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Community Events • January 23 to January 29, 2014 Vol. 2 No. 44

January 24, 25, & 26, 2014

presented by the indio chamber of commerce


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January 23 to January 29, 2014

2014 Southwest Arts Festival : Art Evolving ®

Coachella Valley Weekly


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The 3rd Annual


AARON NEVILLE • BUDDY GUY PENNY UNNIVERSITY • CAXTON STRANGERS YOU KNOW Tastings from a huge selection of wineries & breweries G AT E S O P E N 1 : 3 0 P M

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or the 28th year, the Indio Chamber of Commerce once again hosts one of the area’s oldest fine arts festivals. The 2014 Southwest Arts Festival® takes place at one of the Valley’s most beautiful venues, the Empire Polo Club in Indio. On January 24, 25 and 26th, over 250 artists will sell and showcase their work in the following categories of contemporary and abstract fine works of art — clay, drawing, glass, jewelry, metal works, painting, photography, sculpture, textile and other arts. The festival’s reputation for first-class quality and professional integrity make it one of the finest in the country. As a juried show, festival attendees (over 10,000 last year) know they will see a variety of excellent artwork at the show. “Since this

is a juried show, we receive hundreds of applications. Each potential artist is handselected through a laborious process by talented artistic jurors,” explains Joyce Donaldson, former IOM, President/CEO of the Indio Chamber who recently left the Chamber after running five very successful festivals. “That process keeps the quality high so we only feature distinctive fine art that brings people in. The bottom line is attendance, which drives sales,” adds Donaldson. This is the Chamber’s largest annual fundraiser helping support member services and community programs. As the landscape of the Coachella Valley has changed in flora, fauna and home design styles, so has the festival’s artistic focus. When it began almost three decades ago, most of the area’s architecture, art and home furnishing accessories were pure Southwestern. “It was hard to find anything for your home that wasn’t southwestern, from a Kokopelli statue for your garden to cactus salt and pepper shakers,” recalls Suzy Walker, who moved to Palm Springs from Washington twenty-eight years ago and frequents the festival. The festival has followed the area’s changes and evolved away from its beginnings as a mecca for southwest style art to an art show with many contemporary artists in all mediums. “We are not known for just showcasing southwest traditional art any longer. As you walk the festival, modern and contemporary art is everywhere in all price ranges,” Donaldson observes. The name Southwest Arts Festival is now indicative of the location and not the type of art showcased. “It has been the name for the past 28 years and it has grown to a festival where the attendees know they can find contemporary artwork directly from the artists creating the art,” Donaldson adds.

January 23 to January 29, 2014

by Ellen Paris

Nancy Egan of San Clemente and La Quinta was selected as the 2014 Festival Poster Artist. Her oil on canvas, “MOMA Les Desmoiselles d’Avignon,” part of her Museumscape collection, is the festival’s signature poster. The poster’s contemporary look immediately illustrates the evolution.

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January 23 to January 29, 2014

January 23 to January 29, 2014

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“My Museumscapes are about who is looking at a piece of art. They are younger and edgier than traditional work,” says Egan, a mechanical and industrial engineer for thirty years before turning to painting full-time. Egan’s work is shown at a number of galleries including ones in Laguna Beach, Litchfield, Connecticut, and San Juan Capistrano. “The jury deliberated for hours to select the perfect piece that is indicative of our diverse artists and depicts the vibrancy of today’s Southwest Arts Festival®,” explains Donaldson. Whatever type of art people are looking for today, they will find it here. There are still “traditional” southwest style artists showing their work. Last year’s “People’s Choice Winner” was Arizona sculptor, Kim Seyesnam Obrzut, who has shown at the Festival for seventeen years. Obrzut, who creates Limited Edition Bronzes, was chosen in votes cast by festivalgoers over the first two days of the festival. Many artists and attendees return year after year to this family friendly festival with its al fresco dining court and slate of entertainment. The variety of art offerings in all price ranges truly makes it a family affair where everyone can buy something. Listen to local artist Richard Curtner, the festival’s 2012 poster artist. This is Curtner’s ninth year showing there. “Over the years I have seen how the show has made very positive steps, having something for everyone. Some art festivals only cater

to a certain age group and demographic. There is art there for the serious buyers and activities for families. There is every style and medium to appeal to every personal taste. The loyalty of the patrons always amazes me.”

California Woman 411

The festival’s evolution attracts new artists offering even more choices for festivalgoers and collectors. This is photographer, Andy Butler’s first time at Southwest. “I heard really good things from friends who are at this festival every year. I think my work fits really well here,” says Butler, who participates in art festivals in Aspen and Sausalito. Artists whose work was once more traditionally Southwest and who have evolved with the festival see benefits. “It’s most contemporary now, just look at the poster”, observes La Quinta potter, Elliott Newton, a festival regular for eight years. “The sales from my clay pieces, which are now more contemporary, have increased as the festival has changed.” Husband and wife team, Sheri and Ralph Meldrum of Cave Creek Arizona, create copper sculptures and will be at the festival for their eighth year in a row. “This festival is a unique combination that brings us buyers who want to establish a relationship with an artist and start collecting their work,” Meldrum says. The couple shows at between twenty to twenty-five shows annually in the western United States. For many festivalgoers, the Southwest Arts Festival® has become a tradition. Even last year’s opening day of rain and wind didn’t keep true fans away. Snowbirds in sandals holding umbrellas were at the ribbon cutting waiting for the gates to open. IF YOU GO February 24, 25, 26. 10:00AM – 5:00PM Empire Polo Club 760-347-0676 81800 Ave 51 & Monroe, Indio, 92201 $8.00 Adults. Children under 12 Free. Self Parking $5. Valet Parking $8.

with your host Dee Jae Cox

‘Talking to women who lead and inspire’ Saturday’s from 10 – 11 a.m. KPTR 1450 AM Palm Springs, CA California


Produced by The Los Angeles Women's Theatre Project:



January 23 to January 29, 2014


By Heidi Simmons

Human Trafficking: Three Local Women Share Their Stories


n the Coachella Valley, human trafficking is not just in our backyard; it’s happening right under our noses. If you find that hard to believe, just ask survivors Kassandra, Alyssa and Ashley. At a recent event held at UCR Palm Desert, sponsored by SafeHouse of the Desert, Operation SafeHouse and Kaiser Permanente, three brave women, for the first time, publicly shared their very personal stories. In doing so, they hope to bring an awareness about human trafficking and help others who are still in captivity. Kassandra is 19 years old. She has beautiful eyes, porcelain skin and shiny dark hair. Her sweet smile suggests shyness and innocence. At times she blends her words together making it difficult to understand. Perhaps it is an unconscious strategy, since what she says is so difficult to fully comprehend. When she was 14 years old, she was pimped in Palm Springs. At age six, an uncle molested Kassandra. Her family didn’t believe her and her parents soon divorced. Her mother became addicted to prescription drugs. Her grandmother, Kassandra’s primary caregiver, died. Her older sister abused drugs. By age ten, she hardly had a childhood. She moved in with her dad. “I was always daddy’s little girl. So I was happy,” said Kassandra. “At 13, I came home after softball practice and my dad was in a bad mood. He said he didn’t need me anymore. He had no purpose for me. That was the beginning of my downfall.” Vulnerable, Kassandra craved attention. She let someone sweet talk her. “Someone can get into your head so much,” said Kassandra. “You feel like they love me and care about me. But all they really care about is what you give them. They don’t care about anything else. It was the most terrifying thing I ever went through in my entire life.” Kassandra entered “the life” – prostitution -- to please the man she lived with, who was 15 years her senior. She was only 14. No one paid any attention to her roaming the streets and hotels. “No one would talk to me about my situation,” said Kassandra. “No one wondered what was wrong with me or bothered to ask or care. So I kept doing it.” At 16, Kassandra was kidnapped. She was


tied-up, beaten, raped, tortured, burned with hot water and cigarettes. Eventually, Kassandra got free and was arrested for being a runaway. She spent ten months in Juvenile Hall and a light clicked on – after three years in the life she didn’t want to do it anymore. She found help with Operation SafeHouse. In May 2011, Kassandra was a witness in a trial against her abuser. He was convicted. “Nothing can take away the scars that I have, but now I have hope thanks to SafeHouse,” said Kassandra as she tried but failed to hold back tears. When she gained her composure she said, “I strive everyday to, not forgive, but to overcome what happened to me. I don’t want people to see what happened to me as who I am now.” Kassandra has completed high school with extra credits. She’s in college, attending as she can pay. Kassandra says she couldn’t be happier. “I’m so thankful to them [SafeHouse]. They are amazing, amazing people.” She has found people who really care about her. Kassandra no longer seeks the attention of men in a negative way. “I’m a lot stronger. I don’t look at myself as a victim anymore; I look at myself as a survivor because that is what I am. I live my life everyday by this motto: I am who I am today, not because of what has happened to me, but in spite of it.” Kassandra has been free for two years. Alyssa is 22 years old. She is confident but cautious. Her pride and joy sat on her lap. He is her six-month-old über-darling and contented child. He has her curly hair. Clearly he is responsible for her budding strength and courage. Alyssa, this sweet young mother today, had worked as a stripper and as a prostitute at all the major hotels in the CV. When Alyssa was four, her mother’s friend’s son sexually abused her. Her mother came in during the abuse and took Alyssa, but acted like nothing had happened. Her parents divorced when she was six and she never saw her father again. She took care of her little sister. With no father figure and an unhappy childhood, she sought out a different life. After high school graduation, Alyssa had a fight with her boyfriend, whom she thought

she’d marry someday. Distraught, she went to meet a contact to buy weed but instead fell victim to a stranger. The stranger offered her a place to live and drugs. “We started hanging out. He showed me a life that was fun, and I thought it was good. He didn’t do any harm to me,” said Alyssa. “Weeks went by and then he said ‘Nothing comes for free.’ I didn’t even know what he meant when he said he was a pimp.” He told her she had to work if she wanted to continue the relationship. She started stripping and then worked on the streets. Alyssa was abused, starved, raped and beaten. “He told me all kind of lies.” That was her life for three years. When Alyssa was arrested for prostitution, an inmate told her about Jesus and how he forgave prostitutes. That story changed her. Alyssa went to SafeHouse and turned her life around. In school now, Alyssa wants to be a doctor so she can help people. “I thank God everyday for bringing my son into this world and bringing me out of the life,” said Alyssa. “I want to thank Operation SafeHouse. They have really worked with me and have been the support and resource that I needed. They have provided comfort and guidance for what I’m trying to do.” She looks forward to watching her son grow. Alyssa has been free for two years. Ashley is 29 years old. She has thin blonde hair pulled back tight in a bun. She wears colorful scrubs and stares directly at the audience. She is open, prepared to talk, but her vulnerability lurks beneath the surface. For 12 years, she was sold for sex across the country and here in the CV. Ashley lived at home with two loving parents. Her father had an off and on drug problem and when he became abusive, she ran away from home. She was 13. “I met the wrong people at the wrong time,” said Ashley. “I thought they cared about me and were the family I was missing. It was something I wasn’t getting at home.” Looking for a connection, Ashley thought she met the older sister she always wanted. The woman was a trafficker. She introduced her to drugs and men. After being with her for two years, she changed pimps. Over the 12 years in the life, Ashley had 25 different pimps. Her quota was $1,500 a night. She was abused, raped, traded and beaten. A customer bashed Ashley’s head in with a crowbar. It took fortytwo staples to close the wound. Her wrist was broken trying to protect herself. “It is ugly what they do to young girls. They find out what their weaknesses are. It can be a man or a woman. They prey off these young

girls who are naive and confused,” said Ashley “At 13, you want friends, family. You want people to care about you. It’s very, very sad what these girls go through on a daily basis.” Out of the life style for two years, Ashley lives with her parents and her 11-year-old son. She is on her way to becoming a registered nurse. She wants to work with the girls in Juvenile Hall and SafeHouse. “Not everybody survives this lifestyle,” said Ashley. “I want to show them there are people who understand and care. Someone who will love and support them.” Ashley shares her story to inspire those in the audience to make a difference. “As nervous as I am, I do it so you will want to help. Because if you don’t, they don’t have anyone who will. We have to do this together. We have to help these girls get off the streets. It happens everywhere. In every major city, in every major hotel, I guarantee you, there is a trafficker and a victim.” After they women spoke, a candlelight vigil was held on the campus patio. Nearly 80 people held flickering tea lights in their hands. The women each read a poem written by another survivor. The poems reflected their pain, hope and struggle. After each reading, the entire group recited aloud: Still I rise/I am and I count. I will be/To be Free, Free, Free! Talking with Kassandra, Alyssa and Ashley you get a sense of their innocence and joy. They have been born again and they are glade to be alive. They are grateful to be free! All three still have major challenges to overcome. They have arrest records, bad credit and everyday struggles to keep moving ahead with their lives. SafeHouse continues to help them navigate back to a productive and healthy life. January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Operation SafeHouse is the victim service provider for the Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force. For over 20 years, SafeHouse has been providing short and long-term services to homeless and runaway youth and young adults. Their human trafficking program serves labor and sex trafficking victims from children to adults, including domestic US citizens and foreign nationals. “I think it is hard for us to imagine that human trafficking is happening, sex slavery is happening, modern day slavery is happening in our communities,” said Jennifer O’Farrell, SafeHouse Program Director and moderator of the event. “But the reality is, it is! We are seeing victims everyday come to our door needing services, needing help, needing to find freedom from a life of slavery.” Currently, SafeHouse has 181 cases they are serving between Riverside and Thousand Palms. If you think you have come in contact with a victim of human trafficking, call the Trafficking Information and Referral Hotline at 888 3737 888. For SafeHouse of the Desert, call 760 343 3211. SafeHouse is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For ways to donate and help, go to their website www.


By Heidi Simmons

Rancho Mirage Writers Festival is a Success!


n the span of one year, the First Annual Rancho Mirage Writers Festival came to brilliant fruition. Behind the Writers Festival idea, were Jamie Kabler and Susan Rosser. Armed with the exciting notion of seeing their favorite authors and with some seed money from friends, Kabler and Rosser went to the Rancho Mirage City Council where the idea caught on and was unanimously passed. With Rancho Mirage Library Director David Bryant on board, they had confidence the proposed Festival could work. “We didn’t know for sure we’d get the support of the community. But when the tickets went on sale, it sold out within three weeks,” said Rosser. “There was no need to advertise the event!” Over 400 tickets were sold at $125 each. The purpose of the Writers Festival is to celebrate writers, readers, books and ideas. Over 20 published writers attended the Festival. A. Scott Berg, Joseph Wambaugh, Lisa See and Jackie Collins were just a few participating. Collins’ appearance was two fold: she closed the Writers Festival and opened the Rancho Mirage Speaker’s Series. The Festival began on Wednesday, January 15, with check-in at the Rancho Mirage Library. Author A. Scott Berg was the first to speak at the Helene Galen auditorium that evening. Although Laurence Luckinbill’s oneman show “Hemingway” was canceled due to a health problem, the mood and energy at the Fest was off to a good start. For the next three days, the library was open only to festival attendees and authors. A Festival ticket included valet parking and a boxed lunch. There was always hot coffee available and during lunch there was live jazz music. The schedule of authors was carefully planned allowing for an opportunity to see every writer participating in the event. Two authors spoke every hour from nine in the morning to three in the afternoon in two library locations. Lunch was at noon. The library used the Community Room and the Bighorn Room -- the area of the Rancho Mirage Library between the checkout and the librarians’ desk just outside the computer room. A Festival planner or moderator introduced authors, who would speak for 45 minutes with 5 minutes for questions and answers. Less than two miles from the library, tucked off Country Club on John Sinn Road, the Helene Galen Auditorium at the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower, served for a beautiful gathering place to hear evening keynote speakers. “Our very first writers festival is exactly what we envisioned,” said Bryant. “The energy, the dynamic quality of moving readers within our library and to the Galen Auditorium, to meet the authors, whom we selected, has worked perfectly.” Rancho Mirage resident Holly Hughes, a life coach, Fung Shui artist, photographer and poet, attended the festival. “It was a

lot of fun,” said Hughes. “I met some very nice people. It was great to hear the authors talk about their books and their process of writing. I learned a great deal and enjoyed the whole event.” New York resident and participating author Chris Pavone attended the Festival. “It’s not difficult to get New York writers to come to the desert in the middle of January. But this is a fantastic model for a book festival. This very finite audience and finite number of events I think really intensifies the experience for everybody. It’s organized wonderfully and it doesn’t at all seem like a rookie. As a rookie myself, I recognize when other rookies are doing very well. I’ve had a lovely time. I feel like I’ve been here a week and it’s only been a day and a half. That’s because I’ve met so many interesting people. This is a great festival and I hope that it goes on forever.” Pavone’s book is The Expats. It is his first novel. “These authors are so smart. They are absolutely the most incredible, creative, inspirational thinking, that I for one, have ever encountered at a conference,” said Bryant. “The Q&A has gone very well because our ticket holders are so smart. Their questions challenge these great writers.” Marge Dodge served as a moderator for the festival. She is Treasurer of the Palm Springs Writers Guild and President of Friends of the COD Library. Dodge remembers when Kabler first talked about his idea. “I didn’t think it could be done in a year,” Dodge said. “And here we are. It’s awesome. It’s really amazing. It has exceeded my expectations.” There is no doubt about the future of a Second Annual Rancho Mirage Writers Festival. Organizers were encouraging participants to get their tickets now. The 2015 Festival is scheduled for January 21-24. Tickets during the Fest were offered at $150. This week they are at the full price of $175. “At the end of each day, a few of us reprise what happened. We know of a few small details to improve on for next year, but what we wanted, came to true!” Asked if he was enjoying himself, Bryant said, “I’m on cloud nine. I’m pinching myself every night.”


