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June 5 to June 11, 2014

Dave Catching

America’s biggest and best festival of short films!

Coachella Valley Weekly

Insider passes, 6-packs, Opening Night & Awards Night tickets now available online at: or call 760-778-8979 BOX OFFICE OPENS TUESDAY, JUNE 10 AT CAMELOT THEATRES 2300 E. Baristo Road, Palm Springs, Box Office Hours: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm OPENING NIGHT – JUNE 17, 6:30 PM $35 An entertaining array of award-worthy comedy shorts from around the world screening at the Camelot Theatres, followed by a festive after-party featuring food, fun and libations at wonderful LULU California Bistro! THE REEL-DEAL 6-PACK $60 (Not available after the Festival opens on June 17.) Six programs for the price of five! Buy your coupon books NOW and save! AWARDS NIGHT – JUNE 22, 6:30 PM $25 The Festival’s audience and jury award-winners receive royal treatment, with repeat screenings and award presentations at the Camelot Theatres, followed by a fabulous wrap party poolside at the Hilton Palm Springs Resort! THE INSIDER PASS $200 All screenings, Opening Night, Awards Night & ShortFest Forums. CHAIRMAN’S PASS $500 Your entry to Opening Night, Closing Night Awards Program, ShortFest Forums, Masterclass(es), Filmmaker Lounge and all festival filmmaker parties from June 17-23, 2014. These passes guarantee reserved seating at all screenings up until 10 minutes before show time. In addition - get a future Coppola or Scorsese or Lucas signature on your complimentary keepsake poster by the filmmakers of tomorrow.







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cOVER Photo By Teren Oddo/

The Southern California Desert’s Most Interesting Man Celebrates Another Incredible Year at the famous Pappy & Harriet’s on June 7th.


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by Lisa Morgan

June 5 to June 11, 2014


Andrew Stuart /

he “Most Interesting Man” seen in the popular beer commercials doesn’t have a thing on musician/ producer, Dave Catching, or his beard. As the sun flies around Catching’s world for the 53rd time, the guitar player for wellknown hard rock bands Eagles of Death Metal, Queens of the Stone Age, Tex and the Horseheads, The Ringling Sisters, earthlings?, Mondo Generator and the Masters of Reality (to name a few) and co-owner, founder and producer at the world famous Rancho De La Luna Recording Studio shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, he’s likely to get much busier as he nears the completion and release of several new projects including new albums from Eagles of Death Metal, Masters of Reality, earthlings? and his highly anticipated solo album. Catching will be featured on the soundtrack for a documentary/movie about Alain Johannes, a multi-instrumentalist, producer and/or founding member, heavily involved in one facet or another with several bands including Eleven, Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Chris Cornell, Arctic Monkeys, Mark Lanegan, and The Desert Sessions. Catching was recently in

New Orleans producing a record for DiNOLA, bought a bar while he was down there, and will be off to Montebelluna, Italy shortly to record with the band, The Shit, at the Outside Inside Studio. Catching is no name dropper. The names of the renowned musicians he works with and who call him friend just fall out as he talks about everyday life at his “house”, the Rancho De La Luna Recording Studio in Joshua Tree. The Rancho was founded in 1994 by Catching and Fred Drake. The vision for the Rancho, co-inspired by Fred Drake who died in 2002, was to create a “relaxed recording environment, complete with inspirational sunsets, moon-rises and shooting stars, a refreshing redwood tub under the shade of china-berry and palm trees; the scent of food on the grill mingling in the night air with the aroma of fresh dark roasted coffee is perfect for writing, recording solo or with full band in tracking rooms overlooking the desert. Those tracking rooms are filled with vintage instruments, amplifiers and the legendary Rancho drum sound. The warm analog sound is just right for the recording artist with a discerning ear.” Drake’s inspiration lives on at the Rancho, now doubling as Catching’s home where he has been “known to cook for bands and allow them to stay at the house for weeks at a time while they record.” If the walls of the Rancho could talk they would tell musical tales of the many well-known artists such as Midget Handjob featuring Keith Morris, Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, earthlings?, Daniel Lanois, Fu Manchu, UNKLE, Twilight Singers, Masters of Reality, Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Victoria Williams, The Duke Spirit, Eagles of Death Metal, Mark Lanegan, Dave Grohl, Desert Sessions, including sessions with PJ Harvey, Hulk, Sparta, Nine50nine featuring Dave Krusen and Ty Willman, The Giraffes and Arctic Monkeys. And that is the short list. The story of David Catching starts in the fertile musical soil of Memphis Tennessee during the 70s. “My brother and my uncle had a band that I’d watch rehearse, and I thought they were really cool. My parents had a Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels Greatest Hits album that I listened to a lot. Of course, growing up in the 60s, I listened to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix and eventually got into music by David Bowie and Alice Cooper. My good friend, Price Phelan, was a banjo player; he and my brother showed me some chords, and eventually Price and I started playing in high school. After a while I started playing Roxy Music, The Damned, Brian Eno, Sex Pistols and Judas Priest. I had a friend that collected records, and we always listened to everything. We were never sticklers for one kind of music. There was so much great music in the 70s, it was all around.” Aside from the first few guitar chords being shown to him, his teaming and fruitful musical resume is the result of self-education and an incredible ear. “I’m not very ‘learned’

in music. I play by ear, and I play with really great people. But I don’t have any music knowledge, really. Somehow I faked my way through it. Maybe I’m just fun to hang out with, so people let me play with them,” he chuckled. “I think it has a lot to do with my availability. Certain people have played music all their lives, and then they have kids or whatever, so they’re not quite as available as they used to be. I’ve continued on the path of availability, so it works out for me. I’m very happy. I enjoy making music, playing music with my friends and helping friends with their albums.” When I asked what part of his very busy world he enjoys the most, he shared, “I like playing live a lot; it’s fun and you get to travel and see your friends in other countries. But it’s hilarious being in the studio. You’re surrounded by your best friends, and you’re making music and having a blast. That’s pretty unbeatable as well.” When asked if he had any regrets, or would do anything differently, he responded without hesitation: “Absolutely not. How could I? I have the best life ever. I am very fortunate to have made the decisions that I’ve made. I’m old, but I don’t feel like it. I’m still doing what I was doing when I was 16. I’m not bumming on turning another year older at all.” I asked if there was any current music that he was inspired by. “I really admire younger bands that get out on the road and travel all the time. Back when I was a kid, gas was really cheap, and when you told someone you were a musician, that was really cool, because there weren’t very many. Now everyone’s a musician. For them to go out and do it, and risk everything just to try… is pretty amazing.” Recently, one such young band, Red Huxley, from South Africa, approached Catching regarding a desire to record an album at the renowned Rancho. “They wrote me that they wanted to come out here. I wasn’t sure they were going to pull it off, but because they’re a pretty cool band, they launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and were able to pull it off. We were able to make a pretty great record considering we didn’t have a lot of time. continue to page 5


June 5 to June 11, 2014 continued from page 3

They were well prepared when they got here, so we were able to do a lot. I hope they are successful; I really appreciate bands that have that kind of drive and determination to really make things happen.” “I wish I had more time to listen to music, besides what’s going on with my friends, in my studio or on the road,” he went on to say. “Masters of Reality is still one of my favorite bands of all time. I like what Peaches (Canadian Synth-punk/dance-punk musician) is doing with her music. She’s a friend of mine as well. I think Queens of the Stone Age are making the most interesting commercial music these days. Josh and I have been friends forever. He just keeps making good music and touring, and they’re one of the best live bands to see. I really admire the Foo Fighters. They just did a song for their new HBO show at my house (Rancho De La Luna) recently. That was pretty cool. Dave Grohl and I have been friends for a long time, and I really respect his work ethic and how he gets things taken care of. Jack White has the same kind of work ethic, and I really like what he’s got going on. His work ethic is the best of anyone I know. He and Dave have the means to do what they want to accomplish. It helps to have the means to hire the best of the best and record in the best places. That’s why their music sounds so great. I’ve been working on my solo record for years because everyone I have working on it is so busy it makes it hard to finish things. It’d be fantastic to be able to hire the best of the best and get things done.” Catching’s highly anticipated solo


album seems to be near completion in spite of the obstacles and, considering what he’s done for so many other artists, should garner a lot of attention. “It’s getting close,” he said with a note of excitement. “Alian Johannes, Chris Goss, Gary Werts (Strawberry Smog), Mark Lanegan (one of my favorite singers) and myself, will all be singing on the album.” So what do you give a guy for his birthday who has everything he wants, has done everything he wanted to do, keeps doing what he wants to do, and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down? Here in this Southern California desert music community, we put him and his beard on the cover of our paper and let him take over the historical Pappy and Harriet’s for a birthday party that is sure to be as full of surprises as it will be great music. “I’ve had my birthday in New Orleans before. Last year I was in Europe with Masters of Reality. I like doing it at Pappy’s; it’s one of my favorite venues. I love playing there especially outside. The

weather is going to be perfect.” With bands hand selected by Catching himself, and a circle of associates that read like a music industry “Who’s Who”, Catching advises all those planning on attending Saturday’s sold out event, arrive early. The bands on that ticket, not including “special surprise guests too big to mention”, are; Eagles of Death Metal, FATSO JETSON, Chris Goss, Jesika von Rabbit, Strawberry Smog, Disastroids, ASTRO ZOMBIES and Masters of Reality. Due to the popular demand and quick sale of the original night of celebration, Friday night has been added. Tickets are available (while they last) for $15. You’ll be treated to performances by “The Rancho De La Lunatics”, Alaine Johannes, Brave Black Sea, The Black Tibetans, Parosella and many other special guests. Friday night will be held inside. Doors will open at 9 pm and can be purchased through the venue website: via I asked Dave, “If you could have one birthday wish, what would it be?” His response, three days prior to the event: “No guest list,” he chuckled. Calls have been pouring in to the man of many friends who do not want to miss this party. A few of the friend’s whose lives have been enhanced by Catching’s talents and friendship, have provided me with special messages for the desert icon. Chris Goss: “Masters of Reality and the entire Rock n roll world wishes Dave Catching a giant Happy Birthday” Ted Quinn (Rancho De La Luna Family, Founder of Radio Free Joshua Tree, Musician

June 5 to June 11, 2014 and Artist): “Happy Birthday Dave- Thanks for bringing so much rock’n’roll heart to the desert. Long live the Rancho & all the Earthlings who call it home. Lots of love xo Ted” Red Huxley (South African Rock Band): “Happy Birthday to the biggest legend with the most Rock n Roll beard in the Desert!! Dave you are the best! Rancho will always be the best place we’ve ever been. Hope the bash at Pappy’s is incredible, wish we could be there. Love Red Huxley” Brandon Ray Henderson (CVMA Award Winning Promoter and Musician): “It will be a true pleasure to celebrate you and rock in your honor this weekend. As you get better with age, you remind me of a fine wine, with an even finer beard. I’m proud to call you my friend. Happy Birthday Davey Jo!” Shawn Mafia (Local Artist): “It’s like I always tell everyone, Catching is the fuckin’ man! And I got to meet the man once or twice over the past decade, so that makes me a little more of a man than I actually am. Dig your stuff Dave and Happy Birthday. Thanks for letting me record my first album at the Rancho, with Ted and Tony, many moons ago.” The fantastically productive and well documented life of Dave Catching is a tribute to an artist who has made the sometimes, tough decisions to remain true to himself and his calling. A naturally talented musician and crafter of sound who maintains an energetic zest for the creative life and the people in it, it is more than likely that for Dave Catching (and his beard) the best is yet to come.


June 5 to June 11, 2014


By Heidi Simmons

Let the Short Film Fest Begin: Free Online Shorts Available Now!


he Palm Springs International ShortFest & Short Film Market officially begins at the Camelot Theaters June 17 and runs through the 23rd. This entertaining fest will present 320 plus films from over 50 countries! But if you feel like a quickie now, all you have to do is log onto the festival website www.psfilmfest. org/shortfest to view ten free online screenings. “This year we are once again delighted to be showcasing such strong, fun and accomplished short films in our Online Festival,” said Kathleen McInnis ShortFest Director. “It’s the first-look at the kind of films the audience will see in the main festival.” For the last four years, the ShortFest has chosen ten films that characterize the flavor of the festival. “It’s a great way to get a sense of the short form cinema we like to program,” said McInnis. McInnis and her team received film submissions from well over 80 countries this year. Part of the Online Festival is to allow the films to be shared with audiences in each one of those countries. “The Online Festival is the way to do it, and we couldn’t be more excited to be represented by these


striking short films,” said McInnis. Online viewers can vote for a favorite beginning June 10. Voting ends June 21. An “Online Audience Award” will be announced at the Festival Award Ceremony on closing night. Here is the list of films selected for the ShortFest Online Film Festival: Jennifer Lawrence is Coming (USA) Two deluded J-Law fans are getting text messages from their inamorata promising she’ll drop by... Director: Justin Dec. Cast: Taylor Miller, Denver Milord, Clancy McLain.

Juliet (Australia) - Obsessed with Shakespeare and Alex, the hottest guy in school playing Romeo in the school play, Brooke is convinced the way to her Romeo’s heart is to star opposite him in the school play…and she will do anything to get the part. Director: Martin Høgberget. Cast: Madeleine Vizard, Andreas Lohmeyer, Nicholas Starte, Ayeesha Ash, Charlotte Devenport, Andries Weidemann & William Thompson.

Level Last 1457 (Spain) – In the distant future, a subterranean worker longs to see the earth’s surface no matter the cost. Director: Xabier Urrutia Perez Men and Women (Ireland) – The film follows a nine year old girl over the Christmas of 1979 as her loss of innocence is reflected in her realization that neither Santa nor relations between her parents are what they seem. Based on the short story of the same name from Claire Keegan’s collection Antarctica, a Los Angeles Times Best Book, a recipient of the prestigious Rooney Prize for Irish Literature. Director: Ruth Meehan. Cast: Michael Harding, Caitriona Ni Mhurchu, Sophie Scully, Max Keeley. Monotony (UK) - Things take on a new perspective for a drudge working in a monotonous paper-pushing job in an anonymous office when an unexpected visitor arrives to brighten up his day. Director: Joanne Postlewaite. Cast: Martin Durrant, Simon Fitzpatrick. The Offering (USA) – A father and his son head for their mandated regular rendezvous with some unseen primal creature when the father realizes he’s left a crucial ingredient from their expected offering at home: the meat. This twisted tale puts a new spin on the slogan “It’s what’s for dinner…” Director: Ryan Patch. Cast: Bob Jaffe, Jared Smith. Practical Things (USA) – A girl, who’s a new student at school, is being shown around by another girl, who she finds

herself attracted to despite their seeming differences. One has practical knowledge, while the other knows lots of facts, but is craving experiences… Director: Kris Boustedt, Lindy Boustedt. Cast: Emi Schwartz, Madeline Elizabeth. Transmormon (USA) - Eri Hayward, born and raised in conservative Utah County, as a strict Mormon, realizes something isn’t adding up. Director: Torben Bernhard. Cast: Eri Hayward, Ed Hayward, Keiko Hayward. Tulkou (France) - An aging fisherman on a remote island hopes he has caught himself a friend, but fails to see how a landlocked life is causing his new companion to perish. Director: Sami Guellai, Mohamed Fadera.



his July 11, 12 and 13, stand-up comics, Improv groups and sketch comedy groups from Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago and elsewhere will converge upon the Indio Performing Arts Center for its first ever Coachella Valley Improv/Comedy Festival. Performances and workshops are all open to the public for nominal fees. According to IPAC Artistic Coordinator Jeanette Knight, the festival’s brainchild, response to the festival’s call for entries has far outweighed her expectations. “When I first thought of doing this type of event at IPAC, I was just hoping for enough entries to create a couple of evenings of entertainment. But we actually had to turn away some very talented people due to time constraints.” Of the submissions that were accepted to the festival, their collective credits are something to take note of. Performers at this year’s festival will have been seen on The Office, Parks and Recreation, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Conan, The New Girl, Funny or Die, as well as in numerous national television commercials. The festivities begin on Friday, July 11 at 6pm with an opening reception to honor those who’ve made major contributions to the art form. Workshops are being offered on Saturday and Sunday from 10AM -2PM. Improv and sketch groups perform on


June 5 to June 11, 2014

Saturday from 3PM-10PM. Stand- up comics perform on Sunday from 3PM on. Audience members vote to determine the overall winner, who will be offered a contract to return to IPAC for a paid performance. Discounted early bird tickets are available now. For a more detailed schedule or more information, go to or email

Nick Armstrong, (Grey’s Anatomy, New Girl, Parks & Recreation, and The Office) will be performing as well as teaching two workshops.

