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TORY LANEZ From nothing to everything comes one of Toronto's finest


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FEATURED ARTISTS Kalo Sanda Squad Souf Mic Greene Beards In Harmony King Kavon DJ Plush Jusky Cuzznwill Jae Sam Yung Sayian Da Answer T $aint L-Storm


He's a writer, he's a producer, and he's an engineer. He's a multi-talented individual working to make his mark on the music industry. With an unorthodox flow and style of production, this unique artist has dubbed his music "Scale Muzik", because once you weigh the substance of his music, you realize how heavy he is. He's from Richmond, Virginia, and he goes by the name CuzznWill.

With a stage name as unique as CuzznWill, there's usually an explanation of how that name came about. Producing and recording with his cousin @Howiekillem, he was always introduced to others who came around as his cousin Will, so he decided to run with the name. Rapping since 2016, CuzznWill has always had a love for poetry, even from a very young age. But that love for poetry evolved

into something much bigger one day in his homie's studio. When asked if he rapped by two other rappers in the studio, not being one to ever back down from a challenge, his answer was yes. Thirty minutes later he had a verse ready to spit, and basically the rest is history. This day began a new era in CuzznWill's life, one that led to him being the musical prodigy he is today.

Now ten years later, CuzznWill has developed a sound and style that is uniquely his own. Although he's not a fan of following trends or jocking the styles of other artists in the industry, he does draw inspiration from a couple of legends in the game. When it comes to ambition, CuzznWill is inspired by rapper and business mogul, Jay-Z. As far as creativity and charisma, he looks up to none other than the late, great Tupac Shakur. Being an artist, producer and engineer, CuzznWill has a hand in all aspects of the creative process, his favorite being the production of the track. Before he's even done creating the beat for the song, the concept already starts to form and the chorus already starts to play in his head, a characteristic that can be attributed to him being a great musician.

Loyalty, Leadership, Determination, Consistency, Substance, Patience, Faith & Optimism, all things CuzznWill hopes his listeners will be able to take away from his music. He has an extensive list of goals, one of which is to create and produce music with many artists, including signed artists in the industry, and unsigned artists from his city. He wants to one day own his own label, "SMK the Label", own multiple businesses, and he even has plenty of ideas for apps as well. As far as short term goals, CuzznWill is currently

working on his album "Pain Is Pleasure" with Boss Dog the Beat Maker, scheduled to drop summer of 2018. In the meantime, be on the lookout for an upcoming EP, "#SauceGod and two more mixtapes, "#NoPenNoIPhone" and "All In One Night" before the album drops. In addition, CuzznWill, along with 9Kings Ent, host Red Cup Parties (#RedCupCampaign) in Richmond and soon, Atlanta, Georgia. Currently CuzznWill has four mixtapes available on DatPiff, as well as music on SoundCloud.

CuzznWill on DatPiff CuzznWill SoundCloud

Beards In


Straight from the "Big Apple" itself, New York City, comes a group of three talented young men ready to turn it up a notch and take things to the next level. These unique individuals, when joined together, are a force to be reckoned with musically. With a recipe that's mainly hip-hop with a pinch of R&B, their sound is well-seasoned and their flavors blend together like the perfect trio. Their name is a perfect representation of the group itself, and they go by the name "Beards In Harmony". But their beards aren't the only thing these saavy MCs have in common. They each share a love and passion for music that fuels their fire and excitement for what they're trying to accomplish.

