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Community Events • February 27 to March 5, 2014 Vol. 2 No. 49

Aaron Neville

Buddy Guy

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

PLUS: Strangers You Know Penny Unniversity Caxton

March 1st, 2014 Cabots

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Katie Stice

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The Harmed Brothers

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Oceans Seafood

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February 27 to March 5, 2014

Coachella Valley Weekly


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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy T

February 27 to March 5, 2014

by Lisa Morgan

Celebrating 20 Years of Swing @ The 3rd Annual Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience his year’s Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience will be showcasing the high energy, original swing band, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. You may recognize this band from the 1996 movie, Swingers, wherein they played themselves, the house band that the characters frequented. The movie catapulted the band and the swing genre itself, into commercial popularity. With the rigorous touring schedule that their new fame afforded them, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy was able to play a hugely significant role in the mid-nineties resurgence of their vintage style of music. 10 albums and 20 years later, all of these original members are as much family as they are bandmates. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy continues to create and perform passionately, and they expect to do so for many years to come. While their success may have come suddenly, it did not come easily or by any means, overnight. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s Cinderella-esque success story begins in 1989, in the early part of the “Grunge Era”. It was a sub-rock culture known for its angst-ridden lyrics, dirty, guitar sounds and heavy drums. Grunge, largely born out of Seattle, was on the rise in popularity and would eventually hit its commercial stride with the mid-ninety’s success of Nirvana’s Nevermind and Pearl Jam’s Ten. In Ventura, California, however, a band was in the initial phases of blazing a trail completely retrograde of its contemporaries. Scotty Morris, band leader, guitar player and vocalist, along with drummer/percussionist and friend, Kurt Sodergrenin, left punk and alternative rock projects to launch a swing revival band at a time and place where it would have been easier to book a cover band, much less an all original band inspired by a musical realm that hadn’t seen mass popularity for over 40 years. But it was the music they loved. Morris named the band, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy after meeting blues guitar legend, Albert Collins. “He signed my poster ‘To Scotty, the big bad voodoo daddy’. I thought it was the coolest name I ever heard on one of the coolest musical nights I ever had. So when it came time to name this band, I didn’t really have a choice. I felt like it was handed down to me.” The two piece grew to a three piece that ultimately evolved into a nine piece band by 1995. It was a handpicked group made up of friends of friends in

and around the Ventura and Santa Barbara area. Not only did the players have to have the chops, but they also had to like being in the same room together. Clad to the nines in era appropriate threads, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy showcased an incredibly energetic and well-orchestrated horn section, piano, and rhythm section. With simple yet catchy lyrics delivered with smooth, clean vocals, the band turned empty dance floors into high swinging traffic areas. Lisa Morgan: I asked trumpet player, Glen “The Kid” Marhevka how they managed to keep this unique and rather large band booked and fed? Glen “The Kid” Marhevka: There were so many obstacles along the way. It’s amazing that we pulled it off. There weren’t many groups, especially at our age (early 20s), doing what we were doing at the time. Grunge was popular. Rap was popular. And with the name Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, well... nobody knew what that meant. When we first started out people asked us, ‘Is that a rap group? What is that?’ Clubs were a little reluctant at first. But, we just started doing our thing, and when people would come, they would dig it and tell their friends. We built up a local following that way. LM: That was before Facebook and social media. GM: Yeah, it was. We actually sat down and did mailing cards. We had a mailing list and would get together every other week to

hand write and mail out post cards. We were playing music we loved so we didn’t care about being popular, but that was the only way to let people know what we were doing. That’s just what we had to do back then. LM: How did the band land the part in the movie, Swingers, launching you into international fame? GM: We developed a following in Santa Barbara and Ventura, and then started playing places in LA, like the Viper Room. When the Derby decided they wanted to do a retro/vintage-night, we got the Wednesday night spot. After playing there for about a year, there was a huge following. Every Wednesday night there were a lot of the same faces. I had no idea what Jon Favreau did; he was just a friend from the Wednesday night scene. He was really into swing dancing, so I knew every Wednesday, Jon would be there. One night, he approached us and said, ‘Hey, I wrote this movie. You guys are my favorite band, and I really want you guys to be in this. Here’s the script.’ He gave it to Scotty, but at the time, we were playing 5 to 6 nights a week, so Scott just threw it in his truck and we went about playing our gigs. When we came back Wednesday night, Jon asked, ‘What did you think of it?’ Scott, hadn’t even read it, but he said, ‘It’s cool man! it’s great! We’ll do it!’ We were just willing to do anything for exposure at that point. Not too long after that, we filmed the movie inside The Derby. We started at about 7 am on a Wednesday, and went all day until 10 pm, and then we played our gig until 1

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February 27 to March 5, 2014

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am. They kept filming afterwards - the part where he and Heather (Graham) were out on the street. It was gorilla style filming. Afterward, we didn’t think too much of it. About 6 months or so later, Jon invited us to the screening of the movie. I was blown away! I thought it was going to be a dance movie. It turned out to be really great. The very next morning Favreau called to say, ‘We sold the movie to Miramax for 5 million dollars.’ Jon was so great at doing what he did. He brought in the right people to come see it, and they loved it. Swingers was released in theaters six months later. The Wednesday after the movie came out, we showed up at The Derby like we usually did: to set up around 5:00, eat, and then play at 10:00,” Glen shared. “At 5 o’clock, there was already a huge line waiting outside to get into the club. I remember thinking, ‘Wow! This is a total game changer.’ From that point on, wherever we’d play, we were THAT BAND that played in the movie Swingers. LM: How did you feel about the closing of The Derby in January 2009 when the current landlord chose not to renew the lease, not long after a shooting inside the club? GM: It’s kind of sad that it’s closed. But I’m glad it lives on in the movie. Locals lobbied to keep the building preserved as a national landmark so it wouldn’t be bulldozed. The weird thing now is that it’s actually a Chase Bank. I drove by there and it was really bizarre to see the Chase Bank sign on the building. So I took a picture and sent it to

#1 Fine Art & #1 Fine Craft Festival in the Nation Art Fair SourceBook 2014

Presenting 230 contemporary fine artists in a magnificent outdoor gallery Adult Tickets $12 Multi-Day Pass $15 Children Under 12 are Free Valet & Self Parking 10 am to 5 pm Daily Live Entertainment Restaurant Row Island Bar Information and tickets: La Quinta Civic Center Campus 78-495 Calle Tampico

Favreau saying, ‘Check out The Derby! It’s a Chase Bank.’ He wrote back (referencing a famous line in the movie), ‘Well, it really is money’. LM: On Saturday, March 1st, those in attendance will hear music from this inexhaustible band’s huge arsenal of upbeat music, including songs from their newest album, Rattle Them Bones. GM: I think Rattle Them Bones is one of our best albums. Musically, it’s great. It’s a very unique and cool sounding album that shows our growth musically. Everybody’s gotten better at their craft after playing the past 20 years; we play intensely, and we never just ‘phone it in’. On our first couple of albums, we were pretty raw and still finding out who we were. Surprisingly, after doing so many concerts, I still don’t get tired of it. I’ve played with other bands where after playing the same songs day after day after day, I’ve been ready to jump off a bridge. There are nights when I’m just tired, but I never get tired of the music. We still have fun on stage, goof around and even push each other. I

think the comraderie keeps it exciting and fresh. This year, the Rhythm, Wine and Brews Experience offers a longer line-up of bands than years prior, along with an expanded list of handcrafted beers and wines. There will also be a themed art exhibit, adding to the unique atmosphere patrons have come to love at this annual event. Tickets range anywhere from $60 for general admission, to $5000, the latter including a private cabana, 10 ultra passes, complementary snack, beer, and soft drinks. Tickets can be purchased online at or at the entrance the day of the event. Rain or shine, guests will enjoy an afternoon of wine and beer tasting at one of the most beautiful venues in the Coachella Valley. Wine and beer tasting will be held from 2:00 – 6:00 pm. During this time, you’ll be serenaded by local favorites, Penny Unniversity, Caxton and Strangers You Know. Blues legend, Buddy Guy, will perform at 6 PM, followed by R&B crooner, Aaron Neville at 7:40 PM. Starting at 9:40 pm, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is sure to close out the

February 27 to March 5, 2014

night with music few will be able to sit still to, sealing the deal on a musically historic night that all in attendance will talk about for years to come. For answers to any of your questions visit the website, RV Camping is available for purchase as well. Any questions can be submitted to email address, info@ You can follow Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and purchase albums at

Rockin The Gatsby

A musical Review Produced By Troupe Productions in association with Kim and Jim Productions, The Edge, Live It Up Productions Trini Garza. Now showing at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown Palm Springs.


Lori Cohen-Sanford


Private Chef Service Cooking Classes Small Group Catering

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Nourishfoods Organic Meal Service 68805 E. Palm Canyon Drive Cathedral City, CA 92234 760.459.4259



owzer! We have not had this kind of action in Palm Springs since 1925. This show is Hot, Hot, Hot! It was fun that the flappers and dappers were interacting with the audience before the show even started, making the public feel included in their party. The energy, costumes, music and superb voices were a great surprise. The live band, perfect choreography by Ray Garcia, and lighting worked together in setting the mood. As Gatsby said “I love big parties. They’re so intimate.” They really hit their mark in drawing the audience in and delivering an ambiance that made you feel you were back in time at a speak easy. Silhouettes created by the lighting added so much to the show and it was remarkable how simple the stage was set and yet they achieved layers of entertainment all over the stage. My hat is off to the choreographer. The synergy between the cast members was a marvel to behold. I could tell that the audience was catching their joyous


by dj rj taylor

enthusiasm. The show is perfectly timed to lure you and get you dancing in your seat. Very Sexy. The depiction of the 20’s was right on, however they did also include a modern spin with renditions of current music reworked to the style of the show. “Rockin The Gatsby” is a great example of the growth that is turning Palm Springs into a place of art, culture, and a force to be reckoned with. This is a show that visitors must attend and locals will love. Trini Garza has raised the entertainment bar high and now he has truly brought Broadway quality to the desert. You can catch the last two shows February 28th and March 1st at 8pm in downtown Palm Springs. Tickets are $45.00. Dinner package $75.00. DJ RJ Taylor (TheDesert411)


February 27 to March 5, 2014

The Local Music Pairings for the 3rd Annual Rhythm, Wine and Brews Experience



760.501.6228 California Woman 411 with your host Dee Jae Cox

his Saturday, March 1st, the Empire Polo Club will be metamorphosed into a swinging, suds and wine sipping, sonic celebration known for its third year as the Annual Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience. To accompany the more than 30 tastings of specialty wines and brews offered in the beautiful setting of the Empire Polo Grounds, a creative assortment of original music is scheduled for your ears to savor as well. Rain or shine, these artists selected to perform at this event, will awe you with their pure talent and passion for their craft. As you enter the gates into the transformed Empire Polo Grounds, your ear is sure to immediately bend to a rich, strong, beautiful, voice in total control as it skips along a true yet unpredictable melodic path. This will be the music of Caxton: Christina Reyes - Vocals/Keys, Brett McLaughlin - Bass/ Vocals, Adam Surdin - Guitar/Vocals and Brian Pelletier - Drums. You will find their music simultaneously contemporary and vintage, and almost theatrical in expression. Caxton will invite your ears to yearn for the story line as you sense the satire and the earnestness in the delivery atop a very solid but happy rhythmic bed, original guitar leads and tastefully played keys. This four piece alternative indie-pop ensemble has

filled LA’s Viper Room, House of Blues, Glasshouse, The Roxy and countless other venues throughout southern California. Oddly at ease and pleasantly cohesive both in spirit and at play, their music and energy reflect a gathering of souls who simply like to be around each other, with or without the music. So when they perform songs like “Plotting a Murder” or “Monster” there is no darkness in it. Instead, you’ll find that it’s absolutely delightful. Caxton has released two full-length albums and a string of EPs that have found their way onto the permanent playlists of those who have had the pleasure of seeing them perform. You can find their music at www.reverbnation. com/caxton. Plotting to release more music this summer, Caxton is a constant creative work in progress and may be one of the most fun bands to watch as their star climbs. And it will climb, I assure you. Next on the Beer Stage, the masterful, instrumental jazz sounds of Penny Unniversity will treat you a completely different sound garden. Their music will greet you warmly and wordlessly through the skillful play of musicians, whose years honing their music, when combined, add up to almost 200 years of blood, sweat, tears and pure joy. Penny U brings a “transfusion” of jazz, Latin and global rhythms

February 27 to March 5, 2014

by Lisa Morgan

that are created to provide a transportive listening experience. Mostly instrumental, Michael Anthony Gagliardi, the world renown, left handed guitarist, will guide you along the gentle yet passionate journeys to San Gimignano or through an Escape to Capri, maybe even Over a Glass of Wine. Alongside the poetically articulate Michael Anthony Gagliardi, are Ted Alan Walker on bass and Rene Almodovar on percussion. These three have been creating and performing together for over three years, and have been with the RWB Experience since its inception. Recently, Jack LeCompte joined the Unniversity. An exceptionally versatile drummer, Jack has recorded and performed with artists such as Anita O’Day, Les Brown Big Band, Stevie Wonder, Liza Minnelli, Bette Midler, and Natalie Cole. Another beautiful addition to the Penny U stage and sound is trumpeter, Steve Madaio, who has also played with Stevie Wonder as well as BB King, Ringo Starr and Melissa Manchester to name a few. These musicians bleed music and in the span of 90 minutes, they will offer up over 40,000 beautifully fluid notes to the delight of their listening audience. By the way, corporate sponsors PrimeVibe, Steve Clayton, Gaskell Guitars, Yamaha, Remo and Paiste think these guys are pretty special too, as all of them endorse these very talented musicians. You can follow Penny Unniversity and purchase their music at Last to perform on the Beer Stage prior to headliners Buddy Guy, Aaron Neville and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, are Strangers You Know. When wise old Solomon claimed, “There is nothing new under the sun,” he hadn’t been exposed to the creative force that is Strangers You Know. This diverse group, who is in a continuous stage of creative challenge and discovery, make you

feel all the comfort of the familiar while giving you something completely new and thrilling. In one song such as “Be It” they produce effervescent music reminiscent of 50’s surf music and blend it with a touch of jazzy sophistication, then anchor it with a simple but powerful message, “I don’t want to feel fine, I want to be it.” With another offering they put their hands right through your chest with a simple but compelling and all too relatable waltz-like ballad portraying the honest plea of a weary lover, “Calling a Draw”. The very pure, honest and at times heartrending vocals of Grady Lee clearly communicate the song in a way that truly tells a story that you can believe. Strangers You Know is Adam Haagen Multi-Instrumentalist; Grady Lee - Vocals; Sjors Van Alphen - Bass; and Dakota Dobbin - Drums. This gathering of talented musicians may have come together, as they tell the story, by happy accident, but their song writing is pure craft. Their mix of genre’s and their grasp of that mix creates music that is deliciously fresh and ripe for the picking. Lyrically, their songs can run from simple to esoteric but always engaging. The skilled ear in which they construct and produce their music makes every song a unique sonic treat. Strangers You Know will never bore you. These are not happy followers down the path paved by their influences. They are in the process of breaking all constraints and creating their own contemporary kind of symphony. Perhaps the only fitting word among all the labels we give music today is “alternative”. Strangers You Know will always give you an alternative listening experience when you grow weary of hearing Everything You’ve Heard Before.

