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Leading a Renaissance Dana Point hot spot the latest evolution of a family business E Y E O N D P/ PAG E 4 Collins Holdings owners (Back row L to R) John Collins and son Damian Collins with Edgar Carbajal (Still Water partner) and Caryn Mayural (Sunsets at the Pier partner and chef) on the patio of their new venture. The group acquired Renaissance and reopened as Still Water at Renaissance. Photo by Andrea Swayne

City Council Approves Bag Ban

County Approves Architecture and Engineering Contract for Landside Harbor Plan

Festival of Whales Opening Day a Success








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What’s Up With... 1

…the Bag Ban?

THE LATEST: City Council on Tuesday voted 4-1 to approve an ordinance banning point of sale distribution of single-use plastic shopping bags at retail establishments. Councilman Bill Brough cast the lone “No” vote as he had in the two initial votes on the way to the ban’s final adoption. Two main modifications were added to the ordinance including an 18-month compliance exemption period for small businesses with gross taxable revenues under $4 million as well as the removal of the word “restaurant.” The Save the Plastic Bag Coalition has challenged bans in other California cities and threatened to file a lawsuit against the city and on the basis that states, not cities, regulate restaurants. Council chose to follow the lead of Santa Cruz and Laguna Beach by revising the ordinance to exempt restaurants. WHAT’S NEXT: The ordinance will take effect April 5, 30 days from Tuesday night’s final approval. FIND OUT MORE: Log on to to read the full ordinance. —Andrea Swayne


…Harbor Revitalization?

THE LATEST: The Orange County Board of Supervisors on February 28 voted unanimously to approve an architect and engineering contract with MVE Institutional, Inc. for the design and construction of new buildings and a parking deck at the Dana Point Harbor. According to the Board of Supervisors agenda staff report, the approximately $7.4 million contract includes a six-year term to allow for the completion of design Dana Point Times March 9–15, 2012

and construction documents and permitting for Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Plan day use commercial and marine services area—Planning Areas 1 and 2. The work will begin with a detailed analysis of two dry boat storage options, one of which is a dry storage deck plan submitted by boaters. According to Harbor Department officials, it appears that either of the two options will meet requirements approved last year by the California Coastal Commission with the Local Coastal Program Amendment. The final decision between the two plans will be made after careful analysis by MVE and the gathering of additional input from the community. “The Dana Point Harbor community is grateful for the ongoing support form the county on this important project and looks forward to the next steps toward making the revitalization a reality,” said OC Dana Point Harbor Director Brad Gross. WHAT’S NEXT: Over the next several months MVE will work closely with the County to build on conceptual designs already accepted by the Harbor community and turn them into complete designs for the Coastal Development Permit, said Gross. According to Gross, the Harbor Department expects the CDP to be submitted by early 2013. Upon receiving the CDP, MVE will prepare the final documents and construction is expected to begin in early 2015. FIND OUT MORE: Log on to www.ocgov. com and enter key words “Dana Point Harbor Revitalization” in the search bar. —AS


…New Fire Hazard Zones?

THE LATEST: City Council on Tuesday

voted 4-1 to adopt a new fire hazard map for Dana Point. Councilman Steven Weinberg recused due to his property being located within 500 feet of a high fire risk area designated in the fire map. The new map came as a result of city staff’s work with Orange County Fire Authority and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) to identify the very high fire hazard severity and ember zones subject to wildfire within the city and requires some changes to the building code, the staff report says. Fire hazard zones were established after careful study of factors like vegetation, topography, ember production and movement, likelihood of an area burning and weather. The maps also reflect downgraded risk levels in other areas of the city. “The approval of the proposed ordinance and resolution will amend Chapter 8 of the Dana Point Municipal Code and bring us into compliance with State regulations while allowing the City to properly address special local conditions,” the report says. WHAT’S NEXT: The new maps make new construction in certain areas subject to more rigorous building code requirements like better management of surrounding vegetation, attic vents and the use of fire resistant decking, patio coverings and roofing materials. The ordinance also requires homeowners in areas designated as very high fire hazard zones to disclose the designation when listing a home for sale. Existing houses and other buildings are not required to upgrade to the new code standards when renovating or expanding. FIND OUT MORE: For more information about changes to the building code, call the Dana Point building code department at 949.248.3587 or visit www.danapoint. org. —AS

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…the FPPC Warning?

THE LATEST: City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to adopt a resolution of support for a petition to the Fair Political Practices Commission to amend a regulation barring council members from voting on their own appointments to boards that pay stipends of more than $250 a year. Councilwoman Lisa Bartlett was one of 40 elected officials countywide to receive a warning letter from the FPPC after a Tustin man complained about council members countywide. Although voting on such appointments was common for decades, the FPPC recently deemed it improper. According to City Attorney Patrick Muñoz, Dana Point joined Anaheim, Irvine, La Palma, Newport Beach, San Clemente, Villa Park and Yorba Linda in submitting a petition asking the FPPC to amend the regulation. WHAT’S NEXT: The petition will be heard by the FPPC at its March 15 meeting. FIND OUT MORE: www.danapointtimes. com. —AS


…Daylight Savings Time?

