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LITERACY CONNECTION Travel Writings by Adult Learners

BEAUTIFUL PLACE! Rina Suzuki Kyoto is so beautiful place in Japan. Especially

like Paris and I want to walk slowly

spring season, many kinds of cherry blossoms

around Seine river. I also like to go

bloom in Kyoto. It's very wonderful and beautiful.

around the Louvre museum, Orsay

Long time ago, in 1912, Japan presented cherry

museum, etc. I like to look a picture and

blossoms for Washington, DC. So, there is the

draw a picture, too. French suburb is

National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington,

also love. It spreads a beautiful rose

DC every spring. Also, in autumn season, autumn

garden there. The vineyard is also

leaves are very beautiful in Kyoto. The colors are


red and yellow. It's so nice. I recommend to travel in Kyoto!

My favorite holiday destination is France!!! Because France has a fashionable city and lots of beautiful

MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY DESTINATION Yukiko Koizumi I would like to travel very much. I have been to England, Thailand, France, Italia, Canada, Korea, America, Malaysia, and Saipan. My favorite holiday destination is France. Because I






Tatyana Ilinykh

Misun Son

I have traveled abroad about five times. I

My family's first abroad travel was

traveled in my native country and

Cancun. Cancun' weather was gorgeous

Dominican Republic. My favorite destination

and to swim with the Dolphins was very

is Dominican Republic. I like it because I

fun. But my favorite holiday destination

like the ocean. I always recommend this

is UTAH. Two years ago, my family went

place to my friend.

to Colorado by plane and we rented an RV. We traveled to four different states

We travel by plane. Usually I travel with my

which were Colorado, UTAH, Arizona,

husband and my children.

and Nevada by an RV. It was awesome and we will never forget it. We usually

In the future I would like to visit Hawaii

travel by car if the destination takes

because my neighbor told me Hawaii is a

under 12 hours. I hope to visit Sweden in

amazing place.

the future because I heard Sweden's snow-covered mountains and cities are very beautiful. I hope travel Sweden by a


sightseeing train.

Igor Kushniryk I traveled many times abroad because I was


born in Ukraine. In that time it was a part of

Weihao (Alan) Yang

Soviet Union that consisted of 15 union republics that became independent. I traveled

I have traveled to New York and

many times in Europe, and now in the

Chicago. These two places have one thing

American continent. Usually, at big holiday

in common is that they all have a lot

like Easter or Christmas, I traveling to Ukraine

different countries people live in. What is

to visit my Mom, relatives, and friends. I would

my favorite holiday destination? i think

recommend to visit Ukraine because it has a lot

it may be my hometown it"s a small

of interesting historical and natural places. For

island called lanqi it has warm

long traveling (like to Europe or different

weather, clean air, nice people and i have

country of American continent) I usually use

a lot memories in there but i would not

planes. When I’m traveling inside of country I

recommend this place to friend because

use a car. It depends on the destination and the

there is not a lot to see not beautiful view

goal. I would like to visit a lot of country:

or something. I usually traveled by train,

Israel (Jerusalem), some country in South

I usually traveled with my dad and some

America (Peru, Brasilia…), India, and Sweden.

of my dad"s friends. i hope visit japan in

These all countries are very different and it’s

the future because i like Japanese anime

very interesting to see how people live in their

and japan is very similar to China so i

country, their tradition and lifestyle.

would like to learn Japanese culture.



NIAGARA FALLS Jinyoung Park I went to Niagara Falls and Toronto in Canada last year. We have been there two times. We drove to get there. It takes about eight hours by car. I had a city tour in Toronto. It was a wonderful experience. After that we drove to Niagara Falls. It was so beautiful and I felt peaceful, so we bought a pass and experienced four things. I would like to recomended them. First, we went on a boat. Second, we watched a 4D movie. Third, we climbed down and walked through a tunnel. We saw Niagara Falls from behind. Fourth, we walked across a long bridge for a different view. We had a so much fun. I would love to go back some day.

