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From the Desk of the Pres Letter from the Editor…… Well, I really don't know what to say here… I am truly humbled by this milestone - so many businesses die in the first year, it’s is an honor to make it to our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, and a testament to the staff I have put together for this magazine. Thanks for my partner Sherry Keith of Mystic Photography, without whom I would never have the outstanding live concert shots that I showcase in this Mag. Our sales team has experienced some turbulence, but we are bringing on people who value the Mag and the opportunity to grow with a startup company. And thanks to MayDay, my Vancouver sales manager, for sticking with me. I also have to thank Devon, my lead DVa, for never losing sight of what we want to accomplish with the Promo team, and for taking the initiative and making things happen herself. As we move into year two, we expand our market into Las Vegas & Los Angeles, and we position ourselves to make some serious noise. Come along for the ride, if you dare…

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Q&A Shawn Smash


CVNW: Band Question 101 - Tell us who’s in the band, and their role. Shawn Smash: Myself (Shawn) on Vocals and Guitar, Danny "Boy" Virus on Drums and Brock Anderson on Bass CVNW: You are also in the successful band Total Chaos, what made you decide to start another band? SS: I felt that some of my other material didn’t really fit 100% with the Total Chaos format, so I decided that instead of putting these songs on the backburner, I would start my own band so people could hear that music.

CVNW: Where did the name come from? The name is not really a reference to the year 1977, like a lot of these other 77 bands. Actually, the Smash part comes from my name and the two sevens came from the other two guys who in the beginning where called Danny Seven and Brock Seven which we later changed of course. CVNW: How long have you been playing guitar, and do you play any other instruments? About 23 years now, and yes I also play bass. Actually kind of an interesting story how I even started with guitar. A few older kids from my school, who were a part of the "rougher" crowd, decided to break into a guitar store in the middle of the night. They stole a few guitars and then I was approached by them and was asked if they could "stash" these guitars at my house and they would come back for them later. I was young and wanted to look cool so I told them they could. I started thinking, well with these guitars here, I might as well play around with them and see if I can learn how to play them. I had a friend named Tommy who lived in the neighborhood, he was more of a thrash metal guy, but he could play really well. He came over and showed me some power chords and that's how it all began. Eventually those guys came back and got 'their' guitars, but that didn’t stop me. CVNW: Was there anything else in life that you pursued besides music? I went to college for Audio and Recording Engineering, but I always was into music and bands early on since I was 6 or 7 years old, jumping around with a tennis racket. I wanted a drum set when I was 6, it was just in my blood from day one. CVNW: How has the lineup changed (if it has) over the lifetime of Smash 77, and tell us about the journey finding the right mix. I had played with Danny since the Total Chaos days, he’s one of my favorite drummers and one of the easiest going, drama free people I know, that's a plus in my book. I've played in bands where everything was stressful and totally unorganized and people where on drugs, it was just a mess. I didn’t want to work with people like that anymore, I wanted a cool, tight knit band.

Danny doesn't have any of these hang ups so he was the perfect choice and Brock had also filled in on the "Warfest" tour in 2007 with Hemlock. While we were on tour together I had told him that I had a bunch of songs lying around and he was interested in doing the band. A little before the tour ended, we wound up at Tyler St. Studios in Riverside, CA with Vic Alfaro who recorded and mixed 4 or 5 songs in August of 2007 and that was the birth of Smash 77. It's been a consistent lineup, although Brock could not make it to the video shoot and we used "Mike Monster" from T.C/ The Spooky as a special guest to stand in. CVNW: Who are your musical influences? I'm all over the map with different influences, but for Smash 77, it was a more of a mid-tempo based punk and rock style, somewhere between Social Distortion, Turbonegro, D-Generation, The Damned, The Professionals (Steve Jones and Glen Matlock from the Sex Pistols). CVNW: When was Smash 77’s first official show – tell us how it felt to finally be at that moment, waiting to go onstage. For years, I would go in the recording studio and I just kept laying down tracks, not even thinking about shows. I wanted a CD first before I could even think of playing out live, I wasn't really in a rush to get out there with no material or anything like that. I had already done that route with other bands that I was in over the years. We would get a set full of songs and started playing shows with no CD or merchandize and people would always ask for CD's and we never had anything. That's how they forget about you fast....but with this band I wanted to do the exact opposite until I felt that we were ready. There are things in the works now, the timing wasn't right before. CVNW: Do you feel as though you “arrived”, or do you believe there is still work to do? Haha, no not all. I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface with the band. Lot's more to do and excited about it. CVNW: Which of your songs speaks personally to you? They all do, they are all stories from my life, experiences that I’ve had on which to base my songs. All my lyrics are based on life experiences, I cover a wide range of emotions from happiness, sadness, tragedies and triumphs, past relationships, fallen friends, real human emotions that fall in the shades between those poles, things that other people have been through and can relate with. "Ghost Town" was about a break up I had and after the relationship had ended I felt like I was in a Ghost Town walking the streets alone and those ghosts of the past relationship still haunted me. Or the song "Sometimes" when I first moved to California from Texas and I missed all my friends and barely knew anyone, I met a lot of shady people along the way, who just wanted to use you or drag you down, offer you drugs, steal from you. It's all based on my life's stories.

