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Michigan’s Motorsports

October 2019


2019 Season Schedule of Events Why We Race 13 Years Miscellaneous Moto Musings Division Highlights & Updates


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ROYAL OAK, MI 48068 PERMIT #792 10450 Enterprise Dr. Davisburg, MI 48350

2 October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News On August 17th, 2019, the D-14 ATV HS series completed their 3rd race of the year at T-Time acres. The first race in Culver Indiana had a great turnout and the second race witnessed many battling each other within wet/muddy conditions at Bent Wheels in Rose City. Mother nature then flexed her muscle and due to weather conditions, the next two scheduled races at Valley Trail riders and T-Time aces were cancelled. With back to back scheduled races this year, T-Time acres had a nice track ready for their second scheduled event with ATV-XC racers chomping at the bit to finally get another race in.

XC FUN AT T-TIME ACRES T-TIME ACRES (Mt. Pleasant, MI) | August 17, 2019 Story and photos submitted by Roy Thomas

The day was setting up to be a great event. Riders came rolling into sign up eager to get on their machines and hear “ten second.” The day started with the kid’s mini series running for an hour. They put on a great show for the spectators, family and fellow racers watching. Dominique Champlin took 1st, Ashley Gramzow took 2nd and Aiden Champlin took 3rd, great job by all the mini riders! Once the Minis were finished, no time was wasted to get adult classes going. The holeshot was a short one before bottlenecking down into the narrow-pathed woods. This made for interesting watching as many riders maneuvered for position before needing to do some single trail woods racing. The track proved tight and technical in many spots, and after the first few laps, battle wounds were starting to appear. Broken clutch, brake levers, bent tie rods to smashed hands were common as riders continued the race, not giving up on their own will to continue the chase. Wesley Raska led an early charge with the

T-TIME continued on page 19

Wesley Raska #55 tearing up a turn!

 Ashley Gramzow #414 pulling the holeshot over Dominique Champlin

 Cole Provoast #88 throwing some dirt!

 Brooklyn Woods enjoying her day at the race!

 Jacob Carpenter #328 on his GNCC machine

October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 3

OCTOBER 2019 Michigan’s Motorsports



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4 October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

2019 District 14 Board of Directors & Division Chairs PRESIDENT Thomas Dunn tdunn976@yahoo.com (517) 896-9757 VICE PRESIDENT Steve Beane motoxgiant@yahoo.com (313) 918-8944 SECRETARY Taylor Carpenter d14secretary@gmail.com (517) 802-9609 TREASURER Mark Robinson (no phone provided) amad14treasurer@yahoo.com MEMBERSHIP ADMINISTRATOR Molly Kidner d14membership@gmail.com (231) 670-5450 D14 WEBMASTER Dan Stephens d14webmaster@gmail.com LEGISLATIVE DIRECTOR Rev. Ron Packer d14legislative@gmail.com (269) 548-7348 Dick Bigelow dickbarbbigs@aol.com (586) 677-0456 AMA COMMISSION - OFF ROAD John Zwerican (989) 871-3008 AMA COMMISSION - ROAD Kaye Johnson amakaye165@gmail.com (248) 459-1777 AMA COMMISSION - FLAT TRACK Kevin Lambert JR kevinthegoonlambert@gmail.com (248) 245-9919 RIDER REP - OFF ROAD Kevin Lambert JR kevinthegoonlambert@gmail.com\ (248) 245-9919 Steve Murray stevemurray15@gmail.com

Adam Alexander ama411@gmail.com 989-787-0411 ATV MX CHAIRPERSON Ryan Day dayryan93@yahoo.com (248) 251-3529 VICE CHAIR Christopher Ice Chris@cdiconstructiongroup.com 989-205-0487 POINTS KEEPER Danielle Day Dmpytleski@yahoo.com RIDER REPS - MX Dew Millhisler bowtech22@gmail.com 989-205-0443

ENDURO CHAIR Mike Maurer mikemaurer250@gmail.com (517) 763-9406 VICE CHAIR Jeramy Pelaston 937-459-8005 POINTS KEEPER Martin Ryerson martinryerson@aol.com 231-830-6767 RIDER REPS B/A/AA CLASS Vic Flegel pencilcraft@pencilcraft.com (989) 506-1487 Fred Kraemer fredjkraemer@gmail.com C, 60+ & WOMEN'S CLASSES Tina Flegel / (989) 875-8186 tina@d14enduro.org FLAT TRACK/TT CHAIRPERSON Courtney Cooklin courtney cooklin@gmail.com 810-837-2740

VICE CHAIR Meagan Green thegreens2626@gmail.com 810-710-7778 POINTS KEEPER Meagan Green thegreens2626@gmail.com 810-710-7778 HARE SCRAMBLE CHAIR Zack Keizer d14_hs_chair@yahoo.com 616-916-6713 VICE CHAIR Brian Kidner (231) 670-7418 POINTS KEEPER Mark Becker sarge184@aol.com (248) 672-1224 RIDER REPS Taylor Carpenter carpentertaylor63@gmail.com (517) 802-9609 Doug Zydbeck dzybek@yahoo.com 419-367-3868 Ryan Frost frost105@yahoo.com 231-798-5880 ATV HARE (XC) SCRAMBLES CHAIR Jason Cottrell (616) 502-6197 VICE CHAIR Taylor Ellis (no phone / email provided) RIDER REP Jeff Gramzow jngramzow@gmail.com (586) 201-6163 Chad Meyer cmeyer478@yahoo.com (734) 927-4543

Sarah Meyer smeyer450@yahoo.com (734) 927-4544 HILL CLIMB CHAIRPERSON John Radke radman4790@gmail.com (616) 308-9544 VICE CHAIR Eric Briggs (no phone / email provided) POINTS KEEPER Brix McFee brixmcfee@chartermi.net (616) 847-6265 ICE RACE CHAIRPERSON Christopher Ice Chris@cdiconstructiongroup.com 989-205-0487 MX CHAIRPERSON Kreg Bigelow kregbigelow@yahoo.com (810) 965-8764 VICE CHAIR - VINTAGE MX Steve Baginski bagsmx194@gmail.com (586) 321-5680 POINTS KEEPER Terri Sweet d14pointskeeper@gmail.com (517) 719-6264 RIDER REP Kirk Newman kirk.newman@yahoo.com 616-901-9207 ROAD CHAIRPERSON Terri Sweet d14roadchair@gmail.com (517) 719-6264