‘Talking to women who lead and inspire’ Saturday’s from 10 – 11 a.m. KPTR 1450 AM Palm Springs, CA California


Produced by The Los Angeles Women's Theatre Project:



February 27 to March 5, 2014

Empire Music Ventures Presents: Rhythm, Wine & Brews

Local Microbreweries to Participate in the Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience on March 1st, 2014 at the Empire Polo Club “Local craft beer market is growing in the greater Palm Springs Region”


his year, the Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience will feature a larger offering of beer to taste at their event on March 1st, 2014, including handcrafted beer from three local breweries. Babe’s Bar-B-Que & Brewhouse, La Quinta Brewing Co. and Coachella Valley Brewing Co. will each pour samples of a variety of craft beers representing flavors unique to the desert region. Beer tasting was added to the Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience last year, and was a very popular addition to the tasting menu. This year event goers will enjoy savoring a broader selection of beer and wine. “We tapped into a new market of customers for the Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience by adding craft beer tasting to the menu last year,” said Alex Haagen, IV, producer of the event. “The craft beer market is booming, and we have a craft beer market developing here. We’re excited to be part of it by showcasing these local microbreweries.” The greater Palm Springs region’s craft beer market is most definitely brewing. Babe’s Bar-BQue & Brewhouse has created award-winning beers since 2002. La Quinta Brewing Co. and Coachella Valley Brewing Co. opened up shop in town in the last year, and have since poured a selection of new premium beers into the local marketplace. The area’s lively craft brew market is a reflection of the national market that has shown strong growth over the past five years. The 3rd Annual Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience takes place on Saturday, March 1st, 2014 at the Empire Polo Club. Live music will set the tone as guests enjoy an extraordinary afternoon of wine and beer tasting at one of the most beautiful venues in Coachella Valley, the Empire Polo Club. Attendees will enjoy wine and beer tasting from 2:00 – 6:00 PM. As the tasting winds down, the music heats up with an evening of rhythm and blues followed by the upbeat sounds of big band swing from 6:00 – 11:30 PM.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy will headline the Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience along with American blues guitarist and singer Buddy Guy and R&B singer Aaron Neville. Other bands that

will play during the wine and beer tasting include Strangers You Know, Caxton, Petty Cash and Penny Unniversity. This year the Rhythm, Wine and Brews Experience has grown and boasts a longer lineup of bands. A themed art installation is one of several additions this year that will enhance the unique ambiance associated with this annual event. The upscale theme of the Rhythm, Wine and


Brews Experience will attract attendees looking for a uniquely entertaining event. “Our vision and goal is to create an extraordinary experience,” said Haagen. “From the moment people walk through the main gate we want them to enjoy every detail of their day. Fine wine and craft beer will be poured alongside an offering of mouthwatering cuisine. Add in colorful art pieces, hip décor and the rhythmic sound of live music, and it all comes together to create a complete sensory and auditory event.” Fine food is a much bigger part of the RWB experience this year. Participating restaurants are offering a selection of appetizing options complimenting the beer and wine being poured. From small tastes to full menu selections, attendees will relish every bite served. Along with a huge selection of craft beer to taste, there is also an expanded list of wineries participating this year. Visit for a list of participating wineries and breweries. Rhythm, Wine & Brews Schedule 1:30 PM Gates Open
 2:00-6:00 PM Beer & Wine Tasting 6:00-11:30 PM Headline Bands Perform Tickets to the Rhythm, Wine and Brews Experience can be purchased online at www. Tickets can also be purchased at the gate the day of the festival. Children 14 and under are free. Ticket holders must show ID at the event and be 21 years of age or older to taste beer and wine. General Admission $75 7 total tastings General admission access to the show Free parking Souvenir tasting glass VIP Admission $150.00 Unlimited tastings Reserved seating rows 11 and back Complimentary custom logo captain’s chair to take home VIP parking VIP entrance to event Souvenir tasting glass Ultra VIP Admission $200.00 Unlimited tastings Reserved seating rows 1-10 Complimentary custom logo captain’s chair to take home VIP parking VIP entrance to event Souvenir tasting glass VIP Admission Includes access to the VIP tasting area with specialty wines and beers not available in the general tasting area, and complementary food. It also includes access to a second VIP lounge with a full bar that is adjacent to main stage.  Additional tasting tickets can be purchased at the event.  There will be food and beverage service onsite throughout the event. A portion of the proceeds from the Rhythm, Wine and Brews Experience will benefit the Casey Lee Ball Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports pediatric kidney research. Empire Polo Club 81-800 Ave. 51 Indio, CA 92201 Directions to The Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience at Empire Polo Club From I-10 take the Monroe St. exit and head south on Monroe St. Follow the parking signs between Avenues 50 and 51 to find the parking



By judith salkin

THE BREWERIES About Babe’s Bar-B-Que & Brewhouse Babe’s Bar-B-Que & Brewhouse in Rancho Mirage is the Coachella Valley’s oldest craft microbrewhouse. Opening in 2002, the brewery quickly won three medals at the Australian International Beer Awards and five medals at the Los Angeles County Fair. Babe’s won five medals at the 2009 L.A. International Commercial Beer Competition as well, taking home a gold medal in the Black Lager category. Their Honey Blonde Ale won bronze, silver and gold in 2010, 2011 and 2012 in the L.A. International Commercial Beer Competition, but it’s their Blackfin Lager, a dark German style beer, that has the most accolades. Since 2009 Babe’s has racked up 16 brewing medals. Their slogan is “Drink Local With Pride Coachella Valley!” and their beers can be found throughout the Valley. Brewery tours are available from 11a.m. to 4p.m. most of the year, but it’s a good idea to call before you go and get confirmation of the hours. For more information visit About Coachella Valley Brewing Co. With its grand opening on August 30, 2013, Coachella Valley Brewing Co. went from a small, lofty notion into a full-fleshed reality. Focusing on the uniqueness of the Southern California desert, Coachella Valley Brewing Co. strives to connect both ends of the Coachella Valley through quality locally grown ingredients and expertly crafted beer. Locally owned and operated in Thousand Palms, California, the brewery is committed to crafting beer that showcases the agriculture and the attitudes of the desert. Coachella Valley Brewing Co master brewer Chris is a graduate of The University of Alaska Anchorage Culinary Arts program and holds an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts, Certified Dietary Manager with over twenty years of management experience. Chris currently holds the rank of National Level Judge and is working towards Master. Chris was formerly a brewer at Midnight Sun Brewing Co. and The Moose’s Tooth Brewing Co., both in Anchorage, AK. He assisted the head brewer in every aspect of brewhouse operations. Chris won 1st place at The Great Alaskan Beer and Barleywine festival in 2000 and gold at the Toronado Barley Wine Festival the same year while he was brewing at Midnight Sun. In 2001, M.S.B.C. was awarded a 1st place in the Alpha King Challenge, a competition of the most balanced, hoppiest beers in the world. Locally Crafted - With an emphasis on farmto-table brewing, they use the vast diversity of the Coachella Valley as inspiration. They combine the luxury of the Palm Springs’ west valley with the agricultural excellence of the east valley to

produce truly unique and flavorful beer. Using local citrus, herbs, honey, and spices, they support local farms and flavors. The brewery believes sustainability, creativity, and passion are the key ingredients in the best craft beer. About La Quinta Brewing Co. La Quinta Brewing Co. opened their brewery in 2013. The 4,500 square foot facility is home to a 15 barrel brewhouse capable of producing over 5,000 barrels annually (equivalent to 10,000 full sized kegs). Though they have just opened their doors, their beer can already be found in over 40 local bars and restaurants. The brewery is located at 77917 Wildcat Drive in Palm Desert, just north of Interstate 10, and west of Washington Street. For more information, as well as taproom hours, visit their website ( or follow them on Facebook ( LaQuintaBrewing). About The Casey Lee Ball Foundation A portion of the proceeds from the Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience benefits the Casey Lee Ball Foundation. The Casey Lee Ball Foundation is a nonprofit organization where 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to pediatric kidney research. Casey Lee Ball, the third son of Sterling Ball, President of Ernie Ball, Inc., was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease at age two. When Casey was five, while he and Sterling were recuperating from kidney transplant surgery at UCLA, they decided to create the Casey Lee Ball Foundation. For more information visit About Empire Music Ventures Empire Music Ventures is located in Indio, CA at the Empire Polo Club. Empire Music Ventures produces concerts and festivals. Their events include the Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience and numerous concerts held at the Date Shed, a live music venue located onsite at the Empire Polo Club. About The Empire Polo Club The Empire Polo Club is a world-class special event and sports facility. Empire’s event services range from luxury weddings, corporate meetings and private parties to festivals, concerts and sports-related events. A few of the larger events held at the Empire Polo Club include: Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Stagecoach Country Music Festival, The Southwest Arts Festival, KCPS Dog Show, Sandstorm Lacrosse Tournament and the USA Field Hockey National Hockey Festival.

public personalities

By Denise Ortuno Neil

Modern Mata Ortiz pottery Spotlight on Katie Stice sale and demonstrations W Returns for fifth year to Cabot’s Pueblo Museum February 28 through March 2

lots along Monroe St. Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience Contact Information Website: Email:

February 27 to March 5, 2014


s a young man Juan Quezada became fascinated by the artifacts of the pre-Hispanic pottery of Paquimé in the Mexican state of Chihuahua and taught himself to recreate the pottery by studying and experimenting with native materials of the area. Mata Ortiz, named after the town where Quezada later taught his family to make the intricately decorated pottery, is how the modernized hand-made clay pots are now known and collected worldwide. One of the major shows for this pottery in the U.S. is the annual Mata Ortiz Pottery Event held for the past four years at Cabot’s Pueblo Museum in Desert Hot Springs. The Fifth Annual Mata Ortiz Pottery and Taxco Shard Jewelry event is coming up Feb. 28 through March 2 on the grounds of the Desert Hot Springs museum. This year’s show features art by Martin Cota, considered to be one of the most innovative younger Mata Ortiz potters, and Miguel E. Quezada, younger brother of famed potter Damian Quezada and a nephew of Juan Quezada. The weekend includes demonstrations by both artists from unformed clay to decorative pots and ollas, painting the pottery and outdoor firing techniques. On Sunday afternoon, families are invited to participate in olla (cooking or storage pots that are often unglazed) painting. Firing demonstrations and Q&A sessions are scheduled for Friday and Saturday, Feb. 28 and March 1, at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. and Sunday, March 2, at 11 a.m. in the courtyard of the museum, weather permitting The family olla painting activity will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday while supplies of ollas last. Cabot’s Pueblo Museum is the preserved pueblo build by hand by Cabot Yerxa. The

house was built in the style of Hopi pueblos to house Yerxa and his collection of Native American arts and crafts. Admission to the Fifth Annual Mata Ortiz Pottery and Taxco Shard Jewelry event is free; museum tours are $11. The museum is located at 67616 E. Desert View Avenue in Desert Hot Springs. For information on the museum, call (760) 329-7610 or go to www.

ith the Coachella Valley growing more and more every year, support of local businesses from our local Chambers of Commerce becomes exceedingly important. And thanks to passionate leaders like Katie Stice of the Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce, she’s helping those businesses and local professionals become even more successful. Born and raised in San Diego, Katie Stice came to the Coachella Valley in her sophomore year of high school and graduated from Indio High School. Stice was always civic minded. It was from volunteering for the Family YMCA of the Desert at Camp Oaks which led her to a position of Operational Director at the Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert in Rancho Mirage. She held her position there for eight years before making her move to the Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce where she is the Vice President of Member Services, Development & Social Media and has been so for the past seven years. It is clear that Stice enjoys her job immensely, “Once I became immersed in the community, I knew I wanted to stay, support, invest and enhance in the Coachella Valley’s future,” said Stice. One of the most gratifying parts of working in her position is helping the dreams of small businesses come true as she realizes the challenges that they face, “Being an entrepreneur is probably the hardest job in the world,” said Stice . But her chamber is there to help, as they are a Five-Star Accredited Chamber and the valley’s largest referral and networking source. They also aid in education and pro-business legislation. As part of her job, she is responsible for maximizing member recruitment, through sales and marketing efforts, as well as maintaining relationships with existing members. She also coordinates monthly events including, Mixers, Business Breakfasts, the Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade and many other events. Stice explains that the most important part of the chamber is not only the events and networking, but getting to know their neighbors in the community. Stice has recently completed the ACE (Accredited Chamber Executive) and IOM (Institute for Organizational Management). Stice is proud to point out that her CEO and VP of Communications have also received the same designations, making her chamber the only in the state with all three staff members with that level of education making their team very special. Stice also has a rewarding personal life as she is newly married as of June of 2013. The newlywed couple has also just purchased their first home together and keeps their relationship fresh by having frequent “Date Nights”, “Since our schedules are so busy,

date nights are most important,” said Stice. They enjoy hiking with their dog Grissom, trying their luck at local casinos, movie outings and valley restaurants. Stice also keeps busy by working with the WACE (Western Association of Chamber Executives) as part of their first-time Emerging Leaders Council which helps to engage, enrich and enhance professional development in chamber executives throughout the Western states. Stice is eager to invite local professionals to their monthly Business Breakfast speaker series, popular Mixers among many other events that the Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce initiates. And although it is many months away, she is excited about this year’s Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade which will take place on October 26th, 2014. This year’s parade will be extra special as they celebrate the parades 50th Anniversary. It will be quite the party and Stice encourages everyone to come, especially those who have never experienced it, “It’s a free family fun day, what could be better than that?” states Stice. As valley business continues to grow, it is vital that they have the support of the cities that they do business in. And with the encouragement of chamber executive’s such as Stice, these businesses and local professionals have the optimum of that support. It is clear that Stice has the enthusiasm to make these businesses owners dreams come to fruition as she voices the sentiment of all of us who adore the Coachella Valley, “I love this desert!” For more information on the Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce visit


February 27 to March 5, 2014

sports scene

by Julie Buehler



director Steve Simon said they were looking to not only add to the Tennis Gardens, but enhance the experience all around. They added 417 palm trees, at $3,000 per, added tempered glass rather than railings to avoid obstructed views, refrigerated water fountains so those who bought large bottles could refill them and get back to their seats, they made the scaffoldings and trimmings look nearly identical and increased the technological capabilities for the whole venue to rival that of any tournament in the world. The BNP Paribas is already a favorite of professional tennis players and with the Stadium 1 capacity of 16,100, is the 2nd largest tennis stadium on the planet, behind only Arthur Ashe Stadium, home of the US Open. Additionally, the Stadium 2 renovation brought in new restaurants, Chop House, Piero’s PizzaVino and NoBu, all of local repute, not out-of-town chains, a new Tommy Bahamas-themed 19,000 square foot shade structure and viewing area and a vibe of that laid-back, sun-soaking fun that make the BNP Paribas one of the best events our valley hosts. Had it not been for Ellison’s leadership, his trust in Moore and his team and his passion to provide the BNP Paribas with world-class sophistication, the tournament might still be limping along through an expansion project. Instead, when the doors open on Monday, the restaurants will be humming, the turnstiles clicking and the special of the day will a feast for all sports fans. BNP Paribas tickets are available at www. Julie Buehler hosts the Coachella Valley’s most popular sports talk radio show, “Buehler’s Day Off” every day from 3-6 on 1010 KXPS, the valley’s all sports station. She’s an avid gym rat, slightly sarcastic and more likely to recite Steve Young’s career passing stats than American Idol winners. Tune in M-F 3-6 pst at or watch the show on Ustream.

