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ISSUE 26 / SUMMER 2016

Academic Excellence | Biblical Values | Cultural Impact

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ON THE COVER The Crawfords came to CCS in the 2014-2015 school year. They are thankful God’s plan for this season in their lives includes CCS. Matt Crawford (Dad): CCS offers our children the opportunity to attend a school whose belief system aligns with what we believe in our own home. It is such a blessing to have teachers and faculty that pray over and pour into our children’s lives in a way that mirrors the love of Christ. While academic excellence is certainly paramount at CCS, it is always done from an eternal perspective. It is this eternal perspective that changes everything. Tyann Crawford (Mom): CCS has been such a blessing to our family. I am thankful for teachers, coaches and administration that set high academic standards and behavioral expectations for my children in a loving Christ-centered environment. Teachers and administrators are also very accessible and willing to discuss any questions or concerns I have. As a parent I appreciate this and their investment in my children. Aemilia Crawford (1st Grade): I like coming to school because we learn about God and the teachers are very nice. Alli Crawford (6th Grade): I like the teachers and how we are allowed to pray together. Andrew Crawford (8th Grade): I like how welcoming CCS is. During my first year at CCS, I was able to make friends quickly.

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Academic Excellence | Biblical Values | Cultural Impact




The early CHRISTIAN CHURCH. The AMERICAN REVOLUTION. The CYPRESS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL CAMPUS. While seemingly unrelated, each has a story to tell about life under construction. Let me explain…


he apostle Paul was undeniably one of the greatest missionaries of all time. However, after his conversion experience on the road to Damascus, the community of Christ-followers still distrusted, disliked and feared him. Fortunately, a respected leader in the Christian community, Barnabas, became Paul’s friend – vouching for him, helping him to become established, and working and traveling with Paul as a partner in the gospel. Sadly, Barnabas and Paul later parted ways after a bitter argument created an irreconcilable difference between them (see Acts 15:39). In the midst of the primary expansion of Christendom, there was disillusionment, discord and dispersion among its leaders. Victory and independence became a reality for the 13 colonies in North America following the American Revolutionary War. Free from England’s rule, continental leaders created and ratified the Articles of Confederation in 1781, a constitutional document providing the legal structure on governing the new American colonies. The Articles were designed to provide unity and coordination over the affairs of the people yet also respected the boundaries, sovereignty and independent power of each of the 13 states. While the intention behind the Articles of Confederation was laudatory, the actual outcome was pathetic. It has been said that Alexander Hamilton himself lamented that the Articles were fit for neither war nor peace. In short, the government of the young republic was in a state of disrepair almost immediately after its founding. Fast forward to present day. The scene outside my office window used to reflect a neatly kept expanse of green grass surrounding a wellkept softball infield that was bordered by straight, neat rows of parking spaces. That scene of beauty and order is now gone. Instead, the view from my

window is that of torn-up fields, mud pits, piles of construction debris, and tire tracks and tractor ruts that crisscross a scarred landscape that is in disarray. When I reflect on all these things, I see a common pattern. The division and dispersion of the leaders of the early Christian church facilitated the spread of the gospel message throughout the world. The disaster of the Articles of Confederation gave rise to the remarkably effective United States Constitution that is still the supreme law of the land today. And the demolition of a certain area of our campus is indeed necessary to lay the proper foundation for a new building that is under construction. Our lives, as well, are under construction. Painful setbacks, disasters, defeats and discouragement will most likely, in hindsight, be recognized as the building blocks of our unique capabilities and character. The apostle Paul put it this way: “… suffering produces endurance, endurance produces character, and character produces hope…” (Romans 5:3-4). Construction is a process, and it often requires unsightly circumstances before the final product is revealed. At Cypress Christian School, our mission continues to be part of the process of building young lives who will model endurance, display strong character and represent the hope of Christ to the world.





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ypress Christian School is a vibrant community built on a commitment to academic excellence, biblical values and cultural impact. CCS will never be defined by its buildings. However, buildings will continue to serve as an effective vehicle to advance our mission and as a place

our community comes together to grow and nurture our students. The generosity of those who gave in the past made it possible for our current families to enjoy the campus and facilities we have today. Now it’s our turn to grow and to bless both current and future families. The new building will serve the CCS community as we meet together for academic competitions, chapel services, fine arts, athletic events and many other community-building events.

Thanks to our donors and prayer partners for making this building a reality. Phase I Rendering | RWS Architects



B righ t


Confirmation Future

Bright Confirmation By Executive Director Stephen Novotny

Have you ever received an unexpected


of the goodness or importance of

WHAT YOU WERE DOING? Every day, I have the privilege of working with a group of dedicated and talented professionals who invest their lives in the development and education of children. This school year has been full of reminders – bright confirmations – of the amazing things happening on our campus through the efforts of our teachers, staff and coaches who pour themselves into the lives of our students, creating opportunities for them to grow in knowledge and train for service. One bright confirmation that made me chuckle occurred earlier this year when a group of elementary children ran up to me. They enthusiastically shared how they loved CCS so much and wanted to know if they could spend the night in their classrooms! At other times this year, parents of students from different levels of our school expressed to me how their students have become enthusiastic about attending school after enrolling at CCS. Perhaps one of the most memorable bright confirmations involved the recent testimony of a high school student who recalled that at one point, he was just “going through the motions” regarding his faith. However, through school friends, teachers, Bible classes and chapel messages, he “woke up,” became authentic in his personal faith in Christ, and found both peace and purpose in his life. Obviously, I am not alone in enjoying these bright moments of confirmation. As one parent said to me this year, “I would have enrolled my children in this school much earlier if I had known then what I know now.”



Cypress Christian enters

39t h


God has abundantly

BLESSED CCS, and we are grateful for His


With continued strong enrollment and positive parent surveys demonstrating a high level of confidence, appreciation and satisfaction at all levels, CCS is poised to enjoy another successful year.

