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LITERACY CONNECTION Travel Writings by Adult Learners

PAST AND FUTURE TRAVELS Ewa Jarocka In 2006 I traveled from Chicago to Mexico on Riviera Gaya with my sister and her

I would like to take my family to Hawaii in the future. It’s a beautiful place like paradise. The scenery is breathtaking and there are a lot of attractive places to visit, like Pearl Harbor on Oahu. Each island of Hawaii is very interesting.

family. I enjoyed in Mexico but my favorite destination is Poland, because I am from


this beautiful country.

Sachiko Shirane

I would like to recommend my hometown, Biala Podlaska, to my friends because it’s a historical town remembered from World Wars I and II. In the postwar period and until today, Biala Podlaska has been developing into a more modern city, but still retains many of the original features in the central Polish old town of the city. I recommend a visit to historical Museum Castle at the Radziwill Park.

I have traveled to Korea and Bali island. I took a plane when I went on vacation. When I went to Korea with my friend Yoshie. When I went to Bali island, I went alone. On March 25, I’m going to Alaska with my friend Sachiko. I want to see the northern lights. One day I want to go to Argentina. I want to see Iguazu falls.




Michal Czechowicz My first trip abroad was to the USA by During childhood everyone has a desire.

airplane with my husband. In the future I

Mine was traveling. As soon as I became

want to go to Japan during spring. I want

an adult, I changed it in real life --

to see the cherry blossoms. Also I want to

visiting most of the countries in western

go to California to go to the San Diego zoo.

Europe. All of these wonderful places are

So far my favorite place is Ishigaki island

very interesting, but the city of Zakopane

in Okinawa prefecture. There’s a beautiful

is the most. People come there because

beach and warm weather.

they like the amazing views. Driving a car flows in my veins. So if I have a chance to travel there by car, I


hope this desire is fulfilled. There is one more place to visit on my list -- Mexico. I

I went to Egypt, Turkey, England, German,

hope to make this wish a reality.

Canaries Islands. My favorite holiday destination is Punta


Cana. I like the great diversity of climate, lush forests, exotic flora and fauna. The beautiful Island of Gran Canaria has a lot to offer the tourist and a wealth of places to visit. From the north to the south, east

I traveled abroad to the United States from

to west it’s all discover. There are

Poland. My favorite holiday destination was

spectacular views and landscapes.

Krakow. Krakow is a very interesting place where you can find old buildings. I

I usually travel by plane or car. With me

recommend Krakow because you can have

travel my husband and daughters.

fun. You can meet new friends. I hope to visit California in the future. I In Poland I usually travel by train or bus. Here I travel by car with my husband.

would like to visit my friend from Poland moved to California. I would like to visit Yosemite Park. I want to see Yosemite

I would like to visit Alaska. It is my big

Falls. This is much of the water that

dream, because I’d like to see how the people

crashes down the falls and into the lake.

live in towns and cities. I would like to see

Below comes from snowmelt. Yosemite

wild animals and their natural environment.

falls itself is the fifth highest waterfall in the world and from top to bottom it is 2,425 feet.


TRAVEL IN MY LIFE Lyudmila Kuznyak Traveling is the most amazing and exciting part of our life. Nowadays a lot of people can allow themselves to travel as far as they want. My family adores traveling. We like different kind of travel. Mostly, we go to new places to see something famous and well known for human


but we although like to travel just to rest in a forest, on a lake beach, or on a river bank.

I was born in South Korea 42 years ago. I moved to the U.S. in 2013 due to my job.

The most unforgettable traveling was five years ago. We have been in Europe. We spent our

My family and I went to Mount Rushmore during

vacation on seeing the most famous cathedrals,

our last spring break. We went there by car. We

museums, squares of towns, kings palaces. For

enjoyed the trip. So I would like to recommend a

example, we were in Venice and we felt like we

road trip to a friend. The next place of our family

would be in Medieval with fantastic carnivals. I

road trip will be Washington D.C.

recommend everyone to try discovering something new. Moreover, we like to travel to sea for holidays. My family often go to the sea beach in Ukraine. We stayed in good resort and enjoyed to spend


time on the beach, swimming and sunbathing. No

Shin Harai

work, no study, no problem, just a lot of sun, a

I’ve been to France and Germany and Swiss and

lot of fun, and a lot positive feelings. It is a real

England thirty-two years ago for honey moon. I

rest. Who likes the same kind of vacation, he or

lived Taiwan twelve years ago by work, and then

she will understand me.

I sometimes traveled to Taiwan since I came back to Japan.

In addition, in this time, people have much more opportunity of traveling than in the past. Modern

My favorite holiday destination is a hot spring

planes, cars, and trains can help you to rich

resort. There are many hot spring resort in

anywhere where you would like.

Japan. I would like to relax by staying at a hotel near the hot spring.

We like to travel by car because it gives us additional cons to stay where we want and to

When my sons were young my family traveled by

spend enough time on what we want to see. Plus

car. Because in Japan it is too expensive using a

, we can take our dog with us. It makes us happy.

train or a plane. So we (my family) used a car. Car is a cheap transportation for the family.

In conclusion, we like to travel a lot and I think, we never stop spending our pleasure time only at

I hope to visit Mount Rushmore National Park in

home. I hope we can see the most famous places

South Dakota. Why I visit there, I would like to

of America.

travel by car while watching corn fields from Chicago to Mount Rushmore National Park.

Literacy connection RMHS spring 2018  
Literacy connection RMHS spring 2018