clients. It’s a small town, people talk, and that hurts too. Others in the office have been hurt as well.” Don Jones, from Cardiff by the Sea, has heard nothing from the authorities. He and his wife paid to rent a boat slip in the Harbor only to learn the money they paid up front didn’t secure them a spot. “My wife and I decided to join the world of power boaters after sailing since 1985 out of San Diego. We decided to seek a broker out of Dana Point with the goal of obtaining a sublet slip in Dana Point for

Richard Carnesale of Monarch Beach, one of many who say Ed Fitzgerald stole money from them, stands outside the former Dana Point Harbor location of Dana Island Yachts. The space has yet to be re-rented and Fitzgerald’s whereabouts remains a mystery. Photo by Andrea Swayne

the new boat,” Jones said. “Ed had us work with one of his salesmen, who did a great job. We bought a boat located in Portland, Oregon. It arrived on July 4, 2009 in Dana Point Harbor and we were assigned a slip by Ed. All was well until we got the heads up in mid-July that something was fishy.” “We were out 11 months of pre-paid slip fees, paid to Ed, and the balance of funds owed to us under the escrow account for the boat purchase. All told, we lost approximately $20,000. We filed a report with the Orange County Sheriff’s office, but we’ve had no follow up from them.” When the District Attorney’s office received the case from the Sheriff’s Department, an attorney was assigned to it. Then, a second attorney took over. By April 2011, a third attorney, Matt Lockhart, had assumed responsibility for the Fitzgerald case. Each had to start over because the case is voluminous and required careful reading, said Lockhart in emails about the case. “Orange County is plagued by much fraud and cases are constantly pouring into the District Attorney’s Office. The Fitzgerald matter, unfortunately, is just one case among many involving shocking amounts of theft and breaches of trust. As such, the attorneys in the Major Fraud Unit have to prioritize their caseloads and work them in an order usually determined by the statute of limitation,” Lockhart wrote in a January 19, 2012 email indicating he anticipated charges being filed within the following two weeks. “For example, I have received cases from police agencies where the statute of limitation was about to run out and thus time was of the essence. In a situation like that, I have to put that case at the top of my work list. The statute of limitation in the Fitzgerald matter will not run (out) until 2013.”

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At least two more follow up emails were answered by Lockhart between January and June of 2012 indicating that he expected the filing of charges to be imminent. Lockhart was transferred from the Major Fraud Unit last September to another assignment but said, in other email correspondence, that he knew the victims in the Fitzgerald matter were frustrated and therefore took the case with him so a fourth attorney would not have to start over again. This offers little comfort to the people affected, who say they feel that the longer the delay, the greater the chance there will be little or no money left for them to be repaid. Four single mothers who said they collectively lost more than $600,000 to Fitzgerald have felt this way since being interviewed back in 2009. “I am shocked, saddened and dismayed that Ed Fitzgerald isn’t arrested and sentenced long before now,” said Jody Bremer, one of the four women. “This man stole almost $3 million dollars from dozens of people and continues to live free, spending our hard-earned money, and possibly designing the same scheme to hurt other people. I check the paper every day, hoping to see a headline that reads: ‘Dana Point Former Boat Owner and Ponzi Schemer Arrested, Found Guilty, Sentenced to Jail.’ Why is this taking so long? It is disgraceful! Where is our justice?” Farrah Emami, Orange County District Attorney spokeswoman, on July 6, said, “Fraud cases take longer to investigate than other types of cases, due to the large number of possible victims and the vast amount of evidence and reports. We are continuing to review the Fitzgerald case.” The three-year anniversary of Fitzgerald’s disappearance is July 17. As of press time on July 11, he remains a free man. DP


DP Sheriff’s Blotter SPONSORED BY

Dana Point Police Services COMPILED BY KEVIN DAHLGREN All information below is obtained from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department website. The calls represent what was told to the deputy in the field by the radio dispatcher. The true nature of an incident often differs from what is initially reported. No assumption of criminal guilt or affiliation should be drawn from the content of the information provided. An arrest doesn’t represent guilt. The items below are just a sampling of the entries listed on the OCSD Web site.

skateboarding on the playground at Sea Canyon Park. The caller also complained that the group was being very loud and obnoxious.

Monday, July 9 SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Violet Lantern/Pacific Coast Highway (10:11 p.m.) Three young girls were seen sitting at a bus stop in their bathing suits. Neighbors were worried they might be stranded since the busses were no longer running. SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Calle Rosita, 34600 Block (9:05 a.m.) A caller reported finding a bag of some kind of white powdery substance on his lawn. The man pointed out that the find may be related to the recovery house on his street.

Tuesday, July 10 SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Camaron, 32700 Block (1:28 a.m.) A woman came home, inserted her key into her front door lock to enter. She called 9-1-1 when the porch light came on and she heard sounds coming from inside the home. No intruder was seen. DISTURBANCE Trinidad Drive/Santiago Drive (12:44 a.m.) Several juveniles were reported

DRUNK IN PUBLIC Blue Lantern/Pacific Coast Highway (6:20 p.m.) A male in his early 20s was stumbling into the street on Pacific Coast Highway. The man was last seen walking toward Selva Road wearing a red shirt and dark shorts. INVESTIGATE PERSON DOWN Doheny Park Road, 34000 Block (4:44 p.m.) A man called police after he spotted an unknown male lying on a porch not


Compiled by Andrea Swayne

PROPS, RECOGNITIONS AND MORSELS OF INFO Dog Licensing Fees Increased The San Clemente-Dana Point Animal Shelter, at 221 Avenida Fabricante in San Clemente, has increased its dog licensing fees and will no longer offer a three-year licensing discount. For unaltered dogs, the one-year fee is $50 (up from $30), the two-year fee is $100 (up from $60) and the three-year fee is $150 (up from $80). For altered dogs, the three-year fee is $45 (up from $40). Fees for seniors will increase slightly but will remain less tha, the three-year fee for an unaltered dog is $45 (up from $40) and the three-year fee for an altered dog is $24 (up from $20). For more information, call the shelter at 949.492.1617.

