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FRIDAY • MAY 10, 2013

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Political Firestorm Huff’n, Puff’n Perp in Tujunga! Affects S-T

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Perp Poses with Police Posse in front of Plainview. Last Tuesday found this young man snorting an undetermined substance and breaking into three residences on Plainview across from the elementary school. The problem arose when a resident found him in his living room and chased him out. The perp ran down the street, jumped a chain link fence and ran into an unlocked room. Surprise, he was trying to hide

in the principal’s office of Plainview Elementary School. The principal discovered him and called the school police— who called the LAPD, who called the LAFD (in case they had to Taze the perp) and the school was locked down. Everybody arrived about the same time, the perp was captured, and we took our pictures. Just another day in Tujunga.

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With the mandated reassignments our station will lose three firefighters. In the latest political move to concern, is that the new asput more pressure on its citi- signments could mean that zens, the Los Angeles Fire our local fire stations will Department began reassignnot be equipped to protect ing firefighters from firecrew their communities. status to ambulance duty A couple of years ago, we last Sunday. Chief Brian had the “brown outs” that Cummings who is stuck in were supposed to move perthe middle between city hall sonnel around to different and the tax payers said that communities on an as-needthis is necessary because of ed basis. That proved to be a the 1.3 million-dollar fire de- failure. The much touted partment budget cuts that “600 Rescue Ambulance” Mayor Tony pushed through last year. What is of major see Loss, page 11

Election Time is Coming The Mayoral elections will be in the next two weeks, and people will get to decide if Garcetti or Greuel will be the next leader of our city. There have been many opportunities for voters to see and hear how the candidates offer to change our city for the best. Or, at least have the opportunity to try and make the changes necessary to bring the city back from the verge of destruction. When Greuel became City Controller back in 2009, she all but walked away from Sunland-Tujunga, and promises she made were either

dismissed or forgotten. The idea of stopping “Mansionization” came from the grass roots efforts of the people of Sunland-Tujunga, but for all the media fanfare, nothing has really happened. The Robert Hall houses on Commerce Ave. still thumb their noses at us. Wendy Greuel was “our kind of woman,” goes the story. It seemed like she was really there for us. She helped us stand up to Home Depot, and until we found out that she had shares in a rival building goods organization, it seemed like she

Eric Garcetti

Wendy Greuel

was there for us. No one knows what motivates Garcetti, but we do know that for the 7 years that Greuel was Councilman for the CD-2 area, she was pretty

open to new ideas. It was only after she termed out and successfully ran for City Controller. see Elections, page 10


Hrazdan’s Homemade Soup Annual Flag Retirement Ceremony

Saturday, May 11th, 1 - 5 pm American Legion Post 377 Officiated by Art Otten and Colonel Dave Hill with Traditional Latino Dance Ceremony

Karaoke with Ken Marks

(from American Legion Post #507 Newhall)

BBQ by Boy Scout Troop #315 Monday, May 27th, 11am • Memorial Day Ceremony Officiated by Pat O’Brien • Music by Kelly O’Brien Callirgos

Social Hour & 1pm BBQ at American Legion Post 377 Hot Dogs, Hamburgers & fixin’s by Sons of the Legion & Boy Scouts

Laszlo Mezo Cello Recital

On Wed., May 15 at 12:1012:40 p.m., LASZLO MEZO Cello Recital with pianist Rosa LoGiudice Beethoven’s Sonata No. 5 in D major, Op.102, No.2. and Piazzolla’s Le Grand Tango Light lunch to go prepared by Angelea’s Bistro available for $6. Please place your order

before the concert by 12:10 pm; your order will be delivered by 12:40 p.m. at The Sanctuary, First Baptist Church of Glendale, 209 N. Louise St. (at Wilson), Glendale CA 91206. (818) 242 2113. Map & venue: More info email

Mis-information continues to flow from Joe’s Flop & Suckit blogspot. Reporting that the Hrazdan Market had been bought out by a Medicinal Marijuana shop and closed down is false. They continue to offer the best homemade soup in the Valley.