Bright Future

By Alumnus Josh Graber (‘06)

“God is using CCS to do


and I can’t wait to see where

HE LEADS US NEXT!” Alumnus Josh Graber (’06) spoke at the annual Next Step Fundraising Breakfast. He said he is grateful that his CCS teachers and coaches were dedicated to building strong Christian leaders, and thankful to report that...”it’s still the same ten years later.” “Although the campus looks different now with more buildings and upgrades, the core values and mission of Cypress Christian School have not changed. The teachers and coaches continue to incorporate the mission of the school into all they do, thus greatly impacting the lives of students now, just like I was impacted.” Read more about Josh on page 40.


EVENTS K-12 Fall Preview

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 7-8:30 p.m. –––––––––––––––––

Prospective Student Visitor Day

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.



Advancing the Mission Thank you for supporting Cypress Christian School. Home of the Warriors!

we serve!

Thanks to each and every

DONOR exceed

for helping us to our 2015-2016 Warrior Fund

goal of $450,000.






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Since 2002, Dr. Glenn Holzman and Mrs. Mary Syms have faithfully served the families

By Dr. Glenn Holzman

Dr. Holzman and his wife Judy (former CCS Bible teacher) with Executive Director Stephen Novotny


It is with gratitude that I reflect on my tenure at Cypress Christian School.

fter 14 years at Cypress Christian School and nearly 40 years in education, I am stepping down from full-time employment in education. God has used my time in education, especially here at CCS, to teach me more about Him, as well as forming me into a person that can represent Him to the world. I am proud of what our CCS family has accomplished. Together, we have continued to build a school where the Lord Jesus Christ is honored by providing students an education based upon academic excellence and biblical values. CCS begins every day focusing on God, country, character, leadership, pride in achievement and loving one another. We are united by common values, traditions and goals. It is with gratitude that I reflect on my tenure at Cypress Christian School. So many board members, teachers, alumni, staff members, grandparents and friends have helped CCS and me. Words cannot express my gratitude. There is such joy in watching the students come in at kindergarten and then, years later, watching them walk across the stage at graduation, knowing that I played a part in their transformation. Cypress Christian strives to teach students to become young men and women of character so that they can


Dr. Holzman presenting the 2016 Spirit of Paul Scholarship to Hannah Gould


be leaders in the world and make a positive difference. Generations of CCS families have believed in and supported its mission. It is the commitment of all of us who believe in CCS that will carry our school forward. Today Cypress Christian is strong. Our leadership, faculty and programs are exceptional, Board leadership is outstanding, and our school is in good shape financially. I am confident that its best years lie ahead. I close with this prayer for all of us: O God, you have bound us together for a time as brothers and sisters to work for the advancement of your kingdom in this community. We give you humble and sincere thanks for the ministry which we have shared in these years now past. We thank you for your patience with us despite our short sightedness and slowness of heart. We thank you for your forgiveness and mercy in the face of our failures. Especially, we thank you for your never-failing presence with us through these years, and for the deeper knowledge and love of you and of each other which we have attained. Now, we pray, be with those who leave and with those who stay; and grant that all of us, by drawing ever nearer to you, may always be close to each other in the communion of believers. All this we ask for in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord and Savior. Amen.


of Cypress Christian School. We are thankful for their dedication to Christian education.

By Mrs. Mary Syms

Mrs. Syms with husband George and Executive Director Stephen Novotny


Mrs. Syms with former students Chad and Kathy Braun and their daughter Hannah

It has truly been a joy to be a part of CCS for all these years!

ow! I can’t believe these fourteen years at CCS have passed so quickly, not to mention 51 years total in Christian education. I have enjoyed my journey in Christian education and loved every year at CCS. It is such a family-type atmosphere which makes teaching even more fulfilling. And, working for professional, godly heads-ofschool like Glenn Holzman and Steve Novotny and alongside talented faculty and staff has been a treasure. My students, especially the seniors, have been so special. It is simply overwhelming as I look back and realize the blessings that have flowed with each senior class.

An extra-special blessing from the Lord is to have been able to teach children of former students at CCS. Shown in photo are Chad and Kathy Braun whom I taught at Northwest Academy and their daughter Hannah whom I taught at CCS. Through the years I’ve tried to focus on one main Scripture for all of my classes, Proverbs 22:1, “A good name is to be more desired than great riches.” And honestly, I don’t remember anything but good names from all my classes. I am so thankful for great students and supportive and encouraging parents. I will close with my favorite Scripture: Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.”

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God ’s varied grace. 1 Peter 4:10








t the elementary level, we have the opportunity to lay a solid foundation. We are the starting point in the entire process. In kindergarten, students often come to us not knowing how to write their letters and numbers. After leaving kindergarten they know how to write their numbers to 100 and write all of their letters. They come to us often just knowing the sounds associated with the letters of the alphabet, and they leave knowing how to decode and read sentences! They come to our kindergarten knowing very little about math, and leave knowing the basics of addition. I am always delighted to hear our kindergarten students quote 26 Bible verses at their kindergarten graduation, each associated with a letter of the alphabet. The transformation is amazing. It is astounding to see the students’ progress in the work samples posted in the hallways from kindergarten through fifth grade! Our students master the math facts using “Rocket Math” which grows progressively harder as they move up each level at their own pace. I visit the fourth and fifth grade classrooms to watch how our master teachers use those facts in the next phase of the learning process as they teach long division, fraction concepts and geometry. Construction and growth in the lives of our students is evident as I view student speech presentations at the various grade levels. Students begin in first grade quoting simple poems and Bible verses and finish in the upper elementary with complex poetry passages, Bible mem-

ory passages, patriotic orations and original writing pieces! It is impressive. Recently, I was visiting with the art teacher in his classroom as he was deliberating on selections to send to the local art competition. I pointed to a few of the pieces and asked if those were completed by fourth or fifth grade students. He kindly informed me those pieces were submitted by first grade students! Wow! He later showed me the upper elementary pieces, which appeared to me to be the work of high school students. The progress was amazing. (I told him I needed to take his class.) Our teaching professionals work continuously to improve the learning experience for our students. Our online curriculum mapping program allows our experts to align instruction between the grades to maximize student learning. Elementary teachers communicate with those grades below and above their own in order to ensure that the process is properly aligned. Our fifth grade teachers have the unique opportunity to access middle school teachers on the same campus to discuss curriculum alignment. The curriculum building process provides a superior learning experience for our students. It is an exciting work, and we thank God and our parents for the opportunity to partner in the building process with their children.