January 23 to January 29, 2014

By Andrea Carter

4th Annual Warburton Celebrity Golf Tournament to Light Up the Desert with Stars to Benefit St. Jude’s Kids


he 4th Annual Warburton Celebrity Golf Tournament will return to the Coachella Valley with a weekend of stars, songwriters, rock legends and golf on February 27-March 2, 2014. Presented by HighTower, the tournament benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®– one of the world’s premier centers for research and treatment of pediatric cancer and other deadly diseases. The tournament and its events will be held at JW Marriott Desert Springs and Classic Club in Palm Desert. Tournament host, actor Patrick Warburton, perhaps best known for playing Puddy on Seinfeld as well as the star of the syndicated sitcom Rules of Engagement, the voice of Joe on Family Guy and numerous roles in movies like Ted and Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove, brings together many of his celebrity friends to highlight a star-studded weekend in the desert raising much-needed funds for kids fighting cancer. While St. Jude is located in Memphis, the hospital’s research and treatments help kids worldwide including children from right here in the Coachella Valley. The tournament brought in $727,000 for St. Jude last year, more than doubling what had been raised the previous year. And for a hospital that costs $1.9 million per day to open its doors, ever dollar counts. It is devoted to children with cancer, and no family ever pays St. Jude for care. In 2010, Patrick and his wife Cathy visited St. Jude to tour the facility in Memphis and meet some of the patient families. Moved by the patients they met and the impressive strides that have been made on pediatric cancer survival rates by St. Jude’s research, they decided to lead a fundraising effort and announced their plans for this celebrity golf tournament. They felt the sun-kissed desert, known for its spectacular golf, was the perfect place to hold it. More than 50 celebrities are planning to spend the weekend in the Palm Springs area to enjoy a rock-n-roll jam session, songwriter’s night, golf and a comedy show. The weekend will kick off with an all-new event for the tournament called “The Story Behind the Story: Songwriter’s Night” at the JW Marriott Desert Springs, Thursday, February 27th at 8:00pm. This will be an evening with a group of renowned Nashville songwriters telling the stories behind their biggest hits, along with performing those hits. Songwriters scheduled to appear include Kim Carnes, perhaps best known as a performer but has also written hits for Vince Gill and Reba McEntire, Tim Nichols, who penned Tim McGraw’s iconic #1 hit, “Live Like You Were Dying” and many others, Victoria Shaw, who has multiple #1 songs for Garth Brooks, including “The River” and “She’s Every Woman”, Rivers Rutherford, who had the song of the year in 2001 with Brooks and Dunn’s “Ain’t Nothing About You”, Jeff Hanna, who had a huge #1 for Rascal Flatts with “Bless the Broken Road”, and Matraca Berg, who wrote the smash hit “You and Tequila” performed by Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter. The event will be hosted by HLN morning news anchor, Robin Meade. Tickets are $100. Friday night’s Celebrity Jam Session, which will be held at 8:00pm at the JW Marriott, has received rave reviews by attendees in years past,

gathering rock-and-roll legends to jam together for an unforgettable night of fun – all for charity. Scheduled to perform this year are Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Alice Cooper, Steve Cropper (Booker T & the MG’s and the Blues Brothers), Robby Krieger (The Doors), Mike Mills (R.E.M.) and Tommy Thayer (KISS). Also participating will be Mickey Thomas (Starship), John Elefante (Kansas), Kim Carnes, Danny Seraphine (Chicago), Jeff Hanna (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), Teri Nunn (Berlin) and Dave Brock (Wild Child) and more are still being confirmed. A surprise guest is also planned to make an appearance. Celebrities not necessarily known for their music, but who also happen to be very talented singers and will perform at the jam session include HLN’s host of “Morning Express with Robin Meade,” Robin Meade, and actor Rob Morrow. Celebrity Jam Session tickets can be purchased for $125. “This tournament is so extraordinary because of the way it incorporates musicians,” said Clarke Rheney, tournament chairman. “Most celebrity golf tournaments focus on athletes and actors, but we really wanted to do something different. We have rock and roll legends and hall-of-famers that come out to this event to share their music and do their part to raise money and awareness for the kids of St. Jude.” Other celebrities who are scheduled to appear in the golf tournament include actors Richard Kind, Luke Perry, Scott Wolf, Kurt Fuller, Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, Peter Gallagher, Robert Hays, Raymond Cruz, Michael Paul Chan, Sam Hennings, Bill Smitrovich, Joe Regalbuto and Brian Thompson; FOX news commentator, Brett Baier, and athletes like former NFL pros, Jim McMahon, Robbie Gould and Sterling Sharpe, volleyball legend, Sinjin Smith, MLB pros Ron Fairly and Steve Garvey, and NHL Hall of Famer, Grant Fuhr. Additional celebrity announcements will be made in February. Golf tournament entries are $2,000 per player. A Saturday night Gala and Comedy Show will feature red carpet appearances by many of the celebrities involved with the tournament, as well as a dinner and comedy show performance, “Cheech & Chong Do Shakespeare,” by Cheech & Chong and dancing to music by the band, Sixwire, the featured band on the television show, Nashville. Tickets for the gala and comedy show are $250. The Warburton Celebrity Golf Tournament is the second highest grossing golf tournament for St. Jude nationwide, second only to the tournament sponsored by Donald Trump in New York. For more information or to purchase tickets to any of the shows or register for the golf tournament, go to


January 23 to January 29, 2014

sports scene

by Julie Buehler


January 23 to January 29, 2014

by Flint Wheeler Financial Advisor representing New York Life. Owner Indian Wells Insurance & Wealth Management. Host of Tilted Sports Radio on Team 1010, KXPS. Former PGA Class A Professional. U.S.P.T.A. Tennis Professional. Titleist Performance Institute Certified Fitness Trainer

Super Bowl XLVIII: One For The Ages And One For The Aged

Serena out of Australian Open


• Equipment sales & rental • Archery instruction for adults and children • Unique family recreational activity • Junior Olympic Archery Program • Nationally certified instructors • Individual, groups and families • $5 group introductory classes


’ve got my bags packed and ticket punched for the celebration of Super Bowl XLVIII in New York City and I’m happy to report that the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are both joining me (or something like that). The Broncos beat the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game and the Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers for the NFC title. The 49ers and Patriots had each been to 3 straight conference championship games while the Broncos and Seahawks hadn’t reached that point since 2005. But that’s where the similarities between the two victorious teams end. Because Super Bowl XLVIII will be a battle of polar opposites and the NFL couldn’t ask for a juicier matchup. Peyton Manning. Peyton Freaking Manning. He will be the 2nd oldest starting quarterback in Super Bowl history, taking on Seattle’s 2nd year quarterback in Russell Wilson. Wilson was celebrating his 10th birthday on November 29th, 1998 while Manning was going 27 of 42 for 357 yards, 3 touchdowns and an interception as part of a 31-38 loss to the Baltimore Ravens in week 13 of his rookie season. Wilson was likely noshing on some cake, worried about which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle he’d unwrap. Manning was chewing up defenses and worried about trying to wrap up his 3rd win of the season. Broncos’ 12-time Pro Bowl defensive back, Champ Bailey, entered in the league in 1999 as a first round draft pick. Now in his 15th year in the league, he’ll be juxtaposed against a Seattle secondary whose 4 starters combine for 14 years NFL experience. The most notable and vocal of the bunch, Richard Sherman, has been playing professional football for 3 years, but he talks like he’s won 3 rings. He’s brash and confident and pugnacious and takes shot at his opponents and has a


CALL TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY! pension for making the biggest play when the lights are the brightest this year. But about the time he was getting his driver’s license, Bailey was getting traded from the Washington Redskins in one of the NFL’s most shocking trades. Both players are in their first Super Bowl. The Broncos are full of veterans, from linebacker Shaun Phillips, who came from divisional foe, the San Diego Chargers and has been a key addition to the Broncos defense, to Manning and Bailey and receiver Wes Welker, the Broncos have been built through free agent acquisitions and bring together experienced players who have done something no other team has ever done in scoring 606 points in one season. The Seahawks have drafted most of their star players and built a physical defense that plays with a chip the size of a Rocky Mountain. It’s the top ranked defense against a historically prolific offense. It’s a group of veterans who came together and work flawlessly against a group of kids who don’t know anything different from playing with the guys they’re playing with. Leading up to the Super Bowl, every story will be unearthed about the drive, mentality and fortitude of each team and how they got to the pinnacle of their sport, and you can believe I’ll be there doing the same. Because regardless of who your team is or who you’re rooting for, this Super Bowl is going to be one for the Ages, as well as one for the Aged. Julie Buehler hosts the Coachella Valley’s most popular sports talk radio show, “Buehler’s Day Off” every day from 3-6 on 1010 KXPS, the valley’s all sports station. She’s an avid gym rat, slightly sarcastic and more likely to recite Steve Young’s career passing stats than American Idol winners. Tune in M-F 3-6 pst at or watch the show on Ustream.

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erena Williams had a back complaint she tried to conceal before Sunday, but Ana Ivonovic noticed quickly that the best serve in women’s tennis wasn’t coming in as fast as expected, and started taking big swipes. The No. 14-seeded Ivanovic ended Williams’ bid for a sixth Australian and 18th Grand Slam title with a 4-6, 6-3, 6-3 victory that took the hottest of favorites out of contention at Melbourne Park and opened up one side of the women’s draw. Women’s world number one Serena Williams has held out the possibility of lifting her 13-year boycott of the Indian Wells tournament after being inspired by a movie about Nelson Mandela, the American said at the Australian Open on Friday. Serena Williams and older sister Venus have never returned to the tournament in the California desert after being jeered by spectators in a controversial final in 2001. Let’s take a trip back in time... Back in 2001, the Williams sisters were one of the biggest draws in world sport. Athletic, colorful and exciting, they pulled women’s tennis into the 21st century and revolutionized the way the game was played, ushering a new era of power hitting and levels of athleticism that we’d never dreamed imaginable before. Their matches against each other were always highly anticipated but rarely (if ever) lived up to expectations. Unfounded rumors of the sisters starting to fix their matches began to circle and things all came to a head in March 2001, when they were due to play in the Indian Wells semi-finals. Just four minutes before the sisters were due to take to the court, Venus pulled out, handing Serena a walkover into the final. The capacity crowd was livid and voiced their displeasure during Serena’s victory over Kim Clijsters the following day. Venus

and her father Richard were booed as they entered the stadium and Serena was booed throughout the match and even as she held the championship trophy aloft. Encouraged by their father, both sisters declared that the behavior of the crowd had been racist and stated that they would never compete again at the tournament. And that’s been the case ever since. “I don’t think you ever say it’s a lost cause,” current tournament director Steve Simon told 5 Live Tennis. “We have had communications with them over the years, many times, and we actually get along very well with them. They unfortunately had, in their minds, a bad experience here and have decided not to come back, but they know that they are welcome here and we get along famously. But they’ve got their reasons for not wanting to do it, and that’s the way it is.” The Williams sisters have incurred considerable fines for their stance as Indian Wells is a mandatory tournament for all the top players. Many feel it is time they ended their boycott as the tournament supported them as youngsters, handing them wildcard opportunities but they both feel very strongly about this matter and it is highly unlikely that the Indian Wells spectators will ever see them again. My take? Who cares! Does anyone really watch women’s tennis anyway? Let them pout in the corner while other young up and comers get those highly coveted spots. The tournament hasn’t exactly struggled in the years of their absence. Flint Wheeler Financial Services Professional Visit


January 23 to January 29, 2014

publisher’s pick

by Tracy Dietlin

Publishers Pick for Tachevah 2014


any of our readers and several of my columnists and feature writers have pushed me to be more vocal in 2014. So as Owner/Publisher/ Editor of CV Weekly I will be bringing back my “Publisher’s Pick” column as often as possible. On occasion, I run across people, places or things that really impress me, but I don’t have time to write a full restaurant review, profile or article about them but the topic is worth me putting my two cents in. I have an amazing team of writers who do a great job handling the in-depth stuff, but this column will allow me to briefly comment on things in the CV that are important to me. So to kick 2014 off I’m going to talk about what’s on every local musicians mind right now: trying to get a spot on the Tachevah bill before Coachella. Here a few of my favorites that I would like to see Goldenvoice choose. Se7en4… Last Friday night at the Red Barn was explosive when Se7en4 took the small stage over and the audience hostage with their balls to the wall punk rock performance. Front man Nick Flores was in top form


belting out his in your face lyrics that are riddled with anger, cockiness and downright debauchery. The rest of the band was tight and cohesive with Trevino Martin slapping the bass, Pete Burquez’s electrifying guitar licks and Steve Hall tearing up the skins and giving one of his best performances ever. These guys tore it up! They will be going in the recording studio in March with producer Mikey Doling (Snot) to record a full length album and the sky is the limit after that. They handed out their demo to an eager crowd with songs produced by Steve Feldman and a few by Doling that include older tracks like” Lovin’” from 2003 and newer material like “Do You Bruise Eazy” which they recently released a video for. Our household currently has 3 copies of this demo in the bedroom, living room and car CD player. If that doesn’t make a statement I don’t know what does. Look for my full interview with Se7en4 in an upcoming February issue to promote their CV Weekly sponsored show on February 22 at Schmidy’s in Palm Desert. Raunch n roll and shock and awe at its best! Bridger… This band offered up a

phenomenal debut performance last month at the CV Weekly sponsored debut show at The Hood. Originally the band started out in the early 2000’s as Jekkel while they were still in high school. Vocalist and guitarist Jim Cathcart, along with his younger sister Katie Cathcart on drums, have stuck together over the years. A couple band changes along the way including the addition of Dan Wheat (also of Remnants of Man) on bass, and Jacob Miller (also of Klonus) on guitar, have given the band a whole new feel. Hence the decision for a whole new band name. They’re not kids anymore!! Jim Cathcart has grown as a front man and vocalist exuding much confidence in his delivery. Katie Cathcart is a force to be reckoned with on the drums and more than entertaining to watch. She’s not good for a ‘chick drummer’ she’s just an amazing drummer that you really need to experience watching live. Add Wheat and Miller to the mix working off of each other and you have four band members that work together seamlessly while having a blast. This band is commercially record label ready. You can watch them live when they open for Se7en4 on February 22 at Schmidy’s in Palm Desert. Parosella… I saw them perform a couple weeks ago for the first time at Schmidy’s and was impressed. I enjoyed that their sound was different than other bands and took me on a musical journey through familiar nuances of many different decades and types of music. I will let music writer Robin Linn tell you more about Parosella in her Desert Rhythms column this week on page 13.

desert dj’s

January 23 to January 29, 2014

By craig michaels

Richard and Mary, “Keeping the Dream Alive”


Jesse Hughes… It doesn’t matter if he’s performing as Boots Electric, Jesse the Devil, Reverend Jesse, Eagles of Death Metal (EODM) or Pigeons of Shit Metal, Jesse Hughes is a charismatic performer who engages you from the moment he walks on stage. His performance last Saturday at Schmidy’s was top-notch and made me feel like I had been baptized in the church of rock, funk, and groove. Check out Robin Linn’s Desert Rhythms column next week for full interview and article about Jesse Hughes. Saturdays show was one of those gem moments where you get to experience a larger act in an intimate setting and I’m glad I didn’t miss it. But I think it’s time for this hometown boy to headline Tachevah since he didn’t get on the Coachella bill. Stay tuned next week for a couple more bands I would like to suggest. Bands must submit their videos to Goldenvoice by January 25 to be considered for Tachevah.

he union of this musical dynamic duo began in 1971 at the Mission Inn in Riverside. Richard Byford was the resident singer at the Glennwood Tavern, an English pub in the Mission Inn. Mary Avery came in one night with a choir group from the University of California Riverside. The group asked if Mary could sing a couple of songs with Richard and two have been making beautiful music together ever since. Richard is a singer/songwriter/musician from the United Kingdom with hit records in several countries. As a graduate from the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art, Richard is known as a folk singer in the pubs and folk clubs of England. Currently he is hosting a weekly internet radio talkshow called “On the Village Green”. Adding to his busy schedule, Richard also books talent through his agency called Byway Entertainment, which he has operated for over 30 years! Mary was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised in Riverside, California. She attended the University of California Riverside where she received her BA in Music. As part of the duo, Richard & Mary, she performed on television, radio, concert venues, clubs and cruise ships. As a soloist, she has also done selected theatrical roles as

a singer/dancer. When not appearing with Richard & Mary, she teaches piano and voice. Their repertoire of folk & original songs and stories from the road is pieced together from over 40 years of touring and performing. During the 70’s and 80’s Richard & Mary toured many countries around the world and had charted records in Europe and the UK with several of Richard’s original songs. One of the highlights of their long

Local Music Spotlight

career was representing the United States at the closing ceremonies of the World Trade Expo in Seville, Spain in 1992, performing to over one hundred thousand people. While Richard and Mary could just sit back and look in the rear view mirror to relish in their accomplishments, they have done just the opposite. These two talented musicians have decided they are not done, “I have a lot of material that I have written in the past two

or three years and although we are obviously older than a lot of the songwriters today we feel that there are still important things to say and we still have the passion to perform,” remarks Richard. “Keeping The Dream Alive” is a very fitting title for the new CD which the duo has recently completed. The collection of 8 new original songs and 3 spoken word presentations set to music can be described as “refreshing!” Buyers will also be treated to a bonus Track: “In The Land of the Shifting Sands” which is dedicated to the previous Chairman of The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, the late Richard Milanovich. The public is invited to join Richard and Mary along with their family and friends for the CD release party (also Richards Birthday) at Woody’s Burgers Backroom in Palm Springs, Sunday January 26, from 6pm to 10pm. For more info you can call: (760) 2300188. If you want to purchase the Keeping the Dream Alive CD, you can go to: http:// Written by: Craig Michaels (760) 619-3276

By Denise Ortuno Neil

Get Ready for the Coachella Valley Music Show


he Coachella Valley has fast become a music mecca of sorts. With grand festivals and talent galore, locals and visitors alike are enjoying the entertainment that the desert has to offer. Now producer David Ross is bringing desert music to the visual forefront with his Net TV show, Coachella Valley Music Show. With so many choices of entertainment venues and talent to choose from here in the desert, it’s sometimes difficult to make a decision on where to go if you’re not familiar with the entertainment. That’s where the Coachella Valley Music Show comes in. The show will be aired on the website of the same name and feature musical talent around the valley at different venues, complete with indepth interviews with the artists. The show is produced by David Ross. Ross has been in the entertainment industry since 1985 working as a manager, producer and recording engineer in L.A. through the 80’s and 90’s. He managed talent including Brad Mercer and the late Jr.Walker. Ross came to the Coachella Valley in 2000 after taking a break from the music business. He re-launched himself back in the business a couple years ago and now manages country music sensation Chase Allan, winner of the 2012 Nashville Independent Solo Artist of

the Year Award. Ross is enthusiastic about cultivating new talent and offers his services to those in search of professional music management. His production company also offers video and recording services. Ross came up with the idea for the show several months back, by simply recognizing an unfulfilled need and having the desire and know how to fill it. A formula taught to him by his mother he explains, “When I was a kid I used to ask my mother how to become a success, and she would say to me that it was very simple, what I would need to do is find a need and then fill it.” It is a tactic that has served Ross well every time he has implemented it. Ross points out that the desert area is lacking in a show that guides locals and visitors with visual and audible stimulus to venues and musical talent, “If you go to Vegas you will find a TV show on cable in every hotel room that will let you see and hear videos of performers playing in town along with interviews with them, and they will say when and where they are playing so you can go,” said Ross. He also mentions how newspaper listings, however helpful, do not tell much, and unless the reader knows who the performer is, they are less inclined to go see them. His

David Ross & Valerie Kattz show will give viewers a chance to see and hear who’s playing in town and make more of an informed decision. The show will be hosted and interviews conducted by one of the desert’s longtime favorite radio personalities, Valerie Kattz. Kattz has had over 20 years of experience in radio and several in television including, “The Top 5 Video Countdown”. Ross is very pleased to have Kattz on the show, “She’s doing a fabulous job as the host,” exclaims Ross. The show will debut on the internet on January 31st, 2014. Viewers can catch the show at their leisure and it will change up every month. The first show has an impressive line-up including; Kal David, Will Donato and Calista Carradine, daughter of David Carradine. Also on the first show will

be Chase Huna, an amazing 14 year old saxophone player from here in the valley plus a surprise guest appearance from a famous band. Upcoming shows will feature artist such as Pictures from Eden and L.A. opera singer Jamie Chamberlin. Ross has had tremendous positive response about the show and is thrilled with his sponsors that have come on board, including Margaritas Restaurant in Palm Springs where the interviews are filmed, Renee Vargas of Vargas Arts who is doing the 3 camera interview shoots, and our own CV Weekly to name a few. With the deserts music scene growing at lightning speed, there’s no doubt that Ross’s show is coming at a great time, to help promote the performers and valley venues, “It will bring money to the valley and help the valley,” said Ross….and that is music to everyone’s ears. To view CV Music Show visit www. For more information about Ross Management Productions visit www.


