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Michigan’s Motorsports

March 2015


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THOMAS TAKES THE WIN Heavy Weight Sidecar Action – 90 Team Shuhmaker/Hanel, 68T Team Thomas and 11 Team Purdue/Jones WHITE LAKE RACING (White Lake, MI) | February 22, 2015

����� ����� �������� �� ICE RACE DIVISION

PAID ROYAL OAK, MI 48068 PERMIT #792 10450 Enterprise Dr. Davisburg, MI 48350

2 March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

MARCH 2015 Michigan’s Motorsports

APRIL 2015


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March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 3

Starting Lines a few words

from the editor

I’d like to find that groundhog and teach him a lesson or two in the fine art of storytelling! The least he could have done was given us some hope for an early spring. As I complete this issue, the snow is still falling along with the temps. UGH! The calendar says it won't be long though before we're out playing in the dirt. So let's all pray Mother Nature blesses us with an awesome season this year ... and that the powers-that-be keep our gas prices low. Hey, it's worth a shot, right?! Before the season starts in full gear, make sure your membership is up-to-date. Sign up now and avoid the extra time doing so while registering at your events. The cost is STILL only $15 for 2015 and available for purchase online or at the races. THANK YOU to all our contributors for giving of your time so generously to write about your division. ‘Til next time ... take care, stay warm, and safe. And as always, enjoy the ride... it all goes by in a blink.

To this Month’s Rockin'

Contributors – In order of appearance – Matt Pranger /, Steve Beane, Thomas Dunn, Jer�� Ber�ard, Mark Kariya, Bill Smith, Jeremiah Sher�an, Brooke Gentz, Danniel Brendel, Young Ted del Solar, Dave Bowman, Steve Baginski, Melanie Poirier, and last, but not least ... Mark Becker


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4 March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

2015 District 14 Board of Directors & Division Chairs PRESIDENT Thomas Dunn (517) 896-9757

HILL CLIMB CHAIRPERSON Tom Ruid (616) 813-7322

VICE PRESIDENT Neal Soenksen (313) 244-6827

VICE CHAIR Roger Bibbler (616) 813-0646

SECRETARY Heather Soenksen (517) 775-5897 TREASURER Steve Beane (313) 918-8944 LEGISLATIVE DIRECTOR Thomas Dunn (517) 896-9757 AMA CONGRESS – OFF ROAD Dick Bigelow (586) 677-0456 AMA CONGRESS – ROAD Kaye Johnson (248) 459-1777 RIDER REPS – OFF ROAD Tim Beougher (989) 751-8073 Brian Kidner (231) 670-7418 RIDER REP – ROAD Lanny Johnson (248) 225-5651

ATV CHAIRPERSON Robert Miller (517) 282-4373 VICE CHAIR – ATV MX Larry Seeley (269) 986-2197

VISIT US AT WWW.AMA-D14.ORG POINTS KEEPER Terri Sweet (517) 719-6264

VICE CHAIR Andy Nichols

RIDER REPS - XC Jacob Hill (517) 505-4530


ENDURO CHAIRPERSON Bill Smith (248) 891-1400 VICE CHAIR Mark Beltinck (517) 304-0726 POINTS KEEPER Tom Zettel (989) 245-6812 RIDER REPS A/AA CLASS Scott Allen (248) 925-6468 B CLASS Fred Kramer (586) 246-3156 C, 60+ & WOMEN'S CLASSES Tina Flegel (989) 875-8186 FLAT TRACK/TT CHAIRPERSON Robbin Pangborn (989) 859-7285

HARE SCRAMBLE CHAIRPERSON Steve Beane (313) 989-8944

POINTS KEEPER Brix McFee (616) 847-6265

ICE RACE CHAIRPERSON Jeremiah Sherman (989) 621-8701 VICE CHAIR Joe Barns No email provided No phone provided

VICE CHAIR Neal Soenksen (313) 244-6827

MX CHAIRPERSON Kreg Bigelow (810) 965-8764

VICE CHAIR – ATV-XC Dan Brendel (810) 217-7404

VICE CHAIR - VINTAGE MX Steve Baginski (586) 321-5680

POINTS KEEPER Mark Becker (248) 672-1224 RIDER REPS Brent Bergeron (ATV-XS) No email provided No phone provided Mark Becker (HS) (248) 672-1224 Kevin Fleszar (HS) (734) 735-3717

POINTS KEEPER Jenny Johnson (989) 871-3356 ROAD CHAIRPERSON Terri Sweet (517) 719-6264 VICE CHAIR Jim Charlebois phone & email – not provided POINTS KEEPER Don Sepanski 313-303-1103

March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 5



If your application is currently pending, your listing will appear once your status has cleared. If you believe this information to be incorrect, please verify your status with the D14 Secretary, Heather Soenksen at 517-775-5897 or via email Thank You! Baja MX ......................................989-871-3356

MI Off Road Events ............ 517-896-9757

Bent Wheels CC ....................248-345-4944

Muskegon MC ....................... 231-773-2940

BigAir Motocross ..................231-578-3828

Plymouth Blackhawks .......574-904-3006

Boulis Racing......................... 810-686-7083

Polka Dots MC...................... 989-205-8807

Bulldog Riders MC .............. 248-241-7740

Port Huron MC...................... 810-327-1062

Cadillac MC ............................ 231-884-0996

S.O.R.E. ....................................... 989-619-7713

Flint MC .................................... 810-422-3832

Tri-City Motor Speedway..... 989-550-8403

Freelin MX................................ 989-761-1301

Tri-City Travelers ................. 989-501-0911

Goshen IronHorsemen ... 574-825-3399

Twin Bay Trail Riders ......... 231-645-7905

Hill & Gully Riders ................708-261-3433

Valley Motocross ..................517-896-7185

I-96 Speedway...................... 616-642-0555

Valley Trail Riders................ 989-890-1411

KnuckleBusters Rider’s Club ...... 989-287-0120

White Lake Racing .............. 989-621-8701

Lucky Thumb MC................ 810-404-2895

White Trash Racing............. 989-274-7243

All D14 membership and charter registrations/renewals, address changes, card replacements, missed newspapers and other membership related issues should be directed to the MEMBERSHIP ADMINISTRATOR: HEATHER SOENKSEN 3155 Prescott Dr, Howell MI 48843 • 517-775-5897

Visions by Thomas Dunn, District 14 President

positive thinking! Sitting in front of a keyboard during another, long cold sub zero, Michigan winter evening, sometime proves to be a daunting task. When the days are cold and dreary, positive thoughts are hard to push forward onto the page. Then came the thought... by the time this reaches you, the weather will most likely be turning to the positive! The days will be longer, warmer and the sounds of spring will be waking up all around us. Spring Time! Birds returning, animals coming out from their winter naps, buds on trees, promising the return to green leaves and flowers! Mostly, it is the signs that Race Season in on the verge of coming back to us! I know that the Ice Racing Division has been blessed with a good season of cold weather and good ice, and their numbers grow the second year in a row due to a long cold winter. I hope this continues. Race season will be here before we know it and this year’s winter will be a distant memory. Whether it is Motocross, Hare Scrambles, Flat Track and TT’s Enduros, Road, or a combination, whatever your pleasure, motorcycle and ATV racing will be here! A time to get reacquainted with our motorcycling families and friends, no matter which discipline your ride.

District 14 The schedules are set, the venues are getting ready for us. The tracks will be getting a good grooming to be ready for our arrival. The trails laid out and trimmed, clubs and promoters getting everything prepared. Last year we increased our District by approximately 3%. I look forward to more growth this year. Grab your neighbor, grab a friend, introduce them to what we live for, the thrill of riding, racing, meeting new friends and their families. If each person would try to bring just one more person into our sport we will continue to grow. With growth comes strength! With Strength comes responsibility to our riders, clubs, and promoters. Arbor Day Tree Planting We have been working with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, our non-competitive friends at the Cycle Conservation Club, and the Village of Kalkaska’s Trout Festival now for 11 years, planting trees in areas of ORV damaged lands and other areas in need of renewal. The results have been amazing, helping to open doors within the Department of Natural Resources for better events, to laws that protect what we enjoy doing and increasing the freedom and availability to do so. The opening of doors at the State and Federal Capitols, to see and understand that what we do is a family affair! Positive Thinking!

Even more so, get reacquainted with our motorcycle/ ATV’s.

The season is ready, The District is ready, and the riders are ready! The weathers getting ready! This will be a great year!

Get riding.

Let the Season begin!

Get back into riding shape.

See ya at the races.

Thomas Dunn

6 March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

AMA D-14 Motocross Awards Banquet story and photos by Matt Pranger,

BEST WESTERN STERLIN INN & WATER PARK (Sterling Heights, MI) | January 17, 2015 Another amazing season D-14 Motorcross has come and gone and we are now under a blanket of snow here in Michigan. Some have traveled south for the winter months and most are still here waiting for the ground to be free of the snow and the temps to rise and once again break some ground on one of the many great D-14 MX tracks we have here in the state. So in the meantime as we all wait, there is the matter of recognizing those from the 2014 MX season and there accomplishments. Also a chance to have dinner with a moto buddy that you might not have seen since seasons end and wont see till April 2015 when the racing resumes. And that is the 2014 AMA D-14 Awards ceremony, and it was once again held at the Best Western Sterling Inn & Water park. There was a lot of racers and there families in attendance as well as many great track side vendors like Illusive Glove, TECH CARE SUSPENSIONS, FCA MI MX, and all the D-14 tracks were all well represented. The atmosphere was great and the mood was perfect for John Thompson from Michigan Moto X to do his thing and play the opening video witch is always a crowd favorite as the cheers from the room were heard down the hall as each D-14 tracks names were displayed on the jumbo screen in the opening of the video. The video was awesome as usual and Special thanks to John and his crew for once again providing the video and running the sound for the ceremony, always a class act. D-14 chair person Kreg Bigelow and all involved did a great job again this year for the awards banquette, there was a lot of prizes and surprises thru out the evening as the racers of the district received there awards and made there thank you speeches and posed for that all important photo opp from the front row of the huge crowd. The awards are just one of the reasons for this gathering of racers and their families,as there are 3 other special awards presented each year. First up was the D-14 Person of the year. An award presented to a individual who has stood out for there hard work and efforts in the interest of the district. And this year that award was received by our D-14 chairman,Family man, and friend to many at the track Kreg Bigelow. Kreg works hard for the racers of the district and is as fierce a competitor on the track that there is. He manages the demands of D-14 racing and maintains that all important family time as well. Next is a an award that is very popular each year because with out this person nothing would be possible, Parent of the year. This award is hard to select a recipient for each year as there are so many awesome Racer parents out there in the sport of motorcross. Brad Williams received this honor for the 2014 season and deserving so. Brad is constantly on the move making sure his sons are ready to race when it is show time, and having one son race 3 or more classes in a day is a lot of work. Great job Brad Williams.