October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 5

Visions by Thomas Dunn, District 14 President


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MI Offroad Events ............ 517-896-9757 MI Sprint Enduro ............... 517-581-2488 Muddobber MC ................ 765-998-2236 Muskegon MC ................... 231-286-5614 Owosso Motorsports . ...... 810-690-5781 Plymouth Blackhawks ..... 574-904-3006 Polka Dots MC ................. 989-832-8284 Port Huron MC ................. 810-499-4760 Portland Trail Riders ......... 571-285-4274 Red Bud MX .................... 269-695-6405 Riders MC ......................... 260-249-0312 Toledo Trail Riders . ........... 419-392-7117 Treaty City MC .................. 937-459-8005 Twin Bay Trail Riders ....... 231-645-7905 Twisted MX ....................... 734-752-1134 Valley Motocross ............... 517-869-7815 Valley Trail Riders ............ 989-528-3365 Western Ohio Motorsports .... 937-917-1237

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As we wind down the AMA District 14 2019 race season, we now move forward toward the Annual District Sanctioning meeting. There will be pre-sanctioning meetings for Motocross and Flat Track Divisions to go over and solidify their schedules and rules to present to the riders and District Board at the Annual Meeting. Divisions will also be working on or holding their season Championship banquets to celebrate another year of friends, family and racing. As your President, I try to make myself available to attend as many of these as I am able, to learn the divisions and the people involved with them, to celebrate your accomplishments and to allow you to discuss our short comings and possible solutions to continue to grow our District and your Division.


Social media has become a major part of our sport and lives. It provides great access to immediate information of racing and riding opportunities and upcoming events. It allows immediate access to comment and participate in the day to day workings of the division, club, irganization and the other people that share your passion for this sport. Sorry to say, but it also has its dark side. By having immediate ability to respond and interact, sometimes the worse comes out. I try to belong to all of the Divisions social media pages. By doing so I believe I get a better understanding of what's going on, over what I'm told sometimes. Cyber bullying and keyboard warriors come out. Raw emotion responses attacking other people and/or organization, whether it be club, promoter, the District or another rider, happens. Although it may indicate an underlining issue that we need to look at or address,the overall experience is more damaging to our sport then helpful. When issues arise at an event, race or meeting that you feel need the attention of the District, please feel free to contact me. I am easily contacted off the AMA-D14

website to discuss issues rationally. Social media ranting offers no solutions to the problem. To be part of change you must be at the table.


Recently while scrolling through a divisions social media page I came across some major complaining about no representation in the District 14 News. Over all the years I have been in the district the one constant has been our paper. The one thing that we offer our members that they can actually touch. Our paper and its editor work tirelessly to provide a well presented and dimensionally diverse paper. It prints what we, the members write, our thoughts, our experiences , or just a race report. It relies solely on volunteer articles. We have no professional writers and reporters for our paper Just you! Only you are responsible for coverage in YOUR paper. Articles are due on the 25th of the month and sent to: Linda@D14News.net


District 14 membership is required at all events and races if you live with in the borders of Michigan and or are participating for points in a series. Our clubs and charters should be checking BOTH your AMA cards and District Card to sign up for any points paying District 14 event. I recommend keeping a picture on your phone of your card and/or receipt of payment of your application to show the sign up volunteers. But the responsibility truly falls on our members' shoulders. To receive points in a series you must be a current D14 member, no points will be given if you are not a member or have let your membership lapse. Our new membership system automatically send out an email ( if you put a workable and legible email on your application) to you 60 days before you expire. Contact our membership administrator to have an email added to your profile. See ya at the races,

Thomas Dunn

6 October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News



 Chris Williams led from gate drop to finish to earn another GP race win POLKA DOTS MOTORCYCLE CLUB (Midland, MI) | August 28, 2019 Next up was round four of the Allpro Auto and Off-Road GP series. The weather forecast was not looking good leading up to the event. They received a lot of rain during the night and made the track very challenging. They did a great job to give us the best track possible. We started off with some practice to help make some lines to make the Mark Havalda parade lap go smoothly. The guys that made it out to race did have quite a bit of fun even in the tough conditions. When the moto’s started, all the racers were after the $30 holeshot awards presented by CMP Suspension. The Evolution racers as the first one out with Michael Sokalski with yet another holeshot to continue his near perfect record. He would hold on to the lead for

a few laps until a broken shifter led to a blown up motor. John Petsnick took over the lead on lap three and never looked back. He redeemed himself from the last few times out and held on for the race win. William Dale had a good start in third but after having to remove his goggles on lap three, second was all he could manage. Ray Brooks started outside of the top five but quickly made his way into fourth. He had a solid ride and when Mike had to drop out of the race he took over third. He would hold on in the slop to earn yet another podium. R.S. Delaney had a good start but struggled a little which turned into some good battles. Joe Sangster and Rich Isza were close from the drop of the gate and was fun to watch. Joe was leading them around until lap three when Isza took over. Then on lap four, Rich Machniak joined the fun and got in between them. The next lap thru, Machniak was ahead of them both

as well as Delaney. Another lap went by and Machniak was a little farther ahead with Delaney holding pace as Joe was back ahead of Isza. As they came to finish and the top three already crossed, Machniak took fourth and Delaney rounding out the top five. Joe came by next to earn sixth with Santos Berlanga coming from the back of the back to grab seventh with a last lap pass on Isza. Isza would drop back to eighth after some great battles. Randy Stone made his return and out in some solid laps and a good fight with Ken Argue. Ken had a slow start as he was on his sons historic 125 after his 480 was not going to make the start of the race. They very close for a few laps with Randy hanging onto ninth as Ken rounded out the top ten. Jay Ottenwess and Victor Grahn seemed to be glued together as well for most of the race. Victor had the edge for most of the race until Jay made the move on lap five and

pulled just a small gap to take eleventh as Victor crossed in twelfth. Garrison Goforth had a good start but lost a few positions early and would struggle to make up lost ground to eventually finish in thirteenth. Tom Lee started off decent and was hanging with the pack but the mud slowed him enough and unfortunately went two lap down just before he received the white flag to end his race early in fourteenth. The Historic class was up next and in the tough conditions we decided to shorten the moto from 22 minutes plus one lap to 16 minutes plus one lap. When the gate fell it was Mike Mason and Ian Lee wheel to wheel for the holeshot. Mike would edge him out and take the CMP holeshot cash. He would lead every lap and look great doing it as he took his second race win of the year. Ian would have issues on lap one and never came around to take the green