January 23 to January 29, 2014

Local Music Spotlight

by noe gutierrez

Mikey Reyes – Musical Triumph


’ve written for Coachella Valley Weekly for almost one year and have penned a considerable amount of articles on a diverse selection of musical artists in our area. From adult contemporary to metal I have done my best to showcase our preeminent performers and challenge our collective musical palette. My intent has been to progress as a writer and focus on as many original artists as I can without writing about the same artist again and again. My belief is that there are enough musicians in the valley that rehashing an article is unnecessary. I have yet to compose two articles on the same artist, until now. Mikey Reyes is that artist. He has become a staple in my crusade to illuminate the desert’s auditory bliss. There is no doubt Reyes brings a peace to his audience. I have experienced it. I’ll just touch on what you may already know about Reyes. He’s originally from Indio. He has been impacted by music since infancy. His forever and a day girlfriend is the prodigious songstress Bryanna Evaro. Sublime was a


huge influence on Reyes and confirmed his partiality to reggae music. Whether you’ve been witness to his performances in Soul Opus, the Mikey Reyes Acoustic Movement or his solo work, you understand his importance to the backdrop of the desert music scene and the reggae movement. This Saturday 1/25/14 the Mikey Reyes Acoustic Movement will be performing a free show at Tack Room Tavern at the Empire Polo Grounds at 9 p.m. Opening support for Reyes and Evaro will be Machin’. Reyes has established his objective in creating an outlet for his constant flow of music. This constitutes the Mikey Reyes Acoustic Movement. “I’m really pushing our acoustic movement. Bry and I are looking to record in the next month. We will be releasing a demo and that will be our main focus. We’re getting more and more momentum as we progress steadily and continually making moves that create balance. 2014 is our year.” Reyes and Evaro have been performing at venues across the desert to high acclaim. “A lot of what were gonna be recording is a compilation of songs about us and the times we’ve gone through. It’s about us getting better as people, family and lovers. It’s a lot of good soulful music. We’ve been focusing on the beauty and blessings provided on the daily. Music is the tool, I’m the vessel; love is the outcome. It’s harmony for the masses.” Evaro shares her sentiment towards Reyes, “I love that I am able to play and write music alongside Michael. He never ceases to amaze me. Our styles are so different but that’s what makes it so much fun. It’s nice to step out of my comfort zone, learn new techniques, and write music that maybe I would have never written.” When you see them perform live you will be astounded at the fullness of their sound, especially since it’s normally just Reyes and Evaro. That vastness of sound is deliberate. Reyes uses a loop pedal effect. He adds guitar or vocal melodies, textures and beats to create the sound of a full band with one instrument. The looping pedal is a multitrack recording unit that Reyes controls with his foot. He can start by recording a track of himself playing rhythm with a guitar, his voice, or any sound for that matter, and then overdub this track with another of himself playing accompanying rhythm, lead, vocals, etc. The possibilities are truly endless. “I’ve always been intrigued by it. Seen Keller Williams busted it a long time ago. A super chill cat named Regan Perry did reggae on it but Mike Love was the one who got me into it.” The show this Saturday at Tack Room Tavern will feature Reyes’ loop talents along with Evaro. “It’s acoustic with the loop. We’re really basing our sound around the loop pedal. It’s been a great outlet for us since we want a big sound but only have each other to play with. It fills in the empty spaces,” shared Reyes.

Evaro is delighted to be along for the ride and fill that big sound. Involving Evaro in Reyes’ game plan further dignifies the music. I would be remiss if I didn’t ask Evaro for an update on her solo work as well as her sibling super group ‘Evaro’. “Well Evaro is always there. All of us are always playing, writing, creating. This May you can see Evaro on stage together for the Joshua Tree Music Festival as ‘Gene Jr. and The Family’. My brother Gene just finished his first real solo album and was asked to play Joshua Tree Fest. My sisters and I, along with some other musicians, will be bringing my brothers lovely music to life at this year’s festival. I am really excited for him and am extremely proud of him. He has worked long and hard on this album and it couldn’t be more beautiful. I am thrilled to be embarking on this new adventure with my family and am really looking forward to see what else will rise from this project. So who knows? Again it just goes back to that forward momentum, it’s all timing and this is our time,” shared Evaro. Timing seems to be impeccable for Reyes as well. Well known for his accomplishments with Soul Opus, Reyes is pleased to share that fans of Soul Opus will be comforted to know that the band remains active. “The boys and I are still rockin’ it! Playing and writing. We’ll be recording early this year as well. All of us are still very much involved in each other’s lives and are making that Coachella Valley roots reggae for the masses.”

If that wasn’t enough to keep Reyes occupied, he is now involved with Irie Junctions. A roots reggae band based out of the Coachella Valley, Irie Junctions is comprised of recent addition Reyes on guitar and vocals, Daniel Cedeno on bass, Enrique ‘Rick’ Rodriguez on guitar and drummer Saul Ibarra. At the helm of their new music is none other than Indio native and virtuoso producer Ronnie King. King has produced music from 2PAC (Tupac Shakur), Snoop Dogg, Pennywise, NOFX, Mariah Carey, The Offspring and Jimi ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald to name a few. He has had his hand in over 40 million records sold. His Chateau Relaxo in Thermal, California is a hot spot for many noteworthy musicians seeking solace from the big city to record. I spoke to King about Irie Junctions, Reyes and their potential. “I’ve been producing Irie Junctions for three years. There have been different transitions of the band and the new line-up is phenomenal. I feel really good about everything. We have over ten songs with them all ready to go. I’m familiar with Mikey now. We have Lewis Richards mixing the first single ‘My Home’ right now. Lewis is the reggae mix master.” Richards has mixed albums by The Dirty Heads, Sublime, Sting, Micah Brown and Mary J. Blige. “‘My Home’ depicts life in the CV. I asked them to write a song about the CV that would campaign for the desert. I work in Orange County a lot with The Offspring. They write songs from where they come from. I really feel like Irie Junctions can lead the way in the reggae category like Queens of the Stone Age has with rock.” King is adamant about the capacity for Irie Junctions to be accepted into mainstream radio and pop music. “We can get on the radio. Irie Junctions has all the qualities of being another great reggae band where we’re not known for reggae. They are paving the road for music the world is gonna dig. I’m gonna personally make it a point to make ‘Our Home’ a big song in the desert. It’s a showcase piece for sure. I think it should be the theme song for the local news.” Reyes keeps his feet grounded and does not overlook where he hails from, ever. With his foundation intact Reyes is progressing towards universal appeal. His potential for cross-over success is within reach. Knowing Reyes he would agree with King, “I’m just a kid from Indio. If I can do it from Indio then anything is possible.” Come out and see the kid from Indio this Saturday at Tack Room Tavern along with Bryanna Evaro and Machin’. Mikey Reyes Acoustic Movement Tack Room Tavern w/ Machin’ 1/25/14 Eureka Indian Wells 1/30/14 The Hood Bar & Pizza 2/7/14 Soul Opus - Hangar 24 Craft Brewery Redlands 2/1/14



ike Riley, along with long-time musical partner Jason Burns, has been making music around the desert for more than two decades now. Growing older, gaining new responsibilities as an adult, and going about the business of life can detour even the most ambitious musicians from what seems to be their life-path. For Mike, the life of an artist involved returning to the desert after a bold move to Australia and facing life threatening health issues, which became the focal point of his existence for more than seven months. In the time it took to save his life, bandmates Tony Gafrancesco and Jason Burns bore children, and bassist Brandon Ray Henderson began not only booking the Hood in Palm Desert, but pursuing multiple music projects. And as if that weren’t enough, there was a parting of ways with a founding member and close friend, right in the middle of recording their debut record. But Mike and Jason’s vision for Parosella wouldn’t allow them to give up. They regrouped, rotated some positions, and a new record is underway now, off to be mixed and mastered by soundman and engineer Brenndan McGuire. Brenndan left sunny California for the back woods of Canada, and this will be the first record he has mixed in his brand new studio. I remember Brenndan as the soundman at Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown. He has also engineered and recorded such artists as Broken Social Scene and Ray Woods Raw Soul Review. I have listened to Ray’s record more than a dozen times, which features Bobby Nichols gorgeous guitar work and Ray’s sultry soulful vocals. I never realized until now that Brenndan was behind it. Parosella wanted a pair of fresh ears after they did the tracking. They are anxiously awaiting the return of the mastered mixdowns. Parosella previewed some of the new material at Schmidy’s on January 11th to a packed house on Mike Riley’s birthday.

The band was well received and they are continuing to develop their sound as they push forward with the new lineup and the change in instrumentation. Their sound is vintage yet new, with lots of layers and depth in the arrangements. The music is reminiscent of the post-punk pop of the mid-nineties at times and experimental hard rock of the sixties at others. Tony Gafrancesco has a big full range voice and an eclectic writing approach. The man is extremely versatile and completely unique. Tony rearranged and rewrote all of the vocals from melody to lyrics when he relinquished the drum throne to take the position of front man. He provides what the band describes as a utilitarian role with instrumentation ranging from guitar to keyboards using the latest technology. Drummer Marcus Bush is rock solid and together with Brandon’s unique bass approach and ballsy tone they form a rhythm section that drives the band through lots of interesting changes and dynamics. Marcus has a fantastic singing voice that combines well with Tony, adding texture and depth to the overall sound. When Mike moved to Australia in the late nineties, Jason made the move to LA as bassist with his then band, ZOO. He hadn’t played the bass before...guitar was his instrument of choice. But, he adapted quickly and the band did well. That lineup included Chris Hale and Brady Erickson of Slo Burn, a desert band that featured vocalist John Garcia (Kyuss, Vista Chino). Due to copyright issues, the band changed their name to Prizefighter. They gained representation by Andy Gould Management (AGM) who also represented bands like Rob Zombie, Static X and Hybrid Theory (who would later become Linkin Park). From there they were picked up by Warner Bros. That relationship lasted three years and though the band didn’t have huge commercial success, they created some great music. It was an important life experience that brought them

amazing opportunities. It also gave them an indepth look into the workings of the complex and often unforgiving record industry. So, for different reasons, both Mike and Jason moved back to the desert between 2000 and 2002. They rented a house Mike still lives and records in today. During that period, Mike played and recorded with Orquesta del Desierto and did a tour of Europe. Two years ago when Parosella began writing and recording, Mike ended up in the hospital and out of commission. At the time Mike became ill, he was self-employed and had no insurance. After being a major contributor to the desert’s music scene via his audio visual talents, performing sound duties for shows and huge benefits, it was his turn to be the benefactor of a fundraising event. Mike still tears up when he recalls what Brandon (Henderson), DJ Ray (Phillips), Kevin Swank, and The Hood did for him along with so many friends, local bands, and businesses. For him it is still humbling to reflect. “Rally for Riley” is a testament of what the desert music community is all about. It is comprised of some amazing people who continue to throw down when one of their own is in need....or just to make sure the show goes on. Guitarist and bassist, Brandon Ray Henderson, may be best known locally for his recent role (booking manager), at The Hood in Palm Desert. What Brandon and The Hood have done for the desert music scene and fans alike, is create a space for underground music to live and breathe. The Coachella Valley has long been a haven for original, unconventional, unrestrained rock, which has a faithful fan base here. The only reason it was ever really “underground” is that finding venues that would allow the rebellious, innovative, and often loud rock in was extremely difficult. When venues like The Hood, The Tack Room, The Red Barn, The Date Shed, and most recently Schmidy’s and Bar, began allowing “us” seems the music scene exploded and multiplied a hundred times over. It is what motivated me to begin writing about what

Photo by Kimberly Utley, Arturo Gonzales Location credit: Deep Canyon Inn

January 23 to January 29, 2014

I was experiencing again after a long break. It’s a music community I have a twenty year romance with. Between all of the amazing people that come together, it has allowed the music to crawl out from under the boulders in the hot desert sand and into our hearts and heads where it belongs. As a musician, Brandon’s multi-instrumental capabilities have allowed him to ambitiously explore various original band projects. He played in Half Astro, a band that formed in 2007. They were high energy rock with old and new punk influences. The band also featured Herb Lienau, Billy Cordell and Marcus Bush. In the 11 years Brandon has lived here, he’s played guitar for Del Padres, Half Astro, Brant Bjork & The Bros, and The Pedestrians, and bass for Family Butcher, The Woodys, The Country (members of Gram Rabbit), Giselle Woo & The Night Owls, and Parosella. Half Astro developed a nice cult following and toured about in Europe. But now it is Parosella’s time. They are at the door of success and now that it is a priority for all members, I can’t see anything getting in their way. Tony and Marcus have been playing together on and off for years in another project, Butchery Boys, a high-energy psychobilly band who sing about bloody crimes and messy murders. The two drummers both enjoy life on the other side of the drum set. Playing in both bands together has helped them to become cohesive in the creative process as well as in the live setting, and led them to work together in other projects as well. Both projects are active and provide the two players the ability to interact in completely different roles. Tony and Marcus mesh together well as do all of the members of Parosella. So, after all of the twists and turns life has dealt all of these gentlemen, they feel they have finally arrived at the best lineup Parosella has ever had. Together they have created a springboard to push the group to the next phase of their musical journey. They are excited about the music they are making and are transmitting that energy into great new music and exciting live performances. The new record should start finding its way into our hands sometime in February, and you can be sure I will keep you posted. Visit Robin Linn’s Desert Rhythms to learn more about the upcoming record and for direct links to the band and their music: rminjtree. Find Parosella on Facebook at: www. Learn more about Brenndan McGuire: Brenndan McGuire Discography at Discogs Read Rockabilly Worldwide to learn more about Butchery Boys at www.


January 23 to January 29, 2014

by Eleni P. Austin


“Crooked Teeth”

Consider This


rying to find a quick cure to combat the mid-winter blues? Call off the search, a musical elixir has arrived courtesy Sir Madam. It’s their freshly released debut, Crooked Teeth. Following the Blues/Punk Rock paradigm pioneered by the White Stripes and Black Keys, Sir Madam is a bare-bones duo, who pack a powerful punch. But rather than hew to the monochromatic method those bands established, Sir Madam’s music feels like a sunburst of technicolor. Officially formed in 2011, Sir Madam, is a collaboration between longtime friends, guitarist/vocalist Kishori Holiday and drummer Andrew Garza. Both had cycled through a series of Southern California bands before realizing they were musical soulmates. The album gets off to a rollicking start with the title track. Anchored by a rattlesnake-shake rhythm and thick, fuzztastic power chords, the song could be a California cousin to the Stones’ epochal “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” On both “Gotcha Wantcha” and “Decent Man” Holiday challenges the status quo and champions authenticity. The former is a mid-tempo howler, powered by a walloping backbeat and reverb-drenched riffs. Holiday warns a lover that she won’t sacrifice her principles… “I’ll be the one who will lay my body down, I’ll be the one who will tear my hair out/I’ll be the one who will let all my veins bleed out.”

The latter is accented by bludgeoning tilt-a-whirl riffs that collide with pummeling percussion. The lyrics portray a woman who lives her life with no apologies… “She’s no hired girl, she’s no just-made, She’s no woman of the town/Not unstrung, not unmarried, a maidservant to one man.” Not every track on Crooked Teeth is a balls to the wall (ovaries to the wall?) rocker. “My Dear My Darling” is a cracked country waltz. Over strummy guitars and a stutter cadence, Holiday sweetly croons, reassuring her true love that long absences only strengthen their bond.

Tinkling wind chimes and ominous guitar chords open “Black Moon.” As the melody locks into a crushed velvet groove, the lyrics detail a moonlight ritual…”And all the witches dance beneath the black night moon/And circled fire put out all the spirits doom.” “Dorothy May” paints a sepia-toned portrait of an enigmatic femme fatale who had “an array of beauty.” The instrumentation, mandolin-like filigrees and subdued percussion, perfectly compliment this tender tableau. Other stand out tracks include; the

outlaw tale of “Man Down.” Here Garza pounds a triple time tattoo as Holiday unleashes tsunami-size riffs that peak, crest and crash. “Come Around” is equally ferocious. Garza’s thundering beats take center stage as Holiday’s serpentine riffs snake through the sandblasted melody. The album closes with the frenetic twist and shout of “Love Song.” Garza’s rumbling backbeat provides ballast, allowing Holiday to shift from Surf-guitar sonics to Spaghetti Western licks. It’s a satisfying tour de force. This is a nearly perfect debut. Kishori Holiday’s playing is sharp and concise. Her vocals recall the take-no-prisoner style of progenitors like Patti Smith, Chrissie Hynde and Exene Cervenka. Andrew Garza isn’t content to simply keep time. He pounds his kit with economy and authority. Crooked Teeth was produced by Scott Holiday, (Rival Sons leader and guitar-slinger extrodinaire). The album was recorded and mixed in an astonishing three days! Crackling with intensity, Holiday and Garza have crafted an audacious debut. Sir Madam has come up with the first great album of 2014.


