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Sarah Hahne

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Roc’s Firehouse at the Cantina

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February 20 to February 26, 2014

Se7en4: Ready to set it on Fire

Coachella Valley Weekly


Publisher & Editor Tracy Dietlin Art Director Robert Chance Sales Team Raymond Bill, Brian Michaelz Classified Manager & Nightlife Editor Phil Lacombe Features Writer Marissa Willman, Judith Sulkin, Denise Ortuno Neil, Heidi Simmons Writers/Contributors: Robin Simmons, Rick Riozza, Lola Rossi-Meza, Craig Michaels, Bronwyn Ison, Haddon Libby, Rachel Montoya, Angela Janus, Janet McAfee, Heidi Simmons, Dale Gribow, Raymond Bill, Jack St. Clair, Rob Brezny, Amanda Dorta, Eleni P. Austin, Curtis Hendricks, Noe Gutierrez, Jill Coleman, Jennifer Tan, Sunny Simon, Richard Weiss, Dr. Peter Kadile, Dr. Maria Lombardo, Bruce Cathcart, Patte Purcell, Julie Buehler, Flint Wheeler, John Paul Valdez, Laura Hunt Little, Eric Robertson, Scott Pam, Brian Michaelz, Robin Linn, Rebecca Pikus, Beer Snob, Richard Noble, Karen Creasy Photographers Laura Hunt Little, Lani Garfield, Chris Miller/ Imagine Imagery Distribution Phil Lacombe, William Westley


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February 20 to February 26, 2014

By tracy dietlin

this Saturday night at Schmidy’s in Palm Desert


uring several phone interviews with members of Se7en4 over the last few weeks it is clear that Se7en4 is ready to take their in your face, no holds barred, raucous, hard driving, unapologetic, punk rock shenanigans to a whole other level at Schmidy’s Tavern in Palm Desert this Saturday night. The band formed back in 2000, and while they have never broken up they have taken breaks or been on hiatus, mainly due to the continuing loss of bass players. John McCarthy was the original bass player and after he left three more would follow including; Elexis Becken (also formerly of Phallus and currently living in Texas in the band Good Shive Low), Armando Flores (Nick’s older brother and former bass player in too many bands to print but current drummer for Blasting Echo and bassist for Pedestrians) and currently Trevino Martin (also plays in Rippsville City Hall, one of Steve Hall’s other bands). Everyone in the band is singing the praises of the newest member Trevino Martin. “We weren’t playing for a while because we didn’t have a bass player and then Trevino came along,” says Hall. “They’re some hard shoes to fill for a bass player because the past three we’ve had have all been so awesome. But Trevino and I were already involved in another project Rippsville City Hall and I told the rest of the guys let’s give him a try and after the first song he played with us we knew it was the right fit.” That was almost a year ago and now Trevino is no longer the new bass player but a solid member of the band and in it for the long haul. For those not familiar with the band’s other members are; Nick Flores (vocals), Pete Burquez (guitar) and Steve Hall (drums). For anyone who knows Se7en4 and has seen one of their shows and followed their careers… they have built a reputation on being the original PD party boys with their legendary antics. While they may have grown up and older in their personal lives don’t expect that to reflect in their music. It’s as raw and as real as it ever was.

Last month at the Red Barn their show was explosive when Se7en4 took the small stage over and the audience hostage with their balls to the wall punk rock performance. Front man Nick Flores was in top form belting out his in your face lyrics that are riddled with anger, cockiness and downright debauchery. The rest of the band was tight and cohesive with Trevino Martin slapping the bass, Pete Burquez’s electrifying guitar licks and Steve Hall tearing up the skins and giving one of his best performances ever. These guys tore it up! And they will do the same at Schmidy’s. Here is Part 1 of the interview with Se7en4: CVW: So a lot has happened since we sat down for our last interview in July of 2013. I hear there are some good things happening. Please share. Nick Flores: Well we’re going to be recording with Mikey Doling (Snot, Channel Zero) down in LA in March. We got somebody that believed in us to put up the money. We pretty much manage ourselves but we decided we should get a lawyer. So we did and started some copyright things and got the ball rolling for March. We’ve always talked about how cool it would be if a record label wanted to sign us or if someone came along with money that wanted to invest in us so this is pretty cool. CVW: So are you in talks with any labels? NF: We’re going to start out on our own small label and sure it would be great if a major label came along because of course we’d like to get compensated. But for now we’re going to market ourselves and who knows we might not even need a label. The future is open. CVW: And you just recently released a video for your song “Do You Bruise Eazy”. Who recorded that? NF: We just filmed a video last month. Our good friend Chucky (Chuck Films Ortega) who does a lot of hip-hop artists around here did it. We’re the first rock band I think he’s ever worked with. We hooked up

with him through Thr3 Strykes, Steve’s little brother Josh’s band. He filmed us down in LA where we practice, out on the streets, at the Helmut show at The Date Shed and then put it all together. CVW: So the current demo you have out now. Did Mikey record any of those tracks? NF: Yes. He did 3 songs “Do You Bruise Easy”, “My Flow” and “Barrio Rave”. Then Steve Feldman recorded “Pedal to the Metal”, “Lovin’” and some other tracks. We didn’t even think about what songs should be first or anything like that we just mixed it all up so we could hand out some CDs. CVW: That is a great way to build your fan base. Our house has a CD in the living room, in the bedroom and one in the car that have been there for a couple months. Will there be new songs on the disc you’re recording in March with Mikey? NF: Ya….everyone’s been really creative and it’s been really fruitful writing new material. And Steve’s been working really hard setting up shows for us. CVW: What is different about the new material you are working on. continue to page 5


February 20 to February 26, 2014

Desert Classic

Concours d’Elegance Sunday February 23, 2014

Desert Princess Country Club and Golf Resort 28555 Landau Boulevard Cathedral City

Gates open 9:30 AM General Admission $50 or Purchase through for $45

Sponsored by Desert Princess Homes


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NF: Well Tracy, I’d like to say that my lyrics are now more spiritual and mature… but they’re not! It’s still the same hard driving, in-your-face sound. We’re just more focused as a band now. CVW: I know that you’ve played several shows since you guys reunited last July for Phil’s birthday party at Plan B. You did some shows in LA and here locally you opened for Helmut at Date Shed, the show at The Hood and the last one at Red Barn with The Hellions in January was off the hook. Now you’re going to play this Saturday at Schmidy’s for the first time and hopefully some new people will come out and see how amazing you guys are and vote for you to play Tachevah. NF: That would be great. We would love to play Tachevah and have been promoting ourselves like crazy on FB for it. At press time it was announced that Se7en4 would be opening up for their musical heroes, Snot, with Mikey Doling on March 14 at The Hood in Palm Desert. All four guys are extremely excited to share the stage with Dolan. I asked Pete Burquez what it meant to him. Pete Burquez: I’ve been friends with Mikey since 1993 when I was playing with the band Enrage and he did a cameo with us on stage. He has been such a big influence on me….like a big brother. When Snot came out they just blew everything up. You will need to stay tuned for Part 2 of the Se7en4 interview when all four

members talk about how things are going in the studio in March before their next show with Snot. Also look for the interview with Mikey Doling. For now….don’t miss out on this local band destined for big success. Come out on Saturday night at Schmidy’s

at 10pm and check out Se7en4 along with Bridger and Thr3 Strykes. This is a free show. Until then here are a few questions the band answered for us. Favorite Song: Pete: Can I just say a bunch of cool songs

February 20 to February 26, 2014

all rolled up into one universal one. The first album my Mom ever bought me was KC & the Sunshine Band. Nick: Rebel Yell by Billy Idol Steve: Motley Crue “Looks That Kill” Trevino: Pantera “Cowboys From Hell” Favorite Album: Nick: Snot’s - Get Some. All the angst and beautifulness and the hard driving rock and roll. Pete: Ya…definitely Snot. It was so cool back then when it came out to see my bro (Mikey Doling) playing guitar. Still to this day I can listen to one of those songs and get re-inspired. Steve: Deftones - Around the Fur (second choice Sublime) Trevino: Suicidal Tendencies - Lights… Camera… Revolution Favorite Band: Pete: Santana musician wise as a guitar player he’s one of my all-time favorites. Deftones. Nick: Snot Pete: Ya again Snot. I mean they just stuck out like a sore thumb. Steve: Se7en4 Favorite Local Band: Steve: The Hellions and anything Mike Johnson (Mike Pygmie) is involved with. For more info check out Se7en4 on: Facebook - YouTube - UCjh3r_KCuyn-ZTxnm8caLyA


February 20 to February 26, 2014

modernism Modernism Week: Prefab Showcase and Modern Living Expo


California Woman 411 with your host Dee Jae Cox

‘Talking to women who lead and inspire’ Saturday’s from 10 – 11 a.m. KPTR 1450 AM Palm Springs, CA California


Produced by The Los Angeles Women's Theatre Project:


here was a buzz at the Prefab Showcase and Modern Living Expo. The saxophone and trumpet of the Hot Purple Energy band grooved their alternative, improvised music to people wondering around the exhibits. The four-man band seemed never to take a break and never to tire. They were enjoying themselves and so were those milling about the Modernism Week Event. With over 30 exhibitors and ten food trucks providing a variety of delectables from shaved ice to sushi, it was a very stimulating day. The morning started at 10:00 with over 120 bike riders for the Hot Purple Energy Architectural Bike Tour, North Loop. The tour began at the Expo Village on Calle Encilia, went down to Ramon Road and wound its way through neighborhoods all the way north to Vista Chino, before returning to the Prefab Showcase. There were 16 homes on the tour; five are powered by HPE solar systems. This Saturday, February 22, they will do a South Loop Tour, which will start at the Saguaro

Hotel at Sunrise and E. Palm Canyon. The event is free. David Clemens, a Laguna Beach designer, came for the weekend with friends. “It’s a great way to keep up with the trends,” Clemens said. “The whole week is ideal, but you can see a lot in a weekend.” The Expo village had two prefab houses on display. The MiniHome and Method Homes both had perfect little houses to tour. Simplified and compact, there is something very appealing to these prefab, self-contained living spaces. Although they can be small, they can also be built larger and combined to make any custom size space. “Everything is assembled in a controlled environment,” said Pat Grabowski of MiniHome. “A prefabricated house saves time and money. You can create anything you want and it’s done when it arrives.” Prefabricated homes are made at an indoor location and shipped ready to assemble at a prepared site. The Method Home prototype house on display was also for sale. Their structures

By Heidi Simmons begin at $138,000 for 656 square feet. It is very inviting and tempting to consider since they are so comfortable and beautiful. No amenities are spared, but at over $200 a square foot, not including the land, it should be perfect. Prefabricated homes are a modern idea for sure, and maybe in the future they will become more affordable. Inside the Expo tent, exhibitors showed: furniture -- both indoors and out; landscaping materials; architectural software; cabinets; glass garage doors; custom house numbers and ingenious patio covers. Designers and builder were also present. Everything under the tent had a modern or contemporary feel. Marc Savelle came from Los Angeles where his company, Menzie International, has a five thousand square foot showroom of contemporary European furniture for the home, office and outdoors. “We brought too much for this small space,” Savelle said. “This is our first time here, so we are experimenting with what works best.” On display, which he had rearranged several times, was a sectional couch with all-weather fabric and colorful wood chairs and table. Local Palm Springs resident, Daniel Clemens (no relation to David Clemens) of Desert Landscape Design Inc., was under the tent even though his business is just across the way on Palm Canyon. “I’ve been a part of Modernism Week for years,” said Clemens. “We are located in the “Artists District” which is all original buildings from the modernism era of Palm Springs.” As part of the festivities, the “Artists District” hosted a party Sunday night called Gay’ole Evening of Art and Design. Clemens and many on his block are working at building a larger Palm Springs community of galleries and artists.

Graceland West


inding up the hill from Palm Canyon Drive, there is a sense of going to a secret place. Narrow roads lead to a hide-a-way home of solitude and beauty. There are other houses in the neighborhood, but they are tucked away, private and hidden. At the base of Mount San Jacinto, between the boulder-infused Dry Falls and Chino Canyon, is an Albert Frey home built in 1946. But you won’t find this Frey house on the Modernism Tour. However, it does have regular visitors who stop to take selfies at the gate. This humble property was Elvis Presley’s “Graceland West.” This treasure is not one of Frey’s desert modernist style houses with a sweeping angular roof, but rather a discrete Spanish Colonial Ranch with stone pillars and broad wood beams supporting a burnished tile roof. This simple home sits mostly on top of 1.75 acres of hillside. The views from the over 5,000 square foot house with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms are spectacular in every direction. “Graceland West” is for sale. The house is not move-in ready or turnkey furnished. This was Elvis’s home until he died in 1977 and nothing has been changed since.

“The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll owned the property for seven years and recorded nine songs in the house,” said Eric Meeks, co-listing agent and author of The Best Guide Ever to Palm Springs Celebrity Homes. “Elvis purchased the house when Lisa Marie was just two years old and the family spent three months out of the year here.” According to Meeks, Elvis also spent his last birthday at “Graceland West.” The home was originally built for the Jergens family -- as in Jergens lotion. In 1960, McDonalds founder, Ray Kroc, purchased the property and Elvis and Priscilla bought it in 1970. Singer Frankie Valli bought the property after Presley’s death, owning it until 1980. After that, it just gets sordid and isn’t worth the trouble to mention the details here. The current owner wants to sell. Over the years, the property has been kept almost the same, albeit slowly deteriorating. Those involved with the house, since Valli,

February 20 to February 26, 2014

were ambitious and wanted to restore the property to its Elvis glory days. This has yet to work out. What is fascinating about the property is how Elvis shaped the house to fit his “needs.” He used privacy glass in the windows facing the street to keep fans from seeing in. He added a roof over the 16-person spa to stop the Paparazzi from taking photos of him and his entourage. But his needs were greater than that. He added an entertainment room, which he dubbed the “Jungle Room.” It still has the same black and white check linoleum floor. There is a bathroom, steam room and sauna off the “Jungle Room.” It has easy access to the oversized party spa. Presley added an additional bedroom with bright red shag carpet and his and her bathrooms with red and black tile. The addition is just across the courtyard from Priscilla’s private room.

With all the colorful furniture, creative materials and inspiring design ideas, one exhibitor stood out with his fascinating and adorable StaBiles: Unique Tillandsia Design and Collectible Plant Vendor. These are those crazy plants that live off air. Samuel Guzmán is the artist and plant caregiver. He builds single wire frames as plant stands accentuated by the Tillandsia. Guzmán has a mobile boutique truck, which he keeps open for viewing. Inside are his workbench, designs and plants. The plants are so interesting; they’re like little pets. “I’m from Santa Barbara and the StaBiles are really popular there, so I thought I’d try selling the StaBiles here at Modernism Week,” said Guzmán. He applied to be an exhibitor and was accepted. “People like them and they’re selling well.” Guzmán and his plants are both charming. The StaBiles seem the perfect accessory to any modern room. If you missed the Prefab Showcase and Modern Living Expo last week, no worries. It will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday (February 21, 22 and 23) from 10:00 am until 5:00. It’s located at 384 N. Indian Canyon Dr.

The kitchen has all the original appliances (sans fridge) and flooring from the 70s. The fountain he gave Priscilla in 1971 is right outside the couple’s private bedrooms. The acoustic tiles he added to the living room ceiling are in perfect condition, like he put them up yesterday. If this home sounds like a fixer, it is. But as you walk through the rambling, sunny house and hear the stories of Presley’s outrageous shenanigans, it informs one about the life of the iconic figure and the significant history of Palm Springs. The potential for “Graceland West” is only limited to the new owner’s imagination – and pocket book. Beyond the rich, famous and notorious who occupied the property, this is an Albert Frey house with solid bones and tremendous character on an incredible, ideal and spectacular Palm Springs hillside lot. Frey’s architecture and work built Palm Springs into the modernism magnet it is today and Elvis’s Spanish Colonial house is no less important. “Graceland West” has celebrity, fame and history along with the other three important features in real estate – location, location, location. For information on the property contact Eric Meeks at Coldwell Banker Real Estate 760 567 7646.


February 20 to February 26, 2014

sports scene

by Julie Buehler

by Flint Wheeler

Derek Jeter Announces Retirement as one of the top-five shortstops of all time.