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It’s May, and we’ve already started our fire season, and for some reason, everything on the civic-political front has quieted down. But like a skunk you ran over yesterday, the smell stays around. I’m starting to feel like the mythological Cassandra, and you’re probably tired of my rubbing your collective noses in your faults. But it’s a given that those who tell the truth, are the most maligned. So I’ll give it one more shot. Except for Bell, California, we have the most corrupt local politicians in California. And they think nobody knows about it. Our neighborhood council under the guidance of “THE BOARD” passes around Certificates of Commendation like pills at a dope party. Running phony contests, making up stories about how wonderful they are, and using local hit-man Joe Barrett to destroy their opposition, they run amok

unopposed. And no one cares. Our local Scientologist dominated Rotary Club has three presidents so they can all share the merit badges. Our local chamber of commerce is known for putting businesses OUT of business. And no one cares. Our Lion’s club is taking our historical Watermelon Festival out of Tujunga so that they can become a “destination” rather than an event. Pretty soon, there won’t be anything left of our local heritage. And no one cares. Suicides and drug overdoses are way up. Vehicle accidents and deaths are up. Burglaries and theft are up. Assaults are up. Our street people are dying and resorting more and more to crime. And no one cares. Our neighborhood organizations are passing money around under the table and claiming that the Sunland-Tujunga, Shadow Hills Community Fund is funding them. Sounds good, but the S-T


ROC K Community Fund under the direction of Sonia Tatulian, is listed with the State as being suspended. And no one cares. A powerful new drug called “Strawberry Quick” is ravaging our children and can be found in

all our schoolyards. And no one cares. Who knows, maybe you care. Maybe you might want to make a difference. If so, let me know. And maybe you won’t keep saying, “It’s The Water!”

Fire Safety Day to be Held on May 11 THE FOOTHILLS PAPER

is published bi-weekly. All contents are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without written consent of the publisher. All submissions to this newspaper become property of THE FOOTHILLS PAPER and may not be republished in whole or in part. The opinions expressed by contributing writers do not necessarily express the views of the publisher nor staff of this newspaper. TFP is available free of charge. No person may, without prior written permission from TFP, take more than one copy of each edition (stated value: $1). Only authorized TFP distributors may distribute THE FOOTHILLS PAPER. THE FOOTHILLS PAPER has terminated its Non-Profit status so that it can more effectively address political and social problems within our community!

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On Saturday, May 11, 2013 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. all neighbothood Fire Stations in the City of Los Angeles will be expecting your visit. To increase community awareness of Fire Department services, the Los Angeles Fire Department designates the second Saturday of each May as Fire Service Recognition Day. This year, we celebrate: “Providing Exceptional Customer Service - Anytime, Anyplace” During their 2013 open house, the LAFD proudly highlights the commitment of Los Angeles Firefighters in assuring the satisfaction of those they are sworn to serve. They offer personal tours at a Fire Station near you. LAFD Station 24: 9411 Wentworth St, Sunland LAFD Station 74: 7777 Foothill Blvd, Tujunga LAFD Station 77: 9224 Sunland Blvd, Sun Valley

Look at that smile as he gets to explore in the fire truck at Station 74.

6470 Foothill Blvd. Tujunga CA 91042 818-951-0943

L.A. Press Club

Press Photographers Association of Greater Los Angeles International Combat Camera Association



6470 Foothill Blvd., Tujunga CA 91042 • 818-653-9626


The Battle Continues for Verdugo Hills Golf Course

Lloyd Hitt makes an eloquent appeal to the Historical Commission Board By Jay Brown The Verdugo Hills Golf Course is in the center of a heated battle in the war for saving our mountain areas. The main problem? It sits on land owned by developers. The land on which it stands, has a historically long legacy in our community going back to the 1940’s when it was an internment camp. The soldier in this battle, range from the civic minded citizens that would like to keep the golf course as it is, developers who want to build a 200 plus housing development, and interested historical societies that want to preserve and acknowledge the Japanese internment camp which existed during World War II. But it doesn’t stop with just the citizens and the developer, even politicians have weighed in as well, some reversing their position over the last five years. There is so much intrigue as to what will happen, that there is no clear outcome. At stake, is millions of dollars in profits for the owners, or a pastoral landscape and recreation site for the community. According to Lloyd Hitt, of the Bolton Hall Museum, and former president of Little Landers Historical Society, there are several reasons why this issue is important to the community of Tujunga. First and foremost is historical preservation. Mr. Hitt has been vocal about the need to designate the area as a historical site, however, he points out that over the last few years, historical sites without buildings have had a hard time securing recognition per the federal guidelines of what constitutes historical. That’s an uphill battle, but with that said, LA councilman Richard Alarcon proposed the area be designated as a historical area and given monument sta-