January 23 to January 29, 2014

By rebecca pikus

Italian Artist Mauro Rosso’s “Batman - The Hero Collection” at Creare Fine Art Gallery on El Paseo


reater Palm Springs -- from the High Desert to the Low Desert -- all of Coachella Valley -- is fast becoming an International Cultural Destination! We all know Palm Springs is a Mecca for Celebrity Golf Tournaments, International Tennis Championships, 5-Star Restaurants, International Polo Matches, Classic Car Shows, Billionnaire’s Airport -- Palm Springs International Film Festival, Modernism Week & great Architecture, Fashion Week, The Walk of Stars, The White Party, P.S. Harley Weekend, Casinos& Showrooms, Theatre -- Hiking & Horseback Riding Trails, magnificent Mountains, Palm Trees, Swimming Pools, Movie Stars -- amazing Weather, wide open Blue Skies, & all the Stars in the Sky at night! Having said that, greater Palm Springs is now rivaling Los Angeles, New York, & London in the Art World -- we are in an Art Vortex! Artists have always loved the Desert -- it affords the solitude, magnificent landscapes and excitement of nature at

the same time. Our Desert area is teeming with incredibly talented Artists. And -- our Desert area is having a Renaissance of savvy sophisticated & cutting-edge Galleries -from Palm Springs to El Paseo. Creare Fine Art Gallery on El Paseo, strives to present not only great local Artists, but also National & International Artists as well. They were fortunate to partner with International Art Agent, Alessandro Drago. He brought them MAURO ROSSO -- a cutting-edge artist who makes his home in Alba, Italy. Creare is currently representing Italian Artist Mauro Rosso’s “Batman - The Hero Collection”. His commanding canvas’ are 4 ft. x 8 ft -- and in a collector’s home are subtle yet riveting at the same time. Rosso’s Batman is not a comic book figure, but rather a different, more humane Batman, a Hero in the truest sense -- not grandstanding, but protecting the more vulnerable of our world. His art pieces have to be seen in person -- they elicit powerful emotions from onlookers. They are simple yet inspiring works of art.

WESTFIELD MALL 72840 Hwy 111 #171 Palm Desert, CA 92260 760-341-2017



January 23 to January 29, 2014


by Janet McAfee

Art & Adoption Event for Living Free


ast summer we visited and reported on Living Free, an idyllic 153-acre sanctuary for rescue dogs and cats located in the scenic mountains above Palm Springs in Mountain Center. Many of their animals are rescued from overcrowded public shelters where they may face euthanasia. Others are abandoned and neglected, and begin to thrive after they receive medical care, loving training, and socialization from the Living Free staff. New beginnings flourish at this sanctuary where there are no kennels, and the buildings are especially designed for the comfort of the animals. Founded in 1980, this wonderful nonprofit organization has provided a loving second chance to thousands of homeless animals. Many Coachella Valley residents have traveled up Highway 74 to visit the sanctuary and adopt their animals. Living Free is a lovely facility with a pastoral feeling, and one can enjoy the mountain scenery while meeting some amazing animals. The trendy town of Idyllwild is just a bit further up the road. This week Living Free is coming to Palm

Apopt Enzo Enzo, a 7-yr-old male tuxedo cat is the smartest feline at Living Free. Enzo knows how to play bullfight and peekaboo. This fluffy feline fellow is fabulous. At Living Free Sanctuary, Highway 74, 54250 Keen Camp Rd, Mountain Center. Call (951) 659-4687.

Meet Ollie

Desert with two back to back spectacular events on Saturday, January 25. You will have an opportunity to meet some of their adoptable animals at the Cold Nose Warm Heart pet boutique, located at 73-399 El Paseo (near Lupine) in Palm Desert, from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm. Then the festivities resume next door from 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm at the Classic Art Gallery with a reception featuring the photographs of renowned rescue dog photographer, Frank Bruynbroek. Photographer Frank Bruynbroek will be there in person at the Classic Art Gallery reception. His wonderful animal portraits are contained in his book, “Compawssion, Portraits of Rescue Dogs”. Bruynbroek describes why he put together this collection and why he photographs shelter dogs, “My dream is that there won’t be homeless pets anymore, anywhere. My hope is to see breeders with a conscience. My wish is to see all puppy mills abolished as well as all stores that sell puppies. An important aspect of this project is awareness and education as a means to prevent innocent animals from

January 23 to January 29, 2014

by Rick Riozza

Simply Enjoying the Wine Bar at Bellatrix


being killed every single day.” The dogs’ faces captured in his portraits reach out and touch your soul, beautiful works that grab and transmit the essence of each unique animal. Bruynbroek has a gallery which showcases his work in Idyllwild called “Oh My Dog”. Bruynbroek’s photography is a rousing call to action in a world that is largely unaware of the plight of homeless dogs. His photography is moving, thought provoking, and goes

beyond what words can express. The beautiful faces of the dogs are captivating. Each photo is a searing missile that goes straight to the heart. Come and see the marvelous collection of photographs, meet the artist, and meet some of the folks and pups from Living Free. With more off site adoptions at local businesses, Sharon Maguire, Living Free’s executive director, happily reports their adoption rate is up 43% over last year! Sharon attributes this to the wonderful support the organization receives from the community, and the group’s reputation for having well socialized and healthy animals. More people are learning about Living Free and their wonderful rescue work. They are grateful to businesses like Warm Nose Cold Heart and the Classic Art Gallery who open up their doors and hearts to host events like this. Everyone is invited to attend Living Free’s adoption and gallery events. There is no charge to attend. Champagne and hor d’oeuvres will be served. A silent auction will be held and of course donations are always welcome! Call Living Free at (951) 659-4687 for more information as RSVP’s are appreciated. Living Free is located at 54250 Keen Camp Road in Mountain Center, and you can see their adoptable animals on their website at Animal lovers will not want to miss this special day.

lmost everyone in the valley has seen the large stand-alone Mediterranean-style building on the north side of Interstate 10 off of Cook Avenue in Palm Desert. Sometimes mistaken for a hotel, it is The Classic Club owned by the Berger Foundation and houses the celebrated golf club where play is on its renowned Arnold Palmer designed course. And what every wine lover in town should know is that the Bellatrix Restaurant and Wine Bar showcases one of the best lineups of wine by the glass—along with really exciting pours. I know—you’re asking what’s so exciting about “pours”. Well—this is what the Bellatrix Wine Bar has over all of the other wine bars in our valley: It allows everyone to sample as much wine as they wish! And even those world class, premium, exclusive-type wines that we can only read about—yes, we can have as little or as much as we like. This is possible because they have a “magic” wine machine that can divvy out whatever portion of great wine you wish to enjoy. Even though we dream about drinking down a five-star bottle of wine, reality hits us and maybe we can more reasonably afford just a large or small glass of it, or maybe, sometimes we simply wish to taste an ounce or so, to experience what the wine is all about, and thereafter decide whether or not to enjoy the full glass or the whole bottle. All of this gets the wine mind going. Imagine all of the variable ways to enjoy this Bellatrix Wine Bar. For instance, if there are a few of us out—we can do a fun wine tasting, where we all order just a one ounce pour of the same wine and everyone gets to discuss it and “vote”—so to speak. This allows everyone to get comfortable describing the wine and catching on to other people’s descriptions. Along the same lines, we can order— let’s say, three one ounce pours of the same varietal so we can compare the individual winemaker’s product. Like three Cabernet Sauvignons—a couple from Napa Valley and one from Sonoma. So many ways to play this wine game. And of course, if we need

to savor the wine a little more—we’ll order some more, maybe a 2 ½ ounce or 5 ounce pour. And if we think we’ve found the one to settle in with for the evening—perhaps we’ll just grab a bottle. And the news only to gets better because aside from enjoying time at the beautiful and embellished wine bar, we can also delight in the great dining here at the adjoining Bellatrix Restaurant where we take pleasure in the same pouring choices. Famed Executive Chef Gerald Burnett is right on point when it comes to featuring local and regional seasonal ingredients on the menu. He’s the artist in the kitchen when it comes to the perfectly prepared seafood as with his Granola Crusted Salmon with Black Mission Fig Gastrique and Tarragon Yogurt Sauce, Sesame Crusted Ahi, and filler-free Lump Crab Cakes with Cucumber-Sesame Salad with sweet Thai reduction. Again—these pouring options work great in a dining situation where both a red and a white are desired. Once I saw the menu, I wasn’t going to miss out on the seafood. And the salmon, ahi, and crab cakes were screaming out for a glass of their Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc. But all day, my taste buds were craving a nice fat glass of red wine! Easy—I simply enjoyed a smaller pour with my appetizers and had plenty of room for my large glass of white. And maybe I’ll finish with a small glass of Pinot Noir for dessert. So there!—I’ve enjoyed three glasses wine, maintaining a fun sensibility throughout without the fullness or the “dullness”. And as to my earlier comment that Bellatrix owns and operates a “magical wine machine”—don’t start worrying about things or question reality or your faith. It really is a machine; and it’s one of my bffs. The wine selections are what’s trending, always reviewed, and considered by the cheerful wine director, Ruan Krugel and his knowledgeable staff to provide us vino lovers with some of the best stuff out there—and some lesser priced wines which the smart quaffer should know about. Currently the “Wines by the Ounce(s)” list include, among others: Paul Hobb’s 2009

“Crossbarn” Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast, 2010 Rombauer Zinfandel Napa Valley, 2007 Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley, 2010 Continuum Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley, and consider the 2010 Bogle Phamtom Red Blend Lodi & Amador where a large 5 oz. glass is only $6.50. Just go ahead and have a great time here! Cheers! I recommend going on line at www. to check out their outstanding wine-dinners scheduled for this season. A full selection of specialty cocktails and beers are also available, as well as an appetizing bar menu. Open for lunch daily from 11 a.m. and dinner Tuesday through Saturday at 5 p.m. Bellatrix at the Classic Club- 75200

Classic Club Blvd Palm Desert, CA 92211 760-601-3690. By the way—Bellatrix Restaurant is part of the Wine Vault of the Desert’s Corkage Fee Waiver Program. In other words, being a member of the Wine Vault, you can freely bring in your own bottle to enjoy at dinner. For you wine enthusiasts having a case or two, or twenty, or two hundred!  keeping wine in pristine condition is always a main consideration. Therefore I always recommend the Wine Vault of the Desert to all my wine friends. Things are heating up so go on to their website and acquaint yourself to all of the services and benefits that await you and your wine!

I’m an adorable 10 pound Dachshund mix girl, seeking an active & loving human to be my best buddy! I’m a playful curious 6-mo-old puppy who loves other dogs and all humans including the little ones. Come see me at the Cold Nose Warm Heart event (73-399 El Paseo in Palm Desert) on Saturday, Jan. 25, 11am to 3pm, or contact Living Free in Mountain Center at (951) 659-4687


MIRA 28 Days CV Weekly Ad 4.87x5.62 010914.indd 1


1/15/14 9:49 AM

January 23 to January 29, 2014



29 PALMS INN; 29 PALMS; 760-367-3505 Bev and Bill 6pm (JZ) ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 Reunion w/ DJ Day in the Amigo Room 10pm AJ’S ON THE GREEN; C.C.; 760-202-1111 Paul Elia 7-10pm AZUL; PS; 760-325-5533 Paula Prince 7pm (PB) BAR; PS; 760-537-7337 BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 John Stanley King 6-10pm CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Patrick Tuzzolino 5:30pm CLINIC BAR & LOUNGE; PS; 760-864-4119 Kyd Icarus 9pm CORK TREE; PD; 760-779-0123 Live Entertainment 6pm DESERT FOX; PS; 760-325-9555 Thirsty Thursdays 8pm DHS SPA LOUNGE; DHS; 760-329-6787 Karaoke w/ DJ Scott 9pm DILLON ROADHOUSE; DHS; 760-2511991 Karaoke ESCENA LOUNGE & GRILL; PS; 760-9920002 Lola Rossi, Rob Carter and Denise Motto 5-9pm (JZ) EUREKA; IW; 760-834-7700 The Hive Minds 8pm FIRECLIFF; PD; 760-773-6565 Sonny Evaro 6pm THE HOOD; PD; 760-636-5220 Industry Night w/ Lauren Holm 9pm INDIAN WELLS RESORT HOTEL; IW; 760345-6466 Frank Di Salvo 6-9:30pm KOKOPELLI’S; YV; 760-228-2589 Karaoke w/ Roberto 8pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-3252794 Hot Rox LAVENDER BISTRO; LQ; 760-564-5353 Bob Allen in the lounge and Tom on the patio 6pm LIT@FANTASY SPRINGS; IND; 760-3452450 Country Night w/ Gold Rush Country 8pm THE LOUNGE, AGUA CALIENTE; RM; 888999-1995 Nash with Quinto Menguante 8-1am (LR) MARGARITA’S; PS; 760-778-3500 Live Music 6pm MELVYN’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE; PS; 760-325-2323 Ron Greenip 8pm (PB)(VD) MIRAMONTE RESORT; IW; 760-341-7200 “Sassy & Sultry” featuring Gina Carey 5-8pm NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Karaoke 8pm-1:15am


THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Kevin Henry 6-8pm Tim Burleson 8pm (PB) O’LEARY’S; PS; 760-325-4913 Karaoke 9pm PAPPY & HARRIET’S; PT; 760-365-5956 The Kenneth Brian Band 8pm PURPLE ROOM@CLUB TRINIDAD; PS; 760-327-1161ext.230 Machin’ 7pm RIVIERA RESORT & SPA; PS; 760-327-8311 Martin Ross & Jesse Davis 6pm SAMMY G’s; PS; 760-320-8041 Evaro Brothers 8pm SCHMIDY’S; PD; 760-837-3800 Red’s Rockstar Karaoke 9pm SIDEWINDER GRILL; DHS; 760-329-7929 Spaghetti Western Night 5pm SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760-3413560 Dude Jones 6pm TACK ROOM TAVERN; IND; 760-347-9985 Karaoke w/ T-Bone 8-12am VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 Carolyn Martinez & The Trio 6:30pm VILLAGE PUB; PS; 760-323-3265 DJ Khodi Rayne 4:30-9pm, Nite Fixx 9-2am VUE GRILLE & BAR; IW; 760-834-3800 Casey 5:30pm WESTIN MISSION HILLS; RM; 760-3285955 Michael Keeth 6-10pm WOODY’S BURGER; PS; 760-230-0188 Bill Saitta Jazz 6pm ZELDA’S; PS; 760-325-2375 Singles Night 9pm


19TH HOLE; PD; 760-772-6696 Karaoke w/ T Bone 9pm 29 PALMS INN; 29P; 760-367-3505 Dana Larson 6pm (AC) ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 Pink Mountaintops w/ DJ Sam James Velde 10pm Amigo Room AJ’S ON THE GREEN; C.C.; 760-202-1111 Karaoke w/ AJ The KJ 8-12am AZUL; PS; 760-325-5533 Nash 8pm BAR; PS; 760-537-7337 Black Friday w/ Mister Blaqk & Friends 9pm BILLY REED’S; PS; 760-325-1946 Live Music 6-10pm BLUE BAR, SPOTLIGHT 29; INDIO; 760-7755566 DJ PWee 8pm (VD) BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 The Stanley Butler Trio 6-10pm CASCADE LOUNGE, SPA RESORT CASINO; PS; 888-999-1995 DJ Michael Wright 9-1am

CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Patrick Tuzzolino 5:30pm CLINIC BAR & LOUNGE; PS; 760-864-4119 All Night Shoes 9pm CORK TREE; PD; 760-779-0123 Live Entertainment 6pm DATE SHED; IND; 760-775-6699 DICKIE O’NEALS IRISH PUB; PS; 760-3252600 Lassie Jo’s Best Damn Karaoke 7pm DILLON ROADHOUSE; DHS; 760-251-1991 EL MEXICALI CAFÉ 2; IND; 760-342-2333 Cesar Daniel Lopez on the harp 6-9pm FIRECLIFF; PD; 760-773-6565 Sonny Evaro 6pm THE GRILL ON MAIN; LQ; 760-777-7773 Dude Jones 9pm HAMILTON’S; LQ; 760-698-8303 T.B.A. 8pm THE HOOD; PD; 760-636-5220 Angry Samoans, The Hellions and Slipping Into Darkness 9pm INDIAN WELLS RESORT HOTEL; IW; 760345-6466 Frank Di Salvo 6-9:30pm JOSHUA TREE SALOON; JT; 760-366-2250 Live DJ 8:30pm (VD) KOKOPELLI’S; YV; 760-228-2589 T.B.A. 7:30pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-3252794 Palm Springs Sound Company,in the afternoon,Hot Rox,in the night LAVENDER BISTRO; LQ; 760-564-5353 Bob Allen 6pm LIT@FANTASY SPRINGS; IND; 760-3452450 Up Next 9pm THE LOUNGE; AGUA CALIENTE; RM; 888999-1995 Circle of Fifiths 9pm (VD) MARGARITA’S; PS; 760-778-3500 Live Music 6pm MELVYN’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE; PS; 760-325-2323 Ron Greenip 8pm (PB)(VD) NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Karaoke 8-1:15am THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Kevin Henry 6-8pm Tim Burleson 8pm (PB) O’LEARY’S; PS; 760-325-4913 T.B.A. 9pm PALM CANYON ROADHOUSE; PS; 760327-4080 The Hive Minds 9pm PALM DESERT COUNTRY CLUB; PD; 760345-0222 Radio 60 6:30pm PAPPY & HARRIET’S; PT; 760-365-5956 Kelly McFarling & The River City Band 8pm PLAN B LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AND COCKTAILS; TP; 760-343-2115 Red’s Rockstar Karaoke 9pm PURPLE ROOM@CLUB TRINIDAD; PS; 760-327-1161ext.230 The Gand Band 9pm RED BARN; PD; 760-346-0191 Felix Nobody from Egoflow w/ Connor Evans 9pm RIVIERA RESORT & SPA; PS; 760-327-8311 Martin Ross Starlite Lounge 8pm, Lance Diekmann Sidebar Lounge 10pm SAMMY G’s; PS; 760-320-8041 Evaro Brothers 8pm SCHMIDY’S; PD; 760-837-3800 Well Strung to Hang, Dali’s Llama and Facelift 9pm SHANGHAI RED’S @ THE FISHERMAN’S MARKET; LQ; 760-777-1601 Barry Baughn Blues 8-11pm SIDEWINDER GRILL; DHS; 760-329-7929 Country Night w/ Walt Young 5:30pm SOUL OF MEXICO; IND; 760-200-8787 Latin Rock 10pm SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760-3413560 Demetrious and Co. (JZ)(RR) TACK ROOM TAVERN; IND; 760-347-9985

