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Basilone’s Road to Becoming a Hero Gunnery Sgt. John Basilone helped turn the tide of World War II E Y E O N D P/ PAG E 4

Gunnery Sgt. John Basilone was the only enlisted Marine to receive the Medal of Honor and the Navy Cross in World War II. Photo Courtesy of the U.S. Marine Corps

Is the Post Office Moving?

Jinn on Bag Ban: Let’s Get it Done!

Dolphins Move to CIF Playoffs








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City and Business Calendar FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17



Blood Drive 10 a.m.-4 p.m. The Dana Point Library is hosting its quarterly blood drive in the library parking lot, 33841 Niguel Road. To avoid a wait, log on to to make an appointment

City Offices, Community Center Closed In observance of President’s Day City Hall, 33282 Golden Lantern and the Community/Senior Center, 34052 Del Obispo Street, will be closed. All city facilities will return to normal operating hours on Tuesday, February 21. For more information, call 949.248.3501.

City Council Meeting 6 p.m. City Council Chambers, 33282, Golden Lantern, 949.248.3501,

Foreign Film Friday 7 p.m.-9 p.m. Dana Point Library, 33841 Niguel Road, hosts a free screening of Karen Cries on the Bus. For more information, 949.496.5517, or

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22 Sunrise Rotary Club 7 a.m. Meeting at the El Niguel Country Club, 23700 Clubhouse Drive, Laguna Niguel, 949.493.2759


What’s Up With... 1

...Marines Killed in Wreck?

THE LATEST: Three Marines were killed, and one was in critical condition after their car slammed into a tree early Tuesday in Dana Point. A 2005 Dodge Stratus carrying the four men, all Marines based at Camp Pendleton, hit a tree at 2:05 a.m., Orange County Sheriff’s Department Spokesman Jim Amormino said. The vehicle was traveling north at a high rate of speed on Golden Lantern just past the intersection of Terra Vista when it collided with a tree, Amormino said. Two of the men were pronounced dead at the scene and two were transported to the hospital. One died at the hospital and the other was in critical condition. Speed appeared to be a contributing factor and investigators said alcohol also had a role in the accident, Amormino said. A grassroots memorial sprouted for the Marines at Terra Vista and Golden Lantern, which is a block south of Camino Del Avion. WHAT’S NEXT: Authorities on Thursday identified the Marines who were killed as Sergeant Jeremiah Callahan, 23, of Chadron, Neb., Corporal Christopher Arzola, 21, of Westfield, Mass. and Corporal Jason Chleborad, 22, of Rapid City, S.D.. Callahan and Chleorad had received combat action ribbons, the Marines said. Services have not been announced. FIND OUT MORE: See www.danapointtimes. com. —Andrea Swayne


...Moving the Post Office?

THE LATEST: The U.S. Post Office on Del Prado in Dana Point might be moved to South Coast Water District land off StoneDana Point Times February 17–23, 2012

hill Drive under a proposal by a Texasbased developer. South Coast Water District directors on February 23 are scheduled to discuss a proposal to move the Post Office onto five of the 30 acres the district owns between Coast Highway and Stonehill Drive, just west of Camino Capistrano. Majestic Housing & Development owns land adjacent to the postal facility on Del Prado and is in negotiations with the U.S. Post Office to buy the land, according to a SCWD staff report. For that deal to move forward, MHD must find property in Dana Point for a new Post Office and distribution facility, the staff report says. SCWD directors will consider an exclusive negotiating agreement with MHD to allow MHD the opportunity to determine, with the Post Office, if the water district property is suitable. The staff report says the Post Office would enter a 15-year lease with SCWD for five acres already prepared for an operations building. The economy and other factors have pushed that project off, however. South Coast Water District provides water and sewage service in Dana Point and South Laguna Beach. Dana Point has a master plan in place for a new Town Center, and the report notes the Post Office is a barrier that “divides” the Town Center area. The plan identifies the property, at 24551 Del Prado, as an ideal location for a pedestrian connection between Del Prado and Coast Highway. WHAT’S NEXT: South Coast Water District meets on February 23. The directors will meet at 6 p.m. at Dana Point City Council Chambers, 33282 Golden Lantern. FIND OUT MORE: See —Jonathan Volzke



THE LATEST: Both reactors at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station remain offline as plant workers continue to inspect the steam generator tubes. Gil Alexander, a spokesman for plant operator Southern California Edison, said by email that final analysis and conclusions of the inspections were not yet available and no date has been set for the units’ return to service. “SCE is committed to the safe operation of the San Onofre plant and will not return the units to service until we and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission are satisfied it is safe to do so,” he said. WHAT’S NEXT: Based on initial tests, workers have begun repairs on Unit 2, which had been taken offline in January for planned upgrades. Workers have started plugging some of the tubes, Alexander said. On Unit 3, which had been pulled from service January 31 after a water and radiation leak, inspections continued. Details of the tube wear will not be available until all inspections are completed, Alexander said. FIND OUT MORE: www.sanclementetimes. com. —Stacie N. Galang


...School Cuts?

THE LATEST: Already ravished by millions of dollars in cuts, Capistrano Unified School District leaders on Monday learned they face as much as $50 million more in budget reductions. The cuts will likely be a minimum of $30 million and as much as $50 million if the governor’s tax-increase plan does not pass, CUSD spokesman Marcus Walton said. The district receives funding based on the

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average daily attendance; Walton said the district would have received an additional $71 million if that attendance funding was at 2005 levels. WHAT’S NEXT: Gov. Jerry Brown has said he intends to place a measure on the November ballot that would increase the state’s sales tax by a half cent and increase the tax rate on those earning $250,000 or more by 1 to 2 percentage points. FIND OUT MORE: See —JV


...Porn on Library Computers?

THE LATEST: County staffers are drafting a new ordinance aimed at balancing library users’ First Amendment rights with reducing complaints about those who look at pornography and other material on public computers. Orange County Supervisor Patricia Bates, who represents South County, said increased complaints about pornography on county library computers prompted the move. Some library computers are filtered, while others are not. Bates said staff is exploring adding filters to all computers. Librarians currently ask a patron to move or change computers if they receive a complaint about what is being viewed. In November, Laguna Beach police were called to the county library there after a man was allegedly touching himself while looking at porn on a library computer. A day later, a man was arrested after allegedly looking at child porn on an Aliso Viejo library computer. WHAT’S NEXT: Bates said she expects the item will go before the Board of Supervisors for approval within the next month. FIND OUT MORE: See —JV


Iwo Jima Anniversary: Basilone’s Road to Becoming a Hero Gunnery Sgt. John Basilone helped turn the tide of World War II By Jim Kempton Special to Dana Point Times