October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 7

 Jim Jobson was fast but could only manage second

 Racy Brooks led Innovation for a few laps before finishing in second

 Ricky Lamothe started showed some good style even in the tough conditions

flag. I saw him later getting towed back to the trailer with an unfortunate dnf. Jim Jobson had a great start and quickly made his way into second. He was on the gas but just couldn’t match the speed from Mike and settled in and finished second. Blake Argue and Tom Lee II started off having a great battle for the first two laps. Then on lap three, Tom was up to third and Blake was missing from the pack. Tom was on the gas and gaining on Jim for most of the race and closed the gap to less than 15 seconds before the end of the race. He

charged hard and finished a well deserved third. The quiet ride of Jon Rugenstein was a steady one as he put in consistent laps to take fourth. Dave Mclean was off to a slow start and for once, every picture I took of him, he was on the track and moving forward. He also put in some consistent laps as he rounded out the top five. Blake would be credited with sixth as Mike Laczko and Stephen Phillips put in a few laps and then hung out at the finish

POLKA DOTS continued on page 8

8 October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

 Randy Stone made his return to make it inside the top ten

 Eli Hovorka’s corner speed continues to improve since dropping down to the

POLKA DOTS continued from page 7 line. As soon as the checkered flag came out, they crossed the line to get scored in seventh and eighth. The Transition class was out next with Chris Williams leading them through the CMP holeshot cones. Eddie Morris was back on his borrowed CR500 in a close second with Nick “Emig” Wickerham in third. The three of them were on a mission and checked out early and put on a great show. Chris, Eddie and Nick were putting in some fast laps until Nick had a slight bobble and lost a lot of time on the leaders. Then with a few laps to go, Eddie was back quite a bit after a mistake of his own. Chris went on to take another race win with Eddie about

 Kris Gillett continues to win and close the gap for the Innovation title

October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 9

 R.S. Delaney rode hard to finish in the top five

 Eddie Morris stepped up a class on his borrowed bike to make the Transition class even faster

thirty seconds behind taking second, while Nick was still charging to hold onto third. Tom Claerhout had his usual near last place start but kept looking ahead and was into fourth before the end of lap two. He had a good pace but his progress stalled once he got into fourth to end the race just outside the podium. Chad Morehouse started fifth and had a good battle with Ricky Lamothe for a lap or two before Chad pulled away to end up in fifth. Dillon Brooks had a decent start and went into stalking mode as he chased down Ricky. On lap seven he finally made his move and took sixth from Ricky and looked ahead to Chad. He closed the gap to Chad but ran out of time and ended the race in sixth. Ricky dropped back to seventh and started to let Rich Isza close the gap in eighth. Ricky was happy to see the checkered flag fly as he was able to hold onto seventh with Rich about 15 seconds behind in eighth. Eli Hovorka struggled on his 125 in the slop and could only manage a ninth. Derek Michael tried out his new borrowed CR500 and was going good until late in the moto he had some issues and could not

POLKA DOTS continued on page 11

Tom Claerhout slings some mud on his way to fourth in Transition

 Mike Mason was untouchable from the drop of the gate to the finish in Historic

 Santos Berlanga Jr put in some solid laps after an ankle injury earlier in the season

10 October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

ATV XC NEWS Submitted by Jason Cottrell, ATV XC Chairperson

OCTOBER 2019 – by Steven Beane • By the time you read this all that will be left of the 2019 D14 season will be the Peace Pipe Enduro … where did that that summer go? • Under the heading of “Things that didn’t go as planned” you can file the American effort at the recent Motocross des Nations (MXoN officially). Star Yamaha mounted Justin Cooper gave the US team a glimmer of hope by winning his qualifier on Saturday, but when he was blocked and then fell on the first lap of the first moto on Sunday, he also took down Husqvarnamounted teammate Jason Anderson. The resulting mayhem sealed the fate for the team of Osborne, Anderson, and Cooper. • Speaking of MXdN, the Dutch team won the event, at home, for the first time since its inception in 1947. Good thing too – their king was in attendance. • Beta recently launched their all-new 2020 RR and RR-s models in Italy, but took the opportunity to show the world the first glimpses of the Race Edition line at the recent AIMExpo in Columbus, Ohio. Dealers got to ride the 300RE (2T) and 350RE (4T) along with other models at a Hidden Spring-hosted ride day. • If goat-trailing and exploration is more your style, the very blue 2020 Beta XTrainer was also unveiled in Columbus. A counterbalancer was added to the 300cc 2T engine, along with a host of other detail changes. • Word from Spain (and Austria) is that KTM has taken a 60% equity position in Torrot-GasGas. It’s unlikely the Austrians want or need another off-road brand, but rather that they want the technology associated with the Torrot brand for use in their joint-venture with Indian partner Bajaj. For those keeping score, Bajaj owns 49% of KTM. • GasGas trials rider Jeroni Fajardo was stripped of all his championship points earned between September of 2018 and September 2019 for testing positive for

a banned, performance enhancing substance. The leaderboard for 2019 shows Toni Bou on top for an amazing 13th time, with Adam Raga and Takahisha Fujinami (Fugi-gas! For his fans) in second and third. • Red Bull Straight Rhythm and the Monster Energy Cup are two of the largest off-season American moto events … now if only Rockstar would sponsor some oddball race … • Big news on the off-road suspension front (see what I did there?) … Beta has joined Sherco, TM, and GasGas in fitting the legendary KYB “AOS” forks to the front of their premium helmet. • It only took one lap of Hidden Spring to be reminded how incredibly good the soil on Michigan’s trails is. Support the District as it works with State legislators and staff to ensure ours remains one of the best trail systems in the country. • Thad DuVall remains the biggest threat to Kailub Russell’s complete domination of the GNCC series. The two have elevated the sport from one of strategy to three hour sprint races. • In what I view as an incredible victory, my son Sebastian mastered the art of starting his trials bike on his own. His satisfaction matched mine, but I was also reminded of the hundreds of things we do on our bikes that are unfamiliar or not possible to new riders. If you can help a beginning rider, please do. • The vintage class of the Family Enduro Series is starting to take on a more international feel as twin-shocked Suzuki PEs join the ubiquitous blue-and-chrome tanked Huskies.