Meet and Greet Event for Singles Over 50 Set for July 19 Tom Blake, author of the Dana Point Times column “On Life and Love After 50,” is hosting a meet and greet event for singles over 50 at Tutor and Spunky’s Deli, 34085 Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point on Thursday, July 19 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Happy Hour prices will be in effect. For more information, call Blake at 949.248.9008. Dana Point Times July 13–19, 2012

Discount Bus Service and Admission to OC Fair Offered On Friday, July 13 the Orange County Transportation Authority will begin offering discounted bus service to the Orange County Fair for those wishing to avoid traffic and skip the hassles of parking. The OC Fair Express buses will take passengers from eight designated stops throughout the county to the fair’s yellow gate. A one-way ticket costs $1.50 and includes a coupon granting $2 single-day general admission into the fair—a $9 discount. Buses depart hourly every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the fair. The closest stops are the Junipero Serra Park and Ride—off the Interstate 5, at Junipero Serra Road and Rancho Viejo Road—and the Laguna Hills Transportation Center, 24282 Calle de los Cabballeros in Laguna Hills. For additional bus routes and other information, log on to Have something interesting for the community? Tell us about awards, events, happenings, accomplishments and more. Forward a picture along, too! We’ll put your submissions into “News Bites.” Send your information to

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moving. The caller thought the man may have been injured, but did not want to check to make sure the man was okay. Police received a call back telling them that the man had just woken up from a nap. ILLEGAL PARKED VEHICLE Pasto Road, 24300 Block (10:24 a.m.) The owner of a grey Buick was cited for illegally parking the vehicle facing the wrong direction on the street.

Sunday, July 8 PATROL CHECK Sea Island Drive, 32600 Block (9:02 p.m.) A patrol check was requested for the neighborhood when a man heard his doorbell ring, but was unable to locate anyone near his property. He believed that juveniles may be playing practical jokes on the residents. ASSIST OUTSIDE AGENCY Pacific Coast Highway, 34100 Block (2:43 p.m.) Police were requested to help with traffic control when a structure fire was reported near Harbor House Café. SUSPICIOUS PERSON IN VEHICLE Tesoro Street, 33000 Block (6:03 a.m.) A male was reported sleeping in a black Subaru in the parking lot. The car had been parked there overnight even thought there was no parking in that lot after 8 o’clock at night.

Saturday, July 7 DISTURBANCE Malaga Drive, 33800 Block (1:39 a.m.) A woman was spotted dumping an unknown liquid substance onto her driveway. The woman was also talking to herself very loudly.

Friday, July 6 SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Camino del Avion, 24000 Block (10:40 a.m.) A bank employee called police after a man in his 40s, described as 6 feet tall with a receding hairline, was seen acting very strangely in the bank. The employee said the man entered the bank to make change for two large bills, but he was very carefully watching the tellers and other customers. It was believed that the man may be casing the bank for a possible robbery.

Thursday, July 5 ASSIST OUTSIDE AGENCY Dana Strand Road, 34300 Block (7:34 p.m.) A caller walking a trail at Strand Beach saw a bobcat wandering around the fence line of the Headlands neighborhood. A patrol check was requested to determine if the Department of Fish and Game should be notified.


Business Beat


News and updates on San Clemente’s business community

NEW BUSINESSES u The Wine Bistro, 34091 La Plaza, 949.489.7809, The Wine Bistro opened last month in the Dana Point town center business district at La Plaza Park. The restaurant is owned by the Hennessey’s Tavern Corporation and is strategically placed right next door to the Dana Point Hennessey’s. The Wine Bistro offers a modern approach to a traditional restaurant and wine bar. For example, a popular entrée called PB&J Scallops brings a unique spin on everyone’s favorite childhood snack. The scallops are crusted with peanuts and topped with chipotle berry jam, all under a marshmallow risotto and mint micro greens. There are other menu items that jump off the page like the Chicken ‘N’ Waffles, Jalapeno Lobster Penne and Lobster Tots. The Wine Bistro stocks over 50 varieties of wines, cocktails and beer. On Saturdays and Sundays a brunch menu is offered starting at 9 a.m. featuring velvet pancakes, benedicts, omelettes, bloody marys and champagne specials. The restaurant opens daily at 4 p.m. and reservations are taken for parties of eight or more. u OC One Love, 34255 Pacific Coast Highway #113, 619.517.5275, OC One Love is as unique of a store you will find in Dana Point. The shop can be classified as a Reggae store, a museum and a music icon-merchandising store according to owner Papa Ndiaye. The store opened eight weeks ago after Ndiaye decided the location on Pacific Coast Highway was the prime spot for his shop. “It’s between San Diego and Los Angeles,

it’s right by the beach, and surfing and Reggae always get along,” he said. “One of the main reasons that brought us here are the festivals and Reggae events.” OC One Love has apparel featuring popular artists from past eras like Bob Marley, John Lennon and Sublime. The shop also sells an array of other collectables such as posters, artwork, incense and body oils. u Bike Religion, 34150 Pacific Coast Hwy, 855.433.8806, Bike Religion had an impromptu soft opening June 18 after owner John Tzinberg decided against turning away potential customers while the store was still being stocked. “We sort of just got some inventory in the store and opened up because people were coming to the door and you can’t turn them away,” he said. The grand opening of the store will be in two months after the completion of a coffee shop that will be located in the front of the store. Bike Religion moved into the building on Pacific Coast Highway that previously

