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April 18 to April 24, 2019






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April 18 to April 24, 2019


April 18 to April 24, 2019


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ou may know Iron Mike Tyson as the youngest heavyweight-boxing champion of the world at age 20 or as a movie star from the trilogy of Hangover films. One thing is certain; he has rolled with the punches and is passionate about his endeavor, the 420-acre entertainment complex, Tyson Ranch. With the success of last February’s KIND Music Festival, It looks as if the Coachella Valley is in his corner. Coachella Valley Weekly spoke with the former World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council undisputed heavyweight champion to talk about the success of KIND Music Festival and the continuing development of Tyson Ranch Resort. CVW: Congratulations on the success of KIND Music Festival. How do you feel it went? Tyson: “It was something beautiful where several thousand of my disenfranchised brothers and sisters that needed to see this and got in touch with each other. They made their way through the KIND Festival to interact with one another. KIND is a revolution. We’re leading the way for a new generation of health and wellness focused cannabis consumers. We call them The Kind Generation.” That’s what we brought to the desert. We use the word ‘kind’ because it’s a group of people who have similar characteristics and are good in nature. KIND is about health and wellness, unity and authenticity. Our festival challenged conventional thinking.” Photo By Steven Young Photography

CVW: You had Grammy award winning R&B artist MIGUEL, rapper A$AP FERG, L.A. punk rockers STARCRAWLER, Hip-Hop virtuoso REESE LAFLARE, UK Pop vocalist YONEE, D.I.E. and ALL MY FRIENDS HATE ME perform at KIND Festival. Were you involved in the selection the bands/artists yourself? Tyson: “They were all great and I would love to invite them back at some point. There’s a lot of great artists out there. We’ve had conversations with artists like Migos, Cardi B., and Drake.” CVW: When will the next festival be? Tyson: “It’s looking like an October date.” CVW: How is Tyson Ranch coming along? Can you give us some details about where things are? TYSON: “We will have several acres for the growing of marijuana by master growers. We will also have facilities to help the growers and those who want to become one. There will be a marijuana research and wellness center and educational school too. Cannabis was given to us by God. It was something I could see in my mind and it was beautiful and one entity. By this time next year, we’ll have everything developed, God willing.” CVW: What are some of the different aspects Tyson Ranch will provide? Tyson: “I can share with you that the Desert Hot Springs side of the property features a 5-Star health and wellness facility, high-end, luxury glamping, the longest lazy river in the world, a stadium for sporting events, and an amphitheater for concerts and entertainment. We’ll also have an acre pool with waterfalls around a water-themed resort, Tyson University (teaching all aspects of the cannabis business) and an Amtrak train stop.” “The Palm Springs side will have a Great Wolf Lodge resort, TopGolf entertainment venue, Wavegarden wave generating system, electronic sports arena, and Dave & Buster’s.” CVW: What helped you decide to build Tyson Ranch in Desert Hot Springs? Tyson: “I have so much love and respect for the community. I feel grateful to be given the chance to show that I can be an asset to the community. I love the desert. I’m looking forward to continuing to meet a

April 18 to April 24, 2019



lot of community members and sharing my vision.” CVW: Do you have any plans to build a home here? Tyson: “My home is there. Tyson Ranch is my home. It’s not developed yet but this is my home. I will be there and I am there.” CVW: What initially made you decide to go into the cannabis business? Tyson: “It’s a no-brainer. There’s so many people who need the help that have just been stigmatized. That stigma of marijuana remains and it makes it difficult for some to not come forward, embarrassed because they’re classified a certain way.” CVW: How has using cannabis helped you and changed your life? Tyson: “It has absolutely helped me. I was searching for something, it was a big mistake to get involved with illegal substances and alcohol and I was searching. Cannabis helped me get back to being myself. Weed is the miracle drug of the future. Weed got me off cocaine and alcohol. I want to promote its therapeutic benefits. I’ve smoked marijuana for over ten years to ease chronic pain from my boxing career and to treat my social anxiety and anger management issues. I’m continue to page 5


April 18 to April 24, 2019





usiness mogul and radio show hostess, Julie Montante and her brother/partner, Lenny Montante have been in the cannabis business for over 20 years on some level or another. Trailblazers in the Socal cannabis industry, the siblings initially started their research into the medicinal aspects of this miraculous herb when their mother was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 45. CVW: You have come so far over the past decades in this industry that is constantly evolving. In the beginning, did you perceive what’s going on now with your businesses? Julie Montante: “I have always geared this business towards helping and healing people. That’s why I wear so many bracelets. These are all gifts from people who we have seen into remission from cancer, HIV, neuropathy…. People are grateful and they give me gifts and I wear them. They are kind of my little symbol now and I never take them off. Again, this is about healing; people getting off of opiates and narcotics, alcohol, tobacco, and so much more.” “We really were the OG’s back when it was illegal but I never got shut down or had issues because I always tried my best to pay taxes and do what is right. There are still a lot of hurdles to overcome in the industry such as banking and financing. Taxes should definitely be lowered. The City of Palm Springs has been working on these issues. They already lowered the taxes on manufacturing, distribution and delivery and are currently working on reducing the taxes on the dispensaries which, in the long run is a cost savings that we can pass on to our patients.” CVW: What about the fact that, at this point, dispensaries are forced to run on a, “cash only” basis? Montante: “I actually don’t have a problem with that. A lot of people feel more comfortable with using cash because they would prefer not to go through their banking system. Credit cards are very expensive. They want $4.00 per transaction and unfortunately we have no control over that. People seem to think that in this industry there is a big pot of gold waiting but when you’re paying 43% in taxes, that pot of gold just isn’t reality anymore.” CVW: So Julie, I know you, but a few years ago before I ever met you I was at an event where I happened to meet some of your staff and they were not only awesome, they were like, a literal family; people who are related to each other through blood or marriage or just pure connection. Did you plan this? Montante: (Giggling) “No, not really. Anthony and Aisha still work with me. Anthony came to me from another store around 18 years ago, then came his wife. Blake has been with me for 15 years. Generally speaking, all of my employees have been working with me for a really long time.


Photos By Esther Sanchez

We don’t have any real turnover. We take good care of our staff. I don’t even consider them employees so much as family. We celebrate birthdays and milestones and if something happens we are all there for each other.” CVW: So, you guys have PSA Organica which is a traditional dispensary. You also have 420 Lounge which is the first facility in town where you can purchase product, hang out and smoke in a super-chill environment. What do you have coming in the future? Montante: “Hopefully by June, we will be opening the 420 Bank and Lounge in which we will be employing around 25 budtenders. We have a 40,000 square foot building that we are turning into a lounge/dispensary. We will have pool tables in sort of a sports bar type environment. There are a lot of little secret surprises in store that I’m not giving away just yet. You will have to wait and see, but we will have a lot going on both outside and inside. It will be a one-of-a-kind situation.” CVW: And what about 4/20? Anything special going on? Montante: “Where do I start? From opening until closing there will be so much happening! We have a barbeque, a car show, circus performers, a DJ, tons of food, prizes, gifts, swag….too much to even mention. Everyone just needs to show up.” CVW: What would you like the average person who is not familiar with the realities of cannabis to know about what it is that you guys are doing here? Montante: “Well, you have someone like this guy who comes in, a man in his 60s or 70s with a cane who comes to get the medicine that he needs to be pain free. That to me is the most important thing. Service and quality for our patients is what it’s all about. As much money that we take in, we put back out there. We take time to sit down and consult with our patients. We are never too busy to answer any questions whatsoever. We walk them through whatever steps are best for them considering their needs. Our goal is to make them happy and healthy.” PSA Organica - 400 Sunny Dunes, Palm Springs - 760-778-1053 420 Lounge - 777 E. Palm Canyon Dr.

MIKE TYSON continued from page 3 veterans. There are studies that show that

not advocating for anyone to smoke pot. I’m advocating for myself and other people who have experienced the physical and emotional pain that I have.” CVW: What type(s) of cannabis do you use? Tyson: “I use sweet diesel. I’m a sweet guy.” CVW: Are you the sole owner of this project? Tyson: “Some of my partners are some of the most prominent people from sports, entertainment and business. Tyson Ranch partners also include, Blue River Extracts & Terpenes, Redwood MJ Las Vegas, Olala Cannabis infused drinks WA, Kyle Turley Neuro XPF, The Green Shield Insurance and UCBA (United Cannabis Business Association).” CVW: When will patrons be able to legally consume cannabis at the festival? Tyson: “I believe that will be necessary. We will have a really serious answer to that question at a particular time soon.” CVW: What charities are Tyson Ranch currently involved with? Tyson: “My purpose in life is giving. We are involved with Standing United, Katie’s Art Project and Athletes for Care. Our abundance is towards giving. We have abundancies in giving and loving. That’s what our whole purpose in life is, to give.” CVW: Part of your vision with this facility and purpose is to help and support

veterans who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) receive comfort and relief from cannabis and Cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive part of marijuana. TYSON: “I want to work with veterans and employ them. I want to supply jobs, work with veterans and pay taxes. Helping to take care of the men and women who have served in the armed forces is a top priority of mine.” CVW: Anything else you would like to share with our readers? Tyson: “You are beautiful and you inspire me. I will do my best to not be a disappointment in my life now.” 2019 The Ranch Group Company Overview In 2019, The Ranch Group (TRG) has the capability to become the largest processors of CBD isolate and distillate derived from hemp in North America. Current facilities are located in Monterey, CA and Pueblo, CO, and Nashville, TN. TRG will eventually expand operations to different legal states. Recently, TRG received a California cannabis distribution license and will begin to distribute their packaged cannabis products throughout the state. Tyson Ranch cannabis products will be launched in three states: California, Nevada, and Washington. Their product line includes flower, edibles, concentrates, vape pens, and beverages. In addition, Tyson Ranch is scheduled to launch four CBD products:



enry’s Original cannabis hails from clean green certified greenhouse farmers in Mendocino County. Found in over 250 dispensaries throughout California, the company prides themselves on being grassroots, affordable, and authentic. During the week you can find Community Manager Sarah or Territory Manager Michelle at a number of dispensaries offering deals and education throughout the Coachella Valley. Offering 8th jars in THC and CBD options, 2g full flower pre-roll packs, and 1g single prerolls, their clean green certification validates that no systemic pesticides, systemic fungicides, or inorganic nutrients were used in the growing process of their flower. This creates a noticeable difference during the consumption of this product. I caught up with Territory Manager Michelle to discuss more about Henry’s Original.

Chill Water is a CBD-infused water designed to refresh, relax and recover without carbs or sugar. CopperGel, CopperGel roll-on, which is an FDA-registered OTC topical for arthritis, backache and joint and muscle pain relief and CopperGel Ice with pure hemp oil. Tyson Ranch has a joint venture with Cesar Millan to release Cesar Millan CBD and non-CBD Pet Treats. They debuted their product line in March 2019 at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando. Moreover, Tyson Ranch Insurance offers protection in the cannabis industry catering to the growers, dispensaries, collectives and more in recreational marijuana states. Tyson Hydroponic Store offers all the hydro supplies for indoor growers including nutrients, grow lights, tents and more. Tyson Ranch has a joint venture with Illadelph Custom Glass who is the creator of high-end functional borosilicate glass art. The brand has been a mainstay in the glass pipe industry since 2002. 2019 Tyson Ranch Forecast: Exploring a Massachusetts cannabis license, producing the 2nd KIND Festival in late 2019, hosting a medical-focused cannabis conference in Europe and launching their CBD products in Europe CVW: Planet 13 is a cultivation, production and dispensary operations in Las Vegas. You have teamed up with Planet 13 to launch Tyson Ranch in Nevada. Tyson: “Tyson Ranch is all about going the


CV: How did you get started with Henry’s Original? Michelle: “I applied for a brand ambassador position before Prop 64 went into effect in 2018 and they immediately recognized my capabilities and brought me on instead to grow and manage the entire Coachella Valley. It’s been an amazing ride full of fantastic relationships with both dispensaries and consumers. Our team is a true family and is always a text or phone call away to offer support and encouragement throughout the process.” CV: What do you love the most about Henry’s Original? Michelle: “I really admire our desire to be problem solvers. The industry is unpredictable, ever-changing, and truly wild. Being flexible and oriented to expect shifts daily or even hourly is really necessary. As far as our product goes, I love how consistent

April 18 to April 24, 2019 extra step to offer truly great cannabis. The Planet 13 Cannabis Entertainment Complex offers customers an ultra-premium cannabis experience that dovetails perfectly with Tyson Ranch’s belief that not all cannabis is created equal.” Charities that Tyson Ranch supports include Standing United, a non-profit organization helping people suffering from addiction and homelessness reintegrate into society and become upstanding citizens in their communities, Katie’s Art Project, connecting children facing life-threatening illnesses with emerging and established artists through collaborative programs to create a lasting legacy through art and Athletes for Care, a non-profit organization founded by former professional athletes who are uniting as one voice to advocate for research, education, and compassion when addressing important health issues. Look for Tyson’s podcast, HOTBOXIN’ with Mike Tyson and co-host Eben Britten on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and YouTube. Also, be prepared for a television series in the vein of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. Rolling with the Punches will feature Tyson playing the president of a new cannabis company.


our flower is. Although we have new strains introduced to our menu monthly, our clean green certification makes sure that quality is the utmost importance to our brand identity.” CV: Have you been to Mendocino and seen your farms? Michelle: “Yes I have and I am so excited to be returning at the end of this month. Since my last visit we have expanded greatly and I am very eager to see our new greenhouses and production spaces. Not only that, but Mendocino is truly beautiful. We grow in Laytonville and it’s such a magical place. I think that really influences the quality of our flower, to be in such a truly breathtaking natural environment.” CV: What is your favorite product? Michelle: “My favorite 8th currently would have to be Lemon Cake which is a sativa. Lemon Cake is genetically Lemon Skunk crossed with Cheese and has high levels of beta caryophyllene which is a terpene that encourages anti-anxiety. It also has 3.5mg of CBD which makes it a perfect daytime wellness smoke.” CV: Where can Henry’s Original be found in the Coachella Valley? Michelle: “This upcoming week you can head to the following dispensaries to catch myself or our Community Manager Sarah for more information and exclusive deals, Wednesday April 17th -11-2pm West Coast Cannabis Club, Cathedral City

12-3pm Royal Highness, Palm Desert 3-6pm IVTHC, Desert Hot Springs Thursday April 18th -3-6pm Joy of Life Wellness, Palm Springs (Every Thursday!!) 7-10pm Desert’s Finest, Desert Hot Springs Friday April 19th -12-3pm Atomic Budz, Cathedral City 7-10pm The Microbuddery, Desert Hot Springs Saturday April 20th -8am-11am Dank Depot, Cathedral City 11am-2pm Joy of Life Wellness, Palm Springs 1-4pm Desert’s Finest, Desert Hot Springs 3-6pm West Coast Cannabis Club, Cathedral City 5-8pm The 420 Lounge, Palm Springs 7-10pm West Coast Cannabis Club, Palm Desert More times and dates TBA. Follow us on IG at @HenrysOriginal to keep up with our in store events throughout California.


April 18 to April 24, 2019






alifornia legalized the adult consumption of marijuana January 2018. Anyone 21 years and older -- with a legal identification -- can purchase cannabis from a licensed dispensary. Fifteen months into legalization, and the Coachella Valley is working hard to become one of the State’s foremost providers of cannabis and its related products from seed to sale. Cannabis commerce in the CV is still in its infancy as cities do their best to move toward full scale growing, manufacturing, and testing furthering the region’s economic status and clout. More consumption lounges and spas are opening adding to the already popular tourist destination. The State’s requirements -- which can change from day-to-day -- and infrastructure issues have slowed down the pace of cannabis facility construction. But, the cities of the Coachella Valley continue to press forward to bring about tax revenue and economic stability to their communities. The following is a current cannabis snapshot of the CV cities’ efforts to grow an industry and cope with the changing nature of cannabis culture and commerce. CATHEDRAL CITY Cathedral City began allowing limited cannabis businesses in 2014, and in 2016 created a suite of ordinances to regulate the local marijuana industry. City Manager Charles McClendon answered questions about the city’s thriving marijuana businesses. “The pleasant surprise has been the physical improvements done to the buildings the cannabis industry uses. They have all been dramatically improved,” said McClendon. “We had a higher inventory of vacant industrial buildings, which mostly have all been occupied without the need for a lot of new construction.” Dispensaries: The city has 13 dispensaries in operation. South of the Interstate, 19 dispensaries have been licensed with no other licenses being allowed in that zone. The city has placed no limits on licenses north of the freeway, but none exist at this time. Revenue generated by dispensaries have paid $1,000,372 in taxes to the city through January 2019. Cathedral City currently has licensed three cannabis lounges -- where cannabis consumption is allowed on the premises – two are in operation.

April 18 to April 24, 2019

“Each licensed dispensary could potentially have a license for a consumption lounge,” said McClendon. Cultivation & Manufacturing: As of the end of January, the city has 15 cultivators in operation occupying 72,592 square feet with 14 manufacturers in operation. Another + - 670,000 square feet of cultivation space is in the planning or development phase. Through January, cultivators have paid $846,233 in taxes and manufacturers have paid $770,008. Cathedral City also allows testing labs. Currently, only one is in operation. Since the city legalized cannabis sales, manufacturing and cultivation, McClendon estimates the total paid to the city for the current fiscal year through June will be + - $4 million in taxes and + - $250,000 in permits. According to McClendon, the processing of all the cannabis related applications has been a strain on staff resources. “The primary effect of the cannabis business has been the diversification of our local economy with an additional source of revenue, jobs and economic activity,” said McClendon. “We envision the cannabis industry to continue to be a key part of our local economy.” COACHELLA The City of Coachella adopted ordinances in 2016 for medical cannabis cultivation and processing. Economic Development Director Gabriel Martin, answered questions about the growing business of cannabis commerce. Dispensaries: The city has set a maximum of 10 dispensaries and has licensed four. Currently, The Lighthouse, is the only dispensary in operation. Tax revenue for the current fiscal year is $200,000. Coachella has no cannabis lounges at this point, but will allow a maximum of 10. Cultivation & Manufacturing: The city has entitled approximately 235 acres for industrial cannabis development and 3.5 million square feet existing and proposed cannabis cultivation projects. Two small facilities totaling 25,000 square feet of cultivation and manufacturing are in operation, and have generated $93,000 in tax revenue to the city. Coachella allows all ancillary cannabis businesses, but the economic and fiscal impact has not been monetized. City fees have totaled $120,000 and the city’s cannabis tax revenue for cultivation is $293,000. According to Martin, the biggest challenge for

the City of Coachella is the lack of infrastructure. Working with the local utility company, Imperial Irrigation District (IID) to install the needed substations and electrical infrastructure to provide the entitled projects electricity so they can commence construction of the licensed facilities has been difficult. What has surprised city officials most is the high demand for cannabis related products and the innovative and energy efficient technology that can be implemented for cultivation. “Cannabis has revitalized and rehabilitated our ‘Auto Wrecking Zone,’” said Martin. “It has allowed for the construction of new buildings and rehabilitation/repurposing of blighted buildings. Cannabis is generating new jobs, increasing tax revenue and allowing for social equity opportunities.” Coachella has demonstrated that they have a pro-cannabis friendly City Council and City staff who are willing to work with cannabis businesses to navigate through all the State/City Conditional Use Permit (CUP) entitlements, regulatory permit and licensee processes. “The city has ample land ready for construction development with a Fast-Track Process that can expedite permitting and licensing of all cannabis related businesses,” said Martin. Coachella has established partnerships with cannabis networks that promote cannabis advocacy and education to cannabis businesses. IID provides Coachella with lower electrical rates than other parts of the State. “We hope to be the cannabis capital of the state allowing all aspects of the cannabis industry and businesses to flourish and grow to its full potential,” said Martin about the future of cannabis commerce in Coachella. “The City of Coachella is open for business. We have a young, family oriented community that supports the growth and prosperity of the cannabis industry.” DESERT HOT SPRINGS Residents voted in favor of the selling and cultivation of marijuana in 2014. Roberta Crncic, Deputy City Clerk compiled and completed answers about the City of Desert Hot Springs growing cannabis industry. Dispensaries: There are currently nine dispensaries in operation with two more expected to open soon. With all authorized applicants, the city will have a maximum of 19 dispensaries. Cannabis tax revenue from dispensaries for the city’s current fiscal year is $733,837. Cannabis lounges have not been approved, but are under consideration to be determined by the City Council. Cultivation & Manufacturing: The City of Desert Hot Springs currently has in operation approximately 200,000 square feet of cultivation, manufacturing and ancillary use, with an approximate 15 million square feet under construction and/or development. Revenue generated for the city’s current fiscal year from cultivation and manufacturing is $806,877. The city estimates that since April 2015 (including this fiscal year), the cannabis tax collected is $4,167,411. Sales tax alone is estimated to be over $144,745. INDIO The City of Indio has not yet legalized cultivation or the sale of cannabis within City limits. “Because regulations in the State continue to change, the City Council has asked me to arrange future discussions,” said Mark Scott, Indio City


