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A Paddle for All

Battle of the Paddle knows no limits of age, athletic skill or physical ability E Y E O N D P/ PAG E 4

Nearly 500 stand-up paddleboard competitors hit the water at Doheny State Beach on Saturday to challenge the Guinness World Record for largest SUP race, set at last year’s Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle. Photo by Andrea Papagianis

City Moves to Address Parking Needs for Town Center Build Out

Football: Big Plays Power Lions in Win Over Dolphins

Rachael Tilly Wins Silver at World Longboard Contest







CITY AND BUSINESS CALENDAR tory of the area. Advanced registration is required. For more, call 949.542.4755.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5 Community Recycling Event 9 a.m.–11 a.m. Residents can drop off plastic bottles and aluminum cans in the Dana Hills High School, 33333 Golden Lantern, for the school’s chapter of the California Scholastic Federation and other organizations to sort. For more, email


D a n a Po i nt

Nature Tour 9 a.m.–11:30 a.m. The Nature Interpretive Center, 34558 Scenic Drive, hosts this two-hour, docent led walking tour, exploring the ecology and natural his-

OCFA Open Firehouse 9 a.m.–2 p.m. Bring the family to meet local firefighters, try on fire turnouts and learn safety tips as the Orange County Fire Authority opens Fire Station 30, at 23831 Stonehill Drive, to the public.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8 VFW Veterans Assistance 1:30 p.m.–3 p.m. Dana Point VFW Post 9934 offers veterans’ benefits assistance at the Dana Point Community Center, 34052 Del Obispo. Call 949.248.1419 for more. Junior/Senior College Night 6 p.m. This free event gives juniors and seniors the opportunity to learn about important dates, college requirements and other valuable information from schools nationwide at Dana Hills High School, 33333 Golden Lantern.

Dana Point State BBQ Championship 9 a.m.–6 p.m. It’s barbecue, brews, music and fun as the city of Dana Point hosts its third annual State BBQ Championship at Sea Terrace Park, at Pacific Coast Highway and Niguel Road.


What’s Up With... 1


THE LATEST: Federal officials outlined the process of decommissioning the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station’s units 2 and 3 at a public meeting in Carlsbad Thursday, while local activists who had argued for the shutdown of the nuclear plant advocated for an expedited removal of spent nuclear fuel from the facility. Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials met with the public in Carlsbad to provide information on the process that will close the plant permanently. The commission is responsible for the regulating anything relating to the production of nuclear energy, while other aspects of the decommissioning, such as the use of Southern California Edison’s decommissioning funds, are regulated by other agencies, such as the California Public Utilities Commission. Larry Camper, Director of the NRC’s Division of Waste Management and Environmental Protection, said the agency would rely on lessons learned from several other recent decommissioning efforts across the country, as well as from the decommissioning on Unit 1. WHAT’S NEXT: Camper said that the first two major milestones of the process, permanent ceasing of operations and certification of the removal of nuclear fuel from the reactors, have already been performed. The next milestone, a post-shutdown decommissioning activities report, is due two years after a plant permanently ceases operations. For SONGS, that would mean June 7, 2015. San Clemente resident and activist Gene Stone said a number of the groups organized in opposition to the plant have come together to form the Coalition to Decommission San Onofre. Stone asked NRC officials to make SONGS a “flagDana Point Times October 4-10, 2013

ship project for a new type of decommissioning,” including allowing for “citizen oversight” of the process.


FIND OUT MORE: For more, visit www. —Jim Shilander


… Town Center Parking?

THE LATEST: As construction moves forward to transform Dana Point’s Town Center into a pedestrian-friendly destination, city staff is looking to San Clemente to answer their parking questions. You cannot talk about changes coming to Dana Point’s downtown corridor, Town Center, without parking being brought up, Councilman Bill Brough said Tuesday. But since revamp plans were approved by the California Coastal Commission in 2006, parking was on the back burner, until now. The Dana Point City Council unanimously approved a contract with the San Francisco-based Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates to develop a parking plan. Staff is considering a similar parking plan to San Clemente’s Avenida Del Mar, a mix of street and city leased lots, said Ursula-Luna Reynosa, the city’s community-development director. WHAT’S NEXT: The $35,000 contract runs through April 30, 2014, at which time the city manager may approve additional work. The extension cannot exceed $10,000 according to the contract. The South Coast Water District is currently working to replace underground sewer and water utility lines down Pacific Coast Highway. Work will last until early next year, when the city is expected to start street improvements. FOR MORE: To find out more, visit www.—Andrea Papagianis

… the Government Shutdown?

THE LATEST: The budget impasse in Washington has led to effects locally. Non-essential employees of the Department of Defense, those not providing “crucial services that protect life, safety and property, provide essential range, training and air operations and those employees that provide necessary utility services,” have been furloughed, until further notice at Camp Pendleton, representing 1,163 employees, according to a Marine Corps press release. Those employed by private corporations on base are not a part of the furlough. WHAT’S NEXT: Area offices for Sen. Barbara Boxer have been closed, but Congressman Darrell Issa’s office in Dana Point will remain open on scheduled Tuesdays and Fridays. FIND OUT MORE: For updates, visit www.—JS


… the Board of Supervisors Race?