CVNW: What about your music do you think appeals to people? I think people can relate to the lyrics, but there is also a good hook and a catchy melody to it without sacrificing the edge. CVNW: You’ve been a member of several bands, how does each band’s experience and music build upon each other? It's all a learning experience, you just learn from it all. I definitely know what I want, and I know what works and what doesn't work for me. CVNW: How do Total Chaos and Smash 77 blend together in your life, is it hard being in two bands? It's not as hard as you think, there is a good balance between TC and S77. But last year I was in too many bands, I played in 4 bands (bands that needed guitar players for tours/shows..etc.) and things started getting tricky. After a while it just wasn't working out the way I had hoped for. I was spreading myself too thin and it was turning out to be too stressful and nerve racking dealing with that many people and situations. I had no time for myself anymore, I remember one tour would end and I would literally be on a plane the next day with another band, it just became overwhelming and very draining. At the end of the day, I just realized I needed to focus on my own projects and put all my energy into them. CVNW: Both bands have members in different areas (and continents!), how does that impact your process & progress, how easy it is to work on material? Well with Total Chaos, we tend to put albums out every 2 to 3 years. So a lot of our time is spent on the road. I will come up with songs here and there and so do the other guys. We do preproduction for the records, we go in and rehearse and record and change up the arrangements, throw ideas at each other and see what sticks, then we send the songs to the singer who comes up with lyrics. It is a process, but that’s how it goes. As far as Smash 77 goes, it’s much easier, if I have an idea, I will work on it, come up with music and lyrics, fine tune it then call up Danny and go to the studio and track the songs. That’s what I like about being the singer/guitarist, those are my songs and the process is much quicker.

CVNW: Tell us about “Melrose” and how it feels to be featured on a movie soundtrack… what was the process of getting the song on there? Melrose was written by me and my friend Billi Foxx, I played him a guitar riff/ song I had written and he said that he had lyrics that would fit perfect with my music and that's how we collaborated on "Melrose", we also worked on several other songs over the years but "Melrose" just stuck. My friends Tiffany Johnson and Shane Stanley from Visual Arts Entertainment really liked the Smash 77 CD and wanted to use two of the tracks "Ghost Town" and "Melrose" for the "My Trip Back to the Dark Side" movie soundtrack. So the guys in the band and I, decided to take a vote and we picked "Melrose" for the music video. CVNW: How does it feel to be in the company of other heavy hitters like Bret Michaels, Tommy Fields, and the others? I'm personally honored to be involved with the soundtrack and proud to have such a great video come out of it, many thanks to Shane Stanley and Dave Golding and Visual Arts Entertainment for the great work. Also I’ve known Bret Michaels for years, so we are definitely in good company here. CVNW: Has the internet (meaning iTunes & social media) benefitted the band in terms of exposure? Absolutely, back in the day, the only way to get known was to rigorously tour and hope somebody took notice. Nowadays with FB and Myspace before that, you could get much more exposure and faster and establish a fan base without having to be on the road all year long. CVNW: What do you want people to think & feel when they listen to Smash 77? The songs are real and based on personal experiences, that's what I want people to know, the songs aren't contrived or made up or written about Misty Mountains and Dragons. Not that there is anything wrong with that, if you’re into that sort of thing, but we are not that kind of band. CVNW: What do you hope to accomplish as a band, and with your music? I just want to play, write and record and I hope people can get something out of the stories and the message. Sometimes certain songs can get you through the tough times of your own life and lift you back up in a positive way.

CVNW: Where do you go from here, what’s the big news and your plans for 2013? We just finished our brand new music video for the song "Melrose" which you can find on "YouTube", for the up and coming motion picture "My Trip Back to the Dark Side", which will be out later this year. The first pressing of the album are close to being sold out. There have been some show offers and I'm in the process of getting songs together for a sophomore CD for later this year. There are definitely some cool things in the works. CVNW: Where can our readers get the album? I run a small indie label called "Smashboy" records and can be contacted at for CD ordering info or you can also contact Smash 77 on Facebook if you’re interested.

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Thriving for more than a decade, mostly through the word of mouth of its devoted techie customer base, Monoprice has quietly built a stellar reputation as an “in-the-know” ecommerce site that delivers high-quality tech accessories at bargain prices. Now, the Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.-based company is poised to capitalize on its recent rapid growth, as evidenced by its appearance in Inc. Magazine’s 2012 top 500 list of America’s fastest growing companies. Traffic has grown 81 percent, and revenue has surged 141 percent in the past three years at the e-commerce company, a sign of prosperity in a tough economy and a testament to a solid business model focused on keeping prices affordable for their current (and future) customers. Monoprice, strictly an e-commerce company, specializes in a wide variety (their product catalog features over 4,000 products - for the list, see index.html) of electronic cables, home theater equipment, networking and IT gear, mobile accessories, and other computer components and tech equipment. Customers can easily navigate their website and choose from among more than 4,300 Monoprice branded and non-branded products offered at very affordable prices on its website.

Based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, Monoprice, Inc. is an e-commerce leader specializing in high-quality cables, components and accessories for computers, consumer electronics and pro audio equipment. Established in 2002, the company has built its reputation upon customer word of mouth, the consistent ability to deliver premium quality products at prices far below other national brands in retail, and unmatched customer service. Many of Monoprice products are produced in ISO9001 and ISO14001 facilities and maintain the highest standards for production and work environment. The vast majority of the company’s products are RoHS compliant, reducing their environmental impact. They are a CCR Trading Partner, a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business and were named an Inc. 500 company in 2008, 2009 & 2010, and an Inc. 5000 company in 2011.