Woodhouse (UK) - An errant house pet causes an unwitting, disparate group of characters into a mysterious quest in which their lives intersect in the local nature preserve. Director: Fred Rowson. Cast: Edmund Dehn, Jessica Rose, Michael Kirk, Esther Smith. The Online Film Festival will continue to play even after the close of the festival. These short gems can be seen online through August. Beside what is being shown online and in theaters, there are over 3,000 additional festival submissions in the ShortFest Market. A complete line-up is available on the website. This is the ShortFest’s 20th year. It is designated by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences as an awardqualifying festival and accredited by the International Short Film Conference. The Palm Springs International ShortFest and its Short Film Market is the largest and most important short film showcase in North America.


June 5 to June 11, 2014

sports scene

by Julie Buehler

Top 5 Reasons The NHL Playoffs Are Infinitely Better Than Their NBA Counterpart


ook, what’s about to happen is ridiculous and I know it. You should know it too. But I’m about to tell you why hockey is impossibly awesome, and I’d appreciate if you keep an open mind until the end of this column. Truth is, I was just like you. I made fun of hockey fans. I fell for the stereotype that they must be missing a few teeth and even more than a few brain cells. I thought hockey fans were guys wearing a hefty dose of plaid and wool and they lived in the cold and all the Fargo references to were all too accurate. I thought that. All of it. But that was then. And now I know better. While the NBA is featured on ESPN and therefore has a bigger audience than the budding NBC Sports group of channels, so I won’t use ratings evidence, plus it’s irrelevant to what we’re discussing here in: My Top 5 Reasons the NHL Playoffs are Infinitely Better Than Their NBA Counterpart. The players play. Hard. NBA resorted to fining players for flopping too hard, meanwhile, as NBA players flail to the ground to get an advantageous call, NHL players fight. As in, players are so fired up, they knock the piss out of one another. I’m not condoning that, just illustrating the stark difference. Simply put: If you blow in someone’s ear, you’ll get decked. Period. It’s all about the Fire and Ice. That awesome fire that burns through players during game action is perfectly complimented by the sheer playing surface: ice. It’s poetry for crying out loud! They’re gliding and sliding and crashing and doing so with profound force and equally impressive grace. It’s literally jaw dropping to watch these men dance on ice one moment then careen into each other the next. There’s variety. This year’s NBA Finals feature a rerun from last year. Heat and Spurs Part II. The Heat are making their 4th straight Finals appearance. The NBA might want to consider calling the Western Conference playoffs “The Team Who Can Beat The Spurs” because their consistency is staggering. And that’ fine. But when players don’t play all that hard game in and game out, you don’t want to see the same players flopping and dogging year in and year out. In the NHL we have LA vs NYC for the first time in one of the big 4 sports since the Dodgers took on the Yankees in the 1981 World Series. We have a team in the Kings who have just begun to find playoff grit the past 3 seasons after a couple decades of futility against a team from the Eastern Conference that hasn’t been to the Final since 1994. When Clinton was in the White House.


There’s no gratuitous fashion shows. The NBA has turned into a runway and it’s stupid. I don’t care what LeBron James is wearing as he leaves the arena or what he’s chosen for his post-game press conference. I don’t need every media outlet offering opinions about Russell Westbrook’s style to understand the Thunder are a few pieces away from being a championship team. With the NHL, the players aren’t even sporting all their teeth. You think they care about what designer they’re wearing? And lastly, the SoCal NHL teams are awesome! While the Lakers suffered the worst season in franchise history and the Clippers endured the worst scandal in franchise history, the Anaheim Ducks earned the top seed in the Western Conference after a tremendous regular season and the Kings are the Western Conference Champions after an historic comeback from an 0-3 deficit against the San Jose Sharks, beating the Ducks in 7 games, and taking the Blackhawks out on the road. No team had ever won 3 game 7’s on the road. The Kings just did it. So while the media machines point towards the NBA to boost their ratings, as a sports fan, if you want the most entertainment in May and June, it’s in the game that’s been around much longer that culminates in sports’ most prestigious trophy. Julie Buehler hosts the Coachella Valley’s most popular sports talk radio show, “Buehler’s Day Off” every day from 3-6 on 1010 KXPS, the valley’s all sports station. She’s an avid gym rat, slightly sarcastic and more likely to recite Steve Young’s career passing stats than American Idol winners. Tune in M-F 3-6 pst at or watch the show on Ustream.

California Woman 411 with your host Dee Jae Cox

‘Talking to women who lead and inspire’ Saturday’s from 10 – 11 a.m. KPTR 1450 AM Palm Springs, CA California


Produced by The Los Angeles Women's Theatre Project:


by Flint Wheeler

Founder of Silex Strategies L.L.C. providing sales and consulting in Insurance, Retirement, Real Estate and Taxes through New York Life and NY Life Securities. PGA Class A Member and T.P.I. Certified Golf Trainer. Host of “The Tilted Sports Radio Show” and “The Odds on Favorite Podcast” on Team 1010 KXPS. Contact at 760-409-4612


June 5 to June 11, 2014

No Surprise, Drama in the Middle East..


ressure is mounting on FIFA to rerun the bidding process for the 2022 World Cup in the wake of bribery claims against the hosts, Qatar. Britain’s former attorney general Lord Goldsmith, a member of an independent governance committee set up by FIFA  in the wake of previous corruption scandals, said that if allegations could be proved the decision to award Qatar the right to host the 2022 tournament could not stand. Meanwhile, Australia and Japan, whose bids to host the tournament were rejected in favor of Qatar, have joined calls for FIFA to rerun the bidding process for 2022. The Sunday Times obtained millions of documents that it said showed that Mohamed bin Hammam, a Qatari former FIFA executive committee member, paid between $3 and $5 million in cash and gifts to senior football officials to help secure Qatar’s bid. The evidence has been passed to FIFA’s ethics prosecutor, Michael Garcia, a former US attorney in New York, who is due to meet Qatari bid officials in Oman on Monday as part of his investigation into the bidding process. There have been reports that Garcia had no plans to interview Hammam. Goldsmith said the revelations should be thoroughly investigated. “After the revelations in the Sunday Times, if he [Garcia] wasn’t intending to see Bin Hammam he plainly has to now,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today program. Goldsmith added: “If FIFA is to emerge from the scandals, and this isn’t the only one – there are other issues – it has to produce a convincing and transparent answer to these allegations, particularly to these hosting decisions. “If these allegations are shown to be true, then the hosting decision for Qatar has to be rerun … if it is proved that the decision to give Qatar the World Cup was procured by bribery and improper influence then that decision ought not to stand.”

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CALL TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY! Speaking of his committee’s finding, Goldsmith said: “What we identified as one of the issues that it needed to look at was the hosting decision in Qatar. We had seen what they [FIFA] had done in relation to it. We didn’t think it was satisfactory. And that’s why we insisted they look into this and Michael Garcia, former US attorney for southern district of New York, was appointed to be that investigator and that’s what he’s doing now.” Yuichiro Nakajima, head of Japan’s unsuccessful bid to host the 2022 World Cup, said the allegations should be investigated by Garcia and backed calls for the bid process to be rerun. Speaking to Today, he called for wider reforms. “All of this points to the need for a major reform at how FIFA is governed,” Nakajima said. The Australian football association has said it is “heavily involved” in investigating claims of corruption in Qatar’s successful World Cup bid. The chief executive of Football Federation Australia, David Gallop, told local media it had been involved in interviews and the production of documents. “We need to get more information about what’s been revealed in the last 48 hours,” Gallop told SEN radio in Melbourne. “But don’t be under any illusion that we haven’t been heavily involved in all of this for some time now. We’ve been involved in interviews, production of documents and also following carefully what’s been happening away from Australia – so we’ve got people that have been involved for some time now.” The Qatar 2022 bid committee said it had always upheld the highest standard of ethics and integrity in its successful bid to host the World Cup. Oh, except for the reported $5 Million bride to bring the World Cup to Qatar in the first place. Stay tuned...

Robin Hood Archery

44-901 Golf Center Pkwy Suite 1 Indio, CA 92201



June 5 to June 11, 2014


Richard Weiss and His Weiss Cracks


ost people read CV Weekly from front to back. Not the Weiss family. They start at the back page because that’s where Richard Weiss’ syndicated cartoon is published weekly. The beautifully penned cartoons inspired from Weiss’ stand up routine, are collected in his newly published book, “Weiss Cracks”, a hilarious and very punny collection of laughs. Weiss will be doing a book signing in downtown Palm Springs Thursday, June 12th from 6 pm to 8. Weiss has toured the country doing stand up comedy for eight years at venues including the Laugh Factory, Fantasy Springs Casino, Galaxy Theater, Caroline’s (New York), Comedy Store, Fox Theater, Copa, and the Indian Wells Theatre. When he’s not in southern California, he’s touring the country in sold out shows as part of the



by Lisa Morgan

“Stand Up to Addiction” tour. Most recently, Weiss’ bookings have tested his flexibility as he has performed for the criminally insane, where he shares, “They like my bipolar jokes for some reason. Once you get past the fact that if they stab you, you can’t sue them, it’s a good feeling to make them laugh in spite of the Thorazine.” Two weeks later he was booked at a completely different show - a private party for a group of Mormon girls. It was not easily discerned which show made him more nervous. Richard Weiss will help kick off the 11th Annual Leo Party at the Copa in Palm Springs with a special comedy show benefiting C.A.S.A. (Court Appointed Special Advocates for at risk kids in the foster care system) The show, Comedy For a Cause, featuring Weiss, Lahna Turner, Gayla Johnson and Antonio Lopez III will be held Thursday, June 19th at the COPA located at 244 E. Amado Road, Palm Springs. Doors open at 6pm and the show starts at 8pm. Tickets are as low as $10. You can also find Weiss on the bill for the Coachella Valley Improv/Comedy Festival at the IPAC (Indio Performing Arts Center) July 11-13. Weiss will be featured, Sunday, July 13th at 5:15pm Things haven’t always been laughable for Weiss. Some dark life-threatening times preceded his recent successes, including a fall from a five story building that he somehow survived. “Drinking led to blackouts for me which I call ‘The 90s’,” he’ll share to a room full of laughter. “My family got together and gave me a little present… they got me tickets, luggage, and a going away party called an ‘intervention’.” This popular comedian, author, comic strip publisher and Coachella Valley resident, shares openly in person, in his comedic performances and on his website about his pilgrimage from shame and pain, to joy, love and laughter. He is living proof that what doesn’t kill you can make you laugh... eventually. Born and raised in New York, the child of alcoholic parents, Richard had learned to isolate himself from chaos in his room, where his active imagination kept him company. But once integrated with other kids his age on a baseball team, he quickly discovered his ability to cut up and make his peers laugh. This continued on through his career in construction with the larger variety of peer. All his life, it seemed, he had aspired to perform on stage as a comedian. “It was a dream I had for many years, but could not seem to find the right path, as I couldn’t stay clean and sober long enough to work it out. I knew I could tell jokes where people laughed to the point I felt I succeeded.” He recalls with some clarity, his days prior to recovery. “My druggie friend and I were huge Richard Pryor fans. We identified with his cocaine bits, so much so that when I went to Radio City Music Hall

to see him in concert, my friend Gus and I shared an 8-ball in a weird attempt to honor him. Sharing a large bottle of vodka before we went in, I didn’t remember much of the show – only that standing next to me was a young Eddie Murphy wearing sun glasses. Time passed and it became clearer that my dream of getting up on stage and making people laugh was just that – a dream. My passion to perform stand-up had died, like every other dream I had. Drugs and alcohol have a way of taking it all away in a matter that would make the IRS jealous.” “I prayed often for a solution,” he shares. “I somewhere accepted that I’d die an addict. I wrote suicide notes to my son in case I ever overdosed, telling him I loved him, but couldn’t stop using. To avoid the gut wrenching pain of a comedown, I once drank rubbing alcohol. All I can say, is I’m lucky I didn’t do serious damage. One morning, I even tried a TV faith healer in an effort for him to magically give me sobriety. As I put my hand to his on the screen and repeated what he beckoned me to say, it was obvious I was desperate to be free from my addictions. The TV faith healer had worked so well at curing me, that I picked up 2 grams of cocaine an hour later… just saying ‘no to drugs’ didn’t come easy for me, it took me 25 years of using to get 1 year clean and sober.” With some sobriety under his belt, Richard took the advice of others and lived in a sober living home for a few years. “It was no longer ‘Rich’s way’; I had to surrender and be willing. As many around me relapsed, I had gratitude, prayed each morning, got a sponsor and went to meetings daily. One day at a time, I did not drink or drug, as God did for me what I could not do for myself.” As a result, Richard Weiss’ dream was reborn. He took his comedy writing to the stage in 2006 making his debut at the Hollywood Improv. He has since gone on to perform stand-up in just about every major club in and around Los Angeles, has written for many comedians (some of whom have gone on to appear on national television), published a book and has a comic strip seen in many publications including this one. When Richard’s not in Southern California, he’s traveling across the states performing at sold out shows as part of the Stand Up To Addiction Tour. Truly a “Standup Guy”, as he’s been called, Richard has also produced shows for many charitable organizations, treatment centers, rehabs, hospitals, homeless shelters and for CASA (An organization helping Foster Children). “The divine irony of it all,” he shares, “is that my comedy act is based on my life in recovery and 12 step programs.” Not only has his dream of performing come to fruition, but so has his love life. He met the love of his life and his wife performing at a corporate event. Upon moving to Palm Springs in the summer of 2012, in support of his wife’s career, Richard hooked up with the talents of wacky artist

Bart E Slyp. The two immediately hit it off, and soon after, launched their hilarious comic strip, “Weiss Cracks” as seen here in CV Weekly and many other publications. “It was Bart’s idea to include me in many of the strips,” said Richard. “It was something I had not initially thought of, but it turned out to be brilliant. I can now take my stage act, incorporated with real life situations, and depict them to the masses without even getting out of bed! ‘Bartabulous’ and I are like Elton John and Bernie Taupin; the sum is greater than its parts.” Weiss and Slyp now have a book published and printed and ready for sale called “Weiss Cracks”. As you gaze through the pages of their first comic release, you’ll enter a world where anything and everything goes. “I regularly go back to the rehab I was sent to by my intervention: an intervention I ran from until I had nowhere else to run or call home. On June 6th, 2014, I gratefully celebrated 9 years clean and sober.” In the throes of his addiction, Richard had lost his mother to a painful and devastating illness. But gratefully, he has had the opportunity to rebuild his relationship with his father. “While on the ‘Stand Up To Addiction Tour’, I performed at the Helium Club in Philly with my father in the front row. Over the years I had put him through hell; still he stood by me through it all. So it was heartwarming to see my Dad laughing at my jokes. I introduced him to the crowd at the end of my set, and they gave him a great round of applause. Now my dad is calling me for jokes so he can ‘perform’ them at the VFW! Another example of the gifts that the people of AA promised me 9 years ago; gifts that now are coming true…beyond my wildest dreams.” Follow Richard Weiss on his website or on Twitter at RichardWeissGuy. Make sure to get on his email mailing list at StandUpGuyComedy@ to be notified of his performances.

June 5 to June 11, 2014

by Lisa Morgan

C.A.S.A. - Court Appointed Special Advocates for “At Risk” Children in The Foster Care System Needs YOU! D

ISTURBING FACTS: There are 4,000 children in the foster care system in Riverside County alone. 100% of gay children in our foster care system have reported abuse in their foster homes. 58% of human trafficking victims come from foster/group homes, IN RIVERSIDE COUNTY. California is one of the top three states with the most human trafficking, with victims smuggled from around the world, as well as locally. Children in a painful foster care environment will take their chances on the street, making them easy targets for human trafficking. GOOD NEWS: There IS something that can be done about it! If you are anything like me, and get extremely angry and upset at these numbers and facts, you too will be relieved to know that there is a local non-profit organization fighting daily to make this change. But help is needed immediately as the numbers of kids in emergency need have nearly doubled in the past year. Recently appointed to the Human Rights Commission for Palm Springs, Deborah Weiss has a long tenure standing up for the voiceless. She has done so for the last eight years through the non-profit organization, CASA: Court Appointed Special Advocates. This program provides heavily trained volunteers who become the voice for children in a system that it is admittedly, overwhelmed and broken – our foster care system. CASA is a program developed by a judge. “Through it, CASA can access necessary information to help these kids a lot easier, bypassing a lot of red tape. We are able to make some great choices to help these kids struggling in this system,” boasts Weiss. “The foster care system sucks. I used to think, ‘They’re safe’… but it’s not the best situation at all.” “Our foster care program is the only one of its kind that re-victimizes its victims,” shares the impassioned Weiss. “While there are a few good homes out there, and we sure don’t need to lose any of those, so many provide another bad situation for displaced children. Children are removed from a home for a reason, and put into another home that can be just as bad or worse. Meanwhile, the parents of the original home are given counseling and education, the foster homes receive money and support, and the kids get nothing. Often, what the court orders for these kids is never implemented by the assigned home’s caretaker. Things as important as

a root canal are ignored. Kids are wearing used shoes when money is assigned for new ones,” explains Weiss. “An advocate becomes the most consistent person in a foster child’s life if they are fortunate enough to be assigned to one. The advocate makes sure that the judge’s orders for the child’s wellbeing are being implemented.” In a case where three girls in foster care were being kept in a garage, CASA of Riverside County made history when, for the first time, an advocate was allowed to sit next to the victim on the stand when they testified against their abuser. CASA of Riverside County was also the first to implement a curriculum that included the first gay-paired advocate. “I was at this conference in Colorado. I’m not this over achiever or anything that gets up early to start the day. I just happened to be awake and downstairs looking for coffee and wandered into the meeting. I sat down, and the stories were unbelievable. When I heard the statistic that 100% of gay kids in the foster care system suffer some form of abuse, I didn’t believe it.” Weiss shared a heartbreaking story: “A girl was told by her foster care that she didn’t have a place on earth or in heaven because she was gay. She ended up committing suicide.” With this awareness, Weiss took action. “I took a year to learn everything about it, because I’m not gay, and I needed to be informed and understand fully to represent the issue. I partnered up with Equality in California and Pride Honor Award recipient, George Zander. We started the LGBT Advocacy Program for children in foster care. We worked with the department of social services and the courts. Palm Springs really rallied around it and helped us raise money. CASA of Riverside County was the first one to develop this curriculum. Three years ago, nobody wanted to touch this issue. Since then, I’ve presented our curriculum nationally.” “We had our first gay-paired advocate, providing a voice for Angel.” Angel was a gay foster child whose placement in a religious home forced him to hide his sexual identity. He was being beat up and bullied at school in Banning. “When we first met Angel, he wouldn’t even look up,” shared Weiss. “Now he’s graduated from high school and is college bound. Most foster kids don’t graduate. Angel has even started his own LGBT support group among his peers. Gay kids in the system usually disappear into prostitution or worse. If I was a foster kid I would run away. We have to do a better job. When the whole system knows that it’s broke, we just have to start doing a better job.”