Beards In Harmony - how did you guys come up with such a cool, unique name? One day we were at one of our friend’s open mic. When asked what the group name was, Grizz jokingly said Beards In Harmony, and the name stuck. How many group members are there and where are you from? There are 3 members: Digit, Grizz, and Jamlite. Grizz and Jamlite are from Brooklyn, and Digit is from Queens. How does where you grew up or where you're from affect your music? Digit: Growing up in New York City, I was exposed to lyrical music. I enjoy music that makes you think about what was said, and I appropriate that into my verses. Grizz: I grew up in Brooklyn so there is a lot of grit & pain in my delivery. I got that "nobody gonna give you anything, if you want it you have to take it" attitude. Jamlite: Growing up in Brooklyn helped expose me to a more lyrical delivery, while being from the south exposed me to a completely different style of delivery. I do my best to use a mixture of the two. Who inspires each of you musically? Digit: Chris Brown and Jay-Z. Jamlite: J.Cole and 3 Stacks. Grizz: Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent. How would you describe the sound that Beards In Harmony creates? Hip hop and a little R&B. Our sound is different from all other sounds because we each bring our own complementary style of writing into a song, which provides enjoyment for different listeners.

What aspect of the music-making process excites you the most? Digit: For me it’s the writing process. When we find a beat we are all feeling, I get excited about what the future outcome is going to be before the song is even finished. Grizz: The part that I love the most would have to be when my verse is finished. Then I hear it for the first time. Love that! Jamlite: Writing my verse and seeing how it matches up to my bros in comparison. I feel like making it competitive helps push me to write better. How do you guys separate yourselves from other artists and groups? We each bring different personalities that reach different demographics, but our personalities compliment each other, which brings forth the chemistry and the sound that you hear in our music. What do you hope listeners will take away from Beards In Harmony's music, and what goals do you have for the future? We want people to connect with our personalities through the music. We want you to see the time and the passion behind each track. We would love to expand the brand to more than just music, and connect with different people from different cultures and backgrounds. What recent songs, videos or mixtape releases are currently available to your fans and where can they be heard or downloaded? We have Liquor Break, 9 to 5, and Drop released on SoundCloud and YouTube. On November 17th our mixtape titled "Nøvember" will be released on all major platforms.

Beards In Harmony on iTunes

MR. BLANCO SoundCloud:Jony Blanco Facebook Artist Page:Jony Blanco Youtube:Jony Blanco


CHANGER Not being afraid to stand out on his own, not allowing anyone to dictate his thoughts or actions, and not being fearful of creating his own path to success - these are just some of the core values this artist has applied to his life and career. These are the characteristics of a game changer, someone who's not just a carbon copy of the rest, but instead flourishes with originality and creativity. That's why this artist's name says it all, and he goes by the name of Souf Da Game Changer.

country, or a person that's easy to get over on, which is farthest from the truth. Never judge a book by it's cover!" But that stereotype doesn't stop Souf from doing what it takes to follow his dreams, and once he determined that no one else's opinion mattered but his own, he was fullspeed ahead with his music. Souf first started

Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Souf has always had a passion for music. He attacks the music industry with an underdog mentality because according to him, there's a certain stigma that comes along with being from Jackson. "After someone hears my music and they ask me where I'm from and I answer Jackson, Mississippi, their body language and conversation automatically changes. Artists and people from Mississippi are automatically labeled as slow, unintelligent, writing lyrics and composing songs back in 2004, but didn't record his first song until 2007. Originally called Souf by his childhood friends because of a punchline he used in his first solo single ever recorded, his mentor DJ 2Tall added "Da Game Changer" to his name because of Souf's game-changing lyrical arsenal.

However, before DJ 2Tall, there was Sambino, Souf's very close friend who showed him the blueprint of rapping and recording in a studio, and also had him rap in front of others as a confidence-boosting exercise. Souf and Sambino formed a rap duo called The Sk boys and started performing at every open mic in town, usually taking that first place spot. One night after performing at a club called Floods, they were approached by one of the special guest judges, who happened to be Dj 2Tall. He saw the potential in the young rappers and put them through artist development, before completely taking Souf under his wing as a solo artist. From that point on, there was no turning back for this blossoming MC.