THE LATEST: Don’t forget to “spring forward” by advancing your clocks ahead one hour before hitting the sack on Saturday night. Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, March 11 at 2 a.m. WHAT’S NEXT: The Orange County Fire Authority reminds residents to use this date as a reminder to replace the batteries in fire and carbon monoxide detectors. FIND OUT MORE: See www.timeanddate. com and —AS


Leading a Renaissance Hot spot the latest evolution of a family business By Stacie N. Galang and Andrea Swayne Dana Point Times


amian Collins took the keys to Renaissance on Friday, ran the Dana Point restaurant, bar and live music venue for two days, closed Monday to deep clean the eatery and reopened Thursday as Still Water at Renaissance. It’s an ambitious turnaround but only for those unfamiliar with the developer and budding restaurateur. For him, it’s just business. “We outwork everybody else,” Collins said in the patio of the soon-to-open Still Water. Inside, workers up on lifts and ladders dusted little-seen nooks and crannies in the cavernous space. “You do what it takes,” said his father and business partner John Collins, a commercial developer. Still Water counts as the younger Collins’ third restaurant. In San Clemente, Collins opened Sunsets at the Pier September 1. The restaurant has become a popular breakfast joint with its macadamia nut pancakes and an evening hit with its cocktails, sushi bar and views. Damian Collins earned his restaurant stripes with Sunsets in Capistrano Beach, which opened July 4, 2008. Restaurants are just the latest evolution for the decades-old family enterprise. For nearly 40 years, John Collins has developed and rehabilitated properties in Orange and San Diego counties. The company’s holdings stretch from San Juan Capistrano south to Del Mar and east to Sabre Springs in central San Diego County. They own 14 properties, about 500,000-square feet of leaseable space and manage about 300 tenants, Damian Collins said. A lean operation, Collins Holdings has five office employees. The company hires contractors to perform tasks they can’t do themselves. “We outsource as much as we can,” John Collins said. A privately held family business, John Collins opted not to say just how big the business is. “What counts to us is how well we conduct our business and how effectively we promote positive causes,” he said. The business philosophy, as John Collins likes to put it, is: One plus one equals three. It’s not that the businessman with a master’s degree in foreign trade from Thunderbird School of Global Management can’t add. “Two people working in the right direction do the power of three,” said the elder Collins. Basically, they position themselves to Dana Point Times March 9–15, 2012

Damian and John Collins meet on the patio at the new Still Water at Renaissance. Damian Collins took the keys to Renaissance on March 2. Photo by Andrea Swayne

maximize opportunities. In Dana Point, John and Damian Collins and their company donate time and resources to the Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group and other charitable events. Last year, they co-sponsored—with Mahé Restaurant—the Turkey Trot kickoff dinner and the 5th Marine Thanksgiving day dinner. The parking lot of the Dana Marina Plaza is loaned as the staging area and fitness expo for the Thanksgiving Day foot race. “John has been a longtime member of the Dana Point business community and always works with the city in developing quality properties with quality tenants,” said Doug Chotkevys, Dana Point City Manager. “The Dana Marina Plaza is a great example of their high standards.” Chotkevys and his staff commend both John and Damian Collins for their attention to detail and willingness to work with the city on the front end of their developments in a very collaborative way. “John doesn’t mince words. He’s not always 100 percent complimentary of the city. When he thinks we need to do something different or has a suggestion, he’ll let us know. And we appreciate the honesty. He’s a true professional,” said Dana Point Assistant City Manager Mike Killebrew. RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME Originally from Michigan, John Collins moved to California as a kid, attended school in Europe for a couple of years and earned his bachelor’s degree at Cal State, Fullerton. Throughout college, he worked as a store clerk at now-defunct Alpha Beta supermarkets. John Collins happened to be sitting in the store cafe across from a developer when the two struck up a conversation. The man would hire him to work at his company to develop 10- to 30acre plots into shopping centers for chain markets and other tenants.

John Collins describes his career success as “unadulterated luck.” By the 1990s, he transitioned out of developing properties with supermarkets and into office building renovations. Part of the decision stemmed from the unwelcome battles waged in cities for the approvals, John Collins said. Rehabilitating existing properties proved sensible. Collins Holdings may be best known for the purchase of the Dana Marina Plaza in 2001. The family renovated the sprawling complex along Dana Point Harbor Drive from its bright yellow, quasi-Victorian style with retail only to a subdued, arts and crafts style complex blending office, retail and restaurants. John Collins credits his son for seeing the plaza’s possibility. Damian Collins graduated from the University of Hawaii, Manoa in 1999 and had a chance to work with a Harvard professor in Japan. But his father wooed him back to the mainland for a one-year stint at the family business. “I never left,” Damian Collins said. “I came back here and learned the business.” “He took to it very well,” his father added. John Collins had eyed the dilapidated plaza for years, but couldn’t compute how it could be profitable as retail. The storefronts lacked street visibility—a death sentence for potential businesses. His son gave him the answer: mixing retail with office space. “I didn’t see it,” John Collins said. “He took us to another level.” The decision was fortuitous and brought the company to its next stage. TAKING THEIR LUMPS Success hasn’t been without its pitfalls. The Collins have tangled legally with tenants in the past, including Buckingham Palace in Capistrano Beach and Ferantelli’s in Dana Point, according to Orange