tus anyway. Alarcon made the motion last October, knowing the process would run at least six months out as the motion is studied. That has given hope to those wanting to keep the area wide open and free of more development. In the meantime, Proposition O, the water reclamation bill, also offers hope that the area could be preserved from the developers. With land area large enough to work as a drain field for water, the location would be ideal, allowing for the driving range area to be a ‘wet’ range for part of the year. In the middle of all this controversy is Snowball West Investments, LP. The owners of the golf course, and the company with the plans to put up 225 homes, eliminating the golf course completely. Like any company, they see the financial possibilities in eliminating the golf course and building homes for sale, big homes for sale. They expect to make over $5 million in profits. They say the golf course doesn’t make money. It is, after all, small and suited only for our youth. They have filed their plans with the city, and in return have been required to complete an Environmental Impact Report on everything from plants to increased traffic flow. For their part, they have played down the impact on the vegetation, claiming most the oaks on the property aren’t healthy to begin with. They have also put forth a plan for widening the La Tuna Canyon roadway from the existing lanes to multiple lanes. What they won’t do if their plans go through, is keep the golf course. On the side of keeping the golf course, is just about everyone else. Even incoming councilman Filipe Fuentes, according to Hitt, has had a see Golf, page 8 • VOLUME 9 • NUMBER 9

Local Boy Makes a Name for Himself! Southern California Man Sentenced to 10 years in Federal Prison in Schemes that Sold Unregistered Securities in Internet, Energy Firms De Elroy Beeler Jr., 56, was sentenced by United States District Judge Dean D. Pregerson. Beeler, who has been in federal custody since 2007 when authorities arrested him to stop an ongoing scheme, previously lived with his family in Carpinteria in Santa Barbara County and had a residence in Tujunga, Los Angeles. Beeler will be back in court in about one month, at which time Judge Pregerson is expected to rule on how much money Beeler should pay in restitution to the hundreds of victims of the scheme. Beeler pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy and two counts of mail fraud in late 2008. In the scheme at the center of the federal prosecution, Beeler worked with former IRS Revenue Agent George Tannous to solicit victims across the country to purchase unregistered stock in the Tujunga-based, Inc. (a company that was later known as, Inc.) and related companies and Rose Laboratories. Victim-investors were enticed to put money into the

August 5, 2002 Dear Shareholder:, Inc. would once again like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your past, present, and future support. We would like to provide you with a brief summary of the company’s latest development, and other issues involving the livelihood of First, we would like to introduce to you, our new Investment Relations representative for Paul Sigalos will now head the department and assist you in issues regarding investments with Mr. Sigalos will also serve as a board member of He is a licensed dealer broker and a member of the NASD. We feel that Mr. Sigalos will provide a valuable service for both and it’s shareholders. Mr. Sigalos can be reached at 1(877)424-3929. Finally, we would like to invite you to our next conference call when we’ll discuss the latest developments. There will be two conference calls scheduled. The first one will be held on Saturday August 10, 2002 at 12:00 m PST. The second will be held on Monday August 12, 2002 at 6:00 pm PST. Please dial the following number, 1(620) 584-8225. When you get the message, please enter the pin number, 10048#, (do not forget to enter the pound sign). In closing, we encourage that you attend the conference call. Information that is extremely time sensitive will be discussed on these conference calls

companies with various false claims, including that the companies would conduct initial public offerings, and that and/or the shell companies would soon be acquired by Ebay, Inc. for $20 per share. Ebay never had any intention of acquiring Bidbay. com and had even sued for trademark infringement over the use of “bay” in its name. Beeler personally received $4.8 million of investor money as commissions that were not disclosed to investors. Tannous pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy and

one count of subscribing to a false tax return in 2008. Judge Pregerson sentenced Tannous in March 2012 to 33 months in prison. A former United States Congressman involved in the scheme was sentenced in December to one year and one day in federal prison in a tax fraud case related to his failure to disclose to the IRS nearly $500,000 of investor funds he received from the Bidbay scheme. Wester Shadric Cooley, 80, a native of Los Angeles who now resides in Bend, Oregon, admitted in court that he see BidBay, page 10


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Fresh Apple Tart


By Chef Randy Granny Smith apples originated in Australia in 1868 when Mary Ann (Granny) Smith found a seedling growing in her backyard garden. This was the same place where she would often toss French Crab apple cores. The seedling bore apples that Granny Smith eventually took to market. Granny Smith apples are harvested in late September or early October. Fresh Granny Smith’s are available at the farmers’ market in the fall. Cold storage ones are available at your local grocer all year long. You could use other apples for this tart but it wouldn’t be the same without Granny Smith apples. This recipe is simple yet elegant. It may be doubled without any problems and best of all, it is tasty. Ingredients: 1 sheet frozen puff pastry (thawed) ½ cup organic applesauce 3 Granny Smith apples (peeled, cored and sliced thin) 2 tablespoons unsalted butter (melted) 1 large egg (lightly beaten for



egg wash) 2 tablespoons confectioner’s sugar (for sanding) 2 tablespoons apricot preserves 1 tablespoon water Directions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Roll puff pastry into a 14-by-16-inch rectangle on a lightly floured surface. Cut a 1-inch wide strip from each side of dough. Brush edges with egg wash, and top with cut strips to form sidewalls (crust) around rectangle. Prick middle of dough all over with a fork, and transfer to a parchment-lined baking sheet. Refrigerate while preparing the filling. Spread applesauce onto

