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It’s glow time! The Living Desert’s wildly popular, Glow in the Park event series opens to the public today, Friday, March 17 from 6:30-10:00pm. Presented by Acrisure Arena, Southern California’s newest world-class arena and home of the Coachella Valley Firebirds, Glow in the Park is ready to dazzle guests with a new line up of hand-crafted, larger-than-life lantern displays. Tickets are now available!

“Glow in the Park is ready to delight guests of all ages with its whimsical, immersive, and awe-inspiring installations,” said Allen Monroe, President/CEO of The Living Desert. “From towering animal lanterns to engaging photo opportunities and interactive installations, Glow in the Park is all new for 2023!”

Guests can watch the desert come alive with imaginative lanterns, incredible art installations, interactive displays, and plenty of memorable photo opportunities at Glow in the Park.

Glow in the Park runs nightly, March 17 through April 30 from 6:30-10:00pm, with last admission at 9:00pm. Tickets are on sale now at Advanced reservations are required as space is limited; tickets are purchased

for a select date and time. New this year, a combo ticket is available – guests can purchase an any day general admission zoo ticket and a Glow in the Park ticket for a discounted rate.

Glow in the Park is presented by Acrisure Arena home of the Coachella Valley Firebirds and sponsored by the City of Palm Desert. Produced in partnership with Tianyu Arts and Culture, Inc., Glow in the Park is an extraordinary night-time event featuring intricate, immersive, and truly amazing animal and nature-scape lantern creations.

About the Living Desert: The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is a nonprofit, accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, ensuring the highest standards of all aspects of animal care, education, conservation, public service, and operations. The Zoo is active in conservation research, habitat protection, breeding programs and education initiatives around the world, as well as in its own community. The Zoo has been a top destination in the Palm Springs area for 50 years. The Living Desert is located at 47900 Portola Ave, Palm Desert, CA 92260. For more information: (760) 346-5694 or visit

About Acrisure Arena: America’s

hottest music festival destination finally has the world-class arena it deserves. Opened December 14, 2022, the Acrisure Arena provides the greater Palm Springs area of Southern California with a premiere 11,000+ capacity venue to host the biggest artists and acts on the planet. Designed specifically for hockey and concerts, the new arena provides top-tier hospitality, artist amenities, and all of the benefits of a modern music and sports venue. In addition, the facility will serve as the new home of the American Hockey League affiliate of the Seattle Kraken, the Coachella Valley Firebirds.

The Acrisure Arena is a $300+ million project that is being 100% privately funded through outstanding partners Oak View Group, Seattle Kraken, and Live Nation. Learn more at and follow Acrisure Arena on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

About the Coachella Valley Firebirds: The Coachella Valley Firebirds are the AHL’s 32nd Franchise and the affiliate of the Seattle Kraken. The team is set to play its inaugural season in 2022-2023 at the Acrisure Arena. Visit for the latest news and information. March 23 to March 29, 2023 3 CONTENTS Glow In The Park at The Living Desert 3 Daddy’s Dyin’… Who’s Got the Will? 5 Stewart Copeland at Fantasy Springs 5 Mario Lalli & Zach Huskey 6 Cyber Corner 7 Consider This - Fatso Jetson/Dali's Llama 8 Club Crawler Nightlife 9 Travel Tips 4 U ........................................... 10 Pampered Palate - Babaloo .................... 11 The Vino Voice .......................................... 12 Art Scene - Eliana Tobias .......................... 13 Pet Place .............................................. 14-15 Society Scene ............................................ 16 Haddon Libby ............................................ 17 Dale Gribow .............................................. 17 Frankie "The Future" Kazarian ................ 18 Safety Tips ................................................. 18 Swag For The Soul .................................... 19 Free Will Astrology ................................... 19 Send Me A Trainer .................................... 20 Cannabis Corner ....................................... 21 Coachella Valley Weekly (760) 501-6228 Publisher & Editor Tracy Dietlin Art Director Robert Chance Sales Team Kirby, Kathy Bates,
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Set in the small town of Lowake, Texas, in 1986, Del Shores’ Daddy’s Dyin’… Who’s Got the Will? tells the riotous tale of four very dissimilar grown siblings who come together after their father suffers a debilitating stroke. One wants to maximize time with Daddy before he goes, while another seeks forgiveness for a long-ago transgression. The remaining two just want to find their father’s will so they can cash out. Unfortunately, Daddy can’t remember where he put it.

The hilarious and touching world of dramatist Shores is inhabited by wellrounded characters exhibiting plenty of heart, gumption, and droll Southern eccentricities. But at the core, his stories are about family. The head of this particular kindred is Mama Wheelis (Amanda Burr).

As the grandmother, she rules the roost and is not afraid to take her razor strap to her ungrateful grandchildren, Lurlene (Kat

Anderson), Sara Lee (Louise Ross), Orville (Winston Gieseke), and Evalita (Jasmine Shaffer). Add to the mix Daddy Buford (Terry Huber), who watches imaginary television and plays checkers by himself; Orville’s weight-obsessed wife, Marlene (Dani Jara); and a pot-smoking hippy musician named Harmony (Sam Schwartz) to round out the winning ensemble in an entertaining and heartfelt comedy that puts the “fun” in dysfunctional.

The play is directed by Richard Marlow with set design by Toby Griffin, projections by Nick Edwards, lighting by JW Layne and costumes by Derik Shopinski.

Daddy’s Dyin’...Who’s Got the Will? runs March 17-26. Show times are 7 p.m. on Thursdays, 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and 2 p.m. on Sundays. Tickets are $32 for adults and seniors, $17 for students. Group discounts are available.

For tickets, sponsorship opportunities,

or other information, call the PCT Box Office at 760-323-5123 or order online at Palm Canyon Theatre is located at 538 North Palm

Canyon Drive, at the corner of Alejo Road and Palm Canyon Drive. Box Office hours are currently Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

About Palm Canyon Theatre:

Palm Canyon Theatre is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the education of live stage production and the enrichment of the greater Palm Springs community and its visitors. The regional repertory theater company operates primarily with volunteers and produces about 13 Broadway musicals and classic plays each year, plus offers a children’s theatre camp and production. The theatre opened its doors in 1997 when Dr. William “Bill” Layne and his family renovated the historic Frances S. Stevens School located at the corner of Palm Canyon Drive and Alejo Road in Palm Springs, CA.


Most people know Stewart Copeland as a founding member and drummer of the popular band, The Police, whose accolades and achievements include a Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction, 10th best drummer of all time ranking by Rolling Stone, as well as many Grammys and other awards. Copeland is also a talented composer who has written various pieces of ballet, opera, and orchestral music. Since 2021, Copeland has been touring with his high energy orchestral show featuring Police songs, Deranged Police for Orchestra.

Why “deranged”, and what does that word mean to him? “Instead of just orchestral arrangements, I de-arranged them. Deconstructed our songs.” I ask Copeland to describe this experience for someone who has no idea what to expect since when I watched a video of a past show, it was very different from how I imagined it. “Fascinating,” Copeland says, “how did you imagine it?” I sheepishly tell him I had thought it was all instrumental. He emphasizes there are three soul sisters on the mic who sing the songs – there are no instrumental versions. “It’s The Police songs you know, some of which I’ve really deranged but still recognize.” He explains there’s not much messing around you can do with songs like Message in a Bottle. But others, he says, he’s taken huge liberties with, many times based on improvisations Sting and Andy (Summers) did on stage.

The inspiration for the derangements were born out of a film about The Police Copeland made. He was able to digitize his super 8 footage. The music for that had to be The Police, but different versions. “Once the scalpel was out,” he says, “the orgy began.” In addition to a full orchestra, his show includes three women doing the vocals for all the songs. “I’ve become a fan of the Supremes, the Chiffons, the Ronettes…three women on the mic. When I was a raging, headstrong youth, I was always looking for raging guitar and now I’ve discovered this other wonderful instrument – the female

vocal ensemble. These three women can do a lot more stuff than the singer in most rock bands. (Except the singer in my old group, who can do amazing stuff.) How can I replace Stingo? I can’t, no way. So, I got the three soul sisters on the mic because that was the only way I knew to do these songs without him and have them be powerful.” He affectionately calls these women the Derangettes.

Some musicians are so tired of playing their biggest hits, they say they would love to never even hear the song again. So does Copeland feel that his new arrangements

give some of his most often played hits a new life? “Some musicians feel that way about their songs and it’s a tragedy. Playing Roxanne for the 5,998,288th time is not a problem. Songs have an emotional impact and that’s what we’re really there for. Every scintilla of what note they’ll play is on the page. I know exactly what the song is going to be so I can take a detour and go off the reservation with it in this show.

What can concert goers expect when they see Stewart Copeland’s Deranged show at Fantasy Springs on Saturday, March 25 at 8 pm? To hear Copeland tell it, they’re in for a wild ride. “It’ll be a wild frenzy - we’ll all take off our clothes and run through the streets singing Police songs,” he jokes. “There’s a big orchestra with me banging on shit.” Head to to purchase your tickets. March 23 to March 29, 2023 5

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, If someone were to erect a monument, a Mount Rushmore-esque edifice honoring the progenitors of the Desert Rock scene, the four faces carved in stone could only be Mario Lalli, Sean Wheeler, Herb Lineau and Zach Huskey.

Now, two of these Low Desert pioneers, Mario and Zach have joined forces with their recent split LP, Fatso Jetson and Dali’s Llama: Desert Legends, Vol.3. On March 25th and 26th, Mario is curating The Heavy Psych Fest, a two-day event in Joshua Tree featuring 23 bands, a full bar, food trucks and groovy vendors.

The night before, Dali’s Llama is hosting a record release, celebrating Desert Legends Vol. 3 at Cooks Ranch in Sky Valley. It’s featuring performances from The Freeks, Heavy Blazer and Dali’s Llama. I recently caught up with these Desert originators for a quick conversation.

Eleni: I’ve known you guys forever, since you were both teenagers, and I was (slightly) older. You each displayed a musical proficiency that belied your young age. Can you pinpoint a moment in childhood when music first became an all-consuming obsession for you? Do you remember what song or musician kicked it into gear?

Mario: I think I was hooked the first time I played with other friends. I remember making these cassette tape recordings in my bedroom of the trashy noises we were making together, and it was so fun and satisfying… really great to share with friends. Even though we were pretty much goofing off, it was such great fun. The Punk scene (and underground Rock music) was pivotal for me…it opened up the creative, colorful world of expression to anyone that was inspired by it. There was no talent required to experience it and express yourself. No rules of engagement. I’m really grateful to all the kids in those bands that inspired me back then. It changed my life, and many of my friends, in a very fundamental way.

Zach: At about 11, I was already playing guitar for about a year or so, when I heard the Live Rust album. The heaviness and emotion of Neil Young with Crazy Horse blew my mind. The other album that floored me as a kid was

Live at Leeds by The Who-pure energy!

EPA: How did you guys first meet?

ML: It’s been so long, probably 43 years ago. I think we met through Sean Wheeler… whom I’m still dear friends with, and still, to this day, make much music with him. But Zach was part of the Palm Springs Punk scene…and I was a Palm Desert kid at that point. Sean used to have lots of parties and bands were always playing in his garage. I’m thinking we met around that scene.

ZH: I met Mario in the early ‘80s. I was in a band called The Sciotics and he was still in Dead Issue. As I started new bands like Blue Sunday, Cloudy Daze and The Next, Mario did the same with Across The River, Halo Of Flies and Inglenook. We always ended up playing parties or shows together. That lasted throughout the ‘80s.

EPA: For Better or worse, the Desert music scene is categorized as Stoner Rock. I’ve always found that term reductive and honestly, I never thought Fatso Jetson or Dali’s Llama fell into that narrow category. How do you each define your sound?

ML: Yes, I’ve never really understood that term. I kind of get where it comes from, and like its predecessors, Acid Rock and Punk Rock, it really fell short of conveying the individuality of the artists. Plus, the drug reference, for sure always bummed me out.

Fatso Jetson is a Rock band…. we are inspired and influenced by such a broad spectrum of music. But it all comes back to the fact that we’re a pretty simple Rock band.