February 27 to March 5, 2014

by Flint Wheeler Financial Advisor representing New York Life. Owner Indian Wells Insurance & Wealth Management. Host of Tilted Sports Radio on Team 1010, KXPS. Former PGA Class A Professional. U.S.P.T.A. Tennis Professional. Titleist Performance Institute Certified Fitness Trainer

The Tennis Gardens Are Cooking More Than Great Tennis

t’s true that too many cooks can spoil a broth, but one billionaire compiled the perfect recipe of vision, leaders and resources to transform the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens into a feast for sports fans. Monday, March 3rd, the 2014 BNP Paribas will open its doors to more than 380,000 fans for the best tennis this planet has to offer. Each of the past few years, the tournament, considered the 5th Grand Slam event, has seen an increasing number of fans through the turnstiles and set new attendance records in 13 of its previous 14 years, last year included. As the tournament grew, it became clear there was were issues with serving it’s own popularity, including one instance that likely changed the course of Coachella Valley history. When billionaire Larry Ellison, founder and CEO of software company Oracle, bought the BNP Paribas and the tennis gardens from a consortium of shareholders, tournament CEO, Ray Moore, told me how much easier running the tournament became. Rather than having 32 minds to corral into unison, Moore need only convince one: Ellison. His new boss, a well-known sports fan and enthusiast, invited some friends to the Tennis Gardens in 2012 and unbeknownst to him, with the tournament sold out, Ellison’s friends were turned away. He approached Moore, who had plans in the works for years to expand, but did not have the resources to do so and after seeing Moore’s plans spilling over a 5-year period, Ellison asked, “Can we do this in 1 year?” Moore and his architect affirmed they could. The men all understood any mention of a “budget” would necessarily give way to the aggressive deadline and in 10 months and 10 days the new Stadium 2 was ready for full display to the media. Gone were the days of piece-mealing ideas together, this game plan relied heavily on Ellison’s willingness to pay the way while Moore and his team paved the way for all the moving parts to work in unison. Tournament


“Johnny Football”, overrated hype, NFL Proceed with caution.. . • Equipment sales & rental • Archery instruction for adults and children • Unique family recreational activity • Junior Olympic Archery Program • Nationally certified instructors • Individual, groups and families • $5 group introductory classes


Robin Hood Archery

44-901 Golf Center Pkwy Suite 1 Indio, CA 92201



don’t believe Manziel is worth a Top 10 pick, and I think he’s a gamble as a firstround quarterback in general. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think he›s a future NFL starter. It pains me to write this, however, in today’s ‘new’ NFL, quarterbacks mean almost everything. Seattle proved that D and a solid run game can still win the big one. But let’s be honest, the season’s 16 weeks long and the team that scores the most points usually wins. Like death and taxes, the long ball and offense in the NFL sells.  Look no further than this year’s NFL season-long playoff race contenders.  Colts; Luck, Patriots; Brady, 9ers; Kapernick, Denver; Manning, Saints; Brees… See a trend here?  As much as we’d like to believe the other 10 positions on the offensive side of the ball matter, they only matter when the quarterback is skilled enough to deliver them the football (see Chiefs and Bengals). With the Bengals and Chiefs you can have a pro-bowl filled roster BUT with a C+, B- quarterback, you’re watching the playoffs from the sidelines. For a team in today’s NFL, a first-round pick is much more than a developmental quarterback — he immediately becomes the face of the franchise. Expectations soar, pressure mounts and from the moment the player is selected, the clock starts ticking. How long until he starts? When will he join the league’s elite? Manziel isn’t ready to be an NFL starter — at least not one that can last. His game is predicated on elusiveness in the pocket, creativity as a runner and the ability to force defenses to hold their coverage longer than the average three-to-four seconds. The professional level is simply too fast, too big and too quick to adjust schematically for those attributes to remain Johnny Football’s calling card. The best two Manziel comparisons are Cowboys QB Tony Romo and Eagles QB Michael Vick. That being said, Manziel

doesn’t have the bulk or pocket-passing experience that Romo possesses and doesn’t have the arm strength to make high-velocity throws like Vick has. Combine those two concerning comparisons with the plight of Redskins QB Robert Griffin III, and it’s hard not to be concerned about how quickly an injury can change and stunt a running-based quarterback’s growth. Now, that’s not to say Manziel can’t adapt. Improvement to his footwork and increased velocity as a thrower (possible thanks to his consistently tight spiral and large hands) could make a world of difference for the dynamic passer. The Texans won’t make Manziel the No. 1 overall pick. The Jaguars and Raiders likely won’t, either. He doesn’t fit what the Buccaneers or Cardinals are looking for at the position. The Vikings have the personnel to maximize his playmaking ability, but Manziel doesn’t quite fit new offensive coordinator Norv Turner’s preferred quarterback skill set. The Browns are the rumored destination, but they may be pushing the media to inflate his perceived value. Manziel may sell tickets tomorrow, but if he can’t win in the NFL today and be set up for success in the future, he’s not worth a top selection. Ideally, Manziel falls to the second round, is shoved into a low-pressure situation and gets the chance to realize his potential. It only takes one team to feel it’s the right fit for Manziel, and that it can capture the excitement he brought to college football. Johnny Football should prepare himself for a harsh reality, because when it comes to decision time, drafting Manziel will be much easier said than done. Flint Wheeler Financial Services Professional Visit www.FlintWheeler.Com


February 27 to March 5, 2014

Local Music Spotlight

Local Music Spotlight

A Night at Schmidy’s


Article & Photos by Scott Pam


y feet were tapping and I was ready to do the “pogo” again. I lost 36 years in one song by Bridger - I felt like I was 15 at my first Ramones show. It is hard to also get good photographs while doing the Pogo... Bridger opened up the “CV Weekly Presents” show last Saturday night at Schmidy’s. Headlining the show was Se7en4 and the middle act was Th3 Strykes, an up and coming rap trio. Way back in the 70s I found the Ramones and made 19 shows in four years. They were loud, fast, tight and were able to express raw emotion in three to four chords in three minutes. Bridger is a modern version of the Ramones with a phenomenal drummer who rivals the skills of Neil Peart, two guitarists - one on rhythm and is also the lead singer, the other plays incredible leads - that bring the Ramones type sound and speed to a whole new level. Taking the stage just about two months after their initial gig in December, the band demonstrated how much they have been rehearsing and how seasoned they are as musicians each in their own rights. Katie and Jim Cathcart are sister and brother and cover drums, rhythm guitar and lead singing respectively. Jacob Miller handles lead guitar and Daniel Wheat handles bass. Where the Ramones were three and fourchord simple, Bridger adds intricate leads and bass lines that give the songs depth and intricacy. Next up was Thr3 Strykes, a high energy rap trio. SMALLZ (J RAW), PROTEK (Remedy), SURV1 (Petey Dolo) make up the trio. The last rappers I covered was back in 1982 - Grandmaster Flash - and the style has totally evolved. Rehearsing next door to an up and coming rap/hip hop group in the 90’s was the second closest I got to the rap/hip hop scene. Thr3 Strykes paid homage to those who came before them, dedicating a song to the Beastie Boys, who successfully mixed rock and hip-hip. The Beastie Boys actually started as a hardcore punk band in 1981 and made the transition when a band member left. Thr3 Strykes gets their audience involved through their set giving them the lyrics to chant with the band during refrains. Their high energy set has them flying around the stage - jumping, dancing and other acrobatics - and at times crowd surfing. The photographic challenge is getting these guys’s easier to photograph moths in the dark. Their energy is infectious and the lyrics are catchy


by Lisa Morgan


by Robin Linn Photos by chad lanning



BRAD MERCER’S BANDS ‘N FANS on KIX HOT COUNTRY 92.1 Palm Springs and 96.3 High Desert

even if they are difficult to get on film. The headliner band, Se7en4, is pure hardcore punk. Not one note was wasted on fluff or fancy riffs. With Steven Hall on drums, Nick Flores fronting the band, Trevino Martin on bass and Pete Burquez playing guitar, there is pure raw punk energy. This is the same energy I found back in the late 70’s in clubs like CBGBs, Max’s Kansas City (last I saw it was now a nail salon...), Heat, and a few other clubs that were brave enough to host the scene. Due to its size, there was not much slam dancing at CBGBs...but other slightly larger venues had their share. We did slam dancing back then. Most of the slam dancers were acts that would be on shortly and needed to make sure they stayed in good shape to play and get their money. At the show, there were a number of dancers who were quite a bit more energetic in their efforts to slam into other dancers. After this many years out of the scene and carrying my pro camera system, getting into what this crowd was doing might have required care beyond three visits to a chiropractor and the inevitable repurchasing of a new camera and lens. Se7en4 proudly carries on in the tradition of the great punk bands of the early scene in the 70s. Like other genres that many thought would come and go, punk lives on and is thriving with bands like Bridger and Seven4. Phil and Tracy have found a great mix of bands to showcase here in the desert with their regular series of “CV Weekly Presents”.


rad Mercer is at it again, breaking the rules of traditional radio formatting to create a platform for the amazing talents of unsigned artists deserving of radio’s listening audience. These are the artists who, though as talented as any others, have not yet been recognized by major labels and who would otherwise be ignored by the radio industry. Mercer, an award-winning radio personality and seasoned artist himself, has joined forces with Copper Mountain Broadcasting stations KIX Hot Country 92.1 in Palm Springs, California and 96.3 in the Morongo Basin area of California’s high desert to bring you “Brad Mercer’s Bands ‘N Fans”. Together, they bust out of the commercial country music industry box to showcase

NEW MUSIC from original artists, locally and from around the world. “Brad Mercer’s Bands ‘N Fans” debuted Saturday, February 22nd and will run from 4 to 6 PM every Saturday. The syndicated show will be streamed live on KXCMRADIO. COM and will introduce only the best of independent artists representing country music from traditional to southern rock and blues. “This is the show I’ve always wanted to do,” says Mercer, a veteran of the entertainment industry whose resume would be easier to read if it only listed what he hasn’t done. An accomplished singer, songwriter and recording artist himself, Mercer is also an award-winning screenwriter, producer and director. His latest film, “Sushi Anyone?” for which he received “Producer of the Year” honors, has been entered in film festivals in Malibu, Las Vegas and Maui. Mercer is also the recipient of the Alan Freed Lifetime Achievement Award as well as the Hollywood Lifetime Achievement F.A.M.E. Award. His experience opening as a stand-up comedian for the likes of Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno ensure that this show is going to be the best two hours of high quality entertainment radio has to offer!

February 27 to March 5, 2014


ounded in Missouri by Ray Vietti, The Harmed Brothers didn’t fully blossom into the beautiful unit they are today until Ray met up with musical soul mate Alex Salcido in Eugene, Oregon. If it was fate that brought them together, it seems to be their love for creating their very own sound that keeps them that way. THB blends the discipline of bluegrass with the looseness and freedom of rock and roll by combining the intricate stringed sounds of banjo, guitar, upright bass together with keyboards and drums. Their live show is energetic and inspired. Sweet layered harmonies singing their hearts, the band crisscrosses America winning fans and making friends, one town at a time. The interplay between Ray (guitar) and Alex (banjo and keys) is exciting to watch. They take their recorded ideas and bravely expand them in the live setting. The band also features Troy Broat (upright bass) and drummer Ben Kilmer, providing a fiery and dynamic rhythm section. Additionally, THB is known to include guest artists, part of their nationwide music family, depending on where they are when they perform the magic. They have been cited as having created a similar dynamic fueled by many of Americana stalwart Uncle Tupelo’s early offerings to the Americana music movement. As the band has progressed, they have strengthened and crafted their own musical voice, making them

refreshing and truly unique unto themselves. They are far from jaded, but rather wide-eyed and grateful for the travel, the fans and the freedom to create their own musical visions before welcoming audiences. Their latest record Better Days reveals tender emotion, well-crafted ideas, and fine musicianship. Last summer I caught THB at P&H and was both engaged and moved. . An evening with The Harmed Brothers can transport the listener to the woodsy haven of Oregon almost instantaneously. I have never been to Oregon (YET), but feel as if I can almost taste the sweet air and smell the forest while listening to their last two records, Better Days and All The Lies You Wanna Hear. The band is taking off for the road now and on March 6th they will perform a free show in the high desert at Pappy & Harriet’s. I asked The Harmed Brothers a few questions so they might share with us their insightful approach to creating and performing. RL: Tell us about some of the high and low points of traveling about as you do? THB: There is a great high that comes from jumping in the van and getting out there to do what you love with your friends and meeting back up with all sorts of wonderful people state to state. Knowing that you’re living on your our terms. The harsh realities of van breakdowns, monetary uncertainty and loneliness among other things can weigh heavy on a person in a traveling band. However, being able to do what we love makes up for those hurdles. It all makes us stronger and better people. RL: How long has this lineup been firmly in place? THB: We have more of a bullpen than a lineup. The Harmed Brothers at its core are the two of us, and we have a terrific bullpen full of friends across the country that’ll join us here and there. It just so happens that the great friends and musicians we bring out with us sometimes can’t be there for everything. Some have loved ones and families and responsibilities back home, some just end up not being cut out for road life. We’ve taken on a lot of different skins throughout the years. That’s kind of where the name “The Harmed Family Roadshow” originated; less of a lineup, more of a big family. RL: How many records have you recorded

together now? THB: Better Days is our third record together. Our first record, All The Lies You Wanna Hear, was independently released in 2010. Our second record, Come Morning, was released in 2012. RL: Do you find you are expanding your musical concepts as you play together longer? THB: We like to work off each other’s material whenever we can. When we began writing for the album Better Days, we showed each other what we’d been working on that season we’d spent away from each other, usually off tour. We found that we’d been writing towards the same subjects - Mending, acceptance, letting go. Vices, death, what have you. From there, we were able to build upon those ideas and concepts. If we weren’t writing songs together, one of us would write a response to the other’s song, or find something that would bring you back to those ideas full circle. That’s how “Love Song For The Assumed” became something of a companion piece to Better Days. We’ve come a long way from it being a band being split down the middle between songwriters. We’re in a good place where things feel less like an Alex song, or a Ray song, but more like Harmed Brothers songs. As for musically expanding as a full outfit, it’s a matter of slow and steady winning the race. Every album, we’ll want to incorporate a new element and not wear it out. Our first record was an acoustic record, the second one brought in the full band element and the third sharpened that, while incorporating more keys and vocals. It’s been very rewarding to be able to slowly and steadily build our sound, not letting our minds run too far away from us, which can easily happen. RL: What well do you draw upon for lyrical

content? THB: Experience, wonder, road-lag, life on the road. The ideas of home and comfort, what they are, what they used to be, whether those things be in a structure or a person. RL: I often feel that the environment one writes and creates in can affect the music greatly. It’s sort of environmental. If you create and live in the desert, there is certain mood or aura to the music that it produces. How do you feel Oregon has influenced your sound? THB: There’s a great deal of Oregon in our first record. The aura of All The Lies... was a foresty, woodsy one because it was simply guitar, banjo, vocals and percussion. The cover is a drawing of a wounded bird soaring over green fields next to a giant tree stump and an ax driven into it. That record has Oregon written all over it musically and aesthetically. It was recorded in the tiny little forest town of Cottage Grove, Oregon where we met. Come Morning was the Oregon/Midwest/ North Carolina record. That record in its own right was that “Oregon band” getting into a vehicle, getting out of the forest and on to the road, towards town, towards the big cities. And they brought their friends with them. The cover for that was the dawn’s early light shining up through the hills, a lot of hope in that with a lot of work to be done. Better Days is a travelogue. It covers numerous places we’ve been to and lived in, as well as places we’ve yet to experience but want to. You go through the big city, up the river, through the valleys and the sound is slightly bigger. Like that band finally reached the big city. The story isn’t over but they reached the lights and traffic and the noise. The cover even gives you that feeling; a man on a couch yawning in front of a large dreamlike city-scape. Very surreal. We’ve been steadily working and creating in so many different environments, some in very short amounts of time so Oregon hasn’t really tainted what we do. It’s as part of us as is every home we’ve ever had. One place can’t taint your sound or your art unless you allow it to. RL: What does 2014 hold for The Harmed Brothers? THB: Lots of touring, lots of traveling, festivals galore. We’ve been working on new material and we’re sure a lot of that will be fleshed out along the road. March kicks off our first full tour of the year. Last year was pretty hectic and trying but incredibly fulfilling. We intend to visit a lot of places we haven’t been before, to make new friends and gain new experiences. THB performing the title track from the latest record, Better Days: The Harmed Brothers website: Find them on Facebook at: TheHarmedBrothers


February 27 to March 5, 2014

by Eleni P. Austin



esire is a sylph-figured creature that changes her mind...” That’s a lyric from the band Prefab Sprout, circa 1985. More accurately it was written by the British band’s boy-wonder frontman, Paddy McAloon. Back in the ‘80s, bands like Aztec Camera, Style Council, Everything But The Girl and the Blue Nile managed to slip their sophisticated song craft in under the neon cloak of New Wave. This was especially true of Prefab Sprout. Paddy McAloon and his bassist brother, Martin, formed Prefab Sprout in Newcastle in 1977. The apocryphal explanation for the band’s name had McAloon mis-hearing the lyrics from the Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra hit, “Jackson” as “we got married in a fever, hotter than a prefab sprout.” Actually, McAloon devised the meaningless name as a mocking homage to ‘60s bands like The Strawberry Alarm Clock or the Electric Prunes. (McAloon’s inspirations were less Sid Vicious, more Syd Barrett). In late 1983, early fan Wendy Smith joined the line-up and the band released their first single on their own Candle label. “Lions In My Own Garden (Exit Someone)” was a clever and heartfelt ode to the girl who’d gotten away, (to Limoges, France making the song title also an acronym).