February 20 to February 26, 2014 Financial Advisor representing New York Life. Owner Indian Wells Insurance & Wealth Management. Host of Tilted Sports Radio on Team 1010, KXPS. Former PGA Class A Professional. U.S.P.T.A. Tennis Professional. Titleist Performance Institute Certified Fitness Trainer

Blake Griffin: The Man Who Makes Gravity Cry

here’s no question Blake Griffin’s talent is superior to 99.99% of the humans walking the planet. He has a unique and fascinating distinction of being one of the rare few who can abuse gravity. Bully it, if you will. See, the rest of us met the mean-spirited gravity at a ripe young age when trying to ride a bike, skateboard or climb trees. And we got a real taste of it’s power and petulance when, inspired by Superman, innocently tied a towel around our necks, pretending it to be the cape to save humanity, and leapt off the side of a couch. Thereby, receiving a hard, cold lesson from gravity; this world belonged to it and it alone. Icing the wounds from years of attempts at defeating gravity ourselves, we finally learned: You’ll need help if you’re going to avoid painful face-planting (or arm-breaking or knee skinning). I’m sure there were others, but no one so gracefully fought for us against the ubiquitous bullying of gravity like Michael Jordan. Because he knew what he was doing: flying for those who couldn’t fly. He made us to feel like for those brief seconds he was launching through the air, that while gravity couldn’t touch him, therefore, it needn’t bully us anymore. There was a gracefulness to his Airness and a gentleness in his refutation of gravity’s dominance. And there have been others that similarly create a symphony through the air, casting doubt in gravity’s greatness. But they do so with seemingly with an effortless ascent above the gravitational pulls, thus escaping unscathed. Then there’s Blake Griffin. He doesn’t escape gravity, he throttles it. He punches gravity straight in the face, laughing, takes it’s lunch money and enjoys the extra chocolate milk he got with it. Griffin bullies the world’s biggest bully with a charm and thunder that makes his



• Equipment sales & rental • Archery instruction for adults and children • Unique family recreational activity • Junior Olympic Archery Program • Nationally certified instructors • Individual, groups and families • $5 group introductory classes


Robin Hood Archery

44-901 Golf Center Pkwy Suite 1 Indio, CA 92201 game uniquely compelling. And now he’s adding some attitude. We saw how different LeBron James became as a player once his emotional maturity caught up with his freak-of-nature athleticism and 2 NBA Titles later, the rest of the league is still wondering if they can put the genie back in the bottle. With Griffin, it’s much the same. He’s the funny guy, the nice guy, the big guy, but many wondered if he could be THE guy. When Chris Paul went down with a separated shoulder, Griffin had to step up. He not only did that, but did so in resounding fashion. When Paul went down in early January, Griffin had been averaging about 21 points a game through 33 games. Through the month plus Paul was injured, Griffin improved to 26 points a game for January and then 34 points a game in February. Not only has he been defying gravity for his career, but now he’s demanding the ball to do so. There aren’t many things more impressive than watching a man who can make gravity cry, take so much joy in doing so. And for the Clippers, they’ve waited a long time for Griffin to not only bully gravity, but make sure gravity, and the rest of the NBA, knows he is doing it on purpose. Julie Buehler hosts the Coachella Valley’s most popular sports talk radio show, “Buehler’s Day Off” every day from 3-6 on 1010 KXPS, the valley’s all sports station. She’s an avid gym rat, slightly sarcastic and more likely to recite Steve Young’s career passing stats than American Idol winners. Tune in M-F 3-6 pst at or watch the show on Ustream.


stand corrected, because that’s not what I thought as recently as a week ago. Jeter announced his retirement after the 2014 season and Pete Fox from ESPN LA was asking me on the radio where Jeter rates among the all-time greats at shortstop, and my answer -- off the top of my head, based on my feeling and not the facts -- was pretty much this: “He doesn’t. He’s a Hall of Famer, so clearly he’s one of the best ever, but the best of the best? Top 10 shortstops ever? Derek Jeter isn’t one of those.” Oops. Not only is Jeter a top-10 shortstop, he deserves a place in the top five. And again, I know! Some of you are like, “Duh,” because you knew that. The rest of you are like, “Dummy,” because that’s stupid. Derek Jeter, a top-five shortstop? Of all time? That’s stupid. That’s what some of you are thinking, to which I agreed last week. It is stupid, until you look at the numbers and think about the facts. Think only with the facts currently in your brain, and listen to it whisper things about Jeter’s good fortune to play with the richest organization in baseball and to play in the biggest media market in the country and to date all those beautiful women -- it’s not germane to this discussions, but still … it’s irksome right? -and you can fool yourself into thinking Jeter was in the right place at the right time, a Hall of Famer by virtue of his 19 years and 3,316 hits and five World Series rings but definitely not among the all-time greats. The numbers and the facts, however, are clearly in the other boat. The boat that says Derek Jeter wasn’t just a top-five shortstop but arguably one of the best three or four shortstops ever. Offensively, I mean. Defensively? Jeter isn’t in the top five or top 10 or maybe even the top 25 in that category. And defense is part of baseball. A big part. Like, almost half the game. So if we’re going to measure defense, then I can’t sit here and tell you Jeter is a top-five shortstop all time, because how do you quantify what Ozzie Smith and Pee Wee Reese and Luis Aparicio and a whole host of other Hall of Fame shortstops gave on defense, compared to what they didn’t give on offense, and make a reasonable comparison between them and Derek Jeter? You can’t. Well, maybe you can. You can look at WAR and trust its accuracy as an end-all measurement, but I can’t and wouldn’t even try. Too muddled. But offensively, the numbers are clear. Only two Hall of Fame shortstops have a higher career batting average than Jeter’s .312, and both of them -- Honus Wagner,

Arky Vaughan -- played before integration. (Vaughan played 14 years in the big leagues, the final two coming in 1947 and ‘48.) That’s not to say that any player, by definition, can’t be considered an all-time great if he played before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947. But come on. The competition increased when the pool of players was widened. Did it increase at the same level that expansion watered it down? Good question. Don’t know. But don’t ask me to ignore that Honus Wagner and Arky Vaughn put up the numbers they put up against mostly white, Anglo competition. That happened. It matters. How much does it matter? Don’t know. Neither do you. Jeter’s career .381 on-base percentage is the best by any shortstop (minimum: 3,000 plate appearances) in the last 50 years except for Alex Rodriguez, who cheated to get to .384 and therefore doesn’t make my list of shortstops who arguably were better offensively than Jeter: Honus Wagner. Ernie Banks. Cal Ripken. And, um, that’s it. And I’m not sold on Ripken. Fun fact: His .447 slugging was exactly .001 better than Jeter (.446), and his OPS (.788) was 40 points below Jeter’s .828. But he had a lot more home runs and RBI, and a lot less strikeouts, so OK. I’ll put Ripken ahead of Jeter. Same with Wagner and Banks. But not Robin Yount, who spent barely half his career at shortstop. (Same goes for Ernie Banks, but his greatness happened primarily at short; Yount’s was spread between SS and CF.) Wagner. Banks. Ripken. Jeter. Those are the top four offensive shortstops of all time. So now as this, his final, season progresses, pay tribute to a ballplayer as clean off the field as he was successful on. Flint Wheeler Financial Services Professional Visit www.FlintWheeler.Com


February 20 to February 26, 2014

public personalities

in March of 2013 getting a position with FG Creative as a Public Relations Manager. Because of her experience in working in the casino industry, Hahne was then offered a position as Public Relations Manager at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio in October of last year and happily accepted it, “I was so fortunate to get it,” she said. She oversees all media relations including press releases, working with editors and writers, television ads and coming up with story lines to be featured in publications as well as other public relations related business. Although Hahne is in high gear at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, she will soon be at the helm of an even more highly regarded position, that of motherhood. Hahne and her husband are awaiting their first born child in May. After she’s done taking her maternity leave which will conveniently take place during the Coachella Valley’s slower summer months, Hahne looks forward to resuming her work at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino to usher in the 2014/15 season. Something else Hahne is looking forward to is volunteering for local charities, specifically those assisting animals in need, “I love animals and would love to help

Local Music Spotlight

Musician’s Outlet


t one point in time there were eight independently owned music stores in the Coachella Valley. Today, the most revered carries on. A music mecca like the Coachella Valley justifies the superior retail music store that is Musician’s Outlet in Palm Desert. Independently owned and operated by Randy and Cindy Hewitson for over 27 years, Musician’s Outlet has stood the test of time and continues to provide quality personalized service. Unequivocally, it is the one-stop shop for every type of musician and instrument. As a self-christened musician, I have purchased many items from the store over the years as have thousands of other desert musicians. There is a unique kinship between Musician’s Outlet and desert musicians. That support is reciprocated by the Hewitsons through their participation in many events throughout the Coachella Valley. Moreover, a majority of the staff have remained employees for at least the last 10 years. The highly qualified staff has allowed the Coachella Valley’s only full-line music store to maintain its longevity. As the desert’s acoustic specialists, at last count, there were approximately 225 acoustic and electric guitars in stock. Cindy manages the store day to day and you can find Randy on


any given day on the sales floor or behind the counter. With over 3,500 square feet of retail space you will have plenty to look at; guitars, ukuleles, drums & percussion, brass/woodwind & strings, amplifiers, microphones, PA audio gear, sheet music and accessories. Also provided on-site is guitar, brass/ woodwind and electronic repair; including; re-stringing, set-ups, electronics, cleaning, re-pads, re-corks, guitar amps, speakers and complete overhaul of all the above. If that weren’t enough, Musician’s Outlet also facilitates music lessons for almost every

Empire Music Ventures Presents: Rhythm, Wine & Brews

By Denise Ortuno Neil

Spotlight on Sarah Hahne W

ith tourism being one of our most important industries in the Coachella Valley, media and public relations is paramount. Communications expert Sarah Hahne is now at the helm of public relations at one of our most popular casinos, helping bring even more light to the desert. Born and raised in Palm Springs, Sarah Hahne is no stranger to the desert. After graduating high school and looking for exciting new adventures, Hahne briefly traded one desert for another attending Arizona State University and studied communications for two years and then later went to Cal State Northridge and interned with MTV before receiving her degree in communications. After graduation she worked at a public relations agency in West Hollywood, where she enjoyed the fast pace of Los Angeles. She then met her husband and eventually moved to Redlands, working for such organizations as Inland Empire United Way as a volunteer coordinator and San Manuel Casino in San Bernardino where she honed her skills in public relations. She moved to Vancouver for a short period before coming back to the Coachella Valley

Local Microbreweries to Participate in the Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience on March 1st, 2014 at the Empire Polo Club “Local craft beer market is growing in the greater Palm Springs Region”

them,” she said. But for now, Hahne is enthusiastic about the current season and all of the exciting events taking place at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino. This month the casino is proud to host the 26th Annual Frank Sinatra Celebrity Golf Invitational February 20th through the 22nd, benefitting the Barbara Sinatra Center

for Abused Children. Fantasy Springs Resort Casino will also be presenting entertainer extraordinaire Wayne Newton on February 23rd, and has a revved up promotion for Club Card Members where they can win a shiny new Mercedes CLA every Saturday for the month of February (last chance is this Saturday February 22) . The casino also offers many more great entertainment options such as their Improv Comedy Club, Fantasy Bowling Lanes Center and LIT nightclub which have Country Nights as well, and of course the casino has fabulous dining selections. Although Hahne has been away from the Coachella Valley for some time, she has quickly reacquainted herself with the desert lifestyle, “I’m happy to be back in the desert, I know this will be my home forever.” And the Coachella Valley is happy to have her back, helping to bring even more visitors to our area. For more information about Fantasy Springs Resort Casino visit www. For more information about the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Golf Invitational visit www.

by noe gutierrez type of instrument including; guitar, ukulele, cello, violin, viola, banjo, piano, mandolin, brass/woodwind instruments and drums/ percussion. If you purchase your instrument at Musician’s Outlet your introductory lesson is free. There will be a ukulele class that includes beginners to intermediate level players. It will be conducted every Saturday beginning 2/22/14 for four weeks from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. The cost is $80 for all 4 classes. Space is limited so you must RSVP by visiting the store or calling (760) 341-3171. Randy has covered all the bases with Musician’s Outlet. He is also the general

manager of SIR Palm Springs, the only full-service backline company in the Coachella Valley. In 2005, SIR teamed up with Musician’s Outlet to provide a more comprehensive array of services. As a bonus to Musician’s Outlet customers, if you purchase any musical instrument or equipment from Musician’s Outlet and it fails for any reason, SIR will temporarily replace it until it is repaired. This loaner service is at no cost to the consumer. In securing the legacy of Musician’s Outlet and all self-reliant music stores, Randy is continuously seeking new avenues of support. Randy is a member of Music For Everyone (M.F.E.), a collaboration of independently owned music store owners in Southern California who meet every other month to discuss business and share inventories. This innovative approach to the music business will ensure that Musician’s Outlet continues to serve its community. Musician’s Outlet 44-850 San Pablo, Palm Desert, CA 92260 (760) 341-3171 Because “Everybody Needs An Outlet”. Studio Instrument Rentals, Inc. (SIR) 74830 Velie Way, Ste E, Palm Desert, CA 92260 (760) 340-4864


his year, the Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience will feature a larger offering of beer to taste at their event on March 1st, 2014, including handcrafted beer from three local breweries. Babe’s Bar-B-Que & Brewhouse, La Quinta Brewing Co. and Coachella Valley Brewing Co. will each pour samples of a variety of craft beers representing flavors unique to the desert region. Beer tasting was added to the Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience last year, and was a very popular addition to the tasting menu. This year event goers will enjoy savoring a broader selection of beer and wine. “We tapped into a new market of customers for the Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience by adding craft beer tasting to the menu last year,” said Alex Haagen, IV, producer of the event. “The craft beer market is booming, and we have a craft beer market developing here. We’re excited to be part of it by showcasing these local microbreweries.” The greater Palm Springs region’s craft beer market is most definitely brewing. Babe’s Bar-BQue & Brewhouse has created award-winning beers since 2002. La Quinta Brewing Co. and Coachella Valley Brewing Co. opened up shop in town in the last year, and have since poured a selection of new premium beers into the local marketplace. The area’s lively craft brew market is a reflection of the national market that has shown strong growth over the past five years. The 3rd Annual Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience takes place on Saturday, March 1st, 2014 at the Empire Polo Club. Live music will set the tone as guests enjoy an extraordinary afternoon of wine and beer tasting at one of the most beautiful venues in Coachella Valley, the Empire Polo Club. Attendees will enjoy wine and beer tasting from 2:00 – 6:00 PM. As the tasting winds down, the music heats up with an evening of rhythm and blues followed by the upbeat sounds of big band swing from 6:00 – 11:30 PM.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy will headline the Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience along with American blues guitarist and singer Buddy Guy and R&B singer Aaron Neville. Other bands that

will play during the wine and beer tasting include Strangers You Know, Caxton, Petty Cash and Penny Unniversity. This year the Rhythm, Wine and Brews Experience has grown and boasts a longer lineup of bands. A themed art installation is one of several additions this year that will enhance the unique ambiance associated with this annual event. The upscale theme of the Rhythm, Wine and

Brews Experience will attract attendees looking for a uniquely entertaining event. “Our vision and goal is to create an extraordinary experience,” said Haagen. “From the moment people walk through the main gate we want them to enjoy every detail of their day. Fine wine and craft beer will be poured alongside an offering of mouthwatering cuisine. Add in colorful art pieces, hip décor and the rhythmic sound of live music, and it all comes together to create a complete sensory and auditory event.” Fine food is a much bigger part of the RWB experience this year. Participating restaurants are offering a selection of appetizing options complimenting the beer and wine being poured. From small tastes to full menu selections, attendees will relish every bite served. Along with a huge selection of craft beer to taste, there is also an expanded list of wineries participating this year. Visit for a list of participating wineries and breweries. Rhythm, Wine & Brews Schedule 1:30 PM Gates Open
 2:00-6:00 PM Beer & Wine Tasting 6:00-11:30 PM Headline Bands Perform Tickets to the Rhythm, Wine and Brews Experience can be purchased online at www. Tickets can also be purchased at the gate the day of the festival. Children 14 and under are free. Ticket holders must show ID at the event and be 21 years of age or older to taste beer and wine. General Admission $75 7 total tastings General admission access to the show Free parking Souvenir tasting glass VIP Admission $150.00 Unlimited tastings Reserved seating rows 11 and back Complimentary custom logo captain’s chair to take home VIP parking VIP entrance to event Souvenir tasting glass Ultra VIP Admission $200.00 Unlimited tastings Reserved seating rows 1-10 Complimentary custom logo captain’s chair to take home VIP parking VIP entrance to event Souvenir tasting glass VIP Admission Includes access to the VIP tasting area with specialty wines and beers not available in the general tasting area, and complementary food. It also includes access to a second VIP lounge with a full bar that is adjacent to main stage.  Additional tasting tickets can be purchased at the event.  There will be food and beverage service onsite throughout the event. A portion of the proceeds from the Rhythm, Wine and Brews Experience will benefit the Casey Lee Ball Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports pediatric kidney research. Empire Polo Club 81-800 Ave. 51 Indio, CA 92201 Directions to The Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience at Empire Polo Club From I-10 take the Monroe St. exit and head south on Monroe St. Follow the parking signs between Avenues 50 and 51 to find the parking

lots along Monroe St. Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience Contact Information Website: Email: THE BREWERIES About Babe’s Bar-B-Que & Brewhouse Babe’s Bar-B-Que & Brewhouse in Rancho Mirage is the Coachella Valley’s oldest craft microbrewhouse. Opening in 2002, the brewery quickly won three medals at the Australian International Beer Awards and five medals at the Los Angeles County Fair. Babe’s won five medals at the 2009 L.A. International Commercial Beer Competition as well, taking home a gold medal in the Black Lager category. Their Honey Blonde Ale won bronze, silver and gold in 2010, 2011 and 2012 in the L.A. International Commercial Beer Competition, but it’s their Blackfin Lager, a dark German style beer, that has the most accolades. Since 2009 Babe’s has racked up 16 brewing medals. Their slogan is “Drink Local With Pride Coachella Valley!” and their beers can be found throughout the Valley. Brewery tours are available from 11a.m. to 4p.m. most of the year, but it’s a good idea to call before you go and get confirmation of the hours. For more information visit About Coachella Valley Brewing Co. With its grand opening on August 30, 2013, Coachella Valley Brewing Co. went from a small, lofty notion into a full-fleshed reality. Focusing on the uniqueness of the Southern California desert, Coachella Valley Brewing Co. strives to connect both ends of the Coachella Valley through quality locally grown ingredients and expertly crafted beer. Locally owned and operated in Thousand Palms, California, the brewery is committed to crafting beer that showcases the agriculture and the attitudes of the desert. Coachella Valley Brewing Co master brewer Chris is a graduate of The University of Alaska Anchorage Culinary Arts program and holds an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts, Certified Dietary Manager with over twenty years of management experience. Chris currently holds the rank of National Level Judge and is working towards Master. Chris was formerly a brewer at Midnight Sun Brewing Co. and The Moose’s Tooth Brewing Co., both in Anchorage, AK. He assisted the head brewer in every aspect of brewhouse operations. Chris won 1st place at The Great Alaskan Beer and Barleywine festival in 2000 and gold at the Toronado Barley Wine Festival the same year while he was brewing at Midnight Sun. In 2001, M.S.B.C. was awarded a 1st place in the Alpha King Challenge, a competition of the most balanced, hoppiest beers in the world. Locally Crafted - With an emphasis on farmto-table brewing, they use the vast diversity of the Coachella Valley as inspiration. They combine the luxury of the Palm Springs’ west valley with the agricultural excellence of the east valley to

February 20 to February 26, 2014


produce truly unique and flavorful beer. Using local citrus, herbs, honey, and spices, they support local farms and flavors. The brewery believes sustainability, creativity, and passion are the key ingredients in the best craft beer. About La Quinta Brewing Co. La Quinta Brewing Co. opened their brewery in 2013. The 4,500 square foot facility is home to a 15 barrel brewhouse capable of producing over 5,000 barrels annually (equivalent to 10,000 full sized kegs). Though they have just opened their doors, their beer can already be found in over 40 local bars and restaurants. The brewery is located at 77917 Wildcat Drive in Palm Desert, just north of Interstate 10, and west of Washington Street. For more information, as well as taproom hours, visit their website ( or follow them on Facebook ( LaQuintaBrewing). About The Casey Lee Ball Foundation A portion of the proceeds from the Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience benefits the Casey Lee Ball Foundation. The Casey Lee Ball Foundation is a nonprofit organization where 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to pediatric kidney research. Casey Lee Ball, the third son of Sterling Ball, President of Ernie Ball, Inc., was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease at age two. When Casey was five, while he and Sterling were recuperating from kidney transplant surgery at UCLA, they decided to create the Casey Lee Ball Foundation. For more information visit About Empire Music Ventures Empire Music Ventures is located in Indio, CA at the Empire Polo Club. Empire Music Ventures produces concerts and festivals. Their events include the Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience and numerous concerts held at the Date Shed, a live music venue located onsite at the Empire Polo Club. About The Empire Polo Club The Empire Polo Club is a world-class special event and sports facility. Empire’s event services range from luxury weddings, corporate meetings and private parties to festivals, concerts and sports-related events. A few of the larger events held at the Empire Polo Club include: Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Stagecoach Country Music Festival, The Southwest Arts Festival, KCPS Dog Show, Sandstorm Lacrosse Tournament and the USA Field Hockey National Hockey Festival.


