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Amnesty month paying off for court BY JEBB JOHNSTON

An offer of amnesty on old court fines is bringing steady business to Corinth Municipal Court. At the midpoint of amnesty month, the court has worked with about six people per day who have come in to settle up on old fines, according to Court Clerk Zane Elliott.

“It is working,” he said. “It was not designed to take in a lot of money but to get people back into good standing with the city.” The majority are getting on a payment plan to gradually pay off their fines in an amount that fits their budget. Some who were on a payment plan are able to pick up where they quit before. A few have paid off their

account entirely. Since it is income tax season, Elliott hoped tax refunds would help some people be able to pay. “We have had a lot of people asking how it works and if they will be arrested,” said Elliott. The offer of amnesty is good for two more weeks. It is only for fines owed prior to March 1, 2012, and is only available to individuals who

voluntarily visit the municipal court office at the justice center on South Harper Road. Individuals who meet those requirements do not face the threat of arrest during amnesty month. “We’ve had a lot of people call who were not qualified because it was something that just happened,” the clerk said. If the person gets arrested, it

Music Club hosting concert at FUMC BY STEVE BEAVERS

Bobbi Campbell has the heart of a musician. Campbell, a principal flutist with the Brunswick Civic Orchestra of Georgia for seven years, will be the featured soloist of the Corinth Music Club’s Mid-Morning Concert Series. The concert is slated for 11 a.m. March 21 at the First United Methodist Church Chapel. “Bobbi is known to many Corinthians for her active involvement in the Corinth Symphony and the musical offerings of First United Methodist Church,” said the music club’s William McMullin. Currently in her 17th year with the Corinth Symphony Orchestra, Campbell has also performed with the Tupelo Symphony as a substitute musician and is a member of the Arts in McNairy Community Band. “Every year brings an opportunity to learn and improve my craft,” said Campbell, who has been playing the flute for 40 years. Campbell, who will be accompanied by Sara Ellington on piano, has titled the concert The Moody Flute(s). “The pieces cover a variety of styles and express different moods,” she said. The concert is free and will last about 30 minutes, according to McMullin. The program opens with High Wire, the second movement of Acrobatics for Piccolo and Piano by Jessica Koslowski, a short piece reminiscent of an afternoon at the circus. A sweet and lyrical side in the Under Serene Moonlight movement of the Eric Ewazen composi-

is too late to claim amnesty. The court is offering the amnesty opportunity in recognition that some people get behind and just can’t keep up. Once the amnesty period ends, the court plans to crack down, working with a police officer serving warrants. For questions about outstanding fines, contact the court office at 286-2236.

Community egg hunt scheduled March 30 BY STEVE BEAVERS

Staff photo by Steve Beavers

Bobbi Campbell will be the featured soloist of the Corinth Music Club’s Mid-Morning Concert Series on March 21.

“Bobbi is known to many Corinthians for her active involvement in the Corinth Symphony and the musical offerings of First United Methodist Church.” William McMullin Music Club tion On Wings of Song will follow. The remaining portion of the program will be performed on flute by Campbell. The third movement of Sonata for Flute and Piano by Otar Taktakishvili will provide an abrupt change of mood with its driving tempo, rhythmic variations, and

emotional intensity. “All of the pieces are short and cute,” said the flutist. Four short movements from A Day in the Life of the Flute by Elton Burgstahler are also part of the performance. “This unique piece is based on the idea that “instead of being a conglom-

eration of screws, springs, pads, and a rigid pipe, flutes are human, too,’” said Campbell. Campbell has also chosen to play Morning Exercise, Coke Break, Shopping, and Goodnight for this program. There are a few musical surprises in the short movements, but the audience will receive hints to listen for them. “I have spent a lot of time to craft something that is different every year,” she said. Ellington will return to the piano to join Campbell on the final piece, a grouping of familiar Celtic tunes Lannigan’s Ball, The Kerry Dances, and Please see CONCERT | Page 2

Eggs will be everywhere at Crossroads Regional Park come March 30. So will be the Easter Bunny. The 9th Annual Community Egg Hunt is slated for a noon start at the park. Organizers will have 3,000 eggs to be found by children with plenty of candy and prizes to go around. “It’s always a lot of fun and something that doesn’t take long to get done,” said organizer J.C. Hill. Groups will be broken down into four divisions. The categories are 0-3, 4-6, 7-10 and special needs. A golden egg will be part of each division. “We put a lot of effort into making sure each kid gets something,” said Hill. “Children like to be able to win something and we have it structured so everyone has a fair chance.” Besides numerous eggs, candy and entertainment, the day will also consist of a chance to have a picture made with the Easter Bunny. The free photos are courtesy of Walgreens. “The event has got so big that we had to have sponsors,” said Hill. “They have really been good to us.” All the activities are free on the huge day of egg hunting. Last year a little over 400 kids took part, according to Hill. “I am looking forward to it,” added Hill. “Our volunteers are great and it takes everyone of them to pull this off … we key ourselves on being safe.” The egg hunt is being hosted by Fox Promotions and the Corinth/ Alcorn Parks and Recreation Department. For more information contact Hill 662-293-0290 or Dana or Eric McLain 662-287-9102.

Report: 6 active hate groups in area BY BOBBY J. SMITH

Six hate groups are currently active in Northeast Mississippi, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC is a nonprofit civil rights organization based in Montgomery, Ala. It is recognized across the country for its successful legal actions against hate groups and legal support for the victims of hate groups. The SPLC also monitors hate groups, militias and extremist organizations and strives to provide educational programs that promote tolerance. The “Intelligence Report” is the quarterly publication of the SPLC and is considered by many scholars as the most comprehensive source on extremism and hate groups in the United States. Each year the “Intelligence Report” compiles a list of active hate groups in the United States. Six active hate groups are identified in North Mississippi in the Spring edition of the

Index Stocks........8 Classified......14 Comics........ 7 State........ 5

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SPLC’s “Intelligence Report.” Half of the hate groups in Northeast Mississippi are chapters of the Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. This group has chapters in Tupelo, Ripley and Shannon. The Tupelo-based American Family Association is designated as an anti-gay hate group in the “General Hate” category. The American Family Association was first designated as a hate group in 2010 for the “propagation of known falsehoods” and employing “demonizing propaganda” against LGBT people. One hate group in the “Neo Confederate” category is listed for the region — Pace Confederate Depot in Baldwyn. According to the SPLC, “Neo-Confederate” groups seek to revive many of the racist principles of the antebellum South. The other hate group is listed in the “White Nationalist” category. The Confederate Patriot Voters United group is also located in Baldwyn. “White Na-

tionalist” groups espouse white supremacy or white separatist ideologies, according to the SPLC, often focusing on the alleged inferiority of nonwhites. The SPLC points out that groups in other categories could also be considered “White Nationalist.” The entire state of Mississippi currently has 36 active hate groups, running the gamut from Ku Klux Klan to “Black Separatists” — organizations whose ideologies include tenets of racially based hatred — and everything in between. With 36 active groups, Mississippi ties Ohio as the state with the seventh most active hate groups in 2012. Coming in first is California, with 82 groups, followed by Texas with 62. Florida rounds out this dubious top-three with 59 active hate groups. The states with the least numbers of hate groups are: Hawaii (zero), Alaska, Vermont and Wyoming (each with two). Please see HATE | Page 2

On this day in history 150 years ago Federal gunboats on the Yazoo River make a second attempt to engage Confederate forces at Fort Pemberton near Greenwood. The attack fails. The gunboats are damaged, and the attempt to reach Vicksburg through “the back door” is abandoned.


2 • Daily Corinthian

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Group says it would defend new prayer law The Associated Press

JACKSON — A nonprofit conservative group says it will provide free legal representation to Mississippi schools or districts if a new school prayer law is challenged in court. Liberty Counsel attorney Steve Crampton told The Associated Press on Friday that the group believes the law is “perfectly within the bounds of the First Amendment.” Republican Gov. Phil Bryant signed the law Thursday, and it takes effect July 1. It says all

Mississippi school districts must adopt a policy to allow a “limited public forum” at school events such as football games or morning announcements, to let students express religious beliefs. Bear Atwood, legal director for American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi, said she thinks the law “has serious constitutional issues.” She said the ACLU is likely to file a lawsuit to challenge it, if there are reports that proselytizing is taking place in public schools.

Bryant said Thursday that Attorney General Jim Hood, a Democrat, would be responsible for defending the state. Bryant also said: “If we’ve got to spend taxpayers’ money, I think we would be honored to spend it in defending religious freedoms for the people of the state of Mississippi.” Crampton said in an email Friday: “Liberty Counsel has offered to defend any school or district that is sued for an alleged violation of the Student Religious Liberties Act, at no cost to the school or

the district.” Liberty Counsel has offices in Florida, Virginia and Washington, D.C., and has been involved in other conservative causes in Mississippi. Crampton was among the supporters of a life-at-fertilization amendment that 58 percent of Mississippi voters rejected in 2011, and he issued a statement March 5 supporting a similar new initiative that’s being launched. On behalf of Liberty Counsel, Crampton also offered free legal representation in 2010 to the Itawamba

County Schools when an 18-year-old lesbian student challenged the district’s ban on same-sex prom dates. Crampton said the school prayer law clarifies students’ rights to freedom of speech and assembly. “It protects schools from baseless charges of violating the Establishment Clause, and clarifies when a limited public forum for the exercise of private speech exists,” he said. “It is, therefore, both consistent with the First Amendment and a help

to school officials and students by explaining where the boundaries are in an otherwise confusing area of the law.” Atwood said Thursday that the ACLU is likely to file a lawsuit during the coming school year. “We’re going to spend some time this summer working with school board attorneys and superintendents and see if there is any way for them to avoid being sued,” she said. “I think the way this law is written is just fraught with danger for the schools.”

Psychiatrist: Woman accused Late trooper’s family claims they of killing newborns in shock received no notice of man’s release The Associated Press

The Associated Press

GALLATIN, Tenn. — A psychiatrist testified Friday that a woman charged in the deaths of her newborn twins did not know she was pregnant and suffered from shock from blood loss when she gave birth on a toilet. Dr. William Kenner told jurors that Lindsey Lowe felt sick and thought she was going to die, but didn’t realize she had given birth until she reached down and felt an ear. Kenner said Lowe, who is now 26, fell to the floor afterward, hit her head on the floor and

lapsed in and out of consciousness. He said she had all the symptoms of shock caused by massive blood loss — feeling dizzy, blacking out and hyperventilating. Kenner has maintained that Lowe lacked the capacity to commit premeditated murder. Lowe faces two counts of premeditated murder in the trial, which began Monday. But during cross-examination, Sumner County District Attorney General Ray Whitley asked Dr. Kenner if he was aware that in the days before Lowe gave birth, her

iPhone was used to search the Internet on how to induce labor. Whitley said investigators found that the Internet searches also included a search for videos of pregnant women having sex and pregnant women and doctor’s porn. “Did you know that?” Whitley asked about the Google searches that were discovered after Lowe was arrested. Kenner said he did know, but he still maintained that Lowe would have suffered from shock and delirium after giving birth. Kenner conceded that he did not know how much blood Lowe lost.


Danny Boy from Legends for Flute and Piano, arranged by James Galway. “The club sponsors the Mid-Morning Concert Series to share music with the community,” said McMullin. “During our 91st year we want to offer the people of Corinth the opportunity to enjoy great music with this series.” During National Music Week, May 5-11, the club will feature a Sacred Music Concert and other events as part of the celebration.

Staff photo by Steve Beavers

Sara Ellington (left) and Bobbi Campbell practice for the upcoming Mid-Morning Concert Series of the Corinth Music Club.

JACKSON — Francis Matthew Hood, son of the late Mississippi Highway Patrol Master Sgt. Steve Hood, is now a trooper on the same roads his father used to patrol. Steve Hood’s widow, Lisa, is a nurse in that area as well. And now Will Francis, the man deemed to be responsible for Steve Hood’s death, is back on those roads. The 50-year-old trooper was killed in 2009 during a pursuit with Francis’ Trans-Am, which was modified with nitrous for racing. Officials said Francis was driving more than 140 miles per hour on Mississippi 370 near the Prentiss-Lee County line in northeast Mississippi. A law enacted the following year made use of nitrous on Mississippi highways illegal. Francis, 25 at the time, pleaded guilty to felony fleeing in the trooper’s death and was sentenced in 2010 to 40 years with 33 years suspended. He was let out of prison March 5 on Earned Release Supervision. According to family friends, Hood’s family was never notified Francis was a free man. They said Matthew Hood thought he had signed up for text and email

alerts with VineLink. com, which is supposed to let victim’s families know when offenders are released. “There could have been a situation where Matthew could have run up on (Francis),” said Mississippi Troopers Association President Master Sgt. Jimmy Thomas. “If Matthew was confronted by the individual that was responsible for his dad’s death, I believe that he would have handled it professionally and utilized restraint as he was trained to do, but I do think that we, the general public, should be notified of those situations, especially law enforcement situations such as this. Even more so.” Grace Simmons Fisher, spokeswoman for the Mississippi Department of Corrections, said she had checked to see if there were any victims to be notified when Francis was released. “We have automated victim notification through the victim service division, and people can register in order to be notified of an offender’s whereabouts. We don’t have any registered victims for this offender,” she said. “I had that checked. We checked and doublechecked.” Mississippi’s State-

wide Automated Victim Information Notification Service is an MDOC service providing crime victims, victim advocates and other concerned citizens free and confidential notification regarding a particular offender’s release, transfer or escape from participating agencies. SAVIN is supposed to provide registered users access to timely information about particular offenders around the clock. It can be accessed over the phone, through the Internet or by email or text messaging. Fisher said when registering for SAVIN, victims and interested parties need to make sure they get a confirmation email to ensure the registration went through. The website does say in a notification upon entering, however, that “Due to technical issues, certain types of notifications such as Earned Release Supervision (ERS) and transfer notifications are not included at this time. For proper notification on Earned Release Supervision, please register with the Division of Victim Services.” Fisher said the Division of Victim Services did not have Hood’s family on a notification list either.


While Northeast Mississippi contained a share of the state’s hate groups, none were listed for

Corinth and Alcorn County. In modern times the area has seen no major trouble from hate groups, according to Corinth Police Detective Capt. Ralph

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Dance. “I’ve been in law enforcement for 23 years and we’ve never had any hate group problems here,” said Dance. “We may have some biker groups, but they don’t bother anybody — all they want to do is ride their bikes.” One area of concern



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for local law enforcement — and law enforcement across the country — is the proliferation of the sovereign citizen movement. Sovereign citizens claim that they answer only to “common law” and and not subject to any laws made at the federal, state or municipal levels.

group of people,” Dance said. “We’ve had some bulletins come through before about some of them passing through the area. We have reports about them around the state from time to time. But as far as Klan and skinheads, we don’t have any trouble out of them.”

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Sovereign citizens are classified among domestic terror threats and anti-government extremists by the FBI. In 2010 two West Memphis, Ark., police officers were shot to death by a father and son pair of sovereign citizens after following a traffic stop. “That’s a pretty scary

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3 • Daily Corinthian

4-H leaders participate in conference

Today in history

Alcorn County 4-H volunteers met in Starkville, Feb. 22-23, to learn ways to become better leaders and make their 4-H clubs more meaningful to Mississippi youth. They gathered at Mississippi State University for the annual Mississippi 4-H Volunteer Leaders’ Annual Conference, participating in two days of workshops, training, fellowship and entertainment. The conference opened with a banquet on Friday evening where volunteers and Extension staff are recognized for their outstanding achievements in 4-H.

1190: The Crusades begin the massacre of Jews in York, England. 1527: The Emperor Babur defeats the Rajputs at the Battle of Kanvaha, removing the main Hindu rivals in Northern India. 1621: The first Indian appears to colonists in Plymouth, Massachusetts. 1833: Susan Hayhurst becomes the first woman to graduate from a pharmacy college. 1850: Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter is published. 1865: Union troops push past Confederate blockers at the Battle of Averasborough, N.C. 1907: The British cruiser Invincible, the world’s largest, is completed at Glasgow shipyards. 1913: The 15,000-ton battleship Pennsylvania is launched at Newport News, Va. 1917: Russian Czar Nicholas II abdicates his throne. 1926: Physicist Robert H. Goddard launches the first liquid-fuel rocket. 1928: The United States plans to send 1,000 more Marines to Nicaragua. 1935: Adolf Hitler orders a German rearmament and violates the Versailles Treaty. 1939: Germany occupies the rest Czechoslovakia. 1945: Iwo Jima is declared secure by U.S. forces although small pockets of Japanese resistance still exist. 1954: CBS introduces The Morning Show hosted by Walter Cornet to compete with NBC’s Today Show. 1964: President Lyndon B. Johnson submits a $1 billion war on poverty program to Congress. 1968: U.S. troops in Vietnam destroy a village consisting mostly of women and children, the action is remembered as the My-Lai massacre. 1984: Mozambique and South Africa sign a pact banning support for one another’s internal foes. 1985: Associated Press newsman Terry Anderson is taken hostage in Beirut.

Submitted photo

Submitted photo

Evonne Grove, Alcorn County Extension Service Office associate, received the Kenneth Cook Award. The Kenneth Cook Award is presented to Extension employees who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to support the development of volunteer leaders in Mississippi.

The following volunteers attended the 2013 conference: (back row, from lef t) Elizabeth DeGraf fenreid, Michelle Thrasher, Judy Martin, and Angela Tulli; (middle row, from lef t) Michael Gilmore, Misti Crum, Phyllis Young, and Bonnie Gilmore and (front row, from left) Tammy Parker – 4-H Agent, Evonne Grove, and Katriena Burgess.

New pope praised by state Catholics The Associated Press

JACKSON — The leaders of Mississippi’s two Catholic dioceses have offered prayers and support to Pope Francis I. Bishop Joseph Latino of the Catholic Diocese of Jackson said in a statement that the new pope’s burdens will be great. “This will be an enormous challenge ... in a world that is becoming more and more hostile to Christianity and religion in general ... He will have to be a staunch and unyielding defender of the respect for the dignity of the human person in a world where individuals are very often treated as commodities,� he said. However, Latino said he has faith that Pope Francis I will be a beacon of hope for the 1.2 billion Catholics across the globe. “A new era in our church has begun,� he said. “We as a church will be refreshed as we continue our 2,000year mission of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ into the whole world.� Francis, the first Jesuit pope and first

Born on March 16 1751: James Madison, fourth President of the United States (1809-17). 1789: George S. Ohm, German physicist. 1822: Rosa Bonheur, French painter and sculptor. 1822: John Pope, Union general in the American Civil War. 1861: Maxim Gorky, Russian dramatist 1912: Thelma Catherine Patricia Ryan Nixon, first lady to President Richard Nixon. 1926: Jerry Lewis, American comedian and film actor.

non-European since the Middle Ages, decided to call himself Francis after St. Francis of Assisi, the humble friar who dedicated his life to helping the poor. The new pope is known for his work with the poor in Buenos Aires’ slums. Bishop Roger Morin of the Catholic Diocese of Biloxi called Wednesday’s selection of Bergoglio as pope a “great day for the Universal Church.� “On this great day for the Universal Church, I, along with the priests, deacons, religious and laity of the Diocese of Biloxi, rejoice in the election of Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio, S.J. to the Chair of St. Peter.

Submitted photo

Career & Technology Center FFA visits Capitol Alcorn Career and Technology Center FFA Chapter members visited with Senator Rita Potts Parks (left) and Representative Bubba Carpenter (right) on Tuesday, Feb. 19.


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4 • Saturday, March 16, 2013

Corinth, Miss.

Long debates mark legislative activity BY NICK BAIN State Representative

Many of us in the House who represent Mississippi’s smaller communities have worked together to protect and preserve our rural roots. Last week, we saw our work become a reality. I joined about 30 of my colleagues on Tuesday, March 5, to form the Mississippi House of Representatives Rural Caucus. Our goal is to make sure that the issues and concerns surrounding our rural communities receive the same consideration as our more urban neighbors’. Rural Mississippi is the backbone of our state’s culture and heritage. Many of us draw great strength from the traditions of the land we have been blessed to live upon. We are proud to have chosen a small-town, close community lifestyle for our families. This caucus will help create a solid, strong voice for us at the Capitol. This is a bi-partisan group. We believe our common goals far outweigh our political or partisan differences. We determined together that we would meet and discuss the issues that could affect our areas and we would vote together whenever possible. I believe reasonable minds, joined together in a common purpose, can make a real difference for our rural communities. Our Caucus members are some of the most bright, experienced and engaged Legislators under the dome. I am looking forward to working together with this group. Both chambers have been voting on bills from the other house. Many of these measures have been amended from their original versions, and will now go to conference. Three members from each chamber will be appointed to hammer out the differences. Like all committee meetings, conference committee meetings are to be held publicly, according to House rules. We have had a very contentious discussion about how Superintendents of Education should be chosen. I believe this matter should continue to be left up to the people who live in the school district. Some districts feel they are better served by appointed leadership, while others believe voting for their school superintendents is the best option. Senate Bill 2199 was at first defeated in the House and then passed on a motion to reconsider. At this writing, the bill provides for a referendum on the 2014 general ballot so people can vote on whether or not they want to elect or appoint their Superintendents. Unfortunately, the referendum provision may change during conference committee. I believe this issue would have been much better handled by just submitting a bill confirming and strengthening the current method of letting districts determine the best way to choose their Superintendents. Perhaps we will have another bite at this apple next year. On Wednesday, March 13, we had a very long debate concerning potential cuts to the budget of the Department of Mental Health, Senate Bill 2874. The issue of the needs of our mentally ill citizens has been at the forefront of our discussions this year. We all recognize that those who need help deserve to receive good care. Here in Alcorn County, our citizens have access to both a crisis center and a mental health center. While the bill passed by a vote of 74-43, I hope it will go to conference where the concerns of various members can be addressed. The Chair of Appropriations explained to members that he believed an increase in available funds would be part of the considerations during conference deliberations. I voted yes on final passage of the bill. During Spring Break week, I had the real joy of spending time with my family in Jackson and showing off my beautiful wife Lesley and our three children to my colleagues. Their presence certainly made the week a happy one for me as I worked. One of the things I enjoy about the community of our Legislature is the welcoming environment shown to our families. I look forward to hearing from you about issues before the Legislature. Please remember, if you are coming to Jackson, take a minute to visit the Capitol and see us in action. (Nick Bain represents District 2, which includes Corinth and Alcorn County. He may be reached at 662-287-1620, email nbain@, message him on Facebook at Nicholas Ryan Bain or follow him on Twitter @StaterepBain2.)

Prayer for today Gracious Father, help me to understand that peace cannot abide in misery, nor can it stay with every mood. May I be able to overcome the depression that may keep me in sadness and isolation, and have delight in the gladness of friends, and live in the peace of strong resolutions. Amen.

A verse to share “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.” -- John 3, 16

Pope Francis — against the West? “The Faith is Europe. And Europe is the Faith,” wrote Hilaire Belloc after that bloodbath we call World War I. “Either Europe will return to the Faith or she will perish.” By 1938, Belloc concluded Christian Europe was done: “The bad work begun at the Reformation is bearing its final fruit in the dissolution of our ancient doctrines -- the very structure of society is dissolving.” He was right. Europe is the dying continent. And looking back at the history of the Old Continent, we see the truth of G.K. Chesterton’s insight: When men cease to believe in God, they do not then believe in nothing, they will believe in anything. Consider the idols to which European Man has burnt incense since losing his faith: Darwinism, Marxism, Bolshevism, fascism, Nazism, now globalism -the idea of a secular paradise where mankind’s needs are met by the state and people spend their lives consuming cultural and material goods until the time comes for the painless exit. Wednesday, even as Europe has said goodbye to Rome, Rome began to say goodbye to Europe, where the fastest growing faith is manifest in the mosques

rising from Moscow to Madrid. The College of Cardinals, for the first time Pat ever, chose Buchanan a pope from the New Columnist World: Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina. To be exact, Pope Francis is not of the indigenous peoples of the New World. His father was an immigrant from Italy who came to Argentina before he was born. Yet Pope Francis does not belong to Europe. The reaction of our secular media to the election of this first Jesuit pope, who lives his “preferential option for the poor,” was easily predictable. On redistribution -- “Is he a conservative, or a Great Society liberal who will push the ‘social gospel’?” -- the new pope passes with honors. He has a simple apartment, rides the bus and lives among the Buenos Aires poor. But on the “social issues” -- “Is Pope Francis a progressive who will move the Church to a more ‘tolerant’ view of abortion and samesex marriage?” -- the disappointment of the media elite was evident. Pope Francis adheres to

orthodox Catholic teaching that abortion is the killing of an unborn child entailing automatic excommunication for all involved. He has denounced same-sex marriage and regards homosexual adoptions as a crime against children. That the media showed visible disappointment at learning this makes one wonder if they know anything about the Catholic Church. To be Catholic is to be orthodox. Indeed, let us presume the impossible -- that the Church should suddenly allow the ordination of woman, and decree that abortions in the first month of pregnancy are now licit, and that homosexual unions, if for life, will henceforth be recognized and blessed. This would require the Church to admit that for 2,000 years it had been in error on matters of faith and morals, and hence is not infallible. But if the Church could have been so wrong for so long, while the world was right, and many had suffered for centuries because the Church erred, what argument would be left for remaining Catholic? If the Church were to admit it had been wrong since the time of Christ about how men must live their lives to attain eternal life, why

should Catholics obey the commandments of such a fallible and erring Church? Why not follow our separated brethren of the Protestant faiths, and choose what doctrines we wish to believe and what commandments we wish to obey? What the secular media reaction to Pope Francis reveals is that traditional Catholicism is today almost as deeply alien to our presentday West as it was in Roman times, only the West chooses to ignore Catholicism, where Rome feared and persecuted it. One hears that President Obama will send to the official installation of the Holy Father to represent America our ranking Catholic officeholders, Vice President Joe Biden, along with former Speaker Nancy Pelosi. One wonders what His Holiness will be thinking as he greets these ornaments of American Catholicism, both of whom regard Roe v. Wade, which has resulted in 53 million abortion deaths, as a milestone of progress for women’s rights and homosexual marriage as the civil rights cause of the 21st century. (Daily Corinthian columnist Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?”)