Now, Souf has created a sound that is uniquely his own, a sound his mentor describes as "melotone" because of it's raspy quality. Souf describes his music as a mixture of lyrical wordplay and reality wrapped all in one, or more simply described in one word - original. In fact, Souf's biggest musical inspiration actually comes from one of the most original artists in the game, Andre 3000, who Souf admires for making music the way he wants and not caring what anyone has to say about his brand of creativity. Andre 3000, as well as Souf himself, represent what's lacking in today's hip-hop music, substance, meaning, and actual content. Souf's music tells a story, his own story, one that he hopes listeners understand, appreciate and relate to. His goal is to pave the way for the underdogs and set his team up for success while leaving his mark on the music industry. But most importantly, Souf's goal is to make sure his children never want for anything. "No Squares In My Circle" is the title of Souf Da Game Changer's single available now on all streaming sites (Itunes, Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, Reverbnation, Audiomack, etc.) as well as being played on,, 94.3 Fm WPBQ Jackson, 92.1FM Starkville and more. Souf also has a mixtape on the way titled "Cut Throat Season" and he even has an album coming soon as well. There are very few rappers these days who aren't afraid to be themselves as opposed to simply following a trend. Souf is definitely one of those game-changing artists, and if we had more artists like him, maybe they could bring the change that today's hip-hop needs.

IG: @Soufdagamechanger Twitter: @Soufgamechanger Soundcloud: SoufDaGameChanger ITunes: Souf Da GameChanger


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aystar "Tory Lanez" Peterson was born on July 27th 1992 in Toronto, Canada. His father is Sonstar Peterson from Barbados, and his mom Luella Peterson was from Curacao. Tory's family was based in Montreal before they decided to shift to Miami, Florida. Even before losing his mom to a rare disease, Tory had a knack for rapping. Not long after his mother's passing, his dad would work as an ordained Minister and his missionary work would cause them to move regularly throughout the United States Tory's dad later remarried and his family relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where the "Say It" rapper met his friend Hakeem who gave him the name "Lanez". In 2006 Lanez went to stay with his older brother in the neighborhood of Jamaica, Queens NY, but was sent back to Toronto to stay with his grandmother. Because she did not care for Lanez he started taking care of himself. He left and found refuge downtown with three roommates he knew very little aout and soon realized it was not going to be easy. From the age of fifteen to the age of eighteen, he had to fight for

everything and feels as though it's that right of passage that has made him the individual he is today. At the age of sixteen Lanez dropped out of high school and started doing live shows. By seventeen he found that singing was another weapon in his arsenal. Even through the episodes of homelessness and pointless jobs, he had made the decision to invest all his time into his craft. Back in 2009, Lanez produced his first mixtape he named TL 2 TO, which put his potential on full display. Daystar began posting his music videos on YouTube and not long after, caught the ear of fellow Canadian and pop-star Justin Bieber. Justin was only sixteen at the time and wanted to sign Lanez but it didn't work out as planned, and the deal fell through. Sean Kingston, who was on tour with Justin, took advantage of the opportunity and signed the then seventeen year-old Lanez.

While signed to Kingston, Tory released three mixtapes, Mr. Peterson, Chixtape, and Swavey. Following a period on Sean Kingston’s Time Is Money record label, Lanez took time off to re-brand his content as well as his image. He recruited a new management team and it was not long before he was back in the swing of things as an independent artist. On the road to building his rep back, up the "Luv" artist linked up with artists like west-coast rapper YG and MMG artist, Meek Mill. He and Meek started to build a professional business relationship, which gave Lanez a chance to show off his vocal talents, along with his hit-maker music production on the notable track "Lord Knows" off Meeks "Dreams Worth More Than Money" album.

In July of 2015, Lanez made an announcement that he had inked a deal with producer Benny Blanco's label "Mad Love", with distribution through Interscope Records. On July 31st, 2015, Tory dropped his first single off his debut album, titled "Say It". The track reached #1 on Billboard's R&B/ Hip-Hop charts. Opening up for artists such as Mac Miller and shutting down SXSW's premier venues with a unique stage presence, has put Tory in position to demand his price, which by the way ranges between $30,000 and $60,000.