 Collin Deems 2014 D-14 rider of the year

 Dave Boweman of TECH CARE was on hand and is a big suporter of the D-14

The night would end on a special note as this years D-14 Motorcros 2014 Rider of the Year was crowned. This years rider of the year was received by a young man from Plymouth,Mi and is the youngest rider to receive Rider of the year. The 2014 Rider of the year Collin Deems is a hard working and very respectful racer in the district and was all ready on the stage several times this evening to receive season award. This young man who was wearing a awesome looking grey suit and tie for the ceremony is a class act on and off the track. Collin is always out going and is always there for fellow racers when needed. a great son who depends on a strong Mother to get him to and from races and practice, Collin is ahead of his time when it comes to being responsible and compassionate about not just racing but life as well. So at nights end it is still cold outside and the great Michigan dirt is covered in snow, but for a few hours it was summer as racers and crew talked MX with others from the track and reminisced over the season and seasons past. Soon it will be spring and the 2015 D-14 season will once get started and continue to grow in numbers and venues as the District is as strong, as strong it has ever been.

March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 7

 A lot of racfers and there familys were in attendance for the 2014 D-14 awards

 Brad Williams 2014 D-14 Parent of the year

 Kreg Bigelow 2014 D-14 person of the year

 Illusive MX, just one of the many D-14 Vendors on display at the awards banquet

8 March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

Back in the Woods with Steve Beane, HS Chairman

It won’t be long now – the sun is getting stronger, the days are getting longer, and the start of the 2015 District 14 Hare Scrambles series is just around the corner. The flag drops for the first time March 29th at Plymouth Blackhawks just outside Culver City, Indiana, with eleven more rounds to follow throughout the summer. Get those calendars marked up and the vacation requests in at work – this is going to be fantastic series. The series schedule has finally settled down, and the news that was on the verge of breaking in last month’s paper is this – the 2015 series will feature 12 rounds instead of the originally planned thirteen. The July 12th round is off the schedule, and the September 20th race will be held at Valley Trail. A rider’s ten best finishes will count toward their overall placing. We’re not the only ones getting back in the woods – the GNCC series started early in March, the National Enduros are already two races in, and in quasi-woods/off-road racing the US EnduroX championship leads off in Daytona in March as well. A list may not be a bad idea right now – class letters on the numberplate and helmet, handguards fitted, suspension serviced, AMA and District memberships up to date, GPS programmed, a friend to bring to the races … you get the picture. I’m hoping for an injury-free summer for every rider that races in Michigan, and especially in the Hare Scrambles series. So here’s a cautionary note – if you take a digger and ding your head, have a seat and call it a day. Consult a credible doctor as soon as you can, and stay away from strenuous activities and especially riding until your head checks out. The chance of sustaining a serious brain injury … and that’s what a concussion is … jumps dramatically if you haven’t let an earlier “light” concussion heal. Guys like Broc Hepler and now Jesse Groemm got back on the bike too fast after a light hit, and may suffer life-long damage because of it. You only go around once down here – let’s be careful and have some fun!


ARBOR DAY TREE PLANTING Sunday • April 26, 2015 • 9:00 am

Plant a tree and watch your riding future grow! The AMA District 14 in conjunction with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, The Cycle Conservation Club, Lansing Motorcycle Club, Family Enduro Series and Michigan Off Road Events are proud to announce the 10th Annual Arbor Day Tree Planting will be held Sunday, April 26, 2015. We will meet at 9:00 am at the Kalkaska Fairgrounds, corner of M-72 & West Kalkaska Road.




For More Information: Thomas Dunn @ 517-896-9757 or


 Protecting the real family jewels



March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 9

American Enduro Legend Jeff Fredette’s Record Run

Jeff Fredette reflects on his incredible 33 finishes at Six Days Story by Jerry Bernard, photos by Mark Kariya The excitement level of the typical offroad racing fan in the United States always reaches a boiling right around Six Days time. The International Six Days Enduro (known as the International Six Days Trial from its inception in 1913 until ’81 when it became the ISDE] is the time to shine for any serious off-road racer who’s ready to knuckle down and represent his or her country. Fifty-six-year-old Jeff Fredette from Beecher, Illinois, is synonymous with Six Days. Year in and year out, he’s entered-and finished--the grueling six-day-long event that tests both rider and machine. His record run was not a consecutive one due to injuries or other issues that inevitably pop up, but it’s long been the topic of conversation in and around the paddocks of many an off-road event. This year at the ISDE in Argentina, Fredette’s record run came to a sudden halt when he sadly recorded his first DNF [Did Not Finish] in this, the oldest off-road world championship race.

Over 25+ Years Providing Support to Local & International Riders!

Fredette has been an American hero to almost every off-roader for years. Though this chapter in the off-road history books is now closed, Fredette will remain involved as he finally gets to take a more behind-the-scenes role and pass on all of the valuable knowledge he’s gleaned after trekking around the globe for almost four decades with his trusty sidekick: a Kawasaki dirt bike.


Eye-opener “1978 in Sweden. KTM. I went over to Austria beforehand and built all of the KTMs for the USA team that year,” Jeff begins. “It was an eye-opener for me. At first I thought to myself, ‘I’m pretty good at this stuff.’ I soon found out that I needed to work on all of that. (He finished sixth American overall that year.)


“I was kind of familiar with the format used at the Six Days after watching the film On Any Sunday. At the first few Six Days that I rode, the rules back then stated that you had to carry everything you need for the day; the only thing you could get at a checkpoint was a hammer! That meant you had to carry all of your own tools and spare parts. Back then, we attached a lot of the spares to the bike: levers, cables and such parts were wired or ziptied to the bike. When you headed out, you hoped you had everything that you’d need.” Bleeding Green “In 1983 the Six Days was held in Wales. Fritz Kadlec and I rode Kawasaki KDX200s. The guy at the local shop asked us, ‘What are you going to ride these things for?’ He said that they were play bikes that were not meant for real racing. Back home we raced KDXs and they worked really well.

FREDETTE continued on page 26

{ Suspension + Performance }

Complete Line of

from Beginner to Pro!

PRIVATE & GROUP MX TRAINING! UPS DAILY ... Quick Turn Around!! 4185 Blood Road, PO Box 65 • Metamora, MI 48455

810.678.2617 Over 30+ Years Racing Experience!


10 March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

ENDUROµREPORT by Bill Smith | Photos by Vandecar Pictures and as noted | Photos this page Vandecar Pictures Get Ready for the 2015 Enduro Season! By the time you get this we will hopefully be into a full-on Spring melt of the deep snow, and well past the many weeks of single-digit and below zero temps we’ve had this winter. The traditional season opener, the Sand Goblin (Roselawn, IN), is coming up quickly. We’ll be twisting throttles hard on April 19th, so let’s take care of all the administrative paperwork while we’re waiting for Spring to arrive! As part of this, I’d like to give a special call-out to our offroad riders in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. Over the past few years, the D14 enduro series has continued to attract more and more of our off-road friends from these states. We provide a high-quality, well-run series, have fun events, serve up primo singletrack, and have great clubs, promotors, and volunteers that donate a ton of time, effort, and money to make it happen – All so that you can enjoy a really fun Sunday ride! And if you’ve been to our annual awards banquet, you know that we put in a lot of thought and energy to make sure the accomplishments and achievements of our top racers are recognized and wellrewarded. Over half of the 2015 D14 Enduro races are within a convenient driving distance for riders in IN, OH, and IL. We have 4 races in Indiana (Sand Goblin, Summer Bummer, Muddobber, Turkey Creek), one race in Ohio (Peace Pipe), and with the Knuckle Buster a little more than 2 hours north of the Indiana border, you’ve got 6 races covered right there. This not only makes you eligible for the awesome year-end Enduro awards at the banquet, but we count the best 7 events for series points, so all you need to add is either the very popular Jack Pine enduro (a National this year), or come ride some of the great single-track laid out for the Bark Buster (both just 4 hours north of the border). Check out our series schedule (located elsewhere in this paper, or www., and get these race dates on your calendar!

Now, onto the task at hand! Unless you enjoy waiting in long lines at sign-up, fumbling with checks, and filling out gobs of forms, then please take care of all the required membership processing before you get “motorcycle on the brain” (as my wife calls it). It is soooooo easy to do online these days, and it only takes about 1015 minutes to complete everything.

tough phone call to make, as the rider had a strong season, and ended up missing out on some great year-end awards.

1. Make sure your AMA membership is current, and will last the entire season!

So please… Pull out your D14 card now, and look at the expiration date. Better yet, when you do renew, sign up for 3 years so you don’t have to worry about it for a while!