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When you’re both a local AND a national celebrity, you just have to do things better than everyone else, it’s part of your mantra, and Danny “the Count” Koker, from the hit cable TV series “Counting Cars” is no exception. His show has taken reality television by storm, but what fame and fortune has done is allow Danny to expand his business interests and his support of the local music scene. Danny has upped the Vegas ante by opening up the premier recording studio in the city, Desert Moon Productions. CV NorthWest Magazine took a trip out to Las Vegas for the grand opening of Desert Moon, met up with some good friends, and got the skinny on Desert Moon Productions… Having one of the TOP live music venues in Las Vegas, Vamp’d, it made sense to Danny Koker to open a recording studio to cater to the musicians that play in the city. Vamp’d has become one of the hottest spots in Vegas for live music, routinely selling out to a crowd of hungry music fans stoked to get rocked. Four nights a week, the top bands from Las Vegas to Los Angeles (and beyond) take the stage to a packed house; even national touring acts play Vamp’d as they move through the area while touring. Desert Moon itself is a testament to Koker’s vision of only providing the best to his partners. The décor is classic Koker, the equipment top notch, and the staff some of the best in Vegas. Running things at Desert Moon are Jason Constantine & Jason Froberg. Constantine, Lead Producer/Mixing Engineer, is also an accomplished musician, recording and playing with multiple bands in Vegas, and has been producing and engineering music for many years. Froberg, Lead Engineer/ Producer, in addition to partnering with Constantine at the studio, also handles the sound for some of the best bands in the city at Vamp’d. The two Jason’s joined The Count with the singular goal to set Desert Moon apart from the pack. Desert Moon is a true state of the art facility with the latest in software and hardware. Featuring ProTools HDX in the first studio, Desert Moon is also the first studio in the United States to feature the Slate Raven MTiDigital Touchscreen DAW controller. Kevin Lastovica, SinCity Examiner

The following is just a sampling of the high tech equipment that can be found amongst the numerous recording and control rooms within the facility: BAE, Neve, Avalon, & Focusrite Preamps Pro Tools HD Interface and Converters Yamaha and KRK Monitors Waves Antres McDSP AMPS: Krank Krankenstein Krank Nineteen80 Peavey 5150 Soldano Avenger Jet City 20H Marshall JCM800 Marshall JMP (1974) Marshall JCM 900 (Jose Modded) Mesa Boogie Dual & Triple Rectifiers Markbass Little Mark MKIII Ampeg SVT

CABINETS: Marshall 4x12 (1971 Greenbacks) Marshall JCM 4x12 Krank 4x12 Laney 4x12 Peavey 4x12 Mesa 4x12 Ampeg 8x10 SWR Henry 8x8 DRUMS: Tama Star Classic Tama Rockstar Dixon Blaze Pearl Session Studio Classic Yamaha Recording Custom DW Classic Series

Desert Moon Productions is committed to providing the highest quality recording services to Las Vegas Musicians with very competitive rates, not only making them affordable, but offering the state of the art equipment reachable to almost anyone. They are located at 2716 S. Highland, just off the I-15 at Sahara and can be contacted via their Facebook Page at

Five Questions To Ask Before You Say Yes to an Extended Warranty "I'm glad we could make a deal," the salesman says, shaking your hand. But just as you've breathed a sigh of relief, you realize that you are being walked into the Finance and Insurance (F&I) office to finalize the contract. Once inside that room, you will be offered many products and services that the dealership hopes will recoup some of the money it might have lost as you drove a hard bargain for your car purchase. The F&I manager will try to sell you on things like paint protection, prepaid maintenance plans, theft-recovery systems and a road hazard warranty for your tires. But the biggest product he'll push will be the extended warranty.

F&I manager will ask, and it's worth your consideration. Do you get tired of a car by its third year? If so, paying for an extended warranty doesn't make much sense, since the manufacturer warranty will still likely be in effect. But if you are one of those people who drives a car until the wheels fall off, the extended warranty might be worth considering. Nevertheless, go through the rest of the questions here before making a decision primarily based on length of ownership.

1. Who stands behind the warranty?

Many dealerships offer third-party warranties from companies with varying track records. If you are going to purchase an extended warranty, make sure it is What is an Extended Warranty? backed by the automaker, not just the dealAn extended warranty is repair cover- ership or some other company. You can use age that kicks in after the typical manufaca manufacturer-backed extended warranty turer bumper-to-bumper warranty has exat any dealership across the country. A third pired. This extended warranty will cover -party warranty might be good only at the most major breakdowns and will — in theo- dealership that sold it to you. ry — stabilize the cost of repairs, since the 2. Have you shopped for the best price? price of parts and labor tends to fluctuate Of course, no F&I manager will let you over time. It is important to note that you shop around while you're sitting at his desk have the option to purchase this warranty any time before the manufacturer warranty with a pile of purchase paperwork between expires. You can even purchase an extended you. This research is best done prior to your warranty after the manufacturer warranty dealer visit on the day that you finalize your expires, although the price will go up consid- purchase. Get a price quote from the F&I managerably. You might already have asked the five er for the warranty he's offering. Then shop it around with F&I managers at other dealerquestions that should precede the conclusion of a new-car deal. But now it is time to ships in the same way that you compared prices on the car you're getting ready to buy. ask yourself five extended-warranty quesThe F&I manager at the dealership tions. They'll help you decide whether to purchase an extended warranty, and they'll that has your car might say that the price of the extended warranty is not negotiable, but also help you get the best price. that might not actually be the case. If you shop around at other dealers, you'll find that The Warm-Up Question: Do you plan on keeping some of them will have a lower asking price the car for a long time? for the same product. Or they might be more This is a common question that the willing to negotiate.