ZH: I’ve sort of given up on all those categories and sub-genres. Now, I just call what we do Desert Rock and leave it at that.

EPA: You guys just released a Fatso Jetson/Dali’s Llama split EP entitled Legends of The Desert Volume 3. How did that come about?

ML: I was approached by fellow musician and music fan Brad Frye. He started Desert Records as a labor of love. He’s got a job and a family and just loves to be involved and creative. His label, Desert Records, is based out of the New Mexico desert… hence the name. He invited Fatso Jetson to join the project after Dali’s Llama had already submitted the tracks for their side. We’ve always done stuff with Zach and Erica and the guys over the

years, so this was a great opportunity to be part of something together.

ZH: Dali’s Llama was doing a tour through the southwest a couple of years ago and we played with a band called Red Mesa. The singer/guitarist for that band is Brad Frye and he owns and operates the label Desert Records. After the tour he called and asked if Dali’s Llama wanted to be on their Legends of The Desert split series. If so, who would we like to be on the other side. We said Fatso Jetson. I called Mario and got him in touch with Desert Records. Fatso said yes, and that was it.

EPA: Mario, you guys constantly tour Europe. Desert Rock has a much bigger following there, rather than in the U.S. In general, Rock & Roll seems to be less relevant here. Why do you think it resonates more overseas?

ML: It’s a fair statement for sure. I think parts of Europe have a different attitude toward art and music. Some countries in Europe are more responsive than others. It’s reflected culturally for sure. Also, many of the venues in Europe are actually funded by the city and country government. There’s a lot of support for all the moving parts of live performance, clubs, festivals, theaters… squats turned into art compounds and club stages. But music resonates everywhere I’ve traveled…if you look at the High Desert community, for example. There’re several venues, all supporting “live, original music.” There’re accessible art galleries showing local work. all this creates energy and interest. So now many artists are moving there, creating there. I instantly thought of the High Desert to host our festivals. The community is in gear for this kind of thing... it’s the flow up there. I love the low desert. I grew up a Palm Springs/ Palm Desert/Indio kid…and of course, there’s lots of interesting things happening in the valley. But my example of the High Desert is like what’s common in the supportive nature of some European countries: music and art consciousness.

EPA: Zach, in the early ‘80s, you experienced a sort of “lost weekend” with Iggy Pop. Can you tell me how that unfolded?

ZH: When Sean Wheeler, Dan Lapham and I (The Sciotics) were teenagers in the early ‘80s, we met Iggy Pop at the old Palm Springs mall. He was staying at the Ocotillo Lodge. We spent a lot of time with him, drinking beer floats, smoking, etc. It was a wild time. Dali’s Llama recently recorded a song called “Rock N Roll Stooge,” that I wrote about the incident. Brian Parnell recorded it at his studio, Audiowild. It will be on our next record, which will be out later this year.

EPA: Mario, you’re curating the upcoming Heavy Psych Festival that’s happening in the High Desert on March 25th. Can you give me

the details?

ML: We have two days of Hard Rock and Psychedelic Rock planned on two stages… open air and in the Black Box Theatre at the Hi-desert Cultural Center in Joshua Tree. Local artists and vendors are selling their creations and super groovy merchandise. Food trucks and fun. The bands include Windhand, Weedeater, Brant Bjork, Yawning Man, Nebula, The Atomic Bitchwax, Duel, Hippie Death Cult, Geezer, Kadabra, Warlung, Love Gang, Witchpit, Cosmic Reaper, Fatson Jetson, Whiskey and Knives, Rubber Snake Charmers, All Souls, Big Pig, Third Ear Experience, Fever Dog, Deathchant and High Sob. (for tickets go to or scan the QR code).

EPA: At Mario’s invitation, Dali’s Llama is playing on the eve of Heavy Psych on March 24th at Cooks Ranch in Sky Valley, as part of a pre-festival/album release event. Who else is on that bill?

ZH: Dali’s Llama will be playing with our old friends from Los Angeles, The Freeks, as well as a great band from Santa Cruz called Heavy Blazer.

EPA: What’s next for each band? Any new albums or tours in the pipeline?

ML: Fatso Jetson will be on tour in Europe and The U.K. beginning May 6th, 2023. we’ll be performing at Desertfest London and Desertfest Berlin on May 19th. There will be club dates in between in the U.K., the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, Belgium and Austria. Sean Wheeler will be joining us on vocals, and our friends from Texas, High Desert Queen. We’ll be on tour through June 11th.

ZH: Dali’s Llama will be releasing our 17th album toward the end of the year. We will also be celebrating 30 years together.

Dali’s Llama, The Freeks & Heavy Blazer play a FREE show at Cooks Ranch, Friday, March 24th. Please contact the bands directly for info, directions, etc. Dali’s Llama also plays The Hood in Palm Desert on Saturday, April 8th.

Heavy Psych Fest happens March 25th and 26th 2023, Joshua Tree Hi-Desert Cultural Centre, 61231 Twenty Nine Palms Highway.

March 23 to March 29, 2023 6
Photo by Sasha Middleton

You have probably heard of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence in the news recently and perhaps wonder what it is exactly and how it works. ChatGPT is a longform question-answering AI-based chatbot developed by OpenAI. It can answer complex questions in a conversational way. Its ability to learn and understand what humans mean makes it a revolutionary technology. Many users are in awe of its ability to provide responses that are of human quality, which gives rise to the idea that it could soon have the ability to change how people interact with computers for information retrieval. In this article, we will tell you what exactly is ChatGPT, how it works and what are its limitations.

What is Chat-GPT?

It is based on the top of the GPT-3 family of large language models from OpenAI and has been improved (a method of transfer learning) using supervised and reinforcement learning methods in a procedure known as reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF). Both strategies made use of human trainers to enhance the performance of the model. During supervised learning, the trainers acted as both the user and the AI assistant in conversations that were given to the model. During the reinforcement learning stage, human trainers initially scored replies generated by the model in a prior conversation.

These rankings were used to develop “reward models,” which were then further improved over a number of iterations. Furthermore, OpenAI keeps collecting information from ChatGPT users which could be used to train, fine-tune and improve ChatGPT. Users can give ChatGPT’s responses an upvote or downvote and leave additional feedback in a text field.

Features of ChatGPT:

• Versatile: can write code, music, essays, poems, etc.

• Can answer test questions at an above-

average human level

• Remembers previous prompts in conversation

• Filters offensive prompts

• Attempts to reduce harmful and deceitful responses

Limitations of ChatGPT:

• Sometimes produces incorrect or nonsensical answers

• Limited knowledge of events after 2021

• Cannot express political opinions or engage in political activism

• Training data suffers from algorithmic bias

How to use ChatGPT

1. Go to and create an account using an email address or a Google or Microsoft account. To log in and use ChatGPT, you must first register an account on the OpenAI website.

2. After logging into your OpenAI account on the ChatGPT side of the website, go through the ChatGPT terms and disclosures and click Next. When you get to the last one, click Done.

3. That’s all. Ask the language model any questions you have and see what type of responses you receive.

Example: ChatGPT was asked the following question and its response.

The question: Explain in simple terms what is chatgpt, how it works, and its advantages and


ChatGPT’s Response: “Sure, I’d be happy to explain what ChatGPT is and how it works!

ChatGPT is a large language model created by OpenAI. Essentially, it’s an artificial intelligence program that has been trained on vast amounts of human language data, including books, websites, and other text sources. This training allows ChatGPT to understand natural language and generate responses to questions and prompts in a way that seems like a human is doing the talking.

The way ChatGPT works is by using a process called “natural language processing” (NLP). When a user types a question or prompt, ChatGPT uses its vast knowledge of language to understand the question and generate an appropriate response. This process happens very quickly, and can be done in real time through a chat interface.

The advantages of using ChatGPT are numerous. For one, it can quickly provide helpful responses to users who have questions or need assistance. Additionally, because it’s an AI program, it can work 24/7 without getting tired or needing breaks. This makes it an ideal tool for companies or organizations that need to provide support or assistance to customers or users at all hours of the day.

However, there are also some disadvantages to using ChatGPT. One potential issue is that

because it’s an AI program, it can sometimes generate responses that are not accurate or appropriate. Additionally, because it’s a machine, it may not be able to provide the same level of empathy or personal touch that a human customer service representative could.

Overall, though, ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can be very useful for a variety of applications. Its ability to quickly generate responses to natural language queries can save time and provide valuable assistance to users.”

To Conclude

ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool that represents yet another advancement in natural language processing. Probably its most impressive capability is the capacity to generate human-like output after analyzing human input. ChatGPT has multiple applications ranging from language translation and text summarising to research and automation. Keep in mind that, like all technology, ChatGPT has limitations, so it’s always a good idea to double-check its responses.

Want to learn more about how to harness this powerful AI-based chatbot and A.I.? Stay tuned in to our ongoing series about ChatGPT and the ever-developing artificial intelligence.

Stay connected and updated by visiting our website at, by calling (760) 205-0105, or by emailing us at tech@eggheadit. com with your questions and to subscribe to our news and blog.

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“We had big plans laid out in red, for walking on water and raising the dead, whatever happened to the summertime? Whatever happened to that gang of mine?”

That’s Peter Case waxing nostalgic on “That Gang of Mine,” a song from his new record, Doctor Moan.

Although he’s probably best known as the frontman and primary songwriter for The Plimsouls, Peter case has managed to carve out a thriving solo career that’s lasted nearly 40 years.

Born in 1954, he grew up in Hamburg, New York. Older sisters introduced him to the intoxicating sounds of early Rock & Roll and he was hooked. His first instrument was a Mickey Mouse Ukulele purchased with green stamps.

Elvis Presley and The Beatles were early touchstones, but his young mind was blown when he discovered Bob Dylan and Mississippi John Hurt. When he was 16, he hitchhiked to Boston to see Lightnin’ Hopkins and the die was cast. He decided to pursue a career in music. Quitting school, he cycled through a series of local bands. Eventually, he ended up in San Francisco. Initially, he earned his keep by busking with other street musicians.

San Francisco in the mid ‘70s was still the wild west, loaded with possibilities. Punk Rock rebellion began to foment. By 1974, Peter had connected with Paul Collins and Jack Lee and formed The Nerves. A Proto-Power Pop/Punk three-piece, they made a name for themselves gigging around the Bay Area before relocating to Los Angeles.

The Nerves recorded an EP and toured as an opening act for The Ramones. But three talented frontmen had trouble co-existing in the tight confines of a band, by 1978, they’d called it quits. Even though their tenure was short-lived, they ended up influencing countless bands. A couple of years after their demise, Blondie cut a version of the Jack Lee composition, “Hangin’ On The Telephone,” and it became a huge hit.

Peter and Paul Collins briefly rallied as The Breakaways, but soon enough, Peter was on his own again. He quickly recruited drummer Louis Ramirez and bassist David Pahoa and they began gigging around L.A. as The ToneDogs. With the addition of guitarist Eddie Munoz, all the pieces of the puzzle came together and The Plimsouls were born.

All of Peter’s earliest influences, primitive Rock & Roll, British Invasion sounds, Folk Rock, R&B, Roots music, Power Pop, Punk and Blues synthesized to create The Plimsouls’ signature sound. They quickly made a name for themselves and cultivated a passionate following playing every Punk club and dive bar in town.

From 1980 to 1984, The Plimsouls released an EP, a self-titled debut and a second long-player, Everywhere At Once. In a perfect world, all three efforts should have skyrocketed up the charts, but they kind of got lost in the shuffle. Luckily, they scored a respectable hit single, “A Million Miles Away.” Their profile was raised exponentially when they played and performed as themselves in the surprisingly sharp and funny teen film, Valley Girl, which featured a young Nicolas Cage in his first starring role.

Despite rave reviews and a legion of devoted fans, Peter was getting restless. The Plimsouls quietly called it quits and he embarked on a solo career. Enlisting T-Bone Burnett to produce, his eponymous debut arrived in 1986. The music industry finally


took notice and he received his first Grammy nomination.

Over the last 37 years, he’s released a string of excellent solo albums, including The Man With The Blue Post-Modern Fragmented Neo-Traditionalist Guitar, Six-Pack Of Love, Sings Like Hell, Torn Again, Full Service, No Waiting, Flying Saucer Blues, Thank You, St. Jude, Beeline, Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John Estes and Wig!