PlusOnePerformance specializes in one thing – helping you enjoy your ride more. Look us up on the web at afterhourscycle. com or track us down in the woods – we’ll be on the TM 250 … or maybe a Beta …

"Rebuild... or Go Away" This was the response I was given at the meeting this past spring when I asked the question, "What do (as D14 ATV XC) we have to do to get more support from tracks?" To say that I went into this season as chairman of our series determined, is an understatement. I was determined to show the clubs/tracks that we can comply with their rules and requirements. I was determined to get back on the "good side" of these organizations. I was determined to get more people involved and put boots on the ground to grow our numbers and help bring our sport back.

ultimately lost races from clubs that each of us desired to race at every year. Portland... gone. Battle Creek... gone. Bundy Hill... gone. Once the season started, we ended up losing even more races. One club had committed to only reschedule the race for bikes, ultimately excluding ATV's due to being afraid that quads would just tear up their property with it being so wet... even though the decision had been made three weeks before the rescheduled race date is upon us. With a little luck, two other clubs will reschedule the canceled races before winter settles in.

As we promised, we sound tested each and every quad before the start of every race. I issued stern warning to anyone that showed up too loud that they need to quieten it down before the next race or they will be turned away. EVERYONE of our racers followed these rules and passed. Of course, some were given warnings.... but they followed the rule and did what they had to do to make sure they were quieter at the next race.

While this season is rapidly coming to an end, my mind is already brainstorming and trying to figure out how to get back into some or all of these clubs. My intentions are to try to set down with some representatives of each of them and ask what we need to do. Do we need to look at our rules? Maybe there are a few we need to change that would get us back in with a couple of them. Do we need to eliminate some of our classes? Maybe some are discouraged with having eight different starting rows for our smaller series. Do we need to join some of these clubs and show up to help them build or maintain a track so that we can race on it? Maybe that's an issue.... while we are growing, maybe they just don't have the manpower to build us a track wide enough.

As we promised, we grew our numbers from averaging 30 adult quads and 2 mini quads per race in 2018 to averaging 36 adult quads and 4 mini quads per race in 2019. As we promised, our small series is stronger and closer than ever. While Jeremy Fellows and others are knocking it out of the park recruiting new sponsors for our series and often times new or returning riders, one thing we continue to struggle with are clubs or tracks willing to have us there. We went into the spring meeting and

I am very proud of the positive steps we've made this year! Yes, we do feel discouraged at this time... NO, WE WILL NOT QUIT AND WE WILL NOT GO AWAY!

October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 11 POLKA DOTS continued from page 9 finish. Shawn Muma also made a few laps before he ended up pulling off early and took a dnf.

 Nick Wickerham is always on the gas giving it 100%

 Ken Argue rode his son’s CR125 in Evolution and tried to do his best impersonation

The Innovation class was last this time out with Ray Brooks grabbing a huge holeshot. He would lead for two laps before Kris Gillett chased him down and made the pass. Kris checked out and went on to win another moto to tighten up the Championship fight. Ray only dropped back to second and stayed there for the remainder of the race. Nik Michael had a decent start in the top five and made his way into third before the end of lap one. He rode well in the conditions to round out the podium. Gene Huntoon made it back out after missing a few races to get a good jump out of the gate. He came through the cones in second and then went back and forth in the order. He had some good battles with Connor Goulet, Mark Havalda and Blake Argue. They all went back and forth throughout the entire race. Gene put in a few good laps late in the race to move into fourth where he would finish the race. Mark dropped back one spot as Blake was still on the charge as

POLKA DOTS continued on page 16

Michigan’s Largest Offroad Dealer

Just 20 minutes north of Lansing, on US127, we are on your way to the tracks and trails of Michigan.

12 October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

13 YEARS Story and photos submitted by Jeremy Fellows

I traveled home from Portland Trail Riders, smiled, clean up the YFZ and sold it--13 years ago. Nothing to do with a bad race or poor machine. This was about life’s priorities changing and my new priority was getting the holeshot in fatherhood as a baby boy was planned. Let’s fast forward this story 13 years to the present. Dad (me) wasn’t as cool to hang with anymore and the Hare Scramble bug somehow started nipping at me again. With that said, kudos to the diehards out there who found a way to balance it all through the years and keep the sport going. Dan Brendel is an example, racing within D-14 for nearly 20 years now, sometimes on a bike and quad at the same event.

• Family. Many past single riders are now making this a family event, which certainly supports the future of D-14. What this doesn’t support is their pocketbook and many “thanks” should be granted for their sacrifices. The Meyer family stands out here with Chad racing for over 30 years now. Still rocket fast and now racing alongside his wife Sarah, son Nathan & daughter Rylie who are covering four different classes (Vet A, Vet B, Youth and Womens respectively) at each event.

 Sarah, Nathan, Chad & Rylie  Dan Brendel For me it was 13 years and a family “board meeting” to get back into the series. I wondered what the heck I was doing when we fixed up an old KTM, idled up to the line, shut it down and heard “10 seconds!” Believe me, I’d love to say it was no problem, but 90% of my brain was telling me I was too old, too slow, that there was still time to turn around, etc. But that other 10% convinced me to do my best to stretch the throttle cable out. Three races in, the D-14 HS series is enjoyable as it ever was. It’s also pretty eye opening seeing some areas remain the same while other areas have transformed. This is especially true for the ATV’s, as the population dropped and ironically rebounded a bit within the last few years emerging a little differently. Here’s a few areas of my 13-year absence that I noticed shift (pun intended): • The community. It's smaller, but stronger—tighter knit. A great example is T-Time Acres in Mt. Pleasant. The Tompkins family constructed an entirely new track for the series, complete with a woods track for the kids and a pig roast afterwards. Instead of loading up and taking off, many sat down together and made new friends.