All D14 events require you to be a member of the AMA. Dig out your card now, and take a look at the expiration date. Better yet, when you sign-up / renew online, if you select “auto-renew”, you get FREE roadside assistance, and never have to worry about your AMA renewal again. A new card just magically shows up in your mailbox when it’s supposed to. (I’ve used the AMA’s roadside assistance 4 times now, and it’s a great benefit!). Also, for those renewing, please include your current AMA number so that you get the same one. It causes issues with the few riders that decide to get a new AMA number every year. To join or renew AMA Membership: • 2. Make sure your District 14 membership is current, and will last the entire season! All enduro riders that live within the geographical boundary of District 14 must be a District 14 member (this includes the Lower Peninsula, and the eastern half of the Upper Peninsula). If you happen to live outside of D14, but are interested in earning series points for year-end awards, then you must be a D14 member as of the date of the event. You can’t ride a couple of D14 enduros, then decide to sign-up, and expect to retroactively earn points for the first few events. We had a very unfortunate situation this past year when a top rider had some of their series points pulled because they had inadvertently let their D14 membership lapse mid-season. This was a very

With the D14 membership term no longer on a calendar-year basis, it does make it harder to remember to keep this current if it happens to expire mid-season (there’s no “reminder” letter or e-mail).

To join or renew D14 Membership: 3. New for this season: D14 Series Points Registration is required! As detailed in the December edition of the D14 news, we will be using a module in the MotoTally system to better manage series points. In order to do this, everyone earning series points must register online at the beginning of the season. This works very similar to the MotoTally online preentry system we’ve been using for the past 8 years. It is quick, easy, and takes only 5-10 minutes to complete. • Registration is needed only once per season, and it’s good from January 1st – December 31st. • Once registered, you will receive series points for the remainder of the season. If registering on the day of an event (you can register via a smartphone), you will get points for that event. If you register after an event you raced, you will not get points for the previous race. • In order to help operate the enduro series and fund the awards banquet, a $10 fee will be assessed during series registration (1x per year). • You must be a member in good standing with the AMA and District 14 (see above info). This will be strictly enforced. It is a promoter’s responsibility to ask for proof of membership, and a rider’s obligation to provide such proof. Riders without proof at sign-up may be required to purchase a

membership at the event. D14 Enduro Series Registration: Updated Rules / AMA Advancement To stay abreast of the latest rules, please visit to review changes included as part of the D14 Enduro Supplemental rules, NEPG Supplemental rules, and the 2015 rules from the AMA. There are major changes this year regarding how the AMA assigns off-road advancement points, and how riders advance to the next highest class. In a nutshell: • Riders will receive off-road advancement points for participation in all AMAsanctioned enduro, hare scrambles, desert scrambles, cross country, grand prix, hare and hound (or any similar activity) meets. AMA riders advance from one classification to the next through their successful participation in AMA-sanctioned meets. • Advancement points will be calculated from Dec. 1st to Nov. 30th each year. Riders will be advanced effective Jan. 1st of the following year. • Riders between the ages of 12 and 15 on Nov. 30th riding the B classification shall not be forced into the A classification regardless of how many B races or advancement points he/she has. Riders in this age group may advance based on their own ability/competence. • For a rider to be advanced, they must have a certain Off-Road Performance Value (ORPV). For B and C riders the ORPV threshold is 15. For C riders, they will also be advanced if they've raced the C class for 2 consecutive years, and their ORPV is 11 or higher. • A rider's ORPV is calculated by taking the average of advancement points earned for each race during the season.

ENDURO continued on page 26

March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 11

Portland Trail Riders 2015 RACE SCHEDULE Signup opens at 7:30 AM. Practice starts about 10:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM. Cost to practice is $20. We run a split program on MX races. MX entry fees are $30 for one class and $25 for a second class.




HARE SCRAMBLES Bikes & Quads and 50cc bikes. ATV’s race in the PM

BIKES: 50’s-60’s-80’s, Super Mini,Women, 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+, Vet, Non-current, and Vintage in the AM and rest of the classes in the PM... Open A, Open B, Open C, 250 A & B, SchoolBoy, and 14-24. Mini track is in the AM.



Bikes & Quads (10 AM to 5 PM)



Bikes & Quads, ATV Series



Bikes & Quads (10 AM to 5 PM)



Bikes & Quads ATV Series • Vet Series

QUADS: AM run 50’s, 70’s & 90’s, 16-29, 30+, 50+ & Women. QUAD Series PM run A, B, C, 40+, Schoolboy Jr, Schoolboy Sr & Utility.



Bikes & Quads (10 AM to 5 PM) HOLESHOT CONTEST after practice. Bikes and Quads



Bikes & Quads ATV Series • Bike State Championship • Bike Money Moto


HARE SCRAMBLES Bikes & Quads and 50cc bikes. ATV’s race in the PM


Find us on

Bikes & Quads (10 AM to 5 PM)

11999 Sandborn Rd. • Portland MI • (517)647-7045 be sure to check out the website for updates Portland Trail Riders

GPS use Latitude 42 degrees, 48’, 53.1”N and Longitude 84 degrees, 53’,3.0”W

12 March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

2015 Ice Season set to melt away until next year story and photos submitted by Jeremiah Sherman, Ice Race Chairman

Hello my frozen friends, this marks the end of another successful ice season. I has been so cold that I can hardly remember a couple years ago with no races at all. We have completed 8 events, welcomed a new venue, Devils Lake, tried some new classes, and seen growth in certain areas. We've seen the 50cc classes come back to strong showings, and the youth ATV class is now solid and may need to be broken down more next year. I started this season charging the riders to promote their classes so that there class do not dwindle away, and I believe it is working. Next year I expect a solid showing in a pit bike class, possibly 150cc Air cooled class. Most dis-

450 quad class came down to the last race for 3 riders, with only 3 points separating the three riders, John Scherer, Jake Turner, and Randy Cox all hailing from White Lake. The final race had 7 quads taking the checkered flag with less than 4 seconds from First to Seventh. Jake Turner led the race until the last lap, fatigue setting in after the long day, John Scherer got around the outside on the last lap to seal the deal Two years in a row in both quad classes. On a sad note our division is in trouble, were losing riders to outlaw races ran by our own district clubs, and this is a ongo-

 58h Steve Heinzelman out front with 22x James Blasius followed by 705 Brad Johnson. Johnson wins the race coming back in the final lap. national events in the summer while taking cash under the table in the winter to avoid fees and pocket more money and possibly bankrupting a whole division. We are supposed to be a like community with the same goals and mission. The biggest concern of all is other clubs will start doing the same thing in the future with the mentality of, "if they can do it we can too."

I have been contacted by many a club president and concerned members about this calling for action. If this situation concerns you as well feel free to contact me at, or Ken Saillant at ksaillant@ama-cycle. org who is currently working the issue. Lets unite the clans and keep us all on the same team.

ICE continued on page 18

 001 Matt Proctor & 356 Dylan Tent battle it out appointing to me this year is our 500 A class, were the numbers are so low that it could fold the 500's into one class in a couple years. We cant allow this to happen since this is where our premier riders are supposed to show up. We had two ties for points in the 250 class between friends Jason Eddy and Jeremy Coursey for first and second. The Tie break goes to Jason with 4 First place finishes. The

ing issue. This is basically cannibalization of our district. There are so many advantages to running races through the AMA, there are also disadvantages, but are we supposed to take advantage of loopholes? The AMA is very clear in this, you are either in or out, not both. So the question is, as a district, should we afford clubs and promoters to have the advantage of the AMA and D14, and hosting state and

 Paul Havercroft takes 1st place on the day at White Lake

The Locals – by Brooke Gentz

March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 13

Wide Open with Shane Bost In light of the recent change of the Vet C class to the Vet Sport class, I sat down for a chat with 38 year old White Lake’s own, Shane Bost. After his recent take off with Wide Open Industries in 2014 and becoming healthy enough to finally race consistently, I wanted to know what his plans were for the 2015 season.

So tell me a little bit about this back surgery. Was it from a riding injury? No, it originally started bothering me at work about 12 years ago. I battled with it as long as I could but then I found the Laser Spine Institute and now I have my life back.

Needless to say, you’ve been riding for a while. About how long and how did you get into it?

Well now that you're back in the game, what are your goals for the upcoming season?

Yeah, racing motocross has been a big part of my life since before I can remember. My dad raced when I was young, I think I was only two weeks old when I went to my first race. But, I didn't start racing myself until I was 14 so, wow; I started riding 24 years ago. My first bike was a 1989 KX80. I remember that year after going to the supercross at the Pontiac Silverdome I decided I wanted a bike. My dad was probably more excited than I was at the time and before I knew it he was pulling me out of school early for a fake "dentist appointment" and we were going to pick up new bikes! I've been hooked ever since.

I've made a lot of progress the last few years and I hope to keep that going. I think I can be in the picture for a championship in the Vet Sport class or at least win a few races. My main goal though is to stay healthy all season and to earn enough points to be advanced to the B class. I really want that letter from the AMA. There are so many riders out there that dread that letter, so it's incredibly refreshing to hear that there are riders out there that still appreciate the advancement!

That's awesome! I always see you guys together at the track, what's it like having your dad there every step of the way?

Yeah, that was the goal last year too but I fell a little short. 2015 is my year.