CASA really needs more community support. With so many valuable charities in our valley, and severe cuts to government funding, raising funds is a challenge. “We have the volunteers,” says Weiss. We have people who go through a tremendous amount of screening and training to become the voice for these voiceless kids – kids who are first made victims by their circumstance, and then victimized by the system designed to protect them. These volunteers are incredible individuals. They aren’t always greeted by kids who are grateful to see them. They have to earn their trust. There are 4000 kids in Riverside County foster care. We can only serve 300 now, and have an emergency waiting list of 197 (almost double last year’s number). These kids have been to hell and back by the time they’re assigned an advocate.” The 12th Annual Leo Party will be

helping to raise funds for CASA (info at Kicking it off, Comedy for a Cause at Copa in downtown Palm Springs will raise money while bringing you the laughs for tickets starting at $10, Thursday, June 19th. Doors open at 6pm and the show starts at 8pm. C.A.S.A. is always needing donations and most especially corporate sponsors in order to provide these much needed services. For more information on this extremely important program, follow CASA on FB at or their website


June 5 to June 11, 2014

June 5 to June 11, 2014



Local Music Spotlight

by noe gutierrez

Arty Love Presents: SpiralArms w/ you know who & Brain Vat. LIVE at Schmidy’s Tavern Sat. 6/7/14 S

piralArms ascended from the unforgettable bands Systematic, Forbidden and Man Made God. The six member force includes Tim Narducci (Systematic) on vocals & guitar, Craig Locicero (Forbidden) on lead guitar, Chris ‘Cornbread’ Lombardo (Vicious Rumors) on bass & vocal, Brad Barth on keyboards, Andy Galeon (Death Angel) on drums and Anthony Traslavina on guitar. They will be impaling Schmidy’s Tavern in Palm Desert this Saturday with pure and unconditional heavy rock following their performance Friday at the infamous Las Vegas ‘Doom In June’ show. Their most recent album, Freedom, was released in October 2013 and has received high praise from fans of their former bands as well as classic rock enthusiasts who identify the southern tinge and melody that are related to Lynyrd Skynyrd and the dark tones and riffage associated with Black Sabbath. Listening to their first single and video ‘Dropping Like Flies’ provides a raw glimpse into what rock should be; start with a riff, enter instruments then high energy vocals.


Performing in Palm Desert, where desert rock blossomed, SpiralArms will fit right in with their modern take on guitar fuzz. ‘Dropping Like Flies’ is that set opener that gets the crowd pumped and bobbing their heads. Narducci’s vocals have that raspy attitude that bodes well for the heaviness as well as the more dynamic keyboard portion of the song. Go to YouTube to listen and watch for yourself. I guarantee you’ll move your head as I did. This composite of rock and roll has only one objective. Their self-described purpose is to intervene on the behalf of all rock fans and provide heavy melodic rock for the masses. With Freedom they are accomplishing their mission. Tim Narducci: “Hey Noe! We’ll be on our way through from Doom In June on Friday from Las Vegas. We’re ready to rock Palm Desert for the first time! See all of you Saturday!” Performing with SprialArms will be the desert’s own rock power trio You Know Who. DJ Arty Love will be keeping the music in motion with your favorite rock and metal tunes. Just added to the bill is Brain Vat.


aughtry, the chart topping rock band fronted by multi-platinum lead singer, Chris Daughtry, are bringing their award-winning brand of Rock n’ Roll to the Fantasy Springs Special Events Center on Saturday, August 2, 2014. An instant hit amongst rock fans from the start; Daughtry’s self-titled first album debuted at No. 2 and sold 304,000 units in its first week. The fastest selling rock album in SoundScan history - certified 4x platinum in the US, selling more than 7 million worldwide. It produced five consecutive singles in the top five of the Adult Top 40 radio charts; three of these, “It’s Not Over,” “Home” and “Over You” have each sold over 1 or more million copies in the US. Now on their fourth full-length studio album, Baptized, Chris Daughtry and band, were motivated by intensely creative writing sessions and quickly discovered the direction of the latest body of work. “I needed a change,” Chris Daughtry admits. “I started hearing these new sounds over my voice, and it was so inspiring. There wasn’t just one style either. It was a completely different vibe all around. I really wanted to pursue that to the fullest. This is

probably one of the most inspiring records I’ve ever done.” Now on tour with their latest sound and a long list of hits in tow from three successful prior albums, Daughtry is set to rock the stage at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino Saturday, August 2, 2014. Tickets for the 8PM performance are on sale now for $59, $39 and $29 at the Fantasy Springs Box Office, via telephone (800) 827-2946 or online at www.


June 5 to June 11, 2014

by Eleni P. Austin



erhaps no one is more familiar with the down side of fame and celebrity than Sean Lennon. His father, John Lennon, leader of the Beatles, was quite possibly the most influential musician in the world. In December, 1980, John Lennon was gunned down in the street. Sean was only five years old. No one could blame him for avoiding the limelight. But he couldn’t deny biology, he was born to be a musician. Sean began his musical journey tentatively. Maybe he viewed his older half-brother Julian’s career as a cautionary tale. Julian’s 1984 debut, Valotte and the follow-up, The Secret Value Of Daydreaming achieved instant success, but subsequent albums were met with apathy. During his childhood, Sean began playing on his mother, Yoko Ono’s records. At age 16 he collaborated with Lenny Kravitz on “All I Ever Wanted,” a song featured on Kravitz’s Mama Said album. By 1995, he formed the band IMA, backing his mother on her Rising album and tour. In 1997, Lennon began performing with the duo Cibo Matto. He joined the band as touring bassist and played on their second album, Stereo Type A. He also became romantically involved with keyboardist, Yuka Honda. Dipping his toes a little further in the pop culture waters, he signed with the Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal record label in 1998. With Yuka Honda handling production, he recorded his solo debut Into The Sun. It was a pleasant effort, in the same wheelhouse as Beck and Australian singersongwriter Ben Lee, accented by lovely hints of Bossa Nova. Invariably, any attention paid to the record focused on his famous heritage. In the ensuing years he took a step back from the spotlight, continuing to play with Cibo Matto, and contributing to albums by Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Handsome Boy Modeling School and Jurassic 5. Eight years passed before he recorded his sophomore effort, Friendly Fire.

WESTFIELD MALL 72840 Hwy 111 #171 Palm Desert, CA 92260 760-341-2017


(Grand Royal had closed up shop, so he signed with his father’s label, Capitol.) Sean’s creative impetus was wrapped in bitterness and regret. His former girlfriend had cheated on him with his best pal from childhood. Tragically, Max LeRoy was killed in a motorcycle crash before the two had reconciled. Despite the dour circumstances, the album was airy and light, recalling the Baroque pop of the Left Banke and Todd Rundgren. It wasn’t a runaway success, but sales were respectable. Sean retreated again, producing his mother’s 2009 album, Between My Hand And The Sky. After meeting new girlfriend, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, the pair started their own record label, Chimera Music. Although the couple met at Coachella, somehow Charlotte, (a model since age 13), was not very familiar with Sean’s illustrious family history. He was shocked to discover she had never heard “Strawberry Fields Forever!” They began making music together as Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger (or GOASTT). The name is derived from a play Charlotte had written at age seven. Their debut arrived in late 2010. Gentle and slightly wispy, it was likeable but not essential. Now GOASTT has returned with their second effort, Midnight Sun. Eschewing the sweet quietude that characterized Acoustic Sessions the album leaps down the rabbit hole with the opening track, “Too Deep.” Fractious drums collide with distorto, wocka-wocka-wocka guitars, tinkling piano and washes of Hammond B-3. It feels like a completely different band.

Consider This

“Midnight Sun” (Chimera Music)

The next two tracks, “Xanadu” and “Animals” offer up a crash course in ‘60s Psychedelia. On “Xanadu” rubbery percussion is matched with eerie Chamberlain runs. The lyrics offer a sketch of a part-time radical… ”She’s a lipstick anarchist.” “Animals” slips and slithers. The lyrics display the trademark Lennon sarcastic wit… “Do you believe what you read in the tea leaves, messages from Jesus in the grease upon the grilled cheese/Do you agree with the man on the TV, evidence that aliens brought Elvis to the Pleiades.” Of course Sean’s vocal inflections have that Fab Four lilt, but his voice is kind of thin and reedy. Harmonizing with Charlotte manages to camouflage his deficiencies. But Charlotte takes the lead on two songs, “Johannesburg” and “The Devil You Know.” The former feels summery and ethereal. Charlotte’s voice is feather-light, as she unspools a litany of nonsequiturs… “Elephants can cry salty tears, while I haven’t wept for seven years/My crowsfeet walk across the mirror, it’s only tomorrow who gets old here.” The instrumental break is a breezy and lush blending angular sitar-like guitar riffs and fluttery horns. Conversely, the melody and instrumentation on the latter is a swirling maelstrom, propelled by rippling percussion and cyclonic guitar riffs. Charlotte plays all the instruments, save vibraphone. Of course it’s impossible to ignore the Beatlesque elements here. It’s all very “GooGoo-G’Joob” on “Great Expectations,” “Poor Paul Getty” and “Don’t Look Back Orpheus.” On “Great Expectations” The instrumentation and melody are fractured and kaleidoscopic.


June 5 to June 11, 2014

By rebecca pikus



Jagged guitars and quavery synths echo pieces of John’s epochal “Tomorrow Never Knows.” Sean slyly acknowledges the pressure to replicate his father’s moves… “Great expectations, all eyes are on you/There’s nothing you wouldn’t do, but soon they’ll want someone new.” See-saw guitars and bloopy synths underscore the harrowing true story on “Poor Paul Getty.” The teenage oil scion was kidnapped in Italy, but his tight-fisted grandfather refused to pay the ransom until J. Paul received young Paul’s ear in the mail. The broken circus music (accented by harpsichord and calliope and wah-wah guitar) on “Don’t Look Back Orpheus,” feels like an extension of “Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite.” Rather than take his inspiration from an old carnival poster, Sean examines the Greek myth of Orpheus. As a musician, poet and prophet, Orpheus possessed the ability to charm all living things with his music. Other interesting tracks include the fullthrottle title track which feels like a lost James Bond theme. Sean has clearly inherited his father’s penchant for jabberwocky wordplay…“Split the mescaline milk on his silk shirt, Billy Burroughs lurks with the perverts/ As he orders hors d’ oeuvres for his just desert.” GOASTT tackles the old Peggy Lee torch song, “Golden Earrings” and recasts it as a soulful lullabye. Finally, the diaphanous “Last Call” feels influenced by ‘60s touchstones like the Beach Boys Pet Sounds and Love’s Forever Changes. It’s a shimmering slice of Sunshine Pop. The album closes with the spatial “Moth To a Flame.” Anchored by ghostly organ fills, acoustic guitar and lap steel, it shares musical DNA with both the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and Pink Floyd’s “Great Gig In The Sky.” It’s a clear-eyed commentary on the ephemeral appeal of making music… “Charmed like a fly by the artificial light, Going round in circles we are creatures of the night/Moths to a flame, fluttering in vain, Girl you know I can’t refrain.” With Midnight Sun, it feels as though Sean has finally embraced his musical legacy. Charlotte is more than a muse she’s an equal partner in this adventure. That’s what makes it special.


hilippe Chambon looks very much like the French Expressionist painter that he is -- with his boyish good lucks, steady, intense gaze, & perfect goatee! He was born in Lyon, France to a young couple that had an appreciation for all things artistic and was exposed to the work of many of the great artists of Western Europe. Vacations in Italy and Spain allowed him to experience the wide range of subject and object in painting, sculpture and architecture, from primitive cave paintings to modern masterpieces. Philippe’s formal artistic training began at the age of 6, when he was singled out for exceptional aptitude. He quickly oriented himself towards the modern styles, which were well-represented in the museums and private collections of his native Lyon. At 7 years old, the City selected Philippe’s gouache on paper to be shown in a special exhibit of children’s art. His urban landscape depiction of Lyon’s Festival of Lights drew much attention from attendees, and further fueled his passion for colors and modern composition. As a child, Philippe could always be found in a little corner of his room that he had christened his “artist’s studio”, well-stocked with gouache, watercolors, colored pencils and stacks of paper that he could use to express himself in unexpected ways. His emerging style was greatly influenced by his discovery of modern masters such as Kandinsky, Malevich and Delaunay. Even today, he remains fascinated by the life stories behind these artists and their work. After arriving in the United States in 1988, Chambon continued to develop his visual language with further inspiration drawn from the works of American artists such as Stanton MacDonald-Wright, Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline. Discovering the Synchronist Movement of the early 1900’s finally brought his style into focus. The American Abstract Expressionists gave him the strength and the vision to forge a unique, distinctive abstract vocabulary and an unmistakable style. Between 1996 and 1997, Philippe deepened his studies of Abstract Expressionism, refining and broadening his style. It was during this period that Linearism began to dominate his work. He continued to paint until 2001, when he decided to depart into three-dimensional work. His sculpted and carved ceramic art pieces can be found in collections all over the world, including a series of spectacular red teapots that were purchased by the First Lady of Malaysia

for display in the Palace. This three-dimensional work inspired Chambon to create a new form of expressionism that eventually found its way, once again, into his current series of canvases. “The Dreams of the White Tiger” capture a vivid perspective and depth that is totally unexpected in abstract painting. His complex use of white to draw the viewer into the imagery is an instantly identifiable characteristic of the series. His latest body of work, “White Reflections”, extends the Spatial Linearism theme established by the “Dreams” in a vivid dialog of complex, interwoven imagery. Some of Philippe’s many recent Exhibitions & Awards are: Palm Springs International Airport Gallery; Rogers & Rogers Gallery, Alabama; Saatchi Gallery, London; Gallery 446, Palm Springs, Ca; Palm Springs Art Museum -Winner of Jack Farley Award in 2012; ACE 2013; Hellada Gallery, Ca; La Quinta Arts Festival - Winner/ Award for Best Artist, Painting; Gallery 825, Los Angeles; Desert Arts Festival, Palm Springs; and currently at Archangel Gallery in Palm Springs. “Painting for me begins with the blank canvas, and an open question. Nothing is planned or arranged beforehand; the inspiration must come from within as I remain open to the answers that emerge from the paint itself....My ideas, thoughts, and emotions become colors and shapes as I move across the canvas. ”I am forever grateful to the great pioneering creators that have gone before me. Their work freed the artist from the object, opening the door to a daring and exciting world of creative expression.” Philippe Chambon’s art can be seen at Archangel Gallery, 1103 N. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, Ca. 92262 - Tel. (760) 320-4795; Philippe can be contacted at (760) 861-6409, or, & his Website:



“SHINE” INDUSTRY NIGHT & HUMP DAY HAPPY HOUR 5pm to Close; Karaoke @ 7pm


7pm to Close; 6 /5 Theme: International Flavor


“SOLID” DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY with Guest DJs | 9pm to Close