middle of dough. Arrange apple slices over applesauce in 3 tightly overlapping rows. Brush apples with melted butter. Brush crust with egg wash, and sprinkle entire surface with sanding sugar. Bake until edges start to puff, about 15 minutes. Reduce heat to 375 degrees, and bake, rotating halfway through, until pastry is dark golden brown and apples have caramelized, 20 to 25 minutes more. Transfer sheet to a wire rack, and let cool for 10 minutes. While the tart is cooling, warm apricot preserves and water in a small saucepan over medium heat. Brush apples with warm apricot preserves and serve!

Carmegeddon in the Foothills

1-800-567-PEST (7378)

(818) 768-3549 Rats • Earwigs • Fleas Ants • Cockroaches • Spiders












The Masterpiece

See Chef Randy’s food blog for more recipes at

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What is a masterpiece? Who determines when a masterpiece has been created? Many questions arise when I think about creating a masterpiece. A masterpiece connotes a one of a kind, a very best. Can artists creating many works over a lifetime and with any luck and perseverance create, at some time in their career, that one quintessential work that qualifies as their masterpiece? The dictionary defines masterpiece as- 1: a great book, painting, piece of music, movie, etc. 2: something done with great skill” If you accept this definition you have to believe that an artist may create only one masterpiece in his lifetime. Everything else would be a close runner-up. This may be true except in the case where an artist works in several mediums. It is then possible to create a masterpiece in each of the mediums they work. But does creating a “personal best” automatically qualify as a masterpiece? Does a masterpiece have to have general consensus from a majority of “experts” to qualify; those who have knowledge and experience in their field to determine a work as the best of the best in its category? I think it safe to say then that determining a work a masterpiece can be made only after examining an artist’s life’s work. Could it also be said every artist eventually creates a “masterpiece” at some time during their career? If it is only a personal best, does it qualify as a masterpiece? How does one determine if

a work of art created with “great skill” is a masterpiece? An artist may create works that move us or cause a general uproar and get national attention. But has he created a masterpiece? Add to which as long as the artist remains alive and creative, is it not possible that a future work will surpass today’s so-called masterpiece and be even greater. Another question, for me, is that possibly there is no such thing as masterpieces, just great works created at different stages of an artist’s life; work having been created with great skill, getting noteworthy attention and praise, and each qualifying as a masterpiece in its own right. It may be that the whole idea of a masterpiece is just an artificial invention by a populace that wishes to canonize artists and their works for their own purposes. I realize in many cases particular works of art get determination as masterpieces long after the artist is gone, but I can’t help but wonder if the individual artists would agree with the majority that a particular work was in fact their best work. It would be interesting to peer into their minds and see which, if any, work they had created they would say was their masterpiece. Ultimately artists need to concern themselves with the process of creating great work all the time and leave the categorizing of masterpieces to future generations. To be an artist is to love each and every work you create and infuse greatness within it.



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Foothills Paper thefoothillspaper


What Do You Want for Your Bill to Protect Small Businesses Child in a Summer Camp? By Ramie Case I really wanted some place that reminded me of hanging out at home during the summer with my mom and my sister, my brothers, my cousins and our friends. Sometimes we’d go to the beach or a museum. Sometimes we’d go hiking. Sometimes we’d make homemade lemonade and cookies and try to sell them to each other. Sometimes we dug up our back yard trying to find hidden treasures. Sometimes we made tents from blankets and had a campout lunch. Sometimes we just sat in the shade and read a favorite book. This is what I wanted for my daughter. In our area, I found it hard to find the right balance in a summer program for my daughter. What I wanted was someplace where she felt safe and comfortable, where she had opportunities to explore dif-

The world gets smaller as you learn about it! ferent topics (like science, art and culture). Someplace where the field trips helped her learn about something. Where she could meet new people and at the same time hang out with old friends. Someplace where I was comfortable that she was well supervised but not “babysat”. And I also wanted her to spend a little time every day reading or working on her math so that when school started again she would not have forgotten everything she learned. And of course the price needed to be reason-

able. I was a working parent. For our family, I really didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of her going to big amusement parks with so many other kids. And I really wanted her to have some free time where she could just relax and choose what she did (like crafts or games). Someplace where every second of her day was not scheduled. And I really did not want her spending any part of her day inside playing video games or playing on a computer. see Camp, page 8

How 25 gallons of fresh

kangen water daily can help your horse! 9.5 pH water -- ,horse is eager to drink. May help legs to never swell up from inflammation. Horse may be pain free, rather than sore. If you own a show horse – may not require leg wraps during the show. 2.5 pH Kangen Water -- use for scratches, ringworm and cuts. 5.5pH -- excellent for manes, tails and helping with dry skin. Drinking water is phenomenal especially if horse is on heavy grains diet. Drinking water can neutralize the lactic acid build up. If horse has swelling in the leg one wraps 11.5 pH in a soaked towel. Then wait 30 – 45 minutes. Watch the swelling recede!