n the morning of February 19, 1945, “Manila John” Basilone was leading his machine gun platoon through the hellish invasion of Iwo Jima, one of Japan’s last island bastions of defense before mainland Japan. His unit had just reached the beach when a mortar barrage hit, pinning them to the ground. Red Beach II became an inferno of exploding artillery shells and mortar rounds aimed at the front-line Marines, struggling up the shoreline into the intense shelling. Basilone, already a legendary figure, made a heroic decision. As Bill D. Ross wrote in his eyewitness account Iwo Jima - Legacy of Valor: “Now, with the invasion 90 minutes old, the intrepid sergeant had one thought. Basilone leapt to his feet and yelled at the gunners just behind, backs hunkered low and straining under the heavy loads of weapons and ammunition amid the blistering bombardment, ‘C’mon, you guys! Let’s get these guns off the beach!’ While most of the men tried to find shelter under the withering fire, Basilone led an attack that destroyed an enemy gun emplacement.” Basilone, who at one point served at Camp Pendleton, was a central figure in HBO’s 10-part miniseries The Pacific based on true accounts of World War II. The companion piece to Band of Brothers, and winner of eight Emmys, the 2010 series by Steven Spielberg focuses on the Marine Corps’ actions in the Pacific Theater and on the experiences of three Marines — John Basilone, Robert Leckie and Eugene Sledge — who were all in different regiments of the 1st Marine Division. Basilone is the one who gets sent home, meets — and gets — the girl and then goes back to the front. First stop: Iwo Jima. Basilone’s bravery that day on Iwo Jima would earn him the Navy Cross, the Navy’s highest decoration and become the reason Basilone Road, the Interstate 5 exit to San Onofre Surfing Beach, would bear his name. But his life had already become legendary and his story is an American allegory. Just 26 years old, it was not the first time he had seen combat, nor the first time he would be awarded medals. In fact, by the time he landed on Iwo Jima, Basilone was one of the most decorated and revered American soldiers of the Second World War. BACK STORY The son of Italian immigrants, John Basilone was by accounts from friends and relatives, dark-complexioned and handsome, with big ears and a wide grin like Clark Gable. One of 10 children born into his family, John had grown up in Raritan, N.J. After a somewhat aimless youth, Basilone had enlisted in the U.S. Army and served honorably in the Philippines. He became known as “Manila John” the fearless fighter of a crack heavy machine gun unit and an iron-fisted, light heavyweight Dana Point Times January 27–February 2, 2012

Actor Jon Seda played Gunnery Sgt. John Basilone in HBO’s 10-part miniseries the Pacific, which first aired in 2010. Photo by David James and courtesy of HBO

prizefighter in the Army. Part of Basilone’s already burgeoning legend was his undefeated 19-0 record in military boxing competition. After service in the Army, he enlisted in the Marine Corps at the start of World War II. Almost immediately he was sent to the Pacific Theater, to the island of Guadalcanal. By late October 1942, Basilone was the sergeant of a heavy .30-caliber machinegun platoon attached to Company C, 7th Marines, holding a narrow strip of ground along the Tenaru River on Guadalcanal, deep in the Solomon Islands. American forces had invaded just a week before and established a tenuous toehold. In the two days following, Japanese troops had repeatedly attempted to retake the area with massive banzai attacks, initiating some of war’s fiercest and bloodiest combat. Basilone’s unit was in the thick of it. Both the Japanese and American military had decided that this was the critical battle of the Pacific Theater. Both sides sensed that defeat would indicate the outcome of the rest of the conflict. American commanders knew victory was required at all costs. Outnumbered American troops on the island had been enduring relentless attacks from the enemy, with no reinforcements, no rest time. They were nearly out of food, medical supplies and ammunition. Some were nearly starving, with little communication from their top commanders except to hold the line no matter what. In the early hours of October 24, the Japanese forces launched their most ferocious assault, pouring bayonet-fixed troops straight into the thin, weary American position held by Basilone’s meager platoon. A regiment of 3,000 Japanese troops from the Sendai Division stormed the American line for more than two days of almost continuous combat fighting through the night. According to October on Guadalcanal by

Eric Hammel, Basilone was “everywhere at once, clearing jams, calming nervous gunners, replacing parts, and repositioning guns. John Basilone inspired all that saw him that night: He became the glue that bound Company C together.” At one point he ran back to retrieve ammunition and medical supplies from an unmanned bunker, returning under intense enemy fire to single-handedly hold off a company of Japanese trying to overrun his position. With a Colt .45 pistol and two machine guns, one cradled in his arms after the other was knocked out, he continued firing from his cut-off outpost. Using all three weapons, often at point blank range, he stopped a wave of screaming banzai charges and held out through the night. By the next morning, when reinforcements arrived, the entire elite 3,000-man Japanese regiment had been held at bay for nearly 72 hours with only 15 men, 12 of whom had been killed. Basilone and the two other survivors were all seriously wounded. Basilone had third-degree burns on his arms from his guns. Nearly 100 enemy dead lay sprawled around Basilone’s own position. The tide of war had turned for America. And John Basilone had been its stone wall. General Douglas MacArthur called him a “one-man army,” in regard to his Medal of Honor. HERO’S WELCOME Basilone returned home after recovering from his wounds and was sent on a nationwide tour promoting war bonds and visiting troop-training camps. He received a hero’s welcome everywhere he went. In 1943, over 30,000 well-wishers honored him at a gala celebration on tobacco heiress Doris Duke’s 2,000-acre estate near his hometown of Raritan. Humble and publicly shy, he took little advantage of the accolades, downplaying his deeds and declining

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an offer to become an officer in the Marine Corps. “I’m a plain soldier,” he said, “and I want to stay one.” While being photographed kissing movie starlets on stages and in parades, Basilone stayed true to his modest, unassuming character. In an almost Hollywood twist, he met a female Marine at Camp Pendleton and fell in love. He married Lena Mae Riggi in a simple ceremony with his proud parents and family. He helped train troops at Camp Pendleton and instilled the courage he had in many a soldier. But with integrity rarely found in any age, he forsook his comfortable war hero role and his newfound love to rejoin the 5th Division and return to the field of combat. Staying behind, he told buddies, would be “like being a museum piece.” And it wouldn’t seem right, he said, “if the Marines made a landing on the Manila waterfront and ‘Manila John’ wasn’t among them.” He made it to the front lines just in time to join the invasion of Iwo Jima, the most heavily fortified and ferociously held island in Japan’s empire. Now back on the battlefield, and once again under heavy fire, he held his men together and led with the courage that had made him a legend. The critical goal was to knock out the gun emplacement that was causing heavy casualties to the landing platoons. With the rest of his unit pinned down, Basilone made his way around the side of the Japanese positions until he was directly on top of the blockhouse. He then attacked with grenades and demolitions, singlehandedly destroying the entire strongpoint and its defending garrison. He then fought his way toward Airfield No. 1 and aided an American tank that was trapped in an enemy minefield under intense mortar and artillery barrages. He guided the heavy vehicle over the hazardous terrain to safety, despite heavy weapons fire from the Japanese. Basilone continued to move forward toward the lethal mortar positions. Then, as Bill D. Ross wrote, “The wasplike whir of an incoming mortar sounded its eerie warning; then a shattering blast. Basilone lunged forward in mid-stride, arms flung outward over his head. He and four comrades died in that instant.” “Manila John” would never reach Dewey Boulevard. But the borough of Raritan, N.J. holds a parade in his honor every year. And he has been added to the legion of Marine Corps heroes and to the history of Orange County. Every Marine who serves at Camp Pendleton and every surfer who visits San Onofre or Trestles exits onto the Basilone Road freeway ramp named in his honor. Jim Kempton grew up on American bases in Guam, Manila, Tokyo, Okinawa and Saigon. Now the CEO of the San Onofre Foundation, which protects and preserves the State Parklands, he believes the U.S. Marines are the finest fighting force the world has ever known. He can be reached at jimkempton1@ DP


DP Sheriff’s Blotter COMPILED BY AUSTIN PATRICK REAGAN All information below is obtained from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department website. The calls represent what was told to the deputy in the field by the radio dispatcher. The true nature of an incident often differs from what is initially reported. No assumption of criminal guilt or affiliation should be drawn from the content of the information provided. An arrest doesn’t represent guilt. The items below are just a sampling of the entries listed on the OCSD Web site.

Tuesday, February 14 WELFARE CHECK Doheny Park Road, 34000 Block (10:35 a.m.) A woman called the police after her coworker’s wife discussed committing suicide. The caller explained that the woman’s speech was slurred over the phone and yelling could be heard in the background.