3. Do you know what's covered?

past and compare the total to the price of the An extended warranty isn't the cure- warranty. For example, if you've paid $250 all the dealer makes it out to be. Many wear- for repairs that occurred out of warranty, weigh that against the cost of the extended and-tear parts — items that will eventually warranty. You're never going to have the break or wear out — are not covered by most vehicle extended warranties. To com- same repair history in any two vehicles, of plicate things even further, many extended course. But if you are buying a vehicle from the same carmaker, that could be a good inwarranties come in coverage tiers (silver, dication of what to expect. gold, platinum, for example), each with its own price and level of coverage. Take the time to read the fine print to determine Bonus Question: Do you really need it? what is and isn't covered. A pushy F&I manager can make you You must also determine who will feel that saying no to the extended warranty front the cost for the repair bill. Are the re- is like playing Russian roulette with your pairs fully covered? Do you have to pay a car. You never know when that costly repair small deductible? Or do you have to pay for "bullet" might strike. But data seems to indithe repairs up front and get reimbursed lat- cate that most people don't really need exer? tended warranties. According to a 2011 J.D. Power study, 4. Will you have peace of mind if you don't buy it? overall vehicle dependability averages are good. Last year's survey had the lowest The answer here is all up to you. If you're someone who will always have a nag- problem rate since the study began in 1990. ging feeling that you should have bought the In fact, over the past 10 years, the entire auto industry has had an average reliability warranty, go ahead and get it. Sometimes there's no price tag you can put on peace of improvement rate of 8 percent each year. Nevertheless, some people just aren't mind. willing to take chances. They feel more comOn the other hand, if you are confifortable knowing that any major repairs will dent that you've purchased a reliable vehibe taken care of. There's nothing wrong with cle, you can walk away from the F&I office that. If you're a belt-and-suspenders person, and not give the extended warranty a sejust make sure you ask the right questions cond thought. before you make this purchase.

5. Have you looked at your repair history? Consider your own history with vehicle breakdowns. Have your other cars had the kinds of problems that would have been covered by a warranty? If you are considering a road-hazard tire warranty, for example, think about how many times you've had a flat tire. If there is a lot of debris on the roads in your area or if you've had several flat tires in a short span of time, a roadhazard warranty may be worth looking into. But if you can't remember the last time you had a flat, you may not need the coverage. You also can add up how much you have spent on out-of-warranty repairs in the Reprinted with Permission from

Turning old instruments into pieces of art! By the time he had graduated with a degree in Commercial Art & Advertising, Terry Guinn just knew that he wanted to play drums and pursue his love for art & music together. Terry played in several bands growing up in the San Fernando Valley in CA, but decided to move to Missouri to get away from the fast lane of LA; despite playing with a great many people, he still felt he needed a regular 9-5 job. For 12 years Terry honed his skills as the Art Director at an advertising company, but he never forgot an idea he came up with when he was 15, and idea to combine art & music, and idea that would later change his life in 2006. That year, he decided to release his creative energy and blaze the path he had created in his mind so many years ago; the idea to turn musical instruments, mostly drums, into pieces of art, but with a purpose. That old idea, to turn drums into “Memory Boxes” to capture a musician’s career, a fan’s devotion to an artist, a memory of a loved one, even a fan’s rabid support for a team, proved his calling. Terry even constructs them into pieces of furniture or specialties of corporate advertising (hmm, CV NW drum anyone?). Terry’s hope has always been to work with many wonderful people in many creative and unique ways, and in accomplishing that he is living his dream. He loves to save vintage or valuable drums in any way, using them to make individual, personal, one-of-a-kind pieces, his skill and perfection borne of his love of drums and art. Saving drums, meeting great people, helping those in need, and creating some very unique drum furniture is, to Terry, his life’s calling, and one can see the passion and skill in his work.

Terry has done some incredible work for some big names: 

He’s been commissioned by the Johnny Mercer Family to create a unique commemorative piece

He’s done work for and with the Fender Music Corporation and Neil Peart.

The Springfield Cardinals AA baseball team still has his custom drum in their clubhouse.

Terry showed his support for Breast Cancer by creating a “Pink for the Cure” piece for Susan G Komen Foundation.

Terry has now expanded his repertoire to include different instruments, everything from mandolins to guitars of all kinds, making custom pic guards and head stock art. He is constantly on the go, working with different vendors and personalities to generate great art pieces, many for charities as well. In Terry’s words; “to be able to save these drums and unwanted instruments or cherished mementos and see the appreciative faces of the people for whom I have made is what truly makes me happy. I’m excited to say that Drumiture has many new clients contacting me daily, and the donations of numerous unwanted instruments, which I see as ‘unfinished art’, is helping me make my dream come true.” To contact Terry, visit:

Electro_Nomicon is a band that is as mysterious as it is talented in the realms of hard rock and heavy metal. E_N is not looking to meet standards, they're setting new standards in the Seattle and international music scene. CV NorthWest Magazine sits down with Owen Bryant and the boys from E_N ...