In January of 2016, there was serious speculation that Drizzy Drake had targeted lyrics in response to Tory’s 2015 mixtape, “The New Toronto.” However where others saw a low-key stab, Tory saw another business opportunity. The New Toronto Merchidise is a brand under Forever Umbrella, which is a subsidiary under Lanez's One Umbrella Collective. Even with great success in the music industry, in what would seem to be a short period of time, Tory Lanez still manages to possess a hunger even on a full stomach. There is no doubt that he will continue to push the envelope musically, and if this is your first encounter with the T.O. spitter repping the 6, you can thank us later...


Mixtape Vs.


Which Is More Important For Aspiring Artists?

True hip-hop enthusiasts know that the term "mixtape" has been a staple of the hip-hop community for many years. What used to be known as a compilation of songs put together and released by popular DJs, soon evolved into artists rapping over industry beats to promote themselves and show off their skills and creativity. Today, artists are creating full-length, completely original, bodies of work and releasing them under the mixtape umbrella, blurring the lines between what's considered a mixtape versus what's considered to be an official album. But which is more valuable for artists attempting to rise in the ranks of today's music industry?

Back in the day when an artist was on the come up, it was necessary to have a big budget to get your music out to the public, which usually meant having a label backing your album release. Now, with the luxury of having the world at your fingertips via the internet, today's aspiring artists can release their music to the world at nearly no cost at all, reducing the necessity of having an official label-backed album. But what, exactly is the difference between a mixtape and an album you ask? The difference is becoming less and less significant as the music industry evolves, but let's start with albums. Albums are projects, usually created with a team behind it, designed to produce hit singles, generate a profit, and hopefully make placement on the charts. They're typically rigid in design and usually go through a vigorous creative process to make the project conceptually cohesive. Albums usually have more commercial impact than mixtapes, and tend to have more

longevity. Albums are a way for artists with an already established fan base to generate cash, but mixtapes on the other hand are for promotional purposes only, with no real intention of financial gain, but intent of social gain. Mixtapes by definition are usually a compilation of songs or remixes released for free by artists with the intent to promote themselves. Mixtapes are usually created to generate a social buzz, build a fan base, and establish their sound. Mixtapes made music distribution possible for independent artists who don't have the luxury of a label funding their projects.

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But mixtapes aren't just for the underground independent artist anymore. Even established artists are releasing mixtapes these days, including superstar rappers Drake and Lil Wayne. Artists appreciate the creative freedom that comes with releasing mixtapes, where the artist is the chief creator, unlike the rigid, team-based ordeal of releasing a label-funded album. Mixtapes are the beginning of most rappers' careers, and lately mixtapes have shot some talented artists' careers through the roof. Kendrick Lamar, now a Grammy-winning artist, spent years releasing mixtapes, achieving local fame. Chance the Rapper's "Acid Rap" mixtape was extremely successful and opened great doors for him musically. Wiz Khalifa, Gucci Mane, and Migos all took their careers to the next level with the use of mixtapes.

While commercial labels are focused on which artists to release records for and which records will do well on radio, mixtapes allow artists to express themselves freely without all of the red tape. Furthermore, artists used to receive a hefty profit from new albums, but due to the evolution of the internet, the CD market is at an all-time low and now subscription-based streaming services such as Tidal and Spotify are the go-to spot for albums. So artists, unsigned and even some signed, are now composing completely original bodies of work, even with original instumentals, which is blurring the line between albums and mixtapes more than ever. Chance the Rapper's mixtape "Coloring Book" gained the No.3 spot on Rolling Stone's "50 Best Albums of 2016", and became the first streaming-exclusive mixtape to chart in the Billboard 200. It's not hard to imagine that soon people will start labeling any music projects released for free as mixtapes, and any projects for sale as albums.