It's great. My dad's been there for me on and off the track. The guy has given up so much for me, I could never repay him. I moved to Arizona for a while looking for work, but, home will always be here in Michigan racing dirt bikes with my dad and the rest of the moto family. Speaking of work, I know you recently started Wide Open Industries. Tell me a little about that. Wide Open Industries is an apparel company I actually started back in 2006 with my friend Ed Novak. It was last summer when things really started to come together. I got laid off from my day job and decided I was going all-in with Wide Open. Now, I spend my days designing and print-

With big plans coming into the spring, is there anyone you would like to thank? Yes. I have to thank my Dad, Tech-Care Suspension, Ryno Power, Spy, Acerbis, Renthal, Dunlop, SixSixOne, Rockwell Watches, One Industries and of course Wide Open Industries and all the moto family that has been so supportive. ing T-shirts and I love it! I'm really excited about 2015 and I’m looking forward to vending at all the tracks this year. Everyone has been super supportive and I can't even explain how much that means to me. So what's the plan for 2015? Are you planning on focusing on the company or

are you still going to be racing? Oh I'll be racing for sure. [At least] as much as I can afford! This is the three year anniversary of my back surgery. Before that I was walking with a cane and constantly in pain. Now I'm finally feeling strong and ready to win some races.

Well best of luck to you this year! I hope you have a great season with both Wide Open Industries and in the Vet Sport class! Thanks so much for chatting with me! Thank you. I'll see you in spring!


14 March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

2:15 AMA D14 EVENTS Be sure to check back next month for possible updates to this schedule as late changes and corrections due occur after the initial posting. Any changes will be noted in RED.

atv MX CHAIRPERSON ....................Bob Miller VICE CHAIR – MX............. Larry Seeley  = Michigan State Championship Race

APRIL 11 12 25  26 

Valley MX ...................... Stanton Valley MX ...................... Stanton Freelin MX .................Brown City Freelin MX .................Brown City

02 03  09 10  24  30 31

Valley MX ...................... Stanton Valley MX ...................... Stanton Open Practice .............. Portland Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland Baja Acres ...................Millington Grattan Raceway............. Belding Grattan Raceway............. Belding



13 Open Practice................ Portland 14 Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland 20  Grattan Raceway............. Belding 21  Grattan Raceway............. Belding 27 Open Practice................ Portland 28 Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland 28 Cadillac MC ...................Cadillac


04 05  25 26 

Valley MX ...................... Stanton Valley MX ...................... Stanton Battle Creek MC .......Battle Creek Battle Creek MC .......Battle Creek

15 16  23 29 30

Valley MX ...................... Stanton Valley MX ...................... Stanton Cadillac MC ...................Cadillac Grattan Raceway............. Belding Grattan Raceway............. Belding

12 13 13 19 20 

Valley MX ...................... Stanton Valley MX ...................... Stanton Cadillac MC ...................Cadillac Open Practice................ Portland Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland

03  04 17 18 

33 Motorsports .................... Mio 33 Motorsports .................... Mio Valley MX ...................... Stanton Valley MX ...................... Stanton




enduro CHAIRPERSON .................... Bill Smith VICE CHAIR.................... Mark Beltinck FAMILY ENDURO (FES)......Mike Maurer ( DATES INCLUDE FES )

APRIL 18 19

25 26

Sand Booger FES .. Roselawn, IN Sand Goblin .......... Roselawn, IN Grand Kankakee Trail Riders Arbor Day FES ............ Kalkaska Arbor Day Enduro ... CANCELLED

JUNE 13 14

27 28


Mini Moose FES ..........Marquette Loose Moose...............Marquette UP Sandstormers Grapevine FES ................Lawton Kuckle Buster ..............Greenville Knuckle Buster Riders

11 25 26

Treaty MC FES ............Greenville Muddobber FES .......Matthews, IN Matthews D/S .........Matthews, IN

01 02

Weed Wacker FES .......... Bentley Bark Buster .................... Bentley Valley Trail Riders Summer Bummer ........Roselawn, IN Hill & Gully Riders Pine Cone FES ......... Moorestown JACK PINE NATIONAL ENDURO Lansing MC.............. Moorestown

AUGUST 09 22 23


Fall Classic FES .........Traverse City


MUDDOBER NATIONAL ENDURO Muddobbers MC.........Matthews, IN Turkey Gobbler FES ...New Paris, IN




Turkey Creek ......... New Paris, IN Riders MC Peace Pipe .......... Greenville, OH Treaty City MC

10 16 17 23 30 31

(Rain Date).......... I-96 Speedway ST .................. Lucky Thumb MC TT .................. Lucky Thumb MC (Rain Date)...................Unknown ST .......... Owosso Kart Speedway TT .......... Owosso Kart Speedway

06 07 13 14 20 21 27 28

ST .......... Owosso Kart Speedway TT .......... Owosso Kart Speedway HM .............. Midland Fairgrounds (Rain Date) ....................Midland ST ................. Tri-City Speedway TT ................. Tri-City Speedway ST .......... Owosso Kart Speedway TT .......... Owosso Kart Speedway

11 18 19 25 26

HM ............. Croswell Fairgrounds ST ..................... I-96 Speedway TT ..................... I-96 Speedway ST (no pts) ....... Lucky Thumb MC TT .................. Lucky Thumb MC



AUGUST 01 02 09 09 15 22 23 29 30

ST ......................Polka Dots MC TT ......................Polka Dots MC ST .................. Lucky Thumb MC TT .................. Lucky Thumb MC HM ..... Cadillac Fairgrounds (TBD) HM ............. Standish Fairgrounds (Rain Date)... Standish Fairgrounds STATE CHAMPIONSHIP HM ............. Croswell Fairgrounds RAIN DATE .............. Croswell FG

05 06 12 13 19 26 27

ST .......... Owosso Kart Speedway TT .......... Owosso Kart Speedway ST ..................... I-96 Speedway TT ..................... I-96 Speedway STATE CHAMPIONSHIP ST ................. Tri-City Speedway ST RAIN DATE ................ Tri-City TT RAIN DATE ................ Tri-City

CHAIRPERSON .......... Robbin Pangborn VICE CHAIR.....................Andy Nichols

02 03 09

ST .......... Owosso Kart Speedway TT .......... Owosso Kart Speedway ST .................... I-96 Speedway



Plymouth Blackhawks ....Culver, IN


Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland

03 17 30

Plymouth Blackhawks ....Culver, IN White Trash......................... Mio ATV NATIONAL HARE SCRAMBLE .............................. BattleCreek H/S NATIONAL HARE SCRAMBLE .............................. BattleCreek




Valley Trail Riders ........... Bentley


Valley MX ...................... Stanton

09 16

Bent Wheels................ Rose City Polka Dots .....................Midland

13 20

Evergreen Creek ............Bay City alley Trail Riders ............. Bentley


Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland




hill climb CHAIRPERSON .................... Tom Ruid VICE CHAIR....................Roger Bibbler

MAY 17

Goshen ...................Goshen, IN

13 14

Muskegon MC ..............Bridgeton Muskegon MC ..............Bridgeton

02 22 23

Port Huron MC ...........Port Huron Muskegon MC ..............Bridgeton Muskegon MC ..............Bridgeton

12 13

Muskegon MC ............ Bridgeton* STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Muskegon MC ..............Bridgeton





ST ..................... I-96 Speedway

CHAIRPERSON ................ Steve Beane VICE CHAIR..................Neal Soenksen VICE CHAIR (ATV) ............ Dan Brendel


flat track 25

hare scrambles

Before traveling to any event, be sure to check out the track/promoter's website or facebook page or go to for updates.

* 3 points paying climbs (day & night climbs)

March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 15

2:15 AMA D14 EVENTS motocross CHAIRPERSON ............... Kreg Bigelow  = Vet Series - Max Points Vet Classes  = State Championship - Max Points


11 Valley MX ...................... Stanton 12 Valley MX ...................... Stanton 12  Baja Acres ...................Millington 18 Big Air MX .................... Newago 19 Big Air MX .................... Newago 19  Bulldog Riders ..............Millington 25 Freelin MX .................Brown City 26 Freelin MX .................Brown City 26  Battle Creek MC .......Battle Creek


02 Baja Acres ...................Millington 02 Valley MX ...................... Stanton 03  Baja Acres ...................Millington 03 Valley MX ...................... Stanton 09 Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland 10 Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland 10 Cadillac MC ...................Cadillac 16 Big Air MX .................... Newago 16 33 Motorsports .................... Mio 17 Big Air MX .................... Newago 17  33 Motorsports .................... Mio 23 Baja Acres ................. Millingtong 24 Baja Acres ...................Millington 30 Grattan Raceway............. Belding 31 Grattan Raceway............. Belding 31  Polka Dots MC ...............Midland


06 Big Air MX .................... Newago 07 Big Air MX .................... Newago 07 Bulldog Riders ................Midland 13 Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland 14  Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland 20 Freelin MX .................Brown City 20 Grattan Raceway............. Belding 21 Freelin MX .................Brown City 21  Grattan Raceway............. Belding 27 Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland 28 Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland 28  Cadillac MC ...................Cadillac


04 05 11 12  18 19  19 25 25

Valley MX ...................... Stanton Valley MX ...................... Stanton Big Air MX .................... Newago Big Air MX .................... Newago Freelin MX .................Brown City Freelin MX .................Brown City Polka Dots MC ...............Midland Battle Creek MC .......Battle Creek Grattan Raceway............. Belding

26 26

 Battle Creek MC .......Battle Creek

Grattan Raceway............. Belding


01 Big Air MX .................... Newago 02 Big Air MX .................... Newago 08 33 Motorsports .................... Mio 09  33 Motorsports .................... Mio 09 Battle Creek MC .......Battle Creek 15 Freelin MX .................Brown City 15 Valley MX ...................... Stanton 16 Freelin MX .................Brown City 16 Valley MX ...................... Stanton 23  Cadillac MC ...................Cadillac 29 Grattan Raceway............. Belding 30  Grattan Raceway............. Belding


05 Baja Acres ...................Millington 06 Baja Acres ...................Millington 07 Baja Acres ...................Millington 12 Valley MX ...................... Stanton 13 Valley MX ...................... Stanton 13 Cadillac MC ...................Cadillac 19 Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland 20  Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland 26 Big Air MX .................... Newago 26 Freelin MX .................Brown City 27  Big Air MX .................... Newago 27 Freelin MX .................Brown City