“Crimson/Red” (Kitchenware Records)

WESTFIELD MALL 72840 Hwy 111 #171 Palm Desert, CA 92260 760-341-2017


Consider This

Their debut, Swoon, soon followed; a heady and wordy collection of songs that examined heartbreak and Bobby Fisher, the romantic associations of basketball, and all manner of teenage ephemera. It received rave reviews in Great Britain. McAloon was immediately compared to Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello, Difford & Tilbrook, (the clever blokes in Squeeze), Stephen Sondheim and Cole Porter. The band upped the ante considerably on their sophomore effort, Steve McQueen (Retitled “Two Wheels Good” in America, where the late actor’s estate claimed copyright infringement). Production chores were handled by whiz kid/mad scientist Thomas Dolby. It was a perfect fit. The band also added a fourth member to the mix, drummer Neil Conti. By their third album, From Langley Park To Memphis, Prefab Sprout were ready to conquer the world. It’s fair to say they were slightly obsessed with America, songs like “The King Of Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Cars &

Girls” paid sideways homage to Elvis Presley and Bruce Springsteen, respectively. “Hey Manhattan!” was a breathless valentine to McAloon’s sudden New York State Of Mind. Although they achieved cult popularity here, their success never matched the dizzying heights reached by peers like the Smiths, the Cure or Depeche Mode. Prefab released a fourth album, Jordan: The Comeback, (a treatise on the intersection of religion and celebrity), and then they kind of drifted away. They really hadn’t, but the band quit touring, McAloon dealt with health issues, a detatched retina, cataracts and later tinnitus. Their album releases were sporadic at best, Andromeda Heights in 1997, the ambitious The Gunman And Other Stories in 2001 and Let’s Change The World With Music in 2009. These days, Prefab Sprout is really just Paddy McAloon. In a remarkably rapid turnaround, just four years after Let’s Change The World... he has returned with Crimson/ Red. The album opens with “The Best Jewel Thief In The World.” Sleek and elegant, the melody is built on a propulsive rhythm and sugar-rush guitar riffs. The lyrics unspool an action packed yarn centering on a smooth criminal…”Nimble as a cat, they’re hoping your luck deserts you/They’re sharpening their knives, but you’ve got nine lives.” McAloon has always been a clever but cryptic lyricist. On three songs here, “Devil Came A Calling,” “The Songs Of Danny Galway” and “The Old Magician” he abandons his past opacity offering up a more straightforward narrative. “Devil…” rides in on a galloping beat. McAloon paints a vivid picture of Mephistophelian seduction…”He showed me his world, hell, he threw me the keys/ Introduced me to women who went down on their knees.” Before he knows it, he’s sold his soul to the devil. “The Songs Of Danny Galway” matches ornate instrumentation with a beatific melody. The lyrics sketch out a chance encounter with Jimmy Webb… “I met him

in a Dublin bar, a sorcerer from Witchita, a wizard and his baby grand, a range of powers at his command.” McAloon continues, paying homage to the man responsible for classics like “MacArthur Park,” “Wichita Lineman”and “Galveston.” “…Emotions we all know are burnished til they glow in the songs of Danny Galway.” The jaunty melody of “The Old Magician” belies its dour lyrics. Accented by jangly guitars and fleet harmonica fills, it’s a brittle character study. Even magicians suffer from the slow arc of decline…”As dignified as you’ll allow, he’ll take one last, one final bow/ He’s lost all his illusions now.” The best tracks here are “List Of Impossible Things” and “Adolescence.” The former is a gorgeous waltz, powered by stutter-step guitar riffs. An achingly pure meditation on blind faith, it offers this ethereal couplet… ”Trust what you cannot know and pray til your prayers make it so.” The latter is a trenchant assessment of the anguish that accompanies puberty. Over a hiccup-y heartbreak beat, blippy bloopy synthesizers and plangent guitars, McAloon captures the many moods of juvenilia… “Adolescence, what’s it like? It’s a psychedelic motor bike, You smash it up 10 times a day and walk away/…it’s moonlight on a balcony, it’s pure hormonal agony/It’s bad poetry and greeting cards.” Other interesting tracks include the piano driven roundelay of “The Dreamer,” the sly “Billy” and the languid ballad, “Grief Built The Taj Mahal.” The album closes with “Mysterious.” Anchored by a tick-tock rhythm, soaring harmonica and a roller-rink Farfisa organ, (“everybody skate backwards!”) The lyrics are an eloquent love letter to the power of songwriting… “To catch the world in images, to annotate the feast, this quicksilver task remains mysterious at least.” The acerbic boy who cooly announced “I’ve got six things on my mind, you’re no longer one of them,” (desire being a sylphfigured creature, and all), is gone. In his place is an urbane, witty, sophisticate; equal parts Cary Grant and Howard Hughes. Crimson/Red offers erudite lyrics wrapped in gossamer melodies. Paddy McAloon’s output may not be prolific, but it’s well worth the wait.


February 27 to March 5, 2014

By rebecca pikus



andy Main’s paintings are dreamy & romantic Landscapes that are reminiscent of an earlier era of Impressionist art. Her current theme of the Western Landscape explores the qualities of light and atmospheric perspective. Mandy’s art alternates between landscapes inspired by 19th century American Luminists and her own abstracted contemporary vision. “I paint luminous oil paintings of the Western Landscape, informed by nature and capturing a personal sense of place. I focus on panoramic vistas and receding perspectives, with a sense of depth and movement and I push these elements to draw the viewer into the painting. The fleeting nature of light and clouds become dramatic subjects in my work. I am an Art Historian and my passion is 19th century American landscapes, especially the Luminists, whose works remain an undying source of inspiration. The work is dreamy and atmospheric, a view into traditional art history with a modern sensibility.” Mandy’s paintings are oil on canvas or wood panels --and she uses a subdued palette of warm colors, applied in layer after layer of glazes to achieve a “luminous effect”. This process takes many weeks to create. Mandy works in a series -- usually 6 paintings at a time -- in her Rancho Mirage studio, where she paints in silence and total concentration. Her paintings are a spiritual outpouring....”A part of my inner being is woven into every painting I create.” Mandy Main has a BA in Art History from Stanford University, as well as an MBA in Arts Management from UCLA. She has exhibited extensively in California, Oregon, & Washington, as well as NYC and Vancouver, Canada. Mandy has also received numerous Awards in these same locales. She has an impressive list of public and private Collectors, and has been featured in many Publications. Mandy has also been selected to be one of the featured artists in the upcoming First Annual Rancho Mirage Tour of Artists Homes & Studios on April 12, 2014. Mandy also belongs to the school of “En Plain Air” artists, which is a perfect adjunct to her Western Landscapes. “En Plain Air” is a French Expression which means “in the open

air”. Artists have long painted outdoors, but this practice took off in the mid-19th century. Its popularity increased in the 1890s with the introduction of paints in tubes (resembling modern toothpaste tubes). Previously, each painter made their own paints by grinding & mixing dry pigment powders with linseed oil. During this period, the “Box Easel”, or “field easel” was invented. With the advent of box easels, and paint tubes, artists now had portable supplies & equipment to enable them to make trips into the forest, or up the hillsides, or in the expansive fields, or to lake & sea locations to work first-hand in nature itself, rather than in an indoor studio. French Impressionists such as Monet, Pissarro, and Renoir advocated ‘en plein air’ paintings, where diffused outdoor light was available. In the late 19th century, Russian painters such as Polenov, Levitan, Serov, Korovin & Graber were known for ‘en plein air’ painting. American Impressionists such as Rose, Wood, Morgan, Gamble, & Gilbert became outdoor painting enthusiasts. Mandy Main’s paintings can be seen in the upcoming Artwalk on El Paseo, Fri. March 7, 2014 from 5-10pm, AND THE FIRST ANNUAL RANCHO MIRAGE TOUR OF ARTISTS HOMES & STUDIOS ON SAT. APRIL 12, 2014. For further information, Contact Mandymainstudios@, or view Mandy’s website: or Rebecca Pikus, Tel (760) 534-5888


February 27 to March 5, 2014


by Janet McAfee

Dana Hobart, Councilmember & Animal Advocate Dana Hobart, Rancho Mirage City Councilmember and three-time mayor, is an avid animal lover and one of the Valley’s biggest proponents for our shelter animals. After taking office 12 years ago, he elected to serve on the Coachella Valley Animal Campus Commission which oversees our Riverside County shelter in Thousand Palms. To encourage more adoptions of rescue animals, Dana created a program that reimburses the citizens of Rancho Mirage for the adoption fee when they adopt a cat or dog from the county shelter. He was also instrumental in the creation and funding of a Rescue Coordinator at the shelter through a public/private partnership when county layoffs eliminated this important life-saving position. Dana paved the way for his city to host Loving All Animals’ Super Pet Adoption Festival. Dana explains his affinity for these marvelous four legged creatures, “I’ve had dogs all my life. As a kid, I would walk up and down the aisles at the dog pound in Los Angeles and cry when I saw all the animals behind bars in kennels. Now, as an adult,

georgeous & friendly

Gorgeous black and white cat hopes for a home! This handsome 2-yr-old boy is a staff favorite at the Coachella Valley Animal Campus, 72-050 Pet Land Place in Thousand Palms. He loves to be held, and even tries to talk to you! He is animal ID#A1072656, contact (760)343-3644.

Meet Jackson Jackson would love to be your new best buddy! This 1-yr-old tri colored Spaniel mix boy is an absolute sweetheart. Come meet him at the Animal Samaritans shelter, 72-307 Ramon Road, Thousand Palms, (760) 343-3477.


I do the same thing when I walk through our local shelter. I always tell people that if they want a little more love in their life they should get a dog, and of course a rescue dog!” Dana and his wife Vicki were the proud parents of two rescue dogs, Giaco and Rosie, when they embarked on a new endeavor three years ago to help homeless animals. They began fostering dogs for Loving All Animals rescue program, Mobile Mutts. The program was designed to get dogs out of the public shelters, socialize them in family foster homes, and feature them in public venues where they meet potential adopters. Fostering is usually a temporary situation, and the dog soon gets adopted by its new family. One little Terrier/Poodle dog named Lola had other ideas. Dana explained what happened when they fostered Lola, “When Loving All Animals contacted us about fostering another dog, Lola joined our two dogs that were living the good life in the Hobart home and yard. The next day we headed to a groomer to get her shined and polished to meet

prospective owners. When the car pulled out to the street, Lola began to tremble and was scared stiff. I suppose she was thinking she was heading back to the animal shelter. Suddenly her shaking stopped, and we saw the dog was in an epileptic like seizure. We rushed her to the vet, but by the time we arrived she had pretty much revived. On the return trip home, Vicki said, ‘You know that now we will never find a home for her. Nobody is going to want to adopt a dog with a seizure history’. Vicki was right of course.” The Hobart’s two dogs, Giaco and Rosie seemed to know that something had shifted during Lola’s trip to the vet. They were waiting for them to return and from that point on welcomed the newcomer as part of their pack and celebrating her return with a game of “chase a dog’s tail”. Without verbalizing it that day, both Hobarts knew that Lola was already “home”. We know how dogs work miracles in the lives of their humans. Sometimes it seems they also work miracles to orchestrate their own adoption, arranging the timing of events to secure the perfect home. Dana explains how he believed this happened with Lola, “We underestimated this dog’s capacity to understand her environment and her

circumstances. She has never had another seizure after that first one, and the vet could find no medical condition that caused it. We concluded the little rascal duped us with a seizure. She saw the house, playmates, and yard and simply decided this would be her forever home one way or another.” Vicki adds her thoughts about Lola’s adoption, “There was no way we were going to adopt a third dog. We wanted to keep fostering and saving more lives. Then right after coming to us, Lola had a seizure, but the vet explained he did not know the cause and she did not require medication. We were worried this incident would reduce her chances of adoption, and were concerned she needed owners who could provide good vet care. So we adopted her! She earned her way into our lives, but interestingly she hasn’t had a seizure since. She is a wonderful little dog, and loves the other two.” The Hobart’s became part of a group we lovingly call “foster failures”. About 50 percent of our foster families fall in love with their temporary residents and end up adopting them. Dana encourages other animal lovers to consider fostering, “If you already have one dog, taking in another is not difficult at all. The effort is minimal considering you are already feeding one and taking him for walks. You can make a difference and save lives by becoming a foster parent.” The Coachella Valley animals are lucky to have this elected official as their advocate, both in his professional and personal life. There is an animal waiting for you now at the local shelter who will work his way into your heart. Contact the county shelter, the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms at (760) 343-3644, or view their adoptable dogs online at www. If you’re not quite ready to adopt, consider fostering a dog sponsored by Loving All Animals, and contact them at (760) 834-7000. The Hobart’s believe that when it comes to animals, “Love will find a way!”

February 27 to March 5, 2014

by Rick Riozza

My Belov-ed Zinfandel…the Godfather of Zin speaks!


alifornia really has its mark on its own “native” red wine. The low-key arrival of the Zinfandel vine from the Croatia area back in the 1850s was cultivated up in Northern Cal, but there’s no question that everyone cherishes Zin to be our own state wine. Indeed—isn’t the Golden Bear on our state flag caught trouncing upon Zinfandel grapes? And the wine can be a heavy hitter when it comes to its full-bodied character. It’s been known to take down the richest of barbequed ribs and the most garlicky slew of snails and sausages. But sometimes, we can experience its doppelgänger robed in elegance, with similar complexities of a Bordeaux and/or— dare we say, of a Red Burgundy. The Lord looks kindly upon us “Zinners”— and even though we will continually complain about this style of Zin or that, this winemaking technique or that, the terroir on the eastern hills or that near the coast, through it all, we are blessed to enjoy the entire spectrum of what our beloved Zinfandel grape provides. And there’s a real following among us Californians and other worldly inhabitants who just go crazy over this stuff! Joel Peterson was already a wine wise guy before he could legally buy a glass of wine at the only wine bar in the county. By the mid1970s, he was learning to make wine with the best of them up in Napa. Joel was the Founder and Winemaker of Ravenswood Winery since 1976 where in that first year he produced around 327 cases of Zinfandel. In 2001, two years after going public, Ravenswood was bought by Constellation Brands for million$! Fortunately, for us Zinners, Peterson remained. Thus Ravenswood is one of the few wineries that has had the philosophical and winemaking skill of one winemaker for over 30 years, contributing to a consistency and quality rarely found in California. We’re always hearing about multimillionaires becoming winemakers—but, this is an even better story where a winemaker became a multimillionaire. Joel works with 100+ growers that provide grapes for Ravenswood annually, consulting on irrigation practices, cultivation

practices, cropping levels and other vineyard management practices. Definitely a wine pioneer, as a long time participant and observer of the California wine industry —he easily gets the moniker Godfather of Zin Upon beginning my interview with Peterson, I mentioned that my son Paolo and I recently opened a 1975 Joseph Swan Zinfandel—it was delicious, silky, and elegant similar to a well-aged Pinot Noir. Peterson was pleasantly whisked back to that vintage: “You know—we made that very wine when I was part of the winemaking team headed by my mentor, Joe Swan—a lot of great stories back then.” A lot of you Zinners and general wine enthusiasts know of Peterson by the massproduced, California appellation Ravenswood Vintners Blend wines found in supermarkets across the country.  But do you know that he is still producing some of the most terroir-driven Zinfandels in California? He’s known to make his single-vineyard Zinfandel to age. However, having the pleasure to sample three bottles of the latest 2011 releases, I found the wine to be—of course, fresh, but also quite quaffable and enjoyable with a meal. And thank God for the seamless tannins that were present along with a balance of classic red and black fruit, layers of complexities, and textbook acidity. The subtle richness of French oak was evident without being over the top. These wines are a real treat and I recommend them to all wine lovers. Great to hear the Godfather simply speak about his wines: The  2011 Belloni Vineyard Zinfandel—I tried to get Joel to admit that Belloni was the most Italian among the three wines I tasted (Primitivo is genetically a southern Italian Zin— albeit Belloni was from Parma, further north!) but Belloni’s vineyard make-up has changed over the last hundred years. (Peterson says the “Barricia vineyard” bottling is more Italian) Belloni vineyard is located in the cool Russian River Valley and the production results are of a classic concentration and finesse. The wine owns alluring aromas of blackberry jam, boysenberry, wood smoke, and plum, with highlights of pine, tobacco, lavender, and licorice. The mouthwatering, velvety tannins combine perfectly with beautiful natural acidity and a lush, lingering finish. The 2011 Dickerson Vineyard Zinfandel— Farmed from 80+ year old vines on the west side of the Napa Valley. The 2011 Dickerson is an excellent example of Napa Valley Zin with heady aromas of fresh red raspberry, cedar, mint, baking spice, and eucalyptus. There is ripe, sweet fruit on the mid-palate with precise tannins and mouthwatering acidity. The long, juicy finish displays persistent flavors of mint

flavor keeps evolving through the long finish. We desert dwellers are so fortunate to have an array of vintage and new releases of Ravenswood single-vineyard bottles available over at Costa Nichols’s Desert Wines and Spirits, Palm Springs 760.327.7701 Peterson was recently in town and enjoyed his older Zins from Costa’s shop. “They reach a nice balance of aged complexity with Zin-like character about six to eight years after  harvest. Truly they start to resemble aged Bordeaux about 10 years after harvest.” Hey Joel—thanks for your time—visit us again soon! Cheers!

and bright fruit. Cab and Merlot enthusiasts give praise to this lovely Zin. The 2011 Old Hill Vineyard Zinfandel  comes from probably the oldest vineyard in Sonoma. It’s history in a bottle, a jewel patch of Zinfandel grapes and so many other Rhone-type vines that Peterson used to blend an incredibly rich and complex wine. An enticing aroma of black cherry, raspberry, violet and slate leads to similar flavors plus buzzy pepper, earth and mushrooms. The

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2/13/14 12:50 PM

February 27 to March 5, 2014




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6-10pm CASCADE LOUNGE, SPA RESORT; PS; 888999-1995 Nash with Quinto Menguante 9pm (LR) CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Joe Jaggi 6pm DHS SPA LOUNGE; DHS; 760-329-6787 Karaoke 9pm EL MEXICALI CAFÉ 2; IND; 760-342-2333 Cesar Daniel Lopez on the harp 6-9pm FIRECLIFF; PD; 760-773-6565 Hal Sweasey 6pm HARD ROCK HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9676 DJ Colourvision w/ Kid Wonder 11am poolside INDIAN WELLS RESORT HOTEL; IW; 760345-6466 Ted Herman’s Big Band w/ Frank DiSalvo 6pm JOSHUA TREE SALOON; JT; 760-366-2250 Open Jam 6pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-3252794 Palm Springs Sound Company,in the afternoon,Hot Rox,in the night LAVENDER BISTRO; LQ; 760-564-5353 Bob Allen 6pm MELVYN’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE; PS; 760-325-2323 Sunday Jam 4-8pm

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February 27 to March 5, 2014


COME JOIN US FOR THE FUN!! • 14 flat screen televisions • NTN Trivia and poker with QB1

While you are here you can try one of our ten tap beer selections from a frosty cold glass or choose one of our 30 tequilas or vodkas to make your favorite cocktail.