Manager. “We are likely to do that in the next few months.” According to Scott, Indio has had no problems with the neighboring cities that sell, grow or manufacture cannabis. “The new industry has not affected us negatively to date,” said Scott. “All the cities in the CV work cooperatively in evaluating activity that may affect one another. We have been in touch with Coachella, Cathedral City, Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs to share notes and learn from their experiences.” “We are very interested in knowing as much as we can about the opportunities and challenges,” said Scott. “We are trying to follow the evolving State regulatory market, and we are attentive to the variety of approaches to implantation, and lessons learned. This is clearly an emerging industry and we will continue to evaluate our City’s options.” INDIAN WELLS The City of Indian Wells does not allow the sale, cultivation or manufacturing of cannabis. According to Peter Castro, Assistant to the City Manager, the cannabis industry has had no effect on the community and will play no role in the city’s future. “Commercial cannabis is not allowed in Indian Wells,” said Castro. “It’s prohibited.” LA QUINTA The City of La Quinta currently has a ban on dispensaries, cultivation and production, and only allows licensed and certified delivery services to home-bound medical patients. “Our community hasn’t been impacted by the cannabis industry,” said Linda Evans, Mayor of La Quinta. “Our residents can access the product in neighboring cities if they so choose.” According to Evans, La Quinta residents have not expressed a strong interest in having a location within the City limits nor have there been complaints about misuse, odor or disturbances related to cannabis use. “Our Ad Hoc Cannabis Committee meets regularly to ensure we are aware of changes in the law so we can continue to evaluate our position going forward,” said Evans. PALM DESERT The City of Palm Desert formed a Cannabis Committee in 2016 to explore cannabis related businesses, and in 2017 the city developed a cannabis related ordinance. City officials collaborated, compiled and completed answers about the cannabis industry in their community. Dispensaries: According to Eric Ceja, Palm Desert Principal Planner, there are five operating dispensaries – West Coast Cannabis Club, Libra by HOTN, Palm Royale Collective, The Leaf on El Paseo, and Royal Highness. The city has set a limit of six dispensaries. Janet Moore, Director of Finance, City of Palm Desert, reported the tax revenue generated through dispensaries in the current fiscal year is $152,002. The city currently has no plans at this time for cannabis lounges. Cultivation & Manufacturing Palm Desert has no cannabis cultivation or manufacturing businesses in operation. However, the city has approximately 66,000 square feet approved for the growing and production of cannabis. “The total income in city fees and taxes since allowing cannabis businesses is $238,795,” reported Moore. “Everything is new for us, and other continue to page 6


April 18 to April 24, 2019

CV CANNBIS COMMERCE continued from page 9 communities across the State,” said Lauri Aylaian, Palm Desert, City Manager. “When it comes to cannabis, our biggest challenge has been staying on top of California’s fast changing regulatory landscape.” For Palm Desert, the cannabis industry is in its infancy with the first businesses only opening within the past six months. “It’s too early to tell how the cannabis industry has affected our community,” said Aylaian. “We will have a better idea of the cannabis industry’s impact on Palm Desert next year.” Aylaian has been pleasantly surprised by the high level of sophistication, expertise and business acumen demonstrated by some of the cannabis business owners. “Palm Desert is unique in the Coachella Valley in that we have an unusually diverse cannabis retail portfolio – from mainstream shops to a beautiful high-end boutique on El Paseo,” said Aylaian. “We invite shoppers to come and discover the range of retail options available here.” Aylaian believes Palm Desert’s “deliberative and measured” approach to cannabis sets the city apart. “We have been cautious, starting out with a limited number of cannabis business licenses to help us evaluate impacts,” said Aylaian. “Cannabis will never be a revenue mainstay for the City of Palm Desert, but it does diversify and enhance our economic portfolio.” PALM SPRINGS The City of Palm Springs was one of the first communities in the state to allow the sale of medicinal marijuana. In 2014, the city adopted an ordinance to legally operate medicinal cannabis cooperatives

and collectives. Veronica Goedhart, Director of Special Projects/Cannabis and Vacation Rental Compliance compiled and completed answers. Dispensaries: The City of Palm Springs has six dispensaries operating and there is no limit on the number of dispensaries allowed. For the fiscal year through December 2018, cannabis dispensaries generated $755,902 in tax revenue. Palm Springs allows cannabis lounges with one in operation and another scheduled to open in April. The city has no cap on the number of lounges it will permit. Cultivation & Manufacturing: There are currently 53,154 square feet of cannabis cultivation. Data on manufacturing square footage was not available at the time of publication. Square footage for cultivation yet to be developed and/or in the planning process as of January, is 134,050 square feet. According to Goedhart, revenue generated by cannabis cultivation for the fiscal year 18/19 through December is $120,948. Goedhart did not provide an estimate of the total income in fees and taxes paid to the city since allowing cannabis sales, manufacturing and cultivation stating: “The amount of permit fees charged, only provide for the staff and City expense to complete the permitting process – it is not a revenue generating fee. The above numbers reflect the City income generated by cannabis taxes.” Palm Springs City Manager, David Ready added: “The City permits Cannabis business operations for the purpose of adult recreational use, commercial medical transport and distribution, manufacturing, dispensary, and



l Paseo Shopping District will once again welcome the worldfamous Budweiser Clydesdales on Wednesday April 24, as they make deliveries to restaurants on El Paseo on their way to the Stagecoach Country Music Festival. They will be unloaded and hitched on the frontage road parallel to Highway 74 behind the Daily Grill beginning at 12:45 p.m., and begin their journey down El Paseo at 2 p.m. The eight-horse hitch and red Budweiser beer wagon will be accompanied by the Dalmatian “coach dog,” bred and trained to protect the regal horses and guard the beer wagon. This event is free and open to the public to watch along the route or plan to have lunch in one of the many fun restaurants to enjoy watching the Clydesdales at work. Throughout the year the El Paseo Shopping


District is home to many popular events, including Fashion Week El Paseo, A Miracle on El Paseo, Swing ‘N Hops, and many others. With 9 blocks covering over a mile, El Paseo offers an abundance of dining and shopping options with more than 220 businesses including nearly 40 restaurants. Among the many celebrated retailers are boutiques for men and women, art galleries, home furnishings, and accessories from shoes and handbags to fine jewelry, collectibles, as well as fitness facilities. A variety of exceptional restaurants offers something for everyone, from casual dining and American cuisine, to fine dining and extraordinary cuisine. For more info about the El Paseo Shopping District and scheduled special events, please visit

cultivation as permitted by City Code and the State of California. The collective tax revenue for the current fiscal year through March 31, 2019 is $1.459 million. The City has projected $2 million in cannabis tax revenue for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019” According to Goehart, the biggest challenges are the ever-evolving business regulations and compliances. Since the State of California legalized adult consumption in 2018, it has undergone a multitude of revisions regarding all aspects of the cannabis industry creating challenges for local municipalities and cannabis entrepreneurs. “The cannabis business is new and emerging,” said Goehart. “Many of the financial predictions regarding the cannabis market fell short. This is still a new and emerging business for the City and it is difficult to predict the future.” For Goehart, the biggest surprise has been the applicants. “Applicants present new and exciting business plans, and are able to put their own unique touch on their projects,” said Goehart. “Endless possibilities and ideas!” “Palm Springs was an early adopter of cannabis regulation,” said Goehart. “Medical cannabis has benefited the Palm Springs community for several years. The legalization of commercial medical and adult recreational cannabis has removed stigma and stereotypes regarding cannabis use. There is greater acceptance. The community will see the benefits of the revenue generated from the businesses in the City.” Goehart concluded, “The City of Palm Springs is working to build a model program with the community, businesses and local government officials all striving to work together to create nurturing and strong relationships.”

RANCHO MIRAGE The commercial sale, cultivation and/ or manufacturing of cannabis products, and cannabis lounges are prohibited in the City of Rancho Mirage. Brian Kephart, Senior Compliance Officer & Emergency Services Coordinator answered questions about cannabis commerce in his community. The only ancillary cannabis business allowed in Rancho Mirage is cannabis delivery service. “Delivery can only be from State licensed locations based outside of Rancho Mirage,” said Kephart. A handful of delivery licenses have been issued by the city with less than $500 a year in collected fees. According to Kephart, the biggest challenge for the city regarding cannabis is an increase in nuisance complaints regarding the odors from neighboring jurisdictions. “The City of Rancho Mirage provides up to $25 a month reimbursement for transportation expenses to obtain medical cannabis from dispensaries in other cities,” said Kephart. “More information is available at, under Applications & Forms.” In Conclusion: Cannabis is growing across the CV, and is on the verge of blossoming into a significant industry. However, the Federal government -- current administration -- is not in favor of legalizing cannabis and remains steadfast against it. Time will tell if the promises of the “Green Hope” will be actualized for communities. For now, in California it is the end of prohibition, and the fiscal and social impact of cannabis commerce continues to evolve.



e’ve started a tradition here in the desert that will only get more amazing each year as we gather our pack of Chihuahua loving animal enthusiasts. Venus de Fido along with their fabulous friends and sponsors: Loving All Animals, CV Weekly, Pet Companion Magazine, Spoiled Dog Designs, PSA Organica and Club DSS are excited to present our 2nd Annual Chihuahua Palooza, held on Cinco de Mayo from 3 – 5pm. We are proud to announce that Loving All Animals will bring adorable adoptable pets and receive a portion of the proceeds. We invite you to join us for drinks & treats for pets and parents, fun, games and prizes, all for $15 per person with an unlimited size pack. Most Photogenic Photo Contest - submit a photo by using #venusdefido for a chance to be featured in our Chihuahua most photogenic contest. (Submit today through 3pm on May 5th) Chihuahua Trivia Contest – 3pm Running of the Chihuahuas – 3:15pm Simon Barks – 3:30pm The howl-a-thon – 3:45pm Trick Tips for Chihuahua’s – 4pm Star Search for Coachella’s Top Chihuahua Model Contest – 4:15pm How many Chihuahuas can we pack into the park? It will be a sight to see. If you have a mixed breed or a mixed pack, it’s ok; all dogs are welcome. Treats Samples & Party Favors for the first 50 guests to RSVP at our website Games & Prizes, Demos & Shopping, Raffles & Good Times for a Good Cause at Venus de Fido at 73600 Alessandro Dr. Palm Desert, one block


north or 111 & 1 block east of San Pablo. (This is an on & off leash public event. Not all dogs attending will be temperament tested or required to show proof of vaccinations, but we highly recommend that parents only bring pets that are socially well mannered and vaccinated.) A special thank you to our sponsors: Loving All Animals for being our chosen charity and bringing adoptable pets– Rep to Judge CV Weekly for advertising and Web Advertising – Rep to Judge Pet Companion Magazine for Promotional Print Cost and Web Advertising – Rep to Judge Spoiled Dog Designs for providing Shopping Kioske, Fashions, Raffle Prizes– Rep Judge PSA Organica – Food Sponsor and CBD Dog Treat Kioske – Rep Judge Club DSS – Training Tips Demo, Raffle Prizes– Rep Judge Pampered Pet – Raffle Prizes



oachella Valley is the land of festivals. With two weeks of Coachella, Stagecoach, and many other festivals throughout the year (Rhythm, Wine, & Brews and the one-off legendary Desert Trip) we’ve earned our spot on the map as a live music destination. What locals know, and many visitors don’t, is that there is so much more to do here. A particularly unique activity to add to your desert to-do list, is Desert X. This biennial interactive art experience is in its second year and spans from Whitewater to the Salton Sea with nineteen different art exhibits that are extremely Instagrammable. All are free and open to the public and range from sculptures to virtual reality experiences. Find the map on their website, www., and plot your path as you visit as many as you can before catching the set of your first Coachella artist of the day. While you’re checking out the Desert X spots on that side of the valley, a trip to Joshua Tree National Park is a must. This park draws rock climbers, hikers, and tree lovers alike with its beautiful namesake Joshua trees, interesting rock formations, flora and fauna, and even a view of the San Andreas Fault. Go to jotr/index.htm for directions, closings, and any other important info. Joshua Tree is just one of many exciting outdoor escapes in the valley. For hikers looking to get a healthy start to their day before heading into the festival madness, there are many popular trails to hit. In Palm Desert, the




Bump ‘N Grind and the Cross are the two most easily accessible and well-traversed trails. This website will give you directions to those hikes (or any others in the valley): california/palm-desert. Great news for locals and visitors – the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is back open! Take a two and a half mile ride in the world’s largest rotating tram car to the top of San Jacinto State Park at 8, 516 ft. altitude. Once at the top, you can dine at two restaurants, look over the valley from the observation decks, check out the natural history museum or the gift shop, or even take a hike (there are over 50 miles of hiking trails). Tram tickets are $25.95 and can be purchased online in advance: or at the station the day of. You may not see Ke$ha this year at Coachella, but you can visit where she shot her video, “Praying,” at Salvation Mountain. This bright and colorful mountain is a work of art in and of itself and is worth the trip to Niland, past the Salton Sea. Entrance is free and down the road you can visit Slab City and East Jesus, eclectic, strange, and intriguing areas of art and sculptures that you have to see with your own eyes to believe (www. For anyone still looking to perfect their festival look, Coachella Valley is a haven for fashionable shoppers. El Paseo, also known as the Rodeo Drive of the desert, has hundreds of shops – from clothing to hair salons and restaurants. You can find upscale stores the likes of Gucci and Saks 5th

Avenue here, as well as locally-owned boutiques such as Blonde, BG’s, and Grayse. The food options are plentiful – and delicious. Piero’s Pizza Vino has authentic Italian cuisine with a walletfriendly all-day happy hour in the bar. Kitchen 86 is new to the street and serves food until 2am for those who rocked out so hard all day they forgot to eat. For festival ‘dos and braids, El Paseo is home to many salons, including Mai Salon and Sherry Mesa the Salon, both specializes in the best of festival hairdos. For a full directory of stores: www. While you’re in the desert cities, try some of the eateries that have become institutions. Many would say a trip here isn’t complete without trying a sandwich or a slice of cake (both the size of your head) from Sherman’s Deli, which has locations in Palm Springs and in Palm Desert ( Shields Date Garden is known for its infamous, and sinfully delicious, date shake ( Another perfect choice for drinks and delicious food before hitting the festival is Jackalope Ranch in Indio. Their BBQ is to die for and will help fuel a night of dancing and walking the polo grounds (www. Not to worry if you spend a lot of money on drinks and food at the festival – there are several casinos nearby that you can double down at and win your money back (or lose it all, such is gambling). Check out Fantasy Springs Resort Casino ( and

Spotlight 29 in Indio, or Red Earth Casino in Thermal. ( This is only an abbreviated list of the entertainment this valley holds. A few other ideas: Escape Games at the River in Rancho Mirage (, Jeep Tours (, Laser Oasis in La Quinta (, Shots in the Night at Indian Wells Golf Resort (www.indianwellsgolfresort. com/shots_in_the_night), or Boomers in Palm Springs ( Enjoy your time at the festivals and have fun exploring the Coachella Valley!

tables. Not just a restaurant, but an experience. Located at 79940 Westward Ho Dr. on the corner of Jefferson St. in Indio. 760-200-9844 or visit Next up is Alps Village Restaurant at 77734 Country Club Dr. in Palm Desert. Open from 11:30am – 8:30pm. This restaurant is so warm and inviting due to owner Blanca and her sister Zrinka making you feel like your family. The food is amazing and the bar has all my favorite wines like La Crema Pinot and a refreshing rose and my Ketel One Cucumber Mint vodka (not many places carry the new botanicals). They also have a big barrel of house made infused vodka with pineapple that is quite tasty. But their food is what will keep you going back. Just a few favorites are their Cold Cucumber Soup (yes…I have a cucumber thing going), their Chicken Cabbage Soup (which you’re going to need if you have a hangover and need a quick cure), the fresh Berry Salad and the Alps Beet Salad are yummy, you’ll have to try their Oktoberfest Soft Pretzel (individual or a large one to share with friends) with several special mustard sauces for dipping and what I like to refer to as their crack cheese/butter which is a little bit of heaven, the signature sausage platter and the cheese fondue are not to be overlooked. All of their entrees are delicious but I suggest the Linguini Garlic Shrimp, the Linguini Chicken

Alfredo (hard to say which of those is my fav), the Lamb Chops, the Mama Milka’s Stuffed Cabbage and the Beef Shish Kebab. They have a full menu and also serve several types of pizzas. It is the best German food in the desert and they offer Glutenfree, vegetarian and vegan options. 760-200-5400 or Miramonte Resort in Indian Wells is both my pick for dining and Spa. The Well Spa is hands down my favorite Spa in the desert providing the best therapists. While all of the therapists are top-notch, I recommend Monica and Jay as my favorites. Whether you are staying at the property, just enjoying a massage or catching a meal at Citrus & Palm Restaurant or enjoying a cocktail in the Tavern Bar, you will feel like you’ve been transported to a Mediterranean style villa with beautiful desert mountain views. In the restaurant Chef Paul Hancock has created a tasty menu with some very unique flavors. If I’m feeling like having a drink and appetizer in the bar, I enjoy their Fish Tacos or Lobster Quesadilla. My go to meal in the restaurant is the King Salmon, always prepared to perfection, crusty on the outside and moist on the inside, with root vegetables and the best Farro Risotto you will ever taste. Other tasty items include the Lobster Salad, Rosemary Beef Brochette, Tuna Poke, Pumpkin Tamales and the Imperial Montana Wagyu Beef Bolognese Spaghetti. They have a full menu with many other delicious items to choose from along with a unique craft cocktail menu. They also have an amazing Brunch every Sunday 9am-1:00pm. You won’t regret stopping by this beautiful property located at 45000 Indian Wells Lane, Indian Wells. Call 760-341-7200 or visit www.miramonteresort. com. Cork & Fork is another one of my favorite restaurants and is located close to festival grounds and a couple of hotels you might be staying at. A smaller eatery that is always packed, I suggest making a reservation in advance (like as soon as you read this). Owner Andie Hubka has created a place that us locals love to dine at and enjoy small plates that can be shared. Everything

on the menu is fantastic, but let me suggest the Poached Lobster Shooters in butter (yes!! And they are amazing!), Goat Cheese Bruschetta (you’ll never have it anywhere else as good), Local Date Plate (you’re here in the land of dates you might as well partake), Ahi Sesame Poke Nachos (so good), Street Tacos , Filet Mignon or Tequila Lime Shrimp (yes they are as delicious as they sound), the Nonno Pizza with smoked mozzarella, Fulvio’s Italian sausage (local Weatherman/Eye on the Desert Entertainment host Patrick Evans’ family sausage that’s all the rage here), shallots, fresh rosemary and balsamic; definitely one of my fav pizzas, and of course, the Seared Scallops with maple sweet potato puree, brown butter and sage. This is my favorite place in the desert to get Scallops because I’m one picky person when it comes to them being prepared to perfection and Cork & Fork always gets it right. They are also known for their wine tasting flights. Located at 47875 Caleo Bay Dr. in La Quinta. Call 760-7777555 or visit A couple other hot spots I suggest are Stuft Pizza, which has 2 locations: 78015 Main St. #100 in La Quinta 760- and their other location at Westfield Shopping Mall 72840 Highway 111 in Palm Desert. I’ve never had a bad meal there and the menu is SUPER extensive so there’s something for everyone. They also do takeout. Call 760-7779989 or visit If you’re looking to hang out at the local bar that hosts the most Live Local Bands, then checkout The Hood Bar & Pizza (check out their music lineup on page 17 in this issue). As in their name they have excellent pizza and their Tots are the deal! 74360 Highway 111 in Palm Desert 760636-5220. One of my favorite smaller neighborhood bars is Desert Fox located at 44750 San Pablo in Palm Desert. This bar has that old school Martini bar feel with live music (check their ad on page 16) and yes…they also have my Ketel One Cucumber Mint vodka. Ok, my work here is done! Get out and enjoy the Coachella Valley!