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County Superior Court records. “Ferantelli’s had history with code enforcement and Damian always worked closely with city staff as property owners to resolve issues with the tenant,” Chotkevys said. Damian Collins estimated that about 90 percent of their tenants are trouble free. But from time to time, they hit a crossroads and land in court. “We take our lumps as they come,” Damian Collins said. Chotkevys called Collins Holdings proactive in their approach. “When Damian [Collins] took over and transitioned the Buckingham Palace Bar—a place notorious for its high volume of police responses—to Sunsets Capo Beach he worked very closely with police services to get it right,” Chotkevys said. “As he develops new entertainment-related projects he continues to work with local law enforcement and planning staff to ensure that all potential impacts are mitigated. That makes him a good neighbor from our standpoint.” Some tenants declined to comment, but Toby Reece, co-owner of Mahé restaurant, said Collins Holdings had been helpful. “In our Seal Beach location we are the landowners so I wasn’t really sure of what to expect by becoming a tenant at our Dana Point location,” said Reece, a tenant since 2008. Reece recounted how John and Damian Collins took him on a tour of the city, pointing out businesses that were thriving as well as the ones that weren’t doing so well to help him gain insight into the trends and business climate of Dana Point. “Their willingness to help me succeed has been great. They know that Mahé’s success is in the best interest of their business as well,” Reece said. The transition into the restaurant business hasn’t been without its miscues, too. “We probably made every mistake you can make in Capo,” Damian Collins said of their first restaurant, Sunsets on Pacific Coast Highway. Now, Damian Collins said he’s confident he has the right people in place. “I’m super lucky because we have the best staff,” he said. These days, in the commercial development they seek out unique complexes to add to their portfolio. For John Collins, bringing his son into the company opened up the future for them. “If I do it well, he should be able to see the world from my shoulders,” the father said. Damian Collin’s ambitions are indeed lofty. Eventually, Still Water will feature Prohibition-era drinks and dishes by top chefs to complement them. The decor will include old-time photos of Dana Point. Backers of the latest eatery, including skateboarding phenom Ryan Sheckler’s father Randy Sheckler and bartender-turnedpartner Edgar Carbajal, hope it becomes a prototype for other restaurants. “I think we’ve got the perfect storm and the perfect team,” Damian Collins said. DP


DP Sheriff’s Blotter SPONSORED BY

Dana Point Police Services COMPILED BY AUSTIN PATRICK REAGAN All information below is obtained from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department website. The calls represent what was told to the deputy in the field by the radio dispatcher. The true nature of an incident often differs from what is initially reported. No assumption of criminal guilt or affiliation should be drawn from the content of the information provided. An arrest doesn’t represent guilt. The items below are just a sampling of the entries listed on the OCSD Web site.

Saturday, March 2 ANNOYING PHONE CALLS Golden Lantern, 33200 Block (10:05 a.m.) A resident called police after having repeatedly received anonymous prank calls throughout the morning. INDECENT EXPOSURE Via Corvalian, 33500 Block (4:49 p.m.) A bald man in jeans and a dark shirt was walking around an apartment complex and pulled his pants down when he saw a female.

DRUNK DRIVING Pacific Coast Highway/Del Obispo Street (9:43 p.m.) A black sedan was weaving and swerving all over lanes and running red lights.

Saturday, March 3 SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCES Orilla Road, 33700 Block (2:02 p.m.) A woman called police when she suspected that a man who drove up in a black convertible was stealing shrubs from the apartment complex. SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCES Bridgehampton Drive, 33700 Block (4:10 p.m.) A resident had a smoke bomb thrown at her front door by an unknown person. The house was full of smoke. PETTY THEFT Pacific Coast Highway, 34100 Block (6:28 p.m.) A store owner contacted police after a woman walked out of the store with a pair of blue panties and a red bra, without paying. HIT AND RUN PARKED CAR Monarch Bay Plaza, 0 Block (8:08 p.m.) A black vehicle hit another car in the parking lot and pushed it 10 feet before driving out of the shopping center without leaving a note.

Sunday, March 4

WELFARE CHECK Pacific Coast Highway/ Violet Lantern (1:34 p.m.) A woman called crying, claiming that her drunken boyfriend was yelling at her because they were lost and needed to get back to Los Angeles. TRESPASSING Vista Drive, 25900 Block (2:00 p.m.) Two juveniles near the tennis courts were cursing and refusing to leave the swimming pool, even though they do not live in the complex. SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCES Golden Lantern, 33300 Block (4:05 p.m.) A man in a blue shirt and black hat was throwing rocks and then putting them back in their places. WELFARE CHECK Silver Lantern, 33800 Block (7:37 p.m.) A man dropped his 10-year-old daughter off with her mother, and the girl was crying when he left. When the girl attempted to call her father, her mother snatched away the phone and could be heard yelling at her before the line disconnected.

the second story of the home, through a glass table on the first floor. He was detained and taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. WELFARE CHECK Pacific Coast Highway, 34200 Block (2:38 p.m.) An elderly man with a handkerchief and sunglasses came into a doctor’s office and was mumbling and wandering around. The subject left soon after. WELFARE CHECK Golden Lantern/Pacific Coast Highway (3:38 p.m.) A customer inside the shopping center was on the phone with Geico customer service, threatening suicide. She said that she would throw herself off of a cliff because she had locked her keys in her car.

Tuesday, March 6

Monday, March 5

KEEP THE PEACE Calle Juanita, 26800 Block (5:31 p.m.) Two residents in an apartment were reportedly arguing loudly over the use of the refrigerator. The caller stated that he also believes one of the residents to be a drug dealer.

BURGLARY IN PROGRESS Santa Clara Avenue, 24600 Block (9:14 a.m.) Someone called after witnessing a burglar break in to a home that was vacant while its owners were in Las Vegas. While running, the subject fell from

ILLEGAL PEDDLING Camino Capistrano/ Via California (8:17 p.m.) A man in his early 20s was selling magazines door to door. He was described as having bad hygiene, bad teeth, a funny smell, and he “dressed shady.”