February 20 to February 26, 2014


by Robin Linn


Appearing live at Pappy & Harriet’s February 27th!


hen it comes to multiinstrumentalist Michael Melchiando (Mickey Moist), the word “fused” comes up again and again. His 28 year tenure with cult rock band Ween proved him to be one of the more inventive musicians and songwriters of his time. Ween was founded in New Hope, PA with his friend since the eighth grade, Aaron Freeman. The band is famous for blending punk, metal, country, Americana with outrageously humorous lyrics. Even the name, WEEN is a fusing of two words, wuss and penis. When it comes to lyrics, they are both fearless and hilarious with songs like “Puffy Cloud”, “Common Bitch”, and “You Fucked Up”. The band was built on the strengths of Freeman and Melchiando also known as Gene and Dean Ween. Both musicians are imaginative, brave, and boldly go where others do not dare. This is a tradition and an attitude that is very much present in Moistboyz and the reason I have quickly become a fan. For me as a listener and a fan of the heavy stuff, MB is a step up offering a raw and rowdy electric approach to the blended styles that have become signature for Mickey Melchiando. Ween was founded in 1984 and remained a staple in the experimental realms of rock, folk, Americana for 28 years. When Ween broke up in 2012 it was a story that Rolling Stone Magazine broke. The way Melchiando found out that his band mate of decades and his best friend since childhood was “retiring Gene Ween” and disbanding the group was when a Facebook friend shared the article online. It is still a bit of a touchy subject for Melchiando and one can certainly imagine that finding out in such an impersonal way might cause some deep wounds. In a interview written shortly after the Rolling Stone


feature appeared, Mickey shares that Aaron had undergone lots of personal changes including a stay at a rehab facility, and the breakup of this longstanding project. Ween has hundreds of thousands of fans and a cult following that has been devoted to the music and the live shows. Those fans can rest assured that Moistboyz picks up the slack where Ween left off. And if that isn’t enough, The Dean Ween Group is working on a brand new record presently which will be supported by a tour sometime later this year. Though the music goes to a far heavier place than Ween dared to go, MB embraces the same experimental approach. The most recent record, Moistboyz V, is an eclectic collection of in your face music with a clearly defined hard rock approach. Though Mickey provides all instrumentation on the record, he has chosen what I believe is the perfect rhythm section in desert badboy, bassist Nick Oliveri (QOTSA, Mondo Generator, The Dwarves, Bl’ast) and drummer David “Hoss” Wright. Moistboyz features the stream of consciousness lyrics provided by vocalist Guy Heller. Heller is a stunning hard rock frontman. Tatted down and shirtless, he belts out song after song with conviction and a distinctly punk rock approach. Together with Mickey they have adopted a straight forward and powerful electrified sound for the new compositions that make up MB V. Heller (Dickie Moist) and Melchiando (Mickey Moist) take listeners on a fantastic journey with overdriven punk and metal infused rock, though it is not uncommon for them to pull a country number or a folk song out of the hat. Because they blend it with the same hard rock approach it becomes a truly unique sound. One thing you want in today’s world of ten thousand bands is a sound that distinguishes you from all the rest. Moistboyz has managed this perfectly! Visually they are an absolute blast. I can only imagine what the live show will be like when they are joined by Oliveri and Wright. On February will get a chance when they appear at Pappy & Harriet’s. INTERVIEW with Michael Melchiando (Mickey Moist)(aka Dean Ween) RL: After the breakup of Ween, have you focused all of your musical attention on MB?

MM: I have multiple projects going at the moment, but the Moistboyz touring is the most immediate and has me the most excited because we have a new album to back it up. I intend to finish my solo record by “The Dean Ween Group” sometime this year and get it out and do a lot more touring behind that project. At one point I was working on both albums at once and I decided to shelve my record for the time being and just focus on one thing through completion. Also, I filmed a pilot episode for a fishing show with Les Claypool that’s being shopped around to production companies and networks so we’ll see what happens with that as well. RL: On MB V, do you play all the instruments? MM: For the most part, yes. I did have some friends stop by the studio and play. Their contributions are listed on the credits of the CD. RL: How did you begin working with Guy Heller? MM: I’ve known Guy since the mid ‘80s, he was dating an ex-girlfriend of mine. A few years later his band False Front and Ween were playing a lot of shows together and we were both recording for Shimmy Disc Records. Also, after Ween moved out of the Pod, Aaron moved into a farmhouse with Guy and some other dude’s and I spent a lot of time hanging out recording and jamming there with those guys. That’s when Guy and I became much closer and eventually the Moistboyz formed out of that, hanging out at the farmhouse with Guy every night. RL: How did you hook up with our desert rocker boys, Nick Oliveri and David “Hoss” Wright? MM: Originally Ween and Kyuss did a lot of touring together in 1994 but Scott Reeder was playing bass in Kyuss at that time. It was after Kyuss dissolved and QOTSA formed that I met Nick. We did a couple of legendary tours together in the summer of 1999 and became buddies for life. The two bands just get along together so well. I always thought that Nick would be the ultimate player in the Moistboyz and then Guy and Nick met and hit it off big time and

so it was sealed. Hoss I met through Nick touring with Mondo Generator and I would consider him a brother for life now as well. The desert produces a lot of my favorite characters and musicians I’ve come across in life. RL: MB V is a very eclectic record featuring many different styles ranging from Americana to country, punk to metal. Do you and Guy write together at the same time? Or, do you create the music first and then have him go to town? MM: Yes we write together at the same time. I’ll bounce riff ideas off of Guy (we’re always alone at this stage) and when we find something we like I’ll start building an instrumental track. It’s a very good system that we have refined after years of making records and recording together. We have so many outtakes that have never seen the light of day. It’s amazing because they’re good too. We just always hit a groove it seems and we have a very healthy songwriting process that never ceases to amaze me actually. He’s such a prolific lyricist, I’m lucky if I can write 5 or 6 meaningful songs lyrically per year. Guy just seems to have a well of lyrical inspiration that never runs dry. Sometimes he has too many lyrics for a song and we’ll actually have to go through the song and keep only our favorite verses. RL: You and Moistboyz are playing in the high desert at Pappy & Harriet’s on February 27th. Will this be your first high desert experience? MM: No I’ve spent a lot of time there. Moistboyz 3 was recorded and written in 29 Palms as a matter of fact. Add in all the Queens, Desert Sessions stuff and I’ve spent a ton of time there. I’ve fallen in love with it. It’s through this that I’ve become great friends with Chris Goss as well. “My favorite Kyuss tour of all time was with Ween in ‘95 - craziest gigs of all time! The Vegas stop will never be topped!” -Scott Reeder/KyussFor tickets and details on the MB show at P&H visit: Here is where to purchase your copy of Moistboyz V. Their website has lots of great ways to get to know them as a band. By the time you are done touring it...I’m betting you become as much a fan as I am. Great way to get yourself in the mood for the upcoming show!

events By craig michaels Winner of the KCLB “Battle of the Bands” to perform at Shorty’s Rib Fest


f you like Finger lickin’ good food and live music, you’ll want to reserve March 8-9 on your calendar. Get your napkins ready as the Desert Radio Group throws down the 2nd annual Shorty’s Rib Fest, hosted by Cathedral City. The two day family friendly food festival will have plenty of BBQ ribs to complement the list of live bands which will feature the winner of the 93.7 KCLB, Battle of the Bands. Bands who are interested can submit a link to a video of their best cover song on the KCLB web site. The stations listeners along with in-house KCLB judges will narrow it down to three bands that will move on to compete at Schmidy’s Tavern, March 1st. The three bands will have a chance to play three live cover songs for the KCLB staff members who will judge based on performance, stage presence and audience response. The winner will secure a $500 contract to play on March 9th at Shorty’s Rib Fest. The winner of the Battle of the Bands will be one of many musical groups playing at the two day Rib Fest. Other groups include, The Brock Brothers featuring Walter Jackson (Blues, Funk, R&B), The Sam Morrison Band

(Country Rock), Turn the Page (Bob Seger Tribute), plus Pop Roq’s (80’s favorites). Rib lovers can also partake in BBQ seminars, eating competitions and themed activities. This will be a great time for the whole family with a kid’s zone and kids 12 and under admitted for free. This has shaped up to be a large annual event for the Desert Radio group. “We are thrilled to return this event to Cathedral City. With the city’s support and great sponsors like Agua Caliente Casino resort Spa, Spa Resort Casino, American Cab, Cathedral City’s own Nicolino’s Restaurant and Super Cuts, 2014 will be terrific!”, said DRG Events General Manager, Jay White. The two delicious days in Cathedral City’s Town Square will culminate with the sweet and savory aroma of the best BBQ ribs served up by over 20 ribbers who will compete for a chance to win up to $10,000 in cash prizes. For more information on the Rib Fest, you can log onto: www.Shortys If you would like to sign up for the Battle of The Bands you can go to: Written by: Craig Michaels Musical Affair Entertainment

February 20 to February 26, 2014




saw Paul Chesne Band (PCB) at Bobby Furst’s private venue in Joshua Tree last year at Furst Wurld Theater and I fell in love with them. They played until the wee hours of the morning to an enthusiastic crowd and we all danced until we dropped.... literally! For the life of me, I can’t come up with a better description of their music than the one they came up with themselves.... whiskey soaked rock and roll. The band is a tightly oiled honkey-tonk machine driven by songwriter and frontman Paul Chesne. When it comes to lyrics, Paul is a poet! He sings about the trappings of man and the road… songs about leaving your woman, getting too high, feeling lousy, and making a living playing rock and roll. He is an absolute wordsmith. The rhyme and rhythm of his words make you listen attentively as he tackles sinful subject matter with humor. There is a lot of poetic justice within his lyrics. His soulful vocals and melodic guitar win you over instantly. The way he allows his own material to live and breathe in the live setting could earn him jam band status. On Friday, February 21st, he will be rocking Pappy & Harriet’s for a free show and you can come see for yourself why I love this group! The newest record, Downright, Up & Left won my heart over and over again. Chesne sent me a copy and I listened to it on Valentine’s Day, first by myself, and then later that evening with my guitar playing boyfriend and we both agreed that it will be welcomed by a huge cross-over audience. There is something for everybody on this record, a dash of country rooted in folk doused in rock and roll. Each of the selections on this record are chalk full of wonderful guitar work backed by a beautiful band. I found refuge that night in the song “Pessimist”, which seemed as if it was written for the woman alone on Valentine’s Day! Within the lyrics are lines such as, “I have a half empty flask, and a pain in my ass, that won’t go away”, “Let’s get high til it burns, we can all take turns”, “Sorry I ruined your Valentines week”. Every song on the record is special. I asked Paul to tell me about where he came from and his creative influences to get

a deeper understanding of what drives this uniquely creative and super talented musician. Here is what Paul had to say. PAUL CHESNE: (On his early years and his creative influences): “I was born & raised in Los Angeles at the Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital across the street from the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood. I grew up watching the Magic Johnson dish out no look passes on my daddy’s knee. Now, I live near the beach in Venice. Like 100 yards from the sand. I haven’t seen the ocean in 3 weeks.” “My brothers Bennett & Steven bought me Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, & Beatles records every birthday until I was corrupted forever. Bennett and I used to go eat Ethiopian food at Rosalind’s on Fairfax. Then we’d head back to his place & polish off a bottle of Whisky as we traded song for song when I was like 18. He was 36. He had a lot more songs. He taught me everything I know about listening and rhythm. Those are probably the 2 most important things about playing music or being a “musician”. He is an undiscovered genius. My other brother Steven has written a couple symphonies and scores music for film and TV shows. No big whoop. My dad used to play Beethoven on the way to my soccer games when I was a young un’.” “I saw my good friend Willie Chambers last night at the Kibitz Room. He is a national treasure. Chambers Brothers. My friends the Vacation who are a big part of the PCB collective taught me a lot. The singer Ben Tegel is like looney tunes Iggy Pop.” (On his band) “The PCB Collective includes approximately 75 musicians. The official band is the boys. Jon Niemann, Josh Norton, Jason Chesney, Richard Berardi. They love me and they hate me.” Here is the link to purchase your copy of DOWNRIGHT UP & LEFT. I really believe it doesn’t matter what kind of music floats your boat, you will find pleasure within the songs created by master songwriter Paul Chesne. When you are home alone, or spending the evening with your significant other, you will be happy to have this record in your personal collection. Pappy & Harriet’s Event Calendar:


February 20 to February 26, 2014

by Eleni P. Austin


Consider This

“Give The People What They Want” (Daptone Records)

WESTFIELD MALL 72840 Hwy 111 #171 Palm Desert, CA 92260 760-341-2017


In 2002 they released their debut, Dap Dippin’ With… followed in 2005 with their sophomore effort, Naturally. On record they were amazing, but live they were incendiary. Wunderkind producer Mark Ronson took notice and invited the Dap-Kings to play on a few tracks for Amy Winehouse’s historic Back To Black album. Roth engineered the Dap-King tracks and the album went on to receive six Grammy nominations and win three awards. It proved to be great exposure for The DapKings and they back in the studio with Sharon Jones for 100 Days, 100 Nights. In 2010 they released their most accomplished album to date, I Learned The Hard Way. In 2013, Sharon Jones and the band had already written and recorded Give The People What They Want when Jones received devastating news, she was diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer. The album’s release and tour were postponed. Jones underwent grueling treatment and was pronounced cancer-free at the beginning of 2014. The album opens with the one-two punch of “Retreat”and “Stranger To My Happiness.” The former is anchored by roiling timpani and stuttery bass lines, prickly guitar and playful Farfisa fills. Jones is in command as she informs an arrogant suitor that he’s met his match…”I see you coming from a mile away, You’re looking real cocky/ You think that you can keep the sea at bay, but it’s about to get real choppy.” The stompy march tempo on the latter recalls the military precision of Motown’s storied Funk Brothers. Crisp, concise drum rolls provide sharp syncopation, as baritone sax, trumpet and trombone honk and sway. Jones bemoans the vagaries of romance. A new edition to the Dap-Kings universe are backup singers the Dapettes, (Starr Duncan and Saundra Williams). They figure prominently on four songs, “We Get Along,” “Making Up And Breaking Up (And Making Up And Breaking Up Over Again),” “Get Up And Get Out” and “People Don’t Get What

They Deserve.” “We Get Along” is a slinky boogaloo, powered by in-the-pocket percussion, sticky sweet guitar licks, trilling brass and the Dapettes infectious call and response vocals. The inspirational lyrics are a testimony to our resilience… “We get along through sorrow and strife, darkness and rain, sorrow and pain.” The melody Of “Making Up… is warm and supple, accented fluttery horns. Jones is soulful, sorrowful and resigned as she ends a doomed relationship… “Our love like is Humpty Dumpty on the wall and just like Humpty Dumpty it had a great fall/All this huggin’ and all this kissin’ can’t put back the love we’ve been missin’” The vocal gymnastics the Dap-ettes employ here echo the lightning quick “I can dig it, he can dig it, she can dig it, we can dig it” refrain from the Friends Of Distinction’s classic “Grazing In The Grass.” The jaunty melody of “Get Up And Get Out” belies Jones’ steely resolve to dump a toxic (albeit physically satisfactory), relationship. See-saw guitar riffs are tethered to a crackling rhythm. The Dapettes act as a blunt Greek Chorus silhouetted by cascading horn fills. Finally, “People Don’t Get What They Deserve,” is a soul-shaking tour de force. Jones’ powerhouse vocals are buoyed by whiplash riffs, whip crack percussion, scorching horns, topped off by a sultry tenor

February 20 to February 26, 2014

By rebecca pikus



y the time Gabriel Roth finished college in 1996, he had co-founded his first record label, Desco in Brooklyn, New York. He also formed the label’s house band, The Soul Providers. The Riverside California native also adopted a nom de soul, Bosco Mann. The label’s mission was to lovingly recreate the kind of Soul and Funk that ruled the airwaves in the ‘60s and ‘70s. (Analog purists, all their releases were only available on vinyl.) Back then, labels like Atlantic, Stax-Volt, Motown and Philadelphia International discovered and nurtured artists like Aretha Franklin, Sam & Dave, Stevie Wonder and the O’Jays, (just to name a few). These labels thrived for years until their popularity was supplanted by Disco. While producing a session with veteran vocalist Lee Fields, Roth was introduced to back-up singer Sharon Jones. Originally from Augusta, Georgia, Jones was pursuing a singing career, but paying the bills as a corrections officer at Riker’s Island Prison. They immediately collaborated on a couple of 45 singles. The Desco label folded in 2000, but Roth quickly rebounded with Daptone Records. The Soul Providers broke up, but from their ashes rose the Dap-Kings. Best of all, Sharon Jones was persuaded to become their vocalist. Thus, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings were born.


sax solo. The lyrics offer a series of parables that conclude money is only a means to an end. Jones has always been a gritty soulshouter. A few tracks here allow her to slow her roll. Smoothing out her her vocal style, she displays a Jazz finesse that recalls Dinah Washington and Nancy Wilson. On “You’ll Be Lonely,” a chunky back beat and walking bass lines provide ballast for rippling guitar runs and peppery brass. Jones is by turns, plaintive, withering and acerbic. Salted in the mix are fluttery trumpet trills that recall Herb Alpert’s patented bull fight-y fanfares. Other interesting tracks include the sly, bubblegum-funk of “Now I See,” wherein Jones verbally eviscerates a treacherous “frenemy.” “Long Time, Wrong Time” is a sinuous Latin-Jazz work out. The album closes with “Slow Down Love.” A languid dance floor grind that exudes the kind of dangerous sensuality that could get the listener pregnant. (You’ve been fore-warned!) Sharon Jones receives top billing, but the Dap-Kings don’t just accompany her, they write and arrange the songs. The band includes Joseph M. Crispiano and Binky Griptite on guitars, Cochema Gastelum and Neal Sugarman on saxaphones. Homer Steinweiss on drums, Fernado Velez handles percussion, Dave Guy on trumpet and Bosco Mann on bass. The music on Give The People What They Want is both classic and timeless. It feels particularly triumphant following Jones’ health scare. This album is full of heart and soul.