He also managed to reunite with The Plimsouls in 1998, which resulted in their underrated fourth effort, Kool Trash. A couple years later he produced Avalon Blues, a various artist tribute to Blues hero Mississippi John Hurt, which earned him another Grammy nomination. In 2007, he wrote an autobiography of sorts, As Far as You Can Get Without A Passport. It covered his childhood, his teenage hitchhiking adventures up through his arrival in San Francisco. He was briefly sidelined by a 2009 heart surgery, but he rebounded. Three years later, he participated in a short-lived tour with Paul Collins. The old bandmates shared the stage, toggling between songs by The Nerves, The Breakaways, The Plimsouls. 2015 saw the release of a new studio album, Hwy 62, followed by On The Way Downtown, a live set culled from a couple of sessions recorded for KPFK’s Folkscene program. Four years later he released a covers collection, The Midnight Broadcast. All of these facts are presented in more pithy and articulate terms in Fred Parnes trenchant 2022 documentary, Peter Case: A Million Miles Away.

Now he returns with his 16th solo longplayer. It opens with the one-two punch of “Have You Ever Been In Trouble? and the aforementioned “That Gang Of Mine.” The former opens with ominous piano chords, reedy organ as thumping upright bass notes keep time. Peter’s lanky tenor wraps around lyrics that offer a treatise on moral bankruptcy and spiritual salvation; “Have you ever been abandoned, did you ever run at night? The streets a maze beneath your feet, your heart concealed in fright.” The answer is made plain; “There’s one thing I know for sure is real, the moment you surrender, the wounds begin to heal, here’s your reprieve, ask and you’ll receive.”

The latter opens with a delicate piano fanfare, sanctified organ and knotty upright bass. Peter’s jaunty croon belies homesick lyrics like “There’s a light rain falling on the fields at dark, as our music played low, laughing, joking, blind words spoken, I must admit I was choking in the afterglow, I had to go.” Wistful and introspective, the song is suffused with tenderness and ache as, at last, an emotional epiphany is revealed; “All that’s left are here right now, so there’s no past and no tomorrow, though something sweet’s been left behind, we’re cut loose from the double bind, whatever happened to that gang of mine

Typically, Peter’s output has been guitardriven, going back to his earliest Nerves and Plimsouls days, as well as his solo career. But here, he’s flipped the script, and these songs rely heavily on piano, as guitar takes a backseat. Since his return to the Bay Area these last years, he began attending the St. John Coltrane African Orthodox Church. This house of worship is dedicated to the late Jazz giant’s music, as well as racial, social and economic justice. Sitting in with the ensemble on piano inspired him to play the one in his living room. During the pandemic, writing

on piano seemed natural and the songs just flowed. But this isn’t your granny’s piano music.

Take Give Me Five Minutes More, which starts off with a rollicking, Gospel-inflected intro worthy of the late-great Aretha Franklin. Peter launches into an urgent entreaty to plead his case (so to speak); “Give me five minutes more, to answer the question, to find the solution, to look it up, give me five minutes more to explain myself, win or lose, to turn it around.” Halfway in, he bolsters his argument with some wheezy Blues harmonica. During the song’s homestretch, he reiterates his pleas, tongue firmly planted in cheek; “Settle for less, look for proof, expose the lies, to check on the roof, to tell them why, to plug the leak, acknowledge the fool and protect the weak/Give me five minutes more, only five minutes more, to discover the worth, quiet the moan, to inherit the earth and rewrite this song.” The extended instrumental outro, finds piano and harmonica duking it out for dominance, before quietly acquiescing and powering down.

Conversely, “Eyes of Love” feels steeped in, what Bob Dylan once categorized as “that thin, wild mercury sound.” Hushed and contemplative piano notes sidle around quixotic organ runs and timekeeper bass. Lyrics split the difference between spiritual and secular; “I fix my eyes on strangers, lift a song-sweet-stolen from a king, never guess the meaning of kindness, ‘till you turn to me with the eyes of love.” Pretty and poignant, lush but succinct, the instrumentation builds to a celestial crescendo and stops on a dime.

The best tracks here hopscotch across the record, beginning with the first single, “Downtown Nowhere’s Blues.” The buoyant melody and arrangement is dominated by boisterous piano chords and thrumming upright bass. Part character study, part shaggy dog story, the lyrics follow the exploits of “Big T” and her rag-tag coterie of strivers; “RoundThe-Clock Diner on a weekday night, Big T and the gang try’na start a fight, political talk-don’t make sense, the crowd around the table and the room get tense, you know we don’t get along, Downtown Nowhere/At the corner on a microdose dose of LSD, she fiddles with the jukebox and her destiny, the walls are moving and the food is dust, one song keeps playing to Big T’s disgust, and you know we don’t get along, Downtown Nowhere.” Although Peter spins a compelling yarn, it’s overshadowed by his coltish piano style, he attacks the ivories with a ferocity and finesse that echoes Miss Nina Simone.

Things take a contemplative turn on “Girl In Love with A Shadow.” Peter adopts a feathery croon that lattices plaintive piano notes, beatific organ and sturdy bass. Haunted by

the one that got away, lyrics limn the eternal ache of unrequited love; “Pencil numbers on the wall, that night I must have tried them all, a voice said ‘she’s not around, she’s gone out to the edge of town, to chase a ghost where shadows fall, can’t say if she’s coming back at all’ that girl in love with a shadow/I had no way of keeping track, though I’m still trying to bring her back, through the years that come and go, pulled out in the undertow, that girl’s in love with a shadow, that girl’s in love with a shadow.”

Meanwhile, “Wandering Days” is a cheery sea shanty that leans closer to his JanglePop days. The bare-bones arrangement is pared down to just chiming acoustic guitars and some strategically placed whistling and mellotron. Lyrics chronicle the ebb and flow of life on the open sea; “Across the Northern Bay with the sailors who were rolling the bones, we’d gamble on the quays on our knees, while the fog-whistle moans, the Milky Way ‘round our necks, hammocks swinging on the open decks, in these windblown wondering and our wandering days.”

Finally, the moodily magnificent “Ancient Sunrise” is a downcast ballad that’s a bit of a Big Easy elegy. Jagged piano notes give way to tippy-toe chords and warm arpeggios. This time, Peter’s moanin’ low, as elliptical lyrics seem to skip across time; “In the ancient sunrise, when the world began, for a fiveletter woman and a four-letter man, a couple of children caught by surprise, good things can happen, but first you get wise.”

Other interesting tracks include Peter’s expansive take on Black Ivory King (a.k.a. Dave Alexander’s) Depression-era Train saga, “The Flying Crow,” and the painterly instrumental, “4D.” The record closes with the frisky ramble of Brand New Book Of Rules.” Sylvan piano chords simultaneously keeps time and advance the playful melody. The dense and verbose narrative takes a page from Bob Dylan’s playbook. Matching surrealistic imagery that speeds past a shanty town, lands in lower Manhattan before boarding a pleasure yacht. Pointed lyrics take a few swipes at the current divisive political climate; “You lost your taste for hearing truth, got lost in a polling booth, don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t seem to care if you you ever find out/Slur that song, hail to the chief, you can’t afford no more to chew with teeth, leveraged force and power tools taking all apart your book of rules.” Throughout this charming jabberwocky, he finds time to namecheck long-tailed monkeys, short-tailed dogs, Shakespeare, The Stones and Kool cigarettes. It’s a rambunctious finish to a lively record. While Peter handled vocals, piano, harmonica mellotron and guitar himself, he ably abetted Jon Flaugher on base and Chris Joyner on organ. He has been making brilliant music for nearly half a century. So, it’s no surprise that Doctor Moan has the right prescription for these complicated days. Recently, Peter put it best when he said, “These times are more difficult than ever, I make music for the purpose of providing warmth and companionship in a difficult world.” Amen to that.

March 23 to March 29, 2023 8

Thursday, March 23

Babaloo Lounge – Bob Corwin Piano

Bar – 3:30-6:30pm, Live Music – 7pm

Casuelas Café – Avenida – 5:30pm

Chef George’s – Marc Antonelli –6:30pm

Coachella Valley Brewery – Open Mic – 6pm

Cunard’s Sandbar – Bill Baker – 6pm

Indian Wells Resort Hotel – Christine

Love – 6pm

Jazzville @ Agua Caliente – TBA – 7pm

Jolene’s – Rebecca Clark – 6pm

Lavender Bistro – Mark Guerrero, Scott

Carter on the Patio – 6pm

The Nest – Live Music – 6:30pm

O’Caine’s – Ken O’Malley – 6pm

Old Town La Quinta – Live Music in the Plaza w/ Midnight Sun – 5-8pm

Pappy and Harriet’s – Zoso – 9pm

Plan B Live Entertainment & Cocktails – Daytime Moon – 9pm

Pretty Faces Nightclub – Latina Night

w/ DJ LF – 9pm

Purple Room – Sharon Sills – 6:30pm

Runway – Derek Jordan Gregg – 6pm

Shanghai Red’s (PS) – Lisa Lynn and the Broken Hallelujahs – 6pm

Vicky’s of Santa Fe – John Stanley King

Trio – 6pm

The Village – DJ Cranberry – 9pm

Friday, March 24

Babaloo Lounge – Bob Corwin Piano

Bar – 3:30-6:30pm, Tony Grandberry –


Bart Lounge – DJs Dxsko and Axel – 8pm

Casuelas Café – The Myx – 6:45pm

Chef George’s – Lizann Warner – 6:30pm

Cunard’s Sandbar – Bill Baker – 6pm

Indian Wells Resort Hotel – Marc

Antonelli – 6pm

Jolene’s – Desert Crows – 7pm

Larkspur Grill – Live Music – 7pm

Lavender Bistro – Jeff Bonds, Scott

Carter on the Patio – 6pm

Lit @ Fantasy Springs – Tre’Sure – 9pm

Mitch’s on El Paseo – Alex Santana – 12-


The Nest – Live Music – 6:30pm

O’Caine’s – California Celts – 6pm

Old Town La Quinta – Live Music in the

Plaza w/ DJ Pumba – 6-9pm

Pappy and Harriet’s – Good Morning – 8:30pm

Plan B Live Entertainment & Cocktails

– Red’s Rockstar Karaoke – 9pm

Pretty Faces Nightclub – Gimme

Gimme Disco – 9pm

Purple Room – Lorna Luft – 6pm

Sullivan’s – Hotwyre – 5:30pm

Tommy Bahamas – Alex Santana – 5pm

Vicky’s of Santa Fe – John Stanley King – 7:30pm

The Village – Rob & JB – 5:30pm, DJ Gio

the Ace – 9pm, DJ Cranberry – 9pm

Wildest – Derek Jordan Gregg – 6pm

Saturday, March 25

Babaloo Lounge – Bob Corwin Piano

Bar – 3:30-6:30pm, Frank Disalvo – 7pm

Bart Lounge – Luna Negra Presents:

Goth Night – 8pm

Big Rock Pub – Ghost Notes – 8pm

Casuelas Café – Michael Keeth – noon,

Mod Professor – 6:30pm

Chef George’s – TBA – 6:30pm

Coachella Valley Brewery – 2nd Annual

CVB Comedy Fest – 2-9pm

Cunard’s Sandbar – Bill Baker – 6pm

Indian Wells Resort Hotel – Marc Antonelli – 6pm

Jolene’s – Journey and Toto Ticket Giveaway – 7pm

Larkspur Grill – Live Music – 7pm

Lavender Bistro – Jeff Bonds, Scott Carter on the Patio – 6pm

Lit @ Fantasy Springs – Tre’Sure – 9pm

Mitch’s on El Paseo – Alex Santana – 12-


The Nest – Live Music – 6:30pm

O’Caine’s – Cillian’s Bridge – 6pm

Old Town La Quinta – Live Music in the Plaza w/ Avenida – 6-9pm

Pappy and Harriet’s – The War and Treaty – 8:30pm

Plan B Live Entertainment & Cocktails

– Red’s Rockstar Karaoke – 9pm

Pretty Faces Nightclub – DJs

Chicosounds and Dxsko – 9pm

Purple Room – Lorna Luft – 6pm

Sullivan’s – Paul Villalobos – 5:30pm

Tommy Bahamas – Alex Santana – 5pm

Vicky’s of Santa Fe – Rose Mallett –

5-7pm, John Stanley King – 7:30pm

The Village – Rob & JB – 1pm, Dio DJ the Ace – 9pm, DJ Cranberry – 9pm, DJ

Erika Starr – 9pm

Wildest – Derek Jordan Gregg – 6pm

Sunday, March 26

Babaloo Lounge – Tristen/Flamingo

Guitar – 1pm, Bob Corwin Piano Bar –

3:30pm, Tim Burleson – 6pm

Bart Lounge – Latina Night w/ DJ LF – 8pm

Big Rock Pub – Michael Keeth – 11:30am

Casuelas Café – El Mariachi Coachella –1pm, Voices Carrie – 5:30pm

Coachella Valley Brewery – Acoustic

Afternoon w/ Matt Davin and Josh Heinz

– 3:30pm

Fisherman’s Market, PS – Live Music

– 6pm

Jolene’s – Desert Crows – 6pm

Lavender Bistro – Scott Carter, Mark

Guerrero on the Patio – 6pm

Melvyn’s – Mikael Healey – 3:30-7:30pm

The Nest – Live Music – 6:30pm

Pappy and Harriet’s – Pete Yorn and His Band – 12:30pm, Daniel Rodriguez

– 8pm

Plan B Live Entertainment & Cocktails

– Inakaraoke Karaoke – 7pm

Tommy Bahamas – Alex Santana –


The Village – Gio the Ace - 9pm

Monday, March 27

Babaloo Lounge – Bob Corwin Piano

Bar – 3:30, Tim Burleson – 6pm

Casuelas Café – Brad Byrd Band –


Indian Wells Resort Hotel – Larry

Copeleto – 6pm

Lavender Bistro – Abbie Perkins, Mark

Guerrero on the Patio – 6pm

The Nest – Live Music – 6:30pm

Pappy and Harriet’s – Demob Happy, Modern Love – 8pm

Vicky’s of Santa Fe – Richard “88

Fingers” Turner – 6pm

The Village – DJ Gio the Ace – 9pm

Wildest – Derek Jordan Gregg – 6pm

Tuesday, March 28

Babaloo Lounge – Bob Corwin Piano

Bar – 3:30-6:30pm, The Carmens –


Casuelas Café – The Desert Suite Band – 5:30pm

Chef George’s – Lizann Warner –


Cunard’s Sandbar – Bill Baker – 6pm

Indian Wells Resort Hotel – Patrice Morris, Marc Antonelli and Christine

Love – 6pm

Lavender Bistro – Abbie Perkins, Mark Guerrero on the Patio – 6pm

The Nest – Live Music – 6:30pm

Purple Room – Rose Mallett – 6:30pm

Vicky’s of Santa Fe – Slim Man Band – 6pm

The Village – DJ Erika Starr – 9pm

Wednesday, March 29

Babaloo Lounge – Bob Corwin Piano Bar – 3:30-6:30pm, The Myx – 7pm

Bart Lounge – Karaoke – 8pm

Casuelas Café – Lisa Lynn and the Broken Hallelujahs – 5:30pm

Chef George’s – Tim Burleson – 6:30pm

Coachella Valley Brewing Co. – Trivia Night – 7pm

Cunard’s Sandbar – Bill Baker – 6pm

The Fix – Alex Santana – 5:30pm

Indian Wells Resort Hotel – Rebecca Clark – 6pm

Jolene’s – Open Mic – 6:30pm

Lavender Bistro – Mark Guerrero, Scott Carter on the Patio – 6pm

Lit @Fantasy Springs – Doo Wah Riders – 7pm

Mitch’s on El Paseo – Alex Santana – 122:30pm

The Nest – Live Music – 6:30pm

Plan B Live Entertainment & Cocktails – Red’s Rockstar Karaoke – 9pm

Purple Room – Charles Herrera, Darci Daniels and Michael Holmes – 6:30pm

Tack Room Tavern – T-Bone Karaoke – 7pm

Vicky’s of Santa Fe – John Stanley King – 6pm

The Village – DJ Cranberry – 9pm, Banda Revolucion – 10pm

Wildest – Derek Jordan Gregg – 6pm March 23 to March 29, 2023 9


OPPORTUNITY - It all began with a mother daughter getaway to the island of Bali, which sparked their future of tradition, friendship, and creativity. Not only is it their love for travel, but also the heritage of the artisans, the captivating beauty of the island, and the hidden pockets of culture that kept bringing Shannon and Eileen back to that paradise time and time again.

PHILOSOPHY - Their philosophy at CoCo Rose is to create an oasis where mothers and daughters can love what they wear during their travels. Each piece of their CoCo Rose

Collection is hand selected by Shannon and Eileen during their adventures in Bali (and beyond), giving women of all ages, shapes, and styles the bohemian Balinese feeling of serenity and beauty.

COMMUNITY - Their success is the Island’s success. In 2022 after the economic impact of Covid-19, they purchased a rice field to provide jobs on the land that was scheduled to be taken by their government due to lack of dues. The rice field has created jobs not only for the hardworking women who create our beautiful garments, but for ALL villagers in the community.

CoCo Rose is a collection of designer Beach and Resort Wear, brought together by a mother and daughter duo from their travels abroad.

The CoCo Rose collection is inspired by travel and creativity - our desire is to

give women a place where they can feel their best shopping for their next tropical getaway.

From the island of Bali to the shores of the Pacific, come visit us at any of their 7 boutique locations (or online!) and take home a little piece of their collections from overseas.

LOCATIONS - In 2013, they opened the doors to their first bohemian beach boutique in sunny Carlsbad, California. The success of our tiny shop in the Village opened the doors to their additional locations: Palm Desert JW Marriott, Desert Springs Marketplace, Del Mar Plaza, Old Town La Quinta, El Paseo and online!

For more information, store addressees and hours, visit

Think Shopping and Dress to Impress!

March 23 to March 29, 2023 10


Fashion Week El Paseo is strutting down the runway once again this week, to celebrate 16 years of style at the West Coast’s largest consumer fashion show—held March 17-23, 2023, at The Gardens on El Paseo in Palm Desert.

This world-class event provides an inspiring, immersive fashion experience and features cocktail receptions, trunk shows, celebrity meet-and-greets, and much more. Highlighting fashion trends and showcasing a who’s-who of the country’s top design talents—including some stars of tomorrow—Fashion Week El Paseo takes one of the world’s most relatable art forms and brings it to attendees in style.

The show schedule for this year brings sophistication and luxury of the desert as attendees indulge their inner fashionista at this premier, state-of-the-art experience celebrating the newest collections of the industry’s most prominent influencers and innovators.

On March 17, the “NARCES by Nikki Yassemi” show displayed strong silhouettes and structures that accentuated elements that yield a powerful superhero look injected with a hyper-feminine feel. The pieces shown in the collection are meant to be worn and styled in different ways to show individuality. From a voluminous-sleeve organza gown, which could be worn as an overcoat, to a dress that can be disintegrated into four pieces,

there are numerous creative combinations. The feel is ethereal-meets-supernatural, and bodies are textural with hand-embellished flowers that are both dainty and bold with metal and spark.

Saturday’s “Josie Natori Presents an Artisanal Affair” show celebrated the culmination of the designer’s 45th year with a special collection that epitomizes comfort and glam with an artisanal flair. Her resort-ready collection featured an exotic exploration of bold prints, vibrant colors, and fun silhouettes inspired by the beauty of nature. Vibrant colors and ombrés brought the ensembles to life, enhanced by details such as microbeads, embroideries, and Maria Clara–inspired sleeves.

March 18 featured the return of Michael Costello with his latest couture collection, unique selections from his top-selling Revolve collection, and some of his designs that are now available this season at Saks Fifth Avenue. The designer—a go-to among celebrities, with a client roster that includes Lady Gaga, Céline Dion, and Beyoncé—grew up in Palm Springs, and much of his inspiration comes from the beauty of the desert’s surrounding nature. Costello opened his first store on Palm Canyon Drive when he was only 15 years old. At age 27, he garnered a spot on Season 8 of Project Runway, returning later as a fan favorite for the first edition of Project Runway All Stars.

March 20’s “Rocking El Paseo” featured the latest in ready-to-wear and accessories from 120% Lino, Chrissy’s On El Paseo, Connie Roberson, Eileen Fisher, Gorjana, Grayse, Johnny Was, Margaux, Summer Colony Living, Tommy Bahama, and Trina Turk. When Fashion Week launched in 2006, it was developed to spotlight the boutiques and luxury shops of El Paseo. The boulevard has blossomed alongside the event, cultivating a reputation for its diverse assortment of high-end shopping options, and this year’s

participating retailers represent that progression.

On March 21, the “HENDRIXROE Experience: Castles Made of Sand” show was inspired by the vintage rock ’n’ roll style of Jimi Hendrix and old Hollywood glamour of Marilyn Monroe. HENDRIXROE exemplifies “glamorous rocker chic” to perfection with close attention to construction, fabric, and silhouettes. Jordan McKay’s designs for HENDRIXROE have commanded attention at numerous red-carpet events for theater, film, and television and have been worn by artists including Christina Aguilera, Cree Summer, Kardinal Offishall, Arkells, Walk off the Earth, and more.

March 22 & 23 will feature the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Debut Collection and the Best of Saks Fifth Avenue, respectively. Tickets: 800-210-0689 or March 23 to March 29, 2023 11


Let me take you down/ cause we’re going to/ Pizzolato Fields/ where all things are real/ and something to get up about/ Pizzolato Fields Forever.

Abit over-the-top? I know—and the cadence is off: “Strawberry” is only three syllables and “Pizzolato” four. Hey—well you write a fresh weekly column on wine for a dozen or so years and see where you get to roam: No one I think is in my tree, I mean, it must be high or low—well, you get it. And again, literary license is a terrible thing to waste.

So while I was traveling in northern Italy after attending the Vinitaly Wine-Expo (you loyal readers will remember that I rented a Lancia sportscar—insured to the max so I could speed carefree), I stopped off at various wineries and restaurants to get a little glass of vino and a shot of espresso to move on to my own contemporaneous wine tour. (Of course, this isn’t for everyone or the faint of heart.)

Well, one place off the road in the village of Villorba, nearby Treviso about 30 km west of Venezia, I read the sign La Cantina Pizzolato. There I saw a modern looking winery close to older Italianesque architecture in the distance. There, with some beautiful bucolic scenery exposed and the vineyard fields surrounding, it just beckoned me to happily drop in.

Although this area is in the heart of Prosecco wine—made from the white Glera grape, these wine fields are filled also with Pino Nero (Pinot Noir), Incrocio Manzoni, Moscato, Merlot, Cabernet, and Raboso—a bunch of fun indigenous red Italian grapes!

So around the winery, there was nice crowd of young Italian wine lovers hanging out. The more vino I was enjoying, the better my Italian sounded. And so many of the Italian wine fans knew as much about the winery as the staff.

Here I found out that the Pizzolato Family has been working in agriculture sector for more than six generations now, living in harmony with nature and the environment. They started producing organic grapes in 1985 and the current estate covers an area of 177 acres The estate vineyards are situated on the plains and hillsides of Veneto, near the Piave River. Additionally, they also collaborate with five other producers which contribute another 118 acres of organically grown grapes.

The Estate is located in the rich and flourishing countryside in the north of Treviso, and the vineyards are situated on the plains and hillsides, in a DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) area. So many of the Italian wine enthusiasts were quick to point out that all of the wines of La Cantina Pizzolato come from organically grown grapes to meet the expectations of today’s health-oriented consumer.

The roots of the La Cantina Pizzolato Winery are standing on the traditional philosophy of the Pizzolato Family. The story started when Settimo Pizzolato joined the winemaking business along with his father Gino in 1981. His desire to maintain the balance between biodiversity and viticulture and his love for nature led him to the production of fine organic wines under the Veneto DOC status. Later in 1991, the estate obtained the organic certification, and since then it is producing bio wines, expressing the traditions, terroirs, and soil characteristics of the Prosecco di Treviso

DOC region.