Monday, February 13 DISTURBANCE Silver Lantern, 33700 Block (9: 34 p.m.) A caller could hear his neighbors, a man and woman, screaming and yelling “hateful” things at each other. The caller suspected that they may have been throwing each other against the wall. SUSPICIOUS PERSON IN VEHICLE Dana Strand Road, 34300 Block (11:04 a.m.) A gray occupied motorhome had been parked in the same spot at Strand Vista Park for 10 days with a family living inside. DISTURBANCE Galleon Way, 33400 Block (12:11 a.m.) A 32-year-old man on parole for criminal threats was in an argument with his mother, and the two were yelling loudly at each other. The man was seen throwing his mother’s phone, and it appeared that he locked her outside of the house. She was standing in the driveway in her nightgown.

Sunday, February 12 9-1-1 HANGUP Circula Corona, 33500 Block (10:02 p.m.) A woman called hysterically to report that her roommate’s ex-husband arrived at the residence and was in a bloody physical altercation with his ex-wife. Children were reportedly present. Screaming was heard before the line disconnected. CITIZEN ASSIST Domingo Avenue, 25900 Block (6:37 p.m.) A resident called seeking help on how to handle her 14-year-old son, who was breaking house rules and threatening to run away. Dana Point Times January 27–February 2, 2012

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCES Park Lantern/Dana Point Harbor Drive (3:29 p.m.) A woman at a child’s birthday party saw a male subject with binoculars around his neck walking around looking at the children. A second male subject came up to him and they went to the back of their car. One of them pulled out a stake and made the motions of stabbing someone in the neck and chest. The same woman later called to report that one of the men had followed her son into the bathroom, although her son was unharmed. HIT AND RUN PARKED CAR Doheny Park Road, 34000 Block (12:22 a.m.) Someone contacted authorities after seeing a vehicle hit four cars parked in the street. It was too dark to get a description of the hit-and-run vehicle but the caller said that it sounded as if it were dragging something.

Saturday, February 11 BURGLARY IN PROGRESS Camino Capistrano, 34200 Block (6:08 p.m.) A man called police after a burglar tried to enter his residence. The subject, about 18 years old and dressed in bulky clothing, then proceeded to break in to other residences. TRAFFIC HAZARD Del Obispo Street/Stonehill Drive (3:59 p.m.) A man on a bike was carrying a newborn under his arm like a football. EMERGENCY OPERATIONS Pacific Coast Highway/Doheny Park Road (11:45 a.m.) Police were contacted after a victim at a gas station was forced at gunpoint to get in to a car. DISTURBANCE – FAMILY DISPUTE Crown Valley Parkway, 32400 Block (10:33 a.m.) A woman called because her neighbors had been fighting with each other earlier in the day, and the woman just heard a large thud following by screaming and crying. CITIZEN ASSIST Golden Lantern Street, 33200 Block (10:13 a.m.) Authorities were contacted after a woman found what looked like crystal meth in her son’s car. The son is a student at Dana Hills.

Friday, February 10 SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCES La Cresta Drive, 24200 Block (10:57 a.m.) Juveniles near a toddler playground were being loud and using profanity. BURGLARY REPORT No address provided (8:15 p.m.) A resident was notified that his burglar alarm was activated. When he came home, he saw that his back door was kicked in, but no subjects were seen.

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Jazz in January…in February


ur harbor plays host to several outdoor and indoor musical events each year. Some are connected with a business, some are just for fun, and some are presented specifically to raise money for a good cause. The weekend of February 3 and 4, the Ocean Institute presented their 10th annual “Jazz in January” concert—this time it was in February, unless you want to get creative with the calendar and call it January 34 and 35. They raised a lot of money for a good cause $180,000 (ballpark at this point) for programs at the Ocean Institute! Two nights of wonderful music, delicious food and wine and about 90 silent auction items, paired with a few live auction items made this a weekend to remember. The sold-out crowd on Friday night was delighted by the appetizers and wines served in the courtyard, and then when the music started, they were “blown away” by David Benoit on piano, Rick Braun on trumpet and Mindy Abair on saxophone. The place was rockin’.

On Saturday night, a more serene (also sold-out) crowd enjoyed appetizers from Balboa Bay Club and Park Hyatt Aviara, served BARBA R A MERR IMA N in the courtyard and in the lab where the silent auction items were displayed. A sit down dinner provided by chefs from Montage, Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis and Laguna Cliffs Marriott was served and each course was paired with wines from Pear Valley Vineyards. It was not a Weight-Watchers approved menu—but wow—it was great! The three featured musicians all gave outstanding performances and after their first selection the atmosphere changed from sedate to party time! The Ocean Institute, for anyone who is new to the area and hasn’t been to the harbor to see for themselves, is a fantastic, award-winning educational facility.

Photo by Barbara Merriman

Over 115,000 students annually can choose from a menu of more than 60 hands-on programs related to marine ecology and environment in the labs and aboard the R/V Sea Explorer, and maritime history on the two tallships that the Institute owns.

These programs use the mystery and wonder of the ocean to inspire learning—sort of like tricking kids into loving spinach, we “entice” them to love science and history. One day a child who has had this type of inspiration will cure cancer. Because the Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, funding comes from private sources and from fees charged to the schools. Unfortunately school funding for field trips has been so drastically cut by our state that events like Jazz in January become very important fundraisers. You are invited to find out more about the Ocean Institute by paying it a visit online at or by stopping by when you have a moment and when school children are not climbing the rigging, rowing around in the long boats, or discovering under a microscope what is actually in that ocean water. Next year don’t wait to get a reservation for one of these two nights of excellent jazz in our harbor and bring your friends. Either night it’s a real party. DP

Recreational Boaters of California Meeting at DPYC


n the extra day in February, we will be celebrating Leap Year by leaping into a pile of information about events affecting the boating community. Recreational Boaters of California will be presenting the meeting Wednesday evening, February 29, at Dana Point Yacht Club, 24399 Dana Drive, and will cover a variety of topics currently affecting boaters, their boats and their wallets.

One of the topics will be the proposal to eliminate the Department of Boating and Waterways by rolling it into the parks system. Come join us and see how you and your pocketbook will be affected and what you can do about it. RBOC was formed as a nonprofit organization in 1968 and is a governmental advocacy organization that works to protect and enhance the interests of the state’s recreational boaters before the


legislative and executive branches of state and local government. For more information on RBOC check their website at www. The club will open at 6 p.m. with food and beverage service, and the meeting will begin at 7 p.m. The public is invited, and if you would like to be sure of a place to sit, please call the club office, 949.496.2900, and warn them that you are coming. DP

Compiled by Andrea Swayne

PROPS, RECOGNITIONS AND MORSELS OF INFO 21 or Too Young? The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence – Orange County/Community Alliance Network and Dana Hills High School PTSA, along with other partners, are hosting an underage drinking community meeting, 21 or Too Young... Building Healthy Families to discuss the impact of underage drinking and prescription drug use in Dana Point. The event is 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, February 22 at Dana Hills High School, 33333 Golden Lantern. The evening will feature a panel of speakers—including physicians, law enforcement, prevention professionals and youth—to increase adult awareness of the prevalence and consequences of underage drinking and Dana Point Times February 17–23, 2012

prescription/over-the-counter drug use. The California National Guard will also be present and host a challenging personal development “low” R.O.P.E.S. course for the youth in attendance.

See the Sea Dragon, Learn about a Floating Garbage Patch The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, plastic pollution and a 7,000-mile research expedition will be in focus on Saturday, Feb. 18, and Sunday, Feb. 19 at the Ocean Institute. The Ocean Institute will host the 72-foot sailing research vessel Sea Dragon and a lecture and book signing on the Plastic Ocean, presented by Captain Charles Moore, author and founder of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation. Page 6

Sea Dragon tours will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. both days. Moore’s lecture and book signing will be presented Saturday, Feb. 18, 3:30 p.m. in the Samueli Conference Center. Sea Dragon tour and exhibits are $3 adults, $2 children ages 4-12. Cost to tour the Ocean Institute is an additional $6.50 adults, $4.50 children. The tour and lecture are free for Ocean Institute members.