animation with live action film. Her move to Hollywood gave her the opportunity to work on many feature film and independent productions.  Liz was a Production Designer (or Prop Master) as well as celebrity assistant and art instructor. She then managed an Urban Art marketing company,


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any great artists are multitalented -- and such is the case with Fine Art Painter and Graphic Designer -- Elizabeth Brown (or “Liz”).   Although born in Philadelphia, Liz grew up in Ohio, and tells of her early art experience:  “Since being inspired at age 5 by a watercolor painting class, I’ve always wanted to become an artist.  This was not a class offered to children but Mrs. Stonebreaker, the instructor, took a leap of faith and allowed me to join. I think because I felt she took me seriously, that experience gave me a lot of confidence....” Liz went on to earn a BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design.  She later shifted her artistic focus and earned an MFA in Film/Animation from California Institute of Arts -- where she  developed the illustrative aspect of her art, combining


February 20 to February 26, 2014


by Janet McAfee

Deaf Dogs Rock!


ou may have seen this wonderful photo on your Facebook newsfeed this past week. The story and photo of Mac Adams, a Virginia police officer and his five handsome white dogs, went viral this week on Facebook receiving over 15,000 shares. The dogs, Pickles, Nea, Piglet, Opal, and Mortimer are fabulous looking animals, but what makes this story noteworthy isn’t their color or breed, but rather the fact that they are all deaf. Within a week of its posting, this photo became the most commented, liked, shared and viewed post in the Richmond Police Department’s Facebook history. When his pet Mastiff passed away in 2009, Officer Adams was interested in getting another dog. One of his friends who worked at the Richmond Animal Care and Control shelter told him about a dog there who needed a home. When he met Pickles, it was love at first sight. Adams knew that the dog’s chances of getting a home were slim, both due to her bully breed status and her deafness. Animals with disabilities are

georgeous & friendly

Gorgeous black and white cat hopes for a home! This handsome 2-yr-old boy is a staff favorite at the Coachella Valley Animal Campus, 72-050 Pet Land Place in Thousand Palms. He loves to be held, and even tries to talk to you! He is animal ID#A1072656, contact (760)343-3644.

tiny chihuahua

usually the last ones adopted at a shelter, and frequently are euthanized. Officer Adams explained his decision to adopt Pickles, “She was so cute that I couldn’t let that happen to her.” He had no prior experience with deafness in dogs, but “I was just like ‘We’ll just figure this out’”. Figure it out they did. Adams and his wife Donna went on to add four more deaf bully dogs to their family. Two of the dogs they adopted were posted on the website of Deaf Dogs Rock, a nonprofit rescue organization.

Adams makes his adoption story sound like it was an easy accomplishment. “Deaf dogs don’t know they’re supposed to hear. Once you figure out a way to communicate with them, you’re good to go. They’re very intelligent, very smart dogs, and taking the auditory stimulation out of their daily lives makes them much better dogs.” They use sign language to communicate with the dogs, and touch them or stomp on the floor to get their attention. What causes deafness in dogs? A lot of the same things that impact hearing ability in humans also affects our four legged best friends. A dog can become deaf due to an ear infection, injury to the ear, or deafness may occur gradually in old age. Exposure to loud noises can also cause temporary or permanent hearing impairment. The fact that Mac Adams’ deaf dogs are all white is no coincidence. Dogs with white or merle coats are predisposed to congenital deafness. Most of the dogs who suffer from congenital deafness have some white pigmentation in their coats. Breeds that commonly have the gene that causes deafness and white coats includes Pit Bulls, Dalmatians, and Boxers. Deaf dogs get along better in the world than one might think. Dogs view the world differently than humans and communicate

with their environment in the following order, (1) Smelling, (2) Seeing, and (3) Hearing. In humans this order is reversed. The sense of smell in dogs is 1,000 to 10,000 times more sensitive than that of humans. For a dog, smelling things is like “reading a book” from which he extracts a great deal of information about the world around him. Once a dog loses his hearing, his ability to see and smell become even more enhanced. A deaf dog, or any other animal with a disability, should never be pitied. Dogs, unlike humans, don’t dwell on their condition or what they don’t have. Dogs don’t dwell in the past. Everything in their world is happening NOW and what they are doing and experiencing in the moment. They have another sense that humans lack which is the ability to read people’s energy and emotions. If their owner is scared, nervous, or sad they will detect this. They need to feel your confidence, happiness and strength in order to respond to you as their pack leader. The ideal way to communicate with any dog is through body language and energy. Deaf dogs in particular need fewer words and more hand signals along with a confident handler. Provide plenty of daily exercise, teach them to heel on a leash, and train them to enter and exit all doorways after their human. One owner of a deaf lab actually taught his animal American Sign Language, and the dog responded to dozens of ASL commands. Show them lots of love and they will respond in kind. Officer Mac Adams and his pack are enjoying their recent fame. Adams now serves on the Board of Directors for Deaf Dogs Rock. The local newspaper and television station have featured their story. This family is spreading the message that deaf dogs are very capable of doing almost everything any other dog can do, including bestowing lots of love on their owners.

February 20 to February 26, 2014

by Rick Riozza

Catalan Mediterranean & Caymus Wine Dinner


atalan Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant located on Hwy 111 in Rancho Mirage is presenting a Six Course Tasting Menu where each course will be paired with a premium wine from the world famous Caymus Vineyards. That’s quite a mouthful and it sounds like there will be many! A Six Course dinner is an event in itself. And here the valley gets to relish in the gastronomical artistry of Executive Chef Drew Davis as he pairs his meals to an array of wines from Caymus. The foodies in our area already know the talents of Chef Davis as the restaurant has been around for almost two years. He’s been on point with the restaurant’s theme cookery of Spanish/Italian Mediterranean. Chef Davis is reveling in the opportunity to use the versatile California wine palate of the Caymus Wines to perfect an evening of highlighting meals and courses from all over the map. I spoke with Chef Davis on his ideas of pairing the six courses: After requesting the Caymus Representative to bring by a dozen or so bottles from their portfolio—and tasting through them! Chef and the Rep decided on the wines for the evening. Two Chardonnays will be featured: The Mer Soleil Silver is un-oaked; “It’s a nice crisp, clean, and refreshing white that will work perfectly with the First Course, Octopus & Diver Scallop Carpaccio. There will be a great contrast of flavors—sweet, salty, and spicy, and will definitely get the dinner party going with the Squid Ink Crème Fraiche, Micro Cilantro, Fresno Chili, Smoked Sea Salt and Orange Zest.

For the second course, the Mer Soleil Reserve is the barrel fermented version and medium-bodied full blown California style Chardonnay with layers of tropical fruit and hints of butter and toasted almond. Bring on the Grilled Maine Lobster Tail with Olive Oil Poached Heirloom Tomatoes, Garlic, Capers, Anchovy, and Oregano. Chef says this will be a rich and garlicky creation that will satisfy anyone’s fix for the celebrated Maine lobster. The Third Course matches one of Caymus’s flagship wines, Meiomi (may-oh-mee) Pinot Noir, to Crispy Lamb Belly with Duck Fat Winter Root Vegetable Hash, with Saba—a syrup made from fresh grape juice along with an Orange Marmalade. Meiomi is a high style Pinot Noir that is shaped, more than anything else, by the fruit sources that lay the foundation of the blend. This Meiomi blend of California’s most noteworthy coastal Pinot Noir vineyards makes for a dynamic and opulent wine that will well complement the crispy lamb belly and lively hash. With a deep, rich garnet color, the wine opens up with aromas of ripe berries, fresh cranberry, candied apple and malted vanilla, some of which carries through to the palate. It is an extremely layered wine, both in structure and flavor, displaying freshness and maturity all at the same time. For the Fourth Course, Chef gets inventive by preparing a Braised Rabbit Ragu with Caymus’ Cabernet Sauvignon along with a Kalamata Olive Polenta, while serving a single-vineyard Pinot Noir—the Belle Glos Las Alturas. As the Belle Glos suggests, term “Las Alturas” means “the heights”, which is a fitting name for this vineyard, it’s located on one of the highest grape-growing “benches” within the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA. The area benefits from the cooling effect of the early morning fog that rolls in most days from Monterey Bay. This translates to a wine that is dense, a concentrated ruby color, hinting at the dark berry fruits and rich, textural components. On the nose, aromas of raspberry, wild blackberry and a slight earthiness with a supple palate layered with exotic spices, a rich meatiness,

ripe plum, currant and black cherry flavors. The ripe tannins are nicely balanced with acidity, and the finish is long and fulfilling. It’s the perfect pairing to the hearty flavor of the game meat and is the classic Mediterranean endeavor atop the Kalamata olive polenta. Yum! Incredibly—there is still the Main Course to enjoy! The famed Caymus Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon will meet its heavenly match of Chef’s Pan Roasted Australian Rack of Lamb along with Braised Winter Beans, Tuscan Kale, Serrano Ham, Cipollini Onions, in a Port reduction. This definitive Bordeaux-type pairing of Lamb and the Cabernet Sauvignon will probably put this wine dinner on our winter’s culinary map. This world famous Caymus Cab, which Wine Spectator magazine has scored

90+ points continuously for the past 40 years! has a dark, scarlet red color, with powerful aromas of sweet ripe Cabernet grapes while the whole of the wine is balanced, rich, expressive, and impressively complex. This wine has always been a blend from eight of the most desired appellations in Napa Valley. And supposing we still have room for dessert, Caymus’s Mer Soleil Winery puts out a Late-Harvest Viognier [vee-oh-NYAY] that is a concentrated, nectar-like dessert wine produced only in certain harvests under moisture-filled weather conditions. Viognier is already a highly aromatic wine so when a late-harvest version comes out, we’ve got intense flavors of apricots, flowers, peaches, and honeysuckle swirling around. Here, look to Chef Drew’s sweet finale of a Chocolate Terrine & Sea Salt Almond Bark to play with the liquid-gold brew of peaches and apricots. Bon Appétit! & Cheers! See you there! Catalan Mediterranean Restaurant: 70026 HWY 111, Rancho Mirage, Ca. 92270 Reservations: 760.770.9508 Rick is your sommelier-about-town conducting & entertaining at wine tastings & events. Contact

This tiny 3 pound fellow has a huge heart and lots of love to give! Come meet him at the Coachella Valley Animal Campus, 72-050 Pet Land Place, Thousand Palms. He is dog ID#A1082862. Call (760) 343-3644.


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2/13/14 12:50 PM

February 20 to February 26, 2014




29 PALMS INN; 29 Palms; 760-367-3505 Rojer Arnold 6pm ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 Reunion w/ DJ Day in the Amigo Room 10pm AJ’S ON THE GREEN; C.C.; 760-202-1111 Paul Elia 7-10pm AZUL; PS; 760-325-5533 Paula Prince 7pm (PB) BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 John Stanley King 6-10pm CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Patrick Tuzzolino 5:30pm CORK TREE; PD; 760-779-0123 Live Entertainment 6pm CUNARD’S SANDBAR; LQ; 760-564-3660 Bill Baker 6pm DESERT FOX; PS; 760-325-9555 Thirsty Thursdays w/ The Hive Minds 8pm DHS SPA LOUNGE; DHS; 760-329-6787 Karaoke w/ DJ Scott 9pm ESCENA LOUNGE & GRILL; PS; 760-992-0002 Lola Rossi, Rob Carter and Denise Motto 5-9pm (JZ) FIRECLIFF; PD; 760-773-6565 Sonny Evaro 6pm HARD ROCK HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9676 Industry Night w/ Karaoke in the Lobby 7pm THE HOOD; PD; 760-636-5220 Industry Night 9pm INDIAN WELLS RESORT HOTEL; IW; 760-3456466 Frank Di Salvo 6pm KOKOPELLI’S; YV; 760-228-2589 Karaoke w/ Roberto 8pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-325-2794 Hot Rox LAVENDER BISTRO; LQ; 760-564-5353 Bob Allen in the lounge and Tom on the patio 6pm LIT@FANTASY SPRINGS; IND; 760-345-2450 Country Night w/ Red Line 8pm THE LOUNGE, AGUA CALIENTE; RM; 888-9991995 Nash with Quinto Menguante 8-1am (LR) MARGARITA’S; PS; 760-778-3500 Live Music 6pm MELVYN’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE; PS; 760325-2323 Ron Greenip 8pm (PB)(VD) MIRAMONTE RESORT; IW; 760-341-7200 “Sassy & Sultry” featuring Gina Carey 5-8pm NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Karaoke 8pm-1:15am THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Kevin Henry 6-8pm Tim Burleson 8pm (PB) PAPPY & HARRIET’S; PT; 760-365-5956 RFJT Presents Ted Quinn’s Variety Show 7:30pm PLAN B LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AND COCKTAILS; TP; 760-343-2115 Play Boy & Girl Pajama Jam w/ Sugarfree, Femme A and Ivanna Love 9:30pm PURPLE ROOM@CLUB TRINIDAD; PS; 760327-1161ext.230 Machin’ 7pm RIVIERA RESORT & SPA; PS; 760-327-8311 Martin Ross 6pm SAMMY G’s; PS; 760-320-8041 Evaro Brothers 8pm SCHMIDY’S; PD; 760-837-3800 Red’s Rockstar Karaoke 9pm SIDEWINDER GRILL; DHS; 760-329-7929 Spaghetti Western Night 5pm SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760-341-3560

Dude Jones 6pm TACK ROOM TAVERN; IND; 760-347-9985 Karaoke w/ T-Bone 8-12am VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 Carolyn Martinez & The Trio 6:30pm VILLAGE PUB; PS; 760-323-3265 DJ Khodi Rayne 4:30-9pm, Nite Fixx 9-2am VUE GRILLE & BAR; IW; 760-834-3800 Casey 5:30pm, Slim Man Solo Show 7-10pm WESTIN MISSION HILLS; RM; 760-328-5955 Michael Keeth 6-10pm WOODY’S BURGER; PS; 760-230-0188 Yve Evans Jazz 6pm ZELDA’S; PS; 760-325-2375 DJ PJ 9pm

FRI FEBRUARY 21 29 PALMS INN; 29 Palms; 760-367-3505 Dana Larson 6pm 19TH HOLE; PD; 760-772-6696 Karaoke w/ T Bone 9pm ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 Haunted Summer w/ DJ Valida 10pm AJ’S ON THE GREEN; C.C.; 760-202-1111 Karaoke w/ AJ The KJ 8-12am AZUL; PS; 760-325-5533 Nash 8pm BAR; PS; 760-537-7337 Abe on Vinyl 10pm BILLY REED’S; PS; 760-325-1946 Live Music 6-10pm BLUE BAR, SPOTLIGHT 29; INDIO; 760-7755566 DJ PWee 8pm (VD) BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 The Stanley Butler Trio 6-10pm CASCADE LOUNGE, SPA RESORT CASINO; PS; 888-999-1995 DJ Michael Wright 9-1am CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Patrick Tuzzolino 5:30pm CLINIC BAR & LOUNGE; PS; 760-864-4119 Jesika Von Rabbit 11pm CORK TREE; PD; 760-779-0123 Live Entertainment 6pm CUNARD’S SANDBAR; LQ; 760-564-3660 Bill Baker 6pm DATE SHED; IND; 760-775-6699 DICKIE O’NEALS IRISH PUB; PS; 760-3252600 Lassie Jo’s Best Damn Karaoke 7pm EL MEXICALI CAFÉ 2; IND; 760-342-2333 Cesar Daniel Lopez on the harp 6-9pm FIRECLIFF; PD; 760-773-6565 Sonny Evaro 6pm THE GRILL ON MAIN; LQ; 760-777-7773 Dude Jones 9pm HAMILTON’S; LQ; 760-698-8303 Comedy Night 8:30pm HARD ROCK HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9676 DJ Colourvision 9pm Lobby, DJ Shasta & MC Esjay 11pm Lobby THE HOOD; PD; 760-636-5220 Tribe-O 9pm INDIAN WELLS RESORT HOTEL; IW; 760-3456466 Frank Di Salvo 6pm JOSHUA TREE SALOON; JT; 760-366-2250 Live DJ 8:30pm (VD) KOKOPELLI’S; YV; 760-228-2589 T.B.A. 7:30pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-3252794 Palm Springs Sound Company,in the afternoon,Hot Rox,in the night LAVENDER BISTRO; LQ; 760-564-5353 Bob Allen 6pm

LIT@FANTASY SPRINGS; IND; 760-345-2450 Common Ground 9pm THE LOUNGE; AGUA CALIENTE; RM; 888-9991995 In-A-Fect 9pm (VD) MARGARITA’S; PS; 760-778-3500 Live Music 6pm MELVYN’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE; PS; 760325-2323 Ron Greenip 8pm (PB)(VD) NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Karaoke 8-1:15am THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Kevin Henry 6-8pm Tim Burleson 8pm (PB) PALM CANYON ROADHOUSE; PS; 760-3274080 The Hive Minds 9pm PALM DESERT COUNTRY CLUB; PD; 760-3450222 Alyce Bowie 6:30pm PAPPY & HARRIET’S; PT; 760-365-5956 Paul Chesne Band 8pm PJ’S SPORTS LOUNGE; YV; 760-228-1199 Betabums 9pm PLAN B LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AND COCKTAILS; TP; 760-343-2115 Red’s Rockstar Karaoke 9pm PURPLE ROOM@CLUB TRINIDAD; PS; 760327-1161ext.230 Leo Gosselin 6pm RED BARN; PD; 760-346-0191 T.B.A. 9pm RIVIERA RESORT & SPA; PS; 760-327-8311 Martin Ross Starlite Lounge 8pm, Mercedes Moore Sidebar Lounge 10pm SAMMY G’s; PS; 760-320-8041 Evaro Brothers 8pm SCHMIDY’S; PD; 760-837-3800 House of Broken Promises, Crowned by Fire and Brain Vat 9pm SHANGHAI RED’S @ THE FISHERMAN’S MARKET; LQ; 760-777-1601 Barry Baughn Blues 8-11pm SIDEWINDER GRILL; DHS; 760-329-7929 Country Night w/ Walt Young 5:30pm SOUL OF MEXICO; IND; 760-200-8787 Latin Rock 10pm SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760-3413560 Demetrious and Co. (JZ)(RR) TACK ROOM TAVERN; IND; 760-347-9985 Delgado Jam Band 9pm TILTED KILT; PD; 760-773-5458 Tilted@Night 10pm TRILUSSA ITALIAN RISTORANTE; PS; 760328-2300 Julius & Sylvia Music Duo 6-10pm VIBE; MORONGO CASINO; CAB; 951-755-5391 The Rick Whitfield Band 10pm (VD) VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 Pat Rizzo & All That Jazz Band 6:30pm VILLAGE PUB; PS; 760-323-3265 T.B.A. 1:304:30pm, Nite Fixx 9-2am, DJ Anwaar Hines 9-2am VUE GRILLE & BAR; IW; 760-834-3800 Inca Kings 5:30pm, John McCormick & The Mac Band w/ DJ Randy Johnson 9:30pm WILLIE BOYS; MV; 760-363-3343 Dan Horn, Joseph William Kennedy, Daytime Moon and A Live DJ 9pm THE WINE BAR AT OLD TOWN; LQ; 760-5642201 Rob & jb 7-10pm WOODY’S BURGER; PS; 760-230-0188 Rose Mallet 6:30pm (JZ) ZELDA’S; PS; 760-325-2375 Girl’s Night out w/ The Men on the Hollywood Strip 9pm