Check Website for Schedule

11am to 4pm | No Cover

JUNE 13 - 15 TH



All Events Are 21+ SUMMER SPECIALS


JUNE 1 – SEPT 30




June 5 to June 11, 2014

PET PLACE A Second Chance for Chance! I

moved quickly through the kennels at the San Bernardino City Shelter checking the availability dates on the dogs’ kennel cards, not wanting to lock eyes with the pups longer than necessary. Many of the animals were still on hold for an owner to claim, though sadly the percentage of owner retrievals is small. I spotted an interesting looking male poodle mix that was available. He was listed as part Maltese, but was clearly a blend of several breeds with a distinctive pink blotch on his nose. His kennel card contained the notation “fearful”. I waited in the fenced in grassy visiting area to assess the pup. A kennel attendant told me they were having trouble getting the dog out of the kennel, and finally it took three kennel workers to retrieve him for our “meet and greet”. Most shelter dogs bounce joyfully from their kennels, tails wagging and welcoming a friendly petting. This time was different. The dog spun wildly around the enclosure, not coming near me. My heart sank when he wouldn’t stop, and I wondered if he would ever calm down and become “adoptable”. I quit gesturing to him, sat on

terrific tortie

Head out now to the Coachella Valley Animal Campus to adopt this gorgeous 1-yr-old “purrfect” girl. She’s cat ID#A1106174. Shelter located at 72-050 Pet Land Place, Thousand Palms, (760) 343-3644.

the ground, and just waited. His frenzied run continued for about 15 minutes, though it seemed like an eternity. Finally he calmed down, inched toward me, and let me comfort him. I uttered the words, “I’ll take him,” the words that were his ticket to freedom and undoubtedly saved his life. A private adopter would probably not have selected this pup, but rescue organizations such as Loving All Animals have foster homes that can assess and help train them. “Chance” seemed like a fitting name for a dog that now had a second chance for a new life. During the car ride to his foster home, Chance metamorphosed into the sweet and charming fellow he was meant to be. We don’t know if he was an abused animal, or simply frightened in the shelter setting. Foster mom Jeni Greenfield operates Mighty Paws rescue, and has a lot of experience with dogs. Jeni’s Mobile Pet Grooming service was another blessing for the badly matted Chance who gratefully let her bathe and transform him into a handsome fellow. Jeni recalls Chance was a bit shy when

by Janet McAfee

by Rick Riozza

Last Call for Summer Wine & Fare at Copley’s


he arrived and was not housebroken. Eager to please, he quickly learned to use the doggie door and became a happy pack member, becoming best buds with a Chihuahua named Champ. She recalls this foster pup, “Chance was great. He came out of his shell quickly. When guests came over, he would bombard them with affection.” Sara Fenimore and Steve Stoddard saw Chance’s photo on our website, and he reminded them of their dog Parker who recently passed away. They were waiting at the adoption event at The River before it even opened to meet him. Chance didn’t disappoint, greeting his new “mom” and “dad” with kisses. Sara recalls how well Chance adjusted to their home, “Chance has been a joy! He strolls around our home and yard with great confidence. It was special at the adoption event when everyone from Loving All Animals gathered around to say goodbye to him. We knew then he was a special dog. Thanks to Loving All Animals for saving lives, finding homes, and bringing joy to humans and animals!” Chance and the couple’s other rescue dog, Sophie, soon became best of friends. Sara notes, “He’s brought out Sophie’s personality and made her more playful. He makes cute little monkey sounds when he plays. Always in play mode, he has a stuffed monkey he loves to toss in the air and play

precious pitty


This handsome hunk is 46 pounds of love! This 2-yr-old boy is dreaming of a home of his own while he waits at the Coachella Valley Animal Campus, 72050 Pet Land Place, Thousand Palms. He’s dog ID#A1110113. (760) 343-3644.

This handsome 2-yr-old male 30-lb Pointer mix will make a great hiking buddy! He’s dog ID#A1109520 at the Coachella Valley Animal Campus, 72050 Pet Land Place, Thousand Palms. Call (760) 343-3644 for shelter hours.


June 5 to June 11, 2014

fetch by himself.” Now renamed Caesar, this fellow struts around like a little emperor. He has his own chair in the front room where he loves to look outside. Caesar has 5 doggie beds, and 2 doggie doors give him access to the lovely landscaped yard. Once a fearful stray on the mean streets of San Bernardino, he is now a treasured pet living the high life in a beautiful home with his adoring humans. Steve enthusiastically describes Caesar, “He won the dog lottery! He runs this place. His personality is incredible. He’s glued to my side, and wakes up every morning expecting a belly rub. He filled the ‘hole’ we had after losing Parker and now it’s like he has never NOT been here. Caesar has a lot of “Parkerisms” including the funny way he lays down. He’s a gigantic smile walking on 4 legs!” What is Caesar’s message? Some animals are frightened in the shelter environment, but they make fabulous pets given the second chance they deserve. If a dog appears frightened, relax, sit on the ground, and let him approach you. You can contact the San Bernardino City Shelter at (909) 384-1304. Contact our Riverside county shelter in Thousand Palms at (760) 343-3644. For assistance with getting a rescue animal, or to save a life through fostering, contact Loving All Animals at (760) 834-7000 or Every “fearful” dog we have rescued is now living happily in their adoptive home, proving that love and patience can overcome the darkest past

s we head into the plunge of dining pleasure at Palm Springs Restaurant Week and onto the summer season, we know of a few great eateries that will be closing down for the respite. At Copley’s on Palm Canyon Restaurant and Bar, Annie Arnold of Organic Wine Exchange, was on hand as four fabulous wines—produced from organically grown grapes, were superbly paired to the most inventive fare at the hands of celebrated Executive Chef Andrew Copley. And before we delve into some of the highlights of the evening, if you haven’t taken the opportunity to have dined at Copley’s recently, do yourself a wonderful favor and treat you and yours to the excellence of Chef Andrew’s cuisine before they take their summer break beginning around mid-June. The dinner setting is romantic, relaxing, and the property, located in part of the former Cary Grant estate, is really beautiful. We recently wrote about the Organic Wine Exchange and Annie’s quest to enlighten our wine community to truths of enjoying pesticide, insecticide, and fungicide free wine. At this Copley event, Annie spoke about the benefits of drinking organic and bio-dynamic wines and she spoke specifically of the four wines poured as they were served. Although this Copley dinner was considered a special wine-pairing event, the four organic wines matched to the four course dinner are on the Copley’s wine list for your quaffing pleasure. The dinner began with a Chilled Asparagus & Caramelized Fennel Soup with Maine Lobster & Braised Split Peas. A fun refreshing and tasty soup beautifully presented. All of the flavors melded wonderfully, and equally refreshing was the chilled 2012 Biokult Gruner Veltliner, an Austrian varietal that’s on par with German Riesling. Bright citrus fruit aromas alongside green apple and lime-zest that followed into the palate with muted herbal and peppery spice notes. Light-bodied, crisp with refreshing

acidity. It definitely rates as one of the wines of summer. 100% Certified Organic. The second course was Cold Smoked Pan Seared Scottish Salmon Over Citrus Scented Organic Quinoa with Herbs & Golden Raisins, and Chardonnay Butter. One of Chef Andrew specialties is perfectly prepared fish. And as you just read, it was wonderfully seasoned. The dish was paired with a Mendocino Chardonnay, 2011 Terra Savia from the Sanel Valley. Another refreshing wine, its un-oaked and bright but carries a nice richness. Next we had the Tandoori Spiced Colorado Rack of Lamb Over Cilantro Scented Cous Cous, Saffron Braised Organic Cauliflower, Sweet Peas, and Sweet Garlic Merlot Reduction. This was the best tasting lamb I’ve had all year. The Tandoori preparation was inventive and stellar on the lamb. The 2011 Chacewater Merlot was perfect with its soft and round layers of black cherry, vanilla, and notable earthy tones. A finish of toasty oak, juicy tannins and ripe fruit. For dessert we enjoyed the Chocolate Hazelnut Bar Tarragon Ice Cream, and Chocolate Anglaise that was matched with another Chacewater wine. This time a 2011 Zinfandel where the wine’s dark fruit played more of a complex foil to the sweets as opposed to showcasing the usual sweet wine. As we’ve come to expect, the evening was a delight with really fun company at the table. While chatting with co-owner, restaurant manager, and all-around-wine-guy, Greg Butterfield, he came up with some nice summertime plates to match some nice summertime wines to get in on before the summer break.

For appetizers, Greg recommends matching the Blue Cheese Stuffed Local Dates with a glass of 2012 Jadot “Steel” Chardonnay. That food and wine combo is just a flavor party. For an entrée, Greg recommends the Pan Roasted Australian Barramundi along with the 2011 Hess Chardonnay. It’s a classic pairing and a great time this season to enjoy the match-up. For a nice red wine pairing, Greg suggested the Prosciutto Wrapped Duck Breast along with the 2012 Parker Station

Pinot Noir from Fess Parker. Everything works with this coupling. As you can tell, the meal has great savors and the wine—which is medium-bodied—is great for this time of year. It shows bright cherries and currants on the nose, along with some red flowers and cinnamon-spice. A taste of tangy red berries, black cherries with fresh acidity. And a nice treat of mocha on the finish. Bon Appétit & Cheers! Rick is your somm-about-town entertaining at wine events and tastings. Contact


June 5 to June 11, 2014

Club Crawler Nightlife THUR JUNE 5

29 PALMS INN; 29 Palms; 760-367-3505 Rojer & Bobby 6pm ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 Reunion w/ DJ Day Amigo Room 10pm AJ’S ON THE GREEN; C.C.; 760-202-1111 Paul Elia 7-10pm AZUL; PS; 760-325-5533 Paula Prince 7pm BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 John Stanley King 6-10pm CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Patrick Tuzzolino 5:30pm CORK TREE; PD; 760-779-0123 Live Entertainment 6pm CUNARD’S SANDBAR; LQ; 760-564-3660 Bill Baker 6pm DESERT FOX; PS; 760-325-9555 Thirsty Thursdays w/ DJG & Poe of the Hive Minds 7pm DHS SPA LOUNGE; DHS; 760-329-6787 Karaoke w/ DJ Scott 9pm ESCENA LOUNGE & GRILL; PS; 760-9920002 Lola Rossi, Rob Carter and Denise Motto 5-9pm FIRECLIFF; PD; 760-773-6565 Sonny Evaro 6pm THE GRILL ON MAIN; LQ; 760-777-7773 Rob Martinez & Todd Ashley 8:30pm HARD ROCK HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9676 Industry Night w/ Karaoke in the Lobby 7pm THE HOOD; PD; 760-636-5220 Locals Night w/ All Night Shoes 9pm




Scan the QR Code to get the Club Crawler Nightlife on your Mobile Device via the Smartphone Phone Book!

INDIAN WELLS RESORT HOTEL; IW; 760345-6466 Frank Di Salvo 6pm JOHNNY ROCKETS; RM; 760-674-3120 Pocket Yellow 6pm KOKOPELLI’S; YV; 760-228-2589 Karaoke w/ Roberto 8pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-3252794 Hot Rox LAVENDER BISTRO; LQ; 760-564-5353 Bob Allen in the lounge and Tom on the patio 6pm LIT@FANTASY SPRINGS; IND; 760-3452450 Country Night w/ Chad Freeman & Redline 8pm THE LOUNGE, AGUA CALIENTE; RM; 888999-1995 Nash with Quinto Menguante 8-1am MARGARITA’S; PS; 760-778-3500 Live Music 6pm MELVYN’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE; PS; 760-325-2323 Ron Greenip 8pm MIRAMONTE RESORT; IW; 760-341-7200 “Sassy & Sultry” featuring Gina Carey 5-8pm NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Karaoke 8pm-1:15am THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Kevin Henry 6-8pm Tim Burleson 8pm PAPPY & HARRIET’S; PT; 760-365-5956 Jeff Crosby & The Refugees 8pm PURPLE ROOM@CLUB TRINIDAD; PS; 760327-1161ext.230 Machin’ 7pm RIVIERA RESORT & SPA; PS; 760-327-8311 Martin Ross Starlite Lounge 8pm SAMMY G’s; PS; 760-320-8041 Evaro Brothers 8pm SCHMIDY’S; PD; 760-837-3800 Red’s Rockstar Karaoke 9pm SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760-3413560 Dude Jones 6pm TACK ROOM TAVERN; IND; 760-347-9985 Karaoke w/ T-Bone 8-12am TERRA LAGO GOLF CLUB; IND; 760-7752000 The Carmens 6pm VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 Carolyn Martinez & The Trio 6:30pm VILLAGE PUB; PS; 760-323-3265 DJ Khodi Rayne 4:30-9pm, Nite Fixx 9-2am VUE GRILLE & BAR; IW; 760-834-3800 Casey 5:30pm, Slim Man Solo Show 7-10pm WESTIN MISSION HILLS; RM; 760-328-5955 Michael Keeth 6-10pm WOODY’S BURGER; PS; 760-230-0188 Bill Saitta & Friends 7pm ZELDA’S; PS; 760-325-2375 The Absolut Miami Takeover 8pm

29 PALMS INN; 29 Palms; 760-367-3505 Jeff & Lorelei 6pm 19TH HOLE; PD; 760-772-6696 Karaoke w/ T Bone 9pm ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 DJ Aubrey Henderson 10pm AJ’S ON THE GREEN; C.C.; 760-202-1111 Karaoke w/ AJ The KJ 8-12am AZUL; PS; 760-325-5533 Nash 8pm BAR; PS; 760-537-7337 Live Music 10pm BILLY REED’S; PS; 760-325-1946 Live Music 6-10pm BISTRO 60 @TRILOGY; LQ; 760-501-0620 The Carmens 6pm BLUE BAR, SPOTLIGHT 29; INDIO; 760-7755566 DJ PWee 8pm BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 The Stanley Butler Trio 6-10pm CASCADE LOUNGE, SPA RESORT CASINO; PS; 888-999-1995 DJ Michael Wright 9-1am CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Patrick Tuzzolino 5:30pm

CORK TREE; PD; 760-779-0123 Live Entertainment 6pm CUNARD’S SANDBAR; LQ; 760-564-3660 Bill Baker 6pm DATE SHED; IND; 760-775-6699 DICKIE O’NEALS IRISH PUB; PS; 760-3252600 Lassie Jo’s Best Damn Karaoke 7pm EL MEXICALI CAFÉ 2; IND; 760-342-2333 Cesar Daniel Lopez on the harp 6-9pm FIRECLIFF; PD; 760-773-6565 Sonny Evaro 6pm THE GRILL ON MAIN; LQ; 760-777-7773 House Band 8:45pm HAMILTON’S; LQ; 760-698-8303 T.B.A. 8:30pm HARD ROCK HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9676 DJ Colourvision 9pm Lobby, DJ Shasta & MC Esjay 11pm Lobby THE HOOD; PD; 760-636-5220 Spankshaft, Deadend Paradox and a special guest 9pm INDIAN WELLS RESORT HOTEL; IW; 760345-6466 Frank Di Salvo 6pm JOSHUA TREE SALOON; JT; 760-366-2250 Live DJ 8:30pm KOKOPELLI’S; YV; 760-228-2589 T.B.A. 7:30pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-3252794 Palm Springs Sound Company,in the afternoon,Hot Rox,in the night LAVENDER BISTRO; LQ; 760-564-5353 Bob Allen 6pm LIT@FANTASY SPRINGS; IND; 760-3452450 Aalon & The Funk Factory 9pm THE LOUNGE; AGUA CALIENTE; RM; 888999-1995 Basix 9pm MARGARITA’S; PS; 760-778-3500 Live Music 6pm MELVYN’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE; PS; 760-325-2323 Ron Greenip 8pm NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Karaoke 8-1:15am THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Kevin Henry 6-8pm Tim Burleson 8pm PALM CANYON ROADHOUSE; PS; 760-3274080 T.B.A. 9pm PALM DESERT COUNTRY CLUB; PD; 760345-0222 Doug Rogiers 6:30pm PAPPY & HARRIET’S; PT; 760-365-5956 Rancho De La Luna Presents David Catching’s B-day Spectacular w/ The Rancho De La Lunatics, Alaine Johannes, Brave Black Sea, The Black Tibetans, Parosella and many more 9pm PJ’S SPORTS LOUNGE; YV; 760-228-1199 The Hive Minds 9pm PLAN B LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AND COCKTAILS; TP; 760-343-2115 Red’s Rockstar Karaoke 9pm PURPLE ROOM@CLUB TRINIDAD; PS; 760327-1161ext.230 The Gand Band 6pm RED BARN; PD; 760-346-0191 T.B.A. 9pm RIVIERA RESORT & SPA; PS; 760-327-8311 Martin Ross Starlite Lounge 6pm, Marcella Sidebar Patio 7pm, Honey Rock Sidebar Lounge 10pm, DJ Sweet Brush Starlite Lounge 10pm ROC’S FIREHOUSE; PD; 760-340-3222 Stacked ( Pat Mahon, Carrie Wilson and Lisa Lynn Morgan ) 6:30pm SAMMY G’s; PS; 760-320-8041 Evaro Brothers 8pm SCHMIDY’S; PD; 760-837-3800 Burning Bettie, Electric Lucie and Long Duk Dong 9pm SHANGHAI RED’S @ THE FISHERMAN’S MARKET; LQ; 760-777-1601 Barry Baughn Blues 8-11pm SOUL OF MEXICO; IND; 760-200-8787 Latin Rock 10pm SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760-3413560 Demetrious and Co. TACK ROOM TAVERN; IND; 760-347-9985