• Track quality is excellent. The promoters continue to do a fantastic job working with less and higher premiums. Safety is certainly as high of a standard as ever. A few old doubles have become tables now and I’m OK with that—save that story for another day. • Technology. Not many advancements (that I’ve noticed at least). Sure, some can argue EFI and aluminum frames, but a bicycle company called Cannondale was all over that in 2000. Innovation and population go hand and hand, though so I’m sure it slowed a bit when the sales dropped. Not all in all a bad thing though as you can grab a used YFZ450, 450R, 450XC, etc. at a fair price and do just fine in the woods. Heck some 400’s and even 300’s have no problem out there too. • Afternoon starts. Great for sleeping in; terrible on the back. • Females. From none to maybe 20% of the population now. And I have news for you, they’re not playing around. We’ve got a few that motivate you to move or “get out the way.” • Rainouts. I could have gotten lucky in my previous 2.5-year career, but I’ve never experienced a rainout until now. I certainly experienced being rained on though….. This year, three races cancelled or rescheduled.

Jeremy Fellows

• Electronic Age. “Get some fliers out there.” Fliers can still certainly be used however advancements in technology allows for advertisements to be generated instantly and reach thousands in a second. Talking social media here. Major gamechanger. Our series reached out to Fasst Co., KLIM, JSR Moto Designs, Graphics by Edge and even Adam (GNCC Pro) & Hayley McGill with a heartfelt plan and direction. Within 48 hours, all are supporting our series now. Something to be proud of. • Tracks/Promotors. Some of my favorite tracks are gone from the ATV community. This was the most surprising to me. Great tracks such as Portland, Battle Creek and

Mio—gone. Looks like Mio dropped out while Portland and Battle Creek dropped quads. Unsure of the past doings or debates, but I’d like to certainly extend the olive branch and race with those excellent organizations once more. So, for all you ex-racers (or non-racers) out there that say your too old, too fat or too ugly to race, rethink it. Use me for an example if in doubt. Hell if your hair drops out of the game (like mine did), your helmet might even fit better! There’s always a class you can return to and if you’re anything like me, you might enjoy it more the second time around... Just don’t wait 13 years.

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October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 13

TIDBITS from Taylor

WHY DO WE RACE? Story and photos by Jeff Gramzow

There are many reasons each of us choose to hit the Tracks every weekend to race. The thrill, excitement, adrenaline, what about a reason to ride. We come from all different communities and regions of the state and surrounding states. Some people are minutes or miles away from their local track, or a majority of your series tracks, some have the privilege to ride on their own property. Whatever your situation is the reason you race may be different. For our family racing is the reason we ride, it is our ability to ride. I grew up privileged to ride or be at the track almost every weekend, whether it was summer Enduro’s, trail riding at Ogemaw Sport and Trail, or Ice racing in the winter. This was a great time in my life, enjoying the sport and spending time with my family. Then a life changing event occurred when I was 11 years old. The sport I enjoyed every weekend was gone, and the ability to continue didn’t exist. Thankfully at that age the addiction was easily overcome, and life moved on. High School, College, Career, Marriage, Family all became the priority. Fast forward 20+ years, a friend telling me about his racing and how much fun it is and how his family enjoys it. I want my kids to see what I enjoyed when I was their age. But how are we going to do that? When? How? The kids have sports, dance, the house needs taken care of, the lawn needs cut. The priorities and responsibilities around your family and home are always greater than any hobby. This was my struggle, I purchased a sport ATV to get back into riding and now I cant ever get away to ride. Our calendar has activities and events for everyday of the week and none of them are to go riding. These are events that are scheduled Months in advance and put on our schedule to attend. Ding, Ding, Ding, So are race schedules!!!! 2014 was the first summer I put the entire D14 ATV XC schedule on our calendar. Now I have a reason to ride!!! Those 10 races were my time to get back to what I enjoyed as a kid. The following year my daughter joined me racing the series. Now I got to teach and watch her just like my father did 30 years ago. So now that you have heard my past and present your probably wondering the moral of this story. For my family we need this race series, we need these tracks and clubs to support our series. We want to race, but more importantly we want to ride, and

by Taylor Carpenter D14 Secretary

ride as a family. Our series has dwindled to 6 races this year, 2 of which were rained out at no fault of the promotors. We have found other special events to attend and plan on doing more in the future to fulfill that need/want to ride. But I feel I am speaking for a good number of people from my region of the state which made up over

one third of the riders in our series a few short years ago and are in the same situation we were in. All we want to do is ride, and this series is our way to accomplish that. The great group of people running this series now is motivated and willing to do what it takes to sustain and grow it back to the way it was.

Hello all, Once again, I still have a bunch of D14 papers so for those of you that would like your “missing” copy please email or text me with your name, address, and which copy you would like. Clubs and charters, I have another batch of D14 membership applications. If your club/ charter is low please let me know. I will also have these at the annual meeting, please grab some there as it will cut down on shipping costs. Speaking of annual meeting, last year we tried something new and sent out packets will all of the required information and papers ahead of time... was this useful? Would you like this to happen again? I would still like feedback on this, none has been received. Speaking of annual meeting, it is scheduled for Saturday December 7, 2019. It is in Lansing at LCC as it has been the last couple of years. An official notice will be available soon. We are finalizing the last remaining details. Please keep in mind I still can’t answer my phone from 6am to 5pm, if you need anything please text or email me. As always, I recommend you calling your chairperson, vice chair or rider reps before calling the board. I don’t know what the MX, flat track, sprint enduro, hill climb, etc schedule is off the top of my head. Guys I hardly remember the Hare Scramble schedule which is completely embarrassing considering I race these. That being said, information concerning the races will NOT be on the website, so please look at the individual Facebook pages which should all be AMA D14 (then division) or the track pages. On the D14 website there is a tab labeled rules, please read along with AMA rules. Some will really surprise you. Last but not least, Molly will answer all questions about membership! Send her an email, (d14membership@gmail.com) I know she has work constraints like I do. Later, TM P.S. This is my first and middle initial for those of you who were wondering.