SD a naCnleam

Pe notei n t

THE LIST A day-by-day guide to what’s happening in and around town. COMPILED BY TAWNEE PRAZAK


DANA POINT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA & THE WOMEN’S GLEE CLUB 7:30 p.m. The internationally-acclaimed U.S. Naval Academy Women’s Glee Club will appear in concert with the Dana Point Symphony Orchestra at St. Edwards Church. Tickets $8-$12. 33926 Calle La Primavera, Dana Point, 301.832.0388,


ANGELIKA WILSON 8 p.m.-12 a.m. Live music at Wind & Sea Restaurant. 34699 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, 949.496.6500, DC BABYLON 8 p.m. Live music at Renaissance. 24701 Del Prado, Dana Point, 949.661.6003,

WIN FREE TICKETS! The first two people to email us with DP Times Free Concert Tix in the subject line will receive a pair of tickets from The Coach House to see Poxy Boggards on Saturday, March 17. Include your name and phone number. EMAIL:


FESTIVAL OF WHALES 10 a.m.–4 p.m. Celebration in the Dana Point Harbor featuring art exhibits, classic cars, paddling events, concerts, kids activities, whale watching and more. Ongoing all weekend. 34675 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, 949.496.1045,


SECOND STAGE STAND UP 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Comedy at Camino Real Playhouse. Tickets $12. 31776 El Camino Real, San Juan Capistrano, 949.489.8082, FUKUSHIMA REMEMBERED: SPEAKER EVENT 6 p.m. Special event at the San Clemente Community Center on the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake in Japan and nuclear power plant issues. 100 N. Calle Seville, San Clemente, 949.218.4051. Dana Point Times March 9–15, 2012

GO.SEE.DO GRUNION RUN AND PANCAKE BREAKFAST There’s still time to register for the annual Grunion Run 10K & 5K Run/Walk and Kids’ 1K Run. The event, part of the two-week Dana Point Festival of Whales, will take place Sunday, March 11. The course is a fast and flat scenic run/ walk along the coast and through Doheny State Beach. Registration fees are $40 for the 10K Run/Walk, $35 for the 5K Run/Walk, $55 for both and $15 for the Kids’ 1K. For more information or to register online, see Sign-ups will also be available at packet pick-up, Saturday, March 10 at Running World; 34155 Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Race day entries will be accepted from 6:30 a.m. (when registration opens) until the start of each race. Same day registration must be paid via cash or check only and $5 will be added to the entry fee. A pancake breakfast to benefit the Doheny State Beach Interpretive Association will be served from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.; adults eat for $6 and children under 12 for $3. Bring your racing bib to receive a dollar off breakfast. The races will be run in the following order: 10K at 7:45 a.m., 5K at 9 a.m., Kids’ 1K at 9:45 a.m. and award presentations will begin at 10 a.m.—Andrea Swayne

WHALE’S TALE SAILING ADVENTURE 2 p.m.-4:30 p.m. The Ocean Institute features a Whale’s Tale Sailing Adventure onboard its tall ship Spirit of Dana Point. Cost $21-$40. 24200 Dana Point Harbor Drive, Dana Point, 949.496.2274, MARINE MAMMAL CRUISE 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. An adventurous outing hosted by the Ocean Institute to observe and learn about sea mammals and more on the 70foot R/V Sea Explorer. $22-35. 24200 Dana Point Harbor Drive, Dana Point, 949.496.2274, BEEKEEPING AND HONEY TASTING 1 p.m. Special event during The Ecology Center’s Tools for Change to learn all the skills of backyard beekeeping and a tasting of the wonder of local honey. 32701 Alipaz St., San Juan Capistrano, 949.443.4223, FROG & TOAD WALK 6 p.m.-8 p.m. Event at The Reserve/Richard and Donna O’Neill Land Conservancy. Cost $5-$10. 949.489.9778,


FUKUSHIMA REMEMBERED: PEACEFUL PROTEST 12:30 p.m.-3 p.m. A rally will be held at San Onofre State Beach on the anniversary of the Fukushima Disaster. Gather at San Onofre, off I-5, exit Basilone Road. More info: 619.501.1031,


OVERVUE HAPPY HOUR 3 p.m.- 6 p.m. Drink and appetizer specials at the OverVue Lounge ad Deck at Laguna Cliffs Marriott. 25135 Park Lantern, Dana Point, 949.661.5000, FUNNIEST HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY 7 p.m. Comedy at The Coach House. Tickets $20. 33157 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, 949.496.8930,



MONDAY NIGHT LAUGHS 9 p.m.-11 p.m. Live stand-up comedy at Hennessey’s Tavern. 34111 La Plaza, Dana Point, 949.488.0121,

COUNTRY DANCIN’ 6:30 p.m. Every Monday at Swallow’s Inn. 31786 Camino Capistrano, San juan Capistrano, 949.493.3188, Page 6



SCORE BUSINESS WORKSHOP 5:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. Intro to Internet & Social Media Marketing at the SJC Library. 31495 El Camino Real, 714.550.7369,

BEER & FOOD TASTING 6 p.m. Craft beer tasting and food pairing at The Cellar and live music at 7 p.m.-11 p.m. 156 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, 949.492.3663,


BLUEBIRDS: BIRDS OF HAPPINESS 7 p.m. Casa Romantica presents bluebird expert Jim Semelroth with an engaging presentation about the California bluebird. $6-$7. 415 Avenida Granada, San Clemente, 949.498.2139,


SADDLEBACK COLLEGE WIND ENSEMBLE 8 p.m. Concert in McKinney Theatre at Saddleback College. Tickets $7-$10. 28000 Marguerite Pkwy., Mission Viejo, 949.582.4656, KARAOKE 7:30 p.m. Karaoke at Swallow’s Inn. Plus $2 tacos and free popcorn. 31786 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, 949.493.3188,


WINE TASTING 6 p.m.8 p.m. Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay tasting at Monarch Beach Market with raffles and more. Cost $30. 24040 Camino Del Avion, Dana Point, 949.429.8750,


WHALE WATCHING 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Daily two-hour whale watching trips departing every hour at Dana Wharf. $19-$29. 34675 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, 949.496.5794, PHILLIP BARDOWELL 6 p.m.-9 p.m. Acoustic music at Salt Creek Grille. 32802 Pacific Coast Hwy., Dana Point, 949.661.7799, *For our full calendar, visit the “Event Calendar” at Have an event? Send your listing to





D a n a Po i nt

SUDOKU by Myles Mellor Each Sudoku puzzle consists of a 9X9 grid that has been subdivided into nine smaller grids of 3X3 squares. To solve the puzzle, each row, column and box must contain each of the numbers 1 to 9. Puzzles come in three grades: easy, medium and difficult. Level: Medium Last week’s solution:

SOLUTION SOLUTION SOLUTION SOLUTION See today’s solution in next week’s issue.