Mr. Robert White | Elementary School Principal The Apostle Paul stated in 1 Corinthians 3:10, “According to the grace of God which was given to me, like a wise master builder I laid a foundation, and another is building on it. But each man must be careful how he builds on it.” At Cypress Christian we are thrilled to be the tools the Master is using to construct young lives into the house of His choosing.



ELEMENTARY Elementary students are encouraged to be “Imitators of Christ” in all they do. Over the course of the second semester, they had many opportunities to carry out their “mission” through classroom activities, field trips, competitions, chapel, fundraisers, field day, leading worship, and hosting Grandparents and Special Friends Day.






Isaiah 64:8

The Clay

reminds us that “Yet you,

Isaiah 64:8 reminds us that everything needed to produce a beautiful Texas “Yet you, LORD, are our pecan tree is in one seed, but that seed will not Father. We are the clay; you grow without proper nutrients and care. It is critiare the potter.” Viewing cal that the proper environment is maintained for are our Father. finished works of pottery optimal growth and health of the tender plant. We are the clay; reminds me of the beauty need only to look around us to know that there are and uniqueness of each many types of seeds that compete for the hearts piece. There is unlimited vari- of our children. At Cypress Christian, the seed that ety within the work of the expert is sown is the Word of God. Teachers have the potter. He starts with something freedom to use history, science, math, sports, lanunlovely and common, a lump of guage and other subjects to plant the seed dirt, and through his diligence, skill of God’s Truth. Mrs. Marilyn York has and creativity, designs a functional and been teaching sixth-grade science pleasing vessel. Mrs. Jean Hinn has and Bible classes at CCS for over taught middle school at CCS for ten years. She explains, “Even more than eight years. She writes, though I don’t always get to uses our elementary “God uses our elementary teachsee the fruit from the seeds teachers to help start working the ers to help start working the ‘clay’ that have been planted, the that makes up our young stutimes when I do get to hear dents. As a middle school teacher, about how God has worked that makes up our it is such a blessing to be able to in a student’s life as they have young students. pick up this work with students as grown up makes it so rewardthey go through CCS middle school. ing!” Mrs. Lisa Baldwin, a midThey are so ready to be shaped and dle school English teacher, shared molded; life excites them. They are eager to this anecdote with me recently. During learn, and they are not too old to ‘be amazed’ at all a unit the class read the classic fairy tale “Elves that God has done. In middle school we get to see only and the Cobbler.” Mrs. Baldwin challenged stua little of what God is doing to shape them, but it’s a thrill dents to consider less obvious truths in the fable. to know that God will use what is poured into them to One student commented on how the elves saw a shape them into the young men and women He wants need and met it in secret – they didn’t want any them to be.” recognition for their deeds and how they perAnother powerful metaphor to describe the growth formed their kindness joyfully. This led to a of our middle school students is the seed. Certainly discussion on how loving others brings joy.


WE you are the POTTER.”





Mrs. Baldwin was able to connect this idea to John 15:10-12 which encourages us to love one another so that our joy may be made full. The final metaphor to help understand what happens each day at Cypress Christian is the builder and His building. In I Corinthians 3:10 Paul writes, “Like a wise master builder I laid a foundation, and another is building on it. But each man must be careful how he builds on it.” The rapid changes that are apparent during the middle school years indicate that there are great opportunities to make sure that the walls are straight, the corners true and the dimensions accurate. Miss Daniela Lazar, who teaches seventh grade English, recently shared a poignant story. Her student has come so far this year, from the person who wouldn’t even look up when Miss Lazar talked, to the happy, bubbly teenager who volunteers answers in class and even chapel. Miss Lazar continued, “while some middle school students

come to us with the frame of their construction already set, and our part is to continue with the fine details inside the ‘building,’ in this case, our student had major parts of the ‘frame’ missing.” But this year, we accomplished so much by finishing out the frame and even working on some interior decorating. Miss Robyn Cloutier, eighth grade Integrated Physics and Chemistry teacher, ends each test by asking students to explain a way their current area of study demonstrates God’s character. Recently the unit was about motion and the student responses reveal that our middle schoolers have a strong grasp of eternal truth: “If we change direction from Him, we can always turn back. He is our reference point in life,” (JT Tackett) and “Feelings (observation) are not reliable, so God is the only true thing that is always true and trustworthy” (Colin Davis).

Mrs. Iva Nell Rhea | Middle School Principal We need only to look around us to know that there are many types of seeds that compete for the hearts of our children. At Cypress Christian, the seed that is sown is the Word of God. Teachers have the freedom to use history, science, math, sports, language and other subjects to plant the seed of God’s Truth.






Whether it is a creative writing contest, a project in science, math or social studies class, a community service project, a special chapel speaker or a time of prayer, faculty members are actively engaged in helping middle schoolers become knowledgeable and godly young men and women.






ith the school year behind us, it is appropriate to reflect on the paths our seniors have taken to graduation, and how God has prepared them for the next step in their lives. Peter Achterkirch is one senior whose path took a few twists and turns along the way, but his story has a wonderful outcome serving to remind us that God’s ways are higher. While on the eighth grade D.C. trip, Peter’s lifelong dream of serving in the U.S. military was reinforced when he had the honor of meeting a group of World War II



veterans at the Arlington National Cemetery. In Peter’s words, “Getting to shake hands with and talk to such amazing heroes was a forever memory and caused my passion to serve my country to burn even brighter.” At this early age, he began making plans to attend the Naval Academy and become a Navy SEAL. He read books, watched videos and movies and even bought Navy clothing in preparation of becoming a mid-shipman. When the time came to apply for admission to the academy, he soon found out the process is a long and arduous one. As part of the medical exam, doctors discovered Peter has red/green colorblindness. With this diagnosis, he was ineligible for his dream position in the Naval Special Forces. Peter reflected on the news by saying, “I was heartbroken that ‘my’ dream – ‘my’ plan – would not come to fruition.” However, Peter was soon reminded that our lives are under construction, and God is constantly using the events of our lives to shape us and mold us into becoming more like Him. A week later, Peter discovered he was eligible for the Army Rangers. He applied to several institutions and God opened a door for Peter to attend The Citadel, the military college of South Carolina. And not only was he accepted, but he was also awarded a very prestigious four-year Army ROTC scholarship.