(760) 251-2644

SUN MARCH 2 29 PALMS INN; 29 Palms; 760-367-3505 Bob & Alison 6pm ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 Intoxica Radio Live w/ Howie Pyro 10pm AZUL; PS; 760-325-5533 The Judy Show 7:30pm BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 Steve Madaio


February 27 to March 5, 2014

The Pampered Palate

Oceans seafood restaurant


know I’ve used the term “hidden gem” a few times as of late, but when referring to Oceans restaurant in Cathedral City, I couldn’t resist. Located on East Palm Canyon in the Canyon Plaza shopping center across the street from Target, this quaint little “hidden gem” has it all. When you first walk through the doors you understand why it is called Oceans. With a fish aquarium and Ocean decor, the atmosphere is breathtaking. We were seated by Nino, a very professional

waiter, who carried a white board on a stand to our table, with the specials written on the board. He then began to describe in detail (he made the dishes sound so appetizing) all of the specials. We had our drinks and bread served to us by Israel, (who is nicknamed “Lalo”), my wife had a pleasant, fruity glass of Josh Sauvignon Blanc, and I had a tasting glass of iced tea and a cappuccino to wet the whistle. We started our meal with two appetizers, sharing a Lobster Cocktail and a Royal Salad. The Royal Salad is fresh chopped tomato with hearts of palms, kalamata olives and feta cheese, sprinkled with a vinaigrette dressing. The delicious Lobster Cocktail is high quality lobster with mixed greens, horseradish, and cocktail sauce. For my entrée I chose the Surf and Turf, which was the most tender eight ounce filet mignon I

February 27 to March 5, 2014

By David Wayne have had in a long time, and an eight ounce Lobster tail, both grilled to perfection and served with creamy mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. My wife had their special, Chilean Sea Bass: lightly floured, baked in the oven with fresh tomato, basil and garlic, also served with mixed vegetables, including carrots, cauliflower, and bok choy. The Sea Bass, moist and tender, melted in our mouths, and both dishes left us satisfied, but not uncomfortably full. Dessert is a must for us when dining in a fine restaurant, and with the choices we made, we were not disappointed. One was a raspberry cheesecake that interestingly had mascarpone in it, layered with white cake, and covered with fresh raspberries and sauce. The other dessert was cappuccino ice cream, topped with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and finely chopped nuts. My wife had a hot cappuccino with her cappuccino ice cream, and got tickled by the idea of the two together. With a seating capacity of seventy, this small restaurant makes good use of its space without crowding the tables together for their guests; partly because they have a nice patio area with a television. I enjoy when a smaller restaurant has its owner involved in the production, and Bakir (who is originally from Bosnia) did just that very well. It was obvious he has a lot of regulars, as he greeted

most of his guests by name, and made sure that their dining experience was perfect. Open for lunch and dinner; don’t miss this fascinating “hidden gem”. 67-555 East Palm Canyon, Suite C-101, Cathedral City Call for reservations and hours: 760-324-1554

“THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD THE WEST HAS TO OFFER!” Our wonderful staff is committed to giving you the best dining experience. We have a nicely stocked bar and great desserts as well. Our authentic mexican food main courses are truly mouth watering. We have an award winning sweet corn tamale that you just have to try for yourself. Once you dine at Pueblo Viejo Grill, you'll be back for more soon!




36901 COOK ST. STE.#3 PALM DESERT, CA 92211 (760)836-1133

81931 HIGHWAY 111 INDIO, CA 92201 (760)342-5900




February 27 to March 5, 2014

Movie Reviews with Robin E. Simmons



ome great movies are newly available on DVD and/or Blu-ray. These wonderful movies from another era are alive and well and awaiting your eyes to see again or for the first time. HOLLOW TRIUMPH (1948)

surgery as part of a con, make sure you… Well, I’ve given enough away. I liked this cynical, tough, take on how we fail to notice what’s going on around us. Yes, the premise and plot twists require major suspension of disbelief, but so what. It all works by fade out. Steve Sekely directs from an over the top but properly cold script by Daniel Fuchs. Film Chest Media Group. DVD.

Screeners No.101

pure Kipling, but the spirit is there -- it’s in the DNA of the piece. And as expected from Disney’s pristine vaults, the hi-def transfer is stunning as is the sound. Among the extras is an extended “animated” storyboard sequence of an alternate ending that sends Mowgli into the human world and its attending conflicts. This certified classic is one for the digital library. Disney. Blu-ray. SAMSON AND DELILAH (1949)


Surround Sound is a wonder. Kids love Mr. Fox because he’s a cool, confident smart ass who gets away with it. Adults appreciate the detailed, fully realized fantasy world and the fabulous human-like characters and action throughout. Too bad Dahl is not here to see his creation come fully alive. Paramount. Dual-Format Blu-ray.


Space does not permit a fair and full treatment of the magnificent, timeless and brilliantly executed hand-drawn animation based on Rudyard Kipling’s beloved “Jungle Book” stories. Even with sophisticated, computer assisted 3D photo-realistic animation so popular now, nothing comes close to the power of the human touch in character design and backgrounds. And then there are the fabulous voices: Sterling Holloway’s Kaa the Snake; Louis Prima’s King Louie of the Apes; Phil Harris’ Baloo the Bear; Sebastian Cabot’s Bagheera the Panther and George Sanders’ indelible Shere Khan the Tiger. But it’s Phil Harris and Louie Prima who dominate the story with their timeless swing style musical numbers that have not dimmed over the years. The fabulous ape dance remains one of animation’s great set pieces and Mowgli’s journey from the animal kingdom to the human world remains charming and engaging for kids of all ages. It may not be

Arriving just in time for Easter, the meticulously restored SAMSON AND DELILAH Blu-ray transfer looks great in 1080p high definition. The familiar Bible story stars robust Victor Mature and beautiful Hedy Lamar in the titular lead roles. This is wonderful old-school movie making that may be slower paced but still pays off in the end with the destruction of the Philistine temple and the suicide of Samson. In a violent act, Samson defeats his enemies with the blessing of his God. Not a lot has changed in the land of the Bible, has it? Angela Lansbury, George Sanders and a literal cast of thousands offer super effective over-the-top support to this melodrama that some scholars suggest is a Jewish take on the Hercules myth. But make no mistake, this sincere, violent and devout Cecil B. DeMille religious epic about the fabled strongman still works as both propaganda and myth. In a time of revived interest in Biblical epics, this is a good place to rekindle one’s interest in a dormant genre. I was surprised there is no commentary or extras. I’m sure Angela Lansbury’s recollections of the massive production would be fascinating. But even as an unadorned disc, the story of the ancient strongman, his great feats of strength and the foreign woman who seduces him make for great entertainment. Paramount. Blu-ray. (Available March 11) FANTASTIC MR. FOX (2009) Director Wes Anderson has brought to life Roald Dahl’s whimsical tale of a clever and exceptionally well-dressed wild animal, chicken thief and reporter to life. The terrific stop-motion production is a real work of ark. The story is subversive, clever and funny – so very Dahl. The extras are lavish and exceptionally fascinating. The 5.1

THE LEGO MOVIE continues to rack up huge returns and near universally rave reviews. In my opinion it’s superior to AMERICAN HUSTLE and THE WOLF OF WALL STREET combined. Yes, you read that right.

And surprise of surprises, POMPEII is so much better than you might have guessed. Big spectacle and a love story that made me think of TITANIC more than once. At its core, it’s a love story at the end of the world. I have no idea if this is the same material to which Roman Polanski was once attached, and I don’t see novelist Robert Harris’ name anywhere in the credits. One can only wonder what Polanski would do with this big yet intimate story. Comments?

February 27 to March 5, 2014

By Heidi Simmons

“The Shining” Boy Grows Up



A mostly forgotten but still effective film noir, HOLLOW TRIUMPH (titled THE SCAR in the UK), is about John Muller (Paul Henreid), a thief on the run from the cops and, much worse, a sadistic club owner who operates a rigged gambling joint. Muller is a smart and arrogant. He thinks people don’t notice what’s happening around them. He is focused only on the big score. He recruits his old gang and robs a crooked gambling joint owned by Rocky Stanswyck (Thomas Brown Henry). Muller gets away but some members of his gang do not and they finger Muller as their leader. When Muller is mistaken for Dr. Bartok (also Henreid), a shrink that looks like Muller, he tries to assume the man’s identity. But, as so often happens in film noir, fate in the form of a woman threatens his plans when Bartok’s secretary and lover Evelyn Nash (Joan Bennett) enters the scene. No more spoilers here, but a warning: if you are considering plastic

Book Review

tephen King’s 1977 novel, The Shining may be one of his most significant and popular novels. Although different, Stanley Kubrick’s film version propelled the story into cinematic history. Thirty-six years later, King has written Doctor Sleep a sequel (Scribner, 544 pages), which can easily be enjoyed without reading The Shining first. The story opens with a boy, Danny Torrance, who is suffering posttraumatic stress after a horrifying event killed his father and destroyed a famous Colorado hotel. He and his mother struggle to put the terrifying events behind them. Danny has an extrasensory gift – called the shining -- where he can hear and see things others

Doctor Sleep By Stephen King Fiction cannot. With the help of an old friend, Mr. Halloran, Danny learns to control his “shine” and “store” the ghosts that haunt him. With a big jump in time, Danny is now a troubled man who must battle his demons. This works on more than one level in this King story. Dan is an alcoholic who has hit bottom and is struggling to find a place to live and function sober and without drama. Now nearly 40, Dan finds a job at a hospice where he becomes known as Doctor Sleep. He is able to calm people before death and help them “cross over.” Dan goes to Alcoholics Anonymous and finds a supportive community and friends. Through his “gift,” he meets Abra, a

young girl, 13, who has reached out to Dan with her uber shining abilities. The two connect mentally and eventually meet. Abra is being hunted by an ancient group of “shine sucking” vampires called the True Knot. The True, as they refer to themselves, travel the country in luxury RVs preying on young children and storing their shine mist, which they call “steam.” The True is desperately running low on life-sustaining steam. In addition to their troubles, they killed a boy who carried measles and they have become ill with no way to fight it. The True believes Abra’s steam –- she being the strongest carrier they’ve ever encountered – will not only restore them for years to come but cure them from the deadly childhood disease. Abra, Dan and a few of his friends hatch a plan to stop these horrible creatures with Abra as bait. The showdown takes place at the location of the former Colorado hotel where Danny and his mother barely escaped with their lives decades before. The True Knot are a horrifying group of nomadic vampires. They are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of missing children. They blend in with society and have been getting away with torture and murder for centuries. They are a terrifying hodgepodge of killers with extraordinary abilities that make them dangerous and strong. But Abra, with Dan’s help, is stronger. Doctor Sleep, as a sequel to The Shining, is not great. There are just too many questions left unanswered about Dan, his mother and father (Jack Torrance). When we meet Danny in Florida, he is the same boy coping with his nightmares, but we don’t get any more of his life until he is a terrible, homeless, adult drunk. However, Abra’s story is told from birth. So the reader gets some insight what it must have been like for Danny living with the shining. Abra is being raised by sensitive, modern parents who do all they can to help their small child cope with her bizarre outbursts and strange behavior, which they do not understand. Abra knows her

special gifts scare her folks, so Abra keeps her ability to herself as she becomes a teen. Danny’s parents were also concerned and afraid of his gift, but didn’t have the tools or the resources to help their son. I think it’s fair to say that in The Shining, Danny and his “gift” became a central problem and may have been directly responsible for the destruction of his family. Something King never really addresses in Doctor Sleep. Too many elements are missing or fail to work, to make Doctor Sleep a successful sequel. King attempts to tie the True Knot to the Colorado hotel, but it is just to convoluted to make perfect sense. Dan discovers he is Abra’s uncle. This too seems an unnecessary coincidence that doesn’t have to be in the story for the two shining characters to connect. Doctor Sleep does not answer questions that remain from The Shining. Further, the events of the prequel do not really enhance the Doctor Sleep plot. The Shining took place in a familiar world not unlike our own. The Torrance’s lived in a haunted hotel that destroyed them for reasons that are mostly ambiguous – which is great. Doctor Sleep makes but a small effort to explore the connection between Danny, his ability, his family and the hotel. The True Knot are scary and deadly and inhabit a supernatural world that is beyond the familiar setting of The Shining. King does not bring these two worlds together to make Doctor Sleep a satisfying sequel. As a stand-alone story, Doctor Sleep takes familiar characters and their strange gifts and constructs an intense battle where they must confront a ferocious evil to the best of their abilities. And that part of the story really works. Doctor Sleep may not be a great follow-up, but is remains a fun, stand-alone read.


