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April 2014



Trust No One Everybody who works in sales has heard that just 4 percent of unhappy customers bother to complain (thanks to researcher John A. Goodman). This statistic is motivational in many ways. For example, it means that we all need to focus on exceptional customer service. In addition, it tells us that everything we do is important: every conversation, every interaction, every touchpoint. It also means that we can’t trust anybody. Hold on, now – before you accuse me of being paranoid, or worse yet, email me about your own conspiracy theories – let me explain. If you’re like us here at DSG, you tend to work with good, friendly people who reflect many of your own values. These nice folks work hard and try to do the right thing on a daily basis. But they’re often busy, so they tend to appreciate the simplicity of parts, tools, vehicles – and relationships – that don’t complicate their jobs any further. Conflict is complicated. Hence, most of these goodnatured customers of yours would rather just avoid it altogether. In other words, if your company disappoints them, they may very well decide that it’s easier to simply call your competition than to complain. “It’s not worth the headache,” they tell themselves (we’ve all done it).

Meanwhile, you’ve lost a customer (or at least started to lose a customer), and you don’t even know about it! What can we do to avoid situations like this? Don’t take your customers for granted. Even though it’s hard, ask them what you can do to improve. Use a survey. Implement follow-up calls. Then do something with that information. Make changes and get better. And treat every customer like they are on the edge – even the happy ones! Your customers are likely too nice to be trusted to tell you when there is a problem. Instead, work to proactively strengthen your partnerships, and you’re more likely to hear about issues before they become problems. That’s the key to successful customer service, no matter what business you are in.


An Evolution In Climate Control, A Revolution For Your Bottom Line Honeywell’s exclusive RedLINK Wireless Technology – and full suite of wireless-enabled comfort systems – let your customers take complete control of their heating and cooling systems while you enjoy simple installation and increased add-on sales.

Easy installation and setup increases your productivity! Honeywell’s wireless thermostats install just like standard models, so you’ll breeze through the familiar installation. After that, it only takes a few easy steps to set up the remote access. Thermostats that are so smart they almost sell themselves! • Remote control – Offers convenience, comfort and control from anywhere. • Remote access – Enables owners to easily manage energy usage by remotely adjusting the thermostat. • Change/check reminders – Alert owners when to service or replace filters, batteries, etc. • Real-time clock – Keeps time during power failure and automatically updates for daylight savings.




WI-FI 9000 THERMOSTAT........................................................... 145126 HOTH9320WF5003 WI-FI FocusPRO........................................................................ 135395 HOTH6320WF1005U WI-FI VisionPRO........................................................................ 135391 HOTH8320WF1029U RedLINK VisionPRO – 3H/2C Heat Pump/Conventional..... 142279 HOTH8320R1003 RedLINK VisionPRO – 1H/1C Heat Pump/Conventional..... 142367 HOTH8110R1008 RedLINK VisionPRO.................................................................. 142368 HOTH8321R1001 Prestige IAQ Thermostat Kit.................................................... 139717 HOTHX9421R5021 Prestige IAQ Thermostat Kit.................................................... 139718 HOYTHX9421R5085 Prestige IAQ System Kit........................................................... 139096 HOYTHX9421R5101

Printed On 100% Recycled Paper!


Because of the rotation of the earth, an object can be thrown farther if it is thrown west.

PLUMBING Purchase $5,500 In HeatLink Products And Heat Up Your Next Cookout With A Cajun Fryer! Or, for every $1,000 of HeatLink products you buy, you’ll be entered for a drawing for a chance to win a cajun fryer at your local DSG – now until May 12, 2014.

HeatLink’s innovative potable water system (featuring stainless steel press sleeve connection technology) includes fittings, PEX tubing, valves, accessories and more. You’ll love HeatLink products because they: • Install easily • Resist corrosion • Work in almost any situation Contact your DSG representative today for more details. Offer valid only for stock purchased from March 31 through May 12, 2014, or while supplies last. Other limitations may apply.

WATERWORKS Introducing The ViperMag Locator From Copperhead Industries: Detecting Tracer Wire Has Never Been Easier. The Copperhead ViperMag is a general-purpose pipe and cable locator used to detect buried pipe and cable services in a variety of situations.

• Work confidently and accurately – The receiver features passive power locating of 60 Hz as well as ferrous metal locating. This results in the quick detection of underground active power cables, as well as metal and trace pipes and cables. • Easy to use – The ViperMag features a slim, lightweight design and a one-touch push button for depth measurement.



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Robert McDonald, employee owner from DSG St. Paul, shares a highlight from his trip to Ebenalp (northernmost summit of the Appenzell Alps) in Switzerland.



traded their entire minor-league teams with one another?


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Don’t Forget About The DSG Education Connection Fund! The deadline for DSG Education Connection Fund scholarship applications is April 30, 2014.

Supporting the trade industries is now more important than ever before, and one way you can contribute is by encouraging a young person you know to explore a career in a trade profession. DSG is helping by providing scholarships through the DSG Education Connection Fund for those who wish to join the trade industries. Since its inception in 2009, the DSG Education Connection Fund has awarded $1,000 scholarships to more than 20 individuals. Encourage a student you know to apply today!

COMMUNICATIONS Distributing Data, Voice And Video Is Made Easy With DSG – We’ve Got All The Fiber-optic Jumpers, HDMI Cable And Patch Cords You Need In Stock! • Easier ordering – We stock a wide variety of products from some of the biggest names in the communications industry, so you can get them all from one source – a name you know and trust.


• Faster delivery – When you order from one place, your materials arrive at the same time in a timely manner, so you can get right to work and avoid costly delays. Talk to your DSG representative today to learn more!

UTILITY Say Goodbye To Bulky Jumper Cables, Say Hello To The Jack Jumper™! The Jack Jumper Cutout Bypass Tool from Utility Solutions enables trained and skilled electrical workers to safely and quickly bypass an overhead cutout without the use of clumsy jumper cables. It allows for service tasks such as routine maintenance, fuse coordination or emergency fuse replacement without interrupting power to the customer.

Plus, the Jack Jumper: • Prevents accidental cross phasing • Installs and removes easily with a shotgun stick • Utilizes a stainless steel external spring for years of trouble-free use

DidYou Know? DSG provides an easy-to-use, online budgeting solution for businesses that bill by the hour? Best of all, there is no cost to use Budget Shaper for DSG customers.


WINNERS Of This Month’s

Spotlight Super Code




PAID Detroit Lakes, MN Permit No. 14

Divisions of DS G Box 13573 • Grand Forks, ND 58208-3573



Check the code on the printed version of your March issue of Spotlight to see if you are a winner! If your code matches one of the codes above, bring in your March Spotlight to your local DSG to claim your prize! Plus, don’t forget to hang on to the printed version of this issue of Spotlight to see if you’re a winner in May!


What's Inside

ELECTRICAL Long Life + Extended Warranty = Loyal Customers For You! 4-foot T8 Ecolux® 28-watt lamps from GE provide outstanding performance backed by a five-year warranty when used with UltraMax® and UltraStart® ballasts.

Lasts Up To 50% Longer Than A Standard T8* • 80,000 hours for 3hrs/start cycle • 84,000 hours for 12hrs/start cycle • Extend group relamp cycles by more than eight years compared to a standard T8 lamp *Energy saving based on 4-lamp system life rating, programmed start ballasts $0.11 kWh energy cost, group relamp cycle at 70% rated life, and 4,100 annual burn hours.

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