Regarding intellectuals and race: Part III The desire of intellectuals for some grand theory that will explain complex patterns with some solitary and simple factor has produced many ideas that do not stand up under scrutiny, but which have nevertheless had widespread acceptance -and sometimes catastrophic consequences -- in countries around the world. The theory of genetic determinism which dominated the early 20th century led to many harmful consequences, ranging from racial segregation and discrimination up to and including the Holocaust. The currently prevailing theory is that malice of one sort or another explains group differences in outcomes. Whether the lethal results of this theory would add up to as many murders as in the Holocaust is a question whose answer would require a detailed study of the history of lethal outbursts against groups hated for their success. These would include murderous mob violence against the Jews in Europe, the Chinese in Southeast Asia, the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, and the Ibos in Nigeria, among others. Classbased mass slaughters of the

Reece Terry

Mark Boehler



Willie Walker

Roger Delgado

circulation manager

press foreman

successful would range from Stalin’s extermination of the kulaks in the Soviet Union Thomas to Pol Pot’s Sowell wiping out of at least a Columnist quarter of the population of Cambodia for the crime of being educated middle class people, as evidenced by even such tenuous signs as wearing glasses. Minorities who have been more successful than the general population have been the least likely to have gotten ahead by discriminating against politically dominant majorities. Yet it is precisely such minorities who have attracted the most mass violence over the centuries. All the blacks lynched in the entire history of the United States would not add up to as many murders as those committed in one year by mobs against the Jews in Europe, the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire or the Chinese in Southeast Asia. What is there about group success that inflames mobs in such disparate times

and places, not to mention mass-murdering governments in Nazi Germany or the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia? We can speculate about the reasons but there is no escaping the reality. Groups that lag behind have often blamed their lags on wrong-doing by groups that are more successful. Intellectuals have all too often been in the vanguard of those promoting envy and resentment of the successful. This has been especially true of people with degrees but without any economically meaningful skills that would create the kinds of rewards they expected or felt entitled to. Such people have been prominent as both leaders and followers of groups promoting anti-Semitic policies in Europe between the two World Wars, tribalism in Africa and changing Sri Lanka from a country once renowned for its intergroup harmony to a nation that descended into ethnic violence and then a decadeslong civil war with unspeakable atrocities. Such intellectuals have inflamed group against group, promoting discrimination and/or physical

World Wide Web: To Sound Off: E-mail: email: Circulation 287-6111 Classified Adv. 287-6147

violence in such disparate countries as India, Hungary, Nigeria, Czechoslovakia and Canada. Both the intellectuals’ theory of genetic determinism as the reason for group differences in outcomes and their opposite theory of discrimination as the reason have created racial and ethnic polarization. So has the idea that it must be one or the other. The false dichotomy that it must be one or the other leaves more successful groups with a choice between arrogance and guilt. It leaves less successful groups with the choice of believing that they are inherently inferior for all time or else that they are victims of the malice of others. When innumerable factors make equal outcomes virtually impossible, reducing those factors to genes or malice is a formula for needless and dangerous polarization, whose consequences have often been written in blood across the pages of history. (Daily Corinthian columnist Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305.)

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5 • Daily Corinthian

Nation Briefs Associated Press

Portman illustrates changing GOP WASHINGTON — A Republican senator’s embrace of gay marriage is the latest sign of soul-searching in a party struggling to adapt in a society whose demographics — and views on emotional issues — are changing fast. Gay marriage still divides the party, with the conservative wing strongly opposed. But an increasing number of Republicans, now including Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, are reversing course. Many others simply downplay the subject. With the issue of immigration also shifting rapidly under Republicans’ feet, they seem increasingly focused — and united — on one overarching goal: keeping income taxes from rising. Their solidarity on that issue is thwarting President Barack Obama’s efforts to find a compromise approach to deficit spending and expensive social programs. These trends raise the possibility that the GOP — reeling after losing the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections — will lessen its identity with hot-button social issues and sharpen its emphasis on tax and spending matters. Portman announced Friday that he now supports gay marriage, linking his stand to learning that one of his sons is gay.

North Dakota OKs strict abortion laws BISMARCK, N.D. — North Dakota on Friday moved one step closer to adopting what would be the most restrictive abortion laws in the country, with lawmakers sending the Republican governor measures that could set the state up for a costly legal battle over the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized the procedure. The North Dakota Senate approved two anti-abortion bills Friday, one banning abortions as early as six weeks into a pregnancy and another prohibiting the procedure because of genetic defects such as Down syndrome. If the governor signs the measures, North Dakota would be the only state in the U.S. with those laws. Supporters said their goal is to challenge the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that legalized abortion up until a fetus is considered viable, usually at 22 to 24 weeks, though anti-abortion activists elsewhere have expressed concern about

the strategy. “It’s a good day for babies,” said Rep. Bette Grande, a Republican from Fargo who introduced both bills. The state’s only abortion clinic is in Fargo, and abortion-rights advocates say the measures are meant to shut it down. Gov. Jack Dalrymple hasn’t said anything to indicate he won’t approve the measures.

Maryland moves to ban death penalty ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Maryland lawmakers approved a measure abolishing the death penalty on Friday, and the bill is expected to be signed by the Democratic governor who has long pushed for banning capital punishment in the state. If the measure is signed by Gov. Martin O’Malley, it will make Maryland the 18th state in the nation to do away with the death penalty. A repeal bill won final passage from the House of Delegates on Friday. It already had been approved by the Senate. The House advanced the legislation this week after delegates rejected nearly 20 amendments, mostly from Republicans, aimed at keeping capital punishment for the most heinous crimes. If passed, life without the possibility of parole would be the most severe sentence in the state.

Abuse victims want pope to take action LOS ANGELES — Most Roman Catholics are rejoicing at the election of Pope Francis, but alleged victims of clergy abuse in the U.S. are demanding swift and bold actions from the new Jesuit pontiff: Defrock all molester priests and the cardinals who covered up for them, formally apologize, and release all confidential church files. Adding to their distrust are several multimillion dollar settlements the Jesuits paid out in recent years, including $166 million to more than 450 Native Alaskan and Native American abuse victims in 2011 for molestation at Jesuit-run schools across the Pacific

State Briefs

Northwest. The settlement bankrupted the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus. The order also paid $14 million to settle nine California cases. “I would like to see this pope stand up and say to those cardinals, ‘You need to square this away and change everything that was covered up,’ “ said Ken Smolka, a 70-yearold retired actor who claimed in a lawsuit he was abused as a teen by a Jesuit priest. “You need to get them on their knees, and let them spend the rest of their lives on their knees praying for the victims.” Pope Francis, who has already set the tone for a new era of humility and compassion, is likely to be sensitive to the plight of clergy abuse victims and aware of the need to work with the worldwide church to prevent more abuse, said Christopher Ruddy, an associate professor at Catholic University of America. Meting out punishment to individual cardinals, however, is much less likely, Ruddy said. “My sense is that if a bishop really wanted to dig in his heels, it would be very difficult to get him to resign. We have this idea that the pope says something, and everybody just leaps. It doesn’t really work that way,” Ruddy said. “The bishops themselves have certain rights under church law and they have authority, so that’s a hard thing to talk about.”

Associated Press

Districts to make up lost tornado day JACKSON — Three schools districts will have to make up a school day lost after Feb. 10 tornadoes, the state Board of Education decided Friday. The Hattiesburg, Lamar County and Wayne County school districts had asked the board for permission to teach students for fewer than 180 days this year, the minimum required by state law, but the request was denied. The Hattiesburg district was closed for three school days after the storms, while the Lamar County district was closed for two and the Wayne County district for one. Hattiesburg and Lamar County each made up one day by holding school on Presidents Day, Feb. 18. They asked to have the remaining time waived. Wayne County hasn’t made up its missed day. “My personal feeling is that we ought to ask those districts to make these days up,” board member Howell Gage of Vicksburg said Thursday. The board agreed to waive an extra day that Lamar County’s Oak Grove High School was closed. Department of Education staff member Paula Vanderford told board members that school districts had a “great deal of flexibility” to skip days after Hurricane Katrina struck during the 2005-06 school year. She said the department had denied requests to skip days districts lost to Hurricane Isaac, which struck this past August. Lamar County Superintendent Ben Burnett said his district has already made up three weather days that it was closed this year, including one for the tornado and two for the hurricane. The Petal district was closed one day after the tornado but made it up.

Obama makes push for clean-energy LEMONT, Ill. — Envisioning cars that can go “coast to coast without using a drop of oil,” President Barack Obama on Friday urged Congress to authorize spending $2 billion over the next decade to expand research into electric cars and biofuels to wean automobiles off gasoline. Obama, expanding on an initiative he addressed in his State of the Union speech last month, said the United States must shift its cars and trucks entirely off oil to avoid perpetual fluctuations in gas prices. Citing policies that already require


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JACKSON — In the most obese state in the nation, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant says he’ll sign a new law to prevent cities or counties from banning extra-large soft drinks or requiring restaurants to list calorie counts on menus. Some lawmakers call Senate Bill 2687 the “anti-Bloomberg” bill as a jab at New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who tried to limit super-size sodas. Bryant, a Republican, says he opposes local restrictions because he sees them as “nanny state” interference into private business practices. Health advocates urged Bryant to veto the bill, but he says it’s up to consumers, not government, to make healthful food choices. Bloomberg said Friday on WOR radio in New York that the Mississippi bill is “ridiculous” and life expectancy in the Southern state is shorter because of obesity.

COLUMBUS — A Lowndes woman has been sentenced to five years in prison for having sex with two teenagers. A jury found 35-yearold Christy McGough guilty Thursday of two counts of sexual battery. Circuit Judge Lee Howard sentenced her to concurrent 10-year sentences but suspended five years of each term. That means she’ll serve five years. She also will be on post-release supervision for five years. Prosecutors say the two teenagers told authorities they had sex with McGough in her home in the spring of 2011. They were each 15 at the time. One of the alleged victims was living with the McGough. McGough was arrested in May of 2011 after the two teens were found at her home after she checked them out of school.

Harrison tough on habitual offenders BILOXI — A South Mississippi district attorney is making it a priority to stop the revolving door that plagues the justice system. Harrison County District Attorney Joel Smith tell WLOX TV it’s frustrating to see offenders convicted and sentenced, only to be released and a short time later re-arrested, then starting the process all over again. John Cooper, Timothy Lott, and Troy Carter pleaded guilty last month in separate drug cases. All three men had at least two prior felony convictions and all were sentenced as habitual Please see STATE | 6


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Governor: No bans on XL food portions

Woman gets 5 years for sexual battery

CLEVELAND — Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is looking into the fatal shooting of a man by a Bolivar County deputy during an auto burglary investigation. The Bolivar Commercial reports that the deputy involved in Wednesday’s incident has not

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been identified. Sheriff Kelvin Williams says the incident began when seven people were allegedly caught breaking into vehicles at local automotive shop. He says the fled the scene and were stopped by the deputy on a back road east of U.S. Highway 61 north of Cleveland. Williams says 20-yearold Willie Lee Bingham Jr. was shot by the deputy after allegedly resisting arrest and being armed. Bingham was pronounced dead on the scene. Six other suspects were arrested and charged each with three counts of felony auto burglary.

6 arrested, 1 dead in burglary incident

Please see NATION | 6

THE CALL (R) 1:35 4:35 7:25 9:40 THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE (PG13) 1:15 4:15 7:10 9:30 3-D OZ: THE GREAT & POWERFUL (PG) 1:30 4:30 7:35NP OZ: THE GREAT & POWERFUL (NON 3-D) (PG) 1:00 4:00 7:00 9:50NP DEAD MAN DOWN (R) 1:15 4:15 7:15 9:55NP 3-D JACK THE GIANT SLAYER (PG13) 4:10 9:40 JACK THE GIANT SLAYER (NON 3-D) (PG13) 1:10 7:05 THE LAST EXORCISM PART II (PG13) 1:20 4:20 7:10 9:25 SNITCH (PG13) 1:05 4:05 7:05 9:35 SAFE HAVEN (PG13) 1:20 4:20 7:20 9:55 IDENTITY THIEF (R) 1:25 4:25 7:25 9:50

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6 • Saturday, March 16, 2013 • Daily Corinthian

Deaths Neal Claunch

BURNSVILLE — Neal Claunch, 60, died Friday, March 15, 2013, at his residence. Visitation is Sunday from 5 until 8 p.m. at Cutshall Funeral Home - Glen.

Greg Lindsey

Greg Lindsey died Friday, March 15, 2013, at Magnolia Regional Health Center. Arrangements are pending with McPeters Inc. Funeral Directors.

Thomas E. Minga Sr.

IUKA — Thomas E. Minga Sr., 91, died Friday, March 15, 2013, at Baptist Memorial Hospital - DeSoto. Visitation is Wednesday from 4 until 7 p.m. at Cutshall Funeral Home - Iuka.

Alice Dailey

BURNSVILLE — Funeral services for Alice Faye Lambert Dailey, 66, are set for 3 p.m. Sunday at Cutshall Funeral Home Chapel in Glen with burial at Love Joy Cemetery. Mrs. Dailey died Thursday, March 14, 2013, at North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo. Born Feb. 23, 1947, she was a hairdresser for more than 40 years. Survivors include her husband, James Dailey of Burnsville; a son, Chip Robinson of Nashville, Tenn.; two stepchildren, Gimece Vandiver of Burnsville and Craig Dailey of Holly Springs; one sister, Verda Pullman of Corinth; two brothers, Ray Lambert of Corinth and Charles Lambert of Iuka; three grandchildren, Trey, Joey and Tristen Robinson; three step-grandchildren, Sabrina Wilson, Dakota Dailey and Brandi Vandiver; one great-grandchild; and two step-greatgrandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents, Wiley and Alice Lambert; two sisters, Aileen Maness and Joyce Lambert; and two brothers, Kenneth and Mackie Lambert. John Hardwick will officiate the service. Visitation is today from 4 until 8 p.m.

A.C. Dickey

A graveside service for A.C. Dickey, 83, is set for 4 p.m. today at Spring Hill Cemetery near Selmer. Mr. Dickey died Thursday, March 14, 2013, in Ramer, Tenn. Born in Stantonville, Tenn., on Aug. 4, 1929, he was a farmer and a former employee of Brown Shoe Company in Selmer, Townhouse Mobile Home Company in Selmer, and ITT in Corinth, where he was a security guard. Survivors include three daughters, Louise Dickey of Guys, Tenn., Patty McLemore (Marty) of Jackson, Tenn., and Tina Robertson (Ray) of Guys; four sons, Larry Dickey (Cindy) of Corinth, Anthony Dickey (Ganevia) of Guys, Jerry Dickey of Guys and Jeff Dickey (Phyllis) of Ripley; 22 grandchildren; and 31 great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents, Willie D. and Ella B. Hopkins Dickey; two sisters, Dorothy Shelton and Myrtle Brown; a brother, Mancil Dickey; and one great-grandchild. Bro. Keith Driskell will officiate the service. Visitation is from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. at Shackelford Funeral Home of Selmer.

Rev. Donald McGaughy

Funeral services for the Rev. Donald Eugene McGaughy, 73, of Corinth, are set for 2 p.m. Sunday at Life Tabernacle Pentecostal Church with burial at Henry Cemetery. The Rev. McGaughy died Friday, March 15, 2013, at Magnolia Regional Health Center. Born in Booneville on Oct. 1, 1939, he was the pastor and a

member of Life Tabernacle Pentecostal Church. He was a pastor for 50 years, establishing four churches and preaching across the country. Survivors include his wife of 57 years, Dorothy M. McGaughy; one son, the McGaughy Rev. Jonathan Eugene McGaughy (Jennifer); two daughters, Shelia Burcham (Donald Joe) and Sharon Mason (Carroll); seven grandchildren, Miranda Austin (Randy), Donna Kay Burcham, Carroll Eugene Mason III (Holly), Chasity Spring Goodman (Max), Brooke Rickman (Alex), Lanie McGaughy and Isaac McGaughy; eight great-grandchildren; and one great-great-granddaughter. He was preceded in death by his father, Lester McGaughy; his mother, Gladys Evelyn (Chase) McGaughy; one brother, Billy Dean McGaughy; and a sister, Fairy Donnee Wolfe. The Rev. Jonathan Eugene McGaughy and the Rev. Johnny Stepp will officiate the service. Visitation is today from 3 until 10 p.m. and Sunday from 12 noon until service time at the church. Magnolia Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

‘Ernie’ Stanfield

POCAHONTAS, Tenn. — Funeral services for James Earnest “Ernie” Stanfield, 64, are set for 2 p.m. today at Shackelford Funeral Directors of Selmer with burial at Ramer Cemetery. Mr. Stanfield died Wednesday, March 13, 2013, at his home. Born Nov. 19, 1948, in McNairy County, he was a residential contractor. Survivors include a daughter, Angela Childers (Terry) of Ramer, Tenn.; one son, Kenneth Stanfield (Mary) of Bethel Springs, Tenn.; three sisters, Eleanor Gibson of Rolla, Mo., Elizabeth Miller of Tiskilwa, Ill., and Elaine Stanfield of Rolla, Mo.; two brothers, Tom Stanfield and Frank Stanfield, both of Ramer; five grandchildren, Billy Childers, Laura Beth Childers, Lindsey Childers, Lydia Childers and Buford J. Stanfield; and one great-grandchild. He was preceded in death by his parents, Buford Earl Stanfield and Essie Lee (Lowrance) Stanfield; two sisters, Julean Commer and Jane Bogatitus; and two brothers, Payton Stanfield and Mac Stanfield. Visitation was Friday evening.

Phillip Wilkins

Phillip David Wilkins, 42, of Corinth, died Thursday, March 14, 2013, at his home. Visitation was Friday evening and private burial will be today at Valley of the Dogwood Cemetery. Born June 3, 1970, he was a construction worker and ceramic tile installer. Survivors include his Wilkins father, Charles David Wilkins; his mother, Margaret (Phillips) Wilkins; one brother, Joey Wilkins (Jessica); and his grandmother, Edna Phillips. He was preceded in death by his paternal grandparents, Norman and Lillian Wilkins, and his maternal grandfather, Alton Phillips. Memorial contributions may be made to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in honor of Eric Wilkins. Magnolia Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Obituary Policy All obituaries (complete and incomplete) will be due no later than 4 p.m. on the day prior to its publication. Obituaries will only be accepted from funeral homes. All obituaries must contain a signature of the family member making the funeral arrangements.

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King & Queen Mississippi Care Center of Alcorn County introduces this year’s King and Queen for February — Helen and Baxter Settlemires.


offenders. A habitual offender conviction means an inmate is not eligible for early release and not allowed to become a trusty. Harrison County has sent 317 people to prison as habitual offenders.

MDOT to widen Highway 90 OCEAN SPRINGS — The Mississippi Department of Transportation is in the initial stages of a planned widening of U.S. Highway 90 to six lanes from Ocean Springs to Gautier. MDOT engineer Kelly Castleberry told The Mississippi Press on Thursday that surveyors have begun surveying the roughly 11 mile stretch of U.S. 90 -- the only area of U.S. 90 not already six lanes. Castleberry says there is no time frame as yet for when the project will begin. Once begun, Castleberry estimates the project would take 18-24 months to complete.

Annexation of land approved by judge OXFORD — A Lafayette County judge has ruled that the land that a company has selected

as the location of its new $300 million hospital will be included in the Oxford city limits. Since Chancery Judge Ed Roberts approved the annexation last month, some objectors have dropped out of the case, but three others — Kenneth F. Farrell, James Morris and Terry Joe Blount — filed an appeal to have the case reviewed by the Mississippi State Supreme Court. Baptist Memorial Hospital-North Mississippi plans to build on the 160-acre site located south of Mississippi Highway 6. The petition to include the land inside the city limits was filed in February by the previous owners Bob and Beth King who sold the property to Baptist to use for its new hospital. Baptist, part of a Memphis, Tenn.--based health care network, joined the petition so that the new hospital could receive fire and police protection and city water and sewer services. Bill Henning, CEO and administrator for Baptist, said the decision by the judge was an important step in the hospital’s plans to build a larger, more advanced facility. Baptist did not need the annexation to build its hospital. Even if Rob-

erts ruled differently, it would not have stopped the health care corporation from building its new hospital.

tion to what the White House says is one of Obama’s top agenda items for his second term. That focus, however, has been overshadowed as the administration and Congress work on an immigration overhaul, gun legislation and deficit-reduction measures.

on nuclear weapons and missiles. In announcing the decision, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said he is determined to ensure protection of the U.S. homeland and stay ahead of the North Korean missile threat. He acknowledged that the interceptors already in place to defend against potential North Korean missile launches have had poor test performances. “We will strengthen our homeland defense, maintain our commitment to our allies and partners, and make clear to the world that the United States stands firm against aggression,” Hagel said. The Pentagon intends to add the 14 interceptors to 26 already in place at Fort Greely, Alaska. That will expand the system’s ability to shoot down long-range missiles in flight before they could reach U.S. territory. In addition to those at Greely, the U.S. also has four missile interceptors at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. Hagel said the 14 extras should be in place by September 2017 but will not be deployed until they have been adequately tested.

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automakers to increase gas mileage, he said he expects that by the middle of the next decade, Americans will only have to fill up their cars half as often. “We’ve set some achievable but ambitious goals,” Obama said, speaking at Argonne National Laboratory outside Chicago “The only way to break this cycle of spiking gas prices — the only way to break that cycle for good — is to shift our cars entirely, our cars and trucks, off oil,” the president said. Friday’s speech, with its focus on energy, was designed to draw atten-

Pentagon beefs up missile defense WASHINGTON — The Pentagon announced Friday it will spend $1 billion to add 14 interceptors to a West Coast-based missile defense system, responding to what it called faster-than-anticipated North Korean progress

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POPLARVILLE — More than a dozen people have been arrested and more are being sought for a fraudulently acquiring prescription medication from a doctor who no longer has a license. Picayune police, Pearl River County deputies and federal and state narcotics agencies began making arrests this week. Those arrested have been charged with fraudulent acquisition of a controlled substance. Picayune Police Capt. Jeremy Magri said that those arrested and other being sought obtained the prescriptions from former Dr. Je Song, who was sentenced in 2012 to more than 11 years in prison for writing and selling illegal prescriptions. Prosecutors said that Song wrote more than 1,000 prescriptions in less than a year — mostly at Gulf Coast casino hotels. Authorities said Song, a former Stone County surgeon, wrote prescriptions for controlled substances, including the painkillers oxycodone and hydrocodone.


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Illegal prescriptions lead to arrests

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ACROSS 1 Relinquish power 9 Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll knock you out 15 Major influence in â&#x20AC;&#x2122;60s music 17 Is subjected to a series of attacks 18 Disturb 19 Even though 20 Be off 21 Like Walter Mitty 22 Spinal column? 23 __-dieu 24 Base address 25 To the point 26 â&#x20AC;&#x153;In bad company,â&#x20AC;? to Bierce 27 Right triangle ratio 28 Renders less dangerous, in a way 30 Brightly colored silica 32 No mere joy 33 Antarctic expedition vehicles 35 Three-sect. exam 36 Deck out 37 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cattleâ&#x20AC;? or â&#x20AC;&#x153;Reddishâ&#x20AC;? wader 39 Lulu 42 River to the Gulf of Finland 43 Bigwig in big oil 44 San Francisco Giants closer Sergio 45 Onetime cohort of Eazy-E 46 Dance named for a horseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s gait 47 ACC team with a turtle mascot 48 Mideast pearlshaped pasta 51 Out of character 52 â&#x20AC;&#x153;__ & Julietâ&#x20AC;?: 2011 animated film 53 Kentucky Derby wreath DOWN 1 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Fringeâ&#x20AC;? cocreator J.J. 2 Sultanate on the South China Sea 3 Many dates involve one

4 Words of consolation 5 Irving or Norman, e.g. 6 Silent butler contents 7 It can be exciting to get down to it 8 Round numbers 9 Elementary seed 10 Philatelistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s purchase 11 Lobby extension? 12 Banking aids 13 Worn-down jewelry? 14 Steaks and chops, say 16 Threw out on the basepaths, in baseball lingo 22 Precept 23 Braid 25 Colossus 26 Key of Chopinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Heroic Polonaiseâ&#x20AC;? 27 Pelvic bones 29 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Breakfast at Tiffanyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;sâ&#x20AC;? co-star 30 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Anne of the Thousand Daysâ&#x20AC;? playwright Maxwell

31 Approach 33 Carpenterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s activity 34 Keep from escaping 35 Suggest 38 Apron wearer 39 Like sponges 40 Sullied 41 Western outfits

43 One of Mowgliâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mentors in â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Jungle Bookâ&#x20AC;? 44 Page 5, say, usually 46 Modern map element 47 Member of an old Russian line 49 Goal 50 __ so weiter: Berlinerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;et ceteraâ&#x20AC;?


Beetle Bailey

Wizard of Id



Baby Blues

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith

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Saturday, March 16, 2013


8 â&#x20AC;˘ Daily Corinthian


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A-B-C-D AES Corp dd AK Steel dd ASML Hld ... AbtLab s 9 AbbVie n ... Accenture 20 ActivsBliz 15 AdobeSy 25 AMD dd Aeropostl 20 Aetna 11 Affymax dd AkamaiT 31 AlcatelLuc ... Alcoa 48 Allstate 11 AlphaNRs dd AlpAlerMLP q AlteraCp lf 21 Altria 16 Amazon dd AMovilL 19 ACapAgy 11 AmCapLtd 5 AEagleOut 18 AmExp 17 AmIntlGrp 26 ARltCapPr dd Amgen 17 Anadarko 18 AnalogDev 22 Annaly 9 Anworth 9 Apache 15 ApolloGrp 5 Apple Inc 10 ApldMatl cc ArcelorMit dd ArchCoal dd ArchDan 15 ArenaPhm dd ArmourRsd 8 AstexPhm 50 Atmel 99 AuRico g 13 AutoData 22 AvagoTch 16 Avon dd BGC Ptrs 14 BRFBrasil ... Baidu 18 BakrHu 16 BcoBrad pf ... BcoSBrasil ... BkofAm 48 BkNYMel 14 Barclay ... BariPVix rs q BarrickG 8 Baxter 17 BedBath 14 BerkH B 17 BestBuy dd Blackstone 52 BlockHR 24 Boeing 17 BostonSci dd BrigusG g 9 BrMySq 33 Broadcom 28 BrcdeCm 26 Buenavent 7 CA Inc 13 CBRE Grp 21 CBS B 20 CME Grp s 11 CMS Eng 19 CNH Gbl 9 CSX 13 CVS Care 18 CYS Invest 5 CblvsnNY 16 CabotO&G cc Calpine 47 Cameron 22 CdnNRs gs ... CapOne 9 CapitlSrce 17 Carlisle 17 Carnival 21 Celgene 34 CelldexTh dd Cemex ... Cemig pf s ... CenterPnt 24 CentEuro h dd CntryLink 27 CheniereEn dd ChesEng dd Chicos 17 Chimera 9 CienaCorp dd CinciBell cc Cirrus 10 Cisco 13 Citigroup 15 CleanEngy dd CliffsNRs dd Coach 14 CobaltIEn dd ColgPal 22 ColonyFncl 17 Comerica 14 CmwREIT 41 ComstkRs dd ConAgra 22 ConocPhil s 10 ConsolEngy 20 ConstellA 21 Corning 11 Cosan Ltd ... Costco 23 CSVelIVSt q CSVS2xVx rs q CypSemi dd DCT Indl dd DDR Corp dd DR Horton 9 Danaher 19 Darling 17 DeanFds 22 Delcath dd Delek 9 DelphiAuto 13 DeltaAir 13 DenburyR 14 Dndreon dd DevonE dd DirecTV 12 DrxFnBull q DirSCBear q DirFnBear q DirDGldBll q DirxSCBull q Discover 10 DishNetwk 25 Disney 19 DollarGen 18 DomRescs 49 DonlleyRR 7 DowChm 48 DryShips dd DuPont 17 DukeEn rs 19 DukeRlty dd Dynavax dd Dynegy n ...