Presidential Scholars Shana Hu from Dana Hills High School is one of four Capistrano Unified School District seniors named among the more than 3,000 candidates in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Scholars Program. The candidates were selected from nearly 3.2 million students expected to graduate from U.S. high schools in the year 2012. Brennan T. Chang from Capistrano Valley High School, Josh D. Grossman from Aliso Niguel High School and Derrick W. Xin from Aliso Niguel High School are the

Barbara Merriman grew up in Illinois but spent many years in Connecticut before relocating to California in 1994. She is a former public school music teacher with a love for outdoor sports, primarily sailing and golf. She keeps a sailboat at Dana Point Harbor, has a passion for protecting the environment and serves on the Board of Directors at the Ocean Institute. She often travels from her Dana Point home to Massachusetts to visit her daughter, Anne, her son-in-law and their two boys.

remaining CUSD candidates. They will be considered to be included in the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program, one of the highest honors bestowed upon graduating seniors. Scholars are selected on the basis of superior academic and artistic achievements, leadership qualities, strong character, and involvement in community and school activities. A panel of educators will review these submissions and select 500 semifinalists in April. The Commission on Presidential Scholars, 32 Presidential appointees, will make final selection of the Scholars. They will select one young man and one young woman from each state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and U.S. students living abroad; 15 students at-large; and up to 20 students from the creative and performing arts. The U.S. Department of Education will announce the Scholars in May. Have something interesting for the community? Send your information to


Business Beat


News and updates on Dana Point’s business community u Anderson’s In-Home Service, 24591 Del Prado, Suite 201, Phone 949.702.0494, cell; 949.487.3800, office; 949.487.3801, fax. In honor of her mother who passed away, Robin Anderson started her business three years ago to pursue her passion. She began by interviewing caregivers and made extensive background checks, including anything to reflect the past experience of these caregivers. They are also covered by insurance. “We are happy to provide care to the elderly and understand that many of them want to stay in their home, bond with their caregivers and feel ‘very secure,” Anderson said. Anderson is also available to consult with family members who want to be sure they are doing the best for their loved ones.

NOW OPEN u Organic Tree Juice Bar, 24901 Dana Harbor Drive Suite 120, 949.276.7202, Organic Tree Juice Bar specializes in healthy organic vegetable, fruit and wheatgrass juice. Owner Rachel Dunn says Organic Tree is an alternative to the Jamba-style places, because Organic Tree uses no dairy, no ice and no protein additives in its juices. We are geared toward helping people through their cleanses as well as just providing a place for people who want to incorporate juicing in their everyday lives,” Dunn said. “Our customers range from 3 years old to 80 years old with most being 25 to 55.” Dunn said her shop does not substitute conventional produce for organic, either. If the shop can’t get organic cucumbers one week, Dunn just lets customers know they’re out. Organic Tree is just behind Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala, meaning many customers are yoga students. “But we are now truly open to the general public and a lot of our customers

Organic Tree’s Elan Ibarra mixes a healthy drink. Photo by Jonathan Volzke

do not practice yoga, but are coming from gyms, beach boot camps, SUP people, cycling clubs, surfers even some elderly people whose doctors have actually recommended adding green juice to their diets,” Dunn said.

u Healthy Pet- Dana Point, 33611 C- Del Obispo, 949.488.0376 Mike and Debbie Seitz’s shop aims to do more than provide healthy dog food and treats. The couple hopes to strengthen the bond between person and dog. The shop stays on top of dog-food news

The ribbon cutting of Healthy Pet–Dana Point. Photo by Lauralyn Loynes

to ensure what it sells is healthy, with no toxins or anything bad, Mike Seitz said. But they also do grooming—Debbie Seitz once taught grooming—which lets them check a dog’s skin, ears and other parts for signs of ill health. And finally, Debbie Seitz is also a grief counselor and licensed life coach. “We’ve been in the business a pretty long time,” Mike Seitz said, noting Healthy Pet has also been open in Portland for 25 years. “We try to promote the human-animal bond in all different ways.”

CHAMBER HONORS HAMMER, BAUMANN, PECK u Pete Hammer, President of the Dana Point 5th Marines Support Group is the 2011 Citizen of the Year. CPA Nancy Baumann was honored as Business of the Year and Rev. Paul Lachlan Peck received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Hammer is President and one of the founding fathers of the Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group. Officials say the Support Organization is viewed as one of the best at offering support and outreach to the Marines, spouses, and children that comprise the 5th Marine Regiment. Other organizations with which he serves include the Dana Point Chamber Of Commerce, Rotary Club—where he is a Paul Harris Fellow— VFW Post 9934, Marine Corps League South Coast Detachment-022, the Dana Point Historical Society, Relay For Life, Dana Point Coastal Arts and The Earth Ocean Society. “What a surprise, honor and privilege to be recognized” Hammer said in a statement. “This acknowledgement is really a reflection of what so many others do in our Community. I’ve simply tried to emulate the outreach and participation as offered by those who lead by example.” Originally from Evanston, Ill. Hammer was an accomplished swimmer, and state champion. At Indiana University, he was a team captain, Big Ten and NCAA champion and alternate on the 1964 Olympic swimming team. He joined the United States Marine Corps in 1967, flew in Vietnam in the F-4 Phantom as a radar intercept operator (RIO) which provided close-air support for our ground troops. He was also a General’s Aide to two Brigadier Generals. Prior to leaving active duty he was promoted to Captain

Dana Point Times February 17–23, 2012

and was an instructor in the F-4 at MCAS Cherry Point, NC. Retired in 1992, Hammer now works tirelessly to serve the Dana Point community, officials said. For Business of the Year, CPA Nancy Baumann was honored after 30 years in business. Baumann serves numerous events/ groups, including the Monarch Beach Sunrise Rotary Club; Boys & Girls Club and is a former member of the Board of Capistrano Valley Symphony Association. She also donates her time and expertise for various nonprofit organizations. Rev. Paul Lachlan Peck received the Lifetime Achievement Award. He came to Dana Point in 1999 and almost immediately became busy with several organizations. He is now or has been a member of the Dana Point/Capistrano Beach Historical Society, Friends of Dana Point Library, the Lantern Village Association and others. It was Peck who restarted the Festival of Whales Parade back in 2002 and 2003. After two years of success with this project, the City of Dana Point adopted it as part of its Recreation Department. He still serves as an announcer each year. Also, Peck is the Co-Founder (with Beverli Jinn) of the Dana Point Earth-Ocean Society. He also initiated the First Annual Earth Day Clean-Up in Dana Point in 2006. He also sings in the tenor section of the Palisades United Methodist Church in Capo Beach. He walks six one-mile routes every week, picking up trash as he goes along. Peck is the author of a seven-book series

Peter Hammer, President of the Dana Point 5th Marines Support Group, with Chamber of Commerce President Russell Kerr; CPA Nancy Baumann and Mayor Lara Anderson with Rev. Paul Lachlan Peck. Photos by Andrea Swayne

on spiritual metaphysics, and has written and/or edited five additional books. See his blog for further information. Peck is listed in the 1992-2012 Editions of Marquis’ Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the West, Who’s Who in Religion, Who’s Who in Medicine, and Who’s Who in the World. He has recently been invited to deposit his books—a collection of nearly 2,000 books of Bloomsbury (England) authors, manuscripts, and ephemera in the Manuscripts and Rare Books Department of the Ernest Stevenson Bird Library at Syracuse University. Prior to entering the full-time ministry, Reverend Peck served as a Vice President of Syracuse University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Manhattan College (Bronx) over a period of fifteen years. While at Syracuse he served as a director and trustee of The University Hill Corporation, having to do with the planning and development of that section of the city. He