THE LATEST: Candidates to replace Pat Bates on the Orange County Board of Supervisors are gearing up for the election. Dana Point City Councilwoman Lisa Bartlett announced her candidacy for Bates’ fifth district seat Thursday in an email to supporters. Robert Ming, the mayor of Laguna Niguel, and Frank Ury, a Mission Viejo councilman announced their candidancies earlier this year. Bates, who has served on the board since 2006 and was the first mayor of Laguna Niguel, terms out in 2015. She is making a run for State Assembly in 2014.

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Bartlett is in her second term on the Dana Point council. Ming is termed out of his seat next year, and Ury’s ends in 2016. WHAT’S NEXT: Each of the county’s districts elects one board member for a four-year term. Next year the second, fourth and fifth district’s will hold elections in June. Deadline to file candidacy or nomination papers is March 7, 2014. FIND OUT MORE: For more on the story, visit—AP


… Elephant Keepers?

THE LATEST: As dozens of elephant sculptures have made their temporary home in Dana Point, city leaders are calling upon the public to attend to the herd. No clean up required. “We replaced some trinkets and bobbles here and there, but overall we have been very pleased with how the public has taken care of the elephants,” said Mike Killebrew, the assistant city manager. Elephant Parade: Welcome to America hit the city’s parks, streets and businesses last month and so far the elements have been good to them, he said. But with the wind, rain, sun and human contact coming into play some have become dirty or slightly damaged, that’s where volunteers will come in to play. Volunteer keepers will be assigned a few elephant sculptures to periodically check on, wipe off and report any damage, in need of repair, to city staff. WHAT’S NEXT: Elephants are on display throughout town until the first week of November, when the herd will be moved to Lantern Bay Park for a weeklong farewell. FIND OUT MORE: To volunteer, contact Robert Sedita at 949.248.3512 or rsedita@—AP


A Paddle for All Battle of the Paddle knows no limits of age, athletic skill or physical ability By Andrea Papagianis Dana Point Times


loud crack echoed from the Pacific as hundreds of stand-up paddlers hit the water Saturday morning. They came in four waves, and one-by-one took to the surf, each bringing a rush of energy, competitive intensity and a thunderous crash marking their start. An event record 481 competitors traversed the course, in a 4-mile-long race through the crashing waves and smoother waters off Doheny State Beach. Out past Dana Point’s Harbor jetty and rounding six buoys, 464 would successfully complete the task, 60 more finishers than one year ago when the world’s record for largest stand-up paddleboard race was set. The lines between spectator and competitor were blurred last week as thousands gathered at Doheny to watch and compete in numerous racing divisions at the sixth annual Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle. Organizers call it the largest SUP contest on earth, and whether the numbers stack up or not, this annual event at Doheny continues to grow as the sport it has introduced to the community evolves. “It is evolving every day,” said legendary surfer Gerry Lopez, known as the “King of Pipeline,” for his famed conquering of the behemoth Banzai Pipeline in the 1970s. “It seems like these days everything happens faster than it used to. Snowboarding and wind surfing also became popular very quickly, but they had a steeper learning curve. The greatest attraction of stand-up paddling is that everyone can do it.” It is sport for all ages, Lopez said, for all athletic abilities and as one paraplegic athlete showed on Saturday, for nearly all physical abilities. Riding out on an adaptive board, Charles Webb wheeled onto his vessel and with a nudge from the shore, embarked on the open water course. Webb, known as Charlie to friends and family, was injured in a motorcycle accident in 1986. He was 19. A Carlsbad native, Webb lived a carefree life surfing every chance his construction jobs would allow. But since that February 7th day, 26 years ago, Webb hadn’t taken a step or caught a wave. “Surfing was my life,” Webb said. “But with my accident, I lost touch with surfing, and even though I swam, I lost touch with the ocean too.” Call it a twist of fate, pure luck or intervention from a higher power, an encounter on a Carlsbad beach earlier this spring, set the wheels—or board—in motion to return Webb to the lifestyle he’s always held dear. Webb’s brother, Jason McDonald, a contest coordinator for the Bud Surf Dana Point Times October 4-10, 2013

Charles Webb, a paraplegic athlete who started paddleboarding earlier this summer on an adaptive board, finishes the 4-mile open water race Saturday. ©RainbowSandals/Tom Servais

Tour in the 1980s, chanced upon the same beach where Kawika Watt was sharing his vision. Watt, a Hawaiian native and avid surfer, had created an adaptive paddleboard to get wheelchair bound people out on the open water. While adaptive surfing, kayaking and paddleboarding is practiced, Watt pursued a way for people to maintain their self-sufficiency and dignity on the water, and thus Onit Ability Boards was born. Utilizing technology dating back thousands of years to the Austronesianspeaking peoples of Southeast Asia, Watt created a paddleboard with outriggers attached to either side, providing stability to keep riders from tipping over, he said. The board is designed with a surfing wheelchair and a locking system allowing paddlers to wheel onto it straight from land. Two days after the surfside meeting, Webb found himself paddling the Oceanside Harbor. That was six months ago. Now, Webb credits Watt and the adaptive board with his rehabilitation. After more than two decades away from surfing, and three years of physical therapy nursing an injured right bicep muscle that left Webb unable to fish or climb into his car, he caught his first wave. “Once he started training, Charlie got hungry,” Watt said. In August, Webb hit the Doheny surf break. For months he and Watt had trained. Webb got to know the board and reintroduced himself to the ocean. And with the removal of the outriggers, Webb learned to steady himself without assistance. With his first waves ridden in 25 years, Webb was back. He said he never planned to compete, but after his girlfriend sent information about the Battle of the Paddle with a note saying, “maybe next