33 Motorsports .................... Mio

04 33 Motorsports .................... Mio 04  Polka Dots MC ...............Midland 11  Bulldog Riders ..............Millington Millington 17 Valley MX ...................... Stanton 18  Valley MX ...................... Stanton 24 Freelin MX .................Brown City 25  Freelin MX .................Brown City 31 Baja Acres ...................Millington

vintage mx CHAIRPERSON ............. Steve Baginski


Bulldog Riders ..............Millington


Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland

07 21

Big Air MX ................... Newaygo Freelin MX .................Brown City

05 19

Valley MX ...................... Stanton Polka Dots MC ...............Midland

09 16

Battle Creek MC .......Battle Creek Valley MX ...................... Stanton


Cadillac M/C ..................Cadillac

03 10 26

Polka Dots MC ...............Midland Bulldog Riders ..............Millington Baja MX ......................Millington


road CHAIRPERSON .................. Terri Sweet VICE CHAIR ................. Jim Charlebois


03 17 14




AUGUST (Hill & Gully)

Muskegon Spring Run Muskegon MC .......... Mt. Garfield 43rd Blessing of the Bikes Para Dice MC ...............Baldwin





NOVEMBER 01  Baja Acres ...................Millington


AMA – D14 – D14 News – ENDURO – MX – ICE –



Flag Day Ride ................Midland Tri City Travelers

Poker Run .................. Rose City Bent Wheels Poker Run Lucky Thumb MC ............. Deford


27 27

Turkey Run ..................... Crump Tri City Travelers Fall Tour & Steak Fry Para Dice ..............Grand Rapids

Be sure to visit these websites often during the season and offseason to make sure you’re up to date on the latest and greatest!

16 March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

ATV HARESCRAMBLE PREVIEW Time to Get Back to Racing  James Cook leading the pack at Battle Creek Motorcycle Club

story and photo by Danniel Brendel It is that time of year again; time to blow the dust off the quad and get it ready to race. I don't know about all of you, but I am very excited to get back on the track. After talking with riders at the banquet and also from the newsfeed on our Facebook page, most of the veteran riders will be returning and we may see some new faces at the starting line. Keep spreading the word and dragging your buddies to the track so we can get our numbers up and have some more competition this season. I will be continuing the giveaways at the track, but it will be done a little differently this year. If you attended the banquet, you received some awesome stuff from Fly Racing and EVS

sent other items I will be giving away at one of the races. So I would like to give a shout out to them for supporting us. Also, I want to say Thank You to Valley Trail Riders for inviting us to their winter rides this year. Those who went had a great time! There will be a few changes for the 2015 season. First, all races will now start at 2:30pm on Sunday. The only exception to this is Battle Creek, which will start at 3:00pm Saturday. Also, we will no longer be using the color code system we have used for the past couple of years. We are going back to the letter system. You will need a 3-4 inch high letter for the class you are riding in on your number plate, front and rear. (See below for the letter representing your class). For any new riders; tethers are required!!! Please make

sure they are installed before the first race. Sound testing will still be enforced. If you think you may be on the border of passing the 98db level, you can get tested before the race. If you do race and don't pass the 98db sound level you will get docked 1 lap. I don't want to see anyone get docked, so please use your quite core inserts. If anyone would like to make a little cash at the races and help the series, we are looking for 2-3 people to do sign-up and scoring for the ATV races. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact me and I will get you setup with the current scoring team to learn the system. Hope to see you all at the first race and start the season out with a BANG!

Advanced “A” Veteran (25+) “V” Intermediate “B” Senior (35+) “O” Novice “C” *Recommended for first time and novice racers Sportsman “S” *utility quad Youth Sport “Y” *200cc 2st.-300cc 4st. 03/29: Plymouth Black Hawks, Culver City, IN 04/26: Portland TraiL Riders, Portland, MI 05/03: Plymouth Blackhawks, Culver City, IN *05/30: Battle Creek, Battle Creek, MI (3:00 start) 07/26: Valley Mx, Stanton, MI 08/09: Bent Wheels, Rose City, MI 10/11: Portland Trail Riders, Portland, MI

March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 17

Riding INCA at the Colorado 500 Story and photos by Young Ted del Solar

A recap of the “World’s Greatest Trail Ride”, an adventure from August 2014 This being my 7th year on the Premier Trail Ride in the World, it is almost like old hat when Jon Browne and I arrive at the Inn At Aspen in time for lunch and registration on August 10th. We soon meet up with Bob Andersohn and his son Dan, have the bikes inspected and all the other formalities of registration. This year Bob will be on his BMW taking the easier way by roads, while Dan, Jon and I will be together most of the time on the more conventional/regular off road route. Tomorrow morning the 39th Colorado 500 will be in full swing. It is another bright, clear Monday morning as we leave the parking lot for Taylor Pass by way of Highway 102 and the Midnight Mine Road. The three of us have ridden many miles together over the years and don’t have a “pecking” order, so we all lead, follow or sweep at some time. I have it figured out that when they want me to lead, they are content to “cool it” for a while. What matters is that we ride as a team. However, this doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes and get separated. As I turn right and start up a steeper incline, there is a rider to the left filming the action and Jon is to the right having a bit of trouble. I go on by and stop once over the top, while Jon is close behind and stops ahead of me. The next thing I know, the rider filming is on my left talking to me about what had just taken place. He didn’t know Jon and I were together and I didn’t know Jon’s trouble was due to being distracted by the rider filming. This is an example of the joy of trail riding. We are not in a rush, take a moment to relax, no one is a nervous wreck and there are always laughs, one way or another. We make it to the top of Taylor Pass, elevation 11,928, with much ado about nothing spectacular. There are but two riders there, which is unusual, so it could be we are running later than the crowd. One of them comes over to us and asks which way we are going and if he could join us. This is how David Deep, an Aspen resident, became our deviltry helper and 4th rider for the rest of the day. So we headed the Slime Trail way down, stopping at the #400 Trail junction to “inspect the trees for pine beetles”. Although that is the answer Jon and David gave the riders behind us, it was not exactly what Dan and I were doing while standing on his 200 KTM leaned against a tree. The origin of this “endeavor” started in 2010 on a comment made by Dan. When it comes across the plate, I swing. Back to our main purpose of riding, we mosey along this familiar trail until reaching the rocks area. It has been two years since being through here and it is my first time for receiving help going downhill. This is one place where the winters snow and ice does move the rocks, which is an opinion for which I have no proof. After another 3 miles or so there is the creek crossing that puts us at the end of the Taylor River Road. From here to Taylor Park, where we’re going for gas and lunch, it is gravel road all the way. For variety, some will take a single track on the left for a mile or so, that somewhat parallels the road. Leaving Taylor Park the road is now a blacktop that follows the river, heading in a southerly direction. A dark cloud comes over the mountains to the west and we ride in the rain for a while, then the sun returns and dries things up again. Still north of Almont, we take Jacks Cabin Road to the right and then another right on Roaring Judy Trail. For me only, this will be a first. It starts out easy enough as a two track in open country with some elevation before we get to the woods. When it becomes just a single track trail, the easy cruising part is over. At one point, the sound of Jon’s engine ahead of me, tells me he is climbing not a small hill. I cross the rivulet; start up the hill, my engine doesn’t respond right and I stall out after going but 25 feet. Dan and David are behind me and Jon has walked down, knowing I had trouble. We have a round table discussion covering the options. The others are aware of more tough climbs ahead but not sure of how far to Deadman Trail, which I did ride two years ago from another direction. That I “preach”, ride to ride again, isn’t left out of the decision to double back the 6 miles to Jack’s Cabin Road. I’m sent off in the lead and before long see a rider coming towards me. He’s looking for a lost rider and tells me trail guide/sweep rider “Pickle”, whose surname is Vlasicak, is behind him. When I meet “Pickle” and tell him

Young Ted far right what is up, he said it was a good decision. Once back to the road we kept going to Highway 135, Crested Butte and up the hill to the Grand Lodge. In 5 hours of riding time we have covered 96 miles, for our first day. Tuesday, August 12th starts out bright and sunny, as do many summer days in the mountains. Today, we are back to the original three as we head down the hill from Mt. Crested Butte, headed for Ohio Pass, west and south of Crested Butte. Shortly after the road is back to a blacktop, we make a right on a gravel road that becomes a private road through grazing fields for about 3 miles, and reach the Mill Creek Trail in the Gunnison National Forest. I have been this way every year now and it is always a nice pleasant ride with a couple of tricky spots and newly downed trees to keep you on your toes. It isn’t a long section single-track trail and we’re soon out in the open on a two track in a flat valley going south. We skip the turn-off through a rock area, opting to stay on the two track until we reach Highway 135 into Gunnison and head west on US 50 to Mesa RV Campground. This is a regular gas and lunch stop for us, where we meet up with Bob and his BMW. We also visit with Steve and David, two other Missourians who leave for Lake City ahead of us. It is close to 2 o’clock when we are ready to leave, on the late side for going by way of the desert, so it’s back out to US 50, west to Highway 149 and into Lake City. Steve and David are at the gas station in lounging mode, ready to ride up Engineer Pass. It has clouded over now and a few drops of rain are present. As we start the climb out of the valley, the drops become a steady drizzle, not uncommon here in late afternoon. Where the road becomes four-wheel drive only, Steve has stopped to pump up his rear tire with some sealant. It didn’t work the best, because before we reach the top of the pass, he uses up the rest of the sealant. At the top we just make the turn and keep on going, for the tire going flat and the drizzle take precedent now. At the junction from Cinnamon Pass, a support truck is there and it is time to fix the now completely flat tire. Fixing a flat tire out on the trail can easily become a 3-ring circus and this time it was more like 5 rings. With five of us working together, the wheel comes off without a hitch, the new tube is installed and Dan takes over with the tire tools. A discussion over the way to put the bead back on develops into Dan and Jon trying to put each other in a mud puddle. I got bumped and went down on top of the bike already lying on the ground. Jon landed on me and Dan made it the closest to the puddle, as I recall. Later we found out David and the support truck driver were both taking movies of the children must play action. Continuing with the project at hand, the new tube does not hold air, as it has been pinched near the valve stem. For round two, I get my spare tube and tire pump out and it’s back to trail riding time. After a couple more miles or so, I catch up to Jon and Steve stopped at a wide turn in

