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By Aasha Simone


make some NOISE for one of your very own! Hailing straight out of Bushwick is a dope hip-hop artist who's ready to make his mark on the music scene. His name is K. Santana, and his refreshing approach to rap music is a welcome variation from the majority of today's "hip-hop" as he carves his own unique path to success.

Being a true New York native, combined with some Hispanic flavor thanks to his Dominican roots, has definitely played a part in shaping K. Santana's personality, swagger, and most importantly, his sound. From the slang he uses to the Brooklyn inflection of his words, both cultures have influenced the makeup of this aspiring artist.

He was in his junior year of high school when he first began writing rap lyrics, using instrumentals he found on YouTube to make music on his laptop. The website "Rappad" was paramount to K. Santana's developing music career. It was there that he found other aspiring artists like himself, on a platform where they were able to battle each other and gain reputation points. Once he began to receive the positive feedback for his battle raps, it filled him with the confidence he needed to take music-making to the next level. Now two years after beginning, K. Santana has taken his raw, New York style of rap and infused a bit of R&B by adding melodies to some of his hooks. Presenting his music with his own flavor in a way that no one else can, K. Santana believes he stands out because his brand is original. "I'm not the typical current rapper who follows trends and speaks on the same subject matter over and over again. I speak on what I go through, what I witness other people go through, and what I believe, and I ONLY speak on basic topics that these other rappers rap about when it actually sounds hot (lyrical, flow, and delivery wise) just for fun."

Another artist who wasn't afraid of originality is one of K. Santana's biggest musical inspirations, and it's the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson. Admiring Michael's iconic dance moves and unique music production, K. Santana is also inspired by J. Cole, Drake, and most recently, New York rappers A Boogie and Don Q. Currently Santana is working on his own EP, and he's released his debut single titled "On A Way" (available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, etc.) Currently this musical prodigy is also studying Sound Technology in preparation for a career in audio entertainment. K. Santana is passionate about music and eager to inspire, and he has a message for the listeners out there: "To love, accept, have no expectations, live your life, and be happy from within, because being dependent on others for that is dangerous."

Listen to K. Santana: iTunes



Listen to "MY CITY" on Spotify now!


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Lane22 Clothing



From Cape May, New Jersey comes a dope hip-hop artist who goes by the name of DB. Also known as Don Bigga, you may remember this talented lyricist from his previous feature in Da Insider Magazine. Known for creating songs with relatable content based on his


experiences, DB's music is still raw and uncut, full of substance, and now better than ever. Back to give us an update on the new moves he's making and bring us up to speed on his new projects, here's DB with an exclusive Q&A.

Welcome back DB! Why don't you tell us a little bit about the new project you're promoting. I am currently promoting my first single Throw It Back , which is available on

digital platforms, off of my upcoming project Outside Thoughts. My inspiration for this upcoming project is to create the reverse side to my latest mixtape Inside

View which can be found on Datpiff. I want to let people know whats really been going on, and show them a side they've never seen. I also have my throwback

mixtape called Young and Numb Vol. 1 freestyle series, which has a theme of all 90s and 2000 s beats. You can see the mixtape's first music video Angels Are Happy on YouTube.

How do you feel you've grown as an artist since the last time we've seen you? I feel like I have grown by being more open minded, and being a

whole lot more patient. As an M.C. I can easily just put out freestyle

verses and continue to be that raw talent with no direction. I have

learned to value myself as a walking brand and to become more of a well rounded, business-minded artist.

What aspect of music-making do you find excites you the most? Music-making excites me if my son agrees with it. He s my biggest critic, if he doesn t like it then it's back to the drawing board. Another thing that gets me going is when I do songs that are not really my style, and I receive a huge positive feedback. I guess it's all part of growing as an artist.

What are your thoughts about the current state of the music industry? I am a product of the 90 s so I m used to the lyrics, story

telling, and raw delivery. Not really taking nothing away from today's music, because I believe every artist has a right to do what they do, but I am not a big fan of the mumble stuff.

What is it about you that makes you stand out from other artists and separates you from the pack? I believe I stand out because I don t hear too many artists that have lyrics with substance. I am actually saying something. I am not

talking about cars, money, jewelry... maybe because I am humble and I believe in

staying that way because as fast as you got

those things, it can quickly be taken away. I mean, of course enjoy it if you have it, but

not everyone can relate to that. Everybody struggles, everyone loses a loved one,

everyone has bills and life gets tough. So I try to touch base and have a voice for the people that need it.