o help all of you festival attendees navigate the waters while you’re here in town I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite restaurants, bars and spas. These are places that never let me down and I hope you will enjoy them too. Let’s start with Big Rock Pub in Indio at. Obviously you’re into music or you wouldn’t have spent all that money to attend Coachella and brave the harsh temperatures and howling winds. So Big Rock is your place. It’s almost like a museum as it has so much rock & roll memorabilia hung all over the walls. The bathrooms are even decked out. Owner Ken Hanna has done an amazing job with his vast guitar and memorabilia collection even hanging every guitar himself. You will also get to catch some great entertainment while there which you can check their ad in this paper or go to their website. But most important is their delicious food. They have my favorite French Dip Sandwich that is to die for. Other tasty menu items include savory appetizers like Charred Brussel Sprouts tossed with Applewood Bacon, House Made Potato Chips with Blue cheese, Elote Mexican street Corn, Chile Verde Nachos, Charred Edamame with Togarashi seasoned Soybeans, a delicious Hummus Duo, House Made Onion Rings, a crisp Wedge Salad and the best Chicken Tenders, just to mention a few. A couple of my favorite entrees include their Grilled Salmon with toasted Israeli Couscous, 12 oz. NY Strip Steak, Half Roasted Creole Chicken, Beer Battered Fish & Chips and the their Pub Burger is the best burger around accompanied by my favorite French Fries anywhere. They also have fun craft cocktails like the Band Hattan, Purple Rain, Strawberry Fields Forever, Paradise City, Heat of the Moment and Stairway to Heaven just to name a few. Trust me you don’t want to leave this off your list of places to go. They also have a beautiful outdoor patio overlooking a golf course and even have pool

April 18 to April 24, 2019


April 18 to April 24, 2019






n 2017, her first alternative knockout single, “No Roots,” went to No. 1 and exploded into an international smash. With the breakout success of her EP No Roots, Alice Merton made the logical next maneuver and recorded a phenomenal LP. Her debut album MINT was released January 18, 2019 via her own label Paper Plane Records International. After graduating from the University of Popular Music and Music Business in Germany, Merton founded Paper Plane Records International with her manager Paul Grauwinkel, while crafting songs alongside cowriter and producer Nicolas Rebscher. As a reference point, “No Roots” topped Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart in the United States, hit the Top Ten in 9 other countries, was streamed more the 300 million times and sold over a million units that ultimately helped her go platinum in seven countries. How does an artist outdo that? In addition to seven Platinum Awards for her debut single in Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Austria and Turkey, Merton has also won the Echo Award, EBBA Award and the Jugend Kulterell Prize for Acoustic Pop. You can see how tremendous it is to record what many are calling the ‘best of album of 2019’ so far! Coachella Valley Weekly spoke with Merton about her first Coachella and the inspiration from MINT. CVW: This is your first Coachella as a performer and spectator. What are you and your band looking forward to most? Merton: “I’m really excited about our set time at 4:50 p.m. I’m thrilled! That for us, still starting out, I’ve been touring for almost two and a half years. It’s such a pleasure and a privilege to play on the Gobi stage. I’m very excited. I do have to admit I’m very nervous. I can’t wait to feel the crowd and atmosphere and see what it’s like playing at Coachella. It’s my first time and we’re very excited because none of us have ever played there so it’s going to be fun. I’m currently in Los Angeles just stepping out of rehearsal for the moment.” CVW: Your music is, to me, is pop/dance/ alternative in nature. What should Coachella fans expect from your set? Merton: “I’m feeling pretty confident I’m really excited for our set. We just finished our European leg of the tour. We’ve had a lot of shows and practice. It’s gonna be a fun set. I’m really excited to show people the new songs

from the album and kind of just let the songs flow into each other which is also a really fun thing and just have people dance I love making people dance and just having a good time with them.” CVW: MINT is a significant album after the success of your 2017 NO ROOTS EP, which garnered you worldwide praise and several awards. What was the thought behind MINT? Merton: “For me, mint has always been very calming and refreshing. When everything started happening two years ago, we started touring, doing interviews and playing many live shows, I would get very anxious and nervous the only thing that really would actually help me was mint. I decided to dedicate my album to the plant. It played such an important part in me being able to do all these things. At that the same time, I look at mint as fresh. It gives you this feeling that you can breathe. That’s how I felt when we put out “NO ROOTS” and the EP without a major label because I didn’t feel the pressure of having it do well. Especially because everyone said, ‘it’s very different and we’re not sure it’s going to work on the radio,’ that’s what I love about it as well, it has this metaphor of being really fresh and different kind of feeling but still feeling free at the same time to not have the pressure of everyone saying ‘it has to work.’” CVW: The music on NO ROOTS and MINT is uplifting and danceable. Where does the music come from? Merton: “There’s always gonna be a certain part of it that’s kind of coming from myself without me knowing it, just a natural kind of wanting to have people feel good after a concert coming out feeling energized and wanting to hear more. All the topics I write about, I want to turn it into something positive even if the message of the song is something that could be negative, I wanna still spin it. I like the contrast of making a sad song sound happy. That’s always been one of my mottos. It’s also important to take those messages and flip them over and see the positive side of it by making it ‘dancy’. It’s about saying, ‘you know what, life sucks sometimes but who cares I’m just gonna dance!’” CVW: What is the make-up of your band? Merton: “My band consists of three members and myself. We have drums, guitar and synths/ keys. We always try to make everything very portable because we’re travelling from Europe so we take all of our equipment with us. There’s not too many of us. It’s the right size to be on

stage and have a good time.” CVW: Do you have any ‘in-between Coachella’ plans? Any artists you’re interested in seeing? Merton: “We have a few shows midweek in Vancouver and Seattle. We’re kind of in and out. We’ll be at Coachella for three days. I want to see some of the other artists. There’s a French singer, Jain, who I’ve always wanted to see live but I’ve never had the time. I met her in Paris, which was wonderful. I haven’t actually met many of the people playing this year. It’ll be exciting to see the line-up. I’ll be in the crowd just watching as many performances as possible.” CVW: What has it been like to own your own label Paper Plane Records? Merton: “I really enjoy it. For my career, it’s awesome that I can have the control over that. Also, if I ever feel it’s becoming too much or I feel I don’t want to tour as much or I want to spend more time in the studio there’s no one telling me I can’t. There’s no one saying, ‘this is what you should do.’ Obviously, I get to work with really wonderful people who understand my vision but they also understand that I want to be doing this for a while. I don’t want to burnout after three or four years. I want to take it as it comes and really enjoy the process of making music and performing. I like it in that sense. It does create a lot of work. There are so many decisions that have to be made. It’s a never-ending process because you’re always planning things and having new people to work with. I also want to sign other artists one day to my label, work with them as well as a songwriter, and help them





his young New Zealand band took The Rolling Stones stage by storm! Meet Drax Project coming off their latest hit single “Woke Up Late,” featuring multiplatinum-selling artist and Academy Awardnominated actress Hailee Steinfeld and their music video features YouTube star Liza Koshy, who made a surprise appearance for the show. We caught up with the band in an online interview between a hectic tour schedule. CVW: Congratulations on all of your success! Welcome to Coachella Music and Arts Festival and of course, our home, the Coachella Valley. What does your name mean and how did you come up with it? DRAX: “Drums and Saxophone = Drax :)” CVW: What did you learn from busking on

develop and figure out where they want to go with their career.” CVW: I have a sneaky suspicion that you have enjoyed “getting it right” with the natural progression of your career. Merton: “Even when we put out our music and didn’t have a label and we did it ourselves it was such a wonderful feeling. It was a feeling of, ‘wow, we actually achieved something,’ it makes it even more special. I remember when we had our first gold record in Germany, we didn’t have the money back then because obviously it takes a while to come in to actually spend on making really expensive gold records, It cost like 500 or 600 Euros a piece and so we made them ourselves. We literally sat there and ordered the parts that we needed but we were the ones to put it all together and then giving them to our partners and people we are thankful for was such a rewarding feeling. It was very ‘do-it-yourself’ but it made us feel we achieved something and that it’s actually worth something.” CVW: You were born in Germany and lived in Canada and the United States. My presumption is that your life experiences thus far have had an impact on your songwriting process. Merton: “Sometimes I think it happens subconsciously. A lot of the times I don’t actually notice what goes on around me but I think it still plays a very big role in my songwriting and in the production. Like being in Berlin for example, it has a very big techno and night scene with dancing and clubs. That really kind of inspired me. I don’t go to that many clubs. I don’t like being in really full places but I love dancing and creating music that is upbeat and makes me feel good. That definitely played a role when I moved to Berlin and played a role in the soundscape. The lyrics stem form a lot of my childhood memories. There’s a song called “Homesick” on the album that talks about what it was like living in Canada and growing up realizing through all the moves, I don’t really miss one place but I always miss people. I get very sad and emotional if I haven’t seen certain people in a really long time. The surroundings play a role but also the people who I meet through my travels.” Catch Alice Merton on the Gobi stage from 4:50 to 5:35 p.m. on Sunday April 21st.


the streets? DRAX: “People only stop and give you money if you’re interesting and or loud.” CVW: How did this experience shape you as musicians and performers? DRAX: “We learned a lot of covers while busking and playing bar gigs and it helped a lot when we started to try and write our own music.” CVW: What’s the hardest thing about busking? DRAX: “Finding a spot to park your car that isn’t too far away so we didn’t have to carry our drum kit and bass amp very far!” CVW: What is the difference in how you play now on large stages compared to the streets? DRAX: “It’s a really difficult question to answer because it’s been like 5 years since we went busking regularly and pretty much everything is different now. When we were busking Shaan couldn’t sing because we didn’t have a mic on the street, so we used to play all the melodies on saxophone. One of the main differences that feels good is probably that we get to play music we created to crowds who all know the lyrics. It’s the best feeling.” CVW: What has been the most surprising aspect of your rapid climb of musical success? DRAX: “I think for us it hasn’t felt necessarily rapid, but in the last year since Woke Up Late came out it’s definitely accelerated. The fact that we’re at Coachella now because of music and being a band is amazing and surprising at the same time.” CVW: What has been the most difficult aspect of transitioning to being full-time musicians? DRAX: “Living out of a suitcase. Definitely



os Angeles-based trio, Wallows, which includes, Braeden Lemasters (vocals, lead guitar, bass guitar), Cole Preston (drums, backing vocals), Dylan Minnette (vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards) have played major festivals like Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, Life Is Beautiful, and Voodoo Music + Arts Experience. Wallows are now gearing up for another headlining tour, which they’ll kick off by making their Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival debut. Having released their full-length Alt-rock debut album Nothing Happens, with the help of Grammy Award-winning producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Future Islands, Angel Olsen) on March 22, their Coachella Weekend I set will be the first time they perform songs from the album live! The LP features the first single, “Are You Bored Yet?” with guest vocals by Clairo, who, as luck would have it, is also scheduled to perform at Coachella. Wallows perform on Saturdays, April 13th and 20th at 1:30-2:15pm. Coachella Valley Weekly spoke with Wallows this past weekend on a conference call. The running joke was that none of them were in the same room. You’ll get it after the first question/response. CVW: Where are you guys? Wallows: “We don’t like each other enough to get on the same phone, but we’re all in the same room…we’re all in kitchens.” CVW: So you all will be performing at Coachella in exactly one week. Cole: “It’s crazy, but it’s something we’ve wanted to do forever. It’s one of those weird things where yesterday I was sitting down and I was thinking to myself, ‘wow, by this time next week we’ll be done playing Coachella.’ If you would have told me that any time in my life there would be a point in time where I would say to myself, ‘oh, this time by next week we’ll be done with Coachella,’ I would have said, ‘you’re crazy!’ So it’s cool we’re finally playing. My thought is, it’s so sick! I can’t wait; this is something we’ve always wanted to do.”

not a bad thing though because it means we’re doing what we’ve always wanted to do which is travel the world with our music.” CVW: What advice do you give to the musicians in the crowd or reading this article on how to reach their dreams? DRAX: “Surround yourself with people who are better than you, it’s the fastest way to learn. Work every day on making what you love into a job.” CVW: How do you work together as a band to create music and write songs? DRAX: “We all have a lot of ideas floating around and so when we sit down together to write we all show each other the ideas and then decide on which one we want to go with. It’s very collaborative. We’ve all written lyrics, melodies, baselines, drum patterns. We’ve also been friends for a long time so it’s getting easier all the time and our process is getting better.” CVW: What challenges do you (or


CVW: For being in your early 20’s, your sound is broad and developed and after your accomplishments thus far, some may say you’re “seasoned”. Wallows: “We’ve played together for a long time but the majority of the time it was on a super small scale at random small clubs in L.A. The shows have gotten bigger and that’s definitely the case on this next tour. I think what’s interesting is that it still, in no way, can prepare us for what we are about to do at Coachella because it’s such a big event to play. It’s such an honor and it’s hilarious, it’s the very first two shows of our tour! The biggest shows we will have played have not happened yet! It’s hilarious that we’re starting off at Coachella, we may feel a little more seasoned but there’s nothing that can quite prepare us properly; It’s not like we’re prepping for a giant crowd or anything or expecting much of it in that way but for us mentally it’s such a big deal. There’s no way to be properly prepared. It also means that every single one of the new songs will be debuted. The first time that we play these songs live will be at the first weekend of Coachella, it’s just so hilarious.” CVW: The first three songs of Nothing Happens really pull you in. Wallows: “The track list was very thought out. It was with flow in mind. It builds. We wanted the album to feel like a journey or a live show. It was definitely on purpose. There’s some really cool transitions throughout the album too.” CVW: You all started out as fairly young as a band. Wallows: “On paper, yeah, we were like 14, I guess it depends on what country you’re in, if 14 is considered a kid.” CVW: I believe your art is indicative of your world view and it shines through in the music. There’s a sophistication as well. Wallows: “I’m glad you hear it in the music. A lot of these songs started being written years ago. It is like some people say, ‘you have your whole life to write your debut album.’ That’s what this feels like for sure, there’s a lot of old ideas that we

April 18 to April 24, 2019

musicians in general) face in New Zealand that is unique to the industry? DRAX: “I honestly don’t know if we can think of any real negative about coming from NZ. It’s an amazing country and we’re constantly reminded whenever we’re home of just how awesome it is. New Zealanders sometimes have a tendency to have tall-poppy syndrome so people often don’t like sticking out in a crowd or putting themselves out there for fear of being shut down. But in our experience it never stopped us and I think the culture is changing over time. Another thing is that the internet has brought the world closer than it has ever been and if you can see the positive in that, then you can benefit from it also.” CVW: What bands are you interested in seeing at Coachella? DRAX: “SG Lewis, The 1975, Weezer, dvsn, Rosalia, Jaden Smith, Ella Mai, Anderson .Paak, RUFUS D SOL, Janelle Monae, Childish

Gambino, JAIN, SiR, Smino, Sabrina Claudio, Maggie Rogers, Wiz Khalifa, Billie Eilish, J Balvin, Kid Cudi, Tame Impala, Dennis Lloyd, boy Pablo, Jon Hopkins, Kaytranada, UMO, Pusha T, H.E.R., Bad Bunny, Zedd, Khalid, Ariana Grande. I don’t know if we will have enough time to see them all though.” CVW: Are there other bands from NZ we should know about? DRAX: “Balu Brigada, Montell2099, Bene, Robinson, Goldenhorse.” CVW: How are you enjoying our desert community and the festival? DRAX: “It’s an amazing landscape and we’ve never been anywhere like here before. The drive from LA to here was absolutely incredible.” CVW: Is there anything else you want to mention? DRAX: “We’re so grateful to be here and we’ll see ya on the mainstage next year” ;)


Photo By Alexis Jade Gross

knew we wanted to make on our first album eventually, there’s also songs we made up right before recording them, it’s all over the map in that way.” CVW: Any leisure time for you during Coachella? Wallows: “Cole has been playing a lot of Fortnite. We’ll probably come back to L.A. to work out the kinks of what happened in Weekend I and some other press things. We only have a few days between Weekend I and II. Weekend I we can hangout but after Weekend II we leave immediately and drive to Portland. Then we kick off the rest of the tour up and down the west coast and all around, we’re on the road for five weeks.” CVW: Who are you looking forward to seeing perform at Coachella? Wallows: “We do want to see Tame Impala, Ariana Grande, Beach Fossils, It’s the first year in a while where I want to see every headliner. The 1975 will be great, we’re also looking forward to The Garden, Iceage and Shame.” CVW: I know you can’t divulge your stage or set time but are you happy with the outcome and what kind of turn out are you expecting? Wallows: “We’ve been going to Coachella for a long time. We hope our first

year is not the Gobi at noon. We play early and I think that’s good for a band our size, early on a Saturday. I feel that’s the best day you can play early, because I feel on Friday people are still driving from L.A. and they say, ‘oh, let’s go all day tomorrow,’ so I feel that’s how we can catch people. Then after Saturday, they’re like, ‘fuck no! I’ll go at 5 on Sunday’. I’m super excited for our set time.” Check out Wallows at Coachella on Saturdays, April 13th and 20th at 1:302:15pm! Pick up Nothing Happens on all major music platforms.


April 18 to April 24, 2019



robably the biggest rush for any music lover is discovering new music. A new musical obsession can almost wipe away your worry and distract from your trials and tribulations. It’s especially bittersweet to encounter music from a musician who has been around for decades, but never really gotten his due. Such is the case for Van Duren. Van was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1952. Just like most of his generation, he had his mind blown when the Beatles played the Ed Sullivan Show. Not long after, he took up guitar and started his first band, the Manor Serfs. By the time he was in college he split his time between music and matriculation. But music won out, and he quit Memphis State University, intent on staging a Rock-flavored adaptation of “The Fantastiks.” It was around this time that he met Jody Stephens, drummer for the seminal Memphis band, Big Star. Soon, Van was spending time at Ardent Recording Studio. Big Star featured ex-Box Top Alex Chilton, troubled wunderkind Chris Bell, and bassist Andy Hummel. In 1972, the band had released #1 Record, a nearly perfect debut which was all but ignored by mainstream radio. Chris Bell was crushed by the failure and quit. They soldiered on as a three-piece recording a follow-up, Radio City a year later. Critical acclaim was unanimous, but the World at large wasn’t paying attention. In 1975, Van auditioned to take Chris Bell’s place on guitar, but Big Star was on the verge of calling it quits. Not long after, he began recording demos at Ardent with Jody behind the drum kit. Somehow, Andrew Loog Oldham (the Rolling Stones’ manager from 1963 to 1967), heard his stuff and ended up producing several songs for him. While Andrew shopped the demos to different labels, Van joined a short-lived band called The Baker Street Regulars that featured Chris Bell and Jody Stephens. Following their dissolution, he played in Giant and then spent several years working as a session musician. Finally, in 1977, a new label, Big Sounds Records, showed some interest in Van Duren’s music and he relocated to