12.50 3.61 70.83 34.14 38.50 76.60 14.65 41.38 2.60 13.75 50.87 3.03 34.69 1.50 8.63 47.98 8.65 17.15 35.16 33.68 261.82 18.62 33.12 14.98 20.38 66.09 38.97 14.09 91.81 85.35 45.53 15.66 6.27 75.68 16.94 443.66 13.31 14.81 5.84 33.00 8.03 6.37 3.99 6.90 6.67 64.48 36.00 20.10 4.49 21.77 85.08 47.96 18.64 7.65 12.57 28.85 19.23 20.51 28.62 69.41 60.93 102.79 21.45 20.89 27.51 86.43 7.39 .80 38.96 34.65 6.05 25.06 25.44 24.93 46.76 63.14 27.44 42.10 24.02 53.58 12.11 14.08 67.06 20.16 66.66 32.93 55.19 9.68 69.51 34.95 112.40 12.06 12.41 12.97 23.41 .38 34.37 24.98 22.46 17.89 3.18 16.99 3.28 23.46 21.93 47.26 14.39 22.09 50.41 26.61 112.08 23.10 36.77 22.90 18.00 34.97 59.07 33.91 45.75 12.92 20.93 101.75 23.22 3.92 11.30 7.42 17.46 24.34 62.65 18.73 18.40 1.66 39.23 43.28 16.00 18.61 5.41 58.06 54.99 168.46 9.26 10.32 5.41 89.53 44.14 35.15 57.58 48.18 56.79 11.02 33.81 1.97 49.90 69.95 17.02 2.16 22.90

E-F-G-H E-Trade eBay EMC Cp Eaton EldorGld g ElectArts EmersonEl EmpDist EnCana g Enersis rt ENSCO Ericsson ExcoRes Exelis Exelon ExpScripts ExxonMbl FLIR Sys Facebook n FedExCp FidNatInfo Fifth&Pac

dd 10.66 25 50.41 21 25.35 16 62.57 21 9.49 dd 18.88 21 57.59 17 21.81 15 20.34 ... .02 12 59.49 ... 13.28 dd 7.68 6 11.09 24 33.39 32 59.77 9 89.37 18 26.00 cc 26.65 18 109.07 18 38.30 dd 18.80

Chg FifthThird 10 16.61 FstHorizon dd 11.18 FstNiagara 41 8.65 dd 26.61 -.07 FstSolar 18 42.10 +.05 FirstEngy q 25.57 -.98 Flx3yrTips 9 6.83 -1.00 Flextrn 13 32.36 +.94 FootLockr dd 17.31 -1.66 ForestCA 15 6.35 -.38 ForestOil 11 33.80 -.24 FMCG 4.09 -.03 FrontierCm 31 dd 1.35 -.76 FurnBrds 20 51.10 -.36 GATX ... 3.72 -.03 Gafisa SA 16 36.39 +.03 Gap -.02 GenDynam dd 69.91 dd 19.88 +.08 GenGrPrp 17 46.24 -.22 GenMills +.34 GenMotors 10 28.21 Genworth 11 10.49 ... 7.69 -.45 Gerdau -.12 GileadSci s 28 45.17 3.34 -3.92 GluMobile dd ... 8.06 -.75 GoldFLtd 18 32.44 -.08 Goldcrp g GoldStr g dd 1.70 -.13 -.41 GoldmanS 14 154.84 cc 7.36 +.71 GrLkDrge dd 5.39 -.05 Groupon 11 37.92 -.11 HCA Hldg 26 48.68 -.37 HCP Inc 7.16 +.16 HalconRes dd 15 41.90 -.98 Hallibrtn ... 6.56 +.17 HarmonyG 12 26.30 +.03 HartfdFn 15 12.26 +.20 HltMgmt 4.15 +.19 Heckmann dd 85 4.23 +11.16 HeclaM Heinz 24 72.50 -.37 dd 7.30 -.20 HercOffsh dd 6.19 +.26 Hersha 39 21.28 +.09 Hertz 11 72.51 -.08 Hess dd 22.18 +.10 HewlettP 4.21 -.30 HimaxTch 18 6 52.91 -.10 HollyFront 23 69.05 +.13 HomeDp -.54 HopFedBc 28 10.76 cc 32.25 -.66 Hospira cc 17.73 -.29 HostHotls HovnanE dd 5.99 +.01 7.51 -.16 HuntBncsh 10 13 19.04 -1.25 Huntsmn +.74 I-J-K-L +.01 8 6.92 +.06 IAMGld g q 15.48 +.46 iShGold iShBraz q 55.73 -.14 q 19.58 -.07 iSh HK q 10.64 -.02 iShJapn iSTaiwn q 13.35 +.03 q 27.80 -.65 iShSilver iShChina25 q 37.44 +.17 -1.20 iSCorSP500 q 157.37 q 42.77 -.05 iShEMkts q 115.76 +.26 iShB20 T iS Eafe q 59.87 -.42 iSR1KG q 70.92 +1.81 iShR2K q 94.75 -.13 iSUSAMinV q 31.97 +.05 iShREst q 69.26 +.48 ITW 12 62.23 -.56 IngrmM 10 20.14 -.03 IBM 15 214.92 +.06 IntlGame 18 17.02 -.08 IntPap 23 45.66 -.27 Interpublic 16 13.31 -.19 Invesco 17 29.13 +.06 InvMtgCap 8 21.52 +.09 ItauUnibH ... 17.96 -1.95 JDS Uniph dd 15.22 +.16 JPMorgCh 10 50.02 +.32 JanusCap 16 9.71 -.07 JetBlue 17 6.72 +.34 JohnJn 20 79.19 -1.20 JohnsnCtl 15 34.97 -.02 JnprNtwk 56 20.17 +.14 KB Home dd 20.29 +.36 KLA Tnc 13 52.65 +.68 KennWils dd 15.52 +.08 KeryxBio dd 7.32 -.34 KeyEngy 13 8.77 -.78 Keycorp 11 10.11 -1.88 KindMorg 54 36.40 -.06 KindrM wt ... 4.40 +.37 Kinross g dd 7.91 +.21 KodiakO g 20 9.45 +1.57 Kohls 12 49.32 -.06 KraftFGp n ... 50.27 -.38 KrispKrm 43 14.54 -.22 LKQ Cp s 24 21.09 -.06 LSI Corp 33 6.86 -.32 LamResrch 73 41.66 -.02 LVSands 29 53.59 -.11 LennarA 13 41.77 -.04 LeucNatl 8 27.25 -.15 LexRltyTr dd 11.88 +.34 LillyEli 15 55.13 -.20 Limited 15 45.21 -.09 LincNat 7 33.44 +.39 LinearTch 21 37.72 +.42 LockhdM 11 92.74 -.19 Lorillard s 14 39.39 -1.76 LaPac cc 21.69 +1.04 LyonBas A 13 64.01 -.01 M-N-O-P +.93 +2.04 MBIA 2 11.97 -.13 MEMC dd 4.53 -.45 MFA Fncl 11 9.18 +.20 MGIC dd 4.91 +1.04 MGM Rsts dd 13.16 +.11 Macys 13 41.78 -.37 MagHRes dd 4.07 -1.16 MannKd dd 3.38 MarathnO 16 35.07 +.01 MarathPet 9 87.93 -.04 MktVGold q 37.34 +.03 MV OilSvc q 43.87 +.01 MktVJrGld q 16.85 -.19 MarshM 17 37.09 +.05 MartMM 44 103.57 +.36 MarvellT 18 10.70 Masco dd 19.96 -.10 Mattel 19 42.14 -.89 MaximIntg 26 32.85 +.03 McDrmInt 13 11.29 -.28 McEwenM dd 2.75 -.18 MeadJohn 25 73.35 -.14 Mechel ... 5.69 +.38 MedProp 23 15.48 +2.39 Medtrnic 13 45.42 +.72 MelcoCrwn 39 20.55 +.04 Merck 20 44.09 -.07 MetLife 36 40.20 +.05 MetroPCS 11 10.38 -.25 MKors ... 57.38 +1.29 MicronT dd 9.37 +.92 Microsoft 15 28.04 -.17 MobileTele 40 20.56 dd 6.19 -.59 Molycorp 33 28.41 +.44 Mondelez 25 104.24 +.01 Monsanto +.14 MonstrBev 26 48.38 cc 23.59 +.05 MorgStan 15 62.69 -.02 Mosaic 5.92 +.02 MuellerWat dd 18 30.47 +.21 Mylan dd 4.62 -.07 NII Hldg dd 9.18 +.89 NPS Phm NRG Egy 12 26.09 NXP Semi ... 31.21 -.20 Nabors cc 17.24 -1.39 NBGreece ... .00 -.27 NOilVarco 12 70.53 -.60 NavideaBio dd 2.67 +.08 NetApp 25 34.56 -.46 Nevsun g 5 3.86 +.07 NwGold g 27 9.41 +.02 NewOriEd 21 16.02 +.34 NY CmtyB 12 14.22 -.01 Newcastle 4 11.56 -.51 NewellRub 19 25.51 -.03 NewfldExp 13 24.11 -.07 NewmtM 12 39.68 +.05 NewsCpA 18 30.36 +.91 NewsCpB 18 30.80 +1.18 NiSource 21 28.28 -.46 NikeB s 23 54.78 -.19 NobleCorp 18 37.82 -.40 NokiaCp ... 3.43 +.23 NorthropG 9 68.80 -.27 NStarRlt dd 9.65 -.10 NuanceCm 14 18.57

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+.24 -.05 +.06 -.65 +.42 +.03 -.07 -.64 +.39 +.20 +.64 -.01 +.24 +.01 -.33 -.18 +.26 +.02 -.18 +.05 -.01 -.17 -.71 +.43 +.15 +.01 +.05 +.82 -1.62 +.31 -.53 -.22 -.19 -.64 +.13 -.16 -.01 -.17 +.06 -.05 +.20 +.08 -.26 +.54 +.25 +.29 +.43 -1.19 -.15 +.51 +.21 +.15 +.01 -.14 +.22 +.03 -.29 -.25 +.10 -.18 -.00 -.32 -.18 -.39 +.54 +.12 -.14 -.05 -.10 +.03 +.98 +.12 -.88 -.29 -.24 -.07 +.30 -.07 -.01 -.04 -.98 -.07 -.13 +.09 +.04 -.34 -.23 -2.28 -.28 -.05 +.24 +.11 -.55 -.03 -.03 -.15 +.24 -.20 -.41 -.55 -.19 -.76 +.27 -.17 +.07 -.04 +.06 +.33 -.03 -.71 +.20 -.27 -.21 -.76 -.36 -.24 +.01 -.04 -.09 -.37 +.02 -.17 +.31 +.23 +.09 +.23 +.27 +.04 -1.14 -.16 -.31 -.16 -.46 -.01 +.03 +.65 +.52 +.46 -.53 -.22 -.18 +.02 +.09 -.67 -.32 -.10 -.24 +.20 -.12 +.14 +1.25 +.79 +.35 +.04 -.54 +.02 +.31 +.22 -.33 +.56 -.00 +1.74 -.24 +.05 +.18 +.01 +1.24 +.01 +.09 -.33 -.06 +.09 -.29 -.19 -.07 +.09 +.45 -.04 +1.26 -.01 -.84

Nucor Nvidia OcciPet OfficeDpt Oi SA s OnSmcnd OpkoHlth Oracle Orexigen PG&E Cp PNC PPG PPL Corp Pandora PattUTI PeabdyE Pengrth g PennWst g PeopUtdF PetrbrsA Petrobras Pfizer PhilipMor Phillips66 n PiperJaf PitnyBw Polycom PS SrLoan PwShs QQQ ProLogis ProUltSP PrUVxST rs ProctGam PrognicsPh ProgsvCp PrUShSP rs PrUShL20 rs Prudentl PSEG PulteGrp

28 46.60 14 12.64 15 83.67 dd 4.01 ... 3.47 dd 8.10 dd 7.83 17 36.34 dd 6.08 23 43.56 13 66.80 18 141.30 12 30.49 dd 14.10 13 25.38 47 21.84 ... 5.53 ... 11.63 19 13.55 ... 19.48 ... 17.81 15 28.02 18 91.37 10 64.15 19 39.55 7 15.24 cc 10.89 ... 25.06 q 68.51 cc 38.79 q 72.43 q 7.93 19 76.34 dd 4.36 17 25.13 q 44.49 q 68.29 64 60.41 13 33.28 39 20.75

+.17 -.11 -.73 -.04 -.10 -.22 +.29 +.04 -.04

How will you pay for      retirement? Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s talk.       Financial Advisor 605 Foote Street 1500 Harper Road Suite 1 Corinth, MS 38834 Corinth, MS 38834 662-287-4471 662-287-1409

+.40 +.17 +.16 +.58 +.12 +.22 +.41 -.09 +.06 -.80 -.14 -.27 +.33 -.19 -.13 -.19 -.04 -1.05 +.98 -.25 +.12 -.60 +.23 +.33 +.19

Brian S Langley Eric M Rutledge, AAMSÂŽ, CFPÂŽ Financial Advisor Financial Advisor 605 Foote Street 1500 Harper Road Suite 1 Corinth, MS 38834 Corinth, MS 38834 662-287-4471 662-287-1409

Bull runs

Q-R-S-T Qualcom QntmDSS QksilvRes RF MicD Rackspace RadianGrp Raytheon Renren Rentech RschMotn ReynAmer RiteAid RiverbedT RosettaR RylCarb RymanHP SAIC SLM Cp SpdrDJIA SpdrGold SP Mid S&P500ETF SpdrHome SpdrRetl SpdrOGEx SpdrMetM STEC Safeway Saks SanDisk SandRdge Schlmbrg Schwab SeadrillLtd SeagateT SealAir SelCmfrt SibanyeG n SiderurNac SilvWhtn g SkywksSol SmithfF Sonus SonyCp SwstAirl SwstnEngy SpectraEn SP Matls SP HlthC SP CnSt SP Consum SP Engy SP Inds SP Tech SP Util StdPac Staples Starbucks Starz A StateStr StlDynam StratHotels Stryker Suncor gs Suntech SunTrst SupEnrgy Supvalu SusqBnc Symantec Synovus Sysco TD Ameritr TJX TaiwSemi TalismE g Target TelefEsp Tellabs TeslaMot Tesoro TevaPhrm TexInst Textron ThomsonR 3D Sys s 3M Co TW Cable TimeWarn TollBros Transocn Travelers TriQuint TwoHrbInv Tyson


Brian S Langley Eric M Rutledge, AAMSÂŽ, CFPÂŽ Financial Advisor

+.54 -.93 +.28

17 dd dd dd 68 dd 10 dd cc 29 19 dd 45 17 17 dd 25 10 q q q q q q q q dd 10 34 33 dd 19 26 21 5 dd 14 ... ... 19 20 17 dd ... 22 dd 20 q q q q q q q q 6 dd 31 ... 14 21 dd 19 10 dd 8 12 dd 16 16 dd 18 20 18 ... ... 15 ... dd dd 11 17 22 16 15 54 17 16 18 12 dd 13 dd 13 15

64.98 -1.60 1.44 +.11 2.77 +.03 The Standard & Poorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 500 index has more than most severe. 4.98 +.16 Although the S&P 500 has taken longer than doubled in four years and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one good day away 51.28 -.01 average to return to its peak, corporate from reclaiming its record high set in October 10.04 -.34 profits have recovered more quickly. 2007. 57.93 +.61 Companies in the index saw their Since World War II, it has taken the 2.97 -.22 profits climb back to prior levels in S&P 500 an average of less than two 2.60 -.01 two years, compared with an years to fully recover from a bear 14.99 -.07 average of three and a half years market and return to its prior peak, following other bear markets, according to S&P Capital IQ. A 43.07 -.22 according to Deutsche Bank. bear market is when the index 1.92 +.06 The second steepest market decline falls 20 percent or more from 14.90 -.28 since WWII followed the dot-com peak to trough, which has 49.98 -.02 implosion of 2000-2002. It took a little more happened 12 times since 1945. 33.71 -.67 than four and a half years for the market to The marketâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 57 percent plummet 46.35 +.55 recover from a 49 percent loss. from October 2007 through March 2009 was the 12.53 +.24 19.92 +.02 Time it took for the S&P 500 144.82 -.21 Bear market Decline in the S&P 500 to return to prior peak 154.00 +.32 -29% 3 yr., 1 mo. 1946-47 207.64 -.35 -21 7 mo. 1948-49 155.83 -.21 11 mo. 29.70 -.07 -22 1956-57 70.34 -.24 14 mo. -28 1961-62 61.96 +.03 10 mo. -22 1966 41.20 +.40 1 yr., 9 mo. -36 1968-70 5.07 -.42 5 yr., 9 mo. -48 1973-74 24.91 +.53 3 mo. -27 1980-82 11.85 +.18 1 yr., 8 mo. 55.11 +.01 -34 1987 5.63 -.08 4 mo. -20 1990 79.40 +.65 4 yr., 8 mo. -49 2000-02 17.86 -.12 Average 1 yr., 11 mo. -31 37.58 +.45 35.35 -.54 4 yr.+ (ongoing) -57 2007-09 24.27 +.12 SOURCES: Deutsche Bank; S&P Capital IQ Stan Choe; J. Paschke â&#x20AC;˘ AP 19.67 +.36 5.96 -.18 4.95 -.16 30.40 -.24 NDEXES 21.74 -.56 52-Week Net YTD 52-wk 26.38 +.15 High Low Name Last Chg %Chg %Chg %Chg 2.51 -.08 17.26 +1.23 14,539.29 12,035.09 Dow Industrials 14,514.11 -25.03 -.17 +10.76 +9.68 12.38 -.17 6,281.29 4,795.28 Dow Transportation 6,272.67 -8.57 -.14 +18.20 +17.22 38.59 +.01 499.82 435.57 Dow Utilities 495.18 +3.39 +.69 +9.29 +9.17 28.95 +.15 9,128.89 7,222.88 NYSE Composite 9,116.68 -11.29 -.12 +7.97 +10.23 39.85 +.03 2,509.57 2,164.87 NYSE MKT 2,404.21 +20.18 +.85 +2.06 -.81 44.73 -.10 3,258.93 2,726.68 Nasdaq Composite 3,249.07 -9.86 -.30 +7.60 +6.34 38.49 -.18 1,563.32 1,266.74 S&P 500 1,560.70 -2.53 -.16 +9.43 +11.15 52.59 -.20 16,498.68 -29.14 -.18 +10.03 +11.67 79.60 -.06 16,527.99 13,248.92 Wilshire 5000 953.07 729.75 Russell 2000 952.48 -.59 -.06 +12.14 +14.73 41.97 +.03 30.20 -.13 38.13 +.25 14,600 Dow Jones industrials 8.60 -.05 13.40 -.10 Close: 14,514.11 14,280 57.66 -.02 Change: -25.03 (-0.2%) 20.94 +.25 13,960 10 DAYS 60.03 +.08 15,000 15.47 +.30 8.49 +.21 14,500 65.93 -.88 31.10 +.27 14,000 .70 +.03 29.06 -.56 26.95 +.13 13,500 4.40 -.03 12.53 +.19 13,000 24.55 -.19 2.84 -.01 12,500 33.86 +.08 S O N D J F M 21.01 -.12 44.92 -.28 17.64 -.41 TOCKS OF OCAL NTEREST 12.27 -.18 66.80 -.54 YTD YTD 14.95 -.01 Name Div PE Last Chg %Chg Name Div PE Last Chg %Chg 2.17 +.02 3.08 19 99.67 +.36 +13.0 1.40 8 51.08 +.42 -3.8 McDnlds 35.29 -1.56 AFLAC 1.80f 29 36.43 -.43 +8.1 MeadWvco 1.00 33 37.70 +.07 +18.3 56.50 -.45 AT&T Inc 2.56 19 90.17 +.27 +7.3 OldNBcp 40.82 -.24 AirProd .40f 15 14.17 +.13 +19.4 35.08 -.30 AlliantEgy 1.88f 17 48.77 ... +11.1 Penney ... ... 15.48 +.09 -21.5 31.05 -.10 AEP 1.88 18 47.90 +.22 +12.2 PennyMac 2.28 8 25.41 -.21 +.5 32.26 +.92 AmeriBrgn .84 17 48.89 -.40 +13.2 PepsiCo 2.15 20 77.04 -.15 +12.6 29.16 -1.50 ATMOS 1.40 16 41.27 +.16 +17.5 PilgrimsP ... 25 8.76 -.26 +21.0 106.40 +.38 .92f 11 30.98 -.75 +7.2 92.23 +.40 BB&T Cp RadioShk ... ... 3.54 +.15 +67.0 BP PLC 2.16f 6 41.08 +.08 -1.3 56.65 -.67 RegionsFn .04 12 8.36 +.05 +17.3 .04 18 16.02 +.06 +10.2 34.13 -.44 BcpSouth 3.00 12 2830.00 -28.00 +11.9 53.56 -.20 Caterpillar 2.08 10 88.83 +.13 -.9 SbdCp ... ... 51.82 -.67 +25.3 82.28 -.08 Chevron 3.60 9 119.68 -.32 +10.7 SearsHldgs 4.67 -.05 CocaCola s 1.12f 20 38.83 2.00f 26 168.68 -.39 +9.7 -.19 +7.1 Sherwin 13.84 +.19 .05e 6 3.11 -.04 +7.6 Comcast .78f 18 40.71 -.45 +9.0 SiriusXM 24.41 +.05 1.96 17 45.52 +.15 +6.3 CrackerB 2.00 17 80.16 +.79 +24.7 SouthnCo U-V-W-X-Y-Z ... ... 5.81 -.05 +2.5 Deere 2.04f 12 92.24 +.04 +6.7 SprintNex UBS AG ... 16.38 +.15 Dell Inc .32 11 14.31 +.05 +41.1 SPDR Fncl .27e ... 18.45 +.06 +12.5 US Airwy 5 15.98 -.27 Dillards .20a 12 80.23 +.19 -4.2 TecumsehB ... ... 8.30 -.07 +80.4 UltaSalon 28 74.14 -14.23 Dover 1.40 17 74.08 -.44 +12.7 TecumsehA ... 4 8.58 +.07 +85.7 UltraPt g dd 20.37 -.38 EnPro ... 22 49.00 +.03 +19.8 Torchmark .68f 11 59.36 -.27 +15.2 UtdContl dd 30.94 -.23 .40f 10 13.45 +.02 +3.9 Total SA UtdMicro ... 1.85 -.06 FordM 3.03e ... 50.81 -.03 -2.3 .24a 16 14.04 -.10 +5.5 USEC UPS B 62 85.47 -.16 FredsInc ... ... .34 -.07 -35.8 .34 31 42.03 -.28 +20.7 US NGas q 21.17 +.13 FullerHB US Bancrp .78 12 34.22 +.16 +7.1 USSteel dd 20.21 +.39 GenCorp ... ... 12.79 -.01 +39.8 WalMart 1.88f 14 72.50 -.72 +6.3 UtdTech 16 93.28 -.17 GenElec .76 18 23.44 -.25 +11.7 WellsFargo 1.00f 11 38.20 +1.23 +11.8 UtdhlthGp 10 54.73 Goodyear ... 19 13.73 +.18 -.6 UnumGrp 9 27.73 -.08 .16 ... 5.52 +.02 +17.4 1.64 20 73.46 -.35 +15.7 Wendys Co Vale SA ... 17.55 -.05 HonwllIntl .90 10 21.38 -.28 +3.7 WestlkChm .75a 17 97.18 +.59 +22.5 Vale SA pf ... 16.80 -.01 Intel .68 42 30.55 -.27 +9.8 .32 10 19.25 -.13 -.2 Weyerhsr ValeroE 12 44.18 +.34 Jabil .23f 9 8.71 +.02 +27.7 3.24f 21 93.26 -.52 +10.5 Xerox VangEmg q 43.21 -.36 KimbClk VangEAFE q 37.16 +.03 Kroger ... ... 7.52 +.44 +11.4 .60 12 31.62 +.12 +21.5 YRC Wwde VantageDrl dd 1.82 +.10 Lowes .64 23 38.81 -.39 +9.3 Yahoo ... 7 22.07 -.36 +10.9 Velti dd 2.12 +.06 Verisign 23 45.65 -.11 VerizonCm cc 48.02 -.46 ViacomB 15 63.14 -.73 VirgnMda h ... 46.47 -.40 VirnetX dd 21.82 -3.93 MOST ACTIVE ($1 OR MORE) AINERS ($2 OR MORE) OSERS ($2 OR MORE) Visa 46 158.55 -2.11 Vol (00) Last Chg Name Last Chg %Chg Name Last Chg %Chg VMware 49 83.85 -1.25 Name Vodafone ... 27.65 -.15 BkofAm 2927877 12.57 +.46 PrognicsPh 4.36 +.98 +29.0 Senomyx 2.20 -.59 -21.1 VulcanM dd 54.56 -.25 S&P500ETF 1168351 155.83 -.21 ChinaHGS 6.39 +1.18 +22.6 Supernus n 5.54 -1.36 -19.7 WPX Engy dd 16.85 +.06 NokiaCp 1113163 3.43 -.04 GenieE pfA 8.50 +1.11 +15.1 Team 37.45 -9.03 -19.4 Walgrn 19 42.58 -.14 Microsoft 855755 28.04 -.10 AmrRlty 4.14 +.54 +14.8 GrLkDrge 7.36 -1.62 -18.0 WarnerCh 9 13.82 +.26 SiriusXM 640475 3.11 -.04 GluMobile 3.34 +.43 +14.8 UltaSalon 74.14 -14.23 -16.1 WeathfIntl dd 12.23 +.22 -.49 -15.3 FordM 600373 13.45 +.02 ComstkRs 18.00 +2.04 +12.8 DS Hlthcre 2.71 WellPoint 8 64.98 -.20 21.82 -3.93 -15.3 Pfizer 596588 28.02 -.09 EagleBu rs 2.86 +.30 +11.7 VirnetX 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Housing starts, in thousands

The housing market is gaining Seasonally adjusted annual rate strength as the supply of available â&#x20AC;&#x2122;13 est. 916 homes for sale shrinks. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s prompting homebuilders to 900 ramp up the pace of construction on new homes, particularly single800 family homes. The Commerce Department reports on Tuesday the latest data on the number of homes 700 that builders broke ground on last month. Housing starts slowed in 600 January from December, when S O N D J F they hit the highest annual rate Source: FactSet since June 2008.