TRAVELING ABROAD Mami Miyamoto I like to travel abroad from when I was young. I traveled to Los Angels first time when I was high school student. I took a airplane first time with my friend without my parents. After that I have been to Canada, France, Italy, Portugal, Hawaii and Dubai (United Arab Emirates). I can’t choose No.1 place. I want to travel Iceland because I want to see the Northern Lights. I heard that it is good chance for this few years. It is called “the Northern Lights Year." I don’t want to miss this chance!!

MY FAVORITE PLACE Miwa Sakurai I love to travel, especially to visit a beach. When I was a child, I lived in Thailand. I traveled to a beach every couple of months with my family. I had lots of great memories on a beach. In Japan, I visited the beach on Okinawa every year with my family. We could have lots of fun activities and enjoy the sound of the ocean and a great view. Now we’ve just moved to the United States. I want to go to beaches around the States. First, I really want to go to Cancun in Mexico, because I will be able to snorkel to watch whale sharks. Next, Key West. I want to visit the most southern part of the United States. I am sure I will be able to enjoy the great ocean view. I want to visit a beach once a year!


MICHIGAN VACATION Larisa Ponomarjova I like to travel. I prefer travelling by car and in summer. It's interesting because you can see many things in a short time. Every summer my family and I go somewhere. Last summer we have a wonderful trip to Michigan State. We lived in a house in the forest near the small lake. We were fishing and took a boat trip. There are many gardens where people can pick apples, peaches and blueberries.There are unforgettable farmers markets where we can by all kinds of fruits, vegetables, berries and raw honey. South Haven is a port city near Michigan Lake. On the South Beach we liked swimming and walking on the sandy shore of the


Lake. Every day we enjoyed some ice cream at Sherman's Dairy Bar. The best ice cream I have

I have traveled to Mexico three years ago. My

ever had! More than 50 flavors. Every evening we

family and my friend's family went on a travel

watched an amazing sunset near the historical

there. We ate many delicious foods and enjoyed

South Beach lighthouse. This year the 55th Annual

there. My favorite holiday destination is Disney

National Blueberry Festival will be held August 9-12,

World in Florida. I went to Disney World with my

2018 in South Haven. I would recommend this place

family for Christmas holidays in 2014. There were

to my friends.

many people, but we enjoyed there. We had a good time. I like there because my family loves there, especially my daughters. I want to go there again. So I would recommend Disney World to my friends. Maybe they will love there too. I usually travel by car or airplane. I went to Mexico by airplane and


Disney World by car. I usually travel with my family. I hope to visit my hometown Korea. I went there for a month with my daughters last summer. I always want to go there. So I will go there next year. I try to go there every two years, because my parents, older brother, and many of friends are

My favorite place is Hawaii, because I like the

there. My husband and daughters are here, but I

weather, people, environment and the food. I love

always miss them. Maybe they are too. If I go there I

the ocean breeze and white sand. Hawaiian food is

want to spend more time with my parents. I will eat

very similar to Japanese food, especially the rice

delicious food and travel to a good place with them.

dishes. I have visited there 2 times. First time I

I also want to eat the food my mother makes for me.

visited there was my wedding. That was a great

I hope to say I'm happy because I'm in Korea with

memory for me. My husband and I had a great time

you. I hope to enjoy my time with my parents and

there. Second time I visited there with my daughter,

friends in Korea.

I enjoyed doing activities with her. The good things is Hawaii has many different types of activities. It fits for all ages. I strongly recommend to go to Hawaii for the vacation.





Ayako Hasabe

Manami Kawakami

I traveled in Europe for three months with my best friend when I was still young and single. We visited many places while we were there. All cities were beautiful and the days that we spent time there became our precious memory. On the plane back to Japan, I asked her “where would you go if you have only one place to visit again?” She was silent for awhile and answered. “Rome”. Rome is one of the places we both want to go back again.