Stereoflux 9pm TILTED KILT; PD; 760-773-5458 Tilted @ Night 10pm TRILUSSA ITALIAN RISTORANTE; PS; 760328-2300 Julius & Sylvia Music Duo 6-10pm VIBE; MORONGO CASINO; CAB; 951-7555391 The Rick Whitfield Band 10pm (VD) VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 Pat Rizzo & All That Jazz Band 6:30pm VILLAGE PUB; PS; 760-323-3265 Scott Carter 1:30-4:30pm, Nite Fixx 9-2am, DJ Anwaar Hines 9-2am VUE GRILLE & BAR; IW; 760-834-3800 Inca Kings 5:30pm, John McCormick & The Mac Band w/ DJ Randy Johnson 9:30pm WILLIE BOYS; MV; 760-363-3343 Dan Horn, Joseph William Kennedy, Daytime Moon and A Live DJ 9pm THE WINE BAR AT OLD TOWN; LQ; 760564-2201 Rob & jb 7-10pm WOODY’S BURGER; PS; 760-230-0188 Rose Mallet 6:30pm (JZ) ZELDA’S; PS; 760-325-2375 Girl’s Night out w/ The Men on the Hollywood Strip 9pm


19TH HOLE; PD; 760-772-6696 Karaoke w/ T-Bone 9pm 29 PALMS INN; 29P; 760-367-3505 Beverly & Bill 6-9pm (JZ) ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 Stronghold presents Reggae Sol noon poolside, Highlife w/ DJ Day 10pm amigo room AJ’S ON THE GREEN; C.C.; 760-202-1111 Cabaret on the Green w/ Les Michaels & Joel Baker 7-10pm AZUL; PS; 760-325-5533 Diva Denise Carter 8pm BAR; PS; 760-537-7337 T.B.A. 10pm BILLY REED’S; PS; 760-325-1946 Live Music 6-10pm BLUE BAR; SPOTLIGHT 29; IND; 760-7755566 DJ PWee (VD) BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 Steve Madeo 6-10pm CASCADE LOUNGE, SPA RESORT CASINO; PS; 888-999-1995 DJ Michael Wright 9-1am CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Patrick Tuzzolino 5:30pm CLINIC BAR & LOUNGE; PS; 760-864-4119 All Night Shoes 9pm CORK TREE; PD; 760-779-0123 Live Entertainment 6:30-9:30pm DATE SHED; IND; 760-775-6699 DHS SPA LOUNGE; DHS; 760-329-6787 Karaoke w/ DJ Scott 9pm DICKIE O’NEALS IRISH PUB; PS; 760-3252600 T.B.A. 8pm DILLON ROADHOUSE; DHS; 760-251-1991 EL MEXICALI CAFÉ 2; IND; 760-342-2333 Cesar Daniel Lopez on the harp 6-9pm EUREKA; IW; 760-834-7700 The Vibe 3-7pm FIRECLIFF; PD; 760-773-6565 Sonny Evaro 6pm FIRESIDE LOUNGE; PS; 760-327-1700 T.B.A. 9pm THE GRILL ON MAIN; LQ; 760-777-7773 The Refills 8-11pm THE GROOVE LOUNGE; SPOTLIGHT 29; INDIO; 760-775-5566 DJ 8pm HAMILTON’S; LQ; 760-698-8303 Generous Thieves 9pm

THE HOOD; PD; 760-636-5220 Benefit Show w/ Pictures from Eden, Blasting Echo, The Butchery Boys and Young Creatures 9p m INDIAN WELLS RESORT HOTEL; IW; 760345-6466 Frank Di Salvo 6-9:30pm JOSHUA TREE SALOON; JT; 760-366-2250 T.B.A. 8pm KOKOPELLI’S; YV; 760-228-2589 T.B.A. 6pm, Karaoke w/ Roberto 8pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-3252794 Palm Springs Sound Company,in the afternoon,Hot Rox,in the night LAVENDER BISTRO; LQ; 760-564-5353 Bob Allen 6pm LIT@FANTASY SPRINGS; IND; 760-3452450 Up Next 9pm THE LOUNGE, AGUA CALIENTE; RM; 888999-1995 Circle of Fifths 9pm (VD) MELVYN’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE; PS; 760-325-2323 Ron Greenip 8pm (PB)(VD) MARGARITA’S; PS; 760-778-3500 Live Music 6pm NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Karaoke 8-1:15am THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Kevin Henry 6-8pm Tim Burleson 8pm (PB) O’LEARY’S; PS; 760-325-4913 T.B.A. 8pm PALM CANYON ROADHOUSE; PS; 760327-4080 T.B.A. 9pm PALM DESERT COUNTRY CLUB; PD; 760345-0222 Tim Apple Acoustic 6:30pm PAPPY & HARRIET’S; PT; 760-365-5956 Shadow Mountain Band 5pm, Sara Petite 8pm PJ’S SPORTS LOUNGE; YV; 760-228-1199 Scarlet Roads 9pm PLAN B LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AND COCKTAILS; TP; 760-343-2115 Klonus 9pm PURPLE ROOM@CLUB TRINIDAD; PS; 760-327-1161ext.230 The Gand Band 9pm RENAISSANCE PALM; PS; 760-322-6100 Art of Sax featuring Sax Man Will Donato & Eddie Reddick 7-10pm (JZ) RED BARN; PD; 760-346-0191 Latin Night w/ Nash 9pm RIVIERA RESORT & SPA; PS; 760-327-8311 Martin Ross, Starlite Lounge 5pm, Lance Diekmann, Sidebar Lounge 10pm, DJ Shasta, Starlite Lounge 10pm SAMMY G’s; PS; 760-320-8041 Evaro Brothers 8pm SCHMIDY’S; PD; 760-837-3800 JF//Discord w/ DJ Pedro Le Bass 9pm SHANGHAI RED’S @ THE FISHERMAN’S MARKET; LQ; 760-777-1601 Barry Baughn Blues 8-11pm SIDEWINDER GRILL; DHS; 760-329-7929 Karaoke w/ Milly G 6pm SOUL OF MEXICO; IND; 760-200-8787 Latin Music 10pm SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760-3413560 Dude Jones 6pm TACK ROOM TAVERN; IND; 760-347-9985 Mikey Reyes featuring Bryanna Evaro, Giselle Woo and Machin’ 9pm TILTED KILT; PD; 760-773-5458 Tilted@ Night 9pm TRILUSSA ITALIAN RISTORANTE; PS; 760328-2300 Julius & Sylvia Music Duo 6-10pm VIBE, MORONGO CASINO; CAB; 951-7555391 DJ Hektik 10pm (VD) VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 Pat Rizzo & All That Jazz Band 6:30pm

VILLAGE PUB; PS; 760-323-3265 Rob & JB 1:30-4:30pm, Nite Fixx 9-2am, DJ Anwaar Hines 9-2am VUE GRILLE & BAR; IW; 760-834-3800 Jeff 5:30pm, Slim Man 9:30pm WILLIE BOYS; MV; 760-363-3343 Red’s Rockstar Karaoke 9pm THE WINE BAR AT OLD TOWN; LQ; 760564-2201 Rob & jb 7-10pm (LR)(PR) WOODY’S BURGER; PS; 760-230-0188 Stanley Butler Band 7pm (JZ) ZELDA’S; PS; 760-325-2375 DJs 9pm (VD)


29 PALMS INN; 29P; 760-367-3505 Bob & Allison Garcia 6pm ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 Intoxica Radio Live w/ Howie Pyro 10pm AZUL; PS; 760-325-5533 The Judy Show 7:30pm BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 Steve Madeo 6-10pm CASCADE LOUNGE, SPA RESORT; PS; 888-999-1995 Nash with Quinto Menguante 9pm (LR) CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Joe Jaggi

January 23 to January 29, 2014

COME JOIN US FOR THE FUN!! • 14 flat screen televisions • NTN Trivia and poker with QB1

While you are here you can try one of our ten tap beer selections from a frosty cold glass or choose one of our 30 tequilas or vodkas to make your favorite cocktail.



(760) 251-2644

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January 23 to January 29, 2014

The Pampered Palate

January 23 to January 29, 2014

By Raymond Bill

Eureka! found in Indian Wells


wice in one week, I was asked if I had been to a new restaurant offering Gourmet Burgers and great cocktails. This is how everyone seems to refer to Eureka Restaurant in Indian Wells. I am not a burger person (though I have been known to visit the In N Out drive through a time or two), but if everyone is raving about it, I should find out what the buzz is all about. So date night began at Eureka and let me state that my expectations were far exceeded from the time we entered the building until our last bite of butterscotch pudding! Greeted by a charming young woman named Gina (who happens to be their General Manager), we were escorted through a very busy restaurant to a cozy table on their heated patio. The bar was lit up, displaying several bottles and one of the largest draft beer selections on the east side of the valley. Every single seat was taken at

the bar counter and in the dining area as well. This was a good sign that we were in for a treat. The patio was warm and welcoming and the staff is quick to accommodate. We began with an Old Fashioned and a Whiskey Sour. I have never had a better Old Fashioned. The drink was smooth, finished with one large cube of ice and garnished with a real cherry as opposed to the unnaturally bright red cherries from a jar that has far too many ingredients for a piece of fruit. While deciding what to order, we realized this was not just a burger joint. There were salads and sliders, chicken, steak and more. We had to ask for some suggestions and finally began with an appetizer of Nachos and Lollipop Corn Dogs. The Nachos had a sweet and smoky flavor from the chipotle dressing. The Lollipops were presented five to an order with three sauces for dipping, my favorite being the spicy porter mustard sauce (and I do not like mustard). These not so little bites of happiness are made from all natural polish sausage. Incredible! We followed our starters with their Napa Burger and their Naked Chicken Saltimbocca. The Burger was simply perfection. A thick, all natural, charbroiled, hormone & antibiotic free patty, cooked to order and placed on a homemade bun with fried pancetta,

arugula, Havarti cheese and a pesto aioli, finished with a marinated and roasted roma tomato. Wow! I can’t say enough about how delicious this burger truly was. The chicken was an interpretation of an Italian favorite with prosciutto, melted mozzarella cheese and sage. The chicken was tender and full of flavor from the savory sauce provided on the side. We chose the housemade cole slaw and hand cut fries for our sides and added a little of the truffle sauce to the fries for that extra burst of flavor! We were in heaven! For dessert, I could not resist the butterscotch pudding with a caramel sauce and sea salt. All my favorite flavors come together in this incredible dessert! But

Eureka only has two desserts on the menu, so we ordered both, the other being a chocolate espresso soufflé with ice cream. The chocolate is very hot and taking a bite too soon is a mistake I wish I had only made once… but it was sooo good! The food is incredible, the service is spot on and the smiles are everywhere at Eureka! The last time I was in that building, I was dining at Le St. Germaine and although there is no comparison between the two restaurants, I am very happy to say I’ll be returning again and again to Eureka! Be sure to stop by for a cocktail or a beer flight and see what the buzz is all about. Located at Hwy 111 and Cook Street in Indian Wells. 760-834-7700

“THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD THE WEST HAS TO OFFER!” Our wonderful staff is committed to giving you the best dining experience. We have a nicely stocked bar and great desserts as well. Our authentic mexican food main courses are truly mouth watering. We have an award winning sweet corn tamale that you just have to try for yourself. Once you dine at Pueblo Viejo Grill, you'll be back for more soon!




36901 COOK ST. STE.#3 PALM DESERT, CA 92211 (760)836-1133

81931 HIGHWAY 111 INDIO, CA 92201 (760)342-5900




January 23 to January 29, 2014

Movie Reviews with Robin E. Simmons



here’s nothing like the anticipation of a new movie that connects with some spark of personal interest. We are all voyeurs hoping to share in some common dream. My impression is that at this writing, the two most talked about movies are Derek Garth’s GODZILLA (set for a midsummer release), and Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR, his sci-fi story about a team of space travelers who travel through a wormhole. It’s set for November 7, but that date could change. The expectation is that this will be a groundbreaking story with visuals to match. On the near horizon, but unseen, are several films that have captured the attention of film buffs everywhere. We can only hope that the premise of the poster and the tease of the trailers will not be deceptive of a disappointment.

experiment: Faced with a nuclear apocalypse, they must decide which 10 of them would take shelter to reboot the human race. The class decisions become deadly as each turns against the other in a fight that blurs the lines between theoretical and real. February 7.

yet, be de-programmed? Or how about this: Can the illusion of free will be programmed? Big questions shimmer in the background of this reboot of the RobCop franchise. It’s 2028. Multinational conglomerate OmniCorp dominates with it’s advanced robot technology. Their drones, used world wide by the military, have made billions for OmniCorp’s elite shareholders. Now OmniCorp plans to bring their controversial robotic technology to every city. So they build a part-man, part-robot police officer, but they never counted on one thing: there is still a man inside the machine with an innate sense of justice. February 12 GIRL ON A BICYCLE


I, FRANKENSTEIN Based on a true story, this action drama is about a World War II platoon that goes into Germany to rescue artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves. Can an ill-equipped and unlikely team of museum directors save 1,000 years of culture? The screenplay by George Clooney & Grant Heslov is based on the book by Robert M. Edsel with Bret Witter. February 7. Mary Shelly’s creation continues to thrive on the big screen. This time around, Aaron Eckhart is Victor Frankenstein‘s monster Adam. Set firmly in a present day dystopic world where gargoyles and demons are battling for ultimate power and especially the secret of Adam’s immortality. Based on the graphic novel “I, Frankenstein” by Kevin Grevioux and directed by Stuart Battie, this one looks like it has what it takes to bring some of Shelly’s still potent ideas into the 21st Century. January 24.

Screeners No. 96

ROBOCOP Can free will be programmed? Or better

Paolo drives a Paris tour bus. He has just proposed to German stewardess Greta, when a young French beauty, Cécile, pulls up beside his bus on her bicycle. Uh oh. Since this is a French film, Paolo follows the bad advice of his pal Derek and quickly finds himself in a life upside-down, to put it mildly. Sounds fun. Made me think of the original HEARTBREAK KID. February 14. POMPEII


r t a in me n te t


AFTER THE DARK At a school in Jakarta, a philosophy teacher proposes to his class of 20 a thought

Palm Springs

se r vice s

SIR Palm Springs is the only full service backline company in the Coachella Valley.

Concert Audio Equipment · DJ Equipment Wireless Systems · Guitar Amps · Drums Keyboards · Grand Pianos & More

The Desert’s ONLY Full-Line Music Store


A Simple Sound System to Full Concert Production NO JOB TOO BIG OR SMALL! 74830 Velie Drive, Palm Desert, CA





44850 San Pablo, Palm Desert

sometimes tedious story of a cargo ship’s captain (Tom Hanks) kidnapped by Somali pirates. There’s no real plot here, he’s kidnapped and rescued. That’s it. Handheld, jerky camera on the open sea did not make the viewing experience any easier. Paul Greengrass directs with no sense of personal revelation or real emotion. At the screening we attended, people complained of migraines and queasiness. Merely creating the verisimilitude of a true event does not make affecting drama. A much superior film is the Danish A HIJACKING.

ALL IS LOST is Robert Redford’s “old man and the sea.” This low budget drama is only for those who have never sailed and who think Redford’s wrinkled face can still hold the screen as a man with no name and no background. He can’t.

Can a gladiator (Kit Harrington) escape the arena, save his true love (Emily Browning) from a corrupt Roman senator and, oh, yes, the monstrous might of exploding Vesuvius? W.S. Anderson directs from a script by Janet & Lee Batchler and Mike Johnson. The big question is: How close is this to the abandoned Ridley Scott film based on the book by Robert Harris? Word is the movie has the best volcanic effects ever put on screen. But is that enough? It’s TITANIC with a volcano instead of a sinking boat. AVAILABLE FOR THE HOME THEATER: CAPTAIN PHILLIPS is a talky, lengthy,

IT’S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD gets the Blu-ray Criterion treatment with generous extras and a great looking transfer. This epic comedy still generates big laughs and its fun to see all the locations from our CV that are still recognizable. This hi-def edition is one for the digital library. Comments?

ongratulations to the planners, organizers, authors and attendees for creating a successful and delightful First Annual Rancho Mirage Writers Festival. Everyday was filled with interesting attendees and fascinating authors discussing their books and the writing experience. With over 20 authors present, here is a taste of a few writers, their books and their talks held at the Rancho Mirage Library. Karen Elliot House, former publisher of The Wall Street Journal and Pulitzer Prize winner

January 23 to January 29, 2014

By Heidi Simmons

A Fun Fest for Writers and Readers C

BLUE JASMINE is a comedy drama starring Cate Blanchett as a Bernie Madoff-like wife visiting her sister in San Francisco after the meltdown of her husband’s fraudulent financial empire. Blanchett is superb and the move is immensely satisfying.

Everybody Needs an Outlet!