Saturday, March 16, 2013

YTD Name NAV Chg %Rtn AllianzGI NFJAllCpValIns13.86 -0.01 +9.2 American Beacon LgCpVlIs 24.06 +0.01 +11.2 American Cent EqIncInv 8.41 -0.02 +8.0 GrowthInv 28.95 -0.07 +7.7 UltraInv 27.87 -0.12 +7.0 ValueInv 7.07 -0.02 +11.2 American Funds AMCAPA m 23.78 -0.06 +9.6 BalA x 21.68 -0.12 +6.7 BondA m 12.86 +0.02 -0.3 CapIncBuA x 54.70 -0.49 +4.6 CapWldBdA m20.85 +0.06 -1.7 CpWldGrIA x 39.41 -0.19 +6.4 EurPacGrA m 43.10 +0.02 +4.6 FnInvA x 44.20 -0.24 +8.7 GrthAmA m 37.08 -0.13 +7.9 HiIncA m 11.51 +0.01 +2.6 IncAmerA x 18.94 -0.18 +5.8 IntBdAmA m 13.70 +0.02 -0.1 IntlGrInA x 32.88 -0.17 +4.2 InvCoAmA m 32.49 -0.07 +8.2 MutualA x 30.76 -0.20 +9.0 NewEconA m 31.14 -0.15 +9.5 NewPerspA m 33.56 -0.06 +7.4 NwWrldA m 55.81 -0.05 +2.4 SmCpWldA m 43.53 +0.02 +9.1 TaxEBdAmA m13.10 ... +0.2 USGovSecA m14.11 +0.01 -0.5 WAMutInvA m 34.13 -0.02 +9.4 Aquila ChTxFKYA m 10.95 ... -0.5 Artisan Intl d 26.30 +0.02 +7.0 IntlVal d 32.77 +0.05 +7.9 MdCpVal 23.92 -0.05 +15.1 MidCap 40.94 -0.22 +9.1 BBH TaxEffEq d 19.05 -0.05 +9.8 Baron Growth b 60.25 -0.16 +12.3 Bernstein DiversMui 14.74 ... IntDur 13.95 +0.02 -0.4 BlackRock Engy&ResA m 30.59 +0.23 +5.7 EqDivA m 21.47 -0.02 +7.9 EqDivI 21.52 -0.02 +8.0 GlobAlcA m 20.67 ... +4.7 GlobAlcC m 19.22 ... +4.6 GlobAlcI 20.77 ... +4.7 HiYldBdIs 8.23 ... +2.9 HiYldInvA m 8.24 ... +3.0 Cohen & Steers Realty 69.04 +0.10 +6.9 Columbia AcornIntZ 43.56 +0.17 +6.7 AcornZ 33.41 -0.12 +9.7 DivIncZ 16.25 -0.04 +10.2 StLgCpGrZ 15.29 -0.13 +10.3 TaxExmptA m 14.21 ... +0.2 DFA 1YrFixInI 10.33 ... +0.1 2YrGlbFII 10.06 +0.01 +0.2 5YrGlbFII 11.17 +0.01 +0.2 EmMkCrEqI 20.31 -0.13 -0.4 EmMktValI 30.03 ... +0.7 EmMtSmCpI 21.88 ... +3.4 IntSmCapI 17.19 ... +8.3 RelEstScI 28.03 +0.03 +6.6 USCorEq1I 13.72 -0.02 +11.4 USCorEq2I 13.60 -0.02 +11.9 USLgCo 12.30 -0.02 +10.0 USLgValI 25.86 -0.01 +13.3 USMicroI 16.34 -0.03 +11.9 USSmValI 29.89 +0.01 +14.1 USSmallI 25.47 -0.03 +12.4 DWS-Scudder GrIncS 20.46 -0.09 +11.9 Davis NYVentA m 38.83 ... +11.6 NYVentY 39.26 ... +11.7 Delaware Invest DiverIncA m 9.28 +0.01 -0.1 Dimensional Investme IntCorEqI 11.28 +0.05 +5.9 IntlSCoI 17.02 +0.13 +6.9 IntlValuI 17.27 ... +4.4 Dodge & Cox Bal 84.80 +0.03 +8.6 Income 13.89 +0.01 +0.2 IntlStk 36.80 +0.05 +6.2 Stock 135.93 ... +11.5 DoubleLine TotRetBdN b 11.33 ... +0.7 Dreyfus Apprecia 46.98 -0.10 +6.9 FMI LgCap 19.03 -0.04 +11.3 FPA Cres d 30.18 -0.04 +7.2 NewInc m 10.62 ... +0.5 Fairholme Funds Fairhome d 34.47 +0.01 +9.6 Federated StrValI 5.30 -0.01 +6.9 ToRetIs 11.34 +0.01 -0.2 Fidelity AstMgr20 13.34 +0.01 +1.8 AstMgr50 17.14 -0.01 +4.2 Bal 21.31 -0.02 +5.6 BlChGrow 53.14 -0.27 +8.3 CapApr 32.12 -0.11 +9.3 CapInc d 9.71 ... +3.3 Contra 82.90 -0.32 +7.9 DivGrow 32.72 -0.05 +9.4 DivrIntl d 31.39 +0.05 +4.8 EqInc 51.92 -0.09 +10.3 EqInc II 21.52 -0.04 +10.5 FF2015 12.26 ... +3.8 FF2035 12.55 -0.02 +6.1 FF2040 8.77 -0.01 +6.2 Fidelity 39.11 -0.13 +9.2 FltRtHiIn d 9.99 ... +1.4 Free2010 14.64 ... +3.7 Free2020 14.91 -0.01 +4.2 Free2025 12.56 -0.01 +5.1 Free2030 14.99 -0.01 +5.3 GNMA 11.68 ... -0.2 GovtInc 10.50 +0.01 -0.5 GrowCo 100.57 -0.38 +7.9 GrowInc 23.48 -0.03 +10.4 HiInc d 9.48 ... +2.6 IntBond 11.10 +0.02 +0.1 IntMuniInc d 10.59 ... IntlDisc d 35.24 +0.11 +6.6 InvGrdBd 7.94 +0.01 -0.4 LatinAm d 45.24 -0.40 -2.4 LevCoSt d 36.05 -0.11 +11.9 LowPriStk d 43.08 +0.01 +9.1 Magellan 79.74 -0.23 +8.8 MidCap d 32.89 -0.13 +11.9 MuniInc d 13.45 ... -0.2 NewMktIn d 17.30 -0.01 -1.3 OTC 65.13 -0.32 +7.5 Puritan 20.52 -0.04 +5.7 RealInv d 34.17 +0.05 +6.6 ShIntMu d 10.83 ... +0.2 ShTmBond 8.60 ... +0.2 SmCapDisc d 27.71 +0.07 +15.1 StratInc 11.30 +0.01 +0.2 Tel&Util 20.03 -0.01 +7.5 TotalBd 10.88 +0.01 -0.1 USBdIdx 11.78 +0.02 -0.5 USBdIdxInv 11.78 +0.01 -0.5 Value 86.54 -0.12 +13.4 Fidelity Advisor NewInsA m 24.51 -0.10 +7.7 NewInsI 24.82 -0.10 +7.8 StratIncA m 12.62 +0.02 +0.1 Fidelity Spartan 500IdxAdvtg 55.51 -0.09 +9.9 500IdxInstl 55.51 -0.09 +9.9 500IdxInv 55.50 -0.09 +9.9 ExtMktIdAg d 44.88 -0.07 +12.5 IntlIdxAdg d 36.37 +0.15 +6.1 TotMktIdAg d 45.52 -0.07 +10.4 First Eagle GlbA m 51.15 +0.18 +5.3 OverseasA m 22.99 +0.15 +4.4 Forum AbStratI 11.16 +0.01 +0.7 FrankTemp-Frank Fed TF A m 12.62 ... -0.3 FrankTemp-Franklin CA TF A m 7.48 ... +0.2 Growth A m 54.52 -0.03 +7.7 HY TF A m 10.85 ... HighIncA m 2.11 ... +2.7 Income A m 2.33 +0.01 +5.6 Income C m 2.35 +0.01 +5.4

IncomeAdv 2.31 +0.01 NY TF A m 12.03 ... RisDv A m 41.65 -0.17 StrInc A m 10.77 +0.01 US Gov A m 6.73 ... FrankTemp-Mutual Discov A m 30.76 +0.07 Discov Z 31.19 +0.08 QuestZ 17.93 +0.02 Shares A m 24.52 +0.03 Shares Z 24.72 +0.04 FrankTemp-Templeton Fgn A m 7.20 +0.02 GlBond A x 13.49 -0.06 GlBond C x 13.52 -0.05 GlBondAdv x 13.44 -0.07 Growth A m 21.09 ... World A m 16.97 -0.01 Franklin Templeton FndAllA m 12.00 +0.02 GE S&SUSEq 49.36 -0.08 GMO EmgMktsVI 11.51 -0.05 IntItVlIV 21.81 +0.02 QuIII 24.46 -0.03 QuVI 24.47 -0.03 Goldman Sachs HiYieldIs d 7.42 ... MidCpVaIs 44.18 -0.04 ShDuTFIs 10.67 ... Harbor Bond 12.53 +0.02 CapApInst 45.16 -0.20 IntlInstl d 64.82 +0.01 IntlInv m 64.17 +0.01 Hartford CapAprA m 38.63 -0.10 CpApHLSIA 48.32 -0.10 DvGrHLSIA 23.82 -0.03 INVESCO CharterA m 19.73 -0.04 ComstockA m 19.87 -0.01 EqIncomeA m 10.00 -0.03 GrowIncA m 23.43 -0.09 HiYldMuA m 10.09 ... Ivy AssetStrA m 27.07 -0.06 AssetStrC m 26.37 -0.05 JPMorgan CoreBdUlt 12.00 +0.02 CoreBondA m 11.99 +0.02 CoreBondSelect11.98 +0.02 HighYldSel 8.28 +0.01 IntmdTFSl 11.25 ... LgCapGrSelect25.26 -0.18 MidCpValI 31.20 -0.02 ShDurBndSel 10.98 ... ShtDurBdU 10.98 ... USEquit 12.35 -0.03 USLCpCrPS 24.54 -0.04 Janus BalT 27.75 ... GlbLfScT d 34.15 -0.07 PerkinsMCVT 23.64 ... John Hancock LifBa1 b 14.22 -0.01 LifGr1 b 14.35 -0.02 Lazard EmgMkEqtI d 19.37 -0.11 Legg Mason/Western CrPlBdIns 11.63 +0.01 Longleaf Partners LongPart 29.76 +0.01 SmCap 32.62 +0.04 Loomis Sayles BdInstl 15.32 +0.02 BdR b 15.26 +0.02 Lord Abbett AffiliatA m 13.36 -0.02 BondDebA m 8.27 ... ShDurIncA m 4.65 +0.01 ShDurIncC m 4.67 ... MFS IsIntlEq 20.23 +0.02 TotRetA m 16.21 -0.01 ValueA m 28.35 -0.05 ValueI 28.49 -0.05 MainStay HiYldCorA m 6.18 ... Manning & Napier WrldOppA 8.30 +0.02 Matthews Asian China d 22.85 -0.24 India d 17.51 +0.08 Merger Merger b 15.85 ... Metropolitan West TotRetBdI 10.90 +0.02 TotRtBd b 10.90 +0.02 Morgan Stanley Instl IntlEqI d 15.39 +0.09 MdCpGrI 37.38 -0.06 Natixis LSInvBdY 12.64 +0.03 LSStratIncA m 15.88 +0.03 LSStratIncC m15.97 +0.03 Neuberger Berman GenesisInstl 53.86 -0.05 Northern HYFixInc d 7.67 ... StkIdx 19.47 ... Nuveen HiYldMunI 17.18 ... Oakmark EqIncI 30.40 +0.05 Intl I 22.79 +0.07 Oakmark I 53.54 +0.06 Oberweis ChinaOpp m 12.06 -0.06 Old Westbury GlbSmMdCp 15.86 +0.02 LgCpStr 10.69 -0.01 Oppenheimer DevMktA m 35.61 -0.09 DevMktY 35.21 -0.09 GlobA m 70.12 -0.15 IntlBondA m 6.54 ... IntlBondY 6.53 ... IntlGrY 32.97 +0.06 LmtTmMunA m15.07 ... LtdTmNY m 3.37 ... MainStrA m 39.94 +0.01 RocMuniA m 17.12 ... RochNtlMu m 7.63 ... StrIncA m 4.36 ... PIMCO AAstAAutP 11.06 +0.03 AllAssetI 12.72 +0.01 AllAuthA m 11.03 +0.03 AllAuthC m 10.97 +0.02 AllAuthIn 11.06 +0.02 ComRlRStI 6.63 +0.02 DivIncInst 12.22 +0.01 EMktCurI 10.60 +0.01 EmMktsIns 12.27 -0.01 FloatIncI 9.02 -0.01 ForBdInstl 10.82 +0.02 ForBondI 10.35 +0.07 HiYldIs 9.73 +0.01 InvGrdIns 11.11 +0.02 LowDrA m 10.49 +0.01 LowDrIs 10.49 +0.01 RERRStgC m 4.52 +0.02 RealRet 12.17 +0.02 RealRtnA m 12.17 +0.02 ShtTermIs 9.89 +0.01 ToRtIIIIs 9.86 +0.01 TotRetA m 11.22 +0.02 TotRetAdm b 11.22 +0.02 TotRetC m 11.22 +0.02 TotRetIs 11.22 +0.02 TotRetrnD b 11.22 +0.02 TotlRetnP 11.22 +0.02 Parnassus EqIncInv 32.31 -0.11 Permanent Portfolio 48.95 +0.08 Pioneer PioneerA m 35.88 -0.08 Principal L/T2020I 13.28 -0.02 L/T2030I 13.25 -0.01 LCGrIInst 10.72 -0.05 Prudential Investmen JenMidCapGrZ 34.85 -0.23 Putnam GrowIncA m 16.59 +0.01 NewOpp 63.69 -0.16 Royce PAMutInv d 12.72 ... PremierInv d 20.53 +0.03 Russell StratBdS 11.26 +0.02

+5.2 Schwab 1000Inv d 42.34 -0.08 +10.1 S&P500Sel d 24.39 -0.04 +1.6 Scout -0.4 Interntl d 34.83 +0.09 Sequoia +8.8 Sequoia 183.44 -0.30 +8.9 T Rowe Price +8.3 BlChpGr 49.30 -0.22 +9.9 CapApprec 23.85 -0.02 +10.0 EmMktBd d 13.91 -0.01 EmMktStk d 33.54 -0.11 +4.8 EqIndex d 42.20 -0.07 +1.7 EqtyInc 29.29 -0.01 +1.6 GrowStk 40.37 -0.26 +1.7 HealthSci 46.89 -0.22 +8.5 HiYield d 7.13 ... +7.8 InsLgCpGr 20.43 -0.10 IntlBnd d 9.72 +0.04 +7.7 IntlGrInc d 13.79 +0.04 IntlStk d 14.98 ... +11.1 LatinAm d 37.81 -0.33 MidCapVa 26.75 -0.05 -2.0 MidCpGr 62.82 -0.29 +4.3 NewAsia d 16.78 -0.02 +9.5 NewEra 45.14 +0.05 +9.5 NewHoriz 37.56 -0.07 NewIncome 9.77 +0.01 +2.9 OrseaStk d 8.93 +0.02 +12.4 R2015 13.50 -0.01 +0.5 R2025 13.92 -0.01 R2035 14.31 -0.03 +0.4 Rtmt2010 17.14 ... +6.2 Rtmt2020 18.86 -0.01 +4.3 Rtmt2030 20.17 -0.03 +4.3 Rtmt2040 20.46 -0.04 ShTmBond 4.84 ... +12.3 SmCpStk 38.32 -0.08 +11.4 SmCpVal d 43.49 ... +11.0 SpecInc 13.09 +0.01 Value 29.72 -0.02 +9.9 TCW +11.6 EmgIncI 9.35 ... +8.8 TotRetBdI 10.28 ... +11.9 TIAA-CREF +0.8 EqIx 11.92 -0.02 Templeton +4.6 InFEqSeS 20.29 ... +4.5 Thornburg IncBldA m 20.06 -0.04 -0.1 IncBldC m 20.05 -0.04 -0.3 IntlValA m 28.57 -0.01 -0.3 IntlValI d 29.26 ... +2.7 Tweedy, Browne -0.3 GlobVal d 25.25 +0.06 +5.5 VALIC Co I +11.5 StockIdx 28.68 -0.04 +0.1 Vanguard +0.1 500Adml 144.44 -0.24 +10.2 500Inv 144.41 -0.24 +10.9 BalIdxAdm 25.18 -0.01 BalIdxIns 25.18 -0.02 +5.8 CAITAdml 11.69 ... +14.1 CapOpAdml 88.67 -0.43 +10.8 DevMktsIdxIP 106.94 +0.30 DivGr 18.34 -0.03 +4.9 EmMktIAdm 36.08 -0.26 +6.5 EnergyAdm 119.27 +0.01 EnergyInv 63.53 ... -0.9 EqInc 26.67 -0.07 EqIncAdml 55.91 -0.14 +0.3 ExplAdml 83.14 -0.23 Explr 89.36 -0.25 +12.8 ExtdIdAdm 51.51 -0.10 +13.0 ExtdIdIst 51.51 -0.09 ExtdMktIdxIP 127.11 -0.24 +2.1 FAWeUSIns 92.58 ... +2.0 GNMA 10.83 ... GNMAAdml 10.83 ... +11.1 GlbEq 20.23 -0.01 +2.7 GrthIdAdm 39.72 -0.11 +0.8 GrthIstId 39.72 -0.11 +0.4 GrthIstSg 36.78 -0.10 HYCor 6.13 ... +5.1 HYCorAdml 6.13 ... +7.0 HltCrAdml 67.66 +0.08 +11.8 HlthCare 160.37 +0.18 +11.9 ITBondAdm 11.84 +0.03 ITGradeAd 10.25 +0.02 +2.3 ITIGrade 10.25 +0.02 ITrsyAdml 11.62 +0.02 +7.1 InfPrtAdm 28.29 +0.04 InfPrtI 11.52 +0.01 -2.6 InflaPro 14.40 +0.02 InstIdxI 143.51 -0.24 InstPlus 143.53 -0.23 +0.1 InstTStPl 35.64 -0.06 IntlGr 20.27 +0.04 +0.7 IntlGrAdm 64.49 +0.14 +0.6 IntlStkIdxAdm 26.08 +0.03 104.29 +0.13 +7.2 IntlStkIdxI +7.6 IntlStkIdxIPls 104.31 +0.12 IntlStkIdxISgn 31.28 +0.04 32.48 -0.04 +0.9 IntlVal +3.3 LTGradeAd 10.57 +0.02 LTInvGr 10.57 +0.02 +3.2 LifeCon 17.49 +0.01 24.84 -0.01 +10.6 LifeGro LifeMod 21.55 ... MidCapIdxIP 124.28 -0.45 +2.9 25.14 -0.09 +10.1 MidCp MidCpAdml 114.08 -0.41 MidCpIst 25.20 -0.09 +1.5 MidCpSgl 36.00 -0.13 Morg 21.58 -0.07 +6.7 66.91 -0.20 +8.9 MorgAdml 11.24 ... +10.3 MuHYAdml MuInt 14.29 ... MuIntAdml 14.29 ... +8.5 MuLTAdml 11.71 -0.01 ... +8.0 MuLtdAdml 11.15 ... +6.7 MuShtAdml 15.91 PrecMtls 14.05 +0.09 78.18 -0.11 +0.9 Prmcp +0.9 PrmcpAdml 81.10 -0.11 PrmcpCorI 16.67 -0.02 +8.7 99.84 +0.19 +0.2 REITIdxAd ... +0.1 STBondAdm 10.61 ... +7.4 STBondSgl 10.61 10.83 +0.01 +0.5 STCor +0.2 STFedAdml 10.79 +0.01 +7.7 STGradeAd 10.83 +0.01 10.83 +0.01 +1.8 STIGradeI 10.73 ... +1.4 STsryAdml SelValu 23.45 -0.01 +1.1 SmCapIdx 43.53 -0.04 -0.3 SmCpIdAdm 43.56 -0.04 43.56 -0.04 +1.1 SmCpIdIst -0.4 SmCpIndxSgnl 39.24 -0.04 21.89 ... -0.5 Star 24.30 -0.07 -0.3 StratgcEq TgtRe2010 24.91 +0.02 -0.2 13.96 ... +0.8 TgtRe2015 25.05 ... +0.9 TgtRe2020 TgtRe2030 24.90 ... -0.9 15.10 -0.01 +1.6 TgtRe2035 24.93 -0.01 +0.7 TgtRe2040 15.65 -0.01 -4.6 TgtRe2045 TgtRe2050 24.83 -0.01 +2.2 12.45 +0.01 +0.7 TgtRetInc 14.38 ... +0.2 Tgtet2025 TotBdAdml 10.98 +0.01 +0.2 10.98 +0.01 +4.9 TotBdInst -0.6 TotBdMkInv 10.98 +0.01 -0.7 TotBdMkSig 10.98 +0.01 15.59 +0.02 +0.3 TotIntl 39.35 -0.07 +0.1 TotStIAdm 39.36 -0.06 +0.2 TotStIIns 37.98 -0.06 +0.2 TotStISig 39.33 -0.07 +0.1 TotStIdx +0.3 TxMCapAdm 78.46 -0.14 25.62 -0.02 +0.2 ValIdxAdm 25.62 -0.02 +0.3 ValIdxIns WellsI 24.93 +0.01 60.39 +0.01 +10.6 WellsIAdm Welltn 36.19 -0.02 62.52 -0.02 +0.6 WelltnAdm WndsIIAdm 57.26 +0.03 16.98 ... +10.6 Wndsr WndsrAdml 57.30 +0.01 32.26 +0.02 +5.2 WndsrII +6.0 Virtus 10.40 ... +8.6 EmgMktsIs Waddell & Reed Adv AccumA m 8.88 -0.01 +7.5 SciTechA m 12.47 -0.07 +12.0 Wells Fargo 4.83 ... +8.8 UlSTMInI Western Asset ... +10.6 MgdMuniA m 17.15 +7.2 Yacktman Focused d 22.77 -0.08 Yacktman d 21.21 -0.07

Federal Reserve meeting

Spring season boost?

Existing home sales, in millions

All eyes will be on the Fed on Wednesday to see what the central bank has to say about the economy. The monetary policymaking body of the Federal Reserve is expected to issue a statement at the conclusion of its latest two-day meeting. Many economists believe Fed officials will maintain their low-interest rate policies at current levels but not take any new steps at the meeting.

February home sales figures should provide clues as to how the spring home-selling season is going. The annual peak period for home sales officially gets going in mid-February, and the outlook this spring is stronger than it has been in years. Sales of previously occupied homes rose to their highest level in five years in 2012. The National Association of Realtors reports February data on sales of previously occupied homes on Thursday.

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Source: FactSet

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Coming Up In The Daily Corinthian Our three-section, over 32-page special edition full of feature stories and information about the people who know and the place you call home has been in the works for over a month. Watch for it coming Tuesday.

Ownership extends beyond mail DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend and I are in our 20s and have been dating for five years. We’re renovating a home that we will live in once it’s completed. We have never lived together before. During the renovation I have come to the house to find that he has opened packages that were addressed to me. The first time, I didn’t say anything because I thought he might have thought it was his. After the second and third times, I mentioned -- nicely -- that they weren’t his to open. He claims he “knew” they were things for the house, which is why he opened them. I was raised that people’s mail and packages were theirs to open, and I would never think of opening anything sent to him. This is an issue for me, but he brushes it off. He feels entitled to open my packages since it is his home, too. How can I make it clear that I expect him to respect my personal mail when he thinks this is no big deal? — NO RESPECT IN NEW YORK DEAR NO RESPECT: If I were you, I’d be less concerned about his opening your packages and far more concerned that when you tell him something bothers you, he ignores it. His disregard for your feelings is a red flag. Your boyfriend appears to think that what is yours is his. Is the reverse also true? (I’ll bet it’s not.) Does he also check your

phone messages and email? Does this extend to any other areas of your relationship? If this was Abigail only about opening Van Buren his your mail, I would advise Dear Abby you to open a post office box in your name only. However, if the answer to any of my questions is yes, I think you should take a sober look at the entire relationship. DEAR ABBY: My mother-inlaw is addicted to prescription painkillers and has been for more than 10 years. She went to rehab once, but relapsed and hasn’t been able to get clean since. She has tried to quit on her own, but ends up having great emotional stress and slight psychotic episodes and starts again. My problem is, my husband sees her addiction as “manageable.” He sees no harm in having her watch our 3-year-old daughter, even though he has told me he has seen her nod off with her eyes rolled back like drug addicts do, usually during the afternoon. When we argue about this, he becomes defensive and attacks my family for being “overprotective and paranoid.”

Am I right to put my foot down? I’m sick and tired of fighting over this. — NOT PARANOID IN PENNSYLVANIA DEAR NOT PARANOID: Continue putting your foot down! A person whose eyes have rolled back after taking drugs or alcohol hasn’t “nodded off.” The person has lost consciousness and PASSED OUT. In your motherin-law’s case, it means that while she may be physically present, she is completely unavailable to supervise your child. Leaving your daughter under the care of a person in this condition is child endangerment. That’s why you can’t allow it. DEAR ABBY: Would you please settle a friendly debate between me and my friends? Is it ever appropriate to use your cellphone to update social media or send a text message during a church sermon, or is it still considered a rude act? — OLDFASHIONED IN KENTUCKY DEAR OLD-FASHIONED: It’s still considered rude. In a house of worship, we are supposed to be thinking about more important things than our social schedule, our Facebook page or who tweeted us. (Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by her mother, Pauline Phillips. Write Dear Abby at or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069.)