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TUE MARCH 4 29 PALMS INN; 29 Palms; 760-367-3505 T.B.A. 6pm ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 Ace Karaoke with Kiesha 9pm AJ’S ON THE GREEN; C.C.; 760-202-1111 Mikole Karr’s Jazz Quartet 6pm

AZUL; PS; 760-325-5533 Bella da Ball Dinner Revue w/ guest performers 7:30pm (CB) BAR; PS; 760-537-7337 Vinyl Sessions 8pm BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 Stanley Butler Trio 6-10pm CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Joe Jaggi 6pm CUNARD’S SANDBAR; LQ; 760-564-3660 Bill Baker 6pm ESCENA LOUNGE & GRILL; PS; 760-9920002 John Stanley King 5-9pm (JZ)(BL) FIRECLIFF; PD; 760-773-6565 Hal Sweasey 6pm FIRESIDE LOUNGE; PS; 760-327-1700 Red’s Rockstar Karaoke INDIAN CANYONS GOLF RESORT; PS; 760833-8700 DJ Randy Johnson 6-9pm INDIAN WELLS RESORT HOTEL; IW; 760345-6466 Michael D’Angelo 6pm JOSHUA TREE SALOON; JT; 760-366-2250 Ted Quinn’s Open Mic Reality Show Jam 8pm (VD) KOKOPELLI’S; YV; 760-228-2589 Dana Larson 6:30pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-3252794 Palm Springs Sound Company LAVENDER BISTRO; LQ; 760-564-5353 Mark Gregg 5pm, Bob Allen 6pm outside patio NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Karaoke 8pm-1:15am THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Tim Burleson 7:45 (PB) PALM CANYON ROADHOUSE; PS; 760-3274080 Eclectic Tuesdays. Singer/songwriter night. All acts welcome. Hosted by JB, Sign up 7pm RED BARN; PD; 760-346-0191 Open Mic 8pm SCHMIDY’S; PD; 760-837-3800 Open Mic 8pm SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760-341-

S and G


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Septic Tank & Grease Trap Pumping Sewer & Drain Cleaning Odor Control

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In Your Office • Fast Response • Reasonable Rates

“We Bring Office Machines Back To Life”


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WED MARCH 5 ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 Industry Night w/ Caxton 8pm AJ’S ON THE GREEN; C.C.; 760-202-1111 Mikole Carr AZUL; PS; 760-325-5533 Paula Prince 7pm (PB) BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 Nicky Vallee & Willy B 6-10pm CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Patrick Tuzzolino 5:30pm CLINIC BAR & LOUNGE; PS; 760-864-4119 T.B.A. 9pm CUNARD’S SANDBAR; LQ; 760-564-3660 Bill Baker 6pm ESCENA LOUNGE & GRILL; PS; 760-9920002 Rose Mallet 5-9pm (JZ) FIRECLIFF; PD; 760-773-6565 Sonny Evaro 6pm HAMILTON’S SPORTS BAR & GRILL; LQ; 760-698-8303 Karaoke w/ T-Bone 8:3012:30am THE HOOD; PD; 760-636-5220 Open Mic 8pm INDIAN WELLS RESORT HOTEL; IW; 760345-6466 Rich Bono & Poupee Boccaccio 6pm JOSHUA TREE SALOON; JT; 760-366-2250 Live Music (RR) KOKOPELLI’S; YV; 760-228-2589 Karaoke

w/ Roberto 7pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-3252794 Hot Rox LAVENDER BISTRO; LQ; 760-564-5353 Bob Allen in the lounge and Tom on the patio 6pm MELVYN’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE; PS; 760-325-2323 “Sing Jam” w/ Michael Healy 8pm NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Golden Era Karaoke 4-7pm, Karaoke 8pm-1:15am Singles Night !!! THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Kevin Henry 6-8pm Tim Burleson 8pm (PB) NYPD; PS; 760-778-6973 Live DJ 9pm PAPPY & HARRIET’S; PT; 760-365-5956 PJ’S SPORTS LOUNGE; YV; 760-288-1199 Karaoke w/ KJ Ginger 8pm PLAN B LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AND COCKTAILS; TP; 760-343-2115 Red’s Rockstar Karaoke 9pm PURPLE ROOM@CLUB TRINIDAD; PS; 760-327-1161ext.230 Michael Holmes Trio 6:30pm RIVIERA RESORT & SPA; PS; 760-327-4080 Martin Ross, Starlite Lounge 5pm, Open Mic w/ Esjay Jones, Sidebar 7pm SCHMIDY’S; PD; 760-837-3800 D Phillips Band 9pm SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760-3413560 Straight Ahead Jazz (JZ) VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 Pat Rizzo & All That Jazz Band 6:30pm VILLAGE PUB; PS; 760-323-3265 DJ Khodi Rayne 4:30-2am, Nite Fixx 9-2am VUE GRILLE & BAR; IW; 760-834-3800 Ben 5:30pm WESTIN MISSION HILLS; RM; 760-328-5955 Art of Sax 7-10pm WILLIE BOYS; MV; 760-363-3343 Karaoke WOODY’S BURGER; PS; 760-230-0188 Brian Nova Trio Jazz 6pm


February 27 to March 5, 2014

by heidi simmons

The Christopher Kennedy House


odernism Week concluded its ninth year with over 40,000 visitors from 20 countries. A non-profit organization, Modernism Week is all about “Cool. Iconic. Modern.” Their objective is to celebrate and foster an appreciation of midcentury architecture and design, as well as contemporary thinking, by encouraging education, preservation and sustainable modern living. There are 11 days of fun and colorful festivities that ranged from architecture to fashion. This year Modernism Week added something new: The Christopher Kennedy Compound. The show house added an exclamation point to what Modernism Week is all about! The Kennedy house, 444 E. Santiago, is located in the older established community in the Canyon Country Club Estates. The homes were built throughout the 60s and 70s around the private 18-hole golf course. Bob Hope and other famous folks were often seen golfing there from the living rooms that faced the greens. These homes exemplified the Palm Springs’ indoor and outdoor lifestyle. “I bought the house to live in it. Then I thought Palm Springs should have a showcase home like Pasadena, The Hamptons and Dallas,” said Christopher Kennedy, local interior designer and mastermind behind the beautiful show house. “Palm Springs is such fertile ground. We have great architecture, we have design

enthusiasts, and we have great charities. It seemed like a natural thing to do.” Kennedy bought the property last September. Where most show houses can take a year or more, Kennedy and his team remodeled the property in just five months. Kennedy has been based in Palm Springs for nearly ten years. His work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Dwell, Elle Décor, California Homes, the Los Angeles Times and Luxe Interior+Design. The latter sponsored the event in conjunction with Modernism Week. The house will appear in their summer issue. “It’s not just about me,” said Kennedy. “We have a designer in every room. I called my famous design friends from all over the country and they all said ‘yes.’ It’s a true designer showcase.” The house has four bedrooms and five bathrooms in 2,823 square feet. Participating designers made each room stand out. HGTV’s Lori Dennis of the “The Real Designing Women” remade the front terrace. Local modernist artist Trina Turk designed the pool patio. Los Angeles based Woodson & Rummfield’s House of Design, fashioned the living room. Patrick Dragonette created a fantastic den, Jium Ho furnished and styled the dining room, Celerie Kimble shaped an amazing master bedroom and Kennedy designed the kitchen and baths. “I have been in Palm Springs since the beginning of Modernism Week. We have

grown together. I watched it explode,” said Kennedy. “When I conceived of having a showcase as an official event for Modernism Week, I knew it would guarantee an audience.” Kennedy believed if he could dovetail the show house with Modernism Week, it would certainly make a difference. “The goal was to raise $100,000 for Modernism and other architectural preservation efforts,” said Kennedy. “My dad taught me ‘if not you, who? And ‘If not now, when?’” The Christopher Kennedy Compound was open for seven days during Modernism Week. The first day almost 100 people an hour went through the beautifully redone house. Vanessa Kogevinas, project manager and producer of the event, estimates there were at least 4,000 who took a tour of the property. “A successful project comes as a direct result of the sum of its parts. From designers to the sponsors to the production team to the marketing and beyond,” said Kogevina. “As a producer, my greatest satisfaction comes from being able to positively juggle and balance the many facets of show house production and nurture them into a true success.” Kogevinas was the show house producer of the Greystone Manson in Beverly Hills in 2008, 2011 and 2013. She has produced a total of 6 high-end interior design show houses. Two have been charity design projects. Manufacturers that contributed $50,000 worth of materials became Platinum sponsors. Some of the companies included were Lamps Plus, Sherwin Williams, Aran Cucine, LaCantina Doors, Modern Home, Neo Metro, Pirch, Crestron and Crossville. Cosentino supplied the kitchen counter tops. The Dekton is made of quarts, glass and porcelain and is heat, scratch and strain resistant. The material can look like wood, but isn’t on the market yet.

Gessi supplied the bathroom fixtures. Their long, flat showerheads create a lovely flow of water. First Atrium’s windows were throughout the property. LaCantina created the bi-fold kitchen windows that spanned the counter top. It opened up to the pool and mountain views. Innovative materials were used everywhere in the house. Matthew Cate, a math teacher from Los Angeles, was enjoying the house. “I like to see what the designers are doing,” said Cates. “I do a lot of home improvement and it gives me ideas.” Cate often comes to Palm Springs for weekend getaways and has participated in Modernism Week events before. “This is a very exciting addition.” The Christopher Kennedy Compound has taken a vintage house and has once again made it a modern Palm Springs home.


February 27 to March 5, 2014

Beer Snob

Home Brewing E

veryone that loves a good beer has had the thought “I should learn how to brew.” Or maybe even “I could brew this.” Mental images of yourself chilling in the front drive, cold beer in hand and your kettle at a nice rolling boil. The fragrance of hops is in the air. You waving to passers by as you casually wait to add the next addition to your brew. All the while telling your significant other “Don’t worry babe this will save us money in the end look how much beer it makes.” First I want to address all the significant others out there that have a partner telling them this little white lie. Let me assure

By trooper Ramsey you, set your mind at ease, so that you two can move forward with this new grand adventure. It will not save you money. It will take up a lot of your free time on weekends. It will lead to more expensive toys. But the benefits of learning this ancient form of alchemy is priceless so get over it and get involved. It is so worth it in the end. Do remember that from the minute you crack the grain until you pour the first pint of Home Brew there is a lot of manual labor. Every step requires sanitation, cleaning, scrubbing, etc. Brewing is like being a janitor to some degree. But it is a labor of love. So you have thought about it long enough right? It is time to go out and buy what you need and start this life of your own beer in the fridge to show off to all your friends. Hold the press! Let me chime in with some well needed advice for the first time brewer that I wish someone would have told me. Sit down in front of your computer, lap top, ipad, whatever you use to search the world wide web and start searching. Go out and have a craft beer while you do the research. Try Eureka in Indian Wells or Babes Brewhouse at the River in Rancho Mirage or Schmidy’s in Palm Desert; all are great craft beer destinations. My first advice is to find a local homebrew club, Here locally it is Coachella Valley Home Brew Club. They have a web page and

it’s your nickel

New Apps

California Regulator (PUC) requires Ride-Sharing Insurance of UBER and others


ompanies like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar all offer new world ride sharing services. Interestingly they are governed by the Public Utilities Commission, and are required to carry $1 Million Dollars in additional liability insurance coverage for passengers and the property and persons in other vehicles should any harm occur to them that exceeds the driver’s own policy, and is clearly noted as the service driver’s fault. Passengers also aren’t covered if they suffer injuries caused by other drivers with policies that provide bare-bones coverage or who have no insurance at all. This is another reason I always advise people to carry uninsured, under-insured motorist insurance


on their personal policies, as this applies to even the general population when they drive themselves to the grocery store. This type of coverage is extremely inexpensive, and saves untold lack of preparedness in an area of the country where many drivers often have no driver’s license to begin with and are therefore unable to purchase insurance even if they wanted. Lastly, this additional liability coverage paid by firms like Uber, doesn’t cover the firm’s driver or the driver’s vehicle. Also, recently, an Uber driver was involved in an accident with a pedestrian when he was not on the clock, and the firm denies any involvement and the insurance coverage that would otherwise have come with that. As cab companies, and others in this competitive market have to suddenly deal with these new fledgling companies that

are well spread out throughout the valley. Send them a message and get out there on a brew session. Every one that I have met from the club has been very accommodating. You will find all levels of brewers, see all styles of set ups and systems and this will give you a good feel for what will work best for your situation. A word of caution here, do not run out and buy the biggest system out there right away. Give home brewing time to prove itself something you will stick with and learn to love. Then go crazy. When you send them a message, tell them BeerCulture webshow sent you. Next the home brew supplier I recommend is More Beer in Riverside, California. Just give them a call and talk to Rob or Dan. They are very knowledgeable, super friendly and ready to help you get



started. They pretty much have everything you need for the novice on up to pilot batch and beyond. I started with extract kits. I just read the recipe and followed the steps. This is a great way to just focus on the basics of brewing for a while. Before long you will be creating your very own recipes and wowing your friends and family. Home brewing is an amazing hobby with endless rewards; it has been the incubation process, the laboratory for the Craft Beer movement. The majority of the small breweries that you love were started by home brewers including our very own Coachella Valley Brewing and La Quinta Brewing. So get out there do the research, start brewing and when you get something amazing send us a sample. Trooper Ramsey

ave you noticed that the price of a gallon of gasoline has been going up recently? With the United States producing more oil and gas than ever, one would think that gasoline prices should be coming down.  Why the expensive disconnect?  Also, why are gas prices in California higher than the rest of the country.  Surely having more drivers using more gas should mean that our prices should be lower, right? To understand the root causes of California’s higher prices starts with an understanding of gasoline blends.  Not all states have the same gas blends.  For example, California has strict air quality guidelines.  This is not just because California is more environmentally aware - the state’s

population density and temperatures have a lot to do with it. As such, California requires boutique gas that is different from the rest of the country.  Additionally, like most states, California requires different gas blends in the winter than in the summer.  As engines vaporize and boil gas in order to operate, If the vaporization point is too low, gas does not burn well in  your car’s engine.  If the vaporization point is too high, the burning of gas will cause poor air quality and more ground-level ozone or smog.  These different fuel blends are meant to address this delicate balancing act.  Summer fuel has a lower boiling point which reduces air pollution but is more expensive to produce.  Fuel standards in California are much higher than the rest of the country due to the sheer number of cars on the road as well as the higher summer temperatures and a more environmentally conscious population.  This means that there are few refineries making the gas that we all use.  Additionally, federal laws limit the shipping of gasoline domestically such that it is more expensive to sell gas between states than it is to simply sell the gasoline to other countries.   As the refining business operates on a low profit margin, plants that make gasoline

must operate at close to capacity in order to make a profit. When one refinery in the state is closed for maintenance or due to a mishap such as a fire, the supply of gas is severely inhibited causing gas prices to go up.   In February, refineries began reducing gas production as they began their seasonal maintenance routines in advance of a retooling of their production lines for summer gas.  When you combine these factors with a nearly 10% increase in oil prices, prices at the pump went up. As refineries cannot sell winter gas beyond Memorial Day, there is a tightening of winter gas supplies as we approach the

end of May as no one wants to sit on excess supply that cannot be sold until winter fuel standards go back into effect. So what is the solution?  Relaxing California’s boutique gas rules so that we can use gasoline blends made in neighboring states is an obvious but unlikely solution.  Building more refineries is another answer but due to the high costs associated with building a facility, low profit margins and heavy regulatory burden in the state, companies and investors are reticent to making costly investments in a state where returns are weaker than the rest of the country.  As such, increased capacity is unlikely in the near term. Conversion to alternative fuels like compressed natural gas (CNG) and electric vehicles is a distinct possibility although long driving distances impede the advance of these options as there are few refill stations for CNG not to mention the long recharge times on electric vehicles.  In the end, the price of gasoline would be lower if both federal and state lawmakers simplified things.  The complexity keeps prices higher while at the same time depressing business activity which inhibits job growth.

Dale Gribow On The Law

By john Paul Valdez have made the better mousetrap at only two thirds the cost to the end user, many lawsuits are sure to follow. In the meantime, clients win big on their pocket books, and are at no more risk than having their spouse drive them to their destination. In fact, ride sharing drivers have better driving records than the vast majority of the public, which means it’s a safer way to get around. When something is cheaper, safer, better, more luxurious, and more efficient… America wins. The growing pains and jealousies of competitors aren’t pretty, but in the end, this country will always come out ahead because we innovate more than any other country in the world. What is WhatsApp? And why pay $19 Billion for it?