For those acquainted with the current Italian know-how, it’s not surprising that the wine cellar of La Cantina Pizzolato is equipped with modern technologies, such as installation of solar cells, aging in new wooden barrels, and much more. Settimo has beautifully combined both traditional and advanced technologies for his organic wine production stages. The entire company roof is covered by photovoltaic solar panels (more than 570) and a new organic water purifier has been installed for the re-use of 100% of the filtered water. It was a wonder to see and to check out the entire scene.

And now: some reviews of the Pizzolato Fields wines. Pizzolato Muse Prosecco DOC ($20). “This wine opens with alluring aromas of jasmine, beeswax and Bosc pear. The juicy, elegant palate delivers green apple, lemon zest and hazelnut alongside bright acidity and refined, persistent bubbles.

“Straw color. Aromas of golden apple, pressed flowers, white peach, and mint with a soft, crisp, effervescent, dryish light body and a sleek, medium-length Meyer lemon, sage, and plantain finish. A dry and palate-opening Prosecco that will make a great aperitivo and can be served with a buffet of all kinds of entrees.”

Pizzolato Spumante Rose DOC ($20). Light pink color with bright reflections. Aromatic in the mouth with sweet notes in balance with a good acidity. Harmonious, fruity with hints of cherry and delicate floral notes. It’s made with 95% Glera and 5% Raboso. It’s the quintessential picnic wine—fun & festive.

Beviamo e Festegiammo!

2020 Pizzolato Pinot Grigio ($15) Bright straw color. Fruity aromas and flavors of pineapple, pears, lemon butter, and straw with a satiny, soft, fruity light-to-medium body and a smooth, breezy finish with soft, fruit tannins and no oak. A plush pinot grigio for anytime sipping Serve this up with vegetable dips, first courses, and fresh cheese.

Locally, we can find these Pizzolato Fields wines at your favorite wine shop. Ask for it and they could probably get it. Otherwise, find these wines on-line at The Organic Cellar out of Laguna Beach, and at the Organic Wine Exchange. Ciao! Bella!

March 23 to March 29, 2023 12


Here we go again. Another multitalented artist who excels in many creative fields. Garyk Lee is the epitome of an international fashion genius and innovative artist with over 40 years of commissions that include illustration, architecture, fashion, and interior design. You name an artform and he can do it.

Garyk grew ups in the small oil town of Ponca City, Oklahoma and studied architectural engineering at Oklahoma State University. His desire for the creative arts drew him away from the structured math based engineering aspect which inspired a move to Los Angeles at the age of 23. A short four years later, he opened a couture salon on the fashionable Roberson Blvd in Beverly Hills, California. It was there where Garyk created elegant fashions and showcased his collections with his classic, yet contemporary trompe l’oeil motifs and fashion murals on the walls of the salon. For unique occasions, he would incorporate his art design style into Hollywood soundstage sets for fashionable events he produced.

In the fall of 1989, Garyk moved to New York City as his Couture Fashion Collection was now available for retail sales in one of the top showrooms on Seventh Ave. His first orders were for Neiman Marcus flagship stores. After a couple years of the ultra-fast passed Manhattan lifestyle, Garyk yearned for a more serene environment and moved to Bucks County, Pennsylvania - a bedroom community of Manhattan known as a true artist colony established in 1682.

Garyk, now in his early thirties, was finding new creative energy and began his transition from fashion designer to artist. He opened a charming artist studio on the Delaware river canal in fashionable, New Hope, Pennsylvania. He created many murals and trompe l’oeil designs in the estates of main line Philadelphia, still always incorporating high fashion into his work when he could. By the late nineties, Garyk was missing sunny California. Once again, he began working with some of his Beverly Hills couture clients

from his past and by 2001 he was living full time in Palm Springs. Garyk traveled back and forth from his desert home to Los Angeles as he was getting numerous art commissions: both residential and commercial. One of his favorite works was a commission for a mural in Venice Beach. All the while still doing oneof-a-kind designs for an elite clientele.

The most recent works from Garyk are representative of the mid-Century era that Palm Springs has so rightfully come to own. His “Fashion Fused Architecture in Retro Palm Springs” series is available as artist proofs, signed prints, and smaller posters as well as greeting cards. His paintings are bold, sophisticated, and whimsical. His most recent venture is a children’s book “The Hummingbird Troupe” written by Melissa Neiderman. The book, available on Amazon, is dedicated to Desi Chechin, a beautiful, small child lost to cancer. Garyk illustrated this story of hope and for all children and continues to inspire with his detail to design.

“My love and memory of Desi Cechin is truly displayed in the vibrant, detailed and beautiful illustrations that Garyk Lee brought to our book,” said Melissa. “His talent is boundless and is only superseded by his giving and caring heart.”

For more information about Garyk Lee please go to his website

SIDEBAR BOX: Please note that Artist Council at Galen has two upcoming events. Through the Lens takes place from March 23-April 23 and Young Artists Exhibition takes place April 26-May 21. The Young Artists Exhibition, funded by La Quinta Arts Foundation, engages young artists in a transformational art experience. Students participate in a juried exhibition, which is an important learning opportunity, and see their artworks matted, framed, lit, and displayed in a museum-quality setting. Experiencing their art installed in a museum is a life-changing

experience for a young artist. Admission is free Wednesdays–Sundays from 10am - 4pm. The Artists Center at the Galen is located at 72-567 Hwy 111, Palm Desert. Info: or 760-565-6130. March 23 to March 29, 2023 13
(Photo Credit: Tom Clark Photography and Garyk Lee)



Walking your dog is a great way to meet other wonderful people.

Needed supplies - Your dog can help carry some of the needed supplies in his own special backpack. A healthy dog can carry up to 25% of his own weigh, however some breeds with long backs such as dachshunds may not be able to carry much. You need to bring along enough water for both of you, with a collapsible bowl to serve your pup. Give him plenty of water during the excursion because dogs become dehydrated quickly. Water in streams, lakes, and drains may contain parasites and viruses. Bring high quality treats to keep up Fido’s energy level.

Plan Ahead - Make sure your destination permits dogs on trails. Most United States national parks do not allow dogs on trails. The book «140 Great Hikes in and near Palm Springs» provides a list of local trails that permit dogs to accompany hikers. If the area is crowded with other hikers and walkers, go to a less populated location to keep yourself safe.

Beach, located at the foot of Voltaire Street. Tucked away near the Del Mar racetrack is Solana Beach, a lovely spot that allows dogs from September 15 through June 15. The Huntington Beach Dog Beach is another great place. It’s almost surreal to see the dogs happily frolicking in the ocean while the people sit on the sand watching them.

Car Rides – Almost all dogs love to travel, and most of them get excited when they hear your car keys jingle. Explore some of our beautiful Southern California scenery and visit new locations. Trips to local outdoor restaurants that welcome dogs is a treat for you both. More local businesses are becoming pet friendly, with the exception being those that serve food indoors.

It certainly is true that our companion animals provide us with needed love, loyalty, and companionship. Our pets are happier and healthier when they spend more quality time with us.

Your dog may provide an excellent reason for you to get some fresh air and exercise. We are now blessed with beautiful Spring weather, the perfect time of year to enjoy walking and hiking in the Coachella Valley. Our canine pals love being included in our activities, and exploring nature with Fido makes excursions more enjoyable for us humans. Both humans and dogs get to exercise, get some healthy fresh air, and spend some quality time together. A well exercised dog works off excess energy and is less likely to have behavior problems back home.

Assess your dog’s readiness for hiking – Before heading out, evaluate your dog’s level of fitness. If he is elderly or overweight, it is best to stick to walks around your neighborhood. Remember that dogs are “people pleasers” and will push beyond their level of endurance to please you and keep up. Keep him on a leash at all times as


This fabulous fellow waits for a home at the Humane Society of the Desert in North Palm Springs. Once an abandoned stray in the desert, he is one of the friendliest dogs I’ve met and he adores other dogs. Just 2 years old and 43 pounds of doggie love. Call (760) 329-0203 for an appointment to meet Dutton,

required by law. Make sure your dog knows the most important command of all, “Fido (his name) Come!” in case he gets loose. Approaching other dogs – When you meet other hikers or dog walkers, ask permission for your dog to meet theirs.

Dog Walking Etiquette – Do not allow your dog to roam free without a leash! You could violate leash laws in your jurisdiction. Don’t allow your dog to lunge toward other dogs you encounter. Use those poop bags to pick up your pet’s waste.

Dog Beaches – You can escape the Coachella Valley for an enjoyable day at one of the dog beaches in Southern California. Most popular is the dog beach in Ocean


Precious pup Noelle has waited 70 days for a home at the Coachella Valley Animal Campus. This Lab/Pit Bill mix girl is 52 lbs of doggie love, great with people and loves playing with other big dogs. She is only 1-yr-old, dog ID#A1715732. Meet her between 10am-4pm Mon thru Sat at 72-050 Pet Land Place, Thousand Palms,

Are you still “dogless” in the desert? This might be the best time ever to adopt a wonderful rescue dog or cat. They help reduce stress and loneliness, and their loving and loyal presence has numerous physical health benefits.

Our local county shelter, the Coachella Valley Animal Campus, is the largest local animal shelter with dogs, puppies, cats and kittens waiting to meet you. View their wonderful animals online at www.rcdas. org, and reach them by phone at (760) 343364. They are located at 72050 Pet Land Place in Thousand Palms.

March 23 to March 29, 2023 14


Open 10:00-4:00 Monday through Saturday

View animals online at all 4 county shelters, 72-050 Pet Land Place, Thousand Palms, (760) 343-3644. (Public)


Open to the public, closed Tuesday View animals online at www.psanimalsshelter. org and complete application for the one you want to meet, 4575 E Mesquite Ave, Palm Springs, Call (760) 416-5718 (Public)

DESERT HOT SPRINGS ANIMAL CARE & CONTROL - Open daily 9:30-4:30. www. , View animals at 65810 Hacienda Ave, Desert Hot Springs, Call for appointment (760) 329-6411 ext. 450.

ANIMAL SAMARITANS – Open to the public View their animals at www. Email volunteer@ to foster or volunteer Located at 72307 Ramon Rd, Thousand Palms, (760) 601-3918. (Private)

CALIFORNIA PAWS RESCUE - Call for an appointment to adopt. Located at 73650 Dinah Shore, Palm Desert. View their animals at, (760) 656-3833. (Private)

HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE COACHELLA VALLEY – Fill out an application online and call for an appointment This shelter has dogs of all sizes and cats, Located at 17825 N. Indian Canyon, Palm Springs, (760) 329-0203. (Private)

KITTYLAND – Open to the public to adopt cats and kittens Located at 67600 18th Avenue, Desert Hot Springs, www., (760) 251-2700. (Private)

PRETTY GOOD CAT – Foster based rescue for cats located in La Quinta Contact

them at, (760) 660-3414 (Private)

LOVING ALL ANIMALS – Call for appointment to adopt dogs Located at 83496 Avenue 51, Coachella, www., (760) 834-7000. (Private)

ANIMAL RESCUE CENTER OF CALIFORNIA (ARC), Foster based rescue for dogs and cats in Indio., (760) 877-7077. (Private)

FLUFFS & SCRUFFS – Foster based rescue for small dogs in Cathedral City FLUFFSANDSCRUFFS@AOL.COM, (310) 980-3383. (Private)


Foster based rescue for dogs in Rancho Mirage,, (760) 832-0617. (Private)


Large outdoor shelter for dogs and cats up Hwy 74, Mountain Center, org, (951) 659-4687. (Private)


Open daily 10am-6pm Located at 2050 E. Charles Street, Banning. Many beautiful animals of all sizes. View animals at www. (951) 708-1280 Short staffed so don’t always answer phones (Public)

CITY OF SAN BERNARDINO ANIMAL SHELTER – Open 12:00 – 3pm Tues through Sat Google “City of San Bernardino Animal Shelter” for website to view animals and get the ID number of the animal you want. Located at 333 Chandler Place, San Bernardino, (909) 384-1304 or (909) 3847272. (Public)


SHELTER AT DEVORE – Open 7 days a week. Call (909) 386-9280, acc and get the ID number of animal you are interested in adopting, 19777 Shelter Way, San Bernardino. (Public) March 23 to March 29, 2023 15

Desert Arc, established in 1959, to provide vocational training and services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, has announced plans for its 13th Annual Golf Classic Fundraiser on Monday, April 3, 2023, beginning at 11:00 a.m. with a BBQ lunch at Eagle Falls Golf Course at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, California.