Bike Religion’s new store on PCH offers a wide selection of all types of bicycles and accessories and has recently added its own line of cycling apparel. Photo by Neville Roane-King

OC One Love owner Papa Ndiaye classifies his store as part Reggae store part music icon museum. Photo by Neville-Roane King

Dana Point Times July 13–19, 2012

The Wine Bistro offers a modern approach to a traditional restaurant and wine bar. Photo by Kevin Dahlgrena

housed Revo Cycles. “Everyone rides their bikes past here,” he said. “We’ve always loved this location and plus we needed extra space for our online business.” Bike Religion offers mountain bikes, road bikes, triathlon bikes, BMX bikes, city cruisers, accessories and apparel. Bike Religion is now offering street wear and race wear under their own name as they move towards becoming a larger brand. The Dana Point installation of Bike Religion is the company’s third, with the first two located in Irvine and Newport Beach. u CycleOgical, 34102 La Plaza, 949.542.4777, CycleOgical celebrated its opening in March with a welcoming party for friends, family and customers. Dana Point residents Fernando Russo, Bill Nol and Melissa Nol own the store, which is located in the Dana Point Plaza in the town center area at La Plaza Park. CycloOgical sells mountain bikes and road bikes from brands like Pinarello, Pivot and Jamis. The shop also offers accessories, apparel and a repair service. The owners plan on opening a new, expanded service area in the two garages under the building in the upcoming months. u Magical Shears, 34098 South Pacific Coast Highway, 949.636.1980 Janell Lutz opened her Paul Mitchell focus salon, Magical Shears, in January. “We are not run by Paul Mitchell, we are not a franchise of Paul Mitchell, but we stand behind the products,” Lutz said. The salon offers haircuts, color and extensions from a state board certified and well educated staff with experience ranging from four to 36 years. The average price for a cut and color total rehabilitation service is $150. Along with the Paul Mitchell line, Magical Shears also carries a nice selection cosmetics and clothing. Magical Shears also offers a special wedding package that allows the bride and her

Page 6

bridesmaids to celebrate getting ready for her big day with private access to the salon. Bridal party clients enjoy champagne and hors d’oeuvres while having their hair and makeup done Mention reading about Magical Shears in this article and receive 20 percent off total services for the next two weeks. u Bésame Mexican Grill, 32932 Pacific Coast Highway, 949.218.9500, Bésame Mexican Grill, which offers authentic Mexican food infused with a flare of other culinary disciplines, opened its doors June 15 in the Monarch Bay Plaza. Gary Hutton and Vanessa Valencia opened the restaurant with a soft approach in an attempt to get reps under their staff, according to manager Brandon Kimura. “There are concepts in South Orange County that have done well, like Asada in Laguna and South of Nick’s in San Clemente, so there’s a niche for Mexican food,” Kimura said. Aside from the regular menu that is composed of traditional dishes, ranging in price from $10-$30, Bésame offers a happy hour and taco Tuesday menu. Margaritas are sold for $5 and beers as low as $4 everyday from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. as part of the happy hour. On Tuesdays, drinks are sold at happy hour prices all day and you can purchase three tacos for $5.

A highlight of Bésame Mexican Grill is their happy hour drink specials and menu selections. Photo by Neville Roane-King



Andrea Swayne, 949.388.7700, x113 ADVERTISING


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Letters to the Editor KEEP SONGS OFF JERRY COLLAMER, San Clemente

It’s reported commercial fisherman are back in Fukushima’s radioactive waters plying their trade. Fish and sea life in general define Japan’s diet. Losing that to radioactive concerns, is to the Japanese, inconceivable. Fishing is being limited to species immune to radiation. Hmm, radiation immune sea life? Think I’ll pass. That said, what can Japan eat today that’s not contaminated? We know airborne radiation drifts globally, falling where it may—here, there, everywhere. It also drifts globally on ocean currents. First to Hawaii, then to our mainland, from Alaska south to wherever currents carry Fukushima’s radioactive release. Here in Orange County our coastal kelp is victim to it. And where there’s kelp there’s fish. And fishermen. And us. From 5,500-miles away, our coastline is absorbing Fukushima’s radioactive message. If anyone here has second thoughts about restarting San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station get a global map. Fukushima’s poison traveled 5,500 miles to find us. But we have our own deeply troubled nuke plant, right here—epicenter to everything we hold dear. Let’s heed Japan’s toxic message washing onto our shore, and keep SONGS off forever. We’ve proved SONGS is the power we can live without. Let’s keep SONGS off, for the health and welfare of all of Southern California. Radiation knows no border.

PAUL MANOLA’S WORK HISTORICAL CARLOS N. OLVERA, Dana Point Historical Society President, Dana Point

I support Paul Manola’s position on the Charlie Barbagallo painting in the local post office (DP Times, July 6). I too did not understand the earlier reference to the painting being that of John Lennon. Charlie was my letter carrier in Dana Point for several years. For some reason he established what a mailman should be Dana Point Times July 13–19, 2012

like. Not all have met his standard. And I agree that this event is a part of Dana Point history. And it will remain that way. Thank you Paul.

And that the book store and its wonderful crew of volunteers can get back to what they do best—giving their time and efforts to making our library and its Friends group a special part of the Dana Point community, as they have always done most successfully.