CV NW: Always the first question: tell us who’s in the band, and their role... Diego Valdez/Vocals Juan Jose Fornes/Guitar,Backing Vox Leo Aristu/Bass,Backing Vox Owen Bryant/Drums CV NW: Who started the band? Where did the name come from? The first line up was started by me (Owen) in late Oct/early Nov of 2007. The current line up was started by Diego, Juan and myself. The name is derived from "The Mystical Kabbalah of Abraham Elim". You can Google this title and read a little more on the subject. It has to do with planetary hours, etc. <NOTE from the Pres: I Googled it, it’s pretty heady stuff> CV NW: How has the lineup changed over the lifetime of E_N? Tell us about the journey to find the right mix.

Electro_Nomicon has had a couple of different lineups through our lifetime. The guys I performed with early on in E_N played music as a hobby and weren't interested in going to the next level. They had other things they enjoyed in life and chose to leave the group to be with their families full time, or to relax and stay out of the industry, and/or pursue other things. Getting the right mix was easy but completely different than what a person may think. I met Diego Valdez on MySpace when E_N was

formed (USA). Diego had a band in Buenos Aires. After 2 or 3 years the guys I was working with quit the group and Diego had a similar situation with his group, we had talked of a project for a few years so it was clear to us to start our musical journey at this point. Diego introduced Juan Jose Fornes into the E_N line up and we were still working with a bass player from the USA at this time. In about a month’s time we released our first demo single "The Art of Destruction", a few months later we released our 4 song Demo EP. After the demo was distributed to over 100 radio stations the bass player and I flew to Buenos Aires to record the full length album. Things didn’t work out for the bass player so we talked and decided to have AFM recording artist Leo Aristu step in and help us out. It was the only logical choice considering Leo is a true brother to all of us in the band.

and brotherhood are our strongest point and the music is just the icing on the cake. We are a family, and I don't use that word loosely. CV NW: Who are your musical influences (or influences in general)? Everything from The Beatles, Queen, Styx, Journey, Sabbath, Maiden, Dio, Masterplan, Kansas, Rush, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Whitesnake etc. Maybe some great beers like Valholl Brew (occasionally) and of course pizza and BEEF! LOL - I think we are all influenced by family members and friends as well. CV NW: Think back to E_Nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first official show â&#x20AC;&#x201C; tell us how it felt waiting to head onstage and play. The first Official show was The Rocklahoma Festival in 2009. The feeling was surreal considering the bands we were on the bill with. We are at a point to start performing again in 2013. Once we release the new record we will be coorCV NW: Tell us how you feel the current lineup dinating a few shows in Seattle, USA and also in Buenos Aires, Argentina and hopefully beyond complements each other; what strengths do the oceans and into Europe (fingers crossed!). We each of you bring? are all very excited about bringing the new mateThis is easy. We are all on the same page with our rial to the stage. work ethics and our goals. We all have different roles in the band and we all do our part to make CV NW: Tell us about one of your most memosure this machine runs smoothly but still remains rable shows. magical and fun. All of our influences are similar For me, The Rocklahoma Festival. I got to meet and we connect as if we came from the same Herman Rarebell. Sharing the stages with big womb. Juan brings amazing melody into the bands and small bands as well was just magical. band. His song writing skills are superb. When he Seeing your band name on the flyers with greats creates material it sounds effortless. Everything he writes is radio friendly yet has that edge that rock fans seem to really enjoy. Diego just writes from the heart and creates vocal melodies/lyrics that I find absolutely breath taking. I pretty much focus on keeping the drum beats simple and solid to guarantee that the vocals and guitars are not drowned out. I think our styles just complement each other and the songs come out sounding strong, but still appealing to all genres of music fans. Leo is an amazing player and has excellent vocal skills. But of course he is a student sitting under Diego Valdez. All in all, our personalities

like Twisted Sister, Overkill, RATT, Stryper, Metal Church, Saxon, Great White, Skid Row etc. was unbelievable; very honored that we made it into the The Rocklahoma Hard Back Book as well. MAGIC! CV NW: Which of your songs speaks personally to you as a band? "I BELIEVE". See Electro_Nomicon on ReverbNation for the lyrics. That pretty much sums it up for me. CV NW: What about your music do you think appeals to people? Easy to listen to melodies with a very crafted edge and the powerful, yet velvet voice of Mr. Valdez with a driving beat behind each tune. I believe that people KNOW our music is genuine and from the heart. I think our followers find this appealing and I think it makes them feel like they are part of what we are creating. CV NW: Tell us about the challenges of distance – since part of the band lives in Argentina, how does that affect that way you guys collaborate on music? It is a very positive and productive situation to say the least. With the internet anything can be done. It’s really a simple process. We share files via the world wide web, learn material, buy plane tickets, fly to said continent, record cd, etc. We are fortunate because we get to travel and learn each other’s cultures and at the same time make music that is very unique. The challenges