year,” Webb thought “why not now?” With the assistance of his coach and the backing of the crowd, Webb hit Doheny waters Saturday morning as hundreds of paddlers attempted to break last year’s record. With the addition of 60 finishers, participants in the open heat race may have just set a new Guinness World Record, said Pat Huber, marketing director of Rainbow Sandals. That is if all the numbers shake out. Documentation of the feat has been submitted and world record keeping officials should make the call within the next three weeks, he said. Locked into his board, Webb navigated the course with Brennan Rose, a waterman and elite stand-up paddler from Lahaina, Hawaii, by his side. Rose went

on to compete in the weekend’s elite and distance races, placing 24th and third, respectively. But even with his competitions ahead, Rose stayed with Webb throughout the race, a true testament to the SUP community and their embracing of evolution, Webb said. “It has been a long journey, but this last six months as far as the journey goes, was quick,” Webb said. “All of a sudden I was finishing the race and people were hugging me. I wish it would have been a little slower. It was one of the greatest days of my life.” Topping off the day, Webb was paid a visit by a surfing great, a man he’d looked up to throughout his surfing days. Laird Hamilton, who helped introduce Lopez and founder of the San Clemente-based Rainbow Sandals, Jay “Sparky” Longley, the event’s coordinators, to stand-up paddling sought him out. With words touting his bravery and encouragement from his longtime idol, Webb was overcome with emotion and said the meeting nearly topped as the highlight of his day. Just as the Battle gave one disabled athlete the opportunity to compete, hundreds of others—from the young to the old, and amateur to elite—were among the 1,300 paddlers weaving throughout the courses. The Battle of the Paddle not only provides wide access to competitors and spectators, but offers beginners and rising SUP athletes with a venue to race against the world’s best. “The underlying thing to it all is that everyone, whether an elite racer, a firsttimer or anyone there to watch, they were all having a good time,” Lopez said. “That is one thing that makes this sport so appealing and what has made this such a success. Everyone has a good time.” DP

Hundreds line Doheny State Beach Saturday in an attempt to break last year’s Guinness World Record setting at the Battle of the Paddle. Photo by Andrea Papagianis

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DP Sheriff’s Blotter SPONSORED BY

Dana Point Police Services COMPILED BY VICTOR CARNO All information below is obtained from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department website. The calls represent what was told to the deputy in the field by the radio dispatcher. The true nature of an incident often differs from what is initially reported. No assumption of criminal guilt or affiliation should be drawn from the content of the information provided. An arrest doesn’t represent guilt. The items below are just a sampling of the entries listed on the OCSD website.

Saturday, September 28 SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Placid Harbor, 0 Block (10:02 p.m.) A man witnessed two young adult men checking vehicle door handles in an apartment complex. The witness told authorities the men were wearing backpacks and left the complex on foot. SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Ritz Pointe Drive, 0 Block (9:51 p.m.)

A man called authorities saying he could hear loud pounding and rolling sounds coming from the apartment unit directly above his. The man did not think the sounds were coming from a fight but said, “Something weird is going on.” CITIZEN ASSIST La Serena Drive, 34100 Block (6:57 p.m.) A woman contacted authorities because her neighbor was playing the drums too loudly. The woman said she has mediation papers regarding the drums and said her neighbor was going over their agreed upon time limit. SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Del Prado Avenue, 24500 Block (5:27 p.m.) A witness reported a man on a bike for drinking alcohol and selling marijuana. DISTURBANCE Del Obispo Street, 33600 Block (4:56 p.m.) The manager of Albertson’s contacted authorities because a family was begging for money and obstructing the store’s entrance to customers. The manager said there were two adults accompanied by two children. HIT AND RUN PARKED CAR Elisa Drive/Acapulco Drive (11:04 a.m.) A man called authorities to report an accident. He said a blue BMW had run into his car parked near Dana Hills High School. The caller said the driver parked his car, but then walked away.

Dolphin Days Past and Present Homecoming events offer blast from Dana Hills past


omecoming is just around the corner, and Dana Hills High School students are reaching out to the community to travel back in time and celebrate the school’s 40th anniversary. Student organizers are focused on bringing the community together to make Dana Hills the “pride and joy” of Dana Point, according to Mitchell Heimbach, director of communications for the Associated Student Union, the student governing body. A weekend of festivities kicks off Friday, October 11 as the Dolphin football team takes on their cross-town rivals, the Wolverines from Aliso Niguel, at 7 p.m. Nearly 800 students will participate in a halftime performance coordinated and choreographed

by students, which is promised to provide a psychedelic “Blast to the Past.” As this year’s Homecoming king and queen are announced, past royalty will be introduced, providing a look back in Dana Hills’ four-decade-long history. The night will with a fireworks show. The following morning will bring the first-ever Dolphin Days Parade and Carnival to town. Starting at 10 a.m. the parade will snake from Blue Lantern and Stonehill Drive to Golden Lantern, and end in the school’s parking lot. A carnival bursting with rides, food, music and fun for the whole family starts right after the parade and will last throughout the day, ending at 10 p.m. —Andrea Papagianis