I was sorry and dismayed to read about the problems involving the Friends of the Library (DP Times, May 25). I started the book sales when we moved to Dana Point from Sierra Madre where I was the chairman of the book sale there. Here we actually started used book fundraising in the small library downtown on La Plaza in what is now dentist and chiropractic offices, before the present building was built. After three years and with no permanent bookstore in sight, I resigned and started working as a Library Clerk Temp in the OC Library System. I have served as a past ways and means chairman for the group and watched the Friends and the book sales grow through the years. The Friends group pushed through to become a real bookstore and with the hard work of many faithful volunteers and leaders like June Bauer it has been able to raise much money for our Dana Point Library. These funds have been tremendous help by adding dollars to stretch tight budgets for many programs. These extras include special books, magazines and guest speakers such as horticulturists, artists and authors. Also the highly successful and much loved summer reading and children’s program presented by retired librarian Carolyn Hopkins. These have all added to a good library experience for our patrons and have helped promote the joy of reading for our young people. It is my hope that these present problems will be settled soon and that the memories of the good things accomplished in the past will supercede them.


It was just a fortune happenstance that Linda Chambers handed Bill Angerman a small flyer announcing the presentation of a program of chamber music being offered at Dana Hills High School before classes let out for summer. Now, Linda just happens to be past concertmaster of the Orange County Symphony Orchestra. Bill is my long-time partner and among other things we share a taste in classical music. Last spring, Chambers hosted a musical soiree in her beautiful home overlooking the Dana Point Marina. We enjoyed that program, a gorgeous spring afternoon and an unparalleled view of the shoreline. We jumped at the chance to partake in another of Linda’s special productions. The flyer offered vocal or instrumental music suitable for performance in a room or small hall; especially quartets and similar concerted pieces for solo instruments [by] select members of the Dana Hills High School Orchestra perform[ing] chamber music by Haydn, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Schubert and more. We were greeted at the main entrance to the school and handed printed programs that listed 10 selections, each to be presented by a separate string quartet and a final selection including a violin, cello and piano group. The concert was held in the Porthole Theatre, a small house, but largely unfilled by a slender audience. Most were selections familiar to string quartet aficionados. The musicians are all tutored by Linda, who assists the teacher, Sonja Hammad. The students were mostly clad in black and white accessories or shirts. Each group moved in quick order into

Page 7

their places on stage with limited voice announcements, consumed little in the beginning traditions and a wholly professional presentation. Their performances went on with little offstage activity and firm, harmonious sounds and authoritative mien. The audience was fully appreciative with appropriate applause at the beginning and end of each of piece. (I learned from later conversation with Linda that all but two of the students were juniors or younger and will be continuing their studies at Dana Hills for years longer.) It was delightful for the audience to witness such a finished and enjoyable program in a time when so much negative information about schools appears continuously in the media. I regretted not seeing every seat being occupied with patrons who may be affected by only what they hear or see in public media. Schools are dependent on public support for their very existence. Dana Hills is a designated arts media magnet, meaning specially talented young people are receiving extra attention to magnify their interest and talent. Linda has given up her position as concertmaster to serve as a volunteer with these musicians. Similar programs go on at middle and elementary schools to assure ongoing support for their special fields. Other similar programs may be offered at such location at the Ocean Institute or Dana Point Yacht Club if scheduling problems can be overcome, Linda explained. It would be gratifying for an adult audience to see and hear a group of young people at their best. Here’s hoping that performances in the upcoming school year will be better attended. I for one would even pay for the opportunity. To submit a letter to the editor for possible inclusion in the paper, e-mail us at or send it to 34932 Calle del Sol, Suite B, Capistrano Beach, CA 92624. Dana Point Times reserves the right to edit reader-submitted letters for length and is not responsible for the claims made or the information written by the writers.


ON STAGE: HOWARD JONES’ LAST STOP ON U.S. TOUR It was 1983 when Howard Jones first burst into the contemporary music scene with his very English songwriting and pioneering use of synthesizers. Anyone who was around in the mid- to late-’80s will remember his first two albums, Human’s Lib and Dream into Action. How long is the set going to be given that you will perform your first two albums in their entirety? Two and a half hours. Dream Into Action is first, then a half-hour break, then Human’s Lib. What will you do between this date and your next gig in the UK on August 11? I will be working on material for a new album next year. Any special projects in the works? In 2013 I will be celebrating 30 years of the release of my first single. So, I am planning a 30th anniversary tour, which will embrace tracks from my whole career. Ordinary Heroes, your latest release, did not include synthesizers but instead a string quartet. What prompted this change? How was it received? Ordinary Heroes was very acoustic and this was appropriate for the songs of a very intimate nature I wrote for the album. It was very well received by the fans. The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, Sunday, July 15. Doors open at 6 p.m. Shows start at 7 p.m. Tickets are $30. —A.J. Bardzilowski



SD a naCnleam

Pe notei n t

Howard Jones. Courtesy photo

THE LIST A day-by-day guide to what’s happening in and around town. COMPILED BY TAWNEE PRAZAK


FESTIVAL OF ARTS 10 a.m.11:30 p.m. The 80th anniversary of the art fair in Laguna Beach, with open-air art exhibits featuring works by nearly 150 awardwinning artists, fun events, refreshments and more. $4-$10. 650 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, 949.494.1145,


JIMMIE JAMES 8 p.m.-12 a.m. Live music at Wind & Sea Restaurant. 34699 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, 949.496.6500, IRON HORSE WINE TASTING 5:30 p.m.-9 p.m. San Clemente Wine Company welcomes Iron Horse from Napa Valley. Try seven tastes for $15. 2 1/2 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, 949.429.7067, BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY 8 p.m. Concert at The Coach House. $29.50. 33157 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, 949.496.8930,