T.B.A. 9pm TILTED KILT; PD; 760-773-5458 Tilted@ Night 10pm TRILUSSA ITALIAN RISTORANTE; PS; 760328-2300 Julius & Sylvia Music Duo 6-10pm VIBE; MORONGO CASINO; CAB; 951-7555391 The Rick Whitfield Band 10pm VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 Pat Rizzo & All That Jazz Band 6:30pm VILLAGE PUB; PS; 760-323-3265 T.B.A. 1:304:30pm, Nite Fixx 9-2am, DJ Anwaar Hines 9-2am VUE GRILLE & BAR; IW; 760-834-3800 Slim Man Solo Show 5:30pm, John McCormick & The Mac Band w/ DJ Randy Johnson 9:30pm WILLIE BOYS; MV; 760-363-3343 Country Night w/ R Buckle Road and Big John 5:30pm THE WINE BAR AT OLD TOWN; LQ; 760564-2201 Rob & jb 7-10pm WOODY’S BURGER; PS; 760-230-0188 Rose Mallet 6:30pm ZELDA’S; PS; 760-325-2375 Girl’s Night out w/ The Men on the Hollywood Strip 9pm


29 PALMS INN; 29 Palms; 760-367-3505 Bev & Bill 6pm 19TH HOLE; PD; 760-772-6696 Karaoke w/ T-Bone 9pm ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 DJ Spencer product noon poolside, Jason Eldridge 10pm amigo room AJ’S ON THE GREEN; C.C.; 760-202-1111 Cabaret on the Green w/ Les Michaels & Joel Baker 7-10pm AZUL; PS; 760-325-5533 T.B.A. 7:30pm BAR; PS; 760-537-7337 Live Music 10pm BILLY REED’S; PS; 760-325-1946 Live Music 6-10pm BISTRO 60 @TRILOGY; LQ; 760-501-0620 The Carmens 6pm BLUE BAR; SPOTLIGHT 29; IND; 760-7755566 DJ PWee BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 Live Music 6-10pm CASCADE LOUNGE, SPA RESORT CASINO; PS; 888-999-1995 DJ Michael Wright 9-1am CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Patrick Tuzzolino 5:30pm CORK TREE; PD; 760-779-0123 Live Entertainment 6:30-9:30pm CUNARD’S SANDBAR; LQ; 760-564-3660 Bill Baker 6pm DATE SHED; IND; 760-775-6699 DHS SPA LOUNGE; DHS; 760-329-6787 Karaoke w/ DJ Scott 9pm DICKIE O’NEALS IRISH PUB; PS; 760-3252600 Long Duk Dong 8pm EL MEXICALI CAFÉ 2; IND; 760-342-2333 Cesar Daniel Lopez on the harp 6-9pm FIRECLIFF; PD; 760-773-6565 Sonny Evaro 6pm FIRESIDE LOUNGE; PS; 760-327-1700 T.B.A. 9pm THE GRILL ON MAIN; LQ; 760-777-7773 The Refills 8:45pm THE GROOVE LOUNGE; SPOTLIGHT 29; INDIO; 760-775-5566 DJ 8pm HAMILTON’S; LQ; 760-698-8303 The Hive Minds 8pm HARD ROCK HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9676 DJ Colourvision w/ DJ Kid Wonder, 11am poolside, 9pm Lobby, BB’s Annual Memorial Weekend party 9:30pm THE HOOD; PD; 760-636-5220 Rockabilly Night w/ The Deadbeat Daddies & Phil Friendly Trio 9pm INDIAN WELLS RESORT HOTEL; IW; 760345-6466 Frank Di Salvo 6pm

JOSHUA TREE SALOON; JT; 760-366-2250 T.B.A. 8pm KOKOPELLI’S; YV; 760-228-2589 T.B.A. 6pm, Karaoke w/ Roberto 8pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-3252794 Palm Springs Sound Company,in the afternoon,Hot Rox,in the night LAVENDER BISTRO; LQ; 760-564-5353 Bob Allen 6pm LIT@FANTASY SPRINGS; IND; 760-3452450 Aalon & The Funk Factory 9pm THE LOUNGE, AGUA CALIENTE; RM; 888999-1995 Basix 9pm MELVYN’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE; PS; 760-325-2323 Ron Greenip 8pm MARGARITA’S; PS; 760-778-3500 Live Music 6pm NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Karaoke 8-1:15am THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Kevin Henry 6-8pm Tim Burleson 8pm PALM CANYON ROADHOUSE; PS; 760-3274080 T.B.A. 9pm PALM DESERT COUNTRY CLUB; PD; 760345-0222 D Phillips Band 6:30pm PAPPY & HARRIET’S; PT; 760-365-5956 Rancho De La Luna Presents David Catching’s B-day Spectacular w/ Eagles of Death Metal, Fatso Jetson, Chris Goss, Jesika Von Rabbit and many more 5pm PJ’S SPORTS LOUNGE; YV; 760-228-1199 T.B.A. 9pm PLAN B LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AND COCKTAILS; TP; 760-343-2115 Pocket Yellow 9pm PURPLE ROOM@CLUB TRINIDAD; PS; 760327-1161ext.230 The Gand Band 9pm RENAISSANCE PALM; PS; 760-322-6100 Art of Sax featuring Sax Man Will Donato & Eddie Reddick 7-10pm RED BARN; PD; 760-346-0191 9pm RIVIERA RESORT & SPA; PS; 760-327-8311 DJ Shasta, Bikini Bar noon, Martin Ross, Starlite Lounge 6pm, Marcella Sidebar Patio, Honey Rock Sidebar Lounge 10pm, DJ Shasta, Starlite Lounge 10pm ROCKYARD@FANTASY SPRINGS; IND; Helicopter and Which One’s Pink ( Tribute to Pink Floyd ) 7:30pm ROC’S FIREHOUSE; PD; 760-340-3222 Stacked ( Pat Mahon, Carrie Wilson and Lisa Lynn Morgan ) 6:30pm SAMMY G’s; PS; 760-320-8041 Evaro Brothers 8pm SCHMIDY’S; PD; 760-837-3800 Art Love Presents Spiral Arms, You Know Who and Brain Vat 9pm SHANGHAI RED’S @ THE FISHERMAN’S MARKET; LQ; 760-777-1601 Barry Baughn Blues 8-11pm SIDEWINDER GRILL; DHS; 760-329-7929 Karaoke w/ Milly G 6pm SOUL OF MEXICO; IND; 760-200-8787 Latin Music 10pm SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760-3413560 Dude Jones 6pm TACK ROOM TAVERN; IND; 760-347-9985 T.B.A. 9pm TILTED KILT; PD; 760-773-5458 Long Duk Dong 9pm TRILUSSA ITALIAN RISTORANTE; PS; 760328-2300 Julius & Sylvia Music Duo 6-10pm VIBE, MORONGO CASINO; CAB; 951-7555391 DJ Hektik 10pm VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 Pat Rizzo & All That Jazz Band 6:30pm VILLAGE PUB; PS; 760-323-3265 Rob & JB 1:30-4:30pm, Nite Fixx 9-2am, DJ Anwaar Hines 9-2am VUE GRILLE & BAR; IW; 760-834-3800 Jeff 5:30pm, Slim Man 9:30pm

June 5 to June 11, 2014

WILLIE BOYS; MV; 760-363-3343 Walt Young 6pm, Red’s Rockstar Karaoke 9pm THE WINE BAR AT OLD TOWN; LQ; 760564-2201 Scott Carter 7-10pm WOODY’S BURGER; PS; 760-230-0188 Stanley Butler Band 7pm ZELDA’S; PS; 760-325-2375 DJ PJ 9pm


29 PALMS INN; 29 Palms; 760-367-3505 Bob & Allison 6pm ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 DJ Mor noon poolside, Slacker Sunday w/ Dirty Dave 10pm AZUL; PS; 760-325-5533 The Judy Show 7:30pm BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 Steve Madaio 6-10pm CASCADE LOUNGE, SPA RESORT; PS; 888999-1995 Nash with Quinto Menguante 9pm CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Joe Jaggi 6pm DHS SPA LOUNGE; DHS; 760-329-6787 Karaoke 9pm EL MEXICALI CAFÉ 2; IND; 760-342-2333 Cesar Daniel Lopez on the harp 6-9pm FIRECLIFF; PD; 760-773-6565 Hal Sweasey 6pm HARD ROCK HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9676 DJ Colourvision w/ Kid Wonder 11am poolside

COME JOIN US FOR THE FUN!! • 14 flat screen televisions • NTN Trivia and poker with QB1

While you are here you can try one of our ten tap beer selections from a frosty cold glass or choose one of our 30 tequilas or vodkas to make your favorite cocktail.




(760) 251-2644

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eturning Friday, May 30, Palm Springs Desert Resorts Restaurant Week takes place over 10 days, inviting diners to indulge in three-course, prix fixe dinner menus for $26 or $38 per person at over 90 participating restaurants in the Coachella Valley. Restaurant Week’s signature “Eat. See. Stay.” experience also allows desert visitors to enjoy specialty rates, packages, and perks at luxury desert hotels and spas, as well as discounted tickets to popular area attractions. Newcomers this spring include:


● Sessions at Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs – newly opened, serving fresh, handmade, classic American cooking with a Southern flair ● Figue Mediterranean – stylish and casual fine dining destination that celebrates colorful, lively cuisine and the cultural melting pot of the Mediterranean region ● Bernie’s Lounge & Supper Club Restaurant – the brand new dining destination invites guests to relive the atmosphere of what dining once was, with martinis, supper, and a swingin’ lounge act

● Balisage Bistro – Owner and Chef Daniel Villanueva’s new Mediterranean restaurant serving unique gourmet meals, fresh baked bread, and signature pastries ● Chez Pierre Bistro – Traditional French bistro with an ambitious menu of seasonal specialties WHEN: Friday, May 30 – Sunday, June 8 COST: $26 or $38 restaurant menus (not including tax and gratuity) Hotel deals and attraction ticket prices vary ABOUT PALM SPRINGS DESERT RESORTS RESTAURANT WEEK Founded in 2007, Palm Springs Desert Resorts Restaurant Week showcases the diverse dining and leisure opportunities in the city of Palm Springs and surrounding communities of the greater Coachella Valley. In just seven years this annual event has grown from fewer than 30 participating restaurants, hotels, and attractions to more than 100. Restaurant Week offers ten days of its signature “Eat. See. Stay.” experience, featuring exclusive dining, hotel, spa, and attractions deals. Sponsors include Sysco, Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water, US Bank, City of Indian Wells, City of Palm Springs, City of Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs Life, and Kaminsky Productions, among others. For more information and a full list of participants, please visit www.palmspringsrestaurantweek. com, “like” Restaurant Week on Facebook, or follow the organization on Twitter. WHO: Acqua Pazza AJ’s on the Green and SPLASH! Bar Arnold Palmer’s Restaurant Balisage Bistro Bellatrix Restaurant Bernie’s Lounge and Supper Club PS Blue Coyote Bar & Grill bluEmber Cafe des Beaux-Arts Castelli’s Ristorante Catalan Cello’s Bistro Chez Pierre Bistro Chop House Palm Desert Chop House Palm Springs Circa 59 CITRON

food Cliffhouse Grill & Bar Copley’s on Palm Canyon Cork & Fork - Wine Bar & Kitchen Crab Pot - La Quinta Crab Pot - Rancho Mirage Cuistot Restaurant dish-Creative Cuisine Escena Lounge & Grill Essense at Two Bunch Palms Europa Restaurant Figue Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse Grill on Main Grove Artisan Kitchen Jackalope Ranch Jake’s Johannes Restaurant Kaiser Grille King’s Highway La Quinta Baking Company Lantana Las Casuelas Nuevas Lavender Bistro Le Donne Cucina Italiana Legacy Thai LG’s Prime Steakhouse La Quinta LG’s Prime Steakhouse Palm Springs LULU Mama Gina Mastro’s Steakhouse Matchbox Vintage Pizza Bistro Melvyn’s Restaurant & Lounge Mikado Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar Miro’s Restaurant Mitch’s On El Paseo Prime Seafood Morton’s The Steakhouse Nicolino’s Italian Restaurant Norma’s Pacifica Seafood Restaurant Peaks Restaurant Piero’s Pizza Vino Pinzimini Purple Palm Purple Room Palm Springs Rio Azul Mexican Bar & Grill Rockwood Grill Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Ruth’s Chris Steak House Sammy G’s Tuscan Grill Sessions @ Hard Rock Shame on the Moon SIROCCO Solano’s Bistro Spencer’s Restaurant Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill Sullivan’s Steakhouse Thai Smile of Rancho Mirage The Nest Restaurant & Piano Bar The Tropicale Restaurant & Lounge Three Sixty Bar & Grill TINTO Tommy Bahamas Restaurant & Bar TRATTORIA TIRAMISU Trilusa Ristorante Trio Restaurant & Bar Vicky’s of Santa Fe Wally’s Desert Turtle Wang’s in the Desert Wolfgang Puck Pizza Bar Workshop Kitchen + Bar Zin American Bistro

CIGAR & TEQUILA The Terraza Patio at DINNER Las Casuelas Terraza WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18TH ~ 8:00 PM Evening will include tequila and cigar pairings with carnitas bar. Cigars provided by Tinder Box.