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Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s legislation to protect small businesses from meritless lawsuits took a huge step forward yesterday by clearing its final policy hurdle, the Assembly Judiciary committee, by a unanimous, bipartisan vote of 10-0. The bill, AB 227, would allow small-business owners who receive notice of a technical-signage violation of Proposition 65 to achieve compliance within 14 days and pay a small civil fine. In doing so, these businesses would avoid facing exorbitant retrospective fines, and the prospect of being forced to pay settlements in the thousands of dollars for neglecting to put up a simple sign. AB 227 essentially provides for a “fix-it ticket” for signage violations over the most common, everyday substances covered under Prop. 65, such as those that naturally occur when grilling food or in alcoholic beverages. “I am proud to have brought together groups that are normally on opposite sides of this issue to craft a common-sense bill that will help California businesses avoid costly litigation, while ensuring that the public has prompt and proper warnings about potentially dangerous chemicals,” said Gatto. “It’s not every day that business groups, environmental justice coalitions, organized labor, and attorneys’ organizations agree on anything, much less how to reform Prop. 65--a measure that has been substantively amend-

ed just once in nearly 30 years.” Prop. 65 was passed by voters in 1986 and requires warnings for a huge list of products. It also allows for fines of $2,500 per day, enforced by any person, for failure to comply. Unfortunately, a small number of attorneys have recently started to use Prop. 65 technical violations to target small businesses that lack resources for a legal defense, with the goal of reaching quick settlements to avoid costly litigation. Since 2012, more than two-dozen brickand-mortar businesses in Southern California, including restaurants and cafés in Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, and Los Angeles, have been threatened with Prop. 65 lawsuits for simply neglecting to have posted signs (or signs of the right size) that warn about beer, wine, or chemicals that result from the natural process of cooking food. Some of these businesses have paid settlements of $5,000 and more for not having put up a $20 sign or for the sign being one inch too small. “Threatening a small business with a lawsuit for serving its customers coffee with their breakfast, a burger with their lunch, or a glass of beer or wine with dinner is absurd,” said Gatto. “The voters passed Prop. 65 to be protected from chemicals that would hurt them. They did not intend to create a situation where shakedowns of California’s small-business owners would cause businesses to want to close their doors.” The idea for the legislation came from Assemblyman Gatto’s Small Business Advisory Commission, formed earlier this year to advise him on challenges facing local smallbusiness owners. Since its creation by the commission in January, AB 227 has received increasing support from a variety of sectors including community organizations, smallbusiness groups, and environmental and consumer advocates. “Most business owners work hard to follow the law and protect customers so that they return. This is especially true with small-business ownsee Gatto, page ?



Wrecks Of OF THE WEEK CWC 2013

Fashion Show

This car was going east on Foothill when another car entered his lane. Scraaaaape!

On April 6, the La Crescenta Woman’s Club held their Annual Fashion Show chaired by Daryl Baker-Pollack and Sally Benson. Fashions were provided by Drapers & Damons in Pasadena. In addition to a silent auction, and opportunity prizes, bidders won special prizes at the live auctions such as tickets to the “Ellen” TV show, passes to the Dodgers and Angels games. The theme of this year’s show was “Famous American Women,” honoring Rosa Parks, Dale Didrikson Zaharias and Sandra Day O’Conner—just to name a few.

Tamara Hughes models a fashion by Drapers & Damons.

Thar She Blows!

Even when you’re doing the right thing, here comes someone that isn’t. Foothill & Marcus.

There’s nothing more lonely than a stacked-up car on La Tuna Canyon.

A little rain, too much speed and a sloping curve ended up with a new “water feature” on Sunland Blvd. in Shadow Hills. The Toyota after hitting the guard rail and the hydrant, flipped over on its side and the water force blew out the windows allowing the driver to escape safely. As fire crews from LAFD 24 and 74 arrived, traffic was stopped for half-mile in either direction. The LAFD crews were unable to turn off the water main and DWP was called. Because of other events, it took the DWP 40 minutes to arrive and begin the process of finding the main and closing it off. The thousands of gallons of escaping water began melting the hillside causing torrents of mud to flow down Sunland Blvd. as far away as Wheatland. Traffic was stopped for more than 90 minutes.