Who Pays for the First Date Remains Controversial S enior singles frequently ask if the man should always pay for the first date. I asked singles for their opinion. Thea said, “I don’t think sharing should start with a first meeting or even the first handful of dates when you’re getting to know someone. That’s when the man asks you out and he (traditionally) pays, and I think that’s how it should be. But it hasn’t always worked out the way for Thea. She shared some awkward firstdate experiences: “I just turned 63 and have been divorced for 11 years. Many of the men I’ve dated have had the opinion that first dates should be “Dutch.” Some have even expressed that in emails before we met! Seems they won’t make that first date unless they know the woman will pay her way.” Thea’s been on first dates where the guys arrived before her and bought his coffee and didn’t offer to buy her coffee when she arrived. She continued, “I recall another first

date for lunch where a guy embarrassed me after we had finished eating by stating, “We’re going Dutch right?” Another guy just put the money down for his meal and slid the bill over to me…for me to pay for ON LIFE AND LOVE AFTER 50 mine.” By Tom Blake Ms. AJ, Laguna Woods, cuts men no slack: “I am from the old school: the man pays, no matter what. All men have more financial resources than I. They are paying for my company through a meal. Fair trade.” Marsha said, “The man pays for the first date and asks the woman out if he is interested in seeing her again. Not the woman. The woman should offer to pay her way and he should refuse and pay. But it is nice to show the man that she is not taking him for granted and assuming he should pay. Merijoe, Irvine, shared: “I think it’s

disrespectful and rude to assume that the man pays just because he is the man; having the ability to pay for your own stuff gives you a sense of independence and not that you owe anything to anyone. It also allows you freedom to get the lobster if you want lobster. Larry, Rancho Santa Margarita, says, “I try to avoid an expensive lunch or dinner on a first date; then I don’t feel like I have been used. Here’s how I see handling the first-date cost: 1. The person who initiates the date should be prepared to pay—man or woman—no questions asked. 2. Keep the first date cheap. Meet for coffee, ice cream, something simple. Avoid lunch, dinner or drinks. 3. However, if the guy has any class, even if the woman asked him out, he should pick up the first-date tab and tip. I mean, what are we talking about? Five, maybe 10 bucks? (Remember, it’s

for coffee) If a guy is a cheapskate on a first date—as Thea repeatedly described above—that’s a pretty good sign that he’s not long-term relationship material. 4. That being said, if the guy does pay for the first date, the woman should thank him and still offer to leave a tip. That gesture lets the guy know she appreciates his chivalry and she will likely be an expensesharer in the future. The key to expense-sharing among older singles: communication. Two people who see a possible future together can reach an understanding on expense-sharing by being honest right up front with their preferences. But maybe wait until the second date. And—if you order lobster— pay for it yourself! Tom Blake is a Dana Point business owner and San Clemente resident who has authored books on middle-aged dating. To comment on his column, email him at See his website at DP

Dana Point Resident Celebrates 102 Years Evelyn Schmidt’s family and friends gather to wish her a happy birthday


amily and friends joined Evelyn Schmidt in her home for her 102nd birthday on February 17. A resident of Dana Point since 1963, Schmidt was born in Kansas in 1910 and had a successful career as an opera singer and a popular radio show in Hollywood then worked until the age of 92 at Colby Antiques. During her singing career she was billed as the Kansas blacksmith’s daughter who “without money or social advantages, won her way to success and radio triumph in three short years,” according to an old poster promoting her radio show that hangs in her living room.

Dana Point Times March 9–15, 2012

According to Schmidt’s daughter Kathleen Ollivier, Schmidt was dubbed “the modern Jenny Lind,” for her incredible vocal range. (Lind was a famous singer known as the Swedish Nightingale in the mid to late 1800s.) Schmidt’s daughter explained that opera was her mother’s greatest love and she still mourns the loss of her ability to sing since it was taken from her by injuries sustained in a car accident in her 80s. “I could sing F on high C in full voice. F is above high C. I could sing in a very very high key,” Schmidt said after demonstrating a short trill warm up she did in her singing days.

Schmidt married the late Denton Caldwell in 1940 and has four children, five grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Caldwell was in the wine business, a wine judge for the State of California and was known for setting up the original wine store at Disneyland. Schmidt’s great grandson Kadin Kendall, 8, said he thought the birthday party was pretty cool. “It’s cool because she’s 102 and she’s going to be in the newspaper!” he said. Caregiver Deena Tremp said Schmidt asked for just a few things for her birthday; angel food cake, strawberry ice

Page 8

Evelyn Schmidt celebrated birthday number 102 at her Dana Point home on February 17. Photo by Andrea Swayne

cream, her traditional birthday dinner from Peking Dragon and to be in the newspaper. Evelyn said she had a very happy birthday. DP —Andrea Swayne


Festival of Whales Kick Off a Success The 41st Annual event began Saturday, March 3 Text and photos by Andrea Swayne Dana Point Times


he Dana Point Festival of Whales officially began its fifth decade with the traditional parade down Pacific Coast Highway on the morning of March 3. According to city staff, thousands took part making this year’s parade, Block Party and opening day at the Harbor, making it the most well attended opening day ever. The whales even cooperated, offering whale watchers multiple sightings of gray whales, humpbacks and dolphin. The Festival continues for a second weekend, March 10 and 11, with plenty more to see and do. Log on to to download the official Festival of Whales program and see a photo slideshow from weekend one. DP

The Dana Point Senior Center parade marchers carried arches of colorful balloons.