are really blessings. We have zero drama, healthy relationships within the band and the same drive and focus. This is actually the most functional band I have ever been in. The distance makes us stronger as a band and family not weaker. Achieving our goals is different than that of the ordinary music scene. It’s special, it’s unique and it is a true adventure. CV NW: E_N reached the pinnacle, #1 on Seattle (& Argentina) on Reverbnation for TWO YEARS, tell us what that means to the band. Yes, Actually E_N ranked #1 for over three years straight <NOTE to Pres: do your research!> We held that position for 1105 days consecutively. I was informed that we hold the record in the entire Northwest for longest standing band @ #1. This means a lot to us. It just shows that people are listening to the music and enjoying it. I don't really base the Reverb success on the high numbers we have but more on the comments. With over 1500 extremely positive comments in reference to the music, that pretty much speaks for itself. This tells me that people are actually visiting the site and listening and this makes a very loud statement. We don't fudge our numbers. Reverb offers packages that will boost your stats. We never have purchased anything from Reverb and never will. With E_N, what you see is what you get. This makes us proud but it is very, very humbling. Almost unbelievable. Of course Reverb revamped

their site on Jan 10th 2013 and the glitch caused major band panic within the Reverb camp. Every band lost their chart positions and many gained high chart positions. We dropped from #11 in the USA to #600 overnight. Since then we have managed to climb back to # 38 in the USA and we are in high hopes that people will continue to visit us and get us back to #11 and return to #1 in Seattle. Time will tell. LOL CV NW: E_N was the FIRST band inducted into the Metal Monthly Hall of Fame. How does the feel, being a leader in that honor? Again, very humbling. It was a difficult task to achieve this. When The MM Hall of Fame started you had to be voted in by unique votes from individual fans. We received more votes than Triumph, BLS, Slayer, Testament, Primal Fear, Halford etc. It was a 10 week long ordeal and in the end we had the most votes. Of course there were many other smaller bands like us in the contest but the bands I mentioned are legends and we were extremely blessed and/or lucky to have so many people call in and vote for us. A true loyal and large fan base, it appears.

WORLD) for some time now, how long can it last? Until the people decide they aren’t digging the tunes. That’s the best answer that I can think of. Ultimately it’s about the songs and if the songs are appealing to the people I think the chart position will stay in the high numbers. We sure hope so. You can’t lie to the fans, they know what they like and they can’t be fooled by half effort releases. CV NW: Tell us what continues to motivate you – after such accolades and honors, how do you top it? The desire to be with my band mates and the desire to create music is my biggest motivation. To see Wackenfest from the stage, to achieve platinum status would top what we have already accomplished and so would Gold. For us I can honestly say that PANTERA said it best. "FAR BEYOND DRIVEN". It is the E_N way!

CV NW: March 2011, E_N voted into an exclusive group of “Bands that Kick Ass!” – the accolades keep on coming, how does that validate your hard work and effort? We feel very fortunate that we were nominated and chosen to hold this position. Overwhelming and humbling yet again. Surreal is the best word I suppose. CV NW: When did you guys finally feel, or do you feel, like “we’ve arrived”? We haven’t felt that yet. I don’t know if that feeling exists for us. We are crossing all kinds of boundaries and plan on crossing many more. We are kind of breaking all the logical rules and don’t plan on stopping until we go to the other side. CV NW: You’ve held a position in the top 25 Metal Bands in the US (and top 100 in the

CV NW: Diego has been favorably compared in range and ability to the legend Ronnie James Dio (and this Mag agrees) – did he try to emulate Dio or is that voice just god given? That is his natural voice. He is influenced by RJD but also by Freddie Mercury, Dickinson, Jorn and many others. Matter of fact you can really hear his Dickinson, Tate influence on the new record, but Diego sounds exactly like Diego should sound, that powerful voice is his and his alone. I think people should Google

"Tarja" (former singer of Nightwish) and watch Diego perform The Phantom of The Opera with her. Amazing new DVD release. See YouTube for the video.

we will go independent and still achieve our goals. We are currently sponsored by VALHOLL BREWING, FINGERS DUKE DESIGN STUDIO/Screen Printing, METAL MONTHLY and HIGH VOLTAGE MUSIC. With these sponsors CV NW: Omar Reyna of Metal Monthly called behind us I believe we will accomplish some pretyou guys “the next big band” – is that intim- ty major things in 201E. We also have a little something special we are putting together with idating, are those big shoes to fill? Yes and Yes. LOL. Though we aren’t so in- Emmy Award winner, Cinematographer "STOSH timidated, in reality it is a strange feeling to hear JARECKI" (Rotary Films). Some of his work inthings like this. As far as big shoes to fill, ABSO- cludes Videos for HALFORD, FIGHT, Etc…visit Rotary Films and see his credentials. STOSH is LUTELY! amazing and also a true brother; great director CV NW: Okay, we and film maker who knows exactly how to make have to ask – a band shine and stay comfortable. He stayed in my home for a short week and we really bonded what’s with the and became brothers. A great, great man, a true huge muscle dude legend and accomplished cinematographer. So, on the website? here’s the to do list - a new record, some shows, LOL A few hopeful for a label and of course traveling. years back I dreamed up a mascot and then Omar Reyna made it reality. CV NW: Any sneaky details you can tell us I think it was an old idea that doesn’t really work with the direction of the new E_N record. At this about the new CD? Yes. We are performing a cover tune on the point we have decided to put the mascot aka - The Electro_Cutioner on the back burner. He is more new release. This one’s for the ladies. :) metal and the direction of our band is taking more CV NW: Any final words in closing… of a Rainbow and other classic rock band sound. We are very happy with our 201E release Don't worry though. All the Edge is still there. and think our followers will enjoy what we have been creating this past year. We also feel we CV NW: What do you want people to think & will grow a larger fan base due to the variety of feel when they listen to E_N? songs on our new cd. We feel very fortunate that In a word...EUPHORIA! I really hope they Famed Producer "ANGELO ARCURI" took inthink hard when listening to our music; we hope terest in our band and was kind enough to take that each person experiences something personal our 4 song demo EP on tour with him. Angelo from either the lyrics, the melodies, and/or even played our music for some of the biggest names our unique story. Diego has a lot to say and he coin the industry and the feedback was way beyond vers a variety of different real life issues and situour expectations. Angelo's work with Black Sabations. He has a lot of wisdom and experience in bath, Dio, Dokken, and others is absolutely amazlife and writes from his heart. Everything you ing. We are honored and excited to work with Anhear him sing is from his own reality. gelo in the future. I would like to invite all of CV NW: Where do you go from here, what’s the your readers to visit E_N @ big news and your plans for 2013? We will be releasing our debut full length CD very soon. We have had some serious interest Electro_Nomicon/362170388282 in the band and hope we get some backing. If not, Vancouver, WA