14 October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

NANCY BOY SPRINT ENDURO Story by Logan Densmore | Photos by Vanessa Senyk

MICHIGAN SPRINT ENDURO – VALLEY TRAIL RIDERS (Bentley, MI) | September 15, 2019 The Nancy Boy Sprint Enduro served purpose as Round 6 of the 2019 Kenda AMA D14 Michigan Sprint Enduro Series. This event was also co sanctioned with the District 14 Enduro Series to serve purpose as Round 5. The Valley Trail Riders crew had laid out two awesome sections of single track, grass track, and a tech section to test the riders on all of their abilities. This event is different than most Sprint Enduros in being that the sections were tighter and longer than normal. Also the two sections were held on two separate properties with a 3.5 mile road transfer section between the two. Conditions were about as perfect as anyone could have asked for on this event. We had a healthy dose of rain on Friday morning that quickly dried up, and by the end of afternoon Saturday during the Linwood Cycle KTM Demo event there was dust in the open areas. Early Sunday morning we were blessed with the perfect amount of rain that took care of any dust that could have been on Sunday. Riders could not stop talking about how perfect the dirt was. On top of that we had ideal temperatures starting out around 55 degrees at the start of the race and a high of about 75 degrees. The first test was held on the Valley Trail Riders Property. This test was 8.2 miles long. Riders were treated to riding through an abandoned trailer home, riding through a muddy ice racing pond, surviving Mark Beckers ‘Dirt Dog’ Tech Section, railing an epic grass track across the street on a neighbor’s property, and miles of flowing single track. With the quickest times in the low 20 minutes mark, riders quickly realized that this was a true hybrid between a sprint enduro and a traditional enduro. The second test was down the road 3.5 miles to Basel Lyons Property, otherwise known as CMB trail grounds. At this location riders were treated with the infamous barn jump, where riders ride into a pole barn and jump out of the back of it off a wood ramp. They also saw 2 separate grass tracks during their 6.1 mile journey through CMB. Between the grass tracks was a fast and flowing, sandy single track that had every rider asking for more! Coming away with his 5th win in 6 Rounds this year was Gas Gas Rider, Tyler Vore. Tyler got off to an early start and never looked back. Taking a 22 second lead after the first test over KTM Rider Shane Spangler. Shane was fashionable late to the first test where he was supposed to start second behind Tyler. His penalty was starting behind all of the Pro Class riders and some of the A class riders. Shane was able to pass a total of 5 riders in the first test. Without that, he may have been the fastest rider on the first test. Shane was able to hold on and finish Second Overall for the second time this season. Rounding out the Top 3 was Linwood Cycle

NANCY BOY continued on page 20

Trevor Williams  Blake Cain

 Chris Fineout

 Dawson Webb

October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 15

 Shane Spangler

 Mark Hufnagel

 John Cain

 Jeremy Zajac

Paul Guy

Tyler Vore 

16 October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News POLKA DOTS continued from page 11 Connor was starting to struggle with bike issues. Mark would hold onto fifth as Blake finished in sixth. Steve Adema good race with Rick Murphy for a few laps until Steve pulled away a little end up in seventh. Rick had a good mid pack start and did his best in the conditions to end up in eighth. Grayson Laczko was out of sorts from the gate drop. A n unusual slow start and then never made it out of the back section for a few laps. Then he emerged and put in some good laps and then went missing again before the finish. He was credited with ninth place as Connor had his major bike issues and ended up getting scored in tenth. Jeff Sterritt also had some issues after his slow start. He went a few laps down early but muscled his way around to finish in eleventh. We are almost at the end of the season and I can’t believe it. Our next race is the last Allpro Auto and Off-road GP at Twisted on the thirteenth. Then we finish up the season on the 26th at Valley MX. The Ron Durepo Memorial Annual Awards Banquet will be November ninth again in Perry. I will be collecting for that at the last few races so see me if you plan to attend. For any other info and updated points, please check out www.michiganvintagemotocross.com. Thanks for checking in and I look forward to seeing everyone at the races.

The Innovation championship is still up for grabs and Nik Michael is the current points leader

Results: Polka Dots 9/28/19 Historic: 1. M. Mason (Suz); 2. J. Jobson (Hon); 3. T. Lee II (Suz); 4. J. Rugenstein (Suz); 5. D. Mclean (Yam); 6. B. Argue (Yam); 7. M. Laczko (CZ); 8. S. Phillips (Hod) Evolution: 1. J. Petsnick (Mai); 2. W. Dale (Yam); 3. R. Brooks (Suz); 4. R. Machniak (Kaw); 5. R.S. Delaney (Yam); 6. J. Sangster (Hon); 7. S. Berlanga Jr (Yam); 8. R. Isza (Hon); 9. R. Stone (Kaw); 10. K. Argue (Hon); 11. J. Ottenwess (Yam); 12. V. Grahn (Yam); 13. G. Goforth (Mai); 14. T. Lee (Ktm) Innovation: 1. K. Gillett (Kaw); 2. R. Brooks (Suz); 3. N. Michael (Hon); 4. G. Huntoon (Kaw); 5. M. Havalda II (Hon); 6. B. Argue (Hon); 7. S. Adema (Hon); 8. R. Murphy (Hon); 9. G. Laczko (Suz); 10. C. Goulet (Hon); 11. J. Sterritt (Hon) Transition: 1. C. Williams (Kaw); 2. E. Morris (Hon); 3. N. Wickerham (Kaw); 4. T. Claerhout (Hsk); 5. C. Morehouse (Hon); 6. D. Brooks (Suz); 7. R. Lamothe (Haw); 8. R. Isza (Hon); 9. E. Hovorka (Yam)

Dave Mclean put in some good laps to finish in the top five

 Chad Morehouse couldn’t grab his own holeshot money but did grab a top five

Tom Lee II has had to improve his corner speed to stay with the top guys on his 100

Gene Huntoon had a scary hare scramble race a few weeks prior to this race and was still able to come away with a fourth place

October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 17 John Petsnick got redemption from his dnf at the first Polka Dots race earlier in the season and took the race win

The Sherriff was back as Rich Machniak took fourth and was the top 125cc



Submitted by Molly Kidner, Membership Administrator

ATV MX CHAIRPERSON .................... Ryan Day VICE CHAIR ............................. Chris Ice  = MI State Championship Race


Dutch MX ..................... Bloomingdale


Dutch MX .................... Bloomingdale


Twisted MX .................................. Milan


Twisted MX ............................


