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Letter from the Co-Chairs

To our valued supporters,

We are so grateful for your interest in Chasing Sustainability 2013. Our ability to put on this conference, where we hope perspectives and lives will be changed, is fueled by your generosity. In most business schools, emerging leaders are likely concerned about the world but do not know how powerful the shift to environmental sustainability is. Our personal stories that led to this realization, as well as our Co-Chair positions, both involve "aha moments" at UBC. These events fundamentally changed our lens of the world and left us with hopes and ideas we could not shake off. These ideas are now ready to shine as we organize Chasing Sustainability 2013. There is no better way to share stories, debate, and build friendships from a common interest of sustainability than to be at Sauder's first conference of the academic year. Chasing Sustainability has three goals: to educate, inspire, and connect. But our personal mission is to have every participant leave the conference with their lens of the world completely changed, wiped clean, and re-corrected. This mission naturally brought us our theme's name: Changing the Lens. We hope that this sponsorship opportunity interests you or your organization. Please explore the contents of this package and let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. Whether you are with us in person on October 25th or in thought, we truly appreciate your time and consideration. Thank you. Sincerely,

Khanh Nguyen

Connie Chen


Who We Are We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. Native American proverb

Chasing Sustainability is our annual flagship event - a full-day conference packed with interactive workshops, panels, networking sessions and discussions. The history of the conference began in 2007, when a simple evening presenting the topic of sustainability in business drew out a substantial crowd. Since then, the growing interest in this topic has been met by our team with a larger and higher-quality event each year.

CUS Sustainability is a student-run business sustainability group within the Commerce Undergraduate Society (CUS). We serve the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. We strive to educate Sauder students about sustainability and to foster genuine commitment. We live out this mission more fully each year with meaningful events, campaigns and programs. At CUS Sustainability, we believe businesses are constantly reinventing, innovating, and seeking new ways to make their practices more integrated with sustainability initiatives. Why should sustainability and business be separate entities?

This year, the conference will be held at UBC on Friday, October 25. In order to keep the content each year fresh and exciting, we began using themes starting in 2013. Our inaugural theme, Changing the Lens, aims to change fundamental perspectives about the usefulness and feasibility of sustainability in business.


Conference Objectives EDUCATE



The keynotes, speakers, and panelists at Chasing Sustainability this year will be prominent business professionals, government leaders, and academics. They will use the power of stories, both within the workplace and out, to educate participants on how the “sustainability works� perspective is used in different industries and businesses.

At our 2013 conference, we want our participants to leave with one permanent change. Our participants will become interested to probe further or grip the concept that the economy must co-exist with the planet.

By far one of the most important elements of any event is being able to meet and chat with students, staff, and business people. This year, we are specifically allocating a networking session for this purpose and maintaining a comfortable professional-to-student ratio throughout the day.


Conference Itinerary






Opening keynote


Workshop #1


Coffee break


Panel #1




Panel #2


Coffee break


Workshop #2


Closing keynote


Closing remarks



Accounting, finance

Transportation and logistics

Corporate social responsibility

Business technology management, human resources, marketing


Sponsorship Matrix PLATINUM SPONSOR $2,000




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Other Events and Programs Ernst & Young Sustainability Case Competition The 3rd annual Ernst & Young Sustainability Case Competition will be hosted by CUS Sustainability and the CUS Case Competition Club. The competition in 2012 partnered with the Case Competition Club and was a tremendous success; there were three times more applicants than available spots. We also receive a wealth of positive feedback for the unique theme of the case competition each year, which is a refreshing contrast against other competitions in Sauder.

Green Seal Program The Green Seal Program is a student-run certification system launched in 2012 that promotes sustainable event planning and management from clubs within the Commerce Undergraduate Society. The Green Seal is awarded based on demonstration of leadership in waste, resource, and energy reduction. This year, we are expanding the program by transforming it into an integrated sponsorship, certification, and reward system and by making the Green Seal more well-known in our faculty.

CUS Sustainability & HRMC Networking Brunch The HRMC Networking Brunch focuses on the relationship between business sustainability initiatives, human resource management, and trends affecting these decisions. Corporate social responsibility, good communication, and managing diversity are topics that management teams are taking more seriously every year; they make pragmatic, economic, and moral sense. In 2013, we will be hosting this annual event for the fourth time.

Green P.O.I.T.S P.O.I.T.S. is a bi-weekly beer garden that is a longstanding social tradition at Sauder. Commerce students attend to socialize over inexpensive pints and seasonal activities. CUS Sustainability hosts the highly successful “Green P.O.I.T.S” each near St. Patrick’s Day to reach a different group of students and to expose the attendees to sustainability initiatives within Sauder.

Chew On This Chew On This is a collaboration between CUS Sustainability, Common Energy, and Oxfam UBC. For one week each spring, a variety of academics, business professionals, and community members host workshops to educate hundreds at UBC about sustainable food production and security. The majority of these sessions are be free of charge to UBC students.


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2013-2014 For sponsorship inquiries:

For more about the conference:

Alyssa Leung Corporate Relations Director

Connie Chen Chasing Sustainability Co-Chair

Casey Chung Corporate Relations Director

For general inquiries: Angelica Cabrera Director

Or visit us at: Thank you for your interest!

Chasing Sustainability 2013 sponsorship package  

Chasing Sustainability is CUS Sustainability's annual flagship event. On Saturday October 26th, 2013, we promise to deliver the best confere...

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