See video at

Verdugo Hills Liquor Fine Spirits & Friendly Service A little rain, worn out tires, and a little too much speed on La Tuna Canyon.

See video at

(818) 353-4641 Nabil Abboud

7119 Foothill Blvd. Tujunga CA 91042


Golf, from pg 4

Heat Stroke Prevention Our pets are our family who do not sweat when it’s hot. In the heat of this spring to summer we can proactively prevent heat strokes. As the temperature rises in Sunland-Tujunga, so do Bailey and Jasper’s chances of experiencing heat-related problems. So as the scorching days of summer descend upon us, we pet owners need to be aware of what steps should be taken if a pet is suffering from heatstroke. According to the Animal First Aid Chapter in conjunction with Thom Somes, the Pet Safety Guy™, pets can easily suffer from heatstroke. High body temperatures and stress can cause a pet to go into heatstroke. Heatstroke is most often caused when pets are left in a confined space with little or no ventilation during periods of warm temperatures and high humidity. The signs of heatstroke can include: • Uncontrollable panting • Foaming at the mouth • Depression • Lethargy • Agitation • Vomiting • Loss of consciousness • Tongue and gums that turn from bright red to blue to gray • Capillary refill time of more than two seconds The professional pet sitter organization I am affiliated with, Pet Sitter International, PSI suggests the following five survival actions if a pet is suffering from heatstroke.  • Restrain the pet. Muzzle only if absolutely necessary. If muzzled, cool the pet because it will not be able to pant and cool itself. • Bathe or hose the pet with cool water (not cold) until its temperature subsides. You can also place the pet in a cool, well-ventilated space and wrap it in a wet, cold sheet or towel. • Prepare to treat for shock. This includes placing the pet on its side with head extended. If the pet isn’t muzzled, open its mouth and cautiously pull the tongue past its teeth with your fingers. Keep the tongue extended to keep the airway open. Slightly elevate the pet’s hindquarters. • Monitor the pet’s temperature with a digital thermometer. • Transport to the veterinarian or emergency animal hospital. ••• Auntie Gail has a B.A. in Philosophy, is a certified veterinarian assistant and has a pet sitting and dog walking service in the area. She can be reached for appointments at 818-605-9675, or at her website: www.

Has your pool gotten smaller?

change of heart. In his assemblyman days in Sacramento, he helped change the zoning status of the golf course area which allowed Snowball West to push ahead with their development plans. According to Hitt, Fuentes has now changed his mind in part because of his seasoned political life since then. Of course, Hitt pointed out that Snowball West had contributed $30,000.00 to his campaign back then. V.O.I.C.E. of Glendale in

Gatto, from pg 6 ers whose customers are neighbors, friends, and relatives,” continued Gatto. “It is my sincere hope that AB 227 will provide a balanced approach to the posting of Prop. 65 warnings in brick-and-

Camp, from pg 6 I looked and I just really couldn’t find anything in our area that was like this. So I decided to open my own center. Our summer program is as close as I can get to those fun lazy days of summer that I knew as a kid. Where a kid

conjunction with Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council, have waged a sustained battle with thousands of “” signs posted all over the community. They see the golf course as adding to the beauty of the natural vegetation of the hillside. The park like quality of the golf course is both practical and beautiful, it won’t impact the area negatively if left as a golf course. A new group of activists that have just joined the fray is the San Fernando Val-

ley Japanese American Citizens League. They see the sight as being too important to let fall into the hands of developers who would put homes up and forget the sacrifice Japanese Americans made by giving up their freedom and imprisoned for their ethnicity at that very site. So the battle rages on as to what is in the best interest of the community, and what is in the best interest of Snowball West, or even if those interests can eventually work together.

mortar establishments that protects small-business owners from having to pay outrageous settlements while maintaining the public’s informational rights.” Mike Gatto is the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee of the California State

Assembly. He represents the cities of Burbank, Glendale, La Cañada Flintridge, the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Atwater Village, and portions of the Hollywood Hills and East Hollywood. gatto.

can just be a kid! We have been serving this community since August 2004. We are licensed by the State of California (a lot of summer programs are not licensed) and we are also open year round at the same location (during the school year we offer an after school program).

Our summer program runs from June 10th through August 12th with weekly field trips. If our program sounds like what you are looking for in a summer program for your child, please contact Ramie at Time to Explore Child Development Center at (818) 951-2338. We look forward to talking to you!