Baja MX ................................ Millington


 Baja MX ......................... Millington

Here's a helpful tip from D14 Membership: As you should be aware, D14 event participants are required to show proof of membership at each event. It has been asked repeatedly - "can't you just look it up online?" Well, YOU CAN! All you need to do is log in to the D14 website on your phone and look what pops up! Remember, some event locations may not have cell service. www.ama-d14.org. You're welcome! :)


ENDURO / FES CHAIRPERSON ..................... Mike Maurer


D14 - NEPG ............. Matthews, IN



 Bulldog Riders .............Millington


FES .................................... New Paris, IN


Log Road MX .......................... Bronson


D14 .................................... New Paris, IN


MI Mafia MXC .................... Brown City


D14 ..................................... Greenville, OH


 Log Road MX ................... Bronson


MI Mafia MXC .................... Brown City

HARE SCRAMBLES CHAIRPERSON ....................... Zack Keizer VICE CHAIR ............................ Brian Kidner


Portland Trail Riders .......... Portland

MOTOCROSS CHAIRPERSON ................... Kreg Bigelow VICE CHAIR ............................. Kip Bigelow

 = MI State Championship - Max Points OCTOBER 05

Dutch MX .................... Bloomingdale


Dutch MX ..................... Bloomingdale


Twisted MX .................................. Milan


 Twisted MX ...........................


Valley MX .................................. Stanton


 Valley MX ........................... Stanton



CHAIRPERSON .......... Steve Baginski  = GP Series


 Twisted MX ......................... Milan Valley MX ............................... Stanton

18 October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News


My apologies for misspelling your name on last month's cover and story! Totally my error, please forgive me! Xo

October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 19

 Jeff Gramzow #452 with Jeremy Fellows #646 following close T-TIME continued from page 2 William McGillen #431 cranking out his laps

 Keane Brian pulling a wheelie on his holeshot!

 Jeremy Fellows #646 leading the way!

 Sarah Meyer #694 showing Jeff Gramzow #452 how to ride!

first two fastest laps with Jacob Carpenter, Keane Brian, Jeremy Fellows & Sarah Meyer running close behind. Mid race showed Carpenter, Fellows and Raska very close. This was a course that certainly supported 4x4’s. A few GNCC 4x4 riders showed support taking advantage of their series break and showed great skill on those big machines. As the riders logged laps and the track wore down, many bottle necked at a challenging hill climb allowing Jacob Carpenter to create a new path with his 4x4 and pass Fellows. Fellows’ quad had just enough to follow Capenter’s path as the two battled for position. Much momentum was needed as many could be seen stuck in sand ruts and many others could be seen with bumpers slightly “modification.” Jason Cottrell would keep things moving smoothly though tracking all riders. Not only tracking, but Jason always does his best to ensure each rider is in proper condition for another lap. As the race neared the end, it came down to a battle between Carpenter and Fellows with Fellows edging out Carpenter by a mere 19 seconds for the overall win. Awesome racing across the board with Keane Brian and Chad Meyer 1 & 2 in Vet A. Jacob Carpenter, Justin Guthrie and Taylor Ellis took 1,2 & 3 in B. Jeremy Fellows, Sarah Meyer and Jeffrey Gramzow landed 1,2,3 in Vet B. C/schoolboy saw Cole Provoast 1st with Jason Dean 2nd and Ernest Bodrie IV taking 3rd. O40+ finished with Wesley Raska, William Dossey and Chris Robinson 1,2 & 3 respectively. The race and awards were followed by a nice gathering/dinner. The Tompkins family supplied a pig roast with many riders bringing a dish to pass. Very delicious food and some excellent/entertaining ATV-XC racing. See you at VTR!

 Nicholous Dearing airing it out!

Taylor Ellis #14 coming into the scoring chute with Jacob Carpenter #328 tracking him down!

20 October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News NANCY BOY continued from page 14

 Steve Vollmar

KTM Rider, Jordan Mapes. This was Jordan’s first podium finish ever in a Michigan Sprint Enduro. It was nice to see Jordan riding well and finish in the money. The closest race for a win in the day was in the B 50+ Class. Brothers John and Jim Cain battled it out in their sibling rivalry down to the last test. Going into the final test Jim held a 17 second lead over John. John charged through the last test to finish 57 seconds quicker than Jim taking the B 50+ victory by 40 seconds. 40 Seconds over 2 Hour and 36 mins of racing is a small margin. Other class winners included Dominic Frankini (Lites A), Trevor Williams (Open A), Jeremy Zajac (A 30+), Steve Vollmar (A 40+), Brian Lohman (A 50+), Dawson Webb (Lites B), Gunnar Buhr (Open B), Doug Henn (B 30+), Ryan Flesher (B 40+), Blake Cain (Lites C), Deven Hengy (Open C), Chris Fineout (C 30+), Alexander Dings (Schoolboy 12-17), and Sarah Brockschmidt (Womens). The Youth race saw Dave Dixon taking the Youth Overall Win over Kole Parlin. Both are getting quicker each and every race. It is fun to watch them both ride and progress. The youth were treated to a 4.5 mile loop on the VTR property that they ran 3 times. Dave won with a time of 50 min and 44 Seconds. Dave Dixon won the Mini Class over Brayden Hardley in second and Alexander Ingram in third. Kole Parlin won the Junior Class over Griffin Wipp in second and Devan Thomas in third. The next round will be on September 29th in Ellsworth, MI. This is the same property as the Drumlin Run Hare Scramble with a new professional built Motocross track that has yet to be raced on. Sure to be a great event. See everyone there.