What message would you like to convey to your listeners through your music? I just want the listeners to understand that bars still matter and hip-hop is not

dead. Use your voice because everybody needs somebody, and words have power to them so choose them wisely... you can make somebody s day by simply saying "hello" or "have a nice day". Make people feel like they are worth something.

Even if they are not having a good day, make them understand that they are here today for a reason.

What are your goals for the future, and what else can we look forward to from DB? My goal is to give back whatever is needed, whether it's having people open up

for me, speaking to inner city kids, or pitching in for community functions. I am for the people. DeďŹ nitely be on the look out for all of the "Inside View" merchandise dropping soon. Stay tuned...



"Like A Pornstar"

new single by





UNSIGNED ONLY Music Competition

SAY WHAT YOU WANT... He is the self-proclaimed "King of NY" and he bites his tongue for no one. With no shortage of record sales and no end in sight, it's time we introduce the most colorful artist standing at the precipice of music charts, blog sites and drama reports.

9 6

You may not recognize the name Daniel Hernandez, but if you follow him close enough you know that its 6ix9ine's government name. With an unmistakable image, philanthropic nature and chart-topping tracks, Tekashi is at the top of his game.


He was born in Brooklyn on May 8, 1996 to a Mexican American mom and a Puerto Rican dad. Tekashi's

world became very different at the age of 13 when his

father passed away. 6ix9ine, like so many other young men at a young age, had to find a way to financially

help support his mother by any means. He took on a

couple of odd jobs and became the local plug to score some bud. As a result of being expelled from school,

9 6

6ix9ine never returned to his 8th grade class.

Fortunately enough for 69, all the odds stacked against him was still not enough to derail his success. He started out watching a rapper known as

'RondoNumbaNine', and a few other artists, and that

fueled him enough to get in gear. Originally he would listen to heavy metal groups like 'All That Remains'

and 'Parkway', but it was clear his gift was rapping. He began making a name for himself on the very popular music upload site SoundCloud. Things seemed to

really start bubbling after he was on a feature collabo track with Bodega Bamz.

9 6



His unique approach and thematic visuals in his music videos, without a big budget, have played a huge role in his takeover. Tekashi likes to be squad deep in his videos, always repping his set and his crew

Scumgang69. His early tracks, Yokai, Hellsing Station, and Gummo, for example, created a

following that grew at an astonishing rate. His other

tracks in 2017 like, Exodia, Go Crazy, Owee, and Zeta Zero 0.5 really helped to establish him as a

legitimate rap artist. As a result of his quick success,

Tekashi was able to go on his debut European tour in the Spring of 2017.

In 2018 69's singles Gummo, Kooda, and Keke hit

the Billboard Top 100 charts like a comet. His debut mixtape Day69 offered a few big names such as

Young Thug, Offset, Fetty Wap , and 'Tory Lanez'

just to name a few, and came in at number 4 on the

Billboard 200' album chart. Tekashi has the number

69 tattooed on his body over 200 times, and he has

long, straight, rainbow colored hair, yet it's his music that really stands out.

His hard hitting single Gummo was released on

October 8, 2017 and snagged the number 12 spot on

9 6

the Billboard Top 100 , earning him a new level of

fame. The song was produced by Pi'erre Bourne, and

has hit over 100 million views on YouTube. Gummo s success was followed up with two more fire starters, Kooda and Keke, which also made it to the

Billboard Top 100. Kooda was released on December

3, 2017, and it touched over 143 million views on

YouTube. He dropped Keke on January 14, 2018,

which was collaboration between himself, Fetty Wap and A Boogie Wit da Hoodie.

9 6

The aggressive, forceful and hard screaming rap delivery 69 uses on the mic has separated him from most and has put him almost in a class by himself. 69 has gone from releasing his music videos through a


Slovakian Label called 'F*ckthem' to signing with EG Entertainment, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group', to Interscope Records.

