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New LFHS Images of Excellence Unveiled

The West Campus mural recognizes students who demonstrate the virtues, values, and qualities the District seeks to instill in tomorrow’s leaders. Congratulations to the 17 LFHS students, ranging from athletes to Student Council president, appearing on the wall for 2022. Thank you to our corporate partners, NorthShore University HealthSystem and Brian Vandenberg, for their support of this tradition.

We Rely on You

To Our Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Knollwood Community Members,

What a wonderful fall we have had in our schools! It is refreshing to be back to all of our traditions - from field trips, to music and theater performances, to alumni gatherings, and everything in between.

While I would like to focus on all the phenomenal stories in this issue, it is also important to discuss our challenges, one of the biggest being the mounting capital facility needs at Lake Forest Community High School.

Although it is easy to revel in the school’s external grandeur, behind the walls of our 87-year-old high school are many maintenance and infrastructure needs, including plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems that have surpassed their useful life. There are also pressing safety and security challenges, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) code issues, and aging labs and classrooms in need of upgrades.

To address our highest-priority capital facility needs, and protect one of our community’s most important public assets, the Board of Education is considering a bond referendum for the April 4, 2023 ballot (page 6). The Board is considering the proposed improvements and how they would deliver a healthier, safer, and more secure LFHS, positioned for an even stronger future.

I am grateful to those who serve on the communityled Facilities Master Plan Oversight Committee that was formed in 2019 and expanded last year. The group’s dedication to maximizing our resources while prioritizing our continued excellence has been invaluable to the Board and the District.

The educational experiences we are able to offer our students are due, in large part, to the unwavering support of our community.

I also appreciate the input we’ve received from our community. We relied heavily on your voice to lead our Portrait of a Learner design, and we are now doing the same as we develop our strategic plans. These plans will actualize the goals described in the Portrait and set specific, tangible steps aimed at fostering academic growth and life skills for all of our students.

The educational experiences we are able to offer our students are due, in large part, to the unwavering support of our community. I invite you to read through these pages, knowing that your contributions have helped make each opportunity possible.


LFHS Foundation

Lights Up the Stage

LFHS students performed “Failure: A Love Story” this fall. Additionally, 15 seniors had the chance to direct their own one-act productions. Generous grants from the LFHS Foundation have upgraded lighting and audio systems, enriching our theater space.

Spirit of 67 Grows Student Opportunity

More than 400 guests attended the Spirit of 67 Foundation Home and Garden Tour this September. The event featured four homes and “tastes of the town,” provided by local favorites. Approximately $80,000 was raised to support classrooms through unique, curriculum-aligned grant awards.

Great Full Market Addresses Food Insecurity

On October 16, World Food Day, Beacon Place and Quest Food Management joined school Districts 65, 67, and 115 to host Great Full Market, a free farmers market and family festival for residents of Waukegan. In Lake County, about 1 in 8 residents experience food insecurity.

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Shaping Our Future

I have had the pleasure of being a part of our schools for more than 20 years - first as a parent, then as a volunteer, and now as Board President. Although my three children have already graduated from LFHS, I care deeply about what is happening in our District.

I am so proud of our students, faculty, staff, and leadership. Our students are achieving in academics, arts, and athletics and are graduating ready to succeed.

With each student’s story, I am reminded of how fortunate we are to live in a community surrounded by talented, thoughtful, and thriving scholars. LFHS, once named by Architectural Digest as one of the most beautiful high schools in Illinois, makes its mark not only because of its exterior beauty but also due to the continued achievements of our students.

However, despite our educational successes and the high school’s exterior beauty, there are many important repairs and renovations that need to be addressed. These do not include major additions, but rather improvements like repairing and replacing aging mechanical systems, further strengthening security, and updating instructional technology. I encourage you to read more details on page 7.

Students Create TV Pilot

Through the LFHS New Media course, 20 students collaborated on a TV pilot this summer that was screened at the Catalyst Story Institute’s International Film Festival in Minnesota.