I was in Beijin with my family for my husband’s

We took an overnight train from Paris to Rome. We bought second-class tickets so we saved money but had to share a room with other people. There were two young men from America and a woman from South Africa in our compartment. We became good mates untill we arrived in Rome in the morning. Even though we speak different languages we laughed all night long by communicating by gesturing together.

job for two years. There are many World Heritage in China. We went to see several of the World Heritage in China. My favorite one was the terracotta warriors in Xian City. There were so many warriors and carriages in the huge place like a football stadium. Their faces were all different shich made them even more interesting. I was surprised that early people were able to make these statues. Additionally, the dishes in Xian city were very delicious.

NEW YORK Leo Gorelik

As soon as I arrived, I was attracted by a sunny atmosphere first because I was little tired of heavy cloudy sky in Paris. Although we spent only for two nights in Rome, we visited many historical spots and enjoyed “Roman Holiday” so much. The sun sinking into the old cityscape that I saw from a hill was literally beyond beautiful. I felt like all the city was stuck in a time warp for centuries. I hope I can see that sunset again in the future.

Over last summer I visited NY. My sister live in NY. I was very happy to see her. Together we visited Metropolitan Museum of art, and Metropolitan opera, and listened opera "Faust". We were in Neue Galerie NY. This museum shows early twenties century German and Austrian art and design. I hope to visit NY again.




Hyejeong Kim


I have traveled to many places. I have

Lidiya Kushniryk

visited the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, Thailand and the USA. I like to go to Nuremberg, Germany at Christmas time. They have a beautiful Kriskindle Market where they sell foods, ornaments and other gifts. Many people enjoy eating ‘Lebkuchen’ and drinking ‘Gluhwein’. Lebkuchen is a traditional gingerbread cookie and Gluhwein is the signature mulled wine of Germany in winter. Handmade nutcrackers are very popular souvenirs for tourists. I would recommend this place to friends! I usually travel by car or plane depending on my destination. Normally, I travel with my husband and daughter. In the future, I would like to visit Yellowstone National Park because I enjoy being out in nature. Also, I want to see Old Faithful!

MY FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION Sungmi Choi I have traveled abroad many times. I went to Florida, Mexico, and Niagara Falls. My favorite destination was Universal Studios in Orlando. Because there are lots of activities I can do with my family. I would definitely recommend Universal Studios to a friend. I usually travel by car with my family. In the future I would like to visit Denver, Colorado becaue there are a lot of mountains and a friend recommended it to me.

I visited a lot of beautiful places during my life. I was born in Ukraine which at the time was one of the fifteen republics of the Soviet Union. We allowed travelling only inside the Soviet Union. I visited capitals of nine different republics. Each of those cities has its own history, architecture, and nature. I liked all those places. After 1991 we were finally allowed to visit all countries in the world. My husband, my son and I visited Poland, Czech Republic, and France before we moved to the USA. All those countries have very old history, beautiful architecture, a lot of flowers and trees all over the city. We were like in the different world that was interesting and amazing. When we moved to the USA it seemed to me that I had arrived at another planet. My husband got me a present last year: a trip to London and Paris. It was an amazing tour to the most remarkable places in Western Europe. In those cities seems like the history is alive. My favorite holiday destination is the capital of Hungary – Budapest. There are a lot of remarkable places in the city: palaces, historical buildings, amazing hotels, underground baths, and parks. I recommend this place to all my friends in Ukraine and the USA. This fall we have a plan to visit Israel. A lot of people call this country The Promised Land. We want to see the country where Jesus Christ was born, and Golgotha the place where he was crucified for the sins of mankind.


A MEMORABLE VACATION Yuan Qu I like to travel. I have traveled a lot of cities in China, and I also have traveled abroad, like South Korea in 2015 and the United States in 2016. Now I live in Chicago, the third largest city of America, and I came here because of my study. During the period of study, I have visited several places in U.S., such as: Holland, Michigan; a road trip around Lake Michigan; Lake Geneva; and Florida. Florida is my favorite place of those places which I have visited until now. It gives me a lot of good memories.