The NW is RICH in talent and that talent NEEDS to be heard!

At KOUV we believe in keeping it local 24/7 by supporting Northwest music and businesses

At KOUV we believe that the Pacific NW scene is HOT AS EVER!

Brandon’s Goal Foundation did a fundraiser at the school of a young lady named Sydney Parker. Sydney was so moved by the event that she went home and told her dad she wanted to do more to help… 8 year old (yes, EIGHT YEARS OLD!) Sydney organized a fundraising concert on Friday, February 1st to benefit Brandon’s Goal Foundation, a local charity that assists children with cancer and their families. But not just any concert...Sydney has hired the number one tribute band in Western Washington, Platinum Spandex, and booked the Puget Sound’s most famous venue, the Hard Rock Café. And she did it herself. She met with the CEO of Brandon’s Goal Foundation, and obtained their support and backing. She met with each band member and sold them on donating their talent. She met with the manager of the Hard Rock Café and negotiated the date and terms, as well as some extras for a silent auction. Let me repeat, she did this all by herself. As a result, last February 1st, at the Seattle Hard Rock Café, Platinum Spandex headlined a night of fundraising and support for children with cancer. The band waived their fee, and the Hard Rock agreed to donate the entire door admission directly to BGF. When all was said and done, the event raised $10,000! What an incredible story, what an incredible young lady… The Brandon's Goal Foundation supports research for childhood cancer, patient services, family support, and raising awareness at all levels, including the US government. The foundation is named after Brandon Brauns, who succumbed to cancer in 2010 at the age of 10. Brandon’s Goal was to beat his cancer and to help all kids do the same. They honor his memory by making his goal their own.

Photos: Š Joe Orsillo All Rights Reserved, Used with Permission

CV NorthWest In Concert

Doro/Sister Sin/Witchburn

CoExisting with Drivers… 10 Rules for Bicyclists In the November issue, we published an article with 10 rules for drivers to understand in order to coexist with bicyclists; now, we give you the best tips for what bicyclists can do both to keep the peace with motorists and enjoy their rides. Here, then, are the 10 best rules of the road for bicycling near cars.

you cut a motorist off and he crashes. Don't be surprised if the driver comes after you, he says. Observing the basic speed laws is important; "It's possible to speed, especially downhill." On San Francisco hills, for instance, a bicyclist can travel at carlike speeds. When passing motorists, do so in a straight line and make your move smoothly. Otherwise, you may star1. Inspect Your Ride: It sounds basic, but to ride tle them into doing something unsafe — like safely, your bike must be in good working order. steering into you. Riders should check the brakes to ensure they are working, along with inspecting the chain 3. Think of Yourself as Invisible: Assume you are and gears. If you have a quick-release lever for invisible to every car on the road. Thinking this your wheel, ''make sure it is tight and [that] the way, one expert says, can lead a cyclist to think wheel will stay on.” Inspect the bike before more actively about steps to take for greater heading out to be sure nothing is loose or falling safety, such as equipping their bike with reflecoff. If you don't have to worry about wayward tors. Some cyclists also make a practice of wearbike parts, you can focus better on the traffic. ing bright, eye-catching clothing or reflective safety vests. All bicycles should be equipped 2. Follow the Rules of the Road - ALL of Them: with a front light, rear light and reflectors. Understand that you have the same rights and "Pedal reflectors are good because they are in responsibilities as drivers. That means bicyclists motion and catch the eye." must stop for traffic signals and stop signs. BicyCyclists also should make an effort always clists should ride with the flow of traffic. to stay out of a vehicle's blind spot. Try to make Look up the specific rules for your state. eye contact with a driver that's within your You can usually find them at the Web site of view. You're visually confirming that the driver your state's motor vehicle department. Helmet knows you're there, and vice versa. laws vary from state to state, and sometimes only apply to children. The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute keeps an updated list at its site. Whether it's the law in your state or not, "we encourage people to wear a helmet," says a spokesperson for the National Motorists Association, a membership program dedicated to protecting the rights of American motorists. Bicyclists should remember that they can be held liable in traffic mishaps, says one Portland cycling attorney and avid cyclist. Suppose