Mother’s Day

Champagne Brunch Buffet • Sunday May 12, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

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Classic Cars in Tujunga Fire Lookout

Program Offers Training

The Angeles National ForFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE est Fire Lookout Association are recruiting volunteers to Angeles National Forest Fire Lookout Association staff the last remaining fire lookout on the Angeles NaContact: Pam Morey tional Forest for the 2013 (909) 261- 2767or season. Lookout volunteers helptraining to protect for the forest Ranger District 12371 North Fire Lookout Program offers NEWand VOLUNTEERS! local mountain communities Little Tujunga Canyon Rd. Every Wednesday evening, an impromptu group of men and women bring their restored and hot against the threat of fire. San Fernando. Fire Lookout rod cars to the Mc Donald’s on Foothill Blvd., next to the IHOP. Nothing fancy, no membership The Angeles National Forest Fire Lookout Association are recruiting volunteers to staff Their coverage extends to the volunteers are required list, no dues, just a bunch of people having a good time showing off their and shooting the the creations last remaining fire lookout on the Angeles National Forest for the 2013 communities along and out-mountain volunteer eight hoursagainst a breeze. Everyone is welcome there, and if you have a classic vehicle, you really should drop Lookout volunteers protect the forest and local communities side extends of the forest boundary. month between May and the threat of fire. Their coverage to the communities along and outside of No The organization is curvember. The lookout officialthe forest boundary. BidBay, from pg 4 rently looking for hikers to ly opens on Memorial Day The organization is currently looking forforhikers to volunteer for the summer to staff volunteer the summer to Weekend. There are four Slide Mountain Lookout and also looking for volunteers to staff Vetter Mountain Peak. received approximately $1.1 staff Slide Mountain Lookout parts to training that must be Volunteers will be expected not only to gaze lovingly at their beautiful surroundings to million during the scheme and and also looking for voluncompleted: look for signs of smoke or fire, but also be aware of current fire conditions, as well as that he failed to report approxiteers to staff Vetter Mountain • Orientation—a two-hour offer services as a historical interpreter for the fire lookout system. mately $494,000 on his 2002 Peak. Volunteers will be ex- introduction to the program th and May 9 th at New volunteer trainings are scheduled begin on May tax return. pected nottoonly to gaze lov- 4 at •10:00am Interpretation/Natural 6:30pm. Training will be heldingly at the Ranger 12371 North Little class After Beeler was charged at L.A. theirRiver beautiful sur- District History—a three-hour Tujunga Canyon Rd. San Fernando. Fire Lookout volunteers are required to volunteer roundings to look for signs of • Operations-an all day in the Bidbay case in 2007, 8 hours a month between Maysmoke and November. The be lookout seven-hour officially opens or fire, but also class on he was charged in a second Memorial Day Weekend. Thereaware are four parts to be completed: of current firetraining condi- that must • In-Tower Training—an case involving the sale of setwo-hour introduction to the program 1. Orientation- ations, as well as offer serviceight-hour hands-on training curities in 2006 and 2007 in a Historyinterpreter - a three-hour class 2. Interpretation/Natural es as a historical in the Lookout with an expefake energy company called all day seven-hour class 3. Operations-anfor the fire lookout system. rienced host First Global One. Beeler - an eight-hour hands-on training in the Lookout 4. In-Tower Training New volunteer trainings For additional information falsely told investors that with an experienced host are scheduled to begin on and training dates please go First Global One would have For additional information andMay training go to the Angeles National Forest 4th atdates 10:00please a.m. and to the Angeles National Foran initial public offering and Fire Lookout Association website, 9 at 6:30 p.m. Training est Fire Lookout Association that it had business relationwill be held at the L.A. River website ships with Exxon Mobile ### One scheme. Corporation. Beeler received victed in federal court in International Brotherhood of Elections, from pg 1 The investigation into Bidthe 10-year sentence today relation to another fraud Electrical Workers and the was conducted by the But CD-2 is gone now, reafter pleading guilty in both scheme that sent him to prisDWP to the Greuel camFederal Bureau of Investigaplaced with the much larger the Bidbay and First Global on for 36 months, a term he paign. It is well known that CD-7. And with this increase these two organizations have One schemes. completed in 2005 just before tion and IRS-Criminal in size, comes with it, larger the best salaries and benefits Investigation Beeler was previously con- launching the First Global versions of what S-T goes than other city workers, averthrough on a daily basis. aging about $100,000 per Garcetti says that “traffic is year. And those salaries and strangling the quality of benefits will continue along life…” and he doesn’t even with DWP rate hikes. With know about the traffic disas- over $3 million already doter we have in S-T. nated to the Greuel cam Wendy on the other hand, paign, can anyone say for has firsthand knowledge of sure that Greuel will not be the traffic carnage, and yet beholden to the unions? she was happy to be called This will be a Mayoral “The pothole queen” for her race that will determine who efforts in getting potholes gives the most money to their filled instead of stopping the friends, and it will be of intraffic related deaths and acterest on how much of that cidents. Greuel and Garcetti money will actually trickle both agree that there has to back down to S-T. Local resbe solutions to our traffic idents are vying for positions problem, but S-T is remote of leadership and trying to from City Hall, and not very solidify their candidate’s important when it comes to votes. giving out traffic related con- All you can do is stick by tracts. your feelings and vote for If you listen to Garcetti, that candidate that makes Sunland-Tujunga is not an you feel like they’re actually ideal community that is “ liv- going to do something for able where you have what our community. Of utmost you need to shop, dine, live, concern, is that 79 percent of work as much as possible in the eligible voters in the city that neighborhood so you of Los Angeles did not vote don’t have to get into your in the primary election. 45 car and drive to the next percent used the mail-in balneighborhood or across town lots. Our concerned citizen to do whatever you want.” bas is dwindling. Mail-in The largest concern in the ballots are available online race is the amount of money at: http;// that was contributed by the Join the Edge of Reality Adventure Fans on Facebook!