What a wonderful turn of events for this senior because God not only provided for Him but taught him a valuable life lesson. Peter shared this about his journey: “God’s plan is not always my plan. However, it’s the best plan. I know He is working on my behalf, and I feel so blessed to still have the opportunity to join the military. Now, I have a much greater understanding that if I trust God and what He wants for me, that He will take care of me and bless me as I live out His plan for myself and His Kingdom.”

Dr. Christopher Witschonke | High School Principal Hebrews 12:1-2 tells us that our journey through life is one of endurance. We are under construction and through that process we must fix our eyes on Jesus, “the author and perfecter of our faith.” When we are able to keep this in mind, it is easy to take on Peter’s attitude and realize His ways are always better.




CCS Graduation


Faculty Scholarship for Academic Excellence

Daniel Overton earned the distinguished honor of being named Valedictorian for achieving the highest grade point average in his class, and was awarded the CCS Faculty Scholarship for Academic Excellence. Daniel will attend Baylor University.


Andrew Gladney “Heart of Gold” Memorial Scholarship

Dang Pham earned the title of Salutatorian for achieving the second highest grade point average among his peers. In addition to this honor, Dang was awarded the Andrew Gladney (CCS Class of 2005) Memorial “Heart of Gold” Scholarship. Dang will attend Cornell University.

Fine Arts Scholarship

Will Rhodes

Athletic Scholarship

In memory of former CCS Student William David Rhodes, Kylie Miller and Cale Soudelier were chosen to receive this athletic scholarship. These graduates have made public profession of their faith in Jesus Christ, demonstrated Christ-like behavior to fellow students and athletes, and were living witnesses to others as they led their teams and followed their coaches. Kylie and Cale will attend Texas A&M University.

The Fine Arts Scholarship, which reflects an overall excellence in the arts, was awarded to Jordan Wandix and Karylina Parodi. Jordan will attend Sam Houston State University and Karylina will attend Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi.

Travis Chaffin Spirit of Paul Scholarship

In honor of CCS volunteers and supporters Sherwood Beckley and Edith Van Beek, Hannah Gould was awarded the Spirit of Paul Scholarship for exhibiting the driving spirit and perseverance of the Apostle Paul who accomplished much for the early church. Hannah will attend Abilene Christian University.



Memorial Scholarship

In memory of former CCS student Travis Chaffin, Adam Thompson was given a scholarship for being an encourager, leader, great athlete and friend as well as for his potential to make an impact on the world with his Christian walk. Adam will attend Texas A&M University.



Congratulations,Class of 2016!

The class of 2016 is the largest graduating class in CCS history.

First row l-r:

Abbie Wynans, Hayley Buggs, Hannah Braun, Makayla Frye, Elyssa Ray, Emily Fredrickson, Emily Mahan, Olivia Odom, Michala Coffman, Haley Otts, Jolie Carr, Elizabeth Gywn

Second row l-r: Austin Froehlich, Cale Soudelier, Conner Orrick, Kylie Miller, Hannah Gould, Daniel Overton, Dang Pham, Josh Sanchez, Travis Froehlich, Christopher Geyer, Jacob Cyr Third row l-r:

Fourth row l-r:

Breanna Poncho, Brandon Landry, Samantha Longridge, Kallie Rhea, Elizabeth Usry, Alyssa Ramsey, Amber Dingman, Tiffani Briggs, Ashley Anderson, Oliver Davis, Karylina Parodi, Logan Hoag

Jordan Wandix, Daniel Isaac, John Crozier, Chris Mullins, Landen Nealy, Cole Andrews, Colton Everitt, Matt Roberts, Taylor Kight, Christian Vasquez, Peter Achterkirch, Eliott Cloninger, Godwin Butler

Thank You Fifth row l-r:

Justin Hicks, Jordon Coates, Austin McCoy, Nolan Galbreath, Blake Roberts, Timothy Odeyomi, James Tadrzak, Adam Thompson, Clayton Novotny, Kaitlyn Buckley, Taylor Hunter, Sam Pillion

CCS faculty and staff!

“The mind of man plans his way,



The class of 2016 is thankful for the time and energy invested in them by CCS faculty and staff: “You not only taught us in the classroom, but you also taught us lessons in life, and your Christlike examples have impacted our lives.”

but the Lord directs his steps.”

Proverbs 16:9


President’s Volunteer Service


The 2016 graduating class had 87% of its members earn the President’s Volunteer Service Award of 200 hours of service. These minimum 200 hours alone total over 10,000 hours, which is more than a year of service at 433 days. In many cases, our graduates have served significantly more than those hours in their time at CCS.

“Whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave; just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” Matthew 20:26b-28



Class of


Greg Salario, father of former CCS student Vincent Salario who graduated to heaven last year, spoke to graduates on behalf of his son who would have graduated with the class of 2016. He said: “Thank you for everything you did for me and my family. Be brave and stay on the side of love. Anything is possible.”

FOOTPRINTS Students who attended CCS from kindergarten through their senior year were recognized for the footprints they have left on the hearts of those at CCS throughout their K-12 educational career. These students are: First row l-r:

Christopher Geyer, Emily Mahan, Hannah Braun, Jacob Cyr

Second row l-r: Kylie Miller, Kallie Rhea, Amber Dingman Third row l-r: Matt Roberts, Justin Hicks, Jordon Coates, John Crozier CONNECTION


One WORD Can Make A Big difference!