Since he was young, he has been involved in his share of criminal

cases, but he is now engulfed in new legal woes which have resurfaced, and could be facing possible jail time. 6ix9ine has been involved in

quite a few ugly situations with other artists, like Trippie Redd, YG and has even had a few choice words for Ludacris. There appears to be no ďŹ lter for 69, and no lengths to which he won't go to shame any

opposition. His 'SMD' mantra seems to be the go-to response to anything negative, and he won't hesitate to make this known.

You can hate him or love him, but Tekashi69 has etched his name into hip-hop and does not care either way how you perceive him. Some

people believe Tekashi is very deliberate, and somewhat of a genius the way he operates his social media platforms to capitalize o all the

attention surrounding him. From his recent feature smash "FeFe" with

Nicki Minaj, to his latest collaboration with a couple of Brooklyn's most

oďŹƒcial hitters on 50cent's latest track "Get The Strap", 6ix9ine continues to solidify his spot in music. Tekashi69 has clearly taken the wheel with his foot on the gas, and he's in the driver's seat making his road to success look like the Autobahn!


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SANTANA Photo by: @poetically.bred

t u b e D e l g n i S

" Y A W A N "O

On iTunes

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@Playaxmade Est. 2014


EXCLUSIVE Inside look!!!


e d a m x a y a l P @

ze ilah How a N : r e raph Photog

naiii @cloud



Rapper: "TRILL SAMMY" @trillsammy



Photographer: Kaitlyn Kohn @kaitlynkohn


Photographer: DoubleAJ @xdoubleaj




Photographer: DoubleAJ @xdoubleaj




KiddFendiii Allow us to introduce you to t wo very talented up-and-coming rappers who together are the total definition of "being lit". Their high energy levels are a force to be reckoned with, and attracts listeners with a vengeance. They pride themselves on their lit energy, even naming their first collaborative project "I'm Lit The EP". Straight out of Borough Park, Brooklyn, New York, these t wo rap artists are known as Yungeazyyy and KiddFendiii.

For the two of them, growing up in Brooklyn, hustlers were pretty much the most prominent role models around. They witnessed the hustle and drive they had, grinding to make things happen by any means necessary, and motivating others to do the same. So KiddFendiii and Yungeazyyy put that same energy into their music, and have been going hard ever since. Their musical paths merged earlier this year and the two began making music together, but they had both previously started their musical journey individually. In 2017 Yungeazyyy was featured on a few tracks with JustRoyalty, and even took his craft across the seas to Grenada, where he did four songs with a local artist who goes by the name of Bizzy Cemetery. "Pull Up On The Block" and "Straight Out of Tempe" are two of the four songs he recorded that can be found on SoundCloud. Kiddfendiii on the other hand, released his first single on February 14th of this year titled "Come Through". Always called Fendi because of the belts he would wear in high school, he added the "Kid" to his name because he was the youngest in the group of people he would hang around.

On April 18, 2018 Kiddfendiii and Yungeazyyy released their first single together titled "Mercedes Dreams" featuring Nickblazing. The duo released three more tracks before releasing their first collaborative project "I'm Lit The EP" in August of 2018. They're making great music together and having fun doing it. These modern hip-hop artists love to experiment with new ideas vocally, creating new flows and energies the listeners have never felt before. R&B, Rock, Dance, Soul and even Reggae are all infused into the music of these two lyricists. During their creative process, the two strive for a sound that's different yet catchy enough for the people to like. Yungeazyyy, being a Pro Tools certified audio engineer, is highly skilled at mixing and mastering the tracks, creating the best sound possible for each song. Drake, Tory Lanez, Travis Scott, Fabolous, Xxxtentacion, Rae Sremmurd, Popcaan, Lauryn Hill , Daniel Caesar and Kanye West are all artists that have influenced this dynamic duo because of their unique sounds and work ethic. It's the same work ethic that drives Kiddfendiii and Yungeazyyy to work as hard as they do and continue to make dope music. With the determination and drive combined in these two hiphop powerhouses, there's no limit to how far they can go on their road to success.

Yungeazyyy and KiddFendiii on SOUNDCLOUD




On A



You've just finished recording and mixing one of the hottest songs of your career so far. You're full of optimism because of the potential your new song has to take the industry by storm. Promoting your new song is now at the top of your to-do list, and your plan is to go harder than ever to market this new addition to your arsenal. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a dope music video to accompany your new hit song? Thinking that you don't have the funds or the backing to afford a music video right now? Well fear not, a high quality music video is easier to achieve than you may think.