Dolphins far and wide are invited to the Dana Hills High School homecoming celebration, on Friday, October 11, marking the school’s 40th anniversary. Photo by Andrea Papagianis



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GUEST OPINION: Conscious Living, by Meryl Gwinn

Ecology Center Inspires Positive Environmental Change


ucked inside the agricultural corner of San Juan Capistrano, the antique Victorian-homestead headquarters of the Ecology Center blends quietly with the backdrop of the Spanish Mission city and serves as a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration for healthy and eco-friendly living. Entering the center, which borders the oldest working farm in Southern California, is like going back in time, except that the energy in these parts is anything but static. The center’s one-acre is home to the general store, surrounding gardens, greenhouse and eco labs and has quickly become an exciting venue linking the past and future, creating an engaging niche for community events and educational outreach. The Ecology Center’s mission is simple: to inspire positive change to the environment of Southern California. Their concept—empowering people with tangible tools to create healthy communities—addresses real questions such as: How do we ensure the future health of our oceans? How can we make our homes healthier? How do we manage food supply and waste? How can we support the children of all species for all of time? It’s a refreshing endeavor and Evan Marks, the Center’s founder and executive director, is creative in his pursuit. And in a time when our local paradise is facing some burdening changes, the center seeks to unite our community in a fun way to provoke big ideas. So what does that look like? Regular workshops, lectures and cooking classes emphasize healthy and sustainable practices. Seasonal community table events host collaborations with local chefs where meals are prepared from ingredients harvested directly from the grounds and enjoyed with new friends in a picturesque courtyard setting. Like-minded people come together to practice permaculture, natural building techniques and renewable energy solutions. Ecotoberfest is on the Dana Point Times October 4-10, 2013

calendar for the end of this month, celebrating the “drink local” movement with live music, fresh baked fare and a local brew master discussing the sourcing and production of organically crafted brews. The CONSCIOUS LIVING balance of responsible By Meryl Gwinn environmental work with joyful appreciation of the community connection is fundamental here. Visit and park in the dirt lot shared by the neighboring South Coast Farm Stand and be greeted by a wonderland of native plant species all labeled and marked for medicinal, craft or food relevancies. A medley of lavender and citrus beckons you deeper into the neatly landscaped gardens, and a farm cat may even stroll across your path. Suddenly, you’re not on the freeway anymore. Enter “Tools For Change,” to find a simple yet modern general store, full of classic provisions, eco-approved home and skin care products, DIY kits, backyard manuals and freshly jarred local honey, jam and nut butters. The Victorian home housing the store was originally built by the Pony Express rider, Joel Congdon, in 1878 on Orange County’s first walnut grove. The structure was the first wooden house in town, constructed from California Redwood and rock from the Great Stone Church at Mission San Juan Capistrano. Beside the store, it is fitted with an adorable vintage kitchen for events, as well as a library and mini museum documenting the history of our county in terms of food, water, shelter, energy and transportation. Just outside, wide-eyed young people cruise the Waste Lab, where chickens help illustrate the zero-waste concept. Garden scraps are fed to the chickens, then their waste is added to compost to feed the garden. The chickens provide fresh eggs as well. The core message is one of sustainability, answering the question: How can I

give more than I take? Following an afternoon here, you can’t help but leave with a renewed sense of responsibility and enthusiasm. The project begs the questions: How can we live closer to nature’s perfect model? What can I do to help my environment to thrive? The answers are all about preserving traditions that have worked for ages—such as food preservation and rain water collection—while creating tools to adapt to today’s challenges, like installing a grey water system in your home. So then, what better location to bridge this gap than the relic that is the Congdon House? Gracefully put by Jeff Davis, director of outreach, “As one of Orange County’s oldest standing embodiments of the past, (the Congdon House) serves to remind us that we must act today to rejuvenate the environment for the generations to follow.” Check out their website at and take a visual guided tour of the property. You may just find yourself inspired by the many resources offered to get activated in your own sustainable practices at home. Then share them with your neighbor and contribute to a healthier, happier movement and give back to the land that we love. Meryl Gwinn has a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, has studied yoga, health, food and humans around the globe. Gwinn welcomes reader feedback at meryl. DP


Thank you for running the story about “Old Glory” flying of off the OC Dana Point Harbor in last week’s issue of the Dana Point Times. It is something I am very, very proud of. I was a resident of Dana Point for 10 years when I put the flag out there in 2002, and for 11 years I have maintained it. Recently, I moved to San Clemente but I am only three miles from the Harbor, which I walk every morning. When the flag was gone this last time I decided I was too old to replace it, as I will be 80 in January. I was honored when the Dana Point Yacht Club got in touch with me and said, “It has become an icon in Dana Point so we will partner with you to keep Old Glory flying.” This means it will be flying out there for many years to come.

PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to provide our readers with a wide variety of opinions from our community, the DP Times provides Guest Opinion opportunities in which selected columnists’ opinions are shared. The opinions expressed in these columns are entirely those of the columnist alone and do not reflect those of the DP Times or Picket Fence Media. If you would like to respond to this column, please email us at

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CORRECTION: An article in the September 13 issue of the Dana Point Times about the new Common Core standards in the Capistrano Unified School District misstated when pre-algebra would be taught. Pre-algebra will be moved from the seventh to the eighth grade, not from the eighth to the ninth.

Local Veteran keeps flag flying off Dana Point. Courtesy photo





D a n a Po i nt


A day-by-day guide to what’s happening in and around town. COMPILED BY TAWNEE PRAZAK


ACOUSTIC LIVE 8 p.m.11 p.m. Live acoustic music every Friday and Saturday at Fred’s Mexican Cafe. 32431 Golden Lantern, Laguna Niguel, 949.218.8508,


GEORGE FRYER 6 p.m.-8:30 p.m. Live music at DaVine Food & Wine along with wine tasting that starts at 4 p.m. Tasting fee $15 for five wines. 34673 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, 949.493.4044, KINGS OF LEISURE WITH SPECIAL GUESTS THE CHOLULA’S 8 p.m. Concert at StillWater. 24701 Del Prado Ave., Dana Point, 949.661.6003,


BIOLUMINESCENCE CRUISE 7:30 p.m.-10 p.m. The Ocean Institute’s cruise to learn about the ability of some marine animals to glow in the dark and to witness this phenomenon. Cost $22-$35. 24200 Dana Point Harbor Drive, Dana Point, 949.496.2274,



AT THE MOVIES: THE LEGEND OF ‘DON JON’ In 1997, there was a double set of porn and sex themed features with P.T. Anderson’s Boogie Nights and Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Orgazmo. Then, earlier this month Thanks for Sharing, which centered on sex addiction, was released. Now, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is taking the lead of the previous filmmakers and has released his first movie as actor, writer and director. Titled Don Jon—a play on Don Juan—Gordon-Levitt’s film focuses primarily on porn addiction and not just sex. A New Jersey bartender named Jon (Gordon-Levitt) has a ritual of hitting the gym in the afternoon, going clubbing on Fridays and attending church on Sundays. Oh, and he makes a habit of watching porn on his laptop a nightly thing. When he meets Photo courtesy of Relativity Media Barbara (Scarlett Johansson), he suddenly wonders if she could actually be the girl to break him from his computer habit. Julianne Moore co-stars as Jon’s classmate and quirky mentor he befriends later in the story. Though it takes a while for the portrayal of Gordon-Levitt as a guido to sink in, Johansson is perfectly cast as a stuck-up sex kitten. Don Jon seems meant to be commentary on unrealistic expectations about sex and stereotypes linked to porn. While the movie succeeds on that end, it fails at being sexy with its intimate scenes, though that may have been done purposefully as Gordon-Levitt’s way of portraying porn as graphic but not sexy. — Megan Bianco

Fresh produce, crafted goods, flowers and much more at La Plaza Park in Dana Point every Saturday. 949.248.3500, BIRD & THE BEAR FEATURING CHAS & CHRIS 6 p.m.-8:30 p.m. Live music at DaVine Food & Wine along with wine tasting that starts at 4 p.m. Tasting fee $15 for five wines. 34673 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, 949.493.4044,


GOT UKULELE? 5 p.m.-8 p.m. Ukulele players and fans are invited to Adventura for a Hawaiian music lesson and jam session; every Sunday. 24707 Dana Drive, Dana Point. 949.829.2675,


MARINE MAMMAL CRUISE 10 a.m. Ocean Institute marine biologists lead the cruise aboard the Sea Explorer, in search for blue whales and more sea life. Cost $22-$35. 24200 Dana Point Harbor Drive, Dana Point, 949.496.2274,


TRAIL CLEARING AND WEEDING 7:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m. Volunteer to clear and clean the trails with staff at The Reserve/ Richard and Donna O’Neill Land Conservancy. Call for info and directions, 949.489.9778,


OPEN MIC 9 p.m. Goody’s Tavern. 206 S. El Camino Real, S.C., 949.492.3400,


SJC WRITERS GROUP 6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Writers are invited to the San Juan Capistrano Library to inspire, nurture and help one another with writing projects. 31495 El Camino Real, San Juan Capistrano, 949.493.1752,



WEDNESDAY WINE DINNER 7 p.m.-9 p.m. Vine features a four-course food and wine pairing. Cost $40 person. 211 N El Camino Real, San Clemente, 949-361-2079,


MATHEW PAGANO 7:30 p.m.-11 p.m. Iva Lee’s. 555 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente, 949.361.2855,



CHRIS ANDERSEN 7:30 p.m.-11 p.m. Iva Lee’s. 555 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente, 949.361.2855,

KARLA BONOFF 7:30 p.m. Concert at The Coach House; JD Peterson. Tickets $20. 33157 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, 949.496.8930, *For our full calendar, visit the “Event Calendar” at Have an event? Send your listing to



SUDOKU by Myles Mellor


Each Sudoku puzzle consists of a 9x9 grid that has been subdivided into nine smaller grids of 3x3 squares. To solve the puzzle, each row, column and box must contain each of the numbers 1 to 9. Puzzles come in three grades: easy, medium and difficult. Level: Medium


Last week’s solution:


D a n a Po i nt

See today’s solution in next week’s issue.