Mrs. Lambert’s sophomore English students continuously examine word choices in literature and in creative writing projects. She challenged them to participate in the “My One Word” project based on the book by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen. She asked them to prayerfully select one word to see how God would transform their lives through that specific word. “I was very pleased with my students’ selection of words and touched by their transparency and longing for God’s movement in their lives.”








Realizing our RELATIONSHIP with God is what’s most important CHALLENGING myself to go through the doors God has planned for me Letting God be in control and having FAITH in Him COMMITTING my time and energy to what’s most important Stopping to THINK before responding so my words are good and kind Facing life’s challenges and being BRAVE with God’s help Being DILIGENT in completing tasks, reading the Bible and praying Learning to WORK to glorify God, forgetting about perfection and keeping my eyes on God CHALLENGING myself to work hard in life and earn better grades




discipline How is your WORD helping you make better decisions and drawing you closer to GOD?

training 28



determination character persevere work

science & service Warrior Style


Mentorship Next Step Breakfast

Blood Drive

Warrior Tribes Day of Service

Tribal Day Buddies

Science Rocks!


e have all been involved in the plans for some sort of home improvement project. At the beginning, we are all excited about the possibilities, and we dream about the end product but the stress begins once the mess begins. With the paint splatter, the dust, the permits arriving late and the necessary supplies being back ordered, being under construction is rarely a place of peace and rest, but it is a time of important growth and expansion. As coaches, we are much like people remodeling their house. We have players with different skills, physical abilities and attitudes. We walk into our first practice, assess our team, and like the Property Brothers on HGTV, we design the plans for our season and start constructing and building a successful team. The difference between teams and those perfectly executed television remodeling programs is that our “remodeling” project does not end when the buzzer sounds at the conclusion of the last competition. We are coaching far more than the skills of a game. Coaches prepare young athletes for the game of life which is not always fair, does not always produce a ribbon and doesn’t always go exactly as planned. The apostle Paul says in Philippians 1:6, “that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” The coaches at Cypress Christian School realize that we play a small part in the completion of the good work started in the lives of our athletes. Do we want to win games? Absolutely! But ...the true win comes years later when we find out that these young men and women are making a positive impact for God’s Kingdom on a daily basis.



Athletic Director/Coach

Marsha Martin was honored for faithfully serving CCS for 20 years. She was presented with a beautiful “trophy� which was very fitting as she has awarded hundreds of trophies to student-athletes over the past 20 years.




it e



io ns

Boys Track & Field Regional Champions


Te x a s G

d ran






The highest TAPPS award that an individual athlete can earn is to be named to the AllState Team. This is an incredible honor that is earned by very few athletes. Not only are these athletes given an award, they also sign a special ball that is kept in the CCS trophy case to permanently display this accomplishment.

Cheer: Hannah Braun, Elizabeth Gwyn, Emily Fredrickson Football: Christopher Geyer, Landen Nealy Girls Basketball: Taylor Hunter Girls Soccer: Korey Cyr (not shown), Lexi Kemp (not shown) Boys Soccer: Tanner James (not shown), Blake Roberts (not shown) Track and Field: Tiffani Briggs (not shown), Timothy Odeyomi, John Ethan Baldwin

Academic All-State This award is given to junior and senior athletes that not only have shown tremendous ability on the field, but they have also shown themselves to be dedicated students in the classroom. These athletes were first named to the All-District team and must maintain an academic average of 90% or better. This year’s recipients are: Peter Achterkirch, Emily Boyd, Hannah Braun,

Michala Coffman, Korey Cyr, Emily Fredrickson, Christopher Geyer, Elizabeth Gwyn, Justin Hicks, Logan Hoag, Allison Hubbard, Taylor Hunter, Matthew Kooiman, Greyson Landrum, Samantha Longridge, Kylie Miller, Clayton Novotny, Timothy Odeyomi, Conner Orrick, Ashley Ponicson, Elyssa Ray, Blake Roberts, Cale Soudelier and Adam Thompson.

Valiant Warrior

Each year, two seniors are recognized for excellence in athletics through their leadership, determination, sportsmanship, Christian character, academic achievements and integrity.

Emily Fredrickson

Emily has earned 11 varsity letters over the past four years having participated in cheer, softball, soccer and cross country. She was voted by coaches to receive MVP honors on five occasions and All-District and All-State honors on six occasions. She was given All-Tournament honors both times the softball team played in the state final four tournament. Emily was chosen by her coaches to receive the Timothy Award two times in her senior year. Her academic success has earned her a spot on the TAPPS Academic All-State Team in softball and cheer. In addition, Emily was named All-Star cheerleader by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Christopher Geyer

Christopher earned 14 varsity letters, All-District honors seven times and nine most valuable player awards in his high school career. He was a state finalist in cross country and track three different times. As a senior football player, he was selected to the TAPPS All-State team. Due to his hard work in the classroom, he earned a place on the TAPPS All-State Academic team for both football and track. During the 2015-2016 school year, Christopher played six varsity sports earning letters and various awards in each, including four MVP awards.




Baseball: A Team - District Champion Basketball (Boys): A Team - District Champions; B team - District Tournament Champions; C Team - Great season for first year; (Girls): A Team - Played in First Round of District Tournament; B Team - District Tournament Champions Cheer: Energetic season of supporting MS teams Soccer (Boys): District Champions; (Girls): District Runner-Up Softball: Strong season against tough competition Track & Field (Boys): District Runner-Up; (Girls): District Champions

Sword and Shield Anna Kharisma Fontenot and Jackson Landrum have shown excellence in athletics through their leadership, determination, sportsmanship, Christian character, academic achievements and integrity. They have represented middle school athletics well for three years, especially stepping up and demonstrating good leadership as eighth graders.