$35 {

plus tax & gratuity includes cigar charge


To RSVP call 760-325-2794

or stop by our hostess stand.

~~~ M U S T B E 2 1 T O AT T E N D ~~~

June 5 to June 11, 2014

A PIZZERIA THAT’S SO MUCH MORE Not only are we “one of the top pizza joints in the US”, as named by Zagat, we also have an amazing variety of cast-iron dishes, salads, house-made gelato, and a beautiful assortment of wines and craft beers. Do yourself a favor and try pizza for the very first time.


760.341.4222 or

Located at The River at Rancho Mirage

Where Bob Hope Drive meets HWY 111, next to Starbucks 71-800 Highway 111, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

*Free Margherita Pizza with the purchase of any pizza. Limit one per person, per visit. Must present ad at time of sale. Dine-in only. Expires 8.31.14



June 5 to June 11, 2014


June 5 to June 11, 2014

Movie Reviews with Robin E. Simmons


the case in such situations, things are not what they seem when Freddy’s ex-con dad (Sam Shepherd) strolls into town to with vengeance on his mind. This southern gothic noir gem opens a can of worms when flashy detective Don Johnson arrives in his red Cadillac convertible with a pair of bull’s horns on the grill. The twists and turns and pile up fast in the second half. Hall’s Dane is the perfect as the vulnerable ordinary guy confronting extreme evil. I felt his fear and was satisfied how it all ended. Now playing at Cinemas Palme d’Or. Big recommendation. NEW FOR THE HOME THEATER:

Director Jim Mickle’s last film, WE ARE AS WE ARE, blew me away. It was atmospheric, horrifying and bloody beautiful. Mickle‘s current movie delivers an old school thrill ride that would make Hitchcock sweat. The twisty plot and a moody rural 1989 Texas atmosphere is a perfect match for the dangerously accelerating plot that begins innocently enough one warm Texas night when husband and dad Richard Dane (Michael C. Hall) puts a bullet in the head of intruder Freddy Russell. But as is


ENEMY Jake Gyllenhaal is glum professor Adam Bell who has grown disinterested and bored with his mundane life. And wife. One day by chance – or is it? – he discovers a man who appears to be his exact double. When Adam talks his doppelganger into meeting -- the latter’s a bit-part actor named Anthony Clair -- their lives (and wives) become bizarrely and dangerously intertwined. Under Denis Villeneuve’s direction, Gyllenhaal is mesmerizing playing both roles with subtle but distinct personas. He conveys just the right amount of sly differences in bewilderment, perverse

Screeners No.115

motivation and curiosity as he wonders through two worlds both familiar and unexpected. This sometimes too arty film is obviously about identity and desire. It’s a weirdly surreal movie for sure, but that does not take away the fun of watching the literally split personalities fight the inevitable and deadly duel. Only one can survive. ENEMY, adapted from Nobel Prizewinning Portuguese author José Saramago’s 2002 novel “The Double,” is about the power of the subconscious. The final image is memorable, shocking and mysterious. Lionsgate. Blue-ray. But wait! As sometimes happens, two movies are released around the same time with similar plots. But this weird film has it’s own doppelganger – or is it vice versa? British comedian Richard Ayoade’s THE DOUBLE,

adapted from Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s 1846 novella, also opens this week (in theaters). It too is about identical appearing men, one of whom is a more successful version than the other. THE DOUBLE is a slicker, more straightforward narrative than Villeneuve’s crazed Canadian B-movie. Jesse Eisenberg plays the at war doubles Simon James and James Simon in this unsettling, stylized and darkly comic dystopian farce. “Chaos is order yet undeciphered” is the quote on the poster and on screen before the movie fades in. But does the seemingly profound quote really mean anything? Don’t get your hopes up. ERNEST & CELSTINE Based on the classic Belgian book series by Gabrielle Vincent, ERNEST & CELESTINE takes place in a beautiful, water-colored world in which a society of mice live underground in constant, paralyzing fear of the bears that dwell in the city above. When one of them comes in contact with Ernest, a bear, an unlikely but beautiful friendship begins. This visually stunning, “brilliantly comedic” film earned standing ovations at Cannes and Toronto Film Festivals. Featuring the voice talents of Forest Whitaker, Mackenzie Foy, Lauren Bacall, Paul Giamatti, William H. Macey, Megan Mullaly, Nick Offerman and Jeffrey Wright. Take a journey deep below snowy, cobblestone streets into a network of winding tunnels and meet a tiny mouse named Celestine. Unlike her fellow mice, Celestine is an artist and a dreamer, and has a hard time fitting in. When she nearly ends up as breakfast for gruff Ernest, they become tight friends and embark on an adventure that will “put a smile on your face and make your heart glow.” It did mine. Don’t miss this winning film that has been awarded numerous festival prizes including the Cesar Award. Extras include a Making Of and a feature-length Animatic. Cinedigm. Blu-ray. Big recommendation. Comments?

Book Review

By Heidi Simmons

Maya Angelou, 1928-2014


ome people may only know Maya Angelou as a poet. When in fact, with more than 35 books published, only a dozen are poetry. Although, to call Angelou a poet may be the very absolute truth about this remarkable woman. Her very existence was one filled with a quality of beauty, intensity, emotion and ideas.

June 5 to June 11, 2014

Angelou was a creative spirit and a genuine force of nature. Her life was one of seeking a creative outlet in a world that constantly challenged her. With the odds against her, she grabbed life and spun it by the tail never allowing the debris field to get in her way. Born in Stamp, Arkansas, Angelou’s given

name was Marguerite Annie Johnson. As little girl, she and her brother first lived with their folks in San Diego until her mother could no longer handle the noise and commotion of small children and sent them to live with their paternal grandmother. When the South become too dangerous for the rambunctious Black teens they were sent back to San Diego. At thirteen, Maya was already nearly six feet tall. She felt ugly, awkward and unlovable. The young Angelou was raped by her stepfather. She testified against him. When the man was mysteriously beaten to death, Angelou realized how powerful words were and she stopped talking. Her mother Vivian was an entrepreneur and became a skillful businesswoman in San Francisco. When Angelou wanted to do something, like be a trolley conductor because she loved the uniform, her mother showed her how to get what she wanted. Angelou was the first woman and black person to get the job as conductor. In San Francisco, Angelou became enamored with a popular local boy. Their singular encounter got her pregnant. She had a son and named him Clyde Bailey Johnson, calling him Guy. He was her only child. In 1949, Angelou married a white man named Tosh Angelos. After they divorced she adapted her name to Angelou. Angelou had many careers. She was an artist, a singer, an actress, a playwright, a director, an activist and a mother. She worked with Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. She lived in Europe and Africa. Angelou pursued everything she thought was important and worthy -- opportunities that made her feel alive. She was the first black woman in many things, but it was not something on her to-do list, rather her zest for life. At a dinner party in New York, it was suggested that she write her astonishing story. In 1969, she wrote her first book, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, a memoir of her life up to the age of 17. It was considered a new form of autobiography – a personal and intimate experience told boldly and without shame. Six more autobiographical books followed. Today, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is on high school reading lists around the

globe. But in 1969, the book was considered too explicit. A narrative with sex, violence, lesbianism, irreverent religious depictions and premarital cohabitation, the book still remains on the Library Associations list of 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books. When you think of Angelou, it is easy to hear her mellifluous, resonant voice. She won three Grammy Awards for her spoken word albums. In 2013, her last book Mom & Me & Mom, Angelou wrote about the intimate relationship between a mother and daughter and the surprisingly powerful influence it had on her life and the way it shaped her identity. She wrote about what touched her life, not just as a black woman, but as a human being. Everything that she faced she considered with dignity and grace. She would be the first to admit mistakes and also the first to own them. She was not out to make a point but out to make a life. The beauty in Angelou’s work is that her world is rich with description. Although she detailed her experience as a black woman, her characters are very familiar people –and, in a way -- colorless. As a black woman, what other story could she tell? Her prose are not hostile or vindictive, but rather sensitive, honest and lyrical. We meet the good and the bad, the mean and the generous people who crossed paths with Angelou, all leaving their mark on a woman big enough to take it and move on to find her peace and joy. Angelou was honored and awarded by presidents and organizations not only because of what she accomplished, but because of who she was—resilient and beautiful inside and out. Angelou’s whole life was poem of great beauty. Rest in peace.


June 5 to June 11, 2014 continued from page 19

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S and G


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Five-Star Accredited Palm Desert Area Chamber of Commerce to Host 60th Anniversary Celebration Dinner


he Palm Desert Area Chamber of Commerce will welcome and honor its 2014-2015 directors June 26th at the annual installation celebration. The 60th dinner event will take place at the JW Marriott Desert Springs starting at 6:00PM. The theme for the evening is “A Night of Stars” – Recognizing our community leaders

Summer too hot to handle? Chill out with the deals and steals in Palm Desert

Open Daily 10 am - 6 pm Sunday 12 - 5pm 44841 San Pablo (West Side of Street), Palm Desert, CA 92260




and volunteers. Cocktail attire required. The evening will begin at 6:00 PM with cocktails and appetizers along with the opening of the famous silent auction (see attached to participate) filled with overnight stays, golf, art, spa packages and other treasures. Then, guests will welcome new directors, honor retiring ones and applaud 2014 award winners during dinner. For this grand milestone, we also invite other local businesses or nonprofits that are celebrating 60 years to contact the chamber for reservations so that we may recognize you as well. Contact Katie Stice directly for your reservations. All Palm Desert Area businesses and residents are invited to join the Chamber for cocktails, dinner and a few surprises to honor board members and celebrate past year’s successes. Tickets are $80 per person. Bronze Sponsor Tables of 8 are available for $800. Please reserve your seat before June 19 by calling (760)346-6111. AND THE STARS OF THE NIGHT ARE Honorees: · Honoring Outgoing Chairman of the Board, Dave Mourhess, Revco Solar · Welcoming Incoming Chairman of the Board, Ray Rodriguez, Casuelas Café & Cork Tree California Cuisine

ummer may not officially hit the calendar – that doesn’t happen until the 21st! – but triple digits are here to stay until September and finding ways to beat the heat is the hottest game around right now. You can run all over the valley to troll the mall, catch all the summer blockbusters at the local movie theater or hang out at one of the local resort’s pool areas sipping some icy blended concoction. Or you can roll into ElPaseoSummerFun. com and check out what summer has in store for you and your family to find the shops with

the best summer deals, restaurants that are offering meal deals and galleries presenting art of the ages and modern masterpieces along Palm Desert’s famed shopping district. And the summer deals in the mid-valley city aren’t confined to the mile-and-a-half long shopping district. Palm Desert if filled with fun activities for the fam! Hit the deck! The Pool Deck at the Palm Desert Aquatic Center, that is. The huge swim center is open to all and offers more splash per acre than any other public pool in the valley. The center is an 8-acre water park with a Splash pool for little tykes to enjoy slides and a huge dump bucket that drenches the swimmers every 15 to 20 minutes. Older kids get in on the two 20-foot slides that are open to those 48 inches or taller. Get the youngest swimmers accustomed to the water in the Zero Depth Pool while serious swimmers, divers and pool gamers can take

June 5 to June 11, 2014


· Citizen of the Year: Carl Karcher, Carl’s Jr. · Business Person of the Year: Mario Del Guidice, Mario’s Italian Café

· Award of Excellence, A City of Palm Desert Award: Frankie Riddle, Director of Special Programs Nominees for Member Business of the Year: · Small Business of the Year – Savory Spice Shop, Wilma & Frieda’s, It’s in the Bag · Medium Business of the Year – Hot Purple Energy, ServPro Palm Desert, Palm Springs Life · Large Business of the Year – Lamar Outdoor Advertising, Westfield Palm Desert, Burrtec Waste & Recycling Services With approximately 1,100 member businesses, the Palm Desert Area Chamber of Commerce is the largest member-based organizations in the Coachella Valley and is the only Five-Star Accredited Chamber in Riverside & San Bernardino Counties. The Chamber has been serving and supporting local businesses and its community since 1954. For more information, call (760)3466111, or visit

Community to the big pools for laps, exercise classes, water polo and swim team activities. All for $6 or less per person per entry or buy a 50-punch admission card for a summer of fun for $200 or less, depending on if you live in Palm Desert. PDAC is at 73751 Magnesia Falls Drive, behind Civic Center Park. Need info, call or visit (760)565-7467. Good, green fun: Guests to the valley or residents who need a quick staycation, can get in a round or three of golf at some of Palm Desert’s best courses. Case in point, the city owned Desert Willow Golf Resort. Hit the mountain or desert courses for an early morning round or book a Perfect Golf Getaway at The Westin Desert Willow Resort Villas, complete with a round or two of golf. Call or contact Desert Wlllow Golf Resort, 38-995 Desert Willow Drive. (760) 346-0015; Music in the air: From free concerts in Civic Center Park to the local casinos, lounges and resorts, there’s plenty of music to enjoy this summer, and events has all the info you need find your favorite music. That was a close: Shave that is. Father’s Day is in just a couple of weeks and if he’s a daily-shavin’ man, why not give him a real treat. The days of the daily shave at the barbershop may be over, but the Art of Shaving in the Gardens on El Paseo offers

a couple of luxurious treats for the man. Shaving kits and supplies or a close shave in the hands of pro. Info: (760) 862-1930. Oh, yum: There’s a full menu of restaurants that are offering summer specials as a way to say thanks for supporting them throughout the year. If you haven’t tried them yet, this is the perfect time to get acquainted. Starting later this month, Mastro’s will offer a $55 summer prix fixe dinner. Café des Beaux Arts has something special for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wilma and Frieda’s, the farm-totable café at the Gardens, is holding a beer tasting on June 19 and serving up tasting bites for breakfast and lunch throughout the summer. It’s all there on the website: www. Special events: It’s not all shopping and dining. Check out C.E.O. (Chick’s Evening Out) Party from 5-7 p.m. June 25 (also July 30 and Aug. 27) at Wink Lash and Beauty Bar. The $35 cost of the night gets you mini-services, including a brow-wow eyelifting treatment or microdermabrasion hand treatment. Reservations required: (760) 324-5274. And we cannot forget the Fourth of July! Palm Desert puts on a great fireworks display! Enjoy a picnic and concert before the synchronized music and fireworks at Civic Center Park or on the second floor deck at the Gardens on El Paseo and celebrate the country’s 238th birthday!


June 5 to June 11, 2014

Real Estate

May M

ay is the month that most real estate agents hold their breath and hope that we don’t have an early heat wave signaling the onset of what will surely be a long, hot and dry summer. Dry being the term referring to a lack of sales! Typically we spend the month of May scrambling to get our “seasonal” real estate transactions closed in anticipation of being able to take some time off during the summer and get out of the desert and into some cooler climes. Based on the statistics we have been tracking for the first five months of 2014, it looks like a lot of Realtors will be enjoying “stay-cations” this summer. For those of you who have not been following this column, this year I have been closely watching the inventory of single family homes and condos (residential properties) in the Coachella Valley through our local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Each month I have compared the market activity of listings that have opened escrow but not yet closed (pendings) and the listings that have sold (solds) to the previous month and to the same month from 2013. This is the fifth month of tracking this information and this will be the last time I introduce these statistics this way. If you are really into the “numbers” then read the next two paragraphs, but if you just want

the conclusions, skip them and go to the paragraph that talks about headaches! Last month (April) according to the Desert Area MLS (as of 5/31/14) there were 879 pendings of residential properties in the Coachella Valley. There were 892 pendings in May representing a month over month INCREASE in sales activity by approximately 2% which reverses our previous trend. Last year in the month of May there were 1,092 residential solds in the Coachella Valley. There were only 802 solds in May 2014 which represents a year over year drop in closed sales of approximately 27% which is consistent with our trend of fewer solds than last year, but by a higher percentage when compared to the 19.5% drop for the first four months of this year. There were 870 solds in April and so sold activity in May dropped approximately 8% compared to last month. Last year sold activity increased from April to May by 4%. Overall inventory available to buyers this month was down again (approximately 5%) from 4,144 properties available for sale at the beginning of May to 3,915 properties available for sale at the end of May. This means that the number of new listings that came on the market in May did not keep up with the number of sales. As a reminder, there were 4,318 properties available in February of this year and so current inventory for 2014 is down almost 10% in the last 3 months. If we think too much about these numbers

Back to the work that is vacation…



Haddon Libby:It’s all local

By Bruce cathcart

it’s your nickel

his column is written on Sunday. This week the following Tuesday will have been Election Day, and the papers will be filled with election news by Wednesday when this paper hits the newsstands. I won’t engage in the Monday morning quarterbacking. That’s just too easy. My recommendations and endorsements are a matter of record at this point. We are all in this together as we all move forward, and forward is where we are moving. The economy is in a rebound as most people can now feel and see. This summer, travelers promise to visit in droves as the economy picks up and consumer confidence rises. The price of an average hotel room will be $115 a night, up about 5 percent. Remember that numerous on line applications allow for bargain shopping on hotel rooms, and for those more adventurous there are services like AirBnB that offer owner occupied stays at a bargain. Not only do we have those who choose the desert as a bedroom community, but also we have ourselves that use LA and SD as a getaway in reverse as well. This summer promises to be a bit busier and likely a bit hotter than others on record. I’m a scientist these days on that, not a politician. The

desert is meant to be hot, and it makes jumping in the pool at night one of those amazing pleasures that has lured the movie stars into our backyard since the 1950’s. That’s good news. The high desert offers slightly cooler temperatures for those who don’t know, and being near Joshua Tree is every bit as important or more so than being near the party venues. Some of the highlights to recommend to friends and relatives are a booming music circle around town of bands and appearances. For daytime, a series of nature walks at the Tram or at the Living Desert which offers one of the greatest combinations of garden and zoo I have ever

all we will do is give ourselves a headache. But there are some clear “take-aways” here. Sales activity (both the number of pendings and solds) for the first five months of 2014 is down over 20% when compared to last year. That’s a big number, especially considering that last year only seemed like a decent year because the previous years were so horrendous! Current inventory is down almost 10% over the last 3 months and that is a significant trend that can lead to higher prices in most Coachella Valley markets. The lack of inventory will likely help to limit sales activity and keep the number of monthly sales at a lower number than last year and continue to decrease through the summer months. This IS the new norm with fewer and fewer sales anticipated for next several months. This month’s top sale was a truly beautiful home in Big Horn Country Club that included 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms totaling 6,422 square feet on a 17,000 square foot golf course lot for $4,000.000.00. 63 homes sold in May for over $1 million dollars (only 1 less than last month) and of those only 8 sold for over $2 million dollars (compared to 21 homes last month!). In case anyone is wondering the Madison Club Mansion is still available for $39,500,000.00 and so is the Bob and Delores Hope Estate for $34,000,000.00. We also currently have 11 homes for under $50,000.00 starting at $21,900.00 for a cement block