COLORADO continued on page 20

18 March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News ICE continued from page 12

2015 Ice Racing Year End Awards

 448 Preston Conquest 670 Trevor Gatlin battle for position. Gatlin would win the day.

0-51cc 4-8 yrs Shaft: 1. Alaynnah Sherer, 2. Blake Bradish 0-51cc 4-8 yrs Chain: 1. Garret Goodman, 2. Levi Montgomery, 3. Kyle Hubbell 52-65cc 6-11 yrs: 1. Preston Conquest, 2. Brady Bargeron, 3. Trevor Gatlin 66-85cc 7-15 yrs: 1. Preston Conquest, 2. Tre Scherer 86-200cc: 1. Michael Revor JR, 2. Ryan Meir 201-250cc Open 12+ yrs: 1. Jeremy Coursey, 2. Jason Eddy 251-505cc “A”: 1. Zak Hosner 251-505cc “B”: 1. Jason Eddy, 2. Brad Johnson, 3. Justin Mclosky 125-505cc “C": 1. Nathan Dekett, 2. Landon Cousineau, 3. Blake Senske 40+ yrs Open Senior: 1. Steve Heinzelman, 2. Brad Johnson Vintage (79 or older): 1. Steve Heinzelman 126-250cc "A": 1. Kyle Whitis, 2. Dustin T Cook, 3. Kevin Lambert jr 126-250cc "B" Rubber Solo: 1. Noah J. Alessi, 2. Dillon Cook, 3. Kaylee Mcdaniel 0-360cc Sidecar: 1. Blair Bersano, 2. Thomas Blatt 0-360cc Sidecar Passenger: 1. Michael Revor SR., 2. Cliff Hanel JR 361-505cc Sidecar: 1. Kevin Lambert JR, 2. Greg Bradish 361-505cc Sidecar Passenger: 1. Kevin Lambert SR, 2. Erika Bradish 506cc up Open Sidecar: 1. Brad Thomas, 2. Douglas Schumaker, 3. Thomas Blatt 506cc up Open Sidecar Passenger: 1. Taylor Thomas, 2. Cliff Hanel JR, 3. Nick Stefanski Hack Solo Open: 1. Greg Bradish, 2. Blair Bersano, 3. Kevin Lambert Sr. Quad 0-125cc 4-13 yrs: 1. Tyler Thomas, 2. Conner Ruck Quad 251-450cc 16+ yrs: 1. John Scherer, 2. Jacob Turner, 3. Randy Cox, 4. Jessica Thomas, 5. Tim Scherer Quad 250cc up Open “A” 16+ yrs: 1. John Scherer, 2. Jacob Turner, 3. Randy Cox, 4. Tim Scherer, 5. Jeremiah Sherman Quad Rubber Tire Open: 1. Doug Schumaker, 2. Steven Wright

D14 Ice Racing Banquet



Email your o Jacket Size t jer.sherman@ ASAP

Awarding jackets to class winners, and plaques to top 25% of the qualified field. Lots of stuff to be given away don't miss out. Thanks everyone for a great season!

Saturday April 18, 2015 Noon Arrial, Cash Bar  • 2:00pm Dinner Served

Billys Tip'n Inn

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March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 19

photos submitted by Dave Bowman, Tech-Care Suspension

March 2015 – by Steve Beane • It had to happen sooner or later, so when Cody Webb put his KTM up on the top step of the SuperEnduro in Brazil on February 28th I wasn’t too surprised. David Knight was a strong second, and Taddy Balzusiak was third, meaning the points standings in the World endurocross championship just got even tighter. • Watch for the battles between the top three KTM riders to get even more heated when the US enduroX series kicks off March 6th in Daytona. • It’s not the first time it’s happened, but Autoweek recently spent a fair amount of ink reviewing the new Ducati Scrambler. Bikes are just plain cool, and the car guys know it. • Calling Ryan Villipoto a rookie seems like a gross error, but technically he is a MXGP rookie. He’ll have that to hang his hat on when he gets asked for the 2 millionth time how he could possibly stall his KX450F crossing the gate in his first MXGP moto in Qatar. Villipoto came from WAYYYY back to log a 9th place moto one score, backed up by an 8th in moto two. • Max Nagl rode his white KTM (ie Husky) to 1-1 finishes, proving that KTM was wrong to drop him a couple of years ago for Ken deDycker, the opening round’s 18th place finisher. Tony Cairoli followed Clement DeSalle and MXoN star Gautier Paulin home in 4th. • Round two of the National Enduros goes off in South Carolina March 1st. I for one am looking forward to hearing how D14 up-and-comers Alex Good and Talon Soenksen fare in the sandy (but predicted to be snowy) South Carolina sand. • US Sherco importer Clay Stuckey went for a heart check and then spent the weekend riding earlier in February. When the doctor’s called him in for the results they wouldn’t let him leave until they fixed two of his four arteries. Fans of the blue brand will be happy to note that Clay is still alive and kicking … and has taken on a business partner as an insurance policy. • It sounds like GasGas the company had similar news from their doctors. The Spanish factory shut down production for a couple weeks as they attempted to iron out a major debt restructuring program. Supposedly things are back up and running in Girona, and the 30 year-old brand is expected to make a full recovery. Rumors that KTM was the party financing GasGas’ return to health are, at this point, just rumors. • Chad Reed grabbed the holeshot and rode twenty solid laps at round one of backto-back Atlanta supercross events to join Trey Canard, Ken Roczen, Ryan Dungey, and Eli Tomac as 2015 main event winners. Ryan Dungey was joined by Tomac and Canard atop the podium in the second contest. • Even die-hard winter riders sometimes say ‘enough is enough’. The latest set of suspension in my shop came from a Pennsylvania rider who packed it in when the snow depth hit 3 feet in the mountains! • One of my six-year-olds learned how to change a knobby this afternoon – I’m a proud dad for sure. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Looking to snag one of the hot new Beta enduro bikes, get your suspension ready for spring, or just want to talk about riding and racing dirt bikes? Contact us at

20 March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News COLORADO continued from page 17

the trail. You’re getting ahead of me if you think – the tire went flat – but you are correct. We get the wheel off, and Steve pulls a rusty screw/nail out of the tire. Now a different support truck, better equipped for tire changing, has caught up to us and we’re soon on the way to the end of the trail at US 550. From here to Ouray it is only a matter of a few curves, downhill all the way. We park at our assigned motel and the days riding has come to an end at 132 miles for 5 hours of seat time. Here it is Wednesday, the day in the middle of the week, casual day, recovery day, time for a breather or anything else you care to call it. We will be here in Ouray a second night, which in a way makes it harder to decide where to ride for the day. Dan will be spending most of the day with a friend in Telluride and have lunch with Bob. Jon and I head south out of town towards Silverton and turn off on the Black Bear Pass way to Telluride. Although this way is a first for me, I understand what lies ahead from the “stories” told by others. The climb to the top is anti-climatic as we make several stops for pictures. One of these stops is at a place where I know one rider that actually jumped his bike over the trail. A natural ramp with room to accelerate on one side and a relatively level rock free area to land and stop on the other. When first hearing of this “event”, I couldn’t picture what the location would look like. Actually seeing the area was an eye opener for me. This pass is listed on maps as one way through traffic towards Telluride. Once past the summit, the now downhill ride is on the same easy side ride for a short way. We stop for a picture of our destination down in the valley and my anticipation of the “stories” raises some. When arriving at the point for the one way traffic reason, I see a stretch of larger rocks that will be a challenge for me. The plan is for Jon to go ahead so he can get a picture of me tackling this challenge. After waiting what I thought was a reasonable time for Jon to reappear on foot from around the curve, I figured something must have happened and decided to start down. Pictures aren’t a priority. I didn’t get far and tipped over to my right, the high side of the trail and more rocks. Before I got going again, Jon was in sight and told me to wait, for the hardest part was still ahead. So I finished the tough section on foot, following Jon riding my bike to where he had left his. The reason for Jon’s delay was that his bike had started to roll down the trail and tipped over. The rest of the way down is basically a gravel road where you can just coast along and get a high MPG. One small stream

crossing did require the power of the engine for it was take it easy time for some hikers at that point. Further down, where two-way traffic is allowed, we caught up to a vehicle having trouble making a hairpin turn. They waited long enough for us to get by over some rocks on the inside of the turn. From here on it was a breeze into Telluride for gas and food, before we double back to the “driveway” that is actually the road up Imogene Pass, which we will take back to Ouray. For a change, I’m leading when I catch up to a group of 4 wheel drive vehicles. When the last one in line makes no effort to let me by, I know that going so slow is going to overheat the cooling system. It does, about the same time I pick a spot to stop. It is a casual day, so no harm in waiting for a while and watching the world go by. Under way once more, we continue the climb to the top of the pass and soon catch up to the same group again. This time though, the last one pulls over right away and we are by them and in the clear the rest of the way to the summit at 13,114 feet. Twice before we have been here, there is no one else around and no need to stay for a while. The climbing part is now over and the downhill braking part starts, which is not always as easy as it may sound. There are several ledges, some about a foot high, to drop over and of course many switchbacks. With Jon now leading, I simply followed and wondered why he didn’t