Page 7

holds a BA. Degree in Marketing from the University of Connecticut, a M.Ed. degree in high school administration from Westfield State College, Westfield, MA and a Th.D. (Hon) from Bernadean University, NV. He was ordained by Truth Center of California in 1972. While at Syracuse he served on the Chaplains’ Council of the University, and as a volunteer Chaplain at Auburn State Prison for one year. He has served the Girl Scouts of America and the American Red Cross as a Board Member and Trustee, and the Boy Scouts of America as an Assistant Scoutmaster. The awards were presented at the Dana Point Chamber’s 65th Anniversary Installation Dinner & Annual Meeting on January 26 at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa. The Chamber also installed the incoming 2012 Board of Directors and celebrated the Chamber’s 65 years of service to Dana Point. For more information, see DP



Andrea Swayne, 949.388.7700, x113 ADVERTISING


DS aannCale m

Poe ni ntet

34932 Calle del Sol, Suite B, Capistrano Beach, CA 92624 phone 949.388.7700 fax 949.388.9977


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ALL HANDS, AHOY: By Beverli Jinn

This is a Job . . . for Plastic Man!


o... I watched the City Council meeting last week. It was a long meeting. I was glad that, after three hours, I could turn it off and focus on something less demanding. Not that the issue of plastic bags and polystyrene foam (Styrofoam) containers was unimportant; not that it was uninteresting; not that it lacked passion. There must have been a couple dozen citizens and interested parties who paraded to the microphone to voice their opposition or their support of two proposed new ordinances. Surely my position on these topics would be presented by at least one impassioned, articulate speaker. Maybe the council persons would embrace my point of view and do what needed to be done even without a clear mandate from the people. And, finally, the parade of citizens ended. It all boiled down to the five members of the Council, one of whom did most of the talking and another who said almost nothing but who, at the end of the day, voted against banning the use of single-use plastic bags by small businesses. This council person later voted against banning foam containers by Dana Point restaurants. Well, okay. It’s a complex issue. That’s why we have elected decision makers instead of a dictator. Let’s see. The proposed

ordinance would ban the use of plastic bags. If you vote “no” it means that merchants can use plastic. “Yes” means they cannot. Penalties would be imposed on merchants who Beverli Jinn violate the ordinance. (All of this is explained in the proposed first draft of the ordinance, a document that, when revised, will be called “the second first draft”.) Down the road, after the City Council studies the situation yet again, the final first draft may be approved. If not, we can hope for a third first draft, followed by a second final first draft. Meanwhile, weeks will have turned into months and (you guessed it) months will have turned into years. A new City Council may want to study the situation again. For the moment, our DP City Council voted 4 to 1 in favor of the draft, with the stipulation that the ordinance go into effect 18 months after final approval. Purportedly, this 18 month delay will give businesses time to use up their supply on hand. At least half of those who spoke at last week’s meeting asked the council not to pass the ordinance because small merchants would not be able to absorb the

cost. “Protect the small businesses!” the Chamber of Commerce pleaded. “Don’t pass this new ordinance!” Protection, of course, is part of the goal. We don’t want to bankrupt merchants any more than we want to kill ocean life. Let’s protect the merchants, not by embracing plastic but by providing alternatives. At this time, reusable, recyclable bags are probably the best choice. Shoppers will change their ways if they believe that we’re all in this thing together. As I suggested in my column two weeks ago, we’ve got to “catch ‘em being good.” As far as the merchants are concerned, why can’t the city reimburse local merchants as they make the move away from plastic? Now! Not in 18 months. There are those, perhaps, who will say that this is a serious matter and that my remarks are not realistic. This group of citizens insists that the Dana Point City Council is acting prudently in moving cautiously through this complex process. We must not, they say, put the small guys out of business by increasing their costs of operation. Well, then, call me crazy. Our council people and staff have a complicated task at hand. It’s vital that they get it right. At


After reading letters to the editor, I was inspired to write one myself. I moved from Capo Beach to Dana Point in September and live on a one way street; again. But people drive the wrong way all the time on Copper Lantern. Is anything being done here? Apparently not. Now to switch subjects; I regularly use the Dana Point Library, as at the present time I unfortunately don’t have a home computer. While there, I have experienced unbelievable Dana Point Times February 17–23, 2012

the same time, I watched last week’s council meeting with wonder. Many cities have already made the transition. Yet last week it was almost as though our council members see themselves as trail blazers. It was almost as though they had a mine field to pass through and they were afraid to take the first step even though a safe path had been clearly marked by countless predecessors. Let’s get it done! “Second first reading” be damned.. Some years ago, at her first opportunity, Beverli Jinn retired from teaching high school English. A lot of books inside her demanded to be written. Now, several years and six published books later, an altered compulsion, the care and feeding of our ocean, drives Jinn’s pen. She believes that the residents of Orange County’s South Coast can lead the way in establishing and maintaining a healthy watershed. She is the co-founder of Dana Point’s Earth/Ocean Society and is active in the DP Historical Society. Born and raised in Orange County, she has lived in Dana Point since 2001. Jinn welcomes her readers’ feedback via email at DP PLEASE NOTE: The opinions offered here are those of the guest columnist and may or may not be shared by the Dana Point Times staff. We appreciate, however, their willingness to share their views, and we invite responses to be sent to


rude, selfish behavior from adults. It’s supposed to be a quiet place. What ever happened to manners and leaving the cell phone on silent/vibrate? This is an out of control problem that really needs serious attention. Another out of control problem is inconsiderate people on the road that have no regard to others and drive distracted by their cell phones, etc. OMG, maybe it will take killing someone because of their actions to put life into perspective. Let’s focus and not multitask while driving. Life is short. Slow down. I’m not in your “hurry.”


Will you offer input regarding the plan to revitalize Doheny Village? No.

53% I already have.

To submit a letter to the editor for possible inclusion in the paper, e-mail us at letters@ or send it to 34932 Calle del Sol, Suite B, Capistrano Beach, CA 92624. Dana Point Times reserves the right to edit reader-submitted letters for length and is not responsible for the claims made or the information written by the writers.

Page 8

26% Yes. I intend to.

21% Make sure to sound off on the “DP Times Poll of the Week” at Bookmark Dana Point Times today! The DP Times Online Reader Polls are not scientific and do not reflect the opinion of the DP Times.




DS aannCalePmoe ni te nt

THE LIST A day-by-day guide to what’s happening in and around town. COMPILED BY TAWNEE PRAZAK


BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY 8 p.m. Concert at The Coach House, also with The Jackpot Club, The New FBI. Tickets $29.50. 33157 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, 949.496.8930,


FLOCK OF 80’S 8 p.m. Live music at Renaissance. 24701 Del Prado, Dana Point, 949.661.6003, NATE HANCOCK 8 p.m.-12 a.m. Live music at Wind and Sea Restaurant. 34699 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, 949.496.6500, SMOOTHIE JONES AND THE RED X 9 p.m. Live music and Aloha Friday at BeachFire. No cover. 204 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, 949.366.3232,



HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS 1 p.m. & 7 p.m. Special event at the Honda Center. Tickets start at $18. 2695 E. Katella, Anaheim, 714.704.2500,