Haddon Libby:It’s all local

February 27 to March 5, 2014

We Get Letters It’s a new application that allows you to send texts without paying your phone company. You’ll notice that phone companies offer “Text, Talk, and Internet” as a bundle. WhatsApp obliterates one third of that value on the phone company side. It is estimated that phone companies will lose $39 Billion in revenues from persons who move over to WhatsApp via FaceBook in the short term. Sounds like Mr. Zuckerburg at FB got the purchase at less than half price. Smart guy. For questions and comments, please write me at

companies had to be sneaky and get the victim in the picture showing the damage to their car and right before the adjusert would snap the picture he/she would say bend over point to the damage to your car. Right before they would take the picture they would suddenly say… now SMILE. Thus they would have a picture of you bending and smiling when your complaints are that you cannot do this. Today insurance companies can save their money and just surf the web. They can contact your friends to inquire about you because it is now easy to find who you know. It becomes easy to find out what you are doing and who you are doing it with…. and often that is the kiss of death for your case. With respect to a DUI the last thing you want to do is post pictures of yourself

Q. Mr. Gribow, I read in an earlier article that you wrote in CV Weekly that if you have been in an accident or received a DUI you should immediately take down your social media. WHY? -Sally F in Indio

A. Facebook, and other social media, allows the insurance company, in an accident case, and the DA on a Drunk Driving to learn about you in minutes. If you are making a claim for an injury from an auto accident that is not your fault and you are complaining about your terrible pain and that you cannot do anything, then what do you think happens when you post a picture of yourself playing golf or tennis a few days after the incident? Those sports would suggest you were able to bend and move…arguably without pain. What if you or a friend posts about parties, a surfing weekend or a trip to Hawaii that you were taking? If you were well enough to sit in one place for 5-6 hours on a plane and carry your luggage then how do you explain your complaints to the doctor that you cannot bend and lift or do anything? If you were on a vacation that

suggests you were not hurting and did not have to see the doctor on a regular basis. In the past the insurance companies would hire investigators to do sub rosa investigations by hiding across the street from you and taking pictures of your hauling the trash or putting suitcases into your trunk etc. Previously the insurance

drinking and partying. I have had clients that post on FB the morning after their arrest that they were bombed out of their mind when they were arrested and that the cop did not find the drugs in between the seats etc. Some clients have been known to brag about their prior DUI’s in another state that the cops did not know about. Don’t forget that your lawyer is your friend and is just trying to protect you. That is not true of the adjuster or DA who is prosecuting your DUI. Remember, when you drink don’t “pull a Bieber” and get behind the wheel and have an accident or get arrested for a DUI: DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, CALL A TAXI… IT IS A LOT CHEAPER THAN HIRING ME! Dale Gribow has been “Rated” TOP LAWYER by Palm Springs Life Magazine from 2011-2014 and has a Superb AVVO Legal Rating by his fellow attorneys. If you have any questions regarding this column or ideas for future columns, please contact Dale Gribow Attorney at Law at his NEW number 760 837 7500 and or his new email:


February 27 to March 5, 2014

safety tips

Gaemer Girl

by Jennifer Tan aka mrs. fett

by Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna


Rain is coming, but proceed with caution! “


here’s good news forecasted for this week – Rain! Two storms are possible this week says Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna. As the rain is very much welcome and needed, it’s important to keep safety in mind.  It will be hazardous.”  When the road is wet, the film of the water on the asphalt causes tires to lose traction.  Slow it down in the rain.  Allow for more travel time.  Keep in mind that traffic is likely to be moving slower as well.  There’s also the possibility that your preplanned route may be flooded or jammed.  Brake earlier and with less force than you would normally.  Also, use turn signals, so that other drivers know your intentions.  Take turns and curves with less speed than you would in dry conditions.  If you see a large puddle up ahead, drive around it.  Also, a pothole may be hiding under the water waiting to damage a wheel or knock your suspension out of alignment.  Don’t attempt to cross running water.   After you cross a puddle, tap on your brake pedal lightly to dry off some of the water on your rotors.  Turn on your headlights, even when there’s a light sprinkle.  Watch out for pedestrians.

Before the storm have your mechanic check brakes, tire pressure, tire tread depth and defroster so you’ll be ready. Make sure your wipers are in good condition and functioning properly.  If the blades are brittle or damaged, replace them before you’re caught in a downpour.  For additional safe driving tips in the rain visit: Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna

ShareKitchen N

by lori cohen-sanford of Nourishfoods

ourishfoods Organic Meal Service was born from my passion for cooking with organic, healthful and seasonal ingredients as the basis for creating recipes and serving delicious meals. I specialize in private chef services, cooking classes, and small-group catering in the Greater Palm Springs area. As a client of ShareKitchen in Cathedral City, I operate from this local food business incubator for catered services. I have over four years of experience creating meals customized to fit a wide variety of dietary preferences. Since moving to Palm Springs in the summer of 2012, I have become involved with the local Certified Farmer’s Markets as frequent guest chef and have collaborated with the markets to create special dining events featuring the bountiful farms surrounding the Coachella Valley. I source ingredients from the markets and support local businesses, such as Savory Spice Shop in Palm Desert, where I enjoy sharing my healthful passion and philosophy by hosting cooking classes open to the public. Whether your preference is in-home meal preparation left conveniently in your refrigerator, or a meal prepared and served


on premise for a special gathering, leave the shopping, menu planning and cooking to me! If you are looking for your own healthful inspiration in the kitchen, I would be delighted to host a private cooking class customized for your group. In-home classes are a unique way to bring guests together and menus can be designed to fit a wide variety of age groups, culinary preferences and occasions. Whether it is a child’s birthday party, a professional team-building event, or a gathering of family or friends, let Nourishfoods bring a class to your home! Please contact me, Lori Cohen-Sanford, at or visit www. for more information and to find out about public classes on offer!


Lori Cohen-Sanford


Private Chef Service Cooking Classes Small Group Catering



ive semesters ago, Garrett Stevens saw a problem. As he looked around his College of the Desert campus, he saw gamers, just like himself, with nowhere to hang out, nowhere to play, and more importantly, nowhere to be social and develop friendships. “I used to have game nights at my house, and my sister would call us a nerd herd, each of us being of the nerd stock, and the name stuck. So, I created Nerdstock.” Garrett explained. Nerdstock hosts anywhere from 50-100 people every other Friday, with around 60 active members in the CoD club. Being able to participate in their game night was an experience I hope more gaming students on every campus will have the opportunity to have. Indulge in everything from Nintendo 64 to Ps3 on TVs and computer emulators. Also board games, laptops running League of Legends, and of course, Magic the Gathering. It is truly a vibrant room of laughter and fun. Nobody judges, let alone cares, who you are. The only question anyone ever had for me was, “Wanna Play?” Magic the Gathering seemed to be a strong presence in the club, with about 60% of its members active players, collectors, and deck builders. I took part in a few one-on-one games, that turned into an EXPLOSIVE 5v5 team brawl that lasted what seemed hours. I stood no chance, but my sides hurt from laughing. In my eyes, it was worth the loss, and 100 more after that. Nerdstock will begin hosting booster drafts in the future, as well as FPS tournaments, and bring a wider range of activities to their game nights. Gustavo, the next President in line, explained a game called Ninja.

Don’t Be


February 27 to March 5, 2014

by Diane Marlin-Dirkx and cheese reception, operatic concert, award ceremony, delicious 4-Star American dinner and dancing. $200 per person. “Bougainvillea Room,” Spencer’s, 701 W. Baristo Rd., Palm Springs. For reservations, call 760-323-0154, or 750-346-8803.



Apparently you strike odd ninja like poses, and your opposer has ONE shot to hit your hand…but you get to move it? I’m still learning, maybe next game night I will have the chance to try out my stealth moves in this new game. Why wouldn’t CoD have something set up like this already? I asked Garrett. “The college has a “game room” as they like to call it. A few really old TVs, a few tables, but you aren’t allowed to use that room without staff present, and from my experiences, they usually aren’t willing to pay to staff a routine game night. Even if you could use it, the internet can’t handle us playing in there anyway.” Garrett has high hopes for his club in the future. The ultimate goals being events every Friday, held in a larger facility, without the need for staff, more TVs for members to game on, and stronger internet to support the PC gaming members. And of course, more members. “We want every gamer on campus to know they can game with us, no matter what they play!” explained Garrett. If you would like to join the gaming Nerdstock Club at college of the desert, you can reach Garrett Stevens on campus, or let me know @cvweekly on Facebook!

here are enough down-time recreational activities hereabouts to keep you spinning through the week and weekends at warp speed, or at least enough to make you dizzy. That’s why you live, or visit, our fair desert paradise. To wit: Golf, tennis, SHOPPING. Gym workouts, breakfast, lunch, SHOPPING. Biking, hiking, SHOPPING. Boutique–trawling, mall-prowling, SHOPPING. By the time many of you go to your summer home, the snow will have melted and slipped away into streams, rivers, and ponds, and even the Great Lakes, over 88% frozen this winter will be deliciously refreshed with water for the months ahead. Before you slip away homeward, cast your moist eyes on this calendar, check out and pencil in a charity fundraiser, a healthy walk for good cause, performances by budding musicians that make you wish you had practiced as your mother demanded. There’s always “tomorrow,” Scarlett. After all, it is another day! This is paradise! Did we mention”shopping?”

Saturday, March 1, 9am (on-site registration), 10am (opening ceremony), 10:30 walk begins. Kicking off the 15th Annual Alzheimer Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s® is Emcee Jenifer Daniels of KPSP-TV (CBS Local 2) with Honorary cochairs Pat Kaplan, Palm Desert and Edie Keller, Rancho Mirage at the Palm Desert Civic Center Park,73-510 Fred Waring Dr. at San Pablo. More than 1000 people from across the Coachella Valley are expected to walk the 2 mile route to raise awareness and funds to fight the disease and dementia. While you fight the good cause enjoy Delgado Band music, jazz saxophonist Will Donato, Sherman’s Deli box lunches and Atria Hacienda, children’s activities, wellness exhibits, silent auction, drawings, dog bowls, treats, and awards. Prizes for top fund-raising teams. To sign up, donate cash ore prizes, or volunteer, call 760-3286767, or go to

Sunday, March 2, 2-3pm. The Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus (PSGMC0) will sing up a storm to showcase their vocal talents in a Sunday Sounds Series Chorus Program to include Tribute to Armed Forces, Let Freedom Ring, Color Out of Colorado, Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Star Spangled Banner and Homeland, just to name few of the selections from their upcoming Optimistic Voices Concert on April 2 and 27 at Palm Springs High School. The PSGMC mission is to be a chorus of gay men who through musical excellence, community outreach and civic responsibility, are dedicated to entertaining, inspiring and educating the culturally diverse communities in which we live. For more info, or to purchase tickets for upcoming concerts, visit The concert is free and open to the public at Palm Desert Community Center, 43-900 San Pablo Road, Palm Desert.

Monday, March 3, 5:30pm. Spencer’s Restaurant at the Mountain is alive with the “sound of music!” With the wave of a baton, it’s time for the 38th Annual Opera Showcase Concert and Dinner featuring the finalists and winners from the 2013 Western Regional Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions. The event will also honor Miriam Hoover with the Mimi Rudolph Award, and Brent McGunn with the 2014 Lilli Joseph Award. Enjoy a wine

Saturday, March 8, 6pm. And The Broken Glass Awards” go to only the most extraordinary women who have shattered the glass ceiling in their professions and paved the way for others in the industry. So say the Palm Springs Women in Film and Television (PSWIFT) announcing the lineup for the event in its 6th ground-breaking celebration of the names before the title on marquees on global screens and in our community. This year’s honorees are Actress/Author/Fashion Designer Shari Belafonte, Actress Elinor Donahue, childsinging sensation/philanthropist Peggy Cravens, and Canadian actress Deborah Kara Unger. Tickets, including dinner and awards show, are $175 for nonmembers; $100 for members; and $25, for show-only seating that includes a glass of wine. For more information, contact PSWIFT, 760238-0306, or go to Broken Glass Awards page on Facebook. Event at The Show at Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa, 32250 Bob Hope Dr., Rancho Mirage.

Sunday, March 9, 11am-1pm. Ooh, la, la! It’s time to “Party in Paris” and you’re invited to a fundraiser for the Palm Springs Art Museum’s Artists Council to an exhibit and Sale and Artists’ Demonstrations just as if you were on a Sunday stroll among the artists in the Place du Tertre in the City of Lights. (Sigh.) Enjoy hors d’oeuvre and champagne served with a French flair by Zin American Bistro. (Double sigh.) This Artists’ Council event and 50% of sales benefit the educational programs of the Palm Springs Art Museum. Limited tickets, $75. For tickets and info, call 760-322-4850, or email The event address is Villa Fontana, 1020 East Via Colusa, Palm Springs. Monday, March 10, 8:00pm. The McCallum Theatre presents the Canadian Brass, who in legend (and Hollywood) has been on earth heralding every triumphant occasion since joyous, chest-beating triumphs began, putting resounding

brass music on the map, echoing off the scenery in robust, loud celebration. Today’s version, pulled together by friends Chuck Dellenbach and Gene Watts revived the quintet orchestration in 1970 with their unbeatable, contagious blend of virtuosity, spontaneity and humor and now they brighten the rosters of concert halls, international festivals and orchestra series throughout the world. Is that glass shattering enough noise for you? Gabrielli to Gershwin, you’re going to love this group, just as their global audience packs the halls from America to Australia to Russia, China to Canada. Tickets are $25 to $75, available at, or call 760340-ARTS.

Sundays, March 9 and 16, Recitals 12pm and 6pm. The 2014 Steinway Piano Competition presented proudly by The Steinway Society with juniors, age 7 to 14 performing on March 9, and Seniors, age 14 to 18 performing on March 16. There’s more! Master classes may be observed on both dates for age groups, at 8am and 10am, 2pm and 4pm. What a unique opportunity to witness and enjoy some of the finest musical talent that our Coachella Valley has to offer as performed on a Steinway grand piano, acknowledged as one of the world’s finest musical instruments since 1853. For more information, go to www. Free and open to the public with open seating. Event at Rancho Mirage High School, 31001 Rattler Rd, in the Helene Galen Performing Arts Center. “Don’t Be Clueless” wants to remind you that press releases for inclusion should be in to the Coachella Valley Weekly at least two weeks ahead of the scheduled event! Thanks!


February 27 to March 5, 2014


Article & photos by richard Noble

What’s Happening in Recovery?


ymposium’s on Recovery Resources at the Hard Rock Café, luncheons with guest experts in treatment, a Heroes in Recovery 6K in downtown Palm Springs or even a reception and reading from a New York Times’ best-selling author at the Pasadena Recovery Center, I hear we are powerless over alcohol and drugs every days. That might be true on the individual level of addiction, but recovery…. treating substance abuse and it’s causes and conditions - educating and supporting therapists, treatment centers, prisons, families, individuals, schools, etc. there’s a lot we can do and are doing and there’s certainly nobody, in their glum lots, sulking around scratching their heads. Instead, there’s a vibrant and educated population in the Coachella Valley at such places like the Ken Seeley Recovery Community (i911), the Betty Ford Center, Michael’s House, Spencer’s Recovery, ABC Recovery Centers, The RANCH, Addiction Therapeutic Services, Torres Martinez TRIBAL TANF, the Riverside Country Sober Living Coalition and hundreds of therapists and substance abuse counselors right here, every day, offering serves and learning themselves how to live and manage in a substance abuse free environment in our

cities so that others may be shown. Take for instance the Symposium that was held at the Hard Rock Café. Attending was Caleb Cottle, B.A. who shared with us his tremendous success with CALO in Lake Ozark Missouri. CALO helps adopted children who could fall into substance abuse, develop a sense of wholeness through canine therapy with their Golden Retrievers. There was Intervention 911 and Ken Seeley with Eric McLaughlin presenting the Intervention approach to recovery with a 5 year plan (obviously 30 days aren’t working!), the keynote presenter from Sovereign Health, Patrick Aleknavicius, Psy.D, who talked with us for an hour with case studies in the need for psychological testing to help professionals understand and individually help those in treatment


with their unique needs. The Symposium lasted two days, provided attendees with CEU’s and there are three more: May 2-3: Dissecting the Family System, Aug 1-2: Aftercare: How Long & Best Practices, Nov 7-8: Marketing Strategies for a Changing Landscape. To learn more and register, call 760-992-4172. Last week, Nic Sheff had a book signing at the Pasadena Recovery Center. That was delightful. Nic read from his book and questions were asked from clients of the PRC. Nic wrote the book “Tweak” that became a New York Times best seller and his father followed him with his own book, “A Beautiful Boy”. Also this last week it was a delightful time at a luncheon hosted by Addiction

Week of February 27

Therapeutic Services with Dr. Herndon and his wife, Josie Ramirez-Herndon here at Melvyn’s Restaurant in Palm Springs where there’s always a wonderful guest speaker. It’s a time professionals in the field get to meet one another and share referrals to meet client needs. This week speaker, taking therapists on their “purpose” quest was Marcia Ullett who read from her new book, “A Life of Passion and Purpose for you Clients. So the gift to the Coachella Valley is there are always wonderful things happening in the field of recovery right here in our backyard.

by Personal Trainer Karen Creasey

The Importance of Learning to Swim


very day, about ten people die from unintentional drowning. Of these, two are children aged 14 or younger. Drowning ranks fifth among the leading causes of unintentional injury death in the United States.” * Wow! As a lifelong swimmer I would like to think that most drowning is preventable with some education, practice, and common sense. Although my wish may be a bit too simplified, I’m convinced that learning to swim is never a bad thing. The USA Swimming Foundation gives some interesting facts regarding learning to swim and participating in formal swim lessons. “


On their website, it states that participation in formal swim lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88 percent among young children. 88 percent! It also states that if a parent does not know how to swim, there is only a 13 percent chance that a child in that household will learn to swim! Those percentages alone are enough to convince me that formal swim lessons do their part in drowning prevention. But the stats I like to look at are on the faces of the children and adults who become confident enough in the water to enjoy a wet playful afternoon without the fear of drowning.