Fine Arts

DRAMA “A s each has received a gift,use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” 1

Tommy Tune Award Nominees Greyson Landrum, Sam Pillion, Jordan Wandix 2016





“Seussical” the Musical

“Through the Looking Glass” Middle School Musical Theatre

Fourth in State TAPPS One Act Play “You Can’t Take it with You!” CONNECTION


Fine Arts


“Make a joyful noise...” -Psalm 98

Rachel Salazar A bbie Wynans Julia Williams y aitlyn McC_re_ar___ C _______ ood Mr. Luke Kirireckwtor CCS

Choir D

Region 2016 TMEA ts Choir Participan

Heritage Festival Silver Rated Warrior Drumline


2016 TMEA All-State

Small School Choir Member Julia Williams

TAPPS A ward Winning Warr

ior Mixed Choi r



Hannah Hurst Chris McKnight Joelle Rodriguez

how and S k c o st e iv L n o Houst nte st Rodeo A rt Co s Top HS winner

S c h o l a stic A rt A Jil l ia n Wel c h w a r d a Jo el l e R o d r ig u n d ez

Chris McKnight Pearl Fincher Museum Third Place and $300 Award

i Karylina Parodar e A rti st of the Y

Division 1 High School

Fine Arts


TAPPS State Meet ced sixth a pl ts is rt a S C C ools) overall (26 sch

Gabbi Kostecki


Pearl Fincher Mu seum

Jurors Selection D ivision II

L in ds ay Web ste r


National Honor Society

A rt Festival Win ne r

Art students earned top honors including multiple first place awards. CONNECTION


Back to School 2016-2017

The first day of another great year... August 15!

August 2016













CCS 101 for New Families

K-12 Open House ______ Elementary Parent Night

Alumni Volleyball Game


14 15 16 17 18 19 20 First Day of 2016-2017

Blue&White Night

Volleyball Home Opener

with “Building 429”

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Warrior Mission Tour


29 MS Parent Night





Football Home Opener

Go, Warriors!

Alumni Events & News Alumni Volleyball Game

Blue & White Night with “Building 429”

Homecoming Festivities

Class of 2006 Ten-Year Reunion

August 13

August 19

October 14

October 15

CCS’s First Alumni Doctor!

Allie Borkovich Bloodworth, M.D. (’08) graduated with high honors from the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) School of Medicine in Galveston, TX. Allie is the first CCS alumnus to earn a medical degree. Her three-year pediatric training began June 24 at Texas Children’s Hospital. When she completes her training, she will be a general pediatrician. Allie says: “The past couple of months have been a joyful time of celebrating the end of a chapter, while looking ahead to the start of my career as a pediatrician. God has been so faithful to provide the support I’ve needed to pursue this dream, especially through my parents, my husband, teachers, mentors, friends and loved ones. I am humbled to walk this path as I find great joy in caring for children and their families. Thank you for your continued intercession, prayer warriors!”



1) Micah Gertson (’01) graduated with high honors from Boston University earning a master’s degree in computer science. He also earned first place (out of 33 teams from across the world) at the Wharton School of Business 2016 People Analytics Conference Case Competition, partnering with Doctors without Borders and sponsored by Facebook. 2) Elizabeth Patterson Tews (’02) and husband Travis welcomed daughter Kensi Catherine on September 28, 2015. Travis works for Baylor University and Elizabeth works for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Elizabeth recently founded a nonprofit organization called “SHE is Freedom” to build a safe house and healing center for juvenile survivors of human trafficking in Texas. For more info:

3) David Gladney (‘03) and wife Kristen, in their role as foster parents in Florida, recently cared for two children (ages 7, 1) for nine months before helping them transition to their family. David is a manager in the management consulting practice at KPMG. David and Kristen continue to be involved with Antioch Community Church Orlando and will help lead a mission trip to Colombia in August 2016.


4) David West (‘03), his wife Casey and their 2-year-old son Oliver Jay, are thankful for the new addition to their family, Emily Dare, born on April 14. David says, “She is a happy eater and sleeper. We couldn’t be more blessed and grateful for her.” They live in Austin, TX. David works for Dell in B2B marketing. Casey is a part-time Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and works at a faith-based counseling center called Abundant Life Counseling Services. They attend Austin Stone’s new north campus church and serve as subs in the little kiddos “stepping stones” class.











5) Paul Holzman (‘04) and his wife Debora are the proud parents of Josephine Paz born on December 1, 2015. Paul and Debora live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Paul uses his degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies from the University of Arkansas as a student life assistant at New York University in Buenos Aires. Also, Paul writes for NYU’s Global Dimensions blog on behalf of NYU Buenos Aires and assists the students at the academic site’s library. Paul and Debora attend La Mission Presbyterian Church.

11) Michelle Anderson Cowan (‘06) and her husband Jesse welcomed their son Jacob Michael Cowan into the world on November 20, 2015, in Denver, CO. Michelle is a graduate of UT-Arlington and is a manager/interior designer for HW Home. Jesse is the Technical Director for Fellowship Denver Church and owner of The Shed Recordings. Michelle says, “Being a parent is such a joy. We love our sweet boy!” Fun fact: Jacob Michael is named after his uncle Michael Anderson (‘04) and was born on Michael’s 30th birthday.

6) Meg Jasper Mattison (‘04) makes quilts out of sentiment clothing, college t-shirts, high school t-shirts, camp t-shirts, clothing from a loved one and more. “It’s a great way to preserve memories in a unique way,” says Meg. Shown on the quilt is her son Jake. She also offers 24-hour monogramming. Meg can be contacted via her “Quilted Sentiment” facebook page.

12) Randall Deputy (‘06) opened a law firm in northwest Houston – “The Deputy Law Firm.” His practice focuses on estate planning, probate law, personal injury and business law. (Please see his sponsorship on page 43 for more info.) Randall received his B.A. in political science from the University of Houston, and his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Miami School of Law. He attends Champion Forest Baptist Church.

7) Matt Moore (‘04) earned his Master of Arts degree from Dallas Baptist University. Matt said: “I’m thankful for the education I received at DBU. My professors were incredible, and taking classes online fit perfectly with my schedule. Earning my master’s has definitely helped me become a better teacher for my students at CCS.”