4. Be Predictable: Many car-bike collisions occur when a bicyclist does something the motorist doesn't expect, such as darting up to an intersection and going straight when it looked to the driver as if the cyclist would turn right. Safety advocates say to be as predictable as possible. Signal your turns and stops. The NMA has riding tips on its site. It advises cyclists to indicate their intent to stop by putting their left arm out and down, palm to the rear. To signal a turn, cyclists should extend their left or right arm straight out. 5. Be Aware of Common Hazards: Veteran bicyclists know about the accident called "being doored," says a bicycling accident attorney in Santa Monica and San Jose, California. As the name implies, a cyclist is pedaling along, doesn't notice a motorist getting out of a parked car, and is thrown, sometimes violently, when he or she hits the opening door. Try to ride a little more to the left if there are lots of parked cars. The attorney also suggests that riders slow down and keep an eye out for people who may be in cars. Even though cyclists are right under the law to ride alongside the parked cars, they don't want to be "dead right," he says. Railroad tracks are another potential hazard. "It's easy to catch wheels in railroad tracks; to avoid that, cross as close to a 90-degree angle as you can. Sometimes that will mean you have to check behind you, to see if you can pull out in the traffic lane safely."

7. Disengage From the Rage: Road rage against bicyclists is, unfortunately, still around and common. Just try not to react to angry driver behavior. If you yell back or gesture, a driver just might confront you; a better plan is to "try to get a good look at the person.â&#x20AC;? And although this is easier said than done, try to get the driver's license plate number. "Say nothing, get off the road." The attorney suggests pulling into a parking lot or other safe place. If you sense immediate danger, call 911 and tell the emergency operator the story: That a motorist came too close, was rude and threatening and that you are frightened.

8. Let Bygones Be Bygones: Don't blame one motorist for what another one did. Carrying a chip on your shoulder while riding can set a cyclist up for a kind of post-traumatic stress disorder. After too many close calls, and not letting go of bad attitudes of previous drivers, your 6. Don't Assume Safety in Your "Bike-Friendly" adrenaline may always be up. That can't be Neighborhood: Yes, more and more communi- good for maintaining health or avoiding conties have bike lanes, encourage bike commuting frontations. and in general are more bike-friendly. But that atmosphere can give bicyclists a false sense of 9. Keep Your Rights in Perspective: We advocate security. They tend to let their guard down and a ''real-world" view. If you always follow the possibly skimp on safety. Even in bike-friendly letter of the law, you may be causing trouble for environs, you have to watch out for cars â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and yourself. For instance: you have the right to go other bicyclists. through that intersection at a reasonable speed. but if traffic is heavy or the road is wet or a

traffic jam surrounds you, slowing down is the thing to do. Again, you don't want to be "dead right," cycling safety experts say. 10. Be a Goodwill Ambassador for Bicycling: This may sound corny, but it could be very productive. Being an ambassador for good bicycling requires that you respect the law at all times, understand the motorist's point of view and make a conscious effort to improve the image of bicyclists. Many cyclists are completely onboard with this idea. When a motorist yields to you, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t ignore the good manners. "I thank people for their courtesy," one rider says. "I wave at them." As goodwill builds from good bicyclist behavior, the vibes on the roadway may just change. "Eventually motorists, instead of despising us, will treat us with equality," she says.

ForeverGirl Designs Not only is she the ass-kickinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; frontwoman for WITCHBURN, sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also a talented picture ARTIST! Jamie Nova allowed us to talk to her about her personal art pieces and showcase some of her incredible work! We also got to delve a bit into her artistic mind... CVNW: Why do you paint, what is your inspiration? I have always loved painting. getting lost in the colors and the feel of my brush against a canvas. It is an extension of my soul, like my music. My inspiration is life, the vitality of existence. CVNW: Do you sell them personally, or as an official company? I sell them personally, through my Etsy site ( ForevergirlDesigns) and also on my website ( CVNW: How do you decide what to paint? Most of the time it is whatever inspires me that day or whatever my mood is. There are a lot of times that I have pieces commissioned and then I work with the buyer as to what inspires them and then I incorporate their ideas into my style. CVNW: Are they usuable drums or display pieces? The drumheads are for display only but I have been commissioned to paint some Kick Drum front pieces that will display my art without taking a beating from the drumsticks CVNW: Do you do special commissions? Absolutely! Canvas, drumheads, wall murals, t-shirt designs, tattoo designs.... you name it I will do it!

In 2005, woodworker Larry Guay and his wife, Gillian, decided to form Los Cabos Drumsticks, based in Hanwell, New Brunswick, Canada (a suburb of Fredericton). Los Cabos takes its name from a Spanish term meaning “the Cape”. With its distinct coastline of capes and inlets stretching from Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula to the northern tip of the state of Maine, the name “Los Cabos” reflects both the unique qualities of their home province and the wide and diverse world of music and musicians they serve. Los Cabos manufactures their drumsticks from maple, and red & white hickory. Hickory grown in the United States has long been the choice for drumstick production, and Los Cabos is proud to be the ONLY drumstick manufacturer producing sticks in BOTH red & white hickory. The white maple wood used by Los Cabos is grown and harvested at home in New Brunswick and from neighboring Quebec. Testimonials: “…the models are well-made, sound and perform great, and have a smooth, comfortable feel.” – Billy Brennan, Modern Drummer “Los

Cabos is poised to become a powerful voice in the drumstick market.” – DRUM Magazine “…we’re

confident that once people start playing them, they’ll love them.” – Sean Murtagh, Summerfield Musical Instruments

Contacts • Website: • Blog: • Twitter: @loscabossticks • Facebook:

CVNW March 2013  
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