GUEST OPINION: It’s History by Carlos N. Olvera

A Proud Past for a Now-vacant Corner Lot


Strawberry and Christmas tree sales give former site of Dana Villa Motel new life


ana Villa Motel. The name alone conjures up memories for many residents. Today, all that remains is a vacant lot at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Dana Point Harbor Drive, which serves as a point of sale for pumpkins, strawberries and Christmas trees. But the lot has a proud past. Originally known as Dana Villa by the Sea, the location housed a two-story motel with apartments, garages and kitchens, and was billed as a “Motor Inn Deluxe.” It fronted what was then called Roosevelt Highway, with a side road that was a dead end path going toward the Pacific Ocean. During the Sidney H. Woodruff era, of 1929, the Los Angeles area developer advertised a lot for sale to build a motel, a “Business opportunity at Dana Point—Motor Inn Site.” It qualified the sale “under architectural restriction with an abundance of water, electricity, telephones, sewers and other public utilities.” An offer was made and a landmark was built. W. D. Moore, with his family and son-in-law, Ralph W. Quackenbush, moved to Dana Point from Kansas and construction began in 1929. Billed as a perfect quiet “sneak-away,” rates for the new stop began at $2.50 a night. The motel advertised golf, fishing, hiking, horseback riding and swimming. The ads even captured the additional tag of “By-the-Sea” from an earlier development in 1888, and the motel was listed as the most “up-to-the-minute-motel.” The Dana Villa’s convenient location on the highway also made it a convenient stop for a robbery in 1934. Soon a gas station was added and a restaurant. By the late 1930s it was referred to as being in historic Dana Point

The corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Dana Point Harbor Drive, which is now called home by seasonal vendors, once housed the Dana Villa Motel. Photo courtesy of the Dana Point Historical Society

Dana Point Times October 4-10, 2013

and the American Riviera comparable to the Mediterranean. With the opening of the new Ortega State Highway in 1940, it opened up the “back country” of Lake Elsinore and the San Bernardino Mountains to the coast. Ralph Quackenbush became a very important figure in developing Dana Point. In the 1950s he was referred to IT’S HISTORY By Carlos N. as “mayor” due to his public involveOlvera ment leading the Dana Point Civic Association, which continues today. He was instrumental in getting the Chandler Group, the majority land owner in Woodruff’s failed development, to donate a lot for the Community House on San Juan Avenue, to be used as a facility for the whole community. It was here that meetings began for the incorporation of the city of Dana Point. Later, in 1959, Ralph was appointed to the Coastal Municipal Water District. He was also instrumental in establishing the first bank, Security Pacific National Bank, at the corner of La Plaza and Golden Lantern, which still stands. Mr. Quackenbush died in December 1960. By 1956, the motel was bought by the Folgner family of San Juan Capistrano for $250,000. Later, upstream of the motel, the Southeast Regional Reclamation Authority’s Treatment plant was built. Due to heavy rains in February 1980, nine million gallons of untreated sewage flowed down San Juan Creek. Owner Gary Folgner found himself pumping one million gallons a day for three days from the door of the Villa. And if that was not enough, in June of that year, a fire broke out, routing 100 guests and gutting the restaurant, a few adjacent motel rooms and causing $400,000 in damage. In 1991, the Folgners applied to the new city of Dana Point to demolish the motel and build a four-story, 148room hotel, complete with a restaurant, pool and spa. The approved design replaced a previous plan to erect a 10-story building overlooking Doheny State Beach. Financing was not obtained and the structure was never built. A subsequent developer in the early 2000s loved the historic vista and wanted to restore the old building. After obtaining permits and during a sagging economy, he got as far as stripping the walls finding so much termite and dry rot damage, it was razed. In-N-Out anyone? Carlos N. Olvera is Vice Chair of the OC Historical Commission, and a Dana Point Councilman. DP Page 11

ELEPHANT: “Bright Beauty” ARTIST: Designed by Morgan Finlet, 11, from Ambuehl Elementary School, and transferred to a full-size baby elephant statue by Kent Baker, the visual arts instructor at Capistrano Valley High School. LOCATION: Strand Vista Park, located on Selva Road west of Pacific Coast Highway.


his spring, as a parade of elephants were decorated and prepared for a journey to Dana Point, more than 2,000 fourth- and fifth-grade students in the Capistrano Unified School District were immersed in a two-week program, learning about the endangered creatures who call southern Asia home, Asian elephants. After learning of the animals’ struggles with abuse, domestication and injury, students created designs for the Elephant Parade, an open-air exhibit and the Asian Elephant Foundation’s largest fundraiser to aid the species. Some fifty designs were chosen and those students transferred their vision to miniature elephant sculptures. A colorful, and intricate, geometric design by 11-year-old Morgan Finlet, from Ambuehl Elementary School, was picked out of the herd a placed on a large, baby elephant sculpture by visual arts instructor Kent Baker, from Capistrano Valley High School.