SECOND SATURDAY ART FAIR 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Monthly art fair in downtown San Juan Capistrano. 949.493.4700,

SAWDUST FESTIVAL 10 a.m.-10 p.m. The annual arts and crafts exhibit is now open, featuring more than 200 local Laguna artists. Tickets $7.75 general admission. Runs through Sept. 2. 935 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, 949.494.3030, BLUE VIEW EXHIBIT 6 p.m.-8 p.m. Creative Creatures & Co. and Los Rios Rock School feature art, music and talent of young local artists at Los Rios Rock School. 32124 Paseo Adelanto, San Juan Capistrano, 949.291.6910, COASTAL ODYSSEY SAILING ADVENTURE 2 p.m.4:30 p.m. Travel back in time onboard the tall ship Spirit of Dana Point. $23-$40. 24200 Dana Point Harbor Drive, Dana Point, 949.496.2274, Dana Point Times July 13–19, 2012

DEEP WATER 9 p.m. Live music at BeachFire. No cover. 204 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, 949.366.3232, SJC ARCHITECTURAL WALKING TOUR 10 a.m. A 90-minute weekly tour, starting at Verdugo at the train station in San Juan Capistrano, that features the architecture of Los Rios Street as well as the downtown area. Cost $5 per person; proceeds support Friends of the Library. For information, call 949.489.0736. EDITOR’S PICK: LIVE MUSIC CRUISE 7:30 p.m.9 p.m. Dana Wharf hosts the music cruise on the 95foot Dana Pride. Enjoy live music while relaxing with a complimentary glass of Dana Pride Punch, then enjoy the cash bar with wine, beer, mixed drinks and snacks on this 90-minute cruise. Cost $19. 34675 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, 949.496.5794,


SUMMER CONCERT IN THE PARK 3 p.m.-6 p.m. Enjoy a free family-friendly country concert at Sea Terrace Park, featuring Springsteen –The Premier Tribute to the Boss. Pacific Coast Highway and Niguel Road, Dana Point, 949.248.3530,


LOCAL SUNDAY SESSIONS 6 p.m. Event at Cabrillo Playhouse featuring music from Jeff Winn and Ron Zambrano, Chris Ferguson, and JBT. $5. Beer and wine for donation. 202 Avenida Cabrillo, San Clemente, SUNDAY FUNDAY WITH RUMBLEFISH 2:30 p.m. Swallow’s Inn. 31786 Camino Capistrano, 949.493.3188, RABBI BLUE 7 p.m.-10 p.m. Live music at The Cellar. 156 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, 949.492.3663,


KIDS’ ACTING CAMP 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Camino Real Playhouse hosts a weeklong acting camp for kids, themed “Victorious Performing Camp.” Cost $250 for the week. 31776 El Camino Real, San Juan Capistrano, 949.489.8082,


Page 8


KALEIDO-KIDS DANCE PARTY 11 a.m.-2 p.m. As part of the Kaleido-Kids Summer Series, every Tuesday is an event for kids at the Kaleidoscope. This week is a dance party, then July 24 it’s a pirate magic show. Free. 27741 Crown Valley Pkwy., Mission Viejo,


COAST CULTURE EXHIBITION: FOSSILS, SHELLS, AND SEA COWS 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Casa Romantica features an exhibition that explores the diverse marine, plant and wildlife of the southern California coast, dating back 45 million years to the Eocene epoch. $5. 415 Avenida Granada, San Clemente, 949.498.2139,


OPEN MIC 7:30 p.m. Perform in front of a crowd at Agostino’s every Wednesday at Agostino’s. 34700 Pacific Coast Hwy., #100, Capistrano Beach, 949.661.8266,


SUMMER NITES CONCERT & BUSINESS EXPO 6 p.m.-8 p.m. Family event with music by Family Style, plus an expo with local businesses, kids’ activities and more at Historic Town Center Park. Free. Food and drink for purchase. 31806 El Camino Real, San Juan Capistrano, 949.493.5911,



ADAM LAMBERT 8 p.m. Concert in the Pacific Amphitheatre. Tickets start at $29.50. 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, 714.708.1500,

SUMMER WINE TASTING 6 p.m.-8 p.m. The Market at Monarch Beach hosts a wine tasting with specials for summer. Cost $20 each, includes tastes and appetizers. RSVP requested. 24040 Camino Del Avion, Dana Point, 949.429.8750, SOCAL VIBES 7 p.m. Live music at StillWater. 24701 Del Prado, Dana Point, 949.661.6003, *For our full calendar, visit the “Event Calendar” at Have an event? Send your listing to





SUDOKU by Myles Mellor Each Sudoku puzzle consists of a 9X9 grid that has been subdivided into nine smaller grids of 3X3 squares. To solve the puzzle, each row, column and box must contain each of the numbers 1 to 9. Puzzles come in three grades: easy, medium and difficult. Level: Medium Last week’s solution:


D a n a Po i nt

See today’s solution in next week’s issue.