Connecticut, to record Are You Serious. He played all the instruments himself, except drums. Released in 1978, it garnered excellent reviews and some regional airplay. A North American tour followed and he headed back into the studio to record a sophomore effort, Idiot Optimism. Although it was scheduled for release in 1979, it was shelved when Big Sounds was swallowed up by another label. (A Japanese record company finally released it in 1999). Returning to Memphis, he formed a band called Good Question, releasing two studio albums in 1986 and 1991. A collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Tim Horgan, culminated In the 2012 album, Her Name Comes Up. He also joined forces with another Power Pop stalwart, Tommy Hoehn, the duo cut two albums at Ardent studios in 1999 and 2002. Sadly, plans for a third album were interrupted by Tommy’s ongoing health Issues. He lost his battle with cancer in 2010. Van reignited his solo career releasing Open Secret in 2005 and Resonance Road five years later. The latter veered away from the Power Pop paradigm into more experimental territory. A collaboration with Vicki Loveland resulted in a pair of albums, 2013’s Bloody Cupid and 2016’s Next. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Wade Jackson and Greg Carey were introduced to Van Duren’s music and became obsessed. Instead of just wondering why Van’s music wasn’t more celebrated, they decided to make a documentary about him. The fact that Wade was a musician, Greg, a band manager and they lived in Australia, didn’t deter them. The film, Waiting – The Van Duren Story has recently begun making the rounds at film festivals. Omnivore Recordings has combed the Van Duren vaults and released a companion CD and LP. The 12-song set gets off to a rollicking start with “Grow Yourself Up.” Pummeling drums connect with supple piano and organ, as Van insists “Don’t give me lame excuses, I won’t believe a word you say,” guitar and bass chime in and the result is sheer AM Pop perfection. Dismissing a wayward girlfriend, he notes “I’m not the fool you wanted, I’m many things you’ll never know.” Stately piano wells up before the bridge, chunky organ runs and spirally guitar round the finish line before the kaleidoscopic freak-out coda. That song and three other equally assured tracks are culled from his 1977 debut, Are You Serious. Take “Positive (Wedding Song),” a wistful piano ballad, it features a carefully calibrated backbeat, churchy organ and ecclesiastic backing vocals. Lyrics like “Love is the reason I’m here today, hope is the feeling, the tears in our eyes convey/Down the line, we’ll look back on this and smile, I’m positive” offer a tender nuptial encomium. Had it gotten more exposure, it might have become the go-to wedding song of the ‘70s. (Supplanting that drippy “There Is Love,”


eat it, Paul Stookey). “Chemical Fire” is a Glam-tastic boogaloo that employs spatial percussion, whooshy guitars and bedrock bass lines. Lyrics chart the course from romantic cynicism; “It’s been so long since I gave a damn, it’s so un-rewarding..” to the spontaneous combustion of instant attraction; “Something told me when you caught my eye that I had to inquire/ As we talked something grew inside like a chemical fire, it’s burning out of control.” The guitar solo on the break is suitably incendiary. Meanwhile, “Waiting” is a lush lament that catches those quicksilver moments of epiphany that arrive “between insomnia and daylight.” Plaintive piano gives way to Van’s yearning tenor. As drums and strumming bass kick in, the ache of unrequited love is palpable. As he bides his time, “finding a meaning in loneliness” twinkly piano and phased synthesizers lock into a gauzy pas de deux. Two tracks, “Tennessee, I’m Trying” and “Make A Scene,” crop up from Idiot Optimism, his unreleased sophomore effort. The former is a shimmery crowdpleaser. A hopscotch beat cushions sugary guitars and serpentine bass. The song has a prickly Pub Rock vibe that shares some musical DNA with the Elvis Costello song, “Pay It Back.” Guitars jangle, see-saw and sting underscoring Van’s hometown malaise; “Blue and sad-eyed, looking outside for the morning mail/Holding on, holding back so much love for tomorrow’s reply…Tennessee, I’m trying, dying to be everywhere at one time.” The latter is a loving cover of a Chris Bell song that had been been recorded for his upcoming album, I Am The Cosmos. Sadly, Chris would never live to see his solo debut released, as he was killed when he lost control of his Triumph TR7 sports car, hitting a power pole just a couple days after Christmas in 1978. Van’s version is slightly frenetic, blending slashing guitars, rumbling bass and a handclap beat. His scratchy vocals and ooky theremin-esque synths collide with a scorching, Chuck Berry style guitar solo. A couple of tracks originate from a live, WCFM broadcast from Rochester, New York. “Yellow Light” is equal parts

fastidious and shambolic. Van’s streamof-conscious lyrics crest over an off-kilter rhythm, growly guitars, slinky keys and authoritative bass. “Torn In Half” matches mad scientist synths that blink and bloop, snaking around a tumbling beat before downshifting into an urgent Rocker. The real gems here have remained unreleased until now. Actually, a version of “Andy Please” appeared on Idiot Optimism, but this version, credited to Duren Stephens, has a loose-limbed appeal. Rippling piano connects with sunshiny guitar, speed-shifting synths and stacked harmonies. The candy-coated crunch of the arrangement nearly camouflages lyrics that comment on a one-sided relationship; “Andy, can she mean so much, I’m aware of the love you’re going through, Andy please, anyone can see she’s breaking your heart in two.” “Just You Tell Me,” recorded live in Ardent studios in 1981, bristles with authority. Cascading piano notes cross ricochet bass lines and a stop-start rhythm. Van’s commanding vocals are front and center as he unspools a verbose treatise on emotional confusion; “I call attention to the misapprehensions that no one even mentions, and I’ll say they seem to go with a snow that falls ‘til it turns to rain.” The album’s final tracks come from Van’s ‘80s band, Good Question. Both “Catcher In The Rain” and “Jane” exhibit The same Pure Pop sensibilities, slightly mired in in dated Production values. “Jane” was actually a local hit, gaining enough traction to stir interest from some major labels. Ultimately, nothing really happened. Although Van was a virtual oneman band, handling vocals, bass, guitar synthesizer, piano, Hammond organ and Hohner clavinet. Over the years he relied on the crack musicianship of drummers like Jody Stephens, Hilly Michaels, Augie Corrica, Jr. Mickey Curry, Rick Liso, John Hampton and Bill Lineberry. Guitarists included Fred Leskowitz, Tom MacGregor, Scott Boucher and James Lott. Holding down the bottom were bassists Walk Wolak, Steve Buslowe, Mike Brignardello and Ray Sanders. Keys and synths were covered by Jeff Batter and Bill Phillips. Jack Holder tackled both guitar and synths. Back in the 1970s, Van Duren had the potential to be as big a hit-maker as Todd Rundgren, Badfinger, Harry Nilsson or the Raspberries, but the record industry somehow missed the boat. Even though fame eluded him, he never stopped making music, he has truly persevered. Thanks to the efforts of first-time filmmakers Wade Jackson and Greg Carey, and the support of Omnivore Recordings, now the world is able to discover what a select few have always known.


April 18 to April 24, 2019




uring these ever-evolving times in the world of legalized cannabis, it seems as though one of the biggest changes we are seeing is what the retail spaces for these products look like. Most of us think of walking into a plain building off the beaten path with poor signage. Then making your way into a bleak waiting area where you check in with a security guard behind a window and wait, sometimes for 10 to 15 minutes before getting buzzed into another room with product. Not always the most comfortable environment. It seems as though, those days are fading away to a new era of dispensaries and there is hardly a better example of that than Libra Cannabis Shop. Conveniently located right off the I-10 on Washington and Country Club, Libra is situated in a lovely, modern building. Customers walk into a gorgeous, open, showroom style retail space that is bright, uplifting and decorated in a funky, yet streamlined motif. You are immediately greeted and put to ease by the friendly, well-trained staff that are thrilled to answer any queries one might have about any of their huge array of high-quality products. I sat down with Rob Fierro, Co-Owner and operator of both Libra in Palm Desert and HOTN in Cathedral City to chat about his businesses and vision for the SoCal cannabis industry. Fierro: “We opened up here at Libra about 6 months ago and when into it with an idea of doing things differently. HOTN is more of the traditional type of dispensary associated with the strictly medical days with the waiting room, etc. So, with this place we really wanted a concept that was special in order to reflect this new industry of legalization. We wanted a space that would help us change the mindset of new customers so they can simply walk into a store that is open and friendly and have a knowledgeable staff that can get them exactly what they need. The only thing we need is ID that shows that you are 21 or older and you can walk on in without feeling like

you’re being corralled like an animal.” CVW: Whenever I have been to dispensaries in the past that have the waiting room with the guard and the buzzer at the door, there is something about that experience that almost makes you feel like you are doing something wrong. This is so much better. Fierro: “Yeah, we have tried our best to keep the sketch out of the experience.” CVW: So if I was just an average Joe walking in off the street and this is all new to me and I have no experience whatsoever with any cannabis products, how would you guide me? Fierro: “First off, we give consultations so if you are a new patient or consumer or are possibly looking to be, you can call us or go on our website and schedule a free consultation where you would come in a sit down with one of our reps for 15 minutes or so where they just ask a few simple, basic questions so we know what to recommend for you. Our staff are all trained and certified so they do a great job of making clients feel comfortable without intimidation. We also have a great loyalty program for our regulars with specials, discounts and sometimes freebies which is a great way to check out all kinds of products.” CVW: Speaking of freebies, you guys are in the perfect spot to bring in the festival crowds. Do you have anything going on for the concert goers and/or 4/20 which is coming up? Fierro: “Absolutely! We have all kinds of swag to give out from shirts and cool, printed bandanas, fanny-packs, pre-rolls...too much to mention really. There will be a lot of special things going on all day so everyone should stop on in and check it out!” LIBRA is located at 78010 Country Club Dr. Ste 100-200, Palm Desert, CA 92211 Call 760360-6420 HOTN Cannabis Shop located at 68945 Vista Chino Ste. A, Cathedral City, CA 92234 Call 760-832-7614

Photos By Esther Sanchez


April 18 to April 24, 2019



ur eyes locked when I spotted this lovely large black dog in the shelter kennel. Her gaze had a magical, knowing quality. Her chances of making it out alive from the San Bernardino County shelter at Devore were not good considering her color and size. We rescued her for www. Sapa went to a wonderful foster home with dog lovers extraordinaire, Vanessa Ruggles and Curtis Sweesy. Vanessa recalls, “Sapa was our first foster dog and our first ‘foster failure’. This 40-lb dog stole her dad’s heart when she silently snuck into bed every night to snuggle in her dad’s arms despite my ‘no dogs on the bed’ rule. She fit into our family immediately, and welcomed and guided numerous other foster dogs. Sapa was the referee. She was the loving, brilliant Alpha dog who knew which foster pup needed protection and who needed comforting.” Vanessa continues, “When she was 6 years old, we noticed Sapa was not finishing her food. The vet prescribed antibiotics and sent her home. However, she continued to lose a noticeable amount of weight. Back to the vet for multiple tests, and we got the worst diagnosis imaginable: terminal lymphoma. The vet gave Sapa 2 weeks to live.” The couple knew their dog detested trips to the vet, and no vet would provide chemotherapy during house calls. Vanessa states, “We refused to torture her for what might have been only a brief extension of her

MEET MADELEINE This raven black Bombay cat adores all humans, including the small ones. She also loves other cats! Rescued by, call (760) 335-6767.

MEET CADEN Looking for a special hiking buddy or new best “furever” friend? Come meet Caden (dog ID#A1501434) and the other pups at the Coachella Valley Animal Campus shelter, 72050 Pet Land Place, Thousand Palms, (760) 3433644.


life. Sapa declined quickly, and when she quit eating all together, we force-fed her which made us all miserable. She quit chasing birds in the yard, and trailed lethargically behind on walks. I began researching studies regarding holistic remedies for lymphoma, reaching out to friends in the dog community, and asked every ‘science minded’ person I could think of for ideas. After consulting with an expert as to dosage and administration, Sapa was soon taking CBD and THC oils. We consulted with a dog nutritionist, Lori Weiner, and dove into

radical diet changes and a regimen of multiple supplements and essential oils.” “Suddenly our feisty little girl did an about face at death’s door. She began eating, she trotted into the lead position on walks, and became joyful again. The results were shocking and thrilling. Sapa’s vet said she had never seen a dog whose body was so riddled with cancer survive more than a couple weeks.” For three and a half months, Sapa thrived. The dog accepted the bad-tasting doses dropped on her tongue like a champ. Occasionally she peed on the bed, but Curtis wasn’t about to put her on the floor when she most needed comfort, and he devised a complicated system of potty pads and towels. Sapa enjoyed homemade meals with organic ingredients, and loved on her human parents. Four months after her diagnosis, Sapa again lost interest in food, developed skin infections, and rapidly lost weight. Curtis and Vanessa were devastated to learn the lymphoma was back. They arranged for a vet to put their beloved dog to sleep in her own home, surrounded by their love and the loving comfort of the other dogs. Vanessa states, “We said goodbye to our precious girl, this brave fighter, on May 18, 2016. Although it did not cure her, we are confident that cannabis oil caused Sapa’s remission. It gave us 4 months that we otherwise would not have had.”


AS WITH ANY MEDICATION, PET PARENTS SHOULD CONSULT WITH THEIR VETERINARIAN FIRST BEFORE TREATING A DOG WITH CBD OIL. You can visit a reputable dispensary and purchase the product that best meets your pet’s needs. Dosages and administration must be carefully monitored depending on the dog’s weight, temperament, and other factors. At this time, California veterinarians cannot prescribe CBD oil. You should not experiment freely with your dog’s health. The number of marijuana toxicosis cases at Colorado veterinary hospitals has quadrupled since that state legalized marijuana, and some dogs have died after eating baked goods containing the substance. Canine cancer is epidemic (50% of deaths in dogs over age 10 are due to cancer), and desperate animal lovers look to alternative treatments. There is enough anecdotal evidence to warrant scientific research exploring the effect of marijuana on canine cancer pain. Additional resources include a YouTube video “Shorty Beats Cancer” and the book The Dog Cancer Survival Guide by Dr. Damian Dressler, DVM. (photograph by Alicia Bailey)



ell—I think the simple answer—and maybe even in chronological order—is mother’s milk, water, juice and herbal teas, and then wine. I remember when the Christian Evangelical bunch were showing off their new wristbands that had the initials WWJD. This was the quick fix moniker to remember What Would Jesus Do? In other words, when the Christian is faced with a troubling dilemma, or, just a dilemma, they are to ask themselves what would Jesus do in this situation; and assuming they were New Testament readers who knew well about the life of Jesus, they could surmise Jesus’ action—given the situation. Of course—there can only ever be one Jesus the Christ, the God-man, in our theological time-frame and universe, so give yourself a huge break when it comes to measuring up. Morally, WWJD sounds like a fine contemplation. Who wouldn’t wish to live a life of honesty in everything one does— what a carefree existence that would be: never having to lie to cover a lie, which theologically, we do on a regular basis i.e., we own a lying heart. To deny that point, is simply starts our day as sinners. A bit harsh?—for a wine column? But a fair and independent reading of Bible surely bespeaks of man’s enduring sin and the need of atonement to exist with a Holy God forever: Enter the Messiah in Judaism, Jesus the Christ in Christianity. Let’s offer a “lighter” change of pace because there is so much fun discussing wine—a real thing we enjoy now, and, what folks enjoyed in Biblical times. Indeed, in the songbook of the Bible, the 104th Psalm sings praises to the God of Creation for providing our beloved sustenance of vegetation, bread, oil, and “wine that makes glad the heart of man”. And how about when Noah—after having endured the roughest of times through a world-wide flood, on board the ark with his family and makeshift zoo. Once he landed, what was the first thing for him to plant? A vineyard of course! The funny take

surrounding that story is that Noah, in view of all that occurred, really needed a drink!— wouldn’t you? But as I’m sitting comfortably nurturing a nice glass of red wine, I now see Noah’s conduct as an absolute homage to the God who provided a safe place—and the process of fermentation. The very first miracle performed by Jesus, as described in the Gospel of John, was the changing of water into wine at a wedding. And don’t we wine enthusiasts love it! Of all things, the very significant point that the God-man chose both wine and the celebration of marriage to initiate his line-up of sovereign activities. A Jewish wedding tradition, wine was always served at weddings. In the town of Cana in the area of Galilee, Jesus and his friends and family were invited to a weeklong wedding where apparently the party sooner or later ran out of wine. Problematic! Interestingly, the Gospel story also tells us that there was a “master of the feast”—or, perhaps in our day and age, such would be known as the sommelier. Most people know the water-to-wine story, but an aspect one forgets is that the six water pots made of stone contained around 20 to 30 gallons each and were in fact used to “purify” or actually, simply rinse

the guest’s hands before eating. Yup! All of that reserved water was used for rinsing unclean hands—and apparently for a while, because the party was on-going and they finally ran out of wine. Jesus told the servants to fill up the water pots to the brim. We can easily assume that after all the use by the party goers, the level of the water would have depleted. Then, without much further fanfare, He then tells the servants to draw from the pots and take the beverage to the sommelier. If anyone knows good wine, it’s the somm. Now whether or not he knew that the party had ran out of wine and whether or not he fretted greatly over that faux pas, he is relieved none-the-less, because the enlightened servants—who no doubt were amazed or in shock themselves, poured the new wine for the somm to taste. In one of the most classic, feel-good quotes from the New Testament, the somm calls out to the bridegroom, “Everyone at the beginning of the wedding sets out the good wine, And when the guest have well drunk, then the lesser stuff. You!—have kept the best wine until now!” And therein lies the heavenly lesson: Jesus used the miracle of turning murky water into the best wine to send the profound message that He had the power to change the very nature of things—

April 18 to April 24, 2019

BY RICK RIOZZA transforming not just the state of liquids, but the state of souls. So, what did Jesus drink? Wine, he drank dinner wine with his friends and family, as opposed to his cousin, John the Baptist, who abstained from drinking alcoholic beverages. As a good and reverent Jew, Jesus also drank of the four celebratory cups of wine at Passover Seder meal. For over 3,000 years, the Jewish community every year has remembered and celebrated the historic time when God lead the children of Israel out of slavery and bondage into a new era of freedom and liberation. Known as the Last Supper, this was Jesus’ last Seder. At this final occasion, Jesus drank from the first and second cups, but when he reached the moment to drink the third cup of wine (called the cup of redemption and/ or the cup of blessing), He declined. Instead, He passed this cup to the disciples, as the Gospel of Luke records, and told them to drink of His “blood,” which would be poured out to redeem men from their sins. We wine enthusiasts are extremely humbled that wine was symbolically used to usher in the New Covenant. Cheers to all!!


April 18 to April 24, 2019


29 PALMS INN; 29 Palms; 760-367-3505 Bobby Furgo & Co 6pm ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 DJ 9pm AGAVE LOUNGE@THE HYATT REGENCY; IW; 760-674-4080 Tyler Simmons 7-11pm AJ’S ON THE GREEN; C.C.; 760-202-1111 Bill and Doug Duo 6:30pm BART LOUNGE; C.C.; 760-799-8800 Valley in the Desert w/ D’Artiste, dylAn and PPR Panda 7pm BERNIE’S; RM; 760-202 4499 Rob Carter Trio w/ Brian Dennigan 7pm BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 John Stanley King 6-10pm CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Patrick Tuzzolino 5:30pm CASUELAS CAFÉ; PD; 760-568-0011 Johnny Meza and Co. 6-10pm CATALAN; RM; 760-770-9508 George Christian 6-9pm CHEF GEORGE’S PICASSO LOUNGE; PD; 760200-1768 Michael D’Angelo 6:30-9:30pm, DJ 9:30pm COPA NIGHTCLUB; PS; 760-866-0021 Lipstick hosted by Bella Da Ball 8pm, DJs Banks and Ax 10pm CUNARD’S SANDBAR; LQ; 760-564-3660 Bill Baker 6pm DESMOND’S @ THE S; RM; 760-328-2111 TBA 5-8pm DHS SPA LOUNGE; DHS; 760-329-6787 Karaoke w/ DJ Scott 9pm EUREKA; IW; 760-834-7700 TBA 8-10pm FISHERMAN’S GROTTO; PD; 760-776-6534 Barry Baughn Blues Band 5:30-8:30pm FRANK’S PLACE; IW; 760-797-8700 Patricia Welsh 6-9pm GADI’S BAR & GRILL; YV; 760-820-1213 Waxy, Atomic Sherpas and Fever Dog 8pm HENRY’S SPORTS BAR AND GRILL; CC; 760656-3444 DJ 10pm

THE HOOD; PD; 760-636-5220 Red’s Rockstar Karaoke 9pm HOODOO COCKTAIL GARDEN @ THE HYATT; PS; 760-322-9000 Chris Lomeli 7pm HOTEL PASEO; PD; Michael Keeth 4-7pm LANDMARK LOUNGE; LQ; 760-289-6736 Lisa LaFaro 7pm LA QUINTA RESORT; LQ; 760-564-4111 Steppin Out 6-9pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-325-2794 Hot Roxx 6:30pm LIT@FANTASY SPRINGS; IND; 760-345-2450 Country Night w/ Doo Wa Riders 9pm THE LOUNGE, AGUA CALIENTE; RM; 888-9991995 Quinto Menguante 8-1am MELVYN’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE; PS; 760325-2323 Ron Greenip 8pm NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Karaoke 8pm THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Kevin Henry 6-8pm Tim Burleson 8pm PAPPY & HARRIET’S; PT; 760-365-5956 Chvrches 8pm SOLD OUT PLAN B LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AND COCKTAILS; TP; 760-343-2115 So Cal Comedy Night 9pm PURPLE ROOM; PS; 760-322-4422 Sharon Sills 6:30pm RED BARN; PD; 760-346-0191 The Deep Ones 9pm ROWAN; PS; 760-904-5015 TBA 6-9pm SAMMY G’s; PS; 760-320-8041 Evaro Brothers 8pm SHANGHAI RED’S @ THE FISHERMAN’S MARKET; PS; 760-322-9293 The Smooth Brothers 7pm SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760-341-3560 Dude Jones 6:30pm TACK ROOM TAVERN; IND; 760-347-9985 Closed THREE SIXTY NORTH; PS; 760-327-1773 Mike Cosley 6:30pm VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 Robert Salisbury 4:30-6pm, The Refills 6:30-10pm THE VINE WINE BAR; PD; 760-341-9463 Derek Jordan Gregg 5-8pm WANG’S; PS; 760-325-9264 Trio NV 5-8pm WOODY’S PALMHOUSE; PS; 760-230-0188 An Evening of Jazz 6:30pm



19TH HOLE; PD; 760-772-6696 Live Music 8pm 29 PALMS INN; 29 Palms; 760-367-3505 Bob Garcia 6:30pm ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 Desert Gold Weekend 2 w/ Diva Dompe noon, Kande 10pm AGAVE LOUNGE@THE HYATT REGENCY; IW; 760-674-4080 Avenida 7-11pm AJ’S ON THE GREEN; C.C.; 760-202-1111 Live Music 6:30pm BART LOUNGE; C.C.; 760-799-8800 Palm Trees and Dance Beats w/ DJs Mick Mac and Tyler Caiden 7pm BERNIE’S; RM; 760-202 4499 Bill Gulino 4-7:15pm, Patrick Morris, Brian Dennigan and Leon Bisquera 7:30-11pm BIG ROCK PUB; IND; 706-200-8988 Cole Withers Band 8:30pm BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 The Stanley Butler Trio 6-10pm CASCADE LOUNGE, SPA RESORT CASINO; PS; 888-999-1995 DJ Chase Martinez 9-1am CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Patrick Tuzzolino 5:30pm CASUELAS CAFÉ; PD; 760-568-0011 The Myx 6:30-10pm CATALAN; RM; 760-770-9508 George Christian 6-9pm