Horoscopes BY HOLIDAY MATHIS Do you feel like you’ve learned something about how to communicate effectively with the people in your world? Some of them have been more difficult than others in the past few weeks. Reflect on the lessons learned. This is the final day of the first Mercury retrograde cycle of the year. Tomorrow, Mercury returns to a direct path. ARIES (March 21-April 19). Some of your psychic wounds, though they may not go deep, are still fresh enough to be tender to the touch. The one who is compelled to “touch” will help you discover this. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). The best dancers don’t look at their feet to make sure they are doing it right. They just dance. Someone is likely to be capturing your performance on video or in memory, and you can always analyze later. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). You respect the privacy of others, but you’re still very curious about what goes on when you’re not there. Intimacy is created in a delicate balance between re-

spect and curiosity. CANCER (June 22-July 22). You have the kind of friend who shows you what community and friendship really mean. That’s a person to celebrate and cherish when you get the chance this weekend. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You want “next level” access in this video game of life, and yet, like any game, you won’t get there until you’ve taken the steps to gain the keys. Even the cheats can only help you if you’re in the game. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). You approach many aspects of life as an art, including love. Self-doubt is a normal part of artistic development that you may be experiencing, but keep going, and you’ll regain your confidence. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Certain loved ones have earned your trust and plenty of freedom, which you gladly give. Be sure to stay involved, though. Your care and support are still needed. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Often, people want to change another person instead of im-

proving their own scene. You know better. Your efforts are best invested in self-development, and you’ll take great joy in the process now. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Share your talent. Because you have a wonderful eye and a gift for creative interpretation, you make people pay attention to the glorious details all around us. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). If you finish one short assignment today, it may be enough to make your whole weekend feel productive -- provided the assignment is something you really wanted to do. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). You’ll have fun and let your social guard down, too, but don’t let it fall too far. Open books look like a mess, and they don’t fit neatly anywhere, either. Stay a little mysterious. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). You have a healthy respect for yourself, but you don’t preen for hours in the mirror like a model getting ready for a magazine shoot. Today may be the exception, as you’ll be in the mood to get playful with your image.

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Kemps Chapel Baptist Church, Pastor: Tim Dillingham; Rt. 1, Rienzi. S.S. Synagogue M.B. Church, 182 Hwy. 45, Rieniz, 462-3867 Steven W. Roberson, 10am; Worship 11am & 6:15pm; Church Trng. 5:30 pm; Wed. Bible pastor. S.S. 10 am, Morning Worship & Praise 11 am, Community Bible Study Study. 7 pm. (Tues.) 11 am, Evening Bible Study (Wed.) 7 p.m. Kendrick Baptist Church, Bro. George Kyle, pastor. S.S. 9:30 am; Tate Baptist Church, 1201 N. Harper Rd. 286-2935; Mickey Trammel, pastor Worship 10:30am, & 6:30pm; Church Trng. 5:30pm, Wed. 7pm. Sun.: SS 9:30am; Morn. Worship, Preschool Church; Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Worship Kossuth First Baptist Church, 893 Hwy #2; Bro Zack Howell, Interim Pastor, (grades 1-4) 10:45am; Worship 6pm; Wed., Fellowship Meal 4:45 pm, Nursery, SS 10am; Worship 11am& 6pm, D.T. 5pm; Wed Awana (During school year) Mission Friends, Tater Chips (grades 1-4), Big House (grades 5-8), Youth 6:30pm; Bible Study 7pm. 287-4112 (grades 9-12), Adult Bible Study/ Prayer 6 PM; Adult Choir Rehearsal 7 PM Lakeview Missionary Baptist Church, Charles Martin, pastor. Tishomingo Chapel Baptist Church, 136 CR 634, Pastor: Bro. Bruce Ingram: 5402 Shiloh Rd. 287-2177 S.S. 10am; Worship 11am& 6pm; S.S. 10am, Sun. Worship 11am, Discipleship Training 5pm, Worship 6pm, 4th Wed. Adult Bible Study, Youth Min. 7pm. Sunday Worship at 5pm, Wed. Bible Study 6:30 pm Liberty Hill Baptist Church, S.S. 10am; Worship Trinity Baptist Church, Michie, Tenn., 901-239-2133, Interim Pastor: 11am & 5:00pm; Wed. 7:00 pm. Bengy Massey; S. S.10am; Sun. Worship 11am & 6:30pm; Little Flock Primitive Baptist Church, 4 mi. so. of Burnsville off Prayer Service Wed. 6:30pm. Hwy. 365. Turn west at sign. Pastor: Elder Bob Ward. Sun. Bible Study Tuscumbia Baptist Church, S.S. 10am; Worship 11am & 7pm; Church 9:45 am; Worship 10:30am. Training 6pm; Prayer Service Wed. pm. Little Zion Missionary Baptist Church, 3395 N Polk St, Pastor - Christopher Union Baptist Church, Rayborn Richardson, pastor. S.S. 10 am. Church Traylor; Sunday School - 9am; Worship 10:15 am - Communion - 1st Training 5pm. Evening Worship 5pm; Wed. Prayer Service 6:30pm. Sunday at 11am; Bible Study - Wednesday Night at 6:00 pm Unity Baptist Church, 5 CR 408, Hwy. 45 South Biggersville. Excail Burleson, Lone Oak Baptist Church, Charles Mills, pastor. S.S. 10am; Worship 11am; Pastor. S.S. 10 am; Worship 11 am & 6 pm; Wed. Bible Study 6:30 pm. Prayer Service 5:30pm; Wed. 7pm. Unity Baptist Church, 825 Unity Church Rd, Ramer, TN, Dr. Ronald Meeks, Love Joy Baptist Church, on the Glen-Jacinto Road, Hwy 367. Pastor; Bro. Andrew Williams, Music Director; Jason Webb, Youth Minister; Pastor, Bro. David Robbins, S.S. 10am; Worship 11am & 6 pm. Janice Lawson, Pianist; Sunday: Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Prayer 9:45am; SS 10am, Morning Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, 715 Martin Luther King Dr. Rev. Worship 11am, Evening Worship 6pm; Wed. AWANA-Prayer Meeting 6:30pm. Lawrence Morris, pastor. S.S. 9:30am; Worship 11am; BTU 5pm; Wed. West Corinth Baptist Church, 308 School St., Bro. Seth Kirkland, Pastor; Bro Prayer & Bible Stdy. 7pm; Youth mtg. 5:30pm; Sunshine Band Sat. noon. Jackie Ward, Assist. Pastor; Jonathan Marsh, Youth Director; Andy Reeves, Mason St. Luke Baptist Church, Mason St. Luke Rd. 287-1656. Rev. Wayne Music Director; Prayer Mondays 6pm; S.S. 10:00am. Worship 9:00am & 6pm; Wooden, pastor; S.S. 9:45 am Worship 11am.; Wed. 6:30pm. Bible Study Wed. 6:45pm. McCalip Baptist Chapel, Rt.1 Pocahontas,TN Pastor, Rev. Johnny Sparks Wheeler Grove Baptist Church, Kara Blackard, pastor. S.S. 9am. Worship Services Sunday 11am & 6p.m. Service10am & 6:30pm; Wed. prayer mtg. & classes 6:30pm. Michie Primitive Baptist Church, Michie Tenn. Pastor Elder Ricky Taylor. Worship Service 1st & 3rd Sun., 3 pm, 2nd & 4th Sun., 10:30 am. CATHOLIC CHURCH Everyone is cordially invited. St. James Catholic Church, 3189 Harper Rd., 287-1051 - Office; 284-9300 - Linda Gunther. Sun. Mass: 9am in English and 1pm in Spanish Mills Commuity Baptist Church, 397 CR 550 Rienzi, MS. Bro. Donny Davis, pastor. S. S. 10am, Sun. Worship 11am & Sun. Night 5pm; Wed. CHRISTIAN CHURCH Bible Stdy. 6:30pm Charity Christian Church, Jacinto. Minister, Bro. Travis Smith S.S. New Covenant Baptist Church, 1402 E. 4th St., Pastor David Harris, 10am;Worship 11am; Bible Study 5pm; Wed. 7pm. pastor, Sunday School 9:45am; Worship 11:00am, Bible Study Wednesdays Guys Christian Church, Guys, Tenn. 38339. S.S. 10am; Worship 11am. 6:30 pm, 8:00 am Service Every 1st Sunday Oak Hill Christian Church, Kendrick Rd. At Tn. Line, Frank Williams, New Lebanon Free Will Baptist Church, 1195 Hwy. 364, Cairo Evangelist, Bible School 10am; Worship 11am & 5pm (Winter); 6pm Community; Jack Whitley, Jr, pastor; 462-8069 or 462-7591; 10am S.S. (Summer) for all ages; Worship, 11am Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Church, 5pm; Choir Practice, 6pm; Salem Christian Church, 1030 CR 400, Dennis Smith, minister. SS 9 am, Evening Worship, Wed. 7 pm Midweek Bible Study & Prayer Meeting, Morning Worship 10am, Evening Service 5pm (Standard time) 6pm (Daylight 7pm;Young People Bible Classes. Saving time). Need a ride? - Bro. Smith at 662-396-4051 North Corinth Baptist Church,Rev. Bill Wages,pastor. S.S. 10am; Worship Waldron Street Christian Church, Ted Avant, Minister. S.S. 9:30am; 11am & 7pm; ChurchTraining 6:00pm; Wed. 7pm Worship10:45am & 6pm; Youth Mtgs. 6 pm; Wed. 7pm. Oakland Baptist Church, 1101 S. Harper Rd., Dr. Randy Bostick, Pastor. SS all ages 9am; Worship Serv. 10:15am & 6:20pm; Sun. Orchestra Reh. 4pm; Student Choir & Handbells 5pm; Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Choir (age 4-Grade 6) CHURCH OF CHRIST 5:15pm; Wed. AWANA clubs (during school year) 6pm; Prayer & Praise Acton Church of Christ, 3 miles north of Corinth city limits on Hwy. 22. 6:30pm; Student â&#x20AC;&#x153;XTREME Lifeâ&#x20AC;? Worship Service 6:45pm; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Life Instituteâ&#x20AC;? Joe Story, Minister; Daniel Fowler, Youth Min. S.S. 10am; Worship 10:50am & Small Group Classes 7pm; Sanctuary choir reh. 8:05pm 662-287-6200 5 p.m; Wed. Bible Study 7:00pm. Olive Hill West, Guys, TN S.S. 10am; Worship 11 am & 6pm; Training 5:30; Berea Church of Christ, Guys, TN. Minister Will Luster. Sun. School 10am, Wed. 7pm Worship Service 11am. Pinecrest Baptist Church, 313 Pinecrest Rd., Corinth, Bro. Jeff Haney, Central Church of Christ, 306 CR 318, Corinth, MS, Don Bassett, Minister pastor. S.S.9:30am; Worship 10:30am; Sun. Serv. 6:00pm; Bible Study 9:30am; Preaching 10:30am & 6p.m., Wed. Bible Study 7p.m. Wed. Worship Serv. 6:00pm Clear Creek Church of Christ, Waukomis Lake Rd. Duane Ellis, Minister. Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church,Inc., 1572 Wenasoga Rd, Corinth; Pastor Allen Watson. Sunday School - 9:45am; Worship Serv. - Sun Worship 9am & 5pm; Bible School 10am; Wed. 6:30pm. Danville Church of Christ, Charles W. Leonard, Minister, 287-6530. Sunday 11am; Bible Class & Prayer Service-Wed 6pm; Every second Sunday 6PM Bible Study 10am; Worship 11am & 5pm; Wed. 7pm. (Need a ride to Church - Don Wallace 286-6588) East Corinth Church of Christ, 1801 Cruise Ronald Choate, Minister. S.S. Ramer Baptist Church, 3899 Hwy 57 W, Ramer, TN; Pastor: Rev. James 9:45 a.m. Worship 10:30am & 5pm;Wed. Bible Study 7pm. Young; Church office: 731-645-5681; SS 9:45am, Morn. Worship 11am; Foote Street Church of Christ, Blake Nicholas, Minister., Terry Smith, Youth Discipleship Training 6pm, Evening Worship 7pm; Wed. Family Supper Minister; S.S. 9am; Worship 10am & 6pm; Wed. Bible Study 7pm. 5:30pm, Mid-Week Prayer Service 6:30pm




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Daily Corinthian • Saturday, March 16, 2013 • 11

This Devotional & Directory are made possible by these businesses who encourage all of us to attend worship services. Burnsville United Methodist Church, 118 Front St., Burnsville. 423-1758. Tobes Chapel Pentecostal Church, CR 400, Pastor: Bro. Tony Wayne Napier, Pastor, S.S. 10 a.m. Worship 9 a.m. Basden, SS. 10am, Sun. Worship 11am, Sun. Even. 5:30am, Wed. Danville CME Methodist Church, Rev. James Agnew, Pastor, Sun. S.S. Bible Study 7pm, 462-8183. 10 am, Worship Service 11 am, Bible classes Wed. night 6:30 to 7:30. Christ United Methodist Church, 3161 Shiloh Rd. Pastor: Dr. Danny United Pentecostal Church, Selmer, Tenn., S.S. 10 am; Worship Rowland; 286-3298. S.S. 9:45 am (all ages); Fellowship 10:45am; Worship 11am & 7 pm. 11am (nursery provided). Mons: Boy Scouts 5pm; Witness/Evangelism Walnut United Pentecostal Church, Hwy. 72 W. S.S. 10 am; work 6pm; Tues: Cub Scouts 5:30pm; Weds: Gather & Worship 5:30pm Worship 11 am & 6 pm; Wed. Bible Study 7 pm. Rev. James Sims. City Road Temple (C.M.E.) Church, Martin Luther King Dr., Rev. Robert West Corinth U.P.C., 5th & Nelson St., Rev. Merl Dixon, Minister, Field, S.S. 9:30 am; Worship 11:00 am; Wed. Youth Meeting 5 pm. S.S. 10 am. Worship 11 am.; Prayer meeting 5:30 pm., Evang. Serv. First United Methodist Church, Dr. Prentiss Gordon, Jr, Pastor; Ken 6 pm., Wed. 7 pm. Lancaster, Music Dir.; S.S. 9am, Worship 10 am; Wed. Family Supper 5pm, Soul’s Harbor Apostolic Church, Walnut, Worship Sun. Services Bible Study 6pm; Choir Practice 7pm (Televised Cablevision Channel 16) 10 a.m. & 6, Wed. 7:30 p.m., Rev. Jesse Cuter, pastor, Prayer Wed. Worship Service; Chris Vandiver, Dir. of Youth Ministries and TV Request, call 223-4003. Ministry Candace Howard, Dir. Of Ministries; Jenny Hawkins, Children’s & Zion Pentecostal Church In Christ., 145 N. on Little Zion Rd. Family Ministry Director Bld 31, Rev. Allen Milam, Pastor, S.S. 10am. Worship 11am.; Gaines Chapel United Methodist Church, 1802 Hwy 72 W, Rev. Tony Evang. Service 6pm, Wed. 7pm. Pounders, Pastor, S.S. 9:45 am. Worship 10:45am & 6:30pm; Children’s Activities 5pm, Youth 6:30pm & Wed. Night Children/Youth Activities and PRESBYTERIAN Adult Bible Study 6:15pm Covenant Presbyterian Church, Tennessee St. at North Parkway; Hopewell United Methodist Church, 4572 CR 200; Jonathan Cagle, S.S.10 am; Worship 11 am. 286-8379 or 287-2195. Pastor; SS 9 a.m.; Worship 10 a.m.; Sun night & Wed night 5 p.m. First Presbyterian Church, EPC, 919 Shiloh Rd., Dr. Donald A. Indian Springs United Methodist Church, Youth Service 8:45 a.m., Elliot, Min. Gregg Parker, Director of Youth & Fellowship. 9 a.m. Regular Worship. Sunday School Will Follow. Wedn Night 7pm S.S. 9:30 a.m.; Morning Worship 10:45; Fellowship 5 & 6 pm. Kossuth United Methodist Church, Kenny McGill, pastor, Sunday Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church, off U.S. 72 W. Rev. School 10:00 a.m., Worship Service 11am & 6pm. Brenda Laurence. S.S. 10 a.m. Worship 11 a.m. Bible Study 6 p.m. Mt. Carmel Methodist Church, Henry Storey, Minister, Worship 9:30 a.m. The New Hope Presbyterian Church, Biggersville. Nicholas S.S. 10:30 a.m. Bible Study 1st & 3rd Tues. 6:30 p.m. B. Phillips, pastor; Sunday School for all ages 9:45 am Mt. Moriah United Methodist Church, Meigg St., S.S. 9:30 a.m. Worship Morning Worship 10:45 am. 10:30 a.m. Wed. night bible study 6 p.m. Children & Youth for Christ Sat. Trinity Presbyterian Church (PCA), 4175 No Harper Rd; Sun. 9:30 a.m. Sapada Thomas Pastor. Morn. Worship 8:00 am & 11 a..m., Sunday school, 10:00 am, Wed. Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church, Rev. Larry Finger, pastor. S.S. 10am Bible study, 6:30 p.m., Fri. men’s prayer, 6:30 am; http://www. Worship Service 11am Fraley’s Chapel Church of Christ, Minister, Ferrill Hester. Bible Study Oak Grove C.M.E. Church, Alcorn County Road 514, West of Biggersville, 9:30am; Worship 10:30am & 6pm. Wed. Bible Study7pm. MS, Rev. Ida Price, Pastor Sunday School 9:30am, Worship services SATURDAY SABBATH Jerusalem Church of Christ, Farmington Rd. Ben Horton, Minister. S.S. 10:45am, Bible Study Wed. Night 7pm Spirit & Truth Ministries, 408 Hwy 72 W. (across from Gateway 10am; Church 10:45am; Sun. Bible Study & Worship, 5pm. Pickwick United Methodist Church, 10575 Hwy 57 So., Pickwick Dam, Tires) P.O. Box 245, Corinth, MS 38835-0245 662-603-2764 ; Kossuth Church of Christ, Jerry Childs, Minister, 287-8930. S.S. 10am; TN 731-689-5358, Worship Services: Sun 8 a.m. & 11 a.m., SS 10 a.m. Sat. 9:00 am Torah Class, 10:30 am Service Worship 11am & 6 pm; Wed. Bible Study 7pm. Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church, Kenny McGill, pastor, Sun Kendrick Rd Church of Christ, S.S. 9:45am; Worship 10:30am & 6pm; Services, Worship 9:15am, Sunday School 10:30am, Evening 5pm. Wed. Bible Study 7pm.. Saulter’s Chapel CME Church, Acton, TN; Rev.James Agnew, pastor. S.S. SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST Meeks St. Church of Christ, 1201 Meeks St; Evg: Chuck Richardson, 10 a.m. Service 11 a.m.; Bible Study, Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Seventh-day Adventist Church, 2150 Hwy.72 E., Kurt Threlkeld, 287-2187 or 286-9660; S.S. 9am; Wed. 7pm. Shady Grove United Methodist Church, D. R. Estes, pastor, S.S. Minister. Sat. Services: Bible Study 9:30am, Worship 10:45am; Meigg Street Church of Christ, 914 Meigg St. Will Luster, Jr., 10 a.m. Worship 11 a.m. Prayer Meeting: Tuesday 6:00pm; (256) 381-6712 Minister. S.S. 9:30 am; Worship Service 10:30am & 6pm; Wed. 7pm. Stantonville United Methodist Church, 8351 Hwy 142, Stantonville, TN; David Harstin, pastor, S.S.10 a.m. Worship 11 a.m. New Hope Church of Christ, Glen, MS, Minister, Roy Cox .S.S. 9:30am; SOUTHERN BAPTIST New Hope Methodist Church, New Hope & Sticine Rd., Guys/Michie, TN; Crossroads Church, 1020 CR 400 Salem Rd; Warren Jones, Worship Service 10:30am & 5pm; Wed. Bible Study 7pm. North Rienzi Church of Christ, Located in Rienzi by Shell Station on 356 Pastor Danny Adkisson; Services: Sun. Worship 10 am, S.S. 11 am, Wed. Pastor; Sun. -Bible Study 9 a.m., Worship/Preaching 10 a.m. Bible Study 6:30 pm. Minister, Wade Davis, Sun. 10am, & 6pm., Wed. 7:00pm Victory Baptist Church, 9 CR 256., Alan Parker, Pastor. S.S. 9am; Northside Church of Christ, Harper Rd., Lennis Nowell, Minister. S.S. Worship 10am. Church Training 5:30pm; Worship 6:30pm; Wed. MORMON 9:45am; Worship 10:35am & 6pm; Wed. Bible Study 7pm. 6:30pm The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Corinth Ward. Hwy. 2 Pleasant Grove Church of Christ, 123 CR 304, Doskie, MS, Craig Old Worsham Bros. Building Sun, 10 am-1pm, Wed. 6:30 pm. Chandler, Minister-287-1001; S.S. 9:45am; Worship 10:45am. South Parkway Church of Christ, 501 S. Parkway St., Bro. Dan Eubanks, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 204 George E. Allen Dr. Booneville, MS. Services: Booneville Ward 9-12 am Wed 6:30 pm Minister, S.S. 9:30am; Worship 10:30am & 6pm; Wed. 7pm. Strickland Church of Christ, Central Sch. Rd. at Hwy. 72 E., Brad NON-DENOMINATIONAL COPPER • BRASS ALUMINUM • STAINLESS STEEL Dillingham, Minister, S.S. 10am;Worship 10:45am & 5pm; Wed. 7pm. 209 ALCORN DRIVE Agape World Overcoming Christian Center, 1311 Lyons St. Pastor Doris Theo Church of Christ, Ron Adams, minister. Hwy. 72 W. Bible Day. S.S. 9:45 a.m. Corporate Worship 11:30 a.m., Tues. Night Prayer/Bible CORINTH MS 38834 Call the Professionals Study 9am; Worship 10am & 5pm; Wed. Bible Study pm. WITH OVER Wenasoga Church of Christ, G.W. Childs, Pastor. Worship Service 9am & Study 7pm 662-665-9185 2760 Harper St • 662-665-0069 Another Chance Ministries, 2066 Tate St, Corinth, MS 662-284-0801 or 50 YEARS EXPERIENCE 5pm; Bible Class 10am; Wed. 7pm. 662-284-0802. Prayer Serv. 8am, Praise & Worship 9am, Mid-Week Bible West Corinth Church of Christ, Hwy 45 No. at Henson Rd. James Vansandt, Pastor S.S. 9:45am; Worship service 10:40am & 6pm; Wed 7pm. study 7pm. Bishop Perry and Dimple Carroll (Pastors), Overseers - A Christ Centered, Spirit Filled, New Creation Church. New Sun morning service 8:00am. Come out and be blessed. PEST CONTROL CHURCH OF GOD Bethel Church, CR 654-A, Walnut (72W to Durhams Gro, left at store, “The Little Critter Gitter!” Church of God of Prophecy, Bell School Rd. S.S. 10 a.m. Worship follow signs), Sun. Morn 10am; Sun. Worship 5pm; Thurs. Service 6pm. CALL THE PROFESSIONALS services 11 a.m. Wed. Night Bible Study 7 p.m. Pastor James Gray. Brush Creek House of Prayer, 478 CR 600 (just out of Kossuth) Walnut, WITH OVER 50 YEARS EXPERIENCE. Hilltop Church of God, 46 Hwy 356 - 603-4567, Pastor, Donald McCoy MS. Pastor Bro. Jeff and Sister Lisa Wilbanks. SS 10am, Sun. Worship 10:45am, Sun. Even. 5pm, Wed. 7pm. Burnsville Tabernacle Church, Sun. School 10a.m. Wor. Service 11 a.m., 662-287-3521 New Mission Church of God in Christ, 608 Wick St. Pastor Elder Yarbro. Eve. Worship 5p.m., Wed Service 7 p.m. S.S. 10 a.m. Sunday Worship 11 a.m., & 7 p.m. Wed. & Fri. 7pm. Church of the Crossroads, Hwy 72 E., Nelson Hight, pastor, 286-6838, 1st New Life Church of God in Christ, 305 West View Dr., Pastor Elder Morn. Worship 8:30, S.S.10am, 2nd Morn. Worship 11am & Life Groups Willie Hoyle, 286-5301. Sun. Prayer 9:45 am, S.S. 10 am, Worship 5pm; Wed. 6:30 pm Life Groups & Childrens Services; 11:30 am, Thurs. Worship 7:30 pm, Wed. night worship services 7 pm, Cicero AME Church, 420 Martin Luther King Dr., Corinth, MS 286-2310 S.S. YPWW 1st & 3rd Sunday 6 pm. 9:30 am; Worship 11am & 7pm; Wed. Bible Study 7pm St. James Church of God in Christ, 1101 Gloster St. S.S. 10 a.m. City of Refuge, 300 Emmons Rd. & Hwy 64, Selmer, TN. 731-645-7053 or “The Little Critter Gitter!” Worship Services 11:30 a.m.; Youth/Adult Bible Study Thurs. 7pm 731-610-1883. Pastor C. A. Jackson. Sun. Morn. 10am, Sun. Evening 6pm, Pastor Elder Anthony Fox. Wed. Bible Study 7pm. St. James Church of God in Christ-Ripley, 719 Ashland Rd, Ripley, MS, Christ Gospel Church, Junction 367 & 356, 1 1/2 miles east of Jacinto. Rev. 662-837-9509; Sun. Worship Morning Glory 8am; SS 9am; Worship 11am; Bobby Lytal, pastor, S.S. 10 a.m. Sun 6:30 p.m. Wed 7 p.m. Fri Night 7 p.m. Thurday is Holy Ghost night 7pm; Superintendent Bernell Hoyle, Pastor. Church On Fire Dream Center, Intersection of Holt Ave. & Hwy 365 Church of God of Union Assembly, 347 Hwy 2, (4 miles from Hwy 45 North, Burnsville. Michael Roberts, pastor, Sun. Morn. Worship 10am, bypass going East to 350), North Gospel Preaching and singing. Services 662-415-4890(cell) Wed. 6:30 pm , Sun.Evening Service 6:30 pm, Sun. morning 10:30 am. Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, 145 South. Services: Sun. 10am Everyone invited to come and worship with us. Pastor Brother David Youth and Home Meetings, Wednesday Night. Billy Joe Young, pastor. Bledsoe; 286-2909 or 287-3769 FaithPointe Church, Lead Pastor, Mike Sweeney. 440 Hwy. 64 E. The Church of God , Hwy 57, West of four-way in Michie, TN. Adamsville, TN. Sun. 9 am SS,10:30 am Morn. Worship; Wed. Bible Study Paster Joe McLemore, 731-926-5674. 7 p.m. (all ages) Website: Wings of Mercy Church, 1703 Levee St. (Just off 45 S. at Harper Exit). Full Gospel House of Prayer, 2 miles S. of Hightown. Ancel Hancock, Church: 287-4900; Pastor: James Tipton, Sunday Morn. 10:30am, Sunday Minister, Jane Dillingham, Assoc., Serv every Mon. night 7pm Evening 5:00pm, Wednesday Bible Study 7:00pm Foundation of Truth Christian Fellowship, 718 S. Tate St., Corinth, MS, Frederick C. Patterson Sr, pastor, S.S. 9:30 a.m. Worship Service 11 p.m. EPISCOPAL Wed. Bible Study 7 p.m. St. Paul’s Episcopal, Hwy. 2 at N. Shiloh Rd. Rev. Ann B. Fraser, Priest; God’s Church, 565 Hwy 45 S, Biggersville; Pastor David Mills, Asso. Pastor Larry Lovett; SS 10am; Sun Worship 11am; Wed. Night 7pm 9:30am Holy Eucharist followed by Welcome & Coffee; 10:45am Sunday Kossuth Worship Center, Hwy. 2, Kossuth. Pastor Bro. Larry Murphy. S.S. School. Nursery opens at 9:15am. 10 a.m. Worship 11 a.m. & 6 p.m. Wed. Services 6:00 p.m. 287-5686 Life in the Word Fellowship Church, Pastor Merle Spearman. 706 School FREE WILL BAPTIST Calvary Free Will Baptist Mission, Old Jacinto Supply Building, Jacinto. St, Worship Sun. 10:30 am & 6:00 pm; Wed. 7:00 pm. A Place To Call Mt. Zion Church, Highway 365 N. of Burnsville. Pastor Billy Powers. S.S. 10 am Worship 11 am & 5 p.m. Wed. Service 7 pm. Home Worship Service 2 pm; Wed. Serv 7 pm. Community Free Will Baptist Church, 377 CR 218, Corinth, MS, Dujuanna 462-8353, S.S. 10am, Worship Serv 11am & 6 pm. Wed. Bible Study 7pm. Mt. Carmel Non-Denominational Church, Wenasoga Rd. Fraizer Pastor Bro. Jason Abbatoy. Sunday Morning Service 11:00 am Macedonia Freewill Baptist Church, 9 miles S. of Corinth on Tompson & Staff Real Life Church, 2040 Shiloh Rd (corner of Harper & Shiloh Rd); 662 CR 400. Sunday School 10 a.m.; Pastor: Russell Clouse; Sun Worship 709-RLCC; Pastor Harvern Davis, Sun. Morn. Prayer 10am, Worship 11 a.m& 6 pm; Adult & Youth Teaching Service Sunday 5 p.m. 1101 Levee Rd. • Corinth, MS 10:30am; Prayer Mon. 7pm; Wed Night 7pm Adult Bible Study, Real Teen 662-286-7021 •Fax 662-286-7074 Survival, Xtreme Kids, HOLINESS River of Life, Cruise & Cass St. Sun. Morning Worship 10:30 a.m., By Faith Holiness Church, 137 CR 430, Ritenzi, MS, 662-554-9897/462 Pastor Heath Lovelace Our Family Serving Your Family, 7287; Pastor: Eddie Huggins; Sun 10am& 6pm; Thurs. 7pm Full Gospel Jesus Name Church, Located 3 miles on CR 400, (Salem Rd) Rutherford Chapel, CR 755, Theo Community, Rev. Casey Rutherford, Pastor, Sun. 10:30 am Worship & 6 pm; Thurs. 7 p.m. 662-396-1967 Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow Old Jehvohah Witness Church. Pastor: Larry Jackson; Sunday Evening Still Hope Ministries, Main St, Rienzi; Pastor: Bro. Chris Franks, 662-603 2pm. 662-728-8612. 3596. Services: Sun 2pm; Fri. 7pm. Glen Jesus Name Holiness Church, CR 248 Glen, Bro. Jimmy Jones, The Anchor Holds Church, Hwy 348 of Blue Springs, MS. 662-869-5314, Pastor; Sun. Service 10 am, Evening 6 pm; Wed. night 7 pm; 287-6993 Frazier, Jones & Wooley Pastor Mike Sanders, Sun. School 9:30 a.m; Sun. Morning Worship 10:30 Theo Holiness Church, Hwy. 72 West, Corinth. Pastor: Rev. Ronald am; Sun. Evening Worship 5:00 p.m; Wed. Service 7:00 p.m; Nursery 613 Bunch St. • Corinth, MS • 662-286-2900 Wilbanks, Phone:662-223-5330; Senior Pastor: Rev. Rufus Barnes; SS Provided For Ages 0-3; Children Church For Ages 4-10; Youth Program For 10am, Worship Service 11am, and 6:30 pm, Wed. Prayer Meeting 7 pm Ages 11-21; Anointed Choir and Worship Team True Holiness Church, 1223 Tate St, 287-5659 or 808-0347, Pastor: Willie Triumph Church, Corner of Dunlap & King St. S.S. 10:00 a.m. Worship Saffore; S.S. 10 am, Sun. Worship 11:30 am, Tues/Fri Prayer Service 9am; 11:30 a.m. Tuesday night worship 7:00 p.m. Prayer & Bible Band Wed. 7pm. Triumphs To The Church and Kingdom of God in Christ, Rev. Billy T., Kirk, pastor S.S. of Wisdom 10 a.m. Regular Services 11:30 a.m. Tuesday & INDEPENDENT BAPTIST Thursday 7:30p.m. Brigman Hill Baptist Church, 7 mi. E. on Farmington Rd. Pastor Chris Word Outreach Ministries, Hwy. 45 North, MS-TN State Line. Pastor Estep, S.S. 10am; Sun Worship 11 am & 6 pm.; Wed. Bible Study 7p.m. Elworth Mabry. Sun. Bible Study 10am, Worship 11am, Wed. 6:30pm. Grace Bible Baptist Church, Hwy. 145 No. Donald Sculley, pastor. 286-5760, S.S.10 a.m. Worship 11 a.m & 6 p.m. Wed. 7 p.m., Children’s PENTECOSTAL Bible Club 7 p.m. Calvary Apostolic Church, Larry W. McDonald, Pastor, 1622 Bunch St. Juliette Independent Missionary Baptist Church, Interim Pastor, Services Sun 10am & 6pm, Tues 7:30 pm For info. 287-3591. Harold Talley, S.S.10 a.m. Preaching 11 a.m. Evening Service 5 p.m. Central Pentecostal Church, Central School Road. Sunday Worship Maranatha Baptist Church, CR 106, Bro. Scotty Wood, Pastor. S.S.10 10 am; Evangelistic Service 5 pm; Wed. Bible Study a.m. Sun Worship 11am & 6pm; Wed. Bible Study 7:15 p.m. 7 pm; Terry Harmon II, Pastor. Jones Chapel Free Will Baptist Church, S.S. 10 a.m. Sun. Worship Apostolic Life Tabernacle, Hwy. 45 S. Sunday Worship & S.S. 10 am & Services 11 a.m. & 5 p.m. Wed. Night Bible Study 7 p.m. 6 p.m. Thurs. Prayer Meeting 7:15pm Mike Brown, pastor. 287-4983. Strickland Baptist Church, 514 Strickland Rd., Glen MS 38846, Pastor Biggersville Pentecostal Church, U.S. 45 N., Biggersville. Rev. T.G, Ramsy, Harold Burcham; Sunday School 10 a.m.; Sunday Services 11 a.m& 6 pm; pastor. S.S. 10 a.m. Youth Services, Sunday 5 p.m. Evangelistic Wed. Bible Study 7 p.m. Service 6 p.m. Bible Study Wednesday 7 p.m. Burnsville United Pentecostal Church, Highway 72 West of Burnsville. L. STATE LINE RD @ HARPER RD INDEPENDENT FULL GOSPEL Rich, pastor. S.S. 10 am; Worship Service 11 am and 6:30 pm; Youth Since 1991 Harvest Church, 349 Hwy 45 S., Guys, TN. Pastor Roger Reece; Service 5:30 pm; Wed Prayer and Bible Study 7:15 pm. 731-239-2621. S.S. 10 a.m. Worship & Children’s Church 11am; 731-239-5500 Community Pentecostal Church, Rev. Randle Flake, pastor. Sun. Worship 79 State Line Road Evening Service 6 p.m., Wed. 7 p.m. 10am & 5:30pm; Wed. Acts Class 6pm; Wed. Night 7:15pm Michie, TN 38357 Counce, Tenn. First Pentecostal Church, State Route 57, Rev. G.R. RANDY 662-286-1622 INDEPENDENT METHODIST Miller, pastor. S.S. 10 a.m. Evening Worship 6 p.m. Wed 7 p.m. ANDY 662-643-4389 Clausel Hill Independent Methodist Church, 8 miles S. of Burnsville, Eastview United Pentecostal Church, Rev. Wayne Isbell, pastor. 287-8277 (pastor), (662) 645-9751 (church) S.S. 10 am; Worship Service just off 365 in Cairo Community. Pastor, Gary Redd. S.S. 10 a.m. Morning 11am & 6pm; Wed. Bible Study 7:15 p.m. Worship 11:15 a.m. Evening Worship 5:00 p.m. Wed. Night Prayer Gospel Tabernacle, Glover Drive. Rev. Josh Hodum, pastor. S.S. 10 am Meeting 6:45 p.m. Worship 11am & 6pm; Wed. Service 7 p.m. Chapel Hill Methodist Church, , 2 1/2 mi. W. of Burnsville. CR 944. Greater Life United Pentecostal Church, 750 Hwy. 45 S. Rev. Don Scotty McCay, pastor. S.S. 10 am, Sunday Worship, 11 am. & 5 pm. Clenney, Pastor; SS 10am, Sun. Morn. Worship 11am, Sun. Even. Worship 6pm; Wed. Night 7:15pm LUTHERAN Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. 4203 Shiloh Rd. 287 Life Tabernacle Apostolic Pentecostal, 286-5317, Mathis Subd. 1037, Divine Worship 10:00 a.m. Holy Communion celebrated on the first, Sunday Worship 10am&6:30pm;Wed. Bible Study 7 p.m. Pleasant Hill Pentecostal Church, C.D. Kirk, pastor, Hwy. 2, third and fifth Sunday. Christian Ed. 9 a.m. S.S. 10am, Adult Worship 10am, Sun. Night Explosion 6pm & Wed. night 7:30pm METHODIST Bethel United Methodist, Jerry Kelly, pastor. Worship 10 am S.S. 11 am Rockhill Apostolic, 156 CR 157, 662-287-1089, Pastor Steve Findley SS. 10am, Sun. Morn. 11am, Sun. Night 6pm, Wed night 7:15pm Biggersville United Methodist Church, Jimmy Glover, Pastor. S.S. 9:15 a.m., Church Service 10:00 am Sunday Worship 10 a.m. & 6 p.m. Sanctuary of Hope 1108 Proper St,, Sun. Worship 10 a.m. & 6pm; Thursday worship 7:30 p.m. “Where there’s breath, there’s hope.” Bible Study Thurs 7 p.m. Box Chapel United Methodist Church, Anne Ferguson, Pastor 3310 CR The Full Gospel Tabernacle of Jesus Christ, 37 CR 2350, 100 (Intersection of Kendrick & Box Chapel Road) S.S. 10:00 a.m. Worship Pastor Jesse Hisaw, 462-3541. Sun, 10am & 5pm; Wed. 7:30 pm. 11 am, Evening Worship 5 p.m. Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m.