Book Review

in International Reporting talked about her experience in Saudi Arabia which she writes about in detail in her book On Saudi Arabia: Its People, Past, Religion, Fault Lines – and Future. Wanting to know what the society was really like, House embedded herself in the country with a native family. She lived with a middle class Saudi entourage – more specifically, she lived with wife number one and her eight children. The second wife lived down stairs with her own eight children and the two wives did not share anything but a

husband. It was a surprise to House that both wives were educated women and content with the living arrangements. House described Saudi Arabia as the religious capital of the region. They are fundamentalist with strict laws that make them Jihadists. One out of four barrels of oil comes from Saudi Arabia. 90 percent of their treasury is from oil revenue. The monarchy is 250 years old and the average age of the men in charge is 83. The King is 90. The next in line for the throne is 68. With 60 percent of the population under 20 years old, House believes something interesting

may soon emerge. She said, “The risk to the royal family is themselves.” House delivered a fascinating talk. Her book is an important source of information as Saudi Arabia plays a significant part on the world stage. Lisa See, author of Shanghai Girls and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and Maggie Shipstead author of Seating Arrangements, her first novel, which won the Dylan Thomas Prize, spoke about their books and the writing process. Marge Dodge, President of the College of the Desert Friends of the Library, did a terrific job moderating the discussion. The two authors made a wonderful combination of the seasoned author and the freshman author. See is currently writing her tenth book, called China Dolls about Chinese nightclub performers of the 30s and 40s. Shipstead is finishing her second novel called Astonish Me. No doubt a seasoned Fest goer, See answered question thoroughly and candidly. Shipstead seemed to consider the question and contemplate the answer. They both agreed that writing well is hard. Each works nearly everyday putting down a minimum of 500 to 1,000 words. I especially appreciated what Shipstead said, which is contrary to what most writing teachers profess. Shipstead suggested to write what you wonder about, not what you know. See was in agreement. The two authors mainly spoke to a female audience. Shipstead is an author to watch. Linda Fairstein, Andrew Neiderman and Joseph Wambaugh were on the dais together all sharing their knowledge of crime as well as crime fiction. The moderator for the amazing

trifecta of talent was Indio Deputy District Attorney Lisa DiMaria – an inspired choice. Fairstein was head of the New York City District Attorney’s sex crimes unit for over 25 years and is author of the popular “Alex Cooper” mystery series. She has written 15 novels. Wambaugh was on the Los Angeles Police Department for fourteen years. Author of 21 best selling books, he was writing while still on the police force. Neiderman’s VC Andrews series has published over 70 books, which are in 95 countries in 24 languages. He is best known for his novel The Devil’s Advocate. The three took turns talking about their work and answering questions. Fairstein said that both Wambaugh and Neiderman’s work inspired her. She writes about a character and events that resembles her own experience. Fairstein said her boss, who was always undermining her work while in the New York DA’s office is similar to the same character in her books. She just reversed the sex. Wambaugh and Neiderman, both local CV residents, teased and complimented each other like old friends. Both said that growing up before TV existed, going to libraries, listening to radio helped conjure images and developed story-writing skills. Wambaugh said a good writer is a good reader. Neiderman said he was born a storyteller. In kindergarten, Neiderman’s class was allowed to stand up in front and share a story. He remembers his classmates wanting him to tell them a story everyday. While on patrol, Wambaugh often put down notes on lunch bags, napkins or hamburger wrappers. One day his partner threw out the trash that contained something important and Wambaugh retrieved it from the trash. He never told his patrol partner or department colleagues he was writing. The authors generously shared their personal experiences and delighted the audience. First time novelist Chris Pavone, charmed the audience with his story of moving to Luxemburg where his wife got a good job and where he became a house husband and the primary caregiver for their four year old twin boys. Inspired by the mysterious lifestyle of those living there, he began to wonder, What if the people around him were spies. So instead of a memoir, he wrote a work of fiction calling it The Expat. It was a New York Times bestseller and is being adapted into a film. It’s a wonderful opportunity and a pleasure to meet and hear a favorite writer. Some of the authors mingled and joined attendees during lunch. Others were available to sign books and briefly chat. Many of the Festival goers are writers. They have published, are self-published or “working on something.” The Festival attendees were as interesting and charming as the authors making the Festival a great deal of fun and a harbinger of things to come.


January 23 to January 29, 2014 continued from page 19 6pm DHS SPA LOUNGE; DHS; 760-329-6787 Karaoke 9pm DILLON ROADHOUSE; DHS; 760-2511991 Sunday Jam 4-8pm EL MEXICALI CAFÉ 2; IND; 760-342-2333 Cesar Daniel Lopez on the harp 6-9pm FIRECLIFF; PD; 760-773-6565 Hal Sweasey 6pm FIRESIDE LOUNGE; PS; 760-327-1700 JOSHUA TREE SALOON; JT; 760-3662250 Open Jam 6pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-3252794 Palm Springs Sound Company,in the afternoon,Hot Rox,in the night LAVENDER BISTRO; LQ; 760-564-5353 Bob Allen 6pm MELVYN’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE; PS; 760-325-2323 Sunday Jam 4-8pm NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Golden Era Karaoke 4-7pm, Karaoke 8pm1:15am THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 The John McCormick Band 7pm PALM CANYON ROADHOUSE; PS; 760327-4080 Longest Running Jam Session in the valley. Hosted by JB, Sign up 6pm PAPPY & HARRIET’S; PT; 760-365-5956 The Sunday Band 7pm PURPLE ROOM@CLUB TRINIDAD; PS; 760-327-1161ext.230 Sharon McNightTwisted Xmas 6pm RIVIERA RESORT & SPA; PS; 760-3274080 Martin Ross Starlite Lounge 5pm, Will Donato’s Art of Sax Sidebar Patio 5pm SAMMY G’s; PS; 760-320-8041 Eddie Gee 7pm SIDEWINDER GRILL; DHS; 760-329-7929 Acoustic Open Mic hosted by Walt Young SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760-3413560 Smooth Brothers (RR)(LR) VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 Jazz Time Band 2-5pm, John Stanley King 6pm

VILLAGE PUB; PS; 760-323-3265 Scott Carter 1:30-4:30pm, Rob & JB 4:30-9pm, DJ Idol Eyez 9-2am VUE GRILLE & BAR; IW; 760-834-3800 Ben 11am, The Carmens 6:30pm WILLIE BOYS; MV; 760-363-3343 Line Dancing w/ Tina 5:30-9pm THE WINE BAR AT OLD TOWN; LQ; 760564-2201 Michael Keeth 6-10pm WOODY’S BURGER; PS; 760-230-0188 Richard & Mary CD Release Party 6pm


29 PALMS INN; 29P; 760-367-3505 Bonnie Scott 6pm (AC) ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 Sissy Bingo w/ Linda Gerard 7-9pm CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Joe Jaggi 6pm FIRECLIFF; PD; 760-773-6565 Hal Sweasey 6pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-3252794 Hot Rox LAVENDER BISTRO; LQ; 760-564-5353 Mark Gregg 5pm, lounge, Bob Allen 6pm outside patio NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Karaoke 8pm-1:15am THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Kevin Henry 7pm (PB) SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760341-3560 T.B.A. 6pm VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 Linda Tate 7pm VILLAGE PUB; PS; 760-323-3265 DJ Khodi Rayne 4:30-2am, Michael James & 3sum 9-2am WESTIN MISSION HILLS; RM; 760-3285955 Art of Sax 8-11pm WOODY’S BURGER; PS; 760-230-0188 Trish Hatley Barney McClure Jazz 8pm


29 PALMS INN; 29P; 760-367-3505 T.B.A. 6pm ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 Ace Karaoke with Kiesha 9pm AJ’S ON THE GREEN; C.C.; 760-202-1111 Mikole Karr’s Jazz Quartet 6pm AZUL; PS; 760-325-5533 Bella da Ball Dinner Revue w/ guest performers 7:30pm (CB) BAR; PS; 760-537-7337 Vinyl Sessions 8pm CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Joe Jaggi 6pm ESCENA LOUNGE & GRILL; PS; 760-9920002 John Stanley King 5-9pm (JZ)(BL) FIRECLIFF; PD; 760-773-6565 Hal Sweasey 6pm FIRESIDE LOUNGE; PS; 760-327-1700 Red’s Rockstar Karaoke INDIAN CANYONS GOLF RESORT; PS; 760-833-8700 DJ Randy Johnson 6-9pm JOSHUA TREE SALOON; JT; 760-3662250 Ted Quinn’s Open Mic Reality Show Jam 8pm (VD) KOKOPELLI’S; YV; 760-228-2589 Dana Larson 6:30pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-3252794 Palm Springs Sound Company LAVENDER BISTRO; LQ; 760-564-5353 Mark Gregg 5pm, Bob Allen 6pm outside patio LIT@FANTASY SPRINGS; IND; 760-3452450 Purple Reign and The Mothership Connection 9pm NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Karaoke 8pm-1:15am THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Tim Burleson 7:45 (PB) PALM CANYON ROADHOUSE; PS; 760-327-4080 Eclectic Tuesdays. Singer/ songwriter night. All acts welcome. Hosted by JB, Sign up 7pm RED BARN; PD; 760-346-0191 Open Mic 8pm SCHMIDY’S; PD; 760-837-3800 Opne Mic 8pm SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760-3413560 Demetrious and Co. (RR)(JZ) VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 Rodeo Drive’s Happy Hour Cabaret 4pm, Michael Dees & Trio 7pm VILLAGE PUB; PS; 760-323-3265 Live entertainment VUE GRILLE & BAR; IW; 760-834-3800 Einstein 5:30pm WOODY’S BURGER; PS; 760-230-0188 John Bolivar Jazz 6pm (JZ)


29 PALMS INN; 29P; 760-367-3505 Bobby And Randy (BL) AJ’S ON THE GREEN; C.C.; 760-202-1111 Mikole Carr AZUL; PS; 760-325-5533 Paula Prince 7pm (PB) BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 John Stanley King 6-10pm CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Patrick Tuzzolino 5:30pm CLINIC BAR & LOUNGE; PS; 760-8644119 Derek Jordan Gregg and Sean Poe 9pm ESCENA LOUNGE & GRILL; PS; 760-9920002 Rose Mallet 5-9pm (JZ) FIRECLIFF; PD; 760-773-6565 Sonny Evaro 6pm HAMILTON’S SPORTS BAR & GRILL; LQ; 760-698-8303 Karaoke w/ T-Bone 8:3012:30am THE HOOD; PD; 760-636-5220 Open Mic 8pm JOSHUA TREE SALOON; JT; 760-3662250 Live Music (RR) KOKOPELLI’S; YV; 760-228-2589 Karaoke w/ Roberto 7pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-3252794 Hot Rox



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ona Marie Thorman Passed away on 1222-13 after a long battle with liver disease. She was born in Saginaw Michigan on 05-23-1954. Dona married her husband Tom on April 22 1989 and they were still together until the end. Dona is survived by; her husband Tom, 3 step children Tawny, Jason and Brittany, 5 grandchildren, Hayden, Holly, Logan, Emily and Nixon, her sister Dannette Truckner (Florida)and 3 brothers, Dann Kaledo (Florida), David Kaledo (Florida), Doug Kaledo (Washington), and many cousins, nieces, nephews and friends who will all miss her. Dona was a fun loving person who cared deeply for her family. Her beautiful blue eyes and infectious laugh brightened everyone’s life. Dona loved tropical beaches and drinks, her favorite was the Caribbean. She took many cruises to the Caribbean with her sister Dannette and husband Tom. Though not in the Caribbean, one of her favorite places was a little town in southern Mexico, “ Hautuco”, a quaint little fishing village with the bluest water and great snorkeling. Probably her best vacation was her last one in St Lucia with Tom. She also loved snorkeling in Maui especially Kapalua, basically she loved warm beaches, warm clear water and cool drinks. Dona had a deep passion for her 4 legged furry friends. She owned a pet boutique store called “Cosmopawlitan Café” located on El Paseo, where

BB & Slim make good times

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Open Daily 10 am - 6 pm Sunday 12 - 5pm 44841 San Pablo (West Side of Street), Palm Desert, CA 92260


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(760) 340-2840

In Memory Of

LAVENDER BISTRO; LQ; 760-564-5353 Bob Allen in the lounge and Tom on the patio 6pm MELVYN’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE; PS; 760-325-2323 “Sing Jam” w/ Michael Healy 8pm NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Golden Era Karaoke 4-7pm, Karaoke 8pm1:15am Singles Night !!! THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Kevin Henry 6-8pm Tim Burleson 8pm (PB) NYPD; PS; 760-778-6973 Live DJ 9pm PAPPY & HARRIET’S; PT; 760-365-5956 PJ’S SPORTS LOUNGE; YV; 760-288-1199 Karaoke w/ KJ Ginger 8pm PLAN B LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AND COCKTAILS; TP; 760-343-2115 Red’s Rockstar Karaoke 9pm PURPLE ROOM@CLUB TRINIDAD; PS; 760-327-1161ext.230 Michael Holmes Trio 6:30pm RIVIERA RESORT & SPA; PS; 760-3274080 Martin Ross, Starlite Lounge 5pm, Open Mic w/ Esjay Jones, Sidebar 7pm SCHMIDY’S; PD; 760-837-3800 D Phillips Band 9pm SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760-3413560 Straight Ahead Jazz (JZ) VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 Pat Rizzo & All That Jazz Band 6:30pm VILLAGE PUB; PS; 760-323-3265 DJ Khodi Rayne 4:30-2am, Nite Fixx 9-2am VUE GRILLE & BAR; IW; 760-834-3800 Ben 5:30pm WESTIN MISSION HILLS; RM; 760-3285955 Art of Sax 7-10pm WILLIE BOYS; MV; 760-363-3343 Karaoke WOODY’S BURGER; PS; 760-230-0188 Brian Nova Trio Jazz 6pm

S and G



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Ballroom Dance Classes

January 23 to January 29, 2014

ast weekend at VUE at the Indian Wells Golf Resort was the hotspot of the desert! CV Weekly sponsored Slim Man King of the Springs show and Slim Man Birthday Party was joined by BB Ingle’s 30th Annual “Classy- Par-tee”. This event is always held on the Saturday Night of the Humana Golf Tournament. Over 500 people attended. Everyone was blown away by the gorgeous setting and venue in the Pavilion. What more is there to say! People were pulling up in limos and were dressed to the nines. There was non-stop entertainment and dancing that continued up to 2 am inside as the party goers traversed the 2 parties. BB Ingle has a 30 year track record of throwing the biggest and best parties in the desert. His Halloween party drew 10,000 people last year. Slim Man fans were out in force celebrating Slim Man’s birthday. The King of the Springs show, the only original music show in the desert features Slim Man and his band from LA who are all celebrity musicians in their own right. There were people that came from as far away as Baltimore, San Diego and Orange County in to celebrate and dance to the hits of Slim Man.

CV Weekly Publisher Tracy Dietlin and Phil Lacombe were there as well. The place was packed! Jim Bendis of Crater Lake Vodka and Gin sponsor of the Slim Man show attended both events. Wilson Creek Winery and champagnes (another sponsor) were served as well. Kim Galland of Kimbals (women’s clothing in Palm Springs) was also there with informal modeling. According to one table of guests, VUE is “the new hotspot” on Saturday nights. He commented on this kind of entertainment is so needed in the desert. This first class show runs from 9 pm until midnight every Saturday. An additional night is in the works

she hosted many pet adoptions. Her heart was always giving to needing and homeless doggies. Shadow, Bailey and Mia, her 3 doggies, will miss her very much. Dona also loved tennis and her annual “Christmas Cookie Party” which was a big hit for those who were lucky enough to attend. Of course she loved her grandchildren especially her oldest Hayden. There will be a Celebration of her life held at OASIS COUNTRY CLUB located at 42330 CASBAH, PALM DESERT On January 25th at 1:00pm. This is not a wake or memorial service but a celebration party for the ones she loved. There will be food and alcohol. Dress is casual Hawaiian tropical. Please email me if you plan to attend and how many are in your party.

by Patte purcell

and will be announced shortly. If you haven’t been to VUE, the drinks are huge and prepared with special touches by the ‘Mixmaster’ Javiar Santana. The bar menu is delicious and reasonably priced. My new favorite is the fish tacos, Yum BB Ingle party goers enjoyed the Slim Man show as well. Special thanks to BB Ingle for the fantastic promotions he brings to desert party goers.

VUE is located at 44500 Indian Wells Lane. You can reserve a table for the show by calling 760-834-3800 and telling them you want a reservation for the Slim Man show. It starts at 9 and there is a big dance floor to dance and romance every Saturday night!


January 23 to January 29, 2014

Don’t Be


HAVE FUN & HELP ANIMALS! DESERT HORIZONS COUNTRY CLUB PRESENTS THE LETTERMEN IN CONCERT TO RAISE FUNDS FOR NON PROFIT ANIMAL RESCUE GROUP Grab your guy or gal, polish your dancing shoes, and get ready for a memorable night with Reunion, formerly known as The Lettermen, for a not-to-be-missed concert that will raise much-needed funds for Keeping Animals Safe Everyday (KASE). Desert Horizons Country Club in Indian Wells is hosting the benefit concert on Tuesday, January 28th at 7:00 p.m. Nostalgia will reign supreme when Reunion performs all their chart topping hits including, “When I Fall in Love,” “The Way You Look Tonight,” “Theme From a Summer Place,” “Put Your Head on My Shoulder,” and many more. “This concert is going to be a blast from the past, and every audience member will be helping us save animals,” says Nanci Kovac. “We’re hoping to raise enough funds at the concert to save at least 20 animals during the first half of the New Year.” KASE is an animal welfare organization that specializes in providing medical treatment and rehabilitation to lost and abandoned animals in the Coachella Valley. For the volunteers of KASE, helping a wounded or abandoned animal regain health and find a loving home is a labor of love. Yet, treatment and surgeries to save injured animals is expensive. Some of the many animals rescued by KASE include Ringo, who suffered an acid attack before being abandoned; Sydney, a hit and run victim who went through seven hours of surgery; and Jilly, who lost a leg due to an old, untreated injury. For these three animals, the outcome was positive and they’re all now healthy and in loving homes. “The work we do is hard, heart wrenching, and expensive, but for those of us who love animals, there’s really no other option,” says Kovac. “We are dedicated to helping injured animals regain health, and by doing so, lower the Coachella Valley animal euthanasia rate.” All concert proceeds will benefit KASE. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. The show begins at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $50 for the concert, and $20 to attend a VIP afterparty with gourmet appetizers and a no host bar. The VIP party gives fans an opportunity to meet and mingle with members of the group for conversation and photos. Desert Horizons Country Club is located at 44-900 Desert Horizons Dr, Indian Wells. For tickets, or more information, call 760567-1989 or go to About KASE: Keeping Animals Safe


Everyday (KASE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the welfare of injured, lost, abandoned and otherwise homeless animals. Contact KASE at Donations can be sent to K.A.S.E., P.O. Box 682, Thousand Palms, CA 92276. For more information, go to YAPPY HOUR WITH LOVING ALL ANIMALS Join Loving All Animals for this monthly event! Yappy Hour is like “Happy Hour”, but you can bring your well behaved dog on a leash to join the fun at Don Diego’s Mexican restaurant, on Wednesday, Jan. 29, 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, at 749-69 Highway 111, in Indian Wells (corner of Cook). We will be on the outside patio. Our monthly Yappy Hours are a chance for animal lovers to mingle, enjoy food and beverages, and meet some of our adoptable dogs. Don Diego’s is a popular local Mexican restaurant, and our group will gather on the outside patio where the pooches are allowed. Loving All Animals is a Palm Desert based animal welfare organization that joins with both national and local animal organizations to stop the euthanasia of adoptable animals. Enter your own dog in the costume contest for a chance for him to win a prize and be “Dog Diego of 2014”. Fabulous raffle prizes. Food, drinks, music, fun, and a chance to meet some adoptable critters! A percentage of all sales will benefit Loving All Animals. Check our website at or call (760) 8347000 for more information. Mosey Bravo brings its highly charged sound to the Southern California for two shows The pop rock band will be performing its catchy music in the Hi – Desert at Pappy and Harriets Road house in Pioneertown, Thursday January 30th 9PM with another show the next night Friday the 31st at Kokopelli’s Cantina in Yucca Valley at 8 pm. Mosey Bravo melds folk rock, country and 60’s British rock influences. The writing is rich in contemporary song craft and the sound is singular in nature. Vocalist, composer and guitarist Michael Callan, is responsible for the bands design. His lyrics look at humanity and the forces of our time. Callan has played with George Harrison and performed in Chuck Berry’s band. He also performs as an acoustic guitar instrumentalist. Mosey Bravo includes Kip Powell on electric bass and Mike De Gelder on percussion. Pappy and Harriets- 53688
Pioneertown Rd
Pioneertown, CA 92268 Kokopelli’s Cantina 57154 29 Palms Hwy Yucca Valley, CA 92284 Tickets Available Now for the 5th