CHEF GEORGE’S PICASSO LOUNGE; PD; 760200-1768 Michael D’Angelo 6:30-9:30pm, DJ 9:30pm COPA NIGHTCLUB; PS; 760-866-0021 Viva Friday’s w/ DJ Banks 9pm CUNARD’S SANDBAR; LQ; 760-564-3660 Bill Baker 6pm DESMOND’S @ THE S; RM; 760-328-2111 Slim Man 5:30-9pm DRINGK; RM; 760-888-0111 DJ Journee 9pm ELECTRIC SPORTS LOUNGE; YV; 760-228-1199 DJ Ceddy Cedd 9pm EL MEXICALI CAFÉ 2; IND; 760-342-2333 Cesar Daniel Lopez on the harp 6-9pm FISHERMAN’S GROTTO; PD; 760-776-6534 Gina Carey 5:30-8:30pm FRANK’S PLACE; IW; 760-797-8700 Frankie DiSalvo 6-9pm GADI’S BAR & GRILL; YV; 760-820-1213 D.I. w/ Cadaver Pudding, Off the Wall and The Pawns 8pm HARVEY’S LOUNGE; PS; 760-320-6868 SLS Event Group Presents: The Vinyl After Party 10pm HENRY’S SPORTS BAR AND GRILL; CC; 760656-3444 Karaoke w/ KJ Marjovi 9pm THE HOOD; PD; 760-636-5220 Drag Queen Bingo 7pm, Desert Hip Hop Nite 9pm HOODOO COCKTAIL GARDEN @ THE HYATT; PS; 760-322-9000 Keisha D 7pm HOTEL PASEO; PD; Michael Keeth 4-7pm HOT SPOT@SPOTLIGHT 29; INDIO; 760-7755566 Nacho Bustillos 8:30pm INDIAN WELLS RESORT HOTEL; IW; 760-3456466 Bob Allen 6pm JOSHUA TREE SALOON; JT; 760-366-2250 Karaoke w/ Troy Michaels 7pm KOKOPELLI’S; YV; 760-228-2589 Karaoke 8pm LANDMARK LOUNGE; LQ; 760-289-6736 Various Artists 7pm LA QUINTA BREWERY; PD; 760-200-2597 The Sieve and the Saddle 6:45-8:30pm LA QUINTA RESORT; LQ; 760-564-4111 Steppin Out 6-9pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-325-2794 Hot Roxx 7:30pm LIT@FANTASY SPRINGS; IND; 760-345-2450 Six Hot Live 9pm THE LOUNGE; AGUA CALIENTE; RM; 888-9991995 DJ Jerry 9pm MASTRO’S; PD; 760-776-6777 TBA 6:30-11pm MELVYN’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE; PS; 760325-2323 Ron Greenip 8pm MOXIE; PS; 760-318-9900 Eevaan Tre 6-9pm, DJ Pedro Le Bass 9:30pm NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Karaoke 8-1:15am THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Kevin Henry 6-8pm Tim Burleson 8pm PALM CANYON ROADHOUSE; PS; 760-3274080 TBA 9pm PALM DESERT COUNTRY CLUB; PD; 760-3450222 Off Da Cuff 6:30pm PAPPY & HARRIET’S; PT; 760-365-5956 Pale Waves and Kailee Morgue 9pm PEABODY’S CAFÉ; PS; 760-322-1877 Karaoke PLAN B LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AND COCKTAILS; TP; 760-343-2115 Red’s Rockstar Karaoke 9pm PURPLE ROOM; PS; 760-322-4422 Mia Carter: The Winehouse Experience 8pm RED BARN; PD; 760-346-0191 Ghosts of Kelso 9pm RENAISSANCE; PS; 760-322-6000 Derek Jordan Gregg 6-9pm RIVIERA; PS; 760-327-8311 Michael Keeth 8-11pm SAMMY G’s; PS; 760-320-8041 Evaro Brothers 8pm

SHANGHAI RED’S @ THE FISHERMAN’S MARKET; PS; 760-322-9293 Barry Baughn Blues 8-11pm SHANGHAI RED’S @ THE FISHERMAN’S MARKET; LQ; 760-777-1601 The Smooth Brothers 8-11pm SHELLY’S LOUNGE@TORTOISE ROCK CASINO; 29 Palms; Rojer Arnold & Bobby Furgo 9pm SOLANO’S BISTRO; LQ; 760-771-6655 Michael Madden 6-9pm SONOMA GRILL; PD; 760-340-6600 Denny Pezzin 6-9pm SOUL OF MEXICO; IND; 760-200-8787 Latin Rock 10pm SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760-341-3560 Demetrious and Co. 6:30pm TACK ROOM TAVERN; IND; 760-347-9985 Closed THREE SIXTY NORTH; PS; 760-327-1773 Dennis Michaels 6:30pm TRILUSSA ITALIAN RISTORANTE; PS; 760-3282300 Julius & Sylvia Music Duo 6-10pm VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 “Meet the Corwins” 5:30-7:30pm, The John Stanley King Show 8pm THE VINE WINE BAR; PD; 760-341-9463 Jack Ruvio 6pm WANG’S; PS; 760-325-9264 DJ Galaxy and the House Whores 5pm WESTIN MISSION HILLS; RM; 760-328-5955 Michael Keeth 5-7pm WOODY’S PALMHOUSE; PS; 760-230-0188 Rose Mallett 6:30pm


29 PALMS INN; 29 Palms; 760-367-3505 Bev and Bill 6:30pm ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 Desert Gold Weekend 2 w/ Leaving Records DJ Set noon, poolside, and 10pm AGAVE LOUNGE@THE HYATT REGENCY; IW; 760-674-4080 Steppin’ Out 7-11pm AJ’S ON THE GREEN; C.C.; 760-202-1111 Cabaret on the Green Open Mic 7:30pm BACKSTREET BISTRO; PD; 760-346-6393 Linda Peterson 12:30-3:30pm BART LOUNGE; C.C.; 760-799-8800 Rasta Bart Presents: 420 Party w/ DJs Aaleem and CieloHigh 7pm BERNIE’S; RM; 760-202 4499 Rob Carter Trio 7:30-11pm BIG ROCK PUB; IND; 706-200-8988 Flashback Boyz 8:30pm BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 Gennine Francis 6-10pm CASCADE LOUNGE, SPA RESORT CASINO; PS; 888-999-1995 DJ Michael Wright 9-1am CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Patrick Tuzzolino 5:30pm CASUELAS CAFÉ; PD; 760-568-0011 The Myx 6:30-10pm CATALAN; RM; 760-770-9508 George Christian 6-9pm CHEF GEORGE’S PICASSO LOUNGE; PD; 760200-1768 Abie and Natasha 6:30-9:30pm, DJ 9:30pm COACHELLA VALLEY BREWING; TP; 760-3435973 “Dank Beers and Tasty Music” w/ Desert Roots, Alien DNA, Crucial Culture and Desert Rhythm Project 3-8pm COPA NIGHTCLUB; PS; 760-866-0021 DJ Banks and Mr. Miami 9pm CUNARD’S SANDBAR; LQ; 760-564-3660 Bill Baker 6pm DESERT FOX; PD; Bryan Zee 9pm DESMOND’S @ THE S; RM; 760-328-2111 Philip Poe Epstein 5:30-9pm

DHS SPA LOUNGE; DHS; 760-329-6787 Karaoke w/ DJ Scott 9pm DRINGK; RM; 760-888-0111 DJ Journee 9pm ELECTRIC SPORTS LOUNGE; YV; 760-228-1199 DJ Ceddy Cedd 9pm EL MEXICALI CAFÉ 2; IND; 760-342-2333 Cesar Daniel Lopez on the harp 6-9pm FISHERMAN’S GROTTO; PD; 760-776-6534 Jack Ruvio 5:30-8:30pm FRANK’S PLACE; IW; 760-797-8700 Frankie DiSalvo 6-9pm GADI’S BAR & GRILL; YV; 760-820-1213 Warsaw Poland Bros. w/ Rundown Creeps, The Odd Advantage and more 8pm THE GROOVE LOUNGE; SPOTLIGHT 29; INDIO; 760-775-5566 DJ 8pm HARVEY’S LOUNGE; PS; 760-320-6868 SLS Event Group Presents: The Vinyl After Party 10pm HENRY’S SPORTS BAR AND GRILL; CC; 760656-3444 DJ Ray 9pm THE HOOD; PD; 760-636-5220 Brad and Eddie’s Bday Party w/ Drag Queen Bingo 7pm, Krystofer Do and Sunday Funeral 9pm HOODOO COCKTAIL GARDEN @ THE HYATT; PS; 760-322-9000 The Carmens 7pm HOTEL PASEO; PD; Michael Keeth 4-10pm HOT SPOT@SPOTLIGHT 29; INDIO; 760-7755566 Nacho Bustillos 8:30pm INDIAN WELLS RESORT HOTEL; IW; 760-3456466 Bob Allen 6pm JC’S CAFÉ; PD; 760-568-0733 Vinny Berry 3-7pm KOKOPELLI’S; YV; 760-228-2589 Karaoke 8pm LANDMARK LOUNGE; LQ; 760-289-6736 Eevaan Tre 7pm LA QUINTA BREWERY; PD; 760-200-2597 Mychal’s Bday Party w/ 5th Town and Mega Sun 5pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-325-2794 PS Sound Company 1pm, Hot Roxx 8pm LIT@FANTASY SPRINGS; IND; 760-345-2450 Six Hot Live 9pm THE LOUNGE, AGUA CALIENTE; RM; 888-9991995 TBA 9pm MELVYN’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE; PS; 760325-2323 Ron Greenip 8pm MOXIE; PS; 760-318-9900 Derek Jordan Gregg 6-9pm, DJ Pedro Le Bass 9:30pm NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Karaoke 8pm THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Kevin Henry 6-8pm Tim Burleson 8pm PALM CANYON ROADHOUSE; PS; 760-3274080 The Refills 9pm PALM DESERT COUNTRY CLUB; PD; 760-3450222 On the Rocks 6:30pm PAPPY & HARRIET’S; PT; 760-365-5956 The Shadow Mountain Band and 5pm, Black Crystal Wolf Kids 8:30pm PEABODY’S CAFÉ; PS; 760-322-1877 Karaoke 7:30pm PLAN B LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AND COCKTAILS; TP; 760-3432115 Red’s Rockstar Karaoke 9pm PURPLE ROOM; PS; 760-322-4422 Lee Squared 8pm RED BARN; PD; 760-346-0191 Bonethumpers 9pm ROWAN; PS; 760-904-5015 Lance Riebsomer 6-9pm SAMMY G’s; PS; 760-320-8041 Evaro Brothers 8pm SHANGHAI RED’S @ THE FISHERMAN’S MARKET; PS; 760-322-9293 Barry Baughn Blues 8-11pm SHANGHAI RED’S @ THE FISHERMAN’S MARKET; LQ; 760-777-1601 The Smooth Brothers 8-11pm

April 18 to April 24, 2019

SHELLY’S LOUNGE@TORTOISE ROCK CASINO; 29 Palms; Rojer Arnold & Bobby Furgo 9pm SONOMA GRILL; PD; 760-340-6600 Denny Pezzin 6-9pm SOUL OF MEXICO; IND; 760-200-8787 Latin Music 10pm SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760-341-3560 Demetrious and Co. 6:30pm TACK ROOM TAVERN; IND; 760-347-9985 Closed THREE SIXTY NORTH; PS; 760-327-1773 Reggie “Vision” Alexander 6:30pm TRILUSSA ITALIAN RISTORANTE; PS; 760-3282300 Julius & Sylvia Music Duo 6-10pm VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 Rose Mallett and Co. 5-7pm, Kal David, Lauri Bono and the Real Deal 7:30pm THE VINE WINE BAR; PD; 760-341-9463 Live Music 7pm WANG’S; PS; 760-325-9264 Live Music 6:30pm WESTIN MISSION HILLS; RM; 760-328-5955 Michael Keeth 6pm WOODY’S PALMHOUSE; PS; 760-230-0188 The Stanley Butler Band 6:30pm


29 PALMS INN; 29 Palms; 760-367-3505 Bob Garcia 6pm ACE HOTEL; PS; 760-325-9900 Desert Gold Weekend 2 w/ Kaitlyn Aurelia Smits DJ Set noon poolside, Leaving Records DJ Set 3pm, and 10pm AJ’S ON THE GREEN; C.C.; 760-202-1111 Sunday Brunch w/ Live Music 11am BART LOUNGE; C.C.; 760-799-8800 Deep House Sundays w/ Zach Hayes 7pm BERNIE’S; RM; 760-202 4499 Bill Gulino 12:303:30pm, Patrice Morris 6:30-10pm BIG ROCK PUB; IND; 706-200-8988 Songwriter’s Spotlight 7pm continue to page 24


April 18 to April 24, 2019



acienda-style corridors and the soft twinkling of a lounge-style piano lead you to the fine dining experience awaiting you at Morgan’s in the Desert inside the La Quinta Resort & Club. Receiving the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence in 2016, the restaurant is a Coachella Valley connoisseur’s dream destination with locally selected ingredients promoting the bounty of the desert. As my party entered the restaurant, the evening dining room was dimly lit with a romantic, warm atmosphere accentuated by rustic wood paneling and a roaring fireplace. Excellent renditions of classic songs were crooned by the pianist situated near the bar, and the entire establishment emanated a sense of elegance and mystique. Our server, Marilynn, was inviting and very helpful in recommending the most popular dishes at Morgan’s, this instance being the special seasonal menu available in April featuring asparagus. With three illustrious courses, the Peak Harvest Festival menu showcased a variety of ways this vegetable could be dressed to impress and flavored to savor, prepared by the Chef de Cuisine himself, Camiel Henning. The starter featured the star item of the menu, wild asparagus, topped with seared chanterelles, reggiano parmigiano and chervil, infused with a zesty twist courtesy of lemon verbena tea and meyer lemon emulsion. The presentation of this dish was very summery and bold with the droplets of bright lemon contrasting against the earthy



tones of the asparagus and other seasonal greens. The complimenting flavors of the dish not only created a light, refreshing appetizer, but highlighted the natural taste of asparagus in a way that surprised me— due to the fact that asparagus has never been a regular staple of my diet, but with the way Morgan’s has deliciously incorporated it into this menu, I am tempted to change that. For the main course, a citrus infused poached lobster tail was presented resting on a bed of vanilla carmelized purple passion asparagus, and garnished with asparagus thread, micro merlot salad, and ginger crisp. While the asparagus acts as a secondhand counterpart to the seafood taking center stage, its presence is not forgotten while tasting this dish. The lobster was every bit

as succulent and moist as I had hoped for, with the trappings of zesty garnish and buttery texture completing the experience. The asparagus paired beautifully with its leading entree, adding a bit of contrast with the flavors of sea and earth intermingling to form a well-rounded dish. To conclude this five-star meal, the dessert featured on the Peak Harvest Festival menu was Gaviota strawberries soaked with basil and mint juice, swimming in a pool of crispy tuille with pistachio, strawberry cream, and bourbon vanilla ice cream. While my tastebuds encountered moments of spice, savor, and sour, this dainty dish was a welcomed addition of sweetness. Just in time for the sometimes unbearable seasonal temperatures, this dessert was cool and crisp with its juicy strawberries embraced by fluffy cream embellishments. Pistachio nuts sprinkled throughout the cloud-like whip, was an interesting way of creating a hardened texture to the dish, without completely taking away from the charming taste of springtime simplicity. Morgan’s in the Desert is the ideal representation of the fine dining selections that Greater Palm Springs has to offer— creating intricately crafted dishes and seasonal menus highlighting the most appetizing of ingredients. From the exquisitely refined atmosphere that satiates your thirst for rich wines and spirits to the actual dishes that immerse you in the tastes of desert regality, Morgan’s in the Desert has cemented its status as the


perfect venue for date nights or shameless self-indulgence. Morgan’s in the Desert is located in the La Quinta Resort at 49499 Eisenhower Dr. La Quinta, 92253. Call 760-564-5700. Hours are 5-10pm Monday through Sunday.



ike most communities, the craft beer scene is filled with chicken-littles who cannot stop themselves from letting everyone else know that the sky is falling. With every brewery closure, regardless of rhyme or reason, these keyboard-ready alarmists do nothing to fight their insatiable urges to share stories of AB InBev buyouts and nano brewery shut downs. “The bubble has finally burst,” they cluck out the side of their mouths while shaking their heads at those of us who are still optimistic that craft beer has a bright and positive future. In the short span of a decade, the Palm Springs area has gone from a craft beer wasteland to a blooming scene that offers breweries, taprooms, brewpubs, and retail stores with decent selections of craft from across the country. Here’s my unofficial guide to the Coachella Valley’s state of beer in 2019. THE BREWERIES Babe’s Brewhouse: The Coachella Valley’s oldest operating brewhouse (a small 10 bbl brewery located inside of the BBQ restaurant), Babe’s has been in operation since 2003 and has a dedicated fan base who enjoys their product. With four core beers and one rotating brew that changes with the season, Babe’s has a small but solid selection, highlighted by their American Schwarzbier, “Blackfin Lager”. Babe’s also carries a nice selection of guest taps that emphasizes and showcases west coast breweries like Stone, Firestone Walker, and Santa Monica Brewing Co among others, so there is in fact a decent selection of beer to choose from when you’re there. Babe’s also offers a selection of bottled beer that is hard to find anywhere else

April 18 to April 24, 2019


and is recommended for fans of BBQ as well as craft. Coachella Valley Brewing Company: Opening its doors in August of 2013, CVB made a huge impact on the desert’s craft beer scene, as their wide and varied selection of beers brought an unconventional twist. “Desert Swarm” has been one of their flagship drinks since day one, and blends honey, coriander, and local kumquat citrus fruit into a 7% double witbier. CVB has a solid selection of flagship beers, but has become known for their adventurous, barrel aged sour ales. Embracing the haze craze whole heartedly, you’ll find several variants of hazy IPA on tap, each featuring a different hop profile, and some even with fruit. CVB remains the most eclectic of the desert’s breweries. La Quinta Brewing Company: LQB has earned an unprecedented reputation as the desert’s #1 brewery by polishing their recipes into a clean, aggressive, west coast style that would make even the famed San Diego brewing scene proud. IPA driven and hop fueled, La Quinta Brewery might be known for their pale ales, but their Koffi Porter is what’s the decided favorite of

fans and critics alike. Found in over 175 bars and restaurants in the desert area, LQB’s beers are ubiquitous for a reason; their exceptional quality. Desert Brewing Company: Devon Sanchez is a former assistant brewer at Coachella Valley Brewing Company, and founder of the valley’s soon-to-be fourth brewery, Desert Brewing Company. Expect the passion and experience garnered in his previous position to show itself in his new brewing location, set to open in a few short months. THE TAPROOMS Woody’s Palm House: An American restaurant with nightly live entertainment, Woody’s Palm House is sisters with a Moreno Valley location that much like Babe’s, brews its beer on site. In fact, Woody’s Moreno Valley is the location of the former P.H. Woods, a brewhouse that was a sister restaurant of Babe’s Brewhouse. With recipes created and brewed by former CVB Brewmaster Chris Anderson, Woody’s has many ties to the valley’s beer scene. Select beers from the MoVal location are on tap at Woody’s Palm House and I consider these beers as good as local. Toscano’s/BrewQuinta: Located in the

former Lamp Post Pizza/Backstreet Brewery La Quinta location, Toscano’s and BrewQuinta carry on the pairing of pizza and beer that was started by their predecessors. BrewQuinta is the offshoot of Brewcaipa, a Yucaipa based craft brewery, and carries many of the beers on tap at the brewery. With plans to rebuild the brewery that was originally a part of the building, this site looks to join Desert Brewing Company as two new additions to the Coachella Valley beer scene in 2019. It’s worth noting that I’m the brewer for Brewcaipa and BrewQuinta, and while It would be unbecoming to praise my own beer, I would encourage everyone to check Toscano’s and BrewQuinta and taste for yourself if I’m contributing to the desert’s burgeoning beer culture. La Quinta Brewing Company: With taproom locations in Palm Spring and Old Town La Quinta as well as the original Palm Desert location, LQB has undoubtably risen to become the face of the Coachella Valley beer scene. The Old Town taproom frequently hosts tap takeovers and has become a local’s hotspot in town. With each brewery bringing a decidedly different approach and style to craft beer making, the desert’s small but growing scene is proof positive that the days of being a craft beer wasteland are permanently behind us.