A music video at it's essence is artistic expression. It is the integration of song and imagery, the visual manifestation of an audio recording. It's original intent was to promote music sales, but music videos have become so much more. Videos provide a way for fans to connect with the artist (and the song itself) on a deeper level than just audio. A video also leaves a visual in your mind to associate with the song next time you hear it. Videos allow the artist another outlet to completely express their artistic vision for the song. So it's important for independent artists to deliver this important marketing aspect as well. What used to require the financial backing of a record label is now possible on a much smaller budget, thanks to technological advances. Unsigned artists are able to accomplish much more on an independent level than in previous years, including producing their own music videos. Here are a few guidelines for creating a high-quality music video on an independent budget.

- Explore your resources. Start by thinking about and making a list of the things you'll need to get started. Consider the items you have access to, as well as the things you'll need to acquire. Some of the items may include an HD camera (which most cell phones now have), a computer, possibly lighting, props, and of course people to help you with either filming, editing, or even as extras in the video. Decide who will do your filming for you. It's definitely a plus if you know someone with experience in filming or editing, but not having it isn't a deal breaker. There are a number of online resources to assist you in both areas.

- Consider your budget. Decide how much money you have to put into this project, and how that money will be distributed. Whether it's buying or renting equipment, investing in an experienced videographer or editor, or simply purchasing editing software to do it yourself, plan out all of the spending details in advance. Budget planning is also an important factor in deciding on a video concept. The less money you have to work with, the simpler your concept will have to be, which in no way should be considered a drawback. Some of the simplest videos can have a major impact. Take Sia's "Chandelier" for example, a video with an amazingly simple concept of a talented young dancer performing throughout a fairly rundown apartment, or Beyonce's "7/11", a fun and sassy concept of the ultimate girls night in a hotel, seemingly filmed with a single standstill camera. When brainstorming a concept, let your creativity reign free and your artistic vision take over, just don't over-complicate your ideas, especially if your budget doesn't allow it.

-Location is key. Your choice of backdrop for your shots is extremely important to the success of your video. A boring backdrop can destroy any chance your video has of being engaging. Consider any interesting scenery in your neighborhood that might work for you. Think about backgrounds or locations relating to your video concept or the content of your music. Some artists prefer to just create a particular vibe, maybe choosing a colorful vibrant background, or a peaceful location by the water or beach, or even opting for a more rugged, unpolished scenery like an abandoned building or warehouse. The options are numerous, just go where your creativity takes you.

-Create your storyboard. A storyboard is like the first draft of your music video. It's putting your vision on paper, laying out your video concept piece by piece, and deciding on the flow of your video. Having a storyboard makes it easier to communicate your vision to those helping you bring your video to life. Having a plan laid out also helps to keep you focused and prevent you from straying too far from your original concept.

-Create a shot list. Your shot list basically breaks down your storyboard even further, into a scene by scene lineup of shots you would like to incorporate into your video. If shooting at multiple locations, decide which days to do which shots and arrange your shot list by location. Consider the best time of day to do the shoot - whether you prefer to shoot in the daylight or at nighttime with your own lighting. Another timing factor to consider is the amount of traffic at your chosen location. Do you prefer to shoot around a crowd, or do you want as little people around as possible? An important thing to note is that recording random people in the background of your shoot can be tricky. Technically everyone who is filmed should sign a release form giving their consent to be filmed. So unless they agree to let you use footage of them, and ultimately sign a release form, try to leave the random strangers out of your shots to avoid any trouble that may come down the line.

-Lights, Camera, Action! Before you officially begin the shoot, it's a good idea to do a couple of test shoots to be sure the lighting is right to get the clearest, brightest shot. Also, it's important to have a way to play the pre-recorded track loud enough for everyone to hear to keep movements and gestures in sync with the music. When shooting, its important to do a couple of takes of the same scene from multiple camera angles, including close-ups and full-body shots, so that when editing you have options to choose from. Keep in mind that in professional music videos, you rarely see any one scene on the screen for more than four to five seconds.

Whether you change the scene entirely or simply show the scene from another angle, be sure not to spend too much time in one segment. It's an amateur mistake that will ruin your video quickly. That doesn't mean shoot for five seconds then stop, it simply means that during editing, you use about five second segments of your recording before switching it up. Also think about any wardrobe changes you'd like to make throughout the video. Many artists choose to keep it interesting by switching up their clothing with each location, but how you choose to rotate your gear, if at all, is something to consider.