Years of planning have gone into a funding proposal that the Board of Education is considering placing on the ballot in April 2023. We are confident that the proposal will meet the needs of both our students and taxpayers, including eliminating the need to draw funds away from the classroom to address facility repairs and renovations.

This is your high school and we value your thoughts and opinions on this important funding proposal. As your neighbors, friends, and fellow or past parents of LFHS students, we have a shared responsibility to help shape the future of our District. With the rallied support of the Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Knollwood communities, I’m confident that the future of LFHS and the students who grace its halls will continue to be bright.


The Benefits of Theater

The Theater Department presented to the Board in September, highlighting the skills gained by students who participate in curricular and extracurricular theater. Three students discussed the value theater has added to their high school journey.

“ We have an amazing student body at LFHS! They are full of spirit, courage, and kindness. Our annual Homecoming traditions are a reminder of how lucky we are to live in this community!”

Homecoming 2022 One for the Books

#ScoutNation celebrated Homecoming with Spirit Week, a pep rally, a spirited Varsity Football game, and a Homecoming dance to remember - thanks to the hard work of the LFHS Student Council.

Reading, Writing

Key Life Skills

The English Department and students presented to the Board in October about their experiences with English courses. Students highlighted an increased sense of belonging through Writing Workshop narratives, and the study of timeless literature.

Our D115 Board of Education

The Sound of Music at LFHS

Several LFHS Band, Orchestra, and Choir students were selected for the District 7 Illinois Music Education Association Festivals. Congratulations to Connor Boyle, William Boyle, Koen Brown, Sophia Loiacano, Isaac Poulton, Leo Rubin, Janel Sharman, Nora Sharman, Hayden Shortsle, Jack Taylor, Jessica Taylor, Aidan Watts, and Keelin Watts.

Athlete Honors Legacy of Late Scout

Senior Lacrosse player Jack Carrabine recently honored the memory of former Scout, Jack Adams (‘17), who passed away in 2019. For the past two seasons, Jack C. wore the memorial #4 jersey honoring Jack A. and recently raised over $10,000 for the Lake Forest Lacrosse Association’s Learn 2 Lax 4 Jack program, which introduces young children to lacrosse at little or no cost.

The Intersection of Art and Technology

Last year, the LFHS Foundation granted the Art Department 22 new iPads with Apple Pencils. Graphic Design 1 used these tools to create Pop Art images and experience the way this new technology allowed them to mimic real drawing.

Debate Team Opens Doors

Debate gives Scouts an opportunity to hone communication, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills while researching important issues, developing effective arguments, and collaborating. Coaches Wanninger and Waple prepare students to succeed in tournaments and beyond.

Left to right: David Burns, Marcus Schabacker, Jenny Zinser, Sally Davis, Dewey Winebrenner, John Venson, John Noble
Jenny Zinser President, Lake Forest Community High School District 115 Board of Education

It has been my honor and privilege to serve Lake Forest Schools for the past 17 years. We pride ourselves on careful, conservative fiscal planning aimed at stretching every dollar to positively impact the classroom.

More than 90% of our revenues for both District 67 and District 115 are locally sourced. While it might not be ideal, this is how Illinois schools are funded. As such, we respect our taxpayers’ investment and work hard to maximize resources and practice longrange planning aimed at consistency of services and programs for our students.

The biggest challenge our fiscal outlook currently faces is addressing the growing facility needs at Lake Forest High School. These needed repairs and renovations exceed more than $100 million, an amount that is simply too much to be addressed with the District’s current operating budget. It’s precisely why the Board of Education seeks to place a referendum on the ballot this spring.

The District has worked hard to live within its means. In fact, it has been 16 years since the District sought voter approval of additional local funding to address facility improvements. However, with costly and disruptive emergency repairs increasing, and the many other challenges tied to our aging high school, the Board of Education strongly believes this is the right time to seek additional local funding.

In addition, the Board of Education does not want to shift funds from the classroom to major repairs and renovations, negatively impacting programming and outcomes. The goal is to protect and improve LFHS facilities, while further strengthening the classroom experience.