Marines march along PCH followed by a giant eagle balloon.

This humpback whale put on a show for Dana Wharf Whale Watching boats on Saturday. Photo by Frank Brennan/

Dana Point Seniors (front row L to R) Jean Cogan, Agnes DeCenzo, Pauline Dinger and (back row L to R) Robert Strauss, Virginia Kirker and Julian Grembla put final touches on the car at the parade staging area.

Capistrano Beach resident Michael Tilly dressed as the bag monster to promote the March 4 Ocean Awareness Day at the Harbor.

Archisand sand sculptors created a massive sculpture on the sand at Baby Beach.

Crowds of people attended the Block Party at La Plaza Park after the parade.

A Nash Metropolitan was disguised as a tugboat.





D a n a Po i nt


2012 Big West Tournament, Honda Center March 8-10, TBA The UC Santa Barbara men and UC Davis women will be defending champs at the 2012 Big West Basketball Tournament. Info:


By David Zimmerle

GIRLS SOCCER • The Lady Dolphins (16-6-1) had their postseason efforts extinguished by cross-town rival San Clemente (17-3-8), losing 2-0 in the semifinals of the CIF-SS Division 1 playoffs on February 28. San Clemente dominated possession throughout most of the match, taking control early and netting a 1-0 lead in the sixth minute when Danielle Mellem scored off an assist from Natalie Higgins. Maintaining their lead heading into the second half of play, the Lady Tritons sealed the win in the 77th minute off a header into the goal by Janae Cousineau that initially came into the box as a free kick from Marlee Carrillo. Next 7 days: N/A BASEBALL • The Dolphins (2-0) started off the regular season at the Loara Tournament March 2-3 with two big wins. In its first game of the tourney, Dana Hills rattled Woodbridge in an 8-5 win. Next, the team rolled past El Dorado, 5-1, on March 3. Next 7 days: March 14 vs. Palm Desert, 3:15 p.m.; March 16 vs. *San Clemente, 3:15 p.m.

SOFTBALL • The Lady Dolphins (1-1) split a double-header on the road in Fontana with A.B. Miller on March 2, beating its opponent, 2-0, in the first game before losing 4-3 in its next game. Next 7 days: March 12-16 at Laguna Hills Tourney, TBA GOLF • The Dolphins (2-0) beat Capo Valley, 215-224, in the season opener at El Niguel Country Club of February 28. The team then traveled to take on Newport Harbor on February 29 at Monarch Beach Golf Course and beat the Sailors, 206-218. Next 7 days: March 13 vs. Fallbrook at El Niguel CC, 3:15 p.m.; March 15 vs. Corona del Mar at Newport CC, 2:30 p.m. BOYS LACROSSE • The Dolphins (20) beat Beckman to open the season on February 25, 14-7. Next 7 days: March 10 at Palisades Charter, 4 p.m.; March 14 vs. Newport Harbor, 7 p.m. GIRLS LACROSSE • The Lady Dolphins (1-0) hosted Temecula Valley


Celtics vs. Lakers, Staples Center March 11, 12:30 p.m. The men of the “Purple and Gold” have their sights set on big baskets and dominating East Coast rival in this Sunday affair. Info:


Mustangs vs. Dolphins, Dana Hills High March 14, 5:30 p.m. The Lady Dolphins are fired up for their nonleague schedule as the team takes on Yorba Linda High at home. Info:


Sailors vs. Dolphins, Dana Hills High March 14, 7 p.m. Ready to make a statement this season, the Dolphins rumble into home field for a hardhitting contest against Newport Harbor.


Tritons vs. Dolphins, Dana Hills High March 16, 3:15 p.m. The Dolphins hit the diamond for their first South Coast League game of the season as the team takes on San Clemente. Info:


to start the regular season on March 1 and edged their opponent, 8-6. The team went on to compete at the Rose Bowl Tourney on March 3, hosted Woodbridge on March 6 and then faced Tustin at home on March 8. Next 7 days: March 13 vs. Yorba Linda, 5:30 p.m. BOYS AND GIRLS SWIMMING • The Dolphins swim team hosted Milliken High to start the regular season on March 2 as the boys team (1-0) posted a 111-41 win while the girls (0-1) lost, 93-60. Both teams then faced El Toro at home on March 6. The girls went on to compete at the Capo Valley Relays on March 8, while the boys competed at the same event on March 9. Next 7 days: March 10 at Capo Valley Relays (girls/ boys/finals), 1 p.m.; March 13 vs. San Clemente, 3 p.m.; March 15 at Milliken Relays at Belmont Plaza (boys/prelims), 3 p.m.; March 15 at Capo Valley (girls), 3 p.m. BOYS AND GIRLS TRACK AND FIELD • The Dolphins hosted the Blue and White Meet to start the regular season on March 2 and then went on to face Great Oak at home on March 8. Next 7 days: March 10 at Irvine Invite, 10