SEA DRAGON & ‘PLASTIC OCEAN’ LECTURE 10 a.m.-3 p.m. The Ocean Institute hosts the research vessel Sea Dragon for tours, and a 3:30 p.m. lecture on the Plastic Ocean, presented by Captain Charles Moore, the “father of Pacific gyres research.” Sea Dragon tour: $3 adults, $2 children; plus cost to the Ocean Institute of $6.50 adults, $4.50 children. 24200 Dana Point Harbor Drive, Dana Point, 949.496.2274, AN EVENING WITH OTTMAR LIEBERT & LUNA NEGRA 8 p.m. Special concert at The Coach House. Tickets $30. 33157 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, 949.496.8930, TOOLS FOR CHANGE 11 a.m.-5 p.m. The Ecology Center’s exhibition, featuring sustainable household products and learning space for children. 32701 Alipaz St., San Juan Capistrano, 949.443.4223, Dana Point Times February 17–23, 2012

AT THE MOVIES WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN At least one film a year seems snubbed by the Academy. Last year, it was Ryan Gosling’s performance in Blue Valentine (2010). This year it’s Tilda Swinton in the chilling film adaptation We Need to Talk About Kevin. Swinton and Kevin (the film), have been praised throughout 2011, and the Oscars neglect in acknowledging her has caused quite a stir. In Lynne Ramsay’s screen version of Lionel Shriver’s novel, Swinton plays Eva, a mother haunted by a past event that occurred with her mentally troubled son Kevin (Ezra Miller). Throughout the film, we see Eva in past and present tense contemplate whether being a mother was the right choice. She grapples with her son’s hatred for her and humanity in general. Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly in We Need To Talk Much like The Shining (1980), We Need to Talk About Kevin is almost like a nightAbout Kevin. Courtesy of Oscilloscope Laboratories mare every woman wishes would never happen to them. The horror isn’t from a spooky house or ghosts, but a real life evil. The film should not only have received a nomination for the acting, but for the direction and editing as well. Swinton has little dialogue, but conveys so much emotion from her character to the audience that we are affected personally from her piercing eyes and timid voice. The effect is aided by Ramsay’s non-linear filmmaking and ambiguous sequences. DP — Megan Bianco

TIDEPOOL HIKES 1:30 p.m.-3 p.m. The Ocean Institute offers a guided exploration of the tidepools in the Dana Point Marine Protected Area. Free with paid admission ($4.50-$6.50). 24200 Dana Point Harbor Drive, Dana Point, 949.496.2274, MR J 8 p.m.-11 p.m. Live band set with dinner and dancing at Salt Creek Grille. 32802 Pacific Coast Hwy., Dana Point, 949.661.7799,


WYLAND ART LESSONS IN THE WILD 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Special art event by Dana Wharf aboard the Ocean Adventure Catamaran. Cost $44-$59. 34675 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, 949.496.5794,


LOCAL SUNDAY SESSIONS 6 p.m. Music from Marc and Kirsten Ford, Oldest Boy and Girl, and Zacchaeus Tree at Cabrillo Playhouse. $5 donation; beer and wine served for donation. 202 Avenida Cabrillo, San Clemente, 949.492.0465, MISSION TOURS 11:15 a.m.-3:45 p.m. Tours at Mission SJC to enhance your experience and learn the history of Mission grounds. Admission $5-$9 plus $1-$2 for tour. 26801 Ortega Hwy., 949.234.1300,


Jake Shimabukuro. Photo by Danny Clinch

7 p.m. Ukulele master, innovator and composer Jake Shimabukuro plays at the Coach House. Tickets $25. Doors open at 5 p.m. and priority seating with dinner is available. 33157 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, 949.496.8930,


OPEN MIC NITE AT THE COOP 8 p.m.-10 p.m. All ages, all skill levels, all talents welcome to the event at The Coop. Hosted by Jason Soderlund and Melody Ryan. 1506 Calle Valle, San Clemente, openmicatthecoop@,


MONDAY NIGHT LAUGHS 9 p.m.-11 p.m. Live stand-up comedy at Hennessey’s Tavern. 34111 La Plaza, Dana Point, 949.488.0121, Page 12


FAT TUESDAY AT IVA LEE’S 7 p.m. Iva Lee’s celebrates the last day of Mardi Gras with one last big meal and drinks before fasting for Lint. Jerry “Hotrod” Nemink from San Diego will be performing and on the menu is a four-course creole dinner. $45 per guest. 555 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente, 949.361.2855,


POUL PEDERSEN 7 p.m. Live acoustic music at Renaissance. 24701 Del Prado, Dana Point, 949.661.6003,


VINE WINE TASTING 7 p.m.-8 p.m. Educational wine tasting at Vine featuring four wines paired with food; $40 per person. 211 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente, 949.361.9376,


BRIAN YOUNG & THE BLUES STATION 7 p.m.11 p.m. Live music at The Cellar. 156 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, 949.492.3663,


SAN O DAY HIKE 9 a.m.-11 a.m. Meet at San Clemente State Beach for a hike as part of the ongoing San Onofre Foundation Day Hikes in State Parks series. 225 Avenida Calafia, San Clemente, 949.366.8599,


CHEF’S TABLE: MARKET TO TABLE 7 p.m. Experience Ritz-Carlton style, how common ingredients are expertly prepared into a feast; dinner begins at 7, includes wine pairing. Cost $169. Call for reservations. 1 Ritz-Carlton Dr., Dana Point, 949.240.2000, DESIGNING WITH SPIRIT 7 p.m. Casa Romantica hosts Part III of their Gardening Speaker Series, featuring author and landscape designer Linda Cooper with an enlightening presentation on the spiritual aspects of gardening. Members $6, non-members $7. 415 Avenida Granada, San Clemente, 949.498.2139, *For our full calendar, visit the “Event Calendar” at Have an event? Send your listing to

2012 Festival of Whales Coloring Contest

Every child who enters


Whale Watching or Fishing Ticket for kids 9 & under ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN MARCH 4, 2012

GRAND PRIZE Let the seagulls sing you to sleep… with a one-night beach get-a-way for a family of four in a Ocean View Suite, at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Doheny Beach in beautiful Dana Point, CA. A warm DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie at check-in is the hotel’s promise of a warm and caring experience. IN ADDITION, Breakfast for four at Proud Mary’s in the Dana Point Harbor! And a whale watching trip for four from Dana Wharf Sportfishing!


DANAWHARF.COM *No photo copies will be entered.* Mail completed entry form & coloring page to: Dana Wharf Sportfishing, 34675 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, CA 92629 Contestant’s Name Address


Parent/Legal Guardian


Email I would like to recieve a child’s

Whale Watching Ticket

Fishing Ticket


Contest is open to all children ages 9 and under. All entries must be received by March 4, 2012 for judging. Dana Point Times, San Clemente Times, The Capistrano Dispatch and Dana Wharf Sportfishing assume no responsibility for lost or late entries. All completed entries will receive one child’s whale watching ticket or child’s fishing ticket, compliments of Dana Wharf Sportfishing, mailed to the address on the contest entry. We do not accept the tickets on any group outing, and no copies are valid. The grand prize winner will be contacted by telephone. Some entries will be displayed around Dana Point Harbor during the 2012 Festival of Whales. The Grand Prize entry will be displayed at Dana Wharf Sportfishing. Contest entries will become the property of Dana Wharf Sportfishing and cannot be returned. Employees of Picket Fence Media, Dana Wharf Sportfishing and their families are not eligible to win. All winners are responsible for taxes and applicable fees. All parents/legal guardians of the winners will be required to verify identity through a signed affidavit, social security number and valid driver’s license. Contest void where prohibited. Entry into this contest will serve as entrant’s agreement of the above contest rules. Coloring contest winner will be announced at the Festival of Whales Concert Sunday, March 11th at Baby Beach.