MY FAVORITE VACATION SPOT? WHEREVER YOU WILL TAKE ME! Nancy Hyrczyk I haven’t done that much traveling, so it is difficult for me to pick my favorite destination. All have been very special in different ways. I loved the mountains when I visited Denver, Colorado and the

I went to Florida on Christmas holiday in 2016 with my classmates. We flew from Chicago to Orlando, and then rented a car to begin our road trip. We spent eleven days in Florida and did a lot of interesting things there. We went to the Disney Resort and Universal Studio in Orlando, and had our New Year celebration in Disney. We saw the New Year’s parade at day and fireworks at night. It

surrounding areas. The mountains just reached up and touched the skies. It was fun to see mountain goats block the roadway. I really enjoyed going up the cog railway to the top of Pikes Peak. I went on a lot of narrow gauge railroads, crossing many bridges between the mountains. I also enjoyed going to the various Native American reservations, learning about the people and their arts.

was really a big party with different people from all over the world. Then we visited one of my friends in Tampa, enjoyed the sunshine on the beach in Miami, and went to the Everglades National Park to watch crocodiles. We also went to Key West, the southernmost of Florida. I liked the beautiful ocean view along the road to Key West. It was dark and blue, and it was so mysterious and enchanting, it never seemed to end. We enjoyed the sunset in Key West, and it was fascinating.

Washington, DC was fun because I learned more about our American history than I ever did in school. I think my favorite area was Franklin D. Roosevelt’s outdoor museum. It was made so you could touch everything there. I even got to sit on FDR’s lap and pet his dog. A favorite story I heard was about the Washington Monument. It is made of two different colors of stone. It was built partway, and then the people ran out of money. It was called “Washington’s Stump” for many years. When they

On our road trip in Florida, we ate a lot of delicious food, like seafood, traditional American food, Cuban cuisine, Mexican food and Spanish food. They were very different with each other but tasted

finally had money to complete it, they couldn’t match the stone. So if you look closely, you can see the difference between the first built, and completion of the monument.

very good. For me, I liked the seafood most. San Diego, California, Myrtle Beach, South It was a long trip with my classmates, and we enjoyed it very much. We decided that we would have another trip like this because it really gave us a lot of great memories and happiness in our lives.

Carolina, Florida’s Gulf of Mexico, and the Bahamas are tied for my favorite destination. That’s because they all have to do with water and beaches. I love wading in the water, the sand between my toes, the warm weather, and the constant sunshine. I would love to visit any of those places when we are having a cold Chicago winter. So, I guess I could say, I am easily pleased by my choice of vacation spots. I would just like to travel more.


I RECOMMEND KUMANO Kazumi Naito I have traveled abroad many times. I mostly go to beaches such as St. Martin, Anguilla and Cancun. I like South America too. Argentina tango was really moving. Iguazu Falls were spectacular. My favorite holiday destination is anywhere which I and my family can relax and make wonderful memories. Now my son wants to go to Disneyworld and Universal studios. But, if I recommend a place to my friend, I will suggest you should go to KUMANO in Japan. Kumano is an isolated sacred site of healing and salvation and beautiful place which you have never seen before. I usually travel with my husband and son. In the future, I want to take my son to Cancun because there are beautiful blue skies and sea, colorful colonial styled buildings and unique entertainment. But, my son will enjoy a Disney cruise much more!