a.m.; March 16-17 at CA Relays at Cerritos College, 2 p.m./ 10 a.m. BOYS TENNIS • After participating in the Corona del Mar Doubles Invite on February 24, the Dolphins (0-1) tied Tesoro 9-9 on February 28, but lost in overall points to the Titans, 81-72. The team then competed at the Fresno Tournament March 2-3, traveled to take on Northwood on March 6 and then hosted Los Alamitos on March 8. Next 7 days: March 12 at Laguna Beach, 3 p.m.; March 15 at Aliso Niguel, 3:15 p.m. BOYS VOLLEYBALL • The Dolphins (0-2) started the regular season with 3-1 loss to Servite at home on February 28, losing 20-25, 17-25, 25-11 and 24-26. Bryce Yould led with 10 kills. The team next traveled to take on Los Alamitos on March 1 and lost 20-25, 21-25 and 19-25 to the Griffins. Dana Hills then traveled to take on Orange Lutheran on March 6, JSerra on March 8 and then competed at the Foothill Tournament March 9-10. Next 7 days: March 16-17 at OC Tourney, TBA Log on to for the full story, including more highlights, results and stats.

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The only directory featuring Dana Point businesses exclusively AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING


Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating 949.420.1321 31648 Rancho Viejo Rd. Ste. A,

ARCHITECTURE - PLANNING Jim Ettinger Design 949.246.0224 33742 Big Sur St., Nona Associates-Raymond J. Nona A.I.A 949.496.2275 26901 Camino de Estrella,

AUTO REPAIR Dana Point Auto 949.496.1086 34342 Coast Hwy., Unit B, Dana Point, Ca 92629

BEAUTY SALONS Mobile Salon Malina Paragon Salon 34161 Pacific Coast Hwy. Salon Revelation - Dayna Dallas 34192 Violet Lantern #2

949.500.2909 949.489.1955 949.248.8595

CAFE - DELI Coffee Importers Espresso Bar 949.493.7773 34531 Golden Lantern,


CHIROPRACTORS Ocean Ranch Chiropractic 949.584.5000 Dr. James Slusher & Dr. Ron Berman, 32585 Golden Lantern, Ste. H, Pacific Waves Family Chiropractic 949.436.2926 & Alternative Healthcare 24632 San Juan, Ste. 230,

CHRISTIAN CHURCHES Christian Science Services 34102 La Plaza


COFFEE SHOP Coffee Importers Espresso Bar 949.493.7773 34531 Golden Lantern,

COINS GraCorp Coins & Collectibles

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CONTRACTORS - GENERAL Creative Environments Construction 949.496.3728 Design & Build #464468

Mary Kay Cosmetics & Career 949.248.2868 Opportunities, Ind. Sales Director - Marline Adams,

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ELECTRICAL delta G electrical 949.360.9282 CA #657214,


Island Inspired Pool & Spa


PRESCHOOLS San Clemente Preschool 949.498.1025 163 Avenida Victoria,




ICE CREAM Coffee Importers Scoop Deck 949.493.7773 34531 Golden Lantern,


SURF SHOPS Infinity Surfboards 949.661.6699 24382 Del Prado, Jack’s Surfboards 949.276.8080 34320 Pacific Coast Hwy,


Corinne Rupert PhD, PsyD, MFT 949.488.2648 33971 Selva Rd. Ste. 125,


Mobile Salon Malina 949.500.2909 The Captain’s Chair 949.496.1957 20 Monarch Bay Plaza, Paragon Salon 949.489.1955 34161 Pacific Coast Hwy.

Ocean Academy

Beacon Printing - Brad & Judy Brandmeier English Tutoring by Susan 949.481.0481 24681 La Plaza, Ste. 125 949.661.3877 Mathnasium 949.388.6555 32411 Golden Lantern, Ste. Q, Printing OC 949.388.4888 UPHOLSTERY 27134 Paseo Espada #B 203,



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JEWELER Dana Point Jeweler 949.489.1165 24845 Del Prado,



JUNK REMOVAL Green Dump Truck




Fit Club - Boot Camp

CATERING Smokey’s House of BBQ 32860 Pacific Coast Hwy. #4,

Danman’s Music School 949.496.6556 Jolly Roger Restaurant 949.496.0855 24699 Del Prado, 34661 Golden Lantern, Smokey’s House of BBQ 949.388.8102 PLUMBING 32860 Pacific Coast Hwy. #4, Chick’s Plumbing 949.496.9731



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949.632.0081 949.493.3670



Call Angela Edwards at 949.682.1667 or e-mail

LOCKSMITH Dana Point Lock & Security


MUSIC INSTRUCTION Kenny’s Music & Guitars 949.661.3984 24731 La Plaza,

BUSINESS DIRECTORY DP DSaan n Cl a em Poenintet

CLASSIFIEDS Submit your classified ad online at

EDUCATION MONTESSORI OPEN HOUSE Little Minds Montessori Capistrano Beach has an open house March 11th, 1-5pm. Enrolling children 2-6 ages. 25% off tuition for 4 months. (949) 488 7939 (949) 374 8352

GARAGE SALES HUGE RUMMAGE SALE!! LOTS OF STUFF!! 3/17 NCL Monarch Chapter@San Clemente Presbyterian Church -119 North Avenida De la Estrella, SC 8:30AM – 2PM

GARAGE SALE LISTINGS ARE FREE! E-mail your garage sale to DEADLINE 5PM MONDAY. No phone calls please.