This event will feature a BBQ Lunch, a Shotgun Scramble Format, and an Awards Banquet Dinner. Renowned Architect Clive Clark designed the par 72, 6715 yard Eagle Falls Golf Course with challenging water features, for the enjoyment of all golfers who participate.

Desert Arc Board Member and Past Board Chair, Nancy Singer will serve as this year’s Event Chair, along with Celebrity Event Emcee Brooke Beare, Emmy® Award Winning Journalist, Board Member, and Immediate

Past Chair of the Desert Arc Board.

“It’s so terrific to continue the legacy Desert Arc has created over the last 64 years for adults with disabilities and their families in our community,” stated Emcee Beare. “The services and opportunities we are able to provide, thanks to the contributions of the players and sponsors, reflects in our uniquely comprehensive programming,” Beare continued.

“It is my honor again to chair the Golf Classic Fundraising Tournament to benefit the many outstanding programs offered by Desert Arc,” stated Event Chair Nancy Singer. “We are grateful for the support of the community, as well as staff members, as we continually strive to enhance the lives of over 700 people with disabilities, ” Singer continued.

“Your participation in this important fundraiser for Desert Arc will have an

immediate and profound impact on the people we serve,” stated Richard Balocco, President/CEO of Desert Arc. “Some of you are new to Desert Arc, and we are grateful for your involvement and look forward to our continued friendship. Many of you are longtime friends and have played a significant role in our 64-year history of making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. All in all, your belief and generous support of our mission means the world to us!” Balocco continued.

Exclusive Media Sponsors of this year’s event include:

THE DESERT SUN & LOCALIQ, Presenting Newspaper & Digital Media Sponsor

KESQ News Channel 3, Exclusive TV Media Sponsor

ALPHA MEDIA – PALM SPRINGS – Exclusive Radio Media Sponsor

For additional information on Desert Arc please call 760-404-1368 or visit www.


Desert Arc Is the leading nonprofit, with an impressive 64-year history of providing comprehensive services for over 700 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities within the Coachella Valley, the Morongo basin, and outlying desert communities. Since its founding in 1959, Desert Arc has been offering adults with disabilities person-centric programs and resources designed to meet the needs of its clients including: an adult day program,

vocational training, job development, job placement and employment, nutrition, sports and recreation programs for supportive independent living, case management and personalized coordination of services, and advocacy for community integration. Desert Arc has been recognized within the community for its mission of enhancing their clients’ quality of life and creating opportunities for each person. Dedicated to social innovation, Desert Arc has also created a variety of enterprises providing Business Services including their Shredding & Recycling, Landscape Maintenance, Janitorial, and Fulfillment Divisions. These are growing micro- businesses developed to provide employment for its clients, as well as, an earned income revenue stream for Desert Arc. Pathways to Employment is the umbrella for the organization’s vocational, on-thejob training and individual job placement service programs, working directly for Desert Arc or within their fellow employment network. Over its consistent and financially sound history, Desert Arc has been making a difference in the lives of so many people with disabilities!

Desert Arc’s main headquarters is located on Country Club Drive in Palm Desert, consisting of three buildings totaling 50,000 feet of space. In addition, Desert Arc has a Recycling Center in Indio and another program site in Yucca Valley.

March 23 to March 29, 2023 16
(left to right) Richard Balocco, President/CEO of Desert Arc and Damian Jenkins, Desert Arc Board Chair seen at last year’s Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser. Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians -- (left to right) Charles DaLorey, Geno Dixon, Chairman Darrell Mike, Richard Balocco, President/CEO of Desert Arc, and Miguel Terriquez seen at last year’s Annual Golf Tournament. (left to right) Seen at last year’s Golf Awards Banquet Dinner are G. Aubrey Serfling, Lori Serfling, Gina Otto, and Nate Otto. (left to right) Damian Jenkins, Desert Arc Board Chair, Nancy Singer, Event Chair of Annual Golf Tournament, and Brooke Beare, Celebrity Event Emcee, seen at last year’s Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser. PHOTOS BY LORETTA VLACH


Hundreds of viewers fell for the gag by trying to grow spaghetti trees. The story reported that a spaghetti tree sprouts best when a sprig of spaghetti is rooted in a can of tomato sauce.

The exact origins of April Fool’s Day are not known. Historians are fairly sure that its current form began in 1582 when the Catholic Church added leap year in order to avoid calendar drift. At the same time, New Year’s Day was moved from April 1st to January 1st. The April 1st New Year was from Greek and Roman times when the darkness (and most likely hunger) from the winter season gave way to spring and the return of warmer temperatures and the ability to grow food. The pranking and silliness part of the holiday were a way to tease and make fun of the April fools who still celebrated April 1st as New Year’s.

In Italy, France and Belgium, a prank was to clip a paper fish on the bank of a person without getting noticed.

Over the centuries, pranks and false stories in the news have become routine and injected some silliness and levity to the year.

National Public Radio has done many hoaxes throughout the years. In 1992, they announced that Richard Nixon would be running for President again with the slogan,

“I didn’t do anything wrong, and I won’t do it again.” NPR used impressionist Rich Little as the voice of the impeached president in the fake interview.

In 1957, the BBC reported that there had been an “especially heavy spaghetti crop” in Switzerland due to a mild winter and no crop loss from the spaghetti weevil. The “news” segment went as far as showing Swiss peasants pulling spaghetti from trees.


Last week I shared, that in high school, many of us had to read about Julius Caesar and the Ides of March. It was a day in the Roman calendar that corresponds to 15 March. It was marked by several religious observances and was notable for the Romans as a deadline for settling debts. The phrase, “Beware the Ides of March,” is the soothsayer’s message to Julius Caesar, warning of Caesar’s death/assassination in 44 BC.

Since that time, the idea stuck that the Ides of March is unlucky or a portent of doom—even if your name isn’t Caesar. The Latin root of “ides” means “to divide,” so ides basically just denotes the middle of the month.

Getting arrested for a DUI or being in an auto accident, is certainly an unlucky day for any of us. Historically there are more DUI FATALITIES in the Coachella Valley, per capita, than anywhere else in California. Thus, it is logical that DUI arrests and fatalities spike during the Tennis and Coachella season. Naturally, our law enforcement agencies become more vigilant on these weekends. That means I have to stay close to my phone for clients

that need assistance with an Injury Accident and or a DUI.

Accident victims think they will be ok in a day or two and innocently talk to the insurance adjuster and go to their family doctor. Doing both damages their case. Because of this, many lawyers reject these cases. I have explained this in a previous article… “Mr. Gribow, Why Won’t You Accept My Accident Case?”

Some victims are afraid of getting in an ambulance or seeing a doctor and getting billed. They do not realize the insurance company, for the ‘at fault’ party, will pay for these bills. Most drivers have medical payments coverage in their auto policy and or Health Insurance that will also pay up to their coverage limits.

Many prospective clients do not know their policy limits or cannot find their policy. It is important to know this information because it is common in the CV for the other driver to not have insurance. If so, we would present an uninsured motorist (UM) claim against our clients own policy. So be sure you have Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist auto insurance coverage.

It is important to note, that a medical

New Mexicans for Science and Reason newsletter in 1998 included a satirical news story that the Alabama legislature had voted to change the value of pi from 3.14159 to the ‘Biblical value’ of 3.0. This hoax was reported as reality by other news outlets. Many found the story believable as Indiana Representative T.I. Record put forward House Bill #246 back in 1897 meant to fix pi “as it fails to work”. Mr. Record’s bill passed in the house unanimously and was referred to the Senate where it nearly became law. Fortunately, a mathematics professor from Purdue University was visiting, reviewed the bill and found six definitions of pi. After explaining the foolishness of the endeavor, the state senate dropped its support for this intellectually flawed bill.

A similar prank happened in 1878 when the New York Graphic magazine announced that Thomas Edison had created a food machine that could turn soil into food and water into wine. A Buffalo newspaper took the story to be real and published it as truth.

In 1934, the Hearst International News service reported that German pilot Erich Koycher had invented a flying device that operated on only the air of his lungs that created the suction necessary to lift his body into the air. Originally written as a spoof by Berliner Illustrite Zeitung, the Hearst News Service missed the fact that the story was a joke causing many US newspapers to publish the joke as truth. Worth noting, Koycher in German is a pun that translates to a puff or wheeze.

Advertisers have used April Fool’s Day as a fun way to generate free publicity.

In one of the funniest spoofs, Burger King took out an ad in USA Today announcing a new menu item: a “Left-Handed Whopper”

that was meant to serve the needs of 32 million left-handers in the United States. This prompted thousands of people to visit the restaurant looking for the specialty burger.

Haddon Libby is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Winslow Drake Investment Management. For more information on his services, please visit www.


provider is primarily concerned with getting paid for his/her work, as is the hospital or urgent care. If the injured party cannot find their policies, they often resort to using a credit card to pay for treatment … or being refused service. An experienced lawyer can often get medical treatment on a lien.

Typically, no one advises the victim that they should see a doctor right away to document the injuries, let alone to have the victim prepare a summary of their injuries. When preparing this summary, the victim should write down their symptoms/injuries by starting with the top of their head and moving to the bottom of their toes.

Additionally, the victim should see a medical provider they have not seen before. This is because their current medical providers have records that document prior injuries, alcohol or drugs issues, psych referrals, STD’s, abortions etc. Though these records have nothing to do with the accident, many jurors will incorrectly think less of the victim on account of these issues.

I advise my clients to not post anything on social media after an accident. The last thing you want is for the insurance company to find your client’s posts of their


playing tennis, golf, skiing or running in a marathon, while they complain they cannot do anything because of the amount of pain they are encountering.

Because of the mistakes and challenges listed above it is hard to maximize the value of those accident cases, and they often result in a smaller settlement. As a result many lawyers reluctantly reject these cases.

DALE GRIBOW - Representing the injured and criminally accused

“TOP LAWYER” - California’s Prestige Magazine, Palm Springs Life (PI/DUI) 201123

“TOP LAWYER” - Inland Empire Magazine

PERFECT 10.0 AVVO Peer Rating




blue-colored potato chip? Perhaps you would not want to know. This is just an example. The idea behind it is that if we (you) are no longer receiving the pure nourishment from unblemished food and liquid sources as our ancestors once did [let’s say, during Biblical times], then our (your) bodies will no longer be able to function at optimal levels. Therefore, now more than ever we must be our own health advocates while working in conjunction with a medical professional who truly cares about getting to the root cause of health issues before they become greater and perhaps terminal.

We have all heard the term “hiding in plain sight”. The statement is a direct reference to humans not being cognizant, nor aware enough of their surroundings, which may otherwise assist the betterment of their lives. As it pertains to the medical world, insight is often “hindsight twenty-twenty”. “If only we had taken that more extensive blood test”. “If only we hadn’t scheduled so far out and operated sooner” - and the list of medical mishaps and misdiagnosis continues.

Considering the topic of “testing”, this leads us to one of the most basic clinical routines - blood tests. This type of medical testing allows physicians to know a little more precisely about what is going on inside your human body.

For ages, we humans have had a curiosity to learn more about the things we cannot see. During the modern era, we have turned our gaze away from the physical and have focused on the unseen. All one must do is look up a TV lineup for The Discovery Channel, or any similar channels, and one finds countless television series focusing on the world of spirits, spooks, and specters.

Physicians/doctors/surgeons became a necessary part of human existence to thwart circumstances such as cuts, scrapes, gashes, and other perhaps more gruesome injuries. It is only during the last few centuries that a physician/doctor/surgeon, has become equally as engrossed by the inner mechanisms of the human body, disease, and illness. This led to the fabrication of synthetic drugs designed to assist previously discounted medical conditions. Although, drugs, as most are aware, only ever mask and never truly cure.