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Wiz K

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Gucci Mane


MIXTAPE So which is more important for up-and-coming artists to release, albums or mixtapes? Unfortunately there is no real clear cut answer, it's just a situation-based decision. These days, mixtapes are being blasted across the web, reaching listeners worldwide, and independent artists are able to release music for free and still be profitable. Gaining a fan base and creating a social buzz should be of the utmost importance to artists just getting started on their journey. However, selling your original music is usually the ultimate goal for musicians, not to mention, a great album is forever. The bottom line is, albums are a way for artists to generate money from an already established fanbase. The main deciding factor for creating an album would be determining whether or not you have an adequate amount of fans ready to purchase your music to make creating an album worthwhile. So while mixtapes are the beginning of most rappers' careers, some choose to skip mixtapes altogether and break through with an official album. At the end of the day, the decision is in the hands of the artist and how he or she chooses to proceed on their path to success. But artists and fans alike are grateful for this evolution of the "mixtape", an empowering change thanks to today's technology, and one that will go down as a significant part of hip-hop history.


. Soundcloud: SoufDaGameChanger ITunes: Souf Da GameChanger


This is 15 year-old Ella Misenheimer of the YouTube featured E&K Forever. She and Kizzy have over 200k subscribers and growing. When Ella is not posting viral videos with her partner, she's securing her spot as a serious model with endless potential.



















Single "S.E.X" ft. THE track Burnaz


J SAM E Spending his childhood in Harlem, then relocating to Queens as a pre-teen, Jae Sam is New York to the core. As a child Jae Sam, like so many others, was greatly inspired by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Watching the legend command the stage and his audience, lit a fire in young Jae Sam, and he knew right away that he wanted to do the same. Growing up with a love of poetry, and writing two to three poems a day, set him up with the skills to evolve into a songwriter, and that's exactly what he did in 2012. In 2013, he recorded his first record titled "Paint My World", marking the beginning of his journey as a hip-hop artist. Being a talented performer has led to Jae Sam gracing quite a few stages so far. He performed at Redhook Fest two years in a row, and has rocked the Pride stage two years in a row as

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to this New York City native with the potential to be a social media sensation. Not only is he a dope rapper, but he's a phenomenal dancer and an overall dynamic performer. Looking to create his own sound, this entertainer has an innovative spirit and is always trying to serve up something new and unexpected. Excited to show the world what he has to offer, we present to you Jae Sam.

well. He's performed in the Macy's Showcase at the famous Herald Square, and he has blazed numerous clubs throughout all five boroughs of NYC. Jae Sam hopes to receive the "Best Male Performer" nomination for the NYC Nightlife Award. However, as far as future expectations, he doesn't really have any, other than being one of the greatest entertainers the world has ever seen. Believing that having expectations is selflimiting, Jae Sam wants his blessings to come unexpectedly. Now this rising star has two brand new singles out on YouTube, "That's My Shh" and "Take Me To Your Leader", two dope songs that Jae Sam is looking forward to performing in full Jae Sam entertainment form. Also, in true Jae Sam form, for an artist with so much talent, the sky is NOT the limit!

Instagram - @JaeSamOfficial YouTube - Facbook-

JUSKY We love being able to feature wonderful artists from all over the nation, but we also feel honored to be able to open our doors and show love to our international artists as well. From the beautiful country of Brazil comes an artist with a voice just as beautiful as his country, and he goes by the name of Jusky.

A singer and songwriter of everything from slow, romantic ballads to more uptempo, pop records, Jusky has been writing music for over ten years. Growing up in Porto Alegre, the capital of the most Southern state in Brazil, Jusky was introduced to music like many aspiring

rmusicians, in the church. As a member of the youth group choir, Jusky began his journey and started on a path of musical exploration and growth. He became a full-time teacher and his passion for music led him to incorporate music into every class he teaches.

The life-altering change came when Jusky was challenged by his students to begin producing and recording his own songs, rather than performing other artists' songs. Jusky's focus on creating music became even more laser-sharp after suffering a traumatic breakup last year. Using music to express the deep emotions he experienced during that time made it much easier to cope, and he used this experience to create quite a few songs. "My inspiration comes from my own experiences in life. We all have our bad and good days. I believe that even our darkest day sounds better through music, and we can enhance the happiness of the good days in a song."