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Dana Point Times March 9–15, 2012

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D a n a Po i nt

GROM OF THE WEEK Luis Alvarez Age: 13, Shorecliffs Middle School Luis Alvarez made his competition surfing debut this season on the Shorecliffs surf team and in WSA competition. This talented shortboarder is already making a name for himself, not only through his performance in the water but also for his work ethic, sportsmanship and intellect. Luis says he realizes that working on the basics as well as progressive maneuvers are both key to his future success. “Instead of focusing in one thing I am making an effort to improve all around,” said Luis. “If you focus on one thing, in the long run it doesn’t develop any depth. As people progress in surfing you see more airs and not as much Luis Alvarez. Courtesy photo power surfing. I think you really need a good combination of everything to be truly competitive.” Luis played soccer, studied martial arts and swam competitively for many years; even making it to Junior Olympics three times in swimming. This year he decided to focus on surfing and the martial arts of Jiu Jitsu and Kajukenbo. He also plays the violin. In school Luis works hard to keep all A’s and B’s and says he considers a college education an important part of his future but he’d also like to surf professionally some day. “I have a passion for surfing. I love it and want to surf until the day I die,” said Luis when asked what he likes most about surfing. When asked what he enjoys most about growing up in San Clemente, he answered with only one word, “Everything.” —Andrea Swayne

Hawaiian Style Homecoming Surfing America and Hapa J’s host welcome home party

Members of the USA SUP and Paddle team and friends gathered at Hapa J’s for a homecoming party. Pictured are (back row L to R) Colin McPhillips, Gillian Gibree, Emmy Merrill, Rob Rojas, Sean Poynter, Team USA Coach Ian Cairns (with sons Ethan and Malachai) and Surfing America Executive Director Greg Cruse; (front row L to R) Brandi Baksic, Shane Scoggins and Coach Jim Terrell. Photo by Jack McDaniel/Surfing America

By Andrea Swayne Dana Point Times


eam USA was treated to a Hawaiianstyle welcome home party hosted by Surfing America and Hapa J’s restaurant in San Clemente Monday night. The party was held in celebration of the team’s silver medal finish at the first ever ISA World Standup Paddle and Paddleboard Championships in Peru February 25.

Team members, their families and friends joined Surfing America Executive Director Greg Cruse, coaches Ian Cairns and Jim Terrell for a Hawaiian buffet, a screening of the video footage from the contest and a fun celebratory evening. Log on to to read the story of the team’s successful foray into international SUP and paddleboard competition and more photos from the party. DP

SURF RESULTS WSA Gatorade Championship Tour Event No. 8, March 3-4, Dana Point, Salt Creek Beach MICRO GROM BOYS/GIRLS SB U9: 1. Patrick O’Connor, SJC; 2. Cooper Sutton, SC; 3. Taj Lindblad, SC. BOYS/GIRLS U10: 2. Kade Matson, SC; 5. Cooper Sutton, SC. BOYS U12: 1. Cole Houshmand, SC; 6. Trevor Sutton, SC. BOYS U14: 4. Curran Dand, SC. BOYS U18: 1. Josh Benjoya, DP; 6. Wyatt Brady, SC. GIRLS U12: 2. Alexxa Elseewi, SC; 5. Kirra Pinkerton, SC. GIRLS U14: 4. Alexxa Elseewi, SC; 6. Malia Osterkamp, SC. GIRLS U16: 3. Kirra Connolly, SC; 5. Malia Ward, SC. GIRLS U18: 2. Lulu Erkeneff, DP; 5. Kassy Eldridge, SC. BOYS LONGBOARD U14: 1. Jacob Atwood, CB; 2. Rio Donaldson, CB; 3. Brandon Hoffman, SC. JR. LONGBOARD U18: 2. Casey Powell, SC; 6. Kyle Perez, DP. GIRLS LONGBOARD U14: 1. Rachael Tilly, CB; 2. Meg Roh, DP; 3. Patrick O’Connor, SJC; 4. Kaila Patterson, CB; 5. Kyla Kelley, CB. GIRLS LONGBOARD U18: 1. Rachael Tilly, CB; 2. Emmy Lombard, SC; 3. Lulu Erkeneff, DP; 6. Teresa O’Connor, SJC. MEN 18-29: 2. Ricky Lovato, SC. SR. MEN LONGBOARD 40+: 6. Rick Erkeneff, DP. OPEN MEN: 1. Cody Canzoneri, SC. OPEN WOMEN: 1. Lulu Erkeneff, DP; 3. Keeley McWilliam, SC; OPEN MEN LONGBOARD: 2. Cody Canzoneri, SC. OPEN WOMEN’S LONGBOARD: 1. Tory Gilkerson, SC; 2. Lulu Erkeneff, DP.

BOARDSHORTS Mongoose Cup, Mickey Muñoz Book Signing Saturday Join surf legend Mickey Muñoz and friends for a fun paddle, Waterman Expo, SUP clinics and relays Saturday, March 10. Event kicks off at 9 a.m. with a fun paddle and harbor cleanup sweep. SUP-only relay teams chosen by “luck of the draw.” Each elite Mongoose Cup Safety Paddler will pick from the bucket names of three paddlers to complete their four-person teams. The start and finish for the flat-water relay race will be at Baby Beach. To be eligible for the Mongoose Cup teams must race 12 foot, 6 inch and under SUP boards. To register online, se Entry includes T-shirt and BBQ lunch. Beach entries will be available starting at 7:30 a.m. For info, call 714.262.8370. Following the event there will be a book signing at the Dana Point Yacht Club, 24399 Dana Drive—with food, drinks and music— for Muñoz’ book No Bad Waves: Talking Story with Mickey Muñoz.

UPCOMING EVENTS March 10: SSS Orange County Middle School Event No. 4, Huntington Beach, Goldenwest Street March 17-18: Surfing America Prime West, Event No. 5, Huntington Beach, Pier March 24: NSSA Southwest Explorer, Event No. 8, San Clemente, Pier

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