The beginnings of a disease or illness is not something that “leaps off the page” [so to speak] and cries, “Look at me. I’m coming at you!” No, a disease or illness can be far more elusive. It can creep up and strike with a vengeance, sometimes delivering a fatal blow that can never be put back into remission. “Hindsight is twenty-twenty”.

Despite the previous paragraph lingering an overtone of morbidity, a reassuring reality is that by employing your concentration to solving a potential disease or illness [even if its physical signs have not, and may never manifest], they can be prevented.

Procuring a physician/doctor/surgeon who is likeminded to work alongside your desire for optimal health is another story altogether. This is because, much like us, they too engage in busy lives and cannot always preserve their focus and attention on your health requirements. That, or they only hold the title of “doctor” for bragging rights, and or a paycheck. Therefore, as it has been stated, and more so during the past twenty years, “you should be your own health advocate”. After all, you live within you, and given the sheer volumes of medical and health advice that is free and readily available in the public domain, you should be able to better manage your health and remain healthy. Right?

Unfortunately, as we humans have evolved, we have thus evolved, or at least attempted to evolve our planet and the natural order of things. Case in point, GMO [genetically modified organisms].

Foods that have been GMO’d have steadily flooded the food and beverage market for decades. Have you truly given thought to what goes on inside your body when you consume a


Smooth Jazz at the Westin Rancho Mirage Golf Resort and Spa with Rick Braun & Special Guests Saturday March 25th Come out to the Beautiful Westin Rancho Mirage Golf Resort and Spa for the weekend and enjoy watching March Madness play – offs Saturday and Sunday. Come out for the weekend and Spring into golf, smooth Jazz music, and delicious dining at the Pinzimini restaurant. The weather will not be better as we wrap up March Madness and the Smooth Jazz concert series.

Bring the family and stay the weekend! The Westin Rancho Mirage Golf Resort & Spa offers spacious, pet-friendly hotel suites with luxury amenities and stunning views of the mountains and desert landscape around Rancho Mirage. Whether a game of pickleball, tennis, a round of golf or a few laps in our pools, as well as our newest additional to Las Brisas Pool is the 125” dual waterslides for kids of ALL ages.

You don’t want to miss Rick Braun who is

DESERT LONGEVITY INSTITUTE has been a life support to Coachella Valley patients for nearly three decades. Dr. Daniel L. Johnson M.D. has at times been referred to as the “last hope doctor”. Formerly a Co-Medical Director at Eisenhower Immediate Care Centers, Dr. Johnson began witnessing firsthand pitfalls within the mainstream world of medicine and its approach to treating medical conditions. Dr. Johnson then switched his focus away from - trying to fix something after it had already happened, to - making certain the problem never gets the chance to gain a stronghold. Period.

Desert Longevity Institute is a wealth of health knowledge, hosting a myriad of pure pharmaceutical-grade products designed to combat the status quo(s) of Frankenstein foods and drugs that don’t keep feeling and looking younger, nor keep you living at your most optimal and healthiest life. With Desert Longevity Institute and Dr. Johnson in your corner helping slug those pesky free radicals, hormonal imbalances, and other nuisance health malfunctions caused and/or supported by the mainstream food and drug industry, you are certain to stand a fighting chance of living your life optimally!

Desert Longevity Institute - “Nurturing Your Nature” 760.773.5994

TIAR’A LITERARY & ILLUSTRATION is a premier content creation, marketing, and public relations company producing works for individuals and businesses worldwide. Email:

a versatile and prolific trumpeter, composer, and producer, who has been making smooth jazz hits for 30 years. He started his career as a session musician for pop stars like Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, and Tom Petty, before launching his solo debut in 1992. Rick will be joined by Michael Paulo and special guests!

“It’s not how big you are, it’s how big you play!” – John Wooden

Location: Westin Rancho Mirage Golf Resort and Spa. 71-333 Dinah Shore Dr. Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 760-328-5955

Ticket Link:

Be safe!

Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna

March 23 to March 29, 2023 18


Ever wonder why carbs are so addictive? It has to do with chemicals that travel from the stomach to the part of the brain where you produce dopamine, a hormone and neurotransmitter that affects the brain’s pleasure and reward centers. Once these areas of the brain are stimulated, you’ll keep wanting more of the addictive substance, whether it’s alcohol, drugs or carbs.

Too many refined carbs are simply toxic for your body. They’re often responsible for visceral fat, the dangerous fat you can carry around your middle that inhibits your body’s ability to make insulin, which makes you more prone to diabetes. Carbs also increase your risk for cardiovascular disease and even cancer.

The building blocks of everything that is good in this world and that we crave is muffins, croissants, cakes, cookies, pies, tortilla chips, pizza, pasta, breads … all carbs. All amazing! It’s easy to be addicted. It’s everywhere.

So, we know most of this right. It’s becoming common knowledge that too many carbs do not really work for optimal health.

So why is it so hard to lay off the carbs? Why aren’t more people cutting back on carbs? Well quite frankly it’s because carbohydrates are so addictive, and the cravings are real.

So, if we are carb addicted is the decision to swap out the daily breakfast bagel with some eggs and avocado easier said than done, due to the incredibly potent addictive cravings like those of an alcoholic or a drug addict? The answer is yes!

So, here’s a new perspective. We often associate overeating with a simple lack of discipline. Why can’t someone just eat less carbs—as if it were that simple? Would you put an alcoholic in a room full of booze and then judge them harshly for opening a bottle? There is an understanding that some addictions are difficult to break and require more than just willpower alone. Are carb cravings any different?

It’s complicated. Overeating carbs is much less dangerous in the short term (but definitely not in the long term) than some other addictive vices. We’ve all had major carb benders and survived. The problem with refined sugars and carbs is that every single eatery or supermarket is basically the Vegas of sugar. How do you realistically avoid a temptation that is seemingly everywhere? You can’t avoid it. We live in a carb-laden world.

So, do we throw our hands up in the air and give in to carb cravings? I wouldn’t recommend it.

There are Solutions… Start Paying Attention to Carbs.

Start taking a realistic look at your carb consumption so you have an idea how many carbs a day you are eating. Track your carbs there are many great apps for this. Then step it down until you reach about 75 grams of carbs a day with a final goal to 50. (The average American has between 200-300 grams of carbs per day or more). The scale will start going in the right direction and that puffy feeling will go away just by cutting carbs. It’s that simple.


© Copyright 2023 Rob

You also want to keep in mind that all carbs are not the same. You may not want to avoid carbs altogether but at least avoid anything that is heavily processed. Refined carbs will be far more addictive, as they cause higher spikes and corresponding steeper drops in blood sugar and are less nutrient dense—two key factors that make food more addictive.

Get your carbs from veggies and nutrient dense foods.

For those of you reading this… it can stop NOW. We all have a limit where we know we are done!

Remove artificial sweeteners and sugar: Remove aspartame, maltodextrin, dextrose or sucralose. These are common in low-carb or diet foods. They react in our body the same as sugar and contribute to our weight gain. Start using sweeteners that don’t raise your glycemic index such as monk fruit, stevia and erythritol.

Read Labels: Start reading all your labels to look for hidden sugars and carb count.

Stop the mindless eating: I challenge you to identify your mindless and stress eating that is contributing to your weight gain and adding in too many carbs.

Have patience with yourself. We didn’t get where we are overnight, and it takes time to make changes. Enjoy the process (both the setbacks and the successes) and celebrate every step in the direction of your commitment to cutting carbs.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Studies show that increased sleep helps decrease the levels of ghrelin in your body, which is the hormone responsible for making you feel hungry and crave those yummy carbs for increased energy.

You may also want to give Keto a try. While there isn’t a dietary approach that works for everyone, adopting a low carb/high fat, or Ketogenic, diet can help regulate hunger hormones (you won’t be hungry), you’ll have more energy, lose weight and the foods are delicious. If I can help you with Keto or a lowcarb lifestyle and you’d like a free consult please book it on my web at ketoiseasycoach. com. We’ll talk about all things carbs, keto and I can help you make an action plan to start cutting carbs.

Michelle Borthwick, known more widely as Michelle Keto, is the foremost expert in living the Keto lifestyle and the go-to coach for Keto women. She loves the CA lifestyle and spends time between San Diego and Palm Springs, CA. Her 1:1 coaching, and group programs have helped hundreds of women from 25 states and 4 countries lose over 7,500 pounds while eating foods they love. This foodie’s motto, and business name, is “Keto is Easy” and she’s one of the only Keto leaders who promotes full customization for long term success. For a complimentary 30-minute coaching call please schedule at:

ARIES (March 21-April 19): If we were to choose one person to illustrate the symbolic power of astrology, it might be Aries financier and investment banker J. P. Morgan (1837–1913). His astrological chart strongly suggested he would be one of the richest people of his era. The sun, Mercury, Pluto, and Venus were in Aries in his astrological house of finances. Those four heavenly bodies were trine to Jupiter and Mars in Leo in the house of work. Further, sun, Mercury, Pluto, and Venus formed a virtuoso “Finger of God” aspect with Saturn in Scorpio and the moon in Virgo. Anyway, Aries, the financial omens for you right now aren’t as favorable as they always were for J. P. Morgan—but they are pretty auspicious. Venus, Uranus, and the north node of the moon are in your house of finances, to be joined for a bit by the moon itself in the coming days. My advice: Trust your intuition about money. Seek inspiration about your finances.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): “The only thing new in the world,” said former US President Harry Truman, “is the history you don’t know.” Luckily for all of us, researchers have been growing increasingly skilled in unearthing buried stories. Three examples: 1. Before the US Civil War, six Black Americans escaped slavery and became millionaires. (Check out the book Black Fortunes by Shomari Wills.) 2. Over 10,000 women secretly worked as code-breakers in World War II, shortening the war and saving many lives. 3. Four Black women mathematicians played a major role in NASA’s early efforts to launch people into space. Dear Taurus, I invite you to enjoy this kind of work in the coming weeks. It’s an excellent time to dig up the history you don’t know—about yourself, your family, and the important figures in your life.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Since you’re at the height of the Party Hearty Season, I’ll offer two bits of advice about how to collect the greatest benefits. First, ex-basketball star Dennis Rodman says that mental preparation is the key to effective partying. He suggests we visualize the pleasurable events we want to experience. We should meditate on how much alcohol and drugs we will imbibe, how uninhibited we’ll allow ourselves to be, and how close we can get to vomiting from intoxication without actually vomiting. But wait! Here’s an alternative approach to partying, adapted from Sufi poet Rumi: “The golden hour has secrets to reveal. Be alert for merriment. Be greedy for glee. With your antic companions, explore the frontiers of conviviality. Go in quest of jubilation’s mysterious blessings. Be bold. Revere revelry.”