San Clemente Friend Gets Hitched in Style Nuptials a reminder of how small a world we live in, importance of friendship


ive years ago, a young man from San Clemente named Philippe Jagosz graduated from Chico State. While deciding in which direction to pursue a career, he worked at Tutor and Spunky’s, my Dana Point deli. I was introduced to Philippe via the connection between his mom, Dominique, and my partner, Greta. The women had worked together at R.H. Dana Elementary School in Dana Point for several years. Philippe was staying somewhat close to home to be there for Dominique, who had just become a widow at age 54. Philippe and I had many conversations about potential careers and the trials of losing a dad at such an early age, as I had also experienced. I was so impressed with Philippe, I offered him a management position, but he opted instead to join the Enterprise Rent-a-Car management training program. He had a very special girlfriend named Lindsay Wagner, whom he was planning to marry. Eventually, Philippe was transferred

to the San Luis Obispo area; he and Lindsay moved there. Two weeks ago Philippe and Lindsay were married at the historic Santa Margarita Ranch, 12 miles north of San Luis Obispo, a ON LIFE AND LOVE AFTER 50 popular Central CaliBy Tom Blake fornia wedding venue. Greta and I were honored to be invited. A wedding at a ranch? We didn’t know what to expect. The ranch covers a massive 13,900 acres and was founded in 1769 as an assistant mission (Asistencia) for Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa. After entering the ranch, you drive over a wooden bridge, cross the narrowgauge railroad track of the ranch’s private railroad and get the feeling you’re entering an old western town used for a movie set. To the left are white folding chairs on a grassy area for the ceremony, and

ahead is a huge barn where the reception and dinner would take place. On railroad tracks in front of the barn sits a 1896 steam engine and passenger cars used at Disneyland when it opened. We spotted Dominique and her new husband, Tom Marshall, and knew we were in the right place. After a beautiful ceremony, we boarded the train for a two-mile loop through the ranch before heading to the barn for the dinner reception. In 1904, the interior walls of the Asistencia were torn down and the barn was built over the remaining exterior walls. Two white barn owls were perched in the rafters, staring down wide-eyed at the guests below. While in line at the bar, I noticed a woman in a pink dress looking at me. I studied her face and said, “Sunny?” She replied, “Tom!” We gave each other a big hug. Sunny also had worked at Tutor and Spunky’s, albeit 18 years before. She was there with a college classmate of Philippe’s, but the

deli connection had not been made by Philippe. He was as surprised as I. The highlight for me–and there were lots of wonderful things about the wedding–was when Philippe and I were chatting later and he thanked me for being a friend, mentor and surrogate dad to him during his days at the deli. With all of the things on his mind that night, his comments touched me deeply. We never know how much our friendships affect people. On the drive home, Greta and I agreed that Philippe and Lindsay’s wedding was one of the coolest we’d ever attended. What a place to get hitched—hmmm. Tom Blake is a San Clemente resident and Dana Point business owner who has authored three books on middle-aged dating. For dating information: To comment: tompblake@ DP PLEASE NOTE: The opinions offered here are those of the guest columnist and may or may not be shared by the Dana Point Times staff. We appreciate their willingness to share their views, and we invite responses to be sent to letters@





D a n a Po i nt

LOCAL PONY LEAGUE BASEBALL TEAM KEEPS ON WINNING After weeks of competing against some of the best PONY League AllStars in the county, the Dana Point Youth Baseball 12U All-Star team will represent the city this weekend as they hope to qualify for the PONY League World Series. The Bronco 12U Dana Point Youth Baseball All-Stars advanced to the PONY Regionals on June 30 by defeating a visiting team from Cypress. As of press time, they were scheduled to play on July 12 against Newport Harbor at 5 p.m. at the Brookhurst Park in Anaheim. If they survive another round, they will advance to the Super Regional section

Dana Point Youth Baseball PONY 12U All-Star team. Courtesy photo

of the tournament. The team paved their way to the Regionals with back to back home wins over the Placentia and Cypress All-Stars. In the second and final game of the weekend against Cypress,

a game that would decide if Dana Point advanced, four different players swatted home runs in a convincing 10-0 victory. So far the team is undefeated in tournament play. In other PONY news: The Bronco 11U division All-Stars won the 2012 West Zone Central Region Section Championships and advanced to the Regional tournament, which took place between July 5 and July 10. It was the first time in DPYB history that an 11U team won a sectional championship and moved on. Unfortunately, the team lost in the quarterfinals of the Regional tournament. —Steve Breazeale

Four Decades of Fun Dana Point Outrigger Club still going strong after 40 years By Steve Breazeale Dana Point Times


henever the Dana Point Outrigger Canoe Club is out in the water at the Dana Point Harbor, “Hike, hut, ho!” Is a repeated phrase beachgoers will hear over and over again. The phrase is the indicator to the six people manning the 40-foot-long outrigger canoes that it’s time to switch sides with their paddles and keep on going. On a Wednesday afternoon practice session, like the one that took place July 11, beachgoers can witness the multiple boats out on the water maneuvering around the buoys in synchronized harmony. The Outrigger Club, founded by legendary surfer Lorin “Whitey” Harrison, has been operating out of Dana Point

Dana Point Times July 13–19, 2012

Harbor since 1972 and has seen its membership rise ever since. Once a club that consisted of a handful of members, the Outrigger Club has boosted its numbers to about 100 adults and 100 children and teenagers, all of them learning how to steer, paddle and race the large canoes. The outrigger boat was initially developed in Polynesia, and islanders used them to get from one place to another. Now, as many as nine rowers can fit in a boat, which has been transformed into a racing vessel. The boats are long with slender wooden beams jutting out to the side for balance. They normally take six people to operate. The first position in the boat sets the pace for the other rowers. Seat two counts out the “Hike, hut, ho!” and makes sure everyone changes in rhythm. The middle seats are referred to as the

The youngest members of the Dana Point Outrigger Canoe Club meet for practice at Baby Beach in the Dana Point Harbor. Photos by Steve Breazeale