SAT FEBRUARY 22 29 PALMS INN; 29 Palms; 760-367-3505 Bev & Bill 6pm 19TH HOLE; PD; 760-772-6696 Karaoke w/ T-Bone 9pm ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 Stronghold presents Reggae Sol noon poolside, Highlife w/ DJ Day 10pm amigo room AJ’S ON THE GREEN; C.C.; 760-202-1111 Cabaret on the Green w/ Les Michaels & Joel Baker 7-10pm AZUL; PS; 760-325-5533 Chix Mix 8pm BAR; PS; 760-537-7337 DJ Aaron C 10pm BILLY REED’S; PS; 760-325-1946 Live Music 6-10pm BLUE BAR; SPOTLIGHT 29; IND; 760-7755566 DJ PWee (VD) BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 Steve Madaio 6-10pm CASCADE LOUNGE, SPA RESORT CASINO; PS; 888-999-1995 DJ Michael Wright 9-1am CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Patrick Tuzzolino 5:30pm CLINIC BAR & LOUNGE; PS; 760-864-4119 House Party w/ The House Whores 9pm CORK TREE; PD; 760-779-0123 Live Entertainment 6:30-9:30pm CUNARD’S SANDBAR; LQ; 760-564-3660 Bill Baker 6pm DATE SHED; IND; 760-775-6699 DHS SPA LOUNGE; DHS; 760-329-6787 Karaoke w/ DJ Scott 9pm DICKIE O’NEALS IRISH PUB; PS; 760-3252600 T.B.A. 8pm EL MEXICALI CAFÉ 2; IND; 760-342-2333 Cesar Daniel Lopez on the harp 6-9pm FIRECLIFF; PD; 760-773-6565 Sonny Evaro 6pm FIRESIDE LOUNGE; PS; 760-327-1700 T.B.A. THE GRILL ON MAIN; LQ; 760-777-7773 The Refills 8-11pm THE GROOVE LOUNGE; SPOTLIGHT 29; INDIO; 760-775-5566 DJ 8pm HAMILTON’S; LQ; 760-698-8303 Mike McCormick 9pm HARD ROCK HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9676 DJ Colourvision w/ DJ Kid Wonder, 11am poolside, 9pm Lobby THE HOOD; PD; 760-636-5220 War Drum, Gothic Tropic and Brainstorm 9pm INDIAN WELLS RESORT HOTEL; IW; 760-3456466 Frank Di Salvo 6pm JOSHUA TREE SALOON; JT; 760-366-2250 T.B.A. 8pm KOKOPELLI’S; YV; 760-228-2589 T.B.A. 6pm, Karaoke w/ Roberto 8pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-3252794 Palm Springs Sound Company,in the afternoon,Hot Rox,in the night LAVENDER BISTRO; LQ; 760-564-5353 Bob Allen 6pm LIT@FANTASY SPRINGS; IND; 760-345-2450 Common Ground 9pm THE LOUNGE, AGUA CALIENTE; RM; 888-9991995 In-A-Fect 9pm (VD) MELVYN’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE; PS; 760325-2323 Ron Greenip 8pm (PB)(VD) MARGARITA’S; PS; 760-778-3500 Live Music 6pm

NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Karaoke 8-1:15am THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Kevin Henry 6-8pm Tim Burleson 8pm (PB) PALM CANYON ROADHOUSE; PS; 760-3274080 T.B.A. 9pm PALM DESERT COUNTRY CLUB; PD; 760-3450222 The Agave Blues Masters 6:30pm PAPPY & HARRIET’S; PT; 760-365-5956 The Shadow Mountain Band 5pm, Moonsville Collective 8pm PJ’S SPORTS LOUNGE; YV; 760-228-1199 Scarlet Roads 9pm PLAN B LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AND COCKTAILS; TP; 760-343-2115 9pm PURPLE ROOM@CLUB TRINIDAD; PS; 760327-1161ext.230 The Gand Band 9pm RENAISSANCE PALM; PS; 760-322-6100 Art of Sax featuring Sax Man Will Donato & Eddie Reddick 7-10pm (JZ) RED BARN; PD; 760-346-0191 Latin Sessions w/ Nash 9pm RIVIERA RESORT & SPA; PS; 760-327-8311 Martin Ross, Starlite Lounge 5pm, Mercedes Moore, Sidebar Lounge 10pm, DJ Shasta, Starlite Lounge 10pm SAMMY G’s; PS; 760-320-8041 Evaro Brothers 8pm SCHMIDY’S; PD; 760-837-3800 CV Weekly Presents Se7en4, Bridger and Thr3 Strykes 9pm SHANGHAI RED’S @ THE FISHERMAN’S MARKET; LQ; 760-777-1601 Barry Baughn Blues 8-11pm SIDEWINDER GRILL; DHS; 760-329-7929 Karaoke w/ Milly G 6pm SOUL OF MEXICO; IND; 760-200-8787 Latin Music 10pm SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760-3413560 Dude Jones 6pm TACK ROOM TAVERN; IND; 760-347-9985 The Mighty Delta-Tones 9pm TILTED KILT; PD; 760-773-5458 Tilted@Night 9pm TRILUSSA ITALIAN RISTORANTE; PS; 760328-2300 Julius & Sylvia Music Duo 6-10pm VIBE, MORONGO CASINO; CAB; 951-7555391 DJ Hektik 10pm (VD) VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 Pat Rizzo & All That Jazz Band 6:30pm VILLAGE PUB; PS; 760-323-3265 Rob & JB 1:30-4:30pm, Nite Fixx 9-2am, DJ Anwaar Hines 9-2am VUE GRILLE & BAR; IW; 760-834-3800 Jeff 5:30pm, Slim Man 9:30pm WILLIE BOYS; MV; 760-363-3343 Rehab Live 9pm THE WINE BAR AT OLD TOWN; LQ; 760-5642201 Missoni Lanza 7-10pm (LR)(PR) WOODY’S BURGER; PS; 760-230-0188 Stanley Butler Band 7pm (JZ) ZELDA’S; PS; 760-325-2375 DJ PJ 9pm (VD)

7:30pm BAR; PS; 760-537-7337 The Rebel Noise, Easter Teeth and Kinshire Way 9pm BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 Steve Madaio 6-10pm CASCADE LOUNGE, SPA RESORT; PS; 888999-1995 Nash with Quinto Menguante 9pm (LR) CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Joe Jaggi 6pm DHS SPA LOUNGE; DHS; 760-329-6787 Karaoke 9pm EL MEXICALI CAFÉ 2; IND; 760-342-2333 Cesar Daniel Lopez on the harp 6-9pm FIRECLIFF; PD; 760-773-6565 Hal Sweasey 6pm HARD ROCK HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9676 DJ Colourvision w/ Kid Wonder 11am poolside INDIAN WELLS RESORT HOTEL; IW; 760-3456466 Ted Herman’s Big Band w/ Frank DiSalvo 6pm JOSHUA TREE SALOON; JT; 760-366-2250 Open Jam 6pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-3252794 Palm Springs Sound Company,in the afternoon,Hot Rox,in the night

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February 20 to February 26, 2014

COME JOIN US FOR THE FUN!! • 14 flat screen televisions • NTN Trivia and poker with QB1

While you are here you can try one of our ten tap beer selections from a frosty cold glass or choose one of our 30 tequilas or vodkas to make your favorite cocktail.



(760) 251-2644

SUN FEBRUARY 23 29 PALMS INN; 29 Palms; 760-367-3505 Bob & Alison 6pm ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 Ace Hotel 5th B-day Blowout w/ DJ Ron Cameron, poolside noon, Intoxica Radio Live w/ Howie Pyro 10pm AZUL; PS; 760-325-5533 The Judy Show


February 20 to February 26, 2014

The Pampered Palate

By Raymond Bill

ROC’s Firehouse Grille at the Cantina


s a father of three kids from elementary school to high school, I am always looking for fun, family friendly activities. One of our favorite Sunday events is to spend the day at the polo grounds to watch the matches and then unwind at ROC’s Firehouse Grille at the Cantina for dinner and drinks. Whether you are having an incredible brunch at the clubhouse, or tailgating with friends, this is the place to be every Sunday until the end of March. While many people have been to the Cantina Sundays for the live music and great food, there is so much more to know about this venue. The first thing you will notice about the Cantina is the view. The west-facing patio offers breath-taking sunsets and open fields for guests to enjoy. Let the kids play a game of horseshoes or work on their polo skills at the Hitting Cage while you relax with a cocktail. The weather is perfect this time of year and the food is jaw-dropping delicious. Chef Robert Marquez has created a menu that you would expect in a fine resort or downtown hot spot. Yes, The Cantina has a full bar and you can enjoy favorites like Buffalo Wings and Nachos (which are so delicious) but you will be blown away by other menu favorites like


Ahi Tartare, Grilled Salmon Salad and tender Baby Back Ribs. The prices are reasonable for any budget. Chef Marquez graduated 2nd in his class at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has worked in some of the finest restaurants in our valley, including Wally’s Desert Turtle and Le Vallauris, and fine resorts like The Ritz Carlton and La Quinta Resort. When I asked him what his favorite cuisine was, he replied, “Anything Mom’s cooking.” Big on family, Chef Marquez has three children of his own. His passion comes through with each dish. His plating is artistic, only to be upstaged by the flavors! If you want to enjoy the Sunday polo experience, you will be in good company as the Cantina is a “Who’s who” of the desert. You may see some friends of yours, top polo players and perhaps a celebrity or two as I have in the past. The Cantina has a billiards table, a large wood burning fire pit on the patio, six flat screen televisions and great music featuring amazing talents like that of “The Arrangements” or “Grupo Bohemia,” (who happen to be performing March 2nd). What you might not know about the Cantina is that they are open Tuesday through Sunday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

February 20 to February 26, 2014

The Pampered Palate By Raymond Bill

Portions are generous and prices are low. Offering one of the desert’s best happy hour menus, come visit Tuesday through Saturday from 3pm to 6pm for a dollar off all alcohol and be sure to try the mussels! Thursday night is Trivia Night! I’m not talking about staring at a screen while pushing buttons on a handheld device; this is just like a game show you would watch with your friends and family. At 7pm, teams of four or five people are assembled to compete with each other for prizes and gift certificates. Questions are asked by a host and everyone

has a great time. There is nothing like this in our valley! It’s no secret that the Cantina is operated by the proprietors of ROC’s Firehouse Grille, Jayme and Roland. Many of Chef Marquez’s creations can also be found at ROC’s Firehouse in Palm Desert. It is not far to the beautiful polo grounds, just head south on Monroe or Madison and watch for the signs to Eldorado Polo Club. Whether you stop by for breakfast, lunch, dinner or my favorite, happy hour, you are in for a real treat! To reserve your table at the Clubhouse for Sunday brunch outside in view of the polo matches, call 760-831-POLO

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino: Chef Profile Freddy Rieger


hose of us who have worked in a restaurant know how demanding it can be. We sacrifice our weekends and holidays and trade in our nine to five working hours for an unpredictable schedule that too often keeps us from our loved ones. There is no position more demanding than that of an Executive Chef. He or she is responsible for the entire kitchen operation and ultimately, the successes and failures of his or her business. The best Chefs in the industry will achieve success with their skills and their passion. Chef Freddy Rieger of Fantasy Springs Resort Casino is one of the happiest most driven chefs in our valley. It’s that time of year again for the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Invitational, where Barbara Sinatra and Chef Freddy have come together to see what delicious creations will be served at the much anticipated Luncheon & Fashion Show and the Black Tie Gala this Saturday night. I have been a fan of Chef Freddy for many years. Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing him in action as well as getting to know him outside of the kitchen. As a kid growing up in Valley Forge, PA and Atlantic City, NJ, Rieger knew he would one day be a chef. After graduating from Academy of Culinary Arts in Mays Landing, NJ, he would find success in not only his career but also his family. Freddy Rieger and his wife Diane chose to settle down in the Coachella Valley away from the busy cities that craved his talents, to raise their two daughters, both now in college. Now Chef Freddy can focus on the many outlets of the Resort that showcase his culinary depth. POM offers an upscale casual dining atmosphere, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. What is unique about POM is that it undergoes quite a transformation from breakfast to lunch and again to dinner. Not only do the menus change, the music and table settings do as well. POM also hosts, “Italian Night” on Wednesdays featuring a 3 course family-style meal. The Bistro offers contemporary, fine cuisine. This is where Chef Rieger shines! The way he interacts with his guests and colleagues is genuine. Some of my favorite menu items include Panko Seared Scallops and Braised Boneless Beef Short Ribs. Oh, and the sushi!

The newest restaurant at Fantasy Springs is Joy, featuring a menu of mostly Chinese classics with Vietnamese and Korean influences. Chef Freddy tells me that while Italian food is his favorite, Asian cuisine is a very close second! Having been to Joy, I can assure you there is authenticity in flavor and ambiance! Fantasy Springs Resort Casino also has a pizza kitchen serving New York style pizzas (be sure to try the one with Chef Freddy’s Meatballs) and Lique, an ice cream parlor/ old fashion malt shop with 20 flavors of premium ice cream as well as hand crafted burgers, carne asada tacos and more. And of course there is the Fresh Grill Buffet for those of us that want a little bit of everything! With so much on his plate, one would think Rieger to be a typical stressed chef, often yelling and swearing. I assure you he is a humble man, deserving of much respect for being able to oversee so many restaurants of different cuisines and ambiances with class. I have always been impressed with Chef Freddy. See for yourself and visit The Bistro, POM and Joy. You won’t be disappointed. At press deadline a few tickets were still available for the Barbara Sinatra Fashion Show and Luncheon, at $125 each; and for the Gala at $1,000 each. To purchase tickets for all Frank Sinatra Celebrity Invitational events, contact the tournament office at (760) 674-8447 or go to www.

“THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD THE WEST HAS TO OFFER!” Our wonderful staff is committed to giving you the best dining experience. We have a nicely stocked bar and great desserts as well. Our authentic mexican food main courses are truly mouth watering. We have an award winning sweet corn tamale that you just have to try for yourself. Once you dine at Pueblo Viejo Grill, you'll be back for more soon!




36901 COOK ST. STE.#3 PALM DESERT, CA 92211 (760)836-1133

81931 HIGHWAY 111 INDIO, CA 92201 (760)342-5900



February 20 to February 26, 2014

Movie Reviews with Robin E. Simmons




veryone has an opinion about movies. That’s one of the reasons we love talking about them. You don’t have to be anyone special to share an opinion. We all bring our experiences to the theater. And of course, movies are a reflection of who we are. They are not a trivial, insignificant part of our lives. No. Movies matter because they are part of our shared human experience. It’s easy to forget that in spite of all the hype, the Academy Awards© are nothing more than the movie industry slapping itself on the back and promoting itself on a global scale. So easy to forget it’s show business. Hooray for Hollywood! Here are some thoughts about the main award categories and my personal picks of movies that deserve even more attention. These are NOT my predictions of the winning films and actors. If only it were so.

BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: “HER” I thought “Her” was about 30 minutes too long, but I was fascinated by the premise of a Siri like smart phone app on steroids in the near future. It’s my pick as best original screenplay (Spike Jonze) and seems like a shoo-in for Academy voters. What especially worked for me was the idea that our technology creates the illusion of connecting but is actually driving us apart. Not sure about the high waist pants of the near future, though. BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: “12 YEARS A SLAVE” The horrific experience of freeborn black Solomon Northrup, adapted by John Ridley (from Northrup’s original, published account) squeezes all the horror and emotion possible


from the harsh, harrowing story. I wasn’t crazy about the finished film. It seemed more than a tad heavy-handed and preachy. But that is not to denigrate the screenwriting of Ridley. His words and images pack a powerful wallop, even if it plays with ideas and images we all already know. BEST ANIMATED FILM: “THE WIND RISES” I think the Academy is enamored of Disney’s “Frozen” and that it’s a done deal to get the Oscar© nod. However, even with all the 3D computer enhancement, it pales in comparison with Hayao Miyazaki handdrawn, old school film that beautifies the life of the Japanese Zero war plane designer and all that it implies. This is an adult film that plays like a dream and does not stay away from serious matters. But I fear my choice will not be reflected by the Academy. I hope it’s not the final masterpiece from Miyazaki, as he has hinted.

BEST DOCUMENTARY: “20 FEET FROM STARDOM” I loved “The Square,” the documentary on the Egyptian Revolution. We spent several hours with director Jahane Noujaim at PSIFF and cannot deny that her powerful film is redolent with relevance. However, for sheer joy, I have not seen a better documentary than “20 Feet From Stardom” about little known, to most, background singers. Hard to predict what Academy voters will do in this

Screeners No. 100

category. Who knows, they may get über serious and pick “The Square,” my second choice. But my top pick is memorable and filled with humanity. It’s also about the healing power of the human voice. I like that. But “20 Feet From Stardom” is worth seeing and savoring. The exuberant sound track is crystal clear, superbly mixed and could standalone.

BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM: “THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN” Some great foreign films in the 2013 nominations, but this love story -- from beginning to end -- really connected with me. Who would ever guess that the ups and downs of a Belgium blue grass band would be so intoxicating and poignant? The wonderful sound track is a plus and the science versus religion riff at the end is startling to say the least, but it fits. NOTE: This Friday, February 21, there’s a live Q&A with director Felix Van Groeningen and star Veerle Baetens following the 6:30 showing at Cinemas Palme d’Or in Palm Desert.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: JARED LETO This is a sure thing as well as my choice. Leto, like Blanchett, is a sublime chameleon. No other candidate comes close to what Leto does on screen. Heart wrenchingly real. Astonishing to watch. BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: JUNE SQUIBB Squibb is not on screen a lot of the running time, but when she is, you cannot take your eyes off her. She’s been around and understands what her salty character is all about. She plays it is flawlessly. No visible acting. No pretense and nothing fake. Just being.

BEST ACTOR: BRUCE DERN Dern has been around for a long time and he is well liked by the mature Academy members. I think bookies and most critics favor Matthew McConaughey, but my

Best Actor choice is Dern for his wonderful inhabitation of an irascible Midwesterner who recognizes his mortality and no longer needs a filter. The bleak Nebraska landscape is perfectly reflected in his lined, bemused face -- and voice. Don ‘t miss this perfect comedy/ drama that finally ends on a grace note. BEST ACTRESS: CATE BLANCETT

Cate Blanchett’s nuanced performance as the bewildered spouse of a convicted and jailed Bernie Madoff-like con artist has been deservedly lauded. No amount of bad press about director Woody Allen’s decades old familial issues will harm her chances. I think she will likely get the Oscar©. She is also my pick for the best female performance of 2013. But this is a hard one to choose. I was equally taken by Sandra Bullock’s sublime, emotional turn as an astronaut in trouble. Although acting is not truly a competition, Blanchett’s performance lingers long after final fade out. And isn’t that the real test? BEST DIRECTOR: ALFONSO CUARON The huge technical accomplishment of filming “GRAVITY,” especially in 3D, is a glimpse of the future of filmmaking. This cinematic breakthrough, perhaps a quantum leap, is a reminder of how our fast changing technology can support the art of filmmaking. For me, no film comes close in its staggering directorial achievement. And surely no 2013 movie had a more powerful mojo that allowed us to suspend disbelief in this most unlikely of scenarios. Cuaron is at the top of his game. BEST MOVIE: “GRAVITY”

Seriously, is there a 2013 movie that even comes close to the power of “GRAVITY” to elicit wonder, thrills and awe? When final tallies are counted, this global hit will probably be a billion dollar earner. It is that rare thing -- a critical and popular movie that connects with a global audience because -- if truth were known -- this emotional and spiritual film taps into universal feelings we all have about our lonely, terrifying and ultimately -hopefully -- transcendent journey across the cosmos. What are your picks? RobinESimmons@

Book Review

February 20 to February 26, 2014

By Heidi Simmons

My Mother was a Rocket Scientist


ow well do you think you know your parents? As kids we often get a narrow representation of who our folks really are. It’s certainly a challenge to know their past and sometimes it’s unclear what they do for a living. For author George D. Morgan, the image of his mother only recently came into focus while writing his book Rocket Girl: The Story of Mary Sherman Morgan America’s First Female Rocket Scientist (Prometheus Books, 325). “Growing up I thought my mother was an average American housewife who fixed spaghetti on Thursday nights, went to church on Sunday, watched the Ed Sullivan Show and played Bridge,” said Morgan. “I had a normal childhood. But I have no memory of my mother ever going to work.” Morgan’s mother did go to work. She had top-secret clearance at North American Aviation where she invented the rocket fuel that launched America’s first satellite into orbit. At the UCR Arts and Letters Series last week, Morgan talked about his book and mother with Tod Goldberg, UCR MFA Program Director. Morgan is a student in the program working on his creative writing graduate degree. Morgan is also a playwrite and screenwriter. The conversation between

Rocket Girl: the story of Mary Sherman Morgan, AMerica’s First Female Rocket Scientist By george d. morgan Biography Morgan and Goldberg was particularly interesting. Goldberg was especially curious about the mystery and relationship of the author and his mother. No doubt, for Goldberg, the mother issue is something very relatable. “I grew up with her, she was my mother, but I really knew nothing about her until after she passed away. Ninety-nine percent of what I know about her, I learned from

her friends and coworkers after she died,” Morgan said. “I’m still uncovering new information every day from people who are contacting me. She was a true enigma, who held many secrets and lead a fascinating life.” Mary Sherman Morgan worked for North American Aviation for seven years. She quit after her youngest child was born in 1957. She died in 2004 at the age of 84. It was at her funeral that a coworker of hers suggested to the author that he needed to tell his mother’s story. This presented a challenge for Morgan. Only five of his mother’s coworkers were still alive. Of the nine hundred employees working at North American Aviation, Mary Sherman Morgan was the only woman scientist. Even more incredible, Mary Morgan had no college degrees – none. She worked as an analyst, but she was actually a chemist. Her contribution was the invention and development of a rocket fuel called Hydyne. It was the fuel used to launch the Redstone rocket that carried America’s first satellite.

The author had to do a forensic investigation to find anything about his mother and the process has had its challenges. Hardly anything existed on her work or contribution at NAA. “My parents never talked about anything,” Morgan said. “She wasn’t a close person. She wasn’t the kind of mother that put her arms around you and said I love you.” His mother never even helped with his chemistry homework. Richard Columbus attended the event. A retired North American Aviation engineer, Columbus work at the same facility as Morgan’s mother from 1962 to 1966 five years after Mary Morgan quit. “It doesn’t make sense to me,” Columbus said. “We had an in-house publication where the work being done was shared. There were company logs where you recorded everything you were doing with the date and time. And the company allowed co authorship on patents.” Columbus was not convinced Mary Morgan invented the Hydyne rocket fuel or even worked at North American Aviation. He also said that the years he was at NAA, there was not one woman scientist employed. There is still a lot Morgan is learning. He found out from a late night call that his mother had a child out of wedlock. Mary Morgan was a devout Catholic. He was not the firstborn, but the second. He contacted his half-sister, who knew very little about her biological mother or father. This is what makes Rocket Girl an even more fascinating subject. Like NAA, Mary Sherman Morgan had her secrets and kept them. For the author, his goal is clear. He wants his mother to get the credit where the credit is due. His book, part history, part memoir and part mystery has made that mission a success.


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By judith salkin

all Photos By richard noble

A valentine from the White House


try not to gush, but the chance to get upclose and personal with President Barak Hussein Obama is a whole different planet for me. On a fluke, I had the opportunity to make contact with the White House press office recently and that ended up leading to – gasp! – become part of the press pool when the Air Force One landed at Palm Springs International Airport on Valentine’s Day. First there was the email requesting an RSVP for credentials for the landing. Amazed that it had come to me, I forwarded it my dayjob boss, Stephanie Greene at FG Creative, where I work as the Public Relations Manager. “Do it!” she said. “And make sure you have an FG press pass!” With that ringing endorsement in my ears, I forwarded it Tracy Dietlin, my publisher of Coachella Valley Weekly. “Are you covering this exclusively for me?” “Of course!” “OK, I’ll send it in and see what happens!” According to the official instruction I had to get to the airport at 5 p.m., go through several checkpoints before getting to the area where the press bus would be waiting. If it hadn’t been for previous visits and knowing which streets would be blocked off, I might not have made it. And if you have any qualms about cops, SWAT trucks, military in full battle regalia (OK, so they were in camos and just had sidearms, but still…) and being thoroughly scanned by TSA agents, this wasn’t the assignment you

wanted. Creds checked by PSPD at the entrance to the blocked off Kirk Douglas Way; creds checked again near the entrance to the parking lot (OK, so I went the wrong way a bit and Marines were doing their job) and after parking and walking to the cargo area of the airport, creds checked one more time by the White House press guys at the desk. From this point on it’s a waiting game. Get on the bus, catch up with your press brothers-in-cameras (local TV and news shooters and reporters like Brooke Beare, Blake Herzog, etc.) that you haven’t seen in a while before getting told to get off for the “official” security check that includes bombsniffing dogs, emptying your purse and any other bags and being wanded by TSA while a line of Highway Patrol, Riverside County Sheriffs and military Police stand around in case they’re needed. When we finally get to the press box around 6 p.m. It’s a raised platform that’s probably 10 feet by 20 feet, and now filled with 30 or so people with cameras, mics, tripods and not much room for the people to stand and wait. Stand around and wait, jockey for position so that we can get clear shots of the plane when it finally arrives and, more importantly, the President of the United States. I realize that under no circumstances will we be anywhere near the plane. There is a cadre of local officials – 36th

The President’s California Visit


CENTRAL PRINTER RESORCES 760-328-7571 888-527-7538

WE FIX PRINTERS-COPIERS Plotters, Typewriters & Shredders

In Your Office • Fast Response • Reasonable Rates

“We Bring Office Machines Back To Life”



arlier this month it was announced that President Barak Obama would make his second visit to California in less than year to talk to Gov. Jerry Brown and state officials about the severe drought that is affecting more than 91 percent of the state and for a state visit at Sunnylands Retreat for a conference with King Abdullah II of Jordan. The visit began on Feb. 14 with a stop in with a round table discussion with Jerry Brown, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, California Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein, United Farm Workers President Arturo Rodriguez, several water district general managers from affected areas of the state, farm owners and California Farm Bureau Federation President Paul Wenger. In statements made during the Fresno

District Congressman Raul Ruiz, Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians Tribal Chairman Jeff Grubbe, Rancho Mirage Mayor Richard Kite and Palm Springs Mayor Pro Rick Hutcheson. No pre-landing interviews, we just get to see them milling about, chatting and waiting. And then there is Lee Simmons, a gentleman of some history waiting to greet the president, too. Simmons has lived in the Coachella Valley for nearly 40 years. He came here to serve as steward for President Gerald R. Ford, and did so until Mr. Ford’s death. Before that Simmons served as the first African-American steward on Air Force One, serving presidents Kennedy and Johnson to Nixon and Ford. To Simmons, seeing the president back in the Coachella Valley and using Sunnylands as a conference center is historic. “I’m very proud of the history that’s being made here,” he said. “I think the President is carrying on the legacy that Mr. Annenberg wanted. He wanted this to be a place where

people could solve the world’s problems in a peaceful way.” Following that brief respite in the hurryup-and-wait atmosphere of the press box, it was time to wait again. Especially after being told at 6:20 that Air Force was nearly an hour late taking off from Fresno. A little more waiting and we finally hear Air Force One is flying over Cathedral City and will touch down in about 10 minutes. Everyone checks their equipment and we finally hear the roar of the 747’s engines. And then it comes into view – blue nose, the lighted United States of America along the side as she rolls to a stop 100 feet from the press box. The steps are rolled up, the door opens and we wait for Obama. He emerges, gives one wave and with head down he descends the steps to the waiting motorcade. There’s no chance to watch him make his way down the steps as we all try snapping shots of him before he disappears at the bottom of the steps where he’s greeted by the waiting dignitaries and the White House press pool that has been disgorged from the rear of the plane. They’re 20 feet from him, while all we got was the wave. Into the car and the President is gone. It’s over. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I almost cried, but stopped myself. It’s the closest I think I’ll ever be to him and even if I didn’t get to shake his hand, it’s a closer than many of us will ever get to person who wields such power with (in my opinion) such measured strength. And yes, I’d certainly do it again.

By richard noble

Open Daily 10 am - 6 pm Sunday 12 - 5pm 44841 San Pablo (West Side of Street), Palm Desert, CA 92260

February 20 to February 26, 2014

visit, the president committed to a number of actions to help alleviate the pressures brought on the farmers, ranchers, small businesses and communities impacted by the lack of water. The actions will include: $100 million in livestock disaster assistance for California producers; $15 million in targeted conservation assistance for the most extreme drought areas; $5 million in targeted Emergency Watershed Protection Program assistance to the most drought impacted areas to protect vulnerable soils; $60 million made available to food banks to help families economically impacted by the drought;

Provide 600 summer meal sites to be established in drought stricken areas; $3 million in Emergency Water Assistance Grants for rural communities experiencing water shortage. Air Force One lifted off nearly an hour behind schedule from Yosemite International Airport in Fresno. During the hour-long flight from the Central Valley to the Coachella Valley, the onboard press corps were informed by Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz Mr. Obama would “probably play golf during his stay at Sunnylands,” in addition to the talks with King Abdullah regarding Palestinian refugees and the state of the Middle East. Greeting the president when he touched down at Palm Springs International Airport just before 7 p.m. were Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians Tribal Chairman Jeff Grubbe, Rancho Mirage Mayor Richard Kite, 36th District Congressman Raul Ruiz (D-Calif.) and Palm Springs Mayor Pro Tem Rick Hutcheson.

In less than 10 minutes, Obama has descended the plane, which would sit on the tarmac through his departure on Monday, Feb. 17. In less than 10 minutes, Mr. Obama was in his official motorcade on the way to Sunnylands, the former estate of Ambassador Walter Annenberg that now serves as a neutral site for international conferences, where the president greeted the king of Jordan to begin the weekend of talks “to bring Israel and Palestine closer together.” With Jordan now having received over 600,000 refugees from Syria, Obama announced that the U.S. would provide $1 billion in loans to help develop Jordan security and renew a five year Memorandum of Understanding. According to statements released during the weekend, “President Obama has great faith and see’s great opportunity with the Kingdom of Jordan to working and resolving many of the hardships in the region.”


February 20 to February 26, 2014

Haddon Libby:It’s all local


instein told us to give back at least what we have taken while Anne Frank thought it was the way that anyone can improve the world immediately. Both were talking about philanthropy - the act of helping others.   The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently released its annual list of the top 50 philanthropists in the United States for 2013.  It should not come as much of a surprise that the average age of the top 50 donors was 72.5 years.  The youngest person to make the list at 29 years of age was Mark Zuckerberg who gave 18 million shares of Facebook stock or $992 million to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.  Worth noting, he gave the same

amount of stock to the same charity last year. Conspicuously absent from this year’s list were Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.  While each gave substantial amounts, their giving was done as part of prior pledges and therefore excluded from the list.  For reference, Gates pledged $3.5 billion in 2004 and Buffet $30 billion in 2006 to the Gates Foundation.  To date, both have given even more than these pledged commitments.   To make this year’s list, one needed to donate at least $37.5 million.  As a group, the top 50 gave away $7.7 billion during 2013. The late George Mitchell, best known for having pioneered the fracking process for mining for oil and gas, donated $750 million to his family foundation which dedicates a large portion of its net worth toward insuring that fracking does not cause long-term damage to the environment. Third on the list was Nike’s co-founder Philip Knight who gave $500 million to the Oregon Health & Science University Foundation to jumpstart their funding efforts for building a cancer research institute.  His gift came with a string - raise matching funds within two years or his donation must be returned. The top fifteen donors in 2013 were as follows: Rank Name $ Millions Source of Wealth 1. Mark Zuckerberg 992,200,000 Founder of Facebook

Dale Gribow On The Law

Questions from the readers

Q: Mr. Gribow, You write about scams and stolen IDs. What do I do if I think this has happened to me? M. Stewart, Indio A: If you think you are the victim of an ID Theft then cancel your credit cards ASAP, place a fraud alert on them and call the police to make a report. If you are going to report the incident to your insurance company they will want proof that you contacted the police. Then REPORT the POTENTIAL ID THEFT to: 1. Equifax 1-800 525 6285; for a Fraud alert 888 766 0008; to order a credit report 800 685 1111 2. Experian (formerly TRW) 1-888 397 3742 for a Fraud alert; to order a credit report 888 397 3742 3. Trans Union 1-800 680 7289 for a Fraud alert: to order a credit report 800 888 4213 4. Social Security Administration (fraud line) 1-800 269 0271 5. Notify your banks and post office Keep this above info handy so you can find it in an emergency. Q: I got a suspended license in court recently. How would they know if I drove on it? C. Diamond, Indian Wells A: Most suspended license matters are from DUI’s and for too many traffic tickets. If you are not stopped for a traffic


infraction or accident, the authorities may never know. However some of the new patrol cars have several cameras on top that pick up the license plates of cars they pass and immediately input them into their car’s computer. If it comes back with a suspended license or outstanding Bench Warrant they will stop you and ARREST you and take you to jail. The latest trick is when the judge suspends your license in court and then has the bailiff/sheriff follows you to your car to see you start to drive away. You will be stopped and arrested. Driving on a suspended (14601 VC) usually results in the judge imposing a minimum of 10 days in custody.

2. George Mitchell (d.) 750,000,000 Founder of Mitchell Energy 3. Philip Knight 500,000,000 Founder Nike 4. Michael Bloomberg 452,000,000 Founder of Bloomberg News Services 5. John Arnold 296,200,000 Founder of Centaurus Energy Hedge Fund 6. Charles Johnson 250,000,000 Franklin Templeton Investments 7. Pierre Omidyar 225,000,000 Founder eBay 8. Irwin Jacobs 221,100,000 Co-founder of Qualcomm 9. Sergey Brin 219,000,000 Co-founder of Google 10. Jeffrey Carlton (d.) 212,000,000 Founder of Press Forge 11. Paul Allen 206,000,000 Co-founder of Microsoft 12. Stephen Ross 200,000,000 Owner of the Miami Dolphins 13. Ronald Perelman 196,000,000 Corporate raider 14. Muriel Block (d.) 160,000,000 NY commercial real estate 15. Eli Broad 157,000,000 Founder KB Homes Other notables on the list include Frank McCourt, infamous owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Larry Ellison, co-founder of Oracle and owner of the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens. The largest single donation of all time was made by Bill Gates when he pledged more than $10 billion for vaccine development

ART continued from page 15

by Dale Gribow Attorney at Law Q: I got cited for a DUI and my friend said I should request a DMV hearing. Is that true? J. Johnson, Palm Desert A: A citation for a DUI is an arrest which triggers a DMV hearing and a court proceeding. DMV wants to take away your driving privilege and the court wants to put you in custody. There is a 100% chance the DA will want jail time on a first offense DUI. After the arrest/citation you only have 10 total days from that date to request a DMV hearing or your license will be taken away for 4-5 months. Q: My friend said I do not need to hire a lawyer to write a will. Is he correct? B. David, Palm Springs A: Yes, he is correct. You do not need a lawyer to prepare a will. You can prepare what is called a Holographic Will by writing it out in your own handwriting with nothing else on the paper. You cannot use a letterhead from a business or hotel and you cannot use a stamp for the date let alone typing anything! Any of these aforementioned items would make the proposed WILL invalid. A Holographic Will, has to be dated and signed and show that it was meant to be a will, in other words that it had TESTAMENTARY INTENT. Your holographic should state “This is My Last Will and Testament, dated February 20, 2014 in Palm Desert California.”