CANCER (June 21-July 22): If you have been holding yourself back or keeping your expectations low, please STOP! According to my analysis, you have a mandate to unleash your full glory and your highest competence. I invite you to choose as your motto whichever of the following inspires you most: raise the bar, up your game, boost your standards, pump up the volume, vault to a higher octave, climb to the next rung on the ladder, make the quantum leap, and put your ass and assets on the line.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): According to an ad I saw for a luxury automobile, you should enjoy the following adventures in the course of your lifetime: Ride the rapids on the Snake River in Idaho, stand on the Great Wall of China, see an opera at La Scala in Milan, watch the sun rise over the ruins of Machu Picchu, go paragliding over Japan’s Asagiri highland plateau with Mount Fuji in view, and visit the pink flamingos, black bulls, and white horses in France’s Camargue Nature Reserve. The coming weeks would be a favorable time for you to seek experiences like those, Leo. If that’s not possible, do the next best things. Like what? Get your mind blown and your heart thrilled closer to home by a holy sanctuary, natural wonder, marvelous work of art—or all the above.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): It’s an excellent time to shed the dull, draining parts of your life story. I urge you to bid a crisp goodbye to your burdensome memories. If there are pesky ghosts

hanging around from the ancient past, buy them a one-way ticket to a place far away from you. It’s OK to feel poignant. OK to entertain any sadness and regret that well up within you. Allowing yourself to fully experience these feelings will help you be as bold and decisive as you need to be to graduate from the old days and old ways.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Your higher self has authorized you to become impatient with the evolution of togetherness. You have God’s permission to feel a modicum of dissatisfaction with your collaborative ventures—and wish they might be richer and more captivating than they are now. Here’s the cosmic plan: This creative irritation will motivate you to implement enhancements. You will take imaginative action to boost the energy and synergy of your alliances. Hungry for more engaging intimacy, you will do what’s required to foster greater closeness and mutual empathy.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Scorpio poet Richard Jackson writes, “The world is a nest of absences. Every once in a while, someone comes along to fill the gaps.” I will add a crucial caveat to his statement: No one person can fill all the gaps. At best, a beloved ally may fill one or two. It’s just not possible for anyone to be a shining savior who fixes every single absence. If we delusionally believe there is such a hero, we will distort or miss the partial grace they can actually provide. So here’s my advice, Scorpio: Celebrate and reward a redeemer who has the power to fill one or two of your gaps.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Poet E. E. Cummings wrote, “May my mind stroll about hungry and fearless and thirsty and supple.” That’s what I hope and predict for you during the next three weeks. The astrological omens suggest you will be at the height of your powers of playful exploration. Several long-term rhythms are converging to make you extra flexible and resilient and creative as you seek the resources and influences that your soul delights in. Here’s your secret code phrase: higher love

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Let’s hypothesize that there are two ways to further your relaxation: either in healthy or not-so-healthy ways—by seeking experiences that promote your long-term well-being or by indulging in temporary fixes that sap your vitality. I will ask you to meditate on this question. Then I will encourage you to spend the next three weeks avoiding and shedding any relaxation strategies that diminish you as you focus on and celebrate the relaxation methods that uplift, inspire, and motivate you.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Please don’t expect people to guess what you need. Don’t assume they have telepathic powers that enable them to tune in to your thoughts and feelings. Instead, be specific and straightforward as you precisely name your desires. For example, say or write to an intense ally, “I want to explore ticklish areas with you between 7 and 9 on Friday night.” Or approach a person with whom you need to forge a compromise and spell out the circumstances under which you will feel most open-minded and openhearted. PS: Don’t you dare hide your truth or lie about what you consider meaningful.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Piscean writer Jack Kerouac feared he had meager power to capture the wonderful things that came his way. He compared his frustration with “finding a river of gold when I haven’t even got a cup to save a cupful. All I’ve got is a thimble.” Most of us have felt that way. That’s the bad news. The good news, Pisces, is that in the coming weeks, you will have extra skill at gathering in the goodness and blessings flowing in your vicinity. I suspect you will have the equivalent of three buckets to collect the liquid gold.

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porch. Some of our clients exercise in their backyard, by the pool or in the living room. At a minimum, it should have enough space for a yoga mat and for you to stretch your arms in all directions without hitting anything.

Plan your workouts. Set days and times to exercise and hold yourself accountable with an alarm or reminder on your smartphone. If you struggle with motivation, team up with local professionals who come to people’s homes like at

Use your body weight. Body weight activities, when used correctly, can be as effective as weight-lifting for building muscle. By modifying your workouts and increasing the intensity or duration over time, you’ll make the most of it. Keep in mind:

• Try planks, lunges, squats, stair-climbing and pushups as great body weight exercises.

• Up the ante of your body weight circuits

by increasing the number of repetitions per workout.

• Use proper form to prevent injury. Ask a professional to correct your form or watch a tutorial online before diving into new workouts.

You may not know the correct form for various exercises. This means you could injure yourself, so it’s best to stick to exercises you are already comfortable with or hire a professional that will come to you. Please visit our website for more details.

Going to the gym isn’t the only way to get in a great workout. Working out at home can be just as effective and so much more convenient. While a gym provides a dedicated space, home workouts offer more flexibility and can be more efficient. It all depends on how you use your time and equipment to maximize your effort.

The first thing to realize about Home Workouts is that It’s convenient. You can skip traffic, and you don’t have to leave your house or work out during specific times.

It’s also cost-effective. You don’t have to pay gym membership fees, and there’s no

need for fancy or expensive equipment to get a great workout.

What’s an Effective Home Workout?

An effective workout doesn’t have to take a long time or need equipment like heavy-duty weights. Intermittent intervals of working out for 10 minutes at a time, three times a day can be as effective as one 30-minute session.

The important thing is to get started. Here are some ideas: Find sufficient space to do your workouts. This could be a spot in your bedroom, the den, a patio or even the backyard or front

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Professor Raphael Mechoulam is widely recognized as one of the greatest scientists in the field of cannabinoid research and was an active researcher up until his death. Born in Bulgaria together with his Jewish parents, he emigrated to Israel in 1949. He obtained an MSc in biochemistry in 1952 from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and subsequently a Ph.D. in chemistry from the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, near Tel Aviv.

He then carried out postdoctoral research at the Rockefeller Institute in New York, before returning to The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1965, where he was appointed as Associate Professor in 1972 and as Professor of Medicinal Chemistry in 1975. It is at The Hebrew University where he began his prestigious cannabinoid research career.

Weed from the Police

While working as a chemist in the early 1960s at the Weizmann Institute, in Israel,

Mechoulam got some weed from the Israeli police with his goal to discover and isolate what makes pot psychoactive. A medicinal chemistry professor his work laid the groundwork and got the ball rolling to prompt future breakthroughs, such as illumination into the human body’s internal cannabinoid receptors in the 1980s and ’90s. It is detailed in the 1993 academic paper titled Molecular characterization of a peripheral receptor for cannabinoids

For nearly two decades after the identification of THC in the plant marijuana, its mechanisms of action were believed to be entirely “non-specific”. However, in the 1980s, findings obtained by several research groups suggested there was more to investigate.

Finding The Endocannabinoid System

Mechoulam encouraged a search for a cannabinoid receptor in mammalian tissues, and this search led to the discovery of two


G protein-coupled cannabinoid receptors, the first (CB1) discovered between 1988 and 1990. The second (CB2) was discovered in 1993.

The evidence obtained in the late 1980s that mammalian tissues express the CB1 receptor immediately prompted searches for a chemical produced by these tissues that can activate this receptor. The race to discover such an “endocannabinoid” was won by Mechoulam. He led research that provided convincing evidence that N-arachidonoyl ethanolamine, which he and his collaborators named anandamide, after the Sanskrit word ananda or “bliss”, is an endogenously produced compound that can activate the CB1 receptor. He also discovered the endocannabinoid receptor-activating the CB2 receptor CBD or (2-arachidonoylglycerol).

Mechoulam decided to look for endocannabinoids among endogenous lipophilic compounds rather than endogenous peptides, even though certain peptides, named endorphins, had already been found. Other lipophilic endocannabinoids were also subsequently discovered. Among Raphael Mechoulam’s many other achievements are the design and synthesis of numerous important novel cannabinoids that serve as valuable experimental tools or have important therapeutic potential.

Meet EPM301

“EPM developed a method to work with the original substances of cannabis,” the Professor explained in a recent exclusive interview. “So, while everybody is discussing

THC and CBD, these cannabinoids are actually a secondary substance; they only appear later in the plant.” Mechoulam’s recent revelation stems from the development of a method that allows the modification of acids in a way that keeps them stable enough to allow for their large-scale use. This opens the door for further pharmaceutical experiments, the professor explained. Dr. Mechoulam shared the history of the journey behind this revolutionary process and its significance in evolving the use of CBD as a pharmaceutical drug.

However, these cannabidiolic acids were unstable, and therefore useless in pharmaceutical drug development. Until now, that is. “Originally there is an acid that appears in the plant, and those acids are these mysterious worlds of compounds that are much more potent than cannabinoids,” he added. Strict drug laws in the United States and around the world suppressed research and kept the derivatives of cannabis off the market. Watch a video of Mechoulam here

Learn more about how to use Marijuana

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If there is one thing that annoys local breweries, it’s Untappd.

Me? I don’t dislike Untappd, despite my general disdain for social media platforms. It’s certainly less nefarious than most when it comes to gathering your personal information and using it to feed you ads. But many of the users can rot in the beer aisle at Rite Aid for their lack of civility and understanding.

Untappd is the social media platform for beer aficionados. It provides its users a good way to track the beers they’ve tried and their impressions of them. It also gives users a way to keep tabs on what their friends are drinking so they can discover new libations and compare tasting notes.

How does Untappd work?

If you’ve never tried Untappd before, it works like this. After setting up a profile, you can look up and “check in” beers. You simply search for the beer, select it, and then you’re given the option to check it in.

You can make comments on the check-in and include photos of the beer (or anything else you fancy, but the beer is the star of the show here). You can also include information like

flavor profile tags (hoppy, strong, smooth), how the beer was served (on draft, in a can), where you bought it and where you’re drinking it. The check-in then appears on your timeline, as well as in the feeds of anyone with whom you are friends on the platform.

You’re also given the option to award the beer a rating of anywhere between 0.25 and five stars (a score of zero will result in the beer not being rated).

And it’s that ratings system that drives me and industry brethren nuts.

Whenever you look up a beer, you’re going to see how many times the beer has been checked in and the average rating it has received on the platform. Your check-in will influence the overall rating of the beer, which other people can – and often do – use to make buying decisions. This is the biggest selling point for many when it comes to Untappd, and the only reason some have a profile on the platform to begin with.

Let’s say Doofus tries a Peabody’s Russian Imperial Stout and he doesn’t enjoy it. Doofus doesn’t like Russian Imperial Stouts, and the beer he’s checking in is exactly that. Doofus gives the beer a single star and writes in the

comments, “I hate stouts.”

Is that beer really a one-star beer? Of course not. Doofus’ one-star rating doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the beer or the craftsmanship that went into making it. But because Goofus hates stouts, the aggregate rating gets dragged down for both the beer and the brewery. Darn it, Goofus. Not cool.

Whether you’re a seasoned Untappd user or are just learning about it now, here are some things to keep in mind while using this handy –albeit frustrating at times – beer-drinking app.

How to use Untappd without looking like a newb

Include as much information as possible in a check-in. If you’re enjoying what you’re drinking, that’s great! Go ahead and check it in. Give it a rating. But before you finalize that check-in, make sure to tell everyone where you got it. The brewery and the retailer will both be grateful, as will any friends of yours who are curious about where they can get some of their own.

Be fair when you’re giving ratings. If you don’t like a certain style of beer, then you are not the person to evaluate it. Don’t like barleywines? Don’t rate them. Simple. That’s not to say you shouldn’t check in styles you don’t generally care for. You can do that all day. Just don’t give a star rating Also, be sure the beer you’re drinking isn’t too old. Telling the world that the year-old IPA you’re drinking doesn’t taste right just makes you look foolish. Speaking of which …

You can look at recent check-ins to determine how a beer is drinking. This is more applicable to cellarable beers, such as stouts and barleywines, but this really works on any beer with a long(ish) shelf life. If you’re worried that you may have held onto a bottle for too long, check to see what others are saying about it. If there are lots of reviews that say the flavor of a certain adjunct is falling off, it may be best

to crack your bottle open sooner rather than later. This information would also be useful to people who collect and trade for beer, but I would never condone such a thing. Ahem.

Of course, individual check-ins are anecdotal. The smaller the number of check-ins you see, the warier you should be.

Big numbers don’t lie. Individual ratings should be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism, but the average score from a large number of check-ins is a pretty good indicator of a beer’s quality. I like to use Untappd to look up ratings when I’m shopping for beer. I look up beers I’m on the fence about. Generally speaking, a 4.0 or better is a good sign that I’ll enjoy that beer. But not all styles get graded the same way. Some styles just get lower ratings. For example, a really good pilsner might only get an average score of 3.7 on Untappd, while the same score on a barrel-aged stout could be regarded as pedestrian or even sub-par.

As brewers, our beers are our children. Criticizing our children will earn our wrath if it’s not constructive. We certainly won’t hunt you down…but know that I and my brethren are looking out for you.

When Ed Heethuis isn’t brewing at Spotlight 29 Casino for 29 Brews, you will find the Certified Cicerone / Brewmaster at a Firebird’s game, participating in an Extreme Ironing competition, or talking beer with the patrons at Taproom 29. He may be reached at: or wherever beer may be found in the wild.

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