make the turn to the longer way down through the creek and under the outcropping. The shorter way goes through a mine area and a bridge over the creek to the gravel road. Later I found out it was just a matter of missing the turn. Not getting to play in the water would be the only thing for the minus column. All that is ahead now is gravel road, blacktop to US 550 and back in Ouray. The day has been good, as they all are on the Colorado 500, and after 44 miles of riding in 3 hours of seat time, the bikes are parked for the night. Thursday morning it is time to pack up and head north eventually. First, Dan, Jon and I go south to take the Engineer Pass way to Lake City. It must be a good omen to get your mistakes out of the way early and be fine the rest of the day. I’m leading, make a “bobble” on a rock, save it by completing a 180, meet Jon as I’m looking to make another 180 and keep going uphill. The rest of the way to the summit can be considered typical riding in the rocks of Colorado, after the many times I’ve been up and down this trail. Once again, there are no other riders at the summit, we don’t stop and start the downward journey to Lake City. We pick up Route 149 heading south to Slumgullion Pass and make a

left on Powder Horn Road. With the cold headwind, there is little doubt about not going north now. The sun is not out either and there are signs of recent showers. Arriving at the Crystal Creek Trail means the cold ride is over, for now we will be going slower and working more muscles in the winding trail through the woods. Overall, this is a fun section to ride or race with another rider. I prefer the former, while Jon and Dan do the latter. There are open and tight areas, up and down long hills, only a few rocks and a wire gate to open and close at the end. From here we will take the twotrack to the gravel road and back to Route 149, where the sun is shining. After a few miles of blacktop, it is open and close a wire gate again as we will be going through what is known as the desert. Although this is open rangeland, I’ve never seen livestock on it and there isn’t much to forage on, so desert is applicable. However there is a small stream we follow before going up a hill that is a minor challenge. At the first junction, several riders are with guide “Pickle”, and the usual banter of remarks and kidding takes place. They soon leave in a cloud of dust and are out of sight. When Dan leaves, it’s like he wants to catch up with them. Although I leave next, Dan is so far ahead of me at the next junction, I slow down to check the ribbons and go the correct way. When Jon and I arrive at the Mesa RV Campground west of Gunnison, Dan is not there and hasn’t been seen. He had mentioned being low on gas and we didn’t pass him. We are about to double back, when Dan turns in the driveway. It turned out he went left at

March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 21

that first junction and realized the mistake when he got to the microwave station. Had this happened at a different junction and run out of gas, finding him would not have been easy. By now it is so late the regular lunch set up has closed, so we gas up, get a snack and head east on US 50 to Gunnison. In town we take Route 135 north a few miles to the Ohio Pass blacktop on the left. This is cruise through the valley time, with the main concern being slow moving farm equipment. Not far beyond where the road turns to gravel, one of the support trucks is stopped on the side of the road. The drive shaft is no longer operational and help is on the way. We are now on the same roads as Tuesday morning, but going in the opposite direction. It is an easy ride over Ohio Pass through the woods, down to Crested Butte and up the hill to Mt. Crested Butte. Our fourth day of riding is finished after 5 ¾ hours of riding for142 miles. As we start getting ready for the fifth and final day of the 2014 Colorado 500, in the parking lot of the Grand Lodge Hotel, a rider asks which way we are heading for Aspen and if he could join Dan, Jon and I. We have known Neil Seidner for 5 years and managed to spend one day each year riding with him. We head for Route 135 and turn left on Cement Creek Road as it starts to wind up the valley past several groups of homes. There is blacktop at first, then gravel, and then just a two-track on natural terrain as the elevation keeps rising with the creek always nearby. We take Trail 759 on our right, which climbs up out of the valley through woods, and come to an open area where other trails meet. After going through a cattle gate we now follow Italian Creek Trail somewhat east and turn off towards our goal, American Flag Mountain. It is a steady mile long rocky climb to the top at 12,713 feet of elevation and the reward is seeing the American Flag flying in all its glory over the surrounding mountains. A plaque is near the base of the flag that I did not know about on my previous 4 times there. The heading is BELOVED BROTHER, followed by these words – If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. Without question, it is the highlight of the week with the combination of where I am and who with. After a lighthearted moment of boys will be boys, our backpacks and helmets are back on as we go back to Italian Creek Trail, heading for the Dorchester Cutoff. At the Taylor River Road we go right a short ways to a Forest Service cabin where a volunteer couple from Iowa lives from May to

October and takes care of the numerous campgrounds in the area. It is a one-room cabin with no water or electricity and they have been doing this for the last 14 years. During our visit we are offered pie or cobbler, made there on the wood stove. Another special memorable time while riding in the mountains of Colorado. Ready to hit the trail again, we double back west to pick up the Slime Trail way up to Taylor Pass. This will be the reverse of what we rode on Monday. At the end of the gravel there is a creek to cross and then a couple miles of exposed roots along with open grass, muddy spots and the ever present rocks. Where the trail starts to climb out of the valley, Neal leads and I follow at a much slower pace. At the tough rock section I have never made it through on my own in this direction, I see Neal’s bike against the bank with the front wheel on a good sized rock; an indication he didn’t make it in one shot. We no sooner get him through along with pictures of his effort and three more riders are there. None of them make it through solo either. Jon gets my bike and it is a team effort getting all the bikes through. No question, that is a tough, less than 50-foot long section of trail. From here on it is trouble free to the summit of the pass. The Midnight Mine way to Aspen means riding less blacktop, so that is the way we go. There is a long straight uphill in the first mile to negotiate; otherwise it is almost a duck soup ride. A brief shower has come through, followed by a cold wind and that could be part of the reason why I went down and made a sliding 180 on a curve. There was no hurt or damage involved, so it was remount time and keep riding. When we arrived at the junction of the ski hill area road, there was a short discussion about which way to take, as there had been mention that the Midnight Mine Road had already been cleared of riders. Take the ski hill was the verdict. This is a well-maintained gravel road, on the steep side as it snakes back and forth under the lifts, some in operation taking hikers to the top. At the bottom, after a couple blocks and around a corner, we are in downtown Aspen and solid slow moving traffic. In a matter of seconds the riding conditions are now very different and patience rules when this close to our goal. As Route 82 approaches the river, the traffic moves along much faster to the roundabout heading north. Ahead of us is one more left turn going into the parking lot of the Inn At Aspen. The bikes are parked with another 74 miles covered in 4 ½ hours of riding and we have finished another Colorado 500.

Open Hands a personal note from Steven Beane

It was with eager anticipation that my wife Kim and I waited for the arrival of our third child. The pregnancy was picture perfect, with test after test and ultrasound after ultrasound coming back positive. The only surprise was to be the baby’s gender. Labor was expected to be easier than with our twins – second pregnancy, and only one instead of two – and in fact everything was perfect … until it wasn’t. Our little Hannah Elizabeth suffered significant stress during an emergency c-section birth and was immediately whisked from Providence in Southfield to Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit. The next couple days showed an uncertain future, though eventually Hannah’s vital signs improved. Our hopes soared but subsequent tests showed a different prognosis for her brain, with the cells damaged during delivery continuing to decay. In the end she only blessed us here on earth for ten short days, but our little girl had a profound effect on our family and many, many around the world. God gave us Hannah for just a little while, then took her home. I welcomed her with open arms, and released her with open hands. Godspeed Hannah.

  • • • •

••  • 

22 March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

Vintage MX Banquet Time!

story by Steve Baginski, Vintage Chairman | Photos by Melanie Poirier I would like to thank everyone possible for making this year’s Banquet a huge success. First off the Senk Family for once again letting us invade their property. Secondly to all of you who went out and gathered up door prizes and even bought and donated themselves. Third for all of the generous dealerships, shops and tracks for giving so much for us to be able to have so many door prizes. Fourth goes out to everyone who helped take pictures throughout the season to make the picture discs available. And I can’t forget to thank everyone who donated to help me out while I am recovering. A big part of this goes out to Big Mike Poirier and donating the TV for the raffle, which happened to be won by my Aunt. Be safe to all and I am looking forward to seeing everyone again real soon. Here is a list of our series Sponsors: Portland Trail riders, Freelin MX, Baja MX, Bulldogs M/C, Battle Creek M/C, Cadillac M/C, Polka Dots M/C, Log Road, Honda Suzuki of Warren, DC Plastics, K&W Cycle, The Poirier’s, The Senk’s, The Lee’s, The Hovorka’s, Magic Motorsports, Keyser Chevy, PNC Bank, CMP Performance, Magnum Dist., Hoeldtke Cycle Shop, Gillett’s Motorsports, On the Side Signs, Stevens Cycle, Jacks Fruit Market, and Sandbox MX.

The Terry Couterier Most Photogenic went to Al Doneth

 Schoolboy Innovation Champion Nolan Briggs  Evolution Top Ten – Back row: George Mekjian, Derek Brooks, Kirk Bigelow, Randy Stone Skyler Brooks, Joe Sangster Front row: Bryan Hoeldtke, Ray Brooks, Tom Lee, Mark Havalda (not pictured)

 Iron Man 125cc Champion Randy Stone, Brian Briggs, Bill Belote

 Family of the Year is the Brooks’: Derek, Ray, Skyler

March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 23

 Innovation 125cc – Jeff Doneth, Ryan Baeder, Kris Gillett, Big Mike Poirier  Innovation Top Nine – back row: Steve Baginski, Colin Cook, Ryan Baeder, Kris Gillett, Paul Gillett front row: Tom Lee, Jeff Doneth, Big Mike Poirier (not pictured Chad Morehouse)

 Iron Man Top Eight – back row: Richard Stone, Randy Stone, Brian Briggs, Bill Belote, Dale Darling, Big Mike Poirier front row: Al Doneth, Kevin Stone

 Bike of the Year went to George Mekjian and his 1981 Maico 490

Without our many sponsors, this many door prizes couldn't be possible. Along with our helpers Al Doneth and Austin Poirier.