April 18 to April 24, 2019



He’s 8 feet tall, covered in fur, and weighs in at 630 lbs. But don’t let that frighten or fool you. He’s a sweet, funny and frankly adorable living legend tired of his lonely life in the Pacific Northwest. Dubbed “Mr. Link” by intrepid English explorer Sir Lionel Frost (Hugh Jackman) who guides him on a journey to find his long-lost relatives. The story has Sir Frost trying to find

No. 365


respect from his snooty British “Optimates’ Club by taking off to discover the elusive and unseen Bigfoot/ Sasquatch/Yeti (Zach Galifianakis) who agrees to be “caught” and seen, in return for going to Shangri-La in the Himalayas, where he thinks he might connect be with his long-lost kinfolks. Along with fellow adventurer Adelina Fortnight (Theresa Saldana), the trio of explorers encounter danger and more than their fair share of perils as they trek to the far reaches of the world in order to help their new friend. Through it all, the three learn that you can find “family” in places you least expect. As with other Laika films (Coraline, ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls and Kubo and the Two Strings), you’ll experience incredible stop-motion animation, and perhaps be both enchanted and maybe even surprised by the big heart beneath the superb technoartistry on display. Writer-director Chris Butler’s movie is funny, great-looking, fast-moving and hugely likable family fun. Butler says, “ it’s as if David Lean directed Around the World in 80 Days starring Laurel and Hardy.” The story has Sir Frost (Jackman), who is determined to find respect from his snooty British club by taking off to discover the elusive and unseen Bigfoot/ Sasquatch/Yeti (Zak Galifianakis) who agrees to be “caught” and seen, in return for going to Shangri-La

in the Himalayas, where he thinks he might connect be with his long-lost kinfolks. Terrific voice acting, especially by Galifianakis adds immensely to the film’s considerable charm. Costarring A-list voice actors include: Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry and Timothy Olyphant. The character designs are fine, but I thought there was a lot of “Big Bird” and “Teletubbies” DNA in Link’s physicality that was, for me, a bit off-putting. The craftsmanship and eye-popping production design are mind-boggling. There were 106,000 faces, 95 stages and 110 sets! Carter Burwell supplies the scintillating score. NEW 4K FOR THE HOME THEATER: A BEAUTIFUL PLANET

It’s really all about perspective in this truly breathtaking meditative consideration of our awesome home planet nicely narrated by Academy Award® winner Jennifer Lawrence. Made in cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the film features stunning neverbefore seen footage of earth and the effects


BY ROBIN E. SIMMONS humanity has had on it over time, captured by the astronauts using a state of the art hidef Imax camera aboard the International Space Station (ISS). For me, the most memorable images are of the earth blazing at night with the electric intensity of human expansion - a direct visualization of our changing world. It is shocking to see North Korea in near total darkness compared to well-illuminated South Korea. This magnificent film reminds that it is within our power to protect our planet. As we continue to explore and gain knowledge of our galaxy, maybe we can develop a deeper connection to each other and the place we all call home. The near perfect video with its uncompromising audio make this one of the year’s best UHD releases. It’s the best release Mill Creek has put on the market. Recommended. JOURNEY TO THE SOUTH PACIFIC Cate Blanchett, narrates an armchair adventure that takes moviegoers to the lush tropical islands of remote West Papua, where life flourishes above and below the sea. We meet and join Jawi, a young island boy who he takes us on a wondrous journey of discovery in this magical place where he and we encounter whale sharks, sea turtles, manta rays and other iconic creatures in this exotic locale that’s home to literally thousands of species of sea life, the most diverse marine ecosystem on earth. Don’t miss this exquisitely photographed and uplifting celebration of our fragile ocean planet that reminds of the importance -- or rather the necessity -- of finding a way to live in balance with it. A perfect companion piece to Our Beautiful Planet. 4K UHD. MacGillivray/Freeman Films. Mill Creek Entertainment.



s the cannabis industry expands, it is hard to get a handle on the blossoming nature of the business. There is so much information on marijuana’s healing and psychoactive affects, but what about the related businesses and cannabis commerce? Living in California, it’s time to do the best we can to better understand the mainstream uses of cannabis and how it will play out in society both fiscally and socially. Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America by Bruce Barcott The author examines the magnitude of change in America’s relationship to marijuana, which can no longer be measured in only economic or social terms. There are deeper shifts happening: Cultural realignments, social and financial adjustments. The place of marijuana in our lives is being rethought, reconsidered, and recalibrated. The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Cannabis: Concentrated Advice From 25 Industry Leaders by Michael Zaytsev

April 18 to April 24, 2019


Legal Cannabis represents a $50 billion a year industry and is in its infancy! There is still time to jump into the “Green Rush.” Author Zaytsev interviews the most successful cannabis pioneers and ganjapreneurs about investing or starting a cannabis business. Beyond Buds: Marijuana Extracts – Hash, Vaping, Dabbing, Edibles & Medicines by Ed Rosenthal This is a handbook to the future of marijuana. Technology has allowed for a cannabis revolution that’s generated powerful medicines and products containing almost zero carcinogens and little smoke. The book is a primer on making tinctures, topicals, edibles, and other extracts from cannabis leaves, trim, and bud bits, and it goes on to explore and simplify the more exotic and trendy marijuana-infused products. Hemp Bound: Dispatches From the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution by Doug Fine The author reveals the significant return of hemp. Its fibers are among the planet’s

strongest, its seed oil the most nutritious, and its potential as an energy source vast and untapped. For nearly a century, it’s been illegal to grow industrial cannabis in the United States– even though Betsy Ross wove the nation’s first flag out of hemp fabric, Thomas Jefferson composed the Declaration of Independence on it, and colonists could pay their taxes with it. One of humanity’s longest-utilized plants is about to be reincorporated into the American economy. Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana – Medical, Recreational and Scientific by Martin A. Lee This book tells the great American marijuana story, and the dramatic social exploration of a plant that sits at the nexus of political, legal, medical, and scientific discourse. From its ancient origins, its cutting-edge therapeutic benefits, and its role in a culture war, marijuana has evolved beyond its own


BY HEIDI SIMMONS illicit subculture into a dynamic, multibilliondollar industry. Author Lee explores mining the plant’s rich botanical properties that medical researchers are now developing into promising marijuanabased treatments for cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, chronic pain, and many other conditions. Lee takes a look at the complex landscape where legal ambiguity meets scientific breakthrough. * * * * Cannabis is slowly but surely becoming a mainstream industry that undoubtedly will have significant fiscal and social impact within our communities. These books can give us a greater understanding of the nature of the plant, its related businesses and legal ramifications.




earching for a hidden Easter basket is an activity that children of all ages enjoy, however, there can be a few problems if parents are not careful,” says Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna. Candy & Toy Safety: In order to prevent choking, avoid hard, round candy; thick or sticky candy; or candy with nuts. Caramel, sour balls and jaw breakers can be dangerous because children’s airways are higher and narrower than an adult’s, creating a choking hazard. Fake grass is not digestible, so keep it away from little children. Be sure that Easter toys and dolls (such as bunnies, chicks etc.) are free of choking hazards. Pieces that can be removed from a doll or toy pose a potential choking danger to small children. Egg Safety: Eggs are a potentially hazardous food, in the same category as meat, poultry, fish, and milk. In other words, they are capable of supporting the rapid growth of disease-causing bacteria like Salmonella. Before boiling eggs for Easter decorating/ painting, they must be kept refrigerated. Use only clean, unbroken eggs – check when you purchase. Discard dirty or broken eggs. Cool your eggs in cold water or just in the air. Be careful of hot water/scald accidents. Egg Hunting: Do not hide eggs in cupboards or drawers with dangerous products. Do not hide eggs in, on or under glass. Do not hide eggs in preexisting holes in the ground or trees. Do not hide eggs in any plant that have thorns or sharp stiff leaves, look potentially dangerous or poisonous. Rule of thumb: If you don’t know the name of the plant, don’t put an egg in it! “

Do not hide eggs in any animal’s home, food bowl or play area. Do not hide eggs where pesticides or poisons have recently been sprayed After hunting – Eggs that show cracks or damage, throw them away. Driving: Many of us will be traveling to family and friends homes. Buckle up, plan your route and drive safely as we share the road with others. Remember, “Patience is a virtue desired by many possessed by few.” If you keep these few simple safety tips in mind, you should be able to enjoy a fun, problem-free Easter celebration says Chief DiGiovanna. Have a Happy Easter! Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna


April 18 to April 24, 2019

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BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 Michael Keeth 5-9pm CASCADE LOUNGE, SPA RESORT; PS; 888999-1995 Nash with Quinto Menguante 9pm CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Patrick Tuzzolino 5:30pm CHEF GEORGE’S PICASSO LOUNGE; PD; 760200-1768 Paul Douglas 6-9pm DHS SPA LOUNGE; DHS; 760-329-6787 Radio 60 3-6pm EL MEXICALI CAFÉ 2; IND; 760-342-2333 Cesar Daniel Lopez on the harp 6-9pm FRANK’S PLACE; IW; 760-797-8700 Ted Herman 6-8pm THE HOOD; PD; 760-636-5220 Comedy Night 8pm LANDMARK LOUNGE; LQ; 760-289-6736 Scott Carter 7pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-325-2794 PS Sound Company noon, Hot Roxx 6:30pm MELVYN’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE; PS; 760325-2323 Sunday Jam 3:30-7:30pm, Mikael Healy 8pm NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Karaoke 8pm THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Sunday Jam Session 2-5pm, Kevin Henry 7:30pm PALM CANYON ROADHOUSE; PS; 760-3274080 Sunday Jam Session 7pm PAPPY & HARRIET’S; PT; 760-365-5956 The Sunday Band 8pm PLAN B LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AND COCKTAILS; TP; 760-3432115 Open Mic w/ Rockin Ray 6pm SHANGHAI RED’S @ THE FISHERMAN’S MARKET; LQ; 760-777-1601 Jack Ruvio 6-9pm SULLIVAN’S STEAKHOUSE; PD; 760-3413560 The Myx 6:30pm TACK ROOM TAVERN; IND; 760-347-9985 Closed THREE SIXTY NORTH; PS; 760-327-1773 Darci Daniels and Reggie Vision 7pm VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 The John Stanley King Trio 6-9:30pm

WANG’S; PS; 760-325-9264 Live Music 5pm WILDEST GREENS; PD; 760-636-0441 Lance Riebsomer 11-2:30pm WOODY’S PALMHOUSE; PS; 760-230-0188 Motown Too! 6:30pm


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WANG’S; PS; 760-325-9264 Nick Sosa 7pm WOODY’S PALMHOUSE; PS; 760-230-0188 Motown Mondays 7pm


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29 PALMS INN; 29 Palms; 760-367-3505 Daniel Horn 6pm AGAVE LOUNGE@THE HYATT REGENCY; IW; 760-674-4080 Azhia 7-11pm AJ’S ON THE GREEN; C.C.; 760-202-1111 Jazz Jam w/ Doug MacDonald & Friends 7pm BART LOUNGE; C.C.; 760-799-8800 Whiskey Wednesdays w/ Guest DJ 7pm BERNIE’S; RM; 760-202 4499 Chris Lomeli 6:30-10pm BIG ROCK PUB; IND; 706-200-8988 Big Rockin Wednesdays w/ Lisa and the Gents 7pm BLUEMBER; RM; 760-862-4581 Michael Keeth 6-10pm CASTELLI’S; PD; 760-773-3365 Patrick Tuzzolino 5:30pm CHEF GEORGE’S PICASSO LOUNGE; PD; 760-200-1768 Barry Minniefield 6:30-9:30pm, DJ 9:30pm COACHELLA VALLEY BREWING CO; TP; 760343-5973 Uncle Ben’s Open Mic 6-8pm COPA NIGHTCLUB; PS; 760-866-0021 Issa Wednesday Humpday w/ DJ Ax 9pm

CUNARD’S SANDBAR; LQ; 760-564-3660 Bill Baker 6pm DESMOND’S @ THE S; RM; 760-328-2111 Joe Baldino 5:30-9pm DRINGK; RM; 760-888-0111 S.I.N. w/ DJ Mirage 9pm ELECTRIC SPORTS LOUNGE; YV; 760-2281199 Karaoke 7:30pm FRANK’S PLACE; IW; 760-797-8700 Terri Olsen and Patricia Welsh 6:30pm THE HOOD; PD; 760-636-5220 Open Mic Hosted by Josh Heinz 8pm JOSHUA TREE SALOON; JT; 760-366-2250 Karaoke 7:30pm KOKOPELLI’S; YV; 760-228-2589 Open Mic 8pm LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA; PS; 760-325-2794 Hot Roxx 6:30pm LIT@FANTASY SPRINGS; IND; 760-345-2450 Latin Night 7pm MELVYN’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE; PS; 760325-2323 Mikael Healey 8pm NEIL’S LOUNGE; IND; 760-347-1522 Karaoke 8pm-1:15am THE NEST; PD; 760-346-2314 Kevin Henry 6-8pm Tim Burleson 8pm PALM CANYON ROADHOUSE; PS; 760-3274080 Roger & Friends 7pm PLAN B LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AND COCKTAILS; TP; 760-343-2115 Red’s Rockstar Karaoke 9pm PURPLE ROOM; PS; 760-322-4422 Michael Holmes Trio 6:30pm TACK ROOM TAVERN; IND; 760-347-9985 Karaoke 8pm THREE SIXTY NORTH; PS; 760-327-1773 Katheryn White 6:30pm VENUE@VENUS; PD; 760-834-7070 Celebrate Sobriety w/ Joe Baldino 5-7pm VICKY’S OF SANTA FE; IW; 760-345-9770 The Slim Man Band 6:30-10pm WANG’S; PS; 760-325-9264 Jeff Bonds 5-8pm WOODY’S PALMHOUSE; PS; 760-230-0188 Shelley Yoelin’s Jazz Showcase 6:30pm

S and G


Septic Tank & Grease Trap Pumping Sewer & Drain Cleaning Odor Control





n 2018, the first year of legal, recreational cannabis sales in California, legal sales of the product DECLINED from $3 billion in 2017 to $2.5 billion in 2018 reports GreenEdge and the New York Times. How is that possible? Sales were up 25% in the first few months of 2018? I posed that question to local expert, Joe Wallace of the Chief Executive Officer of Coachella Valley Economic Partnership (CVEP) on the state of California’s cannabis business. CVEP brings together the regional partners such as businesses, city governments, tribal governments, regional governments, and the Greater Palm Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau with a collective goal of making our region a better place to prosper in a year round economy. Wallace is also the author of the newly published book, “Living Outside of the Box”. Wallace states matter-of-factly, “Legal dispensaries can’t compete with the black market.” For some reason unknown to both Wallace and many in local law enforcement, the state has been at best slow to shut down illegal operators. Occasionally, law enforcement are tasked with sweeps where illegal shops are shut down yet these shops quickly reopen in new locations. Given that all legal and illegal shops can be found on industry website,

April 18 to April 24, 2019


Weedmaps, there is no good reason that the state has not been more aggressive at cracking down on illegal shops that do not pay the substantial fees, taxes and operating costs required of legal operators. As a result of the illogical regulation approach by the state, many legal operators are giving up their licenses. According to Wallace, some legal operators “sell out the back door” in order to keep their lights on. Others give up their licenses and return to the black market. “A legal storefront has to sell cannabis for $200 per ounce to just break-even,” offers Wallace. “The state produces 9 million pounds of product while the market can only support 2 million pounds in sales.” In a 2015 government study of illegal drug use in the United States, it was estimated that 8.3% of all Californians smoke marijuana. Let’s assume that usage has grown to 10% of California’s 40 million residents. That means that 4 million Californians consume 8 ounces each annually. Stated differently, average use is 227 grams annually amongst cannabis users or 4.4 grams per week. As a marijuana cigarette is typically 1 gram, this suggests that the average user consumes a little more than half of a joint daily. If we consider the amount of flower it takes to make the cannabis THC or CBD cannabis oils used in edibles, topicals, or


vapes, it equates to approximately 5 grams of flower to produce of gram of oil. For Californians to consume the entire state crop, the average user would have to consume 2.25 times more or 18 ounces each annually or almost 10 grams a week. “It works out to about one-quarter pound per man, woman and child in the State,” says Wallace. So what happens to the rest? It is burned, plowed back into the soil or sold illegally outside of the state as it has been for decades. This has resulted in an alarming drop in legal cultivators of cannabis setting up the prospect of a shortage for legal operators and a glut for the black market. In a recent survey of 4,000 Californians, 20% of cannabis users admitted to buying from an illegal source such as a cannabis church, illegal pop-up storefront or ‘guy with a backpack’. Additionally, a growing number of Californians are growing their own cannabis.

State regulations allow each person to grow up to six plants at one time. As each plant can yield roughly 2.5 pounds of cannabis for personal use and buying seeds is legal, many of the heaviest cannabis users are growing their own. What does all of this mean to the typically cannabis user? Prices at legal stores may increase as the number of legal cultivators drop while prices on the street and via the black market can be expected to fall. This means that state and local tax coffers will receive far less in income than estimated. Until the state gets its act together, expect legal operators to struggle. Maybe the state should consult with Paul Pelosi, Jr., the son of Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi is Chairman of Freedom Leaf (ticker FRLF), a Nevada-based cannabis company. Haddon Libby is the Founder and Managing Partner of Winslow Drake Investment Management, a Fiduciary-Only investment management firm. For more information, visit or email HLibby@




say What You Never Wanted To Know, because no one wants to be arrested for a DUI and have to deal with jail, costs, stress, time wasted in court and classes etc. However to understand a DUI, you need to understand you do not have to be drunk. The correct charge is a Driving Under the Influence (DUI). You merely have to be Under the Influence; Impaired or Buzzed from the alcohol and or a drug. This is determined by the Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS) Test at the scene or the Breath or Blood test at the station. Driving Under the Influence has always been called a DEUCE. This is because the Vehicle Code violation has always ended in a 2 and thus drunk drivers are referred to as “deuced”. A DUI was first called a 502 requiring a .15 reading. Next it was a 23102 requiring a .10 reading. Some juries returned not guilty verdicts thinking the driver was not DRUNK because they drove without getting into an accident. Defense lawyers argued to the jury that the driver complied and produced their driver’s license and insurance when asked and the driver did not fall down while exiting the car. Today it’s a 23152 (a & b) of the Vehicle Code, thus allowing the DA to file the two counts. One is Driving under the Influence and the second count is Driving with a BA level of .08 or more. Many juries now split the baby and find the driver innocent of one count and guilty of the other. If there is a guilty verdict of either count it is a DUI with the same sentence. In California you are under the influence if your ability to drive is impaired. Impairment takes place when your blood alcohol reading is .08 or higher with either the Breath or Blood

test at the station. Thus, if you are driving on a California road with .08 or higher the burden of proof almost reverts back to you, to show that you weren’t under the influence and/or your blood alcohol was not .08. There are two different entities after you with a DUI... DMV and Court. DMV is an administrative agency that does not follow the Rules of Evidence. The DMV Hearing Officer does not have any legal training and is both the presiding judge and the prosecutor. Thus s/he rules on their own objections. For the DMV hearing, the DMV Hearing Officer can proceed with just the one (1) page DS 367 Report. They do not have to provide the defense with a complete police report nor have an officer testify at the hearing. This is because the hearing is statutory and if you have a .08 you are presumed to be DUI. The hearing is conducted like a miniature trial, but without a jury and with somewhat different rules of evidence. The defenses tend to be more “technical” than in court with procedure and bureaucratic errors often the grounds for a “set-aside” of the suspension. Testimony can be produced by both sides, although the hearing officer usually only produces documents, such as police reports, lab reports and the officers sworn affidavit. Because there is no 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination at the hearing, we usually choose not to have our client at the hearing. This is because the client could be called by the hearing officer as a witness and testimony will be taped and can be used by the DA in court. After the DMV hearing the hearing officer will take the matter under submission and send

you a letter, at your driver’s license address, notifying you of their decision. They do not give us their decision over the phone. In my opinion, the hearing officers do not have the nerve to tell us over the phone that you have lost and the reason for their Ruling. They have often sent out, what looks like a form letter, by the time we have completed the DMV hearing. It advises the driver they lost the hearing. I too was trained to do this when I sat as a Judge Pro-Tem for traffic matters. It is easier to say you are taking it under submission and will notify the defendant of the verdict via mail. That avoids a conflict in the courtroom. Once again, something like 98% of DMV hearings are lost by California Drivers. Historically DMV suspends your license for four months on a first offense DUI or 5 months if you ask for a restricted license. You can

request a restricted license 30 days after the DMV suspension. This restricted license allows the driver to drive to and from work and a DUI program. Whatever you do, hire a local lawyer and do not attempt to handle a DUI yourself, or better yet... DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE OR TEXT, CALL A TAXI, UBER OR LYFT......IT IS A LOT CHEAPER THAN HAVING A DUI OR ACCIDENT AND CALLING ME. ARTICLE IDEAS? DALE GRIBOW 760-8377500/ DALE GRIBOW - “TOP LAWYER” - Palm Springs Life 2011-2020 (DUI) & “TOP LAWYER” Inland Empire Magazine Nov ‘16-19 10.0 AVVO Perfect Peer Rating