Annual Spa Tour! Celebrating the beautiful healing hideaways of California’s Spa City, the Desert Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce along with the Hoteliers Association of Desert Hot Springs will host the 5th Annual Spa Tour on Thursday, January 30, 2014 from 5pm to 8:30pm. Overlooking the Palm Springs area, Desert Hot Springs is home to dozens of boutique resorts known world-wide for their natural, healing, hot mineral waters and represent various styles to include Mid-century Modern, Moroccan, casual, classic and clothing optional. Spa Tour is an amazing opportunity to see several of these properties in one evening, and the beauty that rests within. Tickets are available for the 5th Annual Spa Tour and can be purchased MondayFriday from 9am to 4pm by calling the Desert Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce at 760-329-6403 or in person at 11-999 Palm Drive, Desert Hot Springs. Available ticket levels and prices are as follows: VIP Tour: $125 if purchased by January 10th, $150 from January 11th Ø (VIP Tour ticket includes: Welcome Reception at the new Essense restaurant located in Two Bunch Palms Resort, swag bag, spa robe, guided coach tour, one additional drawing entry and an After-Tour Party at Miracle Springs Resort) Guided Coach Tour: $40 if purchased by January 10th, $50 from January 11th Self - Guided Tour: $20 if purchased by January 10th, $30 from January 11th *All ticket sales are final and nonrefundable Bruce Vilanch To Star in Musical Theatre University’s Production of Hairspray January 31-February 2 -- Emmy winning actor/comedian Bruce Vilanch joins several Broadway Veterans and the students of Musical Theatre University in their very first fully-staged musical production, HAIRSPRAY. Vilanch will reprise his critically acclaimed turn as Edna Turnblad in the Tony Award winning musical, based on the cult film by John Waters, alongside Broadway actors Sal Mistretta, Lisa Robinson and Gwen Stewart, and featuring the talented, young Musical Theatre University students. Musical Theatre University presents “Hairspray” January 31 and February 1 both at 8:00 pm and February 2 at 2:00 pm. Tickets, priced at $15-$35. can be purchased at, Performances are held at The Helene Galen Performing Arts Center on the campus of Rancho Mirage High School, 31001 Ratter Road, Rancho Mirage, For further information on “Hairspray” or Musical Theatre University call (760) 2028642 extension 7. Tickets: PALM GREENS CAFÉ PRESENTS: POETRY OPEN MICROPHONE Monday, February 10, 2014 @ 5:30 pm 611 S. Palm Canyon Drive in the Desert Sun Center in Palm Springs, CA * 760-8649900 Open to all poets to share their original

poems. Mika Young will open with poetry and song. Organic “goodies”. Also offering wine, beer, coffee, desserts. DAME EDNA IMPERSONATOR TO APPEAR AT THE PURPLE ROOM Michael L. Walters Performs His Rendition of Famed Character Renowned actor, vocalist, and female impersonator Michael L. Walters will take the Purple Room stage by storm in “A Royal Audience with Michael L. Walters as Dame Edna,” on Sunday, February 9 and Monday, February 10, 2014. Dinner begins at 5:30 pm with the performance at 7 pm and reservations are recommended. Tickets for the dinner show are $40 per person and may be purchased by calling 760-322-4422 or by visiting Walters will also make a special late night appearance at 9 pm on Sunday for $20 per person (cocktail and food menus available). A fun-filled evening of glamour and sidesplitting laughter featuring glittering gowns, outrageous comedy, and original musical numbers, the show is a full-scale homage to the fabulous Dame Edna. Michael Walters, who first donned the wisteria coif and rhinestone glasses in 2001, never dreamed he would still be performing the character today. His impersonation has received the blessing of Dame Edna’s original creator, Barry Humphries, who Walters had the honor of appearing with in 2010. The legendary Purple Room is open for dinner from 3 pm to midnight Tuesday through Sunday, with a late night menu served from 11 pm until 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays, and top quality entertainment six nights a week (closed Mondays). For reservations and more information about upcoming performances and shows, call 760-322-4422 or visit TRIO RESTAURANT’S 5TH ANNUAL “HOLLYWOOD’S BIGGEST NIGHT” TO BENEFIT AIDS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM In celebration of the 86th Annual Academy Awards, Trio Restaurant in Palm Springs will once again host “Hollywood’s Biggest Night” beginning at 4:30 pm, on Sunday, March 2, 2014. The glittering evening will include the now signature ‘orange’ carpet arrivals, and a special greeting from dynamo hostess and local celebrity, Bella da Ball. Proceeds from this event will benefit AIDS Assistance Program. Those in attendance will view the Oscars® pre-show and awards presentation on special screens. “Traditionally, this has truly been a magical evening of dining, drinks, and the greatest awards show on earth,” says Tony Marchese, co-owner of Trio. “You immediately feel the energy and the excitement as our guests wait with anticipation for the winners, and everyone in attendance has such a wonderful time. It’s hard to believe this is our fifth year hosting this event, and each one seems to be more magnificent than the last.” Tickets for Hollywood’s Biggest Night start at $125 per person for bar seating, continue to page 30



re you of the opinion that our State Legislature and Assembly in California are a bunch of donothings? Think again.  While they may not be tackling issues like job creation, reducing bureaucratic red tape or resolving unsustainable debt levels, they were busy creating 800 new laws that went into effect with the start of the new year.  Assembly Bill (AB) 71 which was written by local Assemblyman V. Manual Perez addresses the restoration of the Salton Sea.  The goal is to restore the Sea so that it can support fish and other wildlife while improving local air quality and creating new economic opportunities for nearby residents.  While the bill addresses an important set of problems, execution on the bills intentions will be difficult if at all possible while costing billions. A domestic worker’s bill of rights goes into effect this year and will impact many caregivers here in the Coachella Valley.   Once a caregiver reaches 45 hours of work in a week, all additional hours must be paid at a rate of time and one half.   Additionally, anyone hiring

January 23 to January 29, 2014

Haddon Libby:It’s alllocal

temporary workers must produce a 1099 for that worker at the end of the year. On July 1st, the minimum wage increases to $9/hour.   Restaurants have the Bare Hands Law to contend with this year.  This means that workers cannot handle prepared foods with their bare hands.  These workers must now use gloves, tongs or other utensils when touching food.  This law was passed in order to reduce the chances of disease being spread by food handlers. Given high unemployment levels in the Coachella Valley and across the state, AB 191 should help more than 230,000 families to eat better.  This law looks at Medi-Cal lists to make sure that qualifying families receive this financial support.  Additionally, homeless youth will now qualify for Medi-Cal and food stamps. Senate Bill (SB) 274 allows for the Court System to recognize more than two parents as legal guardians.   While voice-enabled cell phone capabilities are legal to use while driving, SB 194 bans the use of this technology for teenagers.  No more hands-free texting for young drivers.  As a help to many drivers, AB194

eliminates a practice engaged in by many cities where the cities gave parking tickets when someone parked at a broken parking meter. As the state has serious water issues, AB 2230 tries a modest conservation idea.  Car washes must now use at least 60% recycled water.  Golf courses and lawns are safe for now. Are you planning on a home renovation to a house made before 1994?  If so, you may now have to include water saving plumbing such as low flush toilets as part of the renovation.   Fracking is the process where water and chemicals are forced into the ground to create cracks so that oil and natural gas can be more easily mined.  This process is criticized by many for causing earthquakes and polluting ground water.   The State Senate passed legislation requiring the disclosure of some of the chemicals

injected into the ground while requiring some testing of local water supplies that might be impacted. One controversial new law allows undocumented immigrants to become lawyers in California.   One federal law of particular note is the requirement that all adults have healthcare.  If you do not have healthcare by March 31st, you will be fined $95 per adult or 1% of family income, whichever amount is larger.  Covered California is striving to make healthcare affordable to all by subsidizing low income people. With these public concerns addressed, let’s hope that the Assembly and Senate can tackle complex issues such as job growth, less red tape and lower debt loads this year.


Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center

Writing a Winning Buisiness Plan Wednesday, January 29th 5:30PM to 7:30PM 77-806 Flora Rd, Suite A Palm Desert, CA 92211 Cost of $20.00 Contact: Kim Scanion 760-345-9200 Your participation in this introductory workshop will set you on the road to success. Whether you are just beginning the business plan writing process, or putting on the finishing touches, this workshop will simplify and organize the process. You will receive information about the business plan outline, the marketing plan, operations, organization, and financial plans.

Coachella Valley Small Business Development Center Lender Matching & Investment Forum Friday, January 31th 8:00AM to Noon 75-080 Frank Sinatra Dr. (CSU Campus) Palm Desert, CA 92211 Free Event Contact: Kyle Wagner 760-340-1575

This year’s Forum will provide an opportunity for small business owners to meet with potential lenders as well as take advantage of financial workshops. Entreprenuers will be able to “shop” their loan and sit down with various lenders. Business owners will also be able to take advantage of workshops throughout the morning that will provide key insight into prudent financial management of your business.


January 23 to January 29, 2014

Dale Gribow On The Law

safety tips

by Dale Gribow Attorney at Law



n Sunday January 19, 2014 the Desert Sun took my lead and discussed recent Scams and ID Theft schemes during this time of the year. They used many ideas that I have written about in the past, but for those of you that did not read my earlier legal columns on this subject or do not read the Desert Sun, I have provided this summary for our readers. In Chinese culture, 8 is a lucky number. But if you fall for one of these 8 Scams you are not so lucky. Knowledge is power. 1. Grandparent Scam: Don’t fall for the alleged relative/friend who emails you saying he/she has just had a crisis in Europe and is contacting you for money to get back to the US. They beg you not to call their parents as they sob away. After you wire money they try to get more. Anyone can set up a phony email account to contact you and pretend to be a friend or relative IN NEED. 2. Jury Duty Scam: Someone calls pretending to be a court official who says a warrant has been issued for your arrest because you didn’t show up for jury duty. Sometimes they even ask you for a credit card number so they can process the cancellation. If you give out any information …your identity has just been stolen! 3. Charity Fraud: People will call claiming to be collecting money for a charity or at least something that sounds worthwhile. A deviation of this is the sweetheart scam when

someone befriends an elderly person. It could be a neighbor, aide or relative. They gain info on your accounts and or convince you to change your will to leave everything to them. This is a form of Elder Abuse and you should seek legal assistance. 4. Lottery or Advanced Fee Scam: They try to get you to pay for something you did not order such as a lottery winning or even an inheritance. They say you won a large prize and you have to send money to cover the costs for taxes etc. 5. Computer Virus Scam: Someone allegedly calls from Microsoft advising you that you have a virus and they can get rid of it. They have you log into a website that lets them control your computer. Then they steal your ID. 6. Time-Share Scam: As we age we do not always want to keep our time shares. Someone contacts you offering to sell your timeshare and they try to get you to pay upfront fees. 7. Medical Scam: Someone calls with medical equipment on sale. It could be a heart monitor, CPAP, or a wheelchair etc. They ask for a deposit and your personal information and Medicaid number before they send this deeply discounted item. 8. Homeowner Scam: They call you and explain they drove by your home and noticed repairs that need to be made such as roof repairs. They are soliciting home repairs you do not need. 5 INSIDER SECRETS CROOKS DO NOT WANT

it’s your nickel

by Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna

YOU TO KNOW -Do not reply to emails requesting your banking info. -Do not believe promises of large amounts of money for your cooperation. -Do not provide your Medicare card info or your Social Security number. -Do not fall for promises of fast profits. -Do not invest with anyone without researching them and their company. As my dad use to say…”if it is too good to be true it probably is not true.” The day of the Super Bowl: DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, CALL A TAXI…IT IS A LOT CHEAPER THAN HIRING ME! Dale Gribow has been “Rated” TOP LAWYER by Palm Springs Life Magazine from 2011-2014 and has a Superb AVVO Legal Rating by his fellow attorneys. Dale Gribow has been Man of the Year 7 times including the City of Palm Desert

and the City of Hope and Dale Gribow Day has been declared 4 times. He is the only attorney appointed in December 2013 to the Coachella Valley Association of Government’s Public Safety Ad Hoc Blue Ribbon Committee addressing Drunk Driving. This group consists of the police chiefs from every city and the mayor of each city as well as the Sheriff of Riverside County and the head of the CHP and Border Patrol. In addition Gribow is the only attorney asked to be part of the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Health Matters Committee addressing Drunk Driving. Gribow is also one of the founders of Shutdown Drunk Driving formed upon the death of his client who was killed by a drunk driver while jogging recently. If you have any questions regarding this column or ideas for future columns please contact Dale Gribow Attorney at Law at his NEW number 760 837 7500 and or his new email: Dale S. Gribow Attorney at Law 74-923 Highway 111, #206 Indian Wells, California 92210 760-837-7500




from the demands of responsible coverage. A catastrophic plain Jane plan that leaves you exposed to a bankruptcy and without adequate access to healthcare doesn’t do you nor society at large any favors by “saving” you money in a blinded short run when you end up in an emergency room or with worse problems from lack of care that are more costly in the end. The whole idea of the ACA is to cover more people with better insurance so we can all live better. Humans, as it turns out, are social animals, an inconvenient truth sometimes. If one person has an STD, and has no access to a treatment from a clinic or doctor’s office, that person can infect

A Drop in the Bucket of Things to Come if We’re Not Water Wise!

rought and extreme fire conditions in January? Generally this time of year we focus on storm preparedness, safe driving in the rain, flood safety and erosion concerns says Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna. But drought? Droughts are also persisting elsewhere. Portions of Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Kansas, Texas, Utah, Arkansas, Hawaii, Idaho, and Oklahoma are drought prone as well.  Will we have enough water to plant crops, water livestock, or keep trees and vines alive?  What about golf?  Will we be playing on greens or browns?  Wait until personal use at home is rationed.  Your car?  We all love ours, but it’s going to be dirty!   How about snow skiing? Lets’ scratch that!  What a tremendous personal and economic impact this can have on us.  Did I mention the harm droughts cause to wildlife?   The drought doesn›t bode well for California›s wildfire season either.  People say that the fire season is starting early, but I guess you could say it never ended.  An example is the recent Colby fire in the foothills of Glendora destroying homes and over 2,000 acres reminds Chief DiGiovanna.   “No pun


intended, but this is only a ‘drop in the bucket’ of things to concern ourselves with. Though we love to enjoy and boast about our weather, however this drought is a wake-up call to re-examine all of our water uses and redouble the commitment to conserve every possible drop.» For additional “Water Wise Tips” contact your local city hall or water department and visit: Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna

by Jennifer Tan aka mrs. fett

Alice: Madness Returns

the Affordable Care act and Your taxes

t’s MLK, Jr Day, and many are spending the day in service to others. Writing for this publication is only one of my community efforts, and this column is being written today with some new horizons. This week I will be interviewed by on the effects of the Affordable Care Act on taxes. This time of year brings many tax questions. The ACA only affects those without insurance now, or those whose plans have been determined not to offer sufficient coverage as currently written. When you hear that a person’s plan has been “cancelled,” it simply means they are carrying enough coverage to keep them

January 23 to January 29, 2014

a large number of persons including members of your family. While you paying for someone else’s coverage may not stand to your political leanings, the half dozen people all of whom now have to be treated from such hard headed biological truths will know just how non-partisan pathogens are. Better coverage for larger number of people can be statistically shown to bring down the cost of healthcare. Preventative care also can be shown to lower healthcare costs significantly. Your healthcare premiums are also not going to be treated any differently than they are currently for tax purposes. The rate on your plan may be 500-1200 per month, but the tax credit on your premium is calculated up front so you only pay the difference. Under the old model, you would pay a hundred bucks or so and your employer would pick up the difference in the group plan. Same thing. The group plan now is simply enormously larger, 2 million persons larger now, and 30 million persons larger

in ten years. One has to imagine a single payer system at the end of this tunnel, and the genius of introducing this will be seen as historically significant just like Medicare and Medicaid. Many of these new 30 million covered will be in the Medicaid pool. In helping the less fortunate (which are now 80 percent of us) to deal with tax issues in this area of California, I would also like to announce some assistance being brought to Riverside in Spanish. A Lower Income Taxpayer Clinic is being set up that had, until now, been operating only in Orange County. They do a phone assessment and then set up an appointment FREE OF CHARGE to help families in this demographic pay their taxes. Many families, even those without documents or social security numbers, are still able to pay taxes via a TIN (Tax Identification Number). This helps establish social responsibility and credit. To debunk the myth that somehow undocumented families don’t want to pay taxes or are somehow a “burden”… this should help. Happy MLK, Jr Day! and (800) 834-5001


e all know Alice was one of the greatest titles release on PC, 10 years ago. So, with a standard set so high, it is easy to see why so many people have bashed the newly released sequel, Alice: Madness Returns. Now that I have had the chance to play, and really emerge myself in the game, I can see why they did. The game starts like the

Alice you always wanted with blood, gore, and rabbit heads exploding, all in a very etched, cartoonish rendering of a memory. The characters although thought out thoroughly, were not very well executed. Glitchy mouth movements, repetitive melee attacks, and weapons that rely too heavily on auto-aim make the game almost a chore more than a twisted adventure. You

Gaemer Girl are encouraged to bubble yourself down, and explore the environment. I don’t think they expected their players to find as many seams and glitchy movements within. The environment of the game is as spectacular as it is demented. The enemies are porous and textured cheaply. Altogether, I give this game a 7.5. the ONLY reason it scored that high, is because the preorder version comes with the original American McGee’s Alice, and the extra content will keep you holding on to the game longer than it really deserves. I’m very displeased in the lack of effort Spicy Horse put into this.