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Clad in turkey sunglasses and drumstick headbands, 150 children from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Capistrano Valley took to the center’s field last week for an obstacle course highlighting the power of movement during Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. The Dana Point Chamber of Commerce teamed up with Jim Salvia, the club’s athletic director, to introduce the kids to the annual Dana Point Turkey Trot, which brings more than 10,000 racers to the Dana Point Harbor each Thanksgiving, to kick start their training for the 1-mile kids’ run

By Steve Breazeale

BIG PLAYS PROVIDE POWER FOR JSERRA IN WIN OVER DOLPHINS The JSerra football team may not have had possession for very long against Dana Hills but when they did, they made it count. In a nonleague game filled with fumbles and penalties, the Lions were able to produce enough big plays to come away with a 28-12 victory on September 27 at Saddleback College. On JSerra’s (4-0) first play from scrimmage, senior quarterback Nick Robinson

Dana Hills running back Justin Scott rushes to the outside against JSerra on September 27. Photo by Tony Tribolet/

Dana Point Times October 4-10, 2013

known as the Gobble Wobble. With the whistle blown, children raced through the course, complete with a jump rope challenge, plastic

winning the game but we have to improve between now and next week if we’re going to beat Trabuco Hills,” JSerra head coach Jim Hartigan said. “A week ago we had a decent amount of penalties too so we have to clean that up.”

Dolphin Report

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Collin Smith, 11, slaloms through an obstacle course at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Capistrano Valley. Photo by Andrea Papagianis

connected with senior receiver Dante Pettis for an 80-yard touchdown pass, igniting the large homecoming crowd in attendance. It took 14 seconds for the Lions to get on the board. The Dolphins (1-4) would answer with a drive that ate up five minutes of the clock, but not without a little help. After the Dolphins were forced to punt, JSerra fumbled the return and Dana Hills recovered, giving them prime field position. Facing a fourth-and-one during the ensuing drive at the Lions five-yard line, Dana Hills quarterback Mac Vail dove ahead and got the yardage the team needed. Senior running back Justin Scott would finish it off with a four-yard touchdown run. A blocked point after kept the Lions up 7-6. The Lions would fumble again four minutes later, but the Dolphins could not capitalize. After both teams were hindered by multiple penalties to close out the half, bringing the game speed down to a crawl, JSerra junior running back Casey Eugenio broke for a 52-yard touchdown run to start the third quarter that saw him bob, weave and avoid his way to the end zone. The Lions lead never came into doubt from then on, despite the Dolphins having junior running back Brian Scott back out on the field for the first time in four games. Junior defensive end Mitchell Deamon returned a Dolphins fumble 42 yards for a score and Robinson would toss a 25-yard touchdown pass to Ricky Zak to close out the scoring for JSerra. The Lions will travel to play Trabuco Hills on October 4. Dana Hills will host Irvine the same day. “We did enough to win the game as far as points are concerned. We hung in there defensively enough to keep them from Page 12

DOLPHINS GIRLS TENNIS REMAINS UNDEFEATED IN LEAGUE PLAY The Dana Hills girls tennis team had two convincing South Coast League wins in the past week. The first came in the form of a 16-2 win over Mission Viejo on September 26. The Dolphins (5-2, 3-0 league) singles players of Gressa Folley, A.J. Gomer and Katie Olson all went undefeated in their matches while the doubles duo of Jacklyn Melkonian and Kayla Lee swept their three matches. The Dolphins singles players would continue their dominant stretch by winning all of their matches in a 13-5 win over El Toro on October 1. The Dolphins will travel to play San Clemente on October 8. DOLPHINS GIRLS VOLLEYBALL TAKES TENTH IN LAS VEGAS A first-place finish in pool play wasn’t enough to propel the Dana Hills girls volleyball team to the lofty podium at the 2013 Durango Fall Classic last weekend, as the Dolphins lost to Archbishop Mitty in the qualifying stages of the tournament.

cone slalom, jumping jacks station and pool noodle hurdles. The course fit with the club’s Triple Play program, which is held each Tuesday and Thursday, to get kids moving, active and learning how to take care of themselves, Salvia said. Each week, for the next eight weeks, members of the Capistrano Valley club will run one mile leading up to the race. “Hopefully throughout the process the kids will train to run longer distances and they and their families can participate in the event,” he said. —Andrea Papagianis

The Dolphins would go on to place 10th in the tournament that featured some elite competition. The Dolphins went 5-2 overall and defeated familiar teams like Orange Lutheran and Redondo Union. The Dolphins returned home for a final preseason tune-up game against Laguna Beach, which they won 3-0 on September 26. They were set to open South Coast League play against Trabuco Hills on October 3. Results were not available at press time. BOYS WATER POLO PREPS FOR LEAGUE PLAY The Dana Hills boys water polo team is in the midst of a three-game losing skid and had an October 3 game set for Laguna Beach. Results were not available at press time. The Dolphins (7-5, 1-0) offense that had been clicking earlier in the preseason was slowed during the losing stretch, averaging seven goals per contest. In their nine previous matches, before a September 27 loss to Corona del Mar, the Dolphins managed to average double digits in goals. It could be the level of competition the Dolphins have been playing to in those three games. Corona del Mar and Loyola are both ranked inside the CIF-SS Division 1 top-10 and Agoura is ranked No. 1 in Division 2. The Dolphins are currently ranked No. 8 in Division 1.