D a n a Po i nt


CIF Individual Championships, Canyon Springs High February 17-18, 2 p.m. Dana Hills is sending several of its best wrestlers to compete for the top spot at the podium of the CIF Individual Championships. Info:


Dolphins vs. Lancers, Orange Lutheran High February 17, 7 p.m. The Dolphins hit the road hoping for a CIF-SS Division 1A first round win against the Lancers of Orange Lutheran High School. Info:


Suns vs. Lakers, Staples Center February 17, 7:30 p.m. After coming home from a slew of road games and facing the Atlanta Hawks, the Lakers double down at Staples Center to host the Phoenix Suns. Info:



Dolphins vs. Oilers, Flames vs. Kings, Huntington Beach Staples Center February 18, 7 p.m. High February 18, 7 p.m. Dana Hills is all business as the Lady Dolphins travel to take on the girls from Huntington Beach in the first round of the CIF-SS Division 1A playoffs.

The Los Angeles Kings continue to heat up the ice as the team hosts a bruising battle royale against the Calgary Flames. Info:



By David Zimmerle

BOYS BASKETBALL • The Dolphins (1-7 SCL, 12-14) wrapped the South Coast League portion of its schedule on February 7 with a 58-42 loss to Capo Valley. On that night, Alex Brown had a big game for the Dolphins, finishing with a team-high 20 points while other members of the squad rounded out the scoring in single-digit point production. The team then bounced back from the tough road loss by closing out the regular season with a gutsy 55-52 road win against cross-town rival San Clemente High on February 9. Brown led the team with 12 points while Landon Widerburg and Ian Wright each netted nine points. The team now travels to take on Orange Lutheran High in the first round of the CIF-SS Division 1A playoffs. Next 7 days: Feb. 17 at Orange Lutheran, 7 p.m.

The team then traveled to Huntington Beach High in the first round of the CIF-SS Division 1A playoffs. Next 7 days: Feb. 18 at Huntington Beach, 7 p.m.

GIRLS BASKETBALL • The Lady Dolphins (1-8 SCL, 10-16) wrapped the regular season with back-to-back South Coast League losses. On February 6, the girls were upended, 57-27, against the visiting Lady Chargers of El Toro High. On the night, Emily Jaimerena led with seven points while Kristen Beckman and Laura Johnson each finished with six points. The team then hosted Mission Viejo on February 8 in its final game of the regular season and lost, 50-31, to the Lady Diablos. Beckman led with 10 points while Johnson netted nine points.

GIRLS SOCCER • The Lady Dolphins (6-1-1 SVL, 13-5-1) capped the regular season with a solid win and its second straight Sea View League title. On February 8, the girls hosted San Juan Hills for its final league match of the season and beat the Lady Stallions in a 3-0. Lynsey Gaines led with two goals. Dana Hills now hosts University High (Pacific Coast League at large team) in the first round of the CIF-SS Division 1 playoffs on February 17. Next 7 days: Feb. 17 vs. University, 3 p.m.

BOYS SOCCER • The Dolphins (3-2-3 SVL, 7-7-7) concluded the regular season on an up note, beating the visiting Stallions of San Juan Hills High, 2-0, on February 9. Rony Alay had three saves in goal. With the win, Dana Hills finished tied for second place with Trabuco Hills and Mission Viejo in the Sea View League behind first place Capo Valley. The Dolphins next traveled to take on Valencia High (No. 2 in the Empire League) in the first round of the CIF-SS Division 2 playoffs on February 16. Next 7 days: Feb. 16 at Valencia, 3 p.m.

The Lady Dolphins basketball team starts CIF Saturday. Photo by Tony Tribolet/

GIRLS WATER POLO • After rolling to victory against Mission Viejo on February 3 and claiming another Sea View League title in the process, the Lady Dolphins (7-0 SVL, 16-12) went on to compete in the first round of the CIF-SS Division 4 playoffs with a home game against La Habra High on February 16. Next 7 days: N/A WRESTLING • After taking second place in the Sea View League Finals on February 4, the Dolphins wrestling team won two of its matches at the CIF Division 5 Team Championships on February 11. Dana Hills defeated Western, 28-21, in the first round of competition and bested Arroyo Grande, 29-28, in quarterfinal action. This marked the first time since 2000 that Dana Hills advanced to the semifinal round. Next 7 days: Feb. 17-18 at CIF Individual Championships, 2 p.m./10 a.m.

Locals Only


The only directory featuring Dana Point businesses exclusively AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING


Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating 949.420.1321 31648 Rancho Viejo Rd. Ste. A,

ARCHITECTURE - PLANNING Jim Ettinger Design 949.246.0224 33742 Big Sur St., Nona Associates-Raymond J. Nona A.I.A 949.496.2275 26901 Camino de Estrella,

AUTO REPAIR Dana Point Auto 949.496.1086 34342 Coast Hwy., Unit B, Dana Point, Ca 92629

BEAUTY SALONS Mobile Salon Malina Paragon Salon 34161 Pacific Coast Hwy. Salon Revelation - Dayna Dallas 34192 Violet Lantern #2

949.500.2909 949.489.1955 949.248.8595

CAFE - DELI Coffee Importers Espresso Bar 949.493.7773 34531 Golden Lantern,

CATERING Smokey’s House of BBQ 32860 Pacific Coast Hwy. #4,


CHIROPRACTORS Ocean Ranch Chiropractic 949.584.5000 Dr. James Slusher & Dr. Ron Berman, 32585 Golden Lantern, Ste. H, Pacific Waves Family Chiropractic 949.436.2926 & Alternative Healthcare 24632 San Juan, Ste. 230,

CHRISTIAN CHURCHES Christian Science Services 34102 La Plaza


COFFEE SHOP Coffee Importers Espresso Bar 949.493.7773 34531 Golden Lantern,

COINS GraCorp Coins & Collectibles


POOL & SPA SERVICE MOBILE SALON MALINA Full service salon to you! Perfect for the whole family, busy executives, proms, weddings, parties and events. Invite to your home or office 7-days a week for haircuts and style! The mobile unit is designed to fit all requirements, from baby haircuts to adult male or female and everyone in between. Book your appointment today. 949.500.2909,

EMBROIDERY ABC Signs & Embroidery Shop 34135 Pacific Coast Hwy, Ste. E,



PRESCHOOLS San Clemente Preschool 949.498.1025 163 Avenida Victoria,



HAIR SALONS Mobile Salon Malina 949.500.2909 The Captain’s Chair 949.496.1957 20 Monarch Bay Plaza, Paragon Salon 949.489.1955 34161 Pacific Coast Hwy.

ICE CREAM Coffee Importers Scoop Deck 949.493.7773 34531 Golden Lantern,



SURF SHOPS Infinity Surfboards 949.661.6699 24382 Del Prado, Jack’s Surfboards 949.276.8080 34320 Pacific Coast Hwy,


Beacon Printing - Brad & Judy Brandmeier English Tutoring by Susan 949.481.0481 24681 La Plaza, Ste. 125 949.661.3877 Mathnasium 949.388.6555 32411 Golden Lantern, Ste. Q, Printing OC 949.388.4888 UPHOLSTERY 27134 Paseo Espada #B 203,



Island Inspired Pool & Spa

Ocean Academy

Corinne Rupert PhD, PsyD, MFT 949.488.2648 33971 Selva Rd. Ste. 125,


Dana Point Upholstery 949.240.2292 24402 Del Prado Jeddy’s Yacht & Home Interiors 949.240.9569 34118 Pacific Coast Hwy,


Bayside Window Cleaning 949.290.8230 Prudential California Realty, Shirley Tenger 949.487.7700 Surterre Properties Monarch Beach, 949.464.3243 WINDOW COVERINGS McDaniel Gilmore Group Jeddy’s Yacht & Home Interiors 949.240.9569 33522 Niguel Rd. Ste. 100, Monarch Beach 92629 34118 Pacific Coast Hwy,