house in the Tramview Mobile Home Park in Cathedral City proving once again that here in the Coachella Valley we have something to fit everyone’s budget! Real Estate Tip of the week: Reality TV is NOT REAL! You are not going to be successful in the current market offering 20% less than the current list price. You are not going to buy a home for $100,000.00, put in $10,000.00 in improvements and resell it for $200,000.00. A Zesstimate is just a guesstimate! Listen to your trusted real estate professional. They know the market and can offer you the best advice available. Bruce Cathcart is the Broker/Co-Owner of La Quinta Palms Realty, “Your Friendly Professionals” and can be reached by email at or visit his website at

The Concentration of Wealth


ope Francis recently said, “These days there is a lot of poverty in the world, and that’s a scandal when we have so many riches. We all have to think about how we can become a little poorer.” Forbes estimates that there are 1,645 billionaires globally and 492 in the United States alone. The richest of them all is Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft with a cool $78 billion. To put that number in context, if Gates gave his vast fortune to the 440,000 residents of the Coachella Valley, we would each have $177,000. If Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison and the Koch Brothers did the same, we would each have $631,000. The 1,645 billionaires are worth $6.4 trillion, $1 billion more than last year. According to Credit Suisse, total net worth of the world is 241 trillion. With 7.2 billion people in the world, that means that there is $33,472 of net worth per person worldwide - more than enough to rid the world of hunger and disease. If you want to be in the top 50% of wealth holders globally, you need a new worth of only $4,000. To be in the top 10%, you will need $75,000. To be amongst the top 1% requires $753,000. Wealth continues to be concentrated in

North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Looking at the United States only, average net worth is $51,600 per person with half of our net worth is in the hands of less than 1% of our population. Despite this and according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 50 million or 15% of all Americans are food insecure with 5 million being senior citizens and 16 million being children. This means that these 50 million people may miss meals because of a lack of money or access to food assistance. One in six Californians are food insecure with at least one in six food insecure right here in the Coachella Valley. Part of the problem is that there is too much wealth concentration amongst only a few people who keep the majority of their money in stocks, bonds and real estate. While this money helps to keep the price of those asset types strong, it also means that there is less money available to feed, clothe and shelter the other 99%+. The Los Angeles Clippers sale is a classic example of what happens with excessive wealth concentration - the overpayment on asset values. Looking at the bigger picture, large companies acquire other large companies at higher and higher valuations.

In order to justify the expenditures, those corporations then cut costs which typically means fewer employees. Studies by both The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund found that the longest and strongest periods of economic growth have occurred in countries where the middle class is the largest and most secure. With each recession over the last thirty years, swathes of middle class jobs have evaporated in the United States due to global competition or technology. While some high wage jobs have been created, the vast majority have been lower paying, lower skill jobs. MIT economist David Autor says that the shrinking of the middle class will lead to less money for all people over time as the middle class spends more than the wealthy.

A large middle class means the need for more infrastructure like roads, schools and airports. They also buy more shirts and food which leads to more employment. With the concentration of resources amongst just a few, there are fewer dollars in circulation which contracts spending further which leads to fewer jobs and another round of economic contraction. For our economy to strengthen, government and the most affluent have to invest in producing an educated workforce and growing the middle class.


By john Paul Valdez seen successfully put together. A small train inside of the park makes that particular venue especially friendly to handicapped or others who are more challenged than young hikers and those willing to take on the elements so bravely. Restaurants and new hotels are popping up on North Palm Canyon and beyond, and there will be competitive pricing which will only serve to attract even more guests. Please remember that being hospitable is so terribly important to the economy here that honking and screaming at visitors is not necessarily the best approach. Help them get to where they need to go safely, and cut out all the noise. You are correct, they aren’t from here. Show them how civilized those of us who are lucky enough to call

June 5 to June 11, 2014

this our home are by always reflecting that in your behavior to others. The New York Times just did a write up on how popular the desert valley is, and truly important people NEVER demand that others “know who they are.” In fact, they want very much to go about their business unnoticed, just like the movie stars that came out here in the 50’s. Remember that. Less is more. Keep your movie star behavior to the silver screen, not the streets. THAT’s impressive. Questions and comments to:


n the last few months the Desert Sun and Los Angeles Times have published many articles about SCAMS. For the most part they are variations of what I write about herein and they focus on the elderly who they often meet in church or neighborhood groups such as a cigar or book club. You may receive a call offering you the DISH network and a major discount if you pay up front for 6 months. They ask you to go to the store to purchase GREEN DOT Moneypak cards to pay for the upfront costs. As soon as you read the card numbers to them the money will be gone. A common homeowner scam is when someone drives up to your home and suggests high priced and needless repairs to your roof, decking or installing an alarm system. They again ask up front for money. You know the rest of the story. During the tax season it is common to get fake emails for more information to process your federal income tax refund or an email or letter for unclaimed power ball prizes. Up front money is again required. You may be offered a LOAN but have to pay upfront fees. Be wary anytime you purchase a green dot card. Instead put money in another prepaid card or wire the money quickly. Some scammers will steal a LOGO and names of well-known retailers and banks and try to seem legitimate. The Federal Trade Commission is warning of emails with the subject line “Pending consumer complaint” and

then ask you to click on a link or attachment for more info or to contact FTC using their phoney number. The Grandparent Scam involves someone calling or emailing as an alleged relative/friend who may say he/she has just had a crisis in Europe and is contacting you for money to get back to the US. They beg you not to call their parents as they sob away. After you wire money they try to get more. Anyone can set up a phony email account to contact you and pretend to be a friend or relative IN NEED. In the Jury Duty Scam someone calls pretending to be a court official who says a warrant has been issued for your arrest because you didn’t show up for jury duty. Sometimes they even ask you for a credit card number so they can process the cancellation. If you give out any information …your identity has just been stolen! There are many Charity Frauds where people will call claiming to be collecting money for a worthwhile charity or at least something that sounds worthwhile. A deviation of this is the sweetheart scam when someone befriends an elderly person. It could be a neighbor, aide….. or relative. They gain info on your accounts and or convince you to change your will to leave everything to them. This is a form of Elder Abuse and you should seek legal assistance. The Lottery or Advanced Fee Scam occur when they try to get you to pay for something you did not order such as a lottery winning or even an inheritance. They say you won a large prize and you have to send money to cover the costs for taxes etc.

The Computer Virus Scam is where someone allegedly calls from Microsoft advising you that you have a virus and they can get rid of it. They have you log into a website that lets them control your computer. Then they steal your ID. During the summer the Time-Share Scam “heats up”. As we age we do not always want to keep our time shares. Someone contacts you offering to sell your timeshare and they try to get you to pay upfront fees. With the Medical Scam someone calls with medical equipment on sale. It could be a heart monitor, CPAP, or a wheelchair etc. They ask for a deposit and your personal information and Medicaid number before they send this deeply discounted item. 5 INSIDER SECRETS CROOKS DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW - Do not reply to emails requesting your banking info. - Do not believe promises of large amounts of money for your cooperation. - Do not provide your Medicare card info or your Social Security number. - Do not fall for promises of fast profits. - Do not invest money with any one without

researching them and their company. As my dad use to say…”if it is too good to be true it probably is not true.” During the summer we all drink too much in the sun. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, CALL A TAXI…IT IS A LOT CHEAPER THAN HIRING ME! Dale Gribow has been “Rated” TOP LAWYER by Palm Springs Life Magazine from 2011-2014 and has a Superb AVVO Legal Rating by his fellow attorneys. Dale Gribow has been Man of the Year 7 times including the City of Palm Desert and the City of Hope and Dale Gribow Day has been declared 4 times. He is the only attorney appointed in December 2013 to the Coachella Valley Association of Government’s Public Safety Ad Hoc Blue Ribbon Committee addressing Drunk Driving. This group consists of the police chiefs from every city and the mayor of each city as well as the Sheriff of Riverside County and the head of the CHP and Border Patrol. In addition Gribow is the only attorney asked to be part of the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Health Matters Committee addressing Drunk Driving. Gribow is also one of the founders of Shutdown Drunk Driving formed upon the death of his client who was killed by a drunk driver while jogging recently. If you have any questions regarding this column or ideas for future columns please contact Dale Gribow Attorney at Law at his NEW number 760 837 7500 and or his new email:


June 5 to June 11, 2014

safety tips

by Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna

June is National Safety Month!


ach June, the National Safety Council celebrates National Safety Month as a time to bring attention to key safety issues says Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna.” Plan your safety month with those at home and at work by following the weekly planner for June and visiting the websites provided!   “Share the safety information plan with others reminds Chief DiGiovanna.” Week 1: Prevent prescription drug abuse: 15,000 people die annually from overdoses of prescription medicines. Prescription pain relievers contribute to more deaths than all illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine. Visit Week 2: Stop slips, trips and falls: Falls are one of the leading causes of unintentional injuries in the United States, accounting for approximately 8.9 million visits to the emergency department annually (NSC Injury Facts 2011). Visit: Week 3: Be aware of your surroundings: Most of us leave our home at least once each day. Whether it’s driving to the grocery store or going on your daily walk, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. By using simple precautions, you can safely enjoy the time you spend outside of your home. 


Visit: Week 4: Put an end to distracted driving: Twenty three percent of all motor vehicle crashes involve cell phone use, and distracted driving is becoming an increasingly large problem on our nation’s roadways. Talking on a cell phone while driving makes you four times more likely to crash, and texting while driving increases your chance of crashing by up to 8 to 23 times. Visit: Stay Safe! Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna




amily Health & Support Network, Inc. Presents the Juneteenth in the Coachella Valley Celebration and Pioneer Awards Fundraiser on Saturday, June 14 at La Quinta Resort & Spa, 49-499 Eisenhower Drive in La Quinta. The seventh annual event honors African-American culture and heritage and is a benefit for Family Health & Support Network’s (FHSN) foster care and prevention & early intervention programs. The evening begins with a V.I.P. reception at 6 p.m. followed by dinner and the Pioneer Awards at 7 p.m. Guests are encouraged to wear “smart casual white.” Tickets are $65 for general admission, and $85 for V.I.P. reception and seating. Group tickets and sponsorships are also available. Tickets may be purchased by calling 760-340-2442 or by visiting www. The event will feature Actress Gye Nyame Maat as Emcee, Spokeswoman Jasmine Roy as Awards Hostess, and a keynote address by Orande Miller of Casey Family Programs in Washington D.C. Sandra Austin, CEO of FHSN said of the event “We rely on the Juneteenth Celebration and Pioneer Awards to raise funds to enhance the quality programs and services we offer and to educate our community. This means expanding beyond the familiar and learning about other cultures and beliefs so that we can create a welcoming, inclusive, and collaborative community.” This year’s Pioneer Awards theme is “It’s My Life”. It creates an opportunity to honor youth and young adults age 12-21 who demonstrate use of one or more of the seven Nquzo Saba principles in their daily living. Nominations are being accepted through May 15 in the following categories: Unity, Self Determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity, and Faith. The event also includes African-American art & culture by inviting vendors and exhibitors to participate with their cultural art, products and services This “All White Attire” evening event inspires and empowers local residents and visitors. V.I.P. tickets include a private reception with a wine tasting, passed hors d’oeuvres, photo

opportunity and live musical entertainment by Mr. Milton Hollins and Ms. Felicia Hunt. V.I.P. guests will enjoy premier seating during the Pioneer Awards and the main event, including dinner and a performance by special guest artist renowned vocalist, Ms. Alfreda James. Ms. James has been singing professionally since the age of 14, first performing with the famed gospel group The Art Reynolds Singers. As lead singer for the group, Alfreda performed all over the world including tours to Africa, Mexico, Canada and all across America. As a member of The Art-Forms, Ltd. she opened for The Platters and Frankie Laine at the Las Vegas Hilton. Her style encompasses jazz, blues, pop, R&B, and gospel. It is apparent when she sings that the depth of her feeling and conviction is grounded in gospel music. Her repertoire brings a message of hope and wholeness to the human condition. Her soulful vocal delivery has a power and energy matched by few of her contemporaries. Headlining the entertainment portion of the event is teen jazz artist Chase Huna. Driven by passion, power and purpose, jazz saxophonist Chase will delight the audience with a soulful jazz performance. Chase attends La Quinta High School and performs locally with Will Donato’s Art of Sax smooth jazz band. 100% of the proceeds from Juneteenth in the Coachella Valley directly benefit the children and families served by the Family Health & Support Network, Inc., a private non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, established in 2003 by founding members Sandra Austin, Robbie Peer, and Michael Scott. Austin continues, “FHSN currently has contracts with Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange Counties for the placement and administrative oversight of children and youth who have been removed from their homes as victims of abuse and neglect. In order that we may satisfy our contractual agreement we must recruit qualified individuals and couples to serve as certified foster parents with our network. Most importantly, we seek to become aligned with individuals who share our passion for helping children and youth. Please join us on this special evening.”


June 5 to June 11, 2014

By Denise Ortuno Neil

Palm Desert Mall Then and Now: A Retrospective


or over 30 years the largest indoor mall in the Coachella Valley has sat prominently in the heart of Palm Desert. The mall has evolved over the years providing a large variety of stores to choose from and has become a mecca for desert shoppers making it a regarded Coachella Valley’s shopping attraction. It may be hard to imagine now, but there was a time when all that was there at the corner of Monterey and Hwy 111 (besides Denny’s and Sizzler) in Palm Desert was a huge vacant piece of land. I remember it well. Having just been transplanted to Palm Desert from Orange County by my parents as a youngster, I recall being boggled by the fact that there wasn’t a big fancy mall in my new city like I was used to in the OC. It was actually pretty desolate in Palm Desert in the early 1980’s, and if you were in the in between teen years, it was even more barren.

In those days, one place to hang out in Palm Desert as a kid was at the Palm to Pines Plaza, located across the street to where the mall is today. The plaza housed a 3 screen movie theatre, cute shops including my favorite kids clothing store Prince & Princess, a McDonalds, Thrifty’s where you could get a scoop of ice cream for 10 cents and other businesses as well. One of my friends and I would entertain ourselves in the alley way behind the movie theatre playing detectives, watching patrons exit the back door to the old Village Lounge and making up stories about them…we had to be creative back then. El Paseo was half the size of what it is now and no place for children to roam. The only malls in the valley were the Palm Springs Mall, Desert Fashion Plaza, and the Indio Fashion Mall. All the malls were on extreme sides of the desert which made it slightly inconvenient for Palm Desert residents to go shopping.

But then in 1983, the Town Center Mall opened its artificially cooled doors to the delight of us all and everything became right with the world (well at least our little one). Built by Ernest M. Hahn, the mall became an instant hit with valley adults and kids alike. It was a glistening star in the midst of our blindingly black shopping sky. It came with an elaborate new cinema, an ample food court with all kinds of tasty food to consume, an arcade, lots of shops including anchor stores JCPenney, Bullocks, Bonwit Teller and May Company. There’s was even an ice skating rink which was perfect for the middle of the desert…right? All of a sudden, desert residents who only saw ice in their freezers would learn how to ice skate, and actually did quite well. For a while, it was the thing to do on weekend nights. Besides the food court, the mall had other dining alternatives including the Red Onion. The hot spot offered full dining and

a Taqueria that made awesome grilled tacos and steak nachos….yum!! When late night came around, the restaurant morphed into a nightclub, and the party destination became the mall. It was a great venue, not that I would know as I was underage at the time, and it wasn’t as if my sister let me use her ID…but if she had, I’m sure I would have had a blast! In 1999 the Town Center changed hands and became the Westfield Shopping Town (it has since been renamed Westfield Palm Desert). Westfield has malls in the United States, the U.K., and in the company’s native Australia. Their Palm Desert location has thrived over the years, bringing popular store chains to the desert shopping landscape. There are 145 stores and 24 restaurants, soon to be 25 when Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill opens this summer. The mall even has a World Gym now and most of the anchor stores have changed to include, Macy’s, Sears and Barnes & Noble. A long time has passed since the days when shopping and entertainment options in Palm Desert were few. The city has secured itself as a shopping hub in the Coachella Valley with not only exclusive El Paseo, but with the ever progressing Westfield Palm Desert. Although the ice skating rink is gone, and the Red Onion has been replaced by the Gap, the mall continues to bring in locals and visitors with their varied shopping choices. For kids and adults, there’s something for everyone at Westfield Palm Desert….still a favorite shopping attraction. For more information about Westfield Palm Desert visit


June 5 to June 11, 2014

Believing For Desi


esirae (Desi) Ava Grace Cechin is one of the most powerful young ladies to live here in our Coachella Valley, yet Desi is only five years old. In April of 2014, Desi’s parents, Laura and Terry, brought her to the ER for what they thought could be problems with her appendix. After a Computerized Tomography (CT) scan, Desi was found to have an 11 by 10 centimeter tumor wrapped around her aorta. On April 21, 2014, Desi was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. This news came on her father’s birthday. Desi was four when diagnosed. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Neuroblastoma is a cancer that develops from immature nerve cells found in several areas of the body… Neuroblastoma most commonly affects children age five or younger, though it may rarely occur in older children.” When a cancer is declared to be stage four, the cancer is known to have spread. Desi has already undergone numerous tests, blood draws, transfusions, bone scrapings, and much more.