13) Josh Graber (‘06), a graduate of Baylor University, spoke at the annual CCS Next Step Fundraising Breakfast. (Please see article on page 9.) In November 2015, Josh married Taylor Wedgeworth in Houston, TX, with many CCS friends and family members by their side including brother and best man Andrew Graber (‘04), sister and bridesmaid Monika Graber (‘03) and wedding party members Luke Jones (‘06), Kevin Poppe (‘06), Beau Adam (‘06) and Josh Neuneker (‘06). The photographer for their wedding is also a CCS alumnus: Caleb Fleming (‘03) (Big Box Photography) and the wedding cake was created by Michelle Van Rieg Stanton (‘08). Josh is the Director of Operations for Dynamic Sports Training in Houston, TX, a local athletic development company that works with professional, college and high school athletes. Taylor is a software developer for Cegal. The couple attends Tallowood Baptist Church.

8) Emily Grimes Seehausen (‘05) and her husband (former CCS student) Christian are enjoying parenting their precious, one-yearold daughter Jane Cordelia Seehausen. In the fall, Emily will begin graduate school at Texas Woman’s University in Houston to become an occupational therapist.

9) Kyle Stewart (‘05) and his wife Tabitha are thankful for their beautiful daughter Mary Ellen Stewart who arrived on December 27, 2015. Kyle is a graduate of Baylor University and is employed in the Project Controls Dept. at Jacobs Engineering. He and his family attend Pecan Grove Baptist Church. They also own a photography business: 10) Beau Adam (‘06) and his wife Jamie are enjoying their son Cooper, a healthy, happy 8 month old. Beau is a collateral analyst for Amerisource Funding. He and Jamie attend Champion Forest Baptist Church and are active in a young married’s class.


14) Sarah Mathewes (‘06) was installed as the Children’s Pastor and Christian Education Coordinator at her home church, Houston First Church of God, on June 12, 2016. She is very excited to use her degree in Christian ministry in this way. 15) Caroline Carthey Smith (‘07) married Josh Smith in February 2016. In attendance were CCS alumni Keeley Lambert Jones (‘07), Katherine Barnett Lopez (‘07) and Kristan Hinn Ratcliff (‘07). Caroline works for the Vanderbloemen Search Group specializing in executive search for churches and faithbased organizations. Josh is a consultant for Credera. They live in the Montrose area and attend Antioch Community Church.












16) Ryan Moon (‘07), a graduate of Texas A&M University, works on radio communication systems for Blackhawk helicopter simulators for the U.S. Army at L-3 Communications. Also, he recently self-published a science fiction novel called “Executioner in the Comfy Chair” about the dangers of an unchecked government. He says, “I’ve already started on the second novel, and it’s a pretty fun hobby.” Ryan recently married Lacy who is also a graduate of Texas A&M. She earned a degree in atmospheric science and works for Lockheed Martin as an environmental engineer. 17) Josh Patterson (‘07) coached the 2015-2016 middle school boys B basketball team and led them to the District Championship. For the first time, CCS had a boys C team also coached by Josh. 18) Ryan Vento (‘08), a graduate of the University of Houston, specializes in life insurance and annuities with Voya Financial, Inc. Ryan says: “This position allows me to build relationships and help people assess objectives and meet goals.” He and his wife Krystal attend Bayou City Fellowship and are active on the host team and in their West University community group. Krystal is a therapist in the Outpatient Physical Therapy, Neurological Rehabilitation area of the Houston VA Hospital. 19) Catherine Kaliszewski Perri (‘09) married Matthew Perri and recently moved to San Antonio, TX. The couple met in college at HBU, and they are both now working toward acquiring teaching certificates. 20) Jordyn McCain Milenkovic (‘09) graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in business marketing. Jordyn is a graphic designer/event coordinator for C&J Energy Services in Houston, TX. The company recently won a Lantern Award from the Houston Business Marketing Association for the design of the company newsletter which Jordyn helped to design. Jordyn married Steven Milenkovic in November 2015. They are members of Houston’s First Baptist. Jordyn says she is extremely grateful for her foundation built at CCS which prepared her for success in academics, business leadership and relationships along the way. 21) Kelsey McGrath Razmandi (‘09) and husband Michael are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter Aden Elizabeth Razmandi born on March 9, 2016. Michael is a worship producer at their church, Second Baptist Church in Cinco Ranch. Kelsey loves being a mommy!

22) Lauren Moore (‘09) was recently commissioned as full-time missionary staff with CRU (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ). She will serve in the world headquarters in Orlando, FL, where she is planning to work with CRU’s international student ministry. Lauren loves serving international students particularly because of the year she spent in Lebanon interning with CRU after she graduated from The University of Texas. She and her fiancé Elliott Dodge, who she met during her year overseas, are currently working to raise financial and prayer support. They plan to move to Orlando shortly after their upcoming wedding in July.


23) Brandon Galloway (’10) earned his master’s degree in kinesiology from the University of North Texas. He is now pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy. 23 24) Cameron Canik (‘11) graduated cum laude from Lone Star College/Kingwood earning an Associate of Applied Science degree with a specialization in game design and simulation development. He is seeking full-time employment in this expanding field. Jordan Canik (‘07), with a degree in retail management from Texas Tech, was recently promoted to manager of a Sherwin Williams store in the Frisco, TX area. He and his wife Kathryn relocated from his assistant manager position in Lubbock.


25) Martha Miller (‘11) graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in industrial distribution and a minor in business administration. She is excited to be working and living in the Austin area. 25 26) Daniel Rodriguez (‘11) graduated from The University of Texas with a mechanical engineering degree. Currently, he is an intern for the Lanier Law Firm in their personal injury practice group. He has been offered admission into eight different law schools and offered generous scholarships including a $162,000 fulltuition scholarship to attend Baylor Law School. Additionally, he has been offered an internship with the Texas Supreme Court during the summer of 2017 which he plans to accept. Daniel says, “I’m still quite uncertain as to what the Lord has planned for me in this next step, but the future is looking very bright.”