RESTAURANTS Brio Tuscany Grille 949.443.1476 24050 Camino Del Avion,

Sun Salute Yoga Studio 949.371.6097 24655 La Plaza, Ste. A,

Patricia Powers 949.496.1900 License#0737080, Statefarm/Elaine LaVine 949.240.8944 34080 Golden Lantern, State Farm/Ted Bowersox 949.661.3200 34085 Pacific Coast Hwy. #204

JEWELER 949.350.4692 Kevin


Dana Point Jeweler 949.489.1165 24845 Del Prado,


Ocean Academy San Clemente Computer & Network Services 949.276.1581

CONTRACTORS - GENERAL Creative Environments Construction 949.496.3728 Design & Build #464468

COSMETICS Mary Kay Cosmetics & Career 949.248.2868 Opportunities, Ind. Sales Director - Marline Adams,

DENTISTS Dana Point Dental 34080 Golden Lantern, Ste 201,

Danman’s Music School 949.496.6556 Jolly Roger Restaurant 949.496.0855 24699 Del Prado, 34661 Golden Lantern, Smokey’s House of BBQ 949.388.8102 PLUMBING 32860 Pacific Coast Hwy. #4, Chick’s Plumbing 949.496.9731


ELECTRICAL delta G electrical 949.360.9282 CA #657214,



Green Dump Truck


LANDSCAPING Rocky Taylor Landscaping



949.632.0081 949.493.3670

LOCKSMITH Dana Point Lock & Security


MUSIC INSTRUCTION Kenny’s Music & Guitars 949.661.3984 24731 La Plaza,

LIST YOUR BUSINESS IN “LOCALS ONLY” This handy, cost-friendly, go-to reference tool keeps your business in front of potential customers 24/7. GET YOUR BUSINESS LISTED TODAY. Call Angela Edwards at 949.682.1667 or e-mail

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CLASSIFIEDS Submit your classified ad online at

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES PART TIME WORK- MUST FILL ASAP $16 Base/Appt National Company Has Several Openings Customer Service & Sales Flexible Schedules Scholarship Opportunities MUST FILL positions IMMEDIATELY CALL (949) 347-8708 APPLY ONLINE

GARAGE SALES VINTAGE GARAGE SALE Vintage Jewelry, Crystal, Cut Glass, Vintage Decor, Antique Dressing Table. Sat/Sun Feb. 18th and 19th 8am - 2pm. 2929 Via Blanco, San Clemente, 92673


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Dana Point Times February 17–23, 2012

Page 17





D a n a Po i nt

GROM OF THE WEEK Jaren Harrell Age: 13, Shorecliffs Middle School Jaren Harrell is a great asset to the Shorecliffs surf team competing in shortboard and bodyboard. He started out riding shortboards exclusively, then realizing that two of the team’s best bodyboarders would be moving on to high school this year; he decided to start bodyboarding over the summer. By the time his coach asked if he would be interested in competing in bodyboard, Jaren had already put in some serious practice time. He has made the finals at both SSS contests so far this season but he still prefers surfing and plans to expand his contest schedule next year to include WSA and NSSA events. Jaren has been to Kauai and Cabo and says he Jaren Harrell. Courtesy photo hopes to someday explore other warm water breaks. Here at home, Jaren’s favorite breaks are Lowers and Riviera. Jaren also plays club soccer, the piano and is working on earning the rank of Eagle Scout. In school Jaren finished last quarter with five As and a B and is taking accelerated classes in both English and social studies. Jaren says he likes school, especially algebra and Spanish, and wants to challenge himself with advanced classes through high school. Jaren also enjoys hanging out with his three little brothers. “I help them when they need help and encourage them to try the things they want to try. And, I try to be a good example for them,” Jaren said. “I’m happy that they all like surfing because we can all go together with our dad. It’s really fun.” —Andrea Swayne

Blackjack! Success in the Cards Local surfers earn 21 trophies in weekend competition

Griffin Colapinto of San Clemente flies high on his way to winning the Boys U14 division at the O’Neill Surfing America Prime Event on February 12 at Upper Trestles. Photo by Jack McDaniel/Surfing America

By Andrea Swayne Dana Point Times

South Jetty and the O’Neill Surfing America Prime at San Onofre, Upper Trestles— earned a combined total of 21 trophies. n blackjack the, the number to get is 21. Among the surfers who brought home And that’s exactly what was “in the cards” the hardware were two sets of brothfor local amateur surfers over the weekend ers—Griffin and Crosby Colapinto of San of February 11 and 12. Clemente and Eric and Scott Weinhardt Surfers from San Clemente, Dana Point and of Dana Point—Griffin and Scott took one Capistrano Beach—in doubleheader NSSA apiece in Prime, and in NSSA, Eric took one Explorer events at the Oceanside Harbor and Crosby two. DP


SURF RESULTS O’Neill Surfing America Prime Event No. 4, February 11, 12, San Onofre, Upper Trestles BOYS U18: 1. Kanoa Igarashi, Huntington Beach, 12.90; 2. Jake Halstead, La Jolla, 11.26; 3. Scott Weinhardt, Dana Point, 10.33; 4. Trevor Thornton, San Clemente, 8.53. BOYS U16: 1. Jacob Davis, Capistrano Beach, 11.20; 2. Kanoa Igarashi, Huntington Beach, 10.30; 3. Tyler Killeen, Surfside, 8.67; 4. Colton Ward, San Clemente, 6.76. BOYS U14: 1. Griffin Colapinto, San Clemente, 13.24; 2. Jake Marshall, Encinitas, 10.36; 3. Ryland Rubens, Pacific Beach, 8.06; 4. Nolan Rapoza, Long Beach, 6.40. GIRLS U18: 1. Kulia Doherty, Rancho Santa Fe, 10.70; 2. Danielle Wyman, Laguna Niguel, 9.20; 3. Samantha Lamirand, Cardiff by the Sea, 6.93; 4. Frankie Harrer, Malibu, 5.87. GIRLS U16: 1. Kulia Doherty, Rancho Santa Fe, 11.90; 2. Tia Blanco, San Clemente, 9.23; 3. Frankie Harrer, Malibu, 9.00; 4. Kylie Loveland, Carlsbad, 7.43. NSSA Southwest Conference Explorer Event No. 7, February 12, Oceanside, South Jetty Local finishers only. JUNIORS: 6. Dylan Sonderegger, San Clemente. BOYS: 2. Eric Weinhardt, Dana Point; 5. Lucas Taub, Dana Point. MENEHUNE: 4. Crosby Colapinto, San Clemente. SUPER GROMS: 3. Crosby Colapinto, San Clemente; 4. Kade Matson, San Clemente; 6. Ethan Mudge, Capistrano

Beach. WOMEN: 6. Malia Osterkamp, San Clemente. GIRLS: 4. Malia Osterkamp, San Clemente. NSSA Southwest Conference Explorer Event No. 6, February 11, Oceanside, South Jetty Local finishers only. JUNIORS: 3. Lucas Taub, Dana Point. MENEHUNE: 4. Crosby Colapinto, San Clemente. SUPER GROMS: 2. Ethan Mudge, Capistrano Beach; 3. Crosby Colapinto, San Clemente; 4. Kade Matson, San Clemente. WOMEN: 6. Malia Osterkamp, San Clemente. Log on to for full results.

UPCOMING EVENTS February 18-19: WSA Gatorade Championship Tour Event No. 7, Huntington Beach, Pier February 18-19: NSSA Southwest Conference Open Event No. 9, Ventura, C Street February 25: SSS Orange County Middle School Event No. 3, Oceanside, Pier March 3, 4: WSA Gatorade Championship Tour Event No. 8, Dana Point, Salt Creek Beach March 10: SSS Orange County Middle School Event No. 4, Huntington Beach, Goldenwest Street

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