Oakland Baptist Church




Memorial Funeral Home



12 • Daily Corinthian

Local Schedule Today Baseball Smithville Tournament Kossuth-Sulligent, Ala., 12 Kossuth-Berry, Ala.., 2 Saltillo Spring Tournament Central-Saltillo Softball Corinth @ Meridian Tourney

Monday Baseball Kossuth @ Ripley, 7 Softball Falkner @ Biggersville, 5

Tuesday Baseball Thrasher @ Biggersville, 6 Amory @ Tish. Co, 6 Softball Ripley @ Kossuth, 5 Biggersville @ Blue Mountain, 5 Amory @ Tish Co., 6:30 Pontotoc @ Corinth, 6:30

Thursday Softball Kossuth @ Central, 5:30 Tish Co. @ Pontotoc, 6:30 Itawamba @ Corinth, 6:30 Biggersville @ Pine Grove, 5

Shorts Women’s indoor soccer The Corinth Sportsplex is hosting a Women’s Indoor Soccer League for ages 18 and up. The first game for the league will be held on April 1 at 6 p.m. Nerf balls will be used in all leagues and those who participate must wear tennis shoes and chin guards. No cleats will be allowed on the astro-turf. Cost for joining the league is $20, which includes a game-day t-shirt. For more information, call 287-4417,


Saturday, March 16, 2013

County teams split in tourney action BY DONICA PHIFER

Record: Kossuth 6-1

Kossuth BOONEVILLE — The Kossuth Lady Aggies came out ahead in their three games at the NEMCC Softball Tournament. The team went 2-1 for the day, securing wins over Baldwyn and Adamsville in 1-0 and 2-0 shutouts. Carleigh Mills and Kristen Devers both improved to 3-0 as starting pitchers for the Aggies. Kossuth’s single loss came in a 2-0 defeat from Colbert County (AL). Kaylee Brooke Martin allowed only three hits during the game, including a right field single that ran in the two scores for the Indians. Kossuth takes to their home field on Tuesday, March 19 in their 1-3A Division opener against the Ripley Tigers. First pitch is set for 5 p.m. for varsity, and a junior varsity game will follow. Kossuth 1, Baldwyn 0 KHS 1 0 0 0 0 0 1-6-0 BHS 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-1-0 WP: Carleigh Mills (3-0), LP: Savannah Alexander Multiple Hits: None Extra Base Hits: None Record: Kossuth 5-1  

Kossuth 2, Adamsville 0 KHS 0 0 0 1 1 2-4-0 AHS 0 0 0 0 0 0-0-1 WP: Kristen Devers (3-0), LP: Davis Multiple Hits: None Extra Base Hits: None

Colbert County 2, Kossuth 0 CCHS 0 0 0 2 0 2-3-1 KHS 0 0 0 0 0 0-1-2 WP: A. Owens LP: Kaylee Brooke Martin Multiple Hits: None Extra Base Hits: None Record: Kossuth 6-2

Alcorn Central BOONEVILLE — The Lady Bears finished their threegame slate at the NEMCC Softball Tournament with only one win - a shutout of Sentatobia in the second game of the day. Central dropped their first game to McNairy Central in a 4-3 decision, and played another close one with Colbert County (AL) for a 3-2 final score. The Bears rallied in the sixth inning against Colbert County, punching in two runs from a center field single hit by Brianna Barnes. Barnes hit sent Amber Meredith and pinch-runner Mary Fran Robbins home, forcing extra inning for the final game. In the end, a safety squeeze from Colbert County secured the win with the Central infield making an error for the third-base runner to reach home plate.

McNairy Central 4, Alcorn Central 3 ACHS 1 0 2 0 — 3-5-2 MCHS 0 0 2 2 0 4-6-0 WP: Kelly Beth, LP: Chelsea Buntin (3-3) Multiple Hits: (AC) Chelsea Buntin 2, (MC) Macee Taylor 2. Extra Base HITS: (AC) 2B: Chelsea Buntin,

(MC) 2b: Jennifer Jones, Macee Taylor. Record: Alcorn Central 3-4

Alcorn Central 3, Senatobia 0 ACHS 2 0 0 0 1 0 3-7-0 SHS 0 0 0 0 0 — 0-2-0 WP: Delanie Brown, LP: L. Henson Multiple Hits: (AC) Amber Meredith 2, (S) None Extra Base Hits: (AC) 2B: Delanie Brown, Haley Barnes, (S) None Record: Alcorn Central 3-5  

Colbert County 3, Alcorn Central 2 CCHS 0 0 0 0 2 1 3-5-1 ACHS 0 0 0 0 0 — 2-4-1 WP: K. Johnson, LP: Chelsea Buntin (3-4) Multiple Hits: (CC) A. Henke 2, (AC) Extra Base Hits: (CC) 3b: A. Henke, 2B: S. Green. Record: Alcorn Central 3-6

Corinth MERIDIAN — The Corinth Lady Warriors split two games during the Meridian Softball Tournament, including sustaining their first loss of the season to West Harrison. The Warriors put in three runs in the first inning, but committed a total of five errors in the game for West Harrison to gain a 4-run third inning and add another 3 scores for a 7-3 final. Stennett Smith threw 4 strikeouts, while Colby Cox sent two batters swinging in relief. Haley Christian grabbed multiple hits, while Smith earned the only extra hit with a double. The Warriors bounced back with a 9-1 defeat of Richland, Portia Patterson nailing a triple hit as the Warriors

punched in a five-run sixth inning to secure the win. Smith and Patterson each gained four hits during the game, with Christian, Bailee Kramer, Rebekah Williams and Anna Kayte Webb getting two. Patterson secured two RBIs during the game, as Kramer and Williams each added one. The Warriors improve to 6-1 for the season, and will see action with two additional games tomorrow in the tournament. Up first is a 9:30 a.m. game against Harrison Central High School, followed by a 1:30 p.m. game with Southeast Lauderdale High School. Corinth returns to the field at home in a game against Pontotoc High School at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 19. West Harrison 7, Corinth 3 CHS 3 0 0 0 0 3-6-5 WHHS 0 0 4 3 0 7-5-0   WP: Jackie Shows, LP: Stennett Smith (5-1) Multiple Hits: (C) Haley Christian 2, Stennett Smith 2, (WH) Whitney Smith 3, Ally Hancock 2. Extra Base Hits: (C) 2B: Stennett Smith, (WH) 2B: Sissy Hoda. Record: Corinth 5-1  

Corinth 9, Richland 1 RHS 0 0 1 0 0 0 2-1-6 CHS 1 0 0 2 2 5 9-7-2   WP: Stennett Smith (6-1), LP: V Blair Multiple Hits: (R) L Yates 2, K Jordan 2, (C) Stennett Smith 4, Portia Patterson 4, Bailee Kramer 2, Haley Christian 2, Rebekah Williams 2, Anna Kayte Webb 2. Extra Base Hits: (R) None, (C) 3B: Portia Patterson, 2b: Stennett Smith. Record: Corinth 6-1

Softball umpire clinic The Corinth and Alcorn County Park and Recreation Department will be holding an ASA Umpire certification clinic this Sunday. Any person interested in umpiring adult softball for the Park and Recreation League must attend. The clinic will begin at 2 p.m. at Corinth City Hall in the third floord board meeting room. A fee of $60 is charged for the clinic. Umpires for the 2012-2013 season will earn $15 per game. For more information contact the Park Office at 286-3067.

Zumba fitness classes The Corinth Sportsplex will host Zumba classes with certified instructor Debbie Guardino every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:50 to 4:50. Cost for classes is $7 for non members and free for Sportsplex members.

Michie Dixie youth teams The Michie Dixie Youth Softball and Baseball leagues will be hosting registration day today from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Michie Community Center. Registration is open to children 4-12 years old for both sports. Cost varies per number of children registered by one parent. Contact Samantha Denton at 731-607-1627.

Photo by Donica Phifer

Alcorn Central pitcher Chelsea Buntin winds up for a fast-ball as Haley Barnes looks on from third base. The Lady Bears pulled in a 1-2 record during the NEMCC Softball Tournament on Friday.

Mississippi tops Missouri with frantic rally

Umpires needed BY STEVE MEGARGEE The Michie Dixie Youth League is looking for umpires for the upcoming season. For more information contact Nick Malone at 731-610-9416.

TriState Rebel road trip The TriState Rebel Club will host Ole Miss Head Football Coach Hugh Freeze and Athletic Director Ross Bjork on April 26 as part of the 2013 Rebel Road Trip. The event will be held at the Crossroads Arena and all proceeds from the event will go towards the Tri-State Rebel Club Scholarship Fund. Seating is limited for the event, and tickets are $20 each. For more information, see, or call 212-3702.

Associated Press

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Derrick Millinghaus made a driving basket with 1.1 seconds left Friday as No. 3 seed Mississippi rallied from a 14-point, second-half deficit to beat No. 6 seed Missouri 64-62 in the Southeastern Conference tournament quarterfinals. Mississippi (24-8) advanced to a Saturday semifinal against No. 10 seed Vanderbilt (16-16), which upset No. 2 seed Kentucky 64-48. The Rebels also boosted their chances of earning their first NCAA tournament bid since 2002. After Mississippi’s Mar-

shall Henderson stole a Laurence Bowers inbounds pass at midcourt, the Rebels called timeout with 29.2 seconds remaining. Millinghaus drove into the lane and gave Mississippi its first lead since pulling ahead 11-10 with 12:34 left in the first half. Mississippi’s Marshall Henderson scored 27 points, including 20 in the second half. Millinghaus scored all 11 of his points in the second half. Alex Oriakhi had 17 points, Phil Pressey scored 13 and Earnest Ross added 12 for Missouri (22-10). Henderson’s fearless shooting and fiery attitude has thrilled Mississippi fans and

irritated the Rebels’ opponents all season, and he was as polarizing as ever Friday. He taunted Missouri fans during the Tigers’ secondhalf meltdown and celebrated on the scorer’s table after the game. Missouri led 42-28 early in the second half and still had a 13-point advantage with 13:24 remaining before Henderson led the Rebels on a furious comeback. Reginald Buckner’s dunk with 2:44 left capped a 10-1 run and tied the score at 57-57. It went back and forth from there. Missouri regained the lead on an Oriakhi putback with

2:21 left, but Henderson tied it again by hitting both ends of a one-and-one with 1:08 remaining. Pressey made a 3-pointer to put Missouri ahead 62-59 with 46.2 seconds left, but Millinghaus answered 17 seconds later with his own 3-pointer. Bowers then threw an inbounds pass that appeared to be intended for Keion Bell, but Henderson intercepted it. That turnover allowed Millinghaus to complete Mississippi’s comeback, touching off a wild postgame celebration as the Rebels dove on the floor near midcourt. Please see RALLY | 13

Tennis Camp Tupelo Park and Recreation and the Tupelo Tennis Association will host a 2013 Spring Camp at Rob Leake City Park from March 18-April 22. The six weeks of lessons are for pee wee, youth, and adult groups. Lessons for Pee Wee and adult age groups is Mondays, Pee Wee from 5-5:45 and adults from 7-8 p.m. Youth lessons will be held Mondays or Tuesdays from 6-7 p.m. Cost is $65 per person, and classes are limited to 14 people. To sign up, or for more information, contact Dennis Otono at 8917589 or Curtis Brown at 231-2797.

Vanderbilt routs Kentucky in SEC tournament BY TERESA M. WALKER Associated Press

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Kevin Stallings made his Vanderbilt Commodores go to class Friday. Then they hit the court a few hours later and put together their best game this season. And they put a serious dent in Kentucky’s hopes of

having at least a chance to defend its national title in the process. Dai-Jon Parker scored 12 points, and Vanderbilt beat Kentucky 64-48 Friday night in a rematch of last year’s Southeastern Conference tournament championship won by the Commodores. “It’s been a long time

since I’ve been as proud of a team as I am this team here,” Stallings said. “I’m very proud of this team and very proud of this season, and we’re 16-16. That’s the first time we’ve been .500 in about five months. But you know what? I wish it was better than that, but very proud of them.”

Actually, Vandy was 6-6 at the start of SEC play before losing to Kentucky. Now the 10th-seeded Commodores have won six of their last seven in giving Stallings his 400th career victory, and they will play either Missouri or Mississippi in their Please see SEC | 13


Saturday, March 16, 2013


Baseball Spring training schedule


fourth straight semifinal on Saturday. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Each day the games get more fun,â&#x20AC;? Vandy junior Rod Odom said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m sure itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be a great opportunity and a great experience for us tomorrow.â&#x20AC;? Kentucky (21-11) came in as a bubble team projected possibly as a playin candidate after coach John Calipari sent six players to the NBA last summer and tried reloading yet again with another top recruiting class. But Nerlens Noel had surgery earlier this week to fix his torn ACL, and the Wildcats couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t match the intensity of the Commodores. Calipari said his Wildcats â&#x20AC;&#x153;laid an egg,â&#x20AC;? while Vandy played well.


Mississippiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dramatic victory gave the Rebelsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; NCAA tournament hopes a major lift on a day when other SEC bubble teams such as Tennessee and Kentucky lost. Mississippi coach Andy Kennedy is the first Rebels coach ever to win 20 games in four straight seasons and the fifth coach in SEC history to reach the 20-win mark in six of his first seven seasons in the league. But the Rebels havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t earned an NCAA bid during his tenure. The Rebels seemed poised to break through this year when they raced to a 17-2 start that included a 6-0 mark in conference play, but they split their final 12 regular-season games. That late-season slide included losses to South Carolina (14-18) and Mississippi State (1022).

AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pct 16 2 .889 11 5 .688 13 7 .650 13 7 .650 12 8 .600 12 8 .600 9 7 .563 11 9 .550 10 10 .500 9 9 .500 8 9 .471 8 11 .421 8 12 .400 7 11 .389 4 12 .250 NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pct Colorado 9 7 .563 St. Louis 10 8 .556 San Diego 11 10 .524 Atlanta 11 11 .500 San Francisco 8 8 .500 Washington 9 9 .500 New York 7 8 .467 Pittsburgh 9 11 .450 Arizona 8 10 .444 Milwaukee 8 10 .444 Philadelphia 8 11 .421 Miami 7 10 .412 Chicago 8 12 .400 Los Angeles 6 10 .375 Cincinnati 5 13 .278 Fridayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Games N.Y. Yankees 7, Miami 3 Tampa Bay 3, Philadelphia 1, 10 innings Baltimore 3, Boston (ss) 3, tie, 10 innings N.Y. Mets 5, Atlanta 2 Detroit 4, Toronto 2 St. Louis 5, Washington 1 Pittsburgh 3, Houston 2 Chicago White Sox 15, Chicago Cubs 3 San Francisco 5, Texas 2 San Diego (ss) 8, L.A. Dodgers (ss) 7 Milwaukee 4, Cleveland 3 Kansas City (ss) 7, San Diego (ss) 5 Seattle 8, L.A. Angels 5 Arizona 2, Oakland 2, tie Boston (ss) 5, Minnesota 0 Colorado vs. Cincinnati at Goodyear, Ariz., (n) Kansas City (ss) vs. L.A. Dodgers (ss) at Glendale, Ariz., (n) Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Games Philadelphia vs. N.Y. Yankees (ss) at Tampa, Fla., 12:05 p.m. Boston vs. Tampa Bay at Port Charlotte, Fla., 12:05 p.m. Baltimore vs. Toronto at Dunedin, Fla., 12:05 p.m. Detroit vs. St. Louis at Jupiter, Fla., 12:05 p.m. Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota at Fort Myers, Fla., 12:05 p.m. Kansas City Baltimore Seattle Tampa Bay Cleveland Detroit Chicago Boston Minnesota Texas Oakland Toronto New York Houston Los Angeles

Miami vs. N.Y. Mets at Port St. Lucie, Fla., 12:10 p.m. L.A. Dodgers vs. Texas at Surprise, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. Arizona vs. San Diego at Peoria, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. Cincinnati (ss) vs. San Francisco (ss) at Scottsdale, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. L.A. Angels vs. Oakland (ss) at Phoenix, 3:05 p.m. Oakland (ss) vs. Chicago White Sox at Glendale, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. Texas vs. Chicago Cubs at Las Vegas, Nev., 3:05 p.m. Cincinnati (ss) vs. Milwaukee at Phoenix, 3:05 p.m. Kansas City vs. Chicago Cubs at Mesa, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. Seattle vs. Colorado at Scottsdale, Ariz., 3:10 p.m. N.Y. Yankees (ss) vs. Atlanta at Kissimmee, Fla., 4:05 p.m. Houston vs. Washington at Viera, Fla., 5:05 p.m. San Francisco (ss) vs. Cleveland at Goodyear, Ariz., 9:05 p.m. Sundayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Games N.Y. Yankees vs. Pittsburgh at Bradenton, Fla., 12:05 p.m. Baltimore (ss) vs. Philadelphia at Clearwater, Fla., 12:05 p.m. St. Louis vs. Miami at Jupiter, Fla., 12:05 p.m. Toronto vs. Houston at Kissimmee, Fla., 12:05 p.m. Washington vs. Detroit at Lakeland, Fla., 12:05 p.m. Minnesota vs. Baltimore (ss) at Sarasota, Fla., 12:05 p.m. Atlanta vs. N.Y. Mets at Port St. Lucie, Fla., 12:10 p.m. Tampa Bay vs. Boston at Fort Myers, Fla., 12:35 p.m. Cleveland vs. Cincinnati at Goodyear, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. Milwaukee vs. L.A. Dodgers (ss) at Glendale, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. Texas (ss) vs. Chicago Cubs (ss) at Las Vegas, Nev., 3:05 p.m. Texas (ss) vs. Seattle at Peoria, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. Chicago White Sox vs. Kansas City at Surprise, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. Chicago Cubs (ss) vs. Oakland at Phoenix, 3:05 p.m. San Diego vs. L.A. Angels at Tempe, Ariz., 3:05 p.m. L.A. Dodgers (ss) vs. Arizona at Scottsdale, Ariz., 3:10 p.m. Colorado vs. San Francisco at Scottsdale, Ariz., 5:15 p.m.

38 25 .603 11½ 38 27 .585 12½ 36 29 .554 14½ 35 29 .547 15 35 29 .547 15 32 32 .500 18 26 40 .394 25 24 40 .375 26 22 42 .344 28 23 44 .343 28½ 22 43 .338 28½ 18 48 .273 33 14 51 .215 36½ WESTERN CONFERENCE W L Pct GB x-San Antonio 50 16 .758 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; d-Oklahoma City 49 17 .742 1 Memphis 44 20 .688 5 d-L.A. Clippers 45 21 .682 5 Denver 45 22 .672 5½ Golden State 37 29 .561 13 Houston 36 30 .545 14 L.A. Lakers 35 32 .522 15½ Utah 33 32 .508 16½ Dallas 31 34 .477 18½ Portland 30 34 .469 19 Minnesota 22 41 .349 26½ Sacramento 23 43 .348 27 Phoenix 22 44 .333 28 New Orleans 22 44 .333 28 x-clinched playoff spot Thursdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Games San Antonio 92, Dallas 91 Portland 105, New York 90 Fridayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Games Toronto 92, Charlotte 78 L.A. Lakers 99, Indiana 93 Washington 96, New Orleans 87 Atlanta 107, Phoenix 94 Houston 108, Minnesota 100 Oklahoma City 117, Orlando 104 Dallas 96, Cleveland 86 Miami 107, Milwaukee 94 Denver 87, Memphis 80 Chicago at Golden State, (n) Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Games Phoenix at Washington, 6 p.m. Charlotte at Boston, 6:30 p.m. Indiana at Philadelphia, 6:30 p.m. Cleveland at San Antonio, 7:30 p.m. Detroit at Portland, 9 p.m. Memphis at Utah, 9 p.m. Sundayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Games Orlando at Milwaukee, Noon Miami at Toronto, Noon New York at L.A. Clippers, 2:30 p.m. Golden State at Houston, 6 p.m. New Orleans at Minnesota, 6 p.m. Oklahoma City at Dallas, 6:30 p.m. Atlanta at Brooklyn, 7 p.m. Sacramento at L.A. Lakers, 8:30 p.m.

Pro basketball

College basketball

NBA standings, schedule x-Miami d-Indiana

EASTERN CONFERENCE W L Pct 50 14 .781 40 25 .615

d-New York Brooklyn Atlanta Chicago Boston Milwaukee Toronto Philadelphia Washington Detroit Cleveland Orlando Charlotte

Fridayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s scores TOURNAMENTS Atlantic 10 Conference Quarterfinals Butler 69, La Salle 58

GB â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 10½

Daily Corinthian â&#x20AC;˘ 13

Saint Louis 72, Charlotte 55 VCU 82, Saint Josephâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 79 Atlantic Coast Conference Quarterfinals Maryland 83, Duke 74 Miami 69, Boston College 58 NC State 75, Virginia 56 Big 12 Conference Semifinals Kansas 88, Iowa St. 73 Big East Conference Semifinals Syracuse 58, Georgetown 55, OT Big Sky Conference Semifinals Weber St. 76, North Dakota 74 Big Ten Conference Quarterfinals Indiana 80, Illinois 64 Michigan St. 59, Iowa 56 Ohio St. 71, Nebraska 50 Wisconsin 68, Michigan 59 Conference USA Semifinals Memphis 85, Tulsa 74 Southern Miss. 85, UTEP 67 Great West Conference Semifinals Chicago St. 63, Texas-Pan American 55 Houston Baptist 62, NJIT 61 Mid-American Conference Semifinals Akron 62, Kent St. 59 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Semifinals Morgan St. 82, Bethune-Cookman 71 NC A&T 84, Delaware St. 78 Southeastern Conference Quarterfinals Alabama 58, Tennessee 48 Florida 80, LSU 58 Vanderbilt 64, Kentucky 48 Southland Conference Semifinals Northwestern St. 55, Sam Houston St. 52 Stephen F. Austin 68, SE Louisiana 57 Southwestern Athletic Conference Semifinals Prairie View 88, Jackson St. 75

Semifinals NJIT 52, Texas-Pan American 42 Utah Valley 67, Houston Baptist 53 Horizon League Semifinals Green Bay 71, Detroit 54 Loyola of Chicago 72, Youngstown St. 45 Mid-American Conference Semifinals Akron 70, Ball St. 61 Cent. Michigan 66, Toledo 61 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Semifinals Hampton 78, Coppin St. 52 Howard 55, NC A&T 42 Missouri Valley Conference Quarterfinals Creighton 60, S. Illinois 43 N. Iowa 71, Indiana St. 60 Wichita St. 73, Drake 58 Mountain West Conference Semifinals Fresno St. 63, Wyoming 62 San Diego St. 67, New Mexico 39 NCAA Division II First Round Ala.-Huntsville 78, Tuskegee 69 Ashland 70, Indianapolis 56 Augustana (SD) 78, Concordia (St.P) 66 Bentley 68, LIU Post 57 California (Pa.) 80, Edinboro 72 Clayton St. 91, Mount Olive 58 Delta St. 51, North Alabama 41 Dowling 62, NY Tech 51 Emporia St. 65, Washburn 58 Gannon 66, Fairmont St. 40 Glenville St. 111, Shaw 86 Holy Family 68, Assumption 62 Indiana (Pa.) 72, Bloomsburg 59 Limestone 64, Barton 59 Lynn 46, Rollins 45 Metro St. 58, St. Maryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s (Texas) 55 Michigan Tech 79, Kentucky Wesleyan 67 Midwestern St. 91, Tarleton St. 78 Nova Southeastern 82, Clark Atlanta 60 Pfeiffer 84, Anderson (SC) 78 SC-Aiken 94, Lenoir-Rhyne 71 SW Oklahoma 73, Cent. Missouri 71 Stonehill 78, Franklin Pierce 66 Wayne (Mich.) 63, Findlay 58 Wis.-Parkside 59, Lewis 49 NCAA Division III Semifinals DePauw 58, Williams 52 Wis.-Whitewater 64, Amherst 62, OT Southland Conference Semifinals Oral Roberts 79, McNeese St. 66 Sam Houston St. 67, Lamar 61 Southwestern Athletic Conference Semifinals MVSU 69, Ark.-Pine Bluff 55 Prairie View 62, Texas Southern 58 Western Athletic Conference Semifinals Idaho 84, Utah St. 82 Seattle 80, Louisiana Tech 61

Fridayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s scores TOURNAMENTS Big Sky Conference Semifinals Montana 74, Sacramento St. 53 N. Colorado 70, E. Washington 64, OT Big West Conference Semifinals Cal Poly 62, UC Santa Barbara 43 Pacific 54, Cal St.-Fullerton 51 Colonial Athletic Association Quarterfinals Delaware 51, UNC Wilmington 43 Drexel 65, William & Mary 31 Hofstra 57, Northeastern 52 James Madison 59, Towson 48 Conference USA Semifinals Tulsa 72, East Carolina 59 UCF 89, UTEP 77 Great West Conference

Alabama beats Tennessee 58-48 in SEC quarterfinals BY STEVE MEGARGEE The Associated Press

NASHVILLE, Tenn â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Alabama guard Trevor Releford isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t taking anything for granted. The fourth-seeded Crimson Tide boosted their NCAA tournament hopes Friday by beating No. 5 seed Tennessee 58-48 in a Southeastern Conference tournament quarterfinal, but Releford realizes that doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t guarantee anything. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d rather take Ala-


Millerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Auto Lube 301 Hwy 72 W â&#x20AC;˘ Corinth, MS 38834 Across from Kroger & Kmart


Visit Us For All Of Your

bamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fate out of the selection committeeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hands by winning two more games and earning the SECâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s automatic bid. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got to worry about winning the (SEC) championship, not the NCAA tournament, because you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know how that can go,â&#x20AC;? said Releford, who scored 14 points. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We can control what we can control here. If we get the championship, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s automatic. We donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have

to worry about anybody putting us in.â&#x20AC;? Right now, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tennesseeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s turn to worry instead. Alabama (21-11) and Tennessee (20-12) arrived in Nashville as NCAA tournament bubble teams, making this game particularly intriguing. Alabama responded by handing Tennessee only its second loss in its last 11 games to advance to a Saturday semifinal against

Tire Rotation and $ Computer Balance Expires 3-23-13


Some Exclusions Apply. Coupon must be present

sissippi in the SEC tournament quarterfinals and landed in the NIT. Tennessee and Alabama split two close regular-season meetings, with Alabama winning 68-65 at Tuscaloosa on Jan. 12 and the Vols surviving 5453 in the Jan. 26 rematch at Knoxville. This game followed a similar pattern, as neither team led by more than five points in a first half that featured three ties and four lead changes.

Choose any Two or More




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99 each

Medium 2-Topping Pizza â&#x20AC;˘ 8pc Chicken Oven Baked Sandwich â&#x20AC;˘ Pasta in a Tin Stuffed Cheesy Bread

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No. 13 Florida (25-6), the tournamentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s top seed. After Tennessee beat Missouri 64-62 in its regular-season finale, coach Cuonzo Martin said his team had done enough to earn a spot in the 68-team field. He made his case again after Fridayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s game. The Vols hope history doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t repeat itself. Tennessee also made a late-season surge to move into NCAA tournament contention last season, but the Vols lost to Mis-

Harper Square Mall, 1801-15 South Harper Rd. 662â&#x20AC;&#x201C;287â&#x20AC;&#x201C;7676 Mondayâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;Saturday 10:00â&#x20AC;&#x201C;5:30

Flooring â&#x20AC;˘ Shutters â&#x20AC;˘ Blinds â&#x20AC;˘ Draperies

NOW OPEN Sun-Thur. 10:30AM-11PM; Fri. & Sat. 10:30AM-Midnight

Online code:9193 Carry Out Limited Delivery Area

1102 Hwy 72 E Corinth


Legal Scene Your Crossroads Area Guide to Law Professionals )  ($ )* 







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Odom and Allred, P.A. Attorneys at Law

 ) - - ('             "  

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(     ! &% Serving Northeast Mississippiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s legal needs...

"!$ $!  # MS/TN v  (Payment Plans available)  !  " ! %!              '   $     &%    "$"!! " ! v# "(    #" !$ v    " "!$"!

+++ - (' +.) ( #'$"#  * %($*& ) ($)*   ( (*  * -  )* .* (() , )*  *& ) 


404 Waldron Street â&#x20AC;˘ Corinth, MS _________________________________________            '    3 

    -    1 / 2 1* '  0 /  1 .2&  &  2

662-286-9311 William W. Odom, Jr. Rhonda N. Allred Attorney at Law Attorney at Law ___________________________________________  &'&#$)#(& ,!"'#"&#$' #&"#'"'",''#"#+$'&'"

*' ", * $$#$  # ("'"($',# #(""#!'#")  ($#"%(&'

14 â&#x20AC;˘ Saturday, March 16, 2013 â&#x20AC;˘ Daily Corinthian


â&#x20AC;&#x153;TOON OUT CANCERâ&#x20AC;?


Come Walk With Me! Corinth City Park

5/31/13 ME!


â&#x20AC;&#x153;TOON OUT CANCERâ&#x20AC;?

BUSINESS & SERVICE GUIDE SIGN UP @ or see LORI MOORE @ BANCORP SOUTHInonThe Daily Corinthian And The Community Profiles $ HWY 72

RUN YOUR AD FOR ONLY 200 A MONTH ON THIS PAGE (Daily Corinthian Only 165) $



Construction & Crane Rental

Dr. Jonathan R. Cooksey Neck Pain â&#x20AC;˘ Back Pain Disc Problems Spinal Decompression Therapy Most Insurance Accepted Mon., Tues., Wed. & Fri. 9-5 3334 N. Polk Street Corinth, MS 38834 (662) 286-9950

Loans $20-$20,000

We haul: gravel & stone, rip-rap, Iuka gravel, pea & wash gravel, masonry sand, red fill sand, etc. for driveways & roads

DOZER & EXCAVATOR SERVICE House lots cleaned off, Culvert Installation & Concrete Work Let us help you with your projects, big or small.

40 Years

Remodeling or New Construction

KITCHEN & BATH CABINETS Produced daily at our modern plant in Corinth Industrial Park

We have the BEST Values for your Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets Just bring your measurements and we will help you with the rest!

Raised Panel Oak Flat Panel Oak MDF white or black (Prefinished or Unfinished)

One of the stateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest dealers in kitchen counter tops Formica or Granite

SMITH CABINET SHOP 1505 South Fulton Dr. â&#x20AC;˘ Corinth, MS





Bill Phillips Sand & Gravel

Corinth, MS 38834 FOR SALE BY OWNER. Rare find in a wonderful neighborhood! Great curb appeal! 3 beds, 2.5 baths with a play room or rec. room. Spacious bedrooms, hardwood floors and fireplace in living room. Kitchen is open with tile flooring. Nice screened back porch with privacy fence and manicured yard! $139,500. Call 662-424-0565 or 423-2441.

Structure demolition & Removal Crushed Lime Stone (any size) Iuka Road Gravel Washed gravel Pea gravel Fill sand Masonry sand Black Magic mulch Natural brown mulch Top soil â&#x20AC;&#x153;Let us help with your projectâ&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Large or Smallâ&#x20AC;? Bill Jr., 284-6061 G.E. 284-9209

Smith Discount Home Center


3110 heated sq. ft., 3 BR, 3 full BA w/4th full bath in garage. Newly remodeled master bath, laundry room, gas fireplace w/built-ins, 24x24 metal shop w/roll-up door & 24x14 side shed. All appliances included. On 2 acres. In Kossuth School district. By appt. REDUCED to $183,900. 662-415-5973 or 662-587-0055


10 CR 318, 6 BRâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, 4.5 BAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s



60 CR 620


View virtual tours At www. or Call Bailey Williams Realty at 662-286-2255 for more info


TORNADO SHELTERS Large full size 6x12 tall x 6â&#x20AC;&#x2122;9â&#x20AC;? concrete HOME REPAIRS & ADDITIONS


â&#x20AC;˘ Carports â&#x20AC;˘ Vinyl Siding â&#x20AC;˘ Room Additions â&#x20AC;˘ Shingles & Metal Roofing â&#x20AC;˘ Concrete Drives â&#x20AC;˘ Interior & Exterior Painting FREE ESTIMATES 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE FULLY INSURED 731-689-4319 JIMMY NEWTON

Auto Inspection Station

â&#x2DC;&#x2026; â&#x2DC;&#x2026; â&#x2DC;&#x2026;ALL-STARS â&#x2DC;&#x2026; Auto Glass Service, Inc.

â&#x20AC;˘ Metal roofs â&#x20AC;˘ Shingle roofs, â&#x20AC;˘ Flooring â&#x20AC;˘ Electrical â&#x20AC;˘ Sheet Rock All other other aspects of home repair & renovation Mike, 662-212-3287 Roy, 770-355-3945

â&#x20AC;&#x153;45 years combined experienceâ&#x20AC;?

Specializing in Repairs and Replacements Insurance Approved

Jack Jones or Matt Jones

Mobile Service Available P. O. Box 1046 203 Hwy. 72 West Corinth, MS 38834-1046 (662)665-0050 Fax (662) 286-8985 1-888-270-9128

â&#x20AC;&#x153;White & Black Bookcases Available Now!â&#x20AC;?

Air Compressors ...... Huge Selection of Area Rugs $ (8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; x 11â&#x20AC;&#x2122;) .........................Starting at $ 95 4 x 8 Masonite 8â&#x20AC;? oc .. st. $ 95 5/8-T1-11 siding ................ $ 95 Foil Back Foamboard 1/2â&#x20AC;?...

129 18 15 5 $ 95 Foil Back Faomboard 3/4â&#x20AC;? 6 $ 95 Foil Back Foamboard 1â&#x20AC;? 8 $ 1x6 & 1x8 White Pine Pattern 50000 Board ...



1,000 Board Ft.

100 $ 00 Vinyl Floor Remnants 1 $ 95 CROSSTIES 6 $ 95 25 Year 3 Tab Shingle 54 Exterior Astro Turf



sq. yd.




35 Year Architectural

6295 ¢-$ 09 Laminate Floor From 39 1 $ 00-$ Pad for Laminate Floor 5 1000 $ Handicap Commodes 6995 $ Round Commodes 4995 Shingle .............................................



12 x 12 Celotex Ceiling (40Sq Ft) ............................................................




Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Waste Your Money... Shop With Us!


662-665-1133 662-286-8257


    rand new

       ,buta b   tte  r!  d  go  o 

   is e  Life 

 e ven b       c an m ake it ol    po             



Pools "  Spas "  Patios   "       Decks  "   Waterfalls   

! Fountains  CO. THOMPSON TODD        901/277-8633



1505 South Fulton Dr. â&#x20AC;˘ Corinth, MS

662-287-2151 RUN YOUR AD IN THE Allen Pools 79 State Line Rd. DAILY CORINTHIAN & Michie, TN 38357 COMMUNITY PROFILES 731-239-5500







40 A CR 520, 4 BRâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, 3.5 BAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s.

1299 Hwy 2 West (Marshtown)

412 Pinecrest Road 287-2221 â&#x20AC;˘ 287-4419

2006 Oak Lane

SOUTHERN HOME SAFETY, INC. TOLL FREE 888-544-9074 or 662-315-1695

23 yrs. of Local Service Let us help you with your pool problems or if you are planning a new pool, in ground & above ground.


Randy Cell 662-286-1622 Andy 662-643-4389 Shop 731-239-5500




Licensed & Bonded

â&#x20AC;˘ Bucket Truck Service â&#x20AC;˘ Backhoe

662-396-1023 JASON ROACH-OWNER R 1159 B CR 400 Corinth, MS 38834

Daily Corinthian â&#x20AC;˘ Saturday, March 16, 2013 â&#x20AC;˘ 15

0135 Personals ADOPT: HAPPILY married, childless couple have love, security and guidance to offer your newborn. Respectful and understanding of your difficult decision. Please call Neil and Caprice at 888/483-7157.

Medical/ 0220 Dental

LOCAL PHYSICIAN'S Office seeking LPN or Medical Assistant for full time and PRN positions. Competitive pay and benefits. Please send resume to: 3301 Tinin Drive, Corinth, MS I AM not responsible for 38834. anyone's debts except my own. Roger A. Reb0232 General Help stock, Corinth, MS CAUTION! ADVERTISEWILL SELL for towing & MENTS in this classificastorage Sat., March 23rd tion usually offer inat 6:00 a.m.: 1997 Chev. formational service of C a v a l i e r , b l a c k , v i n # products designed to 1 G 1 J C 1 2 4 0 V M 1 3 3 4 1 6 ; help FIND employment. 1999 Pontiac Grand Am, Before you send money b l u e , V i n # to any advertiser, it is 1 G 2 N F 1 2 E 3 Y M 7 8 2 8 2 4 . your responsibility to Wayne's Wrecker Ser- verify the validity of the vice, 3255 CR 402, Cor- offer. Remember: If an inth, Ms. 662-808-5556. ad appears to sound â&#x20AC;&#x153;too good to be trueâ&#x20AC;?, GARAGE /ESTATE SALES then it may be! Inquiries can be made by contacting the Better BusiGarage/Estate ness Bureau at 1-8000151 Sales 987-8280. FRI/SAT. 5-fams. 212 CR 713 (Holly Church Rd.) 2 dishwashers, stove, fridge, kids/adult clths, h/h items. 287-7766. FRI/SAT., 8-4. 150 CR 405. H/h furn., baby-adult clths, DVD/VHS movies, music CD, glass, books, pics, strollers & car seat GIGANTIC SALE. 4 fams. H/H items, toys, all size clths, furn., purses, jewelry. 117 Afton Dr. Sat. only, 7 a.m. GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE. Anything over $1. Glass & clothes 1/2 off. Everything else 25¢ off. Thurs 9-12, Fri 9-4, Sat 912. Fillmore & Childs. HUGE GARAGE SALE. Sat. & Sun., 7am-6pm. Cedar Creek Subd., 3705 Thornwood Trail. Furn., TVs, clothes, pictures, office material, bedding, kitchen table, grill & more. Look for signs.

0450 Livestock FREE DONKEYS, male & female, good with sheep, goats and horses. 662-665-8138.


ASK ABOUT THESE & OTHER ATTENTION GETTING GRAPHICS! SAT. 607 CR 400. Clths all szs, dryer, jacuzzi tub, scrap book supplies, sizzix, books, end table Vera Bradley purses.

ANTIQUE DRESSER, $150. 3BR/2BA, lots closets & 731-607-2983. cabs, lg out bldg/shop, fenced b.y. 286-5116. LIFT CHAIR, beige, exc. cond., $250. 662-6033715.


Or mail ad to Free Ads, P.O. Box 1800, Corinth, MS 38835, fax ad to 662287-3525 or bring ad to 1607 S. Harper Rd., Corinth.



QUILTS FOR SALE. Gone With the Wind, Elvis & others. Also, baby quilts. $25-$250. 731-607 -8689.

REVERSE YOUR AD FOR $1.00 EXTRA Call 662-287-6147 for details.

WANT TO make certain your ad gets attention? Ask about attention 2-CYCLE gas weed eater, YARD SALE. Everything getting graphics. $35. 731-645-4899. must go at reasonable p r i c e s . F r i . & S a t . 2-CYCLEgasw e e d REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Brenda's Variety Store, eater,$35.7 3 1 - 6 4 5 305 Hwy 72 E., Corinth 4 8 9 9 . beside Corinth Fish & Unfurnished DAVID BRADLEY WALK- 0610 Bait. Apartments ING TRACTOR w/ 1 attachment & Xtra frame, E. BROOKE APTS., 2 BR, 1 BA, D/W, icemaker, 850 $135 or OBO. 286-9512 sq. ft. 287-8219. MURRAY 46" CUT lawn ANY 3 CONSECUTIVE mower, $450. 286-2655. Homes for DAYS Ad must run prior to or TROYBILT 42" cut lawn 0620 Rent day of sale! mower, $475. 286-2655. 11 PEARL Pkwy, Pickwick Pines Resort. Sporting (Deadline is 3 p.m. day 4BR/3BA, 2300+sf. $1400 0527 Goods before ad is to run!) mo. 901-491-1086. (Exception-Sun. deadFOR SALE: Motorguide line is 3 pm Fri.) 3BR, 1BA, $450 mo., $450 trolling motor, bow dep. Cent. Sch. Dist. 662 mount foot control, 12 5 LINES -882-9959 after 5:30 pm. volt, $150. 662-287-9512 (Apprx. 20 Words) FOR RENT. 2 BR brick, or 415-8264. ref. & stove, water & MOSSBERG PUMP SHOT$19.10 garb. furn. $500 mo. 662 GUN Like New. $250. 662 -643-5878. -665-2010 (Does not include TAKING APPLICATIONS commercial REMINGTON PRE-war for 3 BR, 2 BA, lg. LR, kitbusiness sales) model II shotgun, 12 chen, Dr, inside util. rm., gauge, Browning patdbl. garage, C/H/A, on ALL ADS MUST ent beautiful older sollg. lot, near Eastview. BE PREPAID id gun. $500 firm. 828Dep. & ref. req'd. $675 We accept credit or 506-3324. mo. 662-287-6801 or 284debit cards 5737.



WANT TO make certain your ad gets attention? Ask about attention getting graphics.

0533 Furniture

ANTIQUE BUFFET, #75. 731-607-2983.

Mobile Homes 0675 for Rent

ANTIQUE CHINA CABINET, $125. 731-607-2983.


ANTIQUE VICTORIAN Medical/ sofa/couch. Ornate 0220 Dental Homes for c a r v e d w o o d o n 0710 Sale back/arms/feet. ca1940. CERTIFIED CNA'S Long/kidney shape. HOUSE FOR SALE needed, all shifts. N e v e r r e c o v e r e d . 8 CR 522, Corinth Come by MS Care Cen$ 1 2 0 / O B O 2 8 6 - 9 5 1 2 Fantastic home for ter, 3701 Joanne Dr. growing family. 2 livBABY/DAY BED Mon.-Fri. 8-4:30 to fill out application. E.O.E. w / m a t t r e s s , 3 l g e ing areas, breakfast d r a w e r s , N E W , $ 1 4 5 , nook, formal dining PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE OBO, 662-287-1735 room, office or 5th needing experienced bedroom, basement CAMEL BACK pastel florClinical Help in McNairy with gaming area, large a l b r o c a d e c o u c h . Co. area. Salary delaundry, situated on 2 Clean, Good Condition. pends on experience. acres with 5 additional $75. (731) 645-4899. Weekdays & some Satacres that can be pururday work. Must be KING SIZE bed frame, chased as well! Large p r o f i c i e n t o n c o m - wooden headboard & deck, shop, pond and puter. Send resume to older but comfortable lots of room to roam! Box 355, c/o The Daily Serta perfect sleeper, Priced reduced! By apCorinthian, P.O. Box mattress & box springs, p o i n t m e n t , 6 6 2 - 2 8 4 1800, Corinth, MS 38835. $150. 828-506-3324. 5379.