April 18 to April 24, 2019




A STAGE REVIEW OF ‘GRAND HOTEL’ GETTING HIGH OFF LOVE! I n 1928, the world was in its happy place. It had survived WWI, Hitler was not yet a threat, Micky Mouse made his film debut, sliced bread hit the market and the stock market crash (triggering the great depression,) was still a year away. Berlin, Germany had become the third largest municipality in the world and was experiencing its heyday as a major world city. So, it was no surprise that Vicki Baum’s novel and stage play, Menschen im Hotel, (People in a Hotel,) set in 1928 Berlin, achieved great success in its depiction of the aristocrats, and their secrets, who frequented the extravagantly posh establishment known as the ‘Grand Hotel.’ The Hollywood Academy Award winning screen adaptation debuted in 1932, starring Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, John and Lionel Barrymore. Sixty years later, in 1989, a Broadway musical adaptation of the story hit the stage. With book by Luther Davis, Music & Lyrics by Robert Wright, George Forrest and Maury Yeston, Grand Hotel, The Musical received 12 Tony Award nominations and won five of them. Palm Canyon Theatre’s production of this classic show had me feeling like I was sitting in a Broadway theatre. At rise I was immediately captivated by J.W. Layne’s set Design. A simple and elegant framing of the Grand Hotel that transformed and pulled me in to the story as the revolving door began to admit entrances and introductions to the cast of guests who frequent this upscale establishment. Colonel-Doctor Otternschlag, (Michael Wellborn,) is a disfigured WWI Veteran and permanent resident of the Hotel. He narrates this tale from his cynical perspective of nothing ever happening, while a great deal goes on around him. Se Layne’s performance as Elizaveta Grushinskaya, a world famous prima ballerina who has passed her prime and is literally struggling to find her footing, set the tone for this very human drama. Layne’s amazing talent once more demonstrates why she is always a leading lady. Elizaveta’s personal assistant, Raffella, (Adina Lawson,) has spent 22 years serving the ballerina while denying her own struggles of an unrequited love for Elizaveta. Lawson’s performance is beautiful and tragic in presenting Raffella’s unwavering devotion for a woman who will never share her feelings. Terry Huber as Otto Kringelein, a fatally ill Jewish Bookkeeper who has sold everything he owns so that he could spend his final days living in luxury, is one of the bright spots in these waning days of glory, drama. Huber is personable and authentic in his role as a man who wants to drain every drop of living out of his life. Felix Von Gaigern, (Ben Reece,) is a young, handsome, but destitute Baron, who squandered his fortune and is willing to go to any length in order to maintain his upscale lifestyle. Herman


Preysing, (Donald Kelly,) was an honest businessman until desperation took control of his integrity, and Flaemmchen, (Allegra Angelo,) a young typist in a bad situation and filled with dreams of Hollywood. This is a big cast that is bursting with talent. Se Layne’s wonderful choreography greatly contributed to the elegance of the dance numbers, often reflecting a ballet, fitting with the character she portrayed. Derick Shopinski, performed as Rohna, the Hotel Manager as well as serving as the show’s costume designer. Both roles showcased Shopinski’s range of creative abilities. Although, Grand Hotel, was a limited run, closing on April 14th, Palm Canyon Theatre continues their classic presentations with, The Diary of Anne Frank, April 25th through April 28th. The Palm Canyon Theatre, is located at 538 North Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs. For Reservations: Box Office: (760) 3235123 Dee Jae Cox is a playwright, director and producer. She is the Cofounder and Artistic Director of The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Project.



here are many agents that get us “high”, that cause us to transcend our current state and enter into another

world. Most consider narcotics, alcohol and pharmaceuticals to be the most sought after substances to achieve this nirvana, however, I believe there is a drug that is even more powerful. L-O-V-E. Love does something different to us than the slightly buzzed feeling you get from a glass of wine or a few tokes of marijuana. Love actually can create the high-octane euphoria associated with much stronger drugs, like cocaine. Scientists have proven through functional MRI that the mere act of holding hands and gazing into that special someone’s eye releases the same amount of dopamine (a feel good neurotransmitter) as cocaine. You might know first-hand that love is as addictive as drugs or alcohol. When “using” both drugs or love, a particular part of our brain is activated that translates motivation into action, especially in the formation of behaviors armed at getting reward. Like the song by Meatloaf says, “I would do anything for love…”…and that is true for all of us. Our need to give and receive love is what it means to be alive. Are you really even living if you’re not loving? We believe that love is a commodity

that continues to grow without limit. Love can be reproduced and can be shared with anything without the consequences one might experience in sharing an illicit drug. If you are searching and wanting to get high on love, we invite you to join our interactive community on Facebook. Please join us at You will find many occasions to “use” inside our group. Elizabeth Scarcella, Brand and Goodwill Ambassador, EFT Practitioner, Weight Loss and Inner Beauty Coach, is dedicated to helping others discover Wellness in all aspects of life. Elizabeth can help you awaken to your best self yet. For more information, find her at Aimee Mosco is an Author, Intuitive Channel, Spiritual Teacher and Co-Founder of Intentional Healing Systems, LLC. Aimee’s passion for helping others inspired her book “Gratitude + Forgiveness x (LOVE) = Happiness”. For more information, find Aimee at


Week of April 18

ARIES (March 21-April 19): French writer Simone de Beauvoir sent a letter to her lover, Aries author Nelson Algren. She wrote, “I like so much the way you are so greedy about life and yet so quiet, your eager greediness and your patience, and your way of not asking much of life and yet taking much because you are so human and alive that you find much in everything.” I’d love to see you embody that state in the coming weeks, Aries. In my astrological opinion, you have a mandate to be both utterly relaxed and totally thrilled; both satisfied with what life brings you and skillfully avid to extract the most out of it; both at peace with what you already have and primed to grab for much more. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): The Beat Generation of American poets arose in the late 1940s as a rebellion against materialistic mainstream culture and academic poetry. It embraced sexual liberation, Eastern spirituality, ecological awareness, political activism, and psychedelic drugs. One of its members, Jack Kerouac, tweaked and ennobled the word “beat” to serve as the code name for their movement. In its old colloquial usage, “beat” meant tired or exhausted. But Kerouac re-consecrated it to mean “upbeat” and “beatific,” borrowing from the Italian word beato, translated as “beatific.” I bring this to your attention, Taurus, because you’re on the verge of a similar transition: from the old meaning of “beat” to the new. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): “Scattered through the ordinary world, there are books and artifacts and perhaps people who are like doorways into impossible realms, of impossible and contradictory truth.” Argentinian author Jorge Luis Borges said that, and now I’m passing it on to you—just in time for your entrance into a phase when such doorways will be far more available than usual. I hope you will use Borges’ counsel as a reminder to be alert for everyday situations and normal people that could lead you to intriguing experiences and extraordinary revelations and life-changing blessings. CANCER (June 21-July 22): The Free Will Astrology Committee To Boldly Promote Cancerian’s Success is glad to see that you’re not politely waiting for opportunities to come to you. Rather, you’re tracking them down and proactively wrangling them into a form that’s workable for your needs. You seem to have realized that what you had assumed was your fair share isn’t actually fair; that you want and deserve more. Although you’re not being mean and manipulative, neither are you being overly nice and amenable; you’re pushing harder to do things your way. I approve! And I endorse your efforts to take it even further. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Many experts who have studied the art and science of running fast believe that it’s best if a runner’s legs are symmetrical and identical in their mechanics. But that theory is not supported by the success of champion sprinter Usain Bolt. Because he has suffered from scoliosis, his left leg is a half-inch longer than his right. With each stride, his left leg stays on the track longer than his right, and his right hits the track with more force. Some scientists speculate that this unevenness not only doesn’t slow him down, but may in fact enhance his speed. In accordance with current astrological variables, I suspect you will be able to thrive on your asymmetry in the coming weeks, just as your fellow Leo Usain Bolt does. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Virgo adventurer Jason Lewis traveled around the world using transportation powered solely by his own body. He walked, bicycled, skated, rowed, pedaled, and swam more than 46,000 miles. I propose that we make him your role model for the next four weeks. You’re primed to accomplish gradual breakthroughs through the use of simple, persistent, incremental actions. Harnessing the power of your physical vitality will be an important factor in your success. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Curcumin is a chemical found in the plant turmeric. When ingested by humans, it may diminish inflammation, lower the risk of diabetes, support cardiovascular health, and

© Copyright 2019 Rob Brezsny

treat digestive disorders. But there’s a problem: the body is inefficient in absorbing and using curcumin— unless it’s ingested along with piperine, a chemical in black pepper. Then it’s far more available. What would be the metaphorical equivalent to curcumin in your life? An influence that could be good for you, but that would be even better if you synergized it with a certain additional influence? And what would be the metaphorical equivalent of that additional influence? Now is a good time to investigate these questions. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): “I have the usual capacity for wanting what may not even exist,” wrote poet Galway Kinnell. How abut you, Scorpio? Do you, too, have an uncanny ability to long for hypothetical, invisible, mythical, and illusory things? If so, I will ask you to downplay that amazing power of yours for a while. It’s crucial for your future development that you focus on yearning for actual experiences, real people, and substantive possibilities. Please understand: I’m not suggesting you’re bad or wrong for having those seemingly impossible desires. I’m simply saying that for now you will thrive on being attracted to things that are genuinely available. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): “Sometimes I have kept my feelings to myself, because I could find no language to describe them in,” wrote Sagittarian novelist Jane Austen. I’m guessing you’ve had that experience—maybe more than usual, of late. But I suspect you’ll soon be finding ways to express those embryonic feelings. Congrats in advance! You’ll discover secrets you’ve been concealing from yourself. You’ll receive missing information whose absence has made it hard to understand the whole story. Your unconscious mind will reveal the rest of what it has thus far merely been hinting at. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): All over the world, rivers and lakes are drying up. Sources of water are shrinking. Droughts are becoming more common and prolonged. Why? Mostly because of climate change. The good news is that lots of people are responding to the crisis with alacrity. Among them is an engineer in India named Ramveer Tanwar. Since 2014, he has organized efforts leading to the rejuvenation of twelve dead lakes and ponds. I propose we make him your role model for the coming weeks. I hope he will inspire you to engage in idealistic pursuits that benefit other people. And I hope you’ll be motivated to foster fluidity and flow and wetness everywhere you go. The astrological time is ripe for such activities. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): A blogger named Caramelizee offered her definition of elegance: “being proud of both your feminine and masculine qualities; seeing life as a non-ending university and learning everything you can; caring for yourself with tender precision; respecting and taking advantage of silences; tuning in to your emotions without being oversensitive; owning your personal space and being generous enough to allow other people to own their personal space.” This definition of elegance will be especially apropos and useful for you Aquarians in the coming weeks. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): You Pisceans have been summoning heroic levels of creative intensity. You’ve been working extra hard and extra smart. But it seems that you haven’t been fully recognized or appreciated for your efforts. I’m sorry about that. Please don’t let it discourage you from continuing to express great integrity and authenticity. Keep pushing for your noble cause and offering your best gifts. I’m proud of you! And although you may not yet have reaped all the benefits you will ultimately sow, three months from now I bet you’ll be pleased you pushed so hard to be such a righteous servant of the greater good. Homework: Imagine your future self sends a message to you back through time. What is it? ---------------------------------------Rob Brezsny Free Will Astrology


April 18 to April 24, 2019




s CV Weekly celebrates its seven years of publication this month, I look back at the three years of progress I’ve made as a cannabis nurse navigator. The cannabis horizon sparks of glowing opportunities waiting for the visionary provider to seize the moment. Medical professionals across the country from nurses, physicians, biologist, chemist and pharmacist are expanding the landscape with anecdotal as well as scientific research making this natural plant the most researched plant in the world. Cannabis research is moving from mice to humans as more countries reverse the seventy-year prohibition experiment. Technology pushing advances in health care is spilling over into cannabis. Precision tools used to monitor temperature lighting soil or purity are transforming cultivation, package variants are allowing higher doses of THC to be sold. Genetic testing, stem cell applications in the treatment of cancers and rare diseases is motivating cannabis growers to research genomes in cannabis strains. Now we apply for 23/me genetic testing for ancestors and health and add gene testing for our cannabis genome. Scientists in Israel are laboratory testing the most effective strain that kills cancer cells. Already demonstrated by the US Government’s patent in 2003 is its remarkable antioxidant, neuroprotectant, anticoagulant, and antihyperglycemic properties. Current anecdotal evidence from, the repository for scientific research, documents the blood pressure, and blood sugar lowering effect of CBD. The following drugs can be reduced or eliminated: hydrocodone, oxycodone, other opiates, benzodiazepines, Megestrol, Ondansetron, gabapentin Carbatrol, and Valproic acid, and many more. We have been self-medicating with cannabis to relieve symptoms of distress for 5000 years. Now medical professionals, especially nurses are learning this scientific application to disease. Israeli hospitals are using the vaporization route for patients with Alzheimer’s. Physicians can obtain CME credits from physician/scientist presenters. Nurses, pharmacists and social workers are inserting the science of cannabis into their undergraduate curriculums. Nurses have been the vanguard of medical change for centuries. It was

Florence Nightingale who defied England’s health system to establish infection control procedures that reduced the mortality rate during the Crimea War. The link between frequent hand washing and mortality rate was demonstrated. It was Dame Cicely Saunders who entered medical school as a nurse in the 1940’s to give herself more credibility so she could establish Christopher’s Hospice in London England. She then crossed the pond to establish hospice and palliative care at Yale University. Lillian D. Wald was the originator of publichealth nursing and the founder of the Visiting Nurse Service in New York City. She initiated the first public-school nursing program in the United States and founded the Henry Street Settlement in New York City. Carolyn Ladd Widmer, a nurse, established the School of Nursing at the American University of Beirut. She then became the first Dean of the School of Nursing at the University of Connecticut (UCONN) in 1942. UCONN was listed in the top twenty-five per cent of nursing schools under her tenure. Widmer along with Josephine Dolan authored many books on the science of nursing. The UCONN program went on to develop the master’s degree program and doctoral degree program in nursing. Dr. Rachel Walker, Ph.D., RN, is a nurse inventor and Assistant Professor in the University of Massachusetts-Amherst College of Nursing. She invented a portable, selfcontained IV device for disaster aid and a selfcare toolkit for breast cancer survivors. Nurse entrepreneurs continue to lead in the education of the public, our legislators and medical providers on the science of cannabis. Leaders like Elisabeth Mack from Holistic Caring; Eloise Theisen from Radicle Health; Elizabeth G. Dost, RN, Clinical Director of the Massachusetts Patient’s Advocacy Alliance (MPAA); or finally but not least, Mary Lynn Mathre, Patients Out of Time co-founder, who with Ed Glick established the American Cannabis Nurses Association in 2010. There is much to be admired about this populist movement taking our health industry back to natural plant products. Nurses provide the holistic approach that assists in the realization of our own role in self-healing. I am proud to be attached to this movement. Ruth A Hill RN Holistic Caring can be reached at


April 18 to April 24, 2019







he Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network (CVCAN), is a trade organization created to prioritize growth and overcome challenges facing the legal cannabis industry. Members (125 and growing daily) are businesses working in the supply chain of the cannabis industry, ancillary businesses supporting it, local governments, and interested individuals. They have come together and have put the Coachella Valley on the map as the most progressive place to open and grow a cannabis business in California. And we certainly believe this is the case right now! CVCAN is proud to be the National Cannabis Industry Association’s (NCIA) Official Allied Association for the Coachella Valley, and is also allied with the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA) for the same purpose. By working with these state and national organizations, they can most effectively amplify the voices of their members to advocate for the needs of our legal cannabis industry here in the Coachella Valley. The Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Networks mission statement is to provide a responsible and productive voice for the cannabis industry through innovative and effective programs in networking, development, operations, regulations, and outreach. If you are in, or interested in, the cannabis industry, you should consider joining the Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network, you will stand strong alongside others representing the cannabis industry who are committed to bringing credibility and best practices to the industry. Members enjoy enhanced advocacy support, exceptional networking opportunities, added brand visibility, as well as access to current industry trends. CVCAN hosts monthly local networking events. These meetings are designed for cultivators, retailers, distributors, cannabis brands, local government officials and ancillary services to have the opportunity to network and share in the latest trends of the industry. CVCAN’s next Networking dinner will be on Monday, May 6th at Woodhaven Country Club from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. Complimentary access for one is included with membership, or if you would like to attend once before joining, tickets are $29.99 at the door for a delicious


dinner and access to over 100 attendees who are active in the cannabis industry locally and throughout California. Members of CVCAN not only gain access to these valuable monthly networking dinners, but also have the opportunity to sponsor said dinners and other CVCAN events to help increase their brand awareness. Such events include the upcoming 1st Annual CVCAN Charity Golf Tournament in partnership with the Desert Cancer Foundation. The event takes place on Saturday May 11, with 7am registration and 8am shotgun start at Woodhaven Country Club in beautiful Palm Desert, California. Whether you enjoy golf, would like to support a good cause, or are interested in displaying your product / services to hundreds of associated local people, you should join us at the CVCAN Charity Golf Tournament benefitting the Desert Cancer Foundations breast cancer fund in honor of mother’s day. This is the first consumption friendly charity golf tournament that we are aware of in California and you can be a part of it! You can play a round of golf for only $149 dollars, which includes activation and swag at each hole, access to exclusive cannabis industry networking luncheon, putting contest, longest drive contest, hole in one contests, and much more. Huge value here for less than most regular golf rounds! Sponsorship opportunities also available! Visit for more information and to view their current members who’s logos are featured on every single page of CVCAN’s website and link back to the members own websites. All members get this great benefit as well as a listing in the associations directory, which is an excellent resource for local cannabis professionals looking for contacts in the local cannabis industry. New members also receive a welcome message on CVCAN’s social media accounts and personalized email announcement. Members are permitted to promote their membership in the organization for professional purposes, and also receive free or discounted access to CVCAN’s educational events and forums, as well as information to keep current on key developments in the area and in the industry. Additionally, CVCAN works closely with local municipalities to help them shape local cannabis regulations and ensure that our local cannabis businesses remain competitive and are able to thrive.