One can only imagine the terror that can be going through the minds of Terry and Laura, but they have their shining light. With everything she has been through, all the tests, the long stays at the hospital, somehow, Desi is smiling. Laura has created a Facebook page called Believing For Desi. On this page, pictures of Desi are posted; pictures of Desi smiling, enjoying friends visiting, and spending time with her mother and father. Looking beyond the pictures are posts from Laura. Her posts are positive and tell Desi’s story from the beginning of this unfortunate journey. I read through the site starting from the beginning. Many of the posts were hard to read as Laura wrote the truth of her feelings. The journey to Desi’s recovery is moving forward with promise and hope, but Laura also wrote her own experiences. Many posts were long and heart wrenching. Detailed accounts of her breaking down, screaming, asking “why my daughter,” and her ability to pull herself together and face her daughter everyday through this “nightmare” as Laura calls it. Desi is strong and a shining light of hope that we can all learn from, but Desi received her strength from somewhere. I have no doubt that Desi received her strength from her mother Laura. I am a father of four children. Three of my children are girls and one of the three is the same age as Desi. I tearfully read through Laura’s written accounts. The emotional rollercoaster Laura writes about is something a mother and father should never have to experience. Desi has a ways to go before this battle is won. Laura and Terry want to take Desi to the best doctors who specialize in her specific condition. Unfortunately, medical bills are piling up and much is not covered through insurance. This family is part of

Linda, which is Life Stream located at 384 W Orange Show Rd. San Bernardino 92408. 909-885-6503. Let them know what type of donation your giving, provide her name (Desirae Cechin) and the name of the hospital (Loma Linda - Unit 4800).” I have also heard that Desi’s parents are trying to get on the Ellen show. Let’s help Desi get national attention. We should do our best to help this little girl out. Any donation will help. Any gesture you can give will only add to the hope this family needs the help them through these hard times. Desi’s goal is $300,000. I am confident that we can put our money toward such a worthy cause. Let us come together as a community and help out a fellow member.

our community and needs our help. Desi has an online fundraiser where you can donate for Desi is found at www.youcaring. com/medical-fundraiser/believing-fordesi/177969. I also ask that you like her Facebook page Believing For Desi. Here you can find other fundraising events and ways to help Desi out, such as the need to donate blood. Desi can accept O-positive and O-negative type blood. According to her Facebook pager, “You would have to donate at the nearest blood bank to Loma

Health &Fitness

by Personal Trainer Karen Creasey

Palm Desert Aquatic Center Announces Summer Hours and Family Summer Punch Cardshefor All Valley Residents Palm Desert Aquatic Center even more affordable to take advantage of


(PDAC), a one-of-its-kind water park in the Coachella Valley, offers an abundance of pools and water play this summer with extended recreation swim hours from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily beginning June 14 through August 31. In addition, PDAC introduces the Family Summer Punch Card, a new pre-paid 50-punch pass card. With its central location and nearly 8 acres of pool recreation and water sports, PDAC is the cool place to be this summer for the entire family. With a 50-meter Olympic sized pool featuring lap swimming, onemeter and three-meter diving boards, the Zero Depth shallow pool, Splash Playground, water slides, team sports, swim lessons, and the recently expanded shady areas, there is something for everyone to enjoy. “Our extensive water features and programs combined with a nominal entry fee make the Palm Desert Aquatic Center a perfect facility to embrace our hot summer days,” said Aquatic Manager Karen Creasey. “And, with the introduction of our Family Summer Punch Card it is now



the exceptional facilities and activities all summer long.” Featuring a Splash Playground for smaller children this mini water park within the center includes open kiddie slides, water spouts and showerheads, and a giant dump bucket that douses all in the pool every 15 to 20 minutes. Another popular highlight of the center are two larger water slides for children 48 inches and taller. For those making a day out of their visit, there is a concession stand with combo meals and a variety of reasonably priced snacks and drinks (bringing outside food and drinks into the Aquatic Center is not allowed). Daily admission to PDAC is $2.50 to $4, depending on age, for Palm Desert residents with I.D.; or $3.75 to $6 for nonresidents. The new pre-paid Family Summer Punch Card is now available for $150 for Palm Desert residents or $200 for nonresidents. The card can be used for multiple admissions on a single day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. June 1 through Aug. 31, 2014.


ARIES (March 21-April 19): “We are born with whirlwinds, forest fires, and comets inside us,” writes novelist Robert R. McCammon. “We are born able to sing to birds and read the clouds and see our destiny in grains of sand. But then we get the magic educated right out of our souls. We get it churched out, spanked out, washed out, and combed out. We get put on the straight and narrow path and told to be responsible.” That’s the bad news, Aries. But now here’s the good news: The next 12 months will offer you a series of excellent opportunities to remagic yourself. If you have not yet caught wind of the first invitation, I bet you will soon. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): “When given a choice between owning an object and having an experience,” says art critic Holland Cotter, “I always choose the experience.” He prefers to spend his money on adventures that transform his sense of self and his understanding of the world. I recommend that approach to you in the coming weeks, Taurus. The most valuable “possessions” you can acquire will be the lessons you learn, the skills you hone, and the relationships you ripen. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): In Marcel Proust’s novel Swann’s Way, the narrator speaks of how profoundly he is inspired by an older writer named Bergotte: “Each time he talked about something whose beauty had until then been hidden from me, about pine forests, about hail, about NotreDame Cathedral . . . with one image he would make that beauty explode into me.” I bring this to your attention, Gemini, because in the coming days I suspect a great deal of beauty will explode into you. Why? I think it’s because you’re more receptive than usual to being delighted and enchanted. The triggers could be anything: exciting people, eavesdropped conversations, good books, surprising music, and who knows what else? CANCER (June 21-July 22): “Little horses cannot carry great riders.” So says a Haitian proverb. Now, in accordance with the astrological omens, I’m urging you to meditate on its meaning for your life. Here are four possible interpretations: 1. Are you a “little horse” trying to carry a “great rider” who’s too much for you? 2. Are you a little horse that could grow into a bigger, stronger horse worthy of a great rider? 3. Are you a “great rider” who is in need of a horse that is big and strong enough to serve your big, strong ambitions? 4. Would you like to be a “great rider,” but you can’t be one as long as you have a horse that is too small and weak? LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Declare victory, Leo. Even if victory is not quite won yet. Even if your success is imperfect and still a bit messy around the edges. Raise your arms up in elated triumph and shout, “I am the purified champion! I am the righteous conqueror! I have outsmarted my adversaries and outmaneuvered my obstacles, and now I am ready to claim my rightful rewards!” Do this even if you’re not 100-percent confident, even if there is still some scraping or clawing ahead of you. Celebrate your growing mastery. Congratulate yourself for how far you’ve come. In this way, you will summon what’s needed to complete your mission and achieve final, total victory. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Give special attention to what will last the longest. That’s my main recommendation for you in the coming weeks. Devote less of your energy to transitory pleasures and short-term hopes. Turn away from the small obsessions that demand far too much of your energy. Withdraw from the seemingly pressing concerns that will soon start to fade because they really aren’t that important. Instead, Virgo, devote your love and intelligence to the joys and dilemmas that will animate your life well into the future. Express reverence and care for the mysteries that will teach you and teach you and teach you for years to come. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): My favorite bridge in the world is the Golden Gate Bridge. In the hundreds of times I have driven on it over San Francisco Bay, it has never let me down. I’ve always gotten from one side to the other without any

© Copyright 2012 Rob Brezsny

problem. In addition to its reliability, it uplifts me with its grandeur and beauty. What’s your most beloved bridge, Libra? I suggest that in the coming weeks you make it your lucky charm, your magical symbol. Why? Because the next chapter of your life story requires you to make a major crossing. You will traverse a great divide. Having your favorite bridge as a shining beacon in your imagination will inspire your strength and courage as you travel. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): U2’s Bono has called Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah” “the most perfect song in the world.” It is mournful and triumphant, despairing and uplifting. It’s a riddle that improbably offers cathartic release. Over 300 recording artists have done cover versions of it, and it has even been the subject of books. And yet it was a challenge for Cohen to compose. He wrote more than 80 verses before choosing the few he would actually include in the final version, and in one famous session he resorted to banging his head on the floor to stimulate his creative flow. “To find that urgent song,” he said, took “a lot of work and a lot of sweat.” I nominate “Hallelujah” to be one of your sacred symbols for the next 12 months, Scorpio. From your strenuous effort, I predict, will come masterful creations. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Let me outline the breakthroughs I hope to see for you in the coming months. First, what is pretty good about you will not interfere with what is potentially great about you, but will instead cooperate with it and boost it. Second, your past accomplishments won’t hold back your progress; you will not be tempted to rely on them at the expense of your future accomplishments. And third, the brave ideas that have motivated you so well won’t devolve into staid old dogmas; you will either renew and reinvigorate them or else move on to a new set of brave ideas. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): If you are in even moderate alignment with cosmic rhythms during the next 12 months, you will be a connoisseur and master of recycling. I’m speaking metaphorically here. What I hope is that you will reanimate wornout inspirations and convert faded dreams into shiny new fantasies. You will find ways to revive alliances that went off track. A once-vibrant shtick or trick that lost its cool could be retrieved from the ash heap of history and turned into a fresh, hot asset. Gear yourself up for some entertaining resurrections. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): I wish I could tell you that your power animal this month is the eagle or dolphin or panther. Having a glamorous creature like that as your ally might boost your confidence and charisma. To be paired with one of them might even activate dormant reserves of your animal intelligence. But I can’t in good conscience authorize such an honor. That’s not what the astrological omens are suggesting. In fact, your power animal this June is the bunny rabbit. Please understand that there is no shame in this. On the contrary. You should be charmed and appreciative. It signifies that you will be fertile, fast, a bit tricky, and very cute. (To read an essay on the mythology of the rabbit as trickster, go here: http://tinyurl. com/rabbittrickster.) PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): The Buddhist meditation teacher Chogyam Trungpa said that one of the best ways to become fearless is to cultivate tenderness. As you expand your heart’s capacity to feel compassionate affection for the world, you have less and less to be afraid of. That’s the opposite of the conventional wisdom, which says you become brave by toughening up, by reinforcing your psychic armor. Of all the signs of the zodiac, you Pisceans are best set up to benefit from Trungpa’s method -- now even more than usual. Homework: What other sign would you want to be if you could take a vacation from your actual sign? Why? Write: Rob Brezsny Free Will Astrology

June 5 to June 11, 2014

Mind, body & Spirit

by Bronwyn Ison



go by definition has several interpretations. According to Webster, it is the opinion you have about yourself. One’s ego generally speaks to the part of the mind that has a sense of individuality and self esteem. Sigmund Freud developed the three elements of the personality – known as the id, the ego and the superego – working together to create complex human behaviors. If you are egocentric you are centered in the ego or self-centered. Therefore, if one is self-centered, is this a positive or negative trait? As with anything in life everything is a matter of degree. Confidence and ego are worlds apart from one another. Displaying and having confidence is generally accepted, while a big ego carries a negative connotation. Self-preservation requires a concern and caring for one self, yet this needs to be tempered with a concern for others. We all know people who possess a heightened degree of relative selfimportance. This personality flaw is not generally observed as a social attribute. Confidence is a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something. Believing whether or not you can achieve something has a lot to do with what you think of your self. Can you succeed? If you do, fantastic… if you do not your ego becomes bruised. The “id” is driven by the pleasure principle. It is also the only component of the personality present at birth. The id seeks immediate gratification of all needs, wants, desires, and urges. In other words, it strives to meet our basic primitive urges to include hunger, thirst, anger, and sex. When these needs are unfulfilled tension and anxiety are experienced. As we know it is not realistic to get what we want when we want it. The tension that is created by this pleasure principle can be resolved by what is called the primary process. Example, you are hungry, you may form a mental image of your favorite food. Your mental image

is the primary process, also known as wish fulfillment. Until this wish is fulfilled you will remain unsatisfied. The unchecked ego can and usually will reap a negative reaction and consequence to self and the one inflicted. Famous people are well known for struggling with egoism. Recently I heard a quote, “Fame is the wrong idea of who you are.” Certainly I am not discounting that one should display a positive opinion about one’s self. Keeping yourself in check and being humble will keep you from becoming overly proud of yourself. Sigmund Freud’s daughter, Anna Freud, indicated the principal human defense mechanism, “repression,” is a process that develops as a young child. Repression involves placing uncomfortable thoughts in relatively inaccessible areas of the subconscious mind. Clearly this can be dangerous. An unchecked ego can be counterproductive, unfulfilling and harmful. Maintaining a healthy look inwardly produces a profound sense of self-worth and comfort. So, check your ego at the door knowing the benefits will produce a healthy mind and body. Want to read and learn more? Be sure to read next weeks, “Check your Ego at the Door” Part Two in next week’s CV Weekly! Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga. or (760)564-YOGA


June 5 to June 11, 2014

Life & career Coach

by Sunny Simon

Getting Procrastination Out of the Closet


hile unpacking my bags after a lovely beach vacation I opened a closet to put away some belongings. The joyful carefree mood I carried back from the coast instantly evaporated as I viewed the tangled mess of shoes and disorganized clothing. When did this happen I wondered? I always prided myself on maintaining a wardrobe where pristinely pressed clothing arranged in color hues hung neatly in the walk-in while my shoes obediently sat below in tidy rows. Okay, I’ll fess up. I had no reason fake surprise. I’ve been procrastinating over organizing that closet for several months. The word procrastination stuck in my craw like the stray sandal I discovered wedged between a pair of black pumps. Typically I am not prone to delaying action items on my “to do” list. Scrolling through my memory of months past, I realized it took me forever this year to organize tax documents for the accountant. Several other recent instances came to mind where chores remained undone until the eleventh hour. As a life coach I realized I needed to do some heavy duty self-coaching before my newly developed procrastination habit adhered itself to me like duct tape on a leaky beach ball. My concern was not why I recently fell behind. I’m human and occasionally succumb to bouts of rebellious laziness. My sole concern was instituting the fix. I immediately invoked the ten minute rule. Experts at “Psychology Today” recommend a “five-minute rule,” but I knew 300 seconds wasn’t going to cut it. I positioned the timer and spent the full ten bringing some semblance of order to the wayward shoe jumble. Feeling a bit better about the closet fiasco, I knew the next step was setting a completion date. I reviewed my schedule for Monday and slotted in

Ask The Doctor

June 5 to June 11, 2014

by dr peter kadile

Dr. Peter M. Kadile is Board Certified in Family Medicine. He has an integrative, osteopathic medical practice and is also known as the local, house call doctor; Desert House Call Physician. He is on staff at Eisenhower Medical Center and medical director for Serenity Hospice. His office is located in beautiful Old Town La Quinta, 78-100 Main Street, Suite 207, La Quinta, CA 92253. (760) 777-7439.

Summer Forecast… Lots of Sun!


another 45 minutes to complete the job. Knowing that carrot motivation works better than the stick, I promised myself when the wardrobe reflected perfection I’d treat myself to a new beach cover-up, AFTER I compiled a stack of gently used items and dropped them off in the donation box. Had I resorted to self-bribery? Yes, but for a good cause. Are you blatantly ignoring a chore? Make time to tackle the job, even if it is just ten minutes a day. Reframe the outcome and sweeten the pie. Organizing the overloaded and unkempt garage means you could hold a garage sale. Just think what you could do with the proceeds! Sunny Simon is the owner of Raise the Bar High Life and Career Coaching. More about Sunny at

ell, the heat is upon us, so I thought I would entertain some questions related to our summer desert living. Dear Dr. Kadile, what is a good SPF for sunscreen? -Brendan, Palm Springs Brendan, SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and ranges from 2 to as high as 50. It refers to the sunscreen’s ability to screen or block out the sun’s harmful rays. The number stands for the length of time one can stay in the sun using the sunscreen before burning compared to when not wearing a sunscreen. For example, if a person uses a sunscreen with an SPF 15, that person can be in the sun 15 times longer than without sunscreen before burning. Dermatologist’s recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or greater, higher SPF if you are lighter or fair skinned. Choose a sunscreen that protects against UVB and UVA radiation. If you plan on doing a lot of swimming or water activity, then I would recommend a “waterproof” sunscreen over a “water resistant” brand. A waterproof sunscreen maintains its SPF level twice as long as a water resistant product when exposed to water. Don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen because they will sweat off, so follow the directions on the bottle on how frequently you need to reapply. Dear Dr. Kadile, is there a difference between sunblock and sunscreen? -James, Desert Hot Springs James, sunblock are physical sunscreens that contain chemicals such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that physically block the ultraviolet radiation. Sunblocks provide good protection against UVB and UVA light. Some new zinc oxide products are brightly colored and are part of the “fashion” for a

lot of younger people at the beach. Most of the sunscreens we are familiar with are considered chemical and contain ingredients that act as filters to reduce ultraviolet radiation penetration to the skin. Dr. Kadile, what do you recommend for a sunburn? -Jade, La Quinta Well, prevention is always the best, but if you do get a sunburn there are several things you can do. - Apply a cool compress to the burned area - Take a cool shower or bath - Over the counter anti-inflammatories, such as ibuprofen or naprosyn can help relieve the inflammation and pain - Application of lotions containing aloe vera help to soothe and moisturize the skin. Some products used specifically for sunburn contain lidocaine, which is an anesthetic and can numb the sunburn pain. - Over the counter 1% hydrocortisone cream may help relieve the pain and itching - Vitamin E oil the skin can decrease the inflammation Dear Dr. Kadile, when is the best time to apply sunscreen? -Thomas, Rancho Mirage Sunscreen should be applied to dry skin 30 minutes before going outside.

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June 5 to June 11, 2014



June 5 to June 11, 2014


June 5 to June 11, 2014


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Coachella Valley Weekly - June 5 to June 11, 2014 Vol. 3 No. 11  

Coachella Valley Weekly - June 5 to June 11, 2014 Vol. 3 No. 11

Coachella Valley Weekly - June 5 to June 11, 2014 Vol. 3 No. 11  

Coachella Valley Weekly - June 5 to June 11, 2014 Vol. 3 No. 11

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