Liz Brown continues with her Brand Development and Design -- while at the same time ardently pursuing her Painting career. Her work is typically figurative and tells the story of “power, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.”  Liz has recently incorporated multi-media into her work, to increase the visual depth and luminosity.  She plans to have a solo exhibit in the winter of 2015.   In the meantime, Liz will be one of the Featured Artists this coming Sunday, Feb. 23, when her home & studio in Cathedral City Cove will be opened to the public!

and throughout the 90›s worked as an Art Director in Advertising. As computer technology was on the rise, Liz went to Europe and worked as a Jr Technical Director in Berlin, Germany. Upon her return to the U.S., she suffered a severe ankle injury, which took 5 years to heal due to a chronic pain condition (RSD).   During that time, she reconnected with her love for painting, which was very restorative.  Liz also began to make Graphic Design her focus through her healing process.  

and distribution. It is estimated that this single donation has saved the lives of more than 8 million children under the age of five worldwide. The largest donation made by one person was Warren Buffet’s $30 billion pledge to the Gates Foundation.  He has stated that it is his intent to give away most of his $58.5 billion fortune.  While you and I might not be able to give as some of America’s wealthiest can, you still can make a profound difference with your time and talents if not your personal treasure.  You need look no further than our local community here in the Coachella Valley as we are a microcosm of many of the needs nationally.  Find your passion and get involved - you will be glad that you did.

February 20 to February 26, 2014

Website Development was a natural segue to graphic design. She has created innovative digital print, web & outdoor branding collateral, and designed unique promotional goods for over a decade -- with leading organizations including Deutsch LA, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and the National Urban Alliance.  She is the Founder of Midnight Raven Design -- you can find Liz›s graphics & product design at:  Fortunately for our beautiful Desert area, Liz moved here recently to Cathedral City Cove -- now an enclave of many talented artists from all over the world!  Liz can be contacted via Email at:


Agnes Pelton Society’s Walking Tour of Historic Cathedral City Cove Homes & Artists -- Sunday, February 23, 2014, 11:00am-3:00pm. Tickets are $15 (children free), available on the day of the Event at the Farmers Market, fronting IMAX Theatre (Hwy 111 & Cathedral Canyon Dr), , Cathedral City, CA or online at www.

By Judith Salkin

How healthy is the Coachella Valley?

Q: My neighbor said I should not waste my money on a lawyer. Is it a waste of money? S. Sanchez, La Quinta A: That is for you to decide. However in my opinion there is no question you should hire a lawyer. You can handle your Accident case; DUI; Incorporation and Will without hiring a lawyer. But the correct question is should you handle these matters yourself. The answer is clear………NO! Protect yourself with an attorney. If you had a medical problem you would not try to handle it yourself and hope it would go away…would you? Remember, when you drink don’t “pull a Bieber” and get behind the wheel and have an accident or get arrested for a DUI: DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, CALL A TAXI… IT IS A LOT CHEAPER THAN HIRING ME! Dale Gribow has been “Rated” TOP LAWYER by Palm Springs Life Magazine from 2011-2014 and has a Superb AVVO Legal Rating by his fellow attorneys. If you have any questions regarding this column or ideas for future columns, please contact Dale Gribow Attorney at Law at his NEW number 760 837 7500 and or his new email:


ince 2007, the Health Assessment Resource Center has published two Community Health Monitor Reports that established a baseline of facts on the health of both healthcare, access to it and the general health of the residents of the Coachella Valley. On Feb. 13, HARC released the Executive Summary for the third triennial report and, in the words of Board President Dr. Glen Grayman, MD MBA and president of Desert Healthcare District, the report is a measurement that will allow healthcare entities across the Coachella Valley to “understand the health and wellness in the valley and provide a quantitative way to understand the healthcare needs and identify trends in the valley.” Taken from cold-call interviews conducted from January through June 2013, the current survey is “a monumental achievement,” according to HARC CEO Eileen Packer. “For the first time, it tells us what has changes have happened over the past six years.” Each 23 minutes survey covered a sample of 1,950 adults and 500 children, is comprised of 106 questions in a methodology developed by Kent State University. Unlike the previous two baseline surveys, this particular survey concentrated on the Coachella Valley. The charts used in the data release

demonstrated “statistically significant changes,” according to Grayman. A few changes that indicated improvements, and others that indicated that much was needed in the way of health education and access to care for a number of segments of the Coachella Valley. Looking at the segment of the population in adults 18 and older, the 2007 survey noted that 3.6 percent of the population suffered from breathing disorders other than asthma. But the 2013 study showed an increase to 9.2 percent of the population, Grayman noted. “Is that because there is a rise in the finding of more people reporting having Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or obstructive sleep apnea and the increase of sleep centers in the valley?,” Grayman asked. “Or possible increase of allergens and air pollutants? We don’t know; but we do know it has changed.”

And in an alarming statistic in the anonymous survey, nearly 30 percent of the adult population admitted to binge drinking in the 30 days prior to when they were contacted. “Unfortunately that number is probably higher than reported,” Grayman said. One disturbing statistic that showed up in the survey is the increase from 2.9 percent of the senior population 62 and older in 2007 reported incidents of elder abuse. That number jumped to 4.0 percent in 2013. While it is significantly lower than the national average of 10 percent, “it is a disturbing number,” Grayman said. What has changed is that with the independent quantitative surveys such as the 2013 Community Health Monitor Report, organizations such as Desert AIDS Project,

Planned Parenthood of the Desert, school districts and John F. Kennedy Hospital as using the information to obtain grant monies and attract more qualified healthcare professionals to the valley. Linda Evans, La Quinta City Councilwoman and Associate Administrator of Business Development at JFK Memorial Hospital in Indio, noted that while JFK is a for-profit hospital, when prospective job candidates asked for statistics on the area, “we didn’t have a system in place to easily provide that information,” she said. By embracing HARC and the independent data that they provide, “we can justify bringing physicians and other professionals to the community. It is an invaluable tool for us.”


February 20 to February 26, 2014

safety tips

by Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna

Home Safety Tips


n average 20,000 deaths and 21 million medical visits occur annually, reminds Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna. Firefighters and Paramedics respond to thousands of accidents every day.” Follow some of these tips to help prevent accidents in your home: In the Bathroom, cleaners should be locked away out of the reach of children. Medications, scissors, razor blades and cleaning supplies should be kept in a locked cabinet or out of the reach of children and pets. Non-skid appliqués in the tub and shower can prevent slips and falls. Children should not be left unattended in or around the pool. Pool areas should be fenced in with a gate secured with a childproof safety lock or latch. Electrical Safety- Children can stick objects in open sockets and get hurt. Unused

electrical outlets must have safety plugs to prevent accidental electrocution from foreign objects being put in the socket. Every home should have a fire extinguisher. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be on each floor of the home and tested monthly. Batteries should be changed at least every six months or as necessary. A fire extinguisher must be accessible. Keep paper towels, plastic plates, plastic utensils and anything other than cooking equipment away from the stove. These items can easily start a fire if left too close to the range. Keep pesticides and cleaners away from children. Store chemicals in a locked cabinet or keep on a high shelf that children cannot reach. Do not spray bug spray or pesticides near a child’s toys, since toys tend to go into a child’s mouth. In addition, never leave household chemicals unattended, unfortunately, small children may try to open the products and drink the contents. For additional home safety tips contact your local fire department and visit: http:// at_hom.aspx

ShareKitchen Sharekitchen wants you!


hareKitchen has helped people in creating over 25 local food businesses over the last fifteen months. At present, the ShareKitchen family of businesses are generating approximately $500,000 in revenues as well as numerous local jobs.   In case you didn’t know, ShareKitchen is a nonprofit based in Cathedral City that helps people with their food based businesses.  The types of clients whom we provide services to are varied and have included caterers in need of a legal place from which to base their business, food makers who sell their products at farmer’s market, local restaurants and stores and upstart restauranteurs who need support in making their dream a reality.   As we are a private non-profit that receives no public funding, we need your support.  At present, we are looking for volunteers in a number of areas. WANTED: Product Demonstrators.  We need people who can help our clients in sharing their products at various events.  As an example, Fulvio’s Homemade Sausages is doing this at the Sinatra Celebrity Invitational this weekend.   Part-time Baker.  We have a number of clients who need experienced hands in the kitchen.  While this position can pay some, our clients are typically young, upstart businesses in


need of low-cost support. Gardener. Our organic, edible exterior needs a gentle hand to cultivate and develop it. Fundraiser Dinners Staff. We regularly host dinners at ShareKitchen to help charities in raising funds for their causes.  As such, we could need experienced servers and restaurant staff. Accounting and Finance.  We are looking for a Quickbooks specialist.   Grant Writer and Donations.  We have a number of exciting things on the horizon but most require financial support.  Donors. The lifeblood of any charity is the financial support of others who want to make a difference in their community. Please contact Haddon Libby at 760.459.4259 or by email at for more information.  Thanks!

Gaemer Girl

by Jennifer Tan aka mrs. fett

Titanfall: A Beta Love Story

Don’t Be


February 20 to February 26, 2014

by Diane Marlin-Dirkx



h, what to wear. What to Wear. So many events. So many venues. So little time. Is a luncheon? A dinner? An evening at the theatre? An occasion with pals? Acquaintances? His? Or yours? (It makes a difference.) Some people you want to impress? Or some you hope to drive to our airport soonest. In the words of teens: “What Ever.” (Two words drawn out into infinity is especially impressive.) As to getting dressed, we’re pretty easy out here in the Desert. Clean, neat and tidy. Simple. If you can’t manage that, you’ve got more problems than we can address here. And NO, You can’t apply the 10 second rule of dropped food on the floor. Okay. Done. Now to more pressing matters. This just in:


alentine’s Day. A day filled with love, kisses, chocolates, candy and bears. Unless you are me. It’s a day filled with training, honing your titan skills, and endless matches in a closed beta for Titanfall! My hopes for this game have always been high. Since its earliest emergences in social media, I had my fingers crossed that this, this would be the title to end the rinse and repeat nightmare I have been living in Call of Duty. And this experience all but solidifies those hopes. I did get the Limited Edition Titanfall Xbox One controller. I figured if I am going to test this out right, then the controller is nothing but appropriate and mandatory! As well as the apple juice and Slim Jims, of course. I may have spoken too soon, as to the level of merchandise they are creating! Tritton Kunai headphones, EarForce, keyboards, Cyborg RAT3 mice, and mouse pads, wrist bands, and apparel are emerging at retailers everywhere. Training. “If you are good at Call Of Duty, and good at Halo, you are a GOD at Titanfall” -Twitter User. This couldn’t be truer. Although the controls are exactly like any other FPS title, the mechanics and your abilities are not. Double jumping, and parkour maneuvers are introduced, making these maps truly limitless in defense and attack.

Smart weapons have the ability to track live opponents and botted opponents so you no longer have to shout out “AIM BOTS!” Bots are also a new element I have never seen in MP titles before. Each kill on an opponent, minion, or spectre, removes time from the 3 minute waiting period for your Titan. A helpful voice will count down in 30 sec intervals, and let you know when your titan is ready. Your Titan, an amazing mech machine of kick-ass proportion runs on the same button layout as you do. Call it in and hope it drops on an opponent for an epic kill! There are several different ways you can enter your titan, and if you are not in the mood, you can set it to follow, or guard you, while you perch and snipe. (My personal favorite) When the game releases March 11, you are going to die. A lot! It’s ok though, TF has you covered. Earn Burn card slots, by leveling up. Burn Cards, are essentially favors, you can stock for your next round, and call in after your death. Modified weapons, cyborg legs, and the OGRE Titan, are just a few perks you can rely on to pick up that KDR! I went from excited, to absolute fan girl of Respawn, and their capabilities, I look forward to seeing their next masterpiece, as this one, already has a shelf in my home, and 10 gigs on my HD!

Saturday, February 22, 6 pm. “Starry, Starry Nights,” Palm Springs Pathfinders Annual Gala. Rancho Las Palmas Resort, Rancho Mirage. Remember your time at camp? The smell of piney woods? Scary night noises? Singing “Kumbaya” around a camp fire? Dropped food that tasted better for the forest floor? Laughter? Mosquitos? Pathfinder Ranch is celebrating its 50th year giving underprivileged kids a summer camp experience. Grown from 20 acres to today’s 80 acres, in the summer Garner Valley hums with the activity—rock climbing, horseback riding, crafts, etc. of about 1500 children from Boys & Girls Clubs in California and surrounding states. Remember and lend support at the fundraising gala during cocktails, dinner, with Silent and Live auctions. Tickets, $200 per person, call 760-408-2340, or310-968-0468. Or www.

Friday, February 21, 11am. Yikes! This is tomorrow. Hustle over to the phone to see if they can find you a seat! The 26th Annual Barbara Sinatra Fashion Luncheon is done “Her Way” at the Special Events Center at Fantasy Springs Resort in Indio! A benefit

for the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center on the Eisenhower Medical Center campus, the always sold-out event starts at 11 am with an incredible silent auction, followed by a gourmet menu luncheon, and a fashion show on a runway designed for a perfect view of the newest trends from Troy, an upscale boutique on El Paseo featuring the finest American and European designers. And get ready for “Fly Me to the Moon” surprises! Seating is limited. Tickets for the luncheon are $125 and are available through the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Invitational office at (800) 674-8447. For information on the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Invitational or luncheon, please contact Mary Martin at (800) 674-8447 or www.franksinatragolf. org.

Friday, February 21, 8pm. WOW! Chita Rivera Performs at the McCallum Theatre in Chita: A Legendary Celebration. One Night Only!. The theatrical icon as actress/singer/ dancer, is arriving direct from her smash sell-out concert in New York to rave reviews Tthe multi-Tony award winner at 80 years of age will recreate signature moments from her phenomenal career, including West Side Story, Sweet Charity, Chicago, Kiss of the Spider Woman, special tributes to her favorite composers and so much more. Tickets are available from $45 to $95 online at, or by calling the box office at 760-340-2787, or go to McCallum Theatre, 73000 Fred Waring Dr., Palm Desert, accepting payment by cash, check, and all major credit cards.

Saturday, February 22, 11am-2pm. Men of the Desert Fashion Show 2014 “Puppy Love.” A fab fashion show featuring two of our favorite things: Stud Muffins and their BFs. That is, our desert’s most fashionable men in Saks Fifth Avenue togs and their beloved, distinguished Best Friend dogs prowling the catwalk to the moans, screeches and lustful yearnings of the mostly female audience worthy of years past first Beatles appearance, unleashed, uninhibited and sated by a delicious lunch and ready and able to roar in appreciation of the manly display. Whew! This is the 5th year of the fundraising event to help the Animal Samaritans to feed, shelter, rescue, provide medical care for homeless dogs and cats. Enjoy live entertainment and live auction. RSVP 760-601-3755, or go to www. At the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Sunday, February 23, 11am-3pm. Get your gallop on and join the VNA California (Visiting Nurse Association) for an afternoon of Polo & Entertainment—“POLO PICNIC.” From a comfy table with good sight-lines, enjoy two polo matches, Champagne Divot Stomp at match break, Gourmet Burger Bar and Dessert. Wait!! There’s more: Silent auction, Raffle Prizes. More Surprises in store! All proceeds go to the community outreach efforts of the VNA, including Charity Care, Student Mentoring, Camp Erin, and Mourning Star. General seating ticket, $100, Front-row VIP seating, $125. The Empire Polo Club, Indio. Sunday, February 23, 6:30pm. Join the dinner party for an evening of Italian Romance at La Spiga Ristorante with Les Dames d’Escoffier International, Palm Springs Chapter. Served under the stars, the four course menu begins with signature appetizers followed by Insalata Italiana, drizzled with house-made balsamic glaze. The main course served family style is a parade of pastas and sauces served on large platters for everyone to try. Dessert is fresh made pastries. Live entertainment will be provided by International Opera Institute and Desert Opera. LDEI is a world-wide organization of executive women in the fields of food, fine beverage, and hospitality. Each chapter conducts fundraising projects and

awards scholarships to women continuing higher education in the industries. LDEI also supports organic gardening programs at several local high schools. Proceeds from fundraising events go to LDEI’s Scholarship Fund and the Green Tables initiatives. Cost of dinner is $75 per person inclusive with a nohost bar. An Italian wines pairing is available for an additional charge.  Reservations, call 340-9318. For more information visit www., or call (760) 895-9899.

Tuesday, February, 25, 6pm. A look at the world of nursing. Is there more to the profession than a pretty smile and white shoes? You bet your thermometer! Cal State San Bernardino’s Palm Desert Campus will screen the documentary film “Nurses: If Florence Could See U Now” in its Indian Wells Theater with free admission and parking. “The film looks through the eyes and voices of nurses and gives viewers a rare look into their world today. From the bedside to the board room, this film explores the complex, exciting and challenging world of being a nurse; the many different roles that nurses play and the realities of nursing -- its joys and sorrows -- and the many ways that nurses impact the lives of others,” says the press release. See it if you’re considering becoming a nurse, or an impatient patient. Advance reservations not required, CSUSB PD Campus is at 37-500 Cook St. For more info, call 760-341-2883, ext.78107, or “Don’t Be Clueless” wants to remind you that press releases for inclusion should be in to the Coachella Valley Weekly at least two weeks ahead of the scheduled event! Thanks!


