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February 2018

Cover Model

Keisha Gardner

Model & DJ


Photographer Spotlight Bosey Wales

Featuring Mardi Hunter La’Toya Nicole Fluffymovements Georgelyn Johnson

CURVZ CONTENTS 6. Mardi Hunter 12. La’Toya Nicole 18. Cover Model Keisha Gardner 28. Fluffy Movements 34. Georgelyn Johnson 38. Photographer Spotlight Bosey Wales Anthony Big Moe Coleman Editor -in- Chief and C.E.O

Mardi Hunter

Instagram: @justlikemardigra Twitter: @thisfatgirlisfabulous SnapChat: @boldfashiojunk Photographer: Natural State Images Hair & MUA: @thisfatgirlisfabulous

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Model: Mardi Hunter Booking Email: Photographer: Natural State Images Instagram: @Naturalstateimages Hair & MUA: @justlikemardigra Wardrobe Styled By: @justlikemardigra

La’Toya Nicole

Instagram: @LA_toyanicole205 Twitter: @LaToyaNicole2 Facebook: LA.t.fletcher Photographer: D Jerome Smedley MUA: La’Toya Nicole The Face Slayer

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Model: La’Toya Nicole Booking Email: Photographer: D Jerome Smedley Email: Instagram: @djeromesmedley MUA: La’Toya Nicole The Face Slayer Wardrobe Styled By: La’Toya Nicole

Cover Model

Keisha Gardner Nationality: African American City: Harlem, New York City Measurements: 45-40-49 Height: 5’ 7� Sign: Gemini

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Big Moe: How long have you been modeling? Keisha: I’ve been modeling for about a year and a half. Big Moe: What inspired you to become a model and how did you get your start? Keisha: I’ve always enjoyed plus size models and their confidence. I wished I could be like them. My first plus model I adored was Tacara. The thing was, at the time, I didn’t have the confidence to go forward with it. It was early 2016 when I started working with Shawn Montgomery on his radio station, Thick World Radio. Him, Latoya Jarmman and Salihah Frazier encouraged me to consider modeling and take Shawn’s modeling classes. At first, I was very reluctant but finally I figured I’d take the class to at least build my confidence. Not only did I do that, but also I learned a lot about the industry and decided to pursue it after we graduated. I’m now under management with Andrene Williams of Unique Blend Models Management. Big Moe: What do you enjoy most about modeling? Keisha: I enjoy the transition of becoming a new me. Being confident in front of the camera. Big Moe: Who are some of your favorite photographers that you had worked with? Keisha: Christine Caraway-Lee, Big Moe and Shawn Montgomery. Big Moe: What are some of your goals as a model? Keisha: My goals are to eventually work with Ashley Stewart and become a plus fitness model. I would like to do commercials and be the first plus model DJ. Big Moe: What are some of your interests outside of modeling? Keisha: Outside of modeling, I am a Disc Jockey (DJ) under the name DJ K. Nikki and a self-published author under the name K. Nikki Gardner. Big Moe: How long have you been Djing? Keisha: Wow, since 1995. It started as a hobby. Big Moe: What inspired you to become a DJ and how did you get your start? Keisha: I was inspired by my father when it came to loving music. He always sang around the house and played his albums. He would record himself singing and let me record with him, although I couldn’t sing for nothing (lol). Then as a teenager, I started listening to DJ Red Alert and I wanted to be the engineer at a radio station or do whatever it was Red was doing. How I got started is a long story so I’ll make it