 Bode Meylan – Did he save it?


10/19/64 – 9/11/19 Submitted by Steve Baginski

I am sad to say that we lost another one of our own on September 11, 2019. Mark Havalda was a great person to be around and have at the track. He was always making everyone smile and was loved by everyone he met. Our series will not be the same without him. I am sorry for everyone’s loss that knew him and didn’t get to give or say a proper goodbye. I would like to thank Polka Dots motorcycle club for allowing us to have a parade lap to honor him. He will always be in our hearts.

October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 21






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22 October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

INAUGURAL DRUMLIN HILLS SPRINT ENDURO DRUMLIN HILLS MX (Ellsworth, MI) | September 29, 2019 Story By Logan Densmore Photos by Vanessa Senyk One of the most anticipated races of the season was finally upon us at the New Drumlin Hills MX facility. Though there has been 2 hare scrambles on the property prior to hosting a sprint enduro, no event was ever hosted on the new National Caliber Motocross track that was built this summer. All the pictures and videos in the world can never do that track justice. It really is one of those things that you have to see in person to get the full effect of the track. Naturally hilly terrain makes that track something special. Hearing nothing but good things about how much fun it was to ride from the Pro class riders all the way through the C Class riders. Everyone is very anxious now to get to come back and ride this track. Friday there was some light rain all day long. That made for perfect conditions after a sunny and breezy Saturday. The Drumlin Hills crew did an amazing job laying out a fast and flowing Cross test that was going to lead to some tight racing. The Cross Test consisted of mostly open grass track sections and featured the new Motocross track in full. They also had laid out a technical Enduro Test that would test the riders ability to ride some single track, off cambered section, endurocross sections, tight and twisty sections through the autumn olives and much more. This track truly had a great mix of just about anything possible in Michigan. Starting the day off on the 4.5 mile Cross Test, Chase Cain took the early lead by winning the Cross test by 6 seconds over Jordan Mapes. Chase was riding a brand new Kawasaki KX250 from College Bike Shop that he had virtually no time on before coming to this race. Getting off to a good start took him by surprise, but Chase was really happy with that. Shane Spangler was on a mission in the Enduro Test all day long. After the First time through the Enduro Test, Shane Spangler took the Overall Lead and never gave it back the rest of the day. Shane was on rails all day long to win the Inaugural Drumlin Hills Sprint Enduro by 1 minute and 36 seconds. Jordan Mapes and Chase would have a battle going all day long. They were never separated the entire day by more than 7 seconds. Chase would have a 2 second lead over Jordan going into the Final test of the day. Jordan put a charge in there to make up 9 seconds over Chase taking second place by 7 seconds total for the day.

DRUMLIN HILLS continued on page 24

 Joe Maas

October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 23

 Chase Cain

 Spencer Wollet

 Doug Henn

Tom Densmore

24 October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News DRUMLIN HILLS

continued from page 22

Other close battles for the win came in the Open C Class with Justin Trevis taking a 23 second win over Paul Glomski. In the A 40+ Class, Joel Baker took the win over Steve Vollmar by 26 seconds. And in the A 30+ Class Joe Maas took the win over Jeremy Zajac by just a short 6 seconds. Throughout the year there have been some great battles that come down to just seconds apart for the wins. That is the beauty of a Sprint Enduro Format, everyone is giving it there all and battles can be very close. Other Notable wins included, Joel Benson (Lites A), Trevor Williams (Open A), Ethan Day (Lites B), Peter Fila (Open B), Bode Meylan (Lites C), Jacob Demann (Schoolboy 12-17), Brian Lohman (A 50+), John Bontempo (B 30+), Jean Lavallee (B 40+), John Cain (B 50+), Chris Fineout (C 30+), Julie Kelley (Womens), Charlie Zdybek (Super Mini), Dave Dixon (Mini) and Kole Parlin (Junior). The Final Round of the Season will take place at Battle Creek Motorcycle Club on October 13th. This will the end to a great 8 Round Series in 2019. 2020 plans are in the works and we are excited to announce we a growing moving into our 3rd year. Thank you to all of the racers that make this series so great. We look forward to the future.

 Joel Benson

 Doug Zdybeck

 Kade Hardley

October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 25

 Shane Spangler

 Kirk Tolly

 Fred Britton

 Max Corbett

26 October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News


Vintage Class winner – Mike Miller picking up his first place trophy

Story and photos by Bill Larson

GREENVILLE, OH | September 21, 2019 It was a warm day for on the twenty first of September in Greenville Ohio, but not too warm for a race. The course was dry and dusty. Unlike Michigan sand, that doesn’t like to grip the tires when it’s dry, dry Ohio dirt yields great traction. The Course laid out by The Treat City club was loaded with fun. Good grass track racing mixed with tight woods and water crossings. This made the race challenging and rewarding for all the riders young and old. They even had a pin wheel to challenge every riders cornering speed. In the Vintage class Mike Miller dominated on his Suzuki PE to place first. Mike Hanchett posted a strong second on a Husky. Bill Larson came home in third. Tim Grow pushed his a Husky to a fourth place finish. He literally pushed it. Nick Kubander rounded out the top five on a Honda.

Vintage Class – Mike Hanchett scores a second place trophy

FIFE LAKE, MI | September 28, 2019 It looked like it could rain on Saturday the twenty eighth at the Fife Lake FES. It was cloudy and misty right up to race time. When the key clock hit 11:01 the sky was blue and the day turned out to be a classic beautiful Michigan fall day. Unlike the snow that hit the Fife Lake FES last year. It was a good day for Suzuki PE’s at the Fife Lake Family Enduro. They claimed three of the top five finishes. The trail was a mix of some of the tightest wood sections of the FES season and some of the best ORV single track in the state. Mike Miller took another first place finish on his PE. Bill Larson grabbed second on a KDX. He was followed by Jim Rye in third and Dennis Walker in fourth both on PE’s. Mike Hanchett rounded out the top five on his Husky.

Vintage Class – PE’s ready to race

October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 27

Education is the Key to

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28 October 2019 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News



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