27) Evan McClintock (’12) graduated cum laude from Texas A&M University’s Mays Business School with a B.B.A. in management information systems. Starting in August 2016, Evan will pursue a Master of Science in management information systems at TAMU. Evan will continue working for The Association of Former Students and volunteering for Breakaway Ministries, a nondenominational Bible study. 28) Josh White (‘12) graduated from Pensacola Christian College earning a B.S. in pre-medicine. Josh will pursue a four-year medical degree (M.D.) at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) School of Medicine in Galveston, TX. 29) Timothy Starbuck (‘13) is a counselor at Texas A&M Transfer Camp which is similar to Fish Camp, but for students transferring from another college. Counselors mentor campers during camp as well as during the following school year to help students acclimate to the Aggie culture. Timothy is a student in the Aerospace Engineering program. He works for HEB, attends Grace Bible Church in College Station, TX, and enjoys Breakaway each week. 30) Olivia Roberts (‘14) is one of the newest members of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Nursing Class of 2018. She is excited about completing her education at the University of Kansas and being accepted at TAMU. Olivia serves at Camp Blessing over her summer breaks. 31) Ben Bennett (‘12) is a senior at Texas A&M University majoring in mechanical engineering with plans to graduate in May 2017. Before then, he will participate in a co-op with Albemarle, a chemical company located in Baton Rouge, LA. He attends Antioch Community Church in Bryan, TX, and had the opportunity to minister to people on the LSU campus. In the shortterm future, he will look for a full-time engineering position post-graduation. In the long term, he hopes to incorporate his love for engineering design as well as his love for Christ into ministry opportunities in the U.S. and abroad. 32) Jacob Hicks (‘12) is a senior at LSU majoring in industrial engineering. During his first two years at LSU, he was involved in nano particle technology research. Most recently, his time has been spent as follows: LSU Honor Court Judge (reported to the LSU Board of Regents); Liaison with Baton Rouge Police Department, LSU Police Department and District Attorney’s Office; Member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity


(serves on Standards Board); The Refuge Community Groups (Bible study); Business Manager for Denison and Associates and Business Manager for non-profit Business Disaster Case Management (BDCM), a charity that provides business development for failing/low performing businesses in low income suburban and rural communities. 33) Liz Hilton (‘12) graduated summa cum laude from Louisiana State University (LSU) with a B.A. in mass communications–public relations in December 2015. She works for Crosswind Media & Public Relations in Austin, TX, where she leads various accounts in the healthcare, technology and communications space. 34) Barnabas Odeyomi (‘12) earned a biology degree from Johns Hopkins University in May 2016. He has applied to graduate programs in biomedical engineering and public health and recently “aced” the GRE, by “God’s grace,” says Barnabas. While at JHU, he volunteered as a tutor, worked in the emergency room and served the homeless which opened his eyes to see God’s heart for Baltimore. Barnabas enjoyed his roles of co-president, men’s Bible study leader and music leader in the Beloved College Community Fellowship (BCCF) choir, a Christian fellowship at Johns Hopkins. He was also the chaplain for Johns Hopkins Gospel Choir. His future plans include involvement in the health community.



35) Jack Mitchell (’11) was recently hired as a patrol officer for Angleton Police Department after earning his associates degree in law enforcement and graduating from the Alvin Community College Police Academy. He’s in the FTO phase (field training) through August 2016 and thankful to serve the community. Note: Jack was one of the four people who subdued the intruder at Lone Star College a few years ago. Jack was a student at the institution and said: “I was already pursuing a career in law enforcement at the time, but the experience reinforced the fact that this was the career path God had planned for me.”


36) Kelsie Suter (’11) finished the first year of her Master of International Affairs degree at the Bush School of Government and Public Service. She was selected as one of four interns in World Vision International’s New York Office, specifically for the position of External Engagement, Advocacy and Justice for Children intern. One of the main parts of her job is representing World Vision in various meetings at the United Nations. 36

37) Kayla Dornbusch (’12) graduated summa cum laude from the University of Houston earning a degree in Teaching and Learning (EC-6 Generalist). Kayla will be teaching second grade in the fall at Holbrook Elementary School. She is excited to begin her teaching career! 37


38) Meredith Achterkirch (‘13) is a senior at Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing. She enjoys working with fellow nursing students to improve their English so they have more opportunities when they graduate. She is excited about her summer position as patient care technician in the Emergency Department at Children’s Health in Dallas. She assists the nursing staff, takes vitals, helps with EKG’s

and performs venipuncture. She recently participated in a mission trip to Vietnam with the organization “Helping Babies Breathe!” 39) Jade Harper Gilbreath (’14) married Jackson in February 2016. They met in middle school at CCS and have been friends ever since. Jade is finishing her degree in interior design. Jackson joined the Air Force last year, and they are currently stationed at Minot AFB in Minot, ND, and attend church on base. CCS students in the wedding were brothers Jacob and Jace Harper. Alumni in the wedding were Amanda Swanton (‘14), Summer Galloway (‘15), Elizabeth Gwyn (‘16), Emily Fredrickson (‘16) and Alyssa Ramsey (‘16).


40 40) Katie Moore (‘14) is a student at The University of Texas and serves in Thurmond Heights, an inner city community in Austin. She joins other volunteers to mentor, and share the Gospel with children from preschool age to high school. Each week, they host children’s programming (Base Camp), meet with the teen girls in the community once a week (Summit Group) and work one-on-one in mentoring relationships (Mountain Top Time). They have been blessed to see God redeem hurt and shame, and turn sadness and despair into joy and love. Katie is the Director of Fundraising as a member of the founding Board of Directors. Info:

The Deputy Law Firm, P.L.L.C. Randall Deputy, Jr. Attorney at Law

Estate Planning Probate Law Personal Injury Business Law 281.844.8702

CCS Alumnus 118 Vintage Park Blvd. Ste. WV115 Houston, TX 77070 CONNECTION


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90 F

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Scott Rand, MD, Primary Care Sports Medicine James Bruce Moseley, MD, Orthopedic Sports Medicine Christian Schupp, MD, Primary Care Sports Medicine Gregory M. Seelhoefer, MD, Primary Care Sports Medicine John Seaberg, MD, Orthopedic Sports Medicine

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Rory and Kelly Dennis, proud parents of two CCS elementary students

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