short. I’ll try. (lol) When I had turned 18, I was involved in an abusive relationship. He was a local DJ so with listening to Red Alert, I would also listen to my Ex when he played. When it comes to music, I can’t or don’t understand reading musical notes so I pick up things by watching and listening. Whenever my Ex would leave the house, I would play with the records before he came back trying to emulate what I heard him do. One day, he decided to show me how to touch a record and mix two records together. That quick DJ course got me hooked. When I finally left the relationship, I decided to get my own 1200’s turntables, mixer and speakers and teach myself how to mix. Eventually I took a course at The Scratch Academy, owned by Jam Master Jay. I would DJ as a hobby until 2005, I decided to team up with Derrick Sage of Sage Entertainment to do parties and I would do my own mix cd’s. That’s how it all got started. Big Moe: Who are some of your favorite Djs? Keisha: DJ Red Alert, DJ Premier, DJ Coco Chanel and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Big Moe: So what is next for you? Keisha: Next is to DJ at more lounges. Right now I’m playing at an African restaurant in Harlem called Ponty Bistro on Saturdays from 8pm to 1am and I have online shows on every Thursday at 7pm, every Tuesday at 7pm and on ustream on on Let’s Be Clear Radio every Saturday at 11am. I want to be on FM radio, which is my dream. Writing a new book; Right now I published two novels called “Between a Rock and a Hard Place - 2nd Edition” and “Karma”. They are available on Amazon and I also have hard copies of “Between A Rock” available. And for modeling, try to get signed with companies such as Ashley Stewart and be involved in more fashion shows and competitions. Big Moe: What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the modeling industry? Keisha: I would say you must be confident and have a thick skin. It’s not as pretty as it may seem. You may get a lot of rejections, be told some negative things but if that’s your dream and passion, keep pushing through. Always learn and practice. And remember, if you tried modeling and you figured it’s not for you but you still have love for it, there are other avenues you can take to still be a part of it; like photography or make up artist.

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Big Moe: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you or any shout outs? Keisha: Oooh, shout outs will be too long (lol). Ok, of course God and my parents. Without them, none of this would be possible. My parents were my biggest fans. I miss and love them. Shawn, Latoya and Salihah for getting me started and being so supportive during my modeling journey. Andrene Wiiliams for taking a chance on me and seeing something in me that I don’t see yet. To my honey and close friends, like DJ Shorty Love, Jackie, Derrick, Sean Felder of XS Energy Drink and DJ Rumorz, who are always supportive in everything that I do. I love them so much. To Kevin Cochran, aka I Am Unk the CEO, for having me as their General Manager and DJ at We’re Jus Rap Radio. To Deron Pitts, CEO of WDEP Radio, Lady D and Ms. Mari of Let’s Be Clear Radio for adding me to their radio family. And to you, Curvz, for this interview opportunity. Thank you so much. Instagram: @Dj_k_nikki and mskeishagardner.model Twitter: @Djknikkinyc Facebook: @Dj.k.nikki and keisha Gardner Web Site: and Email for booking: Black Dress Photo By: Mo’Better Photography Instagram: @Bigmoe322 Email: Mo’ Fila Outfit Photo By: C. Monique Photography Instagram: @ C_Monique_Photography MUA: Beauty By Chrissy C Instagram: @Beautybychrissyc Email:

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Fluffymovements Instagram: @Mz__walking_on_clouds Facebook: Monique Ettienne Photographer: Mo’Better Photography

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Model: Fluffymovements Booking Photographer: Mo’Better Photography Instagram: @Bigmoe322 Email: Mo’

Georgelyn Johnson Instagram: @Urbandaughter Snapchat: Urbansugar Photographer: Kick Addiks MUA: Urbandaughter

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Model: Georgelyn Johnson Booking Email: Photographer: Kick Addiks Email:


Photographer Spotlight Bosey Wales

Bosey Wales Photographer City: Atlanta, Ga Instagram: @boseywales Facebook: Bosey Wales photos Email:

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Curvz Magazine February 2018 Issue  

Curvz Magazine February 2018 Issue With Cover Model Keisha Gardner And Featuring Mardi Hunter, La'Toya Nicole, Fluffy Movements And Georgely...

Curvz Magazine February 2018 Issue  

Curvz Magazine February 2018 Issue With Cover Model Keisha Gardner And Featuring Mardi Hunter, La'Toya Nicole, Fluffy Movements And Georgely...