Loss, from pg 1 was just smoke-and- mirrors, the one we had in Tujunga didn’t even run and had to be towed here. In the past month, we have been beset with wild and brushfires that required mutual aid deployment and massive helicopter water attacks. They were successful for the most part, but if the weather was more hot, there were more fires, and the freeways were blocked, this cutback could have resulted in fatalities instead of containments. In talking with members of the city council, Councilman

Zine was adamant. “We know this last week we had a lot of fires and that concerns me, as well as my colleagues, that we have adequate staff to fire equipment,” Zine said. “We simply ask, hold off on this implementation until the entire council can have this interview.” Councilman Rosendahl issued a statement saying “We can’t afford to have one less firefighter on their engines.” In playing the numbers game, more than 3,000 firefighters have already been redeployed from lightforce trucks and engines to staff more ambulances. “What this really means”


Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Entrée Buy any Breakfast, lunch or dinner entrée from our Reg. Menu & Two Beverages & Receive a 2nd Entrée of equal or lesser value FREE

said one fire captain, “is that we are losing firefighters that can’t be replaced. Right now, we are doing the best we can under the financial cuts, but now we will have less personnel available to handle fire emergencies.” Frank Lima, president of the United Firefighters of Los Angeles, said that these reassignments put the firefighters and the public at higher risk should a major fire break out. It may look good on paper, but the reality is that there are now fewer firefighters to handle our current needs, much less our needs as the summer rolls around.

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Kathy’s Kreations Glenda’s Boutique is now inside Kathy’s and has Jewel Tea, Norman Rockwell, Princess Glass and Department 56

10 Free Tickets were given out to the The Robby Gordon OFF-ROAD’s Stadium SUPER Trucks last weekend. This was a launch of a thrilling and radical style of motorsports, bringing high horsepower off-road truck racing on challenging supercross-style tracks. Modeled after the stadium racing concept of legendary Mickey Thompson, the inaugural season consisted of 12 heart-pounding races in some of the greatest sports venues throughout North America and its second stop was at the LA Coliseum.

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Chevy Chase Canyon Fire In Saturday’s fire in Chevy Chase Canyon, a massive aerial attack response by water-dropping helicopters stopped the fire from destroying the 200 homes lining the canyon. Evacuations were ordered in Glenoaks and Chevy Chase canyons. The fire began at about 1:30 p.m. at the intersections of the 134 Freeway and the 2 quickly jumped to Chevy Chase Canyon. The Los Angeles Fire Department sent in their highly effective Strike Team in a mutual aid effort, coordinating with the Glendale FD, Pasadena, the Angeles National Forest, the Los Angeles County and a Hot Shot team from Oregon. More than 200 firefighters and five helicopters were working to put the fire out. The 210 and 134 freeways were closed in both directions and some residents found themselves trapped and unable to get to their homes. Firefighters and emergency personnel were able to use the road shoulder and center lanes to get

to the fire. The Glenoaks Elementary School and the Glendale Community College were evacuated without incident. As seen in the Monrovia brushfire a week previous, the massive air attack by water dropping helicopters made a major impact on the fast moving flames, and ground based firefighters were able to move in on hot spots. As the TFP Rover traveled the back roads, residents were moving out of the area bringing their pets with them. The Pasadena Humane Society had animal control officers on site to help along with police officers from surrounding cities to help with the evacuations. The fire was knocked out within five hours, but putting out the smoldering hot spots took another 12 hours. No structures were lost or damaged, but two firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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THE FOOTHILLS PAPER by David DeMulle' - MAY 14, 2013  

Local newspaper for the foothills region of Los Angeles