Maintaining Excellence & Protecting Our

Historic High School

LFHS, an award-winning facility and hallmark of the community, has been well taken care of for decades. However, despite our maintenance crew’s best efforts to keep up with the historic facility, major repairs and renovations are needed— the total cost of which cannot be addressed within the District’s current budget. A voter-approved referendum would allow the District to address its highest priority capital facility needs, including:


or replace outdated roofing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, historical windows, lighting/controls, and masonry. Address exterior enclosure improvements.




code issues and improve accessibility, including ADA upgrades to restrooms, drinking fountains, ramp slopes, handrails at stairs and ramps, and

the Numbers

Lake Forest Schools provide its students with tremendous educational opportunities and benefits, while maintaining one of the lowest tax rates in Lake County. 3 2.6 2.4 2.1 2.1 1.4 Stevenson HS Libertyville/Vernon Hills HS Highland Park HS New Trier HS Northfield HS Lake Forest HS State or Federal Funding and Transfers Among Funds

flexible furniture,


Protecting property values Source: ISBE General State Aid Data 2020 Source: Lake County Tax Assessor LAKE FOREST PROPERTY TAX DOLLAR BREAKDOWN LAKE BLUFF PROPERTY TAX DOLLAR BREAKDOWN D67 D115 City of Lake Forest Lake County 27¢ 25¢ 26¢ 10¢ D65 D115 Village of LB LB Park Dist. Lake County 41¢ 22¢ 11¢ 9¢ 7¢ 7¢ 7¢ $105.7m bond issuance 20-yr bond repayment period Other Local Income Including Corporate Personal Property Replacement Taxes/Impact Fees, Textbook Rentals, Pupil Activities, and Earned Interest $39.50/mo estimated monthly tax impact for a home with a fair market value of $500,000 $474/yr estimated annual tax impact for a home with a fair market value of $500,000 5¢ 4¢ **Other College of Lake County **Other College of Lake County Local Funding Drives Academic Opportunity

Jennifer THE
Hermes Chief Operating Officer/CSBO
Finance and Facilities Update
Improve outdated labs, including science, media, photo, CAD, art, graphic design, and maker space. Bring the last remaining classrooms in the facility to the same capabilities as those updated in 2006, including acoustics, lighting, instructional technology,
fire protection system. Install rapid lock-down system, door sensors at
exterior doors, and
security cameras. Construct partition systems that will
prevent facility-wide access during after-hours events.
Relocate, reconfigure and/or expand spaces for counselors, student psychologists, and other student support professionals and faculty. Better integrate instructional spaces for special education and transitions program.
pull clearances at
Lowest School Tax Rate in Lake County
By DISTRICT 115 REVENUE 82% 12% 6% Local Property Taxes **Cen LK County Joint Action Water Agency, Forest Preserve, LB Mosquito Abatement, Village of LB - Fire, North Shore Water Relcamation, Township of Shields **Forest Preserve, North Shore Water Reclamation, Township of Shields, Township of West Deerfield
Bottom Line State or Federal Funding and Transfers Among Funds Other Local Income Including Corporate Personal Property Replacement Taxes, Investment Earnings, Pupil Activities, Café Operations, Facility Rentals, and Little Scouts DISTRICT 67 REVENUE 85% 6% 9% Local Property Taxes The proposed LFHS improvements would deliver many benefits for both our students and community, including: ANTICIPATED BENEFITS • Creating a healthier, safer and more secure high school • Extending the useful life of existing facilities • Reducing costly emergency repairs • Enhancing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility • Improving energy efficiency • Attracting and retaining quality teachers • Improving access to student support services • Preparing students for college and careers • Maintaining academic excellence

Charting our Course Together

As a parent, former teacher, and Lake Forest resident, I deeply appreciate our school district’s commitment to continuous improvement through an ongoing cycle of evaluation, investment, and growth. As Board members, we are elected to guide this process by setting direction, providing educational oversight, and exercising fiscal responsibility on behalf of our taxpayers.