Spotify Link Instagram Link Facebook Link Website

Now that creating his own music has become a passion of his, there's no turning back for Jusky. Inspired by the some of the greats in music history, including Michael Jackson, Madonna, Elton John, and Prince, Jusky also finds inspiration in some of the new talent as well, such as Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Shawn Mendes and Dua Lipa. With great friends and producers backing and believing in him, namely Rogers and Vangelis Siqueira, Jusky has been able to accomplish a number of goals so far. He has had one of his songs played on a local radio station in his hometown of Porto Alegre, he has been featured in few articles, and his followers on Spotify are steadily increasing. Although Jusky considers himself a beginner, he has his own encouraging and refreshing thoughts about how success is measured. "One cannot define success in a generic way. Success can be that feeling you get after finishing a song, or when someone asks you to sing it one more time because the song is cool. So, I think I've accomplished a lot so far. My main goal is to keep writing better and better, to get lots of 'one more time, please'".

MIC GREENE Not many rappers can say they wrote their very first rhyme at the age of just seven years old, but this skillful artist did just that, and has been writing ever since. From Perth Amboy, New Jersey, meet the rapper known as Mic Greene, aka Mic Luv, aka Mic Loud 8000.


or as long as he could remember, Mic had a deep love for the art of writing, so writing music just came naturally to him. With his imagination running wild, young Mic would rap about things he didn't even know about yet, spitting rhymes while pretending to be 50 Cent or Eminem. Although writing the lyrics came easily for him, spitting them in front of others did not, and for a long time he was too shy to let anyone hear his music, until one random day as a high school freshman changed everything. Writing a verse to kill time during detention, Mic shared his work with a young man who is now known as "Young Prospect" and who is currently a frequent collaborator of Mic Greene's. They chose a beat and Mic recorded his very first song on Young Prospect's phone at the age of 14, and after receiving positive feedback from listeners, was convinced he had found his niche. Now that he's spent a good deal of time honing his craft, Mic Greene can deliver the goods like the best of them. He's developed a versatile sound, able to drop that extra lyrical flow, yet still give listeners a catchy chorus over hard-hitting drum beats. With Lil Wayne as one of his biggest influences, Mic Greene has huge goals in mind for the future, including number one singles, platinum plaques and even Grammys. He also wants to instill faith in the dreams of the youth and give back to the less fortunate. With his debut project titled "OPEN MIC" scheduled to be released in 2018, Mic Greene is on his way to achieving big things with 100 percent faith in himself that there's an endless supply of success in store for him.

Mic Greene SoundCloud Instagram: Mic_greene

ATL stand up for the rapper, engineer and producer wrapped all in one, an artist who's so talented, a one-word name is all he needs to go by. Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to Plush.

An Atlanta, Georgia native, Plush began his musical journey at a very young age. By age 12 he was already a young producer and engineer. Initially just playing around with making beats, Plush soon began to take it more seriously and started honing his beatmaking skills. He quickly became good at it and was encouraged by others to start selling his unique beats. When family and friends persuaded Plush to start creating his own songs, that's when he added the title of "rapper" to his repertoire, and began recording his own songs in 2016. Described as captivating, Plush's brand of hip-hop music captures the attention of the listener with content based on his experiences living in the ATL and the experiences of those around him. Now on a musical conquest to reach the core of the music industry, Plush has been on the grind and has begun making revenue from his music, but has dreams of achieving much more. Kodak Black, J. Cole, Skooly, Chief Keef, and Young Thug are some of the artists who inspire this talented musician. With contest wins under his belt confirming his musical talent, Plush plans to gain more fans, perform in bigger and better shows and ultimately rake in millions of dollars as a result of his hard work, determination and of course, his God-given talent.




Originally from Brooklyn,NY, but now relocated to a small city in Georgia, is a hip-hop / R&B artist who goes by the name of Yung Sayian. This young, aspiring artist adopted the name Saiyan because, for those who are familiar with Dragonball Z, the name represents strength and power. In the series, the Saiyans are a naturally aggressive warrior race who were one of the strongest races in the universe. Thinking of himself as a Saiyan, he considers himself powerful and undefeatable and takes that attitude toward creating powerful music.