“engine room” and are reserved for the stronger paddlers, according to assistant coach Donna Molina. The sixth and final seat is where the steersman sits, which is a crucial position considering there are no rudders or steering devices on an outrigger. “It’s all about teamwork and everybody being on the same page with their paddling and blending together,” Molina said. The Outrigger Club is first and foremost, a racing team. They have several skill-level groups, catering to the novice, beginner, intermediate and experienced paddlers. All of the groups compete in races up and down the Southern California coast, from Santa Barbara to San Diego. The July 11 practice session featured the younger kids in the club, ranging from ages eight to 15. Molina described how most of the races done in this younger age group are “mad dash sprints,” where the paddlers go in a straight line from one place to another trying to get the fastest time. “It’s really fun. They teach us how to

Page 14

work as a team and be strong,” 10-yearold steersman Juliette Clark said. Coach John Yamasaki has been with the club since 1984 and rows with the experienced men’s paddle group, which does longer distance races. One event Yamasaki said the club looks forward to every year is their own, the Whitey Harrison Classic. The event is named in honor of the club’s founder and takes place August 4. The Whitey Harrison Classic starts at the mouth of the Dana Point Harbor and goes up to Laguna Beach, where the paddlers then turn out to sea for a mile or so before heading back. The race usually spans 20 miles, features racing clubs from all over the state and requires nineman race teams. From ages eight to 60, everyone is welcome to join the fun. When walking by the harbor in the afternoon, you’ll be sure to hear the “Hike, hut, ho!” chant all summer long. For more information, check out the club website at DP

BUSINESS DIRECTORY DP DSaan n Cl a em Poenintet

CLASSIFIEDS Submit your classified ad online at

FOR SALE FURNITURE + BIKE SALE!!! Laguna Beach Dining table, Chairs, Expando bench, Sofa, Armchair, Ottoman, Vanity/Jewelry Dresser, Rolling bookcase, Trek bike (305) 321-6519 & corderojm@

GARAGE SALES GARAGE SALE JULY 21, 8 A.M.-2 P.M. 26326 Via California Street, Capistrano Beach. Luggage, jewelry, cosmetics, tables, lawn edger, workbench, tools, household items, clothing, dishes, glasses and more.


GARAGE SALE LISTINGS ARE FREE! E-mail your garage sale to DEADLINE 5PM MONDAY. No phone calls please.

MEDICAL/HEALTH SERVICES ORGANIC SKIN REPAIR LOTION Finally a skin product that is organic and very effective in restoring natural skin balance. No more accutane, No more steroids. Very effective on fine lines, age spots, acne scars, large pours, psoriasis, eczema. This is a product from science and plants.

OTHER INTERESTING STUFF STATION RENTAL AVAILABLE Magical Shears-upscale brand new salon- has FT and/ or PT station available for rent in Dana Point. Includes extended education by Paul Mitchell. Call Janell at 949-636-1980

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The only directory featuring Dana Point businesses exclusively AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating 949.420.1321 31648 Rancho Viejo Rd. Ste. A,

ARCHITECTURE - PLANNING Nona Associates-Raymond J. Nona A.I.A 949.496.2275 26901 Camino de Estrella,

Dana Point Auto 949.496.1086 34342 Coast Hwy., Unit B, Dana Point, Ca 92629

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CAFE - DELI Coffee Importers Espresso Bar 949.493.7773 34531 Golden Lantern,


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Pacific Waves Family Chiropractic 949.436.2926 & Alternative Healthcare 24632 San Juan, Ste. 230,

COFFEE SHOP Coffee Importers Espresso Bar 949.493.7773 34531 Golden Lantern,

COINS 949.350.4692 Kevin

COMPUTER REPAIR & SERVICES San Clemente Computer & Network Services 949.276.1581

COSMETICS Mary Kay Cosmetics & Career 949.248.2868 Opportunities, Ind. Sales Director - Marline Adams,

ELECTRICAL delta G electrical 949.360.9282 CA #657214,

Ocean Academy



PRESCHOOLS San Clemente Preschool 163 Avenida Victoria,

Surterre Properties Monarch Beach, 949.464.3243 McDaniel Gilmore Group 33522 Niguel Rd. Ste. 100, Monarch Beach 92629





Dylan’s Ding Repairs 949.607.9406

TUTORING English Tutoring by Susan 949.481.0481 Mathnasium 949.388.6555 32411 Golden Lantern, Ste. Q,

Beacon Printing - Brad & Judy Brandmeier 24681 La Plaza, Ste. 125 949.661.3877 UPHOLSTERY Mobile Salon Malina 949.500.2909 949.240.2292 Printing OC 949.388.4888 Dana Point Upholstery The Captain’s Chair 949.496.1957 27134 Paseo Espada #B 203, 24402 Del Prado 20 Monarch Bay Plaza, Jeddy’s Yacht & Home Interiors 949.240.9569 PSYCHOTHERAPY 34118 Pacific Coast Hwy,



GraCorp Coins & Collectibles

PLUMBING Chick’s Plumbing SC Plumbing


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Mobile Salon Malina Salon Revelation - Dayna Dallas 34192 Violet Lantern #2


Coffee Importers Scoop Deck 949.493.7773 34531 Golden Lantern,

INSURANCE SERVICES Patricia Powers 949.496.1900 License#0737080, State Farm/Ted Bowersox 949.661.3200 34085 Pacific Coast Hwy., Ste. 204 Statefarm/Elaine LaVine 949.240.8944 34080 Golden Lantern,



LOCKSMITH Dana Point Lock & Security


MUSIC INSTRUCTION Kenny’s Music & Guitars 949.661.3984 24731 La Plaza, Danman’s Music School 949.496.6556 24699 Del Prado,

Corinne Rupert PhD, PsyD, MFT 949.488.2648 33971 Selva Rd. Ste. 125,

WINDOW CLEANING Bayside Window Cleaning


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GROM OF THE WEEK Jack Umbel Age: 14, San Clemente and Melbourne Beach, Fla.