January 23 to January 29, 2014

Don’t Be


$150 for general seating, or $175 for VIP/ premium seating, which includes a prix-fixe dinner, well drinks, wine, and champagne. Tickets should be purchased in advance by visiting or by calling AAP at 760/325-8481. “You don’t have to be an A-list celebrity to experience the magic and excitement of Oscar night, and Trio is the best place in the Valley to view one of the most entertaining and highly anticipated awards shows in the world,” says Mark Anton, CEO/Executive Director of AIDS Assistance Program. Haute 4 Help Fashion Show March 7, 7pm @ Westin Mission Hills Produced by Valerie A. Powers Smith, Esq. & Dr. Mark J. Smith Haute 4 Help Fifth Annual Fashion Show is being held at Mission Hills Country Club, and is again, shaping up to be an event not to miss on anyone’s social calendar! This year will repeat a runway fashion

show to showcase the fashion donations for auction, but will also feature additional items available for purchase. Well-known Couture designers have already committed to the event. All purchases will receive a receipt from Desert Aids Project. Wine, beer & fashionably chic tapas will be served throughout the evening which will begin at 7:00 p.m. with a cocktail hour, and the live auction will start around 8:15 p.m. For tickets, call 760-323-2118, visit or e-mail info@ CHART-TOPPING ARTIST, ROBIN THICKE, BRINGS BLURRED LINES TO FANTASY SPRINGS IN MARCH Following the release of his bestselling, Grammy® nominated new album, Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke makes a tour stop at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino on Friday, March 28th. Robin will be joined by special guests, DJ Cassidy and K. Michelle.


Week of January 23

continued from page 26

This spring tour comes on the heels of Robin receiving the honor of top-selling single of 2013 for “Blurred Lines” with 6.5 million units sold. The bestselling track also became one of the few songs to sell more than 6 million in 2013, and is additionally among only 26 singles to have moved more than this many units in the history of the Billboard charts. This past summer marked the debut of Robin Thicke’s highly anticipated sixth studio album, Blurred Lines. The collection debuted at #1 on Billboard Top 200 while, “Blurred Lines,” the single, continued its 12week reign on the Billboard Hot 100 chart making Robin the first artist to take the top spot on both lists since December 2012 and only the 17th act to earn the distinction in the past ten years. “Blurred Lines” scored the highest audience ever recorded and broke records by climbing to #1 on 5 radio charts simultaneously – the first time this has ever been done by an artist. The musician, composer, and actor, released his critically acclaimed debut album, A Beautiful World, in 2003 under the

name “Thicke.” Soon after, he came out with his breakthrough second release, 2006’s The Evolution Of Robin Thicke--now on the way to double platinum status. The awardwinning multiplatinum superstar returned to center stage in 2008 with Something Else, a joyful and modern tribute to the ‘70s soul and pop records that was revered by critics as one of the best soul albums in years. In December of 2009 Robin released Sex Therapy. The title song was hailed by critics as “the sexiest song of the year.” Robin’s fifth studio album, Love After War was released in December of 2011. Most recently, Robin received three Grammy nominations including “Record of the Year,” “Best Pop Vocal Album,” and “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.” The third single off of the Blurred Lines, “Feel Good,” is available now. Tickets for the 8PM performance go on sale January 24th for $109, $89, $69, $49 at the Fantasy Springs Box Office, via telephone (800) 827-2946 or online at www.

massage. The tactile and mechanical stimuli, combined with the warm flowing massage movements of the unique stone stamps support the purification of tissue, relieves tension and stimulates the metabolism. The result is an all-over irresistible feeling of relaxation. Originally designed for those who need a glowing complexion on demand, the “Red Carpet Facial” by Kinara is perfect for special occasions, or monthly maintenance. The secret is in the proprietary formula, which combines lactic and amino acids, creating a unique exfoliation system that literally steam cleans the pores, dissolves impurities, and evens skin tone. Regular treatments help to prevent breakouts, refine wrinkles, and increase firmness and

elasticity. The finishing touch is a warmed application of Kinara’s regenerating Red Carpet Professional Mask, which applies a healthy dose of minerals that increases cell renewal. “We added Pino’s “Sticks & Stones” massage and Kinara’s “Red Carpet Facial” because both exceptionally luxurious treatments are in line with our Spa philosophy to offer our guests an experience that is distinctive and tranquil and that enhances the state of well-being,” said Michelle Stewart, Spa Director at THE WELL. For a complete list of treatments available at THE WELL, visit: http://www. luxury-spa-services.php.


Sticks and Stones at Miramonte


HE WELL® Spa at Miramonte Resort & Spa Introduces Two New Treatments for 2014 to Promote Total Relaxation and Glamorously Glowing Skin THE WELL Spa, Miramonte Resort’s award-winning luxury spa, debuts the “Sticks & Stones” massage and the “Red Carpet” facial for the new year. These therapeutic new treatments increase the range of wellness services already offered on the celebrated menu at THE WELL Spa. “Sticks and Stones” by Pino offers spa-


goers a unique massage experience that incorporates massagers made of birch wood sticks and warm sculpted basalt stone stamps into a full body treatment. The massage begins with the warm basalt stones to release tension, then birch wood sticks are slowly introduced to the massage with the level of pressure customized to each guest. The combined use of the stone stamps and sticks together release deeply held tension from muscles as well as enhance the positive effect of 100 percent natural oils and plant extracts utilized in the

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Actor Casey Affleck appreciates the nurturing power of his loved ones. “My family would be supportive,” he says, “if I said I wanted to be a Martian, wear only banana skins, make love to ashtrays, and eat tree bark.” I’d like to see you cultivate allies like that in the coming months, Aries. Even if you have never had them before, there’s a good chance they will be available. For best results, tinker with your understanding of who your family might be. Redefine what “community” means to you. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Author John Koenig says we often regard emotions as positive or negative. Feeling respect is good, for example, while being wracked with jealousy is bad. But he favors a different standard for evaluating emotions: how intense they are. At one end of the spectrum, everything feels blank and blah, even the big things. “At the other end is wonder,” he says, “in which everything feels alive, even the little things.” Your right and proper goal right now, Taurus, is to strive for the latter kind: full-on intensity and maximum vitality. Luckily, the universe will be conspiring to help you achieve that goal. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): At her blog, Yee-Lum Mak defines the Swedish word resfeber this way: “the restless race of the traveler’s heart before the journey begins, when anxiety and anticipation are tangled together.” You might be experiencing resfeber right now, Gemini. Even if you’re not about to depart on a literal trip, I’m guessing you will soon start wandering out on a quest or adventure that will bring your heart and mind closer together. Paradoxically, your explorations will teach you a lot about being better grounded. Bon voyage! CANCER (June 21-July 22): How does a monarch butterfly escape its chrysalis when it has finished gestating? Through tiny holes in the skin of the chrysalis, it takes big gulps of air and sends them directly into its digestive system, which expands forcefully. Voila! Its body gets so big it breaks free. When a chick is ready to emerge from inside its egg, it has to work harder than the butterfly. With its beak, it must peck thousands of times at the shell, stopping to rest along the way because the process is so demanding. According to my analysis, Cancerian, you’re nearing the final stage before your metaphorical emergence from gestation. Are you more like the butterfly or chick? LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): “I’m not sure where to go from here. I need help.” I encourage you to say those words out loud, Leo. Even if you’re not sure you believe they’re true, act as if they are. Why? Because I think it would be healthy for you to express uncertainty and ask for assistance. It would relieve you of the oppressive pressure to be a masterful problem-solver. It could free you from the unrealistic notion that you’ve got to figure everything out by yourself. And this would bring you, as if by magic, interesting offers and inquiries. In other words, if you confess your neediness, you will attract help. Some of it will be useless, but most of it will be useful. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Dogs have a superb sense of smell, much better than we humans. But ours isn’t bad. We can detect certain odors that have been diluted to one part in five billion. For example, if you were standing next to two Olympicsized swimming pools, and only one contained a few drops of the chemical ethyl mercaptan, you would know which one it was. I’m now calling on you to exercise that level of sensitivity, Virgo. There’s a situation in the early stages of unfolding that would ultimately emanate a big stink if you allowed it to keep developing. There is a second unripe situation, on the other hand, that would eventually yield fragrant blooms. I advise you to either quash or escape from the first, even as you cultivate and treasure the second. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Whatever adventures may flow your way in the coming weeks, Libra, I hope you will appreciate them for what they are:

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unruly but basically benevolent; disruptive in ways that catalyze welcome transformations; a bit more exciting than you might like, but ultimately pretty fun. Can you thrive on the paradoxes? Can you delight in the unpredictability? I think so. When you look back at these plot twists two months from now, I bet you’ll see them as entertaining storylines that enhance the myth of your hero’s journey. You’ll understand them as tricky gifts that have taught you valuable secrets about your soul’s code. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Manufacturing a jelly bean is not a quick, slam-bam process. It’s a five-step procedure that takes a week. Each seemingly uncomplicated piece of candy has to be built up layer by layer, with every layer needing time to fully mature. I’m wondering if maybe there’s a metaphorically similar kind of work ahead for you, Scorpio. May I speculate? You will have to take your time, proceed carefully, and maintain a close attention to detail as you prepare a simple pleasure. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): I understand the appeal of the f-word. It’s guttural and expulsive. It’s a perverse form of celebration that frees speakers from their inhibitions. But I’m here today to announce that its rebel cachet and vulgar power are extinct. It has decayed into a barren cliche. Its official death-from-oversaturation occurred with the release of the mainstream Hollywood blockbuster “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Actors in the film spat out the rhymes-with-cluck word more than 500 times. I hereby nominate you Sagittarians to begin the quest for new ways to invoke rebellious irreverence. What interesting mischief and naughty wordplay might you perpetrate to escape your inhibitions, break taboos that need to be broken, and call other people on their BS and hypocrisy? CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) has had a major impact on the development of ideas in the Western world. We can reasonably divide the history of philosophy into two eras: pre-Kantian and post-Kantian. And yet for his whole life, which lasted 79 years, this big thinker never traveled more than ten miles away from Konigsberg, the city where he was born. He followed a precise and methodical routine, attending to his work with meticulous detail. According to my analysis, you Capricorns could have a similar experience in the coming weeks. By sticking close to the tried-andtrue rhythms that keep you grounded and healthy, you can generate influential wonders. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): The Aquarian author Georges Simenon (1903-1989) wrote more than 200 novels under his own name and 300 more under pseudonyms. On average, he finished a new book every 11 days. Half a billion copies of his books are in print. I’m sorry to report that I don’t think you will ever be as prolific in your own chosen field as he was in his. However, your productivity could soar to a hefty fraction of Simenon-like levels in 2014 -- if you’re willing to work your ass off. Your luxuriant fruitfulness won’t come as easily as his seemed to. But you should be overjoyed that you at least have the potential to be luxuriantly fruitful. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): When I’m older and wiser, maybe I’ll understand the meaning of my life. When I’m older and wiser, maybe I’ll gain some insight about why I’m so excited to be alive despite the fact that my destiny is so utterly mysterious. What about you, Pisces? What will be different for you when you’re older and wiser? Now is an excellent time to ponder this riddle. Why? Because it’s likely you will get a glimpse of the person you will have become when you are older and wiser -- which will in turn intensify your motivation to become that person. Homework: How could you change yourself in order to get more of the love you want? Go to; click on “Email Rob.” Rob Brezsny Free Will Astrology

January 23 to January 29, 2014

Mind, body & Spirit by Bronwyn Ison



ou have a finely tuned workout routine and you are feeling pretty good about staying on task. This is rejuvenating you and you should be proud of yourself. I would venture to guess your exercise regimen does not include stretching. How important is it to add stretching to your exercise routine? In my personal and professional opinion, stretching is essential. You might be saying, of course a yoga instructor is going to tell me I need to stretch everyday. Research tells us, regular stretching or engaging in a regular yoga practice will help relieve or prevent chronic pain. Now, how does this sound? Are you ready to stretch? If you were to release tension from your hamstrings, quadriceps, hips or shoulders would you consider taking a few moments to loosen up your muscles? Most of us would say, of course and sign me up! If you sit at a desk or commute in your car you are likely bound in your hips. Hence rendering your hamstrings, hips and lower back feeling tight. Does this sound like you? If so, it is time to make a change. Stretching requires minimal effort. Find one-minute multiple times throughout your day to stretch. Fold forward, hinging at your hips and reach for your toes. Immediately you have said hello to your hamstrings, released your lower back and reversed the blood flow by enabling your head to release towards the earth. Sounds good already, right? Need a great hip stretch? Stay seated in your chair, draw your right leg up and place your ankle on your left thigh. This may be enough of a stretch for you. If not, gently lean forward and you should feel a deeper stretch. Let’s face it you are not going to become flexible over night. However, you can begin to improve your flexibility by stretching, daily! Be patient with yourself. You didn’t become bound and tight in one day. Years of no stretch has impaired you with short muscles and decreased flexibility.

Begin by keeping it simple. If you intend on stretching alone rather than joining a yoga class, so be it and just begin moving. I often say yoga is oil to your joints. Keep your muscles and joints lubricated. Work at your stretches conservatively but progressively. Do NOT over extend yourself, physically. Do NOT lock your joints. Keep the movements subtle but challenge yourself so you may see progress. Maintain a healthy diet. Approach your stretching time with a positive attitude. Setting aside 2-3 minutes of stretching can also shift your entire focus from negative to positive. Stretching prior to and after your workout will make all the difference in your routine as well. Loosen up the body prior to and in conclusion of a solid workout. I guarantee you will feel better overall. You might decide you like stretching so much that you sign up for your first yoga class! When you are ready to take the leap… visit us at Evolve Yoga! Bronwyn Ison, Owner of Evolve Yoga. 50991 Washington Street. (760) 564-YOGA (9642)


January 23 to January 29, 2014

Life & career Coach

by Sunny Simon

Three No’s Get to a YES!


here are various methods of attacking a goal and bringing it to fruition. One successful strategy is the “no exception rule.” A client, let’s call her Amanda is a perfect role model. By employing this philosophy, she maintains total dedication to her weight loss goal. Amanda is the only person I know who not only nixed the pumpkin pie but left the Thanksgiving table after a modest meal of green beans, a small salad and a threeounce serving of boneless, skinless turkey breast. In addition to strict adherence to a physician monitored diet, regular coaching sessions to hold her accountable, and a moderate aquatic exercise program Amanda recently joined a weekly support group. As I watch her pulling out all the stops to reach the goal line I’m rating her level of dedication a ten. When I asked Amanda why this strategy works when others failed she admitted it is her all or nothing mentality. Prior to establishing her weight loss goal, Amanda analyzed former disappointments as she battled overeating. In the past when she veered off-course, she easily forgave herself and tried resetting. The problem arose when she readily cut herself slack at weak moments which seemingly began to occur on a more frequent basis. In an “aha” moment Amanda realized the only way achieve success was to implement a philosophy of no excuses, no exceptions and no days off for good behavior. I think the good doctor would agree. In his book, “Excuses Begone!” renowned author and speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer advises us to cast away our built-in subconscious crutches. Dyer maintains no excuses are worth defending. To implement a “no excuses” approach you must first believe you are capable of achieving your desired objective. Amanda knew she was skilled at attaining anything

if she wanted it badly enough. You are no different. Take a trip down memory lane and recall your past triumphs. You did it before and you can do it again. Next, wrap your mind around reality. Accomplishing a significant goal is never easy. It’s gonna take grit! The final segment in this strategy is enlarging your vision. Amanda knew the approach to success should be multi-faceted. She took power over her food fixation by enlisting a support and accountability team. Friends who were aware of her goal stood on the sidelines cheering her on. Ready to power through a major challenge? Focus on the three-no’s and you’ll get there. No exceptions, no excuses and no time off! Sunny Simon is the owner of Raise the Bar High Life and Career Coaching. More about Sunny at


by dr maria lombardo

Receive The Celebrity Secret Of Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up

Dr. Maria Lombardo, Lombardo Cosmetic Surgery is located in Rancho Mirage. She specializes in both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures including (but not limited to) facial, body and breast surgery, Botox, Latisse, and hCG diet program. For a consultation or more information, visit or call 760-610-8990. Dr. Lombardo will be writing a bi-weekly column for CV Weekly.

New FDA approved facial soft tissue filler: VOLUMA T he face ages in two distinct ways… 1) we lose volume, or fullness, leaving the face looking hollow and thin and then 2) our skin loses elasticity so it drops with gravity. The drooping skin is made to look even worse because, with the volume loss, there is less “holding up” the skin in the right, more youthful position. One of the most noticeable changes is the loss of cheekbone definition. Historically, this was addressed with surgery to tighten the overlying skin and lift the deeper soft tissues. More recently, volumizing fillers have been used to provide a similar ‘lift’ without surgery. The goal is to restore volume in the mid-face to create a natural, youthful face. Cosmetic Surgeons have been using injectable fillers, both off-the-shelf products and the patient’s own body fat, to restore the lost volume in the face for years. There are several different types of filler products available. And now there is a new product specifically designed to add volume back to

V O L U M A™ X C

the mid-face and cheeks which is precisely where most people first notice changes! Juvederm VOLUMA injectable Hyaluronic Acid gel is the first and only filler FDAapproved to instantly add volume to the cheek area. It gives you a subtle lift, helping to restore contour and a more youthful profile, for up to 2 years, in patients over the age of 21. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a naturally occurring, hydrating substance found in your skin. As you age, you start to lose HA, which causes the skin to lose structure and volume. VOLUMA replenishes lost skin volume to regain a youthful curve to the cheeks and can be used to enhance the overall shape of your face. It adds fullness to areas that need a little more support or enhancement. You should notice that your facial contours appear fuller and rounder, giving your face a softer, more youthful appearance. Virtually anyone with volume loss in their mid-face is a candidate for treatment with Voluma, as well as individuals with poorly defined cheekbones. Patients in their 30s, 40s, and 50s may not be appropriate candidates for surgery, but may benefit instead from Voluma treatment. To learn if Voluma is right for you, Dr. Maria Lombardo will perform a thorough consultation. Dr. Lombardo has undergone specialized training with this brand new product and has experience with a number of different fillers. She will select the best filler combination for you. Call today for your appointment 760-610-8990.

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January 23 to January 29, 2014



January 23 to January 29, 2014


January 23 to January 29, 2014


Coachella Valley Weekly - January 23 to January 29, 2014 Vol. 2 No. 44  

Coachella Valley Weekly - January 23 to January 29, 2014 Vol. 2 No. 44