 Evolution 125cc Champion Mark Havalda and Runner up Randy Stone

24 March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

Transition – back row: Joe Sangster, George Mekjian, Mark Cook, Ray Brooks. front row: Austin Visger, Lance Shelton (not pictured: Tom Claerhout, Brad Bolzman and Dean Taylor)

 Sportsman of the Year Big Mike Poirier

The Sponsor of the Year went to Magic Motorsports in Waterford

The Vintage Family

 Mike Teagan of Magic Motorsports in Waterford accepts the Sponsor of the Year

Transition 125cc – Lance Shelton (not pictured: Tom Claerhout, Brad Bolzman and Dean Taylor)

 Hard Luck “winner” Steve Baginski

 Most Improved Rider Randy Stone

March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 25

THE BECKER CHRONICLES by Mark Becker #184v

green flag envy Our season is about to start. March 29 to be exact. It is the weekend after the Detroit supercross. Some of you were able to drive south to escape our arctic conditions. Hooray for you and it sucked for me. I bought a new bike but couldn’t afford to ride it. No matter, winter is the best time to rack up the overtime. We’re looking at a 12 race schedule which was the composite (not prime) number you wanted. So I thought I would share my checklist of preseason readiness. Let us begin. Chances are your clapped out ride is still carrying the mud from last year. So drag your Euro trash to the many quarter car wash and get busy. Then proceed to do all the tedious chores you procrastinated about… filter and oil change to start. Next, go shopping. Don’t use this as an excuse to buy fresh plastic. That item is last and the least beneficial. Tires, chain/sprockets, and brakes are priority. Graphics and plastic reveals your inner figure skater trying to come out. You know what’s cool? Seeing a guy on a 6 year old bike that looks like it was used for target practice dominate his class. Know what’s lame? “That guy” with a new ride that was immersed in a silicone bath with high end riding gear and finishes 6th. That’s a poser or at a minimum a figure skater crying for help. So don’t be that guy. Function over style wins races. While you’re poking around in the inner workings of your ride, inspect the clutch. We do a dead engine start (always) so make sure your basket is not grooved and the inner hub is decent. Replace your friction plates at the bare minimum. Learn how to use a file and smooth the tangs on the basket. When was the last time (if ever) you checked spoke tension? Fresh oil in the boingers makes a world of difference. Save your money on the $800 “revlalve”. Having the correct springs for your weight is more beneficial than an overpriced “tuning”. Today’s bikes are impressive with stock suspension. It is my belief that a 2 day off road school would make a rider faster than those over hyped suspension “tunes”. Alas, we humans prefer to blame our equipment before we point a finger at ourselves. Psychology is awesome.

Next, go wash your rancid gear. Chances are it’s been breeding new strains of bacteria so get it sanitized. Goggle prep is much easier right now as opposed to the morning of the race. Replace that missing buckle on your worn boots. And put some fresh duct tape on it as well. Maybe try a new color? Make sure your drink system still works and that it is safe. If you left old Gatorade in it from November don’t bother cleaning it. Throw it far away (neighbor’s fence) and buy new. Now it gets tricky. Stay with me here. Read and understand the 2015 rules. It does not make a goat-poking difference how things were done 8 years ago. The series operates on the present day rules…. there’s a revelation eh? Now the good news. Our rules have been condensed and simplified so that even a chimpanzee can read and comprehend them. Seriously, if you can read at a 3rd grade level you will be able to digest this info. Our new chairman did an outstanding job simplifying them. Changes for this year. Nothing too drastic but enough where we have to break old habits. Plan on 11:00 am start. That means the green flag drops. I know some of you would be pulling in at that hour. Mini riders will have an 8:30 am parade lap. I remember what a fight it was getting my daughter up for school during the week. Now the parents have to do it on a Sunday! Good luck. The new schedule puts the ATV’s as the last race. I’m uncertain if this new schedule will be a pro or con. I was use to the old way and like many old guys I resist change. At any rate set your alarm 2 hours early or better yet…. come the night before and camp. We dropped the senior class both A and B. It was combined into Vet class 30+ (A and B separate). This will enhance the competition and decrease cost to the clubs. Class letters on all three number plates and back of helmet. No exceptions and no excuses. Our sign up crew will have class letters available to purchase if you don’t want to ghetto tape your bike/ helmet (figure skaters). Pitting. The clubs are generous about where riders can set up their pits. The only area that is off limits is scoring. Can’t have

high octane being splashed around my scoring crew. Be safe and be smart. I always try to pit at a slow section of the track. This is safer and minimizes time lost. Speaking of scoring, know which lane to go through. You will have two (2) lanes at scoring. I will forgo the easy joke(s) of being brain dead but it is always the rider’s responsibility to get scored. There will be a 2 hr and a 3hr lane. They will be clearly marked. I can’t explain it any simpler. Enough said. For me what makes hare scrambles so

enticing is it’s simplicity. It is racing at it’s purest form. At the end of the day the fastest guy wins, not the guy with the most money or smartest guy that had a strategy. The guy that had the most guts and wanted it more than anyone else. How can you not love something so simple? Semper Fi, MARK BECKER #184v

26 March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

ENDURO continued from page 10 “When I took off the filter--I am not kidding!--I must have had a kilo of dirt in it. As it turns out, by the end of Day Three 203 riders dropped out of the event (112 on that third day alone).

FREDETTE continued from page 9 The guy at the shop had a brand-new one on the showroom floor, and by the end of the week he had Fritz’s bike, my bike and the one on the showroom floor all sold. Fredette adds: “That was the beginning for me. Ever since that race in 1983, I’ve been on Kawasakis.” Fuel-soaked Postcards “When I began competing in the Six Days it was never a goal of mine to compete in so many. They [the streak of finishes] just started piling up. Before I knew it I had competed in 10 Six Days, then all of a sudden it had climbed to 20, then 30. “I didn’t look at is as a race. Every year it was just a planned vacation for me where I got to ride a dirt bike in a different country.” Man vs. Machine “If you don’t preserve your motorcycle, you’ll never finish a Six Days. Probably the toughest one I ever competed in was held in Holland back in 1993. I rode the wheels off my bike on Day One. After that first day I felt that the bike was not going to make it; I had to back it down just so the bike would survive. I pushed it as hard as I thought I could just to make it through each day. “That’s the big thing at those events: If you hammer the bike and you don’t make it to the end, you’re not helping the team out. There’ve been a number of times that I’ve had to back off in order to finish. “That ’93 event was brutal. Holland is a flat country to start with and the water table [that year] was about three inches off the

ground. It was so wet--it rained from the minute we touched down until the time we left that country.” The Final Nail “In Argentina this year, Days One and Two were relatively easy. Yes, it was monotonous and very rocky, but certain parts of those days were fun to ride. When Day Three came around, everyone was looking forward to going out into desert. “Unfortunately, parts of that area had the worst dust I’ve ever seen!” Jeff explains. “I’ve never had an event where I’ve needed to change an air filter--I just left my filter the way it was. I had never had any issues with filters in years past. When my bike eventually quit running I broke out the spare one in my fanny pack--I thought that would get it going.

I was out in the middle of nowhere and spent over an hour trying to get my bike going. After the hour went by I had a sick feeling in my gut. I had let myself down, I let the team down, and I was not happy. “Everyone tells me that it was a great run and 33 ISDE finishes is an accomplishment that will never be duplicated. I say that records are made to be broken. Maybe not in my lifetime, but someone may--one day-break that record. It was never my goal to establish a record run. I just feel like it’s over now. Before Argentina I had already planned this to be my last Six Days. Having gone out on Day Three, there was some closure. In turn I was able to assist the rest of the U.S. team throughout the week.” Red, White and Blue “I do a speech each year for all of the new riders coming to the Six Days, and it always brings tears to my eyes. It’s that heartfelt type of an event for me. Representing the United States at the Six Days all of these years has been my heart and soul. I’m going to find a spot on the team doing something to give back to the sport. I’d like to mentor the new guys coming into this type of racing; I have a lot of knowledge and I’d like to share it around.” Jeff Fredette’s final medal tally: 11 gold, 20 silver, 2 bronze, 1 DNF Fredette holds the record for the most ISDE/ISDT finishes in the history of the event.

• To be considered for advancement, a rider must have a minimum of six pointspaying finishes within the rider’s classification. Race results that have a DNF, DNS overall finish or zero advancement points will not be used for calculating a rider’s advancement ORPV. • A rider's ORPV resets to 0 each year. Example: A rider has 10 B class entries and earns 130 advancement points. To calculate the ORPV, divide the total number of entries by the points earned. 130 / 10 = 13. This rider has an ORPV of 13, which would not advance him to A as the required advancement ORPV is 15. More Details: off-road_advancement.pdf Seeking Authors For those interested in writing a little article for the D14 Newspaper, the opportunity comes up each and every month! The article can be about anything related to motorcycles, racing, trail riding, community, etc. It doesn't have to be about anything recent - write about your adventures from years past, a human interest story, etc. or just submit some pictures with a little background info on the who, what, when, and where. I can help edit if you'd like. CORRECTION: The February edition of the D14 newspaper incorrectly listed the Muddobber National as October 19th; it is actually October 11th.


This came in recently due to a review of our rules by the AMA. Updates are in bold/underline. 3. Events, Fees, and Results s. Event Results: i. Required fields are: AMA Number, First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, City, State, Bike Brand, District Membership(s), Class, Checks Completed, Points, and Emergency Points. Each field must be separated by a delimiter. 6. C-Class Advancement Entire section has been stricken from the D14 Enduro Supplemental Rules, and replaced with a reference to the 2015 AMA Off-Road Advancement System document. See “Rules” on the web site for more details.

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March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 27




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28 March 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News


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D14 news mar15  

AMA District 14 Newspaper March 2015

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