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GROM OF THE WEEK TYLER VESQUE Age: 10, Concordia Elementary

Tyler Vesque began surfing at the age of 5. “My dad taught me and when I caught my first wave it just felt really good and I was really excited and happy,” Tyler said. That’s when he knew he would definitely become a surfer. Since then he has competed in a handful of local competitions but last year’s Stoke-o-Rama was when he really decided that surfing is something he wants to do every day. A fifth-grader at Concordia Elementary, Tyler is also a top student, earning 3 and 4 marks (on a scale of 1 to 4, 4 being the best). He is looking forward to starting middle school next year and the opportunity to try out for the surf team. Tyler also has his sights set on surfing for the San Clemente High School team and following in his father Josh’s footsteps, who served as team captain in his high school days. He also dreams of becoming a pro surfer. Thanks to the support and encouragement of family and friends, Tyler feels he is ready to delve into competition and would like to do some Western SurfTyler Vesque. Photo by Andrea Swayne ing Association contests this season. “All my friends compete and it’s just really fun to hang out with them and I feel like I’m ready,” he said. “A couple of days ago I went out at Rivi and I took off on a set and got a barrel. It was the first one I’ve made it out of.”—Andrea Swayne

Silver Surfer


Capistrano Beach surfer Rachael Tilly brings home an individual silver medal from the 2013 ISA World Longboard Championship in Peru By Andrea Swayne Dana Point Times


lthough hopes for a team medal at the 2013 ISA World Championship in Peru were dashed when the illness-plagued USA squad’s two men and one junior men competitor were eliminated in earlier rounds, Capistrano Beach local Rachael Tilly powered through to take silver in the women’s division. Going into the event, Team USA was expected to be in medal contention but all four members fell ill adding an extra hurdle to overcome. “It was a bummer, it was hard on our team because it caused us not to do as well as we wanted to as a team,” Tilly said. “Luckily, when I got sick I didn’t surf the following day. It was also kind of a blessing that I lost out because it meant I had to surf extra heats. Those extra heats helped me slowly gain back my energy and I felt pretty strong in the Repechage Final.” Her improving strength showed and Tilly finished second in the Rep Final behind Hawaiian Megan Godinez to move on to the Final. “As the heat wound down, I only needed a 5.01 and I knew that was a score I could get,” she said. “I was in third and looking for that right wave when I finally caught one in the last minute. It didn’t line up like I wanted it to but it was enough to push me up to second place.” In the Final, Tilly earned a two-wave score of 10.43 (out of 20) making her the runner-up to individual gold medalist Simone Robb (11.50) of South Africa. Justine Dupont (9.83) of France earned bronze and Godinez (7.27), copper. Tilly’s teammates, Tony Silvagni of North Carolina and Taylor Jensen of Oceanside, along with junior division team member Nick Anderberg of Cardiff, played a big part in supporting her through to the

Dana Point Times October 4-10, 2013


Rachael Tilly earned an individual silver medal at the 2013 ISA World Longboard Championship in Brazil. Photo by ISA/Rommel Gonzales

finals, she said. “The team was so behind me and had so much confidence in me,” Tilly said. “They were saying, ‘You totally got this, you’ve been surfing great all week.’ It really boosted my confidence and it was great to have them there to support me.” The team did make progress this year, thanks largely to Tilly’s silver medal performance. Last year, before the addition of a women’s division in the event, Team USA finished in eighth place. This year they moved up one ranking to No. 7 in the world. “Wearing my team hat and shirt on the plane was super cool because I have never had an experience like this. It was my first time traveling internationally for surfing and representing the county was an honor,” Tilly said. “I wore my medal on the way home and people were asking for autographs and pictures. I was blown away that this was actually happening. Traveling

as part of the team was an amazing dream come true.” For more information about the event, including full results, heat-by-heat scores, photos and videos, visit DP

Water Temperature: 65-68 degrees F Water Visibility and Conditions: San Clemente: 10-12’ Fair Catalina: 15-20’+ Good Immediate: . Most breaks offer waist-chest high (3-4’) waves, while standout combo spots pull in larger sets running up to shoulder high+ (4’+) at times. More size shows late in the day as new Southern Hemi energy picks up. Light/variable to light southerly wind early gives way to a light westerly sea-breeze into the afternoon. Long Range Outlook:New south-southwest groundswell builds further Friday and peaks, holding good energy into the weekend as northwest swell-mix eases. Best exposures are good for waist-chest-head high waves (3-5’) with larger sets for top focal points and combo breaks. Check out for all the details!

RESULTS NSSA Open, Event No. 2, September 2829, Huntington Beach, Pier Local finishers only. MEN: 1. Kevin Schulz, San Clemente. BOYS: 1. Kade Matson, San Clemente. MINI GROMS: 1. Jett Schilling, San Clemente; 2. Nicholas Coli, San Clemente. WOMEN: 1. Tia Blanco, San Clemente. GIRLS: 2. Alexxa Elseewi, San Clemente. AIRSHOW: 1. Colt Ward, San Clemente; 2. Jordan Kudla, San Clemente. Log on to for full results.

UPCOMING EVENTS October 5: Surfing America Prime, Event No. 2, San Onofre State Park, Church Beach

Rachael Tilly on the podium. Photo by ISA/Rommel Gonzales

Page 14

October 5: NSSA Explorer, Event No. 5, Huntington Beach Pier

October 4, 2013  

Dana Point Times

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