-Editing. Editing is the most complicated and time consuming phase of the process, but arguably the most important. It's the part that could make or break your video, and probably the best time to bring in someone with experience if possible. One who is capable of successfully editing a video is an artist in his own right. It takes practice and fundamental knowledge of what a good video should look like. However if doing it on your own or with someone who's inexperienced, not to worry. There are plenty of online resources available to guide you along the way. During editing, your goal is to pick the best shots and put them together in a way that is engaging and clearly conveys your concept. The shots should transition quickly and in a way that makes sense. If you're doing the editing yourself, be careful not to fall into the trap of using the fancy transitions that some of these software programs may offer. Professional films, videos and broadcasts rarely use anything other than the "cut" or "fade" style of transition. Anything other than those usually screams amateur and will greatly decrease the quality of your video. The "cut" transition is when the video immediately cuts from one shot to another, no wave, no ripple, none of the things that some amateurs believe makes their video more interesting. The cut is quick, it's clean, and is generally used to build excitement. It's the most used transition in broadcast editing. The cuts should occur in sync with high energy music, and the cuts should be made to the beat of the music.

The "fade" on the other hand is a slower transition where one scene fades out and another fades in, usually over a period of about 2 to 3 seconds. This transition adds softness to your video and evokes more emotion from the viewer. The longer the fade, the more emotional the feel. Popular with love songs, or any slow R&B, the fade is best used to the beat of the music as well, with the fade ending directly on the beat. No matter which transition you decide to use when editing, it's always a good idea to go back after every 3 or 4 edits and look at what you've done so far to make sure everything flows well, looks good and feels right.

Once the tedious task of editing is done, your video is pretty much complete. Hopefully you have fulfilled your sense of artistic expression and the video is the visual manifestation of your song. Thanks to the evolution of technology, you now have in your hands what should be an adequate representation of you as an artist, representing your sound, your look, your creativity, and your overall star quality. It's the ultimate marketing tool for others to get a clear picture of you as an artist. And hopefully these few simple tips will help you in making your video the best it can be!

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Exclusive Model Feature MEET


@krismeily Photo by:

@krismeily Photo by: @jaysvito

@krismeily Photo by: @phlportraitjunkie

@krismeily Photo by: @jaysvito

@krismeily Photo by: @jaysvito

@krismeily Photo by: @_davekane

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@krismeily Photo by: @boro_wski_a

@krismeily Photo by: @215shooter

From the land of funk legends, otherwise known as Dayton, Ohio, we have a talented singer who's aspiring to become a legend in his own right. He goes by the name Timothyy Pearson, and he's ready for his name to be as wellknown as the ones he grew up listening to. The Temptations, Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston are just a few of the classic ground-breaking artists who influenced Timothyy and helped mold his soulful sound. Now Timothy Pearson has begun his own journey, hoping to follow in the footsteps of those before him.

TIMOTHYY PEARSON Like many aspiring artists, Timothyy grew up surrounded by music. As a youngster, he was in church every Sunday and at choir rehearsal every Wednesday. Not only was music around him externally, but young Timothyy also had music in his blood. His mother was a talented musician, bringing the church to their feet with her superb piano-playing and drum-beating skills. When the church members would see her walk in, they knew that today they were gonna

"have some church". At times the church drumsticks would get misplaced, but his mother definitely wouldn't let that stop her from doing what had to be done. If she wasn't carrying her own set of sticks, her creativity would take over and she would twist up some hangers and give those drums a workout. Her creative spirit, as well as her musical skill, are just a few of the attributes Timothyy acquired from his mother.