February 20 to February 26, 2014





By Denise Ortuno Neil

Bucket List Dream Comes True Through Facebook

t is easy to become hardened by the ugliness that can sometimes come across the internet. There are stories of horrific crimes, people hurting one another and an underlying cynicism that can infect us. But beyond what can be deemed bad about the internet and social media, are stories of miraculous friendship and compassion, tales like the following, about a woman’s friendship for another, and how with the help of the social media giant Facebook, made her friend’s dream come true. Caroldean Ross met Cheryl LaGue when they were both children growing up in Claremont, California in the 1970’s. Caroldean’s brother Bill and Cheryl’s brother Joey were also friends. At one point Cheryl and Bill had a puppy love romance which in later years evolved into an endearing friendship. The kids would often visit the Coachella Valley together, spending time at Cheryl’s grandparents Joseph and Noonie O’Rourke’s, sprawling date ranch 9 miles past Indio. The Santa Rosa Ranch had been in the family since the 1940’s and was the gathering spot for the family for decades. The kids would spend time on the farm, enjoying the property’s lake and outdoor fun. It was a magical time for them, and beautiful memory to be forever etched in their minds. The girls grew into women and remained friends throughout their lives. They were involved with one another’s triumphs

and disappointments never losing touch through the years. It is because of their bond that they would do anything for each other; it is their treasured friendship that is at the core of this story. It was a Tuesday when Caroldean found out the news. She was having a challenging day; she had encountered some uncomplimentary comments about herself on a social media site. She was annoyed by the comments and her perception of the internet was less than pleasant. She then got a text from her friend Cheryl, her bad day turned into a devastating one, and her woes about the snarky comments on the internet quickly paled in importance. Cheryl revealed to Caroldean some recent history beginning with a Dr. visit from increasing abdominal pain last October. Tests and procedures began. She was told she had a small cyst about 6 milimeters in size on her pancreas and that they should keep an eye on it. Extreme pain in mid-January, while in the desert, forced her admission at Eisenhower via ER. Doctors there ran a battery of tests and reached a diagnosis: a very aggressive form of Pancreatic Cancer in late stage. The tumor had now grown to 35 milimeters in just a little over 3 months. The treatment prospects are poor and her life expectancy may be only a few months. It was news no one was prepared for or could understand. Cheryl’s words lingered heavy in the air as Caroldean realized the gravity of them. How

could it be? Why her she questioned? She asked her friend in peril what she would do, if she would pursue chemo or not…Cheryl said that she needed to think about it. Pancreatic Cancer is known as the “silent” disease. It is coined as such because the disease doesn’t produce early symptoms thus making detection difficult. The difficulty in detection is in part because the pancreas is deep inside the body and doctors are unable to feel for a tumor, only being able to search for it through an ultrasound or CT Scan. It strikes with stealth strength, only making it known when it is often too late. The causes for the disease are hard to determine, and according to the American Cancer Society, prevention is evasive at best. The best way to prevent this form of cancer are parallel with the same guidelines as most cancers. A healthy lifestyle laced with exercise, and free from smoking cigarettes and drinking excess alcohol as well as a plant based diet which eludes processed and red meats are suggested. But most importantly, smoking seems to be the main culprit. People who smoke are 20% to 30% more likely to get Pancreatic Cancer than non-smokers. However, not all Pancreatic Cancer patients may encounter these risk factors. Elements such as genetics may be a reason. The studies continue around the world medical community as they try desperately to find answers about the disease. The best prevention is if you feel sick in anyway, get checked out and don’t be afraid to ask questions…get a CT scan if necessary, there is no room for being anything less than a squeaky wheel. Cheryl had always wanted to go to Hawaii, part of her Bucket List but never got the chance. Caroldean quickly put her friends wish into action without hesitation. She reached out to the very internet that had troubled her the day just before she heard her friend’s heart shattering words. Caroldean went to her Facebook community, regaling her story about her friend. The comments and concerns came streaming through. People she didn’t even have close attachment to stepped up to the plate offering everything from airline miles to get her a ticket, to accommodations and money. Within 24hrs the fund for Cheryl had reached an amazing $5,000. “It’s incredible how much people want to give,” said Caroldean. For Caroldean, cancer has been touching her life more than most could ever imagine. Her brother passed away from leukemia and her sister from breast cancer as well as her mother who also suffered from breast cancer in which she remains in remission from. Because of Caroldean’s efforts and the benevolence of her Facebook community, she has of today raised over $8,200 for Cheryl’s trip to Hawaii. Cheryl along with her daughter Jessica and her caregiver Jack will leave for a six day trip to Kauai on February

Week of February 20

23rd. Cheryl is unbelievably grateful for what people have done for her, “I am absolutely overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of everyone, especially the people who don’t even know me personally. The fact that friends of friends have reached out to help without question is something I had not expected but really appreciate. I cannot possibly show my gratitude enough,” said Cheryl. It is true that the internet can sometimes be a cold place, but the story of Caroldean and Cheryl prove that the very vast and daunting world of the web and social media can be used to enhance lives and be a beacon for the love and humanity that exists in all of us. A Village was formed via social media and they dubbed it CherylVille. The village elected a “Mayor” -- they know her as Caroldean Ross. The spirit of CherylVille symbollically constructed a monument of goodwill and inspiration to us all. Born from this experience... Caroldean and friends are in the process of forming a new 501-3c ... “We saw how much the small efforts of many lifted the spirits of one... CherylVille will live on through our new charity “charity godmother”... A “dream grantor” organization that will work toward providing bucket list dreams for people diagnosed with terminal cancers,” shared Caroldean. For more information on Pancreatic Cancer visit To take part in Cheryl’s Bucket List Wish go to where you can still donate money.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): A woman from New Mexico wrote to tell me that after reading my horoscopes for three years in the Santa Fe Reporter, she had decided to stop. “I changed my beliefs,” she said. “I no longer resonate with your philosophy.” On the one hand, I was sad that I had lost a reader. On the other hand, I admired her for being able to transform her beliefs, and also for taking practical action to enforce her shift in perspective. That’s the kind of purposeful metamorphosis I recommend for you, Aries. What ideas are you ready to shed? What theories no longer explain the nature of life to your satisfaction? Be ruthless in cutting away the thoughts that no longer work for you. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): In Arthurian legend, Camelot was the castle where King Arthur held court and ruled his kingdom. It housed the Round Table, where Arthur’s knights congregated for important events. Until recently, I had always imagined that the table was relatively small and the number of knights few. But then I discovered that several old stories say there was enough room for 150 knights. It wasn’t an exclusive, elitist group. I suspect you will experience a similar evolution, Taurus. You may be wishing you could become part of a certain circle, but assume it’s too exclusive or selective to welcome you as a member. I suspect it’s more receptive and inclusive than you think. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): The renowned Lakota medicine man Sitting Bull (1831-1890) wasn’t born with that name. For the first years of his life he was known as Jumping Badger. His father renamed him when he was a teenager after he demonstrated exceptional courage in battle. I’d like to see you consider a similar transition in the coming months, Gemini. You’re due to add some gravitas to your approach. The tides of destiny are calling you to move more deliberately and take greater care with the details. Are you willing to experiment with being solid and stable? The more willing you are to assume added responsibility, the more interesting that responsibility is likely to be. CANCER (June 21-July 22): The English noun “offing” refers to the farthest reach of the ocean that is still visible as you stand on the beach. It’s a good symbol for something that is at a distance from you and yet still within view. I suggest that you take a long thoughtful look at the metaphorical offing that’s visible from where you stand. You’ll be wise to identify what’s looming for you in the future so you can start working to ensure you will get the best possible version of it. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): A large plaster Buddha statue was housed at a modest temple in Bangkok, Thailand from 1935 to 1955. No one knew its age or origins. In May of 1955, workers were struggling to move the heavy ten-foot icon to a new building on the temple grounds when it accidentally broke free of the ropes that secured it. As it hit the ground, a chunk of plaster fell off, revealing a sheen of gold beneath. Religious leaders authorized the removal of the remaining plaster surface. Hidden inside was a solid gold Buddha that is today worth $250 million dollars. Research later revealed that the plaster had been applied by 18th-century monks to prevent the statue from being looted. I foresee a comparable sequence unfolding in the coming weeks for you, Leo. What will it take to free a valuable resource that’s concealed within a cheap veneer? VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Holistic health teacher Deepak Chopra suggests that we all periodically make this statement: “Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. I relinquish all regrets, grievances, and resentments, and choose the miracle.” Is that too New Age for you, Virgo? I hope you can drop any prejudices you might have about it and simply make it your own. It’s the precise formula you need to spin this week’s events in the right direction -working for you rather than against you. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): In the savannas of Africa, waterholes are crucial for life. During the rainy season, there are enough to go around for every animal species to drink and bathe in

© Copyright 2012 Rob Brezsny

comfortably. But the dry season shrinks the size and number of the waterholes. The impala may have to share with the hippopotamus, the giraffe with the warthog. Let’s use this as a metaphor to speculate about your future. I’m guessing that the dry season will soon be arriving in your part of the world. The waterholes may dwindle. But that could ultimately prove to be a lucky development, because it will bring you into contact with interesting life forms you might not have otherwise met. Unexpected new alliances could emerge. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): In his book The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human, literary scholar Jonathan Gottschall muses on the crucial role that imagination plays in our lives. “[The] average daydream is about fourteen seconds long and [we] have about two thousand of them per day,” he says. “In other words, we spend about half of our waking hours -- one-third of our lives on earth -- spinning fantasies.” I bring this to your attention, Scorpio, because you are entering a phase when your daydreams can serve you well. They’re more likely than usual to be creative, productive, and useful. Monitor them closely. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): The Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich wrote his Eighth Symphony in a mere two months during the summer of 1943. He worked on it in an old henhouse on a former chicken farm. The location helped relax him, allowing him to work with extra intensity. I wish you could find a retreat like that for yourself sometime soon, Sagittarius. I think you would benefit from going off by yourself to a sanctuary and having some nice long talks with your ancestors, the spirits of nature, and your deepest self. If that’s not practical right now, what would be the next best thing you could do? CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Is there one simple thing you could do to bring a bit more freedom into your life? An elegant rebellion against an oppressive circumstance? A compassionate breakaway from a poignant encumbrance? A flash of unpredictable behavior that would help you escape a puzzling compromise? I’m not talking about a huge, dramatic move that would completely sever you from all of your burdens and limitations. I’m imagining a small step you could take to get a taste of spaciousness and a hint of greater fluidity. That’s your assignment in the coming week. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): There are 15,074 lakes in Wisconsin, but more than 9,000 of them have never been officially named. That’s strange to me. In my view, everything is worthy of the love that is bestowed by giving it a name. I have named every tree and bush in my yard, as well as each egret that frequents the creek flowing by my house. I understand that at the Findhorn community in northern Scotland, people even give names to their cars and toasters and washing machines. According to researchers in the UK, cows that have names are happier: They produce more milk. Your assignment, Aquarius, is to name at least some of the unnamed things in your world. It’s an excellent time to cultivate a closer, warmer personal relationship with absolutely everything. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): From 2010 to 2012, Eric Garcetti worked as an actor on the TV cop shows The Closer and its spin-off series Major Crimes. He played the mayor of Los Angeles. Then in 2013, he ran for the office of L.A.’s mayor in real life, and won. It was a spectacular example of Kurt Vonnegut’s suggestion that we tend to become what we pretend to be. Your assignment Pisces, is to make good use of this principle. I invite you to experiment with pretending to be the person you would like to turn into.

February 20 to February 26, 2014

Mind, body & Spirit



by Bronwyn Ison

f your schedule is anything like mine you may need a day off to simply RELAX! Relaxing for many of us can be daunting. However, not relaxing could debilitate you if you don’t know how to slow down and create a moment for yourself. Although I have a juggling act 24-7, I insist relaxing play an essential part of my life. You want and need to slow down but you don’t know how. Now is the time to act. Life is challenging but reaping the benefits can make all your hard work rewarding. Everyday is a challenge between work, school, household chores, picking up children from school and extra curricular activities, errands, etc. Sometimes it’s just too much. When you feel overwhelmed this is a sign to slow down. It’s possible you are over scheduling yourself. You must know when to say, “NO.” For your own solace and peace you must enable one’s self to feel fulfilled and relaxed. Watching television is not a priority for me. Therefore, sitting down to watch a program or going to the movies would certainly be a treat. You may find relaxation in reading a book or your favorite magazine. Ladies, get together with your girlfriends and have lunch or create a spa day. Gentlemen, take up a game of cards one afternoon or evening. Here is a good one ladies… treat your self to some new bath

and hair products. If you are anything like me, I rarely indulge in products for myself. Oddly enough exercising can be relaxing to some. Exercising releases tension and day-to-day stress. Going for a hike, run or bike ride can be therapeutic and relaxing. Yoga is a wonderful way to unwind. It doesn’t mean you require a rigorous practice. Partake in a gentle or restorative yoga class. These styles of class can be refreshing and rejuvenating. One of the best ways to relax is a good night’s rest. Light your favorite scented candles, curl up and read a good book or watch your favorite movie. Perhaps you want to write your goals and dreams in journal. Rest and simply breathe. Reflect on your accomplishments and why you are special. No matter what you choose to indulge in or partake of make it worth your while. Our moments of silence and serenity are rare. Be sure to take time once a week. If you find this to be daunting, strive for once every two weeks. Simply attempt to find peace within as frequently as feasible. Relax, renew, rejuvenate and breathe! Your physical and mental health will reward you! Bronwyn Ison, is the owner of Evolve Yoga. (760)564YOGA

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February 20 to February 26, 2014

Life & career Coach

by Sunny Simon

A Ticket to Opportunity


y friend Carolyn is a cautious driver. The one exception occurred many years ago. On that day, a very surprised Carolyn was pulled over by a local sheriff for exceeding the speed limit. She dutifully accepted a ticket and scheduled traffic school. While sitting in class several weeks later my friend felt antsy and bored. Unfortunately, the course, designed in lecture format, was delivered by an instructor who ignored any opportunity to make the material even a tiny bit interesting. Carolyn drove home disappointed. Later that evening over dinner, she lamented her lackluster experience to husband Michael. During that conversation Carolyn experienced an “aha” moment. She realized Michael, an author, lecturer and all around humorous fellow could breathe life into a traffic class. After all, there is certainly no law against making learning entertaining. That conversation took place over twenty years ago. Since then, Carolyn and Michael have helped ticketed offenders become better drivers while learning in a fun atmosphere. We cannot prevent unwanted situations from happening, but we can convert the lessons learned into something positive by applying a reframing strategy. That is exactly what Carolyn did. While rewinding the mind-numbing traffic class, my creative friend put her spouse in the picture. She visualized Michael running the program. The art of reframing experiences may take some practice. The first step is to get rid of any limiting beliefs. For Carolyn, it was easy. She believed traffic school need not be boring. Let’s make this a little more personal. Imagine vying for a promotion you worked extremely hard to achieve. You feel you

deserve it; however, you also know the boss’s pet is up for the same opportunity. If you give into thinking; she is the fair-haired child - don’t have a shot at trumping her alliance with our manager, you create a limiting belief. Power through that crippling thought process and change the picture. Rather than thinking, I’ll never get the promotion, reframe your internal dialogue. Tell yourself repeatedly…I have a good chance at it. Next, think positive and list all the reasons why you should be promoted. What other steps can you take to make getting the advancement a reality? If any aspect of your resume requires upgrading, take action. Ready for the final reframing? See yourself in the new position. Carolyn pictured Michael in the frame as seminar leader. Follow suit. Nail that promotion by mentally writing your own ticket. Sunny Simon is the owner of Raise the Bar High Life and Career Coaching. More about Sunny at



by dr maria lombardo

Receive The Celebrity Secret Of Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up

Dr. Maria Lombardo, Lombardo Cosmetic Surgery is located in Rancho Mirage. She specializes in both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures including (but not limited to) facial, body and breast surgery, Botox, Latisse, and hCG diet program. For a consultation or more information, visit or call 760-610-8990. Dr. Lombardo will be writing a bi-weekly column for CV Weekly.

Great Skin comes from a Great Skin Care Program!


veryone should be doing a few basics to take care of their skin (and men, this means you too!): AM: wash, moisturize using a lotion with SPF for sun protection PM: wash, mechanically exfoliate and moisturize with a richer/heavier lotion. AND…every 6 months to a year… Get a chemical peel! (some people more frequently) This is a great time of year to be doing a chemical peel! And it’s great not just for face but for chest (or decollete) and hands too!  Take advantage of our peel and botox special for February by calling today 760610-8990 A TCA (trichloracetic acid) Chemical Peel is a powerful and effective tool for resurfacing your damaged skin to yield the skin you are looking for and deserve. This medium depth peel will improve many of the skin conditions that we all see (and wish we didn’t!) when we look in the mirror. After peeling, your skin will be softer, smoother, with improved texture and tone and greatly reduced hyper-pigmentation (sun damage). Those are the differences on the surface of your skin. But the real magic is going on under your skin where collagen is being stimulated. This is what plumps up the lines and scars, yielding a smoother, more refined and beautiful complexion. This light to medium peel helps with the following skin conditions: IMPROVES: Fine Lines, Acne, Sun damage, Blackheads, Improves skin Tone, Improves skin Texture, Rosacea, Milia, Age Spots, Shallow Acne Scaring, Enhanced penetration of topical skin care products (moisturizers, serums etc.) How it works: Chemical peels are versatile tools that are used to resurface the upper layers of your skin by loosening the bonds between the dead skin cells that dull your skin, while stimulating the collagen

beneath the skin to form and align, which in turn plumps up the fine lines and scars from below the surface. They have been around since Cleopatra bathed in sour milk (containing lactic acid!) to make her skin smooth. Fortunately, science has made a lot of progress since then and the chemical peels available now are sophisticated and effective. Peels vary in strength and provide different benefits. Light peels (15% TCA) provide substantial results by removing sun damage and over time will help smooth very superficial lines. These peels have light peeling and flaking, not usually enough to avoid social situations. Medium peels (TCA 20% – 30%) are where the results really start to show. These peels can have heavy peeling, crusting and take 7–10 days to completely finish the peeling process. These are our most popular peels because they make the most difference, helping to smooth lines, plump up skin, strip off sun damage and reveal smooth, even skin. Skin must be taken care of very gently and carefully, but these peels are fantastic for damaged skin. This is one of the most commonly performed chemical peel in medical offices because it is one of the most effective and has the most impressive results.

February 20 to February 26, 2014

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February 20 to February 26, 2014


February 20 to February 26, 2014

#1 Fine Art & #1 Fine Craft Festival in the Nation Art Fair SourceBook 2014

Presenting 230 contemporary fine artists in a magnificent outdoor gallery Adult Tickets $12 Multi-Day Pass $15 Children Under 12 are Free Valet & Self Parking 10 am to 5 pm Daily Live Entertainment Restaurant Row Island Bar Information and tickets: La Quinta Civic Center Campus 78-495 Calle Tampico



February 20 to February 26, 2014


The 3rd Annual


AARON NEVILLE • BUDDY GUY PENNY UNNIVERSITY • CAXTON STRANGERS YOU KNOW Tastings from a huge selection of wineries & breweries G AT E S O P E N 1 : 3 0 P M

B E E R / W I N E TA ST I N G 2 : 0 0 - 6 : 0 0



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Coachella Valley Weekly - February 20 to February 26, 2014 Vol. 2 No. 48

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