The American Red Cross learn-to-swim program teaches people how to be safe in and around the water; as well as stroke mechanics and stroke proficiency. A child as young as six months can start swim lessons and an adult of any age can learn to swim. The Palm Desert Aquatic Center runs year around American Red Cross swim lessons for all ages and all skill levels. Call 760565-7647 for information. It would be our pleasure to have you, your family, and your friends at the aquatic center in our learn to swim programs. Learning how to float and how to propel through the water enough to make it to safety is a life skill that grants the possibility of fun in any aquatic environment. Learning how to perform stroke mechanics and swim for fitness provides an opportunity to experience a strong cardio respiratory system and overall health. Learning to swim proficiently could be the beginning of reaching a lifelong dream. Like winning a medal, participating in a triathlon, teaching someone else to swim, or even becoming a United States Coastguard Rescue Swimmer. The possibilities are endless!


*According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): The battles you’ve been waging these last ten months have been worthy of you. They’ve tested your mettle and grown your courage. But I suspect that your relationship with these battles is due for a shift. In the future they may not serve you as well as they have up until now. At the very least, you will need to alter your strategy and tactics. It’s also possible that now is the time to leave them behind entirely -- to graduate from them and search for a new cause that will activate the next phase of your evolution as an enlightened warrior. What do you think? TAURUS (April 20-May 20): “Life is like Sanskrit read to a pony,” said Lou Reed. That might be an accurate assessment for most people much of the time, but I don’t think it will be true for you in the coming days. On the contrary: You will have a special capacity to make contact and establish connection. You’ve heard of dog whisperers and ghost whisperers? You will be like an all-purpose, jack-of-all-trades whisperer -- able to commune and communicate with nervous creatures and alien life forms and pretty much everything else. If anyone can get a pony to understand Sanskrit, it will be you. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Does Kim Kardashian tweak and groom her baby daughter’s eyebrows? They look pretty amazing, after all -- elegant, neat, perfectly shaped. What do you think, Gemini? HA! I was just messing with you. I was checking to see if you’re susceptible to getting distracted by meaningless fluff like celebrity kids’ grooming habits. The cosmic truth of the matter is that you should be laser-focused on the epic possibilities that your destiny is bringing to your attention. It’s time to reframe your life story. How? Here’s my suggestion: See yourself as being on a mythic quest to discover and fully express your soul’s code. CANCER (June 21-July 22): The 19th-century American folk hero known as Wild Bill Hickok was born James Butler Hickok. At various times in his life he was a scout for the army, a lawman for violent frontier towns, a professional gambler, and a performer in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Women found him charismatic, and he once killed an attacking bear with a knife. He had a brother Lorenzo who came to be known as Tame Bill Hickok. In contrast to Wild Bill, Tame Bill was quiet, gentle, and cautious. He lived an uneventful life as a wagon master, and children loved him. Right now, Cancerian, I’m meditating on how I’d like to see your inner Wild Bill come out to play for a while, even as your inner Tame Bill takes some time off. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): “If I was a love poet,” writes Rudy Francisco, addressing a lover, “I’d write about how you have the audacity to be beautiful even on days when everything around you is ugly.” I suspect you have that kind of audacity right now, Leo. In fact, I bet the ugliness you encounter will actually incite you to amplify the gorgeous charisma you’re radiating. The sheer volume of lyrical soulfulness that pours out of you will have so much healing power that you may even make the ugly stuff less ugly. I’m betting that you will lift up everything you touch, nudging it in the direction of grace and elegance and charm. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take,” says hockey great Wayne Gretzky. In other words, you shouldn’t be timid about shooting the puck toward the goal. Don’t worry about whether you have enough skill or confidence or luck. Just take the damn shot. You’ll never score if you don’t shoot. Or so the theory goes. But an event in a recent pro hockey game showed there’s an exception to the rule. A New York player named Chris Kreider was guiding the puck with his stick as he skated toward the Minnesota team’s goalie. But when Kreider cocked and swung his stick, he missed the puck entirely. He whiffed. And yet the puck kept sliding slowly along all by itself. It somehow flummoxed the goalie, sneaking past him right into the net. Goal! New rule: You miss only 99.9 percent of the shots you don’t take. I believe you will soon benefit from this loophole, Virgo.

© Copyright 2012 Rob Brezsny

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): If you are the type of person who wears gloves when you throw snowballs, Germans would call you Handschuhschneeballwerfer. They use the same word as slang to mean “coward.” I’m hoping that in the coming days you won’t display any behavior that would justify you being called Handschuhschneeballwerfer. You need to bring a raw, direct, straightforward attitude to everything you do. You shouldn’t rely on any buffers, surrogates, or intermediaries. Metaphorically speaking, make sure that nothing comes between your bare hands and the pure snow. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): In his song “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy),” Bruce Springsteen mentions a disappointing development. “That waitress I was seeing lost her desire for me,” he sings. “She said she won’t set herself on fire for me anymore.” I’m assuming nothing like that has happened to you recently, Scorpio. Just the opposite: I bet there are attractive creatures out there who would set themselves on fire for you. If for some reason this isn’t true, fix the problem! You have a cosmic mandate to be incomparably irresistible. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): “Some people say home is where you come from,” says a character in Katie Kacvinsky’s novel Awaken. “But I think it’s a place you need to find, like it’s scattered and you pick pieces of it up along the way.” That’s an idea I invite you to act on in the coming weeks, Sagittarius. It will be an excellent time to discover more about where you belong and who you belong with. And the best way to do that is to be aggressive as you search far and wide for clues, even in seemingly unlikely places that maybe you would never guess contain scraps of home. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): What words bring the most points in the game of Scrabble? Expert Christopher Swenson says that among the top scorers are “piezoelectrical” and “ubiquitarianism” -- assuming favorable placements on the board that bring double letter and triple word scores. The first word can potentially net 1,107 points, and the second 1,053. There are metaphorical clues here, Capricorn, for how you might achieve maximum success in the next phase of the game of life. You should be wellinformed about the rules, including their unusual corollaries and loopholes. Be ready to call on expert help and specialized knowledge. Assume that your luck will be greatest if you are willing to plan nonstandard gambits and try bold tricks. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Sorry to report that you won’t win the lottery this week. It’s also unlikely that you will score an unrecognized Rembrandt painting for a few dollars at a thrift store or discover that you have inherited a chinchilla farm in Peru or stumble upon a stash of gold coins half-buried in the woods. On the other hand, you may get provocative clues about how you could increase your cash flow. To ensure you will notice those clues when they arrive, drop your expectations about where they might come from.

February 27 to March 5, 2014

Mind, body & Spirit


by Bronwyn Ison


n less than one week valley residents lululemon, presented a great opportunity and Coachella Valley visitors will be to represent what it means to serve our striking a pose for “Poses on Paseo,” community as nurse and health and wellness at the Gardens on El Paseo. The valley professional. The event is in-line with my wide event is designed for everyone who passion for seva (service) directly benefiting loves fitness and enjoys a healthy lifestyle. Coachella Volunteers in Medicine, a much The two-hour yoga event does not require needed local clinic providing full spectrum you to be a yoga enthusiast. Everyone is health care to the non-insured residents encouraged to join in this charity event of our desert. I have seen the end result of benefitting the Coachella Valley Volunteers patients who have fallen through the cracks in Medicine. Founder, Johnny Yuhas, (RN of the health care system during my 8 years & RYT 400) is passionate about serving of ER work. Volunteers in Medicine serves as our valley plus providing yoga and raising a safety net for these patients and gets them awareness and funds for CVVIM. This is an healthy and back into life, ultimately keeping excellent opportunity to get involved, make a our community alive. difference and give back to your community. You and a friend can join us for this Five valley yoga instructors will lead the magical event March 2nd, 7am-11am. two-hour practice. Johnny Yuhas, Bronwyn Registration is from 7am - 8am, practice is Ison, Kristin Olson, Jayne Robertson 8am-10am, Social hour 10am-11am. $25.00 VALLEY FOR THOSE IN NEED and Stephen KaledaUNITING will take THE you on a online registration; $35.00 day of the event. yoga sojourn. The yoga practice will be 100% of the proceeds benefit the CVVIM. accompanied by a musical performance You may register at the gardens on el paseo featuring recording artist, Larisa Stow and Valley Supporters include : the Shakti Tribe. Participants will enjoy lululemon athletica, City of Palm Desert, a post practice performance and social The Gardens, Classic Party Rentals, Renova hour accompanied by vegetarian cuisine. Solar, Go with the Flow Yoga, Evolve Yoga, 7 - 8 a m rYoga e g i sCentral t r a t i,oUrban n Yoga, Power Yoga Palm Everyone will be able to enjoy our beautiful In front of lululemon athletica on sunny weather on the second floor of the Springs, Bikram Yoga University Village, the corner of El Paseo & San Pablo parking deck at the Gardens. Bikram Palm Desert, Eisenhower Wellness Johnny Yuhas tells us he is inspired 8 - 1 0 atom d yInstitute n a m i c &f Desert l o w Yoga Therapy present this event for numerous reasons. look forward to seeing all you fitness Featuring localWe instructors & lululemon ambassadors Poses on Paseo is truly just an extension enthusiasts for this spectacular event. of my donation based yoga practice and Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve m l i v e music philosophy making yoga available1 0 -to1 1 a Yoga, or (760)564Featuring spiritual recording artist anyone. My current ambassador role with YOGA(9642) Larisa Stow and The Shakti Tribe

sunday march 2nd 2014

to register online:

100% of proceeds will go directly to Coachella Valley Volunteers in Medicine.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Avery, a character in Anne Michaels’ novel The Winter Vault, has a unique way of seeing. When he arrives in a place for the first time, he “makes room for it in his heart.” He “lets himself be altered” by it. At one point in the story he visits an old Nubian city in Egypt and is overwhelmed by its exotic beauty. Its brightly colored houses are like “shouts of joy,” like “gardens springing up in the sand after a rainfall.” After drinking in the sights, he marvels, “It will take all my life to learn what I have seen today.” Everything I just described is akin to experiences you could have in the coming weeks, Pisces. Can you make room in your heart for the dazzle? Homework: What is the best gift you could give your best ally right now? Testify at Rob Brezsny Free Will Astrology


February 27 to March 5, 2014

Life & career Coach

by Sunny Simon

Mr. DeMille, I’m Ready for My Close-Up


fter spending hours perfecting your resume you are now ready to electronically deliver your document to a desirable company. Knowing you are the ideal candidate for that coveted opening gets your heart pumping. Thinking it is just a matter of time before you wow the hiring manager with concrete examples detailing your skills and experience your hand reaches for the send button. Wait! What is this requirement about a video? Get ready folks because the latest technique for a competitive job search is uploading a “Video Resume” to your LinkedIn profile as well as to job search websites that focus on video, such as www.sparkhire. com. If you thought video resumes were just for actors or CEO candidates, think again. Although it is rare a company will actually request a video prior to considering you for an interview, this technology is compliant with anti-discrimination guidelines. According to Spark Hire “video resumes are gaining acceptance as standard hiring material.” Bear in mind a quality video profile does not replace your resume. Think of it as an add-on tool enhancing your chances of getting hired. If you are thinking of starting a job search or have your eye on joining a competitive firm now is the time to make your digital debut. There is a definite protocol you should understand prior to getting started. You’ve

been taught to limit your written resume to two-pages. The same holds true for your video profile. It should not be a full-length feature film. Employers and recruiters don’t have time to for lengthy screenings. The experts at spark Hire recommend limiting it to 60 seconds. Prior to filming, think it through. Like a cover letter, your video should not repeat facts found in your resume. Use this one minute opportunity to talk about your skills and experience by elaborating on a bullet point in your resume. Talking about a major achievement illustrates the value you bring to a potential employer. Communication skills are an obvious factor showcased in your video. Make certain your verbal dialogue is clear and easy to understand. Don’t be too serious or display a dead-pan manner. Let your personality shine through. Show enthusiasm and a passion for your profession. Here’s the good news. Unlike an interview where there are no “do-overs,” creating a video resume is like playing with Photoshop. Keep perfecting your video until you feel it is Oscar worthy then post on social media and attach the url to your resume. Now, take a bow. You earned it! Sunny Simon is the owner of Raise the Bar High Life and Career Coaching. More about Sunny at

Ask The Doctor

Dr. Kadile, you have mentioned the benefits of vitamin D in one of your previous columns. When I was looking to buy some vitamin D, there are some brands that simply say “Vitamin D” and some that say “Vitamin D3”. Is there a difference? -Charlie, La Quinta

Well Charlie, if the supplement simply says, “Vitamin D”, you will have to look closer at the label to see if it specifies either vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) or vitamin D3(cholecalciferol). There is a difference between vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. Vitamin D2 is manufactured by plants or fungus and is fortified in foods, such as juices, milk or cereals. Vitamin D3 is the form of vitamin D that is produced when the body’s skin is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D3 is considered the more ‘natural form” of vitamin D. It can also be obtained when eating animal products. Vitamin D3 is more potent than D2. Vitamin D3 has been shown to raise and maintain serum D levels greater than vitamin D2. Clearly vitamin D3 is the preferable form of vitamin D. As I have mentioned previously, if you are concerned about your vitamin D level, have your doctor check it with a lab test. If you don’t know your level, supplementing with vitamin D3 1,000-2,000IU is a good dose.

Patricia, tuberculosis (TB) is caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This bacteria usually attacks the lungs, but can attack other parts as well, such as the spine, brain and kidneys. TB is contagious if you are near a person with active tuberculosis and he coughs, sneezes or speaks and the bacteria spread through the air from one person to another. You cannot get TB from shaking someone’s hand, sharing food or drink, kissing

or touching bed sheets or toilet seats. Most people who are exposed to TB never get symptoms or get sick and are classified as latent TB infection versus people who do get sick (active TB). Just because a person has a latent TB infection, he/she still has the possibility of developing the active TB form years later. Individuals with weakened immune systems are more likely to develop the active form of TB. Active TB disease can be fatal if untreated, Symptoms of TB can include, a bad cough lasting greater than 3 weeks, chest pain, coughing up blood, fatigue, weakness, weight loss, poor appetite, chills, fever, and sweating at night. Testing to see if a person has been exposed to TB is usually with a skin test or blood test. If the test has a positive reaction, additional testing is needed to determine if that person has latent or active TB. Treatment for latent TB is dependent on the chances of the person converting to the active form. The treatment for the active form of TB is taking several medications usually for 6 to 9 months. Patricia, it is unlikely you have contracted TB unless you have been exposed on a daily basis to someone who has TB. The TB skin test is easy and relatively painless, you should see your doctor for the test if you are still concerned.

February 27 to March 5, 2014

Receive The Celebrity Secret Of Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up

by dr peter kadile

Dr. Peter M. Kadile is Board Certified in Family Medicine. He has an integrative, osteopathic medical practice and is also known as the local, house call doctor; Desert House Call Physician. He is on staff at Eisenhower Medical Center and medical director for Serenity Hospice. His office is located in beautiful Old Town La Quinta, 78-100 Main Street, Suite 207, La Quinta, CA 92253. (760) 777-7439. Dr. Kadile will be writing a regular column for CV Weekly. Please send any medical questions you have to for him to answer.

Dr. Kadile, I heard about TB at Indio High School a few months ago. I live near there, should I be worried? -Patricia, Indio


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February 27 to March 5, 2014



February 27 to March 5, 2014


February 27 to March 5, 2014


the gardens on el paseo

sunday march 2nd 2014 7-8am registration In front of lululemon athletica on the corner of El Paseo & San Pablo

8-10am dynamic flow Featuring local instructors & lululemon ambassadors

10-11am live music Featuring spiritual recording artist Larisa Stow and The Shakti Tribe

to register online:

100% of proceeds will go directly to Coachella Valley Volunteers in Medicine.


Coachella Valley Weekly - February 27 to March 5, 2014 Vol. 2 No. 49  

Coachella Valley Weekly - February 27 to March 5, 2014 Vol. 2 No. 49