Mobile Homes 0741 for Sale


0747 Homes for Sale

1997 16x80, 3+2, $12,500; 2000 16x80, 4+2, $15,500; 1996 14x70, 2+1, $6500. 731-926-0741.

WHY PAY rent when you can own for less 2000 16x80 3 BR, 2 full BA's, total elect, all appliances included with SALE - SALE - SALE Model Displays Must Go! C/H/A, delivered & set up for only $13,900. Call New Spacious 4 BR, 2 662-296-5923 or 601-397BA homes starting at 9339. $43,500 Single Sections start at $29,500 WOW! 14X70 2 BR, 2 BA, Clayton Homes only $12,900. Includes Hwy 72 West, delivery & set up. Call Corinth, MS 662-401-1093. 1/4 mile past Magnolia Hospital



0747 Homes for Sale A LOT of house for a little price. 28x72 4 BR, 2 BA, Southern. Home has living room & den w/fireplace, master BR has built-in study with walk-in closet. Home can be yours delivered & set up on your property for $37,900. Call 662397-9339. CREDIT A little LOW? With a qualified income we CAN get you APPROVED on a new home with a score as low as 575 and only 10% down! AND that is with a fixed interest rate! Windham Homes Corinth, MS 1-888-287-6996 LIKE NEW 16x80, 3 BR, 2 full BA's, total elect., home comes with stove, dishwasher, microwave, refrig., washer & dryer, master BA has large tub w/separate shower, home looks like new. Delivery & set up for only $24,900. Call 662-296-5923 or 662-4011093. LOOKING FOR large home at good price, not scared of a little work? Call me, I have it! 28x80 4 BR for only $12,900. Call 662-2965923.

TAX RETURN SPECIAL: 2013 16x80 3 BR, 2 BA Vinyl siding/ shingled roof, thermal windows, 2"x6" walls Mobile Homes glamour bath, black 0741 for Sale appliances, and much more. I PAY top dollar for used All for only $287.00 mobile homes. Call 662per month plus escrow. 296-5923. Windham Homes Corinth, MS 1-888-287-6996

NEW ENERGY STAR homes. Financing available with 575 credit score. Low down payment. Low monthly Household 0509 Goods PROM DRESS: Long, hot payment. Even lower pink satin w/zebra belt, light bill! Call today, 662ALL IN ONE complete s t r a p l e s s , s i z e 1 0 , 820-7118. heat & air unit, $500. 731 bought at Sparkles for -645-4899. $400, sell for $100 obo. 0114 WOULD LIKE TO TRADE a 287-1735. like new Kirby vacuum PROM DRESS: Short cleaner for a good Rainbubble dress, brown & bow vacuum cleaner. beige zebra satin Call 287-6984 or 665w/brown belt, v-strap, 1127. size 4, bought at Sparkles. Asking $100 Musical obo. 287-1735. 0512


SAT. CORRECT address JESSE FRENCH upright is: 35 & 37 CR 156 (Rock- piano, great cond., $250. hill) . H/H items, formal 662-279-3331. dresses, stove, youth-+ sz clths, baby items, 0518 Electronics toys, exer. equip. 50" SAMSUNG TV, not in SAT. LOTS of stuff, vint a g e & n e w e r . 1 1 1 9 working cond., but is fixable. $50. 662-415Webster St. 5325. THURS-FRI, 3:30-6:30 pm, 8-TRACK player by Lear SAT, 7:30 am-12 . 3302 Jet Stereo, Model KMShiloh Ridge Rd. New 560 w/55 tapes. $40. i t e m s a d d e d d a i l y ! (731) 645-4899. Tools, h/h, misc. 25¢ up! CB RADIOS, antennas, WASHER, DRYER, stove, and microphones. $10 & refrig, tools, furniture, up. 731-645-4899. home decor,7 am-til, Lawn & Garden FRI-SAT, 205 SO. Tate St. 0521 Equipment (Thompson Garage)

Call Classified at (662) 287-6147

Homes for 0710 Sale

QUEEN HEADBOARD, HUD DRESSER & NITE STAND. PUBLISHERâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Black in color. $125. Call NOTICE 662-665-1831 after 5 pm. All real estate advertised herein is subject to QUICKIE the Federal Fair HousELECTRIC CHAIR $300. Call after 5 PM 665-1831 ing Act which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, Wanted to 0554 Rent/Buy/Trade or discrimination based on race, color, religion, M&M. Cash for junk cars sex, handicap, familial & trucks. We pick up. status or national ori662-415-5435 or 731-239- gin, or intention to 4114. make any such preferlimitations or Misc. Items for ences, discrimination. 0563 Sale State laws forbid disASSORTED REEL to reel crimination in the sale, tapes, $10 each. 731-645 rental, or advertising of real estate based on -4899. factors in addition to CASABLANCA WEDDING those protected under dress, strapless, chapel federal law. We will not length train, size 5-6, knowingly accept any NEED HOUSES TO CLEAN. i v o r y w / d e t a c h a b l e advertising for real esCall 662-415-0536 champagne bow, dress tate which is in violafabric n e t t i n g tion of the law. All perw/beaded lace, ivory s o n s a r e h e r e b y i n 0244 Trucking veil to match. $300 obo. formed that all dwellDRIVER TRAINEES 662-415-3575. ings advertised are Needed Now! DARKROOM ENTHUSIAST, available on an equal At Stevens Transport Honeywell Nikor 6x7 opportunity basis. New drivers earn photo enlarger, like $750/wk. new. $40. (731) 645No CDL? No Problem! 4899. CDL & Job-Ready OPEN HOUSE. Sun. 3/17, In 15 days! FREE ADVERTISING Call Today Advertise one item val- 2-4. Pickwick Pines, 11 1-888-540-7364 ued at $500 or less for Pearl Pkwy. 4BR/3BA. $157,999. 901-491-1086. E X P . D U M P T r u c k free. Price must be in Drivers needed. Must ad & will run for 5 days have Class A or Class B in Daily Corinthian, 1 lic. Local area. Apply in day in Reporter & 1 day RIENZI, person at 202 Ayers Rd. in Banner Independent. Ads may be up to ap- 296 County Road 430 or call 287-2296. Spacious, 4BR/2BA prox. 20 words includSingle Family ing phone number. PETS 1795 sqft, Fixer Upper The ads must be for Lease or Cash Option private party or per- $1000 DN, $443/mo 0320 Cats/Dogs/Pets sonal mdse. & does not 803-978-1539 include pets, livestock 1 SMALL female Pappy (chickens, ducks, cattle, Pom & 2 small Chagoats, fish, hogs, etc), Poms, 13 wks. & 4 mos. garage sales, hay, fireCKC Reg. S&W. $100 wood, & automobiles. cash. 662-665-1364.

INSIDE SALE. Sat. 40 CR SILKY TERRIOR, 5 mo. ml, 405. Lots of stuff. 5 fam- beautiful, playful, S&W ilies. up-to-date, hse trained, tail dckd & dew clawed, MONA LISA'S Thrift Close $125. 287-3612, 284-7327. -out Sale! 99¢-all clothing thru Sat. Coats 50% FARM off. 1007 Hwy 72 E. across from Pizza Hut.


0533 Furniture

WHO LET the dogs out? 2004 Riverbirch 16x80 3 BR, 2 full BA's. Home needs good cleaning & a little TLC (won't last long). First $8994.00 owns it. Call 662-2965923 or 662-401-1093.

Auto/Truck 0848 Parts & Accessories

0955 Legals

IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF ALCORN FOR SALE: LEER fiberCOUNTY, MISSISSIPPI glass camper shell for 2004 to 2009 Ford F150, IN THE MATTER $100. Call 662-287-9512 OF THE ESTATE OF or 415-8264. LENELL HARRIS, DECEASED, 0868 Cars for Sale MATTIE HARRIS, PETITIONER 2000 MONTE CARLO, maroon, sun roof, approx. CAUSE NO. 2013-0028-02 160,000 miles. $3250. 662 -415-6008. NOTICE TO CREDITORS

0876 Bicycles

Letters of Administration having been granted on the 21 day of February, 2013, by the Chancery Court of Alcorn County, Mississippi, to the undersigned, upon the Estate of Lenell Harris, deceased, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against said estate to present the same to the Clerk of said Court for probate and registration, according to law, Computer within ninety (90) days from this date, or they will be forever barred.

BOY'S 16" motor-cross style bicycle. Good Condition. $20. (731) 645-4899.

0804 Boats for Sale WAVERUNNER, NOT running, needs engine work; (2) trailers in working order, good tires. 901-604-4227.



 This the 21 day of February, 2013.      Are youÂ?Â? having Â? Â?   ­ computer problems? Â?Â&#x20AC;   We can help.    Is your Â?Â? important data Â&#x201A;    secure? We offer  Â?  an Â&#x192;Â&#x192; off-site backup for you.  Â&#x192;Â&#x192;­  Â&#x20AC;Â&#x201E;Â? Â&#x192; Call for details and Â?Â? Â&#x192;   pricing.   




JOEY M. COBB,  ­­Â&#x20AC;  ­­Â&#x20AC; Â?Â? ATTORNEY  AT LAW 201 EAST EASTPORT Â?Â&#x201A;Â&#x192;Â?  Â&#x20AC; STREET  ­Â&#x20AC;Â&#x20AC; Â&#x192;Â&#x201E;Â&#x2026;Â&#x201A;Â? POST OFFICE BOX 773   IUKA, MISSISSIPPI 38852

   (662)424-0040 3t 3/2, 3/9, 3/16/13    Â  14134




1604 S. Harper Rd., Corinth, MS 38834

0208 Sales

MEDICAL SALES PROFESSIONAL NEEDED Established medical equipment company looking for outstanding sales professional that will promote companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s diverse line of products to a myriad of healthcare providers in region. Duties include daily calling on referral sites and expanding influence, insuring paperwork follows strict CMS guidelines, monitoring paperwork flow so needs are met precisely as ordered by physicians. Qualifications: Bachelors in Business/Medical Field or equivalent experience (3+ years) in Health Industry. Competitive Comp Plan, PTO/Holidays, 401K, Bonuses. Fax Resume to: 901-432-6131. NO PHONE CALLS or EMAILS ACCEPTED regarding this opening. Interviews begin soon.

Happy Ads


Give your Secretary a Special Salute to His/Her Special Day! Ad Will Be In Color You may put up to 5 lines (approx. 25 words) for $35.00 (with or without picture) Deadline is Friday, April 19, 2013 by 12 Noon You may â&#x20AC;˘Call 662-287-6147 â&#x20AC;˘Email to â&#x20AC;˘Mail to Daily Corinthian, P.O. Box 1800, Corinth, MS 38835 â&#x20AC;˘Bring to 1607 S. Harper Rd., Corinth

complaint or petition. Corinth, Alcorn County, MisCounty, Mississippi, to the JAMES M. PARVIN DECEASED sissippi, and in case of your undersigned, upon the March Estate 16, 2013 • Daily Corinthian 16 • Saturday, RE: LAST WILL AND You are not required to NO. 2013-0062-02-H failure to appear and defend, of Lenell Harris, deceased, CAUSE NO. 2013-0133- file an answer or other pleadTESTAMENT OF a judgment will be entered notice is hereby given to all 02 ing but you may do so if you HELEN KING Letters Testamentary hav- 0955 Legals against for the money or 0955 Legals persons having claims against 0955 Legals Legals 0955 you 0955 Legals 0955 Legals desire. other things demanded in the said estate to present the ing been granted on the 15 GURLEY, SUMMONS DECEASED complaint or petition. same to the Clerk of said day of February, 2013 by the Issued under my hand and Court for probate and regis- Chancery Court of Alcorn STATE OF MISSISSIPPI CAUSE NO. 2013-0038the seal of said Court, this the You are not required to tration, according to law, County, Mississippi, to the COUNTY OF ALCORN 02 7 day of March, 2013. file an answer or other pleadwithin ninety (90) days from undersigned upon the estate ing but you may do so if you this date, or they will be of James M. Parvin, deceased, TO: Unknown Heirs of SUMMONS BOBBY MAROLT, desire. notice is hereby given to all forever barred. William Travis CHANCERY CLERK persons having claims against Clemmons, Deceased STATE OF MISSISSIPPI ALCORN COUNTY, Issued under my hand and This the 21 day of Febru- said estate to present the MISSISSIPPI the seal of said Court, this the same to the Clerk of the said COUNTY OF ALCORN ary, 2013. You have been made a 7 day of March, 2013. Court for probate and regisDefendant in the suit filed in TO: JACKIE LYNN BY: Karen Burns, D.C. MATTIE HARRIS, tration, according to law, this Court by Mary CatherDEPUTY CLERK BOBBY MAROLT, ADMINISTRATOR within ninety (90) days from DAVIS ine Fields Clemmons, PetiADDRESS UNKNOWN CHANCERY CLERK OF THE ESTATE OF the date of first publication or tioner, seeking a determina- 3t 3/9, 3/16, 3/23/13 ALCORN COUNTY, LENELL HARRIS, they will be forever barred. tion of heirs. You have been made a 14148 MISSISSIPPI DECEASED Defendant in the suit filed in This the 15 day of FebruFor Sale to You are summoned to apthis Court by David Davis, BY: Karen Burns, D.C. ary, 2013. JOEY M. COBB, Highest Bidder pear and defend against the Petitioner, seeking to proDEPUTY CLERK ATTORNEY AT LAW complaint or petition filed SCOTT PARVIN bate the estate of Helen King 201 EAST EASTPORT against you in this action at 2002 Ford Ranger Gurley. 3t 3/9, 3/16, 3/23/13 EXECUTOR STREET 9:00 o'clock A.M. on the 30th 1FTYR14U32PA83316 14147 POST OFFICE BOX 773 day of April, 2013, in the Mileage 109396 You are summoned to apGIFFORD & TENNISON IUKA, MISSISSIPPI 38852 Courtroom of the Alcorn pear and defend against the SOLICITORS FOR (662)424-0040 IN THE CHANCERY 2006 Nissan Altima 2.5S complaint or petition filed COURT OF ALCORN County Chancery Building in EXECUTOR 3t 3/2, 3/9, 3/16/13 Corinth, Alcorn County, Mis- 1N4AL11D26C240227 against you in this action at 14134 COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI sissippi, and in case of your Mileage 65251 9:00 o'clock A.M. on the 30th 4t 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30/13 NOTICE TO failure to appear and defend, day of April, 2013, in the 14146 RE: LAST WILL AND CREDITORS a judgment will be entered 2006 Nissan Xterra Courtroom of the Alcorn TESTAMENT OF IN THE CHANCERY against you for the money or 5N1AN08U06C514205 County Chancery Building in WILLIAM TRAVIS COURT OF ALCORN Corinth, Alcorn County, MisIN RE: ESTATE OF other things demanded in the Mileage 135355 COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI sissippi, and in case of your CLEMMONS, JAMES M. PARVIN complaint or petition. DECEASED 2008 Nissan Altima failure to appear and defend, NO. 2013-0062-02-H RE: LAST WILL AND You are not required to 1N4AL21E28N479530 a judgment will be entered CAUSE NO. 2013-0133TESTAMENT OF file an answer or other plead- Mileage 81585 against you for the money or 02 ing but you may do so if you Letters Testamentary hav- HELEN KING other things demanded in the 2003 Chevrolet S10 Xtreme ing been granted on the 15 GURLEY, desire. complaint or petition. SUMMONS 1GNC51893K128025 day of February, 2013 by the DECEASED Chancery Court of Alcorn Issued under my hand and You are not required to STATE OF MISSISSIPPI County, Mississippi, to the CAUSE NO. 2013-0038- file an answer or other pleadthe seal of said Court, this the 1998 Ford Ranger 1FTYR10CXWPA87480 02 ing but you may do so if you COUNTY OF ALCORN undersigned upon the estate 7 day of March, 2013. Mielage 126983 of James M. Parvin, deceased, desire. TO: Unknown Heirs of SUMMONS notice is hereby given to all BOBBY MAROLT, William Travis persons having claims against CHANCERY CLERK 2001 Chevrolet Impala LS Issued under my hand and Clemmons, Deceased said estate to present the STATE OF MISSISSIPPI ALCORN COUNTY, 2G1WH55K319112222 the seal of said Court, this the same to the Clerk of the said COUNTY OF ALCORN MISSISSIPPI Mileage 198855 7 day of March, 2013. You have been made a Court for probate and regisDefendant in the suit filed in tration, according to law, TO: JACKIE LYNN BY: Karen Burns, D.C. Vehicles will be sold on or BOBBY MAROLT, this Court by Mary CatherFree Electronic Filing with 1407-A RoadDAVIS within ninety (90)Harper days from DEPUTY CLERK after Friday, March 22, 2013.. CHANCERY CLERK ine Fields Clemmons, PetiAll vehicles are located at ADDRESS UNKNOWN the date of first Mississippi publication or paid preparation.ALCORN COUNTY, Corinth, 38834 tioner, seeking a determina- 3t 3/9, 3/16, 3/23/13 Stateline Auto, 1620 Battlethey will be forever barred. Fully computerized tax preparation.MISSISSIPPI tion of heirs. Kellie Holder, Owner • Authorized IRS-Efile Provider ground Drive, Iuka, MS. Bids been madeMon.-Fri. a 14148 ce hours: 8am-8pm There are several changes to You haveOffi • Individual, Corporate & Partnership will be taken at that location the suit filed in This theour 15taxes day of 9am-5pm • Sun. By appt. only Burns, D.C. BY: Karen forFebru2012. Defendant in Sat. You summoned to apMonday-Friday 8a-5p. All this Court by David Davis, • More Than 25 are Years Tax Service ary, 2013. DEPUTY CLERK 2003 Hwy 72 E, Corinth, 662-286-1040 Our staff is ready to help you. and defend against the vehicles are sold "AS IS". The Petitioner, seeking to pro•pear Open year-round complaint or petition filed (OldKing Junkers Parlor) Open year-round. undersigned reserves the SCOTT PARVIN bate the estate of Helen 3t 3/9, 3/16, 3/23/13 against this action at Hours: 8-6you M-F in Sat. 8-12 508 W. Chambers St., Booneville, Thank you for EXECUTOR your business andGurley. loyalty. right to bid. 14147 o'clock A.M.Corinth on the 30th 1604 S9:00 Harper Road662-728-1080 Telephone: 662-286-9946 day662-287-1995 of April, 2013, in the Fort Financial Credit Union You are summoned to apGIFFORDFax: & TENNISON 1210 City Ave., Ripley, 662-512-5829 662-286-2713 Courtroom of the Alcorn 1808 S. Fulton Drive pear and defend against the SOLICITORS FOR County Chancery Building in Corinth, MS complaint or petition filed EXECUTOR Corinth, Alcorn County, Misagainst you in this action at sissippi, and in case of your 3t 3/15, 3/16, 3/17/13 9:00 o'clock A.M. on the 30th 4t 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30/13 failure to appear and defend, 14156 day of April, 2013, in the 14146 a judgment will be entered Courtroom of the Alcorn against you for the money or County Chancery Building in other things demanded in the Corinth, Alcorn County, Miscomplaint or petition. sissippi, and in case of your failure to appear and defend, You are not required to a judgment will be entered file an answer or other pleadagainst you for the money or ing but you may do so if you other things demanded in the desire. complaint or petition.

2008 Nissan Altima 1N4AL21E28N479530 Mileage 81585

0955 Legals

2003 Chevrolet S10 Xtreme 1GNC51893K128025 1998 Ford Ranger 1FTYR10CXWPA87480 Mielage 126983 2001 Chevrolet Impala LS 2G1WH55K319112222 Mileage 198855 Vehicles will be sold on or after Friday, March 22, 2013.. All vehicles are located at Stateline Auto, 1620 Battleground Drive, Iuka, MS. Bids will be taken at that location Monday-Friday 8a-5p. All vehicles are sold "AS IS". The undersigned reserves the right to bid. Fort Financial Credit Union 1808 S. Fulton Drive Corinth, MS 3t 3/15, 3/16, 3/17/13 14156



BIG D'S Hauling, LLC. Owner, Dale Brock. 648 CR 600, Walnut, MS 38683. If you need it hauled, give us a call! 1 901-734-7660.

Home Improvement & Repair

BUTLER, DOUG: Foundation, floor leveling, bricks cracking, rotten wood, basements, shower floor. Over 35 yrs. exp. Free est. 731 239-8945 or 662-284 6146.

Storage, Indoor/ Outdoor AMERICAN MINI STORAGE 2058 S. Tate Across from World Color




HANDYMAN'S Home care, anything. 662-6436892.


Income Tax


Holder Accounting Firm


Advertise Your Tax Service Here for $95 A Month Call 287-6147 for more details

Advertise Your Tax Service Here for $95 A Month Call 287-6147 for more details

Advertise Your Tax Service Here for $95 A Month Call 287-6147 for more details


0840 Auto Services

Issued under my hand and the seal of said Court, this the 7 day of March, 2013.

You are not required to file an answer or other pleading but you may do so if you desire.


Issued under my hand and the seal of said Court, this the 7 day of March, 2013.


Advertise your CAR, TRUCK, SUV, BOAT, TRACTOR, MOTORCYCLE, RV & ATV here for $39.95 UNTIL SOLD! Ad should include photo, description and price. 3t 3/9, 3/16, 3/23/13 PLEASE NO DEALERS & NON-TRANSFERABLE! NO REFUNDS. 14148 Single item only. Payment in advance. Call 287-6147 to place your ad. BY: Karen Burns, D.C. DEPUTY CLERK


BY: Karen Burns, D.C. DEPUTY CLERK



$6700 662-728-3193

3t 3/9, 3/16, 3/23/13 14147 804







2009 HYUNDAI ACCENT 4-dr., 41,000 miles, dark blue ext. & gray int., 4 cyl. auto., CD/ XM radio, 36 mpg. payoff is

2006 Satin Jade Chrysler 300 LX, V-6, 4-dr., 72k miles. $11,054 731-610-7241 $11,500. 662-594-1441. 2002

with original window sticker, bright blue metallic, t-tops, L48-350, 90,400 miles, Sr. Citizen 2nd owner since 1986, 4-spd. manual, new tires, positraction, upgraded 4 wheel disc brakes, anti theft alarm, factory air (not working) & tinted glass.

138,000 miles, extra clean.


284-6395 OR 415-6833


286-3014. REDUCED!

383 Stroker, alum. high riser, alum. heads, headers, dual line holly, everything on car new or rebuilt w/new paint job (silver fleck paint).






‘96 Challenger Radical One Pro Bass Boat, 130 HP Johnson, 24v motorguide trol mtr., onboard charger for all 3 batteries, Hummingbird Fish finder, good trailer w/new tires, looks good for ‘96 model & runs good. $4500 obo. 662-286-6972 or 415-1383.

$9777.77 Call Keith 662-415-0017.


2000 CHEVY MONTE CARLO, maroon, sunroof, approx. 160k miles.

$3250 662-415-6008

1984 CHRYSLER LEBARON convertible, antique tag, 39,000 actual miles.




1967 CHEVY

2004 MERCURY MONTEREY fully loaded, Prem. Pkg. Minivan Handicap, customized w/electric scooter, lift/hoist, auto. doors, locks, windows, A/C. Clean w/new tires. 80,578 mi.

Needs paint & body work $4000. 504-952-1230

$11,000 obo call or txt 956-334-0937


1976 Corvette




4dr sedan, 390 Eng., 4 bbl. carb, no broken glass, good paint, good tires, cast alum. wheels, new brake sys., everything works exc. clock, fuel gauge & inst. lights,



2000 Dodge Neon

Black w/ gray interior, 102,000 miles, gas saver



1987 Honda CRX, 40+ mpg, new paint, new leather seat covers, after market stereo, $3250 obo.


2012 HYUNDAI ELANTRA 19,800 miles, garage kept w/all service records, 38 mpg, tinted windows & XM radio. Asking $17,500. 662-594-5830.


extended cab, new tires, all power, towing pkg.






287-1213 AFTER 4 P.M.

2006 Wildcat 30 ft. 5th wheel

camper, 2 slides, fiberglass ext., awning, holding tanks, full sofa sleeper, refrig., micro., glass shower, recliner, sleeps 6,


662-223-0056. REDUCED

1991 Ford Econoline Van, 48,000 miles, good cond., one owner, serious interest. $6500 287-5206. REDUCED

2006 GMC YUKON Exc. cond. inside & out, 106k miles, 3rd row seat, garage kept, front & rear A/C,tow pkg., loaded



Cruisemaster Motorhome by Georgieboy, 1997 GM 454 ci chassie, 37’ with slider, 45,000 miles with white Oak interior. $19,500. $14,999 662-808-7777 or 662-415-9020

stick, camouflage, 186,200 miles (mostly interstate driving), runs good. $3000 obo.


2004 Ford F350 work truck, V10, underbed tool boxes, towing package, DVD. $8600 obo. Truck is in daily use. Please call for appt. to see,


Excaliber made by Georgi Boy

1985 30’ long motor home, new tires, Price negotiable.



2000 Custom Harley Davidson Mtr. & Trans., New Tires, Must See

$10,500 $9,500 $12,000

662-415-8623 or 287-8894


2000 Ford F-350

super duty, diesel, 7.3 ltr., exc. drive train, 215k miles, exc. mechanically w/body defects.



1996 FORD F150 4X4 2007 Ford F-150


2005 Ram 1500 P/U, 4-dr., all power,


1 other vehicle for $6,700. Priced to sell.

Call 731-239-9226 Today.

2002 Chevrolet Z-71,4-dr., 4W.D., Am.Fm cass./CD, pewter in color, $6200. 662-643-5908 or 662-643-5020 816 RECREATIONAL VEHICLES

2012 STARCRAFT CAMPER Fiberglass 18’ bunk house, gray & black water tanks, cable ready w/TV. Will consider trade for small tractor w/mower



2005 HONDA ATV TRX 250 EX “New” Condition


215-666-1374 662-665-0209



30 ft., with slide out & built-in TV antenna, 2 TV’s, 7400 miles.

$75,000. 662-287-7734





1500 Goldwing Honda 78,000 original miles, new tires.



Daily Corinthian E-Edition 031613  

Daily Corinthian E-Edition 031613

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