Like many artists, Yung Sayian grew up in church, which led to his formal introduction to music. He began honing his skills by singing in the church choir, and eventually began taking advantage of high school music classes. But his biggest introduction to music came from none other than his late grandmother, who had a beautifully amazing singing voice, one that inspired Yung Sayian and nurtured his passion for music. Cultivating his musical talent since the age of 13, Yung Sayian is the master of his own vibe and sound, creating what he calls "feel-good" music. Aiming to tell a story with every song, Yung Sayian finds writing his thoughts out and putting them on paper, to be the most exciting part of the creative process. Although he's inspired by some of the greats in music, including Michael Jackson, Keith Sweat, and his idol Nicki Minaj, Yung Sayian does his own thing and stands out from the rest by being animated, and putting his own unique spin on everything he does. With songs like "Getting Money" and "Beautiful", Yung Sayian is definitely out to carve his own lane in music. When Yung Sayian noticed a number of record labels beginning to follow him on Twitter, he relaized that a successful career in music is actually attainable. In his plans to make his dream a reality, his goal is to build his confidence in himself and maintain his determination to never give up. Like the Saiyans of Dragonball Z, Yung Sayian plans to conquer all, and to prove himself and his dream to be undefeatable.

Twitter Link


Instagram Link Spotify Link


Da Answer This next artist is inspired not necessarily by other artists, but by life itself. Coming from what he considers the bottom, aka the slums, Lee Da Answer wants to convey the message that no matter what a person may be going through, to know that they aren't going through it alone.That no matter where you come from, you can be what you want to be in life.These messages and more, are the type of positivity Lee Da Answer wants to spread to his listeners through his music.

Born and raised in the boogie-down Bronx, NY, Lee Da Answer is an aspiring hip-hop artist, the type of artist needed in today's music industry. During these times of uncertainty in our country, a little positivity and support goes a long way in uplifting the spirits of the people, so the world would appreciate an artist like Da Answer. He first began recording music three years ago when a friend asked him to write a verse for a song. After receiving much positive feedback from that verse, as well as a few subsequent songs, Da Answer realized he had the potential to make something major happen musically. Remaining open to new ideas when creating music, keeps his sound fresh and innovative. Putting all of the pieces of a song together, melodies, punchlines, hooks and ad-libs, is what Lee Da Answer loves most, completing the song like a puzzle. Growing up in an area he refers to as "the ghetto", Lee Da Answer has seen and experienced the pain and stuggle that comes along with that environment. But what he took away from those experiences are positive attributes, ones that will remain with him, not just in his career, but throughout life in general. Strength, dedication and motivation are just some of the values embedded in this truly talented artist. They helped him stand strong against the non-believers, those who thought that because he came from nothing, that he could never become anything. And now that he's becoming everything they said he couldn't, his goal is to become successful and help open up doors for others. Teaching people the importance of never giving up and never letting anyone discourage you from achieving your goals, is a task Da Answer fulfills through his music, and one that he thoroughly enjoys. He truly is "da answer" that music needs, and Lee Da Answer has every intention on being heard.

SoundCloud Link

YouTube Link

SoundCloud Link

YouTube Link

@beardsinharmony Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, soundcloud, and facebook


T $AINT This up-and-coming artist refuses to be boxed into one genre of music because his talent is profound enough to reach many dierent genres. From Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, meet the artist known as T $aint. With a chill vibe and a swag you can feel through his music, T $aint is the one you've been waiting to hear. He's recently added two new songs to his already full arsenal, one being a freestyle to Kodak Black's "Roll in Peace", the other titled "Mr. Pimp", which T $aint proclaims to be his best work so far, and others seem to agree. Many listeners try to label this witty MC as a hip-hop or rap artist, but he creatively aims to mix a little of everything in his music, and refers to his sound as simply "exotic". The more he writes, the more his soul is revealed and he learns so much more about himself. Make sure you're checking for new music from T $aint, because what's to come will be completely out of the box!