Through collaboration with our community we are able to fulfill these obligations. We share a community that offers each of us opportunities for connection, service, growth, and learning. Each day, I drive by the CROYA mural near the Gorton Center. In seven letters, it captures the essence of our community. “U Belong.” This powerful statement reminds us that not only is Lake Forest a place that belongs to all of us, but we belong to Lake Forest — together. For this reason, we have been engaging our community in strategic planning.

In our schools, we aim to empower all students to learn and grow and believe that every child has the capacity to do so. Inclusive practices drive and support learning communities that strive to provide meaningful belonging and growth for all students. Our staff work to meet this challenge by removing barriers, implementing

support, and offering rigor to ensure learning and growth for all students. Our partnership with TrueNorth Educational Cooperative 804 supports this important and ongoing effort.

Another example of our commitment to continuous improvement is the work we’ve done related to science over the past 5 years. With intention, time and resources have been invested in transforming our science curriculum and instruction to align to Next Generation Science Standards while also renovating the lab spaces at Deer Path Middle School. As a result, we are seeing a consistent and positive impact on student outcomes.

As we reflect on where we are, we know there is more transformative work to do. We are grateful to our community for your support of our schools, and filled with anticipation as we consider the possibilities ahead, charting our course together.

What Inspires our Principals


Whether in the classroom, the hallway, or on a field trip, I am honored to learn from our students as their inquisitive minds explore new things. I always try to sneak in a conversation or an opportunity to sit and work with them - it’s the reason I am here and I love each moment!

Reading Instruction

District staff have been reviewing the reading curriculum and examining elements of instruction guided by the expertise of speech pathologists and multilingual specialists among others. Now, they are implementing best practices to better serve students.

Gardening to Grow

In a pilot program called Garden to Grow (G2G), cosponsored by the Lake Forest Junior Garden Club and Quest Food Management Services, students are learning to grow and harvest their own produce which is then incorporated into the school cafeteria menus.



I am thankful for every interaction I have with our students - whether seeing them arrive each day or collecting stickers they have earned for showing their SPARK. I’m especially grateful for the moments when they trust me enough to tell me about something that is meaningful to them.

I love seeing students’ curiosity light up our classrooms and empower them to pursue their passions. I am fortunate to work with a staff that is dedicated to supporting students and in a community that has access to enriching learning opportunities. This inspires me to be the best leader I can be.

October Visiting Author

The Visiting Author Program at the elementary schools is a beloved, Spirit of 67-funded annual tradition. This year, Aaron Reynolds shared the inspiration behind his books and a message about resiliency.

Community Service Kick Off

Former NFL player Brent Novoselsky visited DPM eighthgraders to kick off their year of community service. In partnership with the APT, students will sign up for community service opportunities each month with a goal of completing 2,023 total hours over the year.



I love helping our students start each day off on the right foot through our arrival routine and morning announcements. I’m also motivated by the staff-student interactions I get to witness.


My favorite part of being a principal is seeing our students excited, whether it’s during our themed morning announcements or our all-school assemblies, which allows us to come together and build community. The students always put a smile on my face!

SAM PAULSEN DEER PATH MIDDLE SCHOOL 7/8 KATE Our D67 Board of Education Left to right: Alice LeVert, Anne Geraghty Helms, Emily Bernahl, Jennifer Mason-Marek, Suzanne Sands, Richard Chun, Carl Kirar
8 9
Suzanne Sands President, Lake Forest Elementary School District 67 Board of Education

Benefiting from Comfort Animals

Exposure to comfort animals increases self-esteem, improves behavior, and helps students adapt to their environment. No wonder they have taken a liking to the Paws for Patrick dogs visiting during a pilot program.

Link Crew Leaders Help Underclassmen Acclimate

Link Crew, made up of juniors and seniors who volunteer to lead the Freshman Orientation Program, not only helps upperclassmen adapt to their new role as leaders, but helps freshmen navigate the transition to LFHS.

Lemonade Stand Fuels Critical Thinking

Everett third-graders read The Lemonade War, inspiring them to host a lemonade stand at the Family Picnic. They honed skills of teamwork, business, and fundraising for their comfort dog, Moose.