Timothyy's mom, along with his four aunts, also formed a singing group called the Ross Singers, who Timothyy would witness practicing in the living room. But it wasn't just his mom who influenced him musically. His father also played a part in Timothyy's love for music. He played a lot of classic records while Timothy was growing up, mostly the Temptations, but also Atlantic Star, Miki Howard and even some jazz music. They would watch Phil Collins on MTV, along with Madonna and Wham.They also listened to Shirley Murdock, whom Timothyy had the pleasure of meeting for the first time at the age of nine because she also lived in Dayton. But it was at the age of

11 that Timothyy's musical journey officially began. One night while watching late-night slow jam videos on BET, he heard Tevin Campbell's remake of the song "Tomorrow". He fell in love with how beautiful the song was, and decided that was what he wanted to do. Timothyy told his parents, and his mother took him to the mall to buy the single. A year later, his music teacher informed him that the Dayton Boys Choir would be holding auditions, and of course Timothyy volunteered to audition. After receiving a positive response to his audition, Timothyy spent a day down at the Boys Choir, but decided it wasn't for him, and continued to pursue music individually.

Now that Timothyy Pearson is creating his own songs, he wants to bring back the love that's missing from today's music. He wants people to know that although there is love in the world, there will also be many people who don't have good intentions, a message that he says is expressed in his songs. Timothyy sees an empire in his future, not only in music, but in film and fragrances as well. Another one of Timothyy's goals is to create a suicide prevention center to help combat the number of suicide attempts with early intervention for troubled youths. Currently, he's working on his next project titled "The Arrival", which is scheduled to drop January of 2019, but right now you can hear his soulful voice on the dope tracks he has already dropped, one of which is titled "Like a Pornstar", and another is called "See You Tonight". Timothyy also has a "triple single" out now as well, that he's eager for listeners to check out. All of these and more can be found on Tidal, iTunes, Spotify, and other music streaming sites. Look for Timothyy Pearson to be performing in a city near you, coming soon!

Timothyy Pearson on YouTube Timothyy Pearson on SoundCloud






Mp Ricky on SoundCloud Mp Ricky on Instagram

If you're looking for your next favorite artist, then look no further than this dude right here. He calls himself Mp Ricky, aka Masterplan Ricky, aka Lil' Hurtboi. He's from Dallas, Texas and he's spitting his way to the top of his career. His upbeat music is a fusion of rap and rock, mainly inspired by the old school rock his dad would listen to. From Lynard Skynard and Guns N Roses to Queen and Santana, these bands were a prominent influence on young Ricky. Middle school and high school introduced him to some new favorites - Gucci, Keef, Maxo Kream, Odd Future and more recently, Playboi Carti. All of that, combined with the fear of ever boring his audience to death, and the result is a culmination of versatile music that Mp Ricky calls "hype sh*t that you can listen to any time of day". Now Mp is putting in that grind time, working hard to release his upcoming project called "LilHurtBoi", off of which he is currently promoting a few singles. His goal is to use his music to encourage others to be who they want to be. "I hope they'll be able to see that anything is possible today. It's not like how it was in the 80's and 90's. Any artist or entrepreneur can be self-made and publish all their own product through the internet.You just gotta have that grind mentality to keep pursuing your dream." And while Masterpiece Ricky is working to pursue his dream, he's proving that he's an artist to check for.

FLO FLOCKO Born in Brooklyn and raised in South Side Jamaica, Queens is a dope hip-hop artist by the name of Flo Flocko. Creating music that will put people all the way in a #mood, Flo Flocko is bringing us the good vibes we're looking for. Like different strains of weed, this wordsmith has product that'll make you feel upbeat, product that'll have you feeling relaxed, and some stuff that'll just put you in an overall positive mood. Although Flo Flocko is inspired by artists of this generation of rap, such as Drake, Travis Scott and Young Thug, he was also inspired by hip-hop artists he listened to growing up. Which is why it comes as no surprise that Flocko wants to bring the fun back to hip-hop, letting listeners know that it's okay to dance and have a good time, as opposed to just sitting in the cut "being gangsta all day". You can be yourself no matter what - that's the message Flo Flocko wants to convey to the people, and he does so through creative music that's catchy and fun, and under his own label, Groovy Music ENT. His upcoming project is an EP titled "SATIVA" and is currently in the works, but for now you can check out his latest single which is on fire right now. It's called "My City" and it's available on all online music streaming sites. Take a closer look at the artist known as Flo Flocko, and you'll see for yourself why he's definitely an artist to check for.

FloFlocko on YouTube Instagram @floflockombb







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This magazine highlights talented hip-hop and R&B artists across the country who are ambitious and ready to take their career to the next le...


This magazine highlights talented hip-hop and R&B artists across the country who are ambitious and ready to take their career to the next le...

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