OME HISTORY... Cannabis has been a companion plant for humankind and archaeological evidence has shown that it has been used as food, fiber, fuel, or medicine throughout much of human history across a very broad range of cultures and locations. What we call it has been a source of debate since the 1700’s. Hemp, cannabis, marijuana, sativa, and indica are all terms associated with the plant that has as many forms and uses as it does names. Today in the United States the difference between hemp and cannabis is purely a legal one. Anything with greater than 0.3% of THC (technically THCA) by dry weight is considered to be cannabis, and is federally illegal in the United States. Where did this 0.3 percent THC figure come from? It stems from a 1976 taxonomic report by Canadian plant scientists and was never intended to be the legal demarcation between hemp and other forms of cannabis, however, the passage of the Agricultural Act of 2014 (aka the Farm Bill) defined “industrial hemp” for the first time, using this a key factor. SO, WHAT DOES ALL OF THIS MEAN WHEN I’M CHOOSING A CBD PRODUCT? Technically, hemp-derived CBD products are illegal in California. Despite the fact that ‘cannabis’ is federally illegal, many states have decriminalized and regulated it for either medical or recreational use. Ironically, in California, cannabis-based CBD products are regulated and taxed, but there is no mechanism for regulating and taxing hemp-based products containing CBD. In fact, the California Department of Public Health is following the lead of the FDA and has published a memo that states “Until the FDA rules that industrial hemp-derived CBD oil and CBD products can be used as a food or California makes a determination that they are safe to use for human and animal consumption, CBD products are not an approved food, food ingredient, food additive, or dietary supplement.” In essence, any store that is selling hemp-derived CBD consumable products, is breaking both state and federal laws. There is an ongoing debate about whether or not topicals fall under these regulations. Hemp-derived CBD may not be safe. Cannabisbased CBD products purchased from licensed dispensaries in CA are subjected to stricter testing than even organic foods. They are tested for potency, pesticides, molds, mildews, and heavy metals, to name a few. Hemp-derived products

are not required to undergo any testing. Hemp is a bioaccumulator, meaning it cleans the soil it grows in of toxins and contaminants pulling them up into the plant itself. These can then be concentrated into harmful levels during the extraction process and wind up in the final product if not detected by lab safety testing. Cannabis-derived CBD is being tracked from seed to sale, so you know where your CBD is coming from. Hemp CBD has no requirements. Prior to the 2018 updates to the Farm Bill, most of the CBD products available in the United States were made from low-resin industrial hemp grown in Europe and China. Hemp-derived CBD products may not be what they appear to be. Several independent organizations have purchased hemp-CBD products and had them independently lab tested. They have found a significant number of products containing more or less CBD than claimed on the label, with some containing 0% CBD. Even more alarming, they have found products with THC above the .3%. This is enough to make a new cannabis user high and/or fail a drug test. HOW DO I FIND A QUALITY CBD PRODUCT? When choosing a CBD product, look for the following: Clear Labels showing the quantity and ratio of CBD and THC per dose, a manufacturing date and batch number (for quality control). Products that are tested for consistency, and verified as free of mold, bacteria, pesticides, solvent residues, and other contaminants. Products with quality ingredients. No corn syrup, GMOs, transfats, and artificial additives. Products that contain more than just CBD isolate. Research is continuing to show that whole plant medicine is more effective than isolated CBD or THC which will be covered in a future article. Cameron Hattan, VP of Education @ Fiddler’s Greens (




April 18 to April 24, 2019




BD is the new buzzword. You can find CBD products in cannabis dispensaries, at the corner store, online, and even at your pet store. In Part 1 of this series, we talk about the due diligence required to find a safe, quality CBD product, but really WHAT IS ALL OF THE HYPE ABOUT? You have seen claims that it can do everything from cure cancer, calm anxiety, treat arthritis, stop Alzheimer’s, and manage pain. Is it possible that CBD is the miracle remedy we’ve all been looking for and the proverbial fountain of youth? Not likely, but it certainly has its benefits. IF CANNABIS HAS BEEN AROUND FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, WHY ARE WE JUST HEARING ABOUT CBD? There are 2 reasons for this…both resulting from prohibition. First, cannabis was classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance (meaning no known medicinal value) making it nearly impossible for researchers to get federal approval for real scientific studies. Second, as was the way with alcohol bootleggers, cannabis cultivators needed a way to get the most bang for the buck, so they focused on breeding strains with higher and higher THC content, essentially breeding the CBD out of strains that are common today (Consider the value of a jug of vodka compared to a jug of beer). It wasn’t until 1992 that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) was identified by researchers in Israel. As it turns out, every living creature with a spinal cord has an ECS. The ECS controls every function of the body including mood, appetite, body temperature, and immune function. The ECS acts as the ‘conductor of the orchestra’, controlling much of the signaling within the body

and working to bring the body back into balance, or homeostasis. There are receptors through the brain and body that are configured specifically to interact with the endogenous cannabinoids our body naturally produces, anandamide and 2AG, as well as plant-based cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Since the discovery of the ECS, research has slowly been trickling in that consistently shows that our bodies need cannabinoids and that many of the ‘illnesses’ that we see are a result of cannabinoid deficiencies or imbalance. It is believed that prior to prohibition, we were getting supplemental cannabinoids in our diet through our milk, eggs and meat because the chickens were eating hemp seeds, and the animals were grazing on the leaves and stems of feral hemp, and cannabis remedies were a part of the pharmacopeia. With prohibition came a lack of access to a component that our bodies need to function. SO, IF CBD ISN’T A CURE ALL, WHAT DOES IT DO? As mentioned above, CBD is a soloist in the orchestra that regulates our bodies and one of the thousands of components required to keep our bodies in homeostasis. Think about it in terms of what happens to the body when there is a calcium deficiency or a protein does not operate at peak performance. There are studies that show that CBD helps with inflammationbased issues like autoimmune diseases, depression, neurodegenerative diseases, arthritis, and diabetes as well as being effective at managing stress and anxiety. Additionally, there has been huge success in treating certain types of epilepsy and managing nausea and anticipatory nausea, making it a reliable companion for those undergoing cancer treatments. It also improves mobility, loosens muscles, improves mood at low doses, and improves sleeps which allows the body to naturally detox. It has recently been discovered that the largest concentration of endogenous cannabinoids in the human body occurs in breast milk and that there are more cannabinoid receptors in our brains than all of our other neurotransmitters combined. So, NO, CBD is not a cure all…. but, it is certainly a key element of balancing your endocannabinoid system and improving your body’s natural quest for homeostasis. Stay tuned as we continue to explore cannabis’s ever abundant gift of health and wellness.



HAT’S ON THE LABEL? The labels of CBD products can be very confusing. They say things like “CBD isolate” and “Pure CBD”, and manufacturers will tell you that their product is the PUREST! Products with these labels typically contain just one molecule, CBD, that has been extracted from the cannabis or hemp plant through complex extraction processes that sometimes utilize harsh solvents, which is then added into a food or carrier oil. PURE CBD IS GOOD, RIGHT? Studies show that a much larger dose is required when using a CBD isolate to get the same beneficial effects as you would with a whole plant remedy. Isolated CBD has a bell curve in it’s dosing, meaning that one will have increased beneficial effects with an increasing dose, but only up to a certain point. Then the beneficial effects drop off drastically and extreme doses of CBD isolate may have negative drug to drug interactions similar to drug interactions with grapefruit. Taking a CBD isolate is like trying to play 9 holes of golf with just a driver; it’s going to be great for some shots, but completely ineffective on others. Research is continuing to show that the therapeutic effects of CBD combined with the other cannabinoids (including THC) and the aromatic compounds, called terpenes, is much greater than using CBD alone. Imagine, 2+2=10. The diverse spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes act as buffers and balance each other much like a full bag of golf clubs makes for a much better golf game. WHY ARE WHOLE-PLANT REMEDIES ARE BETTER? Most people are able to achieve greater relief at lower doses when using whole plant remedies. There are over 100 different cannabinoids and even more terpenes. Traditionally people have used plant-based drugs that operate on a “whole system” process. Only in the last 75 years have we switched to these single molecule drugs as the pharmaceutical companies have focused on products that could be patented and made in a lab. The pharmaceutical industry tends to look for a silver bullet to hit a specific target where traditional medicine tended to used more of a shotgun approach.

At the end of the day, CBD is CBD is CBD…. it’s a molecule that does not change whether it is derived from hemp, cannabis or synthesized in a lab. It is the interactions of CBD, THC and all of the other cannabinoids and terpenes that give an increase in effectiveness. For example, CBD treats pain through one mechanism of the body, and THC through another. Depending on the source of the pain, attacking it from 2 angles gives you a better shot at resolving it. Think of CBD as the driver, THC as the putter, and the other cannabinoids as the rest of your clubs. WHAT IF I DON’T WANT TO GET HIGH? THC, while necessary to get the full potential of cannabinoid medicine, can be effective at very low doses that are well tolerated by the majority of people. 0.5 mg of THC to 2.5 mg is considered a micro-dose and most people will not notice any high feeling or psychoactive effects. 2.5mg THC is a threshold dose where some will feel it others will not. 5 mg is a moderate dose, and 10 mg is too much for the cannabis novice in most cases. One thing to keep in mind is that CBD acts as a buffer for THC lowering the peak of the psychactivity while easing the anxiety that may happen with THC ingestion. Even though CBD tempers the effects of THC, it also helps to prolong the therapeutic effects. The most important thing to keep in mind is that with cannabis it is never a “one size fits all”... everyone responds differently and everyone’s needs are different. The goal is to find the minimum effective dose for yourself. Start low and go slow by taking small doses increasing overtime until desired results are achieved, then backing off to find the “sweet spot”. It is also a wise to start a new cannabis product at night and keep a journal to track your progress and overall quality of life. In many cases, you know it’s working by what you don’t feel!


April 18 to April 24, 2019



esigned for both the fully initiated and newly curious, The Leaf El Paseo is delighted to invite guests to discover its state-of-the-art showroom, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and curated inventory of superior cannabis products for medical, therapeutic and recreational use. The Leaf will host its inaugural 4/20 celebration on Saturday, April 20th from noon to 4:20 p.m. featuring a live DJ, street tacos and churros, and vendor education stations. Highly trained cannabis consultants will also be on hand to answer questions and offer product recommendations. Visitors will also have the

opportunity to join The Leaf‘s loyalty program, which allows members to earn points toward future purchases, and get regular updates about upcoming promotions and products. “In today’s brave new world of cannabis retail, The Leaf is setting the standard by elevating the customer experience,” says General Manager Paul Cotterell. “Our showroom exudes a relaxed, welcoming vibe, which allows for both privacy and peace of mind. It’s everything you’ve come to expect on El Paseo and more —The Leaf fits your lifestyle.” Located in the heart of El Paseo, Palm Desert’s world-class retail, art and dining district, and only minutes from the site of the celebrated Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, The Leaf offers a variety of superior cannabis products for medical, therapeutic and recreational use. The Leaf’s state-of-the-art showroom provides a carefully curated customer experience, all in a relaxed, welcoming space. The Leaf is located at 73740 El Paseo, between Larkspur and San Luis Rey. Daily hours will be 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Must be 21 or older to enter. For more information, visit www. For more info, visit





re you a cannabis user in the Coachella Valley who is ready to step out of the shadows and find community? Are you longing for the gone days of the golden years of socializing? Huzzah! You’re in luck because now you can quench your nostalgia for a good time at the Puff Parlour located on the corner of Ramon and Landau in Cathedral City at the Ramon Towers. Whether you’re looking to gather your friends or looking to meet new ones, the Puff Parlour is a welcoming and modern take on a cannabis lounge. Here’s how it works-head over to Dank DePot and allow The Green Ladies (@thegreenladies_) to help you decide what you’re going to smoke on, complete your purchase, and head back into the waiting room where you enter through a door with words “Puff Parlour” on it. The Parlour is a sleek and atmospheric room fit with comfortable couches, a large table for community building, televisions, arcade games, and most importantly, a Green Lady waiting to help you decide which glass to toke out of or roll a joint for you. I stopped by during their grand opening and was beyond pleased with the aesthetic, comfort, and welcoming nature of the Puff Parlour. Inside were various brand ambassadors offering tastings of their products, new and old friends gathering and passing joints, a live artist creating, and an arcade table with every old school game you could ever want to play after ripping the bong. I approached Dakota from Flavor Concentrates and had a dab of Sour Tangie. Once elevated the space offers everything you need from beverages to games


and more. Owners Ruben Harutyunyan and Sahak Ghaghian wanted the Puff Parlour to feel inviting and warm and it is exactly that. During the grand opening I caught up with Sahak and learned more about his intentions behind the name the Puff Parlour. “I was sitting with my brother and trying to figure out what would be the best word that started with a “P” to work with Puff and suddenly it came to me. Parlour. It evokes exactly what I have in mind when I think of the space.” Indeed the space feels as though you have stepped into a time capsule to an alternate 1950s where cannabis was embraced. It’s aesthetic matches that of Johnny Rockets, Ruby’s Diner, or a A&W Restaurant with its all-American feel meets a modern and hip slate color palette. From the colorful glass pieces waiting for you to use them to the comfy couches, The Puff Parlour will be enjoyed by all walks of life. Interested in making a day out of it? Schedule a game over at the Palm Springs Lanes after and enjoy 2019. Consume responsibly.





n Friday, April 12, I stopped by the grand opening of Palm Desert’s newest dispensary, Royal Highness. The event was a wonderful celebration of the new gorgeous dispensary with many vendors with exclusive deals, food, music, and a mobile smoking lounge by MJ Tours sponsored by Platinum Vapes. Vendors like Select Oil, Canndescent, Platinum Vapes, Henry’s Original, King Pen, Heavy Hitters, Alpine Vapes, and more showed up. Not only was the event on Friday but lasted the entire weekend with Royal Highness offering 20% off everything in the store and deals for larger spenders as well. At 4:20 the event got real ramped up, with a special guest appearance from former NBA player Al

Harrington showing up to represent his brand Viola which offers flower options. Co-founder Keyva King began her journey to Royal Highness in the days of Prop 215 with a delivery called Earth Essentials with the idea of safe access for all medical patients in mind. When Palm Desert opened its city to cannabis dispensaries Royal Highness was granted a city license and began construction on their location on Lupine Lane located above Paws and Claws Urgent Care in Palm Desert next to Blaze Pizza. In 2018 her team began construction under the guidance of co-founder Megan Stone of High Road Studios. Megan has designed over 50 dispensaries throughout the country and developed a unique and sophisticated look and feel for Royal Highness. Not only does the sleek interior design set Royal Highness in it’s very own realm, but so does it’s brand options. Displayed in their glass cases and shelves are 8ths from unique and exotic cannabis brands not found typically in the Coachella Valley such as Maven, Gashouse, Connected Cannabis Co., Terraform, Northern Emeralds, and Nameless Genetics. With a mix of old school and new school, Royal Highness has a selection to suit their diverse and varying demographic. When walking in you are immediately greeted by a Cannabis Consultant who guides you throughout the store to determine your needs and educate you on products. Be sure to stop by Royal Highness at 73345 Highway 111 in Palm Desert to discover how you too can reign supreme.


April 18 to April 24, 2019




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ecently I had the pleasure of meeting a representative of Select, a cartridge and oil company offering a range of products. I looked over the dispensary’s selection of the brand and found one of their Elite cartridges that caught my eye--Durban Poison. This caught my eye because I am currently working on shedding my winter body and THCV, a cannabinoid famous for being an appetite suppressant, is heavily found in Durban Poison. Now, Select boasts being a broad spectrum oil with high cannabinoid retention which makes it different from your average distillate cartridge, especially since I was looking for a cannabinoid other than THC. After less than a week of using my Durban Poison Elite in the necessary times of being hit with not so health conscious cravings, I’m hooked. I reached out to them immediately and was connected to their PR lead Jordon Rahmil who happily shared more about Select with me CV Weekly: What is the story behind Select? Jordon Rahmil: “Select is a brand developed to help consumers Select Better in every facet of their lives. Select Oil was started by our CEO, Cameron Forni, in his own living room in Portland, Oregon in 2015. He had a close friend who was suffering from a condition called Barrett’s esophagus, which caused irritation when smoking flower. He wanted to help that friend find a clean, smoke-free way to use cannabis, so he started buying and deconstructing every vaporizer he could get his hands on, and found that many vape pens were made with silica wicks, while organic cotton wicks were actually more desirable. Today, Select is constantly innovating and developing new technologies and products that help people access cannabis and hemp in a way that works best for them. “The brand is divided into sister companies: Select Oil, which is our high THC cannabis brand, and Select CBD which is our high-CBD hemp-derived brand.” CV Weekly: What variety of products does your line consist of? JR: “Select Oil is known for our Select Elite

line of vaporizer pens, which is made from clean, potent cannabis oil. The same cannabis oil that we’re known for can also be found in our 90-puff disposable pen The Weekender, as well as in Dabbable form in most states we’re in. “Select CBD’s hemp-derived CBD brand portfolio includes Select CBD Drops, Select CBD Muscle Rub, Select CBD blends (vape pens), Select CBD Patches, Select CBD Capsules, Montel by Select capsules, and of course our Select PETS line. These products are hemp-derived, contain zero percent THC, and are manufactured in Portland, Oregon.” CV Weekly: Can you tell me more about your Elite line? JR: “The Select Elite line of vape pens defines the quality and consistency that has made Select that trusted brand that consumers can rely on for a clean, potent product. Our pure cannabis distillate is small batch tested to ensure the highest quality standards.” CV Weekly: Are your cartridges strain specific? JR: “We do offer strain specific cartridges that come from small batches and pack an amazing punch. They are carried at various retailers across Palm Springs, DHS and the Valley.” CV Weekly: Are your cartridges enhanced with terpenes? And if so are they batch specific? JR: “We only used cannabis-derived terpenes in our oil. Our cartridges are profiled specifically based on the actual terpene profile of the plant, so you get the same terpene rich taste from your vape as you would from the flower.” CV Weekly: Can you tell me more about your Select CBD line? JR: “Select CBD products are hempderived and contain zero percent THC. We pair naturally extracted essential oils and herbs with CBD rich oil, capturing the synergy between herbs and CBD. You can find Select CBD products all over the country in stores including dispensaries, gyms, mass retail stores, pharmacies, and of course online at”


April 18 to April 24, 2019




ith the legalization of cannabis, food products infused with cannabis extract (referred to as edibles) have emerged as a popular way to enjoy it both medicinally and recreationally. While there are plenty of sugary cookie and candy options on the market, there are also delicious options that satisfy healthy lifestyles. When selecting products, first decide what results you seek, such as dealing with pain, insomnia, anxiety or other conditions. There are over 100 cannabinoids present in cannabis, with the two main ingredients being THC and CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is responsible for inducing the “high” feeling. Cannabidiol (CBD), the second most abundant ingredient of the plant extract, is just as therapeutic as THC; however, it is non-psychoactive. It provides relief from chronic pain and inflammation and reduces stress and anxiety. So, it’s important to decide if you want the high feeling and the relief, or just the relief. Most products have varying ratios of both THC and CBD. For relief from chronic pain or stress, a popular choice is Plus-Gummies which are CBD-infused with pineapple and coconut flavors, low-calorie, gluten-free and kosher. For those struggling with insomnia, Sensi Chews “Insomnia PLUS – non psychoactive” combines CBD with melatonin delivering chocolate, caramel and a good night’s sleep. Utopia’s cannabis-infused macaroons are paleo, kosher, raw, and vegan--a virtually guilt-free option for any health conscious individual. These treats are baked with Utopia’s award winning eco-friendly cannabis. Venice Cookie Company’s cannabis-infused pretzels are sugar-free and


vegan. Coated with a savory spice blend, these snacks not only pair well with a charcuterie board, but also deliver precise amounts of THC, making it easy to microdose safely. A non-sugary option to take movie night to a new level is Pop-Up Potcorn, a low-dose satisfying snack that comes in three different blends. With no GMOs or artificial ingredients, it looks, cooks and behaves just like ordinary popcorn, but is flavored with cannabis-infused butter and sea salt. One of the top choices in beverages is Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops, an IPA-inspired beverage that is a refreshing, non-alcoholic choice with a cannabis twist. Zero calories and zero carbs, it combines various levels of both THC and CBD. And here are some tips for using edible products: ● Keep away from children and pets ● Work with a trained cannabis consultant to identify the best products for your target needs. ● Start with a small dosage and be patient. ● Manage your expectations. Prepare for a subtle, innocuous effect that comes on slowly. The Lighthouse Cannabis Boutique in Coachella is the valley’s only fully licensed dispensary, offering home delivery and highly trained and educated staff to assist patrons on their health and wellness journey. Learn more at or call (442) 256.3627.






est Coast Cannabis Club features a location in Cathedral City on Ramon, and a location in Palm Desert off Deep Canyon and HWY 111. After finding success at their location in Cathedral City between 2017-2018, their long awaited Palm Desert location opened in late 2018. When you first walk into the dispensaries, each one has their own stylized waiting room that feels like you are in an Instagram photo. Cozy couches are present as you wait to be called in and there are various West Coast Cannabis Club swag items available for you to look through. Within, each Club boasts fully stocked inventory along the walls such as edibles, vapes, and wellness tinctures or salves. Their inventory is uniformly presented throughout their modern meets industrial showrooms. The Clubs make you feel comfortable and allow you to navigate either store with ease. Behind the counter is their flower wall with all pre-rolls in a display counter right in front and sample jars within the counter for you and your cannabis consultant to look through. The consistent design of the stores makes it clear you are at a West Coast Cannabis Club. What I admire most about the West Coast Cannabis Club is their consistent education of their vast staff. From my experience the staff at each store continues their education beyond what they know and if they don’t know the answer to your question or concern they will humbly let you know and look to one of their teammates for assistance. It truly is a dream team within each store, allowing

customers of any age to feel confident that the products they leave with were chosen due to them being tailored to them and well thought out options for their individual needs. In my experience, the demographic maintains their desire to use cannabis as a medicine although West Coast Cannabis Club Cathedral City was the first shop in the state of California to have a recreational sale. On any given day you can witness the compassion of the staff yourself just by going and asking what could help you achieve relief. Prices are fair and competitive, allowing access to patients and recreational users alike. West Coast Cannabis Clubs consistently pack their weeks with visits from various vendors offering exclusive deals and brand specific information for customers. Aesthetically, constant restocking and organization keeps these locations looking tight, full, and uniform. The shelves never look bare and products are always readily available for customers to explore. If a product is not in stock, I’ve heard cannabis consultants offer perfect alternatives for the sought after product. If you haven’t had the opportunity to stop into one of the West Coast Cannabis Clubs in the Coachella Valley, make sure to mark your calendar for 4/20 when both shops will have a packed schedule of vendors to shop from. West Coast Cannabis Club’s Cathedral City location can be found at 68828 Ramon Rd A2, across from Wienersnitzel and Jiffy Lube and their Palm Desert location is located at 74425 CA 111 next to the Subway off Deep Canyon and HWY 111 near The Hood.

April 18 to April 24, 2019


April 18 to April 24, 2019


April 18 to April 24, 2019


April 18 to April 24, 2019


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Coachella Valley Weekly - April 18 to April 24, 2019 Vol. 8 No. 5  

Coachella Valley Weekly - April 18 to April 24, 2019 Vol. 8 No. 5

Coachella Valley Weekly - April 18 to April 24, 2019 Vol. 8 No. 5  

Coachella Valley Weekly - April 18 to April 24, 2019 Vol. 8 No. 5

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