Lake Forest High

portrait of a learner adaptability

School Boasts National Merit Scholars

LFHS has six 2023 National Merit® Scholarship semifinalists! These academically-talented seniors represent less than 1% of all U.S. high school seniors, and will compete for one of 7,250 National Merit Scholarships worth $28 million.


LFHS English Students Speak, Share, and Study

English students start each class by trying out a new literary device of the day to build story suspense and augment dialogue. They share their work out loud to build confidence in their communication while idea-sharing.


Two LFHS freshmen and former DPM students, Braden Hoskins and Tess Uihlein, spoke to families about the transition to LFHS. They shared tips about what instilled confidence during their freshman year.

Dual Credit Program Gives Students a Leg Up

communication confidence

150 students are participating in the LFHS Dual Credit Program, which helps students boost their confidence for higher education-level work through the four courses offered via Lake Forest College and the College of Lake County.

DPM’s StuCrew and SLS Foster Young Leaders

DPM promotes citizenship through 5/6 Spirit, Leadership, Service (SLS) and 7/8 StuCrew participation. These young leaders make school better by pursuing activities that promote belonging.

5K Promotes Unity, Raises Scholarship Funds

The third annual Scout All-Out 5K featured students, staff, alumni, and the community coming together to celebrate school spirit and raise funds for enriching learning opportunities at LFHS.

Students Receive Important Anti-Bullying Message

Thanks to the Spirit of 67 and D67 APT, elementary students heard from Matt Wilhelm, an “America’s Got Talent” star whose act combines BMX tricks with messages about character traits including empathy.

Scout Buddies Foster Friendships

The Scout Buddies club creates and fosters authentic friendships among students. A key component of friendship is empathy. Club sponsor Metz has observed firsthand how important these relationships are to each student.

critical thinking empathy

Lake Forest Welcomes Motivational Speaker Joe Beckman Professional speaker Joe Beckman spoke with students of Deer Path Middle School about improving school culture through student connection and communication. Thank you to the Spirit of 67 and 67 APT for this opportunity! Former DPM Students Share Advice
11 10

Everett Winter Sing (K-4)

Deer Path 5th Grade BOC Concert

Sheridan Winter Sing (K-4)

Cherokee Winter Sing (K-4)

Deer Path Choir Concert

Winter Break

Deer Path 8th Grade Choir Fest

MLK Jr. Holiday: No School

Deer Path General Music Show

Deer Path Spelling Bee

Deer Path String Fling Festival 6/7/8 and LFHS Concert

Tri-District Institute Day: No School

Presidents’ Day Holiday: No School

Deer Path 7/8 Grade Star Awards

Deer Path 6/7/8 Band/Choir Concert


North Shore Honor Band Concert

MLK Jr. Holiday: No School LFHS Foundation Grant Application Deadline Winter Formal

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time: Winter Theater Performance

Auditions for Big Fish: Spring Musical Performance

Deer Path and LFHS String Fling Orchestra Festival

Deer Path, LBMS, and LFHS Jazz Concert

Tri-District Institute Day: No School

President’s Day Holiday: No School

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Holiday Instrumental and Choral Concerts and Applause Spaghetti Dinner Final Exams Winter Break
2/9 2/13 2/17 2/20 2/23-25 12/12-16 LFHS Alumni Spotlight Class of 1982 More than 100 alumni attended the 40th reunion in August with a band jam, LFHS tour, and rooftop party set to the best tunes from the ‘80s. ALUMNI ARE INVITED TO STAY IN TOUCH Scan this code with your phone’s camera app to add your contact information to our alumni database. Class of 1987 Plenty of laughs and memories were shared during the class of ‘87s reunion this year. ‘87 Homecoming Reunion LFHS alumni posed for a picture to commemorate Homecoming 2022 at the varsity football game. ‘82 Class of 1992 More than 80 alumni from the class of ‘92 celebrated their 30th reunion in September with a BBQ, pool party, and more! ‘92 Congratulations to Abigail Kordell and Peter Passalino, class of 2013! ‘13
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