Sanda Squad on YouTube

T $aint SoundCloud Representing the squad goals of many in the music industry is a squad unlike any other in the game. They're from Benson, North Carolina, and they go by the name Sanda Squad. As a team of individual and collaborative artists, they have achieved a universal sound that embodies their love of making music. Trap music, southern rap, northern rap, R&B, pop, country and blues.... Sanda Squad does it all. For over ten years they have been making their mark, spitting out music like a factory and opening for amazing artists such as Rick Ross,Young Buck, Shorty Lo, Gucci Mane, Rev Run, Taraji P Henson, Monica, BBD, Ludacris, Lil Boosie, Arab, Big Daddy Kane, and many more. They have performed in front of audiences as big as 20,000, and have performed for national events including Radio One's Women's Empowerment at the RBC Center. Sanda Squad has a number of solo and group projects in the making, and one that we should be checking for is their new project titled "Legendz", a sure-fire smash. Also their new single "H.I.T.S. ("Hard In The Streets") is available now, check out the video on YouTube! Functioning like a well-oiled machine, Sanda Squad is serving up all the elements needed to take them straight to the top!


From a place called Temple Court in Washington, D.C. comes a uniquely talented rap and R&B artist who goes by the name KaLo. Also known as Delo, short for Deangelo, this fast-rising entertainer has a sound that he describes as an "Aggressive Swag Sound", creating music that is wavy and upbeat. With a metaphor in every bar and his confidence at an all-time high, it's no wonder KaLo's music is pulling big numbers on online streaming sites. His latest project, titled "KaLo I Am" hosted by DJ 837, is available now on SoundCloud and Spinrilla. His hit single from the project, called "Hello", reached 2.6 million on SoundCloud and is now available for purchase and streaming on Apple Music ITunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. Hitting high numbers as well, is his YouTube video "KaLo Doughboy", reaching 80,000 plus views!


King Kavon SoundCloud

Kalo SoundCloud

Meet New York City's own King Kavon, aka Novacane Sinatra. From the areas of Harlem and the Bronx, this dope MC is representing NYC in a major way. With a sound that he describes as soulful hip-hop, innovative rap, and a little bit of boom bap, King Kavon is a breath of fresh air to the rap game. In an era where hip-hop is flooded with trap music, he only rocks with trap beats that have a soulful touch. This rap prodigy is also skilled at bodying mainstream instumentals, from the old school classics to today's popular music. Novacane's sound is undeniably New York, and he is taking over with his debut mixtape "Back in NYC". His leading single "Novacane's Interlude", is now playing on SoundCloud and YouTube. This NYC native is definitely an artist to check for!

L-STORM Meet L-Storm, born in the Bronx raised in Harlem, and ready to take over the world. Classifying his "gritty boom bap" style of music as "a roller coaster", L-Storm was brought up listening to artists from a variety of different genres. Tupac, Cypress Hill, Prince, Michael Jackson, Al Green, Tina Marie & Wu Tang Clan are just a few of the musicians that have inspired L-Storm. He released his first single & video titled "It's This Life", followed by an EP recorded with the group he formed in high school, C.I.A. (Creating Intelligent Art). The EP is titled "C.I.A. Meets Tha Soloist" and is available on SoundCloud and Datpiff. Since then L-Storm has been laser-focused on his grind and has been putting out work ever since. He released his own EP on called "The Drunk EP", then released "Mortal Kombat", his very first official album, in which his main goal was to L-Storm YouTube Link keep listeners smiling from intro to outro. Now with two new singles in the works, L-Storm is proving to be an unstoppable force musically. His solo single is titled "Harlem Boy", and the other is a group single by OSK (a group that L-Storm is a member of) with the single titled "Get Out My Face". Judging by the way L-Storm is loading up his arsenal, he's definitely ready to live up to his name and officially take the world by storm.






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Da Insider Magazine #13  

This magazine highlights talented hip-hop and R&B artists across the country who are ambitious and ready to take their career to the next le...

Da Insider Magazine #13  

This magazine highlights talented hip-hop and R&B artists across the country who are ambitious and ready to take their career to the next le...

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