D a n a Po i nt

Jack Umbel. Photo by Jasset Umbel

Surf Fest Lineup Grows New acts sign on for state parks fundraising event By Andrea Swayne Dana Point Times


ith almost 70 State Parks selected for closure in 2012 and the budgets for the remaining parks on the chopping block, the Doheny State Beach Interpretive Association and the San Onofre Foundation have joined forces to host an expanded surf festival and live music fundraising event. The Doheny Surf Festival, August 11 and 12 at Doheny State Beach, will be an expanded version of the DSBIA’s traditional summer Surf-a-Rama. A major musical lineup, that so far includes Everlast, Fishbone, Honk, Common Sense, ALO, Paula Fuga and Le Blorr, continues to expand as the event nears. The two-day event will also feature a wide variety of “all things surf” including surf demonstrations—traditional, tandem and SUP—outrigger paddling and more. Exhibits will include autograph signings, a wide variety of surf-related products and services, memorabilia and environmental education booths. Food, beer and wine will also be provided by vendors like Kona Beer, Daphne’s

Jack Umbel spends his winter months in Melbourne Beach, Fla., but for the last three years, he and his family have lived in San Clemente from June until August. Although his older sister Jasset, 18, is actively pursuing a pro surfing career, Jack says he prefers surfing for fun at his favorite break—Lower Trestles. Living in a house just two blocks from T Street, Jack said he enjoys being able to walk to the beach and paddles out there as much as possible as well. Ripping on his shortboard is not Jack’s only talent. He is also a very skilled artist whose aspirations include some day becoming the art director of a surf industry company. During his down time this summer, he is working on designing his own line of T-shirts as well as practicing his illustration skills. His wintertime travels include yearly trips to Puerto Rico and surfing up and down the East Coast. Jack, an ‘A’ and ‘B’ student, has been completing his school work via independent study since the third grade, and he says he likes it that way because of the freedom to surf and travel. He was recognized on the honor roll this year through his home school organization. “School is important to me because I want to be ready to move to California permanently after high school to study for a career that will allow me to continue surfing and traveling for the rest of my life,” he said.—Andrea Swayne

SURF FORECAST Water Temperature: 62-66 degrees F Immediate: Surf size is running knee-waist high (2-3’) in the morning on Thursday, building into the waist-shoulder high (3-4’+) at better breaks as South-Southeast tropical swell fills in. Conditions are clean through the morning with a Westerly sea-breeze picking up in the afternoon. Surf on Friday is running waist-shoulder high (3-4’+), with some plus sets for top South exposed spots. Light morning winds and fairly clean conditions prevail in the morning before picking up out of the West in the afternoon. Long range: A fun mix of Southerly tropical swell and Northwest windswell prevails through the weekend. Size for good exposures is running waist-shoulder high (3-4’+), with larger sets for top breaks around the more favorable tides. Winds look light for the mornings setting up clean conditions, before a Westerly sea-breeze picks up in the afternoons. Stay tuned to for updates.

San Clemente artist Drew Brophy lent his talents to creating the logo artwork for the inaugural Doheny Surf Festival set for August 11 and 12 at Doheny State Beach.

California Greek, Serena Mexican Grill and Nalu’s Island Grill. The expanded event and new title sponsor, Subaru, will “really step things up a notch,” said Bill Brooks, DSBIA president. Event organizers plan, not only raise money to directly benefit Doheny and San Onofre State Parks, but to do so in as green a manner as possible. “This celebration of surf culture will be

an example of an environmentally sound event that is endeavoring to be 100 percent carbon-neutral,” said Jim Kempton, festival director and San Onofre Foundation CEO. For booth and vendor applications, contact Malia Murray at surffestsales@ For event updates and information, see DP

SURF RESULTS NSSA National Open, Explorer and Airshow Championships, June 26-July 3, Huntington Beach, Pier First place and local finishers only. OPEN MEN 16U-MAYORS CUP: 1. Ezekiel Lau, Hawaii. OPEN WOMEN ALL AGES-MAYORS CUP: 1. Dax McGill, Hawaii. OPEN JUNIORS 15U: 1. Kalani David, Hawaii. OPEN BOYS 12U: 1. Finn McGill, Hawaii; 3. Cole Houshmand, San Clemente. OPEN MINI GROMS 10U: 1. Nick Marshall, Encinitas; 4. Crosby Colapinto, San Clemente. OPEN GIRLS 14U: 1. Frankie Harrer, Malibu. OPEN LONGBOARD ALL AGES: 1. Steve McLean, Florida. EXPLORER MEN ALL AGES: 1. Ezekiel Lau, Hawaii. EXPLORER JUNIORS 17U: 1. Kaito Kino, Hawaii. EXPLORER BOYS 14U: 1. Takumi Yasui, Japan. EXPLORER MENEHUNE 12U: 1. John Mel, Newport Beach. EXPLORER SUPER GROMS 10U: 1. Noah Hill, Marina del Rey. EXPLORER WOMEN ALL AGES: 1. Tatiana Weston-Webb, Hawaii. EXPLORER GIRLS 14U: 1. Dax McGill, Hawaii. EXPLORER MASTERS 25+: 1. Rick Takahashi, San Diego. EXPLORER SENIORS 35+: 1. Rick Takahashi, San Diego. EXPLORER SUPER SENIORS 45+: 1. Rick Fignetti, Huntington Beach. EXPLORER DUKE 55+: 1. Rick Fignetti, Huntington Beach. EXPLORER LONGBOARD ALL AGES: 1. Steve McLean, Florida. NATIONAL AIRSHOW CHAMPION: 1. Nic Hdez, Santa Cruz.

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