GERMANY, BELGIUM, AND IRELAND Christine M. Melone I love to travel and I have had the amazing good fortune to travel abroad many times. Most recently, in 2016 I traveled to Germany, Belgium and Ireland for the Christmas holidays to visit and enjoy the Christmas Markets. I traveled with my son, Stefan and his wife, Mellany. We flew first to Frankfurt, Germany and then to Cologne, Germany. We took a train from Frankfort to Cologne but were confused at the station because we were looking for “Cologne” but the spelling in Germany is “Koln”. We laughed about this but it is just one of the challenges of being a tourist. We also took a train to Brussels, Belgium and a train to Bruges, Belgium. In both cities, we stayed at an Airbnb. This was a new experience for me and it worked out perfectly. One was an apartment above an antique store in the heart of Brussels and the other a house in Bruges so we could make a Christmas dinner. We then flew to Dublin and visited the Christmas Markets and the Guinness Brewery.


In all cities, we visited museums and saw great works of art. We also visited many magnificent churches and cathedrals.

My husband and I flew to Amsterdam last year. He's from Holland and he was a soccer player

The Christmas Markets will exceed your


expectations with fairytale sights, sounds and wonderful food and mulled wine. And even though

In Amsterdam they have famous flower markets.

it was cold we never minded eating outside and

When we were there we spent all day at flower

enjoying the ambiance.

markets. Amsterdam is also famous for bike riding there. In Amsterdam we always traveled by

I would like my next trip to be to Vienna and

tram because streets are very small. People would

Prague, possibly with my sister, Charlotte. We

rather travel by tram so they can get to their

have traveled together to Rio DeJanerio,

destination quickly.

Copenhagen, Spain, Ireland, Wyoming, Florida, California, New York, Colorado and Canada.

My husband's family lives in Amsterdam. I am

Many wonderful trips and memories.

looking forward to go back there again.

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. --St. Augustine


MY FAVORITE TRAVEL PLACES Eunju Jung My husband and I think travel is very important in our life, so we try to travel often. We have been to Thailand, Japan, Philippines, Bali, America, Australia, Italy, and Canada. My favorite holiday destination now is Boyne Mountain resort in Michigan, because I like to ski and I like the comfort of the ski resort. There are over 40 slopes, beautiful shops, cozy restaurants. Now, I would like to go to Vail, and Colorado because there are bigger mountains and exciting ski slopes.

MANY PLACES TO TRAVEL Masako Kusawake I have traveled abroad to many places. One


place I have been to is Thailand. When I was a university student, I went there with my friends. The trip was 3 nights and 4 days. I visited many beautiful temples which

I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity

were all golden!!

for much travel abroad over the last 15 years. We try to take one big trip a year. We’ve traveled to

My favorite holiday destination is a beach

many places in both Asia and Europe. In Asia, we

resort. I have been to beach resorts in

have been to Japan, China, Tibet, Thailand, Viet

Hawaii, Cancun, Cairns and Florida. I like

Nam, Cambodia, India and Turkey. In Europe, we

beach resorts because I can relax there. I

have been to Spain, Greece, London, Amsterdam,

would recommend going to Hawaii because

Bruges, Paris and Eastern Europe (Berlin, Warsaw,

there are many fun places.

Krakow, Budapest, Vienna, and Prague). And we’ve been to Peru, a number of cities in Canada

My destinations are usually far away, so I

(Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec and the

travel by plane. I travel with my husband

Canadian Rockies), as well many cities and

and two children. One trip I hope to take in

national parks in the United States. In each of the

the future is a Disney Cruise. I like Disney

foreign places we try to meet with local people and

and a lot of my Japanese friends have

of course tour the famous sites, learn some of the

recommended the Disney Cruise. Traveling

history, and experience the local culture, art,

abroad is fun for me!l

cuisine and the natural beauty. It is hard to say we have a favorite place because we find each one unique and fascinating. Our next trip in the fall will be the longest trip we’ve ever taken, five weeks in Australia and New Zealand. We have native friends in both of those countries who will be guiding us and adding to the depth of our experiences. If we are lucky, we hope to be able to continue our travels for a good number of years yet ahead. There are so many interesting places to see and learn about!

Just go. Go and find all the beautiful places in the world.

Literacy Connection ITPL Spring 2018  
Literacy Connection ITPL Spring 2018